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  •    Sunday, June 30th 2002 - Last updated @ 17:26 EST

  • Atani News - Atani, the author of the Windows version of Laser, Laser32, (As Well as Raine32, Generator32, DCGen, BlissX, and SegaEmu) has stopped development of all emulation related projects, after nearly 5 years in the emulation community.

    As I was looking at the site, I noticed something strange - a build of Laser32 that seemed to sneak past everyone (including me!), Laser32 0.10. I compared the two archives - the dates were different as were the file sizes - so this does indeed appear to be a newer version of Laser32. Kind of a going a way present to the Laser team of sorts, even though it had just been overlooked. :)

    Good luck in your future projects Atani - I'm glad to have met you, and it's nice to hear that you have had fun porting Laser to Windows (even though you don't really remember doing it ;)) - MetaFox

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks smf, Razoola, SUZ, Quench, Haze, Zsolt, Stephane, Bryan, and Nate for today's updates. - chris

  • Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools 2.7 - The Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools are software for the Catweasel ISA universal floppy disk controller. Changes: This release adds the new jv2dmk tool, which converts disk images from the older JV1 and JV3 formats used by some TRS-80 emulators to DMK format. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, June 29th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:11 EST

  • DAPHNE 0.99.5 - DAPHNE, the First Ever Multiple Arcade Laserdisc Emulator, is a program that lets one play the original versions of many laserdisc arcade games on one's PC. Changes: Can be read here. License: GPL. - chris

  • CowBite VIII Pre-alpha 1 - Just read at GBAEmu about a new release of the GBA emulator & debugger, CowBite! Of primary interest are the new background, obj & palette viewers. You can read the complete changes list here. - prophet

  • SNEeSe 0.702 - A new version of the MS-DOS based SNES emulator SNEeSe was released! New stuff is listed here. (Thanks Pr3tty F1y) - prophet

  • MAME WIP - The MAME Work-In-Progress page was updated! With pics. :) - prophet

  • Daphne 0.99.5 Pre4 Windows - A new test build of Daphne, the laser disc game emulator, was released! Matt Ownby says this "fixes the bug that a user uncovered when using mpeg1 files. Unless someone can find another bug that can crash the program (that I don't already know about) this will become the official 0.99.5 release... then we can start adding stuff to the program again." (Thanks Randolph) - prophet

  • PocketSX - My jaw dropped when I read Marconelly's email... A team of devs, lead by Rob Proie, Jr, has ported FPSE, a Playstation emulator, to the PocketPC platform! Here is the PocketSX homepage. Downloadable builds & some PD PSX ROMs are available now. Here's a quote Marconelly found from the author, "Harvest moon and raiden project give 10+fps (faster than ppc quake :). More complex games (like Crash Bandacoot2) give 3-4. Some games get up to 20fps though." - prophet

  • Over 5000 Legal ROMs - Eric Fichot emailed me to let folks know he has 5004 public domain ROMs online now at Emu-France! All legal, all free. - prophet

  •    Friday, June 28th 2002 - Last updated @ 04:52 EST

  • PDROMs GBA Update - Kojote informed me that PDROMs was updated with 27 new freeware ROM images for the GBA! - prophet

  • ClrMAME Pro 2.66a - Roman updated ClrMAME Pro as follows:

    - using optimized md5.cpp
    - full zip integrity check disabled when md5 check is enabled (md5 test does full zip test anyway)
    - md5 errors caused by unzip problems are shown as "(zip)file errors"
    - recoded the md5-unzip2memory routine
    - prophet

  • EmuLoader 3.0 UPDATE - Ciro emailed me to let everyone know that he uploaded a new binary package of EmuLoader in response to CRC error problems some people had when uncompressing the file. - prophet

  •    Thursday, June 27th 2002 - Last updated @ 22:27 EST

  • xbox linux - A new roadmap and new articles about Plug and Play and about the Xbox CPU have been posted at the xbox linux project page. More significantly, preliminary bootloader code is also available. - chris

  • xbox mame is no longer associated with mame.net more information can be read here. - chris

  • Xbox mame clarification - While I don't care for Microsoft, they are within their right to have the MAME binaries removed. Xbox MAME was compiled with Microsoft's software development kit (containing Microsoft property), and thus the binaries contain copyrighted Microsoft code. The Xbox MAME source is still available and legal. When a non-Microsoft SDK for Xbox is developed, binaries compiled with it will return with no legal troubles. How difficult it will be to reverse-engineer an Xbox SDK remains to be seen, but I imagine it's being worked on as we speak... - metallik

