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  •    Saturday, September 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:44 EST

  • Traverse USA Goes JAE - Norbert Kehrer let me know that he just added Traverse USA to JAE his Java Arcade Emulator. Visit his site and you can play it right in your browser. - Opi

  • New Dumps - ShinobiZ posted an update about the Model2/3 games they've dumped. Before you ask, no they're not available for download. - atila

  • A Macintosh version of NeoPocott is coming soon. Some 10 screenshots have been uploaded to my web site. - richard

  • 120Min CD-Rs - I just read on CDRInfo.com that 120Min CD-Rs are now available and they're made by the same company that released the 99min CD-Rs. Here's a bit more info:

    This is what we have learned so far about 120min CDs:
    a) The media manufactured from the same company that makes 99min CDs
    b) There are CDR-W drives, which can burn them! Mitsumi 4804TE works fine
    c) The technology behinds them is the same as used with 99min CDs

    Check out CDRInfo.com for more info. - atila

  • Vintage Gaming Down - Not Dead - Don't fear - the Vintage Gaming Network isn't dead ! I just talked to Dave and he told me that the outtage seems to be affecting the entire networking (including gamefan.com, voodooextreme.com etc.), Right now he can't say why the server is causing trouble ... just be patient and everything should be fine again real soon ! - Opi

  • OC ReMix Flood - open da floodgates. In an effort to catch up with a wave of excellent submissions, I have added five new ReMixes to OverClocked Remix. Yeah. 2 Diablo, 1 Chrono Trigger, 1 Final Fantasy 3, and 1 Deflektor. Potpourri :) - david

  • Power64 v2.9 - EmuHQ mentioned a new Power64 release. Power64 is a shareware C-64 emu for the PowerMac available in english, german, spanish and french (not completed). Power64 is restricted to 10 minutes per session until you register - you can register it here (fee $25). - Opi

  • Anex v2.29 - The japanese EPSON PC-286/586 emulator Anex has been updated once again. The EPSON PC-286/586 series is compatible with NECs PC9801 machines - sadly I found new changes info at the english homepage, but there's at least an interesting FAQ to read online. Thanks to Crokk for the release hint, visit his italian PC98 Sekai site and you'll find some nice stuff to test the latest Anex release :) - Opi

  • Saint's BYOAC - Saint's recent update mentions several new arcade cabinet projects and a snippet regarding the apparently dead Stick-It company. He also needs help from PERL or PHP3 programmers - take a look if interested. The world's best arcade controls site? I think so. :) - prophet

  • fMSX FAN v1.41 - There was a new release of this Japanese MSX emulator, featuring SMSplus OPL emulation for PCM sound, update to Allegro 3.9.33, correct ESC emulation, SCC bugfix, sampling frequency specification and more! Check out M.E.P. for the file and more MSX goodies. - prophet

  • RomCenter News - There are 5 new datfiles available at the RomCenter homepage :
    + Sega System c2 0.2b (Logiqx)
    + Laser 0.11a (Logiqx)
    + Mess 0.37b7 (Logiqx)
    + Amiga 0.0.8 - 808 games (***GIU***)
    + NeoGeo Pocket Color (2 datafiles) Darren Bradbury (Dremscape)) - Opi

  • Jagulator Released - A few minutes ago, Jagulator v1.3.1 development alpha was released to the public. It's mainly a debugger release, so it won't play any games (not that I know of, anyway) but it DOES show the Jaguar startup screen. Please read the notes at EmuGaming as to why this was released. Thanks to bomb` for the news. - atila

  • Fake Emus are fun! - One of our messageboard regulars, Freeweed, put together this "WIP" page! Mortal Kombat and Nintendo64 emulated on 486's using Gameboy emu cores? Heck why not! With so many fakes out there, it's nice to see someone tell the truth about their lies. ;) - prophet

  • MIMIC release imminent - MIMIC author TheBeaver has made great progress with sound and more, and hopes to spring a new release this weekend! - prophet

  • Mortal Kombat I/II hacks - There were several hacks of these fighting games, and you can learn more here at the Mac Arcade Controls page! MAME fans can then visit Arcade Heaven & download a few of them. According to GuruChoc, they're needed soon. ;) - prophet

  •    Friday, September 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:39 EST

  • VGS Demo Available - It seems that the management of Connectix made a very good decision lately. They've uploaded a slightly crippled demo version of their awesome Playstation emulator VGS. VGS stands for "Virtual Game Station" and is the most advanced PSX emu for both Win9x and Macintosh OS to date. Please visit the VGS homepage for more info, prices and the downloads (PC & Mac) ! Thanks again to WWEmu for this fine news supply on a slow news day :) - Opi

  • Emu Jag Is Fake - Duncan from WWEmu is or let us better say was a beta tester of Emu Jag a nothing that pretended to be an Atari Jaguar emulator. Another hope has gone, another piece of sickness has been discovered. Visit WWEmu and read the full nasty story ! - Opi

  • GoodGen v0.999.1 - After a little period of inactivity (??) Cowering is back with a freshly updated Genesis renaming tool - GoodGen v0.999.1 now recognizes 2,880 ROMs and is available here. New in this release : all the ZZZ files are correctly named now, some JAP/pal added. Thanks to Till and Duncan for the emails :-) - Opi

  • MAMu_'s Icons for the X windows system - I have converted MAMu_'s icons for X, and I have also created a shell script to install the icons onto a KDE desktop. These icons are now hosted at the following URL: http://tkmame.retrogames.com/kmamu. Enjoy :) - chris

  • Steem Is Ready - After more than 18 months of development, Steem, a new Atari ST emulator for Windows, is ready for you. Click here to download the first public release. Thanks to Little Green Desktop for the URL and to Péter G. for the info ! - Opi

  • Don't Ask Me Why ! - but the FPSE homepage has been closed !
    Is this Playstation madness still going on ?
    "But we'll return..... ........(MAYBE) a day." - Opi

  • Pom1v0.5a - A new Apple 1 emulator called Pom1, is now online at the Apple I Project homepage. Verhille's Pom1 v0.5a is written in Java so it needs the java runtime environment to run. JRE 1.3 is available at the Sun Microsystem homepage. - Opi

  • OverClocked #132: MAME PR0N. This episode rated 'M' ;) - david

  • Genesis/Saturn Emu For Dreamcast - Finally, the Saturn has been emulated ... by Sega! Sega will be releasing the Sega Games Pack which is basically a 3 GD-ROM package with 3 Saturn games on one GD (Virtua Fighter, Daytona and a smaller game), the other two GD-ROMS will contain 1 Saturn game and 50 Genesis/Megadrive games.

    The Saturn games will look much better on the Dreamcast because they will get the DC-filtering treatment (kinda like the PSX games for DC on Bleemcast). More details will be posted as they arrive! (This info was taken from the 'rumor dept.', but that particular dept. has proven to be on the spot, several times before) Thanks to Dreamcast Weekly for the news (I love the newsletter, guys, keep it coming :) - atila

  • YAY! for The Netherlands - I was watching a program on Dutch TV last night about the fact that as of October 1, the 'brothel ban' would be removed and prostitution would become a legal business.

    This means that pimps (or 'entrepeneurs' as they call themselves) will now be called 'employers', hookers would be called 'employees' and people who frequent them will be called 'consumers'. With all their legal rights and duties. Prostitutes will have to start paying 17.5% tax and their clients will be able to deduct a 'visit' as a business expense. (This is a billion-dollar industry, so the Dutch govt. hopes to get a lot of extra taxes from this)

    Only women from the European Union are allowed to work in Holland, women from non-EU countries must leave the country ASAP. They did this to 'protect' the women and their consumers (women must get monthly check-ups now), and to get the women out of the hands of organised crime. Ofcourse, not all EU members are happy with this decision ... - atila

  •    Thursday, September 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:22 EST

  • A Bunch Of NeoPocott News - The final results of Gollum's NeoPocott logo contest are online, check them out and vote for your fave :)

    The author also uploaded many new screenshots of games running on the Acorn RISC OS port, based on latest 0.36b3 private core. Gollum worked hard, converted his emulator to C to make his code more portable. The latest source code has been sent to several porters, expect ports of NeoPocott soon be available for : Linux, MacOS, Amiga PPC, MsDOS, BeOS and Acorn RISC OS.

    Thanks to PnP for the steady flood of emails :) Visit NGPWorld, his nice french Neo Geo Pocket devoted site :) - Opi

  • Retrogaming With Combat PC - Lee's Peek n Poke is now offering Combat PC, a new version of the Atari classic. Hah, this is a news posting that fits ferfectly with our site name and theme :-) This new remake includes: more levels and powerups, new FX and music and a new gameplay design. This should be considered the full, final version. - Opi

  • Cafe and gamebaseZX - Remember gamebase64 ? A great combination of FrontEnd and database for C-64 emulators. Two similar projects have been started, both are claiming to be inspirated by gamebase64 :) Amiga fans should check Hi Toro the home of Cafe, and waterbombz.com is the homepage of gamebaseZX the other new "base" project for all friend's of Sinclair's ZX Spectrum. Thanks to morph72 for the Cafe hint :) - Opi

  • GordonJ has updated his MESS BBC driver web page with news about Kev Thacker's work on the i8271 and 1770 disc emulation, as well as news regarding the SAA5050 teletext emulation. A couple cool screenshots were posted as well! This is something to definately look forward to in the next MESS release. - chris

  • Emulation 9 Hits One Million - Congratulations from the Retrogames staff and an extra THANK YOU from me (Emu 9 is one of my most used news sources) to Navarone and his Emulation 9 for delivering news to more than ONE MILLION visitors. Welcome to the Millionaires club :-) - Opi

  • Gigantic Game Endings Update - There was an enormous update at the Video Game Museum Game Endings section. Rey uploaded uncountable new endings for 10 different systems - check out the new arcade endings page with games like Final Fight, Ghouls 'n Ghosts and Mortal Kombat ! View Gargoyles Quest, Killer Instinct and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for Game Boy / Game Boy Color or check the fine NEO GEO section for endings of Art Of Fighting 1,2,3 KOF 94/95 or Metal Slug. The Video Game Museum is proud to present you currently 471 game endings and much much more :) - Opi

  • Jet Grind Radio - I want to thank The Milwaukee Common Council for asking Sega to cancel the release of Jet Grind Radio, "saying the game promotes graffiti vandalism, a problem the city has been combating since the early 1990s". Now a whole lot more people will find out about this cool game =) - atila

  • A Macintosh version of RockNES has just been released. - richard

  • ngine-snes9x Needs A Logo - tubooboo needs help by you :)
    The ngine-snes9x homepage has been updated with a logo request : "Size should be 256*224 16bit and a bigger one for banners and the like. Official emu name is "ngine-snes9x". I could also use a dedicated "ngine" logo. All logos sent in will get shown on the site. Thx for any help!" So if you are good with Photoshop, mail him your sample :)
    5 days and 14 hours after he started the project to port SNES9X on Sega's Dreamcast, ngine-snes9x runs successfully in a special Dreamcast simulation environment ! As a proof he uploaded the first 4 screenshots :) - Opi

  • ArcadeOS v2.40 - MAMEWORLD reported a new ArcadeOS release. Click here and you'll see the latest changes in this DOS FrontEnd for Aracde Cabinets - ArcadeOS is an intregral part of the PC2JAMMA project. - Opi

  • A personal favor... - I rarely plug anything personal here, but I really want to help my talented friend Jahidah. She's a terrific young R&B singer, and needs votes at Farmclub so she can be on TV! :) Just use the digital jukebox, enter "yahoo" by "jahidah", genre is "R&B" - click "Play" and PLEASE vote for it to be on TV! Oh yeah, and listen to the song too if you enjoy R&B. :) Thanks, back to emulation now. ;P - prophet

  • New Unofficial MAMEinfo.dat v210-37b7 - MASH compiled a new version of his unofficial MAMEinfo.dat - force you fingers to press the left mouse button upon this point :) and your harddrive will be flooded with MASH's latest arcade emulation discoveries :-) Unzip the included mameinfo.dat into your MAME root directory and every content mentioned here should be visible for you :) Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Unofficial MameCE v0.36 b7.0 - Techmaster posted new builds of his unofficial MAME CE version for ARM & MIPS based Pocket PC's !
    Investigate this link if you wanna know whats new and changed in v0.36 b7.0 :) OHA - good news for all Ghosts and Goblins fans - he added this game by popular demand :) Thanks to EmuViews for this update info. - Opi

  • OC ReMix - quickie: a spooky 7th Guest and a funky Super Mario Ragga have magically appeared at OC ReMix. Take all you want, but eat all you take ^^ - david

  • G-NES v0.42 - G-NES v0.42 is online at Gigo's homepage. As usual, no info about the changes, but I noticed in the included english readme.txt the words "Family Trainer" ... does this mean that you can now play those old "fitness" games where you played with your feets instead of using a joypad ? - I don't know :) Anyway, click here to download the english G-NES version or click there if you prefer the japanese G-NES ! A translation of the changes would be fine :)

    UPDATE - here are the changes, provided by Guyfawkes :

    - o - Sprite priority correction
    - o - Correction of overflow flag of adc and sbc of CPU
    - o - Addressing correction of CPU
    - o - The behavior at Sprite 0 hit is corrected.
    - o - Sprite drawing speed-up
    - o - Reproduction of delay until NMI after VBlank flag stands happens
    - o - Reproduction of PPU VRAM reading buffer ring
    - o - The behavior when mid-hblank is written is corrected.
    - o - (*mapper*) 19(NAMCO106) name table mirroring correction
    - o - (*mapper*) 19(NAMCO106) IRQ timing correction
    - o - (*mapper*) 19(NAMCO106) enhancing sound source correction
    - o - Sound engine 2 rewriting
    - o - Written a part of (*mapper*) 5(MMC-5) - Opi

  • Rumor Mill - Agent 00Q has posted his findings after a week of hard work. He even posted a lenghty 'rumor' on bleem! for Dreamcast, looks like an announcement will be made in October by Bleem, LLC. Can you say new pics and movies ? Thanks to Coolmos for the news. - atila

  • YIKES! - "Sony Computer Entertainment of America announced today via teleconference that just 500,000 PlayStation 2 consoles will be available for its US launch on October 26 .... The announcement sent ripples throughout the interactive entertainment industry today as stocks fell sharply for several companies. Sony's stock dropped 9 percent while Electronic Arts' and THQ's stocks fell 11 percent and 14 percent respectively"

    Developers will NOT be happy about this, then again, you have to be pretty stupid to put all your eggs in one basket, right? Click here for the full article on ZDNET. - atila

  •    Wednesday, September 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:28 EST

  • Does This Guy ever Sleep ? - Oops, Attila did it again - Yape v0.16 is online (now it runs at acceptable speed) :
    - o - optimised screen rendering (YAPE runs almost two times faster)
    - o - minor raster improvements (well, maybe not in all cases)...
    - o - two bugs in the CPU found and corrected (the Monties and Arthur Noid run well now)
    - o - corrected the timing of the cursor blinks
    - o - synchronising to the 50 MHz timer is available - Opi

  • NGE Interview - Cleric of NGE conducted an interview with James, the author of the only known Colecovision emulator for the PSX. He also made an Atari 5200 emulator for the PC. Both of his projects and his future plans were discussed in this interview. Other interesting interviews, conducted between '97 and '99 with "famous" people like Dave (Final Burn), Loopy and zsKnight (ZSNES) can be found here :) - Opi

  • Welcome Back - NAZ ! - After disappearing for a few months, NAZ is finally back with his own site (that means he made his first real update - an announcement site was online since months) - WELCOME BACK :) and as a direct quote from his homepage - "STAY TUNED!". - Opi

  • Such A Tragedy - Oh my god, they caught Sega's SEAMAN :) - Opi

  • Virtua News - After a pause of exactly one month, the Virtua homepage has been updated again :) DaemoN reported the latest developing / ROM dumping news and posted new screenshots for Virtua Cop and Manx TT !

    "We finally got ahold of those new dumps. So I've got good and bad news. Daytona seems to be a bad dump, since Kayamon can't find proper code in the program roms. Manx TT and Virtua Cop were added and they're sort of working, they lack proper input, Kayamon will be fixing these shortly".

    In case you don't know what Virtua is - it's Kayamon's upcoming Sega Model 2 arcade board emulator. Model 2 games are Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally Championship, Virtua Cop 1 & 2 for example - Click here to view a list of all currently known Model 2 arcade games. - Opi

  • Virtua Seaman :) - Some of you may be familiar with the "proud Japanese tradition of software that simulates having a friend." Heh, not to mention the titles that simulate having a date. :) If you haven't experienced Seaman for the Dreamcast yet (where you have to use a mic and beg little talking fish to like you :), go ahead and give Old Man Murray's Virtual Seaman a try.. you can play it right in your browser. This was made using Eliza.. a chatterbot that's been around since 1966. (Heh, I would have used MegaHAL myself.. some of you may have met my DOS IRC version of MegaHAL (dubbed "Frankenbot" :)) - dutch

  • Unofficial SNES9x V1.30 Windows - Satellite Hut posted a new unofficial v1.3 binary of SNES9x for Windows. This compile has ZSNES's ASM FX core !!! You can get your copy here. Thanks to WWEmu for the info and file ! - Opi

  • Newsposters Needed - The Emucamp newsposting team needs a little reinforcement :) If you're interested in reporting news and joining their staff - contact Frogacuda or visit them on EFNet on #retrobase. - Opi

  • RockNES v1.303 - Fx3 released his third RockNES bugfix in a row ! Calm down mate - Rome wasn't built within 7 days - no need to hurry :)

    * Version 1.303 (09/27/2000)
    - o - Fixed (this time with sure) trainer support.
    * Version 1.302 (09/26/2000)
    - o - Fixed trainer support (bug from previous version);
    - o - Small mistakes with 'while' loops fixed.
    * Version 1.301 (09/25/2000)
    - o - Fixed some problems with FDS driver, more games are playable
    - o - Whoops! Fixed broken mapper #43 from previous version.

