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  •    Monday, December 31st 2001 - Last updated @ 17:21 EST

  • Zyclone's Playground - Zyclone has uploaded day 4 of 3 ROMs at The Playground. - chris

  • NEW MAME!!! - There has been a NEW MAME

    WIP update... - chris

  • RuMSX v0.25 - And here's another interesting emulator release right in time to celebrate the beginning of 2002 - Rudolf Lechleitner's fantastic RuMSX MSX emu. Please visit Rudolf's homepage for the details of this new release. If you're interested in MSX emulation THIS emu is (IMHO) the best and most advanced emulator currently available for Windows platforms and best of all - it's FREE !

    I wish you all a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2002 ! - Opi

  • MagicEngine v0.9.9 beta 2 - David & Cédric Michel released a new beta of their famous TG-16 / TurboDuo / PC Engine emulator MagicEngine. And these are their latest achievements :
    • improved audio volume control.
    • implemented Arcade Card save state support.
    • fixed a few bugs in Magic System
    • fixed 'Ys IV : The Dawn of Ys' bug. :)
    • fixed 'Future Boy Conan' bug.
    Thanks to Navarone-san from Japan's leading emulation news site Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Top 10 Most Influencial Emulators of 2001 - The tradition has continued at EmuCamp, with the countdown of the most influencial emulators of the year. Number 10 is posted already, more are yet to come. - MetaFox

  •    Sunday, December 30th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:49 EST

  • Wolfenstein 3D for Dreamcast - crt0 has ported the most retro of first person shooters, Wolfenstein 3D, to the Dreamcast. It reportably runs well, and a public beta should occur soon. - MetaFox

  • Logiqx Releases - Logiqx has released data files Nebula 1.96, and new MAME Flyers data files. He has also updated the How to Compile guides (MAME and RAINE32) to use the latest MinGW packages. - MetaFox

  • Afternoon Stalker 0.9.1 - Afternoon Stalker is a clone of the 1981 Intellivision game Night Stalker. The player is in a two-dimensional maze. The player is attacked by robots that shoot at it and that it must shoot down. Changes: Ridiculous sound effects. License: GPL. - chris

  • TOSEC TEMP. OFFLINE - TOSEC is currently offline until a certain script on the site is fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience. Grendel, please check your mail.


  • They Only Live Twice - Dave Dries has posted a new MAME intro movie at CinemArcade called They Only Live Twice. Games featured this time are Elevator Action, Spy Hunter, Missle Command and more, all served up in the classic 007 style. - atila

  • Speaking of things to download... - Opoth has made a few Game Gear games available at this site. Gotta love them Game Gear and SMS games :) - atila

  • C64Heaven - Mason has updated C64 Heaven with various new images of C64 games for you to leech ;) - atila

  •    Saturday, December 29th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:14 EST

  • WonderScott Online 0.54b - This is a wonderswan emu written in Java. Changes include:

    - Many bug fixes
    - Add/Fixes some opcodes (thanks to many people)
    - Add some hacks for ports (thanks to Dox)
    - Better interrupts support
    - Better compatibility (but still low compared to Cygne)

    - chris

  • BoycottAdvance Online 0.15b - This is the Java version of BoycottAdvance. Here is what's new:

    - Many bug fixes (many fixes from BoycottAdvance Windows)
    - Add/Fixes some opcodes (thanks to many people)
    - Add/Fixes DMA support
    - Add DMA0/DMA1 support
    - Add Rotation/Scale support for Mode 1/2
    - Add/Fixes BIOS calls
    - Fixes 64-bit multiply opcodes
    - Fixes memory management
    - Some small optimizations

    - chris

  •    Friday, December 28th 2001 - Last updated @ 15:51 EST

  • Boycott Advance 0.23b - Earlier today, a new version of Boycott Advance was released. The changelog is sickeningly long, but this is good news for us, ofcourse :) Thanks to Spekkio for the news earlier this afternoon. - atila

  •    Thursday, December 27th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:29 EST

  • Ages 0.27a Released - A new version of Ages the Genesis/Sega CD/32X emulator has been released! There are two different version to download, one with a new M68000 core and one featuring the old core. Thanks to IceMan for the news. - RocLobsta

  • EmuForce Moved - I just received a note from [D]J of EmuForce letting me know that they have moved to a new server and from emuforce.com to emuforce.net. Be sure to pay them a visit. - RocLobsta

  • MAME.DK News - Good news from MAME.DK! The roms2.mame.dk server is now back online and the bandwidth should be back to normal! - RocLobsta

  •    Wednesday, December 26th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:30 EST

  • MAME WIP - The official MAME WIP Page has been updated once again. Not masses of new stuff but definately worth a look! - RocLobsta

  • Laser for Saturn WIP - I have posted a screenshot at the Laser Homepage of my latest project: porting Laser to the Sega Saturn. - MetaFox

  • Kablooey! - DUP has released their remake of Kaboom! called Kablooey! Redux, with all-new graphics and sounds but with the ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY intact! - atila

  • ToSEC - All you "file hunters" get ready because there's been a TOSEC update, which is dedicated to "all the people who don't want to take part in this commercial ritual called "christmas". Says Grendel ;) - atila

  •    Tuesday, December 25th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:28 EST

  • GOODIES! - If, like me, you didn't get anything under the tree this year (then again, I ain't Christian ;) you will be glad to know that Zoop thought of us! He has released 2 new SMS dumps, one is that infamous "20-in-1" cart and the other is a vertical schmup for the SG-1000 system, called Star Force. Thanks to Rico2000 for the news. - atila

  • Merry Christmas to all - Gee, do you remember me? It's been rather busy the last couple of months. I got moved out into my own house with my wife and 11 week old daughter. Anyone who's ever done that before knows how much fun it is. ;) And, unfortunately, I don't have a phone line at my house, and in between the house, the baby and work I don't have much time to get to my parent's house and use their internet connection. :( Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to get online again and start littering the front page with all sorts of stuff. Until then, keep sending in those E-Mails and you'll see me on here before you know it. :) - dhalamar

  • Arcade Flyers - A new flyerpack has been posted over at Arcade Flyers. This pack contains 59 new and 21 replaced flyers (2 to rename!), bringing the grand total to 1659 flyers. Stick 'em in yer MAME or RAINE and enjoy the show ;) - atila

  • New Emu Unlim Open - The new look Emulators Unlimited has opened! Very nice it is too! - RocLobsta

  • Have a very happy and safe holiday everyone! - RocLobsta

  • CAPS News - News in from Kieron Wilkinson: "Abandoned Places 2 - The "remastered" edition - a CAPS Christmas gift to the Amiga and Emulation communities. This is a special recompiled version from the original author. In other words, he has now made it availiable for free download! - He also happens to be the founder member of CAPS."

    Get it from the The CAPS Project here. - RocLobsta

  • Z80 Stealth Updated - Here's whats new in version 0.503:

    - New: For users of old nonMMX CPUs: Gigascreen & Flascolor work in video modes 0 & 1.
    - New: Z80 snapshot format enhanced so it now stores all info about Russian clones, General Sound cpu&memory info, hi-res video modes.
    - New: Hardware multicolor emulation.
    - New: ISA bus overclock for VIA chipsets. May help if you have troubles with ESS modes 32 & 64.
    - Bugfix: found workaround for ATI Radeon cards to initialize VESA modes without long pause
    - Bugfix: fixed bug which caused big slowdown on various SB & WSS clones.