  • Microsoft Comes down on X-Box MAME - Yes that's right folks, Microsoft is trying to tell you that you cannot use your xbox any way you want to. I suppose when you people buy Xboxes you must sign off on some agreement with Microsoft or something that says you will only use your xbox for playing officially sanctioned xbox games that make Microsoft money. Funny, I always thought that when you bought something it was yours to do with any way you wanted to. Anyway, the point of all this is that Microsoft has come down on Santeri for hosting xbox-mame binaries on mame.net. So you can no longer download binaries there, only source code. slashdot has an article about it as well. - chris

  • Army Games - According to this article, on July 4th (Independence Day for Americans), the U.S. Army will release a first-person shooter called America's Army. The game will be team-based (up to 32 players), supports voice communication and uses the latest Unreal Tournament engine. A "soldier-RPG" game will follow in a few months. Both games will be available for free download. It appears the Army is trying to capitalize on the popularity of Counterstrike, Medal of Honor and other military-style PC titles. By releasing their own game, they can generate interest in the "real" military, and (hopefully) find more and better-talented recruits. Whether the games achieve that goal remains to be seen, but hey, freebies are freebies... and hopefully the Army games will be a bit more resistant to the cheats and hacks that plague existing FPS games. - metallik

  • XBox Does N64 - Apparently StrmnNrmn has ported Daedalus, his Nintendo64 emulator, to the XBox console. You can view some screenshots here. (Thanks Shadow) - prophet

  • EmuLoader v3.0 - Ciro Alfredo Consentino released a new version of his popular Windows based MAME frontend, EmuLoader! According to the author, this release has many internal changes, and should exhibit better compatibility, and fix various bugs. - prophet

  •    Wednesday, June 26th 2002 - Last updated @ 21:18 EST

  • MAME on ZDnet - ZDnet has an article concerning the discontinuation of the "Enigmah" modchip for Xbox consoles. The article cites the illegality of playing copied games, but also contains towards the end a mention of the recent Xbox version of MAME as one of the legal uses of modchips. Nice bit of "mainstream" press for emulation. - metallik

  • NetMAME 0.5 - Steve Freeland has released a new netcode patch for xmame. Changes: A new option, -parallelsync, has been added, which should allow games to work without lag at network latencies of up to 16 milliseconds (not much, but still an improvement.) - chris

  • Grendel's Multi-CPU CS/A65 Emulator 0.1 - CS/A65Emu is an emulation of the CS/A65 do-it-yourself computer system that was designed by Andre Fachat, and built by a few other people as well. Changes: CPU65 & BIOS card emulation is nearly complete. Video card emulation is good enough to get video output. Keyboard, serial port, and disk interfaces need to be written. Simple 6521/6821 PIA, 6522 VIA, and 6545 CRTC chip emulations are in place. Glue code is needed for various peripheral cards. License: GPL. - chris

  • bristol synthesiser emulator 0.8 - Bristol is a synthesizer emulation package. It includes a Moog Mini, Moog Voyager, Hammond B3, Prophet 5, Juno 6, DX 7, and others. Changes: Support for ALSA Sequencer and Vox Continental was added. Diverse bugfixes were made. License: GPL. - chris

  • ZiNcGUI 1.5 - DaFreak updated his ZiNcGUI frontend for the 3D arcade game emulator, ZiNc! New stuff:

    Added: Comments box (if you don't like it you can turn it off in the menu)
    Added: Minimize Button to Main window
    Added: Playable status Icons to the list (see About for details)
    Added: Check for correct firmware.zip (Reflected in the icons see About for details)
    Added: Main window sizable
    Added: Total new custom list control to handle sorting
    Added: New settings for winterblasts plugin
    Fixed: No dat message
    Fixed: Use config scanning for ROMs before saving config data
    Fixed: Selecting hidden controls by using tab
    Fixed: Weird error no saving the correct PerviousSel game on close
    Updated: Found column label new reads ROM Status
    Updated: Ini file handling now includes version
    Updated: Main Icons
    Updated: Now uses OS based controls (XP controls in XP except list view)
    - prophet

  • System16.com Update - Sixtoe updated the wonderful System16.com with more arcade info! TONS of new stuff was added, from X-Box and Gamecube based arcade hardware, to ancient discrete circuitry games, and lots more in between. - prophet

  •    Tuesday, June 25th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:42 EST

  • Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2.4 - SDL is a library that allows you portable low-level access to a video framebuffer, audio output, mouse, and keyboard. Changes: Changes can bre read here. (yes this news is 2 months old) License: GPL. - chris

  • Cygwin 1.3.11-3 - Cygwin is a DLL which provides a Unix emulation environment for Windows. The Cygwin environment provides a complete port of such development utilities as gcc, binutils, gdb, make, etc., as well as a number of useful utilities. Changes: This version includes many random bugfixes. There is a new implementation of the /proc filesystem. License: GPL. - chris

