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  • SPACE INVADERS - Space Invaders Fan Site
  • TKMAME - The Coolest MAME Frontend!
  • TOSEC - DATfiles for everyone :)
  • THE REVIEW CENTER - Reviews, Reviews and Reviews!.
  • .TZX VAULT - Huge ZX Spectrum game vault!
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  •    Wednesday, July 31st 2002 - Last updated @ 20:36 EST

  • MAME CD Labels - New MAME CD Labels are out for MAME 0.61. - chris

  • Mario Bros. Sim Updated - Madrigal has updated his Mario Brothers Game and Watch simulation to version S3/1.00a. This is a minor bugfix update. Get the new version at his site. - metallik

  • Laser 0.20 - Laser has been updated to 0.20. This release contains the discrete logic games Pong (pong) and the four player Pong Doubles (pongdbls). 1 to start for both games. In Pong: Player 1 (Up: W, Down: S) and Player 2 (Up: 8 on the NumPad, Down: 2 on the Numpad). In Pong Doubles: Player 1 (Up: W, Down: S), Player 2 (Up: Y, Down: H), Player 3 (Up: P, Down: ;), Player 4 (Up: 8 on the NumPad, Down: 2 on the Numpad). This is also the first release of the Win32 port by ss_teven. - MetaFox

  • TRC Back Online - The Review Center is back online after being broken for a bit from a new PHP version. If you tried visiting this site before and it didn't work, hopefully it should be working now! - chris

  • Underworld Adventures 04 - Underworld Adventures is a project to recreate Ultima Underworld 1 on modern operating systems using the original game files. Changes: introduction cutscene, acknowledgements, ingame: inventory handling, fullscreen mode option, collision detection (almost) fully functional. License: GPL. - chris

  • Wolfpack 12.8.7 - Wolfpack is software for an Ultima Online MMORPG server. It features a scripting language and supports both Third Dawn and T2A. You need EA's Ultima Online to play on Wolfpack servers. Changes: Stability has been improved. License: GPL. - chris

  • jmame 0.3-beta - jmame is a Java-based frontend to XMAME. It uses the Swing toolkit and uses XML to store all settings. Changes: A new abiltiy to verify ROMs using XMAME was added. The status area also displays XMAME verify commands and output. make install and make uninstall commands were also added to the Makefile (edit the Makefile to change the default install location, which is /usr/local/jmame) License: GPL. - chris

  • FrontStella 1.2 - FrontStella is a GNOME front-end for the xstella Atari emulator. It allows you to set and preserve a name and a screen shot for a particular ROM. It also allows you to set and keep some global options for the emulator. You can add as many ROMs as you want. Changes: Added keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to double-click on a ROM. A pop-up menu was added, some known bugs were fixed, and the image is now scaled to fit in the window. License: GPL. - chris

  • Laser WIP - The Laser WIP has been updated again, with the first Sega discrete circuitry game to be added, making the Sega Arcade Project finally a reality. - MetaFox

  •    Tuesday, July 30th 2002 - Last updated @ 22:48 EST

  • Visual Boy Advance Korean - Visualboy Advance site has been updated with a Korean translation. - MetaFox

  • PDROMs update - Kojote has added 39 more public domain NES ROMs. - MetaFox

  • Minus4 2.3 - Minus4, the Commodore 16 and Plus4 emulator for Windows, has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • Full screen modes now work again.
  • Save screen shot to .BMP is in. - MetaFox

  • Satourne Screenshots - Ben- J updated the Satourne page with some more WIP screenshots from this Saturn emulator. - MetaFox

  • NLMSX 0.43 - NLMSX, an MSX emulator for Windows, has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • Support for the Turbo R (MSX View, Illusion City etc work perfectly) Many thanks to Jirou Kaneda and Albert Beevendorp for this. Timing isn't good yet, the emulated R800 is too fast The configuration in this zip file is an incomplete but working Turbo R, if you want the full completion then download it from the Plugins on the site.
  • Support for the TC8566AF disk controller (also used in the Turbo R)
  • Fixed a problem with accessing drive b on the commandline
  • Removed nlmsx.txt and added a user-manual, thanks to Jonemaan - MetaFox

  • Raine WIP Release - The Raine homepage has been updated with a WIP release. Here's what's new:

  • demos were unreadable in 0.35b
  • a segmentation fault in the nmk driver "sometimes".
  • This version also has the "Record to wav" function in "Sound options" but it's still work in progress, so don't complain about it !
  • Only the win32 version for this time. - MetaFox

  • w000t! - So, since it's my birthday tomorrow (July 31), I've decided to lower the price for our Retrogames T-Shirts to $10 (excl. shipping) and every order at our online store of $50 or more (excl. shipping), will also get a free t-shirt! - atila

  • Laser WIP - The Laser WIP Page has been updated today with progress and a screenshot. - MetaFox

  • New Handheld Sim - Missed this one earlier in the month... Madrigal has released another excellent handheld simulation: Nintendo's Mario Brothers game and watch! Check it out over at http://madrigal.retrogames.com. Be sure to also check out his other simulations. - metallik

  •    Monday, July 29th 2002 - Last updated @ 17:53 EST

  • ClrMAME Pro 2.70 Released - Roman has released a huge update to his excellent ClrMAME rom manager utility. There are loads of new additions, the major thing being that it should now be far easier for beginners to use, a welcome addition indeed. - RocLobsta

  • Legal ROMS? - A site called Console Classix is offering ROMS in a fashion they clam is legal - each ROM image has been dumped from a unique cartridge, the cartridge has been set aside, and only one user at a time may "check-out" each ROM image. They are essentially acting as a videogame rental shop (fees will be charged for "rentals"), but without the need to distribute physical media. Per their legal page linked above, Nintendo has already been in contact with them, but Console Classix is proceeding as planned. Whether or not this business model proves legal and viable remains to be seen. Thanks to Slashdot for the news. - metallik

  • Laser WIP - The Laser WIP Page has been updated with progress and a screenshot. - MetaFox

  • FakeNES 0.2.0 - FakeNES is a portable, Open Source NES emulator which is written mostly in C, using the excellent Allegro library for cross-platform capabilities.

