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  •    Thursday, November 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:28 EST

  • ClrMamePro v1.9 - Roman Scherzer released version 1.9 of his ROM managers ClrMamePro to the public, new in this release :

    - o - added: new html based documentation
    - o - added: parent samplesets report in missing samples output
    - o - added: show/hide feature for the missing button

    "Enjoy it...and Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year ! ...hmmm .. does this mean that this is the last version for 2000.
    Yes ... I think so ! - Does this mean that this is the last CMPro ? No
    Please download it from Roman's homepage :) (original post by Opi, URL fixed by Atila) - atila

  • Back To The Roots Updated - My favourite Amiga site Back To The Roots has been updated today ! Well thats great news due to the fact that Bobic and Hippie2000 are doing these updates too rarely in my opinion :)
    Ok, now to the new update : Acid Software granted permission to upload their games to Back to the Roots, which ables you to legally download Skidmarks a fun racer with nice tiny cars. Furthermore they uploaded some rare Infocom adventures as well as Zool and Lotus 3 from Gremlin. WinUAE v0.814 R1 is the first version which is able to run Lotus 3 - so uploading this game makes really sense :) Besides the games they've added the usual amount of scene related Amiga and PC demos + insider interviews and (for the fist time) they started to add support for Apple Macintosh Amiga fans. Last important thing to mention is a review of Merregnon : "a briliant music CD full of orchestral music. Composed by scene and game musicians like Chris Huelsbeck, Allister Brimble, Lizardking or Jogeir Liljedahl is this CD the surprise of the last months! PLUS a closer look on an other games-related music CD : Soundfactory from Chris Huelsbeck! - Opi

  • New Project #51 DOS Release - Project #51, the senior design project to create NES emulator, has seen another release. Go here to get the new "fixed" Dos version of this NES emu. - Opi

  • Unofficial nester Again - Click here to download your daily dose of Unofficial nester - new or changed this time :

    - o - code added 234(thanx Quietust)
    - o - code fixed 112(thanx ScottWu)
    - o - tested 112,234**

    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news and the file. - Opi

  • FreezeSMS - A new version of FreezeSMS was released just moments ago, here's what's new:

    -Decreased Sound latency.
    -Better emulation of Noise emulation (there is a tiny bug which is stopping it from being GREAT, I'll find it.
    -Added ZIP Support, make you the ROM file has the same name as ZIP.
    -Added SAVE STAVE support. Press F3 to save, and F4 to load. Currently only supports one save state.
    (This is not mentioned in the docs, it's on the FreezeSMS site.)

    You can click here to download the FreezeSMS build 100. - atila

  • DreamGBC v0.5 - Looks like almost all of our staff members are out of town :) OK, same procedure as every year ... err in the last two days. A new DreamGBC version has been released - the third in the last three days - Kervin added sound support for all 4 Game Boy channels ! You can get this release here. Thanks to Panther and Luke fot the emails :) - Opi

  • Game Gear Re-Released! - Majesco has re-released the Sega Game-Gear at the low, low price of $29,99! Check this story at SegaDojo:

    About a year after releasing the newer model Sega Genesis 3 to market, Majesco has re-released the Sega Game Gear handheld to market. The system retails for $29.99 for the core system, and the games will follow in the weeks ahead, including a couple of new releases for the system- Frogger and Q*Bert. Some Sonic titles and Bust-a-Move should also be among the re-releases.

    Tres cool :P - atila

  • AD Scans - Retro View has been updated with 100 new classic ad scans taking the total number of scans to 265. Check out this great Bead Head ad scan grin - "Incredible 3-D graphics. Unbeliebeable sound effects. Unique Games Concept". WOW - and don't forget the "Multiple Screens and High Resolution Scenario" UNBELIEVEABLE - thats all for only £12.95 on disk - LOL ! - Opi

  • New Rumor Mill! - It's thursday morning and no surprise that JoseQ once again compiled and posted a new issue of his famous Rumor Mill series. - Opi

  • ALE - Amiga Legal Emulation has added the following games to the download list:

    o Buggy Commando
    o Ghostbusters II (Pre-release Demo)
    o Lame ST-Ports
    o Silverblade
    o Xenon 2: Megablast (Pre-release Demo)

    This should keep you busy for some time :) - atila

  •    Wednesday, November 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:41 EST

  • Frozen Guy in NY - In about an hour and a half from the time of this post (8:30 pm EST), David Blaine will emerge from the block of ice he's been frozen in in Times Square since Monday morning. You can see him right now via live webcam.. he looks like he's pretty tired.. and you might want to turn your volume down if you get sick of the NYPD shouting "Let's go!! Let's go!! Let's go!!" at the crowd. :) - dutch

  • VGS Video Patch Centered - Aldo Vargas finally succeeded and released a new VGS video patch that is showing the display centered :) thanks to NESboy2K1 from PSX Fanatics for the email. - Opi

  • NeoPocott News - Gollum once again posted some NeoPocott news. Colin Ward's Amiga PPC port will be out on the next weekend (the same guy is also working on a new MAME Amiga PPC version. An anonymous coder announced a new PocketPC port and Gollum wrote that he and the coding team are currently trying to merge the best parts of Rape/MHE and the old NeoPocott source to a new, more stable/compatible NeoPocott version. - Opi

  • Emulation Has No Limits - RC-Roms reported the release of TEZXAS, a Spectrum emulator for TI89 and TI92+ ! WOW, Texas Instruments calculators which are running a Speccy emu ... pretty weird but impressive :) Check the homepage to see the calculators in action ! - Opi

  • Game Boy Advance Movies - Daily Radar has posted some exclusive "Doom" like Game Boy Advance Movies ! I'm really looking forward for this new Nintendo power toy :) - Opi

  • Play Exotic Games - _Bnu's The X68000 Games Pile has been updated with some new games! This time it's the three excellent adventure games Custom Mate 1, Custom Mate 2 and Custom Mate 3.
    Yeah, go and get them, meanwhile I'll test my skills with J2e's Final Fantasy 4 v3.03 translation :) - Opi

  • ArcadeOS v2.43 - A bugfixed release of ArcadeOS has been posted today, v2.43 is the first release with active beta testing ! For more info about this DOS front-end for DOS MAME (and others) - check the homepage, thanks to Brian for the email :) Please note : "This Frontend is an intregral part of the PC2JAMMA project" :) - Opi

  • Unofficial nester 2000/11/29 - Here's the latest release of Unofficial nester taken directly from Emulation 9.

    - o - # support 'Family Basic Key Board'(thanx rinao)
    - o - code fixed nes_apu(thanx stun),235(thanx xodnizel)
    - o - tested 235
    - o - # change '260-in-1' and 1000-in-1' in every reset.(#235) - Opi

  • DreamGBC v0.4 - A release report of a new DreamGBC was my last posting yesterday and will be the 1st thing to mention today :)
    DreamGBC v0.4 is online with the following changes :

    - o - Fixed a GB controller bug,TAKARA's fighting games work correctly
    - o - Completely rewritten GB Window code,many games have perfect graphics
    - o - Data write to SRAM is automatically backuped to HDD and restored
    ..... when emulator start
    - o - Added support to MBC2 carts

    Download it here - thanks to Guyfawkes from Emuholic for the update info. - Opi

  • Duh - Haven't updated OC in awhile. This was because 3dsmax decided to stop displaying a certain, crucial dialogue window. I finally got proactive about it and traced it down to bad placement / dimensions for that dialogue in the .INI file. It's now working; let this be a lesson to always check the .INI file before going about the tedious process of reinstalling. Uhhh . . . just wanted to share that. - david

  • To bleem or not to bleem - that appears to be THE question, as recent rumors of a bleemcast release next week have been denied, according to Gamer's Uplink. This is quite a shame, as I for one am dying to play Mary Kate & Ashley's Mystery Mall with bilinear filtered graphics ;) - david

  •    Tuesday, November 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:48 EST

  • DreamGBC v0.3 - Kervin released v0.3 of his Game Boy emulator for Win9x DreamGBC. New in this release :

    - o - Fixed a sprite transparency bug
    - o - Fixed a sprite overlay bug.Sangokushi have perfect title(and the rest)
    - o - Fixed a bug that will mess up some game.

    Please download it here, thanks to Panther for the email :) - Opi

  • InfoNES v0.68 - A new version of InfoNES. Latest changes are some fixed mappers - get this japanese NES emulator here. Thanks to Emuholic for the news. - Opi

  • FreezeSMS Build 95. 28/11/00 - A new version of FreezeSMS has been released today, build 95 28/11/00 adds sound (with VOICE support) to this Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator. You can get it here. Hmmm, seems like FreezeSMS becames a real rival to MEKA - at least a bit :)
    Thanks to Geoshock for the hint :-) - Opi

  • RockNES News - WOW, katharsis, my friend and team-buddy in good old Geoshock days (yes there was a life before Retrogames) has added ZIP support to RockNES (his favourite NES emulator btw).
    RockNES X, the Windows port of RockNES will be released this saturday, hell - maybe Alexandre has gotten my Sidewinder to work this time :)
    And finally the secret mapper (announced in v1.6000) is ... "was assigned to number #48. The game supported is... other SMB2j cartridge (LF36) dumped by Mark. Btw, this mapper number will be changed to #43 in the next release".
    As always - stay tuned for more - thanks Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Win4Lin 2.0 Beta - Win4Lin integrates the Microsoft Windows 95/98 operating environment into the host Linux environment, allowing users to access both Linux and Windows applications. It runs on a range of systems, from modest boxes to high-end Linux servers. This release adds sound support, multiple processor support, and improved serial/parallel support. - chris

  • OC ReMix - Well, some time last night I certified that OverClocked ReMix had surpassed 200,000 hits. That includes dimpled and pregnant hits, by the way. So to celebrate and to clear up space on my hard drive, I give you SEVEN ReMixes. Yes you heard me right - 7! Xenogears, Ork, Gunsmoke, Super Mario RPG, Zelda 3, Maniac Mansion, and FF7!! For the record, that's our biggest update, and 5 of those games are new to the site. So walk, don't run, to OC ReMix, and check things out. And thanks to everyone for the support + for listening. - david

  • "Snow White" virus - I'm getting a little mad, because of the recent flood of mails with the subject: "Snowhite and the seven dwarfs - The Real Story!", or "Branca de Neve pornt" or "Enanito si, pero con que pedazo". The sender is always "HAHAHA" and there's an attachment which you have to execute to learn what happened to Snowhite. This attachment contains a virus, which sends itself to everyone in your address book. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and delete that mail if you get it. - atila

  • ZSNES v1.14 - The DOS and Windows versions of ZSNES have been updated again - DOS = v1.14 / Windows = v0.80 now. Here are some of the improvements in this release :

    - o - Improved Windows speed in 32-bit windowed mode ~ 18 %
    - o - Many netplay improvements
    - o - Added nickname support to NetPlay (9 char limit)
    - o - Added actions to chat, similar to how mIRC works - use /me )
    - o - Fixed 640x480 vesa2 scanline+interpolation display problem
    - o - Fixed up Interpolation

    OK - that's enough :) please choose your downloads below :
    Get the ZSNES v0.80 Windows version or grab the v1.14 DOS release.
    Thanks to DrSteveW and Boba Fett for the emails :-) - Opi

  •    Monday, November 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:42 EST

  • PS2 Insanity - I watched this 15 meg video of the PS2 European launch in the Virgin Megastore with total disguist.. holy s**t people, it's just a friggin video game console!!! >:( Credit goes to Winstonwolf for the link to the video. Here's a link to the main article. - dutch

  • Red Squirrel Renewed - I noticed over at EmuHQ that Graeme Barnes has updated his Acorn Archimedes emulator for Win98 Red Squirrel yesterday to version 0.3 - new in this release :

    - o - HostFS to access the Windows filesystem
    - o - InstallShield installer
    - o - Fixed floppy image corruption
    - o - Improved display handling code

    For more information about this emulator and the file downloads - visit the Red Squirrel homepage. - Opi

  • GoodWindows v2.0 - GoodWindows, a Windows front-end for Cowerings Rom renaming utility series is now online as version 2.0 - for more info check the homepage. - Opi

  • Unofficial nester 2000/11/27 - As I've written yesterday, the updates of Unofficial Nester were made on a daily base - thats really unbelieveable - did you already tested it ? It's in english, for Win9x and highly compatible - get todays newly patched version here - it has the following changes included :

    - code added: 43
    - code fixed: 4(thanx rinao),45,71(thanx xodnizel)
    - tested: 4,(43),45,71
    # support 'Chou Jinrou Senki - Warwolf'(#4)
    # support '1000000-in-1'(#45)
    # change mapper number #43 to #235 assigned for '150-in-1'
    # support auto palette change for 'VS Atari RBI Baseball'(thanx Screw)
    # update the data-base of cycles_per_line. - Opi

  • MSX News - TFH/Fony from The MEP-Crew informed me about a new ParaMSX release - Yeongman Seo's improved Windows port of Marat Fayzullin's fMSX v2.1. New in ParaMSX v0.21 :
    - o - Rewrote all sound emulation.
    - o - Removed autoloading MSXDOS2.ROM.
    ..... (You can load DOS2-ROM at any slot.)
    - o - Added Panasonic's FS-A1WS BIOS support. (Added DISK_P.ROM)
    - o - Restored old Halfscanline mode.
    - o - and fixed minor bugs.

    Get the new emulator release at the ParaMSX homepage or grab a lite version at The MEP-Crew.

    Two newly updated fMSX-DOS front-ends are available too - the first one is from The B.O.S.S. and has the version number 2.0c and the 2nd released front-end was made by Nightfox and is available at The MEP-Crew's database as version 1.3a. - Opi

  • MAMEMenu v2.0 - Version 2.0 of Ed Salisbury's MAMEMenu, a nice DOS front-end for MAME, is online - thanks to Bugfinder for the email ! - Opi

  • Respect And Congratulations - The World Of Spectrum team celebrates their 5-year online anniversary ! - Opi

  • Advance Menu 1.5 - Andrea Mazzoleni released another update of his superb (my favorite) DOS frontend, Advance Menu! It works great on any PC, arcade or TV monitor. Get it here. TONS of new features, including Raine support & lots more. Check the Advance MAME homepage for more details & files. - prophet

  • The ROM Info Bundle, a suite of ROM renaming tools for MacOS, has been updated to v1.5b3. - richard

  • RockNES/MacOS has been updated to v1.600. - richard

  • Jahidah Update :) - Remember my singer/songwriter friend Jahidah? Well, she just emailed me about her new website! She's got some shows coming up soon here in New York City, so check it out if you like R&B/Pop music! - prophet

  • Bleemcast Next Week ? - FGN Online is reporting that PSera.com is reporting that Bleemcast (PSX emu for Dreamcast) will be out next week. I guess we will know in a week's time if it's true :) Thanks to Wulfer for the link. - atila

  • M&Ms :) - Everyone knows that M&Ms don't melt in your hands, right ? Well, now you can play a GB game starring M&Ms on your computer, and it still won't melt :) Yes sirree, download the emu and the rom at the M&Ms website : ) Thanks to Boba Fett and DKTetsuya for the link. (Btw, I shouldn't be posting about edible things when I'm fasting, yes, it's Ramadan season again :) - atila

  •    Sunday, November 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:51 EST

  • MASH's MAMEINFO.DAT - MASH's latest MAMEINFO.DAT is online - he's now officially responsible for this MAME add-on - thanks to Mame World for the info. - Opi

  • New 8-Bit Tape Images - The .TZX vault preserved another 43 Spectrum tapes in TZX format from vanishing, well lemme say I've noticed some famous games included in this update !

