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  •    Sunday, December 31st 2000 - Last updated @ 19:42 EST

  • It's a ReMixin' New Year, Charlie Brown! - Okay, this officially makes me a liar, as I said I'd only ever post seven, but there are NINE new ReMixes up at OverClocked ReMix! (deep breath) Arkanoid, Seiken Densetsu 3, Goldeneye 007, Chrono Trigger, Shadowgate, Castlevania II, Doom, Blaster Master, and the last ReMix of 2000 - my own Yoshi's Island 2001 ElasticNewYear ReMix. HAPPY NEW YEAR! . . oh yeah, I have quite a few resolutions this year, as you might imagine, and some of them relate to certain sites I 'run' that I haven't updated in 'awhile', and my responsibilities as a 'news poster' here at RG. Gotta do better in 2001 . . . :) get the music here. - david

  • Happy New Year from CPS2 Shock! - Check out the the awesome new piece of WIP info over at CPS2 Shock. Looks like 2001 is gonna be a good year ;) - atila

  • In about nine more hours it will be a new millenium here, I hope everyone had a great year, decade, century, millenium, or if not, I hope the next year, decade, century, millenium will be better for ya! Time to go party now..see ya'll tomorrow... - chris

  • GoodLynx v0.999.1 - HERE's the announced new GoodLynx v0.999.1 - now with 152 known entries. Recent Additions:

    - o - Release dates added to support MESS Lynx driver - Opi

  • If MAME WIP is not enough for you, check out some more updates over at the Official MESS WIP page. Also mentioned on the WIP report, Cowering has made some updates to the Atari 5200 CRC database, so expect a new Good5200 0.999.1 from him soon over at the Good Tools web site. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Go look! And Happy New Year from Ye Olde Proph too! :) - prophet

  • I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! - Opi

  • Z80Stealth v0.402 - Kirill Kolpakov released another bugfixed version of Z80Stealth, his Spectrum emulator for DOS. Thanks to Dhalamar for the news :)

    Here are two special Spectrum fan sites I've found recently both "worth" to be mentioned here :) Spectrum Screens - the museum of 8-bit computer artwork and The Congraturations Archive - which offers you snapshots of games right before the end scene. - Opi

  • Wahey! - In some parts of this world, it's already 01/01/01 so this is good a time as any to wish everyone a Happy New Year and the best wishes for 2001! Go easy on the fireworks and be sure to have lots of fun tonight :) I also believe that the Y2K bug was bugged and will show its ugy head tonight ;) - atila

  • BouKiCHi Interviewed - Navarone from Emulation 9 conducted an interview with BouKiCHi the author of D-Boy, you can read it here. - Opi

  • DreamGBC2000 Rev1 - Kervin uploaded the last release of his Game Boy Color emulators DreamGBC2000 Rev1. Thanks to Panther for the news. - Opi

  • Guru of The Unemulated MAME Games Database wrote in to let me know that he has finally updated The Arcade Art Museum with 347 new cabinet pics! - chris

  • Team Japump! Arcade Dumps - Team Japump! announced a bunch of newly dumped japanese arcade boards :

    o Gun Dealer (c)1990 NMK (Tecmo license)
    o Sotsugyo Shousho (c)1995 Yanyaka / Mitchell (licensed to Atlus)
    o Mahjong Block Jongbou (JPN Ver.) (c)1987 SNK
    o Rod Land (Alt JPN Ver.) (c)1988 Jaleco Mega System
    o Sky Adventure (JPN Ver.) (c)1989 Alpha
    o Super World Stadium '92 - Tokubetsuban (c)1992 Namco System II - Opi

  • SSF WIP - HERE are new SSF WIP pictures (Silhouette Mirage (3), Civil Wars Braid (4), Suu Kyi Pie Remix (4), Radiant Silvergun (4)). 2001 Seems starting promising for Saturn emulation. Thanks Ben-J. - Opi

  • Sega To Leave Console Hardware Business ? - The Dreamcast is probably the last Sega developed console - according to a The Register report ! Thanks DJ Emu :) (Note: This is an unfounded rumor and has already been proven wrong - Atila) (Original post by Opi, edited by Atila) - atila

  •    Saturday, December 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:47 EST

  • ngine-SNES9x v0.30 Out - Yesterdays announced ngine release is now reality. tubooboo uploaded a new version of his SNES9x port for Dreamcast, check the homepage for the large list of changes. Thanks to RC-Roms for the news. - Opi

  • IntvDOS v1.0b - A small update for IntvDOS, a new Intellivion emulator, has been uploaded. New in this release :

    - o - Fixed collision bug in Space Armada and possibly other games
    - o - Added menu option to enable or disable sound

    Click this link to get IntvDOS v1.0b. Thanks pierre :) - Opi

  • Famtasia Ver.6 Tester (2000.12.30) - Famtasia, one of my personal top three NES emulators for Win9x, was updated with a new beta version. As far as I understand most of the changes are Direct Sound related. You can get it HERE, thanks to Emulation 9 for the hint. - Opi

  • z26 v1.41 - John Saeger uploaded a new version of z26, his open source Atari 2600 emulator for DOS/Win95. News in this release : Video Pinball now plays properly and support for the mindlink controller has been added (makes Telepathy ROM and the old Mindlink game playable. Finally z26 supports the Compumate ROM, an early Basic version. Click here to download it, thanks to Kinox for the news. - Opi

  • Updated: MESS WIP! - chris

  • Not for Impact - Pete & Lewpy (PSemu plugin coders) have stated that their GPU plugins are NOT designed to be used with Impact, ONLY for PSemu. Read this and this for details. As for the "registry trojan" reported yesterday, that remains unconfirmed either way - basically if you use the leaked beta of Impact, you do so at your own risk. It's also worth noting that no individuals have reported deleted registries. - prophet

  • Arcade Heaven - If you haven't visited our friends at ARH lately, you might want to check out GuruChoc's latest needed-soon MAME goodies! - prophet

  • Unofficially High - Leezer released unofficial hiscore.dat 6.2 for MAME, adding high score saving for 20 more games! Here's the Unofficial Highscore.dat page. - prophet

  • Wine Is Not an Emulator. It is an alternative implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs. Wine provides both a development toolkit (Winelib) for porting legacy Windows sources to Unix and a program loader, allowing unmodified Windows 3.1/95/NT binaries to run under Intel Unixes. Wine does not require Microsoft Windows, as it is a completely alternative implementation consisting of 100% Microsoft-Free code, but it can optionally use native system DLLs if they are available. Changes for 20001222: This release includes several DIB bitblt optimizations, a new configuration file format and location, faster initial registry loading, unicode edit control, and lots of bugfixes.

    Also, SlashDot is reporting that Wine will soon get improved DirectX support! - chris

  • Get Super Huey Legally For Free - Another company decided to support the retrogaming community, for a good reason of course - advertising. Cosmi is offering their C-64 classics Super Huey & Super Huey 2 together with a version of Vice as a freeware pack to boost the sales of their upcoming third installmant in the Super Huey series - Super Huey 3 ! Thanks to MarreZ from EmuGaming for the email :) - Opi

  • DreamGBC v1.7 - A new version of DreamGBC, a chinese Game Boy Color emulator, was uploaded. Kervin added "Support for 32K Internal RAM switching" which fixes some GBC games like Bomberman MAX, Super Mario Bros Deluxe and GB Collection 3. Click here to download it - thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. Best wishes to Panther, my chinese news supplier, he's currently sick. - Opi

  • paraMSX v0.30 Bugfixed - Yesterday's paraMSX release was plagued by a bug in the joystick detection routine, Yeongman Seo released an updated binary here. Thanks to the TFH/Fony for the notification - visit the MEP site for all your MSX needs :) - Opi

  • GoodLynx v0.999.1 - HERE's a newly updated GoodLynx for you few friends of this Atari handheld. Cowering updated it mainly to have a better Lynx support in MESS - the version recognizes 152 different ROMs. Read the Consolemul interview with Cowering, it's pretty interesting :) - Opi

  • MESS32 v0.37b10 is out. - richard

  •    Friday, December 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:37 EST

  • More Impact Info - Here's some more specifics on the Impact issue posted by Mr. R. Belmont. Take this as information as *he* understands it as relayed to him by the dev team:

    "Specifically, my info is that it must be the leaked beta and it must be some specific versions of Pete GPU plugins. Additionally, the trap will only go off after at least 40 runs. If it's all bogus, I'm thrilled (I hate stupid traps like that, having had my C:\WINDOWS destroyed by a failed early crack of a SNES emulator!).

    Again, to make it clear, please don't test this unless you have Ghost or something to easily recover. Be safe so you can enjoy the new year!"

    Since there are likely many people out there using the "leaked" version of Impact (in light of the recent availability of the Star Gladiator 2 ROMset), please be aware of this. Thanks to R. Belmont for the helpful info! :) - dutch

  • Cowering Interview - Check out this Consolemu.com interview with Cowering, the famous ROM utility developer! (Thanks Link) - prophet

  • FCE Ultra v04.2r2 - HERE is a new Windows version of FCE Ultra - v04.2r2 fixes some problems with the DirectSound code. - Opi

  • Impact warning - Just poking my head in here for a quick warning to Impact users: check this post from R. Belmont. He mentions that Impact "...may erase your registry if you use unauthorized plugins, so don't." I apologize if putting this on the front page offends the developers but I don't think it's fair to our visitors to both support the emulator and not make them aware of this. - dutch

  • Japanese Emulator Releases - Here are the latest japanese emulator releases - all info were taken from Navarone's Emulation 9 :)

    - Anex86 v2.34 is out. Anex86 is a EPSON PC-286/386/486/586 emulator for Windows, with a small but informative english homepage and an english FAQ.

    - Keropi aka WinX68k v0.52 is available here. It's a X68000 emulator for Windows developed by Kenjo.

    - SSF v0.05 alpha is online. SSF is the currenty most advanced Sega Saturn emulator and able to run some commercial games. Preview pages with many nice screenshots are available here and here.

    As usual, I have no further information about status and changes of these emulators, but I can give you a good hint :) Check out the provided information over at the Japanese Computer Emulation Centre to get more details and some help - in english of course. - Opi

  • "the Scribe" Is the Sega Info Master ! - Sam Pettus aka "the Scribe" posted a new issue of Dreamcast Week In Review, his Sega Dreamcast devoted online journal.

    Don't miss his other project - SegaBase, an online database completely devoted to the videogame systems and products of Sega and their consoles. It contains an incredible amount of information. Here is (as an example) a link to the history of the Sega CD, Sega's first CD based console. I "wasted" almost a hour of my "newsposting spare time" to look through his info base, trust me you'll enjoy it too :) - Opi

  • New Unofficial nester Release - After 9 days of silent work, a new version of Unofficial nester has been uploaded - use this link if you wanna get and test it. - Opi

  • Liberty v1.2.5 - The Gambit Studios released a new version of their Game Boy emulator Liberty - now with "Rumble Pak" support and a cleaned up source code. Thanks to Kinox for the news. - Opi

  • NeoPocott WIP News - A tremendous amount of WIP news has flooded the NeoPocott homepage - far too much to report them here - please have a look for yourself :) - Opi

  • ngine WIP News - tubooboo has updated the ngine homepage with the following announcement : "An all new version of ngine is to be released very soon (0.30), presumably right in time for the new year". To find out more about the upcoming new features and the ngine project itself - check the homepage. Thanks to SoniC for the hint :) - Opi

  • U64Emu v1.18 - PeterD has updated the U64Emu homepage with the result of rcp's latest efforts - version 1.18 of his arcade Killer Instinct emulators includes the following changes :

    - o - Frame Skip should now enable and disable correctly.
    - o - All around speed up.
    - o - Scanlines now use a different technique. I like this approach more and it is only twice as fast as the previous method. There is little to no speed decrease with this method.
    - o - There may be yet another timing issue in this release, the AI just seems really, really good... dunno... try it. :)
    - o - Credit problem is _not_ fixed. If i don't find it soon, I do have a work around. The 'SERV' or service button does actually work... I think this will work ok for most everyone.

    "Remember, big things comming up in 2001 with U64Emu... so don't do anything stupid New Year's Eve and get yourself killed... ya don't want to miss what is comming!"

    Click here to download U64Emu v1.18. - Opi

  • Lawrence Gold wrote in to say:
    I've just uploaded the latest unofficial x-mame 0.37b10.1, which now includes x-mess 0.37b10! You can grab it from

    I'll be posting a more manageable diff soon.

    Changes include:

    - Integrated the MESS 0.37b10 sources.
    - Added Stefan Becker's latest mame_perl ROM manager.
    - Applied Ricardo Quesada's patch which adds video_update for 16bpp_to_16bpp to the SDL video driver and adds SDL_HWPALETTE to the SDL_SetVideoMode flags.
    - chris

  • TFH/Fony wrote in to say:
    ParaMSX V0.30 has been released and is available at the MEP: http://www.file-hunter.com. ParaMSX is an MSX1, 2 and 2+ emulator for Windows 98x and 2000 by Yeongman Seo. The new features are:
    *Improved FM emulation
    *Improved VDP timing
    *Improved Empty disk handling.
    *Fixed Scanline Interrupt reset bug
    *Added Disk image file exchange menu.
    *Added JoyStick support*Added Writing sound option
    *Added Adjust register reset switch.
    *Added Pause key.and fixed many minor bugs ;)
    - chris

  • Spectrum Emu For Dreamcast - Yesterday saw the release of the first Spectrum emulator for use on the Dreamcast. It's called Spectrum BB and it supports Manic Miner, according to DC Emulation. - atila

  •    Thursday, December 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:55 EST

  • Mortal Kourtbat - Midway Games is being sued by a woman from Connecticut, because her son's murderer "was still feeling the effects of and was controlled by the Mortal Kombat video(game)." I'm sorry her son died, but how in heaven did the MILLIONS of other kids who played the game manage to *not* become psycho killers!? Hopefully someday people will stop blaming art, music and games for everything that goes wrong. - prophet

  • First Japanese PC-9821 CD Game Online - _Bnu from the famous (at least a little bit) X68000 Games Pile sent me the following info :

    "rairai has released the first PC-9821 CD game ever publically released! It's Branmarker, and it's an excellent RPG :) With the introduction of emulators that can run the games comes the games. At least that's the way it should be. :) Branmarker is an 18-meg zip file with a cue and bin inside! If you want instructions on how to use the CD drives in the emulators, just check out the pile and rairai's page!" - Opi

  • GoodJag v0.999.1 - Fine - it's Cowering news-time again. This time he updated his Atari Jaguar ROM renamer tool to version 0.999.1, you can get it here. This new release recognizes 51 different ROMs, here are the changes :

    - o - GoodJag will now scan roms made using the PD JAG DEV KIT
    - o - Correct release dates added to all ROMS - Opi

  • TRS-80 Emulator Updated - David Keil has updated his TRS-80 Emulator to v6.02. This new version tries to fix all the newly added bugs since v6.0. Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the info. - Opi

  • Jack Attack Remake - A new version of the classic C64 game Jack Attack has just been released for the PC - Jack Attack 2. JA2 includes all of the nostalgic C64 levels plus 70 great new levels. It features better graphics and sound, two player simultaneous gameplay and is "kids friendly" due to its non-violence gameplay. Thanks to Lemon for the hint :) True C-64 fans should also visit Stadium 64 and Gamebase64 - both sites were updated recently ! - Opi

  • Leezer's unofficial Highscore.dat v1.1 - Mame World is now the new home of Leezer's unofficial Highscore.dat for MAME. His new v1.1 release adds support for legend of kage, tmnt 2, gauntlet 1&2, double dragon (us), alien syndrome, alex kid, colums 1&2 to name a few and includes everything from the official v6 release. Click here to download it - if you noticed that your favourite game is still unsupported try your luck and mail Leezer, he's accepting requests and awaits your comments :) - Opi

  • MESS WIP updated. - chris

  • NeoPocott v0.38b for PocketPC Ipaq build - NeoPocott v0.38b for PocketPC Ipaq build released. To download this new port and read many many new WIP/port info about this NeoGeo Pocket emulator - visit the NeoPocott homepage :) - Opi

  • Wrong Rumours And Fake Screenshots - Yesterday some news sites reported a possible merger of Nintendo and Sega (or better say Nintendo to buy Sega), these reports are wrong. Hiroshi Yamauchi head of Nintendo denied these report and said "there is absolutely no chance that Nintendo will buy Sega" ! Check this CNN report for more info.

    Same is true for the new Dreamcast emulator with support for commercial games - all pictures are fake, they were taken from an old Daily Radar preview ! Well, I'm glad to be able to report this - but it's still another milestone in the trick and treat section. Shame on these idiots. Thanks to EmuHQ for the preview link.

    UPDATE : Today is "Dia de los Inocentes" in Spain which is basically the same as April Fool's day on april 1st for us english/american and german people (among many other countries I guess) :) FINE - thats ok !!! So come on - keep goofing me, where is my working CPS2 emu with support for the PS2 ... :) Thanks to Jon, Juan and Jose for the info ! - Opi

  • ASp V0.77 - Ian Greenway recently released a new version of ASp, his Sinclair Spectrum emulators for Amiga computers. Now it supports Retargettable (RTG) displays and rainbow graphics. News taken from World of Spectrum, my favourite Speccy news source ! - Opi

  • GoodOric v0.999.1 - Cowering finished a new update of GoodOric, now it knows 701 entries - click here to download it. GoodOric renames Oric, Atmos & Telestrat tapes / disks and ROMs.