    Download from it's homepage here. - RocLobsta

  • WLA DX 8.4 - WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 6510, 65816, and SPC-700 CPUs. Included in the package there is a GB-Z80 disassembler and few converters. Changes: The token parser could fail while skipping comma separated tokens inside .IF; this has been fixed. The documentation has been updated (a few crucial things were missing). .RAMSECTION has been fixed (was missing since its introduction). Internal pass 1 failed to see duplicate labels; this has been fixed. Address labels don't need to end with ':' any more. Support has been added for unnamed labels (-, --, +, ++, etc.). The stack calculator can now return strings (and will if the result consists of only one string). License: GPL. - chris

  • Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate this holiday. Have a pleasant and safe day today, and for the rest of the holiday season. - MetaFox

  •    Monday, December 24th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:21 EST

  • Sure plays a mean pin-ball... - El Condor has released a conversion of Data East's TOMMY pinball table for Visual Pinmame! This came out on the 22nd, before the BSMT2000 pinmame release, but sound in that new release works fine. Check out the forum post for details. - metallik

  • Baywatch for Visual Pinmame - JoeP has released a conversion of Sega's Baywatch pinball machine for Visual Pinball! Get the details and download links from his Shivasite forum post. This game should feature sound when used with the latest Visual Pinmame. - metallik

  • Christmas releases at CPS2shock - Big update over at CPS2shock... XOR files for the following romsets are now available:

    - Rockman II (Japan)
    - Street Fighter Zero II (Asia)
    - Marvel Superheros (Asia)
    - Darkstalkers (Asia)
    - Vampire Savior (European)

    Also, a new version (1.4) of Kawaks has been released to run these sets; also, a new release of Nebula is now available. The lengthy changelogs for these emulators can be read on the CPS2shock homepage. - metallik

  • EmuWizard 0.50 - I came across an interesting emulation frontend while reading Saint's board - called EmuWizard! Features include fully configurable controls, skinnable UI interface, 2 display modes: ListView & ImageBrowser, displays screenshot, marquee & flyer images, full support for MAME (tested with 0.56) & generic support for other command-line based emulators. It's suited for arcade cabinets, but anyone can use it of course. The skinning feature looks nice! - prophet

  • Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays! - Better get my best wishes message out there now before it's all over. :) Have a great one folks, and let's ALL make an extra special wish for peace on Earth this year. We sure need it. - prophet

  • Visual PinMAME & PinMAME 1.10 - Steve Ellenoff tells me "I'm proud to announce the official releases of both PinMAME and Visual PinMAME Version 1.10 today (Dec.23), the world's first and only pinball machine emulator. PinMAME project leader, Steve Ellenoff could not think of a better way to celebrate his 30th birthday today than to release the most anticipated release of PinMAME to date, with the inclusion of BSMT 2000 emulation, the #1 requested feature. Numerous other additions include Gottlieb System 3 working emulation, sound support for System 80b games, and numerous bug fixes." Get it now Pinball fans, from the PinMAME homepage! - prophet

  • Boulderdash Revisited - I used to LOVE that game on my trusty old Atari 800, and Zimond Remakes has posted a demo version of their remake, entitled High Carats! Did I mention a level editor comes along with the game? :) Guess I just did. - prophet

  • 24 Hour Videogame Channel?! - Hmm... "G4 is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week television network dedicated to creating a lifestyle brand that is the source of entertainment, news and information about the interactive entertainment industry, including video, computer, online and wireless games, for men (18-34) and teens (12-17)." Too bad it cuts off at 34, since I'm 35. Guess it's not for us old folks. ;P (Thanks Richard 'HotRod' Ragon) - prophet

  • Raging Dragon Beta 2 - Howard Casto informs me a new beta version of his emulator frontend for arcade cabinets is now available! "A buttload of redesigns/new features this time." - prophet

  • X-Arcade Review Updated - Read it now!!!1 :) It's late I know, and I didn't have time to do a true rewrite, but you'll find more info in general (criticism, pricing), plus some nice linked photos courtesy of Xavier from ADF informatique! I really think XGaming did a superb job with the X-Arcade, and it carries my highest recommendation, despite the inevitable imperfections. I will also name the winner of the X-Arcade Giveaway as soon as I get that information from Shawn. - prophet

  •    Sunday, December 23rd 2001 - Last updated @ 11:18 EST

  • TZX Update - The TZX Vault has been updated with over 500 new .tzx and .dsk files, included are a few previously unpublished games, many games which were MIA and MIS as well as various covertapes and compilations. This site is a must for Spectrum fans! - RocLobsta

  • MAME Bits - Pugsy has released an updated cheat file for MAME. This release is mainly a bug fix, but a few new cheats have made their way in too! Also Fandemame has released History.dat .56g, with quite a few new additions. - RocLobsta

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with reports for December. MESSDEVs are mainly trying to get all the drivers working with the latest MAME core for a new release. Click the link above to see all that has changed so far this month! - chris

  •    Saturday, December 22nd 2001 - Last updated @ 21:34 EST

  • MAME WIP - The MAME WIP page has been updated with some news items for the past week. - chris

  • romalizer 0.7pre2 - romalizer is an open source ROM management tool for xmame/xmess. This tool is currently in a beta development stage, but it is still very useful. You may also want to download a patch I made for xmame-0.56.1 (which should be included in the next xmame-0.56.2 release) which allows romalizer to work correctly with momoko. - chris

  • Gens v1.40 - Everyone's favourite Sega Genesis emulator Gens was updated to 1.40. Below are the latest changes in Stéphane Dallongeville's fantastic emulator :

    [SEGA CD]
    * CDD/CDC emulation improved (thanks Steve Snake for the fast foward/reverse command).
    * Direct CD read for play audio track, for the moment the synchro isn't yet perfect and we can heard noises sometimes.
    * CDC DMA fixed.
    * It's possible now to disable/enable CDDA playback.
    * Minor change in the memory mode register emulation.

    * YM2612 emulation improved :
    - Enveloppe phase fixed (right after a "key on" occurs).
    - Timers fixed.
    - Updated more often (slower but more accurate).
    * Z80 BUS flag fixed.
    * Z80 interrupt timing back to normal.

    * Added the "interpolated" render mode.
    * Some littles optimisations with "not MMX" renders modes.
    * Bugs with relative path fixed.
    * FAQ section of gens.txt updated, don't forget to check it before send any mails !
    * Minors changes...

    Download Gens v1.40 by clicking here. Don't miss the updated Gens manual downloadable at the Genesis Project site. Additional and updated language packs are online as well.

    FYI - I finally found a new (good) job but I've lost my internet access at work and I have to drive for a looong time ... I guess I can't have everything.