    Kim Lemon uploaded 5 new tapes for everyone's favourite 8-bit home computer, the famous C-64 :) - Opi

  • SSF v0.05 test r3 - Emulation 9 reported a new release of SSF an astonishing japanese Sega Saturn emulator. Currently I have no changes info but I'm sure it isn't far away :-) Remember this emulator is already able to run some commercial games - check the proof here ! - Opi

  • Aldo's All-In-One Memory Converter - Besides a ton of other Playstation emulation related tools, Aldo Vargas released a "All in One" solution for his various Playstation emulator memory managers he made in the past. Download his "Memory Converter - All in one" and convert from Bleem to VGS format or to ePSXe or back or .... think you got it :) Thanks to WWEmu for the news. - Opi

  • DeliPlayer v1.10 Is Out And Freeware Now - Checkout the DeliPlayer homepage for a free upgrade to version 1.10 of this awesome music player ! You dont not need to register for DeliPlayer anymore, it became freeware now for non-commercial use. However, the Streamrecorder is Shareware and costs $20 to register, Streamrecorder allows to save whatever DeliPlayer plays as WAV or MP3 files on disk. The unregistered version of the StreamRecorder will only save MONO output. Thanks to Joao M. for the news - don't forget to visit ExoticA! and get some interesting music tracks to test DeliPlayer with. - Opi

  • Unofficial nester 2000/11/26 (2nd) - Today was the first time that I checked whats going on with the daily updates of TAKEDA, toshiya's updates of Unofficial Nester. Unofficial Nester is a NES/Famicon emulator based on Darren Ranalli's original nester and Mikami Kana and Screw's nesterJ. TAKEDA toshiya used their sources and is now adding (via patch) support for new mappers and input devices on a daily base. Emulation 9 is the home of this patched unofficial nester version - I suggest that you click here and give it a deserved try - the compatability is incredible - check the included readme file (in english) for much more information.
    To give you a clue how busy this guy really is, I've added the update info from this day - this is the 2nd update for today - code means mapper !!!
    2000/11/26 (2nd)
    - o - code added 48
    - o - code fixed winmain(thanx Mikami Kana),nes,fds
    - o - tested 48
    # support 'The Flintstones - The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy'(#33/#48)
    # fix the wait routine for FDS disk change.
    # fix the support of ROM Trainer.
    # support change dropped short filename to long file name.
    - o - code fixed nes,fds
    # support 'Silviana (Ai Ippai no Boukensha)', 'Super Load Runner'(FDS)
    # support 'VS Atari RBI Baseball'(thanx xodnizel) - Opi

  • F5 And Then ... Ooops ! - If you've downloaded the latest v1.600 RockNES binary you should think about redownloading it, because Fx3 accidently mapped hard reset to the F5 key :) - Opi

  • OC ReMix - Again? Yes, indeed, two more ReMixes - Yoshi's Island and another FF3 mix - have been added to the archives. In addition, there's a new flash interface thingy, a new live java chat, and an additional ReViews Messageboard for listener reviews. Also, our friends at twilight incorporated put together an odd little expose of llamatron. Lots o shtuff. - david

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP page! - atila

  • Play With Every Character - Till from SYS 2064 posted a pack of configuration files for Impact to easily unlock all ingame characters for you (except for Battle Arena Toshinden and Psychic Force). Get these configuration files at his Impact section :) More to come later ! - Opi

  • Yape v0.25 - Yape - Attila's C-16/Plus4 emulator has seen another update today - v0.25 is mostly a bugfix release to solve some newly "introduced" problems :

    - o - emulator speed is selectable as percentage of real machine
    ..... (so the 50Hz synch is gone)
    - o - a nicer quickdebugger (as it now uses Commodore fonts :-)
    ..... with SHIFT+F9
    - o - stupid bug with multicolor mode corrected (Vegas Jackpot)
    - o - just realised that reverse mode can have a cursor... so I added it
    - o - some improvements on emulator snapshot load/save
    - o - bugfixes and polishments in TAP creation
    ..... (you had to quit Yape to close the file created)
    - o - accidentally, in v0.24 I made the built-in plus/4 software unavailable...
    - o - some more potential crashes fixed

    Get it here - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Retrogaming Times Issue #39 - Seems like I've missed to mention the initial release of Tom Zjaba Retrogaming Times Issue #39 last week. This mistake is now fixed :) - Opi

  • SEM v0.33 - SEM, an interesting Russian Spectrum emulator for Win9x has been re-released as version 0.33 recently. Click here to grab your copy of this new version - thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the news ! - Opi

  • Steem v1.3 - The Steem Engine homepage was updated with a new build of Steem, a fantastic freeware Windows Atari STE emulator.
    Here are the latest changes :

    Bug fixes:
    - o - MIDI in.
    - o - Ilegal instruction exceptions, thanks to Xavier Joubert (fixed MonST).
    - o - Small v1.2 keyboard bug that wasn't in v1.1 (fixed Hot Rubber).
    - o - IKBD mouse off bug (fixed Deeplair).
    - o - Minor blitter bug.

    New features:
    - o - Shortcuts - Assign any key, joystick button/direction, the middle mouse button or a combination to do various different actions including pressing an ST key, starting/stopping the emulator and fast forward. Easily create different set ups for different games.
    - o - Always on top.

    You can have it if you click here - a debug build is available at the Steem homepage. - Opi

  •    Saturday, November 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:23 EST

  • gleam! Moved - gleam! has been moved to a new server and URL - please update your bookmarks to http://gleam.vintagegaming.com. If you own a Sega Dreamcast you should watch this fine NES emu ! - Opi

  • PSX Fanatics Needs YOU - PSX Fanatics is looking for a helping hand - interested html experts, designers and Playstation fans should visit the homepage for more info about this request ! - Opi

  • Emunews.de Wieder Da - Emunews.de, a fine emulation site in german language has been reopened with a new design and layout. If you wanna improve your german - give it a try (and a look) :) - Opi

  • TR64 WIP 4 - A new TR64 has been released today. Schibo main coder of 1964 has joined the TR64 team and so the future of this N64 emulator looks very bright IMHO. Click here to get TR64 WIP 4.
    Since friday, I'm not able to access EmuHQ and its hosted sites so I have to thank and trust the folks of WWEmu for the info. - Opi

  • PSinex PC Emulator Release - PSinex PC Emulator v0.034 is officially available now. PSinex PC Emulator is a Playstation emulator in early development stage here're some of its current features : emulates all existing bios images, runs many demos, has plugins support, some GTE implementation, integrated debugger, sound works partially. - Opi

  • BasicNes v1.51 & GAME OVER - Looks like the door was finally closed for another Intel based NES emulator today ! Don Jarrett released the last version of his BasicNes emulator. He uploaded v1.51 and wrote a large statement why he decided to end the development of BasicNes :( Please grab the latest release at the BasicNes homepage and read Don's last posting - to honor his past efforts. BasicNes rest in peace, maybe you'll be missed !
    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the sad news. - Opi

  • 'appy burfday! - I'd like to wish The Fox of Emu Unlim a happy 24th birthday :) Live Long And Prosper! - atila

  • NesCE - A new version of NesCE, an NES emu for Cassiopeia PocketPCs based on FCE Ultra, was released earlier. The main news is that sound emulation is now added and ARM and SH3 versions have also been compiled! Mobile Gaming indeed :) Thanks to Sonikku for the link. - atila

  • OH WOW! - Check this auction at eBay! That has go be the biggest auction of consoles/games I have ever seen, I'd love to buy that :)~~ Thanks to R.I.P for the news. - atila

  • DC Deals In UK - CV&G is reporting about highstreet deals in the UK, "Toys 'R' Us are now offering a Dreamcast, a DVD Player, ChuChu Rocket!, Sonic Adventure, Lethal Weapon 3 and free Sky installation for a mere £249", they also have a list of other deals at various highstreet retailers. For those who forgot, the UK/Euro PS2 sells for £299. Furthermore, the Euro/UK PS2 will NOT play back DVD movies via the SCART (RGB) cable. - atila

  • RockNES v1.600 - BREAKING NEWS - Fx3 released version 1.600 of his great NES/Famicon emulator for DOS RockNES !!! Here is the huge list of his latest achievements :

    - o - Added a ppu tile caching system, sped up the things;
    - o - Added a decent savestate format - NOT compatible with the old ones;
    - o - Added a new method for noise luts, much clean;
    - o - Added mapper #180 (Nichibutsu, game Crazy Climber supported);
    - o - Added preliminary VS UniSystem reads handler
    ..... (Atari RBI Baseball works), thanks to xodnizel;
    - o - Added a cheap hack to get Paris-Dakar Rally Special working (map66);
    - o - Fixed a major bug in the mapper #40 (SMB2j) reset;
    - o - Fixed mapper #83 CHR bankswitch (World Heroes2 works);
    - o - Fixed mapper #232 (BF9096 chip - used by Codemasters' Quattro carts);
    - o - Fixed mapper #233 (the '20-in-1' half works, 'reset' to active);
    - o - Fixed nametables dumping (dumping the entire $400 data in a .nam file);
    - o - Fixed major problems in the sound startup routines;
    - o - Fixed number of cpu cycles per sprite DMA transfer;
    - o - Fixed ppu layout (frame starts at VBlank);
    - o - Fixed ppu latch system and ppu reads, thanks to Ki for his findings
    ..... (pass ok in the tests programs).
    - o - Fixed mirroring state saving (when a mapper uses a custom mirroring);
    - o - Tweaks in the FDS driver, more games are working;
    - o - Cleaned up the 16k CHR RAM support code, used by mapper #13;
    - o - Expanded ROM information display;
    - o - Whoops, removed "dump pattern addresses" option from GUI;
    - o - General cleanups to boost the performance;
    - o - Added a 'secret' mapper, I will tell you later... ;-)

    Download it here - many thanks to PeterD from EmuHQ for the email :) - Opi

  • Screensaving... - Are you behind on your screensavers? This is for all of you who like me haven't been keeping up. You can find some way cool screensavers here, here, and here. My favorites are The Matrix (displays "Matrix code" on you monitor, I didn't see the code though, all I saw was blond, brunette... :) and Sachs Marine Aquarium, which will display the most realistic fish you've ever seen on your monitor. - dutch

  •    Friday, November 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:15 EST

  • XZX v3.0.0 Online - Erik Kunze's shareware Spectrum emulator for UNIX and the X Window system XZX has been updated to v3.0.0. Click here for a list of the latest changes and check the homepage for more information about XZX - thanks to World Of Spectrum for the info ! - Opi

  • Fly High With Arcade Flyers - The Arcade Flyer Archive has seen another update, this time Xray1 & Co added 20+ new flyer scans to their large database for you to enjoy and collect :) (grand total of 1563 archived flyers now). - Opi

  • PS2 Released In Europe - The console was released in Europe today, but there seems to be a lack of articles about it. I'll do some diggin' and see if I can come up with some juicy news. - atila

  • Fourteen-Year-Old Centipede World Record Smashed - "Donald Hayes' ordeal is over. After months of repeated attempts, he has finally broken the 14-year-old world record on Atari's classic arcade video game, Centipede. He has almost nine hours of videotape to prove he earned the new world record and every last one of his 7,111,111 points." Click here for the full story at Twin Galaxies! - atila

  • Why Me? Where Did I Go Wrong? - What a horrible Friday:

    Customer: "I'd like a 25 Guilder calling card please"
    Me: "Sure, which one would you like?" (I have about 30 different brands)
    Customer: "Gimme a good one!"
    Me: "Which country might you be calling?"
    Customer: "Why do you wanna know where I'm calling ?! That ain't none of your business!"
    Me: "That way, I can give you the best calling card for your destination."
    Customer: "Just give me any card you have!"

    So I give him a Total Call card and ask for the money. Guess what happens next ...:

    Customer: "Haven't you got Globalcard? That one is the best for Morocco"
    Me: "Gimme back that calling card. I'm giving you exactly 10 seconds to leave the store."
    Customer: "How rude! Where's the manager ?!"
    Me: "I *AM* the manager!! Customer Service don't live here nomore, I think he moved next door!"

    Needless to say, he left. #$^%$#^$@@#$#@%!@!$% - atila

  • NGINE News - More emulation news for the DC, this time it's the NGINE Project, which is kind of a virtual machine which can be used for a lot of different emulators. Currently, SNES9x is being ported to DC, here's the current status update:

    - ALL code (ngine + snes9x) compiles for SH4 (Dreamcast)
    - ngine is happily initializing all neccessary plugins on Dreamcast
    - the ngine console works (sort of a mini mini operating system for apps running within ngine, imagine it like a mini-subset of MSDOS) on Dreamcast, with keyboard support. Screen shots of this later this weekend.

    He's having trouble with his custom-built C++ linker, he's described the problem here, if you can help him out, we might have a working SNES9x running on NGINE, VERY SOON! - atila

  • Dear Lord... - This guy walks in and heads on over to the payphone, deposits two 25 cent coins into it and starts making a call. All of a sudden he starts yelling at me for no apparent reason. So I ask him what the trouble seems to be. He says that the machine took his money without him making a call! I ask him if he was connected to a fax machine or if his call was diverted to a voice mailbox. He says he was diverted to a voice mailbox. So I tell him that that costs money, since a connection was made. So he starts to question why the machine (which I bought from KPN) took both his coins instead of just one. I tell him that he should have put in just one coin instead of two, since the machine will take whatever coins were deposited into it, once a connection is made (I blame KPN). Then he says: "Well, why don't you put up a sign then, stating what you just said, so that people don't lose their money for nothing?!"

