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  •    Thursday, August 31st 2000 - Last updated @ 20:23 EST

  • It's REAL, it works and it's HERE - Download the new After Burner 2 emulator !!!! YES it works - WITH SOUND and JOYPAD support :-) Oh man, I'm really excited - awesome, trust me and hurry to Arcade ROM Heaven, Guru-Choc has uploaded the correct ROM-set :) HEY - thanks to the "millions" of guys who emailed me the emulator release - but I was too fast for you all guys :-) Oh man I like this new amazing emu !!!! UPDATE - you can also try EmuViews and Arcade@Home to get the ROMs :) - Opi

  • More Good Arcade News - wtc@emux.net hinted me the newly opened Robo Cop 2 W.I.P. Page ! A MAME driver is currently under development by Bryan McPhail and should be done very soon ! - Opi

  • After Burner Anyone ? - An unknown guy posted at EmuViews message-board this link. It will lead you to a geoshitties webpage with some After Burner screenshots on it. These shots seems like fake but if you click on the screenshot a new one apperears :) Nice ... but you still may think - "hah, that's FAKE" ... and yes it seems like that - BUT if you check the third page, a little pleased smile should be visible in your face .... :) Stay tuned for an upcoming After Burner emulator, hope so :) Lets cross our fingers that these pictures weren't taken with a 32x emu and accessed test-screen as blazemore told me "At the Sega screen, press A + C + Start on Controller Two. A voice will confirm this part of the code. At the title screen, press A + B + C + Start on Controller One. If all went well, you'll enter a test screen straight out of the arcade version" !
    UPDATE - if you click one of the pictures on the third page, there's an MP3 download as well. Thanks meestamee :) - Opi

  • Interview With KIAME Member - The folks over at RareNet conducted an interview with Jago member of KIAME, the upcoming Killer Instinct emulator. You can read it here - thanks to guisep for the email :) - Opi

  • Alex has informed me of the first Russian language emulation dedicated site on the net. It can be found at http://www.romov.net. - chris

  • Indeed. - richard

  • Hehe... - I have to say from experience that this is totally true. :) - dutch

  • MAME WIP - 31st August 2000 : Jürgen Buchmüller simplified the makefile handling. Nicola Salmoria sent in a driver for World Beach Volley, again without sound due to an undumped PIC chip. Nicola also sped up the graphics decoding a bit and did some cosmetic changes to Xexex, but most of the graphics is still missing. Brad Oliver fixed Winter Bobble to work on Macs ! - Opi

  • How Did You Discover Emulation? - Jumpman Jr. started a nice topic on one of our messageboards with the topic: "How did you discover emulation?"; time to write 'my story' too, I guess :) - atila

  • OC Remix - OverClocked ReMix has surpassed 100,000 hits. David has put up a 'thank you' message, an AWESOME piece of fan-art and a work-in-progress REQUEST board. - atila

  • hehe - As usual Papa Schlumpf :) Slooow day ! Time to play some Bank Panic ! - Opi

  • Hmm - I was going to do an update, but I noticed Opi had already beat me to it :) - atila

  • A-SATURN bugfixed - A new A-SATURN version has been released, this new version is a minor bugfix release, the emulator version 0.16 is still valid !
    Thanks to Navarone, the japanese news-machine, from Emulation9, the source of my last three news postings. - Opi

  • Virtual Aquarius - Virtual Aquarius v0.6 is available for download, check the homepage for more info about this emulator and for useful links to other interesting Mattel Aquarius Homecomputer sites. - Opi

  • NESten WIP - The NESten homepage has been updated with some developing news, it's the first WIP info since more than 4 months. MMC5 is now working better than ever, VS games now work too and accept your inserted coins + much more. - Opi

  • Neko Project II v0.23a - PC-9801 series emulator Neko Project II has been updated to v0.23a! This is a minor fix release, and fix the problem of ADPCM under Speakboard emulation :) - aries

  • Sherlock Holmes lives ! - My spy in JoseQ's Headquarter reported me a newly uploaded Rumor Mill :) - Opi

  •    Wednesday, August 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:17 EST

  • Gimme Gimme :) - Enix finally released Dragon Quest VII ! All 1.9 million of the initial copies sold out in the first weekend, and this week will see another 850,000 shipped to retailers .... read the full story and prepare yourself for an late autum US release - thanks S. Chu :) - Opi

  • Surprise - Can you say MAME WIP ? - Opi

  • Sega System C2 WIP - Haze's progress is amazing :) Check the Sega System C2 WIP homepage and view some nice PotoPoto pictures, a few Puyo Puyo 2 shots (still with a wrong color palette) and read his technical "blah" :) Seems Charles MacDonald's C2emu will be able to run some more games after a new update :) - Opi

  • Classic Remakes - Allan Bentham has made a remake of Missile Command. The game is DirectX 7 based and I was told the playability is superb :) "Only one problem, the graphics need a more "professional" look which the author freely admits. He needs a graphics artist to work on the game with him to give the game that completed feel". If you're interested and "talented" in making graphics - email the author. Missile Command (version 2000) can be downloaded from Classic Game Remakes ! - Opi

  • Sega Downloads - Genesis Power Genesis dump #237: Joe And Mac - Caveman Ninja is ready for you !
    Rise of the Dragon for Sega CD has been added to SegaXtreme's large Sega CD library. - Opi

  • System 24 info - Charles MacDonald has updated his System 24 section with detailed information on the System 24 hardware, based on some Hot Rod schematics he recently found. Also online is a dump of Quiz Ghost Hunter. Thanks to the "maestro" himself for the email :) - Opi

  • CPS-2 datafile V2 - Mila76 has updated his CPS-2 and killed some remaining bugs :) So if you use CLRMamePro and downloaded the last NAZ releases, you may download it again :-) - Opi

  • A-SATURN v0.16 - The japanese Sega Saturn emulator A-SATURN, written by Azuco, has been updated to version 0.16. The english homepage was updated with a small "whatsnew" note : "more support ST-V" :) Let's hope for an updated screenshot section really soon, the pictures from release 0.15d are looking ... hmm ... "sweet" :) Thanks to Ben-J for the notification :) - Opi

  • Planet Harriers - One of the coolest Sega games ever, Space Harrier, is getting a sequel called PLANET HARRIERS. Today, the first pics arrived - get ready to drool ... and for a Dreamcast port, ofcourse :) - atila

  • I Can See A Big Thing Coming - Heya ! It seems that Zoop is back into the ROM dumping business. Yesterday he added a dump of the USA version of Captain Silver for Sega Master System to SMS Power and after that he made the following announcement :
    "And now, the time has come. :) We are gonna release in a few days an heavily SEGA related game, however not made for a SEGA system. This is maybe of the rarest videogame ever made (didn't say released, hehe!), and my guess is that fans will love it. But, we do need several mirrors to handle the release. The game is about 150 megabyte zipped. Ahem. Please e-mail me quickly if you can handle a serious mirror for the it, and be prepared for an amazing mix....." Hmmm, what could it be ? I have no clue - sorry ! - Opi

  • NGCP Freeware - Ivan Mackintosh's Neo Geo Pocket Color Freeware site has been updated with 2 new freeware roms: Freecell and Mines (a Minesweep clone) - thanks Ivan :) - Opi

  • MAME, ROMs and More - Guru-Choc has posted a "mini" MAME WIP report (maybe call it "micro") yesterday : "Nicola added a game called "Big Twin", those of you expecting a racing type game will be very disappointed :( " soon after this posting he uploaded the ROM-sets for Big Twin & Xexex. Both should appear in MAME v0.37 beta 7 :) Anothing thing worth mentioning here is a article about The History of Konami, hah and finally the Mimic WIP page has been updated with some progress news about this multi-platform emulator :) - Opi

  • Visual Boy v1.4.5 - Forgotten's newly updated Game Boy Color emulator Visual Boy is truly the best Game Boy emu I ever tested ! It's able to run all the recently released highcolor titles, like Tomb Raider and Heroes Of Might & Magic for example, without any glitches. Even my beloved DBoy failed on these two titles. Visual Boy needs Win9x and at least DirectX 5.0 to run (there are two versions online - one for DirectX 5.0 and one for DirectX 7.0). The sound is really excellent, you can grab screenshots via F12 and change practically every useful thing you can imagine ! Here are the changes in this wonderful release :
    - o - fixed bug with Turok 3
    - o - improved digitalized sounds
    - o - added color mode selection: washed colors (like real GBC) or dark colors
    - o - added pause option
    - o - you can enter up to 100 GameGenie and 100 GameShark codes (it will slow down emulator though)
    - o - cheat codes will be saved with save game now
    - o - multiple language support for English, French, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch and German!
    This emulator is a must download ! I highly recommend it :) - Opi

  • Emu Loader v1.3 - Roc from MAME WORLD mentioned the release of Emu Loader v1.3 today. Ciro's Emu Loader is a nice front-end for MAME with lots of neat features. Ciro changed the pictures preview limit to 300 for each game !!! He noted more than 20 changes for this release, please check the complete list at the Emu Loader homepage ... and oooh - don't forget to delete the "EmuLoader.ini" before using this new version, the format has changed !
    Click here to download it - please send some feedback if you like Emu Loader ! - Opi

  • UAE 0.08.15 - A new source version of UAE, the mother of all Amiga emulators is now available for download ! Sorry :) we're speaking only about the (still called experimental) Linux Version, I have no news about the other ports. especially WinUAE :( Version 0.08.15 adds support for sprites (New sprite code, this code existed for many months but the author now found the final bugs and included it). A changes.log can be viewed here - thanks to Tom Bies for the tip :) - Opi

  •    Tuesday, August 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:29 EST

  • Mac Atari 800 - Here's another EmuHQ news report : Derek Ledbetter's Mac Atari 800, a Macintosh port of David Firth's multi-platform Atari 800 emulator has been updated once again to v1.0.4. Sorry, that's all I can tell ya - Derek posted no word about the changes and I can't check that Macintosh archive by myself :) - Opi

  • NES for BeOS - EmuHQ mentioned the release of BeNES v0.5.0b ! This is (you already guessed it) a NES emulator for BeOS :) - Opi

  • Emuverse 'Downtime' - EmuVerse and its hosted sites are going through some Internic-trouble, so the sites are only available by clicking the following links:

    - Emuverse Main Site
    - MESS homepage
    - PC Arcade
    - Arcade Forever
    - Dorando

    Dave can be contacted using this email address until the domain is back up. Things should be back to normal in a day or so. - atila

  • Translation News - The Whirlpool reported the release of two new interesting translation patches : The famous patch for Seiken Densetsu 3 (made by Neill Corlett, Lina`chan, Nuku-nuku, SoM2Freak) has been updated to v1.01 (fixes several typographical errors in the script. It will work with the original ROM image, or an image previously patched with version 1.00) - you can get it here.
    Suicidal Translations released a 100% complete translation patch for Hello Kitty No Ohanabatake aka Hello Kitty's Flower Shop from Sanrio - download patch 1.00 here ! - Opi

  • MAME FAQ - Gridle "forced" me to make the following posting - "look at all these nice colorful flags on the MAME FAQs page" ...... errrrrr.
    The official MAME FAQ has been translated into the following languages : Norwegian, Serbian, Danish and brandnew into Chinese ! - Opi

  • CLRMamePro - Mila76 has made a new datfile for Roman Scherzer's CLRMamePro and sent it to me ! Oooh you wanna know WHICH datfile :) ? for the CPS-2 games based on Naz v2.01M FAQ, download it here ! - Opi

  • Help Needed - Mike "BigRedPimp" Parks from GBDev News asked me to post the following: He is working on a port of the classic arcade game Berzerk, entitled Berzerk Legends for the GBC and needs a helping hand. If you're interested in helping out on this project - read his full announcement ! - Opi

  • RockNES WIP - Visit the RockNES homepage to have a peek into the future (Fx3 added some new mappers for Taiwan pirate games). Ever heard of Street Fighter 97 - Zero 2, King of Fighters 96 for NES ??? - Opi

  • X68k Emu - Kenjo updated his Sharp X68000 emulator for Win9x Keropi to version 0.49 - new in this release :
    - o - Support to change the screen contrast
    - o - Fixed stack at 'dividing by 0' trap
    - o - Fixed the Text/BG color a little bit
    - o - Faster CGROM generate routine by Punyu-san
    Download it here - thanks to Emulation9 for the news. - Opi

  • DreamCast For $62!! - Yes, it's true! You can now buy a Sega Dreamcast bundle (includes NFL2k and Sonic Adventure) at JC Penny for $159.99+S/H and if you enter promotional code CR8, you will get a 30% discount making the JC Penny price $111.99! Then you call Sega, register for a one-month free trial of Sega.NET and they give you a $50 rebate (valid for 2 more days!!). $111.99 - $50 rebate = $61.99. Many thanks to techdeals.net for the news, check out their site for more good deals! - atila

  • A Simple Guide to Newsgroups - Kevin Butler was kind enough to remind me about his newsgroup guide. Guess Dutch isn't the only newsgroup expert. :P - prophet

  • EMU+ 0.37 Beta 6 DOS - Enhanced Unofficial MAME - that's what it's all about! If you love special features like NeoGeo savestates, autofire, PacMAME & Jerky hacks support, and LOTS more, this might be your emu. Here's the source code, the normal Pentium BINARY & the P2/P3 Optimized BINARY. You can also find numerous other builds at the EMU+ homepage, including some with the ASM 68000 core. (Thanks Danmanya - u sent the b5 whatsnew btw! ;) - prophet

  •    Monday, August 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:56 EST

  • Genesis Power released the best of the Batman Genesis games, Batman Returns! - prophet

  • Gleam! - Well, it's not a Dreamcast emu, but an NES emu for the Dreamcast. :) Get it here, and be sure to visit the Gleam! homepage for more info. Keep in mind this is the 1st release, so don't be surprised if some games don't work etc. And BTW - it's 100% FREE! ;) (Thanks Kagaden) - prophet

  • Dreamcast Emu?! - Emulatronia reports that a Sega Dreamcast emulator *may* indeed be in development. In fact, they've got some screenshots online to prove it. Just Demos and boot screens, but if it's real, it's amazing. Just don't expect to be playing Crazy Taxi on your PC any time too soon. Now where's my Saturn emu?! ;) - prophet

  • RAINE WIP - katharsis has updated the RAINE WIP page with a small note :) "Boukichi submitted another fix of the Battle Garrega driver which makes the sound close to perfect, good work =) " - Opi

  • System C2 - OK, here's another WIP report. This time from Haze and his Sega System C2 MAME Driver project !
    "Found an additional Patch for Puyo Puyo which prevents it from Locking Up (due to protection) when going into attract mode. Patched Ichident-R (Puzzle & Action 2) to run in the C2Emulator ...." he uploaded some new pictures from Puzzle & Action and wrote more technical stuff which I didn't understood :) so visit his WIP page if you like to read more about it :) - Opi

  • Virtua News - DaemoN informed me about his latest update at the Virtua homepage - good news for all friends of Sega's Model 2 board :
    "I've got a new alpha today, it's more or less 2x faster than the old one. Also, TheGuru has dumped a couple of new model 2 games. Don't waste your time mailing me asking which games were dumped or if/when they will be added, I won't respond you because I don't know that myself :) Stay tuned, some good news coming shortly ;)".
    My thirty-fifth birthday is in October, it would be really nice to be able to play Virtua Fighter 2 then. - Opi

  • PSX Invaders Emu - Anthony Ball from Double Dutch Designs Limited has updated his invaders emulator for the Sony Playstation. Version 1.05 offers you more games, 100% sound and better graphics. Also online is now a new Sega Dreamcast section. - Opi

  • OverClocked STUFF: Okay, okay, let's get things rolling - THREE new ReMixes: Lemmings, Secret of Mana, and Bomberman 3, have been uploaded to OverClocked ReMix to help start your week with a smile. In addition, the often-overlooked Mystery Videogame Theater 3000 has gotten an hilarious submission of a review of MAZINGER Z, a horrid old SNES game. To those for whom summer vacation has brutally terminated: hope this makes monday a little brighter :) - david

  • Downloads - Genesis Power offers Genesis dump #234: Batman - Revenge Of The Joker and #235: ATP Tour Championship Tennis.
    Shining Force CD for Sega CD has been added to SegaXtreme. - Opi

  • Music / Remix - You think CeCe Peniston would be mad if she found out what I was doing to her hitsong, 'Finally' ? Click here for a 15 second sample :) - atila

  • Amiga Stuff - Shane R. Monroe's Amiga Emulation Zone has emptied its request queue by delivering 20 new requests ! Submit a short review of the title you'd liked, if you can :) - Opi

  • Frogger 2 Preview - Mike Stulir has posted a preview for Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge (upcoming PC & PlayStation game) at his website Back In Time. "FROGGER 2 DOES NOT SUCK!!!" - "Other than that, I think that the developers have done a superb job. I can't wait to see the final product".
    Note - these are two different quotes :) - Opi

  •    Sunday, August 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:51 EST

  • NAZ goes nuts - NAZ has upped even more of his ROM dumps to alt.binaries.emulators.misc... this time, it's more CPS2: Pocket Fighter, Powered Gear, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Rockman II, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and Street Fighter Alpha. There's also Mortal Kombat 4 and something about JDR bending over. :) And finally, there's version 2.01 of his CPS2 FAQ that you can download right over at CPS2 Shock.

