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  •    Wednesday, December 31st 2003 - Last updated @ 18:03 EST

  • MESS 0.78 - MESS has released an updated version for the new years celebration! Updates include a new Coleco Adam driver, Apple ][ improvements, SNES HiRes support, and device handling changes for better image creation. View the full changelog here. - chris

  • OC ReMix BitTorrent Distro - As part of the New Year's festivities (and also to help save bandwidth) OverClocked ReMix is now offering the first thousand mixes (or so) via two BitTorrent distributions at http://bt.ocremix.org - leech, help us seed, or both, if you're looking to download *a lot* of great game music ReMixes, you can't lose - Happy New Year's :) - david

  •    Monday, December 29th 2003 - Last updated @ 06:20 EST

  • EMame 0.94 - EMAME is a port of MAME for Symbian devices (mobile phones). Currently supported are the Ericsson P800/P900, Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia 6600, and Siemens SX-1), from the whats new -
    -The "Fit Screen" game mode has been improved. The games fill up the entire screen (in one dimension), and the scaled game screen looks better. Also, scaling is a little bit faster.
    -Sound works in some more games. (This makes these games slower; disable sound if this is a problem.)
    -Pressing the menu button pauses the running game. (But resuming still does not work.)
    -Configuring keys in a game works.
    -Support for non-volatile ram.
    -Support for saving hiscores using hiscore.dat. Update (7 dec): Make sure you have a compatible hiscore.dat file!
    -Some new game drivers that use the M6809 processor were added. (The williams.c driver file - defender, for example.)
    -Image scaling slightly improved.
    -Scrolling the screen in "Normal" mode now uses the exact screen area used by the game.
    Download it from here or for more on what games are supported go to the homepage, thanks to Hawq for the headsup - sixtoe

  • MAME Derivitive Builds Updated - Most of the better known derivitive builds have had an update to the MAME 0.78 core, these include MAME32, MAME/MAME32 Plus, SmoothMAME, FastMAME and MAME32fx .78 - sixtoe

  • MAME Support Files Updated - With a new MAME also comes the normal brace of updates for the various support files -
    History.dat (game history file)
    MAMEinfo.dat (general info)
    Catlist (game catagories)
    Mame Titles (title screens) - sixtoe

  • Dev WIP's Updated - Various emu devs have updated their WIP sites over the crimbo period as well -
    Dox's WIP page has been updated.
    Reips WIP page has been updated.
    Charles McDonald's WIP page has been updated. - sixtoe

  • UnMamed Updated - Now that a new mame is out, Unmamed has been updated - sixtoe

  • EmuLoader Updated - Ciro's excellent MAME/emulator frontend EmuLoader has been updated - sixtoe

  • Final Burn Alpha v0.2.94.98 released - Again, as previously mentioned, FBA has had a crimbo update, here's whats new -
    - Fixed all the new bugs introduced in the previous version
    - Fixed the raster effects in Samurai Shodown 3
    - Preview images can be any png file upto 1024x0124 pixels
    - Added descriptive text to screenshot png files.
    - Added a system information dialog that's used when FB Alpha crashes
    - Added the english language versions of mahoudai and shippumd - sixtoe

  • Richard Bannisters Mac Updates - As mentioned before, with the emulator enhancer updated again all of his emulators have now been updated to work with it, these includes Mugrat, Nestopia, Rainbow, Vecx, Arnold, Boycott Advance, fMSX, Frodo, Generator, Genesis Plus, Horizon, Jum52, KiGB, MO5, Neopocott, O2Em, Oric, Oswan, RockNES, SimCoupe, SMS Plus, TEO, Thom, TGEmu & ViBE.
    Check out his homepage for more info - sixtoe

  • Jpemu 2.41 - Jpemu is a JPM fruit machine emulator/simulator much the same as Visual PinMAME, from the whats new -
    "A *couple* of the fixes I had made and put together this, the public beta of 2.41. It's far from being the "finished emu" that I wanted it to be, and some features such as Multi-Lamp (tri/quad lamps), Disc Reel, Graphic Buttons, Auto Screenshot and Full Screen did not make this release due to being lost in a HD crash"
    *note* - JPeMu 1.45 Releases do not work under the new JPeMu 2.41 - sixtoe

