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  •    Thursday, September 30th 2004 - Last updated @ 15:33 EST

  • MAME releases - There are some more new MAME related releases!
    Thanks to Hawq for the news! - Hanman

  • No$gba v.2.0a - The Gameboy advance emulator has been updated. Get it here. - Hanman

  • KiGB v.0.69 - The Gameboys emulator KiGB has been updated. Barcode Boy emulation has been added. - Hanman

  • Dox WIP - Updated. - chris

  •    Wednesday, September 29th 2004 - Last updated @ 21:24 EST

  • MAME 0.87u1 - The sourcecode for MAME 0.87u1 has been released. This includes the preliminary (2d only) model 2 driver. - MetaFox

  • DOSBox 0.62 - This release should hopefully increase compatibility even more and add some more speed especially with dynamic core.
    Some of the changes are.
    • Improved x86 dynamic core, more stable.
    • The usual cpu/fpu emulation fixes and speedups.
    • Soundblaster 16 and opl3 emulation added.
    • Internal mixer updated with interpolation and volume support.
    • Intelligent MPU-401 emulation added.
    • ISO/Disk image mounting support.
    • Custom chipset emulation for cga,tandy hercules modes.
    • Improved pc-speaker emulation.
    • Improved GUS emulation.
    • Added a keymapper.
    • VGA/VESA Bios fixes.
    • IPX networking support.
    • A zillion internal dos fixes/updates.
    • New ddraw rendering output and new render functions.
    • Raw adlib/midi capturing.
    - chris

  • MAME WIP - rbelmont updated his MAME WIP page. - Hanman

  •    Monday, September 27th 2004 - Last updated @ 23:39 EST

  • DCaSTaway Beta 1 - DCastaway, the AtariST emulator for the Dreamcast has been updated. Here's what's new:

    - Filemanager bugs fixed.
    - New sound core (hatari).
    - Complete menu like UAE4ALL.
    - 2 joysticks emulated.
    - Autoframeskip for real speed.
    - ZIP support bug fixed. - MetaFox

  • Snes9k v.0.06 - The SNES9x based Super Nintendo emulator has been updated! Homepage

    Thanks to atrkid for the news! - Hanman

  • Gebea Release 5 - The GameBoy Advance emulator for Windows has been updated! Get it here.

    GPU: Added OBJ support GPU: Added mode 1 and 2 (text BGs only). All four BGs are now supported in mode 0. BGs are sorted based on priority, but OBJs are always drawn last GPU: Added scrolling for text BGs. Works only in 256-color mode at the moment GPU: Fixed a bug in the mode 5 scanline renderer GPU: Added a 2x scaling option in the configuration dialog

    Thanks to wraggster for the news. - Hanman

  •    Saturday, September 25th 2004 - Last updated @ 19:23 EST

  • MESS 0.87 - A new version of MESS has been released. - chris

  •    Friday, September 24th 2004 - Last updated @ 14:17 EST

  • Snes9k v.0.05b - The fairly new Super Nintendo emulator has been updated again. This is a Snes9x based emulator with Kaillera support. Homepage - Hanman

  • Super Sleuth PE v1.00 - The SNES emulator has been updated. Get it here. - Hanman

  •    Thursday, September 23rd 2004 - Last updated @ 23:58 EST

  • UAE4ALL 24-09-2004 - UAE4ALL, the port of the Amiga emulator UAE to the Dreamcast has been updated again. Here's what's new:

    - Virtual Keyboard.
    - Complete Menu: selects frameskip, throttle and sound...
    - Change disk without reset.
    - Joystick problem fixed.
    - Mouse buttons problem fixed.


    - Speed up.
    - Error handling.
    - Add Options Menus.
    - Clean sound.
    - MetaFox

  • UAE4ALL 23-09-2004 - Chui has updated his port of the Amiga emulator, UAE to the Dreamcast. Here's what's new:

    - Amiga500 with 1MB RAM.
    - Frameskip1 (very close to real speed).
    - Preliminar Menu System like DCaSTaway.
    - Filemanager (load and reload floppy images).
    - Sound (not crystal and slow a bit).


    - Virtual Keyboard.
    - Speed up.
    - Complete Menus.
    - Crystal sound.

