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  • THE REVIEW CENTER - Reviews, Reviews and Reviews!.
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  •    Monday, April 27th 2009 - Last updated @ 20:15 EST

  • BeebEm 4.02

    What's new...
    * Added disc drive sound emulation.
    * Added write support for the Master real time clock.
    * Fixed teletext mode smoothing at startup in Vista.
    - Fangface

  • iDeaS

    What's new...

    Here's the changelogs:
    Fixed bugs in Software Lights Emulation.
    Fixed bug in SQRT coprocessor.

    GBA Emulation:
    Fixed bugs in DMAs channels emualtion.
    Added SWI 0x1F, 0x16, 0x12, 0x0F, 0x0E, 0x01.
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, April 26th 2009 - Last updated @ 08:10 EST

  • Ootake 2.11

    What's new...
    - The number of "Numbered Save State" has been increased to 50 places. Save from #21 to #50 is possible by "File->Save State another II" menu. And, "File->Load State another II" menu was added for loading.
    - The operation when the CD-Read made an error was brought close to a real machine. In the ACT4 of "Valis IV", the problem that the voice was not occasionally correctly played was solved.
    - The processing of the vertical display beginning position decision has been improved. In "Popful Mail", the problem that one surface line of the screen has disappeared (generated from v2.08) was solved.
    - The speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real machine. In "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" and "Ys IV", etc., I think that I approached a real machine by the timing of the image and the voice generation.
    - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
    - Fangface

  • FB Alpha

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Saturday, April 25th 2009 - Last updated @ 15:46 EST

  • WinArcadia 11.2

    What's new...
    Improved sound emulation.
    Arcadia: improved sprite emulation.
    Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  •    Thursday, April 23rd 2009 - Last updated @ 06:12 EST

  • ubee512 3.1.0

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  • MAME 0.131

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, April 22nd 2009 - Last updated @ 06:10 EST

  • Yape 0.82

    What's new...
    -Unavailable full screen modes are greyed now
    -Executable generated with profile guided optimization (up to 30% speed increase)
    -Tape regression bugs fixed
    -CPU level 1551 init bug ironed out
    -CPU level 1581 got accidentally disabled since version 0.77 (oops)
    -XP/Vista theme support back again to normal
    -Worked around a TED idle cycle read inaccuracy (regression bug since 0.72)
    - Fangface

  •    Monday, April 20th 2009 - Last updated @ 18:07 EST

  • BeebEm 4.01

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  • WinArcadia 11.1

    What's new...
    -"Settings|Graphics|Shadows?" option.
    -"Edit|DIP switches..." command.
    -Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - Fangface

  • iDeaS beta

    What's new...
    -Fixed bug in LDR opcode (ARM mode).
    -Fixed bug in SaveStates routines.
    -Fixed bugs in VRAMCNT_F and G registers.
    -Fixed bug in Texture Blending - (Decal Mode).
    -Fixed bug in Memory Viewer.
    -Fixed varoius bugs like memory leak.
    -Fixed bug in Matrix Position Stack.
    -Fixed bug in Projection Matrix.
    -Fixed start position in ADPCM decoder. Thanks NHerve' for help
    -Added support for Software Lights.
    -Added GBA emulation.
    - Fangface

  • bsnes 0.45

    Here's what's new since 0.43...
    Full SA-1 support, with no known issues. All 26 games have been tested...include[s] Super Mario RPG, Kirby's Dreamland 3, Kirby Super Star and Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius.

    The SA-1 is essentially four times faster than the SNES' main CPU, so system requirements will be very high for these games. For example, on an E8400 @ 3.0GHz, the average is ~160fps in ordinary games. But for SA-1 emulation, this drops to ~90fps, with the worst case being ~80fps.

    The following features are emulated:
    -5a22 CPU core (bus-cycle accurate)
    -Memory access timing
    -SA-1 -> S-CPU interrupts (IRQ + CHDMA IRQ)
    -S-CPU -> SA-1 interrupts (IRQ + Timer IRQ + DMA IRQ + NMI)
    -SIV / SNV interrupt vector selection
    -Timer unit (linear and H/V)
    -Super MMC unit (ROM + BW-RAM)
    -BS-X flash cart slot mapping
    -Normal DMA
    -Character-conversion 1 DMA (2bpp + 4bpp + 8bpp)
    -Character-conversion 2 DMA (2bpp + 4bpp + 8bpp)
    -BW-RAM virtual bitmap mode (2bpp + 4bpp)
    -Arithmetic unit (multiplication + division + cumulative sum)
    -Variable-length bit processing (fixed and auto increment)

    While the following features are not currently emulated, mostly due to lack of information:
    -SA-1 bus conflict delays
    -Write protection (BW-RAM + I-RAM)
    -SA-1 CPU priority for DMA transfers
    -DMA access timing

    Also, fixed a crashing bug in S-DD1 games (Star Ocean, Street Fighter Alpha 2), and a video issue in games using the WAI instruction. - Fangface

  •    Sunday, April 19th 2009 - Last updated @ 07:09 EST

  • ProSystem 1.3d2

    What's new...
    "...(F)ixes a stupid bug which caused the player 2 button to be permanently held."
    - Fangface

  •    Thursday, April 16th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:12 EST