  • SNESGT Ver0.14 Released - SNESGT is a SNES emulator for Windows, from the whats news -
    - Fixed some GUI bugs.
    - Modified IRQ,NMI,RAM refresh and H-DMA timing.
    - Modified window mask area.
    - Improved the renderer code.
    Homepage is mostly in Japanese, but there are some translations - sixtoe

  • Sixtyforce v0.7.5 - N64 emu has been updated, from the whats new -
    -Fixed a long-standing core bug that broke many things including causing Link to fall off ladders in Zelda.
    -Keyboard keysets can now be renamed.
    -Unregistered users can now play any game for 5 minutes with a game controller.
    -Lots (10+) of minor and very technical under the hood bug fixes. The end result is higher compatibility and better playability for many games.
    -Fixed some problems with freeze states that should have them working properly in every game now - sixtoe

  • Joyce 2.1.2 - Joyce, the Amstrad PCW emu, has had an update. From the whatsnew -
    The bug fixed last year in 2.0.2 is now fixed in the development version as well. This version also includes acceleration code in the PcW16 emulator, allowing slow operations such as the memory test to be skipped -

  • YewNes YewNes, a commercial NES emulator for the Nokia Ngage and other S60 Mobile Phones, has been released. There is a trial version of it for download - sixtoe

  • OpenSnes9x V2 Updated - A SNES emulators for the GP32, lots of bugs fixed in this release and lots of additions - sixtoe

  • fGEN32 Xmas Beta Released - fGEN32, until recently a private Genesis emulator for the GP32 has been released - sixtoe

  • Xbox Emulator Updates - There have been loads of updates to most of the xbox ports of various emulators, most of them can be checked out below, although you cant download them from the sites, you have to hunt them down elsewhere, the list of ones I know about are -
    - Adam X (Colecovision)
    - Atari XL (Atari Early Systems
    - Bliss X (Intelevision)
    - Chihiro GBA (GB/GBC/GBA)
    - FCE Ultra X (Nes)
    - Final Burn Alpha X (Arcade)
    - Hugo X (PC Engine)
    - Kegs X (Apple2)
    - NeoGenesis (Genesis,SegaCD,32X)
    - NeoPop X (NeoGeo Pocket)
    - PCSXBox (Playstation)
    - SMS Plus (Sega Master System)
    - Vice 64 X (Commodore 64)
    - Vice Pet X (Commodore Pet)
    - Vice 20 X (Commodore Vic 20)
    - Wonderswan X (Wonderswan)
    - WinSTon (AtariST)
    - Xenesis (Genesis,SegaCD,32X)
    - Xboy Advance (GB/GBC/GBA)
    - Z26 (Atari 2600)
    Phew - sixtoe

  • Apres Crimbo News Update - I'm back! miss me? ;)
    After having a loverly crimbo playing with all the lads new toys I've come back to have a look around and find that nearly everybody and their uncle's released or updated their emulator or program, I'll attempt to cover whats gone on, hopefully I wont miss anything out!
    Some of the updates are one liners, I wont bother going into too much detail on things you probably already know about, and I dont have all day for this ;) - sixtoe

  •    Thursday, December 25th 2003 - Last updated @ 01:41 EST

  • New MAME - Gridle just posted a topic announcing MAME 0.78's release. Here's the whatsnew.txt ... head on over to the MAME site and see what the little MAME elves brought us for Christmas! - metallik

  •    Wednesday, December 24th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:19 EST

  • Merry Xmas! - Well, I'm off for a few days to enjoy playing with all the toys my boy's got for crimbo, and in the mean time, look out for these releases in the next few hours/days -

    A MAME update in the morning.

    An FBA update.

