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  • .TZX VAULT - Huge ZX Spectrum game vault!
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  •    Sunday, August 30th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:51 EST

  • MAME 0.133u4

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, August 26th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:13 EST

  • WinArcadia 12.21

    What's new...
    - Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  • BeebEm 4.11

    What's new...
    * Added AUN Econet support.
    * Added 'RAW comms' option for use with the serial port IP options.
    * Updated video emulation to remove screen stretching and fix cursor positioning.
    * Added some more shortcut keys, for use on laptops primarily:
    ALT 1 Quick save state
    ALT 2 Quick load state
    ALT 5 Capture screen to file
    ALT + Increase emulation speed
    ALT - Decrease emulation speed
    * Added support for the Master 128 numeric keypad.
    * Added option to enable/disable floppy drive controller.
    * Added option to enable/disable the real time clock Y2K 20 year adjustment.
    * Fixed bug in M128 BIT instruction (thanks to Michael Firth). Fixes some issues when using MOS3.5 (e.g. *CONFIGURE).
    * Fixed issue with file lengths in disc import option.
    - Fangface

  • Cogwheel beta 3

    What's new...
    - Fixed customising of controls.
    - Updated the setup script to use the 32-bit builds.
    - Added a warning dialog if COLECO.ROM is missing.
    - Set the configuration to x86 across the board.
    - Marked the emulator’s clock speed as [StateNotSaved], but allowed save-states to load if no setter is found for a particular property.
    - The emulator currently only supports a single 16KB page of cartridge RAM. See http://www.smspower.org/dev/docs/wiki/MemorySystem/Mapper#toc4 for the correct implementation details.
    - Added rudimentary (and apparently not-working) SRAM handling.
    - Moved a lot of code out of the huge MainForm into its own files.
    - Issue 50 (VGM player doesn’t work when region is set to “Japanese”) - Fixed in r381.
    - When loading VGMs, ensure that the emulator has an SMS2 VDP to support the required extended resolution ( issue 50 ).
    - The cartridge RAM is currently lost when the ROM is unloaded (unless you saved state before hand). Storing this to disk automatically would be a useful and convenient feature.
    - The VGM player doesn’t work when region is set to “Japanese”, owing to unsupported video modes in the Japanese SMS.
    - Fangface

  • Stella 3.0 Alpha 3

    What's new...
    - Added rewind to the debugger. This is only active inside the debugger *after* you've done a tep/trace/frame/scanline advance. Up to 100 such actions are currently buffered, but I'm looking into increasing this (and compressing the state info) for a future release. There's a button to do the rewind, the 'Alt-r' key combo, and a prompt 'rewind' command.
    - Added 'Fixed Debug Colours' option, which can be toggled with 'Alt-Comma'. This is similar to the functionality in the no$26k emulator. Right now, the colours are only optimized for NTSC ROMs. Also, shared colour registers aren't separated (so P0 and M0 are drawn in the same colour). These issues will be addressed in a future release.
    - Fixed bugs with enable/disable of graphical objects; sometimes the entire object wasn't disabled.
    - Fixed display and timing issues with ROMs that generate many more scanlines per frame than a real system can handle. This fixes slowdowns and graphical trash in Q-Bert and the recent Playaround Adult ROM.
    - Added support for 6K version of Supercharger ROMs (currently, only Cubis exists in this format).
    - Added '-joyallow4' commandline argument and associated UI item. This allows all 4 directions to be used on a joystick (which is required for the Bumper Bash ROM). Be careful, this can cause strange problems with other ROMs like Berzerk.
    - Added ability to completely disable fullscreen mode. The '-fullscreen' commandline argument (and associated UI item) is no longer a boolean, but has three possible values (1/0/-1 for on/off/disabled).
    - Changed NUSIZx descriptions in the debugger to be much clearer.
    - Fangface

  • bsnes 0.050

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Monday, August 24th 2009 - Last updated @ 18:02 EST

  • VBA-M svn 896

    What's new...
    -Added Save type detection feature, improved it some, improved it again and applied some behind the scenes compiler improvements.
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, August 23rd 2009 - Last updated @ 06:06 EST