    Please click here if you wanna have this fine NES emulator :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • ComeBack64 Board - We're now hosting the official CB64 messageboard and Johan (the author) will be moderating it. - atila

  • LOL ;) - Yes, time for another great comic! This one is called SINFEST (don't let the name fool you :) and it completely rocks. This episode is hilarious =) - atila

  •    Tuesday, September 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:33 EST

  • OverClocked Potpourri - I just love saying 'potpourri' for some reason. Potpourri. What do I got for ya? Three new ReMixes - SonicCD, Shadow of the Beast, and Earthbound - at OverClocked ReMix along with a guest episode of TOKI over at the infamous Mystery Videogame Theater 3000. Potpourri. - david

  • High Voltage Sid Collection - Update 22 - The High Voltage Sid Collection has been updated with 600+ new C-64 Chip tunes (now 13,635 SIDs) - thanks to DrStu for bringing it to my attention :) - Opi

  • BeOS Coding HELP Needed - Tommy (BeOS emu related mailing list mantainer) asked me to post the following help request:
    "Since the old BeMAME project seems to be dead, I'm looking for a new Mame and Mess porter. He could use the old source, making the job easier, and he could also take advantage of the SDL library used by Xmame port. I think that a new version of Mame and a version of Mess for BeOS will be necessary".
    If you're able and willing to help - send your email to beosn@tiscalinet.it - Opi

  • Yape v0.15 - Another day, another Yape release :) Version 0.15 adds the following to this fine Commodore Plus/4 emulator :

    - o - D64 disk image support (courtesy of Zsolt!)
    - o - extended color mode done (Manic Miner, Rig Attack works)
    - o - miscellaneous bugs in the timers fixed (Dizasterblaster works)
    - o - horizontal smooth scroll
    - o - many new illegal opcodes are implemented
    - o - minor speed optimisations
    - o - double size selection now works as expected... (no, not fast :-))

    Visit the Yape download section and get Attila's latest update. - Opi

  • MAME Highscores - Hurra Howie Cohen posted a new HISCORE.DAT file for MAME, version 5 now supports 910 games :) If you wanna contribute a new entry, then check the homepage for the submitting details. Click here and grab your copy of the v0.5 Hiscore.dat (unzip it into your MAME root directory and you're set) ! - Opi

  • IRC Stuff - Many of you haven't seen me on IRC lately (I'm usually in #retrogames, #arcade, and #classicemu on EFNet (Eris Free Network) when I can manage to get on). Anyway, for those of you who don't know, EFNet has been extremely unreliable lately. There has been a rumor propogating that EFNet servers will unlink and disband within a matter of days. I have heard several (reliable) people mention that this is NOT the case at all, it was "a rumor that some lamer thought up and other lamers propagated. The problem is that EFNet servers are currently being hit with DoS attacks." Hopefully this will all be cleared up soon. - dutch

  • MAME WIP - I decide to check my mail and I have 20 mails by people saying that the MAME WIP page has been updated by the youngest MAMEDEV member, Santeri. That's Gridle, for you people who don't know his real name :) Thanks to everyone for mailing me, it's appreciated. - atila

  • Boring - Yes, it's quite boring today, it's so boring I've been playing around with a vocoder and I've been trying to screw up my own voice :) A vocoder is what they used to get those weird (robotic) voices in Eifel's 'BLUE' and Cher's "Believe", among others. - atila

  • Amiga Emulation Zone - Shane has filled numerous requests at the Amiga Emulation Zone, here goes: 3D International Tennis, Donald Duck's Playland, Jungle Strike (AGA), Legend of the Lost, Mach 3, The Manager, New York Warriors, Sensible Golf, Sky Chase, Stablemasters 3, Starglider, Tom and the Ghost, Warp (Finally)

    Shane also notes that you should ... "READ THE EXTRA INFORMATION - some will not work without some tweaks to your configuration". - atila

  •    Monday, September 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:59 EST

  • [pec] Warning - The [pec] homepage ([pec] is a Playstation emulation cheating utility) has been updated with an important warning. If you like and use this util avoid at all costs downloading a version called [pec-e] - please check the [pec] homepage for a more detailed information.
    Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the warning hint. - Opi

  • YAME v0.17 - YAME, a japanese Win9x multi-console emulator (NES, Game Boy and TG-16 has been updated to version 0.17. Since the page's language is japanese and we're missing our special agent Aries, I'm unable to provide you with any changes info :( Thanks to Navarone, the japanese "news machine" from Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • PSEmu Plugins - EmuHQ reported 5 newly updated PSEmu plugins at Pete Bernert's homepage. So go and grab your copies of Pete's excellent plugins. - Opi

  • Meka v0.55 RC1 - Zoop has sent a new Meka beta to his beta testers (like me). Here's a short description of the current changes in v0.55 RC1 since the last official release :
    - o - Documentation in GUI.
    - o - 3D Glasses soft and hard support.
    - o - CodeMasters mapper emulation (now useless).
    - o - Colecovision emulation improved
    - o - Various other fixes
    Stay tuned for another fine update of the most advanced Sega 8bit & Colecovision emulator - called Meka :) - Opi

  • Retro Remakes - Retro Remakes reported a 'Reverse Engineered' remake of Elite by Christian Pinder - check the Elite - The New Kind homepage for more. And don't forget to visit the Retro Remakes homepage for many interesting information about remakes of classic arcade, computer and console games. - Opi

  • New MSX Emu - TFH/Fony from The MEP-Crew has sent me an email with the following announcement :

    "Again a new emulator for the MSX system has come available. The MSX is probably one of the most emulated systems right now. This emulator is especially for Linux for x86 machines. Svgalib should be installed, and no GUI for Unix should be installed. As for the rest, you'll have to figure it out yourself, as no docs are included, and I know almost nothing about Linux... (I should be ashamed... I know...)
    This new emulator can only be downloaded at the MEP: www.file-hunter.com in the emulator section"
    . - Opi

  • DarcNES Win32 dn9a0924 - DarcNES was updated today as well, featuring fixed bugs in NES header parsing, PCE VDP and more. Get it here, and check the homepage for more info. (Thanks to Jedi newsman Opi for the last 3 links.:) - prophet

  • HuGo! 1.29 Alpha - Zeograd released new alpha builds for Windows and DOS! He calls this a "little" release, since the main difference is fixed CD-ROM support in the Windows version. HuGo! homepage. - prophet

  • Unofficial MameCE v0.36b6.0 - Techmaster released versions for both ARM & MIPS based Pocket PC's! Apparently this is the 1st fully functional build, and runs very well on iPaq. Please check the homepage for more info. - prophet

  • Which Games Support Dolby Surround ? - Ridge has updated the Adaptoid homepage with a new ("very incomplete") Dolby Surround page, that lists which Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Amiga and PC games do support the "Dolby Surround" sound standart. Feel free to contribute your knowledge. - Opi

  • Happy B'day A.L.E. - Amiga Legal Emulation has turned 1 year old! :) And to celebrate they've uploaded 36 more games for your playtime pleasure. Congrats Malc Jennings for your site's continued dedication to keeping the Amiga alive. - prophet

  • Magical 32X - new 32X emu - Retrobase emailed me regarding an upcoming 32X emulation project by RooFer. According to the progress report on the Magical 32X homepage, the compatability is extremely high already. There's also a pretty shot of 32X Doom running. Keep in mind nothing has been released yet. (And to the staff at RB, I *never* beg.;) - prophet

  • Wanna "Cripple" Your RAINE Emu ? - Then download the latest "official" release raine24sept2000a of Richard Bush's great arcade emulator RAINE. Maniac Square has been disabled by request of MAMEDev - as apparently it was disabled in Mame for a VERY IMPORTANT reason - which I still DO NOT know. Some guys asked for the RAINEdat file on our message board (Haze probably linked it to the exe file incorrectly) - in case YOU need it too - click here and you'll get it :) - Opi

  • RockNES v1.300 - Fx3's superb DOS NES/Famicom emulator RockNES is now at level 1.300. With the latest two releases, RockNES made a huge leap towards the "perfect NES emulation" goal and may become my favourite NES emulator - which are now JNES, NESten and Famtasia :)

    - o - Fixed a mapper #1 (MMC1) bug, now more games are playable;
    - o - NES periodic rewritten, much better, fixing tons of games!
    - o - Adjusted Konami's VRCxx IRQs timing (now 99.9% good);
    - o - Fixed a nasty NES reset problem;
    - o - Fixed Famicom DiskSystem emulation, thanks Ki for the docs! Notice that your FDS image won't be saved/changed for a while;
    - o - Sound driver optimized (a bit faster now);
    - o - As always... more changes and bugs squashed, but I don't remember... :)

    Click here to download RockNES v1.300 for DOS - thanks to EmuMania for the hint. - Opi

  • ClrMAME Pro 1.8b - Roman Scherzer released the latest version of his immensely popular ROM maintenance utility! It supports many emus, not only MAME. Get it here, and be sure the check the ClrMAME homepage for more info. - prophet

  • Congratulations Ashley & Chris! - This is a pitifully belated notice of congratulations to the proud new parents of Katrina! She was born on September 9th and I'm sure is a very beautiful little baby girl. :) Some of you may remember Ashley as a longtime Retrogames messageboard poster and emulation fan. - prophet

  • DC Namco Museum Review - Mike Stulir has reviewed Namco Museum for the Sega Dreamcast. It's not often Mike feels ripped off ... I guess Namco's Quality Control had a day off or something. - atila

  • Brighten Up Your Monday - This can only be done by laughter, so check out 'BEATERz.com: Chronicling Questionable Automotive Style'. Some of these cars are so horrible ... you'll laugh ;) - atila

  • FIRE, FIRE! - It's that time of the day again, Dave has released FinalBurn 0.021, here's the skinny:

    + Adjusted the sensitivity of the joystick. You should now get better accuracy in aiming, but you have to try harder to do a barrel roll now (which should be more like the arcade).
    + Improved the way input and pausing is done
    + Fixed the keyboard input so that it slides the analog stick at the same rate, no matter what the frame rate is like.

    As always, Ali G is watching you and the Final Burn site. 'Nuff said. - atila

  •    Sunday, September 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:44 EST

  • wine 20000909 was released a couple weeks ago...Changes include:
    USER and GDI are now separate dlls, with additional handling
    improvements to Win32 loading. The documentation has been converted to DocBook SGML format. DBCS support has been improved, including more codepages. The usual assortment of common controls improvements were added. Shared PE sections are now supported. GDI should now be thread-safe. Several multimedia improvements have been added. The wineserver protocol is being made re-entrant. Lots of bugfixes were added. - chris

  • csnes9x is a small and quick snes9x front end for the command line console. It will search a specified directory for ROMs, allow you to chose one, and then it will load it up in snes9x with any command line options you wish to pass to it. Version 1.0.2 release includes the ability to log snes9x errors to a specified logfile, reformatted help message, and a change of e-mail in documentation/messages. - chris

  • MAME Supply - The Guru redumped the bad roms for Chequered Flag and uploaded some very early MAME WIP pictures for this game. He also dumped the missing proms for AlphaxZ, uploaded 2 screenshots for this game and noted a now complete dump for Mission 660 (with a littly help of Mark Lawrence). Finally he stated that he successfully "preserved" an alternative (possibly world) version of Street Smart. News taken from Till's Sys2064. - Opi

  • Z26 v1.39 - Version 1.39 of John Saeger's Z26, an Atari 2600 emulator for DOS/Windows 95 systems - can be downloaded here if you first like to view the changes in this update - click here - thanks to Cloy for the information :) - Opi

  • A new look, 1500+ flyer scans with this months additions and the flyer viewer has been updated to work with the database being in MySQL. For those with fast Internet connections, make sure to check out the gallery feature of the new viewer.

    What more could you ask for? =)

    How about MAME FLYERPACK #13 (the lucky release) - chris

  • Are You An InternetJunkie ? - Well, if you check this list and you can relate, then you probably are =) - atila

  • What really is the most solid web server software? - richard

  • WinSTon v0.5 Changes And Downloads - Finally here are Paul Bates last changes in WinSTon v0.5 - I wish you all the best Paul and thanks for your work, efforts and mails :) hope you've made a good decision and won't regret it !

    - o - Fixed joystick button reporting on some games.
    - o - Access to all emulator options/favourites from within full-screen.
    - o - Extended GEM resolutions, such as 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768.
    - o - Fixes for TOS 2.06.

    And here are latest official WinSTon releases : the v0.5 WinSTon installation files and the complete v0.5 WinSTon source code, it requires Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Masm. - Opi

  • New Raine Released - Here's a new "unofficial" release of Raine.
    Haze compiled it (katharsis is still busy with his "examinations") and added Eugenio Derenzi's submitted drivers for Sengoku Ace, Gunbird, Biomechanical Toy and Maniac Square. For more information read the included readme24sept2000.txt or click here :-) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news and the binary :) - Opi

  • Here's an article on IGN about piracy. Jeremy Dunham (the author) contrasts the emulation of older consoles and arcade games with the outright piracy of brand new systems. Worth a read. - dutch

  •    Saturday, September 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 23:40 EST

  • Noticed that GuruChoc recently added a few more needed-soon MAME goodies - just steer around all the Aussie Olympic news... ;P - prophet

  • KI Image Viewer - Jabo (JNES dev) updated his Killer Instinct image viewer, fixing some color issues. Get it here. - prophet

  • WinSTon v0.5, Atari ST Emulation - As I stated several times - english isn't my first language and I still need a lot of help and work to improve it. Due to this FACT - I'm somewhat limited with my statements and it's not possible for me to tell you all the time exactly what I had in mind when I translate my thoughts into english :) So feel free to send me suggestions and corrections if you noticed another mistake, "bug", non-elegant or senseless phrase :) I would appreciate it ! And now to the main reason for this posting !

    I was mailed by a handful of people about the current Atari ST emulation situation - many guys told me that there are still two other ST emulators available for Win9x systems, so not everything's lost :) but - the latest released version of PaCifiST is 0.49 and more than a year old and Gemulator, is a fairly new ST emulator that I've never tested due to the fact that I was very pleased with WinSTon - but I'll test it asap !

    WinSTon v0.5
    "I don't wish to confuse everyone but there's a new version of WinSTon(v0.5) available on the WinSTon Development Page, together with the complete set of source code. It's probably best if you visit the site and read the latest so you understand just exactly what is going on! ...... I've had quite a lot of lot of e-mails regarding the end of WinSTon and how they don't agree with what I'm doing. Time to make things clear. The GameBoy Advanced emulator opens a whole new can of worms for the emulation scene. Nintendo is not exactly happy to hear of this emulator to say the least. ..... WinSTon is not worth risking my career over."

    Someone hacked Paul's PC - and stole the whole source code ! This is really something I can't comment without using strong words .... so it's better for me to shut my mouth and finish this posting. - Opi

  • Mimic WIP - The Mimic homepage has been updated twice in the last 2 days with Mike Beaver's latest coding results. Mimic is now able to run Sonic and other 256K cartridges - a lot of progress on the SMS VDP has been made - click here and read the full update (use Internet Explorer). - Opi

  • FrontDboy v1.4 - FrontDboy, Oscar Cerda's DBoy front-end, has been updated to version 1.4 !

    - o - Added the option to rename all the files for those internal titles of the roms.
    - o - Added supports for files * .gbz and super gameboy.
    - o - Added the option of "replacing existent titles" in the extraction of these. (Valid alone when generating the list).
    - o - Added support for SideWinder (dboy 0.70a).
    - o - Updated languages files.
    - o - Fixed bug when generating the list of titles with a single game.
    - o - Fixed bug in the extraction of titles in roms with protection.
    - o - Fixed bug in the compression of files.
    - o - Fixed bug in rename the rom for the title.

    Thanks to Kaervek for the notification. - Opi

  • MAMED! Runs NeoGeo - The MAME for Digita homepage (MAME for Kodak DC265 Digita OS based digital camera) has been updated with a new MAMED! release - two NeoGeo games are now running on - or in :) this camera hardware : Joy Joy Kid and Puzzle De Pon. Also a lot of bugs have been "killed", for more information and the binary go here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Pocket PC Ports & More - How many people do own a Casio Pocket PC and are interested in emulation of old system like the C-64 and the Oric home computer ? However - Oric world released Euphoric an Oric emulator for the Cassiopeia E105.

    The newer Casio model - Cassiopeia E-115 received an own Come Back 64 port :) As a side note - both Cassiopeia models mentioned here were SOLD OUT - so there are probably really enough interested people out there :-)

    Both news were sent in by Cloy - who also offers a download for SordEmu 1.0 at his site. If you're interested in M5 emulation (a very old japanese computer comparable to the british ZX-81) then click this link. - Opi

  • Keropi v0.50 - Kenjo just posted a new version of Keropi, his Win9x emulator for Sharp's X68000 PC - formerly known as WinX68K. News and changes in v0.50 :

    - o - SCSI CD-ROM Support (Preliminary)
    - o - Fixed 16x16 BG color bug
    - o - Fixed BG-Text transparency
    - o - Fixed Transparency in the 16 colors graphic mode
    - o - Fixed return value from CRTC register
    - o - Fixed interrupt in the DMA continuous mode
    - o - Now Keropi counts bootup time/count and stores them in SRAM

    Download it the Keropi download section and then visit one of Retrogames hosted "pearls", the X68000 Game Pile in case you wanna test Keropi with some funny stuff. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. For all those who wonder where I got the changes info - each Keropi release contains an english changes log :) - Opi

  • Yape v0.14 - Commodore Plus4 emulation is still getting better - Yape has been updated to version 0.14 ! Atilla reported that he finally succeeded in getting Revs to work properly, this is one of the real Plus4 highlights - I played it like mad on my C-64 back in the good old days :)

    - o - almost 20% speed improvement (still a long way to go...)
    - o - found an ugly bug in the CPU (ORA)
    - o - bug in the video memory relocation corrected (Tom Thumb works now!)
    - o - many new illegal opcodes are implemented
    - o - relative speed counter and dumb debugger added
    - o - debug reset added (hard reset with memory intact)

    Visit the Yape download section and get Attila's latest update. Download some old classics at LANDO'S C16/PLUS4 CLASSIX. - Opi

  • Thoughts About Playstation Emulation And "Fair Play" - NoComp has posted an interesting "speech" about the current mess that happened within the PSX emulation scene lately (you all know what I mean) - read it at the PCSX homepage. - Opi

  • MasterGear 1.4 - Marat has released MasterGear 1.4, his multi-platform Mark3, MasterSystem, GameGear, SG1000, and SC3000 emulator, you can see the changes by clicking here. The FreeBSD version has been updated, the other versions will no doubt follow soon. The Windows port can be obtained by purchasing the emulator for US$35. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • OverClocked ReMix - OC ReMix was updated with three new ReMixes - Castlevania, Super Mario Bros. 2, and . . . Castlevania! Also, each ReMix is linked to the original soundtrack, available separately through the MERIDIAN homepage. - david

  • Philosophizin' - I think it's worth mentioning that Zoop has posted his thoughts on Sega's anti-piracy actions at Emucamp and PeterD of EmuHQ has posted thoughts on GBA emulation here. You can discuss these and more fascinating issues in our fully functional (ahem^^) messageboard. Think deep thoughts. - david

  • Sonic Team Live! - I found this link on USENET (thanks Goodcow) and it's Sonic Team's live webcam. I just saw 2 developers beat up a huge plushie Sonic =) - atila

  • Portable 2600! - I received quite a few mails/messages about this (thanks, everyone :), so here is the link to Atari 2600 CVSp, a portable Atari 2600 made by Ben Heckendorn. That thing looks AWESOME! - atila

  • I realize many of you don't care for these kinds of posts from me, but ever since Jello Biafra got sued when I was in 10th grade merely for putting an H.R. Giger painting in a record album (for those who don't know, they tried to get him on "distribution of harmful matter to minors." He won :), I have always been attentive to attacks on freedom of speech. This will be my last link and post on the news page regarding Sega's recent actions towards news sites. - dutch

  •    Friday, September 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:32 EST

  • Genesis power - They've released Addams Family! - prophet

  • TZX Vault - Steve of our superb hosted site, TZX Vault, added 40 new tape images for you Speccy fans! Some Mastertronic titles and more. - prophet

  • Arcade Dumps - Our japanese super busy dumping crew, Team Japump!!! reported the successful dumping of :
    - . . Othello Shiyouyo (For JAPAN) (c)1998 Success ST-V system
    - . . Tekken (JPN Ver.) (c)1994 Namco Ver.B Namco System11
    - . . Eight Forces (c)Tecmo 1994
    - . . Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers - (JPN Ver.) c)1993 Capcom Ver.931005 & 930911 CP System II
    - . . Rezon (JPN Ver.) (c)1991 Allumer
    Domo Arigato - (hope that's correct :-) - Opi

  • DC & SNES9X News - Emanuel has started his own SNES emulation project for Sega's Dreamcast based on the current Snes9x source, you can find his site here !