  • XSIDPLAY 1.6.5pre8 - XSIDPLAY is a graphical front-end for libsidplay. Changes: This is another testing pre-release that contains support for the new libsidplay > 2.0.7 which is still available in CVS only. The code has seen a variety of fixes and modifications with regard to error dialogs, playlists, song-length database features, non-standard C++ headers, Qt 3 support, autoconf/automake usage, and pixmap transparency. Experimental LIRC support has been added by Dirk Jagdmann. STIL View has been updated to the most recent version. License: GPL. - chris

  • Emulator.tk 0.2 - Emulator.tk is an emulator manager that loads a particular emulator for a particular game. It supports Gnuboy, Snes9x, and VisualBoy Advance. Changes: This release adds support for zsnes and shortcuts, and some GUI changes were made. License: GPL. - chris

  • ClrMAME Pro 2.66 - Hot off the compiler, Roman Scherzer just released the latest version of ClrMAME Pro! New stuff:

    Due to the fake raflsiau set floating around some people care about other checksum routines. I've added support for new routines and currently it's set to md5 but maybe replaced with sha1.
    - added: scanner->optional md5 check for roms
    - misc: additional md5 work on parser, export datfile routines, dir2dat, setinfo window
    ...and I found a little time to add two requests:
    - added: scanner->"save logfile automatically" option
    - misc: scanner->save miss/have-list can now be done separately.
    - prophet

  • Forgotten PocketPC Files - Looking for freeware PocketPC emulator binaries that are hard to find now? Like YameCE or NesCE for example? Try TechMage's Forgotten Files! :) (Thanks searcher) - prophet

  • Archon Lives - Stiletto posted about some interesting new versions of an old personal favorite of mine, Archon! Aside from Archon Evolution, we have Archon for Quake 3 now! :) - prophet

  • Act Labs Light Gun Contest Results? - I haven't received the winner's names yet from Act Labs, but I will try to get them ASAP. That's all, just to let the entrants know I haven't forgotten them. - prophet

  • Calice 0.6.0 - *UPDATE* Though not yet mentioned on the Calice homepage, you can get the new version at Haggar's, which supports the latest CPS2 games. The author, David Raingeard, emailed me to confirm it's not a hack, but he just hasn't been able to update his homepage, so he chose to release this way for now. - prophet

  •    Monday, June 24th 2002 - Last updated @ 11:32 EST

  • NesterJ v 0.51 - NesterJ is a Windows based NES emulator from Japan. New Stuff:

    code added : 51,52,57,58,60,105,119,181,236,237,245,248
    code fixed : 1,4,5,6,13,18,19,20,33,43,44,45,47,85,96,189,235
    SNSS support :
    change disk save file format (same as fds format / can load old files).
    fast disk access (skip frames while disk is accessed)
    nesterJ may not be freezed in fullscreen mode if you use Voodoo GAs.
    support max-720fps in fast FWD mode
    fixed reading NES header codes for new format (However, new flag cannot be used yet).

    (Thanks TheInformer) - prophet

  • CottAGE 0.04 - The Java based arcade emulator, CottAGE was updated! It's a free online arcade emulator largely based upon MAME drivers. It now supports 54 ROM sets - here's what's new:

    *Add following games: Dottori Kun, Galaga, War of bugs, Minivader, Van Van Car, Dream Shopper, Yie-Ar Kung-Fu, News
    * Add following clones: blktigerb, blkdrgon, blkdrgnb, bombjac2, invrvnge, invrvnga, dotriku2, galaxiaj, yiear2
    * Fixes drivers: blktiger, bombjack, bw8080, dotrikun, galaxian, gyruss, solomon, yiear
    * Add 6809 cpu core
    * Tons of fixes and improvements...

    (Thanks Gollum) - prophet

  • .TZX Vault Update - The .TZX Vault was updated with over 200 new tape images for the Spectrum! Also, they've gone multi-platform and now host dumped tape and disk images for the C64, Amstrad and Vic 20! Steve tells me to "Expect loads more tape and disk dumps in the coming months!"
    - prophet

  • PocketNES v.8 - Loopy release a new version of PocketNES, his amazing NES emulator for Gameboy Advance!