    Changes: This release includes support for loading ROMs from ZIP files, support for 4 new MMCs including VRC6(V) (full ExSound) and MMC5 (partial ExSound), assorted GUI improvements, major build system bugfixes and improvements, major CPU core/main execution loop performance enhancements, PPU rendering and video blitting performance enhancements, dithering for low quality audio output, and a new 2xSCL blitter. License: The Clarified Artistic License. - chris

  •    Sunday, July 28th 2002 - Last updated @ 22:50 EST

  • Steem 2.4 - Steem, an AtariST emulator for Windows and Linux, has been updated. Here's what's new:

    Bug Fixes

    . Blitter halftone bug thanks to Hans Härröd (Obsession, Substation)
    . Movem register mask bug thanks to Kimmo Hakala (Vodka Demo)
    . Movem predecrement order bug thanks to Kimmo Hakala (Alien Storm)
    . Asl.b carry bug thanks to Kimmo Hakala
    . move to abs.l prefetch bug fixed with help from Kimmo Hakala (Synth Dream 2)
    . Blitter NFSR bug thanks to Hans Härröd (Ecstasy demo)
    . GPIP, AER and DDR emulation vastly improved (Realtime, M)
    . STE sound improved (Coreflakes demo)
    . Speeded up stop instruction
    . JPEG screenshot extension bug fixed
    . Stopped using DirectSound 7, using DirectSound 2 again
    . Removed pop sound when stop
    . Stopped auto fast forward on floppy access messing with normal fast forward
    . Fixed timer timeout after stop bug (Test Drive)

    New Features

    . Sound output format option
    . Debug: Branch target address display
    . XSteem: Sound output to stdout option ("stdout" in the sound device box)
    - MetaFox

  • NeoPop 0.54 - NeoPop, the open-sourced NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Windows, has been updated. Here's what's new:

    - I've significantly improved the paths dialog, relative paths now work.
    - Improved handling of a failed rom load.
    - Fixed the flickering graphics problems by implementing a cheap hack.
    - Added a hack to improve the "Ogre Battle" background colour.
    - Incorporated an optimiser for flash data to reduce the size for some games. Flash files from v0.53 are 100% compatible.
    - Some minor improvements to the emulation core.
    - Tweaked sound support a little bit, no real improvements...
    - MetaFox

  • Nebula 2.19a - Nebula, the arcade emulator for Windows, has been updated. Here's what's new:


    Fixed gfx glitches in Dragon World 2
    Fixed zooming (very noticeable in dragwld2 intro)
    Fixed missing parts of some sprites (KOV flashes)

    Fixed some remaining music speeds...

    Fixed Garou missing animations (esp. some Grant moves).
    Select button should be working in all games now (not only garou).
    Added the game slot switch button to switch games
    forwards (key 9=switch backwards, key 0=switch forwards)

    Fixed (hopefully) Romcenter Dat generation.
    - MetaFox

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks to Stephane, Kale, Paul and OG for today's update. - chris

  • Cxmame 0.1 - CXmame is a simple console based frontend for xmame, written in C using the ncurses library. Changes: Initial Release. License: GPL. - chris

  • ucon64-1.9.8beta3 - uCON64 is a tool to backup all kind of video game media (Cartridges and CD's) It supports most available backup units for cartridge-based consoles and uses cdrdao as burn engine for CD-based consoles like Dreamcast or Playstation. Changes: Full UNIF support. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Friday, July 26th 2002 - Last updated @ 18:42 EST

  • Dragon Quest I.II 1.1 - RPGONE has released a treat for all Dragon Quest fans - an updated patch for the Japanese to English translation of Dragon Quest I.II for the SNES. - MetaFox

  • DOSBox 0.50 - DOSBox, an open-sourced emulator of an x86 PC with DOS, for Windows and Linux, has been updated to 0.50. This version includes the addition of F3 to repeat the last typed command, the possibility to change the dosshell, a changed CPU core, addition of real 386 mode instructions, and many more changes.

    Thanks to RoushiMSX for the news. - MetaFox

  • NeoPop 0.53 - NeoPop, the open-sourced NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Windows, has been updated once again, this time to 0.53. This version adds flash support, adds DMA support, Adds a B&W renderer, Adds several more instructions, and fixes other various things. - MetaFox

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks to all the MAMEDevs who contributed to this update. - chris

  •    Thursday, July 25th 2002 - Last updated @ 23:56 EST

  • Retrocade for Windows - DamianMoran pointed out this news post by Neil Bradley.. he's currently working on porting Retrocade to Windows! For those who weren't around a couple years ago, Retrocade is a DOS arcade emulator that is geared for *playing* the classic arcade games, as opposed to MAME's emphasis towards preservation. Retrocade features optimized emulation (runs great on slower machines), an awesome GUI and other features. A Windows port would be most welcome. - metallik

  • Return of Digital Arcade - Longevity is soliciting opinions regarding the return of his site Digital Arcade. Feel free to mail him at webmaster@digital-arcade.com. Here's hoping for a successful return! - metallik

  • JoseQ's EmuViews is coming back - JoseQ's emulation site Emuviews is on it's way back, according to this news article! Nice to see quality sites making a comeback. This one doesn't look like a joke, unlike his April 1st post... :) - metallik