    "Dutch, do you know of any free Usenet servers?" Not offhand, I prefer to use a pay service for better retention and speed. But, you still might want to try here, here, or here if you really want to try for free servers.

    Agent is a nice client for reading and browsing, but for leeching you'd want to use Newsbin Pro. Install the final version, then the beta over that. It can automatically resume, and download more than one file at the same time. It will also let you enter several servers, then it will automatically combine missing pieces from different servers. If you feel you must stick with Agent at all costs, at least look into the add ons that are available for it. ;) - dutch

  • Sega System C2 WIP - Haze has updated his Sega System C2 M.A.M.E. Driver, Work In Progress Page (hahaha) with some new nice Puyo Puyo screenshots. He used a little trick to get this game to run, read the full update at the long link above :-) thanks to EmuHQ for the news :) - Opi

  • MAME bugs & releases - all news taken from MAME WORLD :)
    *** French MAME addicts should visit MacMAME.org and grab the latest french translated version of MacMAME v0.37 beta 6.
    *** Rodimus Prime recovered from his HD crash and released AMame/PMame (CPU optimized binaries) v0.37 beta 6 for those MAME speed freaks and MKII player, gain a few more fps for free if you choose the correct version :)
    *** The MAME Testing Project has been updated with newly found bugs in the latest MAME release - feel free to help finding more of these nasty glitches and help improving MAME. - Opi

  • The Mac version of MESS has been updated to v0.37b6. Here is the binary and here is the source. - richard

  • TaitoZ for MAME - MAME WORLD mentioned a new TaitoZ driver already in development for MAME - expect the addition of Chase HQ, Chase HQ 2, Continental Circus, Night Striker, Battle Shark, Aqua Jack and Space Gun to MAME anytime soon :) - Opi

  • Super Jukebox - Marius Fodor's awesome SNES game music (SPC) player Super Jukebox has been updated to version 2.8. He fixed a nasty little memory leak in the visualization routine and tweaked a lot more visualization related things - if you want a non Winamp based SPC-player - grab this one (Win9x only) you'll be pleased. - Opi

  • Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 6 released! Advance MAME is an unofficial version of MAME by Andrea Mazzoleni, with special features, allowing the user to define and use their own graphics modes. This allows games to work on nearly any sort of monitor, at full screen and with proper aspect ratios etc. Cool stuff, but not for newbies. Here are local mirrors for the various files: P2/P3 Optimized BINARY, Regular Pentium BINARY, Source code. Andrea also released Advance Menu 1.1 (Source) and Advance VBE 0.2 (Source)! It's all good. :) Please read the documentation carefully before using Advance MAME - you MUST configure it before playing! Here's the Advance MAME homepage. - prophet

  • Michael Beaver InterViewed - JoseQ conducted an InterView with Michael Beaver, author of Mimic, you can read it here - reading this long and interesting interview may take some time, both guys seems to be very chatty :) - Opi

  • SegaXtreme - Three new Sega CD games are ready for you at SegaXtreme - Dark Wizard, Heart of the Alien and Wonderdog ! - Opi

  • Catver.ini - User of Arcade@Home, a very good MAME frontend, should grab the latest Catver.ini release here ! - Opi

  • Japanese Dumps - Team Japump recently "preserved" a lot of new japanese arcade games for the emulation community - note these list is only an information - you won't find them until they become emulated :)
    o (Mahjong) House Mannequin (JPN Ver.) (c)1987 Nihon Bussan
    o Night Gal Summer (JPN Ver.) (c)1985 Nihon Bussan
    o Ninja Jajamarukun (JPN Ver.) (c)1986 Jaleco VS system
    o Knuckle Heads (JPN Ver.) (c)1992 Namco Namco NA-2 system
    o Apparel Night (c)1986 Central Denshi (Nichibutsu)
    o Mahjong Uranai Densetsu (c)1992 Nichibutsu
    o Marvel VS. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes - (JPN Ver.) (c)1998 Capcom CP System II
    o Street Fighter Zero 3 (JPN Ver.) (c)1998 Capcom CP System II - Opi

  • Pasofami99 - Pasofami99 v1.4b has been released! This release fixed some minor problems, but the sound in trial version was limited again due to some reasons. Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for news :) - aries

  • TOP 10 :) - Here's a rather long list of 'Top 10 reasons for being [insert country here]', there's a nice numbers of nationalities listed and they're VERY funny :) (UPDATE - I did not make this list) - atila

  • Site Moved - Ridge's Nintendo 64 Source (Compatibility lists for TRWin and more) has been moved to a new own URL - please update your bookmarks to http://www.n64source.net/. - Opi

  • Sega CD emu - Stay tuned for SegaEMU 1.00 - now in development by Atani - Including the "BIG THING" !!! If you're really hot about this new release, then try to be the 100,000 visitor. "100,000 visitor will be added to the distribution list for SegaEMU 1.00 one week before it is released to the general public". - Opi

  • FrontDboy 1.21 - You already expected it I guess, Oscar Cerdá released FrontDboy V1.21 :) New this time :
    o Updated language files.
    o Fixed some bugs in keyboard configuration.
    o Fixed a but that makes that .SND files were auto-created without any need.
    Hope he'll stop now for a day or two :-) Thanks to Kaervek for the news. - Opi

  • Retrogames Message Board - Dutch has started an interesting thread about the latest MAME WIP update on our General emulation Message Board - feel free to add your opinion :) - Opi

  • MZ8emu beta 0.029 - Cloy informed me about a new Windows release of Zdenek Adler's, MZ800 emulator MZ8emu. You can download beta 0.029 from Cloy's homepage ! - Opi

  •    Saturday, August 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:45 EST

  • A Wonder - Guru-Choc must be a Fortune-Teller :) shortly after the MAME WIP update he uploaded the now needed new Playchoice 10 ROMs at Arcade Rom Heaven - go and grab the 30 new titles :) Thanks Gareth ! - Opi

  • MAME WIP - "Mr. MAME News" Gridle has once again updated my favourite news site - the MAME WIP page. Ernesto Corvi has added 20 more games to the PlayChoice 10 driver :) and a lot of new "sexy" pictures are online. Ohhh I can see some new messageboard topics coming :-)
    Thanks to Brian A. Troha for the email - I appreciate it :) - Opi

  • RADARnes - CyberBry's NES emulator for DOS, RADARnes has been updated to v0.3, here are the changes :
    - o - Mappers 6 and 16
    - o - Configurable Resolution (via cfg.ini file)
    - o - 1 and 2 player support (toggle through GUI)
    - o - Joystick Support (toggle through GUI)
    - o - Toggle Sound on/off (via cfg.ini file)
    Thanks to TsengRei for the update info :) - Opi

  • WinEMU 0.48R2 - Two days after the last release, Zsolt Prievara's C16/Plus4 emulator WinEMU has been updated again. Version 0.48 R2 adds C1551 drive support ! Thanks to Lando for the email :) Visit his site to download some C16/Plus4 games and test it with WinEMU 0.48R2 :-) - Opi

  • Mameinfo.dat - Here is MASH's latest unofficial Mameinfo.dat for MAME v0.37 beta 6. Thanks to RocLobsta from MAMEWORLD for the news and the file :) - Opi

  • MAME Frontend - Lanzador Uni 2000 Beta 3 is available. In this version you can see the screen shots on-line, the problem with the special configuration for a individual rom has been solved .... and more :)
    News thankfully taken from EmuHQ ! - Opi

  • New Spinal INI's - Spinal has uploaded 2 new unofficial N64 emulator ini's : Nemu 64 ini 3.7: 203 Playable Games, 64 Almost Playable Games, 24 Games Runs The Intro, 36 Games Doesn´t Work
    Corn ini 1.9 46 Playable Games, 42 Almost Playable Games, 76 Games Runs The Intro, 163 Games Doesn´t Work. - Opi

  • New Games For JAE - Norbert Kehrer has added two more arcade classic for his Java Arcade Emulator - now you can play online :
    - Nintendo's Donkey Kong Junior (1982)
    - Super Bagman von Valadon Automation (1984) - Opi

  • paraMSX v1.8 - A new paraMSX is out. This is Yeongman Seo's Windows port of Marat Fayzullin's fMSX v2.1 - you'll need Win9x/2000 with DirectX 7.0 or above to run it. New in this release :
    - o - Korean MSX's memory layout support.
    - o - Interlaced & Even/Odd display support. (e.g. SCREEN9 of Korean MSX2)
    - o - NTSC/PAL support.
    - o - Changed Interrupt handling.
    - o - Improved FM sound & balance.
    - o - Screen shot support for 16bit color mode. (24Bit BMP)
    - o - Fixed Sprite of SCREEN6
    - o - Added no Sprite mode.
    You can download it here - thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the update news. - Opi

  • MEKA WIP - Here is an official WIP report for MEKA, the best Sega 8bit/Colecovision emulator made by Zoop :
    "Apart from the fact that I lost a bunch of important files, things are going well. I've been working on MEKA a bit those days. Colecovision emulation has been improved, fixing Carnival, Jumpman Junior, Pitfall 2 and Venture. Except for games using special controllers, I think that all Colecovision games are working properly now. Thanks to the various people e-mailing me about it. I'm still looking for someone who could update the compatibility list, else I'll start one myself next week :) The eagle blitter has also been fixed for those who experienced garbage and missing right side. I'm working on other things so registered users can expect a new version during the september month".
    You may also check Maxim's Meka Configurator utility ! Thanks to WWEMU for this WIP info. - Opi

  • FrontDboy 1.2 - No new day without an updated FrontDboy . Oscar Cerdá released v1.2 - new in this update : snd files are now saved in C:\SNDFILES folder, support for english language and a view bug fixes. Thanks to Kaervek from Emumania for the news and the english translation. - Opi

  • Genesis Power - Snorter uploaded the Genesis Power dumps #232: Batman and #233: Atomic RoboKid (U). Will he ever stop ? - Opi

  • TOSEC - Grendel informed me about the activities of the TOSEC group : "TOSEC is a group of people who are working on a renaming standard for emulated files. To accomplish this, we made the TNC, the TOSEC Naming Convention. This new naming standard is used by most of the popular renaming tools available (Cowering's goodtools, Cspray and Romdoctor). We have been distributing our databases as RomDoctor RDB files and from now on we will also distribute RomCenter DAT files".
    So if you're looking for DAT files for popular systems like Atari 800, C-64 and Sinclair Spectrum or DAT files for really rare old homecomputers like Colour Genie, Nascom, Robotron KC Compact, Sharp MZ 700/800, TI-99/4a+ and many many more visit TOSEC. The official TOSEC DATs can only be gotten here, and nowhere else on the web! - Opi

  • Anex86 v2.23 - Epson x86 emulator Anex86 has been updated to v2.23! No changes available since lack of information though :) - aries

  •    Friday, August 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:29 EST

  • Mattel Aquarius Emulator - Kenny Millar released his updated (now with color mode) Mattel Aquarius Emulator AqEmu v0.2 to the public. AqEmu runs on Win95/98/NT and 2000, check out the homepage for more ...

    Oh - and here is another release - Animal Tamer uploaded Virtual Aquarius v0.5 on his emulation site. Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • Game Cube Movies - Yeah... I know you're probably sick of hearing about Game Cube... but did you see those Rogue Squadron movies out on the newly created cube.ign.com? DAMN... that looks like live video. This may end up being quite an amazing console. (And I can get away with this post 'cause Star Wars is retro. ;) - dutch

  • Java Chat - I'll be in the Java Chatroom for AT LEAST the next 2 hours (up until 5PM EST), so feel free to drop by :) - atila

  • NAZ just doesn't stop... new dumps of Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel vs. Capcom have been upped to alt.binaries.emulators.misc. PLEASE keep in mind that due to complicated encryption, there is no CPS2 emulator as of yet. (That should be a no brainer, but I've noticed follow up posts on Usenet asking, "What emulator is this for?") - dutch

  • 'Bleem' Explained? - I received a mail today from Marcus T. which contained a possible explanation for Bleem!'s (commercial PSX emu) name, here's a snippet from his mail:

    I was watching an episode of the old sitcom "Happy Days" today, an episode with a guest apperarance of Mork (Robin Williams). He plays a visitor from another planet and uses the word BLEEM as a measurment of time. One bleem=2000 years. Just thought you should know.

    Anyway, you can read a synopsis of that episode (#110 !!) of Happy Days, by clicking here. - atila

  • MAME32 Screensaver - Guisep mailed me that he has updated his MAME32 screensaver, to fix a "joypad not working" bug. You know how it's going :"Remember, to create a mame32.exe just rename the scr file".
    So if you downloaded his first release two or three days ago (as I did) - download it again :) - Opi

  • Neko Project II - The PC-9801 series emulator Neko Project II was updated to v0.23! Here are changes in this release:

    - Fixed single step interrupt
    - Fixed YM-3438 [MUAP98/iv]
    - Auto generate font data file when not exist.
    - Fixed other minor bugs

    Please visit the author's homepage for more information. Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for the news :) - aries

  • CPS-2 Shock - The CPS-2 Shock W.I.P page has been updated with some new values from the CPS-2 hardware using the EEPROM emu. CPS-2 Shock also reported this : "The release of CPS-2 ROM's by NAZ to the newsgroups (alt.binaries.emulators.misc) an error has been noticed in his FAQ which affect Cyberbots. The Dump released is correct. NAZ will soon release an updated FAQ v2.01M". LogiqX released an updated dat file with this error already fixed. Thanks to Danilo for the email :) - Opi

  • WinSTon v0.4 - Are you an Atari fan ? Had once a ST and you loved it ? Here is a great new toy for you :) After many many weeks, Paul Bates once again updated his Atari ST emulator WinSTon to version 0.4 ! He listed 18 points of changes/fixes/additions on his homepage for this release - 5 too much to post them here ... :) You're still here ? Hurry up and download your copy of the best available Atari ST resurrector (strange english, I know that - correct me plz). Thanks to katharsis from Geoshock for this great news ! - Opi

  • FrontDboy 1.1 - Oscar Cerdá updated his frontend for BouKiCHi's Dboy, FrontDboy to version 1.1. You can now delete, rename or change any menu name, the unzipping code was improved and much more - thanks to Kaervek from Emumania for the news. - Opi

  • Cube Mania - Game Cube here, Game Cube there - Game Cube is now everywhere :-)
    Here are some more interesting links for Nintendo's amazing new console :
    Wave Race, Mario, Zelda, Metroid and some Game Cube system pictures :) Gimme that thing ! Visit cube.ign for tons of information about this new "milestone" - a new star was born I guess - Nintendo rules ! - Opi

  • T98-Next new beta - PC-9801 series emulator T98-Next 4th beta has been released! Changes in this release are some minor bugfixes, and speed optimization. Developer Kit is also available, too :) - aries

  • MacMAME 0.37b6 - MacMAME 0.37b6 has been released, it's now in synch with the DOS version, here's what's new for this release:

    - In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 6 build. [Brad Oliver]
    - The front-end dialog is now larger than 640x480 in size. This means that you should run MacMAME in a minimum resolution of 800x600 if you want to see everything; lower resolutions won't be officially supported any longer. [Brad Oliver]

    You can also download the source code by clicking here, check macmame.org for more info. - atila

  • MAME Goodies - Dith has updated four of his MAME sample sets - Congo Bongo, Solar Quest, Space Invaders and Zektor.
    MAMu_ released a new set of his cute icons which you can use with MAME32 ! Thanks to MAME World for the icons hint :) - Opi

  • Been a while, eh? P&G are back with a short but sweet artistic review of the somewhat Volvo-esque look of Nintendo's "gamecube" in OverClocked #127: Design? . . . It's Stinking - david

  • Okay, I always seem to mess up something when it comes to these MSX posts. But I'll try. From the MSX Denyuland 2000 convention comes the news that ASCII and Sega are working together to create a NEW MSX. It's supposedly a 3-phase project, with a free emulator to come first, buying games from a server second, and actual hardware third. The new MSX would be a Z80 processor running at 100 or 120Mhz with 4MB Ram and 4MB VRAM. Not sure if it's 100% true, or if it will come true, but it's so interesting it was worth posting. Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the tip. - david

  • Bad News Department: EmuForce.com is temporarily closed due to lack of willing news posters, and Zoop at SMSPower has suffered some major hard drive problems due to corruption via power outage. That happened to me once right after eight hours modeling in 3d studio MAX :( Let's wish both guys the best of luck. - david

  •    Thursday, August 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:15 EST