    A Mac Emu Frenzy

    Ho Ho Ho! - sixtoe

  • M1 Lists Updated - Fujix's track listings for his M1 frontend, BridgeM1, have been updated, a massive 557 English lists and 591 Japanese lists are included in this release! - sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Aaron has updated his site with a request for the only two Seattle games remaining, Hyperdrive and Vapor TRX. The boot roms are already around, but the hard-drives need to be dumped. If you have one or know where to get one can you please contact him! - sixtoe

  • MAME WIP Updated - It must be christmas and Santeri must have had some time between watching ROTK at the cinema 5 times a day as the MAME WIP's been updated with all the latest goings on ;) - sixtoe

  •    Tuesday, December 23rd 2003 - Last updated @ 00:27 EST

  • PinMAME 1.31 - Versions 1.31 of PinMAME, PinMAME32, and Visual PinMAME have been officially released today (12/23) in honor of Steve's 32nd Birthday. PinMAME is a multiple pinball machine emulator based on the MAME source code, which when combined with pinball simulator software allows users to play authentic recreations of their favorite pinball machines of the past. Sadly, this is project leader Steve Ellenoff's last release, however the project will be taken over by Gerrit Volkenborn. Changes:
    • Major speed boost in the 68306 cpu core, which means Capcom emulation is now much faster!
    • Fully working Capcom Sound emulation
    • Lots of clones added to the supported gamelist
    • Gottlieb System 80A games working again
    • Flipper Football & Kingpin now fire 50V solenoids and appear to be fully working
    • Data East/Sega 192x64 DMD games should now be as fast as they were in version 1.12.2
    • TMS5220 speech emulation more reliable & accurate
    - chris

  •    Monday, December 22nd 2003 - Last updated @ 16:50 EST

  • AdvanceMAME 0.77.2 - AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMESS are unofficial MAME and MESS versions with an advanced video support for helping the use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors and also for PC Monitors. Changes:
    • Games with unemulated protection are now reported as not working. For example Choplifter.
    • The DOS version now automatically disable any BIOS call on ATI boards to prevent problems on broken video BIOS.
    • Improved the frame syncronization algorithm. It uses less CPU power if the operating system have a fine sleep granularity like Linux 2.6.x.
    • Reverted back the S3 Savage/Virge/Trio SVGALIB driver at version 1.9.17. At least with S3 VirgeDX there is a regression in version 1.9.18.
    - chris

  • AdvanceMenu 2.2.16 - AdvanceMENU is a frontend for AdvanceMAME, MAME, MESS, RAINE and any other emulator. Changes:
    • The menu is now more aggressive using CPU power. It helps playing video clips at more than 50 Hz and with multiple clips.
    • In the multi clip mode, the cursor clip and sound are now always played at full speed. Only the background clips are played in slow-motion if the CPU power isn't enough.
    • The DOS version now automatically disable any BIOS call on ATI boards to prevent problems on broken video BIOS.
    • Reverted back the S3 Savage/Virge/Trio SVGALIB driver at version 1.9.17. At least with S3 VirgeDX there is a regression in version 1.9.18.
    - chris

  • Giles WIP - Aaron Giles has posted another WIP screenshot. This time, it's a pic of the prototype game Biofreaks! He also mentions that California Speed is now up and runnning! - chris

  •    Sunday, December 21st 2003 - Last updated @ 22:00 EST

  • Charles MacDonald's Home Page Updated - Charles has updated his webpage with some interesting technical information about Sega's System 18. Only for those with the technical/programming skills, otherwise you wont understand a word of it ;) - sixtoe

  • CAPS Update - CAPS, the Classic Amiga Preservation Society, has gotten an update for christmas, they have managed to get 100 more games preserved, keep up the good work guys! - sixtoe

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium Updated - RB has updated his WIP page to show the latest goings on. Theres a lockdown of M1 for an impending christmas released (probably ;), even more interesting though is his adding CD support to CHDMAN, MAMEs Compressed Hunks of Data MANager, meaning CD games can now be supported in MAME, and lo and behold, theres even some progress on that ;) - sixtoe