  • Arcade In A Box - AiaB is a joystick/PC with MAME installed. Pretty slick if you ask me, its got a spinner and a trackball, and you can attach add-ons like a dual steering wheel USB Box. Thanks to /. for the news. - chris

  • xu4 0.06 - XU4 is a recreation of the classic computer game Ultima IV. The purpose of the project is to make it easy and convenient to play on modern operating systems. Changes: Walls can no longer be seen through and the moongates work. License: GPL. - chris

  • Bloody Bride Translation WIP - The Bloody Bride Translation is nearly complete now. 98.1% of text has been inserted back into this Playstation game. All 39 movies that need to be subtitled have been done and inserted. There are only 2 text files that are untranslated, and will be done most likely this week. The editing, however, will probably take a few weeks, as there's about 2.5 MB of text, and the translator wants to fix some of his earlier translation efforts. - MetaFox

  • GPSpeccy 0.06 - GPSpeccy, the Spectrum emulator for the Game Park 32 handheld video game system, has been updated, adding support for the Kempston joystick. - MetaFox

  • VisualBoy Advance 1.0a for BeOS - The Visualboy Advance homepage has been updated with a release of version 1.0a of this Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance Emulator to BeOS. - MetaFox

  • Satourne Screenshots - The Satourne Homepage has been updated with some WIP screenshots from this Sega Saturn emulator. - MetaFox

  • NEStron 0.6.2b - NEStron, an NES emulator for Windows, has been updated. This version adds a fast forward key (~), stereo sound, tweaked CPU timing, and a fixed sound bug in the savestate/loadstate features. - MetaFox

  • ClrMAME Pro 2.68 - ClrMAME, the ROM managing tool, has been updated, adding a new DAT file for Vivanonno. - MetaFox

  • viva nonno Homepage - viva nonno, the Namco System 22 Arcade emulator for Windows, is now hosted by The Vintage Gaming Network. - MetaFox

  • ACE Discontinued - ACE, the multi-system arcade emulator, has been discontinued. The author had a harddrive crash, causing him to lose his latest sources and all interest in the project. - MetaFox

  • Gens SH-2 CPU Core - The Gens homepage has been updated with a release of the SH-2 CPU core that is used in Gens for 32x emulation. - MetaFox

  • NeoPop 0.52 - NeoPop, the open-sourced NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Windows, has been updated. This release Fixes a major bug that stopped "Metal Slug 2" from working correctly, fixes saving in more games, adds some more missing instructions, and adds a hack for Evolution (US). - MetaFox

  • JMAME 0.2beta - JMame is a simple java based frontend for xmame. - chris

  •    Wednesday, July 24th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:53 EST

  • Classic Amiga Preservation Society - Fiath wrote in about a big update to the CAPS Web Page. Changes to the site include: complete redesign, Huge WIP including list of the current protections known and an example format descriptor! List of all the games dumped in the last couple of months and partial french translation (no FAQ yet). - chris

  • Simple MAME Front End 0.6 - SMFE includes support for game auditing, an interface for various MAME options, reading of history.dat, support for UNC paths, support for many image formats, and comes in just one executable. Changes: Two menu options were added. The autosave "played" field is now optional and selectable to improve loading times. The "save table datanow" option was added. The "save column sizes" option was fixed. An "Auto fill" button is now shown when setting the various executable/image/ROM paths. License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  •    Tuesday, July 23rd 2002 - Last updated @ 22:27 EST

  • Bochs 1.4.1 - Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run Windows, Linux, *BSD, Minix, and other OS's, all on your workstation. Changes: A full list of changes can be read here. License: LGPL. - chris

  • ClrMAME Pro 2.67 - Roman Scherzer recently updated his famous ROM management utility, now available from the ClrMAME Pro homepage! You'll also find a dat file for VivaNonno there. - prophet

  • LegaSynth 0.4.0 - LegaSynth is an old chip/synthesizer emulator on top of an advanced software sound synthesis programming framework. License: GPL. - chris

  • Act Labs Light Gun WINNER - Well, I finally have a winner to report! :) The winner of the random drawing contest was Timothy Stone in Culver City, California! Congratulations Timothy, and enjoy the Act Labs USB Light Gun. The winner for the written contest has not yet been chosen, because there were so many entries to read. ;) As soon as Raymond of Act Labs let's me know, I'll post the winner here. AFAIK the guns are not shipping yet, but are still in "pre-order" status. Hopefully soon... - prophet

  •    Monday, July 22nd 2002 - Last updated @ 22:01 EST

  • GoodSNES v0.999.5 - Cowering's Good Tools has been updated with the latest GoodSNES tool. - chris

  • Easy Emu Update - Are you a newbie? If so, mrv2k has updated the EasyEmu page for you. - chris

  • Raine WIP - Updated. - chris

  • SIEmu 1.02 - SIEmu is an 8080a emulator that allows you to play Space Invaders and it's many 8080a related clones! It's claim to fame is that it is the most well-documented 8080a emulator around. Changes: BeOS support. - chris

  • Wolfpack Server Software 12.8.6 - Wolfpack is a server-side Ultima Online MMORPG software. The project has started back in 1998 and has aquired both users and developers since then. Changes: A full list of changes can be read here. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Sunday, July 21st 2002 - Last updated @ 15:18 EST

  • NeoPop 0.51 - NeoPop is a NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator for Windows / DirectX 8.1. Changes: Source code cleanups. License: GPL. Thanks to TheInformer for the news. - chris

  • PCB yard sale - TheGuru is going to be selling off some of his PCBs. Take a look here, and see if you are interested in taking some off his hands. Your purchase will help go towards some new System 22 arcades to be dumped for emulators. - chris