  • Wow! Marble Madness 2 photos!!! Yep, that's the ultra-rare unreleased sequel to one of the most unique games ever created. California Extreme, a classic arcade game show, had it on display for all to play and drool over. All I have to say is... DUMP IT!!! =) (Thanks Till & this MAME board message from Btribble) - prophet

  • WOAH - http://www.cherryroms.com/ - Yes Sir ! - Opi

  • Looks like NAZ has more CPS2 up on Usenet (on alt.binaries.emulators.misc). - dutch

  • Seems I'm too late :) Changes in this release of Neko Project II v0.22c seems are some minor fixes. (Because there's no information on the site or in the archive :) - aries

  • SSF In-Game Pics - You better believe it, here are some cool pics of SSF (Sega Saturn emu) in action. Looks like we'll have a nice Saturn Emu to play with soon =) Thanks to The Fox for the link. - atila

  • Cheap Console Games! - Simply Games are having another sale, a huge number of DC/PSX/N64/GB games have been discounted to UK£9.99 (US$14)! They also have free worldwide shipping, please keep in mind that most (if not all) of these games are made for PAL machines. So it's best to mail them first if you're not sure. If you're looking for cheap NTSC games, you better head on over to www.videogamesavings.com and 'spend some mad loot' there :) - atila

  • Site Move - The NeoGeo Review Center has changed its name and is now known as The Review Center. It's not fully functional yet, but it should be real soon. - atila

  • Back To The Roots - This posting is a real pleasure for me :) My favourite Amiga website Back To The Roots has been updated again ! Let's see what escaped out of Bobic's and Hippie2000's little bag !
    They got permission to upload more games from various companies : from MegArts Brainman & MegArts Hockey) - nearly all games from Scorpius Software Arazmax, Challenge of the Matrix, One on One, Roton, Spectrum and the very rare game called "Jump Em", which was never seen before elsewhere on the net.
    "Uploaded were also the requested games "Iridon" from Kingsoft and "Turbo Raketti", but the highlight of this update are probably two great adventure games from Sierra: The outstanding Adventure-RPG Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire and the cult classic Goldrush".
    This all - plus a bunch of new AGA/ECS/PC demos, music from famous scene musicians and some fine pictures from various scene artists ! Checking this new update should keep you busy for a long rainy day :) - Opi

  • Play A Movie - Here's your daily Genesis Power gift : Alien 3. - Opi

  • GoodINTV v0.999 - Cowering released GoodINTV v0.999 ! New in this Intellivision ROM renamer release (now 173 known entries) :
    - o - newest dumps added
    - o - .cfg and .key files are renamed along with the ROM (in case any emu needs them)
    - o - Companies other than Mattel are listed in filenames now
    Thanks to Ben-J from C o n s o l l e c t i o n for the email and the file :) - Opi

  • UAE for Linux - The Linux version of UAE ("should also compile and run on any half-recent Unix-like OS") has been updated to v0.8.14 - this release is still called "experimental" (as the one before) and some of the important features "may" be broken - check out the ChangeLog to find out more. If you need some information about the Amiga emulation in general - read Gary Harris's informative Amiga FAQ. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Spectrum News - RealSpectrum beta 7 released. This is one of the most advanced Spectrum emulators - it supports the Spectrum 128 with
    "100% exact multicolor effects in full-screen, high-fidelity sound reproduction with surround effect .... and many other cool sounding technical stuff :)
    My MERCI goes to EmuHQ ! - Opi

  • Neko Project II - The japanese PC-9801 series emulator Neko Project II was updated to v0.22c - wait for Aries and his changes report (shouldn't be that much). And if you like this japanese system, don't forget to check out The X68000 Game Pile. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation9 for the news. - Opi

  • Gals Pinball - The bad rom in Gals Pinball (was added in the latest MAME release) has been redumped and is waiting for you at Guru-Choc's Arcade Rom Heaven. - Opi

  • Nintendo - Now the WAIT is over ! Nintendo revealed it's new GameCube at the Spaceworld 2000 show. View the first official console, joypad and demo pictures - read the system specifactions or just have some fun and explore their site :)
    "After months of rumor and speculation, Nintendo Company Ltd. broke the veil of secrecy surrounding its next wave of gaming machines at the appropriately titled "Upcoming Generation Event" in the Makuhari Messe convention center just outside of Tokyo. In a series of exciting presentations, Project Dolphin finally received a real name, Game Boy's new brother was introduced to the public, and a mobile gaming system was announced for Japan".
    Read the full report here - it's really worth to read (trust me) and stay tuned for a new Wave Race and a new ...... tatataraaaaa METROID !!!! Plus many information and pictures about the Game Boy Advance :) - Opi

  • JoseQ has posted yet another Rumor Mill! Let's hear it for the Q! Laser, Mimic, and Virtua are mentioned, but the biggest news is a multi-console (SMS, SG-1000, Coleco, NES, AND Genesis) Emulator in development by an experienced coder. Juicy. Check it all out HERE - david

  •    Wednesday, August 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:29 EST

  • Haze has mentioned that NAZ released a few of his CPS2 dumps to Usenet (on alt.binaries.emulators.misc). *Please* don't use Agent to download those, use this. And only if you be legally entitled, of course. :) - dutch

  • MAMEWorld - A great place for every MAME fan - MAMEWorld - has turned ONE today. Congratulations from the Retrogames staff :) - Opi

  • 2600 Frontend - FEZ26, a nice Windows frontend for the Atari 2600 emulator Z26, has been updated to version 1.1 - thanks to Steve for the notification. - Opi

  • GB Advance Pics! - Here are the first pics of Nintendo's new GB Advance, the 32-bit successor to the hugely popular Gameboy. Thanks to The Fox and L_Face for the link. - atila

  • Shinco DVD Review - The Fox has reviewed the Shinco DVD 868, that nice VCD/MP3/DVD player with a built-in Genesis emulator :) However, according to a mail I received from Thom today, apparently they no longer supply the Genesis CDs with the player. I've not been able to verify this yet. - atila

  • New MESS - The multi-console multi-"old computer" emulator MESS is now in sync with the latest MAME v.37 b6 release. The following drivers are new in this release :
    *** Amstrad NC100 [Kev Thacker]
    *** CoCo 3 (with a preliminary 6309 CPU core) [Tim Linder, Nate Woods]
    *** SNES (preliminary) [Lee Hammerton]
    *** ChannelF [Frank Palazzolo, Juergen Buchmueller]
    The official homepage wasn't updated yet (as usual) - but the new binary was already posted at JoseQ's EmuViews ! Thanks to WWEMU for the tip :) - Opi

  • Z26 v1.38 - Vintage Gaming reported the release of Z26 v1.38. A list of the changes in this release can be found here. Ohh - in case you didn't know it - Z26 is DOS Atari 2600 emulator made by John Saeger - Later all :-) - Opi

  • sixtyforce 0.5.6 - Gerrit recently released a new beta version of sixtyforce, his N64 emulator for Apple's Macintosh - now with a new dynamic recompiling core. Some nice looking screenshots can be found here (old) or here (older). Wanna know if your favourite N64 game runs with sixtyforce ? Check the compatibility list or go straight to the download section :) Thanks to Bully for the email :) - Opi

  • WinEMU v0.48R1 - Zsolt Prievara's WinEMU, a really good Commodore C16/Plus4 emulator, has been updated to version 0.48R1. This release contains a lot of new features and changes and runs better under Windows NT/2000, check the included File_id.diz for more.
    Thanks to the C16-Plus/4 retro page for the news ! - Opi

  • Snes9x Win - A new version of Snes9x for Windows has been released !
    CHANGES in v1.31 : Lots of DirectSound code modifications, addition of diagonal keyboard controls and a few other tweaks and fixes.

    Download the archive only version or grab the version with a setup program. Thanks to Emulation9 for the news ! - Opi

  • Napsterbation - Hmm, do you Napsterbate ? You don't know what it is ? Well, then check here for the full lowdown on Napsterbation :) Thanks to Trojan for the link. - atila

  • OverClocked ReMix - David Lloyd (our now famous Retrogames team member) has uploaded two new ReMixes for your hearing pleasure (mine too) : Check out Zelda : Link's Awakening 'Tail Cave Beatdown' and Karnov 'Russian Jam'. - Opi

  • Adaptoid URL - The N64 USB adapter Adaptoid (use your N64 controller to play games on your computer) has now its own domain - http://www.adaptoid.net/. Here you'll find several compatibility lists for using Adaptoid with emulators like UltraHLE and PC Games including Force Feedback/Rumble Pack info and other stuff. - Opi

  • Brazilian MAME ROMs - Videogames Classics, a brazilian arcade/console emulation site has now all MAME ROMS (v0.37 beta 6, all verifyed with ClrMAME Pro 1.7a) online. This site is in portuguese only, but the link to the download page is right at the top, so no-one should have a problem to find what he's looking for :) Thanks Alexandre :-) - Opi

  • MAME for the Compaq Ipaq - A new unofficial MAME project for WinCE handhelds - MAME for the Compaq Pocket PC has been started. Right now it supports only Compaq's Ipaq and runs only Galaga and Ms Pac-Man ! You can view a picture of Galaga running on Darren "eyen0de" own little "power-toy".
    "Unfortunately there is a *serious* button problem with Ipaqs that prevents two or more button presses to register at once" read more about this issue at Jimmy's Windows CE Software homepage or check Jimmy Software's comment about iPaq's button programming issue ! Thanks to Darren "eyen0de" from NonMAME for the information :) - Opi

  • Aladdin - After three longer postings - here's a short one :)
    Two new Genesis Power dumps are now online and ready to leech:
    #229: Aladdin (US) and #230: Aladdin (J). - Opi

  • MAME Merge fix - News from the "resurrected" MAME Merge homepage, Shifty wrote : "Since the introduction of the "PlayChoice 10" games in MAME 0.37 beta 6 which require a BIOS file, running MAME Merge produces an error. The good news is, a fix is now available :-) Just download this (save as mmresfix.bat) small (2K) batch file and put it in the same folder as your MAME Merge executable. Create the resource file in the normal way then double-click "mmresfix.bat" which fill "fix" it. Then, continue in the normal way, that's all there is to it! Note, you'll need to do this every time you re-create the resource file". Thanks to David R. Elton for the notification ! - Opi

  • FrontDboy 1.0 - Oscar Cerdá has released a new version of FrontDboy, a frontend for BouKiCHi's Game Boy emulator Dboy. Version 1.0 enables you now to start a game via doubleclick and adds the usual bunch of changes and fixes and the option to unzip games.
    Thanks to Kaervek from Emumania for the news and the translation :)
    BTW - DBoy is the best GB emulator IMHO, all it really lacks is a nice gui - et voila - here is one ! - Opi

  • EPSXE NEWS translation - Remember my news posting about EPSXE the new Playstation emulator, it was reported by Emulatronia yesterday and I wasn't able to translate it ? Three nice guys sent me their own translation, I choosed the one made by Jon Torre :
    "A new PlayStation emulator runing under Windows 9x will see the light soon. It's been programmed by Charlie, Zulu and Tango (Codenames of three emulation gurus). We put some pictures of the emulator running to show that show that this is for real:Crash Bandicoot 3(1) CB3(2), Soul Blade(1), SB(2), Driver, Kula World, Spyro The Dragon, Time Crisis, 40 Winks, Although we can assure that many more are working (Collin Mc Rae 1 & 2, Need For Speed 4, Tekken 3, Rival Schools, ....). At least 200 games. Technically the emulator is very evolved, it does support sound, MDEC, memory cards, and even it can use the PSEmu plug-ins, expect the pad ones. By the way, IT'S FREE!!!, not like others... ;-D".
    Thanks to Santiago Holgado, Greg Hackmann and Jon Torre for their kind and fast help and to Andrew Royal for his nice tool :-) - Opi

  • Here are changes of this version of YAME:

    - Improve compatibility of TG16 and NES(Mapper 4, 6, 16) games.
    - Improve sound of TG16 and GB games.
    - Improve sound response.
    - Now can use Enter key for input.

    Note there are two version for download, and full-screen version require DirectX to run properly :) - aries

  •    Tuesday, August 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:21 EST

  • YAME v0.13 has been released, but the page uses those funny Japanese characters that befuddle the dickens outta me, so I'm not quite sure what's new. YAME is "Yet Another Multi-Console Emulator", and supports TG16, NES, and GB. Grab it here. - david

  • New PSX emu - Emulatronia mentioned a new Sony Playstation emulator called EPSXE. Due to the fact that I'm not able to understand spanish - I ripped JoseQ's posting at EmuViews :
    "There are a couple of screenshots available (check out where it lists some game names like: "Driver", "Soul Blade" among others). Features listed include: Sound, MDEC, Memory Cards, PSEmu Pro Plug-in support. There is no website for the emulator ...". - gracias JoseQ :) - Opi

  • Liberty - Gambit Studios's Game Boy emulator for Palm OS devices called Liberty was updated to version 1.1.
    "This *major* update includes smaller ROM sizes, multiple game save states, improved compatibility, and much more!" - Opi

  • Spectrum Games - Malc Jenning's Sinclair ZX Spectrum site ZX has been updated with 50 new Spectrum classics. - Opi

  • Nintendo Dolphin FAQ - ign Cube has updated their informative FAQ about Nintendo's upcoming next-generation console NCube (former "Project Dolphin"). You can read it here - thanks to Raven for the hint :) - Opi

  • Retro Spectrum - Nigel Critten has started a new remake of the ZX Spectrum game "3 Weeks In Paradise" - view some screenshots here and stay tuned for more classic game remakes like Gribbly's Day Out and Monty on the Run. Oooh BTW Nigel is looking out for a talented graphics artist .... :) Anyone here ? Thanks to Classic Game Remakes for the news tidbits :) - Opi

  • Dutch MAME - The Dutch MAME Page, which also features a Dutch translation of EmuAdvice has been updated with some of said translations to get in synch with the latest additions to EmuAdvice, including the Dual Booting Support Section. Thanks to Leo for the news ! - Opi

  • Lanzador Uni - Need a frontend for MAME ? Check the newly updated Lanzador Uni. Maybe v2000 beta 2 pleases you :) it's available in 6 different languages (Español, English, Français, German, Italiano and Portugês).
    Thanks to MAME WORLD for this news on a slow news day - btw. that spinning cube is NICE ! - Opi

  • Sintendo build #34 was released yesterday. It's basically a 'very WIP' version of SNES9x for the Sega Dreamcast, it'll be nice to play those SNES classics on my Dreamcast, when it's done :) Thanks to whoever it was that pointed out the site to me! - atila

  • DCGLEAM! has been released! This is the first publically available NES emulator for the Sega Dreamcast, it comes with one rom which is NOT commercial. If you have a spare CD-R disc and you feel like trying this out, then go ahead :) This is self-booting btw, it does not require a boot disc. Thanks to Pete A. and EU for the news. - atila

  • OC ReMix is EDGE Magazine's 'Site of the Month', in the current issue. Paul101 was kind enough to send me a scan, which you can see here (500kb) - atila

  • Genesis Power - Snorter made his #228 Sega Genesis dump publically available - Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (U). - Opi

  • MAME Screensaver - Guisep informed me about his latest MAME Screensaver update. It's in sync with MAME v0.37 b6 and runs now under Windows 2000 ! Remember, just rename the scr file to *.exe and you have a new MAME32 version (unofficial of course). - Opi

  • MESS WIP - Frank Palazzolo's Fairlight CHANNEL F driver for MESS is progressing well, check out the MESS WIP page for some new shots of this "ancient" system :) Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news.
    Brian <---- LOL :-) - Opi

  •    Monday, August 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 20:08 EST

  • FPSE - Built 3 of FPSE for Amiga has been released. New in this built is the addition of "Dynamic Recompilation" (still buggy). - Opi

  • MAME ROMs - To lower the pressure upon www.mame.dk you can also visit Tim Eckel's Arcade@Home, which has (of course) all new and changed MAME v0.37 beta 6 ROMs online ! - Opi

  • Emus for OS/2 - EmuHQ reported two new emulator releases for OS/2 users at the Official M.A.M.E. for OS/2 page :

    MGL SNES9x for OS/2 Release 3
    - o - Updated to work with SDD beta 32 and higher
    - o - This should get rid of any license expiration or memory mapping errors with beta 32 of SDD.
    Download MGL SNES9x for OS/2 Release 3.