  • Final Burn Alpha X B4 Released - This is a port of Final Burn Alpha to the xbox bringing it inline with recent FBA developments.
    There doesnt seem to be a homepage or anything, so goodness knows where you'd get it from, but its out there somewhere *shrug* - sixtoe

  • Bacteria Released - Bacteria, a ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows, has resumed developement after a break of 2 years. The emulator is being designed to have a footprint as small as humanly possible - sixtoe

  • Atari800 v1.3.2 Released - Atari800 is an open source Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator for Unix, Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari TT/Falcon, SDL and WinCE. Various things updated in this release including much better cartridge support, thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - sixtoe

  • Z26 v2.11 Released - Z26, an open source Atari 2600 emulator, has been updated with various sound fixes, thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - sixtoe

  • FakeNES 0.3.1 Released - FakeNES, the portable open source NES emulator, has been updated before christmas so the author can forget about it over the xmas period, sounds like a plan, thanks to Hawq for the headsup - sixtoe

  • ZSNES WIP December 20 Released - ZNES, the open source SNES emulator has had another WIP update with various IPS fixes, thanks to Victoly for the headsup - sixtoe

  • Christmas SainT v1.60 Released - This windows based Atari ST emulator has been updated with a few bits ance peices, including the option of movie recording!, thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - sixtoe

  •    Friday, December 19th 2003 - Last updated @ 16:55 EST

  • News for the Insane - You can now view your movies in ASCII, yes that's right, ASCII. There is now a libcaca patch for the MPlayer media player. Check out a screenshot here. Well, if there ever was a time to test out this media player, now is the time! :D MPlayer is available for all major platforms. - chris

  • uCON64 1.9.8-3 - A new version of uCON64 has been released. Changes can be read here. - chris

  • WineX 3.2.1 - Transgaming has released an update to their WineX product. This bug fix release resolves the following issues:
    • Several different possible crashes in Half Life have been fixed. Some of which were generic race conditions.
    • Homeworld 2 cut scene and intro movies now work.
    • Multiple sounds playing at once when starting a new game in Homeworld2 no longer happen.
    • Most web pages launched in game should now actually launch.
    The full release notes can be read here. - chris

  • More Seattle WIP - Aaron Giles managed to debug a nasty error in the R5000 core leading to better geometry in the Seattle games! Check out his web site for a cool screenshot. - chris

  • XP SP2 beta - With the news of Linux 2.6.0 yesterday, I thought I'd post some Windows news for equality. Microsoft has released a beta version of XP SP2 last night (already leaked to the public). The new service pack includes a new version of IE which has pop-up blocking. - chris

  •    Thursday, December 18th 2003 - Last updated @ 04:44 EST

  • StepMania 3.9 alpha 10 Released - The latest alpha test version of this superb dancing game simulator has come out with a small selection of fixes, and according to the boards it looks like the few bugs people are posting are getting fixed almost as soon as they post them, expect a proper point release for christmas I think ;) - sixtoe

  • AdvanceMAME updated - AdvanceMAME, the MAME port for Arcade Monitors and TVs (and for making weird and freaky screen modes on normal monitors), has been updated to AdvanceMAME v0.77.1 and AdvanceMENU v2.2.15, the whatsnew for AdvanceMAME is;
    • The audio/video syncroniziation is now done by AdvanceMAME without using the internal MAME core support. This should solve all the sound distorsion problems present in some game and all the input recording desyncronizations.
    • The `display_interlaceffect' option has now a new `filter' value which operates like the old `filtery' effect.
    • The configuration options are also read in the parent game and bios sections.
    • Fixed a segmentation fault bug on the DOS SVGALIB driver for ATI Rage boards.
    • The description of the AdvanceMAME device drivers is now in the `advdev.txt' file and it's installed as a man page in the Linux systems.

    • The `display_magnify' option is now disabled for vector games.

    • Fixed some problems running vector games with a window manager.