  •    Saturday, July 20th 2002 - Last updated @ 18:42 EST

  • NeoPop 0.50 - NeoPop is a NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator for Windows / DirectX 8.1. Changes: Source code is open, and lots of updates. License: GPL. - chris

  • ARAnyM 0.2.0 - ARAnyM is a 32-bit Atari virtual machine running on top of your favorite operating system. Faster than any Atari compatible machine ever made, with better graphics and more memory. Changes: new graphical user interface for runtime configuration of ARAnyM (unfinished yet). EmuTOS being part of ARAnyM binary distribution (TOS 4.04 is not required to boot ARAnyM anymore). boot floppy image with essential up-to-date ARAnyM drivers and tools (so you can easily upgrade your harddisk images). License: GPL. - chris

  • SIEmu 1.01 - SIEmu is an 8080a emulator that allows you to play Space Invaders and it's many 8080a related clones! It's claim to fame is that it is the most well-documented 8080a emulator around. Thanks to Linux Games for the news. - chris

  • Simple MAME Front End 0.5 - SMFE includes support for game auditing, an interface for various MAME options, reading of history.dat, support for UNC paths, support for many image formats, and comes in just one executable. Changes: This release adds some interface bugfixes, support for read-only media, and display of romset statistics. License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  • WinBe Preview Release 3 - Someone is actually coding a program to get the BeOS API to work in Windows. In idiot terms, being able to run BeOS apps in Windows. This release doesn't do anything, but he seems to be working hard on it for it to become a reality. :) You can visit the page right here. - dhalamar

  •    Friday, July 19th 2002 - Last updated @ 19:46 EST

  • BoyCott Advance/SDL 0.2.6 R3 Oh my god! Hell has frozen over! I did a post! WOW! =P A new version of this cool GBA emulator was released today with some minor bugfixes which can be found in the WHATSNEW.TXT. Which ironically enough is one of the things he updated. :) Got rid of that big bulky HTML manual and made it normal text. Right now there are Win32 and Linux versions with FreeBSD and BeOS versions coming soon. Go to the homepage right now so you can grab ya a copy. Thanks to nwagenaar for the news. - dhalamar

  • SYSTEM 22 EMU RELEASED! - Here's something to keep you busy during the summer: VivaNonno v22.0.1 - A wicked Namco System 22 Emulator! It currently plays Ridge Racer 2. It does have a few texture errors here and there, but otherwise it's very good. According to reports in #retrogamers, it appears to be full speed on a P3-750. It also has sound emulation :) Thanks to Myau and Emu-Zone for the news. - atila

  •    Thursday, July 18th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:15 EST

  • Mini vMac 0.1.7 - Mini vMac is a minor spin off of the program vMac. Its goal is to provide the simplest usable emulation of a Macintosh. (So far available for MacOS, Windows, and X) License: GPL. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks to Haze and Jarek for today's updates. - chris

  • MAME Artwork Updates - Gridle has posted some more Artwork Updates for use with the latest version of MAME. Thanks to all those who have contributed to making the artwork! - chris

  •    Tuesday, July 16th 2002 - Last updated @ 21:40 EST

  • NEZplug - NEZplug is multi-console(NES, SMS, MSX, TG16...) sound subsystem emulator for Windows. License: zlib/libpng license. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Stroff submitted a working driver for Namco System 22, one of the early 3D arcade platforms! Plus there's more nice MAME work-in-progress as well. - prophet

  • Nebula 2.19 - ElSemi released a new version of Nebula, his popular mutiple arcade system emulator for Windows! The PGM game "Dragon World 2" was added, and NeoGeo MVS multi-slot emulation was implemented - read Iron Man's post to see all the changes. - prophet

  • Virus/Trojan Got Me :( - Apologies for this personal notice, but my PC was hit by something last night, and I'd greatly appreciate any advice or info you can offer me. Especially from you network admin and tech pros out there. Please read this post if you can help. Thanks very much. - prophet

  • Arcade Flyers News - The Arcade Flyers Archive has passed the 3,000 flyers mark! Congratulations to them :) Furthermore, they've also posted new Scramble Bezel artwork, which can be downloaded from this link.

    A new flyerpack (#13) has been posted at the MAME32QA Site - atila

  • CVGS Patch for NT/2K! - There's a patch available so that WinNT/2000 users can now use VGS (PSX emu) on their system. Thanks to project25 for the news. - atila

  • bristol synthesiser emulator 0.9.1 - Bristol is a synthesizer emulation package. It includes a Moog Mini, Moog Voyager, Hammond B3, Prophet 5, Juno 6, DX 7, and others. Changes: A dual manual prophet 10 and a rhodes stage-73 piano were added. The DX operator was fixed up, and it now works. The Explorer modbus routing was fixed. Other fixes were also made. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Monday, July 15th 2002 - Last updated @ 21:19 EST

  • ZSNES 1.36 - ZSNES is a SNES/Super Famicom emulator for x86 computers. It runs on Windows, MS-DOS and Linux/FreeBSD and supports mode 7, sound, Super FX, and a lot more. Changes: It mostly contains game specific fixes. License: GPL. - chris

  • MESS WIP for April - I have posted some work in progress reports for the month of April at the MESS WIP site. There are some missing CVS notifications from April 19th through May 5th. Hopefully these are still on the server and can be recovered in the next few days. Anyway, click on the link above to check out all the details on MESS development for the first part of April. - chris

  •    Sunday, July 14th 2002 - Last updated @ 16:08 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks to Kale, Paul, Haze, Nate, ElSemi, Aaron, Mish, Brad, David G. and Nicola for today's updates. - chris