  • bsnes 0.049

    What's new...
    - Optimized S-PPU emulation, provides a ~10-15% speedup in normal games
    - Cleaned up cheat editor user interface
    - Added save state and export data path selections
    - Added workaround for a strange issue that caused PAL games to run at 60 fps sometimes
    - Fixed sprite caching issue; fixes SD F-1 Grand Prix
    - Fixed PPUcounter reset issue; fixes Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai [Jonas Quinn]
    - Fixed scaling on scanline, Scale2x, LQ2x and HQ2x on hires and interlace screens
    - Fixed sizeof(bool) serialization issue for PowerPC architecture [Richard Bannister]
    - Fixed cheat code sort ordering
    - Fixed a bug with centering in fullscreen mode
    - Fixed an audio pitch bug when changing frequency
    - Fixed a volume adjust bug when frequency was exactly 32000hz
    - Fixed X-video RGB rendering bugs [thanks to tukuyomi for testing]
    - Fixed a file open dialog issue on Linux when using QGtkStyle [jensbw]
    - Fixed a memory corruption issue involving QApplication::main() [giovannibajo]
    - Added a preliminary debugger (disabled in binary releases due to associated speed hit)
    - Added S-CPU and S-SMP stepping and tracing support
    - Added read/write/execute breakpoint support
    - Added memory editor (currently it can only view memory)
    - Various code cleanup work, as usual (note: the debugger code is messy, as it is in-progress)
    - Fangface

  • WinArcadia 12.2

    What's new...
    - "View|Memory region..." command.
    - Galaxia/Astro Wars: compatibility improvements.
    - Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  •    Friday, August 21st 2009 - Last updated @ 06:03 EST

  • Agat Emulator 1.9

    What's new...
    - Added support for custom keymaps and screen palettes.
    - Slightly changed configuration format.
    - Fangface

  • MAME 0.133u3

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, August 19th 2009 - Last updated @ 20:22 EST

  • Atari++ 1.57

    What's new...
    - Fixed a couple of issues in the GUI, specifically when entering data into string gadgets.
    - Fixed again a couple of exception handling issues in the menau.
    - Made the keypad stick configurable, the keys for joystick emulation are now part of the configuration.
    - Added a dummy front-end, "NONE", that does not render anything to the screen.
    - This release supports .CAS images; however, they are not part of a C:(tape) emulation, but emulated as disks. Depending on the contents of the tape archive, the disk is either considered a boot disk, a binary or a basic file.
    - This release supports better disk support for BASIC and MAC/65 files. If you insert such a file into the emulated disk drive, the emulator will build a DOS 2.0S compatible disk structure around it and you can load the image from the emulated disk as D:PROGRAM.BAS or D:PROGRAM.ASM. Note that such disks are *not* bootable, you first need to boot, and then turn on the emulated disk drive.
    - Fangface

  • WinArcadia 12.1

    What's new...
    - Galaxia: compatibility improvements (game is now playable).
    - "Log|I/O port accesses?" option.
    - Russian language support (preliminary).
    - Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  •    Monday, August 17th 2009 - Last updated @ 21:30 EST

  • Hatari 1.3.0

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  • Turbo Engine 16 0.31b

    What's new...
    * Added the option to rip audio tracks to OGG format in cd ripping tool.

    * Fixed a major bug in save state code.

    * Added "Power Saving Mode" for laptops, notebooks and netbooks etc..When this is enabled, Turbo Engine will not use 100% CPU, to save battery. But you may get occasional stuttering, skips under this. For me, under this option, Turbo Engine uses 0%-5% CPU which should save quite a bit of battery.

    * Fixed a small bug in localization DLL versioning code. Now Turbo Engine won't crash if a language file isn't found.
    - Fangface

  • VisualBoyAdvance-M 891

    What's new...
    - Add the new SoundDriver.h file to the project file.
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, August 16th 2009 - Last updated @ 06:48 EST

  • RetroCopy 0.200B

    What's new...
    - Added 3D TV to replace old 2D TV, with phosphor glow emulation and curved screen for real 80s gaming.
    - Added 3D world which can be moved around in when viewing the games in windowed mode. Press F3 to switch between 3D movement and GUI movement
    - Added cycle accurate TMS9918 MODE2 emulation to the SMS VDP. Games like F-16 Fighter use it
    - Added version label inside program so it's obvious what version you are running
    - Fixed issue with background image not filling up entire display if resolution was over 1680 x 1050
    - Fixed emulation thread appearing to "hang" that happened when CPU usage was high
    - Scrollbar buttons now work
    - Removed the .GAME extension in rom browser
    - Forgot to call glFinish before swapping buffers, leading to a one frame delay which was noticable when VSYNC was enabled
    - Fangface