    I get slightly annoyed saying: "Sir, if you had used the eyes that God has given you, you might have noticed that I did indeed put up an A4-sized sign stating what I have just said, it's next to the phone!". Then he says: "Oh sorry, I didn't see that". Some people ... - atila

  • NeoPocott for DC! - Looks like the things are getting busy on the emulator front for the Sega Dreamcast. Here are some sweet pics of NeoPocott (NGPC emu) running on a DC! Thanks to Sonikku for the link. - atila

  •    Thursday, November 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 19:29 EST

  • More Spectrum TZX Stuff For You - "No rest for the wicked" .... the .TZX Vault is a busy busy place ... there's been another update with 47 new tape images this time. - Opi

  • PocketNES v1.0 beta 1 - A new PocketNES has been released today. "Currently, version 1.0 beta 1 runs on the ARM processor (iPAQ 36x0) Pocket PC machines. SH3 and MIPS versions will soon follow as soon as I can confirm they work. PocketNES is getting about 30 fps with most ROMs using my iPAQ. And that's using full quality 44100Hz sound!"
    Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • MAMEboy For Casio E115 - Marconelly told me that he now also successfully compiled a v1.1 binary of MAMEboy for Casio's Cassiopeia E115. - Opi

  • TOSEC News - The TOSEC group released 13 new or updated ROM Doctor rdbs and RomCenter dat files.
    - Acorn Archimedes (update) 130, thanx to Spolier and C0llector
    - Atari 800 os-b (update) 699, thanx to polarz
    - Atari 800 Basic (update) 272, thanx to polarz
    - Atari 800 XL (update) 2196, thanx to polarz
    - BK 0010 (11M) (new) 58, thanx to Xtale and Grendel
    - BK 0011-411 (new) 32, thanx to Grendel
    - Commodore Amiga Demos (new) 779, thanx to jjs
    - Hewlett-Packard 48 (update) 152, thanx to Leto II
    - Hewlett-Packard 49 (new) 76, thanx to Leto II
    - MSX 1 Disks (update), 1664, by Grendel, Xnurfz, Laokoon & JackW26
    - MSX 2 Disks (update), 1122, by Grendel, Xnurfz, Laokoon & JackW26
    - Robotron KC85 2/4 (update), 389, thanx to Woodsdog
    - Sinclair ZX Spectrum (TZX) 2642, thanx to C0llector

    As usual: rdbs are available through the internet update function in ROM Doctor and RomCenter dat files from the TOSEC homepage. - Opi

  • New Emu For Motorola's 68000 Chip - Bart Trzynadlowski the author of Genital a fine Sega Genesis emulator for DOS decided to release version 0.0 of his own Motorola's 68000 processor emulator Genital68K to the public.
    "I released Genital68K Version 0.0 today, a _fast_ 68000 emulation library for X86 systems. It is being used in Genital Version 1.0 (which hasn't been released yet) and is performing so well, I decided to remove Starscream from that project ..... Feedback on how the emulator works (or doesn't work) would be very much appreciated". For more information about this new emulator and a list of the available features, check the readme.txt and/or visit the Genital68K homepage. - Opi

  • YAME v0.23 - YAME, the japanese multi system emulator (GBC/NES/TG-16) was updated to version 0.23 yesterday - you can get it here ! New in this release :

    - o - Bug correction when VRAM of PC engine is written
    - o - [It] corresponds to 2P controller and six button pad.
    ..... (PC engine and family computer)
    - o - Discharge successively ?
    - o - Function secret of multi-

    Thanks to Emuholic for the news and the translation. - Opi

  • Pete's PSX Plugins v1.40 - Busy Mr. Pete Bernert released a bunch of updated Playstation emulator plugins, all as version 1.4 ! Note ePSXe user's should grab his OpenGL 1.40 plugin, the new version "fixes a issue with ePSXe which was causing a crash if you stopped a game by hitting ESC and continued it again".

    Thanks to Bobbi from PSXEmu for the notification. - Opi

  • Twisted Moved - Twisted, a site that features mp3's from old games (and now console music too, courty of Retrobase) has been moved to VGN - please update your bookmarks to http://twisted.vintagegaming.com. Right now it has 227 mp3's online (almost 400 mb of music). - Opi

  • Killer Instinct Emu Adds Sound - WOW - thats GREAT - the KIAME/U64Emu homepage was updated with a very good news. RCP has gotten sound to work. "The sound is slowing the emulator down a lot but after he finishes optimizing he expects that sound will impact the game speed less then 5%!". Visit the homepage and download a little Spinal related sound clip. - Opi

  • New Rmixes, Incl. One From SOR2 ! - Visit OC ReMix and get remixes from : Phantasy Star II (by David L. himself), Streets of Rage II, Punchout and Shadow of the Beast III. Update : Listen to "Phantasy Star II BurntMota OC ReMix.wma". This is a real awesome remix :) ... now I've heard it 7 times and its still a great remix.

    Attention game ReMix fans : Bart Klepka uploaded a new C-64 remix of "Spherical", "a remake of a remake of 'Greensleeves', which is well know as the 'ice-cream-van song'". - Opi

  • New Ammunition For RomCenter - 12 new or updated datfiles for RomCenter are now downloadable at the RomCenter homepage. - Opi

  • Acorn Electron Is Haunting Me ! - Well, thanks to the 4 Electron fans who dared to mail me about their "problem" LOL (hi Shane, ninge1, steven and David P.) and thanks also to Dave, who again informed me about the next ElectrEm update, beta 5b is online ! WOW, looks like the ElectrEm author has shifted into the 3rd "hard at work" gear lately - so much news ... the usual
    ElectrEm Change Log was updated too - so its easy for you to checkout whats changed in beta 5b, it was released for Windows, Linux and DOS ! - Opi

  • VisualBoy v1.4.7 - Woheee, a new VisualBoy has been uploaded today. Forgotten's emulator is the best and most advanced Win9x Game Boy (Color) emulator to date. It's fully configurable with an easy to use GUI, save states, cheat codes, screenshots and a "super high" compatability ! I'm currently preparing some Game Boy stuff for my upcoming (early 2001) own screenshot site (I'm addicted to making screenshots) - so I used this emulator for many, many hours and know what I'm talking about :) Ok, nuff said - here are the changes :

    - o - several SGB fixes (Wario Blast, Harvest Moon, King of Fighters, etc)
    - o - fixes for Pokemon Red/Blue/Gold/Silver for the automatic emulator type
    - o - added the old 320x240 full screen mode as an option
    - o - SGB multiplayer support for up to 4 players
    - o - crash problem fix for changing the joypad configuration
    - o - GameShark fixes
    - o - FAQ in the ZIP file and in the download webpage
    - o - Italian translation (thanks Dax)
    - o - Norwegian translation (thanks Christian)
    - o - Greek translation (thanks Nick)

    VisualBoy v1.4.7 is available as DirectX 5 or DirectX 7 version but I can't tell ya what's the difference). The VBoy Faq can be found here - thanks to Mr. "Rumor" Views for the hint :-) - Opi

  • Rumors Are "Sweet"; Facts Are Better :) - EmuViews was updated with a new episode of JoseQ's emu "Soap Opera" the famous Rumor Mill ! - Opi

  • C64 Remixes - If you'd like to hear some remixes of old C64 tunes (or download the original SIDs), you could check out http://remix.kwed.org/! Go ahead, you know you want to ;) Thanks to Ingve for the link. - atila

  • Happy Thanksgiving USA! - As our friends around the globe may know, today is the day we Americans eat mounds of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pies! Yum! :) - prophet

  •    Wednesday, November 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:34 EST

  • Amiga Forever v4.0 - Amiga Forever v4.0 is available at the Cloanto homepage. Amiga Forever is an "all-in-one" Amiga emulation and connectivity solution for PCs, officially licensed by Amiga International. A special and cheaper so called "online edition" (costs $29.95) is available for download directly from the AF website - click here for more "online edition" details. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • easyEmu Moved - easyEmu was moved to Mame World - plase update your bookmarks to http://www.mameworld.net/easymame. mrv2k added a Callus tutorial to his site - feedback is welcome! - Opi

  • Unofficial Raine - dusk informed me about a new unofficial Raine version made by Fox with excellent support for Guwange a Cave game from 1999 (already supported by MAME, but too new to be officially enabled). Excellent means, the game is fully playable (minor graphic glitches) but lacks emulating the zooming sprites effect.

    Download it here and then visit Emu-Zone and look for the newly added Guwange. - Opi

  • Elite Will Never Die - Acorn Electron fans (are there any ? - mail me, will count them all) attention please again :) Soon after the 140 mb monster update at The Stairway to Hell, here's something new worth to report :-) Dave uploaded a fully working copy of the Electron version of Elite, that loads instantly in the "ElectrEm" emulator instead of 5 minutes (as the older version needed). Elite .... aaaaah ! I never became the "Elite" status but I've played this classic on my C-64 for more than a year ! - Opi

  • ePSXe Fanatics Moved - The ePSXe fan & support site ePSXe Fanatics has been moved to a new URL, please update your links & bookmarks to http://www.psxfanatics.com/epsxe. Stay tuned for the upcoming compatibility list, it should include tons of new features and entries but it's taking a little longer than expected. - Opi

  • Gameboy Ultra Support v2.5 - Lrd[EFN] from Gameboy Emulation Heaven informed me about a new Gameboy Ultra Support release. Visit the Italian homepage and get version 2.5 of this front-end for DBoy, VGB and SMYGB. Hmm, well ... thats another site which ignores Netscape :( - Opi

  • Interview With Mister "Unofficial Nester" - Navarone from Emulation 9 conducted an interview with TAKEDA,toshiya, the author of Unofficial Nester - you can read it here. After reading it, you'll know the truth and facts about Unofficial Nester and the daily updates at Emulation 9 regarding this NES emu. - Opi

  • Prepare Yourself - For a fully functional Sega Saturn emulator .... visit SegaXtreme and download Blazing Heroes for Saturn. So you'll have some stuff to test that "virtual" emulator when it becomes reality :) - Opi

  • Captain Low-Rez! - This is so wickedly cool, everyone should check out the adventures of Captain Low-Rez, now!! Thanks to Evilmind for the link. - atila

  • Dubious DVD player? - I just received a rather urgent mail from Michael, over at GAG, regarding http://www.gamedvdplayer.com, a site that sells the DULUX DVD player that comes with a built-in Sega Master System and 2 cds with about 700 SMS games:

    "According to Sega's legal people, they didn't license the titles out. Since this is only available mail order, purchasers could potentially be charged for buying stolen merchandise (if they live in the U.S.)"

    Someone has also been spamming the URL on various console-related newsgroups on USENET. SPAM=BAD! Stay away from companies who don't know how to do business. - atila

  •    Tuesday, November 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 20:02 EST

  • Game & Watch News - _MADrigal_ uploaded his 17th Game & Watch simulator : Snoopy (Nintendo, Table Top, 1983) v1.00 !
    Mario's Bombs Away was upgraded to v1.01 - now with manual ! - Opi

  • DreamGBC V0.2 - Here's your copy of Kervin's (also author of DreamNES) new DreamGBC v0.2 release. DreamGBC is a Game Boy Color emulator for Win9x systems with installed DirectX 5.0 (config shell require DirectX 7.0) compatible drivers - two points are new in v0.2 : "Add support to GB Window" and "New Timer handler,but still buggy".
    Thanks to my chinese friend Panther for the informative email :)
    Note : both Dream*** homepages are currently unaccessible. - Opi

  • C-16/Plus 4 Tape Flood - Woaaah - here's another tape image flood for your hungry harddrive :) 46 New Tap Images are ready for the "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE" treatment with Yape :) Thanks to Lando's efforts of course ! So go and visit his LANDO'S C16/PLUS4 CLASSIX - Opi

  • Speccy Stuff For You - The .TZX Vault was updated with 34 new Spectrum tape images. Go and grab your copies of Cybernoid 2, Druid 2, the Marble Madness Deluxe Edition, Mercenary, Rainbow Islands, Sim City and Zynaps to name a few ! - Opi

  • Gollum Coding News ! - Reinforcements for Gollum's NeoPocott team - Judge, the (in)famous author of Rape! joined the development team to further improve this Neo Geo Pocket emulator. Also online is a NeoPocott 0.38b2 WIP report to show you the latest emu "evolution" results.

    Boycott (Gollum's portable GB/GBC emulator) news : a new Win32 will be soon ready with better timer, sync and refresh support for all Windows systems. Stay tuned ! Finally some news about BoycottAdvance, the upcoming portable GBA emulator : well the GUI is ready, the debugger is about 40-45% complete and all stuff compile nicely on MsDos/Linux and Win32 - so be prepared :)
    Thanks to the maestro himself for these insights :) For further information about NeoPocott and Boycott - visit the corresponding homepages :) - Opi

  • Callus95 0.42 Patch 2.4 Released - CPS-2 Shock reported the release of a new Callus95 patch (thanks Razoola. Patch 2.4 adds support for the following games : King of Dragons, The (USA), Knights of the Round (USA), Saturday Night Slam Masters (USA), Street Fighter II (USA 910522) and Warriors of Fate (USA). Also new is a better Hotrod joystick support and the patched Callus binary will run fine in all WinNT versions ! Please visit the Callus95 patch homepage for further information and the patch itself. - Opi

  • Translation News !
    -Spinner 8 from The Whirlpool conducted a nice long & interesting interview with Kitsune Sniper - please click here to read it :)

    - J2e Translations posted their new Final Fantasy 4 v3.03 patch - nothing major but many small fixes that will make playing this game much more fun :) If you visit their site check also their newly added Lagrange Point page - this old Famicom game seems be a nifty little unknown pearl - no wonder, we all know J2e is a special quality class :)

    - NoPrgress published his Dragon Quest 6 patch to show the result of his work before he teamed up with DeJap to complete this rpg classic ! You can get this patch at the DeJap homepage (as DQ6 patch D). It includes some hacks missing in the current DeJap patch and translates 1/3 of this games !

    Thanks to The Whirlpool for these info :) - Opi

  • WOW - Thats Like A Stairway To Heaven, Not To Hell :) - BBC Micro/Acorn Electron fans - attention please :) The Stairway to Hell was updated with tons of new stuff for your enjoyment ! 140 mb of new articles, scans, game maps, solutions, files, cheats etc. ... I guess you got it ! :)

    Lets not forget to report that a newly bugfixed version of ElectrEm has been released shortly after the last beta 5 release. Read here what's new in beta 5a :) - Opi

  • MAMEboy v1.1 - Emulation 9 mentioned a new version of MAMEboy today. V1.1 is now available for download, below are the changes in this new special "MAME for Pocket PC's" release :

    - Thanks to Darren, Key Configuration now works in all games! E125 users will definitelly appreciate this since by default button 1 in MAMEBoy seems to be assigned to voice recorder button on E125. Now everybody will be able to 'fix' that problem for themselves :-)
    - o - In-game clock changes: Slightly increased clock in Pooyan to avoid slowdowns on later levels and slightly lowered clock in Donkey Kong since it was a little bit higher than necessary. Both games still run at 100%
    - o - Added Moon Patrol which works at about 75% of original speed. - Opi

  • Pretendo = "Game Over" - Apparently a Banshee visited the Pretendo homepage yesterday ... no remaining survivors to report. Eli pulled the plug and Pretendo is now history, to understand why - read his statement (which I found acceptable and understandable). - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Wow, lotsa work-in-progress lately from MAME! Go look. As soon as I post this I'm gonna take a look myself... ;) - prophet

  • Rainemakers Needed - Want to help make it Raine again someday? If you've got video routine coding skills (especially scaling sprites!) or sound decoding expertise, you could really help make a difference! Be famous, get rich and have fun! Well, maybe just have some fun. ;) Just visit this sourceforge page and email the team! - prophet

  • Balancing that last post - In light of that previous post I did, I thought it's only fair to post this one. Thanks to Superion for the enlightenment. Must sleep now, night. :) - dutch

  •    Monday, November 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:11 EST

  • Worms! - /me opens another can of console war worms, laughs at the pic, and thanks Class316 for the link. :D - dutch

  • WinAGES v0.23b-SP (Borg) - If you noticed some color problems with yesterday's WinAGES release - visit the WinAGES download section and grab Quinntesson's newly fixed v0.23b. - Opi

  • Watch The Ends You've Never Reached - The Video Game Museum was updated with 22 new Sega Genesis endings ! Check them out ! - Opi

  • FPSE News - New Linux and BeOS compatibility lists for FPSE are online, Fireman finally returned. Thanks to Rico2000 from RC-Roms for the email :) - Opi

  • New Working Games For TRWin Found - Ridge from Ridge's Nintendo 64 Source notified me two new working N64 games in TRWin : Spider Man and "Ready 2 Rumble 2: Round 2" (even with sound). N64 fans should also check his updated TRWin compatibility list ! - Opi

  • SMYNES v1.15 - I saw over at EmuHQ, that SMY released a new version of his taiwanese shareware NES/Famicon emulator SMYNES.
    New in version 1.15 :

    - o - Improved auto frame skip function. Now it can display nearly 60 frames during one second.
    - o - Added partial Familycomputer Disk System sound channel (except the vibration funtion).