    And here are some official Snes9x news, straight from the Developers Journal : Gary is trying to get a few non-working games working (Traverse fixed), he's also working on SA-1 game speed up, received the C4 chip information from zsknigh and announced the implementation into Snes9x very soon and finally (with a little help of a "back-up unit") he hopes to get the DSP-1 emulation working for games other than Mario Kart. These are only some quotes ripped from the really large journal update - read the full posting here.
    Many thanks to Boun from EmuForce for the notification ! - Opi

  • 128 Museum Moved - The 128 Museum, a site that deals with Sinclair's ZX Spectrum 128 has been moved to a new home - please update your bookmarks to http://128museum.speccy.cz ! A handful of new 128 classics has been uploaded for your enjoyment too. - Opi

  • CDR Info News - CDR Info mailed me: "Today we post the news about Sanyo's coming 16x writing CDR-W drives... (The) Sanyo drive supports 16x writing, 10x re-write and 40x reading speeds. Also supports "BURN-Proof" technology which the Yamaha drive doesn't support!" - prophet

  • KI Graphics Viewer - Jabo of JNES fame has developed a cool utility (just 20K) that decodes graphics data from Killer Instinct dumps and allows them to be viewed! Check his homepage for more info. There's a small JNES update too. :) (And NO, I haven't "quit da skene." :P) - prophet

  • The WinSTon Story Explained - Paul Bates has updated the WinSTon homepage (probably for the last time) with a statement why he decided to pull his great Atari ST emulator :

    "So it this the end of WinSTon? Yes. It is.
    Why? How? When? What? It was rather abrupt, I admit, but it was my own decision and I was not pressured by others.
    As many of you know I work in the games industry and last week I heard news of an emulator for the GameBoy Advance. In fact, there were two reportedly in development. I cannot begin to explain how f**ked off I was to hear this - the machine is not even released. Think how developers feel to know that as soon as they release a title for this new machine it will be on the Internet and emulated before anyone has had chance to play it on the real machine.
    Over the last year or so the emulation 'scene' has seemed to have lost the plot. Nostalgia and emulation of 'dead' machines is a worthy cause - these machines should not be forgotten - but blatantly ripping off Developers/Nintendo/Sony/Sega/Microsoft is not what it is all about.
    So, as I feel so strongly about this, the result is that I no longer wish to be associated with emulation in any form - it has lost its appeal - and WinSTon is now terminated".

    Sorry to say that I can't understand his reasons to shutdown his own work, but WinSTon is and was a really amazing piece of software and he's free to do whatever he wants to. Many thanks to Paul for his great work, maybe someone can fill the gap using Paul's source code or an own project - and also a thank you to EmuHQ for the news report. - Opi

  • Messageboards - I forgot to mention that they're working again, so feel free to post again :) - atila

  • Response to Sega - A very good (IMHO) response to the letter that Sega has been sending to various news sites has been posted over at Emugaming. Click here to go directly to it. - dutch

  • Yummy Asteroids - There are a bunch of emulators that emulate Asteroids, but for the first time, the game has been emulated in a 'yummy' way, click here for the pics :) Happy belated birthday, Spoonman! - atila

  • G-NES v0.41 - Gigo's G-NES has been updated to v0.41. G-NES is a NES emulator for Win9x with DirectX 5.0 - it supports more than 30 mappers, the Famicom Disk System and *VS-Unisystem. Please choose your download : G-NES Ver0.41 (English) or G-NES Ver0.41 (Japanese). Thanks to madDog for the email. - Opi

  • Personal Ad - 'Jesus' is looking for a girlfriend, check jesus.com for more info ;) Thanks to SoulChip for the news. - atila

  • MSX News - Here's a snippet from a mail I received from the MEP Crew:

    fMSX SO now finally appeared with an English manual, making life a whole lot easier. The translation was done by Takamichi. So now I can also give you a bit of information about fMSX SO. Basicly it comes down to the fact that the writer of this emulator wasn't very pleased with the OPLL emulation of the other emulators. And he is right. There is no MSX Emulator with decent OPLL Emulation. He is now trying to achieve this through MIDI.

    You can download this emulator at the MEP Crew's site. - atila

  • Planet Harriers - DC.IGN has posted the first Planet Harriers movies and they look GREAT! 'Planet Harriers' is the sequel to Sega's 'Space Harrier', a magnificent game IMHO. - atila

  • Fear Not ... - Updates will appear shortly :) - atila

  •    Thursday, September 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 19:37 EST

  • Plus4 Emulation Evolution - The Commodore Plus4 emulation has received a real boost in the last two weeks ! Atilla the author of Yape is still busy like hell ! What does this all mean ? Yape v0.13 is out and online with the following changes :)

    - o - 'd tried some speed improvements but it got worse, so I changed them back :-) Will try later
    - o - I was wasting GDI memory (that may have crashed Win98), this is now hopefully fixed
    - o - saving screenshots is now possible
    - o - raster interrupt largely improved (tons of games work now because of this!)
    - o - multicolor bitmap graphic is done (Treasure Island works great!)
    - o - added loading PRG files from file system
    - o - most importantly: the cursor is now blinking! :-)

    Please download Yape v0.13 here thanks to Mr. Rumour Mill JoseQ for the news. - Opi

  • Mad Marable - Till mentioned Bernhard Kirsch's great "Marble Madness fan site" today. I agree with Till's opinion - this site it's excellent and really worth a visit (I admire the design of the navigation page :) - Opi

  • Sega - Another move from Sega, this time against Jandaman's news site. Again, Sega should do all they can to stop violations of their copyrights, but stepping on free speech in the process is below the belt IMO. - dutch

  • WinUAE Rumor - My secret agent told me that the next WinUAE release will support printing via Windows print-manager. Imagine printing Amiga documents by using a network printer server :)
    "Where do you wanna go today ?". - Opi

  • Every Thing Has Two Sides - Mr X_Cuci was pleased to announce that his site, CD 32 Legal Dumping Projekt has acquired permission from Max Design (which is owned by Sunflowers) to upload Oldtimer to his site. However, there is a problem. Before he's allowed to offer it to the public, he needs to have a legally-purchased copy of Oldtimer. If anyone is able and willing to donate his own game for Amiga CD 32 to Mr X_Cuci, then please email him :)
    Many thanks to NE146 for his kind help ! English isn't that easy :) - Opi

  • German Seiken Densetsu 3 Patch - Here is a special announcement for our german visitors ! Eine 100% deutsche Seiken Densetsu 3 Übersetzung ist jetzt bei G-Trans erhältlich :
    "Die Übersetzung, dieses auch als Secret of Mana 2 bekannten Spiels, basiert auf der englischen Übersetzung von Neill Corlett, Lina`Chan, Nuku-Nuku und SOM2Freak, und auf dem ROM-Hacking von Terminus Traduction (hauptsächlich durch Copernic). Der aktuelle Patch ist ein Release Candidat, das heisst das er ist fertig ist, aber noch nicht perfekt". - Opi

  • Look ! A Lovely Lighthouse :-) - Badge's lovely Lighthouse has been updated with a bunch of new SNES reviews and a lonely PC9801 review for Lipstick Adventure 3 :) - I urge you to have a closer look ;) - Opi

  • Next Generation Emulation - Remember Cleric ? First he started the NES Tech Repository then came news-u-lator and lator.com and now he launched NGE aka Next Generation Emulation, a site dedicated to emulating video game systems on video game systems, check it out ! - Opi

  • ElectrEM Beta 4 - Electrem, a Acorn Electron emulator for DOS,Windows (requires DirectX 6.x) and Linux has been updated to beta 4, click here to find out what's new in beta 4. Stuff for ElectroEM can be found at the Stairway to Hell site. Thanks to Hazard for the email ! - Opi

  • SoftVMS for Mac has been updated to v1.8.1. The new version is Carbonized for MacOS X. - richard

  • French MacMAME - The French translation of MacMAME 0.37b7 is available for download at the MacMAME site. - atila

  • Messageboards - There is a 'small' problem with the messageboards at the moment, you can post a message, but you can't read anything as the page turns up empty. We hope to have this fixed shortly. - atila

  • D-Day For Game Boy Emus - Just noticed at EmuHQ that BouKiCHi's DBoy was also updated to version 0.70a. DBoy is the best DOS Game Boy emulator and the 2nd best overall IMHO. I read something about Sidewinder on BouKiCHi's homepage, maybe this great pad got a native support ... (my Sidewinder works faultless with this emu). - Opi

  • Visiual Boy v1.4.6 - The currently most advanced Game Boy emulator Visiual Boy has been updated again with a bunch of new improvements :

    - o - digital sound support for Perfect Dark, Warlock, Chessmaster and others
    - o - SGB border on supported CGB games
    - o - drag drop support
    - o - command line passing of ROM to start with directories configuration
    - o - speed up button
    - o - capture button configuration
    - o - fullscreen mode changed to 640x480 (and centered)
    - o - emulator type (automatic, CGB, SGB, GB)
    - o - fix sound bug on Tetris DX, Zelda DX and others
    - o - increased speed emulation (found a nasty thing holding up emulation speed)

    Please choose your download here - available are versions for Win32 or Win9x with DirectX 7.0 support. Thanks to EmuViews for the news. - Opi

  • Agent 008 In Action - JoseQ has posted a new Rumor Mill :-) ".... Virtua Fighter emulator Virtua may soon not be a Virtua Fighter emulator but rather more than that. Yes Kayamon, we caught you testing "Manx TT" and "Virtua Cop" on your emulator and saw those checks go through as well !..." - Opi

  •    Wednesday, September 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:22 EST

  • Jailcam? - Yep, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has had four live webcams installed in the Maricopa County Jail (in Phoenix, Arizona, USA). *shudder* - dutch

  • MERIDIAN v1.0!!! - YES! Weeks of hard work have finally paid off for me and Jason Cline, the mega-talented author of the newly redesigned MERIDIAN player for NSF, GYM, and RGM files. There's so much new it's astounding - where to begin!! I'll started with the new features in v1.0:

  • Mixed Playlist Support
  • Recording to WAV(Hold Shift While Pressing Play)
  • A Lot of New Configuration Options
  • Rewrote GUI Code
  • Skins Are Now Compressed
  • All known WinNT & Win2K Compatability Issues Resolved
  • A Lot of Little Bug Fixes

    But wait, there's MORE!! OverClocked ReMix interfaces with the NEW NSF/RGM soundtrack archive on the MERIDIAN site. So, you can hear a ReMix, then hear the original. My original dream fulfilled :) Not everything is fully linked yet, and the soundtrack archive is small, but rest assured it will grow. If you wanna try it out, open one of the Bubble Bobble ReMixes. Also, currently the NSF/RGM direct "click & play" only works in IE - we're working on a fix. Enough talk - get over there!!! - david

  • News Flood Or However You Wanna Call It :)
    # David Keil's TRS-80 Model 1/III/4/4P Emulator v 6.0 Final is now available for you emu grannies :) For the latest update information go here.

    # If you (1.) own a Macintosh Power PC, (2.) like the X68000 computer and (3.) do not fear kanji letters, then try X68000EM 0.00b5 !

    # Zdenek Adler has updated his MZ800 emu for Windows, you can download it at http://www.cloy.net !

    All news above submitted by Cloy from Kinox, thanks mate ! Visit Cloy's homepage, and you'll discover another fine emulation news site :)

    # "The most powerful language for the old Amiga is now ready for your PC" - try the Blitz Basic Public Demo 1.14, the Blitz is back :) thanks to Jaime Araiza for the info :-)

    # NeoGeo Pocket News : Voodoo has compiled a NeoPocott v0.35b compatibility list ! PnP from NGPWorld also informed me again about the logo contest still going on for Gollum's NeoPocott, so participate and fire up your favourite drawing application :) finally PnP mentioned that a NGP ROM that features 8 different PD games is now available at his site.

    # Anthony Ball posted another update for his PSX Phoenix emulator, some people had problems with V2.08 this has been fixed with V2.09!!!!

    # SMSPower released dump number 334 - Chuck Rock for the Master System, an unbelievable bad game - hehe ! Thanks Luke

    # A new Retrogaming Times is online - Tom Zjaba posted issue #37. - Opi

  • The Macintosh version of MESS has been updated to v0.37b7. - richard

  • Mahjong - Need to brush up on your Mahjong? Try Mahjongnews.com. (Not that I condone a lot of the imagery in some of the latest supported Mame WIP games, mind you.) ;p - dutch

  • This Guy Is CRAZY :) - Welcome to FBRAA - your favourite
    "Final Burn Release Announcement Agency" :-)

    New in v0.020 :
    * Changed the scanlines method back so only one blit is done (probably more reliable in the long run), mainly because blitting each scanline is too slow in DirectDraw. Unfortunately, some of you may have some vertical banding effects. Try disabling the bilinear filter on your video card. I'll have a think about how to sort this one out.
    Download it here ! Or wait for the next release - haha. - Opi

  • Laser Attack - Laser, a multi arcade emu that attempts to "preserve" all games running on "Space Invaders hardware" has been updated twice :

    - o - v0.11a * Space Invaders now features complete sound. Somehow I missed the saucer sound - I don't know how I did that - but it's in there now.
    - o - v0.11 * Sound is enabled with -sound now.
    - o - 4 Player Bowling is now playable (with graphics errors).
    - o - I couldn't figure out how to play it, so I only assume it's playable. I couldn't figure it out in MAME either :)

    Click here if you wanna download Laser v0.11a. - Opi

  • I ATE A BABY! - Well, not quite, but I did happen to browse at fatbabies.com, which happens to post industry news/gossip/rumors. Some very good stuff there :) - atila

  • Japanese Emulator Releases - OK, here are the latest emulator releases for Japan-only computer systems. As usual, these are only release information :) We all have to wait for Aries and his translation of the changes !

    # Anex86 v2.27 is online. Anex86 emulates the EPSON PC-x86 series (clone of NEC PC-9801) in Windows, a small english info page is available here.
    # EX68, a X68000 emulator for Wind95/98/NT/2k has been updated to v2.14.
    # T98-Next : 6th Beta is the latest release of this PC9801/PC9821 emu.

    Release info taken from Emulation9, the number one in Japan :) - Opi

  • RAINE Plays Guwange - The Fox posted a new unofficial version of RAINE ! Someone (I can't read japanese or chinese) added a new Cave driver to RAINE adding support for Guwange - click here to get this new version, but don't ask me which version has been used as base for this new compile. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Infinite Burn - Final Burn v0.017 is out ... Oops ... I meant Final Burn v0.018 is online ... errr, this is driving me crazy - Dave released Final Burn v0.019 :)

    # v0.019 +++ Fixed the engine sound - it was to do with looping samples. I also increased the accuracy of the PCM emulation - the Vulcan gun now sounds better I think.
    # v0.018 *** Blanked out the incorrect engine sound, to save our poor ears for the time being...
    # v0.017 +++ Changed the scanlines method (to avoid vertical banding effects on cards which do bilinear filtering).

    Download FB v0.019 here - thanks to gwenju for the email :-)

    King Zophar is dead - long live the new king Swampgas ! All the best of luck to both and many thanks to Zophar for being a steady and trusty emulation source for almost 4 years !!! - Opi

  • ZOPHAR LEAVES - Truly, the end of an era. One of emulation's web veterans, Brad Levicoff, also known as Zophar, has left Zophar's Domain, placing Swampgas in charge. His exit is graceful, and is not made in anger but in the hope of new possibilities. Read his statement here. He is someone who has accomplished quite a bit, and will be missed. I am personally honored to have known this individual, and if a "history of emulation" film or novel or whatever were ever to be written, his name would be preeminent amongst those who contributed massively to emulation's presence on the net. Bravo, and best of luck to both Brad and Sam (Swampgas) in their new endeavors. - david

  •    Tuesday, September 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:03 EST

  • NeoGeo & JAMMA show - NeoGeoFreak.com again reported some great news for all owners and lovers of SNK's NeoGeo system !

    Aruze (pronounced Aruzay) is showing King of Fighters 2000, Diggerman, Ghostlop (Data East 1996), and many other third party games as well as some redemption and pachinko machines. Diggerman and all the FACE games were sold to an independent distributor who plans on remarketing the FACE games world-wide and on many other gaming platforms, including the PC.
    The big surprise is the "private showing" of the long awaited "Last Blade 3" to be seen by distributors only because the games is only about 60% done. Aruze will also be showing their new "Super Giga Boards" that are capable of handling games up to 2000Megs. The current "Giga Boards" only go up to 1000Megs (1 Giga).
    Oh BTW - here are 2 pictures of the official game-box of Diggerman, the infamous last NG game - someone dared to write " ..is a great puzzle game.. " GREAT ? Uuuh did I miss something ? Errm ... anyway, visit NeoGeoFreak.com, the only "official online NeoGeo news source" to read some interesting news, order and buy NG carts and much more ! - Opi

  • Get Ready To Burrrrn - Nero v5.0.2.4 is now available at the Nero FTP - grab it here. Thanks to Stu for the hint :) - Opi

  • Yape v0.12 - Oh my god, my news posting below about Yape isn't up to date anymore :) Version 0.12 is now the actual release.

    - o - yet some more speed improvements (still sluggish below P2 though)
    - o - CPU bug fixed (SBC)
    - o - two illegal opcodes are implemented (NOP $0000,X)
    - o - palette selection in GDI mode (monochrome rulez!!)
    - o - multicolor character mode done
    - o - preliminary joystick emulation
    - o - vertical TED register is ready
    - o - wrong color handling in high resolution bitmap mode fixed
    - o - stupid PRG loader bugs fixed, more decompressors work fine
    - o - added yet some more games to the package
    - o - some new bugs introduced :-))

    Once again :) please visit the Yape download section to grab your copy of Yape 0.12. Thanks to JoseQ for the update notification :-) - Opi

  • Final Burn v0.016 - Another 24 hours, another Final Burn release :-) New in v0.016 " + Added fullscreen with scanlines option. To use this mode, click on 'Scanlines'". Download it here. - Opi

  • OverClocked #131: QUITTING the SCENE!! - david

  • Yape v0.11 - A new version of Yape ("Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator") has been released recently. The most important changes are:

    - o - speeded up a bit, now you need an Athlon 600 only to run it smoothly :-)
    - o - 100% of regular opcodes are implemented
    - o - several CPU bugs fixed
    - o - high resolution bitmap graphics done (GRAPHIC 2 also works)
    - o - raster interrupt corrected (still not 100% right)
    - o - added some more games to the distribution package
    - o - several new bugs introduced :-))

    Please visit the Yape download section to grab your copy of Yape 0.11. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation9 for the news. - Opi

  • 14 Requests Filled - Shane Monroe made some more Amiga fans happy :) Visit his Amiga Emulation Zone and check the latest filled requests ! - Opi

  • Classic Games revived - Mike Stulir from Back In Time has posted his final preview about the series of new "classic" games by Hasbro Interactive & Atari. Visit his site and read his impressions of Breakout - The Great Escape" for the PC & PlayStation. - Opi

  • URL Changes - Ninja's Aga World has been moved to a new URL - please update your bookmarks to www.agaworld.fr.st

    The Laser homepage was moved to its own domain. It can now be reached at www.laseremu.com.