    Download it in this Dream On forum topic. - MetaFox

  •    Wednesday, September 22nd 2004 - Last updated @ 13:43 EST

  • Fake NES WIP - New Fake NES WIP.

    - Corrected sprite RAM read to not increment sprite RAM address. [TRAC]
    - Readded palette RAM read; minor fix to monochrome mode. [TRAC] - Hanman

  • Mame32 0.87 - The MAME frontend has been updated. - Hanman

  •    Tuesday, September 21st 2004 - Last updated @ 23:33 EST

  • UAE4All Alpha Preview - Chui has released an alpha version of a port of the Unimbiguous Amiga Emulator to the dreamcast. Here are the features:

    - Runs Amiga 500 games (70-90% speed).
    - Mouse emulation with analog pad.
    - Joystick emulation with digital pad.
    - No virtual keyboard (works dreamcast keyboard).
    - No entry menu or main menu.
    - No swap disk images.
    - No sound.

    The cd structure should be as follows (all in the CD root):
    - 1st_read.bin (scrambled bin).
    - kick.rom : amiga bios renamed.
    - df0.adf : Floppy disk image.

    You can download it in this Dream On forum topic. - MetaFox

  • Contiki 1.2-devel1 - Contiki is a highly portable operation system, that supports a great amount of different systems, including :
    • Atari ST
    • NES
    • GameBoy (Advance)
    • Apple][
    • and many more

    Besides the base system, the C64 port has been updated. Get your copy . Homepage - Hanman

  • Red Dragon v.0.38 - A new version of the Vurtual Boy emulator Red Dragon has been released. The emulator has now inter alia perfect compatability, sound emulation, cheat codes and more debug options.

    Thanks to Conjurer for the news. - Hanman

  •    Monday, September 20th 2004 - Last updated @ 12:44 EST

  • blueMSX v.1.7.0 - blueMSX is a emulator for a a bunch of MSX related systems. Look at the homepage for the changelog. - Hanman

  • Atari++ v.1.40 - This is a Atari 400, 800, 400XL, 800XL, 130XE, 5200 emulator for Windows.
    • Fixed random generator for Win32 platforms. This might have broken some games.
    • Fixed attract mode in Os++, both generation counter as well its application in Gr. 9/10/11 with text window.
    - Hanman

  •    Sunday, September 19th 2004 - Last updated @ 20:59 EST

  • DCaSTaway Alpha 0.3r5 - DCastaway, the AtariST emulator for the Dreamcast has been updated. Here's what's new:

  • 100% speed
  • 0 frameskipping
  • SOUND in this release
  • 16 bit blitter 320*240 16 colour
  • supports msa & zip files - MetaFox

  • Gens Plus! v. - The Gens clone has been updated.

    - Bug fixed on load some 32X roms.
    - A little mistake fixed (I can't call this a bug): Select Files dialog opened
    a save dialog box instead of an open dialog.
    - Some bugs fixed with graphics:
    - 3x renders was not running under windowed mode.
    - On some machines, it was not running under full screen mode too.
    - The "stretch" option disables the filter.
    - New graphics device: GDI (windowed mode only). - Hanman

  • EasyMAME v.4.0 - The MAME frontend EasyMAME has been updated. The author did pretty many changes, so check the homepage for details! - Hanman

  •    Saturday, September 18th 2004 - Last updated @ 08:22 EST

  • ZX-Emul v.0.27b - The Spectrum emulator has been updated. Get it here.

    NEW: Added 'ROM Navigator' to select and manage ROM images
    NEW: CPU Panel: Added ability to modify registers (Double click)
    New: 'Disk Image Error' startup warning may be switched off
    New: Support of multipaged ROM files (by adding ':PageNumber')
    BugFix: BOOT.B treated as boot.B on autoadding boot file
    BugFix: DAsm: Panel don't hide on emulation run
    BugFix: DAsm: Debug command 'Run to Cursor' work on old panel
    BugFix: 'CPU Stopped' Window behaviour (Alt-F4 reaction etc)
    BugFix: CPU Panel: Indication of IFF1, IFF2 and IM
    BugFix: Video: Fixed FullScreen Video Mode - 1024x768 - Hanman

  • Gebea Release 4 - The GameBoy Advance emulator Gebea has been updated!