    PCM sound channel added
    Left/Right in rom menu skips 10 at a time
    Quicksave,quickload (R+SELECT,R+START)
    Accelerated mode (L+START)
    More than 15 savestates are allowed
    Automatic SRAM handling
    Various bugfixes and cosmetic changes

    He also updated his PocketNES utility GUI, Thingy, and released PogoNES, a plugin for use with PogoShell. (Thanks GBAEmu) - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  •    Sunday, June 23rd 2002 - Last updated @ 23:59 EST

  • ZSNES 1.35 - The excellent Super Nintendo emulator, ZSNES has been updated! Look here for a list of changes & additions for this release. (Thanks Boba Fett) - prophet

  • Guru PCB Update - The Guru received a load of arcade PCB's to dump! And hopefully, to be emulated later. (Thanks Smitdogg) - prophet

  • XBox MAME URL - Here's the new URL: xbox.mame.net. Beta 2 and source code are available for download, but you'll need WinRAR 3.0 Final to extract the files. (Thanks Jason) - prophet

  • XBox MAME Update - Opcode's MAME-X page seems to be either down or removed right now... According to lux_92886 a second beta was posted earlier, and I've read at least one confirmation by someone I know (RingoWillyCat) that it IS real and works very well. - prophet

  • Stairway To Hell - Don't let the name scare you, it's just a friendly BBC/Electron site. :) Anyway, they just updated with over 400 new BBC Micro Tape Images! (Thanks Dave) - prophet

  • VirtuaNES 0.65 - A new build of this Japanese NES emulator for Windows was released. You can read the changes here, courtesy of Gemini78. - prophet

  • OQO - WARNING: Non Retrogaming content alert! ;) But in a way it IS emulation related... A company called OQO (pronounced "Oh-Kyuu-Oh") has designed a fully functional Windows XP based portable PC that weighs only 9 Oz (250g) and is about the size of a PocketPC! With a 1Ghz Transmeta CPU, 256MB RAM, 10GB hard drive & 4" VGA screen this is MUCH more than a PDA. Talk about the ultimate portable emulation device... - prophet

  • Bust-A-Move GBA - Russ Prince coded and released a ridiculously good port of the popular Taito classic Bust-A-Move (AKA Puzzle Bobble) for the Gameboy Advance! Just scroll down and you'll find the download. It's all there, from graphics to music, to gameplay. And the scary part, is that it's BETTER IMO than the commercial GBA game, Super Bust-A-Move! - prophet

  • MAME for GP32 - If you take a look at GP32Emu.com, you'll find some reports and screenshots of an early WIP build of MAME for the GP32, a fairly powerful portable game console originating from Korea. Note there are no releases yet to download. - prophet

  • Magic Engine 0.9.9 Beta 5 - The superb commercial TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine emulator, Magic Engine, was updated as follows (Windows version only):

    support for higher resolutions (up to 1280x1024)
    fullscreen stretch
    bilinear filtering
    new scanlines mode (25%)
    new sound interpolation mode
    and two CD games have been fixed :
    ---Cho Aniki
    ---Seiya Monogatari (An Earth Fantasy Story)

    - prophet

  • MAME for XBox - Opcode has released MAME-X, a port of MAME for the Microsoft XBox game console. It can only be played on XBox's with mod chips installed though. Opcode - PLEASE release the source changes ASAP per the MAME license. (Thanks Sonikk) - prophet

  • Qtmame 1.2 - Qtmame is a frontend to xmame 0.60. It supports configuration of multiple video modes, and shows snapshot, cabinets, flyers, mameinfo, and history. Changes: The function that finds the working ROMs path was fixed. A new option for verifying ROMs was added. Options for bad ROMs were added. Look errors were fixed. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, June 22nd 2002 - Last updated @ 16:46 EST

  • Project AY - The Project AY site has been updated with more than 100 'tunes'! If you like chipmusic (or even never heard of chipmusic), you should head on over to the Project AY site and download them :) - atila

  • Nostalgia 3.0 Released - Joe Fisher has released Nostalgia 3.0, his Intellivision emulator. There's quite a big what's new list, here goes:

    Ver 3.0:

    - Added ECS support! Keyboard and music keyboard are supported.
    - Added a real Windows help file.
    - Made more improvemnts to the menuing system.
    - Added "Type Ahead" to the Load Cartridge screen. You may now press the first letter of the game you want to play to jump to it in the list.
    - Made improvements to the way joysticks are handled to allow multiple joysticks with the same name to function properly.
    - Fixed a big, ugly bug in the joystick routine that was causing a dump from the game under certain circumstances. Thanks to Michael Mellor for catching this one.
    - Changed the quick save and restore to properly save and restore ECS and ROM format games.