    Recent Additions:
    - o - Tons of new additions to database
    - o - Oric/Atmos/Telestrat compatibility listed where known
    - o - Many corrected names & dates vs. the outdated TOSEC database
    ...... Don't forget.. some emus want 8.3 names use 'changesnew' to log old names just in case! - Opi

  •    Wednesday, December 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:07 EST

  • squeem v0.50 - squeem, a NES emu for Windows has been updated to version 0.50 - new in this release : ""added tv fuzz and and ui, it is leet, go download it and play!" ... and I always thought MY english is bad :) What the heck is "tv fuzz and ui" ?? - Opi

  • fMSX-DOS Loader v1.4 - NightFox informed me about a new release of his MSX front-end fMSX-DOS Loader. Version 1.4 fixes a bug in the update engine - ooh and don't miss his great Castlevania pages :) - Opi

  • TGB Dual Ver. Vol.4 beta (Fixed ver.) - GIGO released a new version of TGB Dual, his special japanese Game Boy emulators. What makes it special ? Well it allows you to simulate two Game Boys within one PC at the same time - nice to swap some Pokemon :) Whats new in this version ? Sorry no clue - even if we host GIGO's homepage :P Thanks Emulation 9 ! - Opi

  • Jahidah Update - Well, since Opi has covered all the latest emu news... My friend Jahidah emailed me about an upcoming performance this Friday here in NYC! Check out her homepage for details. If that URL won't resolve (won't for me right now), try this one. I've seen her show before and she's really, really good. :) - prophet

  • MEKA v0.56 - Zoop released a new version of his awesome Sega 8-bit / Colecovision / Othello Multivision emulators MEKA to the public = made it available for everyone. Here is the full changes log for this release, because I like MEKA so much I'll waste a little extra space :)

    - Added Sega Super Control Station emulation, codename SF-7000. The SF-7000 is a rare addon for the Sega Computer 3000, providing it with a 3" Floppy Disk Drive, 64 kbytes of RAM, a parallel printer port and a RS-232C port. The later two are only partially emulated as anyway there is no way to use the emulated connection (ex: for printing) yet.
    Many thanks goes to Marc Le Douarain for his help and dumps of his old disks, and Ulrich Cordes for the FDC-765 emulation (see documentation).

    I added in the documentation a paragraph about how to use SC-3000 and SF-7000 Basic software, as it is needed to load programs for the later. Also, I am still looking for a real SF-7000 and any softwares!

    - o - Added sprite flickering emulation in video mode 5 (SMS/GG), and interfaced so you can now enable it if you feel like playing shooters with invisible bullets. It is available in the VIDEO->FLICKERING menu.
    - o - MEKA is now ignoring those rarely present 64 bytes footers.
    - o - Fixed Ninja Gaiden (GG version) hand on intermission animation.
    - o - Fixed PAUSE button which was broken in version 0.55b.
    - o - Fixed blinking sides when a program was using text mode (Sega Basic, ..) with a border color different than black.
    - o - Fixed Sega Keyboard letters color.
    - o - Fixed /LOG command line option which was ignoring the given filename.
    - o - Added and fixed entrys in the compatibility and checksum lists.
    - o - Various minor changes - changed messages, fixed typos..

    Download it ...... and praise Zoop's name for this awesome emulator. Hmmm, you can send some money or donate your Sega 8-bit stuff instead of praising his name if you prefer to be helpful :) Zoop still needs donators to aquire and dump rare Ebay Sega stuff for his 2nd project - SMS Power. - Opi

  • ElectrEm Beta 6 - Beta 6 of ElectrEm has been released recently, here is a log with the latest changes :) ElectrEm is an advanced Acorn Electron emulator with many available ports. Thanks to DuDu! for the notification. - Opi

  • A New Hosted Site - A warm welcome to CrashTest and his emulation page located at http://crashtest.retrogames.com :) Here, you'll find : an arcade emulation related screenshot archive, some savegames archives and a collection of weird screenshots.

    BTW - CrashTest is also member of the CPS2Shock-team :) If you wanna get hosted here at Retrogames - mail me or Atila :-) - Opi

  • FCE Ultra v0.42 - New Linux and Windows versions of FCE Ultra were released today - new in this update :

    - o - Added a sound configuration dialog box.
    - o - Several bug fixes and code enhancements.

    Choose your FCE Ultra v0.42 download : Windows - Linux.
    Just in case you don't know what FCE Ultra is - it's a fine portable NES/Famicom emulator based on Bero's original FCE source code, thanks EmuHQ. - Opi

  • Zelda64 - Now In Italian - Zelda64 fans in Italy rejoice - Clomax Dominion released a patch to translate "Zelda: Ocarina of Time" into the Italian language !!! Viva Italia and thanks to Guido84 for the email :) - Opi

  • NeoPocottDC Released - Finally Dreamcast owners got their own NeoPocott port - NeoPocottDC. Thanks SoniC :) - Opi

  • ZSNES DOS v1.17b - HERE's a freshly uploaded bugfixed DOS version of ZSNES - it fixes a bug in the 8-bit video modes. If you use the netplay feature of the ZSNES Windows port jump to the emulator homepage and read their latest news regarding a forgotten netplay option :) - Opi

  • CPS2Shock Update - No, not what you think. ;) Not yet. But Raz has updated CPS2Shock with newly aquired pictures of 19XX, Cyberbots & Rockman 2! - prophet

  • Final Burn CPS WIP - Dave (aka Dayvee ;) has posted more WIP screenshots of SFZCH running in Final Burn! (Thanks Till) - prophet

  • A/P MAME 37 Beta 10! - Rodimus Prime has uploaded beta 10 of his CPU-optimized MAME builds for Pentium and AMD computers. Get the extra FPS you need for all those pr0n MahJong games HERE. Hey look, I posted non-me news! ;P - thanks to bluejaywpg for the tip. - david

  •    Tuesday, December 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 14:21 EST

  • MESS WIP update. Also Lawrence Gold has made available an Unofficial xmess-0.37b9. - chris

  • Oooooh! - Here's a snippet of one of the greatest love songs of all time: Lenny Williams - 'Cause I Love You (400kb). I heard this on "The Original Kings of Comedy"; Steve Harvey all the way :P - atila

  • End of Ramadan - Today saw the end of Ramadan, which means that 3 days of festivities will commence tomorrow. I'd like to wish our muslim visitors EID MUBARAK, all our Jewish visitors a happy Hannukah/Chanukah and all our Christian visitors a Merry X-MAS. If I left out any group of people, feel free to mail me :) - atila

  • Basilisk II Build 141 - Emulation 9 mentiond the release of Basilisk II Build 141. It's a Windows 2000/NT 4.0 port of of Christian Bauer's Basilisk II Macintosh II emulator - here is a list of the latest changes ! - Opi

  • Z80Stealth v0.401 - Shortly after the initial v0.400 release, a new bugfixed version 0.401 of Z80Stealth has been uploaded. Thanks to DuDu! for the email :) - Opi

  • MAME for the PocketPC v8.1 - MAME for the PocketPC v8.1 has been released yesterday, Techmaster uploaded new binaries for ARM, MIPS and SH3 based systems. Look here for the latest changes :) Thanks Russell Trapp :) - Opi

  • New BrMSX Front-End - TFH/Fony mailed me about a new front-end for the (now dead) MSX emulator BrMSX :
    "As you know the development of BrMSX is officially dead, but it's still a great emulator and this frontend makes it a lot easier to use! The FrontEnd is meant to be used under Windows, and is made by Slotman.
    You can download the file at the MEP: http://www.file-hunter.com
    ". - Opi

  • One, Two, Three .... ONE v1.1 Is Here - Norbert Kehrer reported the following news for ONE, his Java NES emulator : "The new version 1.1 of ONE, the Online NES Emulator, has been released. It has the following new features:

    - A bugfix for pallette mirroring was made. Now the background colors are correct (blue sky in Super Mario Bros., a.s.o).
    - A GUI has been added. Now you can select the ROM from a list without having to reload the emulator.
    - Increase in playable games. Now more than 40 games can be played online with your browser". - Opi

  • NeoPocott Release Flood - Happy Birthday Gollum ! - There are TONs of other newly released versions of NeoPocott besides the already reported Macintosh version ! Visit the homepage and get your version of interest, NeoPocott 0.38b is available for : Win32, DOS, Acorn Risc OS and BeOS. Look here for the very large list of changes and no - there is still no sound yet - but thats only a matter of time :) Finally ... Happy Birthday Gollum and all the best for you [give us sound :)]. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Here's your MAME WIP christmas update - NBA Hangtime has been added ! - Opi

  • Neopocott has been updated to v0.38! Sonic and Metal Slug 2nd Mission are now fully playable. - richard

  •    Monday, December 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:06 EST

  • ZSNES v1.17 - Why is christmas only once in a year ? Here's our next GIFT - ZSNES v1.17 : "Main features here are compatibility fixes, an addition of a slow motion key, and also more fixes to the out of sync problems in netplay" ! Download your prefered version : ZSNES v1.17 (Windows port v0.85) and/or ZSNES v1.17 DOS. Thanks to the one who changed the topic in #retrogamers :) - Opi

  • MagicEngine v0.98 And Much More :) - Hurraaaa, it's a good feeling to be a registered user of the awesome MagicEngine - which is still the best PC Engine/TG-16 emulator for Windows. David & Cedric Michel released their announced christmas gift/surprises today (say a few minutes ago). First of all they uploaded ME v0.98 in english, french and japanese with ZIP support, a few bug fixes and small improvements. "ALL HuCard games that were broken in beta 3 work correctly again too, as well as Davis Cup Tennis is working perfectly now. :)" and good news for Mac users - the PowerMac version will follow next week-end.
    Secondly they mentioned their newly added support for the Arcade Card expansion kit ! Check out their Kabuki Itouryodan screenshots, an Arcade Card fighting game. This game is the 1st prize for their THIRD news : beginning in january 2001 they'll start a monthly contest for all registered users - a free CD for the lucky winner :) Here are some more screenshots of another arcade card based game - Sapphire. If you still haven't licensed this awesome emulator for your personal use - all these reported news are a good reason to correct this "mistake" - download your demo or grab $16 and register it instantly :) - Opi

  • IntvDOS and IntvWin v1.0 - John Dullea released a new Mattel Intellivision emulator duo for DOS and Windows, based on his own freshly updated PCAE source code. Visit the IntvDOS and IntvWin homepage to find out more details about this new emu ! - Opi

  • NesterJ v0.48x2 - Shortly after an (unreported) christmas release of NesterJ, a japanese NES/Famicom emulator for Win9x based on public beta3 of Darren Ranalli's Nester - a new bugfixed version has been put online. New in v0.48 & v0.48x2 :

    - o - Serious bug of S-RAM is fixed
    - o - Screen Shot
    - o - added mappers and fixed codes
    ..... - added mappers 49(not work),50
    ..... - fixd mappers 1,5,19,20,25,26,32,42,73,235
    ..... - fixd mappers(SNSS) 16,17,18,19,21,22,23,24,25,26,32
    ...... and 33,46,48,64,65,67,68,69,73,75,76,82,85,88,95
    - o - fixed APU code
    - o - support DPCM IRQ (e.g.Romancia)
    - o - support PPU BankSwitch of 'Mother'(#4)

    I've played a little around with this emulator - it's a good one and worth a download (japanese & english version included) :)
    Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Emu64 1.11 - A first Windows version of Emu64, Thorsten Kattanek's german C-64 emulator is available here. - Opi

  • Laser Christmas Release - A Laser "Christmas Eve Special Release" is available here - now with working Lupin III support. - Opi

  • Translation Related Interview - Spinner 8 from The Whirlpool-team conducted an interview with Prez, a hacker and programmer with several ongoing translation projects. You can read it here, it's very long but worth to read. - Opi

  • Z80Stealth v.400 - Oha, this is a real busy day for friends of the good old rubber keyboard called Spectrum ! Z80Stealth v.400 was released today, Kolpakov Kirill added support for !!114Khz 16 bit stereo sound!! hahaha and a bunch of other more useful stuff :) Get it here - thanks again to the wonderful World of Spectrum for this news. - Opi

  • SEM v0.33sr1 - Alexander Patrakov released a PATCH for SEM to solve some problems with sound emulation on old soundcards. SEM is a Sinclair Spectrum emulator for Win9x/NT - the latest full release - v0.33 - is available here. - Opi

  • New PC98 Games For YOU - _Bnu's The X68000 Games Pile offers you some nice christmas gifts : "The X-Mas update at the pile has been done! :) This update's a pretty big one, 5 games, all weighing at least 4MB in size. This time it's Horny Sweeper, Horny Sweeper 2, Kankin, Possessioner and Rusty! Horny Sweeper 1 & 2 are very noteworthy, since they're really great games, but the others are good, too. ;)". - Opi

  • RealSpectrum v0.75.20 - Beta 9 of RealSpectrum the so called "high-fidelity Spectrum emulator" is out. The latest changes include "MB-02+ emulation, cool AVI videorecorder, serial port emulation, Multiface I/III, zipped files support: automatic extraction of compressed files (ZIP, RAR, ARJ and ACE archives) and a lot more!", thanks to World of Spectrum for the release info. - Opi

  • Speccyal Moved - The Speccyal homepage has been moved to a new URL - please update your bookmarks for this Sinclair Spectrum emulator for Windows to http://speccyal.rcroms.com - version 0.72 is still vaild (means latest release). Thanks to Kinox for the news, a warm welcome to JoeBucci, the latest addition to the newsposter community :) - Opi

  • Leona has bugs - NeoGeo fans might enjoy kof.cyberfanatics.org! There's some pretty cool info there - scroll down to see it all. I never knew KoF's were so buggy! - prophet

  • OverClocked ReMix - First of all, Merry Christmas! Secondly: Batman, Panzer Dragoon, FF9, Megaman 2, Shenmue, Metroid, Zelda64, and Super Mario ReMixes have been added, as well as a special "NES Christmas 2000" rap. There's also a cool christmas mix with a bunch of samples over at Bart Klepka's site. This is as much a gift to me as it is to everyone else, as all of these ReMixes come from a very talented group of contributors. Enjoy the food + gifts, and after everything settles down, get your bandwidth freed up for some BIGTIME downloadin' at OverClocked ReMix. - david

  • PCAE 2.5 DOS & Windows - John Dullea uploaded new DOS and Windows versions of PCAE, his excellent Atari 2600 emulators - changes in version 2.5 :

    *** New in PCAEWin 2.5 :
    - o - Support added for side and rear box scans
    - o - Support added for game manuals (can be either plain text or rich text)
    - o - Video can be saved to compressed .AVI movie files
    - o - All NEW unified interface configuration screen
    - o - replaces the old DOS-like menus
    - o - Timing fix results in smoother emulation
    - o - Improved keyboard support using DirectX

    *** New in PCAE 2.5 (MS-DOS) :
    - o - Video can be saved to compressed .AVI movie files
    - o - All NEW pop-up windows and dialog boxes support mouse operation and mimic Windows 95-like functionality

    Choose your desired version : PCAE DOS or PCAE Windows. Please visit the PCAE homepage if you wanna download the DOS or Windows source code :) Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news - merry christmas to Japan !!! - Opi

  • NeoGeo Decryption - While we've been following CPS2 decryption efforts closely, another similar project has been underway by Manson, Tyris & Wind - and has succeeded! Technically impressive - I'll leave the ethical implications to each to decide for themselves. The details (and *ahem*, a bit more) can be found at Project-0. Note the encryption is NOT yet solved, but decrypted dumps are now possible - similar to the CPS2 Shock project. - prophet

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b10. - richard

  • White-Trash Name Generator - Well, Daily Radar put this up and I think it's kinda funny, so here's YOUR chance to get yourself a white-trash name! Atila translates into Big-John Junior Pitts, Yu Suzuki becomes Darryl Bob Dubard :) - atila

  • The IDSA is at it again - Yep, they just filed a lawsuit against St. Louis county on Friday. No, the county didn't put up a web page with ROMs on it... they passed a law that "took effect November 10 and requires parental approval before children under 17 can buy games containing violent or sexually explicit material." The IDSA's Federal lawsuit argues that "the law violates the First Amendment by limiting the expression of game creators as well as the rights of younger users." Not what you expected, eh? :) - dutch

  •    Sunday, December 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:51 EST

  • New PSX Endings - Visit the The Video Game Museum if you wanna see Rey's latest game ending uploads for the Sony Playstation : Mega Man X4, Vandal Hearts, Tekken, Grandia, Ace Combat 2 and Metal Gear Solid. - Opi

  • easyEmu = Newbies Best Place To Start - A new "lovely" Snes9x tutorial was uploaded at easyEmu. Now its time to watch my new Saving Private Ryan DVD :) Santa - I'm comin' ! - Opi

  • DreamGBC V1.6 - Christmas time is Game Boy time :) Yeah I got my Pokemon Trading Card game for my sweet little GB Color :) Heh, shortly after D-Boy, another GB emulator was updated - Kervin's DreamGBC - new in version 1.6 :

    - o - Added emulation to X/YFlip property of GBC Background Tilemap. DanceDance Revolution 2 and many GBC only game have correct graphics
    - o - Fixed a Sprite pattern bug.Bomberman MAX have correct title now
    - o - MBC1 ROM switching bug 100% fixed
    - o - Support Battery-backup RAM size increased from 256Kb to 1Mb