    • The `zoom' value of the `device_video_output' option is now named `overlay'.

    • Added a new `input_name' option to customize the input names displayed in the menus [Martin Adrian].

    • Added a new `display_pausebrightness' option to control the display brightness when paused [Martin Adrian].

    • The Linux version should now found the slang.h file also if it's in include/ and not in include/slang/.

    • The `keyboard[]' option now accepts numerical scancode in the form `scanN'.

    • Fixed a compilation problem with the most recent ALSA library (version 1.0.0rc2).

    • If an old (1.4.x) SVGALIB version is installed the program doesn't abort.

    So, run off and update your cabs ;) - sixtoe

  •    Wednesday, December 17th 2003 - Last updated @ 23:30 EST

  • Linux 2.6.0 - Linux 2.6.0, the next major release of the Linux kernel, has just been released. - chris

  • MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.77u3 - The latest builds of MAME Plus (the unofficial MAME/MAME32 build that has an enourmous amount of odd options, most notible being multilanguage inc. Japanese) are available at their website (and have been for some time now, oops :) - sixtoe

  • ZSNES WIP December 15 Released - ZSNES, the open source snes emulator, has been updated to the latest WIP build. Fixes include SDD-1 timing and fixed GZip for Windows - sixtoe

  • CPCE Updated - CPCE, the Amstrad CPC emulator for DOS, DPMI & Win32, has been updated to v1.40, the new version allows runtime ROM selection, features better FDC emulation ("Format Track" supported, plus some bugfixes), many bugfixes (CRTC, PIO, virtual tape, etc.) and YMP supports YM5 files
    - sixtoe

  • Crypt Killer (properly) Emulated - Again, over at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium there are now some pretty much perfect screenshots of Crypt Killer, turns out it was using the wrong GPU type (theres a couple of styles) and now it looks groovy - sixtoe

  •    Tuesday, December 16th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:38 EST

  • SCUMMVM Update - According to the latest CVS logs, it looks like SCUMMVM has just added initial support for Broken Sword 1! - chris

  • GXMame 0.34 - After lot of underground work, GXMame 0.34 (a unix frontend for MAME that mimics MAME32) is finally released, thanks to Benoit Dumont, Priit Laes and Nicos Panayides, who ported GXMame to GTK2+ and made lot of improvements. Changes:
    • Use GTK2.
    • Columns layout editable and sortable.
    • New tree view (clone games can be folded under original one).
    • Added a button to suppress a specific game option.
    • Simplified Chinese translation added.
    • Bugfixes and memory leak.
    • Added a Greek translation(not complete).
    - chris

  • GEST Updated - GEST, the open source Gameboy/Gameboy Advance emulator, has been updated to v0.83 fixing graphics problems in a number of games - sixtoe

  • Crypt Killer Emulated! - Over at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium there are some ingame screenshots of Crypt Killer running! There are a few bugs in it, but these are more down to incomplete PSX emulation in MAME at the moment - sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Aaron has now got some 3D showing in Vegas Hardware, its looking nice! - sixtoe

  •    Monday, December 15th 2003 - Last updated @ 14:32 EST

  • ClrMamePro Updated - Updated to ClrMamePro 3.10a this time, just adding a handful of requested features and fixing one or two bugs - sixtoe

  • Meka Updated - Continuing the Sega theme, Meka has got an updated to Meka 0.65c, fixing a few bugs and getting Wonderboy 3 working again.
    The DOS and Windows version have been updated, but Mekanix (great name :), the linux version, hasnt been updated yet - sixtoe

  • DrSMS Injector Updated - Following on from the v5 pogoshell update a couple of days ago, the DrSMS Injector version has now been updated to v5 with all the same fixes - sixtoe

  • Haze's WIP Updated - Haze's MAME WIP page has been updated with some better shots of OG's WIP System 24 driver after he fixed the rom loading for a couple of games - sixtoe

  • aarongiles.com update - Just a quick note that the undumped roms for the couple of requested games have now been dumped and sent in, thanks to those involved, you know who you are ;) - sixtoe