    Debugger-specific updates:

    - Added the ability to look at the main memory map, the cartridge map or ECS ROM.
    - Added selections for ECS support and Intellivoice support (Intellivoice not actually supported, yet) See readme.txt for a complete list

    You can download this Intellivision emulator from the Nostalgia site. - atila

  • Little Gamers... - rule! :) - atila

  • MAMEINFO.DAT 4.08 - M.A.S.H. has released a new mameinfo.dat file. Changes include new bugs (21st Jun), correct listinfo changes, and newest WIP info. - chris

  •    Friday, June 21st 2002 - Last updated @ 20:54 EST

  • O2EM 0.87 - o2em is an Oddyssey 2 emulator for DOS, Linux and Windows. Changes: Fixed a collision bug introduced with version 0.86. Implemented the option to set the O2 bios file name/dir to support O2EMLauncher frontend for O2EM 0.8x. License: GPL. - chris

  • AdvanceSCAN v1.1 - AdvanceSCAN is a command line rom manager for MAME, MESS, AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS and Raine for Unix and DOS. It contains also a recompression utility for your roms and a diff generator of rom sets. Changes: Fixed an infinite loop bug testing some small damaged zips. Removed some warning compiling with gcc 3.1. License: GPL. - chris

  • AdvanceMENU v1.19.0 - AdvanceMENU is a DOS and Linux front-end for AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS, MAME, MESS, RAINE and any other emulator. Changes: A detailed changelog can be viewed here. License: GPL. - chris

  • PCSX2 v0.036 win32 and linux - PCSX2 is an attempt to emulate the PlayStation 2. Lots of progress being made, head on over there to check out the list of changes. Thanks to SmellyJ for the news. - chris

  • Handy 0.90 - Keith Wilkins has released a new version of Handy (Atari Lynx emu) for Windows (and also Macintosh/Linux/AmigaPPC/Acorn). The following new things can be found in this release:

    * ZIP File support is added
    * Rendering subsystem has been re-written (Hi-Colour demos should work OK)
    * LSS Snapshots no longer contain Boot ROM or Cartridge ROM (LSS3 Format)
    * Backwards compatibility to old LSS2 Format added
    * Fixed bug whereby Window could be restored to off screen position
    * Developer Version: All New command line debugger with scripting (many commands)
    * Developer Version: Handy no longer crashes when a 2nd cart is loaded during a session
    * Developer Version: Inline code debug control added

    Keith also added a Paypal link (since people asked for it), so if you feel like it, you can donate him a little something, so that he can buy himself a drink or pay for his connection ;)
    I would have posted sooner, but Keith mailed me while our script was down and then I simply forgot to update, 2 days later when the script was up and running again. Thanks to Mad_Maximus for the 'reminder'. - atila

  •    Thursday, June 20th 2002 - Last updated @ 19:50 EST

  • Interviews With Classic Computer and Video Game Programmers - Halcyon Days, which is formally a commercial collection of classic game programmer interviews (Tim Skelly, John Harris, Jeff "The Yak" Minter and "Uncle" Eugene Jarvis among them) is now online in its entirety!! I bought a copy of this great "book" many years ago and still go back and re-read it frequently. For anyone interested in the history of those who created the most memorable console, computer, and coinop games, this is a must-read. Check it out at The Giant List Of Classic Game Programmers website. Thanks to bdeuel for the news. - chris

  • Nintendulator v.0.900 - Nintendulator is an open-source NES emulator for Windows. Emulation accuracy surpasses (nearly) all other known NES emulators. Uses external plugins for emulation of cartridge-specific hardware (mappers). Supports .NES, .UNIF, .FDS, and .NSF formatted files. License: GPL. Thanks to fused for the news. - chris

  • PDRoms is back! - Kojote has reopened the PD ROMS site! His site offers many hundreds of images of FREEWARE and PUBLIC DOMAIN games which can be played on real machines and emulators. Give PD ROMS a visit and make sure you also wish him Happy Birthday (he turned 22 today!) =) - atila

  • O2EM 0.86 - o2em is a new version of the O2EM freeware Odyssey2 emulator, created by Daniel Boris. Changes since 0.80: new fixes to the video engine, changes in the colision detection and implementation of partial suport to mid-screen changes of the video registers without interrupts, fixed a bug in the drawing of quad characters and another one in the colision detection. License: GPL. Thanks to TheInformer and Trebor for the news. - chris

  • Slow news day - Well I guess not much news has surfaced in the past few days, or atila is on vacation ;-) I think I'll work on something to make some news, so maybe a MESS WIP update coming soon. - chris

  •    Wednesday, June 19th 2002 - Last updated @ 07:27 EST

  • TSSHP 0.2.9d - The System Shock Hack Project is a project to reverse-engineer and recode (from scratch, but using the original datafiles) the 3D role-playing/shooter games from Looking Glass (System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds). Changes: This release uses texture IDs for all surfaces throughout, fixes the rotating-corpse bug for System Shock, enables palette looping for UW floors and SS walls/items, and gives the option to use quad trees for cyberspace tile sorting. License: BSD. - chris