    Finally, AmigaTRANS can now be found at http://www.agnus.org.uk (utility for file transfers between Amiga and PC). - Opi

  • Emu Loader v1.3.2 - Ciro informed me about his latest Emu Loader update. He decided to release updates more frequently from now on - you can get v1.3.2 of his fine MAME front-end here :)
    Please visit the Emu Loader homepage for more information. - Opi

  • Hmmm.. :/ - dutch

  •    Monday, September 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:20 EST

  • ClrMamePro News - Roman Scherzer uploaded ClrMamePro v1.8a - a minor bugfix release - get it here. - Opi

  • ArcadePC In The News - The Baltimore Sun has done a story on the ArcadePC, which you can read by clicking the link. The ArcadePC is a totally wicked machine, which supports various emulators, including MAME. Thanks to Mike K. for the news. - atila

  • DarcNES v.dn9a0916 - nyef posted three new versions of his multi-console emulator DarcNES - these are the changes :

    - o - Fixed 6280 ADC overflow calculation.
    - o - Fixed 6280 SBC D mode carry flag clobber.
    - o - Fixed 6280 cycle-count bug for PL[APXY].
    - o - Converted 6280 to use lazy flag evaluation.
    - o - Fixed 6502 SBC overflow calculation.
    - o - Fixed 6502 SBC D mode carry flag clobber.
    - o - Fixed 6502 lazy flag evaluation SBC bug.
    - o - Cleaned up iNES ROM header parsing.
    - o - Fixed minor bug with PCE CD debug output for reset command.
    - o - Fixed (hopefully) compile problem with SVGAlib version.
    - o - Removed unused references to errno and errno.h from video_x.c.

    Available are Win32, X11 (Xt/Xaw) and a GTK version (a BeOS binary may follow soon, a first compile try failed) you can get them here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • FinalBurn 0.015 - This reminds me of Dave's DGEN development: you'd blink your eyes and a new DGEN magically appear :) Same thing is going on with FinalBurn, version 0.015 is available for download, here's what's new:

    + Added fullscreen option. To exit the fullscreen mode, press Escape.

    Check the FinalBurn site for more info, thanks to Sixtoe for the news. - atila

  • Williams/Bally pinball sold - According this story at idsa.net, the Willams/Bally pinball division has been sold and will release pinball machines again! - atila

  • WinFellow alpha v0.4.2 build 1 - Here's another GOOD news to please the Amiga emulation fans (as long as they use Windows as OS) ! Vintage Gaming reported a new WinFellow release (a port of Fellow for DOS). click here to view the changes in WinFellow alpha v0.4.2 build 1 - there are two different versions available, one for Win9x/2k (needs DirectX 5) and another one for Windows NT (needs DirectX 3). - Opi

  • GbaEmu Story Finally Ends - "The versions of GbaEmu that are available on the Internet aren't leaked, they were actually released by myself .....
    I hereby quit from the GBA dev scene and discontinue the work on my GBA emulator/debugger

    Parts of the current emulation scene are in a really bad and weird condition : leaked, stolen, accusations, quits... sad and strange - read the full chaotic story at FireFly's homepage - thanks to dUmbO for the mail. - Opi

  • Phoenix V2.08 - Anthony Ball informed me about his newly updated Phoenix V2.08 (arcade) emulator for Sony's Playstation. Please visit the home of the Phoenix emulator to read more about it (lazy mode off) ! - Opi

  •    Sunday, September 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:26 EST

  • C-64 On Pocket PC - Domenico released a port of Come Back 64 to the WinCE Compaq IPAQ PocketPC - new features include:
    - o Rewrote source to use Microsoft GAPI for DSA
    - o Added screen rotation support
    - o Optmized CPU core (now speed is 100%)
    - o Fixed minor CPU bugs
    Binary and docs are available at the Come Back 64 download section. - Opi

  • MAMED & MESSD Releases - If you own a Kodac digital camera you may have a look at the MAMED! homepage. New MAMED & MESSD versions are now available for your camera :) - Opi

  • WinSTon IS DEAD - Yeah - these are really sad and shocking news ! Paul Bates stopped working on his awesome, best and only Win9x Atari ST emulator and released the greatest part of his WinSTon source code for an unknown reason.
    "This is to be the last update for the foreseeable future. The WinSTon source code is available on the WinSTon page. This is a copy of the main core from WinSTon. It does NOT include all the WinSTon source, but is run-able. Please DO NOT e-mail me about the source - it compiles and works".

    Last week I reported about Paul Bates latest WIP update - and now ... it's gone :( From now on - NO MORE WIP updates by Opi ;-) In the past they've killed the people which reported bad news to the king - in year 2000 we just say - thanks to EmuHQ for the bad news. - Opi

  • FrontDboy v1.3 - Oscar Cerdá has released a new version of his FrontDboy 1.3, a front-end for the Boukichi's GameBoy emulator Dboy, with the following changes :
    * - * Updated the language files.
    * - * Fixed a little bug during the load of the messages / pop ups.
    * - * Erased the option of "use less characters" in config menu.
    * - * Added "Rename file to Tittle" option at the menus, that changes the name of the file for the internal ROM Name.
    Thanks to EmuM@nia for the news and translation :) - Opi

  • Ninja's AGA World - Ninja's AGA World has added 90 games to their always growing online archive. Go to the Amiga 500 download page...letter J,K,L,M and N are now online...all letters are now online :) A few requests has been fulfilled too - Jupiter Masterdrive, McDonald Land ... - Opi

  • MSX News - TFH/Fony informed me about a new fMSX SO release - new in version 0.81 of this MSX emulator is :
    *** Name change from MSXSO fo fMSXSO. The reason is of course the fact that it's based on fMSX.
    - Updated SCC Drivers - update for PSG & OPLL Drivers and a fixed bug in the audio log.

    Please visit www.file-hunter.com to download and gain more information about fMSXSO and MSX in general :) - Opi

  • Mimic WIP - Mike Beaver seems to ignore Sydney 2000 and continue in working on his multi-system emulator Mimic. Please read the result of his last efforts here. - Opi

  • PSX Emu Add-ons - Null's SPU Plugin Support Page has been updated with a new spuREND.dll (for FPSE v0.08/build1) a software mixing audio driver for PSEmu Pro.

    Pete´s Homepage, the home of many PSX plugins, has been updated with a bunch of new drivers :
    *** - PSX GPU Soft driver September 17, 2000 Version 1.36
    *** - PSX GPU OpenGL driver September 17, 2000 Version 1.36
    *** - PSX GPU D3D driver September 17, 2000 Version 1.36
    *** - PSX GPU DX6 D3D driver September 17, 2000 Version 1.36
    *** - PSX SPU MIDAS Audio driver September 17, 2000 Version 1.5
    Visit Pete Bernert's homepage to download these stuff and more background information, hehe - little Opi can't tell you more about it, he never used any of these drivers :-) Thanks to duncan from WWEMU for both news :) - Opi

  • Legal Amiga Downloads - Bernd Gmeineder from AMI Sector One has got permission from the companies Polarware and Talking Birds to upload their Amiga games on his site (Der Trainer, Oo Topos and many more). Also AMI Sector One's music section has been updated with many new game soundtracks and 30 cover scans (front & back) were added to the site too. - Opi

  • Visine 1.0 - Fx3 (author of RockNES) has released visine 1.0, a DOS-based level editor for MegaMan II. You can download it at the RockNES site. - atila

  • Sega System C2 for Windows - The SEGA System C2 emulator for Windows (a port of Charles Mac Donald's DOS version) has been released for the very first time ! Version 0.2b/wa needs Win9x with at least DirectX5 to run, due to the fact that this emu shares all DirectX code with Past-O-Rama it won't run properly under Win NT ! Here's the 411:

    - o - initial release
    - o - In synchro with the 0.2b dos version
    - o - missed options :
    .... - scanlines rendering
    .... - stereo sound
    .... - FPS
    - o - added option : - Blur

    You can download it here - thanks to the maestro Neozeed himself for the news :) - Opi

  • Final Burn 0.012/0.14 - Dave released 2 new versions of Final Burn today, the AfterBurner emulator, here's what's new:

    + Fixed some kind of config saving bug
    + Preliminary GUI panel. Press Escape to show and hide the panel.
    + Keyboard support. While a game is loaded, press "Input" and select "Use Keyboard". The keys are Up/Down/Left/Right/S/D.
    + Settings are saved to disk.
    - I haven't put the 'Use Video Memory', 'Sample Rate' and 'Bass Filter' options in the GUI yet, but they can be changed by editing cfg\finalburn.ini

    Click here to download FinalBurn 0.014 and click here to go to the FinalBurn site. Thanks to Sixtoe for the news. - atila

  • Mahjong Flood - Watch alt.binaries.emulators.misc and you'll find Guru-Choc's currently launched MAME Mahjong ROMs flood :-) - Opi

  • basicNES v0 [debug level 1.3] Is Out - EmuHQ reported a "fresh" basicNES release :) Current emulator status :
    *** 6502 CPU(100%)
    *** Background Graphics(100%)
    *** Palette(95% some bugs).
    *** Mapper #0,2,3,4,7,9,11,16,32,33,34,40,66,91 - Opi

  • RCA Studio 2 News - The RCA Studio 2 emulator homepage reported some very good news, all available emulator versions ("C" based, assembly & Windows) have been updated recently. If you're interested in Dreamcasts and Playstations "grand-grand pa" check it out :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • WonderSwan Color - On my last visit at Vintage Gaming I noticed an interesting ign pocket article about the upcoming new handheld by Bandai. The reason why I decided to post it here is very easy to understand - I'll give you only one clue :) - Final Fantasy I, II & III. - Opi

  • A Weird Battle - The millenium battle: Pokemon vs Quake 3 has been started. And the winner is ... :) How comes ? Read the full story - thanks Boba Fett. - Opi

  • Pigs In JAE - Norbert Kehrer added one of my alltime faves to JAE the Java Arcade Emulator - Pooyan (Konami/Stern 1982). Help out the pig mama, don't allow the bad wolf to hijack those sweet pig babies :) - Opi

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b7. Here is the binary and here is the source. - richard

  • Does the idea of attaching a Dreamcast to an arcade cabinet sound appealing to you? You won't want to miss this (second item down), link courtesy of reader Marc Kloosterman. - dutch

  •    Saturday, September 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:16 EST

  • WinEMU v0.48R3 - Lando mailed me about the latest WinEMU release :) Version 0.48R3 has the following new features or changes :
    - o - Fixed memory mapping in 16 and 32k modes
    - o - D64 support (read only)
    - o - improved PC-Dir 1551 emulation
    For more information about Zsolt Prievara's C16/Plus4 emulator, visit the WinEMU homepage. - Opi

  • SMS Power - New stuff at SMS Power. Zoop uploaded new dumps of Monopoly for Master System and Portrait: Akira for Game Gear - thats a grand total of now 333 SMS Power releases - congratulations and thank you for your great efforts mon ami :) - Opi

  • Help Needed - Demiforce, a ROM translating group have been trying to translate the Chrono Trigger Sequel Radical Dreamers, but have hit a brick wall with Japanese Translating, and LZ77 compression problems. If you can help them out, check their WIP page and give Demi a shout. - Opi

  • That's A Cool Release Name :) - WinUAE 0.8.14 Release 3 (the Stupid release) is online !
    - o - FIXED: Stupid bug with GUI (F12) when in full-screen mode.
    - o - FIXED: Stupid Picasso96 slow-down in Release 2
    - o - FIXED: Stupid Picasso96 bug with menu painting in Release 2
    - o - ADDED: French GUI DLL to installer
    Download it here - thanks to DrS-PE2 for new notification :) - Opi

  • Site CLOSED - Frogacuda hinted me this Gameboy Advance emu story ! Another brick in the wall of the current emulation madness ! - Opi

  • OH MY GOD !!!!!! - Get ready for news out of the developing heart of MAME from the last 3 days. After checking the latest update at the MAME WIP page I'm ready for a visit to a hospital :-) Gridle added enough news and pictures to start a second MAME project ..... is it really possible to TOP this WIP update (it took more than 2 minute to load with my 7.5k/sec connection) ? Hmmm, some more sexy asian games were added (will offend a few people again - they'll call them "porn") - and ! don't hold your breath :) "David Haywood submitted a very preliminary Sega C2 driver, currently supporting only Puyo Puyo, Columns and Columns II" - awesome, everyone's favourite message board poster Haze finally reached his driver goal (almost) ! - Opi

  • G-NES v0.40c - Just noticed at Emulation 9 that Gigo has posted another update of his Win9x NES emulator G-NES, a small bugfix release I guess by looking at the version name 0.40c :) Aries your turn ! - Opi

  • Site Redesigned - Mek has given the The Video Game Museum a nifty cool looking redesign - check it out ! and maybe you have something to contribute to his awesome collection :-) - Opi

  • ReMixes, Anime and Game Music - While I started downloading the new OC ReMixes I checked the several news sites and my email account for news worth to be posted here ! To be honest, I found nothing exciting at this moment, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you some more surfing hints for other good music sites :) If you like ReMixes, Anime and Game Music, you should also check out the following sites :
    PERFECT-ZERO.COM (complete anime & game soundtracks), Zophar's Domain (NES,SNES & Genesis game music), BIGmog.com (nice online radio and permanently changing anime & game MP3s), Gamingforce Audio! (complete soundracks OST and OSV - needs iDrive), Parn's Music Station (Parn creates awesome ReMixes), ExoticA! (for ALL your Amiga needs - THX, TFMX, MOD and many more music formats), Back To The Roots (Big Amiga / PC demo music collection XM, MOD, IT, S3M and lots of Amiga Game MODs) and C64AUDIO.COM (ReMixes in XG/AWE MIDI and MP3 format for the friends of the good old C-64)
    I know that there are many other sites outside which should be mentioned here too - if you know any sites really WORTH to be mentioned here - then click here and share your links with us :-) - Opi

  • OverClocked Stuff - YES!! Mystery Videogame Theater 3000 returns from a rather long break to offend your sensibilities and sanity with an episode on Super 3d Noah's Ark!! As if that's not enough, three MORE ReMixes have been uploaded - Bionic Commando, Castlevania II, and Earthbound - to OverClocked ReMix. All in a day's work. - david

  • EMU+ v0.37 b7 - A new version of the unofficial MAME derivate E.M.U+ is now online. If you wanna have some special features in MAME like autofire, NeoGeo savestates, cpu overclocking , then jump to the E.M.U+ homepage and choose the version which suits you best (DOS or Win32 + several cpu optimized versions + lots of useful "extra files" !) BTW - EMU+ now supports MARP highscore listings :) - Opi

  • RomCenter News - Rob van der Drift has updated some of his RomCenter datafiles (goodgbx, goodgen, goodintv and goodsnes - all based on Cowerings GoodXXX tools) - also the Nintendo Famicom Disk System to 1.4.6. ! Logiqx updated his Sega system c2 and Final burn datafiles to "catch" the changes in the latest emu updates. - Opi

  • Gilby e-mailed me to tell me that 42 new tape images have been added to the .tzx vault - including The Quill and Your Spectrum Mega Basic. - richard

  • The MacMAME message board has moved to Emuverse. - richard

  •    Friday, September 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:16 EST

  • Gameboy Advance Emulation? - ALREADY? Apparently so, though in a very early form: Gameboy Advance Development have reported the news and have a link to download the emu, which displays some sprites in some yoshi demo or something like that. It's coded, at this point, anonymously. This might be a little controversial as the system isn't even out yet, eh? What about Wonderswan? Oh well, check the post here for more info. The emulator itself also has a homepage, with some screenshots, here. I'm a little confused, as the emu's homepage credits it to Tim Schuerewegen, but Gameboy Advance Development say it's anonymous. Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. UPDATE: I recieved an email from Bender helpfully explaining that there are TWO GBA emulators in question, and the one by Tim is not yet public, but is apparently more advanced than the anonymous emu posted at GBAD. Wow . . two! - david

  • Sega Sytem C2 emulator - Charles MacDonald posted version 0.2b of his Sega Sytem C2 emulator :
    - o - Haze submitted fixes for sample ROM loading in Stack Columns, and a bug with sprite width clipping.
    - o - Fixed version number display.
    - o - Improved sound channel disable switches.
    "There will probably be another minor update soon, as I've been changing some things in order to make it more portable to assist with the cool Windows port that NeoZeed is working on". He also made a minor update to the System 24 info page (new dump was uploaded). Thanks to Emu X for the news. - Opi

  • Playstation Emus - The FPSE homepage has been updated again :) This time WITHOUT any new rant or accuse - instead of they posted something useful !! FPSE v0.08 for Linux has been released and you can view a screenshot showing FPSE running on BeOS for the very first time ! Btw - the controversial discussed posting from yesterday has been taken down !

    The home of ePSXe has also been updated with many new screenshots from some well know commercial games like Ridge Racer Type 4 and Chrono Cross and they're looking GREAT ! Thanks to Bobbi from the number one Playstation resource - PSXEmu for the email - I appreciated it. - Opi

  • NeoPocott v0.35b - As announced yesterday, Gollum aka Julien Frelat released version 0.35b of NeoPocott. This is a fairly advanced NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Win9x, most commercial games still refuse to run, but hey! this emu looks really promising (hmm ... someone should hint me another word instead of promising) - ports for other OS's will be available soon - DOS, Mac and maybe Linux. Click this link if you wanna know whats changed in this release :) Hint: Gollum would be happy if someone could make a nice logo for his emu :) Thanks to PnP for the email :) - Opi

  • TRwin 'cancelled' ;) - OH NO! TRwin has been cancelled!!

    I love the update, rcp. Sure gave me a few laughs =) Rcp also posted a blurb on the Killer Instict emu, so be sure to check it out. Thanks to DarkMazda for the last two snippets. - atila

  • SMOG - Yesterday, the source code for the V60 disassembler was released at the SMOG site (Sega Model One Game Emulator). - atila

  • FPSE ..... The Story Continues - Advantage FPSE ? - Opi

  • About Open Source (FPSE related) - You wanna make your emulator / tool or whatever open source ? Before you start writing the license agreement - read R. Belmont's constructive posting on our General emulation message board - good call R. Belmont :) - Opi

  • ClrMamePro Advice - Here are some ClrMamePro 1.8 notes, posted here "by courtesy of" Roman Scherzer :-)
  • When using the MAME or the MAME DATFILE engine you should see 3 systems (Standard, NeoGeo, Nintendo Playchoice 10) in the scanner and the rebuilder ! If you only see "Standard" you should remove the file "_last.cmp" and restart ClrMamePro.
  • The progressbar doesn't work properly when doing a fastscan....Don't worry....It looks a bit weird but the scanner works correctly...It's just a display problem. - Opi

  • Team Japump Does It Again - Heya, Team Japump dumped a M72 game called Daiku no Gensan ! and several others tiltles like : Nouryoku Koujou Iinkai, Super Muscle Bomber - The International Blowout !!!! and Marvel Super Heroes (both CPS-2) and finally they've redumped some bad ROMs for Thunder Cross 2, War of Aero - project MEIOU and Soldam ! You know the usual story, these japanese dumps are not publically available until someone writes an emulator or a MAME driver for them :) /end of Emulation 9 news-rips :) - Opi

  • CMNES updated - Chris.R.Millward released CMNES v0.12 a & b - visit the homepage for more information about the current emulation status of this NES emulator, or just click here and download it :) - Opi

  • NO$CPC v1.7 - Martin Korth resumed working on his Armstrad CPC emulator NO$CPC :
    "After not updating no$cpc for almost two years, and working on my gameboy emulator instead, I became pissed off by the gameboy users whom are too cheap to pay lousy $5 for that emulator - and turned back to the roots"
    Heh - maybe you remember the postings about Martin's annoucements that he will delay or stop his coding efforts for NO$GB due to the "lameness" of several pirates who cracked his NO$GB key ! I'm always asking myself "is making an emulator shareware really sensible ?" - OK, enough blah blah - here are the changes in v1.7 :) Danke Schön, Gracias and Merci to Navarone's Emulation 9 for this and the following reports ! - Opi

  • MAMEmix Project Updated - MAMEWORLD reported a new MAMEmix Project release. Click here to find out what's new in the v0.46 DOS version of Maurizio Galeone's MAME front-end, or there if you prefer the v0.60 Windows version :) - Opi

  • FPSE reveals all - DJ posted a the following about FPSE on his main page:

    I've just talked with Mr-Fog on ICQ and he told me that in 2 hours about he'll do the big update on the FPSE site to explain his reason and proof that the others steal from FPSE. He said me "enough is enough" and that he didn't regret about his rude post on the FPSE site cause he had no choice.