    Click here to download the english SMYNES v1.15 and remember that you just start to download a shareware emu :) The register key costs you US$10 or NT$300 - unless you've registered it you will notice the word demo on your screen AND you're gaming session is to 5 minutes max. limited :( Ok, thats a bit hard IMHO, but on the other hand - $10 won't hurt anyone :) If you're a native Chinese or Japanese speaker, check the SMYNES homepage for a binary in your language :) - Opi

  • Stella BeOs 1.2.1 - The BeOS port of Stella, a great Atari 2600 emulator, has been updated to version 1.2.1 and is available here :) Thanks to WWEmu for the news. - Opi

  • GoodNES v0.999.6 - HERE's the result of Cowering's latest efforts ! GoodNES v0.999.6 - now with 6083 recognized NES/Famicon ROMs, new in this GoodNES release : "All the ZZZ files are done (finally) - Only about 100 ROMS left to add now :-)" - Opi

  • Bleemcast, Bleemcast, where's the Bleemcast? I hear a lot of people say they don't care anymore, it's vaporware, blah blah blah. The release date has now moved to 12/21/00. What's holding it up has not been announced, the main two rumors circulating around are 1) Bleem only has one programmer and it's taking a long time to insure 100% QA on the "Bleempaks," and 2) they're trying to incorporate strong protection, in light of the recent Dreamcast piracy. Gamer's Uplink has posted a small but noteworthy article about Bleemcast. And when you compare this pic of Ridge Racer running on Bleemcast and compare it to the Playstation image, it just makes you want Bleemcast all the more, doesn't it? (And yes for everyone who still wonders, Bleemcast will play backups. ;P ). - dutch

  • I'm mad - >:| <-- See, look how mad I am. - dutch

  • SHEESH! - We're back, but that doesn't mean the Retrogames Staff is happy... - atila

  •    Sunday, November 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:24 EST

  • AGES Author Interviewed - Voila - here's another interesting interview for you to read today :) SlasherX from Emu History X conducted it with Quinntesson the author of AGES, a great Sega Genesis / 32x / Sega CD emulator for Win9x ! Check it out here. - Opi

  • ePSXe Coder Interviewed And More ePSXe Related Stuff

    - Bobbi from PSXEmu fame, conducted an interview with Galtor from the ePSXe team, you can read it here.

    - Check the PSXEmu homepage to solve your (possibly happened) ePSXe save game problems !

    - Finally - another good reason to visit PSXEmu today are Bobbi's freshly grabbed Final Fantasy IX screenshots !

    - ePSXe Fanatics has some Grandia online, taken with a new unofficial ePSXe beta version. - Opi

  • WinAGES released! - WinAGES v0.23a-SP (Borg) is availabe for download, here's what's new:

    - Sped up Sega CD emulation by 44% (why is it always this particular number?!?!!?)
    - Boosted Sega CD compatibility, but not by nearly as much as I predicted from my preliminary testing. :'(
    - Eliminated need for preformatted Sega CD internal BRM. AGES will automatically format it if the file is not present. If the file is present and is somehow corrupted, you will have to delete it or use the BIOS to re-format it.
    - Added error message suppression (for instance the UnRAR.DLL error)
    - Made file filters dynamic (.RAR is not shown anymore if UnRAR.DLL is not found)
    - Non-16-bit displays won't shutdown AGES now, but you still can't use non-16-bit modes

    You can learn more about AGES at the AGES site. - atila

  • WIPPETH! - MAMETH WIPPETH is hereth, oreth somethingeth! (Btw, I heard the best EVER 10-hour set played by a DJ, last night. It was AWESOME!!) - atila

  • OverClocked ReMix - Visit OC ReMix and grab some great new game remixes :

    - Final Fantasy I 'Kaoss'
    - Final Fantasy 8 'Find Your Way'
    - Shadow of the Beast II 'mutagene DnB'
    - Y's 'Feena Flow'

    Hmmm - David, your partially new design looks GREAT :) - Opi

  • Emulator Release Synopsis And More !

    - Titan version 20001117 is the 2nd release of a new Sega Saturn emulator that runs some demos.

    - TGB Dual Build 758 - New release of GIGO's special Game Boy emulator version. You'll need Win32 with DirectX5 to exchange Pokemon's with yourself :) Dual means that you're able to emulate two GB's at the same time.

    - FPSE went BeOS. If you need a Playstation emulator for BeOS, try it out.

    - Easy MAME is DEAD, welcome EasyEmu ! Mrv2k changed his mind and tries to help you newbies out there not only to understand and use MAME correctly, now he helps you to understand the whole arcade emulation "scene".

    - MIMIC WIP update, Mike Beaver talks about technical stuff that I'll never understand. Try your luck :)

    - The new Playstation emulator PSinex has joined the PSXEmu - please update your bookmarks to http://psinex.psxemu.com.

    - nesterJ, based on nester public beta3 by Darren Ranalli, and "evolved" by Mr. Takeda with many new details and new mappers - was updated yesterday to v 0.43 - its really worth a look !

    - The Palm OS Game Boy emulator Liberty was updated to v1.2.1 !

    - The Video Game Museum offers you 6 new Neo Geo Endings. Check it out for amazing ends of Fatal Fury 3 Road To The Final Victory, NAM-1975, RB2 Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 The Newcomers, Samurai Showdown 4 and World Heroes !

    - MAMED! news : "Recompiled MAMED & MESSD for coldfire for the HP 618 & HP 912 camera name change. If you recently bought one of these cameras then this version should work now".

    - I was told that Ridge's Mobil Source offers you some nice tunes for your NOKIA mobile telephones. There is a total of 50 tones from old Commodore 64, SNES, Gameboy and Nintendo 64 games online, all ringtones converted and fixed by Ridge himself.

    Thanks to Emulation 9 and EmuHQ for some of the news ! - Opi

  • AdriPSX v0.11.10 - New re-written AdriPSX DOS and Windows versions are now available here. Check out the latest PSX screenshots and discuss your results, opinions and problems on the AdriPSX messageboard ! - Opi

  • Welcome MAMEboy - Marconelly compiled a new Pocket PC MAME version called MAMEBoy, it's based on Darren's source and his "unlimited generous help". MAMEBoy is the currently fastest MAME for Cassiopeia EM-500 / E-125 PPC's. Don't close the pop-up windows too fast when you try to visit the MAMEBoy homepage, one of them is the actual homepage :) - Opi

  •    Saturday, November 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:24 EST

  • JAE Runs Mario - Norbert Kehrer added support for Mario Bros. to his fine Java Arcade Emulator. Go for it, play it online with sound :) - Opi

  • New C-64 Tapes - Redump 64 made a 23 game update for all you C64 addicts out there ! - Opi

  • Amazing New SFF Preview Pics ! - HERE are some great new screenshots from an upcoming release of SSF, the currently most advanced Sega Saturn emulator ! WOW, now please someone send me a couple of interesting Saturn CD's to test this new emu (I've bought only 8 Games, to be honest, I've aquired my Saturn only to be able to play some rounds of Dragon Force. Ooooh - HERE are more sweet looking Saturn pics :) Thanks to SlasherX from Emu History X for the hint :) - Opi

  • G-NES v0.46 - GIGO's latest release of his great NES/Famicom emulators G-NES can be downloaded through this link :) Click here if you prefer the japanese language binary. - Opi

  • fMSX Fan 1.42 - fMSX FAN V1.42 for DOS has been released. fSMX FAN is an MSX 1,2 and 2+ Emulator. Here's what's new:

    - Joytype is recognized.
    - The mousefunction is corrected.
    - The logfm option is added.
    - The tone data of OPLL was read from an external file
    - ROM images can now be changed with the GUI.

    The emulator can be downloaded at the MEP: http://www.file-hunter.com - atila

  • Requests Filled At AEZ! - Shane has filled 20 requests at the Amiga Emulation Zone, so get downloading!! - atila

  •    Friday, November 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:06 EST

  • Plex86 does Windows 95 - The goal of the Plex86 project is to create an extensible open source PC virtualization software program which will allow PC and workstation users to run multiple operating systems concurrently on the same machine. Plex86 now runs Windows95 in full virtualization mode!!! Click here to read the article. Thanks to /. for the news. - chris

  • NES Emu Updated And Dressed In RED ! - The japanese Famicon/NES emulator FE for DOS aka "60pin 8bit console emulator" was updated to version 0.7, dunno exactly whats new in this release, but I can tell ya that the homepage got a new strange looking "comunism red" design :) - Opi

  • Game Lad v1.1 - Game Lad, a pretty new Game Boy emulator for Windows has been updated to version 1.1 - changes are : faster, edit memory, sym file support and bug fixes - hehe, that was a remarkable short and precise list :) Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Yape v0.24 - Good "old" Attila, that busy guy is still releasing at least one update per week of his great C-16/Plus 4 emulator Yape. Version 0.24 was released today and includes the following changes and new new features :

    - o - introduced the new MTAP format for native C16/+4 turbos,
    ..... Yape now saves in this format
    - o - digitised samples are now accepted as valid TAP files
    ..... (autodetected - try Minus4 for DOS TAPs!)
    - o - cursor is now almost 100% accurate (fine colors and rasterline exact)
    - o - a few serious bugs in the CPU found and corrected
    ..... (most protectors work!)
    - o - ADC setting the zero flag in BCD mode is fixed
    - o - saving to external TAP fixed
    - o - fixed ROM banking interface a bit
    - o - TED color registers now report their 7th bit as 1
    ..... (Rockman requires this to work properly)
    - o - fixed the $FF1F TED register to report correct values
    ..... (Squirm, Rockman needs this)
    - o - fixed some potential crashes
    - o - emulator snapshots improved a bit (eg. doesn't crash hopefully :-) )

    Please follow this link if you wanna download this emulator. - Opi

  • Game & Watch News - _MADrigal_ uploaded a nice new simulator called Snoopy a Nintendo Table Top series, basically the same as "Snoopy (Nintendo - Panorama Screen Series)" with different graphics! V1.00 is now available at his homepage and an updated version of his last release Mario's Bombs Away. V1.01 includes the "Manual.EXE" application. - Opi

  • WPCmame and WPCmame 32 v5 - shiva from shivaSite informed me about a new WPCmame and WPCmame 32 v5 releases. Please check the homepage of this so called "pinball emulator" for further information. Look also for the special image packs for use with WPCmame32, optimized for 800x600 resolution ONLY, as well as updates to the regular image packs. A pinball manual archive has been started, to help with conversions for future simulators, and the ROM archive has also been updated, with the latest complete ROMS (e.g. with sound). - Opi

  • Atari800Win PLus v2.7 Is Out - Atari800Win PLus is a Polish Atari 800 (+ several other upgraded 8-bit home computer versions) emulator for Windows - based upon Atari800 v1.0.3 kernel and the original Atari800Win v2.5c sources.
    Click here to download Atari800Win PLus v2.7, thanks to WWEmu for the news. - Opi

  • Arcade Tones Moved - Arcade Tones, a site that deals with classic arcade ringtones for use with the most current Nokia phone models, has joined Emuunlim.com.
    Please update your bookmarks to http://arcadetones.emuunlim.com. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Another MAME WIP has arrived, clicketh hereth to vieweth, or something :) - atila

  • Emu History - Emulation is growing up, and sometimes it's hard to remember the old days, who did what and when? Enter SlasherX's new site Emu History X! - prophet

  •    Thursday, November 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:46 EST

  • Lexx - US folks, don't miss tonight's Lexx on SciFi, it's the one where they go to the zombie planet and Kai flips out. :) (Sorry for the late heads up.) - dutch

  • New Major WinAmp Release - HERE is the new full-install exe of WinAmp v2.7 ! New in this release :

    - o - mp3 decoder: better tag editor, bugfixes
    - o - mod decoder: too much to list. much revised.
    ..... see www.divent.org for more info
    - o - much improved CDDA (Faster, less crashy)
    - o - waveout output plug-in bug fixes
    - o - new directsound output plug-in (very charming)
    - o - faster playlist loading, faster playlist editting on large lists
    - o - windowshade visualization now has spectrum analyzer
    ..... instead of (crappy) VU meter
    - o - improved that old issue of what happens when you delete the
    ..... playing file in the playlist.
    - o - made credits less problematic (and more time based, less frame based)
    - o - made multiple-instance handling handle running with
    ..... different command lines better
    - o - sped up exit process some
    - o - return of classic demo.mp3
    - o - now using NSIS 1.0i (was using 0.98)

    News thanksfully taken from Zophar's Domain, where I also read that MP3.com is now legally entitled to reopen their My.MP3.com service !!! You can read the full announcement here. - Opi

  • ElectrEm Beta 5 - A new beta version of ElectrEm, an open source Acorn Electron emulator for various OS' has been released. The log of the latest changes in beta 5 can be viewed here, check the download section for your desired emulator version (Windows, Linux and DOS + source are available). News taken from Emulation 9. - Opi

  • DreamNes Author Interviewed - dusk member of the chinese emulation sites Emu-zone and China Emulator Union conducted an interview with kevin the author of DreamNes, a great multi-language NES/Famicom Win9x emulator. You can read the english translation (very interesting) right here. Good to know that kevin "survived" his surgery and he still likes to code !!! - Opi

  • New Rumor Mill - Oh yeah ! Here's JoseQ's latest installment of his famous Rumor Mill series ! - Opi

  • TZX Vault - Gilby has added another 59 tape images to the TZX Vault, bringing the total to just under 1,500! Fire up your favorite Speccy emu and have a blast :) - atila

  • Liberty v1.2 - Gambit Studios released version 1.2 of their Game Boy emulator for the Palm OS Liberty. "Now 40-70% FASTER in most games!!! Also new: Partial "awful" sound support, individual game configurations. (Don't complain about the sound or we'll take it back out ;-)" A german version was announced recently too. Deutsche Palm Freaks können sich schon mal "warm laufen" :) Download it here !
    Thanks to my friend Lrd[EFN] from Gameboy Emulation Heaven for the notification :) - Opi

  • Voting madness - If you are not sick and tired of this week's election yet (catch the referances on last night's South Park?), here's some fun links for you: distort the future president, Voting For Dummies, and yet another redesigned ballot.

    We'll get around to emulation news sometime today. Maybe. ;) - dutch

  • Hiho, neighbour! - I'm around, I just haven't gotten round to updating because I was at the local precinct, concerning the accident that happened 3 weeks ago. The guy that had hit my car in the afternoon (and left a note), was kind enough to leave a NON-EXISTANT ADDRESS and the license plate (which he wrote down on the note) of his car, belongs to a car that was exported out of The Netherlands, little over 5 years ago. It's safe to assume that he wasn't insured and I'm out about $3,000. That's how much it costs to have it all fixed. Nice eh ? I don't think I'm gonna have it fixed :x - atila

  •    Wednesday, November 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:14 EST

  • WOG adds 600 Games - World of Spectrum has had a LARGE update on their archive section. Over 600 new or replaced better versions of old Spectrum classics were added yesterday !!! - Opi

  • MameLang 32+ beta 9 - Mame World mentioned the release of MameLang 32+ beta 9. Now with PacMame and overclocking support, a completed Taiwan Chinese lang file and a well progressing Greek translation. - Opi

  • ePSXe Does FF9 - The great Playstation news site PSXEmu was updated with the usual amount of Playstation related emulation news :) AND 6 new Final Fantasy 9 screenshots taken with a new private beta release of ePSXe. Woah, someone bribe Bobbi to send me this fine free emu :-) - Opi

  • New Classic Games Site Needs Your Help - Mr. Mockery from
    I-Mockery.com asked me to post the following request :

    "We just opened up a huge "Classic Games Reviews" web site. Its success depends on the users to submit reviews of their favorite classic games. It covers all areas of gaming: PC, Arcade, Console, Handheld, etc. Our goal is to not only let people voice their opinions about their favorite games of all time, but to provide a great resource for people to find games that might have been forgotten about... the classics!"