  •    Sunday, December 14th 2003 - Last updated @ 18:30 EST

  • Super Tank Driver - Norbert Kehrer has put up a WIP of his Super Tank (made in 1981 by the German company Video Games GmbH, licensed to Computran for the US market) driver, thanks to Norbert for letting me know ;) - sixtoe

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium updated - Various bits and peices of WIP for M1 and his upcoming stuff in MAME, also a source update that was missed from 0.77u3 is included fixing Jaleco MegaSystem32 sound - sixtoe

  • Speed Racer - Guru has some WIP pics of a Speed Racer emulator. Rumor has it that it's not MAME. Update: it has been confirmed that the Speed Racer emulator is not MAME. - chris

  •    Saturday, December 13th 2003 - Last updated @ 13:36 EST

  • DrSMS v5 Pogoshell Plugin - DrSMS, the Master System/GameGear emulator for the Gameboy Advance, has had the pogoshell support sorted out, check out the homepage for details of how to get it working - sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Aaron has put up a request for the boot ROMs (just the boot roms, not the hard-drives) for NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC and San Francisco Rush 2049 on his site, if you have them or know someone who can dump them they would be appreciated as the hard-drives are already dumped, and all thats left for some more pretty pictures are the roms - sixtoe

  • MAME 0.77u3 Released - The latest source diff update is availble from Haze's Site, so if you roll your own you can go and update - sixtoe

  • Aaron Giles WIP - Aaron has put up some screnshots on his progress with emulating Vegas hardware, the screenshots are impressive but there is still a lot of work yet to be done. - chris

  •    Friday, December 12th 2003 - Last updated @ 04:32 EST

  • Mac Emulation Frenzy (Update) - The "emu a day" update is on hold over at bannister.org, due to the emulator enhancer being updated and being nearly twice as fast on machines with a decent graphics card. So, Richard has decided to re-release all the emu's at once with the new core as close to christmas as he possibly can now - sixtoe

  • VisualBoy Advance v1.7 - My GBA emulator of choice has finally come out of beta and is updated to v1.7, the whatsnew list is huge, so check it out on the homepage. Thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - sixtoe

  •    Thursday, December 11th 2003 - Last updated @ 20:00 EST

  • SCUMMVM DEAD - Sadly I must report that the SCUMMVM project is dead. Whilst we know that the end of the year is approaching, it saddens us to announce that the ScummVM project is closing due to personal reasons on behalf of most of the developers..

    Just kidding! Actually they are alive and kicking, I think perhaps a new release is about to be unleashed for Xmas! Check the main page for the (not so) secret link. - chris

  •    Wednesday, December 10th 2003 - Last updated @ 23:35 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated! - chris

  • WinUAE Updated - The best Commodore Amiga emulator for Windows, WinUAE, has been updated to WinUAE 0.8.23 with a host of new features and bugs fixed, this is the whatsnew :
    Bugs fixed:
    - mousebutton getting stuck randomly when WinUAE lost focus
    - floppy drives' state was not restored fully
    - fixed crash when switching from 68000 to JIT-mode
    - bsdsocket browser freezes/slowdowns
    - SPTI CDROM media change detection
    - parallel port joystick adapter works properly again
    - saving state in ce-mode with blitter active created broken state files
    - serial port/MIDI randomly lost received characters
    New features:
    - maprom emulation (BlizKick support)
    - first CDROM is always uaescsi.device unit zero, second is zero etc.. and then
    other non-CDROM SCSI devices.
    - improved priority settings
    - improved filter options
    - compatibility improvements
    - bsdsocket emulation improved (Jabberwocky)
    - faster Picasso96 solid window moves
    - improved AHI emulation
    - IRQ level 7 shortcut in input-tab
    - percentage of CPU in use -meter added next to FPS-counter
    - immediate state save (no need to exit the GUI anymore)
    - dropped release numbers :)
    Thanks to Madjock for the headsup - sixtoe

