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  •    Sunday, August 31st 2003 - Last updated @ 12:01 EST

  • Colecovision.us - Just an F.Y.I. to everyone that Colecopedia has moved and changed their name. They are now known as and can be found at Colecovision.us. Colecovision.us is the home of the new Colecovision faq and and is a great resource for anything Coleco. - Griking

  • Gest Updates - Even on a slow news day we can always count on new Gest updates. Changes since last reported here are;
    • Gest v0.78
    • Fixed A Bug's Life (U)[C][!] and Bob the Builder screen blinking
    • Bokujou Monogatari 3 (Chinese) now starts
    • Armageddon video trailer (PD)(GBTK Video) now shows completely
    • Fixed Atlantis gfx problem
    • Fixed Ant Soldier gfx problem
    • Captain Knick Knack now works
    • BH-GOS multicart now works
    • 8-in-1 (Sachen) now works
    • Fixed Work Master sound
    • Modified rom loading -> no more complains about wrong rom size with some games
    • Gest v0.77
    • Fixed Cannon Fodder sound problem
    • Fixed Super Momotarou Densetsu 2 graphics problems
    • Added support for Momotarou Collection and GB Genjin Collection
    • Added use zip filename option (for saves and states)
    - Griking

  •    Friday, August 29th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:57 EST

  • Spectaculator v5.2 - Spectaculator is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for PCs running Windows. It emulates the 16K/48K/128/+2/+2A/+3 Spectrums and lots of additional hardware. Changes in this release are;
    • Digitally-signed Action Replay (RZX) files. Spectaculator can digitally sign RZX action replays for use in tournaments such as Speccy Tour 2003.
    • Fixed IM 0 instruction. For some reason it was internally using an RST 00H instruction rather than an RST 38H.
    • Fixed a bug in the Multiface 3 code which stops Gazza II working properly.
    • Spectrum +2 Z80 snapshots now load properly again. Introduced a bug in 5.1 which incorrectly switched the emulation to 16k rather than +2.
    • Flunky's loader was incorrectly triggering the cassette recorder's auto stop feature in error. Fixed.
    • Spectaculator can now load +2 and +2A snapshots created by Fuse.
    • Fixed a couple of typos in the keyboard map.
    - Griking

  •    Thursday, August 28th 2003 - Last updated @ 22:52 EST

  • Dolwin v0.07 - A new version of Dolwin, the work in progress Gamecube emulator has been released. Changes are;
    • Added basic cache support for DVD-plugin (cache now limited to RAM size)
    • Smart HLE subsystem, including mapping and scan support.
    • Now you can unload DOL to setup again Gekko-plugin.
    • Added GameCube Media support (GCM, or simply ISOs :)
    • Now Dolwin have built-in ISO-creating tool.
    • Fixed SPRITE demo (unhandled opcode).
    - Griking

  • Virtual Jaguar GCC/SDL v1.0.5 - Virtual Jaguar GCC/SDL is a new Jaguar emulator based on the source of the original Virtual Jaguar from Potato Emulation. Changes in this release are;
    • Various fixes to the codebase so that it compiles and works properly on Linux. :-) The makefiles are almost identical now, the only thing that's different between them are the SYSTYPE and EXESUFFIX variables defined at the top.
    • Fixed a pernicious blitter bug that kept Rayman from doing proper collision detection.
    • Added a simple file selector so that typing in long filenames in order to run the emulator is no longer necessary. :-) To use it, instead of supplying a ROM name, simple put in the name of the directory where your ROMs live.
    • Removed all the assembly language code from the DSP, so it should be a little less buggy now. Also, removed some brain-dead timeslice releasing that was causing a bunch of problems with various ROMs.
    • Added sound support! In order to hear any sound, you probably have to start VJ with the -dspon switch. Also, unless you have a very fast computer the sound is going to be choppy. Hopefully future optimizations will cure this. ;-)
    • Added GUI support. You can see the results by hitting the TAB key while the emulator is running. ;-)
    • Lots of cleanups to the source code including the ability to trace who writes what to where.
    - Griking

  • Retrogaming Times #72 - Another month, another issue of The Retrogaming Times. This issue features;
    • Worst Atari 2600 Games
    • Writing Your Own Games
    • Many Faces or Archon and Boulder Dash
    • and more...
    - Griking

  •    Wednesday, August 27th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:37 EST

  • DrSMS v.3.00 Beta 4 - Reesy released a new beta of his wonderul Sega Master System & GameGear emulator for the Gameboy Advance, DrSMS! This release features the long awaited savestates, as well as gamma control. Compressed SRAM management is in the works. (Thanks GBAemu) - prophet

  • Duke Nukem 3D for BeOS has also been updated. Based on the 08-26-2003 CVS source for Linux. You can nab it right here. - dhalamar

  • VisualBoy Advance v1.6 binaries are out for BeOS. You can leech it right here. Thanks to BeEmulated, as always, for the news. - dhalamar

  •    Tuesday, August 26th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:16 EST

  • ClrMAME Pro 3.06 - Roman updated his famous ClrMAME Pro ROM auditing and management utility as follows:

    * fixed: 'move wrong placed file' is performed even when you selected
    'no' or 'no to all'
    * fixed: profile red/green toggles fails sometimes after a scan while
    fastscan toggles it correctly
    * fixed: several rc dat import issues...and increased the importspeed
    * fixed: rc datfile information aren't displayed correctly in the
    profiler (exporting them fails, too)
    * misc: dir2dat settings can be stored/loaded
    * misc: setinfo window lists biosset information, too
    * misc: 'cleanup datfile' detects and reports not used biossets
    * misc: reduced some of the datfile cleanup information
    * misc: red/green status of a profile is also toggled by missing diskimages
    * misc: datfilecleanup->merging between different systems lists used
    * misc: homepage, version and email strings are now stored in version.ini
    * misc: update.dll uses information from version.ini
    - prophet

  • AdvanceMAME *BETA* 0.72 - Andrea released a source-only version of AdvanceMAME 0.72 Beta. This release represents many changes, and Andrea would greatly appreciate if AdvanceMAME users could test it and report any bugs or issues. Changes:

    * Added a new option `sound_normalize' which automatically increase
    the volume of games with a too lower one. It's enabled by default.
    * Added a new `include' option to include additionally
    configuration files.
    * The `display_magnify' option has now a new `auto' setting
    which automatically scale the game if it's
    too small.
    * Added a new set of Linux `event' input driver for keyboards, mice
    and joysticks based on the Linux input-event interfaces.
    These drivers remove any limitations on the number of
    keyboards, mice and joysticks.
    * The `input_map' option now accepts the `auto' setting which
    is able to map the correct input device on the correct
    game control.
    * The `input_map' option now can remap also all the digital
    inputs like keys, buttons and digital joystick.
    * Improved the advk, advj and advm utilities. They now
    report more information on the hardware found.
    * Revised the `safequit' system. The database file is now
    called `event.dat' and it has a strong error check.
    The options are now named `misc_eventdebug' and
    `misc_eventfile'. A new set of scripts `safequit' and
    `event1,2,3,4,5,6' are now started when triggered by the
    event system.
    * Renamed the script names removing the [] in the names.
    * The Linux keyboard `raw' driver has now a basic support to switch
    virtual terminal pressing ALT+Fx.
    * Added a new Linux `raw' joystick driver.
    * Substituted the Linux input driver `slang' with a new `tty' driver
    which always works correctly with the advv and advcfg utility.
    Specifically it works when using the `fb' video driver.
    * In Linux the host configuration files are now read in /etc,
    the files in */share/advance have now less priority
    of the user specified options. They can be used
    to set default options.
    * The `-version' option now lists the low level drivers compiled
    in the executable.
    * The Linux version can now access hardware ports in scripts using
    the /dev/port interface.
    * Reduced the CPU cache usage in the palette conversion.
    - prophet

  • ST-V WIP - Haze posted some ST-V MAME driver work-in-progress screenshots! The ST-V was a Sega arcade platform similar to the Saturn home console. See this ST-V page at System16.com for more info. - prophet

  • GP32 Europe Homepage - Apparently the rumored European GP32 launch is more than just a rumor, as Game Park has begun work on the GP32Europe homepage! What's a GP32 you might ask? Read my GP32 review for some answers, and check out GP32emu for the latest GP32 emulation news. (Thanks InsertCredit) - prophet

  • GSmax Beta 1.2 Screenshots - Passive from EmuHelp told me about some screenshots from this WIP PS2 emulator at NGemu! - prophet

  • AdvanceSCAN v1.7 & AdvanceCOMP v1.7 - Andrea released updates to these two utilities! Get them from the Advance Projects homepage. "AdvanceCOMP is a collection of recompression utilities for your .ZIP roms, .PNG snapshots and .MNG clips." and "AdvanceSCAN is a command line rom manager for MAME, MESS, AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS and Raine. It contains also a diff generator of rom sets." Both are available for Linux, Mac OS X, DOS, Windows & all other Unix like platforms. New stuff:

    AdvanceSCAN v1.7
    * Added support for reading XML info file.
    * Updated with automake 1.7.6.

    AdvanceCOMP v1.7
    * Fixed a Segmentation Fault bug on the advmng -r option on the latest gcc.
    * Better and faster (MMX) move recognition in the advmng scroll compression.
    * The frame reduction of the advmng utility is now done only if possible. The compression process never fails.
    * Added a new -S (--scroll-square) option at advmng.
    * Added a new -v (--verbose) option at advmng to show the compression status.
    * Changed the internal ID for the bzip2 and LZMA compression. The bzip2 ID is now compatible with the PKWARE specification.
    * Added support for RGB images with alpha channel at the advpng utility.
    * Updated with automake 1.7.6.
    - prophet

  • ZX82 v0.1 - ZX82 is a new Spectrum emulator. In the author's own words, it's pretty buggy but the source is included if you like to tinker. - Griking

  • VirtuaNES v0.82 - VirtuaNES is a Nintendo emulator for Windows based computers. Changes are;
    • Addition:
    • Add a correspondence pattern to simple virus checkers.
      (Sobig.F has been sent to me by terrible force. Have been sent around 2000-3000 in a day....)
    • Change:
    • Changed cheat code folder of a default in ".\cheatcode\" from ".\code\".
    • Revision:
    • Correct Mapper20(FDS).
    • Correct focus and there can be the thing that place it, and shortcut key has worked in one of movement of short cut malfunction.
    • Corrected the malfunction that had worked without relation in setting of background movement when minimized it with a click of task bar.
    - Griking

  • WinUAE v0.8.22 Release 9 - WinUAE, the Windows port of the UAE Amiga emulator has been updated. Changes are;
    • Bugs fixed
    • Compiler misoptimization of some rare instructions
      (affected 0.8.22R8 only, usually caused GURUs)
    • Bsdsocket emulation (connection freeze, IRCD, AmyGate etc..)
    • NTSC vsync sound
    • Windows 2K/XP CD detection problems in non-ASPI mode
    • More compatible audio emulation
      (TBL's Tint, some demos playing only noise)
    • Ticking/unticking 68000 "more compatible" checkbox on the fly does not crash the emulated Amiga anymore
    • AVI capture sound sync
    • New features:
    • Software 2x filters (Scale2x, SuperEagle, 2xSaI and Super2xSaI) and manual screen position adjustment.
    • Separate windowed and fullscreen mode width and height
    • 100% exact blitter block mode cycle diagram (cycle-exact mode only)
    • Replaced "run at higher priority" with priority selection select box
    • Added CAPS support to mini-version
    • Automatic AVI splitting
    - Griking

  •    Friday, August 22nd 2003 - Last updated @ 22:04 EST

  • RetroBlast! - While googling around I accidentally found a wonderful site called RetroBlast by a fellow named Kevin Steele. It's primarily a MAME cabinet enthusiast site, but the nicely produced video reviews and articles set it apart. The Wells Gardner D9200 monitor review is particularly useful, as that monitor is exceptionally well suited for emulation fans - take a look. - prophet

  •    Wednesday, August 20th 2003 - Last updated @ 23:29 EST

  • MameAnalog+ 0.72.1 - MameAnalog+ 0.72.1, a build of MAME featuring tweaked control options, has been released. Here's what's new:
  • includes the .u1 changes
  • Also added some more games with improved support for Druin's & mk64's rotary (12 way) joysticks interfaces. (thanks Jake)
    - MetaFox

  • MorphGear - MorphGear, the modular shareware emulator for multiple consoles that costs $20 per module, has been updated for Windows, Pocket PCs, and Handheld PCs. - MetaFox

  • ZSNES WIP August 19 - ZSNES WIP, the Work in Progress build of the Super Nintendo emulator, ZSNES, was updated yesterday. Here's what's new:

  • Updated IPS code. Now supports RLE, should fix problems if the ROM is expanded, and automatically view the ROM with a header. [Nach]
  • Removed obsolete hack [pagefault]
  • Added Visual Studio project, needs more work and clean up [pagefault]
  • Updated Super FX chipsram settings [Nach]
  • H-IRQ fix for many games [pagefault] - MetaFox

  • WinX68K HighSpeed 0.88 - WinX68K High Speed has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • Improved the reproducibility of the ADPCM playback operation, sound quality preferential mode and reproducibility preferential mode loading (demoniac castle Dracula, genocide 2 and the like)
  • Performed a small correction for Operation of DMAC channel 3 - MetaFox

  • DrSMS Homepage Update - Redmage recently opened the new homepage for Reesy's brilliant Sega SMS/GG emulator for the Gameboy Advance, DrSMS! This emulator has come a long way, and is now very close to the level of perfection set by PocketNES. If you have a GBA and flash cart, keep a close watch on the new homepage as the next version is expected to feature full working savestate support. - prophet

  •    Tuesday, August 19th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:43 EST

  • Dream Midi - Dream Midi lets you play midi,ogg,wav,mod,aiff,xm,and IT music files on your Dreamcast game console. - Griking

  • Gest Updates - Gest has seen two more updates in the last three days.
    • Gest v0.76
    • TAMA5 RTC emulation (incomplete, but you could also play the game without it)
    • Bomberman Collection (J)[S] emulation
    • Added video layer enable/disable keys (F5-F7)
    • Fixed screen stretching in SGB mode
    • Gest v0.75
    • TAMA5 emulation (RTC and saving doesn't work)
    - Griking

  • Raine 0.38.1 - A new Raine has been released today. This is a bug fix release and is " what 0.38.0 should have been". Changes are;
    • New driver : Magical Cat Adventure (international and Japanese version, but the Japenese version is really different).
    • Added the international versions of donpachi and dodonpachi to the cave driver, and upgraded the romsets to try to keep some compatibility with mame...
    • Fixed the crashes in the toaplan2 driver
    • Fixed "bg_image" in raine.cfg so that if you choose an external bg picture it's correctly scaled and mapped to the current color depth.
    - Griking

  • Model 3 WIP - The Guru updated his Model 3 WIP page with new screenshots of Scud Race featuring full 3D textures. He also wrote a tutorial for how to dump arcade games, for those interested. Thanks to IceMan for the news. - MetaFox

  • Hoot 2003/8/7 - Hoot, a multiple video game and Japanese computer music emulator, has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • Now ROMEO can be disabled for YM2608 and YM3438.
  • Changed reset method for FM synth timer.
  • Updated MAME's fmopl to MAME0.71u2 equivalent.
  • Updated ES5505/5506 to MAME0.68-0.71u2 equivalent.
  • Updated MuPD7759 to MAME0.67-0.71u2 equivalent.
  • Adjusted pitch for Mega Drive PCM.
  • Updated fmgen to the latest version (007a).
  • mfile_size option didn't work at pc88 multipurpose driver - fixed. (offered by UME-3).
  • Added drivers offered by Fu-.
  • Minor fixes.
  • File extraction tool for Glodia's games (PC-88) was also released.

    Thanks to Schadenfreude who got the news from Hally of VORC.org. - MetaFox

  •    Sunday, August 17th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:23 EST

  • WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 9 WIP - The WinUAE page has a WIP list of what to expect in the next version:

    Bugs fixed
    - compiler misoptimization of some rare instructions (affected 0.8.22R8 only, usually caused GURUs)
    - bsdsocket emulation (connection freeze, IRCD, AmyGate etc..)
    - NTSC vsync sound
    - Windows 2K/XP CD detection problems in non-ASPI mode
    - more compatible audio emulation (TBL's Tint, some demos playing only noise)
    - ticking/unticking 68000 "more compatible" checkbox on the fly does not crash the emulated Amiga anymore
    - AVI capture sound sync

    New features:
    - software 2x filters (Scale2x, SuperEagle, 2xSaI and Super2xSaI) and manual screen position adjustment
    - separate windowed and fullscreen mode width and height
    - 100% exact blitter block mode cycle diagram (cycle-exact mode only)
    - replaced "run at higher priority" with priority selection select box
    - added CAPS support to mini-version
    - automatic AVI split

    Thanks to Avanze for the news. - MetaFox

  • MorphGear - MorphGear, a shareware Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, NES, SNES, SMS, GameGear, Sega Genesis, and TurboGrafx-16 emulator, for Win32, PocketPC, and Handheld PCs has been updated. The emulators are all in modules which are all included in the download - but the GBC, GBA, NES and SMS/GG modules are shareware and cost $20 a piece or $56 for all 4. - MetaFox

  •    Saturday, August 16th 2003 - Last updated @ 23:47 EST

  • MAME Varients - Several MAME varients have been updated to 0.72u1 lately: The spanish MAME build EsMAME for DOS and EsMAME32 for Win32, SmoothMAME, with Athlon and i686 optimized builds, and MAME Plus! for DOS and MAME32 Plus! for Win32 with P4, athlon, and i686 optimized builds. - MetaFox

  • Gest 0.74 - Gest, the emulator for all of the variations of the original Gameboy, has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • Road Rash (GBC) works again
  • Otogi Banashi Tai (J) now works in SGB mode
  • Work Master v1.00 - Multitask OS for Gameboy (PD) now works (better)
  • added more volume to digital sound - Hamster Paradise 3 (J)[C][!]
  • fixed graphics problems:
  • missing sprites,gfx trash in Hunter X Hunter - Kindan no Hihou (J)[C][!]
  • status bar incorrect display in Warriors of Might and Magic (U)[C][!]
  • blinking sprites in Hitoride Dekirumon - Cooking Densetsu (J)
  • 'glitches' in ClassKing Yamazaki (J)[C][!], In Your Face (U) and Puyo Wars (J) - MetaFox

  • Intellivision MESS Build for Dreamcast 072 - Reaper has updated his Intellivision build of MESS to use Ice88's MESS 0.72 source update. This now features a menu with graphics by GabbiAngel, sound, and is full speed. - MetaFox

  • MAME and MESS Dreamcast Source 0.72 - In this DCEmulation topic, Ice88 has released sourcecode for his up-ports of MAME and MESS for Dreamcast to the latest sourcebase, 0.72. Note that the MESS build does include the file selector. - MetaFox

