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  • THE REVIEW CENTER - Reviews, Reviews and Reviews!.
  • .TZX VAULT - Huge ZX Spectrum game vault!
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  •   Monday, November 30th 1998 - Last updated @ 21:00 CET

  • With a bit of luck the mame roms will be returning within 2 days, keep your fingers crossed! If you can help me out with server space OUTSIDE THE USA, mail me!

  • New NEOGEO Roms of the Day! Today we got 2 (!!) roms for you: Gururin and Twinkle Star Sprites! Retrogames - And The Beat Goes On .....

  • I'm still trying to verify the mail I received (remember what happened to Insert Coin and that fake Seaga mail ??). Until then, they're offline. I do not want to compromise the other sites on this server. Still, with all these kiddie pron site and warez sites on the net, they want to take out sites like Retrogames, because someone is losing money from a game that hasn't been seen in any arcade for over 10 years ?? Oh please! I am appealing to game companies to PLEASE allow distribution of your roms, for the sole purpose of emulation. This would help us a lot! I will start to upload new roms, homebrewn games and stuff, and games that have been allowed to be transmitted over the Inet for the sole purpose of emulation.

  • Guess what ? The roms are DOWN! We've received a mail from the IDSA: "We insist that this site be removed from your server since it violates U.S. copyright protections." So to comply, we've taken down the roms *EXCEPT* for the NEOGEO Rom of the Day. I would also like to hear WHICH laws are being broken and for which roms! On a more personal note, I would also like to say that, if the IDSA DOES NOTHING AGAINST GAMEPOWER.COM WE *WILL* FILE SUIT AGAINST THEM, FOR DISCRIMINATION! And that's a promise, as I do have the resources to go to court over this.

  • Shane of MonroeWorld has updated Retro Radio. This week's episode is a MUST-LISTEN-EPISODE!! It explains, among other things, WHY Dave was shut down. Heck, we get a mention too (well, 2 if you listen carefully ;)

  • Want more Virtual Boy roms ? simple, just move to end and be happy :P

  • Feel free to ICQ me over the web in REALTIME :)

  • We ran into a bit of a problem with the FTP server, nothing to get worried about, it should be fixed soon :)

  • I want to thank everyone for clicking on the banner, I appreciate it :)

  •   Sunday, November 29th 1998 - Last updated @ 21:45 CET


  • Lord_B has updated vMAME for the last time (?). His code didn't make it into MAME yet (it *WILL* be in MAME 0.34 RC1), so he's decided to compile vMAME b8. Again, there are 2 versions: standard and pentium optimized.

  • The new MAME b8 roms will be online shortly, we're making sure we have 100% correct sets before uploading them.

  • Mike Balfour and Lord_B interviewed! Emuunlim.com has interviewed Mike Balfour (MAMEDEV) and Lord_B (vMAME)! Go on, read it :)

  • BETA 8 BETA 8 BETA 8 BETA BETA 8 !! Click for the WHATSNEW.TXT! Here the beta 8 source! MAME now has STEREO SOUND and the neogeo sound is truly unbelievable! Load up Art of fighting or Street Hoops and you'll see :)

  • News-u-lator has provided an English translation of the ZEMA page (Namco System1 emu)

  • Naz has released Street Wars by SNK!

  •   Saturday, November 28th 1998 - Last updated @ 21:15 CET

  • New NeoGeo Emu in the works! Emulatronia is reporting about DEPAM, a new neogeo/neogeo cd emulator! It already runs quite a few games, nothing much is known, but feel free to check the site out, the pics are cool. Thanks to Ptitfous for slammin' my head against the wall :)

  • New NeoGeo rom of the Day! Today it's Street Hoops, the excellent basketball game with GOOD thumpin' sounds (it'll be even better in b8!!)

  • Danji docs translated! SuLung2 has been kind enough to translate the docs, this new Danji supports the joystick and 16bit color! Click HERE to read it

  • Wanna see how dope this site would be in JIVE dialect ? Click here!

  • Namco System 1 emu ? Manu and Ze have been working on a System 1 emu which should support, among other games, Splatterhouse, Pacmania and Galaga88! It's still in early stages (the gfx are screwed up/wrong colours), but I don't know exactly, since the page is in Spanish. The emu is called ZEMA and you can find out more about it HERE, let's hope it's real :)

  • New Danji! Danji has been updated and it now supports Pulstar, Sonic Wings 1 & 2, Real Bout 1 & 2 and Waku Waku 7. Download it HERE! Thanks to Pure News for the news.

  • I have uploaded a lot Callus Roms, so start downloading :)

  • Interceptor of Classic Gaming Conversions has been interviewed by the good people at the 411

  • The Death Star will be opening "The Sunshine Death Star Play and Learning Center". The Storm Troopers will now be able to get quality day care, while fighting those stinkin' rebels! Thanks to Draft for the news.

  • I will be uploading the Callus roms today, sorry about that :)

  • Request: Sidewinder is looking for somebody who can dump the inbuilt Maze found in the Sega Master System. He is also looking for anybody who could dump the BIOS or whatever chip contains the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM logo and the sound found in Sega Master System1. email sidewinder at sega_master_sys@hotmail.com

  • The day before yesterday, we broke a record :) We had over 7600 NedStat views, which is pretty nice. I want to thank everyone for thier continued support.

  • The Diffs site will be returning!

  •   Friday, November 27th 1998 - Last updated @ 15:23 CET

  • The Sega Dreamcast (official site) was released today in Japan, which explains the drop in Japanese visitors to my site today =) If anyone wants to fill me/us in on the machine, feel free to mail me! I'm getting my import machine soon, I can't wait!! Go to Segadreamcast.net for all the latest news, since the official site is in Japanese.

  • New VGEN! The version I posted yesterday was a leaked beta (which would explain the fact why there weren't any docs with it), and I apologize for posting it. Jason has been kind enough to make an official release (with docs ;), which you can download here. I've also added us_bios.bin, which you might need. Again, this still doesn't play any CD games, but it loads the bios. Which is a good start :) Thanks to coolmos for the news.

  • Raine adds Plus Alpha and Saint Dragon! Both of these games are shoot-em-ups, although Plus Alpha is a vertical scroller and Saint Dragon is a horizontal scroller. I've never played these games before, so I'm waiting patiently (Mario, where's that beta !??!) to try out these 'luvly' games and they have sound too :)