    So if you wanna help 'em out and write some reviews for the site, send an email or visit CLASSIC GAMES ON I-MOCKERY to find out more. All reviewers will be given full author's credit for any reviews they do (their name & email appear in each individual review). - Opi

  • Boob! Moved - Boob! - the DC Research Center - has been moved to http://www.boob.co.uk, please update your bookmarks !
    Thanks to Mark A. for the email :) - Opi

  • YAME v0.22 - YAME v0.22 for Win9x and Linux was released today. As usual, no further information were included into the emulator archive, all I can say is ... it works fine. For newbies ... YAME is a multi-console emulator that emulates TG-16, NES and Game Boy.
    Update : Here're the changes, reported by Guyfawkes from Emuholic :
    - o - Bug correction of sound of NES
    - o - Bug correction of VROM bank changing of MMC1 and MMC3 (NES)
    - o - The bug of which windows come most up when making it from full-screen to the window is corrected.
    - o - Gameboy speed-up a little?
    - o - Sprite of concealment function or multiplication - Opi

  • Busy Team Japump!!! - Navarone at Emulation 9 reported new dumps made by the japanese arcade elite dumper-crew Team Japump!!! :

    - o - The NewZealand Story (MCU) (c)1988 Taito
    - o - Silent Dragon (JPN) (c)1992 Taito / East Technology
    - o - China Town (JPN) (c)1991 DATA EAST
    - o - 19XX - The War Against Destiny - (JPN)
    ..... (c)1996 Capcom Ver.951207 CP-SYSTEM II
    - o - Real Bout Garou Densetsu / Real Bout Fatal Fury
    ..... (c) 1995 SNK NEOGEO MVS
    - o - ASO II - Last Guardian - / Alpha Mission II
    ..... (c)1991 SNK NEOGEO MVS - Opi

  • CVS flood! - GuruChoc posted more MAME needed-sooners - get those lovely CVS games while they're hot! - prophet

  • New ZSNES again! - Gotta love these ZSNES updates! :) Several fixes, including those nasty green bugs in Windows scanlines/2xSaI in 1:5:5:5 16bit modes. Click the appropriate link to download the version of your choice:

    ZSNES v.1.12 DOS --> (here)
                                      (here) <-- ZSNES v.0.74 Windows

    Visit the ZSNES homepage for more info. (Thanks Boba Fett) - prophet

  •    Tuesday, November 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:14 EST

  • OC - SUPER ELECTION EMULATOR 2000! - david

  • Redump 3.4 - smf released the latest version of his nifty NeoGeo MGD2->MVS conversion utility! All the latest redumped games are supported, including "lbowling", "minasan" & "ncommand". Check Sys2064 for details and the file. (Till should give smf a hosted page there.:) - prophet

  • Dreamcast Square'd?! - Until recently (yesterday?) Square Europe had a poll up asking what new consoles they should develop on. Last time I checked PS2 was only about 8%, Gamecube was around 40% and Dreamcast was about 25%! I apologize for not writing the numbers down, but I didn't know they'd end the poll today. :( Anyway, considering Dreamcast has an installed base already (unlike the unreleased Nintendo console), it would sure be nice if Square made a few games for us Sega-heads. :P - prophet

  • More On the Nester/Famicommunist Scandel - There has been an update on the Famicommunist homepage: "I have heard the accusations of famicommunist being a NESter hack. And i must say they are complete bull. I did look at the NESter source for help, but the only actual code i used from it was Blitting (a very small routine), i have updated the docs, so they express gratitude for the blitting, and for the cores and docs i used, and will be releasing the source tommorow when i get home for proof. (i am away from home now)." I've removed my previous remarks below because I don't have authority to speak on the this.. I guess we'll see what happens. :P Frogacuda has more authority on the subject, and has this to say. - dutch

  • Whacky-ness - See, we're not the only site that posts silly off topic stuff. (Thanks Cereal Killer. :) If you like that, have a look at this, it's a Word document though (it's safe, I checked) so you'll have to have Word installed to view it, I can't be bothered to make proper html out of that. :P - dutch

  • Elite in MESS BBC - Gordon J has added support for Elite in his MESS BBC driver. - chris

  • Feel the Love - AGES SEGA CD SCREENSHOTS. Hot diggity damn, people. Life is good. Thanks Emusphere. - david

  • Famicommunist = Fake ? - I don't like to report stuff like this news topic, but today I've received the second hint about this issue. I don't know if it's true, but I was informed by two different people that Famicommunist is a rip off of Nester ! "Violation: blatant rip-off of nester, not GPL'ed, no source available, no credit to nester authors. Evidence: feature list, user interface, and hex comparison". Check the Nester link above for more. Thanks to Terrorcide and Mickey M. for the hint, irc logs and links :) - Opi, update from Dutch removed for now. - dutch

  • Join A Retro Site ! - Mickey from www.laseremu.com is in need of a helping hand (aka monkey who wants to do everything, news, emu-pages ...) if you ever wanted to be part of an emulation site, this is your chance - contact him ! - Opi

  • New MAME WIP - Seems like the MAME developers are in a real working mood again, Gridle updated our beloved news page, the MAME WIP page, with many new screenshots from games of the newly submitted Century Video System driver. - Opi

  • FCE Ultra - Last DOS Release ! - The FCE Ultra homepage was updated with the v0.40 DOS build of this fine emu, you can get it here. "This is the last build for DOS." - hmmm DOS is dead :/ - long live Win32 with Direct X :) Ooh nooo - please no emails :) - Opi

  • MSX Front-End - TFH/Fony from the The MEP-Crew informed me that the MSX Front-end for fMSXdos made by The BOSS has been updated to V2.0b. This new release is available for download at The MEP-Crew's "Games Database" section. New features mainly consist out of support for lots of new games. Some small features have also been added. - Opi

  • SSF v0.05 r2 - The Japanese Sega Saturn emulator that's making promising progress recently got another release. SSF v0.05 r2 is the newest version, said to play bomberman with almost perfect graphics, albeit slowly. Download it here to try it out, and to the authors: ganbatte kudasai! Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - david

  • FE version 0.06a - this Japanese NES emulator was updated to version 0.06a, including two fixes to triangle and pcm sound channels. Grab it here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. And a big congrats to Atila + his sister ^^ - david

  • OC ReMix RPG Flood - Ya know, if there's one thing that goes beyond politics, religion, or any other barrier that divides people, it's music. Take a break from all the rhetoric and argument and enjoy the flood of RPG ReMixes at OverClocked ReMix. We got Chrono Trigger, we got Chrono Cross, we got FF7, Zelda, and Tales of Phantasia. It's bipartisan rockin' musical goodness - here. - david

  • Do yourself a favor - I just have to say this... Sega, Dreamcast, Shenmue, buy it. (Amalgam got himself addicted to this game, trust me, that says quite a lot. :) - dutch

  • Netscape 6 - Netscape has released NETSCAPE 6, the latest version of their browser. If you want to download a buggy piece of code, that's miles behind the 'nightly builds' of Mozilla, then you can click here. - atila

  • Ga-Ga :) - My sister gave birth to a lovely baby girl this morning! I have to go down to the hospital to see them all, my dad is kinda 'in the clouds' today :) My brother-in-law is already handing out cigars, so if you're in the neigbourhood, feel free to drop by =) - atila

  • STARDUST - Stardust is a new WIP SNES emu for the Sega Saturn, it doesn't do a whole lot yet, maybe in a month or so :) It sure looks promising, thanks to SlasherX for the link. - atila

  •    Monday, November 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:14 EST

  • &*#%$@ - All ISPs (heck, all *computer* companies in general) should adopt a policy like FlexNet's. Being a tech support monkey myself, I can say that. :) - dutch

  • ICE-3D - Nice Free Shooter ! - ICE-3D Beta 0.1 is available for free ! ICE-3D is a cool looking (and damn tough to play) modern arcade shooter (like Asteroids in 3D). Download the 286k EXE and have some instant fun - no need to install anything - just double click the file, thats it ! - Opi

  • Rare C-64 Games - I just noticed some interesting "new" stuff at Laner's Electric Mayhem's Most Wanted Archives ! C-64 fans should risk a quick visit ! - Opi

  • Mario's Bombs Away - _MADrigal_ informed me that he finished his 16th simulator - Mario's Bombs Away (Nintendo, Panorama Screen series, 1983) ! Stay tuned for the upcoming Donkey Kong II (Nintendo - Multi Screen Series) and Snoopy (Nintendo Table Top Series). - Opi

  • FCE Ultra v0.40 - FCE Ultra, an excellent portable NES/Famicom emulator has been updated to v0.40. Available as version 0.40 are binaries for Windows and Linux SVGAlib plus the source code.

    - o - Rewrote MMC1 emulation code.
    - o - Added support for mappers 95, 113, and 118
    ..... (thanks to M. Knibbs for the information).
    - o - Adjusted PPU/CPU timing.
    - o - Added partial support for the Famicom Disk System
    - o - Added support for 4(up from 2) joysticks.
    - o - Added support for sound frame IRQ's.
    - o - Rewrote sound envelope decay/length counter/sweep code to
    ..... use sound frame emulation code.
    - o - Rewrote large portions of code to be more efficient and more correct.
    - o - Added support for mappers 42,43,44,45,46,47, and 182
    ..... (thanks to K. Horton for the information)
    - o - Improved support for mapper 15.
    "I've also rewritten large parts of the Windows DirectX code to be more stable, and added several more video modes(for the Windows version)".

    Downloads : source code / Windows version / Linux SVGAlib version !
    Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • MAMu_ Icons for Mac - Dark Shadow has converted MAMu_'s mame icons to the Macintosh platform! Mac users: click here to download the latest icons! - chris

  • MAME WIP - There's been a TINY MAME WIP update today, clicketh hereth or summat :P - atila

  • ZSNES 1.11r0.72 - A new version of ZSNES was released earlier, here's what's new:

    - (Win32) ZSNESw won't crash anymore if you don't have a soundcard or if DirectSound fails to initialize.
    - (Win32) Fixed a nasty performance bug with certain types of joystick/drivers installed, causing the FPS to be slower for no reason.
    - (Win32) Wrote an MMX optimised blitter for 16bit non-D windowed and full screen modes.
    - (Win32) Added simple wheel mouse support.

    You can download ZSNES 1.11r072 for Windows by clicking here. - atila

  • “Retro-ISOs” :) - A new ISO group emerged called Fractured Perspective, the nice thing about them is that they are “retro/emulation friendly.” :) They've recently “released” (for lack of a better word) all but four of the known Jaguar CDs! (I'll bet you didn't even know there was such a thing, eh? :) “Fractured Perspective is a small group of retrogame freaks who live and breathe all that is emulation! We noticed that there were no scene releases of any Jaguar CD's, so we decided to release the very few CD's that were ever made for this great console. All of our Jaguar releases are burn-tested and play-tested, and will work on any US Jaguar CD console system without any modifications needed!”

    Here's a list of the games: Baldies, Battle Morph, Blue Lightning, Highlander, Hover Strike Unconquered Lands, Myst Demo, Myst, Primal Rage, Space Ace, Tempest 2000 Soundtrack, and Vid Grid. They plan on releasing Braindead 13 and Dragon's Lair at a later date. Two games appeared to be in non-CDR format, and they were unable to copy them: Iron Soldier 2 and World Tour Racing (both by Telegames).

    Note that these would be big downloads, and as far as getting them goes, you're on your own. - dutch

  •    Sunday, November 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:12 EST

  • UAE Goes BeOS - EmuHQ mentioned the release of BeUAE, a port of UAE, Bernd Schmidt's famous Amiga emulator, to BeOS - its an Intel version and requires R4.5 to run. - Opi

  • Keropi v0.51 - Kenjo released a new version of Keropi, his great X68000 emulator for Win9x - new in version 0.51 :

    - o - Support disk image insertion by drag&drop
    - o - Support -A(or B)[ImageName] command line option
    - o - Support -NOCD command line option for the PC which fails to CD scan
    - o - The center button (or wheel) can be used as F12 key(Window mode) / F11 key(Fullscreen mode)
    - o - Support configuration of "_" and "\" key for the 101-keyboard

    Please click here to download it - thanks to Geoshock for the news :) - Opi

  • Mini News Flash - Arcadetones, a new site devoted to classic arcade ringtones for Nokia mobile phones awaits your visit.

    - The CD 32 Legal Dumping Projekt offers you a good new copy of Banshee and an updated RomCenter datfile.

    - The MEP-Crew mailed me about an updated King Kong 2 translation release available on their site and told me that they finally found the long searched russian MSX2 ROM image.

    - easyMAME was updated with a Final Burn tutorial and search page and the the search pages has been updated to find the beta 9 ROM sets.

    - Our Web Links section was updated once again with 20 new links, the SNES emulator section is up to date and offers you now SNEmul due to popular demand :) SNEmul runs some SNES games as only currently available emu.

    - CPS2Shock was updated with some interesting progress news !

    - A new version of PacMAME is online with lots of newly added "Munchman" clones.

    - Finally, the MAME Testers reports the fist newly found bugs in MAME 0.37 beta 9 - check it out and contribute your "bad" discoveries ! - Opi

  • Weird Name - Good Emu ! - Famicommunist 1.0 is out. Another NES emu ... but this one seems to be coded by a "funny" man, end of readme says Capitalist Swine! :) It needs Windows to run, emulates the unusual mappers 43 and 199 and besides that, it does the usual standard stuff and most of the games I checked worked fine (no joypad support). It would say, this emulator has some good potential ... Anyway, I invite you to click here and test this lil' communist on your capitalism gigaherz CPU ! Thanks to Frogacuda for the hint. - Opi

  • MAME Wizard V2.0 beta 7 - Valerio Cannone uploaded a new version of his MAME front-end MAME Wizard, it is available as upgrade or full install version - and don't forget to update your links to http://web.tiscalinet.it/panther/mamewizard/ - the MAME Wizard project has been moved to a new address :) - Opi

  • KEGS For Windows - scim informed me about an unofficial Win32 version of Kent Dickey's KEGS (Kent's Emulated GS), an Apple GS emulator for HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and OS/2. KEGS32 is a straight port of KEGS v0.60. It doesn't offer a GUI nor does it support full-screen or joystick - but hey !!! - it works :) - Opi

  • New Game & Watch Simulator - Finally news from a mail that I received when Climax Media was down ! Nokrum told me that he released a new Game & Watch simulator. It's called Camelot by CBM/Q&Q (1981?), for DOS (but it works well under Windows). For the download and more info (even the original instructions scanned) - go here ! - Opi

  • JavaScript Error Fixed - Finally got that damn error fixed, thanks Brian :) - atila

  • Jum52 For Windows - A Windows version of James' Atari 5200 emulator Jum52 is now available for download ! Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • Interview ... Nesticle ... Greyzone - MGandhi from Kinox conducted an interview with Mindrape, the man who stole and released the Nesticle source code back in '97 - you can read it here. I just finished reading it myself .... they have strange thoughts, those who like living in the greyzone. - Opi

  • Translation News - You like reading translation news ? You're fan of all these uncountable myriads of cute, strange japanese anime RPGs, strategy, action titles ? OK ! You proofed yourself to be worth reading that The 100 World Story has been fully translated into english :) The 100 World Story is a NES rpg by Ask Corp. from '91.