  • WineX Game Installer 1.01 - WineX users will love this new WineX Game Installer written by foeke. It automatically installs each game in its own directory with its own registry information so that your WineX registry will never get messed up, and removing a game is as simple as removing a directory. - chris

  • emulation9 three years old (7/12) - emulation9, a great Japanese emulation news resource, turned three years old on Friday - sorry we missed it, but worth covering even belatedly as it's been around quite awhile and continues a history of excellent and timely news coverage. Worth checking out, even if you're Japanese-impaired like me, as the "headlines" are all in english, with a nice "emulator name-version (platform)" format. Congratulations to Navarone. - david

  •    Saturday, July 13th 2002 - Last updated @ 15:44 EST

  • Pete's MesaGL Linux PSX GPU v1.64 - Pete has released a new version of his PSX GPU plugin for linux which should work with both ePSXe and PCSX emulators. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • New MAME Artwork - Gridle has posted some new artwork bezels (and a new Laguna Racer artwork) for use with the latest version of MAME. - chris

  • Arcade Flyers Updated - Gerard wrote in to let us know that 100 new flyers are up at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Lots of RARE international stuff, including early games flyers from Taito, Zaccaria, Karatego, Mirco Games, SNK and more! - chris

  • Guru's Japan PCB Raid - Smitdogg wrote in to let us know that Guru has gone on another PCB Raid and has come back with a bunch of new PCBs to be dumped! More good news is that there are even more to come yet. - chris

  • Steem 2.3 - Steem is a Freeware Atari STE emulator for Windows and Linux. Changes:

    . Extended monitor resolutions
    . Paste text into ST
    . RAR archive support
    . Independent left-right shift in shortcuts and joysticks
    . Automatic fast forward on disk access option
    . Screenshot format option (Windows only, needs FreeImage library)
    . Press ST Key -> for keypad enter
    . Auto update links
    . XSteem: 8-bit colour depth support
    . XSteem: External devices (experimental, might not work for anyone!)
    . XSteem: Screenshots
    . Debug: Added step over button

    And lots of bug fixes! - chris

  • Wine 20020710 - Wine Is Not an Emulator. It is an alternative implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs. Changes: DirectSound 8 and DirectInput 8 support, many OLE improvements, support for font downloading in the Postscript driver, an ALSA sound driver, more portability fixes, particularly for SPARC, and lots of bugfixes. License: LGPL. - chris

  •    Friday, July 12th 2002 - Last updated @ 19:58 EST

  • CottAGE 0.05 - CottAGE is a multi-arcade emulator written in Java. Changes:

    * Add following games: Hyper Sports, Road Fighter, 1943, 1943 Kai, Gun.Smoke, Hexa, Roc'n Rope, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong 3, M79 Ambush, Radar Scope
    * Add following clones: 1943j, dkong3j, dkongjrj, dkngjnrj, dkongjrb, dkngjnrb, dkongjp, dkongjo, dkongjo1, hpolym84, roadf2, rocnropk
    * Fixes drivers: 1943, dkong, minivadr, rocnrop
    * Fixes 6809 cpu core
    * Many optimizations (CottAGE is 15% faster in some cases)

    Thanks to neopocott for the news. - chris

  • One for the Birds - Brian wrote in with this bird story. I think these birds must have a bird arcade nearby! ;-) - chris

  • WineX WIP - Transgaming has issued a WIP report on their progress to get WarCraft III running on Linux. - chris

  • Visual Boy Advance 1.0 - VisualBoy Advance is a GameBoy Advance emulator for multiple platforms. Changes Include:

    * semi-transparent objects are now processed correctly when windows enabled
    * battery files now written even after resetting
    * 16-bit sound rendering
    * fixed some LDM/STM instructions when running in user/system mode
    * added missing LDM/STM instruction formats
    * Div/DivARM BIOS calls work correctly when dividing by 0
    * added sound echo effect
    * added sound low pass filter
    * added reverse stereo support
    * can now edit palette for mono games
    * fixed autofire for L/R buttons (was not working before)
    * added support for sound quality selection
    * corrected sound mixing to be more like in version 0.9.1

    There were some bug fixes to the Windows version released earlier, so if you downloaded a Windows version 1.0 before, you might want to try again. - chris

  • TSSHP 0.2.10 - The System Shock Hack Project is a project to reverse-engineer and recode (from scratch, but using the original datafiles) the 3D role-playing / shooter games from Looking Glass (System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds). Changes: Depth cueing for Underworld visibility range (as well as light). Basic OpenGL texture mapping ("real world"). License: BSD. - chris

  • ps2frame 1.1.0 - PS2 Emulator Framework is a very simple framework to allow porting of emulators quickly to the Playstation 2. It can also be used as a general PlayStation2 framework, but is aimed at emulators. Changes: can be read here. License: GPL. - chris

  • mol 0.9.64 - Mac-on-Linux is a virtual machine which runs MacOS on top of Linux/PPC. There is no CPU emulation involved since MOL runs natively on the PowerPC processor. All Classic MacOS versions (from 7.5.2 to 9.2.2) are compatible with MOL. Changes: This release adds network autoconfiguration to MOL. Support for booting Linux within MOL has also been included. Performance improvements, a couple of bugfixes, an improved config system, and 603 support were also added. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Thursday, July 11th 2002 - Last updated @ 23:13 EST

  • GENS 2.00 - GENS, the preeminent win32 Sega Genesis/Sega CD and now 32X emulator as well has seen a major update to version 2.00. Amongst bug fixes and some enhancements to brightness/color control is the big improvement - the initial implementation of 32X emulation, adding significant functionality to this already formidable emu. Check it out and download at http://gens.consolemul.com/. - david

