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  • THE REVIEW CENTER - Reviews, Reviews and Reviews!.
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  •    Monday, December 29th 2008 - Last updated @ 09:28 EST

    • iDeaS Homepage

    • Fixed a bug in Blend Effects with 3D Layer.
    • Fixed a bug in IPCSYNC Registers. (Thanks Yellowstar.)Fixed a bug in 3D coordinates with integer greater of 12bits.
    • Fixed a bug in VIEWPORT (4000580h) register.
    • Fixed a bug in Texture's stack.
    • Fixed a bug in MTX_POP (4000448h) register.
    You can download the newest version here.

    - TheInformer

  • Nintendulator v0.965 - Beta Update

    What's new...

    "Nintendulator now stores its savestates, SRAM/FDS data, and debug dumps within the current user account's Application Data folder instead of the "Saves" subdirectory of its installation folder. The first time you run this build, there will be a short delay as your savestates are moved to this new location.

    This should improve compatibility with Windows Vista and allow Nintendulator to be installed within the Program Files folder without needing to run as an Administrator."

    - Fangface

  •    Saturday, December 27th 2008 - Last updated @ 22:15 EST

  • From the author: "To Intel Mac owners: Please do give feedback. Hopefully this works just fine on all variations of Intel Mac, and should work under Tiger or Leopard. But this is my first real Mac app, and needs some testing :) I'll continue to support it if people want it."

    Get it here.

    (Thanks to jumpmanjr for the news)
    - TheInformer

  • Reality Boy - Beta 0.84

    Latest news according to the homepage:
    "DogP added sound support (win32 only) and added link port emulation using tcp/ip. He also fixed some major bugs in Affine mode and in the opcodes. Now all commercial roms run and all but the direct draw games are fully playable. I have been cleaning up the code in preparation of porting it to both SDL and the XBox. This should open things up to being ported to more interesting platforms like the Nintendo Wii."
    - Fangface

  • Ootake 1.63

    What's new...
    - MUTE of the volume is able to be done with [F8]key. And, it returns normalagain to push [F8]key. * Therefore, the shortcut key of "Play Record" function became [F6]key.
    - The timing of interrupt processing was brought close to the movement of a real machine. In "DE-JA", the problem with disorder when the screen drawing was solved. (Disorder still remains. However, it is the same as a real machine, too.) * And, the state saving file name was changed to "DE-JA". Please rename it when you load the saving data before of this game.
    - The speed and timing were brought close to a real machine more. In "The Ninja Warriors", the problem (generated from recent version) that had been uncommonly occasionally freezed was solved. In "Silent Debuggers", the problem that the injury of making to the screen happens (generated from recent version) was solved.
    - The timing of the raster interrupt processing was brought close to a real machine. In "Power Gate", the problem that it fell into disorder by one line on the screen occasionally (generated from recent version) was solved.
    - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
    - Fangface

  • FB Alpha

    What's new...
    Added driver for Black Tiger [iq_132]
    Added driver for Block Out [iq_132]
    Added driver for Mug Smashers [iq_132]
    Added driver for Pirates [iq_132]
    Added driver for Tao Taido [iq_132]
    Added clone of Double Dragon 3 to the Double Dragon 3 driver [Barry]
    Added clone of Power Instinct to the Power Instinct driver [Barry]
    Added Street Fighter 2 Rainbow Set 3 to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
    Applied fm.c fixes from MAME 0.128u2 [Barry]
    Added support to Zet to get the DE register [iq_132]
    Fixed the sound in Double Axle [Barry]
    Corrected the clocks in Prehistoric Isle fixing the music tempo [Barry]
    Fixed decryption for Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha and clones [Barry]
    Matched all sets to MAME 0.128u7 [Barry]
    Changed the version string to include leading zeros in the final section [Barry]
    - Fangface