  • Catweasel Linux Device Driver 0.3.0 - cwfloppy is a Linux device driver for the Catweasel Advanced Floppy Controller manufactured by Individual Computers. Changes: The driver now officially supports MS-DOS writing. Also new is preliminary support for reading Amiga 5.25" DD disks. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Tuesday, June 18th 2002 - Last updated @ 16:04 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  • Qtmame 1.1 - Qtmame is a frontend to xmame 0.60. It supports configuration of multiple video modes, and shows snapshot, cabinets, flyers, mameinfo, and history. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Monday, June 17th 2002 - Last updated @ 12:54 EST

  • "Beam Me Up, Scotty!" - Australian scientists have succeeded in 'teleporting' a message-encoded laser beam! Teleporting people is still way in the future (if ever ;), but this is a pretty huge step ofcourse. Thanks to Elvis_P for the news. - atila

  • MAME WIP - Updated... - chris

  • Obsidian N64 pad plugin 0.1 - Obsidian N64 pad plugin is a joypad plugin for Linux N64 emulators (such as Mupen64). It allows the use of any type of joypad/stick with the emulator. Changes: Support for the analog mini-joystick and the 10 buttons was added. A configuration dialog and configuration saving/loading were added. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Sunday, June 16th 2002 - Last updated @ 22:05 EST

  • Bahamat Lagoon Patch 1.3 - DeJap Translations has released a new patch to fix the crashing problems that occured in version 1.2. The patch has been thoroughly tested, so if the game still crashes for you, then you have a bad ROM. Also note that using old save states can cause some problems if you're switching patch versions. - MetaFox

  • Sisei's UnOfficial MAMED - Sisei has released the sources to all his unofficial MAME for Dreamcast releases. He has also posted WIP screenshots of Puyo Puyo, and the PlayChoice-10 versions of Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt running on the Dreamcast. - MetaFox

  • FakeNES 0.1.5 - FakeNES is a portable Open Source NES emulator which is written mostly in C, using the excellent Allegro library for cross-platform capabilities. Changes: A serious bug was fixed in the PRG masking that could have broken many ROMs (and probably did). Filter support was added along with a simple scanlines filter, and full support for ROM trainers. License: The Clarified Artistic License
    - chris

  • GXMame - starz wrote in to inform us of a great new frontend for xmame written by Shadow Walker called GXMame which just came out with a new release. If you run linux you'll want to check this frontend out. - chris

  • openmsx 0.1.8 - Fissuras wrote in to remind us of the new OpenMSX release. - chris

  • MAMu_'s Icons - MAMu_ wrote in to let us know that he has updated his site with the latest icon set. So if you couldn't find them before, please try again. - chris

  • hmm it appears we are back.... - chris

  •    Thursday, June 13th 2002 - Last updated @ 17:28 EST

  • Update Trouble on Friday - Our admin has just informed us that we might not be able to update tomorrow, for a large part of the day. With a bit of luck we WILL be able to update throughout the day, but chances are it'll work from the evening on. - atila

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  • Guru Updates - Some more PCBs have arrived at The Guru's for dumpage. - chris

  • O2EM - O2EM is an Odyssey2 emulator for Linux, DOS and Windows. Changes can be read at the web site. Thanks to Scott for the news. - chris

  • Cottage WIP - Cottage is a Multi-Arcade Java emulator. The web page has been updated with new WIP screenshots and a development chart. Thanks to Gollum for the news. - chris

  • Arcade Flyers - 50 (or so) more flyers have been posted at The Arcade Flyers Archive. - atila

  •    Wednesday, June 12th 2002 - Last updated @ 07:53 EST

  • Moron :) - no further comments :) - atila

  • Dumb Warnings - Did you know that there's water on the road when it rains? Or that according to Blockbuster Video, you should rewind your DVDs ? More stupid warnings can be found at Dumb Warnings, thanks to flanque for the link :) - atila

  • MacMAME 0.60a - Brad Oliver has issued an update to 0.60, so let's see what's new:

    - ROM audits incorrectly reported the BIOS ROM "pgm" as an unsupported ROM set. [Brad Oliver]
    - Exception handling in the assembly 68k core is working properly now. As a result, Taito F3 games have sound, Aztarac works again, and probably other things as well. [Brad Oliver]
    - Some miscellaneous core fixes - a number of broken games (e.g. Revolution X) now work. [Brad Oliver]
    - Bugfixes all around for joystick and mouse support. [Brad Oliver]

    MacMAME users should head on over to MacMAME.org and download this here update :) - atila

  • NeoPOP 0.36 Released - This is a free NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Windows, which requires DirectX 8.1 to run. According to the NeoPOP site, these are the improvements (in a nutshell):

    "New version, small emulation improvements have yielded some improvements. Most noticably "SNK vs Capcom" has better graphics in the menus, but is still unplayable."

