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  •   Sunday, February 28th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:18 CET

  • Microsoft Migraine Upgrade!

  • WinUAE news, release 0.8.8 will have the following features: Basic AGA and NTSC/PAL Support (thanks to Toni Willen), Save and Restore Machine State (thanks to Toni Willen), Fixed Random Crashes, Filesystem Fixes (for Installer, etc.) and Slightly Faster Code. Thanks to Emu24x for the news

  • Guruchoc's ArcadeHeaven is back!

  • JAS System 1 Site opens! Jrok has opened a page for his new Namco System 1 and it looks pretty good too :) Thanks to EmuNews for the news

  • Hackers seize control of British Military satellite!! Thanks to Chris for the news

  • Links Page 0.17 released, more sites added! I've also added more NES emus to the NES Page and I've added the "readme's" for all the listed NES emus, just a click and you can read them. I'll be doing that for all pages, since it's pretty functional :)

  • Links Page 0.16 released ;) I've updated the Links Page, fixed broken links and added the updated sidebars. If you would like to be listed on the page, just mail me or Prophet.

  • NEStra 0.51 released! This is a NES emu for linux and it happens to be open source :) I'm having trouble untarring the file, so I've only provided a link to the NEStra Site. Now, go ahead and help code it :)

  • Heheh, I'm not sure that's a good idea :)

  • JAS-SYS1 1.1b released! JROK has already released an update to his marvelous Namco System 1 emulator, fixes include a "VESA detect fix" for Matrox cards and 2 player support (press "2"). Thanks to Zophar for the news.

  • NES4PC 0.35 Alpha 2 released! Lotsa new stuff in this release: 4 new mappers supported, more bugfixes, new icon and "about box" graphic and a lot, lot more! Be sure to check out the NES4PC Site for more info.

  • DRR-NES 0.30 released! This is a relatively new NES emu, written in Qbasic, emulating mappers 0, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 11. Don't expect NESticle speeds btw :) Check the homepage for a LOT more info on this emulator.

  • I had to change the DNS servers, since emulationworld.com got 2 new ones :) As a result, you may be experiencing minor difficulties when trying to acces our site. It should all be fixed by tomorrow.

  • Ultra.ini 1.0.08 released! Tim over at Arcadeathome has released a new .ini, adding suppport for a few more games (like the Rumble Pack edition of Mario 64 :) and 2 (!!) new resolutions: 1280x1024 & 1600x1200. Kudos to the Ultra.ini team for updating it :)

  • JoseQ's Emuviews reports that "Aaron Giles add(ed) support for the remaining exidy gun games. These are Chiller, Hit'n'Miss and Top Secret (or something to that extent, ROM name is topsecex)." :) -P-

  • Votes for the commemorative 1980's stamp are close between videogames (133,942 ballots) and the Berlin Wall (132,190 ballots)!!! Would you rather lick Ms.Pacman or some cruddy wall?! Go HERE and vote for what REALLY matters - videogames! :) Thanks TommyB for the report. -P-

  •   Saturday, February 27th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:00 CET

  • Word has it that BLEEM will be released tomorrow :)

  • For "them people" that are still wondering, 2 Sega CD/Mega CD emulators are in the works. Both are pretty advanced, but no release date is known yet :) What's this I hear about 32X emulation ???

  • Richard Mitton (TNZS emu) interviewed @ emuunlim!

  • The Unofficial UltraHLE Project has released a new ultra.ini, this one adds support for Bio Freaks and has a sound fix for Flying Dragon. TMT again :)

  • Emunews is back with a friendly URL: http://www.emunews.net ! TMT, baby ;)

  • Stella 1.1 released! Stella is an Atari 2600 emulator and it just got updated for DOS, UNIX and Linux systems! Thanks to Steve_W for the news.

  • The HelloGB Site has moved to our good friends @ www.emuunlim.com :)

  • Vipor (emuunlim.com) interviews David Tucker of VBEmu98 fame :)

  • SNES9x 1.18d (for Linux/i386, Solaris/SPARC and SunOS/SPARC) released! There is a ton of new stuff, but at the end of the news for this release it says the following: Look out for stage 1 3Dfx support (bi-linear filtering in hardware) in an upcoming release and stage 2 support in a future release that will use the hardware to render the SNES screen. Expect a large increase in emulation speed. WOW !! I'll upload the files to the server when I get more than the 20 bytes/sec I get right now :) Thanks to Emulatronia for the news.

  • Kritz has announced that he will leave the RockNES Project due to lack of interest. Thanks to Adrox for the news.

  • JROK's new Namco System 1 emu released!!! This is beta 1, only runs Pacmania (US & Jap), REQUIRES MMX, and needs a fast (P2-350) PC to get full framerates and sound. Here are the Japanese Pacmania ROMs. And don't worry - these are the good set, not the bad one referred to in the text. :) -P-

  • Looks like Retrogames will soon reach 2 million visitors! I wonder if Atila has anything special planned?! :) -P-

  • Can't find what you're looking for? Try RareRoms. This a new site by the folks at #rareroms on EFNET. Thanks Elitegamer for the news. -P-

  • Emulatronia (a superb Spanish emu site) is reporting that a MAME driver has been added for Armed Formation, a shooter also supported by Raine. They also report about a new glide wrapper from Scitech. Some rare console stuff there too... Take a look. -P-

  • Very little news tonight... JROK System 1 emu not yet released... -P-

  •   Friday, February 26th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:09 CET

  • As you've noticed, today is kinda slow. So I've decided to tell you all about MEKA, the newest Sega Master System emu, being released pretty soon. MEKA will be like Magic Engine on it's first release: near perfect! MEKA is already the most compatible SMS emu, running 306 out of 313 roms, how's that for compatible ?! It even emulates the light gun and steering wheel, has the best GUI ever, the best sound ever and a few more things that you will see at release. Click here to see the MEKA website, oh and before I forget, the author is ZOOP of EmuCamp :)

  • FCC says ISP calls are local ?! Good thing they have nothing to say here in The Netherlands, our government is confusing enough as it is :) Thanks Chris.

  • Fragmaster interviewed! He talks about Quake sites a lot, repsonds to the leaving of EmuNews from Classicgaming.com and talks a bit more about Quake, basically. Thanks to PhorceP for the link.

  • The Nokia 7110 *IS* dualband!! Thanks to everyone for pointing that out to me. Guess what I just ordered :)

  • WinNES 0.06b released! Lot of new stuff: rewritten sound emulation, joypad support, no longer requires DirectX and increased emulation window speed to name a few things. Check the WinNES site for more info. Thanks to TMT for the news.

  • One of muh homiez received this x-ray of Homer Simpson, it explains a lot .....

  • And y'all thought *I* was sad, check this dude ;) Thanks to Sharon for the link.

  • Userfriendly's "Ode to spam", can you guess the last word ?

  • GBFan 1.08 released! Check the homepage for news, if you can read/understand Japanese.

  • Ultra.ini 1.0.07 released! This is basically on big cheat fest, enjoy :) Thanks to Arcadeathome for the file!