  •    Monday, December 22nd 2008 - Last updated @ 06:45 EST

  • MAME 0.128u7

    What's new...HERE.
    - Fangface

  •    Sunday, December 21st 2008 - Last updated @ 07:32 EST

  • Nintendulator v0.965 Beta Update

    What's new...
    -Breakpoints can now be toggled on and off simply by double-clicking on them in the Breakpoint list.
    - Fangface

  •    Friday, December 19th 2008 - Last updated @ 16:09 EST

  • Ootake 1.62

    What's new...
    - The CD-ROM access processing was brought close to the movement of a real machine. "Seiya Monogatari" came to operate.
    - The Read processing of the video chip was brought close to a real machine. "Startling Odyssey II" came to operate. And in the 4th stage of "Mizubaku Daibouken", the orbit of the rock became it as well as a real machine.
    - The timing of the timer interrupt processing was brought close to the movement of a real machine. I think that it approached a real machine by the tone and the tempo etc. of a built-in sound.
    - When the CD-ROM game is played, the memory access processing is sped up a little.
    - The bug of the collision judgment processing of sprite was corrected.
    - The speed and timing were brought close to a real machine more. In "Newtopia 2", the problem that the upper part of the screen has fallen into disorder (generated by v1.61) was solved.
    - The timing of the interrupt processing of CPU was brought close to the movement of a real machine. In "ROCK-ON", the problem that the bullet was not displayed (generated by v1.61) was solved.
    - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
    - Fangface

  •    Wednesday, December 17th 2008 - Last updated @ 05:57 EST

  • Regen 0.95

    What's new...
    -Fix the last remaining VDP bugs.
    -SMS/GG/SG/SC support has been added.
    - Fangface

  •    Monday, December 15th 2008 - Last updated @ 06:12 EST

  • bsnes 0.038

    What's new...
    -Eliminated S-DD1 DMA enslavement to the S-CPU; this allows the S-DD1 to behave more like the real chip, and it also simplifies the S-CPU DMA module
    -Eliminated S-PPU enslavement to the S-CPU; all processor cores now run independently of each other
    -Added cycle-level S-PPU timing for OAM address reset and OBSEL; fixes scanline glitches in Mega Lo Mania and Winter Olympics
    -Removed ppu.hack.* settings; as they are no longer needed due to above changes
    -Corrected VRAM tiledata cache bug; fixes Super Buster Bros v1.0 reset glitch
    -Added memory export and trace logging key bindings to user interface
    -Removed WAV logging (to trim the emulation core)
    -Embedded readme and license texts inside executable
    -Simplified S-CPU, S-SMP flag register handling
    -Source code cleanup for S-CPU timing module
    -GUI-Linux: added style improvements to the listbox and combo box controls
    -GUI-Linux: finally added filetype filter support to the file open dialog
    -GUI-all: shrunk configuration panel [FitzRoy]
    -GUI-all: modified paths panel descriptions for clarity [FitzRoy]
    - Fangface

  • MAME 0.128u6

    What's new...HERE - Fangface

  •    Sunday, December 14th 2008 - Last updated @ 08:28 EST

  • AAE Update #2

    What's new...
    -Centralized all CPU code with a CPU dispatch system.
    -Added support for up to 5 cpus.
    -Improved Pokey sound generation
    -Centralized all Atari AVG code.
    -Major Havoc is now working perfectly.
    -Corrected Major Havoc video thanks to documentation provided by recent Mame (TM) Atari AVG updates.
    -Added my own direct input mouse code (not 100% yet).
    -Renamed the modified allegro.dll so as not to conflict.
    -Fixed BattleZone led toggling (thanks to Retrocade source).
    -Added Noob friendly FPS counter.
    -Fixed minor key configuration annoyances.
    -Added widescreen support for 16:9 and 16:10 ratios.
    -Changed artwork handling. All available artwork is now automatically loaded for the running game.
    -Made all artwork changes in the video menu dynamic.
    -Major cleanup of all color Atari Games.
    - Fangface