    So we can expect the full lowdown in a few hours. I guess this'll be mighty interesting :) - atila

  • SNEeSe v0.48 - TRAC, the main coder of SNEeSe seems to be a "work'o'holic" lately :) Soon after the v0.47 release cycle he uploaded the result of his latest work - these are the changes in SNEeSe v0.48 :
    - o - Source: Ported the sprite decoder/plotters to NASM.
    - o - Source: Ported the background layer decoder/plotters to NASM.
    - o - Source: Ported the hardware port handlers to NASM.
    - o - Render: Removed a sprite 'fix' I put in back in 0.47 - did nothing except slow things down.
    - o - Display: Removed an unnecessary part of the screen mode setup code.
    - o - Render: Fixed a bug that caused sprites to be disabled when mode 7 layer was disabled.
    - o - Memory map: Added support for the special memory map used by Rock Man X and Mega Man X (allows uncracked ROMs to work properly).
    In case you've forgot it - SNEeSe is a DOS open source SNES emulator - the latest binary and source can be found here - thanks to katharsis for the hint. - Opi

  • "Once upon a time ..." - You better believe it, Pete Bernert (PSEmu plugins) posted his take on this lovely 'FPSE fairytale', click here to read it. - atila

  • G-NES v0.40a - Shortly after the initial v0.40 release, Gigo posted a bugfixed v0.40a of G-NES, his NES emulator for Win9x ! - Opi

  •    Thursday, September 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:36 EST

  • G-NES v0.40 - Gigo has released the latest version of his NES emulator G-NES! Here are the changes in v0.40:

    - Supported real time save states for FDS game.
    - Now will take a backup for FDS files.
    - New design of Load ROM dialogue.
    - Now can choose the Mapper plug-in for use.
    - Fixed FDS extension sound problem.
    - Fixed PCM sound channel problem.
    - Fixed sound engine #2 envelope.
    - Fixed switch problem for Mapper 67 and 70.
    - Now all setting will be saved properly.
    - Implement new sound engine plug-in.

    Please forward to Gigo and Hii's Page for download :) - aries

  • Single Namco Emus - Navarone mailed me some interesting news about three single Namco shareware arcade emulators, now available in Japan ! You can choose between : Dragon Buster, Libble Rabble and SkyKid Deluxe ! Each costs 980 yen to register and you're free to test these Windows emus for 3 days :) Can't tell you if this offer is valid for gamers outside Japan ! - Opi

  • Good Interview - Just noticed at Sys2064 that JoseQ has conducted an interesting interview with MAMEDev member and head of MAME Targets - Randy Hoffman. - Opi

  • NeoPocott v035b SOON - Tomorrow, Gollum will release a new version of NeoPocott his Neogeo Pocket & Neogeo Pocket Color emulator for Windows. Here is a preview of the changes & additions in the 0.35b public release :) All stuff will be downloadable at Emu5ever : emulator, old private releases, translated docs and a new compatibility list.
    Stay tuned for this release - many thanks to PnP for his email :-) (Original post by Opi, link fixed by Atila) - atila

  • PCSX CANCELED - Hmm, can't say that I like to post about such a mess :( The Playstation emu PCSX has been CANCELED (or at least it's on hold) ! A member of the PCSX crew messaged me on irc and informed me about the current PCSX situation :
    "I am in the diffucult place to abandon pcsx project since some lamers accuse me of copy their sources (sounds familiar fpse authors?).Pcsx contains 100% clean code that wrote from it's authors (Nocomp,shadow,roor). If fpse team believes that ....." for more - visit the PCSX homepage.
    Who is telling the truth ? I don't know and I think this is another example for the current emulation crazyness ! Compare this "reply" with the posting, David made below : FPSE source uncredited? - As usual :) give us your opinion, one guy already started the "bitching" :-) - Opi

  • Retrogames DeliPlayer Skin - Here's a nice Retrogames DeliPlayer skin - made by logoff :) THANKS man and good job !!! Visit his homepage and grab some more of his nice selfmade skins :) - Opi

  • Version 1.1.3 of Virtual 68000 was released a couple days ago (sorry for the late update). This release includes many bugfixes, minimal mouse support, and new IOCS call handlers and instructions. - chris

  • NLMSX v0.29 - v0.29 of this MSX emulator for Windows can be found here at its homepage and here, at the MSX mecca www.file-hunter.com. What's new??
    - multiple SCC/SCC+ combinations are supported.
    - PSG Support.
    - multiple memory mappers of different sizes (64 kbyte - 4 megabyte)
    - multiple disk roms (2, 4, 6 or 8 disk drives are possible)
    - multiple configurations are now possible
    - two main slots or sub-slots can be assigned as cartridge A and cartridge B
    - MSX DOS2 Cartridge is now also configurable
    - Konami MEGAROMs can now be fully configured.
    - Commandline Parameter support, see nlmsx.txt document.
    - Support for KANJI.

    . - david

  • FPSE source uncredited? - there's a short little bitty on the FPSE homepage which is essentially stating that the PSX emulators Jackal, Sope, PCSX, and the recent ePSXe, all use the FPSE source. It is followed by a big yellow bold-fonted message stating "WE ARE THE BEST". Hey, don't ask me, I'm just letting you know. Hell, I thought *I* was the best - this was quite a shock :) Thanks to EmuViews for the news. - david

  • More Mix Mayhem - OverClocked ReMix has again been blessed with some great submissions. This time around it's Super Metroid, MegaMan 3, and Final Fantasy 7. Leech first, ask questions later: HERE. :) - david

  • Monroeworld Back Online - Good news from Shane Monroe :
    "Almost all of the Monroeworld Umbrella sites have been restored and mostly tested (although I'm sure the transition will cause SOMETHING to break - feel free to email me). If you still can't reach one of our sites, it may be another day or so until your DNS servers catch up with the new changes. In the meantime, try dropping the WWW from the name and you might make it (i.e. http://monroeworld.com vice http://www.monroeworld.com). The Amiga Message Boards are back up, please feel free to visit and talk about the new versions of WinUAE (people have already started!) Thanks for sticking with us through this last pain in the arse week. Great to be back !" - Opi

  • sPSXe tidbit - I just noticed that _Demo_ (ZSNES coder) is one of the coders of this new PSX emulator called ePSXe. This would explain the delays with ZSNES. Calb has also coded a SNES emu before, looks like they're expanding their horizons, so to say. I wonder what else they have up their collective sleeves ;) - atila

  • Back to the Roots V2.24 - The famous legal Amiga emulation site Back to the Roots has been updated yesterday. Bobic and Hippie2000 were permitted to upload a heap of new games :) This time they tried to please nearly "everyone" ! Two spanish text adventures from Aventuras AD. (spanish means the ingame language is spanish) - A danish game from ITE Media (featuring a silly little kobold Hugo) called ... "Hugo" eheheh. The french company Lankhor "donated" "Mortville Manor" in english and german - another english upload is "1869" from Max Design. "Formula One Mangager" from Crystal Interactive and "Frontal Assault" from Apex Designs are also available at BTTR and finally the CD32 version of "Beneath a steel sky" from Revolution Software ! The usual amount (that's no insult - that's a praise) of new PC/Amiga demos, music and picture were added too ! - Opi

  • Play Online - Alex Ramsay has made a cool online remake of Asteroids - called Meteorz - you'll need the Vitalize plugin to play this game :) - Opi

  • Interview Irrsinn - Eidolon, the maintainer of Eidolon's Inn has opened a new section at his nice Sega devoted site, called "Interview Irrsinn". This new section (translated : interview madness) contains interviews with nearly all well-known Sega emulation "sceners" : Pascal Bosquet, Stephane Dallongeville, Mike Dunston, Joseph Fenton, Charles MacDonald, Tim Meekins, Sam Pettus aka "the Scribe", Jeffrey Quinn, Steve Snake and Bart Trzynadlowski ! "Everyone has been asked the same questions - circling around Sega emulation, the internet Sega scene in general and the future of Sega's Dreamcast". !!!

    Eidolon also has a great MULE memorial page online which has been updated recently - check out the World of M.U.L.E., inform yourself a little bit better about one of the BEST games ever made - developed by (now sadly vanished from our earth) Dani Bunton - MULE, 7 Cities of Gold, Heart of Africa, Global Conquest, Command HQ anyone ? Update - Don't miss MayBeBop's vocals only version of the MULE title theme :) (mp3 ~ 1,6 mb).
    Thanks to Dave from Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Another Victory - Good news for all Super Dodge Ball fanatics :-) With help from Nicola Salmoria, the game emulation is now working correctly and the driver will have an appearance in one of the next releases of MAME !!! Thanks to BMan2 from Arcade ROM Heaven for this good news :) - Opi

  • Agent "Q" In Action - Time for a new Rumor Mill by JoseQ !
    Click here to find out what he'd worked out since last week ! - Opi

  •    Wednesday, September 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:29 EST

  • Just a quick release to sync with the dos version here's whats new:

    xmame Release 0.37b7.1
    • Everything from mame 0.37b7, no mess yet
    • Added support for USB joysticks under FreeBSD thanks to: Christian Weisgerber
    • Fixed xmame hanging with the message:WARNING: the game might not run correctly. Press any key to continue
    • Made the debugger always use the aspect ratio of the actual monitor, instead of the aspect ratio of the emulated game.
    As usual you can get it from: http://x.mame.net



    p.s. A version with xmess will be out when mess 0.37b7 comes out. - chris

  • New PSX Emu - Bobbi from PSXEmu informed me about a new upcoming Sony Playstation emulator called ePSXe ! ePSXe needs Win9x and the original PSX BIOS to run. Current Features : sound, MDEC, memory card support and support for psemupro plugins. PSXEmu is in development since 6 months. Check the uploaded screenshots and stay tuned for a first release of this promising emulator ! - Opi

  • MAME WIP (again!) - this time it's still anime-related, but involved actual GAMES being added :) Go here for the screenshots of Macross II which were recently added. - david

  • Boycott/MacOS, a completely free Gameboy/Gameboy Colour emulator for Macintosh, has been updated to v0.6.3c. New in this release:

    • Implemented a full cheating system. You can now enter Game Genie, Pro Action Replay, and Game Shark codes, and these can be turned on and off during gameplay. In addition to this, Boycott includes pre-entered cheat codes for over 300 games, thanks to the efforts of Hank Chill. If you'd like to submit cheats for more games to add to future versions of this database, get in touch with Hank directly - his contact details are in the Boycott manual.
    • Fixed the bug that caused 4MB ROMs (notably Tomb Raider) to crash the emulator.
    • Added an attempt at supporting Hi-Colour video (used by a few games, for example Tomb Raider). This support is far from perfect right now, but it does produce somewhat recognisable pictures.
    • Added the ability to adjust the interrupt timing for the few troublesome games that require it.
    • Added the ability to configure colours for Black & White Gameboy emulation.
    • Added smoothed video support (as seen in some of my other emulator ports).
    • Added a key for disabling the speed limiter temporarily. (The default is 'T', but this is configurable).
    • Added the ability to turn off sound emulation.
    • A few other miscellaneous tweaks.

    (Original update by Richard, edited by Atila) - atila

  • M.E.P. Back Online - MSX fans rejoice, the MSX Emulation Page is back online, here's the mail I received:

    After three weeks of downtime, the MEP is back at it's original URL: http://www.file-hunter.com. We have a new, faster server, which will also prove to be much more reliable (we hope...) Everything is fully operational again, and all files are available, except for the games database, which misses about 50% of its files at the moment, but a solution is comming up for this.

    The MEP-Crew will now feed you with all the news from the MSX-Emulation world again, just as you were used from us!

    Good news indeed :) - atila

  • DeliPlayer Updated - Version 1.02 of DeliPlayer a "highly flexible audio player for Windows 95/98/2000" has been released ! Click here to view the changes or jump to the DeliPlayer download section to get your update !
    Note: DeliPlayer isn't free - registration fee now 20 USD or EURO, but it's really worth that investment - check the list of features and become a "believer" :-) Thanks to katharsis from Geoshock for the hint :-) - Opi

  • New MAME Samples - Thanks to the combined efforts of Dremscape and Tim Eckel you can stop your samples set hunt for Thief and NATO Defense now, both are available at Arcade@Home (file size: 4.7MB and 5.4MB). - Opi

  • MonroeWorld Come Back - Just received a mail from Shane regarding the downtime problems of his Amiga MonroeWorld sites :
    "God willing (ISP too), the MonroeWorld umbrella sites (Dark Unicorn Productions, Amiga Emulation Zone, CD32 Zone, Lynx Lagoon, Monroeworld.com, ScorchedTanks.com, blah blah blah) will start coming back online tonight - probably rather slowly (I have a lot of work to do), but 'we'll be back'. Look for about 40 rare Amiga requests posted by the time the sites are fully operational, plus a couple of new surprises". - Opi

  • NeoPocott v0.35b3 - The french NGP World reported a new (private) beta of Gollum's NeoPocott Neo Geo Pocket emulator. Version 0.35b3 adds more opcodes (increses compatabillity), debugger improvements and some other things I couldn't translate, maybe I should have listened better what my french teacher told me :)
    Update - Rico sent me the following translation - thanks buddy :)
    - o - More opcodes added (best compatibility).
    - o - All register are now in separate window, the author will do the same for all things in the debug (sprite, instruction, palette...).
    - o - Author try to make a "pause" system, in order to switch in debug mode, he hopes "this" will work soon.
    - o - XSP manager is now the same of the real Neo-Geo Pocket (thanks to judge) many games no more crash.

    Lets hope for a new, official release soon :) sadly SNK never released their power handheld here in Germany :/ - their marketing people should be punished ! - Opi

  • DAPHNE v0.99 build 12 - Emulation9 mentioned a new build of Matt Ownby's multi laserdisc arcade game emulator - for Win32 and Linux - DAPHNE. Sorry but I found nothing about the changes in v0.99 build 12 (mail me please), but Matt Ownby is working on a new documentation and a new FAQ so stay tuned. Dragon's Lair and Space Ace LD's anyone ? Visit the
    Dragon's Lair Project for more information. - Opi

  • MAME Madness - Gridle's EPIC story is still going on : "13th September 2000, 14:20 UTC: Security video of the Antarctic happenings has been leaked. The only interesting frame of video was captured and sent to various newsgroups". SPY's told me that "the posts refer to Neon Genesis Evangelion's storyline". Anime and MAME ? Maybe he's just bored :)
    BTW - Today I scored 546,800 in Bank Panic at level 12 in 24:31 minutes - is that GOOD ? - Opi

  • gleam! News - gleam!, the NES emulator for Sega's Dreamcast has been moved to a new URL, please update your bookmarks to http://gleam.devildog.org/ ! A new gleam! Compatability list is online and a lot of work for the new CPU core has been done. Thanks to Arcade ROM Heaven for the news. - Opi

  • Strange Things Happened - "13th September 2000, 00:03 UTC: All communications to the continent of Antarctic have been broken. Reason so far unknown ..... 13th September 2000, 02:42 UTC: Enormous tidal waves are reported at south coasts of Australia and South America. Huge casualties estimated. Reason might be a huge meteorite impact on the Antarctic continent" ...(more). Hmmm, what's going on ? Check www.mame.net for it - some guys on irc reported SOUND - imagine SOUND on "our" MAME homepage :) !!! MAME infiltrated ? Gridle hijacked, sick, high or what ?? Is that a clue for an upcoming MAME driver, if yes - which game ? Tell us YOUR thoughts here :) - Opi

  • Mimic WIP - Mike Beaver wrote a new HWC driver (15 lines of new code) for his multi-system emulator Mimic and thereby he added a preliminary Colecovision support, no game is running yet but the BIOS is saying "hello" :) Oh - BTW : Mimic is australian slang and means "Gota Catch Them All" :) Next HWC driver for this "emu-them-all-system" will add N64 emulation or at least Jaguar, to fill the GAP RealityMan has caused :-) Mike goooo ... and please change your html and accept other browser, not only IE :( - Opi

  • Aruze blasts the JAMMA Show - According to the latest JAMMA News Report from Neo-Geo Freak the future of "our" famous Neo-Geo system is still looking bright :) Did you expeced that SNK sold 1.8 million coin-op units ? "Aruze has also opened the doors for other third party companies to come in and develop and market games for the NeoGeo. Aruze has lowered the development fees, licensing fees, and minimum unit order requirments ..... Aruze will keep the top franchise titles such as The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and Last Blade series and already has games in development for all those series". Read the full interesting article here ! - Opi

  •    Tuesday, September 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:46 EST

  • Anyone remember these guys from high school? :) - dutch

  • OverClocked - Episode 130: "To Mock or not To Mock". Gotta go, late fer school . . . ^^ - david

  • WinUAE 0.8.14 Release 2 - EmuHQ reported the 2nd official WinUAE release within 3 days - these are the changes in WinUAE 0.8.14 Release 2 :
    - o - FIXED: Picasso96 screen-modes weren't being drawn/updated correctly.
    - o - FIXED: Sound-buffer slider gets disabled when no audio output is selected.
    - o - FIXED: German GUI DLL is accurate now. (Thanks Georg)
    - o - ADDED: Flicker-free Amiga screen updates when full-screen. Doesn't affect Picasso96 screens, though.
    - o - CHANGED: Sound output tweaked again, should be "slightly" better.

    Click here, grab your copy and then check the new sound output :)
    You can also read Shane Monroe's first impressions about WinUAE 0.8.14 R1 at Monroeworld "Site B". Thanks to Vintage Gaming for this one ! - Opi

  • Mame samples again - A while back I mentioned that the sample data for Theif and Nato Defense supported in Mame v37b7 had been upped as MP3 files to Usenet. I later mentioned that M.A.S.H. had made some compatible sample WAV files out of these. This is actually *not* the case, the samples M.A.S.H. made were made from existing Astro Blaster samples. While they will work, they are not made from the MP3 data. If you *are* interested in some WAV files that work with Mame v37b7 and *are* made from the MP3 data, Tim Eckel has made some and has them available for download from his site. - dutch

  • Sega C2 emu Windows port - not released, but announced, by Neozeed, author of Pastorama, the Sega SG-1000 emu. You can check out the page, with screenshots, HERE. There wasn't any date on the page, so I'm not really sure if this is recent news or not, but I couldn't find it anywhere else. It's late though, so I might be wrong :) - david

  • Pete's PSX GPU DX6 D3D Driver - v1.35 of this plugin for PSEmu has been released, with astounding new features like: "Improved auto-detection of framerate limit, new offscreen drawing functions, unfiltered frambuffer updates, blablabla :) . . . I especially liked the blablabla: it's a great addition I wish more programmers would add to their work. Grab it here. Thanks to Emulation9 for the news. - david

  • Emuloader v1.3.1 - has been released at the homepage. This MAME frontend for Win32 now features a fixed categories manager, reinstated mode view, and some bugfixes. Grab it here, yo. Thanks to EmuHQ for the lowdown. - david

  • CPS2 WIP findings - CPS2SHOCK WIP was updated with a message that, with the help of MAMEDEV, they've determind the main CPU is not a 68000 but another member of the 680x0 family. Hopefully they'll determine which, and that'll help 'em, and stuff. - david

  • Hu-Go! for Dreamcast? - The Hu-Go! news page was updated with the announcement that a Dreamcast port is under way. Hu-Go! is an excellent, multiplatform turbografx-16 emulator. Can you imagine the sheer thrill of playing Bravoman on your DC? Neither can I :) Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - david

  • Bit Rot Issue 3 - the third installment of Bit Rot is up, online, and ready for your amused perusal. Issue 2 was apparently private for whatever reason, but this is good quality readin' for our less serious emulation fans, or anyone in need of good laugh. Check it out here. - david

  •    Monday, September 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:38 EST

  • ClrMamePro v1.8 - A little bee called Roman S. told me that the famous ROM-manager ClrMamePro has been updated to version 1.8 :)
    "Biggest change: External biosfiles and engine definitions. Adding direct support for a new emulator or new bios files can be done by manipulation an external file. Read the whatsnew.txt in the archive for more important information". Download it here ! - Opi

  • UltraHLE Message - The so-called cryptic message on the UHLE site is a standard message generated by the ZTnet servers when there is no INDEX.HTML available on the site.