  • Arculator 0.99

    What's new...
    - ICS IDE interface emulated, when new FDC is not in use
    - Improved IOC mapping, improvements on !PCem, NetBSD etc
    - ArculFS now read/write, and now ROM based
    - Sound improved a little
    - Can now disable all video borders
    - SWPB now works, also corrected SWP and MUL encoding - Fire & Ice now works
    - Return of FDI support
    - ADP protected disc image support
    - FDC improvements
    - High-res mono monitor emulation (1152x896)
    - A3010 joystick emulation
    - Fangface

  • blueMSX 2.8.2

    What's new...
    - Added support for MSX1 VDP timing checks in the debugger
    - Added support for .der copy protected disk files
    - Fixed multiple bugs in DRAM management that fixes many known Turbo R issues
    - Fixed memory write bug in debugger that made memory writes occasionally fail
    - Fixed default directory for hard disk insert
    - Fixed memory leaks
    - Fixed Moonsound FM bug
    - Speed up save states and pause/resume
    - Fangface

  •    Saturday, August 15th 2009 - Last updated @ 07:17 EST

  • PicchioEngine 0.0.7

    What's new...
    - The range of the audio buffer size is now 1~3072 samples.
    - Corrected a bug in the PSG code that affect the starting phase of the waveform generators.
    - Separated the emulation of the two low-pass RC filters(DUO-R) from the BLEP audio synthesis.
    - The high-pass RC filter(DUO-R) now use floating point numbers instead of integers.
    - Optimized version of the BLEP synthesis for processors that support the SSE2 instruction set.
    - Fangface

  • Hoxs64

    What's new...
    1) Added general option to enable/disable opposing joystick directions.
    2) Speed optimisation to the CPU, CIA and VIC. The emulation is noticeable faster on lines with no DMA fetches and no IRQs.
    3) Bug fix to the reverse keyboard matrix. Was broken for years!
    4) Accurate emulation of the $DD00 VIC bank switch bug.
    - Fangface

  • uBee512 4.4.0

    What's new...
    - Added PC85B model for Standard PC85 models that use a combination of 8/16K Pak ROMs.
    - Changes to roms.alias.sample, roms.md5, and ubee512rc.sample to accommodate the PC85B model. Existing installations will need the working versions of these files updated.
    - Fixed –pak and –pakx index bug, incorrect index was being used.
    - Fangface

  • VB81 XuR 14/08/2009

    What's new...
    - You can save the disassembled machine codes in two formats: * a text format ".TXT" with full infos. * an ASM2 compatible format ".ASM". Just add ".TXT" or ".ASM" at the end of file name.
    - In the ASM2 window, all lines will be trimmed to avoid to put comments in the text REM.
    - "Crush" is gone, sorry !
    - To install Windows links to VB81 XuR, launch "Setup_Programs_menu_links.js" placed in the "Icons" directory. Link TXT, BAS, WAVs,Z81, P, 81, T81 and TZX. Most of files will be lauched and run in Vb81 XuR.
    - Fangface

  • Turbo Engine 16 0.31a

    What's new...
    * Fixed a problem that prevented Turbo Engine from running on some AMD CPUs.
    * Fixed a linking problem in compiler which caused Turbo Engine to fail to load on some computers.
    * Fixed part of "About" dialog box text getting cut-off.
    * Reverted back a change I made in Tremor (OGG decoder) which caused OGG playback to completely fail in release builds.
    - Fangface

  • Dolphin SVN Build 3972

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Thursday, August 13th 2009 - Last updated @ 05:57 EST

  • MAME 0.133u2

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, August 12th 2009 - Last updated @ 05:59 EST

  • My Nes

    What's new...
    - Still Alpha !!
    * PPU improved, more games are playable.
    * Supports for rar,zip and 7z archives.
    * Debugger !!
    * Switch between draw mode
    - Fangface

  • RetroCopy 0.100B

    What's new...
    Firstly this is a BETA, do not expect every single feature to be implemented or for there to be no bugs.
    Please use the forum at retrocopy.com to report any bugs or suggestions.