    Changes :

    CPU: Changed flag updates for instructions only affecting N and Z
    CPU: All unsigned LDRH instructions now set the upper 16 bits to zero
    CPU: r15 is pc+12 when used as an operand in a dataproc instruction with register-specified shift
    CPU: r15 is pc+12 when used as the source register in an STR/STRH instruction
    CPU: Fixed the carry flag for a bunch of instructions
    CPU: Added ROR#0 (RRX)
    CPU: Fixed initial state of flags
    CPU: Fixed LDR instruction with r15 as Rd
    GPU: Fixed the mode 3 scanline renderer
    GPU: Added mode 5 support, with rotation and scaling
    MMU: Added timer support (timer 2 and 3, prescalar mode)
    - Hanman

  •    Friday, September 17th 2004 - Last updated @ 13:44 EST

  • ClrMamePro v.3.43 - Roman updated his rom manager ClrMamePro.
    • misc: settings path/set picker changed a bit. Much faster now if a lot entries are shown (e.g. 5000+ sets)
    • misc: runtime error workarounds for deleting files with illegal dates
    • misc: runtime error workarounds for adding files with illegal dates to a zip
    • misc: no more 'no sets in rompath xyz" messages when using chd-only rompaths
    • misc: speed increase for 'no sets in rompath xyz' tests
    • misc: 'wrong merged rom' message shows full path now
    • misc: minor client border and text changes
    - Hanman

  •    Thursday, September 16th 2004 - Last updated @ 07:00 EST

  • MAME 0.86u5 - Haze released a new MAME diff.

    Thanks to Hawq for the news! - Hanman

  • DSPv.0.3 - The ZX Spectrum emulator DSP has been updated. Mainly, the grafic engine was optimized.

    Thanks to Hawq for the news. - Hanman

  •    Wednesday, September 15th 2004 - Last updated @ 09:34 EST

  • AppleWin v. - The Apple IIe emulator AppleWin has been updated lately.

    • Fixed "CPU usage 100%" problem.
    • Switch MB output from dual-mono to stereo.
    • Relaxed TIMER1's max freq from ~62Hz (period=0x4000) to ~83Hz (period=0x3000).
    • Fixed FLASH problem when in monochrome mode.
    • Disk][ speed can be slow even in enhanced mode.
    • Turning off MB support turns Apple speaker off as well.
    - Hanman

  •    Monday, September 13th 2004 - Last updated @ 13:14 EST

  • Picodrive 0.16 - After what seems a lifetime for Nokia N-Gage and other Series 60 phone owners, a new release of the Genesis emulator is now out, this release "Includes diagonal keys, new version of GCC (should run a little bit faster).. "Thanks to Someone for the port which can be downloaded from the Picodrive page. - Hanman

  • NSRT v3.30 RC1 - The rom manager NSRT has been updated! - Hanman

  • Nintendulator v.0.950 - The NES emulator Nintendulator has been updated!
    • Development on Nintendulator 0.950 has been progressing nicely.
    • Among the many new features added are movie recording/playback (with savestate support), an iNES header editor, AVI capturing, and more.
    • As always, the latest binaries and sources can be found below.
    - Hanman

  •    Sunday, September 12th 2004 - Last updated @ 16:12 EST

  • GameEX v.0.64 - The MAME frontend GameEX has been updated two times yesterday!
    • Several fixes and optimizations to the ArcadeVGA code.
    • Should be working sweet now.
    • Added support for AdvanceMAME
    • Added don't show bracketed game info option.
    • Improved font size at higher resolutions.
    • Improved screen handling at 640X480. Will now work in Media Center mode.
    • Spent time testing and tweaking attract mode (Win 98/2000/XP).
    • The big news it that GameEx now has fantastic support for Ultimarc's ArcadeVGA
      card. It can now automatically launch games with the best resolution dynamically at
      run time.
    - Hanman

  • Atari is going to release a new retro console called 'Atari Flashback'. The release date will be the upcoming holiday season. Look at the Atari homepage for more informations!