    Retrocade for OS/2 Alpha 5
    - o - Updated to work with SDD beta 32 and higher
    - o - This should get rid of any license expiration or memory mapping errors with beta 32 of SDD.
    Download Retrocade for OS/2 Alpha 5. - Opi

  • ClrMamePro - Roman Scherzer released version 1.7a of ClrMamePro with the following changes :
    - o - fixed: A weird rebuilder problem. (1.7a)
    - o - fixed: rebuilding to not zipped files (1.7a)
    - o - fixed: import mame.cfg (a little relative paths issue) (1.7a)
    - o - misc: cmpro's temporary folder is now "clrmamepro_path"_temp. A lot users had problems when it pointed to some default Windows-Temporary-Folders. I decided to remove the tempfolder selector. Don't place important files in \temp because cmpro will empty this folder ! (1.7a)
    - o - misc: crc0 creation (dummy file creation) speed increase (1.7a). - Opi

  • Gridle has posted the CPU optimised binaries for last night's MAME release, click here to download them. - atila

  • Some news has been posted on ViBE, a dynamic recompiling Virtual Boy emulator which is coming soon. ViBE now runs most available games, and sound emulation has been added. For the full story (and for an amusing poll) follow the above link. - richard

  • MAME.DK is now in synch with the latest MAME release. And here's a bit of quite shocking trivia concerning mame.dk: The beta5 release was a real bandwidth killer: 2+ million zip files served in 4+ Tb (Terra bytes). Average zip file was 2.1 Mb. AMAZING! - atila

  • 8-bit Nostalgia - After a long and exciting sunday night, the monday seems to be "newsless" ! So it's time to recommend you a new nice site for Sega 8-bit fans - The Sega SG-1000 and SC-3000 Page. It's totally devoted to the Sega Master System predecessor SG-1000/SC-3000 and really worth a look :) - Opi

  • Fixfile 2 - Till from Sys2064 has uploaded his second fixfile for MAME v0.37 beta 6 - it includes fixes for: 1942, avengers, cbuster, gunsmoke, higemaru, lwings, mermaid, myheroj, sectionz, sidearms, trojan and vulgus! nprincsb is still missing ! - Opi

  • More requests have been filled at the Amiga Emulation Zone, here's what's been added: Assassin, Big Nose, Booly, Builderland, Diggers (AGA), Fusion, Intact, Rise of the Dragon (HDF Version!), Rise of the Robots (AGA), Safari Guns, Simon the Sorcerer (AGA). Feel free to write a review for any of these games, you can submit them at the AEZ! - atila

  • Genesis Power dumped Mortal Kombat III, should make JDR happy :) - atila

  • LogiqX has his sample patch online for Mame v37b6. This comes in handy if you'd like to audit your samples (that will eventually be replaced by true emulation of the respective sound systems). - dutch

  • Getting this when compiling the latest beta of Mame?

    Archiving mame.obj/pacman.a...
    make.exe: *** [mame.obj/pacman.a] Error -1

    From the whatsnew.txt file, you have to have RM.EXE in your DJGPP/BIN directory. RM.EXE can be found in this archive (linked in whatsnew.txt). - dutch

  • I compiled this MAME 0.37B6 P2/P3 Optimized Binary after I saw someone asking for it. If you must have it now, there ya go. Or wait till tomorrow for Gridle's official PPRO binary to be placed online at MAME.net. Good night. :) - prophet

  •    Sunday, August 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:56 EST

  • Till (Sys2064) has posted Fixfile 1 for MAME 0.37 Beta 6! This file contains many of the needed PROMs etc. that are needed by many games now. Another fixfile will likely follow in the near future. As for this beta - man, Gaelco is one rockin' company! Metal Slug fans must try Biomechanical Toy! - prophet

  • ONE MILLION - Today, Consolemul surpassed the 1 million hits limit ! Congratulations :-) - Opi

  • Sega Xtreme - Sega CD / Saturn fans should visit Sega Xtreme for some (errr MAMY) interesting downloads ! - Opi

  • MAME 0.37b6 "Dooyong / Deniam / PC10" - You can download the MAME 0.37 beta 6 binary by clicking here ! Remember to get the Video Pinball artwork from the artwork download page ... and oooh BTW - Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page with information about the last 10 days in MAME developing (awesome shoot'em ups and sexy girls) :) hahaha - better LATE than NEVER, enjoy ! Hey great - here's another btw :) the Nintendo PC10 games ARE included !!! - Opi

  • AMI Sector One - Bernd Gmeineder's "Legal Amiga Emulation" site AMI Sector One is back into business. After 3 months of work (a totally redesign and lots of other improvements) he opened his renewed site. Main attraction is a new section called "A-Compendiums". This is a searchable database of so far about 1500 games with complete credits for publisher/developer, programmers, gfx artists and further information. He also gained some new permissions to offer you new Amiga titles like - Obsession Pinball, Doom AGA, Blue Max and more - check it out and give hime some feedback ! - Opi

  • New NES Stuff - FC Power has some new food for the die hard NES fans. They've dumped Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Samurai Showdown ! - Opi

  • You can find out what's new in this release by clicking here :) - atila

  • Oi, look what the cat dragged in: MAME 0.37b6 source code! - atila

  • Ever wonder what happened to Dave Spicer, or Sparcade? Well, click this link and find out, thanks to TmB for the news :) - atila

  • CPS-2 FAQ - NAZ has updated his CPS-2 FAQ with new information - movies - pictures about Capcom's arcade system. For some reasons the official site hasn't been updated. Please visit Geoshock to download it (10 MB explosive infomation). - Opi

  • New Stuff to read - Tom Zjaba's Retrogaming Times #36 is online ! - Opi

  • One More - Arcade@Home has now opened an own Sega System C2 Games section :) - Opi

  • Genesis Power dumped 2 Mickey Mouse games on us, today :) - atila

  • Ahorn Archimedes - Red Squirrel a fairly new Ahorn Archimedes emulator has been updated to version 0.2.2. This small update adds support for more floppy image formats. Download it here. - Opi

  • C2 ROMs - OK, here is another source for the C2 ROMs - Kaervek's Emumania. - Opi

  •    Saturday, August 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:32 EST

  • Oops! Seems JoseQ may have placed the wrong Sega System C2 games online. Haze (who contributed & betatested the emu) wrote this message listing the playable games. - prophet

  • RAINE downloads - katharsis did it and .... ARRRGH - can't believe it - I'm too late :( Anyway here are the files :
    Raine 20000819 binary - Raine 20000819 source. - Opi

  • Raine 20000819 released! As promised, Katharsis compiled this latest version of Richard Bush's rockin' arcade emulator for DOS. New stuff includes Play Girls 1 & 2, plus lotsa fixes, including Kiki Kai Kai now working correctly thanks to Kayamon. :) (Thanks GeoShock) - prophet

  • System C2 ROMs - JoseQ has uploaded all working ROMs for Charles MacDonald's System C2 emulator : "Columns", "Columns 2", "Poto Poto", "Zunzunkyou No Yabou", and "Tant-R". - Opi

  • Virtua News - DaemoN mailed me some new info regarding Virtua, the Sega Model 2 emulator. At first - Virtua has been moved to a new URL, so please update your bookmarks to http://virtua.roarvgm.com/. Ok next - the author is looking for some information about a DSP called "TGP" or "TGP-II" by Fujitsu - if you can help him out with some hints, email DaemoN - and finally the Q/A section of the site has been updated :) - Opi

  • C16/Plus4 - Lando's C16/Plus4 Classix has now a complete C16/Plus4 Mastertroinc games collection online (over 40 games) and the largest C16/Plus4 cover scans collection in the whole web. - Opi

  • OverClocked ReMix is proud to present a ReMix that fills several requests, BIONIC COMMANDO, as well as an excellent submitted mix of Guardian Legend. Get 'em HERE. I'm juggling a lot of different projects right now, but set aside some time to do a ReMix last night ^^ - david

  • MAME Targets - Randy "Mr. Goodwraith" Hoffman has opened his new arcade gaming dedicated website MAME Targets. He has a REALLY comprehensive list about arcade games not yet been emulated by MAME online. Why not give it a try ? - Opi

  • New RAINE soon - Stay tuned for a new RAINE releases later this day :) katharsis just announced it at Geoshock ! - Opi

  • And TGB, the GB emulator by Hii has updated to beta v0.245p! Here are changes in this release:

    - Support Rumble cartridge and GB-PAR vibration using force-feedback device.
    - Fixed bugs of HDMA transfer.
    - Added option for enable/disable ROM info display.
    - Fixed bugs of cheat code loading.
    - Added new sound engine. (sound engine 2)
    - Design of icon changed.
    - Added config for auto-detection game type.
    - Changed default setting of frameskip to -1.
    - Accuracy of LCD emulation slightly increased.

    As usual, please visit Gigo and Hii's homepage for download and more information :) - aries

  • Mac users - did you know that there is an announcement only mailing list telling you about the latest emulator releases for the Mac platform? The MacEmu list is available here! - richard

  • Yeah, I'm here :) Here are changes in this version of Pasofami99:

    - Now sound was partly enabled in Trial version. (You can play game Mapper #0 with sound, or play NSF files)
    - Now can transfer NSF files to dump tool and play NSF files on real NES.

    Please visit Andou's Famicom House for more information :) - aries

  • NonMAME - Bored ? Don't know what to do ? You're a MAME fan and you wanna know what the future will bring to MAME ? Take the chance and visit NonMAME, a site that deals with any games not emulated by MAME but that ARE emulated by other emus ... ! Hi Darren "eyen0de" :-) - Opi

  • RCA Studio 2 - Ever wanted to play a virtual Power-Machine with a 64 x 32 pixel monochrome display, a single channel beeper, a reset key, a LED and many more "cool" features ? No problem - help is on its way :) Visit the RCA Studio 2 emulator homepage and grab a copy of the latest gift to the retrogaming community - the The RCA Studio 2 Emulator - before you become too excited, view these screenshots :) RCA Studio 2 was never a real competitor to the Atari 2600 (its older than the 2600) :-) but nice to have it emulated. Thanks to Dave from Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Pasofami/99 - The japanese NES/Famicom emulator Pasofami/99 has been updated to v1.4a. Aries your turn :) - Opi

  •    Friday, August 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:41 EST

  • Interested in using real arcade controls and cabinets with emulators & consoles? The you need to start visiting Saint's BYOAC! Just a plug for a great site that people should know about. :) - prophet

  • Amiga Legal Emulation will soon be hosting Amiga Cover Disks! Other legal Amiga emulation sites interested in free hosting at ALE should contact them. Also, more Amiga demos were posted! God I loved my good ol' Amiga 1000... Mine even has the designer's signatures actually molded on the inside of the case! What a surprise when I found it. :) - prophet

  • ZX posted more exclusive pics of the Dizzy remake in progress! - prophet

  • MSX fans - check out MEP for the new first non-beta version of fMSXdos Loader, a frontend for the famous fMSXDOS! - prophet

  • Genesis Power released Mortal Kombat 2 (JUE)! Plus all 32X games are now back online! - prophet

  • And here's a new freeware game for you Gameboy Color fans - PuzzleX 2! Manfred Linzner did the music, and the GHX playercode is by Martin Wodok. (Thanks Pär Johannesson) - prophet

  • How about some new homebrew games for your poor abandoned NGPC? Jim Bagley kindly coded a version of Space Invaders & Asteroids for the little NeoGeo - get it here! (Thanks Bud Fern) - prophet

  • Congratulations Guru-Choc!!! :) Our friend from Arcade Heaven has a new baby boy - Jacob Taylor Hall! (I still think "Url" would've been cool in a weird "Moon Unit Zappa" kinda way.;) - prophet

  • Aaron Giles posted a message regarding STUN Runner & Hard Drivin'. Essentially he wants fans to know the driver is still far from finished, and may not appear for a few betas. He also suggests keeping an eye on MAME WIP as the driver develops. - prophet

  • ZD - 10 millions - Another emulation Battleship - Zophar's Domain - has arrived and crossed the "#10,000,000 hit border" ! Congratulations ! - Opi

  • WinBee - Paul Bates has updated his WinSTon Development Page (he's the author of Winston - you guessed right) with a very interesting news. He started the development of a new BBC Micro emulator called WinBee, a few nice looking screenshots can be viewed here, BeOS and Linux versions will follow after a first WinBee release, the Winston v0.4 version is still in development and progressing well - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Buzz is Back - Hurry up to Genesis Power and grab their Genesis dump #223: Toy Story (). Hey Space Command, Buzz Lightyear's calling. - Opi

  • FPSE 0.08 R2 AMIGA - Prepare your Amiga to lauch the Sony Playstation emulator FPSE ! It became reality - the FPSE team fulfilled their yesterday's promise and released FPSE 0.08 R2 AMIGA Version. You'll need an A1200/3000/4000 with PowerPC board (32 MB RAM, WarpUP v4, CGFX v3) and the PSX BIOS to run this emulator ....
    Stay tuned for FPSE 4 LINUX (next monday... or maybe tomorrow) ! - Opi

  • Sad News - Rusty's Game Boy emulator Virtual Game Boy Color is no more. It died due to some ongoing troubles with Marat Fayzullin and his wish to change the name of Rusty's emulator :
    "Marat Fayzullin wanted the name of my Gameboy Color emulator changed since it is too similar to the name of his emulator. Thus, it no longer has a name. The full source code is released along with a compiled binary, download here. This program is no longer being supported or developed at all, and you can do whatever you please with the source".
    Thanks to the nice guys of EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Arrgh, that smiley again - MAME WORLD reported a new release of PacMAME :) Ohoo - new food for all you Pac-Man addicts - Little Opi was never a good player nor a great fan of this yellow munchman :) - Opi

  • ClrMAME Pro - Here is an official hint for using ClrMAME Pro in combination with Charles MacDonald's Sega System C2 emulator : "CMPro advice: When the rebuilder should create unzipped sets (like using the datfile for the C2 emu...), you have to disable the 'rebuild always' option !!! Otherwise you may get nerving (but harmless) rebuild-failed-messages when rebuilding the same file more than once. This will be changed in the next version".
    A new Sega System C2 datfile and an updated Atari 2600 datfile is online.
    Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the hint (h1 Dave). - Opi

  • Atari Coin-Op - Andy Welburn has collected and scanned many
    interesting old Confidential Atari Coin-Op related documents. If you're interested in things like GAUNTLET Hardware & Operation System description manual , System 1 description manual or how they developed Crystal Castles - then check out the link above - thanks to Ren Hoek for the information :) - Opi

  • They're BACK - Back In Time has posted an extensive preview of Galaga: Destination Earth, which will be released in September for the PC & PlayStation. - Opi

  • Just thought I'd throw a little tidbit in tonight... if Mame v37b5 seems a bit slow in 68000 games, it's because it is using the 68000 C core, not the ASM one. This is because the Psykio games crash with the ASM core currently. Thanks much to Tormod Tjaberg for the information. - dutch

  •    Thursday, August 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:16 EST

  • System 2 emu - Here's the *OFFICIAL* homepage for Virtua the Sega Model 2 emulator (remember JoseQ's last Rumor Mill) !

    - Question : "Which games are supported right now?"
    * Virtua : "Currently only Virtua Fighter 2 "works". There are 3 known Model 2 dumps: Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally and Dead or Alive. Virtua Fighter 2 seems to be the only good dump".
    - Question : "Is the emulator fake?"
    * Virtua : "No"
    Thanks to Frogacuda from Emucamp for this nice news :) - Opi

  • Amiga & Sony PSX - The Sony Playstation emulator FPSE will soon be ported to the Amiga OS - that's a weird combination, isn't it ? Amiga & PSX :) Anyway, thanks to SlasherX for the info. - Opi

  • The EmuJag site was updated with the news that Windows, on the author's machine, crashed causing him to reinstall everything. Luckily, he had the EmuJag sources on another drive so they weren't lost .. phew :) Thanks to SlasherX for the news. - atila

  • Genesis Power dumped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters, a not too shabby SFII clone. Turtle Power!! .... I'll go change my Donatello sheets now :) - atila

  • CPS-2 board is not DEAD - Razoola informed me about an upcoming new CPS-2 game called : 1944: The Loop Master "it has been developed by Capcom, Psikyo and Raizing. If you haven't already guessed its a shooter and continues the 19xx series", visit CPS-2 Shock to see some nice screenshots :) - Opi

  • NLMSX v0.28 - Frits Hilderink has updated his MSX emulator NLMSX to version 0.28. NLMSX is an msx/msx2/msx2+ emulator that is based upon fMSX 2.0b made by Marat Fayzullin and needs Win32 to run.
    - o - Solved a bug with SCC channel 1.
    - o - Made some enhancements to the SCC emulation.
    - o - Reworked the sound synchronisation. Framerates should be 50 or 60 on both windows 98/2000. Just Send me an e-mail if that is not the case. Emulation is not as smooth as it was before, but the sound should be fine. I will correct this in future versions.
    - o - Added a working arabic painter rom (thanks to Husni Lutfi).
    Click here to download NLMSX v0.28.Thanks to Emulation9 for the news. - Opi

  • Rooaaarrr ! - Several sections of DaemoN's Roar! The Videogame Museum were updated recently and a new Virtual Boy section is online. - Opi

  • Handheld Simulator - Robert Kacsich emailed me his latest handheld game simulator - Neko Don Don! (1982 by Takatoku). You will need the Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtime DLL (Msvbvm60.dll) to run it. Please download it from here to avoid too much traffic on Robert's homepage. Here is the Neko Don Don! simulator and here are the dll's in case you need them :
    MSVBVM60.ZIP and OLEAUT32.ZIP. - Opi