    UHLE and Jagulator are gone, get on with your lives please. This is getting ridiculous, some of you are acting like they were the second coming of Christ. Let's keep things in perspective, shall we ? - atila

  • Accept their apology - The world is moaning about the current high gasoline price - here's BP's unofficial apology ! Thanks Bleugh :-) - Opi

  • CD32Xtreme - Amiga CD32 emulation seems becoming popular :) CD32Xtreme has reopened - first uploaded games are : Alien Breed & Qwak, Brutal Sports Football and Fly Harder. - Opi

  • Amiga CD32.L.D.P. - The CD32 Legal Dumping Project has opened its doors. Site-goal : "... to dump every working game for the Amiga CD 32 system in a legal way". Myth from System 3 and Banshee from Core Design Limited are the first available titles. - Opi

  • Retro Movie - DarqStalker mailed me about this cool 'video' basically, which consists of edited Atari 2600 gameplay footage and a cool Atari 2600 soundtrack, it even features some Matrix-esque sequences, very impressive! I've taken the liberty to provide the file locally, since it weighs in at a hefty 7MBs and I wouldn't want their server to get RG'd *cough*. So click here to download the video and click here to visit GamersOnline, the site where I downloaded the video from. - atila

  • Pocket MAME - The new iMAME binary and source for version 0.5 is now available at the iMAME homepage. iMAME is a special MAME version for Compaq's Ipaq 3630 Pocket PC's (uses Windows CE as OS). News taken from Navarone's Emulation9. - Opi

  • DeJap News - DeJap Translations has had a complete site redesign, besides these cosmetical efforts (hah, they're wonderful) they also updated their project pages (looks even better then excellent) with new stuff for Tales of Phantasia (overall completed 85%) and Dragon Quest VI (overall completed 50%), if you explore their project pages, you may be able to find a new patch (or two) for a famous SNES game - check it out - thanks to Spinner 8 from The Whirlpool for the info ! - Opi

  • Sega System C2 Emulator v0.2 - Charles MacDonald decided to release a second version of his System C2 emu (this is the 2nd version of the 2nd release - something was wrong with his first uploaded archive, dunno what - sorry) - new in this release (Haze goooo) :
    - o - Many improvements and patches from Haze, including an in-game DIP switch editor. Now most games have correct colors and gameplay.
    - o - Zipped ROM support.
    - o - SN76489 PSG sound.
    - o - Preliminary uPD7759 sample support.
    - o - Second player input via gamepad or joystick.
    - o - DIP switch saving and loading.
    - o - Configurable paths for ROMs, snapshots, and DIP switch settings.
    - o - Shadow / Hilight display processing for Poto Poto and Puyo Puyo 2.
    - o - By default frameskip is disabled, can set up through configuration file.
    - o - Tweaks to the rendering code for unique sprite colors and 100% accurate priority handling.
    - o - Stereo sound swap option.
    - o - Fixed problem with button C not being mapped correctly.

    Please choose your download, available are the DOS binary and the source :) Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Bomber Man Arcade - Wanna see some really nice Bomber Man arcade pictures ? Check the again updated MAME WIP page. Nicola, Bryan ...... Gridle, we all "luv" you :) - Opi

  • Yes finally here it is xmame-0.36b6.1. This took some time but includes some great features like full support for the new debugger, on the fly window resizing and much improved documentation.

    I know mame-0.37b7 is out and I will update xmame real soon.

    As usual you can get it from: http://x.mame.net - Hans

    For a full description of changes in this version click here. - chris

  •    Sunday, September 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:44 EST

  • OverClocked REDESIGN - well, hell, it's a big deal for me :) After close to a year of the same design, which had its ups and downs, I have redesigned the main OverClocked homepage. This took awhile and was part of the reason things slowed down. I feel this new design is highly superior and more convenient, but I might be a little biased :) At least one new hosted site will be opening soon, and several other tricks remain up my sleeve, but this was something I wanted to do for a long time. There's also OC Episode #129: Let it BURN for you to check out. - david

  • Anex86 v2.25a - Epson x86 emulator Anex86 has a bugfix version, the FM sound problem has been fixed :) - aries

  • SSF progress - Have you already tried the Sega Saturn emulator SSF? Author said he will fixed some known bugs or problems, such like glitch polygon and playing movie, before he works on background display. He also mentioned there will an updated version if SSF can run DOA :) - aries

  • EX68 v213 - Sharp X68000 emulator EX68 has been updated to v213! This is one of the best X68k emulator, so you must to try it anyway :) Here are the changes in this release:

    - Fixed bug related to Palette refresh timing.
    - Added custom setting for clock speed adjust.
    - Improved clock recovery speed.
    - Improved DirectDraw process.
    - Added full screen mode.

    Please forward to the EX68 Homepage for download, and thanks to Navarone for fast news :) - aries

  • Daisenryaku GB! - As a fan of strategy games and translation projects in general, I'm pleased to report that Gaijin Production did their first Gameboy translation - Daisenryaku from Systemsoft ! This is a 100% patch and everything should be fine and translated - thanks guys, for another wonderful gift :) and thanks to my usual translation news source, The Whirlpool, for this release information ! - Opi

  • RealityMan "quits" the "scene" - TuxedoMsk from Vintage Gaming reported a very interesting story about RealityMan and UltraHLE - if this is NO fake, then RealityMan is history and UltraHLE a piece of software for the museum :( so I urge you to jump over to Vintage Gaming and read the full email-story about : "UltraHLE and Jagulator Followup and the Truth Revealed" and then come back and write down your opinion on our General emulation message board :) - Opi

  • WinSTon WIP - Maybe you remember the latest WinSTon update ! Not long ago, Paul Bates released version 0.4 of his great Atari ST emulator for Windows - so far so good :) But do you also know that he's posting WIP infos for v0.5 on a weekly base ? Check his WIP news if you're interested in Atari ST and GEM - the last week's update looks very promising ! - Opi

  • Engrish - I linked to the 'ENGRISH' site a few months ago, but it has received a few updates since, so I thought I'd link there again. It's kinda like SNK-glish, except in real life :) Some of the grammatical errors are priceless, and I don't mean Mastercard =) Still, I wish my Japanese was half as good as their english skills. Hey Gridle, how about scanning your Japanese textbooks and sending them to me ? - atila

  • Video Game Records Database - just got a mail from twingalaxies.com regarding a new database they've put online of world record high scores at pinball and videogames dating back to 1977! It's searchable, and will expand to include more current games soon! To give it a look-see, go to the twingalaxies website and click on search scores. Now if only they had a "worst all time scores" so I could rank somewhere on there :) - david

  • GoodWindows - That lovely tool called GoodWindows has been updated to version 1.7, there's an extensive list of what's new, so check out the site for more. Thanks to [PRoToCoL] for the last 2 bits. - atila

  • PacMAME & DBF - Both PacMAME and DBF (DBOY frontend) were updated, click the link for more! - atila

  • SegaNET 'Lag Fix' - If you're experiencing a bit of lag when playing online with your Dreamcast (mainly NFL2k1), you may want to take a look at this post, it has a possible solution which happens to be very easy to implement :) - atila

  • MAME Goodies - Hmm, hope you've already checked the latest MAME WIP update :) Noticed all these fine new games ? Wanna please your download "mania" :) ? - I noticed a remarkable well filled "Needed Soon" section at Guru-Choc's Arcade ROM Heaven, Tim Eckel's Aracade@Home should'nt be too far behind :) - Opi

  • Sneese Bugfix - The 3rd most advanced (no that's no insult) SNES emulator SNEeSe has been updated with a little bugfix release, new in v0.472 :
    - o - Source: Ported the tile decoder/plotters to NASM
    - o - Startup: Pulled out some debug code that caused the emulator to silently wait for a keypress at startup
    You can grab it here - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP pages. I like shooters, so I'm a happy boy now :) - atila

  • MAME Supply - Team Japump! confirms the following arcade boards as dumped and ready for YOU MAME-devs :) :
    .. - Tokoro San no MahMahjan 2 c)1994 Sega SYSTEM 24
    .. - AV2Mahjong No.1 Bay Bridge no Seijo (c)1991 Miki Syouji/AV Japan
    .. - Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In! (c)1984 Jaleco
    .. - Selfeena (c)1991 East Technology Taito B system
    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • NES Emu Part 2 - I can't believe it, did we all missed a new RockNES release ? Shame on us :) but thankfully Rico from RC-Roms reminded me, so I'm able to delete this disgrace :) Version 1.2 for DOS adds support for the following new NES mappers :
    #43 - used by 150-in-1 (preliminary);
    #110 (SACHEN SA-006), used by Honey Peach;
    #113 (SACHEN TC-005), used by Totsu Geki;
    #117 (Futura), used by Sango IV (preliminary);
    #184 (unknown), used by Wings of Madoola;
    #187 (unknown), used by King of Fighters'96, Street Fighter Zero 2;
    #189 (FC-001EMC), used by Street Fighter II (YOKO soft);
    #246 (Taiwan Number 1), used by a couple of chinese games.
    SO guys, hurry and visit the RockNES homepage, and get version 1.2 ! Oh - BTW - a new RockNES X release is very near. - Opi

  • NES Emu Part 1 - New DOS, Linux SVGAlib and Windows (1st release) versions of FCE Ultra are online. These are the changes in version 0.25 :
    - o - Fixed some sound problems with loss of precision when calculating frequencies.
    - o - The VRAM mirroring control register for mapper 112 is now emulated.
    - o - Added support for the Namco 106's(mapper 19) extra sound channels.
    - o - Improved support for the Namco 106(mapper 19).
    - o - Various major sound optimizations.
    - o - Added NSF playing capabilities.
    - o - The VRC7's extra sound channels are now emulated using waveform synthesis through Tatsuyuki Satoh's OPL2 emulator.
    Check the FCE Ultra downloads for the version of your choice :) - Opi

  • Great WinUAE News - I am very happy to announce that WinUAE v0.8.14 Release 1 is now available for you (and me of course). Click here to see the amazing list of changes, or jump instantly to the WinUAE download section and grab your own copy of this awesome Amiga emulator ! Thanks to all the nice guys who mailed me about this release :-) - Opi

  • Genesis Power - Today's release is not as good as NBA2k for DC (I love that game :), but it was good enough in the Genesis days: NBA Action 94. - atila

  •    Saturday, September 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:08 EST

  • ZSNES v1.01 - A freshly bugfixed version of ZSNES has been released for DOS and Windows, new in version 1.01 :
    - o - Fixed a problem with offset per tile mode with MMX2 in the new 16bit engine
    - o - Fixed crashing problem in MMX2 (Win port)
    - o - Removed clock option (Win port)
    - o - Disabling the new graphics 16bit engine is now properly saved in the configuration files
    - o - Added the win port version number to the about box (Win port)
    - o - Fixed the % of execution problem in IPX/Modem modes

    Click here to download your copy of ZSNES v1.01 DOS :) or - if you wanna get the new Windows version - press your left mouse button over this link. - Opi

  • Sega - DCISOs.com, a popular site that reports news regarding pirated Dreamcast games, has been shut down by Sega. While Sega should do all they should to stop the distribution of their copyrighted material, a move against a site that only reports news is disturbing to say the least. - dutch

  • Sega Saturn - The SATURN TEAM 2000 dedicated their new upload, MegaMan X3, to SegaXtreme, which is back online but still needs some help to fully recover from that stupid disaster ! - Opi

  • Translation News - The guys from The Whirlpool mentioned a v1.00 patch release for Panic in Nakayoshi World. This neat little SNES game was translated by Project Sailormoon ! - Opi

  • Dutch and his CPU - Very happy day for me. Last Tuesday, Powerleap released their much awaited Slocket, the PL-ip3. With onboard voltage regulation, CPU upgrades are now no longer dependant on the motherboard's power capabilities. I am happy to report that I am now running my Intel Coppermine FC-PGA PIII 850 mhz CPU in my Abit BX-6 rev 1 with no problems at all. :) Forgive me for gloating, but playing Mortal Kombat III with no frameskips kicks serious ass. My frames per second didn't drop below 40, very nice. :) (Remember kids, always install a good fan like a Golden Orb. ;) - dutch

  • For Emulation "Grannies" :) - If you're interested in emulation of the second ever produced video games machine, the RCA Studio 2, then you may also like to hear that the "C-based" version of Paul Robson's RCA Studio 2 Emulator has been "successfully" ported to Windows :) Thanks to Emulation 9 for this info. - Opi

  • System C2 WIP - Haze has updated his Sega System C2 page with the (correct looking) title screens of Columns and Columns 2 and mentioned that his attemp to create a MAME driver for this Sega arcade system is looking "good". - Opi

  • D-BOY v0.70 - Boukichi has just released D-BOY v0.70, his GB emulator for DOS! This release has support Motion sensor, which using in the game "Korokoro Kirby". To switch on the motion sensor mode, simply press 9 (not Numkey) and enjoy :) - aries

  • Klingon's of Earth unite! A new programming language is being developed for Klingons called Var'aq. Any Klingons out there want to translate MAME into Var'aq?? - chris

  • OverClocked ReMix - I didn't get the chance to update as much this week, for which I apologize. This whole college thing is not only expensive, but time-consuming as well! What a crock . . anyhow, OC ReMix was just updated with 3 new songs, Sonic3d, Super Mario, and Altered Beast. Also, there's a new poll voting for your favorite type of ReMix (techno, classical, etc.). Check it all out here. - david

  • Realityman removes pages - presumably due to negative reactions on his recent announcements regarding development plans, Realityman has taken down his UltraHLE and Jagulator sites, adding the comment "expecting something?" in the source of the HLE page. Reminds me of the good old days with Impact. - david

  • Genesis Power released Mickey Mouse - The Great Circus Mystery (U)! - prophet

  • MAMu's great MAME icons can all be found now at MAME Icons.com! And there was an update for 37b7 - 50 new icons. :) - prophet

  • Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 7 released! Andrea Mazzoleni also released AdvanceMenu 1.2 & AdvanceVBE 0.3! Please check the homepage if you have questions about these programs, but trust me, it's all good. :) DISCLAIMER: NOT for newbies, and it's an UNNOFFICIAL version of MAME. Here are some local mirrors for the various files: AdvanceMAME 37b7 P2/3 BINARY, AdvanceMAME 37b7 Pentium BINARY, AdvanceMAME 37b7 SOURCE, AdvanceMenu 1.2 BINARY, AdvanceMenu 1.2 SOURCE, >, AdvanceVBE 0.3 BINARY, AdvanceVBE 0.3 SOURCE. - prophet

  •    Friday, September 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:30 EST

  • FC emulator on SFC? - PlayOffline has been released the FC emulator FCSFC for SNES! It didn't support sound though, but can run at 60fps! There also has some screenshots about FCSFC running on Snes9x :) Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for news :) - aries

  • Anex86 v2.25 - Epson x86 emulator Anex86 has been updated to v2.25! Since Ep-x86 has compatibility with PC-9801 series computer, you can just play PC98 games on it :) And here are changes in this release:

    - Fixed graphic errors of XX21 mode.
    - Fixed freeze problem of 86PCM sound module.
    - Fixed graphic problem when software didn't initialize in I/O process.
    - Fixed problems when DirectX not installed.
    - Fixed font display error when run under WinNT.

    Please visit the author's page for download :) - aries

  • SegaXtreme Dead? - Apparently one of the members (PimpBot5k) of SegaXtreme went haywire and deleted the entire site! If anyone happens to have some cached pages or something on their HD, then please mail ray00@eudoramail.com and try to help out! Over 300 pages were deleted ... - atila

  • 'L33T' MAME FAQ - If you click here, you will find the 'l33tsp34k version' of the MAME FAQ. Lord, have mercy =) - atila

  • Retrobase goes SNK - those zany guys at Retrobase.com have done it again, adding 129 neo-geo entries, with screenshots, to their sizable archive. Check it out here, and remember that being specific is dumb :). - david

  • MonroeWorld Down - Here's a mail I received from Shane Monroe:

    Due to ISP connectivity issues (no, I'm not being shut down), all sites under the MonroeWorld.com Umbrella (including AmigaEmulation.com, Lynx Lagoon, The CD32 Zone, ScorchedTanks.com, The Virtual Merlin Webpage, all message boards, and many others) are likely to be down/intermittant for a few days. My email is ALSO down, so I cannot receive mail at my regular MW addresses. Please send all correspondance, questions, etc. to my perm ISP addresss, monroeworld@uswest.net. Thanks for your patience and we'll be back up shortly.

    So don't you worry, okay ? Shane says everything gonna be okay :) - atila

  • Uni Game Launcher - Dave Dribin has released Game Launcher v0.9.4, his universal DOS frontend, here's what's new:

    * Added JPEG support for screen shots.
    * Improved initial loading time by as much as 15 times.
    * Handles long file names better.
    * Added option to control volume of sound effects.
    * Moved saved state information out of config files and into one state file.