  • PCSX 1.3 - PCSX is a Playstation emulator for Linux and Windows. Here are the Changes:

    * Rewrote partially HLE Bios.
    * Many fixes to Gte.
    * Small fixes to Cdrom.
    * Added SPUasync support.
    * Improved windows Mcd Dialog.
    * Correct VGS mcd support, also added .gme support.
    * Fixed mdecs for some games.
    * Fixed bug in Sio stuff.

    linuzappz is also looking for a coder to do some optimizations, if you think you got what it takes please get in contact with him. - chris

  • Game On Videogames Exhibition Review - Dirk wrote in letting us know he has done a review about the "Game On" Videogames exhibition in London, UK. - chris

  • NES DevKit 0.1b - NES DevKit is a tool to make .NES games and demos. With the alpha version you can realy make those (demos included). License: GPL. - chris

  •    Wednesday, July 10th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:48 EST

  • AdvanceMAME v0.61.1 - AdvanceMAME is an unofficial MAME version for DOS and Linux with an advanced video support for helping the use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors and also for PC Monitors. Changes: Fixed a bug on some neogeo games. License: GPL. - chris

  • New Pinball! - Chris Werfel snapped some pictures of Stern's newest pinball machine, Rollercoaster Tycoon. The game is currently on test, but will go into production soon... check with your local distributor for availability. The pics are here on the Chicagoland Classic Coin-Op site. Thanks to El-LoCo for the news. I haven't had a chance to check rec.games.pinball for more information yet, but I'm going to wager a guess that this table was designed by Pat Lawlor, based on the bonus X lamps and other "design signatures." More info to come as I find it. - metallik

  • Atari800 1.2.3 - Atari800 is an Atari 8-bit computer (400, 800, and XL and XE series) and Atari 5200 game system emulator for DOS, Windows, Amiga, Atari ST, Mac, and Linux/UNIX. Changes: This release features changes to the command-line options, support for emulating 16K models, LPTjoy joystick support (Linux), man page updates, high-speed disk I/O emulation, and an implementation of a "Dirty" screen update scheme. 2nd joystick button support for the Atari 5200 was fixed, M68K port updates and fixes were made, and emulation for the Trak-Ball and light gun was added. Many miscellaneous code cleanups and bugfixes were also made. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Tuesday, July 9th 2002 - Last updated @ 15:01 EST

  • PCSX2 0.038 - PCSX2 is an attempt to emulate the PlayStation2 hardware. For some reason the binaries are not on the main site, but you can find them here, if you scroll all the way down to July 7th news. - chris

  • MUPEN64 0.0.4 - MUPEN64 is a n64 emulator designed to be multi-OS. Changes: Check the readme, binaries are available for Linux, QNX, and Windows. - chris

  • EthernalQuest 0.6.1alpha - EthernalQuest is an EverQuest(tm) server emulator. Changes: found on the EthernalQuest page. License: GPL. - chris

  • uwadv 03 - Underworld Adventures is a project to recreate Ultima Underworld 1 on modern operating systems (e.g. Win32, Linux or MacOS), using the original game files. Changes: uwadv now has the intro splash screens, the game's menu (although, only "Journey Onward" works), collision detection and the Underworld is darker now. License: GPL. - chris

  • palmspec 0.6 - palmspec is a Sinclair Spectrum emulator for the PalmOS (3.5 or higher) License: GPL. - chris

  • New FREE NeoGeo Game - Yeppers, totally legal to download and play! =) It's called "Neo No Panepon" and is a very early beta with no sound yet. The author, Blastar, left this message with a screenshot and download link! - prophet

  • DeJap Hardware Woes - The famous translation group, DeJap, has had some very bad luck lately with failing hardware, and they need help! If you're an ardent fan of their work, take a look. (Thanks Nicholas T.) - prophet

  • Calice 0.6.4 - David Raingeard updated his Windows based multiple arcade system emulator, Calice! New stuff includes support for non-encrypted versions of KoF2001 & Sengoku 3, and "Neo no panepon." (Thanks Eric Fichot of Emu-France) - prophet

  • Nebula 2.18a - ElSemi updated his Windows based multiple arcade system emulator, Nebula! This relocks what was unlocked after it was initially locked before... Ahem, who's on first? :) - prophet

  • EmuLoader 3.0 R2 - Ciro posted a new build of EmuLoader that correctly supports the new artwork system in MAME. - prophet

  • AdvanceMAME 0.61 & AdvanceMENU 1.19.1 - Andrea Mazzoleni updated AdvanceMAME & the AdvanceMENU frontend! Get them from the Advance Projects homepage. You can read the complete update history here. These programs are ideal for people using MAME on arcade monitors, but are also great for other displays as well, allowing total control over the resolution, refresh rates and more. NOTE: AdvanceMAME is UNOFFICIAL, so don't bug the MAME team if you have questions - you can instead join the AdvanceMAME user's list. - prophet

  •    Sunday, July 7th 2002 - Last updated @ 16:30 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks to Haze, Smitdogg, David Widel, Stroff, ElSimi, Zsolt, OG, and Brian Troha for today's updates. - chris

  •    Saturday, July 6th 2002 - Last updated @ 14:43 EST

  • Attention Linux Gamers! - TransGaming is about to release a new version of their Windows DirectX emulator called WineX. This emulator allows you to play modern windows gaming titles on Linux like Max Payne, Half-Life Counter Strike, Diablo II, Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast, American McGee's Alice, and more!