  •    Friday, August 15th 2003 - Last updated @ 07:51 EST

  • Gest 0.73 - Gest the gameboy hardware emulator for Windows, has been updated. Here's what's new:
  • added support for one joystick
  • fixed graphics problems in AIR Pocket OP Demo (PD
  • fixed a bug when loading a non-SGB rom in SGB mode
    sometimes made it stop working (SGB mask was left on) - MetaFox

  • Dolwin 0.05 - Dolwin, the Gamecube emulator for Windows that plays homebrew games and demos, has been updated. Here's the features:

  • Dolwin has a Gekko interpreter (w/o paired singles though).
  • has fast cache emulation.
  • has a Windows GUI debugger, we are planning to add an "old-school" console (like one in UltrraHLE)
  • it runs PONG and a bunch of unreleased DesktopMa demos. Such as ARKANOID, CACHE, PADTEST, COLORTEST etc - MetaFox

  • ZVGemu 1.3 - ZVGemu, the Zektor Vector Generator emulator formerly known as Retrocade, has been updated:

  • Added 90, 180, and 270 degree rotation
  • All colors have even weight
  • Fixed crashing with pressing of F5, F7, and F10
  • Fixed "-noraster" so it actually works

    ZVGemu allows you to play vector arcade games on a real vector monitor using the ZVG (Zector Vector Generator) board. A ZVG board is not required to play this emulator.

    Thanks to Schadenfreude for the news. - MetaFox

  • Atari++ 1.26 - Atari++, an Atari 400, 800, 400XL, 800XL, 130XE, and 5200 emulator for Linux, Solaris, Irix, and Windows, has been updated. This is a release of the latest CVS snapshot. The *nix versions need to be compiled to run, the Windows version has a binary released compiled using the SDL library.

    Thanks to Avanze for the news. - MetaFox

  •    Thursday, August 14th 2003 - Last updated @ 16:02 EST

  • Nebula 2.23c - A new version of Nebula, the CPS2 emulator has been released. Changes are;
    • CPS2
    • Added new cps2shock xor tables
    • NEOGEO
    • Added 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003' game.
    • Fixed some problems with multislot emulation when there were empty slots between 2 used slots.
    • Synced game drivers and bios names with latest MAME.
    - Griking

  •    Wednesday, August 13th 2003 - Last updated @ 14:41 EST

  • NeoGeo For Life - Congratulations to my friend Kazuya's great site NeoGeoForLife.com, having recently reached their one millionth visitor! Check it out if you've never been there before, it's a great source for NeoGeo information and especially game reviews. The latest review of Matrimelee is a good read - be sure to note the region differences in the music for example! - prophet

  • XBox on PC - Apparently an "XBox emulator" called Xeon has been released, allowing one to play XBox games on a PC. At the moment only one game, the NTSC version of Halo, is supported. I have not tried this myself, and therefore cannot comment further - check out XBox-Scene for news and downloads. (Thanks Lou4429) - prophet

  • Sopwith SDL for GP32 - The old CGA/EGA era dogfighting game Sopwith was ported via SDL to GP32! Thanks to the author Pawel Szymczykowski for the email. - prophet

  •    Tuesday, August 12th 2003 - Last updated @ 22:50 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated! - chris

  • UltraHLE Reborn? - It looks like there's something interesting going on over at the official UltraHLE homepage. Is UltraHLE back? Time will tell. - Griking

  • Kawaks v1.47b - This release of Kawaks is just a bugfix release.
    • Now using the S1 from a different CTHD2003 cart, this one fixes the power bars.
    • Set NeoGeo Z80 speed back to 6mhz as to many sound related things broke
    - Griking

  • SNES9x v1.41 - The Super Nintendo emulator SNES9x has been updated today. Changes are;
    • Win32 controllers now stay the same between games.
    • Win32 Open ROM dialog fixes
    • Win32 Display dialog fixes
    • Win32 OpenGL ratio tweaking. (Reduces the gray line)
    • Fixed Win32 superscope for those having issues
    • Generic accuracy fix in main Superscope emulation
    • Sprite bug fixed (gah! How'd we miss that)
    • SPC saving compatibility fix
    • Window clipping update
    • Mode 7 clipping fix
    • Latching fix
    • BS BIOS checksum and mapping fix
    • Working Uniracers hack (dma.cpp)
    • HDMA Indirect Address fix for Romancing Saga 2
    • Better savestate hack, does it break anything?
    • C4 C core fixes. Mostly Trapezoid (thanks Nach), some s/short/int16/, some indentation.
    • Damn, but the indentation in ppu.cpp was screwed up.
      Killed some dead code too (twas commented forevermore).
    • Fixed a potential crash in S-DD1 logging
    • Improved accuracy of Hi/LoROM detection (~500 ROM test)
    • Hack for Moryou Senki Madara 2, don't call SelectTileRenderer from DrawOBJS if BGMode is 5 or 6. A real fix requires at least rewriting SelectTileRenderer, or inlining a special version in DrawOBJS.
    • DMA traces: add additional address info to reads too.
    • Killed the old Borland Joypad dialog
    • Fixed issues with Dezaemon and CT, maybe others
    • Changed the internal snapshot key from \ to VK_F12 Fixes issues with non-US keyboard layouts.
    • Fixed OAM reset to not occur during forced blank.
    • Killed some dead OAM reset code that doesn't need saving.
    • Unix/X11: Fixed screen jumping. CT enables overscan mid-frame for only one frame, and we now update the rendered screen height accordingly. Other ports are still broken.
    • Unix/X11: Fixed possible TV mode crash.
    • Fixed OAM reset timing (beginning of V-Blank rather than end) for R-TYPE 3 (J).
    • Unix/X11: Fixed OpenGL target
    • Unix/OSS: Fixed big endian sound
    • Tweaked the About Dialog so its read-only and no scroll
      - Griking

    • You knew it was gonna happen - MAME v0.72 has been ported over to BeOS which the usual band of updates. You can nab it right here. And if you don't have BeOS, and wanna try it out, you can nab my personal favorite distrobution of it called BeOS Max Edition from here. But if you're unsure as to whether or not you wanna try it, someone has made a BeOS Live CD that boots and runs completely off the CD-ROM right here. Thanks to BeEmulated for the news and the kind words. ;) - dhalamar