    Click here to get DreamGBC V1.6, thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • PacMAME is served - Yep, another holiday release! PacMAME is a very cool special version of MAME that supports tons of PacMan variants, hacks & multimedia. This release is based upon MAME 0.37 beta 10 code - get it at the PacMAME homepage. - prophet

  • Merry Meka 0.55b - Zoop released the latest version of his awesome SMS/GG/SG1000 emulator! Get it now at the Meka homepage. (Thanks Duncan of wwemu) - prophet

  • MESSWIP (ok now to do some last minute xmas shopping...) - chris

  • Wow, I've done more posts than Opi today. :) Hehe, now that's a sure sign it's the holiday season! - prophet

  • Forbidden Forest remake - Warpath told me about a remake of the classic Commodore 64 game, Forbidden Forest! What's extra cool is the original company, Cosmi, did this remake too - get it here. - prophet

  • Amiga Xmas - Amiga Legal Emulation has 22 new gifts uploaded for you good girls & boys, including Giganoid, Extreme Violence & more! - prophet

  • D-Boy v0.74 - BouKiCHi uploaded a nice christmas gift for us - D-Boy v0.74. Click here to download it (don't ask me whats new or changed) ! BouKiCHi please report your changes ! :) - Opi


  • New Simulator! - MADrigal has released his 18th simulator called: Donkey Angler (Gakken, LCD Card Game series) Simulator! This simulator lacks the scanned manual, because he was unable to find one. If you can help out by contributing, I guess you'd make lots of people happy :) MADrigal also mentions that he's working on:

    - Donkey Kong II (Nintendo - Multi-Screen)
    - Dungeons & Dragons (Mattel Electronics)
    - Jom & Jerry Popper (Gakken - LCD Card Game)

    One of these will be released in January, so keep an eye out for it! - atila

  • More Cabpacs! - John IV has uploaded 2 more cabinet pacs (200+ pics!) for use with MAME32, click here to download them. - atila

  • MIMIC WIP - TheBeaver did some work on SMS based hardware sprite priorities - MIMIC homepage! - prophet

  • Cheap HotRods - No, not crappy cars, really great arcade control panels from HanaHo! ComputersWorth.com is selling HotRod SE's for only $99! That's HALF the original price. It's worth noting that HanaHo includes a Capcom Classics CD with each Hotrod, so you also get 14 great CPS1 games in the bargain! So you'll have 100% legal rights to play SF2 on your PC. :) To HanaHo - PLEASE make HotRods with an arcade trakball next!!! =)(Thanks erik) - prophet

  • Super Final Burn Alpha 2 Turbo? - Dave, the talented creator of Final Burn, has already begun adding CPSx support to his awesome emu! Here's a message from Dave complete with a WIP screenshot of SFZCH running in Final Burn! :) Note that SFZCH is a CPS1 version of a CPS2 game, so don't start spreading rumors - CPS2 is NOT emulated, not yet. However, the goal is nothing less than *gasp* CPS2 emulation when the games are decrypted. - prophet

  • It's a Singin' DJ Pretzel Christmas! - Yes, my friends, my holiday gift to you is my own rendition, complete with VOCALS, of the opening theme to LUNAR, the classic Sega CD rpg. Please read the long list of excuses for my singing before downloading - after three pints of spiked egg-nog, I *might* actually begin to sound good! Check out the seasonal mirth at OverClocked ReMix. - david

  •    Saturday, December 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:06 EST

  • WHAT ? Please Repeat THAT ! - The Register reports about a Stealth plan that puts copy protection into every hard drive, arrrgh :( I'm pretty sure that every company who is using SUCH a system will FAIL on the market - at least I hope it :) Thanks to nemesis1 for the link. - Opi

  • Gens Author Interviewed - Rico from RC-Roms conducted an interview with Stéphane Dallongeville the author of Gens. Please choose your desired interview language here (french or english). Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • Translated Christmas Gift - Shortly after his last job (Joy Mech Fight) Alan Midas released another fully translated patch for a NES/Famicom game - this time he decided to bring us Namcot's (aka Namco) Wagyan Land - click here to download his new v1.0 patch - news thankfully taken from - yeah I know you've already guessed it - The Whirlpool. - Opi

  • 128 Museum DEAD - Welcome WWW.SPECCY.CZ - The 128 Museum is now an integral part of www.speccy.cz their new Spectrum dedicated server. 120 games have been uploaded to the new "48 Museum" section. Thanks to Jan for the info :) - Opi

  • RomCenter v2.0 As A Chrístmas Gift ! - Eric Bole-Feysot finally made it - RomCenter v2.0 is online ! It took a year to develop this new version, if you use and like it - donate Eric a few seconds of your life and praise his name :) OK, here are the changes for RomCenter version 2.0 :

    - o - Full rewrite
    - o - New explorer-like interface
    - o - New scan engine
    - o - New fix engine
    - o - New standalone scan window
    - o - Directory handling
    - o - Unzipped games handling
    - o - 5 individual fix functions
    - o - On screen files status
    - o - Automatic fast scan of all files
    - o - Individual rom/files/path fixing
    - o - Automatic files backup
    - o - Larger datafile selector
    - o - Skip datafile loading ability
    - o - Standard Install / uninstall procedure
    - o - Linked help
    - o - Nes / Snes header skipping fixed
    - o - Playchoice 10 and cvs shared files merged

    Click here to get this new version and then visit the RomCenter homepage and grab some of the "zillion" available datfiles :) - Opi

  • Boob!boy v1.5 Is Out - Boob!boy, a Game Boy emulator for Sega's Dreamcast has been updated to version 1.5. Look here for a list of the latest changes (still no sound), or here for an "overcrowded" screenshot page - thanks to WWEmu for the news :) - Opi

  • NemuINI v2.0.6 - HERE's EmuManiac's lastest official Nemu 64 INI - new in v2.0.6 :

    - Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker (PAL) = Playable
    - Donald Duck Goin´ Quackers (USA) = Partially working, heavy GFX errors
    - Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (USA) = Doesnt Work
    - Star Wars Episode I Battle For Naboo (USA) = Doesnt Work
    - some Game entries fixed, changed some GBI settings

    Thanks to EmuManiac's for the notification/file - if you wanna know more about Nemu 64 (besides the provided info on its homepage) then check EmuManiac's Nemu 64 Screenshot Page ! - Opi

  • MESS WIP - MESS WIP updated. - chris

  • Virtual Football 2 Simulator v1.2 - Peter Hirschberg has updated his handheld simulator page with a new version of Virtual Football 2 - thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Yape v0.28 - Oh my god, looks like I've missed a Yape release while I was busy with my real life activities ... shame on me. Attila's Yape is one of my favourite emulators (means : I like posting about it !). New in version 0.28 :

    - o - frame and background color is not line-based anymore
    - o - a couple of bugs in the TAP load/save routine fixed
    - o - some speed optimisations
    - o - SID "sound" has become a bit bugged in recent releases...
    - o - others I can't seem to remember, but I'm sure they exist ;-)

    The latest release of this C-16/Plus 4 emulators for DOS is available here. - Opi

  • SimCoupe/MacOS v0.7.9v2 is out! - richard

  • Drool :)~~~ - My brother was nice enough to give me a new pc, a sweet AMD Athlon 900Mhz, with 128MB of RAM, Geforce2 card with TV-out, SB Live with 4 speakers + subwoofer and a DVD drive.
    My sister gave me a new digital camera which I'll be using today to shoot some nice pics of my neighbourhood. And no, we don't celebrate Xmas at home. I guess they love me :) - atila

  • CPS-2 - The CPS-2 Shock web site has been updated with another WIP report, looks like (unencrpyted) CPS-2 games will dumped even sooner now! (post by Chris, edited by Atila) - atila

  • Give Us Your Opinion - Don't forget, Atila's poll is still going on - Should RetroGames merge with Zophar's Domain ?. Raise your voice and VOTE :) Every vote counts (once or twice ...) LOL - Opi

  • French Thomson Emulator Releases - DCMO5, a Thomson MO5 emulator (french home computer) was updated to version 6.4 - here's a list of the latest changes.

    Nostalgies Thomsonistes, a french Thoson dedicated emulation site, posted version 1.4 of Thom, a Thomson TO7-70 emulator for DOS and Linux.

    Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the news ! - Opi

  • Highscore.dat v6.0 - Dave from Vintage Gaming reported the release of a new MAME Hiscore.dat file. Version 6.0 adds support for 79 new games for a grand total of 989 supported games using 539 score saving entries.
    Click here and then unzip your received zip file into your MAME root directory ... ENJOY :)
    BTW - the official homepage is still offering v5.0 as latest release ! - Opi

  • Translation Surprise - BASTARD - The DeJap Translations page is back and a new - completly translated - patch was uploaded. Uhh well - it wasn't the long awaited TOP patch nor a updated one for Dragon Quest VI, no - they released a fine 100% complete patch for their third project - Bastard.

    Thanks to my usual translation news source - The Whirlpool - for this nice surprise - Opi

  • U64Emu v1.17 - EmuHQ mentioned the release of a new U64Emu version !!! New in version 1.17 :

    - o - Frame Skip is now disabled by default. Enable it if you have a slow computer. If your computer is medium, you are best _without_ frame skip, as the overhead for skipping consumes cycles. Thus if you get anything north of 45Hz without frame skip then leave it off.
    - o - The Up and Left (or whichever) problems should be fixed with whatever input devices were causing the problems. I've yet to verify the bug, so i can't be sure it is fixed, but i did discover a likely problem area.
    - o - The command line parameter -auto (all lower case) will launch the game without further ado.
    - o - There are random crashes and some fatals still don't work.
    - o - Some new keys are mapped. F7,F8,F9 and F10 are Coin1,Coin2,Coin3 and Coin4. Someone wanted the coin triggers mapped for some reason... so that is it.
    - o - The Test Mode button (key '2') has been moved to F11. Hopefully F11 is not hardwired to something on the HotRod as well. ;)
    - o - An attempt is made to have DirectDraw create surfaces in 'driver optimal memory'. Hopefully, this will result in a speed up on older cards that lack the ability to transfer quickly to and from video memory. In addition, this could, possibly, fix the full screen problems that some video cards (ATI) have.

    HERE is your new toy - hope you'll experience some happy "triple combos" and "awesome combos" with it :) - Opi

  •    Friday, December 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 19:59 EST

  • ngine-SNES9x 0.24 Public Release - tubooboo's SNES emulator/port - for Sega's Dreamcast - ngine-snes9x is finally out ! "You will need a keyboard to operate this first beta, and it will not have sound or saving yet" Thanks to Rico from RC-Roms for the notification. - Opi

  • The High Voltage SID Collection News - HVSC Update #24 is online. The collection will now have 14,809 files when the update is run. There are lots of credit and SID tune fixes in this update, along with all but one of the competition tunes from the recent X2000 party, over 600 new SIDs in total, plus a couple of very nice surprises for you.
    Thanks to Zorch for the email, the C-64 will rule FOREVER :) - Opi

  • Fuse v0.2.1 - Fuse, a free Unix Spectrum emulator has been updated to version 0.2.1 ... and thats all I know about it :) Thanks to World of Spectrum for the info. - Opi

  • New Amiga Stuff At BttR - Back to the Roots has been updated once again. After the end of AEZ I'm pretty sure - this IS the best Amiga site currently online. Bobic and Hippie2000 are doing an excellent job with their site. Ohhh. tonight I'm not in the right mood to redo their email with my own words :) So here's my little cut'n paste posting :

    Christmas is near and again another year has passed. Therefore Back to the Roots brings you some nice presents in form of some wonderful classic Amiga games - as always for free and with permission!
    The companies Dynamix and Digital Integration are supporting our project now, too so the flight simulations Red Baron, F-16 Combat Pilot and Tornado are now online. Also the great adventure games Space Quest 1 (the remake!), Colonel's Bequest, Codename: Iceman and others like Thunderhawk, Wonder Dog, Vroom and Warhead!

    There are interviews with the legendary Scene-musicians "Jester/Sanity" and "Clawz/Bomb" online, too! Both are telling some interesting news, not only for music lovers. As usual there were also tons of Scene-demos, pictures and modules from Amiga games and the demoscene added. - Opi

  • Napster 2.0 beta 8 - Napster 2.0 beta 8 for Windows has arrived. Beta 8 makes file transfers more reliable, and it includes new features and fixes. Thanks to David "Roslof" Gray for the email :) - Opi

  • Translation News - Kero Kero Keroppi's Big Adventure 2 = 100 % - The Spoony Bard. released a 100 % translated patch for Kero Kero Keroppi's Big Adventure 2 .

    Look here for some screenshots and click here for the v1.00 patch. Thanks to The Whirlpool crew for the news. - Opi

  • CPCE v0.8.2 - The CPCE homepage was updated with a 2nd bugfix release for this fine Amstard CPC emulator from Spain. Cesar Nicolas Gonzalez wrote : "CPCE 0.8.2 fixes another keyboard bug (!) and enhances tape handling. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! - click here to download this new release - thanks to the maestro himself for the info :) - Opi

  • Gens v0.92b - If you downloaded the latest Gens release yesterday, then you should download this bugfixed new version too.

    * I've added a stupid bug in DMA with Gens v0.92, it's now fixed.
    * DMA timing modified a bit...
    * Korean language added in LANGUAGE.DAT
    * That's all ...

    BTW - this emulator is cardware - if you use and like it, then send Stéphane Dallongeville his deserved postcard :) His adress is inside Gens.txt.
    Thanks to all the guys who mailed me about the "not-working" Genesis titles (MrE, Big Ernie, Belgarion and Andreas Langer). Main problem with these games are custom chips with non standard SRAM size - if you need some help too - check Eidolon's Inn, he has some nice patches online. - Opi

  • POLL!! - Should Retrogames merge with Zophar's Domain ? Our news and their file archives. Post your thoughts here! - atila

  • WOW - GoodVBoy v0.999.1 Is Here - Cowering is on a roll ! Shortly after his Sega 8-bit releases he sent me his next updated GOOD utility, this time it's GoodVBoy as version 0.999.1 !

    GoodVBoy Stats: 37 entries

    Recent Additions:
    - scanner recognizes more VB headers now
    - database update - Opi

  • No DVD-playback For XBOX - Microsoft's XBOX will ship with a DVD drive, but it will NOT play DVDs right out of the box. If you want to watch DVDs on your XBOX, you will need to buy an expansion pack containing a remote and CineMaster software. European gamers will not be getting the XBOX until early 2002, btw. For the full story, you can click here. Thanks to Kincaid for the news. - atila

  • Shanghai Kid - The Guru wrote in to say that there is more WIP Info on Shanghai kid, and he has successfully dumped Alien 3 the Gun, a SEGA System 32 game. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle wipped again! BTW, I'm still alive, been ill, busy and grouchy... :) Happy Holidays to all Retrogamers! - prophet

  • TZX Vault Updated! - Gilby's been a busy boy, his pages have had a slight overhaul and he's uploaded 74 new tape images. Get your Spectrum emus ready and enjoy the games :) Gilby also had the following to say:

    "I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the .tzx vault and wish everyone who reads retrogames all the best for Xmas and the New Year."

    Ah, that's sweet :) - atila

  • I Have A DreamSNES - A special XMAS DreamSNES (SNES emu for Dreamcast) has been released, here's what's new:

    - Converted the menus to a cosy Christmas theme.
    - Added mouse support
    - Added possibility to to interpolate mode7.
    - Speeded things up a bit. Note that it is still slow.
    - Fixed menu interlace problem.
    - Removed one of the soundtracks to reduce download size.

    This is still not 1.0. Do not expect great speed.
    Known bugs: Does not save to Joytech or Nexus 4M bankswitched VMUs.

    You can download DreamSNES 0.9.3 here. Thanks to Sonikku for the link. - atila

  • GoodGG v0.999.1 & GoodSMS v0.999.1 - Cowering has updated two of his GoodTOOLS at the same time - both for Sega 8-bit systems.

    1. - 364 entries and an updated database (now completely updated with SMSPower redump info) are the facts for GoodGG v0.999.1.

    2. - 567 entries entries and an updated database (now completely updated with SMSPower redump info) are the facts for GoodSMS v0.999.1 which renames Sega Master System/SG/SC games. Thanks buddy ! - Opi

  •    Thursday, December 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 18:30 EST

  • Not harsh at all, it's a bloody nuisance - I get these steadily too... - richard

  • Snow White" virus *AGAIN* - I posted this last month, but people seem to be really stupid: I RECEIVED 50 (!!) INFECTED MAILS TODAY! HEY MORONS, WAKE UP! Please read the following:

    I'm getting a little mad, because of the recent flood of mails with the subject: "Snowhite and the seven dwarfs - The Real Story!", or "Branca de Neve pornt" or "Enanito si, pero con que pedazo". The sender is always "HAHAHA" and there's an attachment which you have to execute to learn what happened to Snowhite. This attachment contains a virus, which sends itself to everyone in your address book. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and delete that mail if you get it.

    I'm sorry if my post seemed a bit harsh :) - atila

  • Acorn Electron - Dave M. wrote in to say:
    Beta 6 of ElectrEm, the Acorn Electron emulator, has been released by its author Thomas Harte. Link: http://electrem.emuunlim.com

    The most interesting feature of the new release is the support for 'bit multiplexing' - a process that allows pre-modified games to run in 256 colours instead of the usual 8 or under.