    The next version will likely support games such as Civilization III, Black & White, and GTA3. By subscribing, you get a copy of the WineX binaries which include copy-protection emulation as well as patented code that let you run games like Black & White. Help support a great cause and a great emulator by using the link above to sign up for a year's subscription. By using this link, I also get a chance at winning a T-shirt =) - chris

  •    Friday, July 5th 2002 - Last updated @ 18:15 EST

  • Calice v0.6.2 & Calice 0.6.2 LE - The Windows based multiple arcade system emulator, Calice, was updated! Basically it adds support for the latest CPS2 games, and the LE edition is a "lite" version with support for Capcom games only. (Thanks TheInformer) - prophet

  • EmuLoader 3.0 Release 2 - Ciro updated his superb Windows based frontend, EmuLoader, to be fully compatible with the latest MAME! - prophet

  • Skonk's K6 MAME 0.61 - If you need a K6 build, take a look! - prophet

  • Gameboy Advance Afterburner - If you have a GBA, you MUST consider getting an Afterburner! It's basically an internal side lighting kit, similar to what's used in PDA's. I had mine professionally installed by Greg over at YourHappyPlace.com, and just got it back. He did a very nice, clean job, and is still taking orders if you're interested. In fact, you can read reviews of various installers here. I can actually SEE the games now, with or without a perfectly lit room or the sun over my shoulder. Here's a not-so-good photo of my GBA glowing nicely in the dark. Looks better in real life. =) - prophet

  • Mac GLQuake - Mac GLQuake is out with a new release. Hexen2 was updated as well. License: GPL. - chris

  • pose skins 1.9 - pose is a PalmOS emulator. Changes: new skins. License: GPL. - chris

  • MAME32 0.61 - Talk about fast... MAME32 has been updated to the latest MAME sources! Note, this is the Windows version of MAME with the integrated GUI. (Thanks smoke^X) - prophet

  • Cygwin 1.3.12-1 - Cygwin is a DLL which provides a Unix emulation environment for Windows. The Cygwin environment provides a complete port of such development utilities as gcc, binutils, gdb, make, etc., as well as a number of useful utilities. Changes: This release includes mainly bugfixes for problems introduced in 1.3.11. There are also some /proc filesystem fixes. License: GPL. - chris

  • Congrats Sixtoe! - Our good friend Sixtoe from System16, is now the proud new Father of a bouncing 9lb & 5.5 oz. baby boy named Jack, born yesterday at 9:15 GMT! Congrats to Sixtoe and his wife, Becky! (Thanks D-Zine & David) - prophet

  • Bizarre Arcade Game Archive - Well, the full title is actually Yllabian Space Guppy's Bizarre Arcade Game Archive. :) It's a humorous archive of the weirdest games in MAME. (BTW, if you didn't know, an "Yllabian Space Guppy" is a fast, crazy enemy from Stargate, the sequel to Defender.) - prophet

  • RetroGaming Radio July 2002 - Shane Monroe released a new episode of RetroGaming Radio, and tells me it has "tons of goodies this episode - including me talking GOOD about Nintendo! (where did that come from?) The death of 2D gaming, the LATEST news on CGE and another show, California Extreme! Plus we look at the kick butt Dreamcast adapter for the X-Arcade!" and more! - prophet

  •    Thursday, July 4th 2002 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • MAME ROM Info - MAME ROM infos have been Updated. Thanks to GordonJ for the news. - chris

  • New MAME - MAME 0.61 has been released. Source, binaries, whatsnew and new artwork are all available at the MAME homepage linked above. - metallik

  • playspc_gtk - PlaySPC is a command-line frontend for playing .SPC music files--that is, music ripped from SNES games. Changes: A small update to fix a few bugs introduced in 0.2.6 (like segfaulting when trying to save id666 tags). The option to not playback over the sound card has been disabled due to it being the probable cause of reported skipping. Until that can be resolved, it'll be left out. License: GPL. - chris

  • palmspec 0.5 - palmspec is a Sinclair Spectrum emulator for the PalmOS (3.5 or higher) License: GPL. - chris

  • MAMEINFO.DAT 4.0a - M.A.S.H has released a new MAMEINFO.DAT file which has the latest bug information from July 3rd, the latest WIP information, correct listinfo changes up to '96, and fixed Mameinfo bugs. - chris

  • EasyEmu Update - Another update to the newbies guide to emulation. Mostly Mame stuff this time including setting up controller ini files. Also the Calice guide is back up. Check it out here. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks to Robin and Haze for today's update. - chris

  •    Wednesday, July 3rd 2002 - Last updated @ 20:06 EST

  • PCSX2 WIP - The PCSX2 page has been updated with some impressive screenshots! Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • FCE Ultra 0.80 - FCE Ultra is a portable NES/Famicom emulator based on Bero's original FCE source code. Large portions of it have been rewritten, resulting in a much stabler, very compatible emulator. Changes: can be read here. License: GPL. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks to Haze and smf for today's update. - chris

  • nwwine-20020703 - Neverwinter wine is a branch of the LGPL wine code to get the Neverwinter Nights Toolset to work under Linux. Changes: Fixed the inactive menu bug in the release toolset. Now the full toolset works under linux! License: GPL. - chris

  • New CPS2 files - CPS2shock has released three new decryption sets today. They are for Dungeons and Dragons: SoM (USA), Vampire Hunter II (JAP) and Marvel vs Street Fighter (USA). The Kawaks emulator has been updated accordingly with new drivers, along with other improvements:

    - New blending effect: Motion blur.
    - Support for the Savage Reign V2 rom redump
    - Changed NeoGeo romsets to the latest MAME conventions
    - Added menu items to control fullscreen resolution
    - Added menu items to task priority level in Misc menu
    - Fixed Quiz & Dragons (Japan) (CPS1)
    - Fixed Use transparencies option not beeing saved in INI
    - Set Kawaks to use High task priority by default (was Normal)
    - In netplay Multitask friendly is forced OFF (reduces desync)