    AGTP released a Monstania v1.02 bugfix patch. For news about Langrisser SNES and Langrisser 2 Genesis go here. Front Mission fans will be pleased to read that the translation of this awesome game is still goining on (and going well) - thanks to the Whirlpool for all this news ! - Opi

  • Speccy Tapes - The TZX Vault was updated with 39 new tape images - Gilby told me that he also updated the Listbot setup for people who want to know when the site has been updated - so dare yourself and press his'Join List' button :) - Opi

  • Game Lad - Game Lad, a fairly new Game Boy emulator for Windows 98/2000, was updated to v1.01. you can get this bugfix release (debugger was improved too) here. - Opi

  • Yape v0.23 - New Yape online, v0.23 now with TAP, SID & ROM banking !

    - o - exact TED timings at last, including "correct" color and character buffering (this actually broke some already working games...)
    - o - MTAP support, the same tape format that is used in CCS64 and VICE, is now supported! (you should even be able to save/load to/from external TAP files now! Turboloaders also work - check this screenshot here!)
    - o - timers are now decreased in every second TED clock cycle only...
    - o - preliminary SID emulation (courtesy of Csabo)
    - o - full ROM banking via dialog window
    - o - reorganised menubar
    - o - you can now load/save user settings and they are reloaded at startup (yape.ini)
    - o - screen is now centered in all full screen DirectX modes
    - o - modified the redistribution package to contain one of all supported image types
    - o - various small fixes

    Click here to jump to Attila's download section and grab this updated C-16/Plus4 emualator ! Check Lando's Classics for games to try out :) - Opi

  • New C-64 Tape Images - Kim Lemon uploaded a bunch of new original C-64 tape image dumps : Chameleon, Encounter, Gribbly's Special Day Out, Hunter's Moon, P.O.D., Paradroid - Heavy Metal Edition - all made by David Kinder ! - Opi

  • MacMAME 0.37 b9 - The Macintosh port of MAME, MacMAME, is now in sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 9 build.

    - Language files in Mac text format are now recognized (this is in addition to DOS text format). Also, MacMAME will look for and use an optional file called "default.lng" in the "Misc Support Files" folder in the event that you do not specify a different one in the front-end. [Brad Oliver]
    Download your copy here ! - Opi

  • WiiiiiiiiP !!! - Gridle posted a new MAME WIP ! Operation Wolf & Operation Thunderbolt are comin' to MAME :-) Thanks to Brian A. Troha for the notification. - Opi

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b8. Here is the binary and here is the source. - richard

  •    Saturday, November 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:02 EST

  • Steem v1.2 - Steem, a great new Atari ST emulator for Windows has been improved to version 1.2 - these are the improvements :

    - o - MIDI in and out (experimental).
    - o - Printer out (requires an ST compatible printer).
    - o - Custom disk images, up to 2.3Mb!
    - o - Easy import of WinSTon favourites.
    - o - Rapid creation of multiple shortcuts.
    - o - Overscans improved - will always happen if needed.
    - o - DMA sound made safe for all sound cards.
    - o - ENTER and keypad / are now different (Damocles).
    - o - Fixed a few IKBD bugs (Chubby Gristle, The Pink Panther).
    - o - Fixed a minor Timer B bug (Hot Rubber, Batman titles).
    - o - Turn hard drives off without losing the path.
    - o - Auto update - Can download a new version when available if you want it to.
    - o - Speeded up the Disk Manager generally and added an option to speed up displaying folders with many ZIPs.

    Pretty impressive - get it, test it and be happy :) Thanks to [JJ] from Retro-Remakes for the email ! BTW. I would have voted for Al Gore ! - Opi

  • OC ReMix - OverClocked ReMix has been updated with three new ReMixes, Darklands, Faxanadu, and Alone in the Dark 2. However, that's an unofficial tally brought to you by retrogames - the actual number is still up in the air, and it could take weeks to sort out just HOW MANY ReMixes were added. Note that some downloaders found the drop-down menus on that site 'confusing' and allegations have been made on both sides of the fence. Right now, a bunch of old white guys are debating the issue, and urge that no one rushes to judgement, unless it helps their side. See for yourself at OverClocked ReMix. - david

  • YES! - For a moment there, I thought that the Bushims got us =) - atila

  • Mirage = Defender clone "actually superior to the original"?! - Check this KLOV entry out if you're a Defender fan! I never heard of Mirage before, but it sounds great. If anyone out there has access to the board, or knows where to get one, it sure would be nice to see it MAME'd. ;) - prophet

  • Free Intellivision games - Free, such a lovely word: "INTELLIPACK 3 includes the hits B-17 BOMBER and BEAUTY & THE BEAST from the upcoming INTELLIVISION ROCKS collection! Then try SHARK! SHARK! from our original INTELLIVISION LIVES! collection. These are the complete games you remember from the 1980s! ... Play them all NOW for FREE!" Get it here, and check out The Blue Sky Ranger's entire site for all the Intellivision you could ever want. - prophet

  • DirectX 8 released! - Microsoft officially released DirectX 8.0 for Windows 9x/ME/2000. Get it here. (Thanks cdman) - prophet

  • Don't ask me! - One of several such emails I received recently: "I have been trying to burn a (Dreamcast) game. (snip) ...send me instructions on how I can get these programse to work thanks!" Let me make this clear - I don't use pirated Dreamcast games - I buy my games and am proud to support Sega's flagship system and wonderful games with my wallet. You've got the wrong guy, so stop emailing me about this stuff, kthx. - prophet

  • Congrats SHMUPS! - Picked up the December issue of GameFan today and lo and behold, they plugged SHMUPS! Congratulations to our friend Akira and the other SHMUPsters, you deserve the good press! :) If you've never visited the site before, do so - it's full of great design, content and shooting game goodness, with a hint of emulation thrown in for that extra kick. - prophet

  •    Friday, November 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:16 EST

  • MAME ICONS - MAMu_ has released his mame icons for mame-0.37b9. You can get the latest icons at http://www.mameicons.com. I have also converted these icons for the X Windows System and placed them available here. - chris

  • M.A.S.H.'s Unofficial Mameinfo.dat - You can now download M.A.S.H.'s unofficial Mameinfo.dat file, now in synch with Mame v37b9. This includes all of the known bugs reported on the Mame Tester's site. - dutch

  • ZSNES 1.10 Released! - Since we're back, I thought I'd find something newsworthy to post here. This is an old one, but still something that we don't want to forget to mention: ZSNES 1.10 has been released! Here's what's new, from the homepage:

    "The key features of this version version be [sic] internet netplay (Windows Port only, but it plays really nice based on most of the connections I tried it with), many bug fixes with the windows version (including that dreaded mouse stuck on the left side bug and .zip/long filename loading bugs), fixes with FF2/4 (music problems/hit point damage being behind the character), and also a Game Rewind feature that some of you requested (Windows Port only / set the rewind key in Misc->GameKeys in the GUI)."

    Here's some local downloads for you: DOS and Windows. Thanks very much to the bounty hunter Boba Fett for the news. :) - dutch

  • We are back!!! .... errrr, at least I think. :) - dutch

  •    Thursday, November 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:47 EST

  • SMS Power News - Zoop updated his fine Sega 8-bit site SMS Power with new dumps of Gulkave for Gulkave for SG-1000 and Where in the World is Carmen Sandegio? for Master System - more two come. - Opi

  • Vintage Gaming URL Changed - Problems reaching Vintage Gaming ? vintagegaming.com is down (again) - try www.vg-network.com as long as this trouble remains. You better update your bookmarks to this new url, because of the unknown status of vintagegaming.com. - Opi

  • DBoy v0.73 - BouKiCHi released a new version of his fantastic Game Boy emulator for DOS - DBoy. Version 0.73 adds a more accurate movie feature to DBoy - click here to get your copy of the best available DOS Game Boy emulator. - Opi

  • Happy Birthday Zophar's Domain - Zophar's Domain turned 4 today. Congratulations to Zophar, SwampGas and everyone else involved there from the Retrogames team ! May your music archives live forever :) - Opi

  • New ReMixes ! - David ? Daaaavid ?? Damn, where is this guy ? Anyway his fine OC ReMix site was updated with 4 new songs for everyone's enjoyment :) Go leech and listen to :
    - o - Super Ghouls & Ghosts 'ICE Mountain'
    - o - Punchout 'Dream Fighter'
    - o - Earthbound 'Battle'
    - o - Final Fantasy III 'The ATOMIZER'
    All songs were submitted by different people, which means that there are a lot of people outside who enjoy doing remixes at home. Maybe I should release my PONG remix too :) - Opi

  • New Raine For Linux Patch - The RAINE for Linux homepage has been updated with a new patch to make this port more stable : "Fix the crash when loading a few games and playing them one after the other. - Adds MAME hiscore support. For more information about the hiscore.dat, refer to MAME site at www.mame.net/hiscore.html. Note the number of games which support this hiscore feature is still very low. I will put a list of the supported games asap". If you need to know "how to apply the patch" - go here. Thanks to Emuholic for the release information. - Opi

  • DOS SoftVMS v1.7a - A new DOS version of SoftVMS is available here ! Thanks to Stu for the link :) For more information about Sega's Dreamcast VMU and some development tools - check here. - Opi

  • Supra Hle v1.0c Fixed - Supra Hle, the hacked & modified version of Ultra Hle has been updated again - a "ini" loading problem has been fixed. I'm still busy with other things and I've never patched my copy of Ultra HLE so I can't give you any advice or tell you my thoughts :) The best thing you can do is read this Supra Hle related information and then download the new version here and test it on your own. Thanks to WWEmu for the news. - Opi

  • Project #51 Updated - Beta #3 of Project #51 is available here. NES emulator fans goooo .... - Opi

  • Monstania For SNES Fully Translated - Good Evening :) Here's the 100% patch of Aeon Genesis Translation Proclamation's Monstania translation.
    "The game is fairly short (six hours if you take your time) but it's got a really good story and a nifty combat system. Plus, the music is by Noriyuki Iwadare of LUNAR and Grandia fame!
    This marks a great day in AGTP history, as Monstania is the first -really- major project to be released. And it's definately not going to be the last, either! Ys IV is on the horizon, and Super Robot Wars 3 and Chaos World being steadily progressed upon, the future looks decidedly good! But for now, engorge yourselves on Monstania, and remember, if you have any questions about the game (like the Marina puzzles ^_^) be sure to come to The Pantheon and ask, and I'm sure the people who regularly visit will be glad to help you out!
    Thanks to the Whirlpool for the news. - Opi

  • Gore/Bush 'screw-ups' - Sure, Al Gore said a few REALLY dumb things ("I invented the Internet/My website is open-source"), but GW Bush is the king of dumb folks -- seriously :) Here are a few quotes:

    The fact that he relies on facts—says things that are not factual—are going to undermine his campaign." (talking about Gore)

    "Laura and I really don't realize how bright our children is sometimes until we get an objective analysis."

    "The senator has got to understand if he's going to have—he can't have it both ways. He can't take the high horse and then claim the low road."

    To read these and a lot of other quotes, you can head on over to MSNBC and giggle for a while :) - atila

  • DC Sega Smash Pack - As you may or may not know, Sega has released the Sega Smash Pack for PC, which was basically KGEN with a few LEGAL roms. Now Sega releases ANOTHER Smash Pack, but this one is different. The new SEGA SMASH PACK is actually a Dreamcast with 10 Genesis games, Genesis emulator, Sega Swirl and the DC version of Virtua Cop 2. This will set you back $179,95 and it will be available this January. This makes me think that Sega will most likely release more discs with Genesis games on it. Good news, indeed :) - atila

  • A Macintosh version of BNSF is now available! - richard

  • Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 9 released! - It's raining MAME! =) Advance MAME is a superb (my favorite) UNOFFICIAL version of MAME by Andrea Mazzoleni with many special features, allowing the user to create their own graphics modes and much more. The configuration process can be complicated, but the results are more than worth it. Here are the files: i686 C 68k core, i686 ASM 68k core, i586 ASM 68k core, K6 ASM 68k core, source. Try Advance Menu 1.4 too - it's a great frontend! Visit the Advance MAME homepage for more information and files. - prophet

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 9 K6 Optimized ASM 68K - I just compiled this UNOFFICIAL K6 Optimized build with the ASM 68000 core. :) Check yesterday's news if you want other DOS builds. Remember, it's faster with 68000 based games, but the 3 Psikyo games will crash. And no - I'm not planning to make similar builds for other operating systems. - prophet

  • Q, Jose Q - There's a new Rumor Mill at Emuviews! (Thanks micL) - prophet

  • Japump'ed - Team Japump did more dumps, including some NeoGeo MVS redumps! GuruChoc says there's only one redump needed now. BTW, keep an eye on his page - I sense a goodies update there soon. ;) - prophet

  • MAME32 0.37 Beta 9 released! - MAME32 is the Official Windows port of MAME. Here's the binary (get this to play games) and here's the source. Check the MAME32 homepage and MAME32 QA page for more info and related files. Newbies, please don't forget to carefully review any text files that come with your shiny new emulator. :) Other sites of possible interest: Arcade Heaven, MAME.dk & A@H. - prophet

  •    Wednesday, November 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:30 EST

  • CPS2 - No, Capcom System 2 ROMs (Street Fighter Alpha, Vampire Hunter, etc.) cannot currently be emulated due to complex encryption. We can still hope, however. A 100% CPS2 ROMset can be found in merged/zip format over at Arcade@home, or, someone uploaded them in split/zip format to alt.binaries.emulators.misc. - dutch

  • The news that Billy Lee said you'd never find on the front page :) - The PS2 pulled in over 250 million on launch date in US sales, despite the supply problems. (Dreamcast's launch date didn't make 100 million.) "Sony says that it's still on track to ship an average of about 100,000 PlayStation 2s to retailers each week throughout the rest of this calendar year, with a total shipment of around 1.3 million systems by the end of December." This is revenue mind you, NOT net income. Still kinda makes ya wonder, eh? :P And thanks to Billy Lee for the news. :) - dutch

  • LOL - dutch

  • C2 Emulator Discontinued - Charles MacDonald has discontinued his Sega C2 emulator: "I'm discontinuing the Sega System C2 arcade game emulator. I respectfully ask any website that has the source code to delete the archives for the current and past versions. Distribution of the Windows, Linux, or DOS binaries is fine with me. I don't have to say anything about the source code license now that this project is finished, since it prohibits all re-use anyways." - dutch

  • Daytona USA is coming to the Dreamcast!!! - dutch

  • Monica Lewinksy - There's a rumor that Bush, if elected, will make Monica Lewinksy Secretary of Cuban Relations... *PSYCHE* ;) - atila

  • Latest Election News - For those of you who are confused about who will be the next president of the United States, here is the latest information I have: George Bush has won Florida in the latest vote count giving him the 25 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. However, with 6 million people voting in Florida, and Bush's narrow victory of less than 2 thousand votes, Florida law requires a recount of the vote before it is official. I have just heard word that the Florida recount will be complete at 5pm eastern time tomorrow in which we will know 'officially' who will be our next president. In all likelyhood, the recount will simply reaffirm that Bush wins Florida and thus the presidental election. Please keep in mind that we will not 'officially' know who is president until the electoral college votes in December. - chris