  • OC ReMix has added two great & unique submitted ReMixes, Zelda 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog!! I've been a little behind this week, but I can guarantee it's for good reasons and that I'm working on what I at least consider to be "cool stuff" :) Check out da mixes here. - david

  • Testers needed - Kaz Sasayama's japanese X68000 emulator for Linux - Virtual X68000 Project has been updated to version 1.1.2 ! Virtual means that it doesn't require any ROM image to run application programs for X68000. Right now it's still an alpha project with NO Visible VRAM graphics - I suggest to download it only if you wanna help with some error reports :)
    "Virtual X68000 Project is looking for testing contributers who report success/failure with their copies of executables. A report should contain at least the executable's name and version, and by what operation word does it abort". Thanks again to EmuHQ for the information :) - Opi

  • C-64 & OS/2 - Another day, another VICE port :) EmuHQ mentioned the release of VICE 1.5 for OS/2, to download this great C-64 emulator go here. Additional information about the OS/2 port, done by Thomas Bretz, can be found at the Vice/2 homepage. - Opi

  • 32x screenshots - In the last days I did some heavy testing with the Sega 32x part of Tim Meekins Sega Genesis/32x emulator GENSX. I always hoped for a chance to play the Sega 32x games which I downloaded from Genesis Power in the past. The 1st part of the final result is now online at the Video Game Museum, 11 Sega 32x games represented by 111 screenshots, here are three examples :

    I also uploaded many new pictures to my alltime fave arcade games - Mr. Do and Out Run to present them as these timeless classics really deserved. If you're interested to present you own arcade classics like I did - feel free to contribute to the Video Game Museum. - Opi

  • New Arcade Emu - Charles MacDonald (maker of SMS Plus and more) released a brand new multi-arcade emulator - Sega System C2 emulator for DOS (runs games like Thunderforce Arcade & Puyo Puyo) - Opi

  •    Wednesday, August 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:53 EST

  • Check out this Retro Music Video by a techno act called "Golden Showers" (eewww!). It won Best Electronic Music Video in the Brazilian MTV Music Video Awards, and features a lot of recreated scenes from old classics. There's a 3d scene of Pitfall that mimics "The Matrix" quite well. The server may be slow & have issues, but I eventually got through and it was worth it. Thanks to Solvalou for the news. The link again is HERE. - david

  • Retro View added 110 game ad scans, from various systems and time periods. For an interesting, sometimes hilarious walk down memory lane, check 'em out here. - david

  • YESSS!!! JoseQ has come out with another Rumor Mill, and this one is a HUMDINGER. Why, you ask? Can you say "Sega CD"?? How bout "Model 2"? No polygons yet, but it's still great news, and screenshots to boot! Get your butt over to EmuViews and check this out now. - david

  • C Spray 1.3g & FDS Spray refill #6, a Commodore 64 renamer and NES renamer/fixer, are now available, with spelling changes, filename fixes, and smashed, obliterated bugs. Get sprayed here. - david

  • MIMIC WIP: Author Mike Beaver continues to improve Sega Master System support, and has gotten 256K ROMS to work. Screenshots here. - david

  • Retrobase have interviewed NeoZeed, the author of Past-O-Rama, a great & progressing Sega SG-1000 emulator. Check out the interview here. - david

  • New Downloads - Genesis Power has dumped Super Battleship (U) and FC Power, a new chinese NES ROM dumping site recently dumped Sango IV and The Lion King. Both ROMs are unlicensed asian Famicom games, only FWNES & SMYNES are able to run them. - Opi

  • I'd just like to remind you that we have an extensive news archive and a search engine on the site, just check the table on your left :) - atila

  • EmuJag moved - WWEMU reported a new own URL for the upcoming Jaguar emulator Emu Jag. Please update your bookmarks to http://www.emujag.com/.
    Oh and BTW - congratulations to WWEMU for reaching 100,000 hits :) - Opi

  • The .TZX Vault (Speccy archive) has been updated for the last time this month as Gilby is going on a much-needed holiday. He's added 140 games for 'your downloading pleasure' ;) - atila

  • Bleemcast (PSX emu for sega Dreamcast) will be hitting shelves on September 14th, in the USA. UPDATE JoseQ mentioned that there is NO date set for release yet. He was told this by Randy, coder of Bleem!, so it's safe to assume it's correct :) - atila

  • NASA & Video Games - hey, now it's official (we all already knew it) - NASA Technology + Video Games = Better Health - thx Alex :-) - Opi

  • RomCenter datfile - Logiqs released a new RomCenter datfile for Raine 20000809. - Opi

  • Spektrum 128 - Jan Werner's 128 Museum, a nice english/czech Spektrum 128 dedicated site has been updated with 2 new rare Spektrum 128 classics (Human Killing Machine 128 Remix & Mr.Heli 128 Remix) and some high quality demos. - Opi

  • C-64 & Linux - The latest VICE built 1.5 has now been ported to Linux. VICE is a "Versatile Commodore Emulator" and emulates the C-64 almost perfect. Besides a zillion of changes and fixes (look at the changes), VICE is now able to save screenshots :) The whopping 2.4 mb file archive can be found here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Archimedes - Red Squirrel, a Win32 DirectX Acorn Archimedes (old british home computer) A5000 emulator, has been updated to version 0.2 :
    - Can now write to floppy images
    - Auto start on running app.
    - 5% speed increase
    - Fixed thread cleanup on quit
    you'll you need the RISC OS 3.1 ROMs to run this emulator (check the Links page). Download it here. Thanks to Emulation9 for the news and thanks to Targaff for the changes hint :) - Opi

  • God bless me! . . Why? I SNEeSed!! (it's funny, so laugh, dammit!@_@) This good SNES emu has come out of hibernation and has undergone a cornucopia of bugfixes and optimizations. Find out what's new and grab v0.45 here. Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - david

  •    Tuesday, August 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:53 EST

  • ClrMAME needs fix - The last ClrMAME release needs a little fix to work correctly : "Please redownload ClrMamePro 1.7. This will fix a possible crash when dropping files in the scan-results window....Sorry ! (Correct cmpro.exe is dated 08/15/2000". Thanks to katharsis from Geoshock for the tip. - Opi

  • MESS - A Fairchild Channel F driver is coming soon for MESS ! - Opi

  • Amiga News - There was a massive update at Ninja's AGA World ! They're planning to become the biggest Amiga online gaming resource and changed their name to Ninja's AGA and ECS World - 206 new games are now online. - Opi

  • Ever wondered where news stories come from ? Well, this article has the answer, I was surprised to see the source :) Thanks to Boba Fett for the link. - atila

  • MAME Goodies - Stun Runner, Hard Drivin' and all the other MAME needed soon games are now online at Tim Eckel's Arcade@Home. - Opi

  • JAVA Games - Two new classic arcade games are now available for the Java Arcade Emulator. So hurry, visit Norbert's Emulator Software site and have a good time with Bagman or Omega Race. - Opi

  • One more Flash - WindDrake bombarded me again with some Flash movies - I choosed ONE (XRay glasses) to approve his efforts. Please, stop it now :-) - Opi

  • So, I'm here now :) Here are the changes in this release of G-NES:

    - Added new sound engine (all extension sound support included).
    - Support VS Unisystem (need palette file to avoid wrong color).
    - Added Fast-forward feature.
    - Added high-speed disk access feature for FDS files.
    - Support compressed files loading. (need related DLL to work properly)
    - Added show disk-access feature.
    - Mapper #69 supported.
    - Fixed IRQ problem for Mapper #21 and #25.
    - Added VRC4 for Mapper #23.
    - Fixed bank-switching for Mapper #66.
    - Palette file changed. (thanks to Casion)

    Please visit Gigo and Hii's homepage for more information :)
    UPDATE: If you need archive DLL files, please go to Common Archivers Library for download. - aries

  • NES Emulator - GIGO released version 0.38 of his DirectX NES/Famicom emulator GNES. Right now it has support for approximately 30 mappers, is capable of running Famicom Disk System (you'll need the BIOS "disksys.rom") and the VS-Unisystem games. A english and a japanese version is available here. The changes will be soon reported by Aries I guess :) Btw. a little describtion (can't call it english manual) is included in the file archive. - Opi

  • Translation News - New Stuff for friends of japanese Famicom games. The Whirlpool reported another completed NES translation. The Glory of Heracles 2 a Data East RPG from 1989. This new release was translated by The Spoony Bard ! - Opi

  • GoodTools - Cowering released Good2600 v0.9994 :
    - Still trying to get the 'correct' names of some of the PD Demos
    - PAL/NTSC variants marked as well as year of release for some carts (WIP)
    - more redump entries for carts.. keep on redumping those USA carts!
    Click here to download it ! - Opi

  • Not emulation or gaming related, except that the programming languague I use for my MAME frontend is going through some changes for the better. For those of you who have downloaded and attempted to run my frontend, you will remember that it requires an additional Img package in order to display .png formatted images. With the latest release of Tcl/Tk this is no longer necessary since the Img package has now been integrated into the programming language. These changes mean I will be able to greatly improve the quality of the GUI for my frontend without having the user to download and install many seperate add-on packages. - chris

  • Indrema and Redhat have formed an alliance to jointly manage branding and distribution of DV Linux, an upcoming universal standard operating system for console video gaming and TV-based entertainment applications. - chris

  • OverClocked Episode #126: SWAPOOF!! This one's a little nasty, but rightfully so in my own opinion . . . you be the judge! - david

  • Hi, remember me? :) Just wanted to take a moment and plug a ROM Manager I've been using a while now and haven't seen much mention of. It's The Flash's ROM Doctor, currently geared at console and computer systems. Online are databases for renaming and validating an absolute ton of ROM, disk, and tape images. The list is way too extensive to list here, but it includes the Cowering databases (with proper credit mentioned of course ;), Commodore 64, VIC 20, Atari 800, Chip8, BBC Micro, and many more rare and not so rare systems. Looking for some of these images? *cough* alt.binaries.emulators.misc *cough*. - dutch

  • Arcade Heaven had a little MAME needed-soon update recently! Also, I must say the site is becoming rather... surreal... ;) What's next, Frosty the snowman?! - prophet

  • Genesis Power released a game that Nintendon't! Magazine ad aficionados know of what I speak. ;) - prophet

  • Lotsa Goby news! (Goby is a Gameboy emulator for EPOC palm devices.) So what's new? Well, version 1.1 was released, and it even has a brand new discount price. :) Some very nice new features as well, like savestates, autocontinue states and auto-framskips. And more! (Thanks Backlit Games) - prophet

  • Hmm... Well, David beat me by a few milliseconds to the Emu+ news. :) Oh well... Here's some extra stuff that might be of interest to Emu+ fans: Here's what's new. Yes, that's right, they even added tons of Jerky game hacks and PacMAME games! (Thanks Danmanya) - prophet

  • EMU+ v0.37b5 has been released! This enhanced version of MAME offers several bonus features like overclocking. CPU-optimized binaries, and the source, can be grabbed here. Thanks to EmuSphere for da news. - david

  •    Monday, August 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:35 EST

  • fMSX FAN V1.4 for DOS has been released, now with new & improved Adlib drivers, Screen 4 support, and updated PSG/SCC emulation. I have no idea what all of that MEANS, but it sounds fantastic, don't you think? Grab this MSX emulator here. - david

  • This new site, "Bitrot", takes a few jabs at the emulation scene, including RG, in a style similar to the Onion. I disagree with some of it, but much of it is fairly funny, like this bit on MAME. Worth checking out, at least, and nice that it doesn't seem to be affiliated with any other big sites :) - david

  • Roman has released ClrMAME Pro 1.7, he mentions that this is an "important release for the upcoming playchoice10 support in mame". - atila

  • HotRod forum - A new messageboard for the happy owner of a HotRod JoyStick has been set up, you can access it here. Thanks to Riaan for the nice email :) - Opi

  • SNES9x news - Gary has updated the Developers Journal of SNES9x. The next release will add OpenGL support and hopefully an improved Direct Sound code - read the full large update at the provided link, a thanks goes to Peter from EmuHQ :) - Opi

  • PC-9801 series emulator Neko Project II has been updated to v0.22! Here are the changes in this version (some is quoted from the Japanese version page):

    - Fixed Boot strap loader
    - Supported single step interrupt
    - Fixed Text [Hiouden]
    - Fixed FDD BIOS [ZONE]
    - Support GDC bitmap access [METAL EYE]
    - Fixed GDC BIOS [Ultima IV]
    - Fixed Keyboard
    - Fixed Display Mode
    - Added auto-frameskip
    - Fixed real palette

    Please also check the Author's homepage for download and information :) - aries

  • GENSX & joypad - Check Aldo's Favourite Solutions and download VGSJoy if you wanna have joystick support in GENSX v0.96 ! Thanks to Class316 for the hint :) - Opi

  • Strikers 1945 ©1995 Psikyo is available for download. (Hint: search for 1945). Thanks to lone2 for the news. - chris

  • Atari 2600 Nexus has had a lot of updates recently of rare prototypes being dumped. Including Tempest, Secret Agent and some others. Thanks to PeeknPoke for the news. - chris

  • Flash Alert - watch NewGrounds and wait until the story about the taxi driver and the nun appears (wuahahaha) or hear a cool parody (with some "no no" words) ! Thanks WindDrake :-) - Opi

  • Emu Italia interview with Zeo, author of HU-GO! - chris

  • KOF 91 for Linux version 0.2 has been released. Changes include: A fix for an important segfault bug, and code cleanups. - chris

  • Game Boy Advance screenshots. Thanks to http://www.slashdot.org for the news. - chris

  • Retro Gaming - Mike Stulir from Back In Time has mailed me the following info :"Atari Interactive has provided me with the latest & greatest "beta" builds of the games that will be released this fall. During the next few days, Back In Time will be posting previews of Pac-Man, Galaga, Breakout, & Frogger 2".
    A first preview is now available for Pac-Man: Adventures In Time - Galaga, Breakout & Frogger 2 will follow soon. - Opi

  • Translation News - The great guys over at the Whirlpool mentioned the release of some interesting translation patches : Suicidal Translations released Sanrio Carnival 2 v1.00 for NES, The Famicom/NES RPG Ys2 was fully translated by David Mullen, ASCII's Sim RPG Maker 95 finally received it's deserved 100% patch too - but right now there's no working link. - Opi

  • SNES Music - Marius Fodor released a new version of his stand-alone Win9x SPC player Super Jukebox. Version 2.7 adds Visualization (without any plugin) and many other minor changes, tweaks and fixes ! Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the update info :)

    Before you start to test it, visit the SNESamp homepage (SNESamp = best WinAmp SPC plugin) and grab some newly released music (all with ID666 tags). - Opi

  •    Sunday, August 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:22 EST

  • URL not found - If you encountered some problems to access the Neo Geo Team 2000 homepage - try this link :) - Opi

  • Atari 5200 emu - James has updated his Atari 5200 emulator to version 0.4a. It's only a small update to add support for newly-released Tempest and Asteroids prototypes. Again a thanks to WWEMU. - Opi

  • New Vegas errr GENSX - Tim Meekins released an new version of his renamed Sega Genesis emulator GENSX. Version 0.96 adds Zip support, SH2 optimizations, Save State Loading (.GS0) and lots of other fixes ! You can get it here, thanks to my friend LrdEFN from WWEMU for the news :) - Opi

  • New Milestone - The Video Game Museum surpassed the 8.000 featured games mark today ! More than 20,000 screenshots and more than 2,000 scans are now online ! - Opi

  • BeOS ports - EmuHQ mentioned two new BeOS emulator ports !
    o BeNES v0.5.0 alpha - a japanese NES Emulator for BeOS. Latest changes - "rewrite PPU/RAM/VRAM and more... sorry, this version is unstable".
    o BeVICE v1.5 alpha - port of VICE, the Versatile Commodore Emulator, on a very early stage of development. - Opi

  • It's a good time to be a Dreamcast owner :) This is not just because of the endless stream of quality titles being released for this awesome machine, it's also because when the WinCE devkit for DC was 'leaked', it caused a lot of people to start fiddling with their DCs, coding-wise. A (featureless) VCD player was released, a DiVX player (sort of) is available and the first signs of several emus being ported to the Dreamcast are now available at Boob, the Dreamcast Research site. I wouldn't be surprised if we could add a C64 emu to the list soon. I like that pic of Mario Bros. running on the Dreamcast =) - atila

  • FCE Ultra - Zaik's NES/Famicom emulator FCE Ultra for Linux SVGAlib has been updated to v0.231. Now in sync with the latest DOS release (from 08/08/2k) and he added a hack to "fix" an MMC5 emulation bug that caused "Laser Invasion" to lock up during game-play. - Opi

  • The ZX site is reporting on a DIZZY remake that's in the works, they even got 2 nice screenshots :) - atila

  • Keropi v0.48 - Kenjo released a new version of his X68000 (japanese computer from Sharp which used the Motorola 68000 processor) Keropi (formerly known as Win68k). A changes list in english can be viewed here.
    Please download Keropi v0.48 here :-) many thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news.