  •   Thursday, February 25th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:07 CET

  • Slashdot.org is reporting that the FCC has ruled that "ISP calls are long distance in nature and NOT local"! This could mean that you could be charged a "per minute rate" for your Internet usage! Click here for the full story.

  • Nokia released the 7110 - it's awesome !! I will now wait for the dualband GSM 900/1800 version before I buy it :)

  • Don't you just love to cheat ? Just sneakily press that CRTL button in MAME to speed up Ms. Pacman :) Retrogames announces another site: Pugsy's MAME Cheat Page, which specializes in the CHEAT.DAT which is used with MAME. Regular updates to the cheat file, including "neomame" only cheat files, can be acquired at the site!

  • Jakesh joined us on IRC (#Retrogamers) tonight, I received a beta version of KALLUS2, the "cps2 emu". I had Gridle test it, since I was in NT, verdict: F-A-K-E !! The romloader was fixed now, so the XMEN:COTA roms loaded, but that was it. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyone expecting a fully working CPS2 driver just got a wakeup call :) So it did load the roms, but no graphics, no sound, not anything. Remember, anyone can make a rom loading CPS2 driver.

  • I added a SNES page, I know it's taking some time (dare I say "quality time" ;), but it's all worth it. We have a nice layout for the emulators and more will be added soon.

  • JoseQ posted an update to his Rumour Mill :)

  • FutureGamer (excellent *FREE* E-zine) will be doing an emulation feature next issue, so hop on over to their website so you can go sign up for their excellent ezine (registering is free) and have it delivered to your mailbox every week (for offline reading) OR read it online at the FutureGamer website.

  • Here's GL2IDEa, it totally rocks in Windows NT :) The text in Zelda is partially shown now and Mario looks real good!

  • Surf the Net with your Nintendo64! Thanks to Kalamaru for the link.

  • Gridle posted a MASSIVE update @ The MAME Work-In-Progress Page

  • This site is spreading "a leaked beta of Reality2, the successor to UltraHLE". What it is, is a GUI and nothing else, it doesn't run ANY games! RealityMan is NOT involved in this and thus has nothing to do with this fake release. RealityMan cannot be held responsible for anything to happens to your machine if you DO decide to run it!!!

  • Harry Tuttle releases CADASH (US version, TG-16) !! This is an extremely RARE rom and it's available for DIRECT DOWNLOAD on the site, no need to go through The Vault to download it! Retrogames would also like to congratulate Harry with the site's second anniversary :) -A-

  • Click HERE to see the new HotRod SE! This looks to be an awesome arcade panel for those who don't want to build one from scratch. It has 7 buttons per player, and uses the same awesome Happ Super Joysticks I used on my project.(Richard - why didn't you tell me about the update?!) -P-

  • Zophar's has added a Rom hacking/translating page! You can learn how to hack roms to translate languages, alter graphics and make other changes to existing games. Get to work all you creative, multi-lingual people! :) -P-

  • Speak Italian? Go HERE for IMAME and IMAME32 - MAME in Italian! :) -P-

  • Zing's interview with Steve Snake is a great read! It also has some cool hints at a new version (maybe) of KGen! -P-

  • Virtual Boy Emu page was updated. The author (Happy B'day David Tucker!) has made the Mario Tennis manual available for download and mentions Virtual E - a new VB emu. Thanks Adrox. -P-

  • Saint has informed that Stephan Hans, Simon Nield, Earle F.P. III, and Benji York have been collaborating, and have succesfully created an interface to hook your Nintendo 64 controllers to your PC. Check it out HERE if you're interested. -P-

  • Damned typos! I fixed the link to AdamEm 1.0 DOS. You should be able to actually download it now... My apologies. -P-

  •   Wednesday, February 24th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:00 CET

  • JoseQ has updated his Rumour Mill, some very juicy stuff in there, be SURE to read the bottom part CAREFULLY!!

  • GB Tracker English translation @ DBOY Site :)

  • Mr. unNESsential (Bjorn Astrom) interviewed!

  • I got MAMEnet to run, but it crashed about 10 seconds after start up, crashes kept recurring after that. So I wasn't able to run it :(

  • Rodimus Prime interviewed by Zing!

  • EDGE reports about UltraHLE, click here to read the article, typed by Gibster (hey Gibster, we got OCR scanners nowadays, thanks anyway though =) I'll scan the article as soon as I get my own copy of EDGE and put it online.

  • New KBMAME released! Deimos has updated KBMAME with dynamic driver loading, this means that when a new game is released, you edit the file that comes with it and you can play it without having to recompile!! Here's the C core version and here's the ASM core version. As usual, this was first announced on our general emulation messageboard, thanks Deimos :)

  • I'm also going to try out MAMEnet now, should be a blast, but that LAN requirement seems a bit steep. Oh well, cable rocks !

  • The Next Generation of Tetris is coming to you soon :) Thanks to TMT for the news.

  • I was watching RAW - Eddie Murphy (stand up show from 1987 :), that's why there were no updates. I'm gonna try and encode it to RealVideo, so it can be distributed easier :)

  • NES4PC news: Right now, I'm working on the MMC1 code. There seems to be a problem with the code for 256k page switching, and likely some other stuff, so games like Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 don't work right now. (Of course, DW1/2 don't work either, but that's another story...) Zelda 2's overworld map is also screwed up tile-wise, just like it was before it broke, so I'm trying to find out if it's a MMC1 error or if it's something in my sprite 0 hit code or my scanline engine or what... =/

  • AdamEm 1.0 DOS was released! AdamEm is a Colecovision/Adam emulator by Marcel de Kogel. Visit the homepage for more info and versions. -P-

    Replaced sound files and improved sound emulation, Replaced Marat Fayzullin's Z80 emulation code with Z80Em, Improved ADAMNet emulation, Replaced the colour palette. The palette used in older versions can still be used with the "-palette 1" option, Added parallel port emulation, Added expansion RAM support, Added snapshot support, Added 80-column TDOS support, Added cheat-code support, Added reverb and stereo support for SoundBlaster Pro and SoundBlaster 16 compatibles, Fixed some minor bugs.

  • Hmm... Not what I expected from someplace called Emuworld! Thanks Dutch. -P-

  • Mike Balfour (MAMEdev & Pac-X author) was interviewed by Emuviews, and JoseQ also reported on JROK's new JAS NAMCO System 1 emu and MAMEnet - the netplay version of MAME! -P-

  • VR32MAME 16bit is a special NeoGeo MAME (0.35b3) which claims to allow large games to run in very little memory (at least 32mb) through virtual memory. It also supports 16-bit color for all games and supports the Samsho3 soundfix. I haven't tested this, so use it at your own risk. Daren (Cloud) also has a non16-bit version at his homepage. -P-

  •   Tuesday, February 23rd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:30 CET

  • New Virtual Boy emu ?? They already have a version for download, but it doesn't do anything yet. It does have a nice GUI though :) Thanks to ToomuchTang for the news.

  • David Tucker (VB98) interviewed! Thanks to Emusphere for the news.

  • WOOOOHAHAHAHAHA!! Grandma for sale @ Ebay, current bid: US$10,000,000

  • For the people that missed it, here's the Shock Troopers Sound fix.