    The first game to get the 256 colour treatment is 'Dare Devil Denis' and the new and improved version can be downloaded from http://www.stairwaytohell.com.
    - chris

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated again today (with some more screenshots posted as well). - chris

  • AgentQ Reports From The Battlefield - In other words - it's Rumor Mill Time :-) JoseQ uploaded the probably last Rumor Mill issue for this year. A NICE one without doubt :)
    Ages got "CUE/ISO/MP3 and .CUE/BIN support, adding RAR'd CD Image support, add Music Track Playing (with real CDs of course), multi-lingual support, and improved compatibility".
    Hope you can enjoy your holidays JoseQ :) - Opi

  •    Wednesday, December 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:13 EST

  • Vice v1.6 - A new version of Vice - the Versatile Commodore Emulator- is online. The current version emulates the C64, the C128 (80 column screen is included now), the VIC20, all the PET models (except the SuperPET 9000, which is out of line anyway) and the CBM-II (aka C610).
    Look here for a list of the latest changes - Vice is available for Unix, MS-DOS, Win95/NT, OS/2, RiscOS and BeOS - check the Vive download section for your desired version - thanks to PeterD for the email. - Opi

  • Gens v0.92 - One of the best Sega Genesis emulators for Windows, Gens, has been updated once again. New in this release :

    - o - new rendering mode : 25% scanlines.
    - o - Scanlines, 25% scanlines, 50% scanlines, Interpolated scanlines
    ..... and fast-blur has been rewritten for MMX CPU.
    - o - 25% scanlines and 50% scanlines are availables only for MMX CPU.
    - o - Z80 timing modified once again... voices are better
    ..... (same as gens 0.78b) and compatiblity is ok.
    - o - Game genie improved and .PAT files supported.
    - o - DMA timing are now emulated.
    - o - Roms history (9 last roms).
    - o - New options for message displaying, FPS and others...
    - o - Some languages added or fixed in LANGUAGE.DAT
    - o - Can choose triple buffer separatly of V-Sync (not really usefull)
    - o - Minors bugs fixed.
    - o - A cool new icon ;)
    - o - others minors things...

    Click here to get your copy of Gens v0.92. Gens is a great emulator with an excellent compatabillity, but it still can't run Gargoyles or Buck Rogers. In fact - no Genesis emu is currently able to run these two games - I wonder why ? What makes these titles so hard to emulate, anyone an explanation for me :) ?
    Note : Gens has been moved to Emushpere, please update your Gens bookmark to http://gens.emusphere.com. - Opi

  • MAME for Pocket PCs - Here's what's new in MAMEBoy 1.2:

    MAMEBoy is now moved to a new, much friendlier web space!
    New address is: http://www.mameworld.net/mameboy

    Ghost 'n Goblins and Green Beret are clocked to slightly higher value so they don't freeze occasionally. Before, Green Beret would always freeze after the level 1, and GnG would freeze on level 2 when last life is lost. Hyper Sports and Mr Do! are now added and Mario is removed because of the weird slowdown issue that occurs when certain games are enabled together with some other games. Hyper Sports have 90 degree rotated screen, just like Track and Field (Thanks for the tip Darren :-) - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with good news, Peter Trauner has started work on a new driver! - chris

  • Super Jukebox - A new version of this cool SPC player (SNES music fileS) was released today, here's what's new:

    - Rewrote the entire program from scratch, the end.
    - Here then, I withdraw my hands from the keyboard.

    This is the final version, there will not be anymore releases of this player. The source code of this player is available at the Super Jukebox site, where you can also download the player itself. Thanks to Christoffer R. for the news. - atila

  • Pitfall Perfect Game!! - Check this mail I received:

    "TwinGalaxies.com is reporting that 35 year old Alan Hewston has finally done what no other man has ever done, score the perfect game in the classic Atari 2600 version of Pitfall. To do so, Hewston had to on his first man collect all 32 treasures and rack up the maximum 114,000 points. TwinGalaxies.com Atari Editor Ron Corcoran told reporters "it is believed that even game designer David Crane himself, had never accomplished this feat."

    For the full article, be sure to click here! - atila

  • ARGH! - There should be a law against waking up at 7:30AM and then having to spend 2.5 hours in your car, driving 200miles. - atila

  •    Tuesday, December 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:24 EST

  • News Flash - Due to some serious real life problems (birthday of my son, sickness of my wife, death of our last grandma and preparation of her burial and need of sleep) I'll only do this little news flash !

    - FCE Ultra v0.41 r2 is online, this update fixes a really nasty fds bug. (Thanks Michael)

    - New WinFellow snapshots were uploaded - now with 2 player support and slightly improved sound.

    - DreamGBC version 1.4 available - now with realtime save function (F5:save / F7:load . Use 0 to 9 to select save slots). Thanks Panther

    - Psyman released v0.78 of his nice multi-system front-end Offend. This update adds support for SNEeSe, MadNES, NES9X and Squeem, M.A.M.E. and M.E.S.S. support was improved.

    - The TOSEC site has been moved to EmuHQ, please update your bookmarks to http://www.emuhq.com/tosec.

    - Looks like Atani's RAINE32 port isn't far away ... "the forecast is Raine!"

    - The RAINE WIP page was updated - Emmanuel Anne seems becoming the new main RAINE developer !

    - BeepEm for Windows v1.02 is ready for all BBC Micro Model 'B' fans (thanks Emulation 9).

    - The B.O.S.S. informed me about a new release of his Front-end - version 2.0d is online.

    - All Game Guide, a new game info site for arcade / console and PC games impressed Darren very much .... hi Darren :)

    - Finally - a warm welcome to NeoGouki and his MUGEN Creations site, hope you'll enjoy your stay :) - Opi

  • Wh00t! - We hit 19,000,000 yesterday. We're so proud =) - atila

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page just had its daily update. - chris

  • MAME Flyers - Xray1 wrote in to say:
    Hi everybody,

    MAME flyerpack #16 is released.
    This release contains 40 new flyers and 12 flyers have been replaced. Bringing the total of the archive to 1276 flyers.

    There's also a new .dat-file (flyersdat.zip) to check (with ClrMamePro) if you have all the right images =)
    Get the latest MAME Flyer pack at http://www.arcadeflyers.com. - chris

  • MUGEN Creations - NeoGouki wrote in to say:
    Just wanted to let you know that my Retrogames "sister" site http://ngmc.retrogames.com has opened up its gates. A big thanx to Atila for letting me put my crap over there ( ;) ) and a big thanx to Retrogames in general for hosting my site. Oh, and since Atila's probably the only one who knows, it stands for NeoGouki's MUGEN Creations.
    For those who do not know, MUGEN is a 2D fighting game contruction set. - chris

  • Cab Pac #3 - John IV has released Cabpac #3, containing 74 new pics, at his site. You can use these with MAME32 :) - atila

  • Dear Santa... - I've been a good boy all year (no really, I have!) and I'd like this for Xmas: [male chauvinist pig mode on]PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE[/male chauvinist pig mode off] :) - atila

  •    Monday, December 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:34 EST

  • MAME Icons - MAMu_ wrote in to let me know that the message boards over at the MAME Icons web site is now back on-line. - chris

  • CPS-2 Protection - Razoola has discovered and SOLVED a new CPS-2 protection scheme. Check out the CPS2Shock web site for more information! - chris

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated with Sunday's MESSDEV source code check-ins. - chris

  • Ngine-Snes9x - Looks like we'll be receiving a nice xmas present in the form of a public release of NGINE-SNES9x (SNES emu for Dreamcast)! Click here for more info, thanks to MrFaust for the news. - atila

  • Virtual X68000 - Virtual X68000 is a virtual machine that emulates a Sharp X68000 and optionally its DOS API. Changes in version 1.1.4 include documentation updates, bugfixes, and minor enhancements. - chris

  • Keep an eye out... - OK all you whiners and beggers (that includes me btw :), check this message and keep an eye out on Arcade ROM Heaven and other sites for the heavily sought after and much bickered about Star Gladiator II ROMs. It should be pointed out, this is a game many feel is mediocre at best, so don't exptect to be amazed. ;)) - dutch

  •    Sunday, December 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:24 EST

  • Unemulated Database - The Guru has updated the MAME Unemulated ROMS database with MAME 0.37b10. He also tells me that he may soon have a dump of "Alien 3: The Gun", a SEGA System 32 game! - chris

  • Thanks Mel :) - Thank you Exodus3D for adding some Christmas snow to our logo. It's the Australian summer for her, but as I look out of my window at the steady Michigan snowfall, her modifiation seems very appropriate. :) - dutch

  • MESS WIP - The MESSDEV activities for Saturday have been posted at the Official MESS WIP page. - chris

  • FCE Ultra v0.41 Win - A new Windows version of FCE Ultra, one of the top ten NES emulators has been released today. Version 0.41 "is quite different from previous versions for Windows. Source code and other ports will be released in a few weeks when I have the time to rewrite the driver code for other platforms". Click here for a list of the latest changes and click this link to download FCE Ultra v0.41 for Windows. - Opi

  • Sega Hardware/Software Info - ShinobiZ's Home was updated with a bunch of new Sega related information / screenshots and flyers. Most interesting for myself - were these two (one - two) Naomi/Naomi 2 GD Systems scans. - Opi

  • New PC Engine Emulator Announced - Charles MacDonald announced a first release of his own new (unnamed) PC Engine / TG-16 emulator for the near future and uploaded some PC-Engine / SuperGrafx hardware information to his site - go here for more details. - Opi

  • Bliss Author Interviewed - JoseQ conducted an interview with Kyle Davis the author of Bliss - click here to read it. - Opi

  • ETOYS.COM - It's true (and this ain't a commercial ;), etoys is having a massive sale (upto 75% off!), so head on over to their videogame section and start spending money! Cheap GBx/PSX/N64/DC/PS2 games galore :) - atila

  • MAME WIP - Well, have a nice day with a newly updated MAME WIP page. Gridle added news for the past three days. - Opi

  • Triple Combo :) U64Emu v1.16 - RCP released a new version of his Killer Instinct emulators U64Emu aka Kiame to the public :

    - o - FMV is much faster, but also synced down to 30fps...
    ...... this seems to be about right
    - o - Overall speed increase, this may or may not help sound pops
    - o - 3D levels are a good bit faster.
    - o - Some frame skipping is allowed, although it is not that much help
    - o - Shadows have been fixed.

    Click here to download this new release, thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  •    Saturday, December 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:44 EST

  • AdriPSX News - NESboy2K1 from the PSX Fanatics team informed me about the freshly revealed AdriPSX secret feature - netplay :

    "This new feature is basically full-netplay. It is a way that allows to play any PSX game through the net, for two players gameplaying. This new method is so effective, that it even allows to play games like TEKKEN 3 or STREET FIGHTER ZERO 3 only having ONE PSX CD, as one AdriPSX runs as SERVER and another runs as CLIENT". - Opi

  • Past-O-Rama WIP - NeoZeed the author of PAST- O - RAMA , a free Sega SG1000 emulator for Windows informed me about his latest site update. He mentioned his latest developing results (started a complete recoding and got "Safari Hunt" working) and stated that he would be glad about a Past-O-Rama logo and icon. If you feel some talent deep inside your retro-soul help him out :)
    - Opi

  • Daily Releases ... - We all wished it, we all demanded it - some may even prayed for it ... now here is your long awaited new DreamGBC v1.3 release :) /end irony. Kervin added software bilinear filtering and fixed some bugs !

    Oh nice, here's another goodie for you - unofficial nester, the 2nd release for today. I decided to skip posting every release. One out of three should be fine I hope. No-one, really no-one needs official emulator releases on a daily base in my opinion ! Authors think about it, emulation isn't everything - enjoy your life, you have only ONE ! - Opi

  • Unofficial Nemu64 INI v.2.0.5 - HERE's a new Nemu64 INI file, compiled by EmuManiac, latest changes :

    - o - Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker (USA)= Playable
    - o - WWF No Mercy (PAL) = Playable, but very slow
    - o - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (PAL) = Doesn't work
    - o - Robotech-Crystal Dreams (BETA) = Playable, but very slow
    - o - WCW Backstage Assault (USA-NTSC) = Partially working, (only Sound)
    - o - Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry (PAL) = Playable

    Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • One, Two, Three .... One ! - Norbert Kehrer sent word about his new online NES emulator One coded in Java. Right now it supports the mappers 0, 1, 2, and 3 and features SOUND ! Norbert is offering a couple of NES games for you to test his latest achievement. I played some rounds of Tennis and it worked fairly well (a bit slow but playable - tip: use + and - on your keypad to set the frame skipping rate). The sound isn't the best ... well thats a well know Java problem I was told. Expect more mappers and games in the near future, we all know - Norbert is a busy man :) - Opi

  • Translation News - The Whirlpool mentioned a new complete translation of a japanese NES game called Joy Mech Fight. Alan Midas made it possible, he translated this nice little Nintendo "beat'em up" (filled with blood'n gore - hahaha, I meant love and peace) completely alone. Visit his homepage or have a look at the Whirlpool's Joy Mech Fight page to get the patch :) - Opi

  • Hello Friends Of Retrogames - Here I am :) Back from a trip of madness and confusion, we bought our christmas gifts for our children in a totally overcrowded city - arrrgh. WE, were my Dad and I, he wanted my advice because my parents decided to give my kids what they "have been demanding for months", hehe. Hold your breath - my daughter will get a Game Boy Color with Pokemon Pinball and my son his much wanted N64 (model Pikachu) and Pokemon Snap ! Muaahahaha, my father was really annoyed when he noticed the bill :) Funny thing ... but for his grandchilds is nothing too expensive !

    Well, I've updated the Cowering tools and the SNES pages with the latest releases and I hereby announce a new links update and a new NES section at Retrogames for tomorrow. If you know a link that isn't already up mail me.

    BTW - you're a fool (yes you !) if you haven't already downloaded the new Final Fantasy 3 remixes at OC ReMix. "FF3 Terra in Black OC ReMix" and "FF3 DeathontheSnowfiled OC ReMix" are A W E S O M E. - Opi

  • Genesis Sound Tracks - Iceman2k introduced me to some cool techno Genesis sound tracks over at SegaXtreme and mentions that Sub Terrania has been added. - chris

  • MESS WIP - MESSDEV has been working hard recently, go check the Official MESS WIP page to see the latest update! - chris

  • OverClocked ReMix FF3 Day - If you have never been to OC ReMix, or never liked anything there, or never thought you cared about ReMixes in the first place, prepare to change your mind. Today, two of the BEST ReMixes have been added. They are both from Final Fantasy III - they're both ReMixes of the same track, actually. And they both feature real guitars, one electric, one acoustic. Two different ReMixers have come up with two GENIUS ReMixes of the same song. I can't begin to tell you how much you'll be missing if you don't check this out - I'm really amazed myself. Honestly. Go hear for yourself. - david

  • Board Surfin' - Our General Emulation board was recently graced with 2 very interesting posts: Razoola (of CPS2Shock) cleared up some rumors about his recent breakthrough, and Dayvee (aka Dave of Final Burn) has expressed interest in adding CPS2 emulation to Final Burn *IF & WHEN* the decryption efforts are successful! - prophet

  • EmuUnlim - Fox over at EmuUnlim.com let me know that his web site has just hit six million visitors! If you are not famaliar with this web site, it is one of those sites you need to bookmark and start visiting on a daily basis. :) - chris

  • unMAMEed - B.Tribble has now officially moved, the new address is: http://unmamed.unemulated.com. Be sure to update your bookmarks! - chris

  • Florida Bumper Stickers! - These are real funny (unless ofcourse, you live in Florida :) - atila

  • 3dfx now owned by NVIDIA - NVIDIA bought 3dfx for a total of $112mil! 3dfx is no more. Thanks to CD-man and Stephane L. for the news. - atila

  •    Friday, December 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 15:47 EST

  • MAMEINFO - M.A.S.H. has uploaded a new mameinfo.dat file at http://www.mameworld.net/mameinfo/ with lots of new updates, also check out the Arcades at the Movies page which has a bunch of screenshots of arcade games featured in movies. - chris

  • CPS2 News - The CPS2 Shock team has managed to write software that can decode the program ROMs for SFZ and other CPS-2 games are likely to follow. Good news indeed! Thanks to Lance_mc for the news. - chris

  • DreamGBC v1.2 - HERE's the usual daily DreamGBC release :) Kervin added the following stuff this time :

    - o - [FrontEnd]Fixed a 'path not find' bug when trying to run ROM from root directory
    - o - [FrontEnd]Fixed a ROM/RAM size identification bug
    - o - [GameBoyColor]Fixed DoubleSpeed switch function in GBC mode.Balloon Fight works!
    - o - [GameBoyColor]Fixed a GDMA bug.DDR2 can display music name now.
    - o - [CPU]Fixed a stack pointer initialization bug,Looney Tunes works in GB mode now
    - o - [Mapper]Added support to MBC3,Pokemon gold/silver works!