  •    Monday, August 11th 2003 - Last updated @ 16:27 EST

  • MESS 0.72 - MESS 0.72 has been released! Mainly a bug fix release. You can view the changelog here. - chris

  • Guru Update - The Guru has updated his website with new arrivals and other tidbits. - Griking

  • CPS 1 NF - CPS 1 NF is a CPS1 emulator for the Dreamcast game console. There are a few graphics problems on some games, and is not full screen. It supports all CPS1 games, but due to memory restrictions, it will only load up to 5 meg games. Speed is between 90-100% for the games that work.
    - Griking

  • VisualBoy Advance v1.6 - VisualBoy Advance has been updated and it's a large one. Changes in version 1.6 are;
    • Core changes:
    • Added rewind support (initially disabled)
    • Added support for slowdown codes
    • Added emulation of sprite priority bug (thanks PokemonHacker)
    • Added simple emulation for BIOS call 0x2a
    • Added enhanced save type detection option (default)
    • Added DMA hack for an obscure case
    • Improved loading speed
    • Fixed sleep/stop state support
    • Fixed bug caused by rendering optimizations
    • Fixed crash while debugging startup routines
    • Fixed DMA emulation
    • Fixed priority between OBJ Window and regular windows
    • Fixed thumb disassembly bug
    • Fixed sound envelope bug when set to 0 to mute sound (thanks PokemonHacker)
    • Fixed CpuFastSet/CpuSet bugs (thanks PokemonHacker)
    • Fixed warning message when using AGBPrint
    • Fixed DMA timings
    • Windows:
    • Added movie recording/playback (joypad movement recording)
    • Added support for automatic SGB border display
    • Added option to auto hide menu in full screen mode
    • Added rewind support
    • Added bug report menu to provide needed information for solving problems
    • Added FAQ optin to take to the VBA website FAQ
    • Menu toggle can now have a customizable accelerator instead of ESC
    • Fixed bug on GBA cheats showing the wrong enable state (checkbox was ok)
    • Fixed bug enabling/disabling BG layers (introduced in version 1.5.1)
    • Fixed export settings to also export viewers settings
    • Fixed bug saving keyboard settings in INI file
    • Ffixed map viewer click address in some cases
    • Fixed map viewer rendering for 512x512 screens
    • Fixed tile viewer click address and tile number in 256 color mode
    • Allow customize to run in fullscreen mode (exception of 320x240 mode)
    • SDL versions:
    • Added support to turn sound off and change channel enable
    • Added support for automatic SGB border display
    • Added rewind support (CTRL+B)
    • Fixed bug enabling/disabling BG layers (introduced in version 1.5.1)
    • Fixed typo on pause-when-inactive option which made it not recognized
    - Griking

  • SMaSher v0.2 - SMaSher is a Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator. Changes in this version are;
    • Added V-Sync option
    • Added new funky SN76489 (PSG) rendering mode ( (Tell me what you think of this mode)
    - Griking

  • BGB v0.9 - BGB is a nice, fast Gameboy emulator for Windows. Among other features it supports zipped roms, save states, TCP/IP game link support. Changes in this latest release are;
    • Color schemes can be edited.
    • Increased precision of frequencies in sound code (alone in the dark intro interference effect).
    • Centralized/wrapped sound output (waveout, disk writer) code. Fixed AV if showing registers w/o rom loaded.
    - Griking

  •    Sunday, August 10th 2003 - Last updated @ 06:47 EST

  • GP32 Round-Up - Here's a few notable GP32 developments for anyone who didn't already know. NES emulation has now reached full 60fps speeds with sound, thanks to LJGP32 0.3! On the ironic side of things, turns out the GP32 Doom port was _underclocked_ all this time to 40Mhz! Thus today Craigx released GPDoom V7, which is 350% faster (solid 60fps in Doom 2!) than before. With all the extra clock cycles at hand, traditional Doom MIDI music is planned for future builds. You can download the new GPDoom and find all the latest GP32 news at GP32emu. - prophet

  • More MAME 0.72 Versions - MAME/MAME32 Plus 0.72 was released! Aside from all the great MAME Plus features, this build features Tourniquet's Gaia Crusaders fix, making the game playable. Also, the original MAME32 was updated to 0.72 sources. Please note that both are unofficial versions of MAME. - prophet

  •    Saturday, August 9th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:19 EST

  • Edge's World of BeOS Software - Edge is one of those guys in the BeOS scene that's helped out a lot in porting software over to this great, underrated operating system, and now BeEmulated is hosting a site for him where you can download some great stuff for BeOS. Click here to take a look. - dhalamar

  • Mame v0.72 - A new Mame has been released today. Changes and updates are documented here. And while a little off topic, I have to say that I miss the regular WIP Updates that they used to post. - Griking

  • Speccyal K v0.6 - Speccyal K (Gotta love the name) is Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k & 128k emulator for the GamePark GP32 handheld console. Changes are;
    • Now the custom keys are saved for each game. That means it's no more necessary to re-assign keys for each game.
    • Fullscreen mode. Please note it's automatically using frameskip = 1, to ensure correct speed
    • Bugfix: the snapshots are not loaded anymore when pressing the "B" button in the file browser
    - Griking

  • Gest Three-peat - While not quite a week, there have been three Gest updates since I last reported on it.
    • Gest v0.72
    • Added support for 8MB roms: Densha de Go! 2 and maybe others
    • Joust & Defender (U)[C][t1] now works
    • Mr. Do! high scores show again
    • Pokemon Yellow works in SGB mode again
    • Fixed a bug that prevented zipped roms from working
    • Translations are now easier to do
    • Gest v0.71
    • Cardcaptor Sakura now works
    • Fixed Block Kuzushi SGB color problems (most of them)
    • Autofire buttons now work better in some SGB games
    • Gest v0.70
    • HuC3 RTC emulation
    • Added 'GBC with initial SGB border' option
    • Config file now saves sound on,frame skip,sprite limit and LCD off options
    - Griking