    Get the goods at the linked homepages. - metallik

  • More MESS WIP - MAME's cousin project MESS has received yet another work-in-progress update for the month of March. Lots of improvements to the PDP-1 driver and GameBoy driver! As well as new Lviv drivers among many other changes. Click the link above and read all the details. The web page takes a bit to update so you might have to click forward a couple months to get to March. - chris

  • VGB-GUI 0.3.1 - VGB-GUI is a program for launching and configuring gnuboy and VGB (GameBoy emulators). Changes: A fix for a bug that made it impossible to access the Preferences dialog. License: GPL - chris

  •    Tuesday, July 2nd 2002 - Last updated @ 13:57 EST

  • MESS WIP - After a long delay, the MESS WIP page has been updated for the month of February! It might take a bit for the page to be updated, so if you see January's page just click on the More MESS WIP link and it will take you to February. Lots of updates and new drivers in this update so click the link and take a look! - chris

  • Xbox linux giveaway - Time to quit your job and start working full time on xbox linux! That's right. Someone is giving away $200,000 for a working xbox linux by the end of the year! The details can be read here! - chris

  • Emulaxian 0.65 - Peter Vogels emailed me about a new version of Emulaxian, his 3D arcade emulation frontend for Windows! The BIG new feature is a FPS viewpoint, allowing the user to literally walk around a 3D virtual arcade, choose a cabinet and then play! Here's the new stuff:

    -Fps style 3d arcade! Walk around in rooms filled with 3d models.
    -Grab them and place them anywhere in the room to create your onw layouts!
    -Skin it! All visible objects have all there parameters exposed. file to use, position, size, rotation, blend etc. You get total control to create a theme that fits your cabinet!
    -Changed the key remapping to use keycodes, now all special keys can be used.
    -Each gamelist can now have its own arcade environment.
    -You can define additional rules which 3d model to show when no model was matched the normal way. For example use the same model for all horizontal games, all driving games etc. when no specific model was found.
    -Define which model to use when none is found...so you can get rid of my Emulaxian cab ;-)
    -Skinnable startup and exit screens using a bitmap, flash or quickttime movies
    -Helpscreens can now show bitmaps based on game name. For example to show the cp layout for that game.
    -Internally translate long file names into short file names before launching a game for emulators that don't like long names.
    -Changed the cfg files layout to be more hierarchical. I hope this will make setting up the fe a bit more straight forward.
    -Hide cursor bug finally fixed.
    - prophet

  • ROM ZIP Differences Manager & ROM Clone Zip Manager - Moose has released 2 new freeware Windows based utilities for updating & managing MAME ROMs! Check Moose's homepage or this mirror page for downloads. Click these board links for complete descriptions of ROM ZIP Differences Manager and ROM Clone Zip Manager. - prophet

  • Congrats Conway - Conway Ho, from HanaHo Games, emailed me the good news about the birth of his new daughter, Jennifer Pauline Ho, born June 30, 2002 at 1:48 AM PST! Congratulations man! :) - prophet

  • RetroBase Adds Game Gear - RetroBase has added all 312 known Sega Game Gear (8bit portable system) titles with screenshots & product info! - prophet

  • EmuCon "Playground" 1.0 - Ciro also released the debut version of his newest project, EmuCon, a Windows based frontend for console emulators! Supported emus include SNES9x, Visualboy Advance, Gens, RockNES and basically any emulator that can use command lines, including the latest ZSNES for example, to launch games. Ciro implores users to carefully read the included tutorial.rtf file "thousands of times" before using the program. In other words, RTFM. ;) - prophet

  • Visual MSX v1.3 - Ciro updated Visual MSX, his Windows based frontend for NLMSX! Here's what's new:

    Game description is now being changed correctly... With this change a new Description entry on the games .ini files is added. Now, the section description is the filename (without path)
    Lots of visual improvements, specially in Windows XP with themes
    No more bold and shadowed labels
    Fixed a bug regarding the clone entry on games list
    The original filename was being also added in the clone filename,
    which is not the correct behavior
    Added a new tab called Chip Settings on Emulator and Folders screen. With this new options you can change the CPU Speed and the Video Chip for every computer configuration you have
    Just select the computer configuration, change the CPU Speed and/or the Video Chip values, and click on Save Settings button
    All docs are now in .rtf format
    - prophet

  • Shin Megami Tensei Translated - AGTP have released a 100% English translation patch (v.1.00) for this Super Famicom RPG! Playstation owners might know this series through the spinoff "Persona" games. (Thanks Shih Tzu) - prophet

  • FPSE ARM - The authors of FPSE ARM emailed me to let folks know about their PocketPC Playstation emulator! Apparently this was the original, NOT PocketSX, and according to the author speeds are increasing dramatically as they work on it. 2 games are getting as much as 30fpws, and 3D games as much as 15fps, and once they add recompilation to the engine, speeds could become 4 timesd faster! (Thanks Ludovic O., and also Marconelly) - prophet

  • NeoPop 0.41 - NeoPop, a Windows based NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator, was recently updated! The big news is sound support, though it's still early and imperfect. (Thanks Hank) - prophet

  •    Monday, July 1st 2002 - Last updated @ 15:23 EST

  • Sit-down Star Wars cab up for grabs - Saw over at The Register that Rackspace was offering up an original sit-down model Star Wars: The Arcade Game cabinet as the main prize in a survey drawing.. go here, click to enter, fill out the survey and you might win a cool piece of arcade history. I'm not a big fan of web surveys, but at least these folks picked an interesting prize... - metallik

  • MAME WIP - Updated. Thanks to Acho, Stephane, and Haze for today's update. - chris

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