    The games :
    • Adventure™
    • Air Sea Battle™
    • Asteroids®
    • Battlezone®
    • Breakout®
    • Canyon Bomber
    • Centipede®
    • Crystal Castles®
    • Desert Falcon™
    • Food Fight™
    • Gravitar®
    • Haunted House™
    • Millipede®
    • Planet Smashers™
    • Saboteur™
    • Sky Diver™
    • Solaris™
    • Sprintmaster™
    • Warlords®
    • Yar’s Revenge

    Thanks to TheInformer for the news! - Hanman

  • ConGoSE v.0.92 - ConGoSE is a C64 shell extension for Windows XP and ME. With this extension you can view C64 related formats like D64.
    • added more customization options to d64config.exe
    • added .t64, .lbr
    • added several Commodore file formats that came with the newest ConGo version
    • you can now switch the font case inside a D64
    • added "configure shell extension" menu to Explorer
    • image previews now shown inside D64 in left Explorer pane
    • you can directly load a .sid/.psid into Sidplay from Explorer (even inside a D64)
    • D64 extension is more compatible with Win9x
    • fixed a few bugs

    Thanks to Matthias for the news! - Hanman

  • PokeKaMini Debug v0.6.3 - This is a debugger for the Pokemon Mini emulators.
    • CORE: Fixed CINT and JINT instructions
    • Flags are displayed next to the number
    • Added Grey Emulation
    • Added Contrast Constrol Emulation (See HW Docs
      for more info.)
    • CINT and JINT values are displayed correctly
    • Using Power-Off Interrupt now exit Full-Speed
    - Hanman

  • PokeMini 0.28 - This is a Pokemon Mini emulator.

    • PokeKaMini Debugger CPU v0.6.3 Core (Retail Build)
    • Speed displayed on Taskbar Button
    • Fixed Power Button, now works
    • Added Grey Emulation
    • Added Contrast Constrol Emulation
    - Hanman

  • PokeMini Dream - Release 2 - PokeMini has been updated!
    • PokeKaMini Debugger CPU v0.6.3 Core (Retail Build)
    • Removing Interlace by reduzing resolution
    • New GUI (Font and Background), GFX file no longer
    • Fixed FileList, only refresh files when changing Page or
      directory (Good for the slow Serial Cable!)
    • Added Grey Emulation
    • Added Contrast Constrol Emulation
    - Hanman

  • Gebea r.3 - There is another release of the young GBA emulator Gebea.

    CPU: Fixed HI/LS flag for some instructions
    CPU: Fixed flags affected by Thumb MUL
    CPU: Fixed flags affected by Thumb NEG
    CPU: Fixed flags affected by Thumb hi register instructions
    CPU: Fixed Thumb LDSH Rd,[Rb,Ro]
    CPU: Fixed offset calculation for Thumb load/store with immediate offset
    GUI: Added a ROM info dialog - Hanman

  •    Saturday, September 11th 2004 - Last updated @ 16:34 EST

  • Gebea - This is a Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows. Get it here
    CPU: Fixed Thumb ADD/SUB Rd,Rn/#Offset3
    CPU: Fixed Thumb long branch with link, which was off by 2 for LR
    CPU: Fixed carry flag for instructions that use the barrel shifter
    CPU: Added some missing LDM/STM instructions
    CPU: Added some missing LDRH/STRH instructions
    MMU: Fixed out-of-bounds DMA transfers
    MMU: Fixed key input - Hanman

  • PC2E 9-11-2004 - The PC Engine emulator PC2E has been updated!
    • Fixed a bug in 200% stretch code
    • Fixed input detection code (joystick)
    • Fixed behaviour of VDC status flags
    • Fixed timer interrupt code
    • Fixed initial state of VDC
    • Fixed a bug that it did not respond to joystick input after drag & drop
    • Added preliminary support for the SuperGrafx (pc2esgfx.exe)
    - Hanman

  • mage 0.15u2 - MAGE is a gambling machine emulator. New Unix port available thanks to yours truely. :) - chris

  • Turrican 3 review - For this guys that have not already noticed it : There is a huge Turrican 3 review over at c64.sk - Hanman

  •    Friday, September 10th 2004 - Last updated @ 22:21 EST

  • Pokemini Dream Release 2 - JustBurn has updated his Pokemon Mini emulator for the Dreamcast. - MetaFox

  • MAME updates - The following MAME related programs are updated :
    - Hanman

  • MAME 0.86u4 diff - There is another Mame u release. Chek Haze' for details.