    You can read the full what's new list here. Thanks to TheInformer for the news. - atila

  • Quake II Open Source 0.12 - Quake II Open Source is the open source version of the commercial first person shooter Quake II. It has been updated from the commercial version for security, performance, and functionality. Changes: Full OpenGL/GLX support, SDL modes, joystick support, and more. License: GPL. - chris

  • OCR in EGM, New Feedback System - OverClocked ReMix was recently mentioned in the July issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly - big thanks to all who have written in / posted on boards. A scan of the mention is available here. On a less promotional note, a feedback system has been added that integrates with the site forums, offering discussion threads for reviews of each specific mix. Recent mixes include Tempest 2000, Kid Icarus, Chrono Cross, and Zillion. Sorry for the long post + thanks for your support! - david

  •    Tuesday, June 11th 2002 - Last updated @ 16:27 EST

  • WIP DC emu - Well, it had to happen sometime, I'm just glad it happened now-ish :) (actually, it happened on the 8th, I'm just late) Icarus is a WIP DC emu and gfx have started to show up, albeit messed up. This is pretty cool and hopefully the progress will continue steadily :) - atila

  • The World Of Owen Rubin Updated - Brian Deuel posted the following message on our general emu board:

    "The World Of Owen Rubin has been updated after three months with a new Mailbag page and Owen's resume, in case anyone is looking for a good technologist :) Owen's page is chock full of great early Atari trivia. For those of you who aren't too keen on arcade gaming history, Owen was one of the first arcade game programmers, having started at Atari in 1976 when they released their early CPU-driven coinop games."

    You can check out Owen's site at orubin.com. - atila

  • MSNBC Makes Boo-boo, Goes Retro! - MSNBC is reporting about Intel's new CPUs and according to them, their clockspeeds are 2.4 and 2.53Mhz (!!) :) Thanks to Showergel for the link. - atila

  •    Monday, June 10th 2002 - Last updated @ 06:10 EST

  • Back In Time @ 2nd Annual Videogame World Championships - Mike Stulir also attended the World Championships (no, not the FIFA World Cup ;)) and took lots of pics, which he posted at Back In Time. He also posted some scores and world records that were broken. Mike also mentions that he will post a webcast of the event in a few days. - atila

  • 2nd Annual Classic Video Game World Championship results - Seventy-five of North America's best classic gamers gathered at the famous Funspot Family Fun Center in Weirs Beach, NH to compete for the title of "world champion," playing on classic games created in the early 1980s. After four days, a Canadian emerged triumphant while world records fell on more than a dozen games. You can read more 'aboot' the scores and participants at Twin Galaxies. - atila

  • MacMAME 0.60 released - MacMAME has been updated to version 0.60 and here's what's new:

    - In sync with the Win32 0.60 build. [Brad Oliver]
    - Audit dialog was really busted in 0.59, now it's fixed. [Brad Oliver]
    - Fixed some HID Manager funk. Analog joysticks and Gravis Gamepads should work much better. [Brad Oliver]
    - List hilighting in the front-end looks a bit nicer now. [Avi Drissman]
    - Updated to CodeWarrior Pro 8. This effectively eliminates the TOC problems, but also means that the new project files are not backwards-compatible. If you're using Pro7 to build a custom MacMAME, your best bet is to use the 0.59 project files and update them as appropriate. [Brad Oliver]

    What a nice way to start your monday morning :) - atila

  •    Sunday, June 9th 2002 - Last updated @ 00:31 EST

  • Sega Arcade Project WIP - I have posted a small WIP on The Sega Arcade Project, a project to simulate, and emulate where possible, the Sega discrete circuitry games from the 70s. I have once again started to work on the Sega Arcade Project, but I am concentrating solely on the NeoGeo Pocket for now. I will release a DOS version some time after the NGPC version. You can view a WIP screenshot at the site above for Heavyweight Champ. - MetaFox

  •    Friday, June 7th 2002 - Last updated @ 11:52 EST

  • Bomberman Kills? - A 12-year-old girl committed suicide after playing Bomberman. Now they're blaming Bomberman. How about blaming the parents for bad parenting, or should I say lack of? Thanks to Griking for the news. - atila

  • Gamecube Nintendo's Last Console? - Looks like the Gamecube may very well be Nintendo's last console... - atila

  • Arcade Flyers Updated - Xray1 has added 50 (!!) new flyers to the Arcade Flyers site. - atila

  • Space Needed for 3DO Images - Martin needs 400MB of space to offer 2 games: Return Fire and Return Fire : Maps O' Death. He's gotten permission from the company, so it should all be legal. Check out IsoClassics for more info AND pics :) - atila

  • New mIRC - For all you chatters out there: mIRC 6.02 has been released :) - atila