    Thanks to Panther for the update info. - Opi

  • MESS Frontend - Psyman has released version 0.75.1 of his universal frontend Offend which now hass full support for MESS! - chris

  • MESS WIP - The workings of MESSDEV for yesterday has been updated at Official MESS WIP page. - chris

  • Cab Pacs - John IV of the MAME32 QA/Test & Art site has released a new CabPac (images of arcade cabinets) for use with MAME32. - atila

  • Christmas Carols - Exodus3D has put up some pretty twisted Emulation Christmas Carols at her web site. I'm reading them now...C0njurer the Red-Faced Admin is cracking me up. :) - chris

  • Shanghai Kid WIP Page /HELP Needed - Phil Stroffolino - MAMEdev member - compiled all the information he found about Shanghai Kid aka (Hokuha Syourin) Hiryu no Ken to gain some help for the problems he encountered during his attemp to develop a new MAME driver for this game. A a so-called "suicide battery" is the main problem, loosing all its power makes the arcade board unable to boot forever. These info plus some screenshots were uploaded by the Guru on a new Shanghai Kid WIP page.
    Finally - if anyone is aware of a working Shanghai Kid PCB, please contact Phil immediately. Thanks to R2D2 for the email :) Where's C3PO ? - Opi

  • Genital v1.0 - WOAH - Bart Trzynadlowski made it ! He released a much improved version of his Genesis emulators for Win9x - Genital.
    Version 1.0 is the result of two complete code rewrites and months of work - look here to view the "tons of changes" he added and you may click here to download Genital v1.0. Right now I have no opinion about this new version, because I'm sitting in my office (during my lunch break) while I write this posting. Have a nice day ... I'm still happy about the Abbott deal :-) - Opi

  • Exciting Day For Opi !!! - Phew, the horizon is looking much brighter now - today Abbott Laboratories announced their successful acquisition of BASF Pharma and Knoll AG the company I work for. Are there any new colleagues here, reading this site :) ? One more reason to improve my english I guess. So my fears to become unemployed are temporary over :) - Opi

  •    Thursday, December 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:19 EST

  • Genesis Music - SegaXtreme revived its Sega Genesis music section (in mp3 format) - go and grab Castlevania Bloodlines, Streets of Rage and Phantasy Star 4 to name a few :) - Opi

  • Big Video Game Museum Endings Update - Fans of the Video Game Museum rejoyce - Rey uploaded once again a lot of his fine NES and SNES game endings (some are user submitted) GO HERE to check them out. - Opi

  • Dreamcast For Nothing (Almost) - Woah - crazy christmas days in Germany - buy a Nokia 3310 mobile with a 24 months contract (first 3 months are free) and receive a SEGA Dreamcast for 0 DM - yes, ZERO DEUTSCHMARKS ! WHERE ? Media-Markt Koblenz is your place if you live in/near Germany :) Danke OliBoe :) - Opi

  • Bliss v1.2 - Oh boy, these are good times for Intellivision fans. Bliss was updated again :"Version 1.2 is here! Oh...man! I am so pumped up about this release. This version is a huge step forward in emulation compatibility, completeness and configurability. :-)" More info and downloads are available here - thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Good2600 v0.9995 - HERE's Cowering's latest Good2600 version. No update info included in this release - so I guess its a small database update. I'll post the changes if someone enlightens me :)

    Well - now I'm enlighted - Cowering gave me a new version with included changes info :)

    Good2600 Stats: 1411 entries - Recent Additions :

    - Many more PAL redumps
    - French translation of docs included (By [Link])
    - Concise legend doc included (for all tools) (By Psych0phobiA / q^-o|o-^p)
    - More Company/Release dates added
    - DON'T forget.. this collection of info took over 2 years to compile. DON'T just rip the filenames and use them for your own renamer without asking me first (you pimply-faced lamers know who you are) - Opi

  • NES Emu Release Flood, Flow, Tidalwave ... (insert your choice here)
    - o - A new version of NinthStar, an open source NES emu is available here.

    - o - SadNES v0.17 "Moon Revenge" awaits you behind this link. Now with snapshot support and the usual bug fixes.

    - o - Your daily dose of unofficial nester is ready for you - no clue whats changed, but we already missed a release, so this version is very important if you don't want to fall behind (whom ???) - :)

    Thanks to EmuHQ and Emulation 9 for news & files :) - Opi

  • Bahahaha! - BT has filed its first suit today, regarding the 'hyperlink patent': the lucky winner is Prodigy. According to the patent, BT owns the rights to the hypertext links which we use on a day to day basis on the Internet. Click here to read the story at The Register. - atila

  • MAME WIP - Great news! The Official MAME WIP page has been updated! :) - chris

  • DreamGBC V1.1 - Seems that our Chinese friend Kervin is still devoting his complete spare time into his DreamGBC project. Today he released version 1.1 of this Win32 Game Boy emulator and added "support for GameBoyColor functions, including a independent graphic engine & GDMA" - well, sounds cool and impressive :) Get it here. - Opi

  • Offend v0.75 - Version 0.75 of Offend, Psyman's multi system front-end is available for download. This new release comes with M.E.S.S. support :) I was told that not all options are finished yet, but it does its job well so far. - Opi

  • MESS WIP - More activity taking place on the MESS development tree, check out today's update of the Official MESS WIP page. - chris

  • Pink Iori?! - Kyo Takagen released KOF Color Editor ver 2.1! This utility allows users to create new colors for characters in King of Fighters games. More information (and lotsa cool stuff!) can be found at KOF Perfect. Note: After applying color changes, during in-game, you'll still need to press tab into NeoRAGEx menu and tab back into the game to take effect. (Thanks Kyo) - prophet

  • MAME WIP News - Guru Choc has put some more Raine ROMs up in the steady area where all good ROMs are laid to rest. Get Clickin'! Oh ya, and now our good friend Haze is reporting in ROM Heaven now! - chris

  • Unemulated Arcades - Bobby Tribble's awesome resource for unMAMEd arcades is in the process of moving:

    Hi, well, here's the new address for the Atari Prototypes. The unMAMEd page should be soon to follow...


    Enjoy! Later...

    - Bobby

    As well, the web page has been slightly redesigned for easier browsing and lots of new information and screenshots were added. Definately worth checking out! - chris

  • Opera - This awesome alternative to Netscape works on Linux, BeOS, EPOC and Mac systems, and some other obscure OS. Opera has released version 4.0 beta 4 Linux Version!. - chris

  • Webcam - Since I'm bored, I've decided to put my webcam back online :) - atila

  • CPCE v0.8.1 - Cesar Nicolas Gonzalez posted a new version of his Amstrad emulators CPCE. Version 0.8.1 fixes a bug in the keyboard handler. Thanks to Cesar himself for the notification :) - Opi

  • French MacMAME - Marc Vielfaure has released the French version of MacMAME, you can download it from macmame.org - atila

  • 00Emu's Secrets Revealed - Agent JoseQ's new Rumor Mill! is online. This issue informs you about HanaHo, Atani Software, Apollo, Bliss, GENS, and RockNES. - Opi

  •    Wednesday, December 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:43 EST

  • Meridian v1.01 beta - Jason Cline uploaded a new beta of his excellent game music player Meridian, beta v1.01 adds support for SPC's, Super Nintendo music rips in RSN format (RSN = RARed SPC's) :

    - o - Finished rewriting the GUI
    - o - Added Preliminary SPC/RSN file support
    - o - Disabled some playlist features for now
    - o - A Lot of Little Bug Fixes

    You can download this fine player here. I recommend it for every true game music fan ! Stereo NES music, brilliant Genesis sounds and now even with SNES support - get it or you'll be missing out ! - Opi

  • Bliss WIP - Expect a new Bliss release in the near future, seems like the latest developing efforts ended with a very pleasing result - read more about it here. - Opi

  • easyEmu Update - mrv2k's easyEmu was updated today - the gaps in the DGen tutorial were filled with help by Dave himself. mrv2k also added a bunch of new links and, best of all, a new feedback section to his site with the best questions he received and his answers. If you wanna know how to enable BLOOD in Metal Slug - read it there. - Opi

  • NeoPocott WIP News - I had the honor to play-test a new Win32 beta of NeoPocott (a WIP version called NeOPIcott, hehe) lately and I'm pleased to announce that Gollum successfully solved my greatest problem - the speed issue :) So, here is the information of his latest WIP report (taken from the homepage) :

    "At the end, I managed to get rid of all this nasty display in the Win32/official port ! The emulator is now very pleasant to use... ;-) And if you wanna play Sonic Pocket Adventure at an incredible smooth speed, just play with the Speed option ;-)"
    - (WIN32) Increase general speed for better sync with the real NGP (full speed) (Gollum)
    - (WIN32) Smooth & faster bitmap display !!! (Gollum)
    - (WIN32) Remove all ugly lines in display !!! (Gollum)
    - (WIN32) Highly better sync for display !!! (Gollum)
    - (DreamCast) Speed improvements for palette rendering (Brian Peek)
    - Speed improvements for palette loading (Brian Peek)
    - Speed improvements for memory reads (Brian Peek/Gollum/Colin Ward)
    In case you're wondering what we're talking about - NeoPocott is a portable Neo Geo Pocket emulator for various operation systems :) - Opi

  • New Arcade Demo - Charles Doty informed me about his latest update at Arcade Development Central. He uploaded a new arcade demo for the Incredible Technologies (uses a 6809) platform and added a new screenshot page showing all his demos in action and a few other arcade programming related stuff to his site. Right now he has to deal with some problems regarding the Blitter/TMS34061 specifications / functions of 68000 based systems, please e-mail him if have any experience with this. - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated with the info on MESSDEV development for the past 24 hours, and I got some screenshots for ya too! :) - chris

  • xmame for Mac - Pete French has submitted another Mac OS X patch to the xmame mailing list which has been cleaned up a bit for both the OS X and OpenStep 4.2 operating systems. He also reports that display problems have been fixed, but there is still some issues with full screen mode. Also, Lawrence Gold intends to release another version of his Unofficial xmame-0.37b10 later tonight which includes all of Pete's Mac OS X patches and some other fixes. - chris

  • Hu-Go - Hu-Go! is a PC Engine Emulator for Linux/i386 under console and X11. It plays Hu cards and CDs (and various forms of dumps from them). Changes in version 1.99 include A new (faster and more robust) kernel. - chris

  • Quote of the Day - Man, this cracked me up:

    "Computer games don't affect kids, I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music."

    Clubbers beware! Thanks to TC for the quote ;) - atila

  • Poll-itics - It looks like Bush will indeed be the next president, so it's time for POLL-ITICS: Would Bush or Gore make a better president? Cast your vote here, there won't be any recounts -- guaranteed :) (NB: the Current Affairs board has turned into a virtual battelfield -- sorry about that :) - atila

  • New MS video codec - Microsoft has released a new codec which offers near-DVD quality. I was impressed by the clarity and the fact that it was streamed, this is most likely what Project Mayo was supposed to be/will be. This new codec is basically DiVX ;-) 2.0, as far as I can tell.

    The new encoder for this codec will be released on Friday at the Microsoft site, as a free download. I wonder if all the DiVX releasing groups will switch to this format ;) - atila

  • Politics - George W. Bush is one lucky guy, he will get to be the next US president and probably the most powerful man in the world come Jan. 21, 2001 thanks to the politically motivated US supreme court which overturned a ruling by the politically motivated Florida supreme court last night. Let's hope the republicans live up to their moral high ground... - chris

  •    Tuesday, December 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:56 EST

  • Mystery Videogame Theater 3000 - Yes, back by popular demand (I really appreciated those 5 emails ^^) it's Mystery Videogame Theater 3000, where bad + strange games are scorchingly scrutinized by your hosts Pretzel and Green, who have been missing-in-action for a while now. Tonight, enjoy a sensuously erotic review of the recent MAME adoption, BEST 50 FANTASIA. I spent two whole hours on it so you better read it :) - david

  • ngine News - SoniC mailed me about a new update at the ngine homepage. tubooboo announced his second emulator porting project for Sega's Dreamcast - it's a port of DGen, Dave's (the Final Burn Dave) good old Genesis emulator for Windows. Come one Davie, do another DGen update - will you ? :) ... Read the full ngine update here (includes some WIP info about the SNES9x port), a freeware MP3 player called 123mp3 will be another new porting goal ! - Opi

  • Compatibility Info - Ridge found 4 more N64 games working in TRWin :
    - Rockman Dash - Fully Playable, no sound
    - Robotech: The Crystal Shards - Only partially playable. Sound works.
    - Donald Duck Quack Attack: Most graphics is black. Sound works
    - F1 World Championship: Lots of glitches. Sound works. - Opi

  • Mega Rare Event - New unofficial nester anyone ? Hallooo, it's unofficial nester time, just a click away .... come on take it, it doesn't bite you :) - Opi

  • CPCE v0.8 - Version 0.8 of CPCE, a Amstrad CPC emulator for DOS is online. Most important changes / additions in this release :now with protected tape files, clean SoundBlaster sound, YMP (YM Player), better Z80 emulation, better digital sound, better debugger, selectable CRTC type, better user interface, SVGA support, VOC tape support ..."
    You can get it here, thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Emu64 WIP - Thorsten Kattanek has sent a new alpha version of Emu64, his german C-64 emulator for Win9x, to the Emu64 beta testers. A finished first Win32 port (v1.11) of the old DOS source should be publically available until end of december. - Opi

  • DreamGBC v1.0 - HERE's Kervin's latest release of DreamGBC, version 1.0 finally adds support for joypad and keyboard as input device and a key assign function. - Opi

  • PlayerUp - The multiemulator frontend PlayerUp has been upgraded to version 3.05 with several new features and bug fixes. - chris

  • Ask Kevin Lawton - slashdot.org is going to interview emulation/virtualization guru Kevin Lawton with your questions. Kevin is the driving force behind the Plex86 project and the bochs project. Plex86 and bochs are two of the most advanced virtualization/emulation projects in development today. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted the MAMEDEV accomplishments for today at the Official MAME WIP page. - chris

  • MESS WIP - MESSDEV activity for yesterday has been posted on the Official MESS WIP page. - chris

  • Sonic on MSX2+?! - Looks like someone went the extra mile and coded "SONYC" for the MSX2+, it looks pretty darn cool, if I say so myself. Thanks to PrOfUnD for the link. - atila

  • MESS32, the Win32 port of MESS, has been updated to v0.37b9. The official site hasn't been updated yet, but in the mean time you can get the binary and the source here. - richard

  • A.T.I.L.A. - "Android Trained for Infiltration and Logical Assassination." <-- Yep, sounds like me :) - atila

  • MacMAME 0.37b10 - The MAC version of MAME is now in synch with the DOS version. It's just that the MacMAME site is unreachable :x - atila

  •    Monday, December 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:10 EST

  • Mame Merge Fix b10 - Sorry, I have to apologize to Kadir Eksi, he sent me his Mame Merge "Fix for Beta 10" and I forgot to upload it :(
    Well - fine, this mistake has been fixed now - thanks to the guys of Mame World for the little reminder :) - Opi

  • Arcade FAQs At Sys2064 - Till has uploaded some interesting new FAQs like this Mahjong FAQ to his site Sys2064. - Opi

  • RomCenter News - The next major update of RomCenter, version 2.0 is scheduled for an december 23th release - this date marks Eric Bole-Feysot birthday :) Two new datfiles by Logiqx has been added to the RomCenter site, one for the latest MAME release and one for Callus v0.42 patch 2.4.

    Speaking of Logiqx, for some unknown (router ?) reasons I was unable to check his new CAESAR site. On late sunday I finally found a hole to sneak into his new site. Woahh :) AMAZING - if you ever wanna waste some hours and don't know WHERE - visit his mega database and surf around until you get tired of it .... or you feel sick after you consumed a heavy load of arcade related emulator information :) - Opi

  • RuMSX v0.22 - Emulation 9 reported that RuMSX, Rudolf Lechleitner's (former FreeMSX) MSX emulator for Win9x was updated to v0.22. For more info, changes (large) and downloads click here.
    Once again - no chance to write it down with only one line of text :) Maybe I'll learn it till next year ! - Opi

  • Magical Promise - The Magic Engine homepage was updated with a mysterious message that made and still makes me very nosy about what it will be because I've licensed this fine PC-Engine / TG-16 emu 2 years ago and used it very often (runs my beloved Dracula X CD without flaws) .... Hmmm, seems that I'm unable to write such short (or call it precise) sentences like my staff colleagues :) Whenever I try to say something in 1 line of text , magically 2 other lines appear ... Phew :) Now here's the Magic Engine update - thanks again to our friends from EmuHQ for the news.

    "We were planning to release a new beta, but since Christmas is coming we changed a little bit our plans ... instead, we are preparing you something special!
    Expect a "big" release of MagicEngine for Christmas, plus... hehe, a little surprise ;)
    " - Opi

  • Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 10 - Andrea Mazzoleni has updated Advance MAME to the latest sources! This is an UNOFFICIAL version of DOS MAME with many special features, primarily allowing users to adjust and create display modes. It's amazing BUT not for newbies. Check Advance MAME homepage for more information. Get the P2 Optimized build, the Normal Pentium build, the K6 Optimized build & the source code. - prophet

  • Whew - Thought someone had kidnapped you Opi. :) - dutch

  • Caesar Updates - LogiqX has updated CAESAR (Catalogue of Arcade Emulation Software - the Absolute Reference) with a few more emulators including Nicola Salmoria's Crazy Climber emulator, anyone remember that? :) - dutch

  • HuGo! Win v1.99 - Zeograd ported his own v1.99 DOS release of HuGo! (the one with the new kernel) to the Win32 platform yesterday, you can download it here - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • PacMAME News - Wow, I'm very late today ... it was a super busy day for me, anyway now I'm here :)
    A new PacMame32 has been released and the official PacMame WIP page was updated with some new pictures taken from the "Champion Edition", a hack I suppose. Thanks to guisep for the email. - Opi

  • Intellivision ROMs - JoseQ has added 170 new Intellivision ROMs to his download area for the new Bliss emulator. - chris

  • Linux - Linux kernel 2.2.18 has been released. This is the most recent stable version of the Linux kernel. Please use one of the mirrors. For a list of changes click here. - chris

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP has been updated. - chris

  • Raine WIP - The Raine WIP page is now online. Thanks to Warlock for the news. - chris

  • Never try to use fscking FONT tags if you don't know what you're doing... (that's file system checking, of course...) - richard

  • TEO/MacOS has been updated to v1.4. - richard

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page! :) - chris

  • The Macintosh port of MESS has been updated to v0.37b9. - richard

  • NoSTalgia, an Atari ST emulator for Macintosh, has been Carbonized for MacOS X. A screenshot is available at the above link. - richard

  •    Sunday, December 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:42 EST

  • MAMu_ Icons for Mac - Darkshadow has converted the beta 10 mame icons pack to the Macintosh platform. If you have a Mac and want some cool icons for MacMAME (not yet supported) check out the MAME Icons for Mac web site. - chris

  • Farewell to AEZ - Shane R. Monroe sent me a really sad email a few minutes ago :

    "Due to the poor ad revenues from the AmigaEmulation.com site, we've sadly decided to close our doors. Thanks for your support!