    Merry Christmas - just in case .... you know :) - Opi

  •    Friday, December 21st 2001 - Last updated @ 11:18 EST

  • S11emu 0.2-alpha Released! - Here's a new version of the new S11 Emulator, let's check what's new in this release:

    - Fixed bug in closing renderer.
    - Fixed bug caused by buggy Visual C, now Xevious 3D/G should be ok.
    - Added --roms-directory=dirname switch that allows to specify dir for roms.
    - Added new game: Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 (JP) Ver. A (is there anybody out there willing to play it? ;-) )

    So, now you can specify your own rom directory, which will make a lot of people happy :) You can download this release from ImpactEmu.Com.
    - atila

  •    Thursday, December 20th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:06 EST

  • HanaHo Q-Pad Giveaway Winner! - The entries are in, the random drawing concluded, and the winner is... J. Scott Miller! Congratulations - check your email for your notification. Thanks to everyone who entered the HanaHo Q-Pad gamepad for iPaq drawing - playing Santa is fun! =) Also, to all HanaHo customers - I've received word that HanaHo Games will be closed for the holidays from December 24th and reopen on January 7th. Basically, orders received by December 20th should ship the 21st, otherwise they'll ship when HanaHo reopens in January. - prophet

  • Huge exploit in Windows XP - Just saw this on several news sites.. due to the severity, I'm posting it here as well. A security flaw in Microsoft's Windows XP operating system (supposedly the "most secure Windows ever") can allow anyone to connect to a victim's machine over the internet and run code of his choice... basically, a root hole. No need for email exploits, virus launching or the like.. simply put: if you're running XP and are on the Internet, you're vulnerable.

    Microsoft has a patch here. Users of Windows 98 and ME who have installed Internet Connection Sharing for XP are also vulnerable. If you're running XP or ICS-XP, get this patch installed now. - metallik

  • New Visual Pinball release! - Randy has released a dogfood build of Visual Pinball tech beta 5! Check this forum post on the Shivasite for details and download links. Thanks to drtySOUTH for the news. - metallik

  • Emu Loader File Corrupt - Looks like the download is corrupt. No doubt Ciro will fix it when he comes online later. Stay tuned!

    Update: - OK Ciro seems to be away for a few days, so I updated his site for him. The navigation image and download are now fixed. Thanks to Eldio for the file. - RocLobsta

  • Emu Loader Release! Ciro is at it again! Here's the latest Emu Loader release as promised!

    Major what's new items:

    - Screen Saver: View all MAME pictures in full screen with beautiful effects
    - Parental Lock: Protect adult and other games from kids
    - User Profile: Create a special configuration for every user
    - Emu Loader Media Player: Listen to music and watch movies while you're using the frontend
    - New game filters: Three new buttons for a better visualization of games
    - New design: Lots of icons have changed, giving the frontend a new look
    - Language: Translate Emu Loader to any language you want (except Japanese/Chinese/Korean, etc)
    - Up to Five different MAME binaries
    - Hot Rod SE: Select games and other stuff with your Hot Rod SE.

    Grab it from the Emu Loader download page here. - RocLobsta

  • P.E.Op.S. 1.3 - The Psx Emulation Open Source project (P.E.Op.S.) contains several open source libraries (plugins) for freeware MSWindows and Linux psx emulators. License: GPL. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • Dega/SDL 1.07 - Dega/SDL is a Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator, ported to SDL. License: Free for non-commercial use - chris

  •    Wednesday, December 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:47 EST

  • PocketGB Needs Developers - Just noticed that Aaron Oneal is looking for experienced emulation developers to work on his excellent PocketPC multi-console emulator, PocketGB. At this point, it emulates everything from Sega Gamegear to GameBoyAdvance, and Aaron has some big plans for his PocketPC emulation software it seems. Keep in mind, it's a commercial emu, but there are some demo binaries online. - prophet

  • 2 Cinemaware Games Released - From the Cinemaware site: "Due to overwhelming demand from our fans, Cinemaware proudly presents the pulp sci-fi classics It Came from the Desert and its Europe-only sequel Antheads: It Came from the Desert II." Several ROM and disk images for the games are ready to download for a limited time. You'll also find an interview with David Riordan, the games' creator. (Thanks Rob) - prophet

  • MAMEinfo.dat 3.68 - M.A.S.H released the latest MAMEinfo.dat file! New stuff includes bugs as of 12/18 and the latest available info. - prophet

  • Starcade Memories - Older visitors from the USA will no doubt recall Starcade, the '80s game/trivia TV show about videogames! They featured most of early gaming's classics, and it brought back a few memories looking through their site. (Thanks Antos) - prophet

  • X-Arcade Review Pulled For Rewrite - After some valid criticisms of last night's initial draft, and some last minute programming issues, I've decided to rewrite my review. I also hope to obtain some better photos - to the person who asked how many megapixels my camera has, the answer is ZERO. :) It's an old Polaroid instant camera. I hope to get the rewrite finished by Friday. But yes, I still think it's an excellent control panel! - prophet

  • Burgertime - One of the many games I've not been able to finish in MAME yet is BURGERTIME. But that may change soon, as I've found: The Church of Burgertime! Featuring lots of background info on the game and hints, I may finally be able to finish (.ie, get past level 4) this game :) - atila

  • Videogame Museum Staff - Mek over at the Videogame Museum needs staffers! Take a look and see if you're interested. - prophet

  • Virtua Arcade - Described as "a collection of 6 games in a 3D Virtual Reality environment," the Virtua Arcade is still in beta testing, but you can try it now! You'll find several classic arcade game types represented, and according to the creators, another 74 games are planned for release by June 2002! (Thanks Richard of Virtua Arcade for the email) - prophet

  • X-Arcade Reviewed - I've just finished my X-Arcade Review. I've even included some really poor photos from my crummy instant camera. ;) Also, the X-Arcade Giveaway and HanaHo Q-Pad Giveaway contests are quickly coming to their conclusions! I'm looking forward to announcing the lucky winners. =) - prophet

  •    Tuesday, December 18th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:36 EST

  • But then again, you can test it out for yourself -- RIGHT NOW! This is a Namco System 11 emulator ("s11emu") with


    right now, because the author has no clue what chips were used in it :) So if you have any info on the sound chips, feel free to mail. Anyway, It's currently in debug mode, which is why it is slow(ish). TEKKEN 1 & 2 don't work correctly at this time!!! Oh yeah, you can download the 2 versions of the emu (D3D and OGL versions) from www.impactemu.com - atila

  • Climax ? - atila

  • Whoever said that emulation was a free hobby, was out of his mind. Upgrading your system to be able to play the latest emus and emulated games costs a lot of $$$ ;) - atila

  • I have a crap videocard :) - atila

  • 111.jpg - 112.jpg - 113.jpg - atila

  • AdvanceMAME v0.56.2 has been released over on the AdvanceMAME homepage.

    AdvanceMAME is the unofficial MAME for DOS and Linux with advanced video support for use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, and PC Monitors.