  • Artwork Updates - AG posted some more Artwork Updates on his site. Very cool stuff indeed! Thanks to Randolph for the news. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  • Exult 0.99.1RC2 - Exult is an open-source game engine for playing Ultima7 on modern operating systems, using the game's original data files. Changes: This release has lots of bugfixes. Both parts of Ultima7 should be playable. License: GPL. - chris

  • Guru's Updated - Behind Enemy Lines has arrived at The Guru's. The Guru is looking for some undumped Namco System 11 or System 12 PCB's. If you know where to find one please visit the site and contact him. - chris

  •    Thursday, June 6th 2002 - Last updated @ 06:54 EST

  • R. Kelly Arrested - The famous singer has been arrested on charges of child pornography. I doubt he thinks he can fly now. - atila

  • gzinc 0.05 - gzinc is a graphical front end for zinc. Changes: A new joystick config utility has been added. gzinc can now automatically use the generated config files. - chris

  • Wine 20020605 - Wine Is Not an Emulator. It is an alternative implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs. Changes: This release has better Mingw support, including cross-compilation on Linux. There is more dll separation work. Winelib applications now get loaded much like built-in dlls. Some command line options have been replaced by config entries. There are multimedia improvements, including an MP3 decoder. There is massive whitespace cleanup, a new Winelib file manager, and lots of bugfixes. License: LGPL. - chris

  • Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator 0.71 - UADE plays old Amiga tunes with UAE emulation. It uses original Amiga Delitracker Deliplayer binaries to support at least 90 different sound formats. Changes: Lots of new players were added. Many players were improved. Portability was improved. The documentation was enhanced. A separate master volume setting was added for songs which are played by uade under xmms. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Wednesday, June 5th 2002 - Last updated @ 15:05 EST

  • They finally made it there - Mozilla has finally hit the big 1.0 - congratulations! Grab the goods here. Nice timing, considering another gaping hole was just found in Internet Explorer. If you're not a Mozilla user, give it a try.. it is an excellent browser. An official release party will be held in San Francisco on June 12th, and anyone over 21 is invited. Many other parties are planned around the world - check here for details, directions and locations. - metallik

  •    Tuesday, June 4th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:08 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  •    Monday, June 3rd 2002 - Last updated @ 16:10 EST

  • The Review Center - After only 2 years of doing absolutely nothing ( ;-), Gazoo has relaunched The Review Center (TRC), here at Retrogames. Eventhough it's only NEOGEO reviews for now, Gazoo will be adding support for more systems soon. The whole point of TRC is that visitors write and submit reviews for the games, so fire up your editors and make sure Gazoo drowns in all the game reviews :P Gazoo is currently writing a review for that wonderful game called Legend Of Success Joe *cough*, so feel free to write your own review about the game aswell. Gazoo, the kind and gentle forrest creature will now be signing off ;) - atila

  • RetroGaming Radio June 2002 - A new RetroGaming Radio has been released and Shane Monroe had the following to say about this episode:

    "We read YOUR letters in response to last month's ChronoTrigger episode, give you updates about CGE, Bryan talks about his visit to RGR, Ron Corcoran stops in and talks about tournaments at CGE and high score tracking, updates on the Act Lab's Light Gun, part 2 of the
    Chrono Trigger review, and so much more!"

    The show is longer than an hour, so I hope you have time to listen ;) - atila

  • Pay For UMAX Driver Updates? - The Register is reporting that UMAX (scanners) is now charging for driver updates ?! - atila

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

  • Emulator.tk 0.1 - Emulator.tk is an emulator manager that loads a particular emulator for a particular game. It supports Gnuboy, Snes9x, and VisualBoy Advance. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Sunday, June 2nd 2002 - Last updated @ 23:34 EST

  • BREAKING NEWS: EMU-LMAO now more inaccurate than Slashdot! - Yes, that's right folks, EMU-LMAO once again proves he is desperate for news by making up fake release dates for emulators! Just take a look at this! What a shame! Pretending that GooBer was released 5 months ago instead of 2 days ago just so that he can post some news. :P - chris

  • MAME WIP - More MAME updates... - chris

  • Game collection pics - Daemon_ has added a section to roarvgm where folks can submit pictures of their videogame collections for others to check out. Take a look here and submit your own if you have an impressive collection. - metallik

  • Guru Update - The Guru has reported the arrival of some more PCBs! - chris

  • GooBer 0.0.0a - GooBer is a GameBoy emulator. It is written in ANSI C and Allegro, so it should be fairly portable to other platforms. See #goober on irc.openprojects.net. Changes: Almost full support for LCDC, windows, and sprites was added. Many bugs were discovered and fixed in the CPU core. Joypad support was added. Almost all of the diagnostic ROMs from Zophar now run, but test.gb runs incorrectly. The interface was overhauled, and no longer involves the command line. License: GPL. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated. - chris

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