    On a brighter note, RetroGaming Radio is coming back! And you can help determine the future of the show. Nip over to the official website and vote for your favorite format! A new show should be along before the new year! - Opi

  • MEKA v0.55 - Zoop released a new MEKA version to his registered users (like me). He rewrote the input system from stratch and added a nifty configuration tool (includes 3-D Glasses support) - you can look at the changes in this release, but you have to wait a week or two until he'll make it available for everyone. - Opi

  • Official MAME32 0.37 Beta 10 - The Windows version of MAME has been updated to the current DOS sources! History & Info dat file support is fixed in this build too. Here's the binary and the source. For more info and files check the MAME32 homepage & MAME32 Q&A page. - prophet

  • Time To Laugh - Wanna see some really stupid stuff ? Visit www.stupid.com and be amazed ! Thanks nemesis1 :) - Opi

  • NonMAME - Duckie has added games supported by PacMAME, Replay+, Sideway, and the Virtua emulator to the nonmame web page. - chris

  • Jet Set Willy Remakes Moved - The Fox from EmuUnlim asked me to post about their newly hosted site Jet Set Willy Remakes. Well, of course I will, it's a pleasure for me to advice you to visit this nice site and I'm sure Speccy fans will love it - go and visit Jet Set Willy Remakes today :)

    All the best and welcome into the emu "circus" to DrSteveW who just joined the EmuUnlim staff. - Opi

  • Gridle's Birthday - It's now officially Gridle's birthday! Where's my champagne ?! (I mixed Campaign with Champagne and came up with CHAMPAIGN -- and I ain't even drunk yet :) - atila

  • unofficial nester 2000/12/10 - HERE's todays new unofficial nester release, freshly taken from its host Emulation 9.

    - code fixed 25(thanx rinao),235(thanx Quietust)
    - tested 25,235
    # support 'Rolling Thunder'(#19)
    # support 'T.M.N.T.' & 'T.M.N.T.2'(#25)
    # support '150-in-1'(#235) - Opi

  • Rare Japanese Adventure Games - _Bnu's X68000 Games Pile has been updated with 4 rare PC98 games : Marion, Sodom - School and Murder, Tom and Woman Prison. - Opi

  • ePSXe 1.0.1 - Yes, this groovy PSX emulator has had a nice update, it runs a lot more commercial games and even those multi-disc games now! You can download ePSXe 1.0.1 at PSXEMU.COM! - atila

  • FrontDboy v1.5 - A new version of FrontDboy has been released recently. Oscar Cerdá added and changed the following stuff in version 1.5 of his front-end for BouKiChi's Game Boy emulator DBoy :

    - o - Fixed a Windows 95 Bug.
    - o - Added support for the Psx Pad (dboy 0.71).
    - o - Added -Sound 3 option( Dboy 0.72).
    - o - Fixed some minor bugs.
    - o - Added multi-language support selecting a language file.
    - o - Updated the language files.
    - o - Added Rts Dir option.
    - o - Added Save Dir option.
    - o - Added the Fditrans.exe utility, that translated the language files of FrontDboy (thanks to Javier Arías Fernandes for the file).

    Please visit the official FrontDboy homepage to download it. Thanks to Kaervek from Emumania for the news and the translation. - Opi

  • MAME News - Taken from the MAME site:

    10th December 2000: Added the OptiMAME second mouse driver to the download page, the support for a second mouse was added in a recent beta.

    It's only 82kb big, enjoy :) - atila

  • Yowza! - That's a *LOT* of news already :) Will take me a short while to catch up. Btw, check out this hilarious ad (1MB) =) - atila

  • More MESS WIP News - Richard Bannister has donned me Duke of the MESS WIP page. Until Richard has more time on his hands, I will be doing updates there, and will link to that site here when each update occurs. - chris

  • Update on Taito F3 Sound - R.Belmont has provided a more detailed description of what code Aaron has actually worked on so far. It seems that sound in Taito F3 games are still a ways off. - chris

  • OC ReMix - Man, been a rough week. Started a new job, my first full-time ever, and at the same time Roadrunner's DHCP server decides to die so I'm without net access for the week. But, things *seem* cool now, and I managed to get four new ReMixes - Xenogears, FF6, Megaman, and Bubble Bobble - all online. Mooch 'em at OverClocked ReMix. I'll try real hard to do something non-remix related this coming week :) - david

  • MESS WIP - Starting today I will be providing daily MESS WIP reports here at retrogames.

    jojo has added preliminary support for Pravetz 8D (Bulgarian Oric 1 clone) and renamed "telestrat" driver to "telstrat" (8 chars). Raphael Nabet has fixed some prototypes in the nes driver which may possibly fix some of the sprite problems which have been occuring on some platforms and has improved the generic tape write support in MESS. Tim Linder has applied some minor bug fixes in the hd6309 cpu core.
    - chris

  • xmame and Mac OS X - Pete French who was the first to port xmame to Mac OS X, has now figured out how to get sound working as well. Pete has provided a patch for you to download which is applied to the xmame sources. - chris

  • Offend v0.72 - Offend v0.72 is now available. Support for Emerson Arcadia 2000 emulator, M.A.M.E. (limited support) and Bliss has been added, you can get Psyman's new multi front-end release here. - Opi

  • Unoffical xmame - For those of you who do not port your own, Lawrence Gold has provided an Unofficial xmame 0.37b10 for you to download. The thread linked to above also has an explanation of why there is no official xmame since beta 7. Let's all give the xmame porter Hans De Goede best wishes in good health. - chris

  • Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews - Pasofami updated to 1.0a, Neko updated to 0.27x3, and SegaEMU updated to 0.52. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - chris

  • Dreamcast Mag By Sam Pettus - While I surfed the web I stumbled accross this nice report/review magazine - Dreamcast Week In Review posted by no other than Sam Pettus aka "the Scribe" hosted at Eidolon's Inn, a fine Sega devoted site. Check it out here - Dreamcast Week In Review has an amazing amount of information for all you Dreamcast owners and lover - believe me :) - Opi

  • Opera for Windows v5.0 - If you wanna try out an alternative Windows browser to the big bad boys Internet Explorer and Netscape, test the newly released Opera for Windows. Click here to find out whats new in this release or follow this link and jump straight to the download section ! Opera is also available for BeOS, Linux, EPOC and Mac, thanks to James Clement for the hint.
    Oh, sorry that I've ignored TheInformer's messageboard thread :) Next time inform me directly :) - Opi

  • Cotton Is Now An ISO Star - Some months ago Reiginsei from R.I.P. Translations announced his first successfully translated Playstation game : Cotton - Fantastic Night Dreams aka Cotton Original.
    He said that's impossible to patch a large CD based game like Cotton, so he was forced to offer his translation as an ISO file instead. But he wasn't very successful in contacting Success to ask for permission to offer his translation as an ISO file :) Now he decided to upload this ISO file on his homepage ... check out these cute screenshots to have a first impression from this japanese sidescrolling shooter.
    Thanks to Spinner 8 from the Whirlpool for the news. - Opi

  • Bliss v1.01 - Bliss v1.01 "Easier to Use" version released - now with an included basic front-end and improved sound emulation (80% done).
    Thanks to DrSteveW for the news notification :)
    PS - Don't let the author of Bliss fool you, Rob van der Drift isn't the maker of the Goodxxx tool series - he has converted the database for an use with RomCenter, Cowering is still the creator of these useful ROM-renamers.
    Update : Well I forgot to mention that the Bliss source has been put up online too ! - Opi

  •    Saturday, December 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:38 EST

  • Nemu64 INI - Here's the latest official Nemu64 INI for you to test ! Don't expect any further info about it, I'm not very interested in PSX and N64 emulation (as I stated several times) - download and enjoy. Thanks to EmuHQ for the file. - Opi

  • Japanese Emu News Flash - A new version of Yame has been released, Guyfawkes posted the following translation of the changes :

    - o - came by which the emulator can play even if there is no rom
    - o - SUPER CD-ROM2
    - o - The problem of the sprite priority of PC-Engine is corrected.
    - o - Timing correction of interrupt on Gameboy
    - o - PCM for which 1 and two channels were used with Gameboy came to ring.

    Please click here for the Windows version, or here for Linux.

    GIGO wasn't lazy lately - he released G-NES v0.465, his NES/Famicom emu and TGB Dual v2 Build 927, his special Game Boy emulator which ables you to simmulate a 2 player Game Boy connection within one emu/PC. Pokemon trading anyone ? Thanks to Geoshock for providing me lazy ass with the gb emu :) Hi katharsis :) - Opi

  • MAMu_ Icons for X - Yours Truely has updated the MAMu_ Icons for X web page to include the new icons for xmame 0.37 beta 10 (If you compile your own). Thanks to MAMu_ for making the icons! :) - chris

  • Pete's Brings New Magic To PSX Emulation - Bobbi prompted me to post about Pete Bernert's new PSX plugins - "new polygon coord check" seems to be the magic part in his new version 1.41 ! Bobbi also uploaded some beautiful looking new ePSXe screenshots at PSXEmu. Don't worry if you can't produce the same quality on your PC, he and his partner both used Pete Bernert's new plugins and a new beta of ePSXe ! - Opi

  • Emulated Games - Theo has updated his Emulated Arcade Games Page to include the new games from MAME beta 10 and Modeler. - chris

  • Aaron Giles Is My Hero - WOW, sound for Taito's F3 system, Aaron goooo :) Maybe (just an idea), maybe MAME can give back something to RAINE when Aaron Giles finished / fínalized his great new breakthrou :) - Opi

  • Emu Farm - Tek7 has let me know that The Emu Farm will be closing soon for an indefinate amount of time. The site is expected to close Dec. 16. This site has many rare ROMs such as Gaplus (Galaga 3) and Galaga 90, among others. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Aaron Giles has been reported to have almost completed the Ensoniq OTTO/OTIS sound emulation used in Taito F3 games. Thanks to Gridle for the news. - chris

  • Unemulated Games - B. Tribble has updated his unMAMEd arcade games page to reflect the MAME beta 10 release. - chris

  • New Project #51 Released - A new windows version of Project #51, a senior design project to create a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator, has been released. Most important changes in version 0.50 : now with enabled triangle sound channel and save support for games with battery backup.
    You can download it here ! Here are some interesting official words about the ongoing senior design project :
    "Design Day was yesterday. The new version is what we demo'ed. It doesn't work perfectly, but it did for the games we showed. (grin) The funny thing is that most people that came by did not know what emulation was. After explaining it somewhat, they thought it was a very cool project. Most people wanted to know if the 30-man code for Contra worked, which it does. (grin)"
    Looks like they created some new Retro-Fans :) - Opi

  • Shanghi Kid - The Guru is looking for anyone who has a working Shanghai Kid PCB, or has GOOD memory of this game in the arcades. Some MAME WIP pics are there for you to see as well. - chris

  • Non-MAME - The NonMAME web site has been updated to reflect the new additions in the MAME beta 10 release. - chris

  • Unofficial nester 2000/12/08-09 - Here's the latest unofficial nester version for you to play :

    - code fixed 16,17,18,19,21,22,23,24,25,26,32,33,
    - code fixed 73
    # support DPCM IRQ (e.g.Romancia) (thanx Nori)
    # fix 16bit IRQ Counter of #73 - Opi

  • Yape v0.27 - Yape v0.27 with PC joystick support is here. Below are the changes /additions in this new Commodore C-16/Plus4 emulator release :

    - o - PC joystick support (DirectX not necessary)
    - o - more accurate Commodore 16 emulation
    - o - ROM bank settings now saved as well
    - o - some fixes in TAP save/load (HER turbo works at last...)
    - o - TAP files can now be started from command line
    - o - sound bug fixed
    - o - a few CPU bugs fixed (PLP, BRK, SBC)
    - o - some other bits

    Atilla wrote about this release : "The PC joystick support is yet not optimised, so turn it off in case you're not using it, as it may behave oddly :) Yape is here. Tip: if you mess up your ROM settings either try deleting all of your entries in the dialog window, or select another machine prototype as it always reloads the ROMs". Don't forget to visit Lando's C16/PLus4 Classix and grab Lando's latest game uploads. - Opi

  • Turkey: "Pokemon off the air!" - About 2 weeks ago a 4-year-old threw himself off of the balcony because he saw one of the Pokemon do it. Later, a 10-year-old did the same. Turkey is now demanding that PokeMon be taken off of the air. You can voice your opinion on this matter by replying to this thread! - atila

  • MAME ROM Info - GordonJ has updated his MAME ROM Info Page for MAME beta 10. You can download the beta 9 to beta 10 ROM update list here. - chris

  • MAME Icons - MAMu_ has relesed the MAME beta 10 icon pack! Download the new icons at http://www.mameicons.com. The X conversions will be online as soon as I can get to them. - chris

  • Watch These Christmas STUKAs - Buahaha, the Cyberlore Studios are offering an addicting free Java christmas shooter called Santa Strike which reminds me heavely on an old C-64 classic I've played several times in the past - PARATROOPER ! Test it and report your highscore - my 2nd score was above 4,000 points ! Thanks to David W. for some nice shooting minutes :-)
    BTW - Paratropper is still banned in Germany - shooting real humans is a big NO NO over here, that's why they changed the humans in Command & Conquer or Super Contra (SNES) into ROBOTs :) - Opi

  • A new version of TEO, a Thomson TO8D emulator, is imminent. The Mac version has been rewritten to be completely Carbonized, and has been brought back into sync with the latest PC code (the last Mac update was over a year ago). For the latest news on the Mac version, keep an eye on my page. - richard

  • Super WebcOPInews! - Yes, you've all heard of Super Mario Brothers, but last week saw the release of Super WebcOPInews (NES), where your aim is to rescue all the news from the claws of c0nju... err Bowser and post it ;) - atila

  • NEW Sega-CD Games! - CHeck out this mail I just received:

    Good Deal Games in co-operation with EmuGaming is proud to announce the first two new games for the SEGA CD in almost a full decade! Both Bug Blasters: The Exterminators & Star Strike were produced using high-end film, advanced puppetry, and 3D Computer Animation. Boasting $100K budgets, GDG brings the Sega CD back in style! Both games are must-have titles for any Sega CD fan! Best of all, they are available now! Learn more, including screenshots, here:

    OI! That's very good new indeed, the games sell for $34,99. - atila

  • Indeed - Yesterday was indeed the first 'Opi-only' day. Let's not let that happen again, shall we :) - atila

  •    Friday, December 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • Easy Shooting - Look here if you wanna have P2L97's unofficial MAME32 v0.37 beta 10 binary with autofire. - Opi

  • Will This Be The First Opi Only Day ? - Stay tuned :( - Opi

  • New Publishing Giant - Infogrames Entertainment to aquire Hasbro Interactive (includes Atari) and Games.com - read more about it here and don't be surprised about a new flood of commercial Retro-Remakes ! Thanks to Chris Papcin :) - Opi

  • Genital68K v0.12 - Bart Trzynadlowski released Genital68K v0.12 with the following message for the interested audience : "This version fixes a bug with read/write handlers in the register calling convention mode -- arguments were still being passed on the stack rather than in the registers. Oops! I hope this is the final bug of the sort that has caused Version 0.11 and Version 0.12 to have to be released. The debugger, 68kdb Version 0.1, was not affected". - Opi

  • Anime 2001 Event - European Anime fans attention please, Ren Hoek asked me to post the following announcement :

    "From Friday, Feb. 23 until Sunday, Feb. 25 2001 all otaku in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe (and ofcourse all other fans of manga and anime elsewhere) will gather in Velhoven, the Netherlands for an entire weekend of manga, anime, merchandise, competitions, video games and much more.
    Watch anime in one of our video rooms, play the latest games in our video game room, shop around in our dealers' room, or do all three. It's your choice !"
    Visit the J-Pop Foundation homepage for more info. - Opi

  • Logiqx Moved And Unleashed CAESAR - Finally Logiqx has its own domain name, please update your bookmarks to http://www.logiqx.com.