  • GBfan 1.07g released! Talk about quick eh, here's the second release today. Thanks to TMT for mentioning it.

  • TKmame updated! Chris has released an updated to his release 2 days ago, which should fix most (if not all) bugs.

  • The Live IRC Stream is back! It works better in Netscape, the updates are more fluent, but you can still enjoy the chat (but you can't participate unless you join us on IRC :)

  • RockNES Site updated with a bit of news, but no new release ... yet: Fixed the problem with detection if there are more than 8 sprites at current scanline (a stupid bug); Fixed another bug with joypads (btw, joypad 2 isn´t working); Fixed a CPU bug which was breaking Battletoads games!

  • GBfan 1.07f released!
    Don't know what's new, I guess we'll find out soon enough :) Thanks to UNAE for the re-zip

  •   Monday, February 22nd 1999 - Last updated @ 18:53 CET

  • Microsoft loses another court case :) M$ kinda stole the character they wanted to use for Office 2000 ("Rocky the Dog") from a company called Inner Workings, who called their canine desktop dog, "Lemon Dog". It's at the bottom of the page :) Thanks to Mike Balfour for the link.

  • Wanna see what we talk about in #retrogamers on IRC ? Click here to see a live stream, courtesy of Sharon :) Now, we take no responsibility for what you may read there =) (NB. The link was removed at Sharon's request, maybe tomorrow again :)

  • Here's a nice spoof, www.realhamster.com :-)

  • Zing interviews 64bit! 64bit is a member of the Moonlit Coalition, who are also working on an N64 emu. The emu, called Sunset, is already in a pretty advanced state running demos at high frame rates, because it uses dynamic recompilation (like UltraHLE). He also mentions another emu called "Moonrise", but he gives no further info ...

  • New Carnival samples for MAME, courtesy of Duglis :)

  • RockNES 0.73 released! Thanks Adrox of EmuSphere for the news. -P-

    - Removed detection if there are +than 8 sprites at currentscanline, which was breaking Rambo and others (Zelda2 has perfect title screen again); - Re-adjusted the NES RAM size (Zelda was hanging); - Fixed joypad bugs and some others.

  • BTW - sorry for the typos before - links to KBMAME should now work... -P-

  • Just a reminder: KBMAME & OCMAME (and all other MAME versions) would not even begin to be possible without the incredible work of the MAME team - you guys are awesome! Thanks! :) -P-

  • I've emailed Jakesh regarding Kallus 2. Let's see what happens... -P-

  • Deimos Zero updated KBMAMEa (ASM core for best speed) & KBMAMEc (C core for Shock Troopers etc.) to include user-definable overclocking and added an 8th button. Everyone is encouraged to check our General Emulation board for KBMAME and OCMAME news - Deimos Zero and Haze are welcome guests there and often announce releases there first! -P-

  • Hu6280 Windows v0.89 beta 6 was released! (Adrox :) -P-

    Improved detection of usa roms, now SPACE HARRIER (USA) & LEGEND OF HEROTONMA (USA) work ok.'Final Soldier Special Version' (JAP) now runs ok. Added Detection of supergrafx roms (taste the message!) Fixed a dirty bug in shutdown code... :) should leave your system sweet after a shutdown now... :)

  •   Sunday, February 21st 1999 - Last updated @ 23:08 CET

  • DOOM, Virtua Racing and Star Wars for 32X, ah such lovely games :) Click here to download them (bottom of the page!!), courtesy of Namco ;)

  • RockNES 0.72 released! The bugs that existed in release 0.71 have now been fixed, save states work again and the dos problem has been fixed! Be sure to check out the RockNES homepage (hosted by EmuCamp) for more info !!

  • Nofrendo to leave Classicgaming.com too! Matt Conte has decided to follow Jim (Emunews) and leave Classicgaming.com too, he's currently looking for a new place to be hosted, we have already offered to help out, but click here to mail Matt Conte if YOU are willing to help out with the hosting of his site. Thanks to JoseQ for the news

  • EmuNews to leave Classicgaming.com !! Jim Pragit had a few problems with his ISP, which are all explained on the site, which forces him to leave them. CG has registed emunews.com but is not willing to make it point to the Emunews site, it points to the CG Site. They don't want to give/sell it Jim either ... Jim will be moving his site back to his old location @ AOL, http://members.aol.com/emunews

  • DBOY 0.44c official English translation released!

  • TKmame updated again! Chris has updated his MAME frontend (that runs under Windows AND Linux!!), here's what's new: A Fatal bug in the last release is fixed in this release. If you got an error message upon startup with the last version, try this one and a bug in the last release that prevented you from setting windows default colors is fixed.

  • Mike Hardmeier sent this link to a Dreamcast emulator, it made him chuckle, it makes me chuckle too :) Sure it could be real, but then again, it could be another one in the line of illustrous fakes. Only real DC emu that I know of to this date is DeCent.

  • PSEmu Site updated! Tratax has written a nice piece on what's currently going on with PSEmu developement, he also informs us about his current "work status" and a few more things. Thanks to Adrox for the news.

  • MAMEFLYERS joins Retrogames! Xray1 moved his site from Geocities to Retrogames, where it has found its new home. It provides pics which can be used with MAME32 or various MAME frontends such as TKmame and Arcade@home.

  • Dave Haywood released a SECOND version of his earlier "NeoMAME" release, added now is 16bit support for all games. Click here to get the Overclocked NeoMAME :)

  • I thought I had some flu but it turns out that nasty infection I had a while back returned. I *thought* that antibiotics were supposed to help ?? Anyway, it started Wednesday, made my body shake all over (and it wasn't because of pleasure ;) for about 6 hours straight. Then I had to throw up a couple of times and I spent the rest of the time in bed. Never knew there was so much crap on TV after midnight, or before for that matter :) I kinda considered this as a "holiday", since I never get a day off. I work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, so any day I don't have to work is a treat for me. The only thing left now is that I feel VERY tired, I was thinking of some form of Pfeiffer's, but since my brother isn't here I can't verify it. On another note, I'd like to thank everyone for the "get well soon!" mails I received. I had 800 (!!) mails in 4 days, on all sorts of topics, it was quite a read :) I'd also like to thank "Smacky G" for the best laugh a sick man could get :) -A-

  • Shawn Hargreaves interviewed! Shawn is the author of Allegro, the most widely used FREE graphics library, which is also used in MAME and about a zillion other programs :) -A-

  • C.L.E.A.R. is reporting that the ELSPA has teamped up with the IDSA to make us suffer even more. Where the IDSA "just" shuts down sites, the ELSPA will "prosecute [the offenders] to the fullest". This statement alone is probably enough to scare most webmasters to quit their sites. Click here to read the full story. -A-


  • David Haywood has compiled yet another interesting version of NeoGeo MAME - Overclocked NeoMAME! (PLEASE NOTE - this is NOT an official MAME release so don't even *think* about bothering MAME team with questions!) He basically set the NeoGeo's 68000 to 22Mhz instead of the normal 12Mhz. The idea is to avoid the slowdowns in games like Metal Slug etc. I tried it and IT WORKS! You'll need a very fast PC to really make good use of it, but you can get it HERE. It won't dl with GetRight BTW... -P-