  • Dream PC Charity Auction - Want to be able to play any of Aarons Seattle games in MAME at a decent speed? Well, here's your chance to do that and to also do some good, Nvidia are auctioning a stunning bleeding edge PC setup for charity this christmas, better have deep pockets though! - sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Looks like theres some good progress with Voodoo 2 emulation, I'll leave the rest of it to you to figure out ;) - sixtoe

  • Happy 10th Birthday Doom - Scary isn't it? ID's seminal shooter Doom is 10 years old today, amazing how things have changed, yet stayed that same...
    Thanks to RoushiMSX for the reminder - sixtoe

  •    Tuesday, December 9th 2003 - Last updated @ 08:35 EST

  • Mac Emulator Frenzy - I can't keep up with this lot, so I'll copy and paste what Richard has said on his own site.
    "All the emulators based on my new shell need an update to bring them in sync with the latest Emulator Enhancer code. That's quite a lot of emulators, and for that reason I've decided to release them over a period of time. I will be releasing one update per day until Christmas Day, December 25th. There are other changes in the pipeline other than an updated shell, ranging from minor compatibility improvements to substantial alterations. Some of my other projects will receive updates too. Keep checking back!"
    There have been, so far, updates to Emulator Enhancer, KiGB, Boycott Advance, Genesis Plus, TGEmu, Frodo, Jum52 and today's one is Oric. So, what can I say, those of you with Mac's check back every day for updates! - sixtoe

  • MameAnalog+ Updated - MameAnalog+, the custom analog control version of MAME, has been updated to ver 0.77.2 using the latest u2 code and the scsp fix - sixtoe

  • eSMS Updated - As the author says, just a little update to v1.04 with some tweaks here and there - sixtoe

  • Neko Project 2 - NP2, the PC98 emulator for Windows and MAC has been updated to version 0.72 (run through a translator), updates include speed optimizations to most parts and the usual bugfixs - sixtoe

  • EmuZWin Updated - EmuZWin, the Windows ZX Spectrum 48k/128k emulator, has been updated to v2.3 release 1.1 Beta fixing some bugs/crashs and adding more functionality, in particular using DirectX for a massive speedup when in full screen so it works full speed on Pentium 100's! - sixtoe

  • blueMSX Updated - This windows MSX emulator has been updated to v1.0.5, its developement is moving very rapidly and there have been 4 updates in the space of about 2-3 weeks, seems to be progressing really well in the short space of time its been out - sixtoe

  • RockNES Updated - The DOS Nintendo NES emulator has been upgraded to RockNES 3.10 with quite a large list of fixes - sixtoe

  •    Monday, December 8th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:03 EST

  • Halo Full Circle - No news day, kinda retro(ish) so bear with me on this ;)
    Just over 4 years ago (September 1999) at the MACWORLD Expo HALO made its first ever public appearance, and it was running on a Mac, I've just read that it's about to hit the stores for the Mac this week, and it just made me chuckle that its taken this long to come full circle, better late than never tho' - sixtoe

  • Sammy/Sega News - Not strictly retro, but maybe of interest to some people out there.
    As I understand it Sammy have aquired 39,140,000 (about 22.4%) of the issued Sega shares, this means they are now the majority shareholder and are expected to install their own management.
    Sounds like a hostile takeover after the planned May merger went wrong if you ask me - sixtoe

  •    Sunday, December 7th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:14 EST

  • FinalBurnAlpha Updated - FBA has had another alpha updated to v0.2.94.97 with the following changes (hopefully nothings broken this time :)
    - Fixed most of the remaining problems in v0.2.94.96;
    - Shortcut keys have changed;
    - Directories used by FB Alpha have changed;
    - Readme updated (read it completely even if you've read the earlier versions);
    - The Neo Geo driver now always uses a real AES BIOS in AES mode, more differences between AES and MVS are emulated now as well - sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com Updated - Aaron has updated his site with a couple of emulation things and also some important information for those of you who got the new sam'n'max windows version with the armed and dangerous demo disk - sixtoe

  • Ultra64 Platinum Edition 3.11 Released - u64emu, the HLE Killer Instinct 1 and 2 emulator for windows hasn't been updated for over a year and now it's had two updates in one week! It can be downloaded from a forum post here.