    AdvanceMAME Version 0.56.2
    - A complete Linux/i386 port based on the SVGALIB 1.9.x library.
    - A new frameskip computation system.
    - A new format of configuration file.
    - Limited support of Multi Processor (SMP) architecture for Linux - RocLobsta

  • Upcoming MAME roms - If you are interested in getting some ROMs in advance for the next release of MAME, check out the ABEM newsgroup (huge thanks to Kai and nirv) and ZyClone's site, he'll be rotating the selection over the next few days. - chris

  • AGIL 0.1.2a - AGIL is a clone of Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter used by Sierra On-Line in the 1980s to run games such as Space Quest, King's Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry. AGIL has been written to run primarily on Linux with Svgalib, but there is also X11 support. Changes: A major text input bug has been fixed. Also fixed are "How old are you?" in Larry, and the Cartridge retrieval thing in Space Quest. License: GPL. - chris

  • VMIPS 1.0.2 - vmips is a MIPS R3000 RISC CPU core emulator written in C++. Changes: Bugfixes in this release include a tty bug workaround for Mac OS X, some warning fixes for gcc 3.0.x users, and a few minor cleanups. License: GPL. - chris

  • SIDPLAY 1.36.49 - SIDPLAY emulates the Sound Interface Device chip (MOS 6581, commonly called SID) and the Micro Processor Unit (MOS 6510) of the Commodore 64 on your computer. It allows you to listen to more than 17000 famous C64 game and demonstration musics. Changes: This is a maintenance release that adds support for GCC3, updates the configure scripts, and fixes a bug in the fast-forward time counter which has slipped in with the previous patch-level. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Monday, December 17th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:50 EST

  • Mailwasher - For the past week or so, I've been using Mailwasher, a nice little program that does the following: "MailWasher is a powerful email checker with effective spam elimination. Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses and emails before they get to your computer."

    It's very much like PINE, except it has a nice gui and it allows you to bounce spam mails and delete virus emails :) It does all this BEFORE you download the mails to your computer, so you're pretty safe and if you're not certain what a certain mail is, you can retrieve the first few lines and check. You can then select action afterwards. It also helps you cut back on wasting bandwith on those spam mails AND it can prevent you from download fairly large virus mails. Very nifty indeed :)

    Thanks to RevenantUk for the mail about this program, which is freeware, but you CAN register it, if you like. - atila

  • AJ's - AJ has updated his site, adding lots of new and/or updated pinball tables.You can download the VpinMAME tables from AJ's site. Thanks to wild- for the news. - atila

  • 0verkill 0.16 - 0verkill is a client-server 2D deathmatch-like game in ASCII art. It supports free connecting/disconnecting during the game, and runs well on modem lines. Graphics are in 16-color ASCII art with elaborate hero animations. 0verkill features 4 different weapons, grenades, invisibility, and armor. The package also contains reaperbot clients, a simple graphics editor, and a level editor. Changes: This version contains new level, a lot of cool new graphics, some improvements to the old level, level negotiation, killing objects, several bugfixes, and an improved graphics editor. License: GPL. - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with work in progress reports for the month of November. Too much to list here, click the link above to get all the details! - chris

  •    Sunday, December 16th 2001 - Last updated @ 15:55 EST

  • VisualBoyAdvance 0.7.1 - VisualBoyAdvance is a GameBoy Advance emulator for Linux and Windows.

    Core Changes:
    - sound scratch problem fixed
    - sound mixing improved
    - sound channel 3 new function added
    - Gameshark code support fixed for some codes
    - all cheat codes are validated for wrong characters
    - 64k EEPROM support
    - added BIOS calls protection for BIOS memory area
    - fixed problem with stop mode and loading a save state
    - fixed window behaviour on some undocumented cases (thanks mrquackers)

    SDL version:
    - fixed debugger disassembled line when on breakpoint
    - fixed loading a state with a different sound quality (quality doesn't change)

    Windows version:
    - added new filters to the menu
    - maker name added to ROM information dialogs (thanks to /Fredrik)
    - fixed start up x4 problem
    - fixed GBA cheat search display problem when showing hex numbers
    - added cheat search for GB roms

    Thanks to K.K. for the news. - chris

  • Lord of the Rings for Atari 2600 - A new cartridge for the Atari 2600 was released last night at AtariAge. It is none other than The Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendale (prototype), just in time for the movie release! Thanks to Ze-ro for the news. - chris

  • NeoPop 0.112 - NeoPop, a NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator for Windows has been updated, with some bug fixes and changes to the debugger. - MetaFox

  • NeoGeo CD Emulator 0.5.8 - NJ has updated his japanese NeoGeo CD Emulator once again. - MetaFox

  • Vortendo 1.0.8 "Blue Eyes" Released! - Ti-Bone has released a new version of his NES emulator for Windows, so let's check what's new in this release:

    * Cleaned-Up Version, smaller in size.
    * Optimized the new video code, now a tad little faster.
    * Improved the Mapper #3 support, still preliminary, but now a lot more playable.
    * Added support to horizontal mirroring Mapper #3.
    * Added support to horizontal mirroring Mapper #64.
    * Hacked Mapper #64 to work faster.

    You can download Vortendo 1.0.8 Blue Eyes here. - atila

  • P65 Assembler 1.0 - The P65 assembler is a full-featured cross-assembler for the 6502 microprocessor (such as is used in the Commodore 64, Apple II, and Nintendo Entertainment System) written entirely in Perl. License: BSD. - chris

  •    Saturday, December 15th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:47 EST

  • HVSC update #29 - High Voltage SIDs Collection update #29 has been released, adding 750 new tunes bringing the total to 17,730 SID tunes. - chris

  • TSSHP 0.2.8c - TSSHP (The System Shock Hack Project) is a project to reverse-engineer and recode (from scratch, but using the original datafiles) the 3D role-playing/shooter games from Looking Glass (System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds). Changes: Depth-cueing and color support for c-space wireframes was added, as was the beginnings of OpenGL support. License: BSD. - chris

  • aylet 0.2 - aylet is a player for music files in the ".ay" format. These files contain code to play music on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128's sound hardware, including the AY-3-8912 sound chip. Changes: Several significant bugfixes and support for CPC files and native OpenBSD sound was added. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Friday, December 14th 2001 - Last updated @ 14:34 EST

  • GBA "Pacman" News! - Pacman is now running in full-color on the Pacman emu for GBA, it's just that the sprites are missing ;) The author hopes to have finished adding the sprites fairly soon, so that a release may happen over the weekend. Well, if he can stop playing with his girlfriend, that is ;) And yes, there's also a 2600 emu there. I got them mixed up, sorry about that, thanks to Warpath for the mail. - atila

  •    Thursday, December 13th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:36 EST

  • Happy B'day Aaron Giles - Just noticed at Aaron Giles' homepage that he turned a full 5 bits old the other day. :) Happy 31st B'day Aaron, and thanks for all the awesome emulation work. - prophet

  • NJ's NeoGeoCD 0.5.6 - NJ just released another update of his NeoGeoCD Emulator! Here's what's new, after using this altavista translator. It's pretty weird I know, but the "sea urchin correction" part just begged to be posted! :P

    - Drawing to recreate the part, somewhat acceleration. Rather than (thinking, not to become fast, markedly (laughing))
    - Being to have the case where it falls when modifying the setting of sound it corrects.
    - When other when modifying the setting, item has not been modified, it does not restart, sea urchin correction.
    - prophet

  • X-Arcade & Q-Pad GiveAways Reminder - Just a reminder for people that both the X-Arcade GiveAway and HanaHo Q-Pad GiveAway are still open, so be sure to enter before the 20th rolls around! And I can tell you the X-Arcade is worth winning - I've been testing mine for a day or so, and it's NICE. Expect my full review soon. Although, I have another new toy that's been eating up most of my spare gaming time. ;) More on that another day... - prophet