  • Ootake 1.61 is out

    The PC engine emulator has been updated to v1.61. - TheInformer

  •    Thursday, December 11th 2008 - Last updated @ 19:54 EST

  • WinArcadia 8.5

    What's new...
    PIPBUG-based machines:
    * "High-resolution PIPBUG VDU?" (30*32 characters) option.
    * Support for loading and saving of snapshots (PBS files).
    * Support for frame skipping.
    * Support for greyscale.
    Instructor 50: support for saving and copying of screenshots.
    "Debug|Run to end of loop" command.
    Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - Fangface

  • Kega Fusion 3.6

    What's new...
    * Fixed Sound/Timing Issue with Fahrenheit SCD/32X.
    * Fixed a typo which corrupted a register in the YM2612 SSG/EG section.
    * Removed a few pieces of test code that were not supposed to be left in,
    and affected timing of various things under certain conditions.
    * LOTS of behind-the-scenes fixes and improvements, which I've totally
    forgotten, but you will notice them and remind me at some point ;-)
    * Rewrote controller code, should fix problems with some USB controllers.
    * Rewrote Menacer emulation which made it easier to add Konami Justifier
    emulation. Just the first Justifier is emulated for now. You'll
    definitely want to calibrate it in games that use it.
    * Added SegaCD SaveStates that actually, you know, work.
    * Added support for more games that use custom SRAM, and fixed some that
    were already emulated, but got broken at some point.
    * Added support for all unlicensed Genesis games that I know of.
    * Added support for the Sega Virtua Processor (SVP). Thanks to the reverse
    engineering work by the amazing Tasco Deluxe, and the proof of concept
    emulator by Notaz, I was able to write and debug my ASM core for this in
    just two days.
    * Removed some filtering in YM2612 SuperHQ mode (you won't actually notice)
    and instead added a "Filter" option to the sound menu. This filter is
    very close to that in a real Model 1 Genesis/MegaDrive. Most people will
    want to leave this off (me included) but I know some people wanted it.
    * Removed 11025Hz option. It was causing me problems, doesn't work well on
    most newish hardware, and sucked anyway.
    * Added preliminary Sega Pico support. There's a lot more I plan to do with
    this. For now, just load as a Genesis ROM. Mouse is required for Pico,
    along with the following controls: START switches between StoryWare and
    trackpad, B is the pico red button, A and C turn pages, and U/D/L/R are,
    well, U/D/L/R.
    * Added ability to create 128K SegaCD RAM carts to keep SpinelSun happy ;-)
    * Added two controller sharing options for Netplay. Everybody can now share
    controller one, or all controllers. The latter isn't very useful, but why
    * Added "Nearest Multiple" option to the Video Menu. The various Aspect
    modes do what they have always done when this option is enabled, but now
    when it is disabled, they will allow non-multiple stretching while still
    keeping the aspect ratio correct.
    * Added "Use NTSC Aspect" option to the Video Menu. This used to be done
    automatically under certain conditions, now you have full control.
    * Added Pause Emulation feature.
    * Added Frame Advance feature.
    * Added No Frame Skipping feature.
    * Added AVI Logging using custom Kega Game Video 1 lossless codec.
    * Disabled BIOS use where possible during Netplay games, to prevent out
    of sync errors when people had different combinations of BIOS/NO BIOS/
    Different BIOS.
    * Netplay Games should now automatically change your country code to that
    of the host.
    * Added Fast 32X Timing option. This is mainly for development. If you
    don't know what this is for, leave it disabled.
    * Added CartBoot option, which is enabled via INI file only. Again, if
    you don't know what this is for, leave it disabled.
    * Kega Fusion now runs beautifully under Vista. - Fangface

  • ProSystem 1.3

    What's new...

    -Modified snapshot engine (Take screenshots by pressing F12 without any prompt)
    -Main menu changes
    -Text moved to resource (for future translations)
    -Updated palette
    -Sample rate property/configuration fixed
    -Other optimizations

    - Fangface

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