    It also plays MP3s and audio cds in the background, btw :) - atila

  • MAME32 Update - There's a tiny update concerning MAME32, click here to read it. - atila

  • Working Theif / Nato Defense Samples! - M.A.S.H. made working Mame samples for Theif and NATO Defense out of those MP3 files posted yesterday! Click here to download them - they are only 62K! :) I have not had a chance to try them out yet but he reports that he tested them and they work great! Thanks M.A.S.H.! - dutch

  • MAME WIP - Come, all ye faithful ... something something something ... la la lala la ... MAME WIP UPDATE =) - atila

  • CPS2 Shock Updated - Razoola has posted a WIP update @ CPS2 Shock; it seems the 68k CPU may not be custom afterall! Check out the full update at CPS2 Shock - atila

  • Amiga Project - Just received an email with the following content : "A bunch of programmers, the LOADED team, who made several demos and games on Amiga is currently working on a new game project called Blip'n'Blop: Balls of Steel. It's a 2D shooter like Gryzor or Metal Slug and it's freeware. The interesting part of the game is, that you have to kill some video games characters like Mario, Lara Croft, Sonic and harmless creatures like Pokemons, Smurfs, Care Bears, Teletubbies (harmless ??? - they're hurting your mind - I hate them and my son [3 years] love them), etc .... Check out their homepage, where you can get some infos about this upcoming game and download all their previous work on Amiga (ADF files). - Opi

  • BeOS Emulation - A mailing list about emulation on BeOS has born.... You'll find news, compatibility and more. To subscribe simply send a mail to bemu@bemail.org ! - Opi

  • Stun Runner - Guru-Choc is happy tp please us with the ROM-sets for Stun Runner and Hard Drivin' :) "... I have a driver now, and it don't play too bad" - MAME v0.37 beta 8 anyone ?
    Here are some more important information straight from the 5th continent :-)
    More Australian lessons - by Guru-Choc
    "When in the water at Bondi, always be sure to wave enthusiastically to the lifesaver, so he'll know exactly where you are. *** It is traditional to bargain with Sydney taxi drivers over the fare. Paying what is on the meter and refusing to bargain may cause offence *** The monorail is no longer in service. The metal track, though, is now available to American visitors for rollerblading" :) - Opi

  • MAME Targets - Randy Hoffman notified me his latest update at MAME Targets, a site dedicated to arcade games, that are still "waiting" to be emulated by MAME :) If you ever wanted to read something about companies like Centuri, Century Electronics, Chicago Coin/Stern, Cinematronics/Vectorbeam/Leland, and UPL or just wanna "waste" some minutes surfing around - step by and have a look :-) - Opi

  • Jagulator & UltraHLE - RealityMan has posted a little status report over at the Jagulator homepage about his latest activities. Most of his past work was donated to UltraHLE and his family. His real life duties consumed nearly all of the remaining time - so Jagulator development was very slow (check the status page). Du to the fact that he plans to emmigrate to Canada and now started again working on his Jaguar emulator, he decided to put UltraHLE on hold, at least until 2001. Thanks to katharsis for the news. - Opi

  • MAME Driver - Hey, hey, hey ! Look at THIS (bottom), nice to see such a great progress - Thanks WTC :) - Opi

  • SNEeSe v0.46 - SNEeSe, a Super Nintendo emulator for DOS, has been updated to version 0.46. A lot of bugfixes, with increased stability, highlight this release. With competition like Snes9x and ZSNES, you gotta give the SNEeSe authors bonus points for persistence and effort! Give it a try and download it here. - david

  • Unofficial Mameinfo.dat - M.A.S.H. mailed me his unofficial v37b7 MAMEINFO.DAT file. Copy it into your Mame directory and view it via the history function. Yes, it's unofficial, but M.A.S.H. works pretty hard on it and it's jammed with tons of information, including all of the bugs reported out on the Mame Tester's page. :) - dutch

  •    Thursday, September 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:53 EST

  • PCSX build 0.5.240 - The day has come for a first publically release of PCSX, a new Sony Playstation emulator for Win9x ! PCSX is able to run lots of demos and a few commercial games like Rockman X4 and PANG! 3 Collection. Note: you'll need the original PSX bios to run this emualtor ! - Opi

  • Mame Samples - The MP3 files for the missing Theif and Nato Defense Mame samples that Opi mentioned have been upped to Usenet on alt.binaries.emulators.misc. Note that this is for tinkerers only; you cannot just "plug and play" to get these to work in Mame v37b7 (at least not yet anyways :). Stroff mentions, "A trick for people that want to try the games with sound is to crop these sample files down to a manageable size. They are largely repetetive (especially the "crash" sounds) and looped, so you won't miss much." (They'd also need converted to WAV files.) The files are THIEF-A[1].mp3 (23 megs), THIEF-B[1].mp3 (23 megs), and natodef[1].mp3 (33 megs). - dutch

  • WinUAE News - Do NOT fear, WinUAE isn't dead ! You can expect a new release of WinUAE as soon as the beta testers will have given their OK :) Meanwhile you can check the changes info for the latest beta - 0.8.14r1 beta 1 ! I was told that the improved sound emulation still causes some problems, and as a sad note - the next release will be the final output with Brian King as mastermind :( Thanks to my little spy, Georg Veichtlbauer for this notification :-) - Opi

  • TOSEC News - Grendel once again informed me about the latest updates at the TOSEC homepage (damn busy, these guys !). Updated Rom Doctor and RomCenter Commodore Vic-20 (1212 files) and a Commodore Vic-20 Carts (572 files known) dat/rdb's are now online, a who we are and in progress page was added to their site. - Opi

  • MAME Samples - If you're looking for the samples sets of the newly added Thief and Nato Defense, you'll have to wait just a little longer, for another set really worth to download :) "Why ?" you may ask - well, both sets were released as MP3 tracks (togther ~ 80 mb), but as far as I know, in an unneeded (192bps at 44Khz) quality and they still need to be converted back to a .wav file (for a whopping 500 meg). Thanks to Gareth and Tormod for the information ! - Opi

  • Site Redesigned - DarkMazda's Domain has got a great new layout (made by Mek) - if you wanna read more daily emulation news, besides the ones posted here at Retrogames, click here and have a look :) - Opi

  • Arcade Flyers - Arcade Flyer Pack #12 was released earlier, download it from www.arcadeflyers.com! - atila

  • Archie v0.9 - A new Archie version is now ready for you to download. New in this release :
    - o - 8 channel sound emulation
    - o - Quad MEMC emulation to allow 16MB of ram
    - o - Faster floppy access
    - o - Improved mouse resolution
    - o - PCFS in ROM
    - o - LED update control
    - o - Plenty more bug fixes...
    Archie is an emulation of the Acorn Archimedes hardware (A3xx/A4xx/A3xxx) for Dos/Windows. "Version 0.9 works with Arthur, RiscOS 2.00 and 3.11, and seems to run all programs I have tried. If you come across a program which doesn't work on the emulator, let me know. Please send any links to sites with Acorn software for inclusion on the links page. The sound is experimental and has plenty of improvements to come. See readme.txt for more details. Most games are now playable which is the main reason for Archie!". - Opi

  • Wingorf Emulator - Mark Hazelwood has updated his Wingorf Emulator to version 1.2. He's using the BASS sound library now and added a 1024 x 768 overlay screen. - Opi

  • Final Burn Updated AGAIN! - Dave's a busy little bee, isn't he ? Here's Final Burn 0.011, check what's new:

    + Fixed a crash if DirectSound fails for any reason.
    If you don't have a sound card installed, and previously couldn't play After Burner, this should fix the problem.

    Thanks to Uematsu for the news. - atila

  • Play Daytona on SSF! - I received a mail from |Ray| stating that you can use the R3 beta of SSF to play Daytona USA. I have no Saturn discs here, so go ahead and try it and lemme know :) - atila

  • Final Burn - Dave has released Final Burn 0.010, here's what's new:

    + Fixed palette in 555 16-bit modes (typo!). If you had incorrect colors in 16-bit modes, this should fix it.

    ** By the way, in 8-bit modes Final Burn will have incorrect colors: you should change your desktop settings to 16-bit or higher.

    + Added 44100hz and Bass filter options (which I advise you only use on a high-end Pentium 3).

    More info can be obtained from the Final Burn site. Btw, did you read that snippet about Final Burn in the Rumor Mill mentioned below ? - atila

  • Rumor Mill - JoseQ has posted another rumor mill, click here to read it! Thanks to JPMorgan for the news. - atila

  •    Wednesday, September 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:26 EST

  • SSF screenshots - Saturn emulation with POLYGONS!!! I'm happy to report that Emulatronia have posted several screenshots of the Saturn emulator SSF running Daytona, Dragonball Z, and Virtua Fighter!! This is truly good news. Check 'em out here. Sorry for my absence - I'm moving soon and have been house-hunting ^^ - david

  • Arcade Information - Sardius has set up a Nintendo VS. dedicated section at The Sardius Experience, wich provides all the best available ROM's that run on this emulated arcade system (not yet supported by MAME). These are the exact same ROM's used on Warlock's Nintendo VS. emulation report, and many of them were previously unavailable.
    Speaking about this I should also mention Warlock's last update at his own web page Emulation Status ! Wanna know how to get some extra planes on After Burner 2 ? Visit his site ! You liked the old arcade times and want a closer look on a special game from the past, check his site :) - Opi

  • MAME Screen Saver - Guisep has found a new home for his great MAME Screen Saver, way better than those ugly Geocities or Xoom sites he used before :) - the fine guys from EmuHQ are hosting him now, please ADD a new bookmark to your collection - www.emuhq.com/mame32ss/ ! - Opi

  • MacMAME v0.37 b7 - New food for all Macintosh MAME fans, MacMAME.org released their latest Macintosh port of MAME - "In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 7 build. [Brad Oliver]". - Opi

  • Gamebase 64 - The Gamebase 64 homepage has been updated several times in the past two weeks. The Gamebase 64 project is an impressive "joint-venture" of many many C-64 "freaks". It features an own front-end for a C-64 emulator of your choice (CCS64 or Vice), with "ready to play" configurations for currently more than 2,500 games (including screenshots, sid's AND the games), a games database for the upcoming gamebase64 v2.0 with 10826 entries, a rare games corner and much much more ! I urge you to visit this fine site and download their amazing front-end // Gruss an Georg :) Versprochen ist Versprochen ! - Opi

  • Amiga - Jambo!, a great Amiga emulation dedicated site has had a large update on their search database - now it has 3578 enties, they've also added a boxscan section and a "how to setup AIAB (cool workbench) in Linux" page - you can find this "how to" page here :) - Opi

  • Game & Watch - Nokrum has coded his third Game & Watch DOS simulator, this time it's FLYING SAUCER v1.0 (by Q&Q, 1981?). - Opi

  • MAME PIN - Oooh, this MAME PIN sure looks good and it looks even better on my shirt =) Picture is courtesy of Gridle, who compiles 3 MAME binaries on 3 separate PCs whenever a new MAME source arrives (useless trivia, I know :) - atila

  • Genesis Technology - Wanna know more about Sega's Lock-On technology used with Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3 and more ? check Andy Wolan's Lock-On Technology Hacking Guide to find out, what you missed before :) While I checked the Final Burn and DGen homepages for a possible new version, I discovered this link at Dave's DGen Emulator homepage :) Yes I know it's old, but nevertheless interesting (and was NEW for me) ! - Opi

  • RC2 WIP - Here are again some good news from a first possible MAME v0.37 beta 8 game ! The Robo Cop 2 W.I.P. Page has been updated with the following development report : "Bryan informed me that the bike levels don't work properly yet, but that all the other levels are working fine. He says that the high quality graphics in the intro (like the 3rd screenshot, attract mode) still have to be done. He said that the hardware uses a special trick to display them that no other Deco game uses & he still needs to figure this out". - Opi

  • Chinese Emulation - Are you chinese, and wanna visit an emulation dedicated web site written in your own language and/or you still need the latest MAME ROMs ? - Here's the place that should make you smile ! :) - Opi

  • Daemon Tools v2.0 - Vintage Gaming mentioned a new Daemon Tools version, new or changed in release v2.0 :
    - o - CloneCD image format (.ccd) with full subchannel info supported
    - o - ISO image formats 2048/2352 added (auto-recognized)
    - o - All Safedisc/Securom and image settings remembered in registry and restored upon reboot
    - o - Relative path 'FILE' commands allowed in CUE file
    - o - Emulation support for latest Safedisc version
    - o - Securom support improved
    - o - Mount command line switch introduced
    - o - Windows2000 write protection is not disabled anymore
    This CD-ROM tool let you run PSX images (CDRWin's BIN + CUE files) directly from your hard disk with Connectix's VGS, you may also visit Aldo Vagas's PSX tools homepage and grab his little registry fix that allows to mount ISO, CUE and CCD images (not necessarily PSX games) by double-clicking on the image file icon.
    Now you can hit me, because I posted about this :) - Opi

  • TOSEC dat - Grendel from the busy TOSEC team, informed me about their latest output - If you're a Sinclair Spectrum collector check their updated Sinclair ZX Spectrum (tzx) datfile, it now recognizes 2293 tape files, 200 more ! The RomCenter dat can be downloaded at the TOSEC homepage and the rdbs can be downloaded by using the ROM Doctor internet update feature or from the ROM Doctor release page at www.emuware.com. - Opi

  • Amiga - Remember that unofficial WinUAE, done by Vasyl, that I've posted on monday ? Shane Monroe has had a "deeper" look into this new release ! You can read his first impressions here - thanks to Dave from Vintage Gaming for this info :) Oh don't forget to check the new stuff available now at Ninja's Aga World - ADF hunters, on your marks .... get set - Gooo :) - Opi

  • Perfect sets! I have it on good authority that those "missing" PC-10 games are out there now, for you original board owners. Try USENET, and as always, check out Arcade Heaven, MAME.dk & A@H. (Thanks ChewChew & J.Clement) - prophet

  • Yee? Gotta love rumors like this. :) - dutch

  •    Tuesday, September 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:38 EST

  • Genesis Power continues their Madden Football kick, releasing the remaining 4 titles in the series! 255 releases in all now! - prophet

  • RC ROMS is a great French emu site - now featuring a complete collection of 100% legal public domain ROMs recognized by the famous GoodTools! - prophet

  • Amiga Legal Emulation keeps pumping out the goods - this time 16 games, including Battle Pong & City Defense! - prophet

  • Not perfect! - Actually, neither site has a perfect MAME 37b7 set yet. PlayChoice-10 Gauntlet, Tennis, KungFu & RadRacer 2 are still incomplete. I'm sure that'll change soon enough though. :) - prophet

  • Everyone's favorite ROM site, mame.dk, now has the full MAME 0.37 beta 7 romset available for download. For a detailed list of added games and changed romsets take a look here. Here is also what was announced from mame.dk:

    For the users whom hadnt been around lately, we are proud to announce two new features. The first beeing for all of you that dont use mame for dos and thus cant use the newest version of mame but have to wait until it is ported to mac, windows, unix, amiga, digicam or whatever. If a romset has changed between the newest release and .36final all the different variants will be avalible for download , each labeled with the versions of mame which runs it. Another feature is that you can say your opinion on the games by voting. - chris

  • I know where a perfect Mame v.37 beta 7 ROMset can be found. ;) - dutch

  • Off topic post of the day - What's "LOL" mean? What's "NT" mean? What's "AFAIK" mean? You may think you know 'em all.. but many people hear these terms and are too embarassed to ever ask what they mean.. so they go on wondering. In case you didn't know, you can go to whatis.com and look up all of these terms and finally find out what they mean. I particularly like this excerpt from their definition of "Lamer": "A lamer according to the warez d00dz culture is an individual who tries to distribute software that is several years old or software infected with a virus." Wow, I never knew that. :P - dutch

  • Linux kernel 2.2.17 - The latest stable Linux kernel, has now been officially released. - chris

  • MAME Screen Saver - Here's guisep's new MAME screen saver - insync with today's MAME release ! If you need a new unofficial MAME32 version, download it :) and remember to rename the included Mame32Screen Saver.scr to MAME32.exe and VOILA a new MAME32 is ready to use ! - Opi

  • MAME Fixfile - Visit Sys2064 and grab Till's latest MAME fixfile for v0.37b7 - it includes fixes for galspnbl, headon2, mrdo, nitedrvr, nprincsb, pc_ddrgn, sf1, sf1jp, sbrkout and sprint1 ! - Opi

  • Robo Cop 2 W.I.P - The Robo Cop 2 W.I.P. Page for the upcoming MAME driver (developed by Bryan McPhail) has been updated with the Robo Cop 2 ROM set :) - Opi

  • Look Ma, binaries! - All 3 binaries (includes optimised ones) are now online, so let's get clicking:

    - Regular binary
    - i686 binary (Pentium Pro, Celeron, Pentium-2, Pentium-III)
    - K6 binary (K6-2, K6-3, K7)

    What are you waiting for, girlfriend? Make sure you don't break a nail, girl, while you click =) - atila

  • Buggy Challenge - Hurrra, Taito's Buggy Challenge has been MAMEed :) - A big THANK YOU to Ernesto Corvi, Nicola Salmoria for adding one of my alltime arcade faves ! - Opi

  • What's New - And here is the what's new in MAME 0.37b7, be sure to read the words from our sponsors at the very beginning! - atila

  • Let It MAME Down! - Yes, a lie it is not. Download you can. Compiling Gridle is.

    In case your YODA translator is broken, it means that the source code for MAME 0.37 beta 7 is now available! - atila

  • More Drivers For Mimic - Zadock (again) contributed 4 new drivers for Mike Beaver's multi-system emulator Mimic : Magic Brush, Pirana (2 sets) and another set of Pacman. Now Mike is looking out for someone who is able to add drivers for Pang or Video Hustler - btw. that site still refuses to load into Netscape, use IE to visit the Mimic homepage :)
    Thanks for now 10 postive emails about my Dreamcast-emu rant ! - Opi

  • Excuse Me ?! - The following story is just in from the 'WTF?! Dept.':

    British Telecommunications (BT) is prepared to take legal action against ISPs in the US unless they cough up cash for using hyperlinks. The monster telco is currently in negotiation with a number of ISPs in the US after it was revealed in June that BT had patented hyperlinks way back in 1976.
    The patent was granted in 1989 and is only still valid in the US. Patent 4,873,662 expires in 2006. A spokesman for BT said: "We would prefer not to litigate but we will if we have to."