  • Kallus 2 seems to be getting a bit of attention lately... All I have to say at this time is - I'll believe it when I see/test it. Lots of ppl informed me that the current beta is actually a password protected ARJ file... Very, very strange - but a little controversy is fun. -P-

  • EmuSpain is reporting that NeoGem will see another release soon! Also, Double Dribble and Combat School (original Konami set) have been dumped - hopefully they'll be added to MAME someday. -P-

  • JoseQ's Emuviews has an interview with Jamsponge of Hu6280, and also reports about Aaron Giles' new MAME Exidy driver supporting games like Cheyenne, Clay Pigeon, Combat, Crossbow, Showdown and Who Dunnit! -P-

  • The MAME ROM Info page has moved! I kinda like the new address :) Welcome to Retrogames Gordon! -P-

  • CabMAME 0.35b3 released. This is a special version of MAME for people who use MAME on a real arcade monitor. Thanks PLB. -P-

  • Moah has released KoF91 v0.35! Check it out HERE. This is NOT a real NeoGeo game - it's a homemade fighter, but new features are being added constantly, so you might want to start enjoying it now. -P-

  • MAME Merge 2.13 was released by Insane. This is a great utility to neaten up your ROM collection. Check out the homepage for needed resource files... -P-

  • GreyBrains informs me that networm viruses like Happy99.exe (email attachment) are going around at Glide Underground. If you visit there and exchange emails with them, you might want to be careful. -P-

  • Hu6280 Windows v0.89 beta 5 was released! (Adrox :) -P-

    Added a .ini file, edit this for your own custom settings... (rompath,savegamepath,screenshotpath and sound options) much more friendly loading and saving games... (assumes a nice filename) much more friendly saving screenshots (assumes a nice filename) Fixed a memory leak.

  • RockNES 0.71 was released (Adrox :) -P-

    Compiled with the new Allegro 3.1, which was compiled with pgcc; Fixed NES RAM size (too big); Fixed a couple of minor bugs, like unused variables.

  • Bleem page was updated with a new look and other news - no release dates or anything yet. Thanks Adrox. -P-

  • Atila says he'll be back sometime today (Sunday)!!! :) -P-

  •   Saturday, February 20th 1999 - Last updated @ 10:30 CET

  • Deimos Zero has revised MAME 0.35 beta 3 DOS and compiled KBMAME! This is a fantastic NeoGeo-only MAME with some great special features: 16-bit color enabled for *ALL* games, and the ability to define buttons 5,6 & 7 for A+B, C+D & A+B+C combinations. There are two builds - the "a" build uses an ASM 68000 core which is less "stable," but faster. I just tested that version and it seemed stable enough. The speed is incredible though! Let's hope MAME team incorporates some of Deimos Zero's ideas as they are great! -P-

  • Apollo69 has released the Samurai Shodown 3 *soundfix* - approx. 3.5mb! NeoCharity was also updated with the SS3 news as well as a hint about "more kewl stuff on the way." Hmm... What's Chem up to now? -P-

  • The MAME WIP page has once again been updated - some early pics of the Zero Wing driver, a new "quadra" video mode that's gives a full screen display, the NeoGeo driver now emulates memory cards and other info! -P-

  • JoseQ's Emuviews has posted a cool interview with Neil Bradley. Lots of Retrocade stuff - check it out. -P-

  • Here are a few items that I have no use for, but get them if you want them: Ultraini 1.0.06 from Arcade@Home, and this latest Glide Wrapper 1.3a. -P-

  • Roman Scherzer has released ClrMAME 1.00 for Windows. Here's the homepage. -P-

  • I received an email from Atila's brother: apparently Atila is ill from an infection in his leg. I'm also told that he's getting better, so hopefully he'll return soon. Get well Atila! -P-

  • On a very sad note, Arcade ROM Heaven has closed (for now...). Thank you Guru-Choc for your great site and hard work for those many months - your site will be sorely missed. -P-

  • RockNES 0.70 released! -P-

    - Mid-HBlank writes fixed (or almost perfect); - PPU Name Table setting fixed; - Some changes in the NES interrupt code for a better PPU support; - Major changes in the CPU/PPU functions (Read/Write); - Fixed scrolling problems (works ok); - IRQ emulation fixed, now you can see raster effects, for example; - Detection if there are more than 8 sprites at current scanline; - Fixed a palette color bug (Darkwing Duck now works fine); - Added Mapper #78 (untested, but probably it works); - Mapper #68 fixed (AfterBurner 2 works fine, thanks Nyef); - Mapper #66 fixed and working; - Mappers #21 and #25 merged (partial support, bad for now); - Fixed some bugs in the Mapper #16 (not working yet); - Fixed a minor Mapper #7 bug; - Fixed a problem with Mapper #1 (MMC1); - Auto search for a valid gfx mode if the selected isn't supported; - Added Game Genie codes support; - Fixed RockNES shutdown (when you quit to DOS prompt); - Fixed problem with '-nosound' option (no more crash when you quit); - RockNES startup messages changed; - Added '-info' command line option to show information about the ROM; - Removed '-revmirr' command line option (bah); - Fixed a stupid problem with gamepad/joysticks (working again); - 6502 working with non-decimal mode; - Fixed minor bugs in the 6502 emulation core; - Changed the source around a lot making a GUI now possible; - Working Super Mario Bros.3 *perfectly* :-P

  • Official MAME32 0.35 beta 3 was released. This brings the Windows version of MAME up to par with the DOS beta. -P-

  • Interview with Reality Man in the Fixo Files. Definitely a good read. Yep, Adrox again! -P-

  • PSEmu page was updated concerning Kazzuya's recent coding. Techie proggy stuff if ya wanna read it. Adrox again. :) -P-

  • Virtual Boy Emu page was updated. Seems steady progress is being made on this emu. BTW - I actually own a Virtual Boy, and all I have to say is - what was Nintendo smoking!? But it's still cool to see this very strange system emulated. Thanks Adrox for the news. -P-

  • Hmm... Just got home. I have no idea what happened to Atila. Let's hope he comes back soon! I'll try to update this page as best I can during his absence. -P-

  •   Thursday, February 18th 1999 - Last updated @ 05:00CET

  • Arcade@Home reported earlier about plans to put licensed MAME games in arcade machines in real arcades! This is still very preliminary, so it might not happen. -P-

  • Dboy 0.44c released. It's in ZIP format for you - don't know what's new. Thanks Adrox. -P-

  •   Wednesday, February 17th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:04 CET

  • Seems like this will be the new hart of the Playstation2/PSX2, thanks to Chris White for the mail.

  • ZD-SPC 1.81 released! I can't see straight at this moment I think, because the ZD-SPC still shows version 1.80, but feel to check it out anyway. On another note, I have this feeling I'm going to end up real sick in a moment. Must have been that dentist this morning, 2 fillings :(

  • Wonder why there were so few updates today ? I was playing Mario64 with the NEW Glide Wrapper which rocks ! This is an OpenGL wrapper, if your card has good opengl support, be prepared to be amazed!!

