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  • SPACE INVADERS - Space Invaders Fan Site
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  • THE REVIEW CENTER - Reviews, Reviews and Reviews!.
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  •    Saturday, November 8th 2008 - Last updated @ 08:31 EST

  • NeoRaine v1.2.0 - The NeoGeo CD emulator has been updated to v1.2.0.

    • The 1.2.x branch is targeted at editing neocd games, specially ssrpg.
    • The sprites blocks can't be toggled anymore with the layer keys, because you couldn't toggle every sprite block this way. Now F5 toggles the fix layer and f6 toggles all the sprites blocks. To toggle sprites blocks, use the backspace key (default key - can be changed in the gui) to enter capture mode, then browse the blocks using right and left arrows, and finally capture with the C key (preferably in pause mode !).
    • Added "update neocd sprite block" to neocd options, thid does the opposite of capture mode, it takes the pngs, and converts them back to sprites using the data saved while in capture mode.
    • Added a translator for ssrpg (and only ssrpg). Available in "Game Options" once the game is loaded. Should be used with the console to get the address of the string to translate (you can use break $55120 and display a0 to get the address, or break $6858 and then display a0 to get the address of a text printed ingame, character by character (dialog usually)).
    - TheInformer

  • Wine 1.1.8 Released - Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. Wine provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows sources to Unix and a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows binaries to run on x86-based Unixes.

    What's new in this release:
    • Substantial parts of inetcomm implemented (for Outlook).
    • Still better crypt32 support.
    • Memory management improvements.
    • Theming support for buttons.
    • Various bug fixes.
    - TheInformer

  •    Monday, November 3rd 2008 - Last updated @ 10:17 EST

  • MisfitMAME 0.127.D

    What's new...
    Source changes
    Donkey Kong II (d2k) is finally working, thanks to all involved.
    - At this time, you still need samples, upgrading is planned, sometime.

    Games Added
    spatrol (Sponge Patrol, hack of mpatrol, by Gatinho)

    Games Removed

    - Fangface

  • FCEUX 2.0.3

    What's new...HERE

    - Fangface

  • Gens/GS Milestone 5.1

    What's new...HERE

    - Fangface

  • Handy/SDL 0.5

    What's new...
    * Ported the original Handy v0.95 WIN32 code to GCC;
    * Added the patch to comply Handy/SDL with GCC 3.x and 4.x
    * Added 10 enhancement/effect filters for SDL rendering;
    * Added OpenGL rendering through SDL;
    * Added YUV Overlay rendering through SDL;
    * Added functionality from Handy/SDL v0.2 through v0.4 (to much to keep write this);

    Be sure to check the options list by running handy_sdl! The number of options and additions are huge :)

    - Fangface

  • WinArcadia 8.31a

    What's new...
    Bug fixes.

    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, November 2nd 2008 - Last updated @ 05:15 EST

  • MAME 0.128u2

    What's new...HERE

    Binary available here
    - Fangface

  •    Saturday, November 1st 2008 - Last updated @ 06:41 EST

  • Ootake 1.58

    What's new...
    - The timing of the raster interrupt processing was brought close to the movement of a real machine. At Ootake-v1.57, in "Dungeon Explorer", the problem that the status display had shaken was corrected.
    - In "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" and "Brandish", the bug that ADPCM-voice became interrupted occasionally (generated by v1.57) was corrected. Moreover, in "Uchuu Senkan Yamato", the voice was matched to the operation timing of the image.
    - When the CD-Install("CD-ROM"->"Install" menu) is used, the bug that the noise was sometimes occasionally recorded in ADPCM-voice was corrected.
    - "The message display time of the SaveState & LoadState" was shortened a little than a usual message.
    - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

    - Fangface

  • WinArcadia 8.31

    What's new...
    Speed optimizations.
    Improved multitasking.
    Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

    - Fangface

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