    Changes in version 3.11 include:
    - Fixed the sound issues.
    - HLE is now the ONLY mode available, hence the setting has been removed.
    - Added 1600x1200 Resolution
    - Simplified the renderer, should speed things up a bit.
    - Updated to DirectX 7.0, should further speed things up a bit.
    - Readded Killer Instinct 2

    Changes in version 3.10 include:
    - New Overhauled GUI
    - Several compiler warnings fixed.

    This is a great alternative to MAME if you have a slower machine and it doesnt play full speed, and from what I remember the requirements are around half of MAME, thanks to EFX for the headsup - sixtoe

  •    Saturday, December 6th 2003 - Last updated @ 20:13 EST

  • VisualBoy Advance v1.7 beta 4 - My GBA emulator of choice has been updated to v1.7 Beta 4 fixing a lot of the issues since the recent GUI migration, fixing bugs in a few games and dropping the timing core back to 1.6a's due to the number of problems caused by the last update to it, thanks to pacmanfreak for the headsup - sixtoe

  •    Thursday, December 4th 2003 - Last updated @ 20:54 EST

  • StepMania 3.9 alpha 9 - StepMania, the open source dancing game simulator, has been updated to Alpha 9. To be honest, the Alphas are a lot better than the last stable release, which was before the dawn of time - sixtoe

  • HotRod in MAME - Random cool news here, HotRod (Turbo Version) by Sega has finally had most of the kinks ironed out of it and will be appearing in the next MAME. One of my all time favourite games this, wheee! - sixtoe

  • ClrMAME Updated - ClrMAME has been updated to version 3.10 with some improvements and compatibility fixes, it also makes it more compatible with the new CHD's, so if you're thinking of auditing them you better upgrade! - sixtoe

  • Snes9x 1.42 Released - A Christmas version of the Nintendo SNES emulator Snes9x has been released with literally hundreds of updates/fixes and general changes, thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - sixtoe

  • EMAME Released - EMame is a port of Mame to Symbian devices like the Nokia N-Gage, it supports quite a list of games which are listed on the website, thanks to TheInformer for the headsup - sixtoe

  •    Tuesday, December 2nd 2003 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • MAME Dat Files - Theres been updates on a couple of the dat files for mame recently, History.dat .77d and MAMEInfo.dat 77u2 - sixtoe

  • AaronGiles.com updated - Looks like California Speed is shaping up now! - sixtoe

  • MAME 0.77u2 - The latest diff source files are up at haze's site if you roll your own. - sixtoe

  • blueMSX v 1.0.4 Released - blueMSX is a new MSX emulator for windows based on fMSX, and according to the website with blueMSX you will get -
    - Better video emulation. Two types of PAL emulation that gives the emulator the look and feel of an old TV.
    - Better audio emulation. New emulation of audio devices.
    - Better joystick and mouse support. Better response time and better configuration.
    - The recent file lists and quick save feature will make it more user friendly - sixtoe

  • Oh yeah - Man, who needs porn when you've got stuff like this.. Anyone (like me) who is a Macintosh fan should click this. The rest of you, I'm sure you'll do so out of curiosity. Thanks EmuUnlim. - dhalamar

  • Retrogaming Radio - Meet the man responsible for Battlezone, Ed Rotberg - and learn about his involvement with the Bradley Tank simulator in our interview this month. Part Two of the Inside the Amiga segment where we look at the guts of the Amiga in detail and how it relates to successful emulation. Plus, Shane speculates on the popularity of consoles being the responsibility of the PC, reviews Midway's new Arcade Treasures for consoles, as well as taking a look at the new Atari 80 in One Game collection for the PC. All this and more this month - plus, find out how to get in on the RGR Christmas present giveaway! - chris

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