  • Arcade-In-A-Box - Saint from ArcadeControls.com told me about a brand new product called Arcade-In-A-Box. It's still being developed, and no final prices are set yet, but it appears to be a large arcade panel with a built-in PC that plugs straight to a TV. This new device is the brainchild of ArcadEd of DragonsDen, where you can download some great arcade sideart! - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has made another update to the MAME WIP page. - chris

  • MAMENet Lives! (sorta) - Hoonis has provided an xmame binary with the latest networking code provided by Steve Freeland. Supposedly this code works pretty well on a LAN but is probably not working good enough for a dialup internet connection *yet*. Update: For those of you who want to see the source code, you can find it here. - chris

  • Hey! - This is funny ;) - atila

  • Gngb 20011212 - Gngb is a gbc emulator for linux written in C. It support most of gameboy and gameboy color games. Changes: Try a new frameskip code. Add YUV Mode Resizable (option -Y). Clean Some Code. Fix Segmentation Fault when can't init sound. Fix getenv segfault on some plateform. Fix bit 0x01 when go 2 double speed (demokart work). Fix LCD int when write to LCDSTAT register (Legend of Zerd Work) License: GPL. - chris

  • Copter Commander 1.7 - A unique blend of arcade action and real time strategy, Copter Commander is fun for novices but surprisingly deep. It supports one to four players via Internet play and is based on the game design of Rescue Raiders/Armor Alley. Changes: This is a preview release for the big 2.0 release. Many, many things have changed from version 1.0. The playable vehicles Battlemech and Cargo Copter and comptuer players have been added. One engineer may be carried by a copter. There is a new Gun Country level. The balloon factory building has been added. C-c will do a screen capture. Support has been added for the Experimental Generic Input Interface (GII). Background weather is controllable via a command line argument. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Wednesday, December 12th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:27 EST

  • Warez Crackdown FYI - In case you haven't heard, three major FBI undercover multi-national warez crackdowns came to an end today, which resulted in what is probably the biggest crackdown the so-called "warez scene" ever saw. Read more about Operation Buckaneer, Operation Bandwidth, and Operation Digital Piratez here. More links: Cryptome, Yahoo, Wired, MSNBC, Fast Quote, Washtech, BBC, Australian IT News, Jippii.fi. - dutch

  • GameBoy Advance TV adapter! - Here's a very cool new product that lets you play your GBA on a TV! 2D gaming lives! :) - prophet

  • DreamGBA 2.5 - Kevin updated DreamGBA with some fixed CPU bugs and support for larger EEPROMs. You can view some screenshots here. The emu can be downloaded at Emu-Zone. (Thanks Lone2 for the email) - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Woohoo! More Mahjong at the MAME WIP Page. Some other cool stuff there as well so check it out! - chris

  • Roman has updated ClrMAME Pro to version 2.41a. This new version contains "Some cleanup, one fix and maybe a small speed increase". Thanks to Roman himself for the news. - RocLobsta

  • AGIL 0.1.2 - AGIL is a clone of Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter used by Sierra On-Line in the 1980s to run games such as Space Quest, King's Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry. AGIL has been written to run primarily on Linux with Svgalib, but there is also X11 support. Changes: An X11 Driver had been added. Optimizations have been added to the makefile. Code to handle wandering of objects has been written. There are various other changes. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Tuesday, December 11th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:13 EST

  • Reviewing the X-Arcade - The first shipments have begun! I hope to review the X-Arcade control panel sometime next week! Stay tuned. - prophet

  • NeoMAMEX II v.13 - Kitsune Sniper from Vice Translations told me about NeoMAMEX II (here's the English page), an unofficial Japanese NeoGeo version of MAME with all sorts of special features like realtime save and load game data, jukebox, netplay, sound recording, combo keys and more. Apparently they DO now adhere to the MAME license. - prophet

  • Biggest MAME Release EVER? - According to GuruChoc at Arcade Heaven, the next MAME release will support over 1 Gigabyte of new games. Yikes! - prophet

  • Win a FREE HanaHo Q-Pad! - Conway Ho of HanaHo Games offered to give a free Q-Pad (2 games included!) to a lucky Retrogames visitor, so I've setup this X-Mas Q-Pad Giveaway for iPaq owners! The Q-Pad basically turns your iPaq PocketPC into a fully functional handheld videogame device, and it works great with PocketPC emulators too. - prophet

  • SNK Revived? - The folks at SpekSNK (a great site for NeoGeo emulation fans BTW) emailed me about the possible return of SNK as "SNK NeoGeo", owned by a Japanese Pachinko company called "Playmore." SpekSNK is not resolving for me right now, but I found the same story over at Madman's Cafe. As long as SNK's great characters and game concepts live on...

    *UPDATE* - An anonymous source just verified this new deal, and told me the following: "The neogeo is alive and well and will have new games in 2002 including SNK vs Capcom. The us branch office should open in march/april 2002." Whoah... :) - prophet

  • AIAB In Trouble - James has just suffered a major setback, his HD has all but died. All the AIAB files, aswell as his university projects are now inaccessible and he needs to have his HD sent to a professional data recovery firm, but he has no funds to do so. If you want to help out, please visit Amiga In A Box. - atila

  • MacMAME 0.56a - Brad Oliver has released an updated version of MacMAME, so let's check out what's new:

    - Fixed issue that caused many games to not work at all or only partially work in 0.56. [Brad Oliver]
    - Internal changes to the precompiled headers to better support Carbon targets. [Brad Oliver]
    - Ditched Apple's MLTE text engine in favor of WASTE. MLTE under 10.1 and 10.1.1 can have serious stability issues if a Nav Services dialog is present when an app is also displaying an MLTE text field. This also fixes a bug
    that caused MacMAME to crash violently if you tried to drag-n-drop text from any of the ROM report dialogs under 10.1.x. [Brad Oliver]

    You can download this release from www.macmame.org. - atila

  • MUPEN64 0.0.1 - MUPEN64 is a n64 emulator designed to be multi-OS. It is developped on/for Linux but a Windows version is available. Actually, the program can be easily ported on all OS supported by the SDL library. Changes: First public release. - chris

  • Boycott Advance Online 0.12 - BAO is a Gameboy Advance emulator written in Java. Changes: Many bug fixes, Add/Fixes some opcodes (thanks to many people), Add/Fixes DMA support, Add DMA0 support, Add Rotation/Scale support for Mode 1/2, Add/Fixes BIOS calls, Fixes 64-bit multiply opcodes, Fixes memory management, Some small optimizations. There is also a preview at the website if you have java enabled for your browser. - chris

  • Bochs 1.3 - Bochs is a highly portable open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++, that runs on most popular platforms. It includes emulation of the Intel x86 CPU, common I/O devices, and a custom BIOS. Currently, bochs can be compiled to emulate a 386, 486 or Pentium CPU. Changes: Bochs 1.3 is a feature release of Bochs, with many great improvements over Bochs 1.2. Enhancements include a new configuration system, networking support in Linux and Windows NT/2000, native MacOS X support, and the ability to use ISO image files. A full changelog can be found here. License: LGPL. Thanks to Travis for the news. - chris

  • VisualBoyAdvance 0.7a - VisualBoy Advance is a GB/GBC/GBA emulator for Linux and Windows. Changes: Core changes: fixed slowdown/graphic sync problem, added BIOS calls Stop, IntrWait and SoundBiasReset (missing from 0.7 changes), enabled experimental graphic filters: pixelate and motion blur (config file or through command line on SDL or registry on Windows version). Windows version: fixed x4 problem. SDL version: fixed the disassembler commands parsing when passing instruction count, added usage messages when missing argument to call. License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  •    Monday, December 10th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:17 EST

  • Cactus Canyon for Visual Pinmame - JoeP has created a version of Bally's Cactus Canyon for Visual Pinmame! The homepage for the table is here. There are also some threads over on the ShivaSite forum about the table, including some quick fixes to the original.