  • Yeah, fair trades only, I know where you live!

  • I forgot to announce this, but MacMAME 0.35b3a (with a keyboard fix) is available on our mame page

  • UNOFFICIAL MAME32 0.35 b3 released! Do not bug the MAME or MAME32 TEAM with questions !! -A-

  • HU6280 1.89 for WIN32 beta 4 released ! New in this release is the SAVE STATE/LOAD STATE option (F5/F6), check the homepage for more info. -A-

  • Emuunlim interviews Dan Boris (MAMEDEV/MESS/more :) -A-

  • I updated the links page with 2 great arcade control building sites: Saint's & CyberJedi's. I received lots of nice mail regarding my project, so thanks and good luck to all the other do-it-yourselfers out there! :) -P-

  • More news about RockNES. Thanks again Adrox. -P-

    Fixed RockNES shutdown (when quit to DOS prompt); Fixed problem with -nosound option; Correct sound startup/shutdown (no more crash when you quit); Fixed a stupid problem with gamepad/joysticks (working again).

  • Dboy 0.44b released. I've converted the LZH to ZIP format for your convenience. I don't know what's new. Thanks Adrox for the news! -P-

  •   Tuesday, February 16th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:44 CET

  • New *BETA* ultra.ini released! From the site: This beta ini file has attempted to get Sillicon Valley, Fox Sports Hoops 99, Dark Rift and a couple others to work. Some of the games are playable and some aren't. Thanks to Daemon for the news.

  • It's rather quiet today, time for fun :-)

  • Here's a mail I received from Jim, who says you can get ANY Sidewinder to work with DOS MAME they way it should:

    Yes, your Sidewinder will work with ANY version of mame, and most other programs that do not support joysticks. Your SW comes with a program that helps you make a Sidewinder Profile. Set it up, make a MAME file, and put all the keys MAME uses into the MAME profile. Then use the -Joy 2 (Dual Joysticks) option in MAME. Then you will have no problems using 4-6 or all Buttons on your SW. Make sure you have the latest version 3.02.039 from Microsoft.

    Here's a sample MAME.SWG which you can use. I wasn't able to try it myself, because my MAME stopped functioning in a dosbox for some weird reason.

  • Will the next iMAC have two big ears ??? According to a posting at slashdot (which is based on rumours), Disney is thinking of buying Pixar and APPLE !

  • =NEON= updated! Neon is a split rom site for neogeo roms, it now has about 20 roms online, almost all the latest releases, including the entire KOF series (KOF98 included!!)

  • Gordon has updated his MAME ROM INFO PAGE. This page contains all sorts of info on the current romsets, and the changes to the romsets between the betas. Definately one to check out!

  • Dboy 0.44a translation: Version 0.44 TAMA 5 (?), LCD option is changed. Also cmdline - mbc 1 is no longer necessary, changed to MBC 1. Version 0.44a - MBC 1 is corrected again. Thanks to Brian Livingston for the translation.

  • MacMAME 0.35 B3 released! The source overrides are available on our MAME page, thanks to Jeff Astarte for the news.

  • Sunset (a new unreleased N64 emu) has been tested by the webmaster of CN64ES. He received an early beta and gave it a good testing :) Sunset uses Dynamic Recompilation (just like UtraHLE) but it isn't as advanced as UHLE yet. It is however, faster than any other N64 emu out there (besides UHLE ofcourse). The big difference with UHLE is that Sunset DOES run a LOT of demos, the firedemo for instance, runs faster than 10 fps!

  • New ultra.ini for UltraHLE released! This .ini seems to focus on speeding up the emulation for several games adds cheats and comments to several games. Thanks to UNAE for the news/file

  •   Monday, February 15th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:04 CET

  • RockNES news: Rockboard (a japanese Rockman board game) works fine!

  • MAMEWIP updated!!

  • I've heard MAMEDEV's complaining, complaining like they've NEVER done before. Apparently some of you out there don't get it. MAMEDEV's (or any other emu author out there for that matter) don't owe you ANYTHING, why you would mail them DEMANDING roms and a faster MAME is beyond me. Complaints like "Mortal Kombat runs too slow on my machine, are these MAMEDEVs dumb or something" don't help. If you're having trouble finding roms, that's too bad. DO NOT MAIL emu authors with rom requests, it usually just makes them VERY mad, because it means you cannot read the docs. If you cannot read the docs, then why are you using an emulator ? Mails like "How do I start a game ?!!!??" are not helping anyone. Then we have the part where people are mailing MAMEDEV's with things like "You suck! Why can't you make a decent emu, you lame *ss (censored)?!!?!?". I know a few authors that have stopped working on several projects because of the things I've listed. Some people seem to be forgetting that th ese emu authors are doing us a BIG favour, they're giving us the possibility to enjoy those games we spent so much money on as kids. I personally was thrilled when I saw Gyruss running on my machine, my brother completely freaked out! It wasn't running fullspeed and it didn't have full sound. Did I care ? No! Because I could play Gyruss on my machine, the sound emulation to me was an added bonus. The speed got better for me when I upgraded my system, let's not forget that MAME isn't designed with speed in mind. It's designed as a documentational project, speed is not high on the list, perfect emulation is. If you want speed, please use Retrocade, another fine emu, designed WITH speed in mind. And no,it doesn't support 1140 games. But it is fast :) Another point is this, if a programmer writes a piece of code that lets him play one of his old favorite games again, there's no reason he has to distribute it to anybody. He could keep it to himself and enjoy playing his game. We need to remember that if we are getting something for free, we need to either be happy with what we have, or forget it and move on.

  • #Retrogamers Site updated again, thanks to Lance :)

  • I received a few mails from Dr. Mario today, regarding his Jaguar emulator. He has made good progress with it and has most games running at about 11 fps in WIN98. Considering the architecture of the Jaguar, that ain't bad :) He has also informed me that the emulator will be a Retrogames eXclusive release, thanks Dr. Mario ! He also needs a Jaguar, since he lost his in "the process" of tearing it apart for a closer look at the internals :) If you have a new or 2nd hand Jaguar (or games) please mail me and I will forward it to him.

  • Need money ? Go ask for your Microsoft Windows Refund ;)

  • Pentium III reviewed, it's gets 6 out of 10 ;)

  • NeoMAME 0.35 B3 released! It's not available on Apollo69's site yet, but Snotz was kind enough to give it to Zophar's Domain. Thanks to Emulation Happenings for the news.

  • GBFAN 1.07c released! I have no idea what's new, click here to go to GBFan Site. TMT, baby ;)

  • I've added a MAME Page. It's does not contain all MAME versions yet, I have some updating to do :)

  • TKMame has released an UNOFFICIAL XMAME 0.35b3 for i386/linux platforms! The source patch for 'nix systems can be downloaded here.

