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  •    Nintendo Gameboy

    Ah, the one handheld I didn't buy :) The Gameboy was released a decade ago and games are still being pumped out for this thing :) It has also been kind of "upgraded" over the years, with the Super Gameboy and the Color GameBoy (color screen). The Gameboy has been blessed with various hits, the first one being TETRIS :) Today's emulators emulate ALL released versions of the GameBoy, including the Color GameBoy.

         GameBoy Emulators

        SMYGB 0.20 - Windows - SMYGB is an EXCELLENT GameBoy emu, emulating regular, Super and Color versions of this handheld. The sound in SMYGB is truly magnificent, the compatibility is awesome!

      Dboy 0.55a - DOS - DBOY came out of nowhere and has established itself as one of the BEST GameBoy emus out there. Dboy emulates all 3 versions of the GameBoy and it is also updated every few days, adding new things and fixing bugs. This is one to watch out for!

      Gameboy 98 0.05c - Windows - Gameboy 98 is a nice Gameboy emu with lots of options and DirectX support. Color Gameboy is also emulated now.

      No $$ Gameboy 2.3a - DOS - NO$GMB (No cash Gameboy = free ;) is an awesome emualtor. It can emulate upto 12 gameboys at a time, it runs full speed on a 386/33 and above and it emulates Color and Super Gameboy too! 100% ASM rocks !!

      GB FAN Plus 1.15 (6th) - Windows - GBFAN is a Japanese Gameboy emu and it's pretty fast. It's for WIN95/98 and uses DirectX. Not much is known about it, since it's ALL in Japanese :)

      HelloGB 03.09 - Windows - HelloGB is a new Gameboy emulator, which emulates Super and Color Gameboy. This REQUIRES DirectX 5.2 or higher, so it will NOT work in NT. If you're having trouble running it, try using the "/nodsound" switch.

      REW 0.9LC - Windows - REW is an Gameboy emulator by the author of Dboy, it also supports some NES mappers.

         GameBoy ROMS (legal and/or homebrewn)

      Diagnostics Rom
    This is a diagnostics rom that you can run with various emulators.

      Mega Mania by Genetic Fantasia
    Space Invaders type of game with one ship at a time.

      Poke Mission 97 by Anders Granlund
    You control a "paddle" and your goal is to beat the "catcher". You must score 5 times in a row, to advance to the next level.

      Vila Caldan by Julio Cesar
    This is a nice platformer for the Color Gameboy, bit slow, but still very nice. Definately worth a check

    More games will be added soon. Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the files.

    The roms posted on this page are believed to be in the public domain or have been allowed to be posted here by their legal owners. If you feel that we should remove YOUR rom from this page, because of violation of copyright, please mail Atila or Prophet and the rom will be removed.