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  •   Interview with Emulation-X by Prophet

    When Emulation-X asked me to be interviewed, I decided to turn the tables on the interviewer and also ask to interview *him*. The resulting email interview follows. Needless to say, this guy is a big emulation fan, and I was happy to talk with him. :) Emulation-X's interviews can be found at GeoShock.

    1) When did u start using emulators and what was the first one you tried?

    Im not even sure when I started , I recall the days before Ultrahle,bleem,Neoragex Before Raine,M72,System 16 , a time when people weren't beging so much like they are now.I was running a 486 originally along time ago and I could only play gb or c64 on it. Now Im running pentium 2 350 so you know im pretty happy now. I run all Emulators now.

    2) What is your current favorite emu and why?

    Mame is my very favorite emu. It has most of my favorite games on it like Time Soldier,Ghostbusters,Gauntlet,Robocop,Pitfighter,Pac-man games Except Professor Pac-man which no one has ever heard of or something.(Mame team if your reading this add Profesor Pac-man to mame!!!)I alsolike the Mr do games.Donkey kong games and of course Neo-geo games-On a side note. Mame team keep your word and dont let Kof99 run.

    3) A while ago there were many posts at Dave's by "Emulation-X," were they all your posts? If so, some of them were rather extreme. I recall some posts claiming that you were an emu author etc. What was that all about?

    I posted a commentary there about the death of Neogeo Emulation. I also responded to a few people on the board but then I stopped and when I came backpeople were using my signature and writing all kinds of stupid things. For awhileall I saw on that board were responses to things I never even wrote. Now andagainI do mention on the board about up coming interviews that im either workingon butnothing out of the ordinary like I saw people write with my name.

    4) You seem to love doing interviews - what is it about interviews that attracts your attention?

    Well you know when you are a big fan of Emulation like I am , Its likea dreamto be able to talk to these people one on one. Before I opened my mouth I wasjust watching from a distance ,but now Im on Irc and Im constantlycomunicating witheveryone on a daily basis looking to interview and finding out whats happeningand trying to stop Lamers from destroying what was once just a great Hobby.I would like to do other things besides write interviews but Im not sure atthis time what else I can do. Im just happy now to interview.

    5) If you could have any games become magically emulated, what games wouldthat be and why?

    The Simson arcade game, CPS2 would be nice and System 32 (Spider-man& Sonic the Hedgehog )& also 32x & Segacd. It would be nice to run my segacds on my pc. These are my dream games to be emulated , before they wereemulated on Mame Time Soldiers & Pitfighter and Ghostbusters were all but adream to me also.

    6) What are your feelings regarding emulation of very new games like KoF99?

    Well my feelings on Emulating newer games is as follows. Im 100% againstKof99 Its way to new the games is crap ,everyone dumping it and trying to getthere greedy little hands on it is very lame and should be shot. Its to newand it shouldnt bedumped or Emulated until at least 6 months to a year after its release . Mrlee shouldnt have dumped this. Also newer 99 games like Captain Tomadayshouldnt be either but the game is so bad so maybe everyone will forget aboutit anyway.Emulation is to preserve our older games not our newer ones .Kof99 is as newas it gets. I like to relive my childhood though retrogaming but sometimes itgets out of hand. Its very annoying to go into Message boards and all you seeare peoplebegging for kof99 roms. I wish everyone would stop it and move on. Itsmakingeveryone get annoyed very quickly. I know im not alone on this one.

    7) What is your favorite drink on a hot day? :)

    Pepsi. Nothing more nothing less!

    8) What do u do when your not interviewing people?

    Well outside of Emulation I have other hobbies that take upequal amounts of my time. Im very much into Japanese Anime and collecting import and american toys based on video gamesand cartoon character. I have a very large video game collection(orginal games on cartridge and cd) Im a Cartoonist /illustrator/Animator.I went to the School of visual arts in manhattan for 3 years to get my ba.I also have my associates in Fine arts and Im working on my second ba in Psychology. Im pretty busy. ") also when I have the time I hang out with Jeff kempers(Arcade2000) brother who got me into Emulation along time ago.

    9) I hear you're into Anime. What are your favorites?

    Well I love Ranma 1/2, Bubble gum crisis,Lum, Dirty pair and any animewith Capcom . (Streetfighter/darkstalkers) etc. I also like Hentai (Gamegirls)what a shock.

    10) Whats your favorite video game company?

    My very favorite has to be Capcom ,Snk is second. Im a very bigCapcom fan.Anything related to them is in my collection. so nowyou know why I dream of Cps2. But the Dreamcast will pretty much quench my thirst on Cpacom games for now.

    11) If you could interview anyone who would that be and why?

    I interviewed alot of people that I had on my interview dream list. Just kidding I dont have a list. I interviewed the greats like Naz,and Haze, Guru choc,Atila the NRX team, Jeff kemper from arcade2000.Well I wouldlike to interview Wook,the Mame team, Joseq,bxnomercy,Romlist and of course Prophet from Retrogames and the Fox of Emuunlimited and Dave of Daves classics and many many more.If anyone of you are reading this and are interested drop me a email at(emulationx@geoshock.dhs.org)shameless plug - Those that havent read myinterviews go to Geo- hock (http://geoshock.dhs.org) there really good.12) Where do u live ? I live in New york city.The worst place in the world j/k. I have lived thereall my life -Lucky me:( I live in the boro of brooklyn . Who wants to stalk mecome and get me. As you can tell I have a little Nyc attitude. Would be very cool If the big names in Emulation came down to Nyc and got together for a Emulation convention anyone interested .....???

    Thanks to Emulation-X for the interview. :) -P-

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