    Note that this particular machine holds a special place in history as the last "traditional" machine produced by WMS Industries (Bally/Williams) before they went with the Pinball 2000 platform. Less than 1000 Cactus Canyon machines were made, and as such, they are quite difficult to find on location or to buy for one's collection. Thanks to Visual Pinmame, many more people will have an opportunity to check out this cool game.

    Thanks to DrtySOUTH and Pinhead for the tip. - metallik

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted more updates to the MAME WIP page. Sega fans should like this update. - chris

  • xmame 0.56 for Solaris - Georgie has xmame0.56.1 (source & binary) for Solaris UltraSparc (xmame.x11) available at his web site. If you are a Solaris user, check it out! - chris

  • FCE Ultra .73 - FCE Ultra is an NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator for various platforms. It is based upon Bero's original FCE source code. Features include good PPU, CPU, pAPU, expansion chip, and joystick, and authentic Game Genie emulation. Save states and snapshot features also have been implemented, and the VS Unisystem is emulated as well. FCE Ultra supports iNES format ROM images, iNES- and FWNES-style FDS disk images, and NSF files. Changes: Many minor bugfixes, improved joystick button configuration code, CPU/PPU timing adjustments, and support for more expansion hardware. License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  •    Sunday, December 9th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:03 EST

  • Emulaxian Frontend 0.40 - Peter Vogels continues to update his unique frontend, Emulaxian! Console emus are now supported as well, here's a screenshot to prove it. Also, his site is just amazing fun to visit. :) Behold the new stuff:

    -The frontend now supports as many emulators as you want, each with an option for an alternative exe, up to 16 gamelists per emulator and 24 entry's per game that almost all can be used to set to whatever and used for triggering commandline options...I hope that is enough ;-)
    -I killed the seperate launcher, the frontend now stays resident, much faster and elegant switching between geams and the frontend...
    -Change on the fly between using a 3dcabinet to display the marquee and screenshot of the current game or just the marquee and screenshot by themselves for both the horizontal en vertical version.
    -Cabinetmode: Hide the taskbar, hide the mousepointer, hide all windows so you won't see those ugly boxes and disable window keys for that real cabinet feel...but be careful, selecting this option can lockup your system ;-)
    -Better speechhandling, I now directly call the active-x control and check for most common errors.
    - prophet

  • More Arcade Packs for PocketPC? - Larry "Bitbank" Bank is trying to convince Microsoft and/or Namco to release more Arcade Packs (see my review) for Pocket PC's. If you're interested, let your voice be heard on this Brighthand thread, where you'll also see a preview of Galaga running perfectly on a PocketPC! - prophet

  • Q-Pad for iPaq - HanaHo emailed me about their newest, and smallest, controller - the Q-Pad for iPaq PocketPC's! It snaps right onto your iPaq, and eliminates those "single button press" limitations! You'll also find PDA editions of classic Capcom games like 1942 & Section Z available (emulated of course:) so the Q-Pad won't go to waste. ;) - prophet

  • Twin Galaxies MAME Decathlon 2002 - Competitive MAME players might want to enter this contest! Not just for fun, but for the prizes too. Here's what they told me: "Now players won't just be competing over who's the best, and for world records; they'll also be fighting over a Hotrod! Yes, that's right, Hanaho, the creators of the ArcadePC and some very excellent iPaq hardware and software, will give the winner of Deca2002 a free Hotrod controller!" (Thanks J.D. of Snipercade) - prophet

  • Capcom Presents Metal Slug? - Maybe. Here's an interesting report about Capcom's attempts to purchase many of the hottest SNK intellectual properties. Aruze, Brezza, Capcom... Who would you rather see producing future "SNK" games? (Thanks D.Meadows) - prophet

  • Dead CD Project - J-War from Aceroms emailed me about his "project to gather all ISOs for dead CD Games systems in order to put them online for our users, our collection is quite huge now and that release project should start in the first month of 2002." There will also be a new layout and new history sections coming soon. - prophet

  • I'm still alive, some updates coming... - prophet

  • PSX Fanatics' Installation Packs - For those getting started on the PSX emulation journey PSX Fanatics now has emulator installation packs with everything one would need to get started (except the BIOS of course). Install packs are available for EPSXE, FPSE, AdriPSX, and PCSX emulators. These installation packs comes with cheats, configurations guides and more to help you get started with PSX emulation on Linux. Thanks to Keith for the news. - chris

  • TSSHP 0.2.8b - TSSHP (The System Shock Hack Project) is a project to reverse-engineer and recode (from scratch, but using the original datafiles) the 3D role-playing/shooter games from Looking Glass (System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds). License: BSD. - chris

  • gnuboy 1.0.3 - gnuboy emulates the Color GameBoy handheld console in portable C, with interfaces for X11, Linux fbcon and svgalib, SDL, DOS, and Windows, with other ports planned in the future. Changes: All ANSI C compatibility issues should now be fixed in the source, making things easier for porters not using gcc. New features include minimal support for gzipped ROM files (to be improved later), color filtering to make the display look more like a real CGB, and a hack to unlock GBA-only functionality in some CGB games. DMG sprite sorting is finally fixed, and some games using the HuC3 mapper are now playable. Various other minor bugs and compile-time issues have been fixed. License: GPL. - chris

  • AGIL 0.1.1 - AGIL is a clone of Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter used by Sierra On-Line in the 1980s to run games such as Space Quest, King's Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry. AGIL has been written to run primarily on Linux with Svgalib, but X11 support is under development. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, December 8th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:57 EST

  • Emulators for Gameboy Advance released - Due to time constraints, the anonymous author of the Atari 2600 and arcade Space Invaders emulators for the Gameboy Advance has decided to release both emulators at this time, with full source code included! No support is provided for the binaries, but if you wish to work on the programs themselves, there is an email link on the homepage to contact the author with. The homepage is here. - metallik

  • Another Virus Update - Someone else is sending out the BadTrans virus under my name. The offender's IP is (Versatel NL). I've received mails from people saying that they've received the virus mail from me, but their names and mail addresses were not in my address book, so it's not possible that the mails originated from me. Whoever it is, apparently is connected to the "scene" somehow as lots of "sceners" have received the mail. - atila

  • Virus Update - I ran Norton's Badtrans32 Fixer and it said my system was not infected. So I have no clue how and/or what happened. - atila

  • VIrus Alert! - If you receive a mail from me with an attachment, please delete it right away. I'm still trying to figure out how this happened (if it is indeed me). According to a few people, I'm sending out the BadTrans virus, eventhough I always delete the mails when I get them and my virus software is updated daily. So how this happened, I have no idea. I'm still trying to figure this out.


