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  • .TZX VAULT - Huge ZX Spectrum game vault!
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  •    Nintendo 64

    The N64 was (and still is) a very powerfull machine, but it hasn't turned into what it could have been. Although boasting awesome games like Super Mario 64 and Zelda64, it was flawed from the beginning because it used cartridges. Manufacturers flocked to the PlayStation and Saturn, because they used CDs and were charged LESS by Sony and Sega. Nintendo said that the cartridge system was chosen because of loading speeds. Nintendo felt that CDs couldn't load fast enough. As a result, N64 games were easily copyable. N64 then announced an N64DD (a MO device), which had huge amounts of storage space, but died a slow, painful death after NOT being released. Let's hope Nintendo doesn't make the same mistakes with N2000.

         N64 Emulators

      UltraHLE - WIN95/98/NT (3DFX card required!)
    UltraHLE is the world's first N64 emulator that emulates commercial games. UltraHLE came out of nowhere, struck hard and fast! UHLE isn't a real emulator (it runs barely any demos), it intercepts routines to the N64 hardware and replaces them with routines for the 3DFX card (required if you want to use UHLE), this effectively runs games at MUCH higher resolutions. Mario64 and Zelda never looked so good! This is a true work of art.

      Nemu64 0.6 - WIN95/98/NT (NT requires DX5 beta)
    Nemu64 is an emulator that is updated frequently and uses dynamic recompilation (like UHLE). Nemu64 is FAST and does wonders on lots of demos, Nemu currently emulates commercial games.

      Sunset - WIN95/98
    Sunset is an emulator that also uses dynamic recompilation and runs almost all demos at blazing speeds. This release has crippled RSP, so commercial games and demos that require RSP will not function. It is said that the next release will have fully functioning RSP :)

      True Reality 0405 (dev version) - Linux
    True Reality is an open source emu project, which also incorporates HLE (high level emulation) and can be ported to several platforms. A DOS version has been released and a WIN32 version is in the making.

      TRWin 1.23 - WIN95/98
    All you need to know is that this little emu uses Direct3D and plays Mario64 full speed :)

         N64 ROMS (legal and/or homebrewn)

    You might want to check out Dextrose or CN64ES for demos and homebrewn games

    The roms posted on this page are believed to be in the public domain or have been allowed to be posted here by their legal owners. If you feel that we should remove YOUR rom from this page, because of violation of copyright, please mail Atila and the rom will be removed.