    If you need a proof about the awesome abilities of this (nearly unknown) japanese computer system, you can check out some screenshots at the Video Game Museum or just click the following direct links to : Dive On, Nemesis 90 and SSF 2, they're really astonishing, aren' they ?

    Lots of X68000 games can be found at The X68000 Game Pile site, which was updated yesterday with 3 new PC-98 games :) - Opi

  • Video Game News - Enix is back with an own US website and they confirmed a september release of Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 on one Game Boy Color pack :)

    Here's one more (not so emulation related) interesting URL - the official Nintendo Spaceworld 2000 homepage, with lots of interesting links and info about the upcoming new Zelda 2 for GBC, the VERY promising Sin and Punishment for N64, a great looking "adult" shooter and much more ! Watch this site for a first official Dolphin introduction !

    Thanks to BIGmog.com - a fantastic anime music dedicated site, where I found this news ! - Opi

  • The Sega SG-1000 Emulator Past-O-Rama has been updated to v0.02. Changes include two-player support, large portions of rewritten code, load and save of mutliple states, on-screen messages, speed improvements and MORE. Grab it Here. While I'm at it, System16.com, the site that hosts this emu, has been updated as well with new screenshots, Model 1 & 2 info, and a new RomIdent database. Thanks to NeoZeed, the Past-O-Rama author, for the news! - david

  • Site moves - The FEZ26 homepage has been moved to EmuHQ, please update your bookmarks to http://www.emuhq.com/fez26/, all downloads are working again !

    Reiginsei's RIP Translations (made the 1st Playstation translation) has been moved to JoseQ's EmuViews, please change your bookmark to
    http://riptrans.emuviews.com/ !
    Maybe we'll see Cotton at his new homepage :-) - Opi

  • Some Japanese emulation news :)

    - Pasofami99 v1.3w6e released! This time even added a feature that you can transfer a ROM file on the cartridge! There is an instruction in archive, so you can make your own dump tools! Though now it only support mapper #0, in next version it will support other mappers :)

    - And here are some additional info about NES emu for WS that Opi mentioned yesterday :).
    FC Emulator for Wonderswan goes to v0.01, and added file selector! Now it can run some games like Donkey Kong or Popeye, but since WS's core is a 8086 3MHz CPU, you can imagine how slow it is :) Again thanks to Navarone for news :)
    - aries

  •    Saturday, August 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:15 EST

  • Atari Jaguar - a private beta of EmuJag will be sent to beta testers within the next few days ! Emulating the Atari Beast, will it ever happen ? Let's cross our fingers :) Thanks Korik ! - Opi

  • WonderSwan - Navarone from Emulation 9 mailed me some information about a real weird emulation combination ! A Famicom/NES emulator for the japanese b/w handheld system WonderSwon ! Check it out here ! - Opi

  • Atari 2600 frontend - A new Win9x frontend for the DOS Atari 2600 emulator Z26 has been released, it's called FEZ26 !
    You have no Atari 2600 emulator nor ROMs ? no problem, check the site and every problem should be solved :) - Opi

  • MAME & Dave - Just found this MAME related news at Sys2064.
    Daily Radar has published a nice feature about MAME and Dave from Vintage Gaming, read it ! - Opi

  • 3DO - 3DOxtreme released : Way Of The Warrior ! - Opi

  • ParaMSX V0.17 - New stuff for Win9x/2000 fans of Marat Fayzullin's MSX emulator fMSX. Yeongman Seo released the 2nd update of his Windows port of fMSX - ParaMSX v0.17
    o . VDP HR flag support. (Status register)
    o . Sound bugs fixed. (Noise problem)
    o . Better sound handing.
    o . No Scanline option support.
    o . Launcher bugs fixed. (Settings will be stored at Launcher.ini. )

    You can download ParaMSX V0.17 here !
    Thanks to the MEP-Crew for the news :-) - Opi

  • Wanna see new, REALLY SHORT BUT REALLY COOL, Bleemcast movies ? Then click here :) There's also an interview that you can read by clicking here, but you'll need to be able to read Japanese. - atila

  • Our Australian readers will be 'glad to know' that the MSRP for the PS2 is AUS$749. In addition, UK readers will be glad (?) to know that Supermarket heavyweights ASDA reckon Sony's £299 price point for the PlayStation 2 (when it finally gets released over in the UK) is too steep and won't be stocking the machine unless the price is reduced. You can read more about it here. - atila

  • Genesis Power dumped Shaq Fu. I remember exchanging this game the day I got it, horrific I tell you. - atila

  • GoodSNES - Here is the recently announced new GoodSNES v0.999. Cowering released it just a few minutes ago :
    - Updated to latest DPS name database
    - BBS demos don't get put into the BS roms dir anymore
    - Only 4 non-Joliet compliant names left.. they cannot be shortened :-(
    - large internal database of known bad dumps.. 'scannew' won't show these now for speed of adding new ROMS to the database.
    Click here to download it ! - Opi

  • OverClocked #125 : You Only Die Once. Poor JoseQ! :) - david

  • Several roms were released at the Classic Gaming Expo, they include TEMPEST (2600 and 5200 versions), Garfield and Sky Patrol (2600) as well as the Atari 5200 version of Asteroids! You can download by clicking here, thanks to The Atari 7800 ROM DUMP for the news. - atila

  • Flash Mario - Rain_1 notified me the following nice Mario Flash movie - hope you'll like it, I did ! - Opi

  • Suggestions needed - Tim Meekins is in need of help from all of you. He needs a new name for his great Sega Genesis/32x emulator Vegas ! The name Vegas is a tradename of Sonic Foundry, so he decided to trash it and now he's looking for a new, unique name. If you have a really remarkable one - hurry and email him, he want to release a new update within this weekend and WITH the new name ! His latest achievements are : a now working Andre Agassi Tennis and a fix of the black screen bug in Batman & Robin ! Stay tuned :) - Opi

  • Aaron Giles is one of the many programming superheroes (STUN Runner!!!) that make MAME so darn magnificent, but like most MAMEdevs, we really don't know much about him... Until now - Stiletto put together a really nice bio about him. :) Very interesting to say the least. And to you other MAMEdevs - YES we luvs all of ya! =P (Stiletto's original post on MAME board) - prophet

  •    Friday, August 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:36 EST

  • SNES Collectors Guide - dps posted an updated version of his very own SNES Collectors Guide - called "Super Nintendo Games/Demo Release List". Right now it features 3615 SNES games (including demos, PD and some other stuff).

    If you have something to contribute or you just wanna say "thanks" visit IRC #rareroms on Efnet and talk to dps or go for the latest list.
    Click here to download it !
    PS - a new GoodSNES will follow soon :) - Opi

  • CDR covers - Maybe this isn't really new for you - but it may be helpful for some interested guys. I used my (unwanted) spare time to save my complete emulation collecting on CDR's to avoid a "real" disaster after a possible hd crash. But I wanted to have "REALLY" good looking CDRs and asked on the "General Emulation" message board for a good URL with self created covers. n2locarz was really kind and recommended this site ! All I can say, after downloading the MAME covers - WOW !!! The cover collection at PKS2000's Homepage rocks :) Give it a try. - Opi

  • Email and MAME(32) - Hurrraaa it worked - from now on you can send some little compliments or money donations (errr NEWs) to opi@retrogames.com :)

    BTW - Congratulations to the MAME32-team and the the mame32 qa/test and art dept. folks - This project/site turned TWO today ! GREAT JOB !
    Latest news : "Michael just added a couple new features, one is support for marquees, this will become the fourth click-toggle in the screenshot area. The other feature is a description filter which allows you to filter by game name text, i.e. type in 'mahjong' and you'll get only games displayed that use the word mahjong in them somewhere". A filter seems to be very useful, or are "YOU" able to remember every in MAME included game ?

    The MAME needed soon section at Arcade@Home has been updated "with the most recient games that will most likely be added or updated in the next release of MAME. Download them now and avoid the rush". - Opi

  • Atani Interviewed - Chris from RetroBase has conducted an interview with Atani, the creator of SegaEMU. You can read it here. - Opi

  • Video Games - IGN64 has published an interesting speech of Peter Main, Nintendo of America executive, about the current viedo game market, Sony, Sega, Microsoft, GBA, Dolphin and more. click it !
    Today's video games are the retrogames of the future :-) - Opi

  • There's a sort of WIP on the homepage for MCHE ("Multiple Console & Handheld Emulator") - the author has been busy contributing to the KIAME project, but has succeeded in porting MCHE to Win32/DirectX, adding 2xSaI interpolation, and fixing bunches of bugs. Hopefully, we'll see a release soon ^^ - david

  • We kinda skipped over this yesterday, but the multi-arcade emulator MIMIC now looks like it will become a multi-console emulator too! The author is hard at work on Sega Master System support. This, coupled with a windows port in the works, makes the MIMIC project a VERY interesting one to watch. I always seem to like emulators whose names begin with "M" :) - david

  • John Makos wrote me to inform that his site, CDRINFO is running a fairly cool Competition. There's only a few questions to answer, regarding these newfangled "Burn-Proof" CDR drives, and 4 lucky people will get a burn-proof drive as reward. Pretty Schnazzy ^^ - david

  • Jum has released a Colecovision Emulator for Playstation! It currently plays about half speed, and requires some PSX dev utilities to get running, but hey - it's worth it for Smurfs and BC's Quest for Tires, eh? Grab it here. - david

  • T98-Next 3rd beta released! This is a PC-9801 series emulator, and it will use many plug-in for hardwares emulation. This version fixed many bugs, but maybe slower than previous beta because it still need optimized. Note it is a beta version, and feedback is welcome :) - aries

  • New Downloads : - New stuff at Arcade Rom Heaven, GuruChoc has added some more ROMs for the upcoming MAME v0.37 beta 6 release on his "Needed Soon" page. Genesis Power is offering Mutant League Hockey.
    Booooaaaah - THAT was exiting - wasn't it ? This news was brought to you by the really bored - Opi

  •    Thursday, August 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:08 EST

  • Lik Sang has started selling the Shinco 868 DVD/VCD/MP3/Mega Drive Player. Yes, you read that correctly, MEGA DRIVE as in GENESIS! It comes with 480 (!!) licensed Sega Mega Drive games on 9 CDs and it costs US$289. Thanks to Glenn H. for the news. - atila

  • It's that time of the day again: Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page, both STUN Runner and Hard Drivin' are shown in all their glory, as well as loads of other games! - atila

  • Lemme just say that those Stun Runner shots are awesome! I'll just have to get a better computer, I guess :) OverClocked ReMix has been updated with my own hip-hop/rock remix of ACTRAISER, and a new fanstrip went up on the main OC site as well. - david

  • Okay, do you have a 2Ghz CPU ? If not, then don't expect to run Stun runner at full speed anytime soon :) Don't know what I'm talking about ? Then check out these awesome shots of the MAME driver for STUN RUNNER in action! - atila

  • After few new screenshots. the new A-Saturn v0.15c comes out! Since no changes information given, please visit Azuco World for details and download :) Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for news :) - aries

  • Electronic Arts is looking for EUROPEAN game testers, as part of a contest. If you're selected, you get to playtest several EA games A MONTH PRIOR to official release and also get a free PS2 with 3 EA games. All you have to do is sign up at the link above. Oh yeah, you also get to visit EA's European HQ in the UK :-) - atila

  • Still bored :( - New stuff available at SMS Power (World Class Leader Board for Game Gear), Amiga Emulation Zone (9 fulfilled requests), Atari 2600 Nexus (prototype game Secret Agent) and Genesis Power (Wimbledon Championship Tennis & Michael Jackson's Moonwalker). Would someone please release something really exciting ? How about NeoRageX ? - Opi

  •    Wednesday, August 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:46 EST

  • CPS2 Shock has posted another WIP update! More data is available in regards to the ongoing decryption attempt. Also, Jakesh sent in a Vampire Savior board originally donated by Steve (Inspector Gadget)! :) That finally nails the "Kallus2" coffin shut at last. Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend Razoola! We wish you many more. =) - prophet

  • It's a ME... MARIOOO - Damn, what a boring emulation day :(
    Here are some first impressions of the upcoming Game Boy Advance - look at Mario Kart Advance and more ! - Opi

  • We all know that hooligans can wreak havoc, but would you have thought that cycling fans would do the same ? Check out this hilarious mpg (1.8MB) =) - atila

  • 1 + 1 = 1 - After lots of unofficial INI releases for the N64 emulator Nemu 64, Lemmy finally uploaded a new official one. This new INI merged the best settings from both Nemu 64 supporters, EmuManiac and Myzar, to a new and better one. Please download it at the official Nemu 64 homepage. Thanks to "Mr. RAINE-WIP" katharsis from Geoshock for the info. - Opi

  • RAINE 20000809 released! Here's what's new:

    - Battle Garegga sound added [Boukichi]
    - Puzzle Bobble 4 backgound layers fixed [Thomas Schmidt]
    - Removed redundant roms of Warrior Blade and Darius 2 [Brian A. Troha]
    - Added dipswitch settings to all games in the Football Champ driver [Brian A. Troha]
    - Migrated Antiriad's Allegro hacks to Allegro WIP 32 [katharsis]
    - Misc. bugs in the source fixed [katharsis]

    You can also download the source by clicking here. Check out the RAINE WIP site for more info. - atila

  • Rom Doctor 1.20 (ROM renaming tool for WIN32) has been released, here's what's new:

    * Fixed minor GUI bugs
    * Added automatic news notification (optional)
    * Added customizable filters for the ROM lists (unoptimized!)
    * Added support for ROMs with optional headers
    + Fixes Jaguar RDB
    + Fixes TurboGrafx RDB
    * Added support for SMD files (Sega Genesis)
    * Added support for multi-CRC32 RDBs (N64)
    * For now, ignores Zips with multiple ROMs
    * Fixed stop-at-dot bug when renaming inside zip files
    * Fixed rename-to-old-name bug when renaming inside zip files
    * Improved "Update All Database" feature

    You can download the full install (1.5MB) or the upgrade (100kb). If you have previously installed Rom Doctor, please download the upgrade. Please check the Rom Doctor site for more info. - atila

  • Emulation Status - Warlock's Emulation Status has now more than 1000 arcade games documented and online in his database ! Great JOB ! - Opi

  •    Tuesday, August 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:18 EST

  • YAME v0.09 released! YAME is a multi-console emulator, basically it runs TG16 games, but can also load NES and GB games! It also has features like frameskip, real time save/load states, sound logging, and more! Please check and download it from YAME homepage :)
    Note: There are two version for download, full-screen mode require DirectX3 or above to run :) - aries

  • The KIAME site has been updated with Killer Instinct sounds. Make sure you got a subwoofer, gotta love that bass :) - atila

  • The TZX Vault has added 79 tape images including a few utility programs and Hit Squad titles. Yes, Speccy lovers, start your download engines :) - atila

  • FCE Ultra - EmuHQ reported the release of FCE Ultra v0.23, a NES emulator for DOS. Lots of sound emulation changes, the reset function was remapped to "F10", partial support for the MMC5 (mapper 5) was added and the usual fixes and tweakes. - Opi

  • Various News - Oliver's Emulator Seite was updated with 8 new Armstrad BIOS images (needed for the latest MESS release) - STOP - Kim Lemon added some more newly donated original TAP and DISK images to his C-64 archive - STOP - Genesis Power released Math Blaster - STOP - FeLon notified me this funny "the Onion" Story - STOP - The C16-Plus/4 retro-computing homepage, a new site, fully dedicated to the Commodore C16/C116/Plus4 home computers is now online. - Opi

  • Remember me? Yes, yes . . I happen to post news here too - from time to time :) JoseQ has posted the first Rumor Mill in a while, covering some tasty bits on System32, EmuDX, etc. He also posted regarding the status of a Win32 port of MIMIC. Both articles are well worth your time. - david

  • Flyers - The Arcade Flyer Archive released their pack #11, it contains 33 new images and 10 replaced ones. Thanks to Xray1 for the email ! - Opi

  • Nemu64 INI - Myzar updated his unofficial Nemu64 INI to version 1.7. This new release adds support for the following playable games : I.S.S.2000 and Wave Race 64 SE JAP. News thankfully taken from EmuHQ :) - Opi

  • SegaEMU - Atani released v0.51b of his multi-console emulator SegaEMU. He removed the debugger code and added support for Super Street Fighter 2. - Opi

  • NES translation - Arrrgh, I forgot to tell you that AGTP has released 2 more translation patches (both for NES, fully translated) besides the Wizardry translation I mentioned 2 days ago. A v1.00 patch for Mirai Senshi Lios a nice Strategy RPG (gameplay similar to Front Mission) and a v1.01 patch for Solbrain (title screen correction) ! Examine the site and you'll discover everything needed (got it ?).
    BTW - visit the Whirlpool for your daily translation related news :) - Opi