    Secondly you will need to convert your .SMS files to .GAME files. Use the supplied converter program to do this, place the .SMS files in the IMPORT subfolder and click the IMPORT button in the program, wait for it to finish and that’s it. The .SMS files will be removed so make sure you copy them to the IMPORT folder rather than moving them. The .GAME files will be placed into the SMS subfolder where you extracted RetroCopy to and RetroCopy should then detect them when you load it.

    The .GAME format automatically 7ZIP compresses the ROM to save space and adds important information used for accurately playing the game. Only the Master System emulation has been included in this BETA, NES will be included soon once the GAME format supports it. I am aiming for BETAs every friday for a while so keep an eye on the website.

    You can use the keyboard or joystick for playing. The keyboard keys are :-

    - Direction Pad: Arrow keys
    - Button 1: A
    - Button 2: S
    - Button 3,4,5,6: D, Z, C, V
    - Pause: Space
    - Rewind: Tab
    - Fast Forward: Tilde(~)
    - Zoom mode (fullscreen): F1
    - Show Status: F2
    - Configurable input will be coming soon
    - Fangface

  •    Tuesday, August 11th 2009 - Last updated @ 05:56 EST

  • VBA-M svn 880 MFC

    What's new...
    - Fixed saving of pauseWhenInactive setting to the config file.
    - Fixed logic bug with autoFrameSkip setting to not disable autoFrameSkip when throttle is disabled. - Fangface

  • pcejin r76

    What's new...
    There appears to be no indication. However, the homepage states:
    "pcejin takes the accurate PCE emulation core in Mednafen and gives it a native Win32 interface and additional features."
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, August 9th 2009 - Last updated @ 08:55 EST

  • uBee512 4.3.0

    What's new...
    - Added Dreamdisk model emulation.
    - Added ‘2mhzdd’ model parameter for 2MHz Dreamdisk model.
    - Added ‘dd’ model parameter for 3.375MHz Dreamdisk model.
    - The –side1as0 option now only has an affect used when formatting a disk.
    - Changes to libdskrc.sample to include the Dreamdisk formats.
    - Inclusion of patches for LibDsk and z80ex.
    - roms.alias, roms.md5 and disk.alias updated to reflect Dreamdisk model addition.
    - Fixed –hddx-close options, incorrect index was being used.
    - Fangface

  • WinArcadia 12.0

    What's new...
    - Galaxia: compatibility improvements.
    - PIPBUG and CD2650: "Settings|Graphics|Shadows?" option.
    - Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

  • Turbo Engine 16 0.31

    What's new...
    This is a small update. Only some front-end feature have been fixed/added. No emulation related changes have been made.

    * On Win2k/XP/Vista, IOCTL is used to handle CDROM now. This means you don't need ASPI manager (wnaspi32.dll) anymore on those operating systems. You can however still enable ASPI if you want by modifying "TurboEngine.ini" and setting "ForceASPI=1". On 9x/ME systems, it'll use ASPI automatically.

    * Cheats fixed (again). A cheat converter is also available on my homepage which can convert cheats from MESS/MAME's XML to Turbo Engine's cheat DATs.

    * Complete localization/translation support (including dialog boxes). See the "Localization.txt" in "Languages" folder for information on translating. If you do a translation, please please and PLEASE do submit them to me. ;)

    * Turbo Engine now warns for unconfigured BIOS while loading CDROM games.

    * CD ripping works in another thread so that the GUI is updated and emulator doesn't get freezed until ripping is finished.

    * Added command line support. The syntax is: "TurboEngine [--fullscreen] path_to_rom.[bin,pce,zip,7z,cue,iso]"

    * Fixed some crashes. Improved stability a bit (hopefully).

    * Increased speed. Now it should be a little faster (but don't expect too fast). A lot more is still to be done in this area :) .
    - Fangface

  •    Monday, August 3rd 2009 - Last updated @ 17:32 EST

  • Gens/GS Release 7, Preview 3

    What's new...HERE. - Fangface

  • MAME 0.133u1

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, August 2nd 2009 - Last updated @ 21:10 EST

  • Speak & Spell 1978 Simulator for Windows 3.04

    What's new...
    - Updated the HTML manual.
    - Fixed bugs and tuned in exactly.
    - Extended the limit day for use.
    - Fangface

  • WinArcadia 11.92

    What's new...
    - "Log|Log console to file?" option.
    - Debugger CLI: added BASE command.
    - Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
    - Fangface

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