    You can read the full story at The Register. I just hope BT doesn't sue me because I'm using their patented cra ... uhmm, I mean technology :) - atila

  • MAME CE Again - Techmaster's MAME CE "madness" is still going on - today he released v0.36 b3 of his unofficial built. Sadly he included the changes.txt only in the file archive, maybe he should put it also online at his webpage :) - Opi

  • SNES9X v1.30 Mac - emulation.net reported a SNES9X v1.3.0 Macintosh port :"SNES9X has been fully Carbonized, so it is ready to run natively on Mac OS X ! Native Mac OS X applications can take advantage of seamless multitasking, and have increased stability. (Mac OS 8.1 and the CarbonLib extension are now required to run SNES9X.)" Please visit emulation.net's nice SNES section to download the emulator and the newly required files - thanks to SirYoink from SGC for the news :) - Opi

  • CreativEMu News - The CreativEMu homepage has been updated with screenshots for Deep Sea Adventure, Mouse Puzzle, Police Jump, and Sonic Invader. Seems a first publically emulator release is coming nearer. - Opi

  • My Apology - I know that Emulatronia reported a lot of "exciting" news about a possible upcoming Sega Dreamcast emulator, but besides THIS posting you won't read any other news posting from me about this emulator. Is it true or fake, I don't care - call it censorship, I don't care. Please accept that I'm a Retro friend and not a warez lover. Call me ignorant, I don't mind. This is a possible devastating earthquake for the emulation community, if it's real and finally released. Making a good Intellivison emulator would be much smarter IMHO. Sega struggles to survive, their worldwide market position is, at least, weak and the Dreamcast is only 2 years old. Backfireing Sega, the Dreamcast and the emulation community is a bad thing and If you remember how harsh and rude Nintendo and Sony reacted against UltraHLE and Connectix & Bleem you should know what I mean. I have no clue if this emulator is worth any hype or this posting, but I won't support it !
    NOTE This is my very own opinion and not a official Retrogames-staff statement ! Feel free to discuss it at our General Emulation Message Board => Please insert your "flames" HERE :) errr I meant polite comments. - Opi

  • MAME News - Gridle announced a new surprise for every true "classic" MAME fan ! Stay tuned for another real classic to be included in the next MAME release ! The only hint I can give you is ... TAITO :) - Opi

  •    Monday, September 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:33 EST

  • Genesis Power released 4 games from the famous John Madden Football series! - prophet

  • Unofficial WinUAE - Vasyl sent me his own unofficial WinUAE v0.8.15 built :"I was disappointed to learn that WinUAE port got discontinued. I had a lot of fun replaying some old games on that "almost real" Amiga. Not that I have enough time for that now but anyway. Looks like that was lack of time that forced Brian King to abandon his project. I can understand that. But, new version of UAE was released and then another and another, and no new Win32 port. One day (about a week) ago I have noticed that UAE 0.8.15 is out. I wondered, how difficult would it be to refresh Brian's port to this new version. Luckily, this time I had some time (pun intended) in form of Labor Day weekend. Again, not that I had the entire weekend for that but a few hours was all I needed. So, let me introduce WinUAE 0.8.15 Unofficial port".
    So Amiga fans rejoice and grab your unofficial WinUAE v0.8.15 binary and/or the source (both virus-tested) ! - Opi

  • GENS v0.81 - stef_d updated his fine Sega Genesis emulator GENS to version 0.81 - new in this release :
    - o - KNUX support fixed.
    - o - Spanish menu language added.
    - o - Window position is saved when you quit gens.
    Click here to download it :) - Opi

  • Ali G says 'RESPEK!' - MikeDX (of EmuDX fame) got me hooked on ALI G over the weekend. The dude is completely screwy in the head and he's pretty damn funny, if I say so myself. It was quite refreshing to see actually :) In this clip (1.1MB) he's talking about women with a female professor, he can be both rude and stupid at the same time. The things he says are too hilarious to list here, so get yer Realplayer ready and enjoy the 4min clip. For those who still not know who he is, he's Madonna's driver in her new video, MUSIC. The one with the rude mouth, that's ALI G :) - atila

  • Amiga Legal Emulation - Malc Jennings has updated Amiga Legal Emulation with 16 demos from the good old days. If you've never seen a demo before, I urge you to download one as it's basically the ultimate convergence of animation and music. Massive stuff! Check out scene.org for demos released about a month ago at Assembly 2000. Awesome stuff, seriously addictive! - atila

  • Final Burn 0.009 - Dave has updated Final Burn, version 0.009 is now available and the only new thing is a game selector, so you won't need to use a frontend anymore! Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news! - atila

  • MAMu_ has a new URL for his web site: http://www.mameicons.com. The other site used to not work for me because it required flash, but this site is much better and actually works now. I also have a shell script which will automatically create KDE icons using MAMu_'s icons that will launch xmame with the appropriate game when you click on an icon. If you use KDE and would like the script send me an e-mail. - chris

  • More Flames - The fire's still burning ! Final Burn v0.008 is online - The changes are quite comic :
    - Managed to accidentally break JoseQ's message board (...long story... sorry JoseQ!).
    + In the process, figured out another math chip function ! Thunder Blade is now a bit more playable.
    - Can't see tanks, no sound, and no road yet.
    ** Note: zipped roms now go in a sub-directory 'roms'.
    You can download it here - thanks WiDDY :-) - Opi

  • Rare Sega Game - Hello, are you a Sega CD fan/collector ? Did you already started collecting stuff for the upcoming Sega CD emulator(s) (Atani-Software for example) ? Fine :) Here's an intersting link for you - click here to jump to a site that offers you the Sonic CD Beta, to enhance your collection :) - Thanke to the nameless who did this and to PrOfUnD Darkness, who mailed me this info. - Opi

  • Hu! Ha! Hu! - Norbert Kehrer added the 25th game to the Java Arcade Emulator - Kung-Fu Master (Irem 1984) : "The emulator was not easy, the Irem hardware is pretty powerful for its era. To give Kung-Fu Master the tribute it deserves, the complete sound effects are emulated, as well as the wide-screen display". - Opi

  • Hii Interviewed - Navarone from Emulation9 conducted an interview with Hii, author of TGB (GB emulator) and TNES (a Famicom/NES emulator) both emus are hosted here at Retrogames :) This interview is pretty funny to read, because they used a translation tool to translate it from japanese into english, don't wonder if it "sounds" a little strange :)
    UPDATE - Uuups, hit me with a HAMMER please - read it here :) - maybe I need more sleep ! - Opi

  • Spelling truly *is* important! :P (Thanks Boba Fett) - prophet

  • ZSNES 1.0 can play those C4 chip Megaman X games, but maybe you can't find good dumps to try? Emu Farm kindly emailed us to say they've placed good verified copies online for your downloading pleasure. - prophet

  •    Sunday, September 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:49 EST

  • SMS Power - Check Zoop's SMS Power for the recently announced BIG THING :" Here is for you the game you've been waiting for since years, without even knowing about it actually. Ahem.. Sega unreleased "ala Space Harrier" shooter: Space Fantazy Zone ! ...his game was NEVER released, it's a PROTOTYPE (95% complete, in fact only the music is the same on all stages, and pushing Select switches to the next stage) from the Sega/NEC archives.. For years, it was available (like some other prototypes) in the Japan underground market, but it was almost impossible for us, foreigners and not deeply into that scene, to have it. Ahem. Well. The game I was talking about the other day was since released by Zeograd, author the Hu-Go emulator, and you can find it here". Besides this weir story (the full update is much longer), Zoop's also uploaded The Smurfs Travel the World (Smurfs 2) for Sega Master System ! - Opi

  • Neko Project II v0.24 - Another PC-9801 emulator Neko Project II also has been updated! Here are changes in v0.24:

    - Fixed ADPCM (King Breeder)
    - Fixed BEEP
    - Fixed FDC (Charm)
    - Fixed other problems about reset

    Please forward to Neko Project II Homepage for download, thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for news :) - aries

  • SSF v0.04 - Sega Saturn Emulator SSF has been updated to v0.04! This release can run some commercial games, such like Battle Galegga, Radiant Silvergun and etc, but it still lacks background display (only sprites) and sound feature (only CD-DA). Please visit the author's homepage for more information and download :) - aries

  • News Collection - Haze's System C2 WIP page has seen another fine update. He uploaded many new screenshots and I must admit the color palettes are looking much more "realistic" now - check it out ! Logiqx uploaded an updated CPS-2 datafile and new ones for Sega System C2 (by Haze) and Final Burn v0.007 ! Genesis Power has put online Genesis dump #247: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (4). Mr. Click updated his Final Burn front-end to support the latest Final Burn changes and fixed a minor bug - thanks Paul - Opi

  • T98-Next 5.1th beta - PC-9801/9821 emulator T98-Next just has a minor update, A20 mask and PIC problem was fixed. :) - aries

  • TOSEC again :) - OK, here is the 2nd TOSEC update for today. The long awaited Amiga rdb and dat is out and online. The database recognises 2990 files, many thanks to Morph72 (hi Georg) and CRSV for renaming the files. Let the hunt begin :) - Opi

  • MAME CE - If you own a Casio E115 Pocket PC, then I have some good news for you :) Techmaster released a new unoffical MAME CE built - version 0.36 beta 2 has the keys mapped properly for your power-toy ! Thanks Indy :)
    - Opi

  • Daytona On DC! - Small bit of news from the ECTS: Daytona will be released on the Dreamcast !! It will have online capabilities, so you'll (most likely) be able to race against someone else via Sega.NET or your regular ISP :) - atila

  • Arcade News - Till reported 4 new unofficial HWCs (drivers) for Mike Beaver's Mimic emulator. Go there and download drivers for LizWiz, New Rally X, Swarm and War of the Bugs if you like Mimic :)

    The Guru dumped a bunch of new arcade boards : Virtua Cop 2, ManxTT, Daytona USA and Sky Adventure ! Let's pray for a new driver that adds support for Sega's Model 2 arcade system to MAME :) BTW. if you wanna buy an arcade board, a visit of The Guru's homepage may make your decision easier. Thanks again to Sys2064 :) - Opi

  • 3rd Anniversary - The ClrMame Project turns 3 today ! Congratulations to Roman Scherzer for keeping up the motivation for such a long time and developing ClrMame from a MDDOS-commandline based utility to an awesome WIN32 ROM-maintaining tool :-) - Opi

  • Movie - Just to show you how bored I am, I've made this 2MB video of cars passing by. - atila

  • ECTS - Today is the start of the ECTS, the European version, if you will, of the E3. I was supposed to be there by now, but my passes have not arrived yet. Can you notice I'm annoyed ? - atila

  • .TZX VAULT - Gilby has updated the .TZX VAULT with 27 tape images for use with 'ye olde Speccy', or emulators :) - atila

  • After Burner 1 ROM - Still searching the ROM set for After Burner ONE ? Look no further - check Guru-Choc's Arcade ROM Heaven and be pleased :) - Opi

  • TrevGB x 2 - Hmm, I prepared this update yesterday and then forgot it in the GENS/Final Burn hectic :) Trevor Wilkin released 2 new Game Boy emulators for your enjoyment, currently both versions has no sound and doesn't work with most complicated ROMS, BUT Tetris runs well :) TrevGB C++ (requires DirectX 6 or better (PII)) and TrevGB Java (needs Internet Explorer 4 or 5 or AppletViewer). Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • TOSEC releases - The TOSEC-team has released 2 new ROM Doctor rdbs and RomCenter dats for Sharp x68000 (843 files) and Commodore 16 (225 files). The dats can be downloaded at the TOSEC homepage and the rdbs can be downloaded by using the ROM Doctor internet update feature or from the ROM Doctor release page at www.emuware.com. Thanks to Grendel for the update info :) Ohh, I forgot, the RomCenter download section offers you 56 new or updated datafiles ! Update - The TOSEC-team had some mail server problems and because of that they lost all answered and unanswered mail of the last 3 weeks. If you have sent us anything over the past 3 weeks, please resend so we can answer your questions :) - Opi

  • Super Jukebox v2.9 - Marius Fodor has released another update of his famous SPC player Super Jukebox. Version 2.9 was put online yesterday, please visit the homepage for more ... Thanks to [- JEK Chan -] for the email :) - Opi

  • New ReMixes - Five new tracks are now available at OverClocked ReMix. Sonic 2, Zelda, Castlevania 64, Banjo Kazooie, Sim City anyone ? - Opi

  •    Saturday, September 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 23:32 EST

  • Whirlpool, my favorite game translation news site, posted about a recent EGM article about the fan translation scene. Pretty cool, especially coming from EGM. ;) Similarly, the latest issue of Gamefan (October, Cannon Spike cover) made several mentions of emulation, just take a look at the nice shooter spread about Armed Police Batrider. ECM (the writer) may not quite approve of the emu scene, but heck, we *know* you guys are booting emus after hours. ;) - prophet

  • Final Burn is now up to v.0.007! New this time is support for Afterburner I the original game! :) And no, I have no idea where to get the ROMs yet, but I'm sure some of the usual places will change that soon enough. (And sadly, uploading to the server is broken at the moment (for me anyways), so I couldn't mirror the emu file locally.) DGen/TMNT/FBurn Dave, you are AMAZING! =) - prophet

  • GENS v0.8 - A new GENS is out ! This is the best currently available Sega Genesis emulator IMHO. Click here to view the changes in version 0.8 and then download it :) Thanks to the nice PeterD from EmuHQ for the email :-)
    Three awesome emulator release in a row - first Final Burn aka After Burner Emu then ZSNES and now GENS ! What can we expect tomorrow ? God bless all these people for their work - and all was done for FREE !!! Thank You Sirs :) - Opi

  • Final Burn - The final name of the After Burner Emu is ....... drumroll ...... Final Burn ! Version 0.006 of Final Burn is available here :) New in this release - "Increased number of lives to in After Burner II to 6". And if you check the new homepage you may guess who did this awesome piece of software ! Or just visit www.dtmnt.com and start your DGen :) - Opi

  • GBMac Update - Hideki Naito's Gameboy emulator for Macintosh has received an update - to 1.2.6b4. The new version adds InputSprocket support, as well as 3x and 4x video modes. Both English and Japanese versions are available. - richard

  • Unofficial MAME CE - Techmaster has released a new unoffical version of MameCE. Indy sent me the following information : "This new release is based on the Mame 0.36 Final code (the official version was based 0n 35beta). It also fixed directory creation and and cleans up some screen drawing problems. Sound is broken from the new code but is expected to be fixed shortly. Other items on his to do list are fixing the key mappings for the Casio E115 and maybe an Ipaq Port". Click here to download Techmaster's Build ! - Opi

  • KIAME News - The homepage of KIAME, the Killer Instinct emulator has been totally redesigned - looks great but loads long (for me) - the programmers are still working on the sound core and then it needs to be incorperated into the emu. - Opi

  • Pagan News - EmuHQ reported some good news about Scav's N64 emulator Pagan. The author was able to run the first commercial game in his emulator. The game we're talking about is Star Fox. Ok it's still not playable due to the fact that Pagan lacks dynarec, but this feature will be added next ! My advice to Scav - use a larger font on your homepage, I am too old to read such a small font :) BTW. the official site isn't updated right now. - Opi

  • DarcNES Updated - nyef has updated his multi-system emulator for Linux (XWindows and SVGALib) DarcNES to version dn9a0901. Click here if you wanna know what's new in this release :) Note: DarcNES is currently distributed as source code only :) check the homepage for various ports of this nice emu ! Thanks to Kaervek for the email :) - Opi

  • New Frontend - Click here, if you wanna have MrClick's After Burner Emu Frontend or visit Daves Video Arcade and check the newly opened After Burner Emu Page with everything you'll need to have a good After Burner experience :) - Opi

  • Sega Model 1 Game Emulator - The SMOG homepage has been updated with a small progress report :"I've got the V60 disassembler about 75% complete and will release the source to it shortly. I've gotten ahold of some TGP info (they're the DSP coprocessors to do matrix operations and such) which should prove very useful". Good to hear that this project is still alive :) thanks for the 2nd time to WWEMU for the info. - Opi

  • MAME Supply - Team Japump dumped Shock Troopers (JPN Ver.) (c)1997 Saurus NEO-GEO. Hmmm, I never heard about a japanese ROM version of this shooter. News taken from WWEMU ! - Opi

  • Genesis Power - If you're into football games you should check out Genesis Power and their new batch of football games. - atila

  •    Friday, September 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 22:00 EST

  • T98-Next New beta - PC-9801/9821 emulator T98-Next 5th beta has been released! Change in this release is major compatibility increases. Developer Kit has been updated, too :) - aries

  • ZSNES Windows - As promised by zsKnight from the ZSNES team, here's your ZSNESWin Pre-release beta - please read zsnesw.txt before using this :) Thanks to Uematsu for the hint ! - Opi

  • Vintage Computer Festival 4.0 is taking place on Saturday, September 30 through Sunday, October 1, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. Don't miss it! Thanks to slashdot.org for the news. - chris

  • ZSNES v1.0 OUT - ZSNES v1.00 for DOS is out ! Here is your copy :) thanks to TsengRei from twistedgaming for this REALLY great news - more infos soon !
    OK - HERE are the changes, I seperated them from the whole readme file - large changes list ! C4 emulation nearly 100% - Mega Man X3 anyone ? Check the changes - AWESOME ! Sadly zsKnight will leave the emu-coding scene soon (best wished for your graduation - thanks for your great work), a Windows port with TCP/IP support will follow soon and ZSNES should become OPEN SOURCE !!!!!!! - Opi

  • If you don't do Usenet, you are really missing out. NAZ has been regulurly posting 3 of his Capcom CPS2 dumps per day. (The emulation for this is set to go, just need to know how to decrypt the program ROMs which is very difficult.) And, Grendel (part of the TOSEC group) has gone absolutely insane and is posting over 14,000 files! Included systems are: Atari 7800, Atari 800, Bally Astrocade, BBC Micro, Chip 8, Colecovision, CGenie, Commodore 64 (carts, d64, p00, prg, tapes, and t64), Vic20 (files and carts), EA2001, Enterprise, Odyssey 2, Intellivision, Jupiter Ace, Memotech, Microtan, MSX1, Nascom, Oric, Osbourne, KC Compact, Sam Coupe, Sharp MZ 700-800, Sharp X1, Spectrum TZX, and that's where he's at now... it's still going.

    This is definitely one of the most complete floods I've ever seen, if you have never used Usenet before, now is the time to start. My personal recommendations: Servers - Easynews or Airnews. Client - Newsbin Pro for downloading binaries (they have a new beta out with lots of improvements) and Agent for reading and replying.

    Oh yeah, the group is alt.binaries.emulators.misc. Take a break from all those Dreamcast games. ;) - dutch

  • After Burner Emu - Time to mention Guru-Choc and his Arcade ROM Heaven again. Today, he was told that it's possible to play Thunderblade, Outrun, Super Hangon with the After Burner Emu :) Type afterburneremu.exe 1 for Outrun, 2 for Super Hangon, 3 for Thunderblade and 4 for After Burner :) The other games won't work perfectly, but at least they're showing up the messed graphics (it shouldn't be such a loooong way to go to get them work I guess). Outrun and Super Hangon MAME ROM sets are ok - no need to download other sets,Thunderblade is now available at Arcade ROM Heaven - Opi

  • Gleam! WIP - The Gleam! homepage was updated with a little development report : "I've been working on speeding this thing up (sorry for the lack of updates), I rewrote the PPU handler and I've gotten about a 40-50% speedup on the PC version. Maybe 20-25% on the DreamCast, which sucks. I started writing an asm core, but accidentlly deleted it :( ... sounds good to me :) - Opi

  • Style Question - What is Your opinion ? - Opi

  • Hi there, remember me? I've been falling asleep early and not doing my duty, but I'll try to restock my coffee supply this weekend. Bad (unconfirmed) news: SNK of Japan has been reported as closing this October by NeoRageX.com. I have no way of validating this, but it sure does suck if it's true. Man! Well, to brighten your day after that depressing news, check out the New OverClocked regarding Naz's CPS2 floods on usenet :) - david

  • Arcade Cabs - Chris has informed me that he has updated his arcade cabinet website. He has added a full walkthough of the steps to build the cab with pictures before/during/after, new side art restoration pictures, and pictures of the other mame cabinets, plus links to 161 other arcade cabinet projects. - chris

  • SNES Endings - Rey, the currently busiest member of the Video Games Museum has uploaded some more examples of his fantastic work ! Check the endings for Castlevania Dracula X, Star Fox, Samurai Showdown and Secret Of Mana and you'll know what I mean with "busy" and "fantastic" :) Oh, lets not forget the recently defeated Genesis classic Contra Hard Corps a truly awesome shooter (the best side-croller on the Genny IMHO) ! - Opi

  • SATURN TEAM 2000 - Shernand, NeoFrank, and SpkLeader have opened the SATURN TEAM 2000 homepage to the public ! Their first uploaded title is Daytona USA - go, save this classic from vanishing :)
    Many thanks to SegaXtreme for the hint :) Ahh speaking about this nice Sega site, visit them if you wanna grab Jaguar XJ220. - Opi

  • CPS-2 Dat - EmuHQ mentioned the release of another CPS-2 Datfile for ClrMamePro, this time made by the well known Logiqx. - Opi

  • CreativEmu - Luca, aka _MADrigal_ informed my about his new project which he started with some other guys - the CreativEmu, a new CreatiVision / Wizzard / FunVision emulator for DOS and Win95. Expect a first beta release in the near future (september). creatiVision was a console/computer system made by VTech Laboratories from Hong Kong in 1981. You may also know it as "Dick Smith Wizzard" or "FunVision". The CreativEmu guys are looking for some help to complete their game images and scans section. So head-on to the homepage and check their offers :) and prepare for another old toy soon to be emulated ! - Opi

  • Hardware Help Needed - After a long and exciting night (add 6 hours to "Last updated @ 20:23 EST" headline and you know my local time) - I'll try to catch the friday news, but there isn't much to report until now :) Anyway, Charles MacDonald is looking for the edge connector pin-out for Power Drift or Galaxy Force. Apparently the type of connector is custom, rather than JAMMA. If you have any details, please e-mail him :) - Opi

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