  • Modeler 0.9.3a Released! - This update delivers more speed and has load of new fixes which you can read for yourself by checking out the Modeler news page. You can download the new update from the Modeler "files" section there. - atila

  • Nebula 1.95 - Nebula brings more oatmeal in your emulators, as this excellent Capcom CPSx emulator and NeoGeo emulator for Windows now has support for Metal Slug 3, Garou, and King of Fighters 2000. - MetaFox

  • uCON64 1.9.7 - uCON64 is a tool to backup all kinds of video game media (Cartridges and CDs). It supports most available backup units for cartridge-based consoles and uses cdrdao as a burn engine for CD-based consoles like the Dreamcast or Playstation (but has a lot more options, like diverse ROM modification). It can operate as an intelligent frontend for every emulator available. Changes: Quite a few additions and updates. License: GPL. - chris

  • Cygwin 1.3.6 - Cygwin is a DLL which provides a Unix emulation environment for Windows. The Cygwin environment provides a complete port of such development utilities as gcc, binutils, gdb, make, etc., as well as a number of useful utilities. Changes: This version adds increased support for "/cygdrive". It also has some bug fixes for tape drive handling, and exports a "ualarm" function. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Friday, December 7th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:10 EST

  • mameinfo.dat 3.66 - M.A.S.H has released a new MAMEINFO.DAT file. This update contains new bug information and WIP information as well as infos from the older listinfos 0.35b9-0.36b4. - chris

  • Unofficial Hiscore.dat 7.9 - Leezer has released a new Unofficial hiscore.dat. Version 7.9 adds highscore support for rambo 3 (us), aqua jack (world), super chase - criminal termination (us), bal cube, sky adventure (world & us), kitten kaboodle, typhoon, tinkle pit (japan), spatter, charmeleon, drive out, sprint 1, special criminal investigation (world set 1), chase hq (world), and space force. - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with Work-In-Progress information for the month of October. Lots of MESS GUI updates by Nathan Woods and other fixes to get MESS drivers to work with the new MAME core. - chris

  • VisualBoy Advance 0.7 Test - VisualBoy Advance has recieved a small bug fix. This test version should correct the slow down/graphic glitch problem that was in 0.7. If this does fix those problems, an official release will occur soon. - MetaFox

  • NJ's NeoGeo CD Emulator 0.5.5 Fix - NJ's NeoGeo CD Emulator has recieved a minor bugfix update. - MetaFox

  • Nemu64 INI 2.4.1 - The Offical Nemu64 Ini was updated with several corrections, as well as Public Domain additions and comments. - MetaFox

  • MagicEngine News - Magic Engine, a shareware TurboGrafx-16 and TurboCD emulator for Mac and Windows that costs $16 to register, will have a special Christmas release for both platforms that fixes some bugs in the previous version. - MetaFox

  •    Thursday, December 6th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:03 EST

  • Battle of the Consoles - Tom's Hardware has put up an interesting article about videogame consoles here. It's a pretty good read, detailing console history and the cycles the industry has gone through, from the age of Atari to the X-box and Gamecube. Check it out. - metallik

  • VisualBoy Advance 0.7 - Forgotten has updated VisualBoy Advance with various fixes for gameboy and gameboy advance, as well as Gameshark code support, and more. - MetaFox

  •    Wednesday, December 5th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:28 EST

  • ClrMAMEPro 2.41 - Roman Scherzer just released the latest version of his popular utility, ClrMAMEPro! New stuff:

    added: automatic zip fix (Wooooohooooo). Fixes bad date/time flags and bad central directory entries (if possible)
    added: some more functions to the easter egg :o)
    added: the "looking for unneeded & wrong named sets..." progress dialog shows now the currently checked file, too
    added: "MB" behind the zipcache value :o)
    misc: zips with DataDescriptionTags (rarely used) aren't skipped in a possible fixname operation anymore
    misc: little update to the DataDescriptionTags support when reading a zip
    misc: sets don't have to exist anymore when using the set mask/wildcard selector
    misc: filebrowser initially opens in the correct (last used) folder
    misc: increased the cache which is used in the fixname procedure
    misc: speed update for the paths selector in the settings dialog.
    - prophet

  • Intellivision On TV - Kyle Davis tells me the TV Show "Screen Savers" on Tech TV will have a segment tonight on the Intellivision! Check the Bliss site for the full story. - prophet

  • Metal Slug 3 V2 IPS Patch - The old V2 dump was bad, use this IPS patch to fix it (from CRC 4cd5e822 to 7e2a10bd). Thanks go to Treble Winner for making it. If you aren't familiar with IPS, take a look at this excellent FAQ at Zophar.net. - prophet

  • PocketNES 1.0 Final Beta - PocketPC fans will be happy to hear about this release of Richard Rice's NES emulator, PocketNES!

    -The on-screen buttons have now been fixed so you can use the directional pad to go diagonally. The A+B buttons can also be triggered at the same time by pressing between them.
    -You can now toggle to and from game mode by tapping on the screen above the virtual pad.
    -Multiple game save states can now be loaded and saved instead of having only one save per game.
    -Speed improvements in the sound code that make PocketNES a bit more playable on slower devices.
    -Finally moved to an automatic installer instead of the lame zip files.
    - prophet

  • 1964 0.7.1 - The Nintendo 64 emulator 1964 was updated as follows:

    - Fixed full-screen bug
    - Fixed zipped roms bug
    - Repaired Paper Mario FlashRAM save bug
    - Various emulation bug fixes
    - New ini by by DSF, NooTe, 3x3cUt0r, schibo, and Rice
    - More speed- "Advanced Analysis" is a new Game Setting. All games should work with it on, with the exception of Conker. Conker requires it off. Read Advanced_Users.txt for additional info on this new compiler option.
    (Thanks pAsSiVe of EmuHelp) - prophet

  •    Tuesday, December 4th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:56 EST

  • MAME WIP - The MAME work-in-progress page was updated with the latest developments, including screen shots of a 1983 Williams' baseball game called Play Ball! - prophet

  • Nintendo Vs. Donkie Kung - Apparently Nintendo doesn't like DK clones on Palm handhelds, or maybe they're just planning to bring out their own Palm games and want to kill any potential competition? Hmm... They've sure come down hard on Ardiri for his look-alike games. Here's the story. (Thanks The Emperor) - prophet

  • Satourne: Soon to be Open Source! - Fabien Autrel plans to release the source code next week for his Sega Saturn & ST-V emulator, Satourne! A new GUI is currently being coded, and some screenshots of Satourne running the ST-V game Guardian Force (albeit imperfectly) can be seen here. (Thanks Ben-J of Consollection) - prophet

  • MAME FE 1.6 - Fabio updated his frontend, MAME FE! This release is called "Multi Language Mauru" - here's why:

    - Multi Language Support !! "English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalonian,Portuguese, Polish, Greek"
    - Joystick Enabled Interface
    - Many Graphical Improvments
    - prophet

  • Foon 0.08 - Foon, the lovable, huggable Spectrum emulator for the Gameboy Advance, has been updated with a full menu system. Now featuring the ability to remap keys as well as insertion of unmapped keypresses, a bunch of video options, snapshot save/restore, and much more. - MetaFox

