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  •   Interview with Atila - The Impact!!! by m0rk

    (m0rk) first off, could tell all of us what "the impact" emulates

    (atila) The Impact emulates Namco System 11/12, Taito FX1 and Capcom ZN1/ZN2 games. This is arcade hardware based on the PSX.

    (m0rk) I understand the author wishes to remain anonymous. Do u know the motive for this?

    (atila) Well, chances are that one of the companies might want to sue him or something after the release.

    (atila) so staying anonymous is the best

    (atila) and he doesn't get bugged by people that want to know every little detail about it

    (m0rk) most understandable :)

    (m0rk) Does the author of the impact plan to reveal himself at some stage?

    (atila) never

    (m0rk) For all those out there unfamiliar with the news surrounding The Impact, could u tell us why the unnamed author wanted it to only emulate 1997 and earlier arcade games?

    (atila) To stop people from getting a free ride

    (atila) if you want to play new games, go to the arcade :)

    (m0rk) in the past, fantastic emulators have been halted due to hackers that unofficially change the program to play unreleased games. Does The Impact plan to combat this problem, or is it not a big issue?

    (atila) yes

    (atila) Impact will have extensive protection AGAINST this sort of behavior

    (m0rk) earlier u mentioned that the arcade hardware is based on the PSX, is there any plans to maybe one day emulate PSX ?

    (atila) the author has no plans whatsoever to release a PSX emu

    (m0rk) Tell us a bit about the PRIVATE

    (yes u cannot ask atila or any other tester for the alpha!!) alpha that u received.

    (atila) It's 100% perfect, emulation wise

    (atila) no glitches, no nothing :)

    (atila) It has full sound

    (Qsound) and sound fx emulation

    (m0rk) drool....

    (m0rk) will it use GLIDE D3D or OpenGL?

    (atila) both

    (atila) D3D is in the works

    (m0rk) when can we expect another update/picture to the site?

    (atila) soon, coz we just got some new romsets

    (m0rk) There has been talk of a Christmas release. If it is almost or is complete, why would the author wait till then?

    (atila) because there are so little dumps available

    (m0rk) speaking of which, which Namco System 11/12, Taito FX1 boards exist?

    (atila) the list I have is over 40 games total

    (atila) :)

    (m0rk) could u dcc it?

    (atila) not allowed

    (atila) but there are some VERY cool games on the list

    (m0rk) So do u think its fair to say that if rom dumpers start dumping Namco System 11/12 Taito FX1 and Capcom ZN1/ZN2 boards the emu will be released sooner?

    (atila) yes

    (m0rk) How did u get involved or approached by the author, i mean its not every day that someone rocks up to u and says "here, have my perfect Taito FX1 and Capcom ZN1/ZN2 board emulator!" How did it begin?

    (atila) I've known the author for quite some time

    (m0rk) and for how long has this project been going on for?

    (atila) probably a year or so

    (atila) he doesn't have a lot of time :)

    (m0rk) U said the emulator runs 100 % perfect, what mighty fine computer one must have to get these results?

    (atila) well, my PII-266 with 128 MB of RAM and my paltry ATI card gives me about 20 fps =)

    (atila) Currently, he's working on speedups

    (atila) his PII-450 with voodoo3 doesn't even give him fullspeed, he gets about 50 fps

    (atila) so making it run 60fps on his machine, is what he's working on

    (m0rk) what so full speed on a p2 450?

    (atila) full emulation, with Qsound etc running at 640x480 or 800x600

    (atila) all at 60fps =)

    (m0rk) so obviously a emu geared towards high end spec computers.

    (atila) Sound emulation is quite a CPU hog, as you'll probably know

    (m0rk) what language is the emu coded in?

    (atila) well, obviously it's a win32 emu :) It's in both C

    (or c++, I don't know) and ASM and it has some dynamic recompilation here and there

    (atila) yes, it will also work in NT4 =)_

    (m0rk) ahhh NT4 sucks...seriously :)

    (atila) does not

    (atila) I used it for 6 months or so ;)

    (m0rk) does too!

    (atila) does not!

    (m0rk) does does does does!!!!

    (m0rk) :)

    (atila) notnotnotnotnotnotnot!

    (m0rk) ok ok !

    (atila) ;)

    (m0rk) :)


    (be sure to cut that out of the interview;) errr WHOOPS! :)

    (m0rk) now don't think your off the hook!, what is this enigmatic messages of this "big thing" coming to www.retrogames?

    (atila) stay tuned to Retrogames and find out ;)

    (m0rk) aren't u afraid of a certain group named a certain IDSA ??

    (m0rk) bah!:)

    (atila) IDSA? I could probably, no CERTAINLY, beat them all up :)

    (m0rk) i'll take your word!

    (atila) They're not the only people with Mafia connections, you know ....

    (m0rk) do u have any knowledge of the Project EX2k?

    ( this is turning into a JOSEQ rumour mill! :))

    (atila) yes

    (m0rk) ok..... ELABORATE!!

    (atila) it's a "unification" project amongst emu sites

    (m0rk) hmmm

    (m0rk) anything else u wish to mention about this great up and coming emulator?

    (atila) it's a-comin' :)

    (m0rk) Thanks very much atila for your time, and I hope our next chat will be about a CPS2 emu *drool*!!!!!!

    (atila) Yer welcome =)

    (m0rk) BTW is there any message that the author wishes to convey to the public?

    (atila) Not sure,

    (atila) probably something like: "don't complain about free stuff"

    (atila) :)

    (m0rk) :)

    ***If anyone wants to find out more info, chat about, or send death threats concerning The Impact emulator, they can join #the-impact on EFNET.

    ( for those unsure, get a copy of MIRC {an Internet Relay Chat program} and select a EFNET server. Then when it asks for which channel u like to join type The-impact and your there!! :) ***

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