  •    Friday, August 8th 2003 - Last updated @ 12:51 EST

  • ScummVM 0.5.1 - ScummVM version 0.5.1 was released today, fixing several issues uncovered since ScummVM 0.5.0. The following changes are included in this release:
    • Beneath a Steel Sky savegame code completely rewritten, eliminating several situations where ScummVM 0.5.0 would produce unusable 'frozen' saved games
    • Several other Beneath a Steel Sky bugs have been fixed
    • Some Curse of Monkey Island actor graphical issues have been fixed
    • Some issues when running ScummVM fullscreen under MacOS X have been resolved
    • MorphOS port has undergone several critical bugfixes
    • Dreamcast port now supports Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2
    It's recommend all users upgrade to this release. Please note that whilst BASS saves from 0.5.0 are compatible with this release, it's recommended you restart your game using the 0.5.1 save system if you continue to experience problems. - chris

  • ScummLinux 0.3 - ScummLinux is a ScummVM LiveCD. It allows you to play your favorite ScummVM-supported games anywhere; just boot the CD, choose a game, and enjoy. It supports all the soundcards supported by the Linux kernel and TV-Out for some graphics cards, so you can even play on a television set. Changes: This release includes the new ScummVM 0.5.1. Lots of options were added to the generator. There is a new generator which makes a bootable USB Stick. - chris

  •    Thursday, August 7th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:18 EST

  • U.G.V.M Issue 6 - U.G.V.M is another very good free online videogame magazine/newsletter. I'm sure that your mom would be happy to hear that this issue is dedicated to violence and gore in gaming. Other features include a writeup on the Death of the Vic-20, the evolution of light gun games and more. - Griking

  • Saya RXSMS v0.20 - This is a few days old now but I've just run into it myself. Saya RXSMS is a somewhat new Sega Master System emulator for Windows based computers. There's no real list of changes in this release other than a note on the homepage that speaks of "*LOTS* of cool features implemented, bugfixes and Optimisations" - Griking

  • NESem v1.2 NesEm is a NES emulator for PALM powered devices running OS5 and above. The number of supported games is approaching 300. Features / changes are;
    • More Mappers Support.
    • New Gfx and Sound Emulation Engines.
    • Running games in .nes format directly from expansion media.
    • Game saving for games that used to come with battery backed SRAMs (e.g., Zelda)
    • Game speed adjustment (Manual/Automatic)
    • Start and Select buttons mappable to hard keys.
    - Griking

  • 2600 StarFire - StarFire is a newly released game for the Atari 2600 game console. The game is based on the 1979 arcade game by Exidy but also contains some "surprises" as well. A binary is also available for download and play on your favorite Atari 2600 emulator. - Griking

  • My Atari Magazine Update - "My Atari is a free monthly on-line magazine for Atari users which includes in-depth articles, reviews and tutorials." This month's features are;
    • Foreword
    • Aighternet Party
    • Tip of the day
    • Clubbing in Cheshunt
    • Austin Gaming Expo
    • Do The Math
    • Going To The Dutch, Part 1: Dr Ambient (AEX)
    - Griking

  • NeoCD/SDL v2.0 - NeoCD/SDL is a port of the NeoCD emulator for DOS to the multiplatform SDL library. Changes are;
    • Linux Port
    • Now uses 512k bios image
    • A couple of crash on exit issues have been resolved.
    • Compiles with Mingw32 for the windows build now.
    - Griking

  • RomCenter v2.60 - RomCenter is a ROM manager for Windows based computers. There are lots of changes in this release.
    • GUI:
    • XP interface
    • Replace the 'split' and 'merge' check box by standart split, merge and un-merge radio button.
    • Audit roms even if the game name is bad
    • Back button to go back to parent node (or backspace)
    • Arrow navigation in list view: left = parent node, right = child node.
    • New parameters tab to handle new functions.
    • New filter editbox in the toolbar. ex: display only verified gba games, or french snes...
    • Fix games parameters: select what a 'fix' must do: rename, delete, find, change case, rezip, create dummies...
    • 'select clone' function to select only clones in the focused node.
    • 'select Main' function to select only main games
    • 'select no good dump known' function...
    • 'invert selection' to invert the current items selection (to remove games with no good dump known...)
    • 'create datafile of missing roms': Share it with your friend to complete your collection
    • 'create datafile of available roms': Share it with your friend to complete his collection
    • 'create datafile of selected roms': create a datafile of roms selected (main mame roms, French snes...)
    • Multiple drag and drop rom folder directly in the tree view.
    • Replace 'crc' column by 'signature' column
    • Re-Activate move and copy button in scan window when changing datafiles
    • Swap 'remove useless roms' and '...files' in menu for consistency with contextual menus
    • Remove repeated system message when no cd is inserted
    • Display volume name of not-fixed paths.
    • Fixed report bug when no paths added
    • Fixed parameters resolution when running a game.
    • Change datutilx.exe to datutil.exe to use new versions.
    • Fixed wrong icon in scan window (move/copy)
    • refresh list after working in scan window
    • ENGINE:
    • Fixed some bugs in 'fix game', interface, offline cd...
    • Case handler: manual or automatic (DB, Cap, lower, Upper or don't care).
    • Create dummy roms: create fake rom when no good dump are known (manual or automatic)
    • Option to ignore file extension proposed by a plug in.
    • Support for non-hex signature (snes signature)
    • Fix message origin report when fixing corrupted zip
    • Skip lines beginnig with # in datafiles (use for comments)
    • Fix 'Invalide argument to date encode' message
    • Add 'bad date format' message
    - Griking

  • PCSX2 v0.41 - PCSX2 is a Playstation2 emulator for Windows. (No, it doesn't play commercial games yet). This release fixes a problem where DVD ISO's wouldn't boot. Also fixed is a bug in CDVD code for DvdReads, now DVD iso's should boot just fine. - Griking

  • Yape v0.50 - A new version of the C16-Plus/4 emulator has been released. Changes are;
    • NEW Features
    • New README file (at last!)
    • Preliminary support for density select in true drive emulation
    • Drive LED on the PC keyboard scroll lock indicator
    • Fixes
    • Shadowing 1541 ROM between $8000-$BFFF
    • No more reattach of D64 files is necessary, when switching between true drive emulation modes
    • Save one last long pulse when recording whole wave TAPs
    • Cycle timing of a few CPU read calls
    • 0x8F (SAX) opcode (it set the Z and N flags accidentally)
    • No more truncations during sound frequency conversion (better interference!)
    • PC joystick control bug
    • SID setup dialog initialisation bug
    • Minor optimisation in sound rendering
    • Miscellaneous bugfixes
    - Griking