    To celebrate this move he posted some new emu dat files, presented his ROM generator ROMBuild and introduced his new special section called CAESAR !
    CAESAR = "Catalogue of Arcade Emulation Software - Absolute Reference" - a database with an immense amount of linked content, but I couldn't test or view it myself, the link is currently DOWN :( So stay tuned for a later add-on report :)
    Thanks to Guru-Choc from Arcade ROM Heaven for the cool info. Hope the sushi will please you after your bike ride :) - Opi

  • Guru-Choc Turned 34 - Happy Birthday to our friend "Guru-Choc, head and webmaster of Arcade ROM Heaven - the place where all good roms are laid to rest ! He turned 34 today and in Australia his birthday has already ended, but in Europe and America it's still friday, so we aren't too late to wish him all the best :) - Opi

  • Castlevania Remake on PS? - Here's a great (and promising for my collectors heart) ZDNet story submitted by James Jefferies : "The X68000 version of Castlevania may finally see its first ever port onto the PlayStation.

    Konami has confirmed in its official magazine that it plans to port the X68000 version of Castlevania for the PlayStation, as a remake. Released in 1993, the X68000 was a computer hardware released by Sharp. The PlayStation remake is evidently the first ever port onto another console, and it will include a new opening and ending movie.
    No official title for the remake of Castlevania for the PlayStation has been announced, but the title is scheduled for a release sometime next year in Japan". - Opi

  • OC ReMix Flood - Five new tracks have been uploaded to OC ReMix

    - Dr. Mario 'Funky Pills'
    - Soul Blade 'JazzerSoul'
    - Shadowman64_DeadsideDance_OC_ReMix.mp3
    - Frogger 'Jam StompBox'
    - Ninja Gaiden II 'Song of Chaos'

    I'm currently downloading the third track Shadowman64 OC_ReMix, it sounds really great ! - Opi

  • New Napster BAN - Do you NAPSTERed something lately ? Maybe a Rage Against the Machine song ? Uga uga - bad luck, seems like there's a new ban going on - all those searched and offered Rage Against the Machine tracks will be banned from Napster ! Thanks to Bo for the info and thanks god, I don't like Rage Against the Machines :)

    Update : BetaNews reports "Rebel rockers Rage Against The Machine have apologized to fans who were blocked from Napster for downloading its brand-new "Renegades" album and, mirroring the tone of their metal-hiphop style of protest music, promised to put authority in its place !" - read more about it here - thanks to Mike Kollin for the update info :) - Opi

  • FPSE Team Member Interviewed - Doca from EmuItalia informed me about the interview he made recently with LDChen from the FPSE Team (Playstation emulator).

    You can find the Italian version here or use this link if you prefer reading it in English :-) - Opi

  • DreamGBC v0.9 - DreamGBC v0.9 has been released by kervin, he added support for Super Game Boy (SGB) borders and partial support for SGB colorization. Please click here if you want a copy of this Chinese Game Boy emulator for Win9x.
    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Unofficial nester 2000/12/08 - It's still true, almost all days a newly patched unofficial nester version is READY for you to leech :) New this time :

    - code fixed 5(thanx Quietust and xodnizel),32(thanx rinao)
    - tested 5,32
    # support 'Just Breed'(#5)
    # support 'Ai Sensei no Oshiete - Watashi no Hoshi'(#32/#65)

    File thankfully taken from Emulation 9. - Opi

  • Bliss Released - Yesterday we announced it - today it's reality (even with sound support) ! Bliss, the new Intellivision emulator has been released. It's completly coded in Java, that means if you have Java 2 v1.3 installed - then Bliss will run on your system. You have no clue how to setup a JAVA environment ? No problem, the author has "included a version for Win32 users who don't care anything about learning how to install and use a Java Runtime Environment". Now go and get this new toy and have a nice friday with it. - Opi

  • GoodGBx v0.999.4 - HERE's a new release of Cowering's Game Boy ROM renamer tool GoodGBx ! Version 0.999.4 recognizes 4808 ROMs and variants, latest changes :

    - o - database update
    - o - needed redumps list updated

    Thanks to the "master of renaming" himself for the news :) - Opi

  •    Thursday, December 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:09 EST

  • F|RES interviewed - emuitalia posted an interview with F|RES one of the authors of TR64, it was conducted by Guido84 who also sent me the interview links :) You can read it in Italian or in English ! - Opi

  • Offend v0.68 - Psyman mailed me about the latest release of his multi front-end Offend. Version 0.68 adds support for the following new emulators (besides the already supported V7800, DVE and Z26) : Euphoric (Oric), Hu Go! (TG-16 / PCE) and Metalynx (Atari Lynx). Changes and the download archive can be found here. - Opi

  • fMSX v2.3 Online - Marat Fayzullin informed me about his latest emulator release - fMSX v2.3. fMSX is a portable emulator of MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ home computers that needs to be registered.
    "There are ports available for Windows, MSDOS, MacOS, Unix, and many other systems. As it was a while since the last release of fMSX, this version of fMSX comes with many additions, extensions, and bug fixes. This includes, for example, FMPAC emulation, GameMaster2 emulation (with SRAM), and the new fMSX-MSDOS 2.3 that comes with the Windows version".
    Check the fMSX homepage for a complete list of the latest changes. - Opi

  • Redump / Reorg - Smf has sent his probably last update of Redump to Till from Sys2064 - version 3.5 adds support for bakatono.
    Till also tested and posted another ROM converting utility - Reorg (submitted by MacLAK). This tool ables you to convert the fatfury3/rbff1 ROMs into the new final - in MAME needed - format. Till told me that he tested both utilities - Reorg works slow but it does its job well ! Go and get both utils and avoid a useless new 40+ mb download :) - Opi

  • New Intellivision Emu - The homepage of Bliss has been opened three days ago. Bliss ? What the heck is Bliss you may ask ? Heh, its an upcoming new Intellivision emulator for Windows. Right now there isn't any download available, only some screenshots and the following statement :
    "The status of Bliss is that the CPU, hand controllers, and video chip are 100% complete. Many games are fully playable. There is no sound emulation yet, but that's next on the agenda. I plan to make an initial release available before sound emulation is complete sometime in the very near future, and the source code will be available shortly thereafter. In the tradition of the fantastic emulation community that inspired me to do this, Bliss will be entirely free software. I love you guys...{sniff} :-)"

    Yeah, a cool Intellivision emulator would be really welcome ! Thanks to WWEmu for the news. - Opi

  • Newsbin Pro 3.3 Final - NewsBin Pro 3.3 *Final* has been released today, this is IMHO the best Usenet client for leeching. Never ask for reposts again as you can enter multiple servers, and NewsBin will join missing pieces *across* servers. It also supports resuming so you can leave it overnight, and it resumes from the point it left off, not from the beginning. Some people told me they don't like the search bar.. quick tip.. use a "." for a space. (Ex., to search for "Pac Man" type "pac.man" without the quotes.) The best emulation binaries group I know of is alt.binaries.emulators.misc. - dutch

  • Linux for Dreamcast - Sonikkuu mailed me about this: Linux for Dreamcast -- it's real! - atila

  • BNSF/MacOS has been updated to v2.1. The new release is now Carbonized for MacOS X. - richard

  • RockNES X v1.61 - After a little delay, Alexandre da Veiga finally released his Windows port of Fx3's NES emulator RockNES after he solved some undescribed problems. Here are the Windows port-specific changes :

    - o - This new RockNES X version can be 40-120% faster than the
    ...... previous version.
    - o - Added triple buffering
    - o - 8 bit rendering engine optimized
    - o - Auto frameskip added (highly recommended!)
    - o - Ppu code optimized
    - o - Now RockNES X creates automatically the savegames, movies and
    ...... battery save directories when necessary.
    - o - Battery save fixed
    - o - Added screenshot support

    Plus a bunch of DOS RockNES related changes, including some features currently unreleased. You can download it here, thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • New Rumor Mill - EmuViews has been updated with a new issue of JoseQ's famous Rumor Mill. Check it out if you wanna read some rumors & news about SegaEmu, Laser, FPSE, GENS, Mimic, FreezeSMS and so on :) - Opi

  •    Wednesday, December 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:01 EST

  • News Flash - retroK from A.E.P., a german emulation site, informed me about their newly updated "Weekly Roms" section - online are all ROM-sets currently supported by the newly released Modeler emulator (with correct CRC's of course).

    - Mame World mentioned a new PacMAME release. Hurry to the PacMAME homepage for any further info :)

    - More Mame World news-rips :) MameLang 32+ v0.37 beta 10 is online. Test it if you wanna have 10 extra features in 10 extra languages :) MASH released his new Mameinfo.dat for 0.37b10 Update 1, you can get it here.

    - The X68000 Games Pile has been updated with a really massive upload - Kakyusei - a heavy 19+ MB download ! "Don't forget to check out Unipuma's hosted page Cowabunga98 for some nice PC-98 hentai puzzle games that don't require Japanese knowledge! Mikosan Fight, Devil Chain 1, and Kyarukan". Thanks to _Bnu for the email :)

    - Lee from PeeknPoke has sent me the following info :
    "Lee's PeeknPoke has gone all festive this month and released a brand new all playable demo of YARS REVENGE PC for PC Windows XX machines. An update of one of the Atari 2600's classic games, This version is a full update including great graphics and some great effects bringing one of the most adored Atari titles kicking and screaming uptodate... This game does not require an Emulator or roms as everything is included in the Zip".
    Aaaah. I love cut'n paste actions :)

    Well, I still have some emails left with news and site info that I wish to post - don't be disappointed if your email wasn't used as source for one of my postings today - I did the best I can but I'm still only a human :) More to come tomorrow ! - Opi

  • PSinex v0.041 - PSinex , a WIP Playstation emulator has been updated to version 0.041. For more info about this emu check the homepage, thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Unofficial nester 2000/12/06-07 - Click here to download the latest version of TAKEDA, toshiya's NES emulator Unofficial nester. Check the readme for the latest additions :) Thanks to Cowering for the info .... next Good-tool will be an updated GoodGBx ! - Opi

  • DGen v1.21 Translated Into German - Engine from Emulation 4 Ever has translated Dave's latest DGen release, v1.21 into german. DGen is a great Genesis emulator for Win9x systems.
    Ihr könnt es Euch hier runterziehen :) - Opi

  • New WinFellow Alpha Builds - New snapshots of WinFellow, a fine Win32 port of Fellow for DOS (an Amiga emulator) were released recently - online are WinFellow alpha v0.4.2 build 1 for Win9x/2k (DirectX 5) and an own build for Windows NT (requires DirectX 3).
    You can get them here - thanks to DrSteveW for the info. - Opi

  • Unofficial MAME32 - Here's a new Unofficial MAME32 compiled by MikeDX today. Please read the included unofficial.txt for further information (he disabled a dozend game drivers for some reasons). And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to "Mr. EmuDX Mike" :) Good "old" MikeDX turned 25 today (wednesday) - congratulations and all the best from the Retrogames staff ! - Opi

  • NeoPocott WIP Mania - Looks like the NeoPocott "Newsmania" is still going on :) Lots of NeoPocott 0.38b4 WIP information have been posted on the homepage as well as a new Dreamcast port picture + NeoPocottPPC and NeoPocott for PocketPC news. Please visit the homepage for the latest info :) - Opi

  • MAME Fixfile - Till over at Sys2064 has compiled a new fixfile (431 k) for MAME v0.37 beta 10 - it includes fixes for two games : mk2 and pipedrm. Till also mentioned an updated DOS DPMI (memory) manager CWSDPMI. You should get it if you encountered the following error message in MAME :"Load error: no dpmi". - Opi

  • MAME.DK 100% complete! - You betcha! They're currently doing 40Mbits/s and it'll probably increase after this update, but since they're on a CISCO 12000 router directly into the Danish backbone, they got a whole lot more bandwith for you to utilize :) MAME.DK, BABY! - atila

  • TZX Vault - Good lord, talk about a Speccy overdose! Gilby has added 38 more images to the download list at the TZX Vault! - atila

  • Complete ROM sets - At this time a few people on #retrogamers have a complete beta 10 ROM set. Probably your best resource for ROMs at this time is the Emulition ftp. - chris

  • Hu-Go! DOS v1.99b - Cool, Zeograd released a new DOS version of his great PC-Engine / TG-16 emulator Hu-Go!.

    "This one doesn't feature a lot of new functionnality but a BIG ONE !!! :) A new kernel have been implemented and justify the jump to version 1.99. Why not 2.0 ? err, there's still a couple of thing to finish :) Bios hooking and save/load feature. Apart this, you'll be able to enjoy a faster Hu-Go! and clean kernel sources".

    Click here to grab and test it. - Opi

  • ClrMamePro Info - Roman Scherzer has uploaded a new engine.cfg file for his great ROM-manager ClrMamePro and reported some MAME b10 listinfo bugs. If you're a busy user of ClrMamePro, get the new engine.cfg to avoid needless error reports with the new CVS sets. - Opi

  • Beta 10 ROMs - Mr. DigDug informed me, that www.mame.dk is ready to serve you almost all needed new ROM-sets of last nights monster MAME release ! Well, ok - they're still missing a handful of stuff - but keep in mind that MAME was released when it was nearly midnight in Europe, therefore it was amazingly fast :) I'm sure, the other ROM specialist won't be far behind them ... seconds later after a first check ... oha, EmuViews already uploaded 24 new ROM-sets too :-)
    PS - www.mame.dk is now on a Cisco 12000 router backbone !!!
    So go ahead ... download ! - Opi

  • New MAME Screensaver - guisep just finished updating his famous MAME32 screensaver to match the new MAME version 0.37 beta 10 - remember, if you rename the included "scr" file to "exe" you'll get an unofficial MAME32 version ! - Opi

  • U64 Emu 1.15 released - RCP released U64Emu 1.15! It's still beta, but features sound & music, and Killer Instinct was known for having some awesome sound & music. :) (Got it working now - freaking AMAZING! Can't get full-screen working tho, no biggie.) U64Emu/KIAME homepage. (Thanks Clin-Ton) - prophet

  •    Tuesday, December 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:24 EST

  • Optimized Binaries - MAME optimized binaries are now available at http://www.mame.net/download.html. Thanks Gridle. - chris

  • Daily Unofficial nester - Here's the latest "Unofficial nester" version ! If you downloaded the archieve I've posted on sunday, then you are now three updates behind (without this new file of course) :-) Look inside the zip file for the latest tweaks and news, thank you Sir :) - Opi

  • MAME Binary - HERE is your new MAME v0.37 beta 10 binary - freshly compiled and uploaded by Gridle :) - Opi

  • NEW MAME! - IT'S HERE! Oh yeah, click here to see what's new in this release. Binaries will be online in a bit. - atila

  • DeliPlayer v1.11 - DeliPlayer, a great free audio player for Windows 95/98/ME/2k has been updated to version 1.11. Click here to view the latest changes, this link will let you download the 1.11 full version and here is the smaller upgrade EXE ! Thanks to Nemesis1 for the email :) - Opi

  • Mysterious NeoPocott Port Announced - Gollum mentioned a new NeoPocott port in the near future : "... for the early owners of a recent console, we might have a surprise for you... Stay tuned !" EARLY OWNERs ??? That can be only the ..... :-) GUESS ! - Opi

  • Japanese Arcade Dumps - My friend Till from Sys2064 mentioned a couple of newly announced Team Japump! arcade dumps :

    - Darius (Old, JPN Ver.) (c)1986 Taito
    - Taisen Mahjong FinalRomance R (JPN Ver.) (c)1995 Video System
    - Mahjong Gakuensai 2 (JPN Ver.) (c)1998 Make Software
    - Mahjong Shiyou (BET type) (c)1986 Visco
    - Power Wheels (JPN Ver.) (c)1991 Taito
    - Sky Alert (JPN Ver.) (c)1992 Metro
    - Ginga NinkyouDen (Alt JPN Ver.) (c)1987 Jaleco
    - Konami 80's Arcade Gallery (JPN Ver.) (c)1998 Konami System 573
    - Kurikinton (JPN Ver.) (c)1988 Taito
    - Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuuki (c)1991 Monolith Corp. NEOGEO MVS
    - Dynamite League (c)1989 Taito H-SYSTEM
    - Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy (c)1994 SNK NEOGEO MVS

    As usual, these are only information to make us greedy - you won't find any of these games until someone has written a MAME driver or a single emu. - Opi

  • News News News - npce 0.01 Beta7 SP2a a TG16 emu for win has been updated. Neko ProjectII v0.27w3 a PC98 emu for win has been updated. And BeebEm 1.04 a BBC emu for win has been updated. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - chris

  • KDE 2.0.1 - KDE is the leading desktop technology for the Linux/Unix operating system. Click here for the announcement of today's bug fix release. - chris

  • Another Bad Bug Killed - Bart Trzynadlowski has updated his 68000 chip emulator Genital68K to v0.11 to fix a nasty bug in "Genital68KSetContext() and Genital68KGetContext()" whatever this means :) If you downloaded his last version 0.1 - then please upgrade to this new version ! - Opi

  • Sinterklaas - That's a weird word, isn't it ? Kinda looks like Santa Claus, doesn't it ? Well, today a few European countries celebrate "Sinterklaas", which is what most of the western world based SANTA CLAUS on. Every year, Sinterklaas arrives on his steamboat from Spain (eventhough the REAL Sinterklaas was originally from Turkey :) and delivers presents to all the kids on Dec 5, his birthday.