  • Shane Monroe has added a fully interactive Review area to Amiga Emulation Zone! Now you can read and write (free membership required) reviews for any title posted on AEZ, just remember to keep it clean :) - atila

  • I'll be in our little Java Chat Room for the entire day, since I got nothing else to do right now :) - atila

  • RAINE news - katharsis has updated the RAINE WIP page with the latest RAINE developing information and announced a new release within the next 24 hours. HIGHLIGHTS: now nearly complete sound support in Battle Garrega and a more smooth gameplay of all games in RAINE (Allegro WIP 32 is now used). Check the whole update here !
    *** Hey Mark You can reach me through opisoft@gmx.de. - Opi

  • More screenshots are updated on A-Saturn site! This time is Shanghai Great Wall(ST-V) in-game shots! Please visit Azuco World for more information. :) - aries

  • EmuGaming turned one today! Congrats, lads :) - atila

  • NEO GEO CD - Shernand has uploaded the NEOCD-enabled boot disk v0.31. This new version corrects some errors and has a slighty smaller file size. Note: check the Neo CD Boot Disk Project section - you'll find a link to the needed BIOS image. - Opi

  • TRWin Compatibility List - Ridge has updated his unofficial TRWin Compatibility List. It now contains information about 135 N64 games playable by TRWin. Latest addition : Blues Brothers 2000 with full Sound. Thanks to bwb. - Opi

  • MAME bugs & more - RocLobsta from MAME World mentioned a new bug report over at the MAME Testing Project ! If you're interested in reporting new bugs or glitches in the latest MAME build, then this is your place to go. You will also find a subpage called Dev's Comments, which I found quite interesting (MAME coders are replying about reported bugs). - Opi

  • The linux version of Hu-Go has been released. Version 1.28 updates include: improved ISO support, especially concerning BRAM emulation, and an improved cheat engine allowing full variable research with ISO/CD. - chris

  •    Monday, August 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:53 EST

  • OK, here's the Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 5 i686 BINARY (*FIXED* zip now online!:) & the source code. Also, here are Advance Menu 1.0 BINARY & Advance VBE 0.1 BINARY. You can also get all source code, a plain Pentium build of Advance MAME, and older builds at the Advance MAME homepage. Please READ the documentation before using Advance MAME! :) - prophet

  • Advance MAME 0.36 Beta 5 released! There's really a LOT of news this time: Andrea Mazzoleni not only updated Advance MAME, but also released Advance Menu v1.0 and Advance VBE v0.1! Advance Menu is a terrific DOS frontend for MAME - it's my personal favorite too. Simple, clean and very functional. Advance VBE is a TSR that allows other apps to use special modes just like Advance MAME! Very cool stuff. :) For those who don't know, Advance MAME is an unofficial MAME with very special features - you can literally create your own graphics modes so every game is full screen, correct aspect ratios and correct refresh. *NOT for newbies* Advance MAME homepage. (I'll *try* to get the files mirrored here ASAP, my connection is slooow) - prophet

  • NeoMAME - Omar informed me that he has just uploaded the new builds of NeoMAME. Online are the standard v0.37b5 build, two opitimized versions and the source (NeoMAME plays only SNK NeoGeo games). - Opi

  • And the Award for the SEXIEST PC DESIGN goes to this awesome 1.2Ghz G4 XtremMac !! Thanks to Dural for the link :) - atila

  • 130-160 fps WOW ! - I never tried to mention the several daily updates at the KIAME (Killer Instinct Emu, you guessed it) homepage, but today I was impressed - really impressed. Besides the "usual" bunch of new screenshots, Brad mentioned that he was able to run the newest beta at a whopping framerate ! With disabled framerate limiter he received up to 130-160 fps ! This WILL fall down when the sound emulation is included and started - but it's nevertheless still awesome and impressive :-)
    I found this remarkable news over at EmuHQ on one of my daily visits. I also noticed that Peter uploaded a review about his new toy, the Home Game Arcade system which plays arcade boards (JAMMA standard) - you can read his interesting report here ! - Opi

  • Good2600 - Cowering did it again. He released Good2600 v0.999.3 today and now it recognizes 1244 game entries !
    --- all ZZZ file have names now.. I'd love for someone to tell me the versions and exact release names of all the PD Demos.
    --- PAL/NTSC variants marked as well as year of release for some carts (WIP)
    --- more redump entries for carts.. keep on redumping those USA carts!
    --- DON'T forget.. this collection of info took many, many months to compile. DON'T just rip the filenames and use them for your own renamer without asking me first (you lamers know who you are!).
    You can download it HERE ! - Opi

  • New Arcade Dumps - The Guru's MAME Unemulated-ROMs database has been updated yesterday. He succeeded in dumping Jackie Chan (16 MB) "This is my first 42 pin mask rom dump, so if everything is OK, expect to see some more 42 pin dumps in the near future" and in Castle of Dragon, the official version, not a prototype (like the current version in Mame). - Opi

  • Japanese emu - The japanese PC-9801 emulator Neko Project II has been updated to version 0.21, new in this release :
    o Supported Chibi-oto(ADPCM kit)
    o Supported Speak board, Spark board.
    o Fixed Ryhthm level
    o Fixed FDD (2DD sence)
    o Fixed DISK BIOS‚̏C³ [46okunen monogatari]
    o Fixed XDF
    o Fixed GDC clock [Rance, Valkyrie]
    o Fixed Line-draw
    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation9 for the news, "errrm" Sorry Aries :) - Opi

  • Music - David Lloyd has uploaded two new user submitted ReMixes : Final Fantasy 7 'Costa del Sol DANCE' & Tetris 'CheDDer' ReMixes, also up are DETAILED submission instructions for doing a Mystery Videogame Theater 3000 Guest episode.
    Aaaaah .... it's good to "hype" a team mate :) - but he really deserves it !
    If you like games music and Remixes, don't miss to check Parn's Music Station - Parn is a great musician, his site is always worth a visit (if only his songs wouldn't be THAT short). - Opi

  • Snorch - Slooow day, not much happened this monday until now :(
    But maybe you're a download-addict like me and you'll find it useful to know that Genesis Power has released Last Action Hero (UE), or that some new Aga adf's (Amiga games) are now available at Ninja's Aga World and finally that Kim Lemon added some more freshly dumped rare C-64 cartridges to his awesome (really! Lemon rooocks) C-64 archive. - Opi

  • Lots of news on the MESS front:
    • The Mac Binary and source have been updated to v0.37b5a fixing a number of issues with v0.37b5.
    • MESS32 has been updated to v0.37b5. The source is here.
    • The CRC data for v0.37b5 is now available on the MESS site.
    - richard

  •    Sunday, August 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:43 EST

  • RockNES - PKT Paladin from SGC has conducted a nice little interview with Fx3, the author of RockNES - interested people can read it here ! - Opi

  • Hey Opi, I'm the same age as you now. :) Retrogames is the geriatric gamers site I guess. ;P - prophet

  • SNES translation - Wizardry "The Story of Llylgamyn" has been fully translated by AGTP, a v1.00 patch has been released. Collectors may know this game as Wizardry 1,2,3 - non-collectors may "look close" at AGTP to find something useful, the ROM for example :)
    Thanks to WWEMU for the information.

    Better late than never - happy birthday Prophet ! btw how old are you now :) ? - Opi

  • Spektrum Emu - Kirill Kolpakov's russian Spektrum emulator Z80 Stealth has been updated to v0.305. A ZXZip and ZXUnzip bug has been fixed and some Z80 opcodes were rewritten ! Thanks to Peter for the news. - Opi

  • Sega intends to shut Swapoo down, according to this article on CNET. Thanks to Oshura for pointing out the story on Slashdot. - atila

  • Stopping by Sys2064, I discovered this link... Virtua Fighter 2 - sure would be nice! Update - OK, OK, Atila posted about this already, but I missed his 1st post, so sue me! :) - prophet

  • Yesterday (Aug.5) I became a slightly older prophet, and I had a great Bday thank you very much! As proof, I didn't get home till around 6:00 AM. ;) I also see Opi has been updating like mad - welcome aboard my friend. - prophet

  • Rare Amiga games - JoseQ mentioned some newly fulfilled requests at Shane Monroe's Amiga Emulation Zone. If you wanna download Amiga classics like Gauntlet 3, Gold Runner 2, Swap or Wreckers - go for it. - Opi

  • Laser v0.10 - Again, a posting about Lopantu's arcade emu Laser :) Arrrgh, a few minutes after I checked the homepage for my BeOS posting, that "mad" guy released another version of it ! Version 0.10 adds sound support via samples and you can grab it here !
    Thanks to fnm for the update info :) - Opi

  • BeGen v0.0.1 - BeGen v0.0.1 released. This is a GUI front-end for DGen, a great Win32 Sega Genesis emulator. It works fine with DGen v1.20a ported to BeOS by David Powell. Please check this link to download it ! - Opi

  • Laser 0.9 BeOS - Lopantu's multi arcade emulator Laser has been ported to BeOS - please click here to download it ! Thanks to katharsis from Geoshock for the news :) - Opi

  • SNES9x v1.29 Linux - A Linux (PowerPC) port of SNES9x version 1.29 has been released. According to the author, 16Bit color seems to work fine, but there's still no sound.
    This report is a shameless rip from EmuHQ due to the fact that I haven't installed Linux and the official homepage was updated without any further comment :) Please download it here ! - Opi

  • Vegas WIP - Tim Meekins, the "father" of Vegas (a great Genesis/32x emu) wrote an interesting status report about his latest developing progress. He did some major work on the SH2 emulations as a result, the performance increased GREATLY ....he'll make a new version available in the next few days. Stay tuned. Read the full update at the Vegas homepage. - Opi

  • Woah, look at him go! :) Hello Opi, and welcome aboard! Heh, actually, to most of us Yanks, Opi(e) is from Mayberry. ;) - dutch

  • Staff needed - The great guys over at WWEMU are looking out for a helping hand at their news section, if you're interested contact them. - Opi

  • Opi's Introduction - part 2 - Yesterday I "forced" you to read my introduction and today I wanna start with a THANK YOU to the following people and sites for being a steady source of information, fun and inspiration in the past (in no particular order) : katharsis, Bobic & Hippie2000 (visit their great Amiga site), David Lloyd (more ReMixes please), Emulation 9 (great japanese emulation news-site), Dave (Dave Classics was my start !), Peter & bwb from EmuHQ, Genjin, Guru Choc (hope you enjoy your young sweety), Informant (Hi James), JoseQ (where's my Rumour Mill ?), Tim Eckel (he isn't that bad ... joking - Tim is really nice), Badge, The Kinox Crew, Limbs, Morph72, Till (warte schon auf Deine CDs :), Mek, Rey & Reiginsei and Zoop !!!
    and of course Dutch, Prophet & Atila and the members of MAME, RAINE, ZSNES + all the other emu programmers, site maintainers and everyone at #rareroms, #arcade and #retrogamers - I can't name them all ! THANKs !
    Ooops I forget Mr. GoodTools Cowering :) Hey buddy, I'm still waiting for GoodAmiga and GoodC-64 :) - Opi

  • Xbox365.com has posted tons of specifics on the XBOX SDK given to developers by Microsoft. Interestingly, the machine will support almost every type of optical media *EXCEPT* CDR. Check them out here - david

  • Enjoy today's Genesis power release, Brutal - Paws of Fury! Thanks to Brian Moore for news ^^) - aries

  • Pasofami 99 by N.Andou has updated to v1.3w6d! This is a small update which improved title search feature. (F3 for next, Shift+F3 for previous). N.Andou also mentioned he encountered some copy-protection problem on disk-system dumping, if you can help, please contact him ^^) - aries

  •    Saturday, August 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:24 EST

  • Emu Italia has an interview with Tim Meekins. Tim Meekins is the creator of the Genesis/32X emulator called VEGAS. - chris

  • VGM - My last posting at this saturday will be a shameless self-plug :) As I stated, I'm also a member of Mek's Video Game Museum and I want to use the opportunity to support him via Retrogames :) TO be honest I'm too tired now to "use" my brain again and edit a new posting, so I just cut and past my posting which I already made yesterday at Geoshock .) Pleeease forgive me !

    Lots of cool things happened lately at The Video Game Museum.
    Mek has invited three new guys to join his awesome site. Rey, the famous "endings" maker from the sunny Dominican Republic, Reiginsei well known from Emucamp and his own little project R.I.P. Translations and .... ME :-)

    We're working hard to give interested people the opportunity to explore the long gone world of 8/16bit gaming and the now vanishing 32bit console generation.
    And here are two examples of Rey's fantastic work :

    The ending of Sega's Genesis hit Streets Of Rage 3 and the ending of one of the best games ever made - Nintendo's Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.
    My last additions were 53 new SNES games represented by more than 350 screenshots - including some really strange japanese games - like :
    Casino Bar, Chibi Maruko Chan 95 and Bing Bing Bingo.
    Hell - we don't offer any ROMs nor ISOs, only fun and information about the systems and its games and you are welcome to donate everything not currently online (how about some X68000 game screenshots and scans ? A potent donator for the english computer systems like Armstrad, Spektrum and Acorn would be really great too. And don't forget to give us some feedback :)
    BTW - currently we offer screenshots for more than 7800 games, more than 2000 scans, many many endings, mp3 game tracks and much more ! - Opi

  • NEOCD - Shernand mailed me the following information : "Today i'm releasing the new version of the NEOCD-enabled boot disk, i haven't had much feedback about it, so please if you liked it, or not, drop me a line ;)
    The new version is 0.3 and adds support for Sounb Blaster PNP cards, like SB16 PNP, Vibra, AWE 64, etc ;) It will also help many people out there to get higher volume in music and general sound ;)"
    Check it out at the Neogeo Team 2000 homepage. And keep the news comin' :) - Opi

  • RAINE32 - Ohh no-one has mentioned this :) Atani has set up a little status report about his progess in porting RAINE to the Win32 OS Win9x/2000 : "Raine32 is progressing well. I have solved most of the problems with Allegro on Win32 so things are now working quite well, even on WinNT !!! I hope to have the next version out to the Beta Testers in the next week or so... - Pending how the rest of this week goes for work and all.. Things have been a little busier than normal lately... ".
    As a side note - the reported SegaEMU v0.51aa was a mis-typing by Atani :) So v0.51a is still valid ! - Opi

  • HuGo! Win - It took 9 postings after my first announcement to see it online :) Zeograd released it some minutes ago - please check his download section for the binary. The port is quite raw and some features like zip support were removed. "The File-selector isn't working so you'll have to specify the rom name on command line, or drag'n drop a rom from the explorer, and don't forget F12 to exit the emu". - Opi

  • GeoMAME - GeoMAME the SNK only MacMAME derivitive is now in sync with the latest MAME v0.37 b5 release. If you want additional features like autofire, CPU clocking, combos, and save states, then give it a try.
    BTW - To enable these features, go into your options tab and check the "Save&Load Autofire/CPU Speed" Box. - Opi

  • New Layout - Kazuya has a new layout online, easy to navigate and nice to look at. Why not give it a look and Kazuya some feedback ?
    * As long as my email account isn't set up - you can reach me through opisoft@gmx.de - Opi

  • MESS goodies - Ten new Bios Images, needed for the latest MESS release, are now available at Oliver's Emulator Seite, more to come !
    And if you still need some help to set up and use MESS - I urge you to check out the MESS Companion , (nice link btw - thx to EmuHQ) with useful links and stuff for nearly every emulated computer and console system in MESS.
    Ooops - double post :) doesn't matter ! - Opi

  • SegaEMU v0.51aa - Atani liberated a new version of SegaEMU from his HD. "Well i have been sitting on .51a for some time now. I have now decided to release it to the public. More changes coming soon !!". While he still talks about version 0.51a - a fresh bug fixed version is online. Main changes in v0.51a are a totally rewritten sound system and a speeded up Genesis emulation. - Opi

  • UAE Unix v0.8.13 experimental is out. This is the Unix port of the BEST available Amiga emulator, UAE ! As you can see in the version name, it's a very "experimental" release, so don't wonder if some parts of the emulation are broken. A log of the changes can be viewed here !
    Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Rom ERROR - katharsis mentioned a new site today :) - Rom ERROR. It was set up by Antiriad, main coder of RAINE, the fastest (and now partly "reanimated") arcade emu. He's offering all of his programming tools he used to code RAINE. So if you're interested in supporting the "new" RAINE-team or in emulation in general - why not have a look at it !? - Opi

  • CMNES - Chris.R.Millward released version 0.11 a and b (a & b are using different graphic modes) of his DirectX NES emulator CMNES. CMNES was started in January 2000 as a student project of the EmuSchool at VintageGaming. You need DirectX 7.0 to use this emu (which still lacks sound).
    Sorry, but I can't offer you any file downloads right now, due to the fact that I have no ftp access. - Opi

  • JAVA Arcade - Norbert Kehrer informed me that 2 new drivers for JAE, the Java Arcade Emulator have been released :
  • Nibbler: the classic game by Rock-Ola (1982)
  • Vantris: a homebrew game ROM for Vanguard hardware - Opi