  • VirtuaNES v0.81 - A new version of VirtuaNES has been released. VirtuaNES is a Windows based NES / Famicom emulator. Changes in this release are;
    • Changes:
    • Invalidated operation with a keyboard when turned a chat window in net play into an active window. (Note) Can operate it in joystick.
    • Revisions:
    • Corrected that a general conservation error went when it started when DirectX7.0 or higher was not installed.
    • Corrected setting to SRAM check box of Cheat support.
    • Correct Mapper112.
    - Griking

  •    Tuesday, August 5th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:09 EST

  • Virtual II v2.0 - Virtual II is an Apple II emulator that runs on the Macintosh OSX operating system. (Are there any Mac people here?) Changes are;
    • Emulation of the Apple //e, including emulation of the 65C02 processor;
    • Emulation of the Apple //e 80-column / 64K RAM card;
    • Mouse card emulation;
    • Full-screen support and multiple window sizes;
    • Full, configurable support for the Game I/O connector;
    • Added a configuration option to allow choosing betweeen predefined machine types (Apple ][, Apple ][+ or Apple //e).
    • Solved an issue that caused the program to crash when a disk was inserted while no disk drives were configured;
    • Improved slot configuration: a card will now only fit in a slot where it will actually work.
    - Griking

  • NEStopia v1.06 - The excellent Windows based NES emulator Nestopia has been updated today as well. Changes are;
    • Fixed the input bug that sneaked up in v1.05. IDirectInputDevice8::Poll() was the cause. I forgot it could return DI_NOEFFECT which is not the same as DI_OK. The bug affected devices that didn't need manual polling.
    • Fixed a bug that caused all soundcards without support for hardware-mixed secondary buffers to not work.
    • Did some small optimizations in the PPU core.
    • Changed so that state slots are flushed to files (if enabled) every time the user saves instead of only during load/close.
    • Modified the path dialog. Two check mark buttons now control the auto loading and saving of state slots.
    • Less sound stutter when toggling the menu in fullscreen.
    • Tweaked the render queue and put a limit on how many frames behind the GPU can be. This is to prevent sudden jerks and input lag.
    - Griking

  • ePSXe v1.6.0 - After a long wait there's finally been an update to ePSXe the excellent Windows and SCO based Playstation emulator. There's a bunch of changes this time.
    • Fixed some cdrom emulation regressions and added more accurate cdrom emulation which fixed Gran Turismo 2, Dance Dance Revolution series, Gear Fighter Deboh, Hokuto no Ken and Gundam Battle Assault 2.
    • Made changes to cdrom emulation to make modchip detecting games work.
    • Fixes Legend of Dragon US, Winning Eleven 2002, Um Jammer Lammy, Omega Boost JAP, Wild Arms 2nd Ignition JAP, Saga Frontier 2 JAP, Chocobo Racing JAP and possibly others.
    • Added support for autopause when playing CDDA sound. It should fix the problems with music in games like Tomb Raider I.
    • Added support for report mode when playing CDDA sound. It fixes Tekken 1 music and Lemmings 3D. (if you have problems with this change it can be disabled with the commandline -disablereportmode).
    • Fixed some problems reading subchannel. (Harvest Moon)
    • Minor changes to change disc function. (Arc the lad 3)
    • Now the memcards are autosaved on the fly. It should solve the problem of lost memcards if the emulator crashes on gameplay. (Remember that it is a good idea to backup your memcards often)
    • Added gun emulation using a mouse. (Time Crisis 1, 2)
    • Now the mouse emulation can be selected in the second gameport, only 1 mouse is supported, so if you do enable it, it will be disabled in the first pad.
    • It is now possible to select analog, digital and disabled mode on every gamepad. (Thanks to everybody who helped testing it :)
    • Included multitap support. In this version only 1 multitap is supported. If you select multitap, it will support 4 gamepads, that will be connected to the first gameport of the psx. Multitap must only be enabled in games that support it, in the other games the gamepads won't work if multitap is enabled.
    • The keys F5 and F6 have a new function. F6 is used for select a pad, and F5 will toggles digital/analog mode on the selected pad. (You need upgrade your gpu plugins to 1.73 or superior)
    • The DOS window that shows the info messages can be enabled/disabled from the GUI.
    • Included support for CDI isos. (Discjuggler format)
    • Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core which made some more games playable. For example, Spyro 2 PAL, Spyro 3 PAL, Front Mission 3, Batman Gothan City Racer, Duke Nukem: Land of babes, Ridge Racer JAP, Nekketsu Oyako, Bust a Grove 2 JAP and others.

    Thanks to Hawq for the news. - Griking

  • Linux to cost $1400 - The Linux operating system has been held hostage by The SCO Group. You can pay $700 for your copy of Linux on a single CPU system now, or wait until after Oct. 15 when the price will go up to $1400. SMP machines will cost more. Read the news here. The press release is here. - chris

  •    Monday, August 4th 2003 - Last updated @ 08:51 EST

  • Weekly Gest Update - Well, its been six days since I reported on a Gest update and as usual there have been a few of them. Updates this past week have been;
    • Gest v0.69
    • Fixed SGB controller problem in Killer Instinct
    • Added clear button to control configs
    • Added autofire buttons to other controllers
    • Load rom now works with all kinds of file extensions
    • Gest v0.68
    • Luca's Puzzle Adventure now works in GBC mode
    • Beat Mania 2 now "works" in GB and SGB mode
    • Lake Effect Demo (PD) now works
    • Game Boy Smart Card (Unl) now works (does anyone care? :)
    • Fixed problems, that happen if you associate GEST with GB rom files:
    • GEST.exe "long filename game.gb" now works
    • Config file will now always be saved in the program directory
    • Gest v0.67
    • SGB multiplayer support (2-4 players)
    • Fixed another sound bug
    - Griking

  • ColecoVision FAQ v4.0 - ColecoPedia is a new website focusing primarily on the Colecovision game console. Among other projects and updates the author is working on version 4.0 of the Colecovision faq. Check it out of you're nostalgic or a fan of the console. - Griking

  • Kawaks v1.47a - This is just a bugfix release of Kawaks. No new drivers were added. Changes are;
    • Fixed various missing sprites in several CPS1 games (SF2 and DINO for example) that got broke in v1.47.
    • Fixed Graphic errors in KOF95.
    • Fixed sound disappearing in MSLUG 2,X,3 that got broke in v1.47 by upping z80 frequency to 4.4mhz
    - Griking