    The past few years, in The Netherlands, people have been saying that the Sinterklaas festivities should be changed or completely forgotten, because 'the good man' is basically a slavedriver since his helpers are all black and have to do 'the dirty work'.
    And parents also tell their children to behave and act like a good little kid all year 'round, else "Zwarte Piet", which means "Black Pete", (as his helpers are known) 'will abduct them and take them to Spain in a bag'. People say that this makes kids scared of black people. - atila

  • ROM Dumps - Good news over at the MAME Unemulated ROMs Database: The database has been updated to MAME beta 9, and The Guru has dumped some new ROMs and has some MAME WIP news as well. - chris

  • GoodNES v0.999.7 - HERE's Cowering's latest GoodNES release - version 0.999.7 features 6504 entries and includes the following changes :

    - o - Lots more Translations
    - o - Hundreds of headers fixed (ROM fixer will return in 1.0 :-)
    - o - I'm out of things to add, if you have an unknown ROM, this is your FINAL call!

    Thanks to EmuHQ for the news and the file. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - More MAME WIP news was posted today. Thanks to Gridle for the news. - chris

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b9. - richard

  • DreamGBC 0.8 - This excellent GBx emu has had another update, here's what's new:

    *Fixed a background transparency bug.Now Megaman4&YuuYuu-3 have correct title
    *Timer constant adjusted.TENCHIWOKURAU's graphics shows correctly
    *Fixed a timer frequency setting bug.Many games(AMIDA/Castlevania Adv,etc) work with correct sound speed
    *Added support to MBC5,many GameBoy Color carts run on GB mode now!

    You can download DreamGBC 0.8 by clicking here. Be sure to check out the DreamGBC site for additional info. - atila

  • Mr. Methane - And I thought I was crazy :) Check out Mr. Methane - "The World's only performing flatulist"! Thanks to Hwakwind for the link. - atila

  • Linux Emu - There's a new site with emu news for the Linux OS: Linux Emu! - atila

  •    Monday, December 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:47 EST

  • System 32... - So you have the emu, but no games? Maybe a visit to Laser Emulation will help? ;) - prophet

  • Killer Instinct emu update - RCP's awesome Killer Instinct hardware emulator, U64Emu, now has sound just about finished! All that's left are some bugs to squash and it'll be ready for release. News obtained from KIAEP. (Thanks Gargos) - prophet

  • Modeler Tidbits - Some quick points regarding Modeler:

    - R. Belmont is the one who will continue development of the emulator.

    - For any dimwits who didn't get the joke, iVilDeD's KIDDING about the "hoarding." :P Keep an eye on Usenet and Guru-Choc's in the meantime...

    - dutch

  • SYSTEM32 EMU!!! - The author decided to release the current beta build, since he's unable to continue the project, so click here and download this emulator called MODELER, for WIN32, and start playing those Sega System32 games :) Oh yeah, it is VITAL that you read the docs. The emu was released through the ImpactEmu Site, but he's not one of the authors of ImpactEmu. - atila

  • ROM Heaven - GuruChoc has uploaded some more MAME WIP ROMs. You can grab them where all good ROMs are laid to rest. - chris

  • A.L.E. - Amiga Legal Emulation has added 6 new demos, 2 new games and a replacement for the corrupted Kastle Kumquat download. Enjoy :) - atila

  • Moron Of The Day - It's been a while, but we have a new one: http://members.aol.com/Savetele/ :) - atila

  •    Sunday, December 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:47 EST

  • RAINE Reached By 1 Million Visitors - Oooh , the RAINE homepage celebrates their 1,000,000th visitor today and it was no other like PeterD from EmuHQ which also informed me about RAINE's one million milestone ! The RAINE source code can now be found at Source Forge - looks like an interesting place to visit. - Opi

  • AdriPSX v00.12.01 - A new AdriPSX version is online, "most important addition is the menu" ... for more info about this Playstation emulator (I have no knowledge) - visit the homepage - thanks to SlasherX for the email. - Opi

  • NeoPocott News Madness - Oh well, Gollum's NeoPocott WIP report mania is still going on ... anyone bets against a new release in a short amount of time ? :) NEWS : 1) Judge added two hacks to get Sonic Pocket Adventure & Metal Slug 2nd Mission fully playable !!! 2) www.emuita.it posted an unofficial italian translated binary based on NeoPocott 0.37b. 3) Juan M. Caravaca Botia has just released a spanish translation of the general documentation of NeoPocott 0.37b. 4) Mic uploaded two pictures showing Sonic running on the PocketPC port :) - Opi

  • Genital68K v0.1 - Bart Trzynadlowski released a new version of his 68000 emulator, Genital68K. To avoid any confusion, this is a chip emulator and not a console emu :) This new release adds support for different supervisor and user address spaces ... whatever it means :) - Opi

  • New Ends Are Here... - The Video Game Museum introduced two new endings sections : First a C-64 section with added endings of Ultima 4 and Ultima 5 and second : a hot new baby ... a Sony Playstation section ! Online are endings of Air Combat, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions and Rage Racer + a mega large Final Fantasy 8 finale. Geeez - A Final Fantasy Ending With more than 20 pages !!!! - Opi

  • OC ReMix News - If you like David Lloyd's site and his remixes, then this update will please you ... OC ReMix offers a freshly remixed Dragon Warrior song called 'Reptile Jam' and the Metroid tune 'Metrotransfunk' for our entertaining and listening pleasure ! - Opi

  • Cinemaware = Classics For FREE ? - My secret "news weapon" DrSteveW hinted me this cool Cinemaware news story.
    Check the Defender of the Crown or It Came From the Desert games pages and you'll notice newly added download links for all versions of all games released by Cinemaware in the past. Sadly you'll receive a "Check back here soon for this and other great ROMS and downloads" message right now ... but the screenshots and box art links are already up :) Stay tuned, we'll keep you informed when they finally activated the links ! - Opi

  • Pretendo Author Interviewed - MGandhi from Kinox conducted an interview with Delta, author of Pretendo, a NES emulator for Windows. Follow this link to find and read it. - Opi

  • Unofficial nester ... Again - Hmmm - more nester news - here's your daily dose of Unofficial nester :

    - o - code fixed: 1
    - o - tested: 1
    - o - fix: save/load datas written to disk.
    - o - mapper support: BankSwitch-WRAM of
    ..... 'Best Play - Pro Yakyuu Special'(#1)
    - o - mapper support: 'Gekitou!! Stadium'(#1) (thanx rinao) - Opi

  • nesterJ v0.45 - nesterJ, a fine japanese Famicon/NES emulator for Win95/98/2000/NT systems, based on Darren Ranalli's Nester emulator, has been updated to version 0.45. Read below what's improved, added or just changed in this release :

    - o - added mappers 43,234
    - o - fixed mappers 1,4,16,45,71,88,112,232,235
    - o - support 'Family Basic Key Board'
    - o - fixed APU code
    - o - fix save/load datas written to disk.
    - o - support SaveRAM of 'Dragon Ball Z - Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin'(#16)
    - o - support BankSwitch-WRAM of 'Best Play - Pro Yakyuu Special'(#1)

    Wanna have this fine emulator ? OK - here's your chance - but be quick the offer is limited to 10,000 copies only :-)
    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Yape v0.26 - Well, here's another sign of Attila's coding craziness :) Yape v0.26 is online !

    - o - the emulator can now be run without DirectX
    - o - small border mode added (faster!!!)
    - o - drive folder selection dialog added (for disk LOAD operations)
    - o - more accurate Y-scrolling (TED register $FF06)
    - o - some optimisations in DirectX rendering
    - o - double size mode works now in DirectX, and is also faaast :-)
    - o - fullscreen DirectX mode is now supposed to work in all cases
    - o - miscellaneous fixes

    Get it here, many thanks to EmuViews for the update info :) - Opi

  • Dream GBC / xTender - DreamGBC 0.7 has been released, you can download it here or here. As well, xTender, a ZX81 emu for DOS has been updated to version 1.21. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Check the latest news from the MAME WIP page regarding the developing results from yesterday - thanks to Brian A. Troha for the email notification. - Opi

  • Things you don't do while fasting - Number 1: Forgetting to drink a lot of water when you get home from a night of partying :x (You're not allowed to drink/eat anything from sunrise 'till sunset) - atila

  •    Saturday, December 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 19:38 EST

  • Come On Sony, PLEASE - Kazuya_UK has started a petition to Sony to include 60hz options in all PAL Playstation 2 games. Click here if you wanna join his forces - but sorry to say - I don't think that he'll succeed :( .... proof me wrong, so I can avoid buying another US console :) Little Opi HATES PAL 50 Hz S..t ! - Opi

  • New Playable Games In TRWin - Ridge found two new games working ok to fine in TRWin - "Scooby Doo Classic Creep Capers" (Very fast and tiny glitches) and "Sin and Punishment - Tsumi no Batsu" Very fast and some small color glitches) Both running close to perfection but without doing any peep - no sound :) - Opi

  • Make It Easy With EasyEmu - Emu newbies (no offense, everyone started sometimes, somewhere) attention please MRV2K has upgraded his site EasyEmu with tutorials for Impact and DGen. He would be happy to answer all your emulator related questions :) - Opi

  • New Downloads - Guru-Choc has uploaded the newly emulated Sega SystemE ROMs at his site. All we need now is a new Mimic release :) - Opi

  • Liberty News - Heh, here's another EmuHQ news snack :) Liberty, a Game Boy emulator for the Palm OS was updated to version 1.2.3 - now with Rumble Pak and GamePad controller support, fixed save game function (restore to be precise). Liberty is shareware - you can download a demo version or register it for a $16.95 fee :) - Opi

  • Don't Panic please - HCC Software posted a new Game & Watch simulator for Win9x systems - Nintendo's Oil Panic Simulator v1.0 ! Thanks to EmuHQ for the handy news :) - Opi

  • GENSX News - WWEmu reported a new WIP report fresh from the GENSX homepage :) Tim Meekins wrote :
    "I've finished phase 1 of rewriting the the 68000 core. Along with a complete rewrite of the Genesis memory systems, the emulator is running faster. While rewriting the memory systems, I discovered several bugs and some long out-standing problems have been fixed. Best of these is the sound seems to be fixed. Every game I know of with sound problems seems to work correctly. There have been a lot of little problems fixed such as games with missing sprites and priority problems. On the 32X side of things, I'm rewriting the SH2 core in assembly and I'm showing some improvement in framerates. And for those keeping score, no, I have not started working on Sega CD support yet".
    Well, these are great news from this fantastic Sega Genesis emulator. - Opi

  • New Unofficial Nester - Emulation 9 posted the latest build of Unofficial Nester, click here to download it - new in this release :

    - o - code fixed 88(thanx rinao),232(thanx Fx3),16
    - o - tested 16,88,232
    - o - support SaveRAM of 'Dragon Ball Z - Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin'(#16)
    - o - support 'Devil Man'(#88)
    - o - support 'Quattro Games'(#232) - Opi

  • Poem of the Day - Kirkland (who's been in the skene longer than I have :) wrote a nice little poem called "[[ INSERT COIN ]]" (I think.. maybe it's "too much caffene?" :). Click upon these words of yellow to read it. :) - dutch

  • MAME WIP - Clicketh hereth foreth MAMEeth WIPeth. Oh ya, and don't forget to also click on the November WIP page to see more updates for the end of November. - chris

  • New Spectrum 128 Games - The 128 Museum has been updated with a couple of new games for Sinclair's ill fated computer baby :) Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the hint. - Opi

  • Important PocketNES News :) - If you're a fan of Richard Rice' PocketNES - then please - update your bookmarks for his new home here at Retrogames :)
    PocketNES can be reached via http://pocketnes.retrogames.com.
    Let's not forget that PocketNES 1.0 beta 3 is out and online. New in this third beta :

    - o - New Graphics option screen to adjust FPS, Auto-Skipping, Throttling,
    ..... B&W mode and Scaling
    - o - Sound options screen to enable and disable sound
    ..... (fixed a bug where re-enabling would cause crash)
    - o - PocketNES now remembers your controller, sound and graphics settings
    - o - Added the ability to reset ROMs without reloading them
    - o - Fixed a problem that caused Punchout to run too slow.

    The new release is available as ARM, MIPS or SH3 binary, if you're the lucky owner of a PocketPC - you can get this new goodie here. Welcome Richard to the Retrogames family, hope you'll enjoy your stay (and decision). - Opi

  • Welcome To NESCafe - Please welcome NESCafe, the worlds first Java emulator for the good old NES with sound ! Fore more detailed information check the NESCafe homepage - downloads are available here - Opi

  • Javascript Anyone ? - Everybody knows that disabling Javascript is a good tip to avoid annoying popup banners on some web pages :) But since my last visit at Emucamp I know that this isn't the full truth ! Zoop posted a link to K.Moriyama homepage and I followed his advice and jumped virtually to Japan. Hmmm .... well .... at least, not bad :) A bit basic but ... programming arcade remakes in Javascript may be tough but seems to be possible. If you're bored or something - have a look and smile. - Opi

  • SNEeSe v0.55 - SNEeSe, a fine DOS emulator of Nintendo's greates achievement ever - the Super Nintendo - was updated tonight. Seems like Butcha was the only active member for this release (Butcha maintains the SNEeSe sound core). New in release 0.55 :

    - o - Sound: Many changes to volume envelope timing
    - o - Sound: Corrected synchronization of sound mixing
    ..... and volume envelope generation
    - o - Sound: Implemented noise generation
    - o - Sound: Changed sound to use a double-buffering method
    ..... sound may skip on slower systems

    Click here to download your copy of this SNES emulator for DOS - thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. Well, I forgot ... here's the SNEeSe source to learn from ... or use it for your own fake emu - thats hip & cool in these times ;-) - Opi

  •    Friday, December 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 22:00 EST

  • Dutch's crusade :) - Okay, maybe it's a silly idea. However, I still get lots of mail and see lots of posts on message boards about eBay auctions that are selling "Emulation CDs." To most people's despair, nothing is done by whoever is hosting the auction. After reading this message board post and stealing Opi's HTML :), I made this page regarding what you can do if you want to fight back. It's also linked on the left as "Emu Auctions - Fight Back." - dutch

  • Speccy-Lovers Rejoice! - Gilby has added 48 new tape images to .TZX Vault! - atila

  • Mars discovery ? - Check this over at CNN:

    Two red planet scientists who found evidence of recent water flows on Mars will soon present "their most significant discovery yet," NASA said Friday.

    Michael Malin and Ken Edgett will announce their finding at NASA headquarters on December 7. A space agency spokesperson declined to give details.

    That sounds pretty sweet indeed! Let the speculation commence! - atila

  • Mimic WIP - Mike Beaver's multi-system emulator Mimic has made some astonishing progress recently - the homepage was updated with Mike usual technical bla bla :) and two screenshots of Transformer and Riddle of Pythagoras ! These title screenshots are the first online pics for both Sega SystemE games ever (running in an emulator of course) Thanks to SlasherX for the email :) - Opi

  • NeoPocott WIP - Gollum himself informed me about the latest NeoPocott developing news ! Mic, his friend and maintainer of the PocketPC port rewrote the bitmap blitter routine with the result of a 350 % speed increase for the Win32 version, "zoom x2, x3, x4 and even full screen are now playable" - expect a new Win32 release real soon ! The just mentioned PocketPC port needs some further work to avoid several serious WinCE emu crashes. And finally, a new MessageBoard is online too, for all of you Emu5ever, Boycott, NeoPocott, BoycottAdvance and Multicott fans out there :) - Opi

  • DreamGBC V0.6 - Well ... what should I say ... May I dare to announce the 4th DreamGBC release within the last 4 days ? Wow - thats real coding enthusiasm :) Look below to see Kervin's latest changes :

    - o - Fixed a noise channel frequency bug
    - o - Fixed some logical sound bugs
    - o - Added emulator configuration function to the ROM Loader
    - o - Emulate the colorization when play classical GB cart on a GBC
    ..... (1 palette availiable for now)
    - o - Support multiple resolution(up to 1024*768)
    - o - Zooming function(1X-4X)
    - o - 100% Scanline mode selectable

    Get it here, many thanks to DrSteveW for the notification. - Opi

  • SMOG Is Alive - Great news from SMOG, the Sega Model 1 Game emulator which seems to be revived from death :) In late october we reported the "near death" situation of this project, but today the homepage was updated with the following amazing news :
    "I FINALLY HAVE THE FULL V60 MANUAL! This means that SMOG development can continue. I would like to extend major thanks and props to Raul Bloodworth of MAMEDev for scanning in the full documentation. This now means that System32 and Model 1 emulation are within reach :-).
    I am incorporating the new found info into my disassembler, and very good results are showing up. Once I get the last few problems worked out, I expect to release the disassembler code and start work on a CPU core. Anyone with good experience in writing CPU cores is most welcome to help me out".
    Wow - thats half of my christmas / new year wishlist :) - Opi

  • Mameinfo.dat Homepage - M.A.S.H.'s unofficial Mameinfo.dat is now official (as reported earlier), it now has its own homepage over at Mameworld. Give it a bookmark. :) Place the mameinfo.dat file in your Mame or Mame32 directory, it contains additional information, issues, and known bugs with supported games in Mame and is viewed using the history function, in Mame32 the info is displayed in its built in front end. - dutch

  • Oh boy... - This is a case of: "Stop! Or I'll shoot you with my cellphone!". Click here for more. - atila

  • NeoGeo Dumpin' - |Wind| posted some info on our Neo Geo Messageboard that you might find interesting if you are a fan of Neo Geo emulation. It concerns a "small" project that he has going. :) - dutch

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