  • Jet Grind Radio!!! - What a wonderful game - full of originality, stylish fun and sweet new graphics techniques. Truly Segalicious! I love it! (Now if only Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine would send me a WORKING December demo disk... grumble...) - prophet

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 9 with ASM 68K core - Some people were keen on having the latest MAME beta compiled with the faster Assembler 68000 core, so I made one. The ONLY difference is that I edited the makefile to use the ASM core. This means the Psikyo games (Gunbird, Sengoku Ace & Battle K-Road) will crash in this build, but many other games (i.e. NeoGeo) will benefit from a speed boost. This build is 100% UNOFFICIAL, so don't ask the MAME team about it! UPDATE: Here's a P2/3 Optimized build & normal Pentium build. All thanks go to MAMEdev, NOT me. - prophet

  • It ain't over yet... - In an incredible turn of events, the major media now reports that the key vote counts in Florida have now narrowed down to the point where Bush may NOT have won those 25 electoral votes, thus giving the Presidency to Albert Gore. A recount is likely, with overseas mail-in ballots in the mix as well. Truly the most amazingly close election one could imagine - this one could literally be decided by a single vote! - prophet

  • Presidency goes to GOP - George W. Bush pulled 271 electoral votes to win the Presidency of the Unites States. It's also projected that all 3 branches of the U.S. government may go to the Republican party. A truly historic and nailbitingly close race. - prophet

  • Our guy won! ;) - Read it yourself! (Thanks Louis-) - prophet

  • MIMIC WIP - TheBeaver has Hang-On Jr. working now in his Sega System E driver! Emulation history is made! :) Check the MIMIC homepage for details. (Thanks SlasherX) - prophet

  • DIScussin' politics - If you're up all night watching the elections here in the USA, feel free to post some political smack on our Current Affairs board. It's not a chat room, but sometimes it moves fast enough to qualify. ;)

    LAST COUNT: Bush 246, Gore 242 (270 wins) - prophet

  •    Tuesday, November 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:26 EST

  • Mame32 stuffs - Head on over to John IV's Mame32 Quality Assurance site to download his custom screenshots and icons for Mame v37b9. A Mame32 v37b9 release looks pretty close. :) - dutch

  • WPCmame Releases - New DOS and Windows versions of WPCmame are now available here. "The pinball emulator has gone through some major updates with this new release. The highlight of this release are the 2 new simulators, and the wav support additions". For more information and the new binaries check the WPCmame homepage. - Opi

  • Flyerpack #15 - The Arcade Flyer Archive was updated with Flyerpack #15 including 30 new images and 14 replaced ones. Expect more replaced old scans with better high resolution scans in the near future ... for the database not for the mame flyerpacks :) - Opi

  • US Elections *AGAIN* - Did you do your civil duty today? - atila

  • ROM Resource - mame.dk is now ready to serve you the newly uploaded MAME beta 9 ROMs ! "... we've just upgraded the server running mame.dk, and look forward to a massive leech this time, hoping to break our previous record of 30 Mbit/s one day average". So guys - do your best to break this record :) - Opi

  •    Monday, November 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:07 EST

  • News Flash - OK, before I'll go offline, here are some more interesting retrogaming related news :

    - Ridge told me that TRWin is able to run Tigger's Honey Hunt without any graphical glitches at full speed - but still without sound, of course.

    - Yame v0.21 is online - I've just tested this japanese multi-console emulator (GB/GBC, NES & TG-16) for Win9x and it worked fine for me :) It's really worth a try (higly compatible) and easy to use with its included selectible english GUI - sorry the release contains only the emu binary and no text information about the emualator or the latest changes. Found this news at Emulation 9.

    As promised yesterday I finally succeeded in uploading the latest Linux release of SNES9x - if you still need it, check our SNES emulator section.

    Guisep informed me that he just uploaded the latest build of his MAME32 screensaver - do the renaming trick to get an unofficial MAME32 version.

    - Gridle has uploaded the new MAME v0.37 b9 K6 and I686 binaries !

    - A special version of Deluxe Galaga is now available for WinFellow - Shane R. Monroe said that this version will allow you to play the full graphic/sound enhanced ECS version of Deluxe Galaga without the need to set up a HD file/filesystem (which WinFELLOW doesn't support yet anyway) and the other available Amiga emulators can't run this game properly. So go visit the Deluxe Galaga homepage and get your copy of this so called "greatest shootemup games of all time".

    - Finally Solvalou mailed me about an upcoming Dragon's Lair movie :) Seems like the movie makers discovered the power of Retrogaming :) - Opi

  • Virtua DEAD - Source Available - DaemoN has updated the Roar! homepage with some really bad news regarding Virtua, the NOT upcoming Sega Model 2 emulator :(
    "It breaks my heart to say that Virtua - Kayamon's SEGA Model 2 Emulator is now discontinued. If you have the time and patience, make sure to check out the source and try to continue this awesome project". Sad bad true - the Virtua source code is available here - thanks to Guyfawkes from Emuholic for the email (Compatibility List fixed) :) - Opi

  • Which Games Are New ? - And here's the beta 9 whatsnew.txt file :) - Opi

  • MAME ROM-Sets - Guru-Choc already uploaded all new MAME ROM-sets at Arcade ROM Heaven - but he's still busy doing the html for the downloads - check back soon :) - Opi

  • MAME Binary - Here's the new official binary for this MAME 0.37b9 "Sega C2 / Taito systems / Cavelon" release ! Thanks to Gridle for the file :)

    Visit Sys2064 and grab Till's latest fixfile with newly dumped ROMs for batsugun, battleg, batugnsp, bbmanwj, bombrman, diamond, grindstm, mk2 and vfive ! Look also for the new Redump version to convert your MAME ROM-set of Football Frenzy to MVS ! - Opi

  • ReMixes - OverClocked ReMix was updated with two new remixes for my (or was it for your ?) listening pleasure :) Shadow of the Beast 'mutagene DUB' and Metroid 'Samus Strut' !

    If you like David's site and the available music - then you must also visit Bart Klepka's Game Remixes site where you'll find some really great pieces of music, I've downloaded half of his available stuff and I have to admit - this guy rocks ! He uploaded two new songs in the past two days : L'homme Arme (Guided By Saints Mix) from the game Darklands and Hell's Kitchen (Zombies & Thompsons Mix) based on the game Alone In The Dark 2. As you may noticed he uses PC games as remix inspiration - check it out and pay him some deserved tribute via email :) - Opi

  • RomCenter Dat Files - New toys for all friends and users of RomCenter are now available here, online are :

    - o - Final Burn 0.050 - Logiqx - 9 games
    - o - Laser 0.13 - Logiqx - 20 games
    - o - Mimic 1.04 - Logiqx - 13 games
    - o - U64 Emu beta 1.04 - Logiqx - Killer Instinct
    - o - WPCmame 0.37b8 rel 2 - Logiqx - 63 games
    - o - Amiga demo 0.1 - jjs - 500 demos
    - o - Amiga cd32 - cdtv - MrX_Cuci - 49 games
    - o - GameBoy Color 0.9993 - Rob van der Drif - 4273 games - Opi

  • NeoGeo Pocket Compatibility List - Guyfawkes from Emuholic has posted an interesting NeoGeo Pocket compatibility list compiled by him and DanielM (NGPocket ). - Opi

  • WOW MAME.. uhhh MAMA! - Yes, the fortuneteller told me it would arrive in mere moments -- HE WAS RIGHT! Please point your download managers at this link to download the source code for MAME 0.37 Beta 9. The drought has ended =) - atila

  • Rise From Your Grave... - I'm currently contacting our local fortuneteller to see when the next MAME will be released :) - atila

  • WIP update. Thanks to Gridle for the news. - chris

  • RockNES/MacOS has been updated to v1.500. - richard

  • DreamSNES 0.9.2 for DC - DreamSNES (SNES emu for the Dreamcast) was updated earlier, here's what's new:

    - PAL support
    - Verical offset of non-VGA screens fixed. (i e bottom of screen should now be visible.)
    - 50/60Hz video option
    - Double buffering
    - Less frame skipping
    - Stereo sound support
    - Up to 1024 ROMs per CD supported.
    - Game can be selected before the ROM list is completely loaded
    - Music added on the menu screens

    If you're going to use this emulator, be sure to read the instructions! Thanks to Sonikkuu for the news. - atila

  •    Sunday, November 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:13 EST

  • DeJap T.o.P. WIP - Tales of Phantasia fans will glad to see further progress has been made on DeJap's upcoming translation to English. Lookin' good! (Thanks Whirlpool) - prophet

  • Some good reads - MGhandi of Kinox emailed me about some really interesting articles they've placed online: an interview by Adam Merril with Warren Robinett (creator of Atari 2600 Adventure) and an article about Cloak & Dagger 5200 by Alex Rosenberg with input from ex Atarian Dave Comstock. Also of interest for Dreamcast fans, articles by MichaelG about hooking the little white Sega system to high speed internet connections via Windows or Linux. - prophet

  • SNES9x v1.33a - Gary Henderson's great SNES9x was updated to v1.33a, new in this bugfix release :

    - o - C4 emulation wasn't being automatically enabled for Rockman X2 / X3 - the Japanese versions of Megaman X2 / X3.
    - o - Fixed the Super FX plot table pointer that I accidentally broke while saving 1Mb of workspace RAM - it was stopping all Super FX games from working.

    Click here if you need the "emu only ZIP" version or click here and grab the install shield EXE version. Sorry, but I couldn't get the new LINUX version :-( Try your luck on your own or wait until I'll report a successful download :) Later all. - Opi

  • Sunday's News Flash - I was busy with personal things this weekend (yesterday was dancing time and tonight I going to visit a cabaret) so I hadn't the time to write many seperate news postings .... here's another Retrogames news flash ! More to come in a view minutes :)

    - Norbert Kehrer told me that he added Donkey Kong 3 by Nintendo to JAE his Java Arcade Emulator. And he added support for the AY-8910, which is the 2nd soundchip emulated in his emulator (this means Bagman and Super Bagman can now played with sound). If you're bored like Atila go to his site and play some games online :)

    - mrv2k mailed me about his site easyMame, it's designed as a beginner friendly guide to arcade emulation, starting with mame and maybe covering othe emus - check it out !

    - Grendel informed me about the latest TOSEC releases, this group of busy emulation fans uploaded 7 new Rom Doctor rdbs and RomCenter dats :

    - o - Atari 800 os-b (update) 699, thanx to polarz
    - o - Atari 800 Basic (new) 270, thanx to polarz
    - o - Atari 800 XL (new) 2191, thanx to polarz
    - o - Commodore 16/plus4 (update), 439, thanx to Belgarath
    - o - MSX 2 Disks (update), 172, thanx to Grendel, Xnurfz and JackW26
    - o - Robotron KC85 2/4 (new), 214, thanx to Woodsdog
    - o - Robotron Z1013 (new), 108, thanx to Woodsdog

    - A new JAVA version of Minus4, a great C-16/Plus4 emulator, is available - the Windows version has been updated at the same time to version 2.0. For more information go to the Minus4 homepage - thanks to DrSteveW for the mail :)

    - Emuitilia conducted an interview with Spinal the famous maker of several N64 emulator ini's and configuration files - you can read it here in english or here in italian. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

    - SwNES v0.3 is online.

    - o - Modify Some Mapper Bugs .
    - o - Add FC Ext.Driver : Mahjong Keyboard.
    - o - Add FC Ext.Driver : Top Rider.
    - o - Add FC Ext.Driver : Family BASIC Keyboard.
    - o - Support Family BASIC Ver:3 Save & Load Instructions.
    - o - Support LPT port Play Station Pad.
    - o - Suppor 2P MIC function.

    Please click here to download this chinese NES emulator for Windows95/98 systems with installed DirectX7.0 (a chinese version can be found at the SwNES homepage). Note "If you want to have all functions of SwNES, You must Download Ver:0.20 & Ver:0.25 files" - thanks to Emulation 9 for the info.

    - RockNES v1.5 released. Fx3 released this new versions today and stated : "I'm taking a break right now". I can't believe it, no super fast bugfixes this time ? Lets wait and see :)

    - o - NES sound driver partially rewritten. Added real-time state for register $4015, which fixes sound output for all games;
    - o - Added mapper #76 driver (Namco 109);
    - o - Added mappers #72, #92, #101 (Taito mappers);
    - o - Added mappers #83 (Cony mapper), #240;
    - o - Added mapper #100 (NESticle MMC3 hack mode, untested);
    - o - Fixed mapper #70 (small hack for Kamen Rider Club);
    - o - Fixed mapper #113 (to support HES carts, untested);
    - o - Removed duplicated pattern table saving on games with no VROM.

    Click this link to download the latest DOS RockNES release and click here if you want his updated NSF music player ! - Opi

  • .TZX Vault - Gilby has updated the TZX VAULT with various scans plus 29 new tape images, including Andre's Night Off and a bug fixed version of Jet Set Willy by Matthew Smith. - atila

  • US Elections on Tuesday - Remember, the election is on Tuesday and here are some ads on Retrogames for the candidates:

    - VOTE NADER! "Nader will let us live!". This has been a paid advertisement by the Trees of Sherwood Forest.

    - VOTE BUSH! "Big Companies Rule! Bush Cares (diddley-squat) About You!" This has been a paid advertisement by the Friends of the NRA, uhh, I mean Friends of Bush movement.

    - VOTE GORE! "We Ain't Done With The White House Yet!". This has been a paid advertisement by the Association of Monica Lewinsky look-a-likes.

    Yeah, I know it's kinda lame, but it's Sunday and I'm bored :) If I were allowed to vote, I'd vote for Clinton eventhough he already had 2 terms and isn't eligible for a 3rd term. The White House never saw this much fun =) - atila

  •    Saturday, November 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 14:03 EST

  • OC ReMix - Just ONE measly ReMix added. But it's my first at my new home using my new equipment, and it *might* be my best. Check out Altered Beast 'Resurrection by Breakbeat' over at OC ReMix now. Oh yeah, be warned: it's VERY loud :) - david

  • LOL - http://www.customerssuck.com - atila

  • News Flash - Navarone from Emulation 9 conducted an interview with GIGO the maker of G-NES - you can read it here.

    - _MADrigal_ has updated his handheld simulator PuckMan (Tomy Electronic) to version 2.01, now with better artificial intelligence, shaped form, manual feature and more).

    - Redump 64 offers you a bunch of recently dumped C-64 tapes - looks like Peepo is really a busy man :)

    - Badge's Lighthouse was updated with 8 new SNES game reviews :) Badge's nice Lighthouse is definitive a must for every serious Super Nintendo fan (like me) !

    - Retro-Remakes posted a nice review (+ file link) for Gladiatron 3D a OpenGL accelerated remake of Tron.