  •    Thursday, September 9th 2004 - Last updated @ 12:03 EST

  • DSEmu v0.0.1a - The Nintendo DS emulator DSEmu has been updated.
    - Hanman

  • ZX-Emul v.0.26b - There is a new release of the ZX Spectrum emulator ZX-Emul.

    Changes :
    New: Separate Disassembler Panel
    New: DAsm: Toggled Address and Code columns
    New: DAsm: Decimal Numbers View Mode
    New: Added Mouse Wheel Invert Direction option
    New: Sound: Added Synch Delay parameter
    BugFix: Without Attribute Mode
    BugFix: Mouse Wheel Precision
    BugFix: DAsm: PageUp and LineUp Scroll incorect - Hanman

  • no$gba v2.00 - The (in my opinion) best GBA emulator has been updated today. Look at the homepage for the list of changes. - Hanman

  • Raine 0.41.1 - Raine has had a bugfix release. - MetaFox

  •    Wednesday, September 8th 2004 - Last updated @ 12:53 EST

  • Gens Plus! v0.0.3.38 - The multi systhem emulator Gens Plus! has been updated again. - Hanman

  • Mini vMac v2.4.1 - The Macintosh emulator Mini vMac has been updated. Look at the homepage for detailed informations. - Hanman

  • RascalBoy Advance v1.2.8.3 - The Gameboy Advance emulator has been updated!
    • Fixed bug in IPS patching support
    • Fixed some bugs in enter irq.
    • Fixed bug in memory cycles
    • Fixed bug in writing 0x6000000 and 0x6017fff


    Thanks to Q-Marine for the news! - Hanman

  • VisualBoy Advance v1.7.2 L - A new (unofficial) release. Look into the vbalink forum for the download. - Hanman

  •    Tuesday, September 7th 2004 - Last updated @ 21:13 EST

  • ZSNES WIP September 7 - Ipher has released a new work-in-progress build of the SNES emulator, ZSNES. - MetaFox

  • EmuZ-2500 Sep. 8, 2004 - EmuZ-2500, an emulator for the japanese computer, the MZ-2500, for Windows and WinCE, has been updated. - MetaFox

  • DSEmu 0.0.1a - DSEmu, a new Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows, has been released. - MetaFox

  • Cxbx 0.8.0-Pre2 - Cxbx, the Xbox emulator for Windows, has been updated. - MetaFox

  • PearPC v.0.3.1 There is a new release of the great Macintosh Power PC emulator out!
    • JITC_X86: increased translation cache size
    • (Win32) fixed: '`'/'~' key wasn't mapped
    • (SDL) fixed: right-alt was mapped to left-alt
    • fixed: German '<>|' key wasn't mapped
    • JITC_X86: corrected tw/twi instructions (should fix java native IO calls fail)
    • # fixed: rfi instruction (should also fix java native IO calls fail)
    • fixed: some mysterious partition mappings in src/io/prom/fs/hfsplus/partition.c
    • (BEOS) updated
    • disabled unused keyboard shortcuts

    Thanks to Hawq for the news! - MetaFox

  • VSX r.3 This is a Atari 5200 emulator for Windows.
    • Removed everything about keyboards, as the 5200 has none
    • Kaillera support has been removed, making for smaller binaries
    • Fixed problems I caused when I removed some unused code.
    • Removed more interface cruft
    - Hanman

  •    Monday, September 6th 2004 - Last updated @ 16:14 EST

  • Saturnin WIP - Runik released some brand new WIP shots of the following Saturn games :
    • El Hazard
    • Samurai Shodown RPG
    • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    • Albert Oddyssey
    • Duke Nukem 3D
    • Hot Blooded Fighting Family
    Look here for the screens.

    Thanks to Sune_S for the news! - Hanman

  • DC Speccyal K v0.3 - The ZX Spectrum emulator for the Dreamcast has been updated
    • Added support for TZX files. Please note that these files will load rather slowly but most should load without problems
    Thanks to Hawq for the news! - Hanman

  • Gens Plus! v0.0.3.37 - The Genesis/32X/SegaCD/Master System/Game Gear emulator Gens Plus! got some bug fixes and changes lately!