  • Slow loading times on Netscape are now a thing of the past (I think :)

  • I want to replace my old counter with a CGI counter, so I need good one, one that I can configure to start from my old count (approx. 1,7 mil). Please mail Atila :-)

  • My arcade panel is done! It works 100% and I love it! Take a look. =D -P-

  • Well, not much new besides MAME35b3... -P-

  •   Sunday, February 14th 1999 - Last updated @ 01:05 CET
    Valentine's Day

  • MAME 0.35 B3 released ! Here's the source to the new release! Btw, if you have the Street Fighter 1 set called "streetf.zip", just rename it to "sf1jp.zip" and run it it MAME like this: MAME SF1JP

  • Kazzuya leaves PSEmu too! He too has accepted a job at a gaming company, click here to read the full annoucement. Thanks to Deej for the sad news.

  • Here's a link to the GAMEPOWER MAME PAGE, it will clarify a lot.

  • Back to business, here's NES4PC 0.35 Alpha release 1. It now has sound implemented but since this is an ALPHA release, expect lotsa trouble :) Thanks to UNAE for the news.

  • I had 3 "angry" mails (but many many more good ones) about my earlier post about Gamepower. If you don't know the entire story, you CANNOT make good judgements about this matter. If you've been visiting this site for the past 6 months, you'll know what I mean. Gamepower makes it seem like THEY made MAME, like you should kiss the ground they walk on because THEY allow you to play the games of yesteryear on your PC. As for the IDSA, who cannot effectively shut down big WAREZ sites, so they justify their paycheck by harrasing sites like ours, Dave's, and about a zillion more. Emulation is to blame for the $6,000,000,000 of missed revenues by big companies every year, wasn't it Garth (Wayne's World) that said: "Yeah, and monkeys may fly out of my butt!" ? I'm sorry if I've upset any people by the "harshness" of the previous post, but this needed to be said. You can reply to anything I post on Retrogames by clicking on the "Atila" link on the left sidebar.

  • I just read Shane R. Monroe's site, he's mad at Gamepower (for all the good reasons btw), so here's the link to Gamepower's FTP with all MAME ROMS, leech that FTP dry. If we can't have roms, neither can they! Also feel free to report them AGAIN to the IDSA. And to the IDSA I would like to say: "Still scared of the big boys (cmp.com) eh?" You show you have a solid backbone.

  • Here's a site that has numerous CARNAVAL pics up, be amazed ;) There are also a lot of parades during those few days, thos e are also covered !

  • PACX 0.1 released! This is a very prelim. release, but it's fun nonetheless :)

  • New Ultra.ini released! This new version ( (for UltraHLE) supports a few more games, adds cheats for a few games and allows Mario (PAL version) to be played. Thanks to Arcadeathome for the news/file

  • More Carnaval news: I saw a girl last night that put doggy biscuits in her hair. You may think that was weird, but the was one of the more sanely dressed people :) A circus Clown would NOT wear what most people wear during Carnaval! I'll post some links/pics later today so you can all have a good laugh ;)

  • Antonio has has put up an (unofficial?) Spanish translation of the IDSA Boycott Page, click here to read it.

  • The Fixo Files are updated! New on this update are interviews with BouKichi (author of Dboy) and Jaybee (webmaster of Amiga in a Box), click here to check it out :)

  • Dboy 0.44 released! This awesome Gameboy emu has been updated, I don't know what's new, I can't read japanese. Click here to go to the Dboy Site

  •   Saturday, February 13th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:02 CET

  • PMame 0.35b2c and AMame 0.35b2c released! These now support Stakes Winner 2 and the Shock Troopers sound fix (released late last night). Check the A/PMame Site for more info, thanks to TMT and EmuMania for the news

  • The IDSA's Frequently Avoided Questions, courtesy of Maff Rignall :)

  • Yes, the power of Viagra ...... Thanks to Sandra (yes a girl ;) for the link.

  • PACX joins Retrogames! PAC-X is a new emu first mentioned by Dave a while ago, coded by Mike Balfour (MAMEDEV). Pac-X is a 3-D first-person version of Pac-Man running off of the original game engine through the magic of emulation, kinda like "Pacman meets Doom"-style gameplay. The first version will be online later today (we hope), the 3D part will be implemented in a few weeks. This should be very good :)

  • Today's the start of "CARNAVAL" here in The Netherlands. Carnaval is supposed to be a religious event (well, it used to be, had to do with the ending of the fasting period for the christians), but nowadays it's THE reason for adults (and non-adults ;) to get drunk and stay drunk for FOUR DAYS!! It's mainly celebrated below the Dutch rivers (kinda splits the country in half), people in Amsterdam look real weird when they see it on TV :) People dress up in REALLY weird costumes (kinda like Halloween, I suppose) and drink, drink, drink. It should come to noone's surprise that there is a "baby boom" about 9 months after its end :) It's also celebrated in Belgium and Germany, btw (NB. how could I forget Brazil ?!?). -A-

  • Here's the link to EmuUnlim's interview ("Email Wars") with Connectix, it's a mighty fine read, but you get a few cold answers ("No comment") because of the things going on with Sony. But still, it's worth the read :) -A-

  • Absolutely massive update on the MAMEWIP Page! Lotsa pics from new games, news about a new ASM z80 core and a whole lot more! -A-

  • Romlist has released the *sound fix* for Shock Troopers!!! -P-

  • I apologize for my lack of updates lately - been busy and tired... For those who are interested, my arcade panel is nearing completion. The trakball has been worked out, and hopefully I'll post some pics soon. :) -P-

  •   Friday, February 12th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:06 CET

  • BrSMS 1.17r released to the public! Enjoy this lovely Sega Master System emulator :) Thanks to ToomuchTang for the news (again)

  • Clinton acquitted!

  • Shadowdan made another cool logo, it'll be up a few days. Thanks Shadowdan!

  • FFVIII (PSX) seems to have anti-piracy detection! Apparently, the game cannot be run when your PSX is modded, not even if you have the ORIGINAL FFVIII discs. Click here for the full story, thanks to Charlie for the link.

  • Slashdot is reporting that the UltraHLE authors have released the source code. Their story is based on a fairly inaccurate story from Wired, which you can read here. Since when is GossiTheDog the author and since when is a disassembled piece of code actually SOURCE code ?!

  • HelloGB h110212 released! This update has better sound emulation :) Thanks to Kalamaru for the news (sorry for the REALLY late update, Kalamaru)

  • Prophet has added a NES page, it will be updated regularly. This is not final, since we still miss quite a few emus, I will update later today.

  • Emuunlim will have another "Email Wars" up tonight, it's a special one though. They will be interviewing Connectix' VIRTUAL GAME STATION devteam! Some of the issues talked about will be: the legal case (Sony vs. Connectix), their views on emulation and the WINDOWS port of Virtual Game Station. Be sure to check Emuunlim later today!

  • UserFriendly keeps cracking me up, here's today's cartoon, no introduction necessary =)

  • I've updated the #RetroGamers homepage again, more ugly faces added ;)

  • We have moved back in to #Retrogamers on EFnet IRC. Let's hope this is the last time we "move".

