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  •   Weird mails!

    Here's a variety of mails I received from visitors who thought that I had hacked their system and exposed their HD to everyone using THIS LINK :) It does nothing more than show the person that clicked it the contents of THEIR drive. Noone else can view the contents on your HD like this :) It goes without saying that I replied to everyone that mailed me about this.

    NASTY, VERY NASTY mail :)

    ----- Original Message -----
    To: atila@chello.nl
    Sent: Saturday, August 14, 1999 9:03 PM
    Subject: linkl to wares!!! urgent !!....

    altila you have link to the contents of my computer, i urgently need you to delete this link this is a infringment of my privacy, and you have not had permission to veiw this, i have extremly sensative and private meterial listed , and you have created a link illegally to the contents of my computer, i ask delete this link as soon as possible , if not i will take action, you have gone one step too far and as a board adminstrator this is just beyond belief, this is just unforgivable.....


    REMOVE THE LINK..........!!

    This next person wrote me a nice mail -- no yelling :)

    ----- Original Message -----
    To: atila@chello.nl; retro_prophet@hotmail.com
    Sent: Saturday, August 14, 1999 9:13 PM
    Subject: Biggest collection of warez!

    That collection of warez, is this a joke?
    I'm not trying to be sarcastic but I think that either someone made a
    link that directs you to your own C drive to make you think that you
    hit the jackpot or someone has hacked into MY C drive and that causes
    my some concern.

    If you see these folders: xxxx, xxxx, xxxxx, xx, xxx, xxxxx,
    please let me know and be warned that someones hacking into other
    people's shit and throwing it on the web.

    It took 6 mails to explain it to the person that sent me the following mail, but we worked it out :)

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: XXXXXXX
    To: atila@chello.nl
    Sent: Sunday, August 15, 1999 9:56 PM
    Subject: Why is my C drive Exposed on your your webpage???????????

    I must say it comes as Quite a shock to wake up in the morning and go to
    my favorite web page (Retrogames) and see on the front page that my
    ENTIRE hard drive is EXPOSED!!!! What the FUCK is THIS!!!! I Don't have
    any Idea how this happened or where you found it or if you guy's are the
    culprit. If you are the culprit and are resposible for this......I will
    see that I spend a rediculous amount of time FUCKING-UP Your Page and
    making your lives MISERABLE!!!! This is FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!! I guess
    you can say I am a bit STEEMED!!! Please, I love your site and visit it
    often. I don't want to wreck any possitive relationship. Just Tell Me
    (If you know) how the Hell did this happen and How it can be prevented
    so it doesn't happen again. BTW: I don't care If you or anyone else
    decides to Leech from me as I'm willing to give to anyone that ask's.
    What I am worried about is my Private things. Just think how you would
    feel in my position. Maybe you guy's can be wonderfull people and tell
    me how I can maybe protect my hard drive from these kind of misdeads in
    the future. If their is anything I might have done to Upset or Wrong you
    guy's than I definately apologize. But PLEASE, if you know anything
    Please stop and remove the post that contains my stuff, also I don't
    like to deal with warez and I don't have my own site or anything I'm
    just some regular home computer user that aparently got shafted up the
    Ass by someone. Please, again if you know anything or are responsible in
    anyway I kindly ask you to STOP! Thank you.

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