  • HuGo! goes Windows - EmuHQ is reporting that Zeograd, the genius behind HuGo!, a great PC-Engine/TurboGrafX-16 emulator, has started porting his own emu to the Win32 platform. A first beta should be online soon, but not all current features of the DOS version will be supported (at start) ! - Opi

  • Opi's Introduction - Hi guys :) I'm Opi, the recently announced new secret weapon at the news posting front ! My home country is Germany and I've been an emulation addict since the first Rage release.
    The implication of my nick is easy to understand when you know that Opa is the german word for grandpa ! I'm something like a emulation-Methusalem, my age is 34 ! Some of the first arcade games I ever played were Pong and Space Invaders .....
    After some months at Emucamp I joined the revived Geoshock and took the news-posting job there (mostly) and again after some more months I was invited to replace Dutch (which isn't possible). After lots of thinking (still like katharsis and Geoshock) I decided to accept my fate ... and now I'm here !
    Enough blah blah - let the game begin !
    Oh I forgot : I'm also a proud member of Mek's The Video Game Museum and very honored to be part of Retrogames, which was my homepage for nearly 2 years !!! - Opi

  • Navarone of Emulation number 9 has interviewed PI., author of Fujitsu FM-7 emulator XM7! Though the interview is in Japanese, but there also has an English version for non-Japanese visitors ^^) Again, be sure to check it out! ^^) - aries

  • Oh, seems like A-Saturn site has post some new screenshots! Be sure to check them out on Azuco world ^^) - aries

  • There's been a MASSIVE update at Amiga Legal Emulation, 9 classic demos and 12 Assassin disks were added. They mention that they're having slight problems with a few of the disks, so download them and help 'em out, if you can. - atila

  • Eric has posted a lot of new data files for use with his rom manager, Rom Center. - atila

  • Another SegaSaturn emulator SSF also has some progress report! Author mentioned next release will be MMX only version, and he is working on software rendering using assembler ^^)
    Thanks to KamogamauHau!com for news ^^) - aries

  • gRustibus 0.42, a GTK based frontend for xmame has been released. Changes in this version include: Bugfixes, support for more image formats, playback and recording games, showing cabinet photos and history info, getting more info about the games from xmame, suport for the catver file used by Arcade@Home (the latest version is included), and changes to the gamelist format. - chris

  • The Linux KOF91 web page is born. KOF91 was originally written by Moah for the windoze plataform and was ported and maintained in the Linux plataform by Duncan Mac-Vicar P. - chris

  • MacMESS has been updated to v0.37b5. The new version brings it up to date with the recent upgrade on the DOS side. Here is the Mac Binary and here is the Mac Source Overrides. (Note that the MESS page has not been updated yet). - richard

  • Sorry, I've kinda been behind with things . . . preparing for Otakon, an anime festival I'll be at today & tomorrow. In the meantime, MVT3k Episode #22: PISTOL DAIMYO is something you might want to read, if you know what's good for you :) - david

  • Pc-x86 emulator Anex86 2.22 released! As usual, I can't figure out what's new in this release since no information posted on site ^^) But you can still visit author's homepage for download. ^^)
    UPDATE: This version include sound module as default, and others downloadable modules also updated ^^) - aries

  • I can feel the awesome news reporting power of our new updater even now... Be prepared. - prophet

  • I'm sure most know already, but you can stop by Arcade Heaven and prepare for the upcoming Playchoice 10 driver in MAME! Remember a few weeks ago when Atila said there was still a LOT to look forward to in emulation? Well, he was definitely right. =) - prophet

  • Genesis Power released James Pond 3 (UEJ)! - prophet

  • SWStiletto ( a fellow STUN Runner fan & also hardware info detective :) posted a VERY interesting message about Scitech Display Doctor! Apparently Scitech hasn't died, but still plan a release sometime this year afterall. This will no doubt make owners of many newer graphics cards much happier using emus. - prophet

  •    Friday, August 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:09 EST

  • Gazoo has posted a status update at The Review Center. - atila

  • Gridle updated the MAME WIP page again. There are some nice Playchoice 10 pics up, among other things. - atila

  • Hmmm. - atila

  • Wow, check out that Star Wars: Episode II trailer. Braveheart with lightsabers? =) (Note: Quicktime needed.) - dutch

  • Well, I was gonna include some other stuff with this update, but it got delayed :) OverClocked ReMix has been updated with two excellent contributed mixes, Diablo II and Wizards & Warriors. They're both pretty slick :) - david

  • I just found out that the Dutch MRSP for the Playstation2 has been raised to 1200 Dutch Guilders!! That's a whoppin' US$502 or UK£342, I guess the PS2 will *not* sell out in The Netherlands. - atila

  • Till's excellent site called SYS2064 turned 3 today! Congratulations, Till and keep up the good work!! - atila

  • We will soon be getting reinforcements in the news department. I'm very proud to have him aboard and I have a feeling you will be reloading this page more often after he joins. I'm not revealing his name yet: soon, very soon :) - atila

  • Sony has confirmed that it will be delaying the European release of the PS2 with one month. The PS2 will be released on November 24 in Europe, I've also been hearing rumors that the UK price will be £349 instead of £299. The MSRP for the Dutch PS2 is NGL 899 or £256, so £299 would be NGL 1046 and £349 would be NGL 1225. Somehow it doesn't make sense. Btw, the Dreamcast is selling for £150 at various highstreet stores in the UK and you can get the DC + 2 games for £200! - atila

  • The Legendary Marat Fayzullin has released fMSX v2.2 for both Unix and Windows. The Unix port of this MSX emu can be downloaded free at both the fMSX homepage and MEP, but the Windows version is $35 and must be purchased here. Thanks to the MEP crew for the news! - david

  • Genesis Power dumps a whole lotta beans on us with Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. - atila

  • Atani, as he is often known to do, has ported Laser, Lopantu's multi-arcade emu, to Win32. Grab it here. - david

  • The MESS Companion site has been updated and is now in sync with the latest MESS release. - atila

  • ParaMSX saw its first public release today, it's a new MSx emulator for Win9x/2000 with DX7 or better and it requires a hefty machine (PII - the faster, the better). You can download it from the MSX Emulation Page. - atila

  •    Thursday, August 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 17:09 EST

  • I've been listening to Ben Liebrand's 'Genesis vs. Queen - Mama, we will rock you', the entire day. I heard it on the radio in my car a while ago, I pulled over and listened to the entire song. He created this mix in 1987, if I remember correctly. It's not often I'm this amazed when I hear a tune. Mad props to Ben!! - atila

  • Cowering has released Good2600 0.992, here's what's new:

    --- huge numbers of NEW PAL dumps/redumps
    --- Good2600 data now used in MESS emulator
    --- PAL/NTSC varients marked as well as year of release for some carts (WIP)
    --- more redump entries for carts.. keep on redumping those USA carts!
    --- USA version of 'Wings' seems to be undumped.. anyone got it?
    --- DON'T forget.. this collection of info took many, many months to compile. DON'T just rip the filenames and use them for your own renamer without asking me first (you lamers know who you are!)

    Yeah, what Cowering said! Or something :) - atila

  • Neko Project II v0.20 by Punyu released! This is a huge "what's new" list according to NP2 homepage:

    - Fixed 8255 [Japan Bashing]
    - Fixed PIC: ICW [Toraware no tenshi]/bug-fix [AMARANTH]
    - Fixed uPD8253C [38kiro no kokuh]
    - Fixed 86PCM [Tenshindo]
    - Fixed FDC [MEGDOS games]
    - Fixed Extend Memory
    - Fixed semi-graphic
    - Fixed programmable character (AMARANTH3)
    - Fixed CG-window (Valkyrie)
    - Supported Virtual98 font.rom
    - Supported text blink
    - Supported uPD7220
    - Fixed GDC-cursole [Ishin no arashi]
    - Fixed GDC-sync [The return of ishtar]
    - Fixed GDC-L/R and SCROLL [QUARTH]
    - Fixed BIOS cursole [MUAP98]
    - Fixed default palettes
    - Supported realtime palettes [Apros]
    - Supported EGC (incomplete...)
    - Fixed windows size
    - Fixed memory access

    Don't miss it if you are instrested in PC98! Thanks to Navarone for news ^^) - aries

  • CD32 fans rejoice =) Yes, all 6 of you CD32 lovers out there (*cough*) can now go and visit The 32Iso Zone! - atila

  • Gigo has just released G-NES v0.37! Let's see the changes in this release:

    - Disk system supported. (Fwnes fds files)
    - Fixed some problem on PSG sound.
    - Fixed bank-switching in Mapper 23.
    - Improved IRQ process accuracy of Mapper 24, 26,
    - Fixed Namco 106 extension sound.
    - Fixed bug that cause some glitches on screen.
    - Some INI structure changes.

    Gigo also released NSF player G-NSF v0.03, it mainly fixed PSG, Namco 106 extension sound and added support of MMC5. Be sure to check them out! ^^) - aries

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b5. New in this release:

    • NES (pal) [Brad Oliver]
    • Famicom [Brad Oliver]
    • Mattel Aquarius [Paul Daniels]
    • PCW8256, and many clones [Kev Thacker]
    • PCW16 [Kev Thacker]
    • PC 1512, PC1640 [Peter Trauner]
    • Microtan-65 [Juergen Buchmueller]
    • IBM PC [Peter Trauner]
    • TRS80 alt [Juergen Buchmueller]
    • Sharp Mz700, Mz700J [Juergen Buchmueller]
    • Enterprise 128 (with EXOS 2.1) [Stefano Priore]
    • Some ZX Spectrum ROM mods, Spectrum 128 (Spain) [Stefano Priore]
    • Sharp PC1402, PC1350 [Peter Trauner]
    • Atari2600 (preliminary) [Lee Ward]

    Large numbers of bug fixes are also included. Both the DOS binary and the source are available. (Note that the official site has not been updated yet). - richard

  • WebWereld (Dutch publication) also did a story on RomNET, which will now be known as SWAPOO. - atila

  • Quintesson has released AGES v0.21c-SP, which is hopefully the last bugfix for the release of 2 days ago. - atila

  • CNET has done a story on ROMNET, the Napster-like service for roms. Thanks to Renato for the news. - atila

  • Bit Age Times #10 has been published. To read this cool 90's era newsletter, click here. For an alternate review of Legend of Success Joe, click here. :) - david

  • What's this, batman? Progress on the windows port of ZSNES coming along nicely? Biff! Bam! Pow! Check out the cool screenshots here! - david

  • Wine 20000801 has been released. Changes in this version include: Fixes for DOS binary support, addition of a kernel message table for FormatMessage, the usual assortment of common control improvements, a lot of stuff moved around for proper dll separation, and lots of bugfixes. - chris

  • Genesis Power released one the best (and hardest!) action games ever IMO - Contra Hard Corps (UJ)! - prophet

  • The MAME History database was updated for 0.37 Beta 5 (888 history entries total!)and now ready for download! Hopefully the history menu will be fixed soon in MAME, but remember you can open this file in any text editor and read it. Personally I love the anecdotes and tips about the games we all love. :) (Thanks Gerardo Oporto & Brian Deuel) - prophet

  •    Wednesday, August 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 23:26 EST

  • Emaculation (cool name) have posted some statistics benchmarking the speeds of different macintosh emulators for pc, including the new Fusion 3.0. Check 'em out here. - david

  • One day after the release of VGSstat, Aldo Vargas has released Bleemstat, an indentical utility except - you guessed it, you smart readers you: it's for bleem!. Grab it here. - david

  • Do you want Fusion-PC 3.0 (MAC emu) for free ? No, it's not warez :) This is a full non-demo release, and updates any previous installation of Fusion PC with a much faster version running up to 100% faster than before. It can be downloaded from Emulators.com, thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • Zophar's Domain have updated their SNES SPC, Genesis GYM, and NES NSF format music archives with juicy new pickings. If you're looking for a good NSF/GYM player, I recommend MERIDIAN. You can rename RARred GYM files to "RGM" and play them back without having to decompress :) Jump over to Zophar's for the tunes. - david

  • fMSX DOS loader v1.0b, a frontend for the fMSX emulator, has been released at MEP. To snag it, follow the link, go to the games database, and search for "FrontEnd". Thanks to Geoshock for the news. - david

  • Here's an interesting project, it's called PLEX86. It allows you to run several x86 OSes at the same time on a single computer. Kinda like VMWARE, but the difference is that this is open-source. Thanks to Rich H. for the news. - atila

  • RetroBase has conducted an interview with Quintesson, author of AGES. - atila

  • The KIAME site was updated 3 times today, there's too much to mention so go check it out :) Thanks to -=Mela=- for the news. - atila

  • We might have a few mathematical wonders among us, so I would like to ask them to check this page at CPS2 Shock and try and solve it. Yes, that means you! - atila

  • A-Saturn v0.15b released! Because I can't find any info about this SS emulator changes , please visit Azuco World for more information. Oh, it also has a new site design ^^)
    Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for tips ^^) - aries

  • Another lamer is selling MAME ROMs on eBay. I urge you all to report this to eBay's abuse department. The item number is 390263839. - richard

  • The French version of MacMAME has been brought to sync with the recent 0.37b5a release. You can get it from http://www.macmame.org. - atila

  • Genesis Power has dumped Columns III - Revenge Of The Nerds ... err, I mean Columns III - Revenge Of Columns :) - atila

  • Notorious Playstation utility developer Aldo Vargas has released yet another fun utility for VGS, called VGStats. It maintains usage statistics for the PC port of Connectix VGS, so you know how often you wake up in the middle of the night with the insatiable urge to play Gamera 2000 ^^ (yuk!) Grab it here! - david

  • Look: Laser for Linux! Lopantu's Laser has been lovingly localized for linux - it's no lie. Leech v0.9 of this lovely little multi-arcade emulator's linux port at this locale. Alliteration! - david

  •    Tuesday, August 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 19:09 EST

  • Fx3 has released RockNES 1.110 and BNSF 1.5! Lots of updates in this revision, 'so you best get a-leechin' :) I'd like to write a larger update, but it's 1 AM and I need to get up in 4 hours. I'm tired, sorry :) - atila

  • It's colorful and looks real sweet! What else could this than a nice MAME WIP update with lots of Japanese games :) - atila

  • Next is a X68000 emulator update information! EX68 v212 has released! Here is "what's new" list in this version:

    - Added palette for 64K color graphic plane, can use mmdsp to adjust brightness.
    - Rewritten code related to palette for slightly speed-up.
    - Support 64K color display for 256color2plane access mode.

    Please visit EX68 homepage for more information and download. Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for tips ^^) - aries

  • PasoFami 99 has updated to v1.3w6c! This release has some improvement on GUI, and added backup save-data dumping feature, which can exchange save data between real NES cartridge and PasoFami! ^^) - aries

  • Quintesson has released a newer version of AGES (mentioned earlier today), this has a few bugfixes. Please download the new version. - atila

  • Regarding that MS/Canadian winner story below, apparently there's a law in Canada that you CANNOT give away prizes for nothing, so people get asked a really silly question. Thanks to everyone that mailed, all 9 of you! - atila

  • I've added a Sega Dreamcast board to Retrogames, as the general messageboard was getting flooded with DC messages. Enjoy! - atila

  • Lemon64 (C64 site) has added 62 new games to the download list!! - atila

  • DJ Pretzel has released 2 new remixes at OC Remix: Shinobi 'Phat Musashi' Mix and Sailor Moon 'S&M RaveBody' Mix. The Shinobi mix sounds like it uses too many sounds from a bad 80s flick ;) I will be posting my Hi-NRG/Hardtrance remix of a Shinobi tune in the month of August, so beware :) - atila

  • Today's ODD STORY: According to The Register, "In a fabulous worldwide webfest building up to the launch of Windows ME on 14 September, M$ invites anyone in the world (as long as they live in the US or Canada - oh, and not you, Quebec, you're out as well) to enter a prize draw to win a copy of ME autographed by Bill Gates."

    I see you're asking what's good about this. Well, 50 people a day will receive a special 'Bill Gates Edition' of WinME (does that mean the box is full of money ?) Then, the big winner will also get to meet the WinME Devteam.

    I see you're asking what's so odd about this. If the winner happens to be Canadian, "he or she will be required to answer a mathematical skill testing question as a prerequisite to being declared a winner." Can you believe that !?!? It's like saying: "Canadians are dumb". - atila

  • Shane's been filling requests galore at the Amiga Emulation Zone, he's added a LOT of games and even a forum. Sorry about not updating sooner, Shane :) - atila

  • X68000 emulator "Keropi" has a small update to v0.47a, this release has fixed stretch problem when switching between full-screen and window mode ^^) - aries

  • AGES 0.21a-SP(Nebula) released! Yeah, weird file name, great 32X/Genesis emu for Windows - Quinntesson did lotsa speedups & compatability improvements - he notes Afterburner 32X looks better too. (BIG thanks to JoseQ for emailing me =) - prophet

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