  •    Monday, December 3rd 2001 - Last updated @ 21:05 EST

  • System16 Update - Sixtoe updated the excellent arcade game information resource called System16.com! Tons of new bits about many Sega, Namco, Atari and Konami arcade games have been added for your perusing pleasure. Also, due to a nasty HD crash, Sixtoe needs a little help - take a look and see what I mean... - prophet

  • FCE Ultra 0.72 - FCE Ultra, the open sourced NES emulator for Windows, DOS, and Linux, has been updated with various minor bug fixes, various code cleanups and size and speed optimizations, Game Genie fixes, more accurate 6502 emulation, and support for iNES mappers 72, 77, 226, 227 and 234. - MetaFox

  • FreezeSMS WIP - Meka-l33t has posted some pictures of the Work in Progress FreezeSMS NES driver in his latest rumor mill. - MetaFox

  • MAMECE3 News - MameCE3 has had an update! Version 9.3 of this excellent emulator has been released and it now features full support for most PocketPC 2002 devices! Thanks to Techmaster for letting me know. - RocLobsta

  • Neo-0 Forum Update - Neo-0, a NeoGeo dumping/enthusiast group, has reopened their forum here! (Thanks Neo-0TerryB) - prophet

  • history.dat - Brian Deuel has appointed a new maintainer for MAME's HISTORY DATABASE (history.dat), since it was basically dead for the past year. The new maintainer is Fandemame and you can mail him your corrections / contributions to Fandemame@aol.com. - atila

  • MMGen 1.0 - MegaMan fans should enjoy MMGen, a password generator for the original 8-bit games 2 - 7! Apparently you can use it go to any level, and also places you normally can't go to at all. (Thanks Firehawke) - prophet

  • GameBase64 Update - James burrows wrote me "The C64 frontend and database utility, Gamebase64, has now gone universal, meaning it supports all emulation systems, not just the C64. The new site for the upcoming release is http://www.bu22.com. Please note that the Gamebase64 site (http://www.gamebase64.com) is still alive and kicking and will be the official site to host the GameBase collection of C64 games. The frontend has been renamed to GameBase, and features a simple but powerful scripting language for setting up emulators and running games exactly the way you want. For more information, screenshots and a full feature list please check the new site out. The beta is due out in mid-December." - prophet

  • "IT"/Ginger Is Revealed! - After nearly a year of wild specultion, Time Magazine has revealed what IT really is. IT is called SEGWAY, btw :) Now, where can I order myself one of them thingamajiggs? Thanks to Cave-Bass for the news. - atila

  • Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator 0.51 - UADE plays old Amiga tunes with UAE emulation. It uses original Amiga Delitracker Deliplayer binaries to support at least 90 different sound formats. UADE doesn't depend on proprietary components, since all the needed Amiga Kickstart ROM functions are cloned as GPL. Changes: Lots of new deliplayers, sequential subsong playing, better song end support for many formats, song duration database system, hidden song detection for mod variants, a switch to 68020 emulation system (to give AHX), panning support (stereo <> mono), etc. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Sunday, December 2nd 2001 - Last updated @ 21:11 EST

  • Cheats 0.56 - All MAME cheaters take note; Pugsy's MAME Cheats recently released a new cheat.dat file updated for MAME 0.56! And be sure to read his messageboard if you enjoy cheats, as it's often the first place people post new cheats. (Thanks BraiNKilleR) - prophet

  • NesterDC 5.0-pre 1 - An experimental version of NesterDC, an NES emulator for the Sega Dreamcast, has been released. NesterDC 4.0 will be the next official release. 5.0-pre 1 contains a VMU font driver and a queue base vid driver, that apparently will not be in the 4.0 release. - MetaFox

  • ClrMamePro 2.4 - Roman Scherzer updated his popular ROM management/rebuilding utility, ClrMAMEPro! New stuff mainly includes new fixname & fixcase routines - much faster! - prophet

  • 30 Million - Well... This is old news but we forgot to mention it! :) Last Saturday evening we passed 30 million hits here at Retrogames - congratulations to Kirkland for being the 30 millionth visitor! And thanks to all of our visitors for your support over the years. - prophet

  • Update At The Guru's - Check out The Guru's site for news of more new dumps, and some screenshots of Enforce (Taito, 1988) being emulated courtesy of a new MAME driver by David Graves! (Thanks again Brian Troha) - prophet

  • MAME.net Redesign & WIP - The Official MAME site is now featuring a brand new design, lookin' good! You'll also find a nice new screenshot laden work-in-progress update. (Thanks Brian Troha) - prophet

  • FunnyMu 0.41 - FunnyMu is a Funvision/Whizzard/Creativision emulator for Linux. It is highly experimental. It only runs on x86 processors. Please read the FAQ that comes in the download. Changes: Tidied up the SDL code a bit and removed Unix.c and LibUnix.c that aren't really required any more. Sound still works fine under Linux but varies on Win32. May depend on your sound card. License: free for non-commercial use. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with work in progress information for the rest of September. Lots of updates to make MESS work with the MAME 0.54 core, a new TMS7000 CPU core by Tim Lindner, a VIC-1001 driver by PeT, BBC updates by Gordon Jefferyes, a Unipolbrit UK-2086 driver, and Spectrum Psycho driver by Krzysztof Strzecha, 80 column card emulation for the Einstien driver by Kev Thacker, and much more! - chris

  •    Saturday, December 1st 2001 - Last updated @ 21:53 EST

  • PinMAME News - BIG news in fact. According to Steve Ellenoff, thanks to Aaron Giles new BSMT2000 music chip emulator, PinMAME now has "full sound support for every Data East, Sega, and late model (post 1998) Stern pinball machine." While still being tested, Pinball emulation fans will surely be happy to hear this news. ;) See the PinMAME homepage for the details. - prophet

  • Boycott Online Preview - Ben-J informed me he has a preview screenshot of Gollum's (Boycott Advance author etc.) latest project in Java - Boycott Online! Now at Consollection - note it's in French. - prophet

  • Tiny Classics - Nick Will emailed me about Tiny Windows Games, a site that features versions of classic games like Asteroids, Invaders and others in the form of minitaure windows for your "sneaky worktime pleasure." :) And they ARE really, really tiny. You'll see what I mean... - prophet

  • Enter the SlikStik (formerly ROMboxX) - Just received this news: "We have launched a new site with tons of new features and we have a winner in the RomboxX renaming contest. It is now SlikStik, the new site is http://www.slikstik.com. The winner is Chuck McGee and he has won a free SlikStik. We have also added a custom Oscar 1 spinner to our unit, making it second to none on the market today." So, if you're looking for an arcade panel take a look! (Thanks SlikStik & Saint's BYOAC) - prophet

  • Raging Dragon Unleashed - Howard Casto has released the first full public beta of his new frontend! Get it from his brand new Raging Dragon homepage hosted over at Oscar's Controls. (Thanks to Saint of BYOAC and Howard Casto for the emails) - prophet

  • PS2 Namco Museum - Walleye sent me this IGN link about the upcoming Namco Museum for Playstation 2! It sounds quite nice, featuring 12 games in total, including arranged (i.e. updated) versions of Pacman, Galaga & DigDug. - prophet

  • Foon 0.07 - FooN, the Spectrum emulator for the Gameboy Advance, has been updated fixing some opcodes. Several more games should now work. - MetaFox

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