  • WinArcadia 11.0

    What's new...
    -Preliminary emulation of Galaxia and Astro Wars coin-ops.
    -"Settings|Sound|Retune tones?" option.
    -Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  • MAME 0.130u4

    What's new...HERE. - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, April 15th 2009 - Last updated @ 17:27 EST

  • Stella 2.7.6

    What's new...
    * Added support for 'EF' bankswitching (Paul Slocum Homestar Runner), as well as auto-detection of this format.
    * Added support for 'EFSC' bankswitching, as well as auto-detection of this format. This is similar to the 'EF' scheme, but also includes 128 bytes SuperChip RAM.
    * Added autodetection for '0840' and 'SB' bankswitching formats.
    * Improved autodetection for 'UA' bankswitching format.
    * Fixed bug in selecting video modes larger than the current screen; the resulting video mode will now be the largest one available (previously it selected the smallest one available).
    * The currently selected CPU register now displays its value in decimal and binary (in addition to hex) in the debugger.
    - Fangface

  •    Saturday, April 11th 2009 - Last updated @ 21:32 EST

  • Ootake 2.10

    What's new...
    - The speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real machine. In "Cyber Dodge", the problem that the screen occasionally took the shape when beginning to play a game (generated by a recent version) was solved. In the Level-8 stage of "Prince of Persia", the problem that the upper part of the screen has fallen into disorder was solved. In the start demo of "Private Idol", the problem that the upper part of the screen occasionally flickered was solved.
    - Processing that decided the horizontal display beginning position was corrected. In "Dragon Knight with Graffiti", when changing to the setting that displays a right and left over scanning area, the problem that the display had swerved to the right a little was solved.
    - In the title screen of "Princess Maker 2", after the start demo, the problem that an extra semicircle display had remained was solved.
    - At the window mode, in the game that automatically connects the mouse ("Lemmings" etc.), when the F1 key is pushed (reset function), the trouble to which the game screen area had occasionally flickered was corrected.
    - Fangface

  •    Friday, April 10th 2009 - Last updated @ 05:59 EST

  • MAME 0.130u3

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, April 8th 2009 - Last updated @ 18:31 EST

  • NeoRaine 1.2.6

    What's new...
    * There was again a bug in the crc calculation of the cache, which prevented neoraine to load a file it should have loaded from the game in some cases. Since I really had too many bugs of this kind, I completely disabled the optimization and thus fixed this bug for good this time. You should get much more reliable savegames now, especially with games which load tons of files like king of fighters. (It also affects normal play, when loading files between rounds).
    * See raine 0.51.5 changelog for generic changes in this version (gui, double bufer, etc...).
    - Fangface

  • Raine 0.51.5

    What's new...
    * Fix the bad display of initial screen when using a low resolution in ms windows
    * console: After 100 traces (step, next, etc...), we had a very nice buffer overflow. It's fixed now...
    * F3 now displays wether the save slot is free or the date and time of the savegame if it's already used (default key for next save slot)
    * Now the console calls automatically m68kdis when it needs disassembling. It has a cache system to keep the process very fast, and it's much more convinient than calling it manually from outside raine.
    * When running a game from the command line in fullscreen with yuv overlays enabled, windows was producing a very psychadelic screen at start, which could crash some systems (vista...). It's now fixed (windows specific).
    * double buffer : the option gets a new setting in the video option dialog : "Even with overlays" to force double buffer when using yuv overlays. The default in the previous versions was to force double buffer as much as possible, but it was producing some bad things with overlays on some setups (screen flickering, emulation slowing down...). So unless you absolutely want to force double buffer, leave this option on its default value: "when possible", it should improve yuv overlays.
    - Fangface

  •    Monday, April 6th 2009 - Last updated @ 10:11 EST

  • WinArcadia 10.0

    What's new...
    -Preliminary emulation of Malzak 1 and 2 coin-ops.
    -Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  • FCEUX 2.1.0a

    What's new...
    "Fixes a minor issue involving movie recording on both platforms. It fixes an issue where extra bytes where being appended to the author field of the .fm2 file, resulting in bloated files."
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, April 5th 2009 - Last updated @ 22:16 EST

  • Future Pinball is a real time Pinball Development System. It allows you to design and play your very own pinball simulation in True real time 3D. It uses Advanced Physics to provide the best possible Simulation of a true to life pinball machine. Simulated versions of classic pinball games have been created and many can be found at IR Pinball.

    - TheInformer

  •    Friday, April 3rd 2009 - Last updated @ 20:49 EST

  • Happy 10th Birthday Retrogames!

    - TheInformer

  • RG Turns 10 :) - What a perfect anniversary to forget, eh? Retrogames turned 10 a few days ago and although emulation itself has slowed down quite a bit over the years, playing Daytona Arcade on my laptop is very nice :D God, that game took some money from me, back in the day.

    Thanks to YOU, for still visiting our site after all this time and thanks to a dedicated staff for keeping RG updated. And small note to JoseQ: check your mail.

    Game Ooooooooooooon :P - atila

  • ProSystem 1.3d

    What's new...
    - 2nd button now works correctly in Dark Chambers
    - Joystick button emulation is now much more accurate
    - Distinct 1 button and 2 button joystick modes are now properly emulated (riot.cpp)
    - SWCHB is now writable allowing games to toggle the button mode (memory.cpp)
    - SWCHB default settings match testing on real console.
    - Fangface

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