  • New ROM Converter for Danji released! Compig released this update, which supports Stakes Winner 2. Click here to download it, the usage is as follows: rom_cnv sw2, enjoy :)

  • CLEAR has posted an update to the NINTENDO story on their site, stating NCL (Nintendo) would probably NOT win a court case. They list a series on reasons which make a LOT of sense, they had a legal person take a look at it. Click HERE to read the update.

  • Feel free to use the General Emulation Messageboard to voice YOUR opinion about NINTENDO story from yesterday. -A-

  • The Official IDSA Boycott Page has received a mail from Fox Interactive stating they would allow games that are 10 years or older to be freely distributed over the net. Now that's good news :) -A-

  • ROMLIST updated!! ORG was kind enough to update with XeXeX, a fine shooter, head on over to Romlist to check it out. -A-

  •   Thursday, February 11th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:20 CET

  • Nintendo *will* sue Realityman and Epsilon: "Nintendo is very disturbed that Reality Man and Epsilon have widely distributed a product designed solely to play infringing copies of copyrighted works developed by Nintendo and its third-party licensees. We are taking several measures to further protect and enforce our intellectual property rights which, of course, includes the bringing of legal action. Emulators and Roms are clearly infringing and damage not only 'larger industry players' such as Nintendo but hundreds of smaller companies who invest millions of dollars and thousands of hours to develop and program software only to have it stolen on the Internet." What effect will this have on other emulation projects ? Click here for the full story! Thanks to ManBeast for the link. (NB. I will offer the services of my lawyers if needed) -A-

  • I was watching the Discovery Channel last night late and I saw an AOL commercial. It ended with "AOL, so easy to use, no wonder we're #1!". Obviously, I was gobsmacked.

  • Gridle enlights us with yet another MAMEWIP update, those screenshots look cool!

  • Dextrose has put up a nice scanned article about the IDSA, emulation, and good ol' piracy: "Industry watchdog battles the pirates".

  • GlideUnderground is reporting that Helder Filipe has finally got a 100% complete working Glide Wrapper (works 100% on his i740 gfx card)! The downside is that he won't be releasing it UNTIL he has looked into the legal side of it, as he fears that 3DFX might take legal action. When that's figured out (for the better), he will release it.

  • Oh man, FINALLY!! The person that invented this will be a billionaire before sundown: Bumper Dumper! A toilet attached to the back of your car, what else could a man wish for ?! "Use the Bumber Dumper when you need to go, on the go!" Best of all, it's only $59,95 (5 free dumper bags included!!)

  • "Welcome to to the hottest site on the Web for hardcore furniture action! If you're ready to see some hot, horny home furnishings get their freak on then you're in the right place!! You won't believe what our furniture will do! It'll make you pop your springs and throw your pillows!!" This is what the site says and they're right, I also have to add that no furniture was harmed during photo-shoots. Click here and enjoy it (the Bondage part is real nice -- Atila ;)

  • You've heard of the IQ test right ? Here's the next step: The Nerdity Test. How big 'a nerd are you ????

  • iNES 1.0r released! Marat has updated iNES (the original NES emu) to version 1.0, click here to read what's new

  • Tad late, but here it is: ZD-SPC 1.80. ZD-SPC is an .spc player, which are made with Zsnes. They contain music, so you can listen to SNES music in Win9x/NT while you're working. ZD-SPC is made eXclusively for Zophar's Domain

  • New NEOMAME! Apollo69 released this version (compiled by Snotz) with support for Stakes Winner 2. Apollo69 also has a new URL: http://apollo69.iscool.net -A-

  • Shock! Horror! Tinky Winky (Teletubbies) comes out of the closet! What will small kids do now ?! -A-

  • Truereality is NOT the first DOS N64 emu :) NINCest64 was and maybe some other unreleased emu out there too. Thanks to [Draft] for the tip. -A-

  • NeoCharity released Stakes Winner 2!!! Don't forget to write down the new zip password! -P-

  • ClrMAME RC3 now available! Click HERE for a copy of the 35b2 dat file if you need it. Click HERE to read what's new in this release. -P-

  • I (Prophet) spent several hours last night assembling my new arcade control panel. It's not finished yet (trakball still needs to be added and more wiring to do) but overall it turned out great! If you're serious about arcade emulation - build a panel or buy one of the pre-built models. It makes playing games very authentic and more fun! :) -P-

  • JoseQ has posted a new rumor mill. Some interesting tidbits regarding Bleem, CAGE and other stuff... -P-

  •   Wednesday, February 10th 1999 - Last updated @ 00:25 CET

  • New ULTRA.INI! This one adds full support for Chopper Attack and prelim. support for Diddy Kong Racing, Cruisin' USA (happy now Daemon ?) and it has a MArio64 level patch. Just download and copy over your old ultra.ini. Thanks to Tim for the file and chem for the news.

  • HU6280 for WIN32 beta 3 released!! SOUND Emulation is here!! Jamsponge rocks ;)

  • TrueReality for DOS released! Lemmy (the author of Nemu64) gave me this yesterday, I kinda forgot to update with it. Lemmy ported this to DOS, so I guess it's the first DOS based N64 emu too =)

  • Microsoft bashing is cool ;)

  • I think we've figured out the Netscape load time problem (is that a good sentence btw ?), the images are the problem. The width and height are not all configured for all, I will also replace the black counter with a CGI one.

  • We've moved for now, to #Retrogamers+ (with the + at the end) on EFnet IRC.

  • It seems that Netscape users have to wait a long time before my page is fully loaded, could someone please check my source and see what's wrong ? In IE4/5 it loads fast btw.

  • Jamsponge (HU6280) interviewed! Manbeast (Emuunlim) gets a few good answers and exclusives, Jamsponge will release his source code soon. How's that for a change ? He also says his goal is 100% correct emulation (which at this speed should be VERY soon ;) of HuCards and CDs.

  • Videogames.com has set up a nice VideoGame Aptitude Test, you get asked lotsa videogame related questions, some are easy, some are difficult :) So you think you know everything about videogames eh? Try this test and find out :) Thanks to RAOH for the link.

  • It seems Williams might not be against rom distribution of old rom images after all! On their site is a Q&A type of newsletter, here's an small piece: Question: I see that you have a ROM Library but it apparently only has Pinball ROMs. I have a Robotron with a bad ROM 1 chip. Can I get ROM images for my Robotron from you? Here's the remarkable answer by "Uncle Willy": Uncle Willy feels your pain. Robotron is one of the way-coolest video games of all time. Unfortunately, there is no move afoot to add video game ROMs to our web site. The ROM archives have slowly been created through the spare-time effort of employees in the pinball engineering group, and Uncle Willy hasn't heard of any of them working on compiling the video ROM information. While Uncle Willy can't provide you with the ROMs, he does know that you might be able to repair your game by asking your question on the rec.games.video.arcade.collecting newsgroup. Surely some kind soul there will b e able to help you. (I know,and "stop calling you Shirley" right?). Click here to read the full Q&A, thanks to Sean Palmer for the mail.

  •   Tuesday, February 9th 1999 - Last updated @ 01:56 CET

  • One quick update before I go to bed, a new fighter has been confirmed. This will be the mother of all fighters: SNK vs. CAPCOM! It will be utilizing either NAOMI or CPS-3 for the hardware, it will also be slated for a Dreamcast release! Go to Dreamcast Extreme for the full lowdown!