    - TEO, a Thomson TO8 emulator for DOS, Windows and Linux has been updated to v1.3. For more information about this "ancient" french computer and the emulator visit the TEO homepage.
    Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the news :)

    - New Project #51 released, beta #2 of this "senior design project to create a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator" was something I've missed to post recently. New in beta 2 : "The emulator can be used in 16 and 32-bit color in Windows. A Frame Lock/Unlock has been added so you see how fast you get it going. A simple 6502 debugger has been added". - Opi

  • Shinobi / Streets Of Rage on DC?? - GameFan is reporting about rumors that both Shinobi and Streets of Rage are getting a DC treatment. If true (please please please please please!), it would be one of the best things EVER! - atila

  • |Tyris| does Football Frenzy MVS - Yes indeed, those NeoGeo redumps keep rolling in! Check this message from |Tyris| for details. I'm sure our friend SMF will release an updated redump utility to convert your existing MGD2 dump of the game as well - eyes on Sys2064 for that. - prophet

  •    Friday, November 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:15 EST

  • Namco System 2 Winamp Plugin - BouKiChi has sent me a great new plugin for WinAmp - it plays the music and sound f/x of Namco System 2 games. Download it, extract in_pow.dll and in_pow.txt to your Winamp plugin directory and the included sample files to a place that pleases you :) Now to the plugin setup :
    Go options - preferences - Choose TFX TextFormat Player - Configure and set you correct MAMErom directory ! You need to have the Namco System 2 MAME ROM sets to be able to listen to the music !!! BouKiChi included sample files for Cosmo Gang the Video, Mirai Ninja and Burning Force ! Cosmo Gang the Video sounds GREAT.
    In case you have already the popular "In_tfmx.dll" installed which will colidate with the in_pow.dll - rename the tfmx plugin temporaly or remove it and use the better DeliPlayer :) Could someone please send me a complete list of all known Namco System 2 games ? I am too lazy to search on my own ! Test in_pow.dll its really nice - thanks to my japanese coding wizard BouKiChi for this great surprise !!! - Opi

  • The Underdogs Are Alive - The Underdogs homepage was updated with some better news this time : "All the download links are back up, except for titles published by the IDSA members (303 games). Our Master List now separates IDSA / non-IDSA titles". Good to hear that this great site wasn't totally "shutdowned" - Opi

  • News Flash - NO$CPC v1.8 is online. This is a very good Armstrad CPC emu made by Martin Korth who also programmed the NO$GB emulator. The latest list of changes can be found here - thanks katharsis :)

    - SNES9x was updated today, v1.33 adds C4 support and ables you to play Mega Man X2 & X3 with this emulator .... use this link if you need the "emu only" version or click here and grab the install shield EXE version or here to get the LINUX version :-) Thanks again to Geoshock for the news. OK OK - David already reported it, but now you can download the 3 versions directly from Retrogames - thats still an improvement :)

    - DCM05 v6.4 Beta. Cloy from Kinox informed me that this Thomson MO5 emulator was updated recently. Please check the homepage for more information about this old (unknown for me) french computer system and the DCM05 emulator.

    - SNES9x For OS/2 updated ! What a great day for SNES fans - even the OS/2 port was renewed ! Now it works with SDD beta 35 or higher and support for the SNES Mouse was added. You can have it here - thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

    - Sintendo Build #209 is available. This is a SNES emulator for Sega Dreamcast - please look here for further information and the download :) Thanks to WWEmu for the info.

    - New Atari 8-bit stuff online at Holmes Atari 8bit Games ! Holmes informed me that he just uploaded 65 new Atari oldies for YOU :)

    - Finally some CD Burner related news : A new version of Nero is available, you can download version here - thanks to Stu for the update info :) - Opi

  • SSF v0.04a - The Japanese Sega Saturn emulator SSF was recently updated to v0.04a. Along with a move to a new URL, SSF is coming along nicely with polygon display, Backup RAM support, and increased percentages of completion for all the Saturn's many doodads. You can get your mits on it here; thanks to WWEMU for da news + trans. - david

  • Snes9x v1.33 - Yeah! New win32 and Linux versions of the excellent SNES emulator Snes9x are available HERE. There's a LOT of new stuff. :) - david

  • Retrogames Links Updated - Seems I had some bad luck with the new music section :( But I am still hoping ! Anyway - no news from me today because I've made the first really huge update on our Links Section.
    I've added almost 50 sites and killed some old with a reported #404 - much more to come :) As usual : comments, suggestions and complains to opi@retrogames.com :) - Opi

  • PS2 Deals - And for those people who are looking for a PS2, try this link at eBay, about 8,000 PS2s are being auctioned with an average price of about $600 (maybe more). Thanks to The Flash for the link :) - atila

  • GameLad - GameLad is a new GBx emulator with an integrated debugger. Should come in handy for developers :) - atila

  • EmuForce Redesign - The EmuForce site has been redesigned, it looks REAL good, but it will only work on IE5.x and it's VERY heavy, once loaded. Still, it's pretty original :) - atila

  • Black Sports DC + 2 games = $135.99 - Sonikkuu made a post on the Gaming Today board stating that CDUniverse.com had an awesome deal regarding the Dreamcast. You get NFL2k and NBA2k with this cool black DC for only $135.99. The core system (without games) costs $149, so this is good deal :) I'd like to add that if you (yes, YOU!) happen to find a good deal for a console, please let me know and I'll post it. - atila

  •    Thursday, November 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:08 EST

  • Underdog dogged - Famous abandonware site Home of the Underdogs has been nearly shut down by the IDSA. They're not gone, but their downloads are now limited to freeware games. Please use our Game Collecting board if you care to comment. - prophet

  • Dreamcast games on your PC? - Is there a Dreamcast emulator? Well no, but Sega of Japan seems to have something up their sleeves about a PCI "Dreamcast" card that will let you play Dreamcast games on your PC. How the whole GD ROM thing would work with this is anyone's guess. - dutch

  • Dutch, that sound effect is disturbing... - richard

  • Pointless but funny (or unfunny) post of the day #1 - Don't touch me! - dutch

  • Pointless but funny (or unfunny) Post of the day #2 - Since Halloween is over, someone ought to smash this. :) - dutch

  • MAME WIP Updated - Yep, go look, you know you want to. :) - prophet

  • PS2 DVD/Machine Woes - This is quite similar to Sega's defective GD-ROMs at the launch of its Dreamcast machine, it's just that it goes one step beyond that. Sony is having trouble telling BIG retailers when to expect the next shipment of PS2, since Sony does not even know this. Furthermore, one retailer stated that they have had 12 out of 72 PS2 units returned, because the units weren't recognizing DVD discs, both movies and games. Click here for more. I'm positive that the PS2 will turn into this year's Furby, perhaps even bigger than that, the prices at eBay are bound to go up now :) - atila

  • MIMIC does Sega System E! - System E was an unemulated Sega arcade hardware... until now! TheBeaver has successfully incorporated System E emulation into MIMIC, his multi-system console/arcade emulator. It's still very early, since he's still looking for tech info. Some games that ran on System E are: Hang On Jr., Fantasy Zone 2, Tetris & Transformers. Check the MIMIC homepage to see the 1st screenshot and learn more. - prophet

  • Opi's Music Section - I have (temporarily) removed Opi's EXCELLENT music section, while I check some things out. I'll do my best to get it back ASAP, because it does rock! - atila

  • Bah... - I'm at work right now, even though I should be in bed, with my leg up, for another day. And no, I'm not wearing a shoe on my left foot, just a regular slipper. Yes, I am in pain, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Whoever thought up that line should be shot. Nuff said. - atila

  • RAINE for Linux v2000/11/01 - Till from Sys2064 reported a new RAINE for Linux. This new release is "essentially a bugfix release" :

    - o - Fixed the F2 system (quite a few games were crashing at startup)
    - o - Fixed (reverted to the old version) Don Do Kodo (The 20000924 gave a very nice "venitian store effect". Took me a long time to find out it was the driver itself which was faulty and not the asm display routines !!!)
    - o - Added 2 dipswitch settings for "SDF Macross"
    - o - Triple Buffering now REALLY works ! But I advice against it : it eats more than 50% of my cpu time !!! (maybe because my allegro does not have the triple buffering patches ???)
    - o - Added the dos graphics modes which were missing to the "Auto Detect" section. Might be usefull for Svgalib or Xfree.

    Linux fans should click here and smile ! - Opi

  • Don't Waste Your Money - Mike Stulir from Back In Time sent me a "warning" about the recently released new Galaga game : "Ever feel like someone has slapped the name of a classic game on a new product just to make a quick buck?

    Hasbro Interactive recently released Galaga: Destination Earth for the PC & PlayStation. This game gives me the feeling that someone wanted to make some quick cash on the "Galaga" name. The game looks like it was quickly thrown together, and it doesn't look or feel anything like Galaga. If you are considering dropping the $25 to buy this title, you should check out my review before wasting your money". - Opi

  • Agent Q's Weekly Report Is Online - EmuViews has been updated with JoseQ's new Rumor Mill ! Ohh and Happy Birthday to Atani :-) 23 is a nice age ! - Opi

  •    Wednesday, November 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 21:40 EST

  • Icons for WPCmame - MAMu_ from MAMEicons.com has sent me the following email : "Here are all the WPCmame32 icons to fit with wpcmame32 released two days ago - and here is the usual preview ;)".
    BTW : All these icons have been drawn by MAMu_ and I'm sure some of his icons at MAMEicons.com will make you smile (at least) ! - Opi

  • Yape v0.22 - Yape, the currently most advanced C-16/Plus4 emulator has been updated again. Here are Attila's latest additions and changes :

    - o - 256K RAM mode supported (the so called Hannes expansion)
    - o - volume setting largely improved
    - o - you can now load and autostart games from the command line at startup
    - o - implemented ALL illegal opcodes (needs testing yet...)
    - o - modified the annoying frame counter to be updated on every 64th frame only
    - o - fixed some graphic glitches

    "The support for 256 KB RAM is at the moment only available in the form of the so-called Hannes expansion, which I think was/is the most common. You can find more info about the programming of this expansion on the Solder's Homepage. This is a great site mainly dealing with all kind of hardware extensions for the C 264 family. Currently I would need more 256 kb programs to test them with Yape, but I hope to get a hold on some soon :-)" You can download it here - thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Attention Please :) - Be prepared for a "sweet" little surprise on Retrogames which will be online tomorrow ! Hint 1 if you love sites like BIGmog or Gamingforce Audio! - then you'll like it :-)

    Hint 2 - If you're wondering where are the highly motivated postings from Mr. Retrogames - Atila ("How come there's no fast-forward button for days of the week ?") - then I have some bad news for you. Atila is fatally wounded - he thought it would be a good idea to test what's harder - his big toe or a heavy stone (or something similar) !!! No surprise - his big toe lost the contest :) Now he's forced to stay at home in his bed and take care of his serious wounded black'n blue colored toe - LOL ! - Opi

  • GoodNES v0.999.5 - Cowering released a new version of his NES ROM renamers GoodNES. GoodNES v0.999.5 now recognizes 6019 ROMs - "lots of redumps this time.. keep up the good work guys !" ! In case you're wondering about me when you've read the GoodNES news file (inside the zip archive). I've got permission to upload it :) - Opi

  • MESS BBC driver - Gordon J. has updated his BBC in MESS Status Page with great news! The next version of MESS will support the BBC Model B+ !! Gordon also hints at a possible BBC Master driver some time in the future. Click the link above for more info. and screenshots. :) - chris

  • Retro Asteroids - [JJ] from Retro-Remakes told me that Spheres of Chaos, the best 2D Asteroids remake just got even better, it was updated to v2.04 - the new version adds : "Scrolling background, New background effects 'fluid'
    and 'smooth', re-introduced demo/full version, re-introduced low-rez version". Get it as a Windows setup file.

    He also wrote : "A new Asteroids remake will be released later this year, goto Name for what is the weirdest Asteroids clone I've ever come across :) Screenshots can be found here" - thanks [JJ] and congratulations for your received Golden Web Award :) - Opi

  • Retrogames Link's - I've made a very first minor update at the Retrogames Link Section ! Version 0.5 is online :) This is only the beginning - I promise to put a lot of work into this section - stay tuned. As usual please tell me broken links and errors, suggestions are welcome ! - Opi

  • ParaMSX v.020 - The MEP-Crew informed me about a new ParaMSX release. ParaMSX is a port of Windows port of fMSX and was made by Yeongman Seo, New in version 0.20 :

    - o - KanJi Driver(Knjdrv.rom) will be loaded at MSX2+ mode.
    - o - Fixed ScreenShot bug.
    - o - Fixed Sprite color at SCREEN1.
    - o - Fixed PSG envelope bug.
    - o - Added new scanline modes for 16bit color.
    - o - Added CPU speed option.
    - o - Added Time acceleration option.
    - o - Added NumPad-key binding. (when NumLock is turned on)
    - o - Some key binding was changed.

    To download this MSX emulator check the ParaMSX homepage or visit the MEP-Crew. - Opi

  • ePSXe - Which Games Are WELCOME ? - NESboy2k1 has sent me an email with the following content (Opi wrotes with activated lazy mode!) : "My webmaster, Wormie, is making a huge Compatibility List for the PSX emulator, ePSXe. If you go to http://epsxe.wormie.com/, there's a section where you can submit your own compatibility report which then gets e-mailed to Wormie himself.". So if you're a fan of ePSXe - contribute your results ! Visit PSXEmu for your daily dose of Playstation emulation related news - and about the various GPU Glide, OpenGL, D3D and whatever plugins made by Pete Bernert and Lewpy :) I am not into this kind of stuff, so you won't read many postings about it from me ! - Opi

  • HyNES Alpha - A new NES emu called HyNES has been released. It's designed for Win9x and has a great looking GUI with lots of features. Normally I wouldn't post about it, because 1. it's the alpha release, 2. it's a NES emu (joke) and 3. I couldn't run any game with it (probably my mistake). But the GUI is just too fantastic to be ignored :) Click here to get and test it - thanks to WWEmu for the news :) - Opi

  • Final Fantasy 4 Retranslated - J2e Translations released their new full v3.01 translation patch, the so called millenium (2000) edition of Final Fantasy IV for Super Nintendo. Check their Final Fantasy 4 page for this new patch (two versions with different fonts), the FF4 Online Instruction Manual, an interesting FAQ and Trainspotter's Memo (explains why they did it). Thanks to Enternal for the release information :) - Opi

  • MAMEMIX PROJECT Win32 v0.61 - Maurizio Galeone's great MAME front-end MAMEMIX PROJECT for Win32 systems has been updated to version 0.61. This should be the first really stable Win32 port - he tried to fix all previous known bugs, so if you find any new, please report them quickly. Changes in this release :

    - o - new: snapshot window has the same main window's z order
    - o - new: unused items autodisable
    - o - new: progress bar added
    - o - bug: rsxnt.dll library isn't deeded anymore
    - o - bug: search routine fully rewritten
    - o - bug: mame filename can be specified
    - o - bug: empty lists can be handled also at startup
    - o - bug: error routines rewritten
    - o - bug: windows are updated and focused after mame execution
    - o - bug: wait after running option now works
    - o - bug: dir names 8 characters longer are now supported (sorry for this one!)

    You can get it here. For more information consult the newly uploaded readme.txt, thanks to the "maestro" himself for the release notification :-) - Opi

  • OverClocked Year One: Complete! - One year ago, atila was kind enough to post news on the first episode of what would become OverClocked, featuring two disembodied heads, two heaping spoonfulls of sarcasm, and a ton of emulation-related humor. It ran for 50 episodes straight on a daily basis till finally it slowed down a bit, and spun off into the popular 'OverClocked ReMix' site and cultish 'Mystery Videogame Theater 3000'. Today marks one year of my official presence in the emulation scene, and I have to say it has been rewarding and worthwhile. I only regret not being able to update more frequently and implement more of the various cool stuff I've planned. I'll hopefully be getting a full-time job soon, but this should actually SIMPLIFY my life and give me more free time. Special thanks to atila for getting me off the ground and tons of other people (ya know who ya are) for helping out. New Episode is HERE, and a neat little fanstrip where you get to kill me is here :) - david

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