  • RockNES 3.02 - RockNES is a DOS based NES emulator. Changes in this latest release are;
    • Added pseudo-stereo sound output (optional);
    • ASM window now shows the PRG bank and the respective ROM address;
    • Small fix in the MMC3 IRQ timing (Joe&Mac2);
    • Mapper #90 IRQ timing improved and mapper fixed (FinalFight3);
    • Mapper #91 IRQ timing fixed (StreetFighter2);
    • Fixed a glitch in the ASM window (two CPU banks selected);
    • Fixed a bug in the pAPU duty cycle/envelope counters;
    • Fixed triangle channel (volume level wasn`t being cleared on channel off);
    • Added volume decay to triangle channel (avoids `clicks` on playback);
    • Fixed DMC volume decay rate and sample decompression;
    • Fixed $4011 PCM playback and its volume decay rate;
    • Fixed PCM data caching, no more emulation crashing;
    • Fixed gamegenie reset (whoops!);
    • Partial FDS driver fix (mapper #20);
    • File select dialog resized (heh, bigger!), plus with new colors;
    • Changed default video driver to VESA1 instead of AUTODETECT;
    • Stupid config mistake fixed, now 48k sound sample rate works;
    • Fixed a bug in the 640x480 stretch blitter;
    • VRCx IRQs are preliminary again, couldn't find a proper fix yet;
    • Known problems list updated;
    • Minor cosmetic changes.
    - Griking

  •    Saturday, August 2nd 2003 - Last updated @ 22:12 EST

  • TapWave Zodiac - PDArcade posted some hands-on simulator shots of the upcoming TapWave Zodiac handheld in action! This machine looks like the portable gaming PDA many people have been hoping for, and the PalmOS should also mean lots of potential for emulation. - prophet

  • Better Late... - The July issue of the classic gaming newsletter, The Retrogaming Times has been released. This is a great little newsletter that I highly recommend, especially if you're nostalgic at all. Features include this time around are;
    • The Many Faces of Frogger
    • Deadly Sins of Videogames
    • Those Magazine Listings
    • ...and More
    - Griking

  • Sega Model 3 - I got news of a Model 3 emulator here are some pics. Here is what I know from the e-mail:
    We'd just like people to know that there is a Model 3 emulator in development which has made significant progress. Lost World is pretty much playable though there is obviously still a lot left to do with the graphics. There won't be a release anytime in the near future.

    There is a lack of games to test and more Model 3 dumps would be very much appreciated. We hope that perhaps some interest can be generated in Model 3 dumping. The current games that are dumped are: VF3, VF3TB, Lost World, Scud Race, Virtual On 2, and Virtua Striker 2 '99. Of these, VF3 and VF3TB may be bad dumps.

    In the screenshots, the artifacts are due to incorrect alpha blending. The background is definitely not supposed to show through like that ;) We're not handling RGB4 textures yet, either (hence the funky blue bushes.) We know what's causing the alpha blending problems and how to fix them, but we're not going to bother with that yet as it's fairly unimportant for now.
    - chris

  • CPS-2 Shock - More shocks! Razoola has XOR'd D&D: Shadow over Mystara (Euro 960619), Capcom Sports Club (Euro 970722), 19XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 951207). Many thanks go to kenJi, jerrymouse, and Andreas whos donations made this possible! - chris

  • ScummVM 0.5.0 - Version 0.5.0 of ScummVM, the classic adventure game interpreter, has just been released. Changes:
    • Extensive overhaul of the music subsystem, more games now support music
    • Support for the Enhanced (V2) versions of Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken
    • Support for Beneath a Steel Sky, made possible thanks to Revolution Software supplying us with the original assembly source code!
    • Aspect Ratio correction added, by popular request
    Thanks to FBCrack for the news. - chris

  •    Friday, August 1st 2003 - Last updated @ 21:38 EST

  • Project64k 0.13 - Project64k is a version of the Project64 emulator that supports multiplayer games using the Kaillera network. Changes in this release are;
    • You can use different input plugins for online games.
    • Keyboard shorcuts fixed for online games, although I wouldn't use the fullscreen (Alt + Enter) because most probably it would make you lose connection...
    • Now the host (the 1st player) controls the cheats that will be used in the game.
    • You can send the chat messages using Ctrl+M while playing.
    • The emulator doesn't crash when the host presses the "Cancel" button, or a player presses the "Leave" button on the kaillera window =)
    - Griking

  • Kawaks v1.47 - A new version of Kawaks has been released along with a few new Xors. Changes in this release are;
    • New drivers:
    • Capcom Sports Club (Euro 970722)
    • 19XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 951207)
    • Dungeons and Dragons: SOM (Euro 960619)
    • Dungeons and Dragons: SOM (Japan 960619)
    • Dungeons and Dragons: SOM (Asia 960619)
    • Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Euro 950718)
    • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (US 911101)
    • Final Fight (Japan 900305)
    • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003
    • Puzzle Bobble (set 2)
    • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (set 2)
    • The King of Fighters '95 (set 2)
    • The King of Fighters '97 (set 2)
    • The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest (set 2)
    • The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle (set 2)
    • The Last Blade (set 2)
    • World Heroes (set 2)
    • Added a zoom window 150% and 250%. These look nice with scanline blitters if 'correct window ratio' option is set to smaller.
    • Fixed blue squares on screen after highscore entry in sfa2 / sfz2.
    • kof99nd decrypted C roms are now ones created from a 'save decrypted C's after loading' from the parent kof99 set and not the C roms used in the kof99p prototype set.
    • Fixed some name descriptions in the NeoGeo sets.
    • Fixed a minor merging issue in sf2uf and sf2ui (thanks LogiqX).
    • Correct P1 rom now used in Sengoku3 (old one was bad).
    • Changed NeoGeo bios ROM names to those in MAME 0.68.
    • Added a fifth Rom Path setting.
    • Removed androdun c3 and c4 ROM's as they were garbage.
    • Renamed shocktrj to shocktra.
    • Changed NeoGeo z80 speed from 6mhz to 4mhz.
    • Kawaks window position is now remembered.
    • Fixed slow sound in the CPS1 Qsound games.
    - Griking

  • System16.com Update - There's been a large update at System16.com. among tons of others updates is a new Capcom section which should make a lot of people happy.

    *(URL fixed by Atila, original post by Griking)* - atila

  • Raine v0.38 - Raine v0.38 is out. Support for Pengo and Pengo2u is added. Also sound support for macrossp. There may be more new but the docs don't seem to be updated yet.
    - Griking

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