    Thanks to Hawq for the news! - Hanman

  • Atari++ v1.39 - The Atari 400, 800, 400XL, 800XL und 130XE and 5200 emulator has been updated. Homepage
    • Added a serial transport interface allowing portable serial communications from Linux and Win32. This allows this release to enable the 850 Interface box and AtariSIO implementation for Win32.
    - Hanman

  • Raine v.0.41.0/RaineDX - The newest Raine version has now DX support. At the moment Pacman and Ms Pacman, Frogger and Donkey Kong are playable. Grab the files at the Raine homepage now.

    Thanks to MrDo for the news! - Hanman

  •    Sunday, September 5th 2004 - Last updated @ 17:05 EST

  • Pokemini Dream Release 1 - Pokemini Dream, a port of the Pokemon Mini emulator Pokemini to the Dreamcast has been released. - MetaFox

  • ThunderMAME32jp VER.0.68_X'f8(2004.9.5) - ThunderMAME32jp, a japanese build of MAME with additional features, has been updated. - MetaFox

  • Gebea Release 1 - Gebea, a new Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows from the author of Semus, has been released. - MetaFox

  • Semus Release 3 - Semus, a Sega Master System emulator for Windows, has been updated. - MetaFox

  • VBALink 1.7.2 Beta - VBALink, the version of the GBA emulator Visualboy Advance with added link support for up to four players, has been updated. - MetaFox

  • PocketBASIC Simulator Ver0.09 pre-10 - The japanese PocketBASIC Simulator has been updated. - MetaFox

  • Radikal Bikers Emulator 0.9 - Aaron Giles has released a stand alone emulator for Radikal Bikers. This was just a fun side project to learn Direct3D 8 and to see if some static recompilation techniques would work. It requires a minimum of a 2GHz processor and a 64MB video card for full speed.

    Thanks to [red] for the news. - MetaFox

  • MAME Derivitives RunDown - Several MAME Derivitives have been updated to 0.86u3. They are:

    MAME32, the MAME build for Windows with a GUI.

    MAME32FX, the MAME32 build with many driver fixes and improvements.

    MAME Plus!, another MAME and MAME32 build with many driver fixes and improvements.

    MAME32Hp4, a MAME32 build optimized for Pentium 4 processors.

    Thanks to lux_92886 and Hawq for the news. - MetaFox

  • MAME 0.86 u3 - MAME 0.86u3 is out, with RB's NCV emulation improvements being the main inclusion this time. - MetaFox

  • MAME 0.86 DOS - The DOS version of MAME has been updated to 0.86. The Pentium Pro optimized compile is also available. - MetaFox

  •    Saturday, September 4th 2004 - Last updated @ 15:24 EST

  • YAPE v.0.58 - The C16/Plus4 emulator YAPE has been updated again!
    • selectable fullscreen modes
    • selectable TED sound oversampling rate
    • improved snapshot handling
    • many TED related improvements
    • fixed a crash in the monitor
    • correct addressing mode for illegal opcode $D7
    - Hanman

  • Unofficial hiscore.dat - Leezer added nine brand new highscores to his database.

    Thanks to Leezer for the news ;) - Hanman

  • Easy MAME v.3.6 - The MAME frontend Easy MAME has been updated again. - Hanman

  • Hyper NeoGeo64 WIP - Haze released some WIP screenshots. It seems that the HNG64 emulation did a big step forward. - Hanman

  •    Thursday, September 2nd 2004 - Last updated @ 13:55 EST

  • MESS v.0.86 - Finally, the DOS version of the multi system emulator MESS has been updated to version 0.86 too. - Hanman

  •    Wednesday, September 1st 2004 - Last updated @ 15:09 EST

  • OSG Magazine - "Come visit the OSG Magazine to read news, articles and discuss your favorite classic gaming systems - NES & Famicom, Genesis/Megadrive, TG16/PCE, Gameboy, Game Gear, SNES, Commodore 64, 3D0, and more!"

    - Hanman

  • Virtual T v.0.20 - The Windows version of the TRS-80 Model 100/102/200 emulator has been updated, there are MAC and Linux ports too. Homepage - Hanman

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