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  •    Friday, September 30th 2005 - Last updated @ 17:14 EST

  • CDi-Emulator 0.5.2 - CD-i Emulator, a Phillips CD-i emulator that unlike the other available emulator plays more than one game, has recieved it's first public release. However, also unlike the other available CD-i emulator, this emulator is commercial. The free version is a time-limited demo, and it costs 25 Euro ($31US) to register. - MetaFox

  •    Friday, September 23rd 2005 - Last updated @ 20:16 EST

  • MAME 0.100u2 - MAME 0.100u2 is out:

    Source Changes
    Fixed bug that caused VIDEO_EOF routines to be called while paused. This led
    to weird graphics and out of timers messages in some games. [Aaron Giles]

    Improved redhawkb DIP switches. [Roberto Fresca]

    Separated Sega C2 driver into several other pieces. [David Haywood]

    Changed m72 video updating to use partial updates. [Aaron Giles]

    Replaced old Prop Cycle input hacks with proper analog control. For best
    results, delete your propcycl.nv file and calibrate (same procedure as
    Cyber Cycles and Final Lap R) before playing. [R. Belmont]

    Fixed error message when auditing optional files. [smf]

    Bumped interleave in the elecyoyo driver to avoid attract mode hang. [MASH]

    Flipped solarq overlay. [MASH]

    Updates to the Sega C2 driver: [Aaron Giles]
    * got Twin Squash working
    * fixed column scroll with a line scroll of 8
    * cleaned up input ports
    * cleaned up Ribbit protection implementation
    * fixed protection for Print Club games
    * filled out memory map according to cgfm's documentation
    * hooked up protection for Print Club v.2, 4, 5

    Implemented raster split interrupt in System FL games, making Final Lap R
    work fully. [El Semi]

    Cleaned up driver flags and parent/child relationships in the funworld
    driver. [Roberto Fresca]

    Small NSS update: [R. Belmont]
    * Fixed disassembly of 2 SPC700 instructions
    * Fixed behavior of the APU port clear flag to not clobber the output
    ports - games now can boot and run without the "APU skipper"
    * Fixed SPC700 CMP instruction flags

    Some under-the-hood debugger changes: [Olivier Galibert]
    * Added an osd-private void * to debug_views
    * Made view sizing more dynamic

    New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    Lup Lup Puzzle [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
    Twin Squash [Aaron Giles]
    Cool Minigame Collection [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
    Golden Axe - The Duel [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

    New clones added
    Moon Light [Roberto Fresca]
    Final Crash (World, bootleg) [David Haywood]
    Golden Tee Supreme Edition Tournament (v5.10) [Brian Troha]

    New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
    NBA Play By Play [Ville Linde]
    Top Shooter [David Haywood]
    - MetaFox

  •    Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - Last updated @ 13:40 EST

  • New Riddim! - Moemedi (yes, the genius ;-) has released a nearly-finished version of his new dancehall beat called The Child Soldier Riddim. This 'riddim' will most likely be picked up by some record label, because it is very radio-friendly, easy to sing over and will mash up all clubs in the future!

    When I first heard it, the intro reminded me of Mario64's intro. - atila

  •    Monday, September 19th 2005 - Last updated @ 14:08 EST

  • GP2X Pre-Orders Have Begun - Would you like to own a Linux based handheld game/media system, with an open source SDK, dual ARM CPU cores, 64MB RAM + 64MB NAND, an SNES control layout, TV-Out and a 3.5" backlit color screen - all for less than $200 USD?

    Well you just might. Especially since there are many emulators and various other retrogaming apps being planned for it. It's called the GP2X, and it's basically GamePark Holding's sequel to the venerable GP32.

    I put together a basic GP2X FAQ which should give anyone curious all the necessary information to get started. Distributors like GBAX are taking pre-orders now, and the systems will ship sometime in late October or early November. - prophet

  •    Monday, September 12th 2005 - Last updated @ 16:57 EST

  • MAME 0.99u10 - MAME 0.99u10 is out:

    Source Changes
    Fixed bug in INP recording that crashed MAME. [Aaron Giles]

    Added some small optimizations to the Namco System 22 3D renderer.
    [Aaron Giles]

    Fixed interrupt problem in the M37710 core that caused problems with the
    recent Namco update. [Aaron Giles]

    Fixes to the recent Namco sound update: [R. Belmont]
    * Fixed incorrect voices in System 11/12 games
    * Fixed swapped stereo in System 11/12 games
    * Fixed missing sound in Namco Classics games

    Added conditional DIP switches to 10 Yard Fight driver. [Curt Coder]

    Added and wired up color PROM for Truco Clemente, but still missing a
    transform. [Roberto Fresca]

    New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    Monsters World [David Haywood]

    New clones added
    Surprise Attack (World Ver. K) [Corrado Tomaselli]
    Power Instinct 2 (Japan) [EGCG]
    Chuugokuryuu II (ver. 100J, Japan) [EGCG]
    - MetaFox

  • Nebula 2.25 - Nebula 2.25 is out:

    - Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people in speksnk.net boards
    - Unlocked games up to New Power Instinct Matrimelee
    - Fixed garou raster effect missing in pre-battle talk
    - Added proper neopcm2 decryption.
    - Some code has been rewritten to improve compatibility. Now more games should work (although there are still some problems).
    - Added an option in the Emulation menu for direct load of neocd ISO or CD.
    - Added Knights of Valour 2 and Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons. Thanks to HappyASR for the help getting the dump of the internal cartridge cpu program. Due to the extra processor required to emulate, the game will require a more powerful PC to run. Also savestates won't work. (Internet ranking mode for kof2nd has been intentionally disabled).
    - Music speed in kov2/kov2nd is a bit off.
    - Fixed wrong sprite zoom and shrinking (required for kov2nd)
    - Fixed sprite priorities handling (required for kov2 & kof2nd)
    - Added protection for PhotoY2k.
    CPS 2
    - Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people in speksnk.net boards.
    - MetaFox

  •    Tuesday, September 6th 2005 - Last updated @ 18:22 EST

  • Hiya! - Hiya kids, how ya doin' ? Yes, things have been quiet this summer and updates have not been 'a-plenty', but it's all for a good reason (as always ;)

    I've been organising urban dance parties with a friend of mine and we'll be moving on to bigger things soon! I'm also back to producing music, also mixing and mastering for other producers.

    Currently, I've finished mastering a very cool dancehall beat by a new producer called MOEMEDI, the kid is a freakin' genius! There are 10 artists now who've agreed to 'ride the riddim', this means they will write lyrics for it and I will mix them. The link above contains an older unmixed and unmastered instrumental. We will then release a RIDDIM cd containing all tracks. As for myself, I'm working on 2 'Westcoast' tracks (from Eindhoven, The Netherlands ;) myself and an Indian-sounding ragga beat.

    For those who know 'Nollywood', I'm currently producing 3 tracks for Khamileon's next CD. Also, regular business is going just fine, so things are looking good. Also, there's this one girl who's been taking a bit of my time :D So I am here, I just don't update as much. If you want all the latest news, just check our General Forum every day. People actively post news there. As for RG, we'll try to get things rolling again, soon I hope.

    Wormil, you happy now ? ;) - atila

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