  • MASSIVE UPDATE (and a touching story) on the MAMEWIP Site!

  • Hanzo|M has put up a nice NEOGEO MUSIC ShoutCast server, this is the URL: tudish.com:8000, just copy it, press CRTL-L in WINAMP and listen :)

  • New HU6280 WIN32 beta! Jamsponge has already released an update to yesterday's release, this is a LOT faster and has a 16bit screen. Also included is a screendump feature :)

  • And the nominees for this year's Academy Awards are: (click here ;)

  • The IDSA Boycott page is gathering momentum, Pozilla Software and Surge Software have agreed to the terms :) The President of Pozilla states: One final note, neither I (nor my company) will ever support a Mafioso organization, such as the IDSA. Case closed !

  • HelloGB updated! This new version fixes Super/ColorGB problems and channels 3 and 4. ToomuchTang is bad for your health ;)

  • Massage 1.0 (Sega Master System emulator) should be out soon! Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.

  • More MAMEWIP news @ the MAME Site!

  • Some things have been going on lately that weren't too nice. I have decided to stop referring about them. What I will do, is focus on making Retrogames even better than it is =) I think Retrogames is one of the few sites out there that acknowledges it CANNOT exist without the help of other emu sites out there. Retrogames has *ALWAYS* given credit where credit was due and will continue to do so. I remember when I first started (10 months ago) I had about 10 hits/day, 8 of those were mine and Teego's :) It gradually went up to be about 25,000 hits/day now, something I obviously owe to my visitors. Retrogames will *NEVER* forget it exists because of YOU, the visitors! I have also decided to make the "million game" a recurring thing, every millionth visitor will get free game(s)/ram upgrade/hardware upgrade of their choice, $200 max :) The NEOGEO rom I'm donating (in conjunction with Apollo69) to NeoCharity will be bought this week. All I can say right now is that it is a *VERY* rare game, we're gl ad we got it!

  • Want to use a trakball and mouse (or other such devices) simultaneously on the same PC? Check out WhyMouse! -P-

  • If you're interested in learning more about emulator development, you should also check out Dan Boris' Emulator Page. Dan is one of my personal MAME heroes (sound in Venture!), a terrific programmer and a nice guy. :) -P-

  • EmuUnlim is hosting a VERY cool new site called Emul8: -P-

    "EMUL8 (emulate) is for people who want to get into emulation programming. Among other things, it has emulator source code, a mailing list, and documented projects for people to learn from, follow and maybe get involved with."

  • No emu news right now... :( -P-

  • Sinistar gets the 3D treatment soon! I have a feeling I'll still prefer the original, but you can read about the upcoming remake HERE. Thanks ATAK_ALL for the info. -P-

  •   Monday, February 8th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:45 CET

  • There's a new version of UltraHLE doing the rounds. It has the Debug console enabled, I will *NOT* post this since it is *NOT* an official release by Realityman & Epsilon . Any webmaster that posts it, should be humiliated in public. Thanks to all the people that mailed/icq'd me

  • HU6280 for WIN32 version 1.89beta released!! YES, the PCE emulator gets the WIN32 treatment and it ROCKS!!

  • Zinger's Emuworld updated! The site is updated with retro reviews of Moon Quasar, Pacman, Ms Pacman & Star Wars and Part III of the feature on Shigeru Miyamoto. He also has some inside info on the upcoming CAGE release!

  • MAMEWIP Page updated! Lotsa MAME Work in Progress news, go check it out

  • Dboy 0.43a-x released! Most likely a bugfix release, check the Dboy Site (Japanese only) for more info. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news.


  • XGlide 1.2 released! Mario64 has never looked so good on your NON-VOODOO card ;) Click here to view 4 pics made with an i740, they look gooooooooooooood!

  • Word has it that JoseQ's Emuviews might return tomorrow. Let's hope so. I've also had trouble connecting to Romlist. Hmm... -P-

  • I was hoping for a new MAME beta but... nothing. :( -P-

  •   Sunday, February 7th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:54 CET

  • JFF 0.18 released! It's a DOS arcade emu, which emulates a few games like Ambush and Ninja Kid 2. I had never heard of this emu, thanks to Kirkland for mentioning it.

  • More updates on the RockNES site, more bugfixes/speedups AND a release should follow shortly (perhaps tonight ?)! Thanks to news-u-lator for the news.

  • I forgot to announce this, but BREAKERS has been available on the NEOGEO page for 2 days now :)

  • #RetrogameRs has been under constant "attack" the past 3 days. We have a few losers trying to takeover the channel and it's getting annoying. We know who's behind the attacks, justice will soon be served .....

  • Lance has updated EmuXpress, one of the better stories is the Sony - Connectix story, it makes a LOT of sense.

  • What does QUAKE II have in common with the EURO ? Click here to find out :)

  • GBFan 1.06e released! I don't know what's new, sorry about that, can't read Japanese :)

  • Dboy Front 1.42 released! mrg released this frontend a few hours ago, here's what's new: Added 2 Players support in both keyboard or joystick style and added the Disable Joy option.

  • HelloGB Beta added! This is a new Gamboy emulator, it emulates Super and Color Gameboy, it does however REQUIRE DirectX 5.2 or higher. -A-

  • EMU24X is back! -A-

  • There was 128 MB of RAM added to the server, should be a bit faster now :) -A-

  • TKMame 0.35pre3 released! TKMame (one of the best MAME frontends) has been updated, it's fully upto par with MAME 0.34 final now (optionwise). -A-

  • Retrocade News!!! Version 1.2 will feature sampled *SOUND* for Star Castle and Space War! :) Thanks to Vic for the info. -P-

  • The Hot Rod is a nice ready-made arcade control panel. The price is very fair at $99 for a two player unit - way better than the old V-Stick. If you have lots of cash, take a look at the Retrostik. I've had email conversations with the presidents of both company's and they're both very cool and serious about offering great products. Also, try Twisty Grip for great Tempest type *spinners* and Star Wars type yokes! And NO, I'm NOT getting paid for this! Just thought some of you might be interested. :) -P-

  • Well, nothing much to tell yet... -P-

  •   Saturday, February 6th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:08 CET

  • DBOY 0.43 released! I saw a "-nojoy" option I think, check the DBOY Site for more news (Japanese)

  • N64 Sound Ripper 0.1 released! It now understands byteswapped files, supports the mario64 format (differs from usual format) and has a sample rate option. Thanks to ToomuchTang ;)

  • unNESsential 0.20 source code released! According to the author this is "the crappiest NES emu ever", but that's because you'll need a P5-100Ghz for full speed :) unNESsential is an NES emu written in QBasic.

  • MAMEWIP Page updated: Mirko Buffoni has added ZSNES-like interpolation to MAME! Check the MAMEWIP site for pics!

  • Open sores? Oh, OPEN SOURCE :)

  • Seems JoseQ's server crashed BIGTIME last night around 4 AM. Thanks to Tweek for the tidbit. It is back up now!!!

  • MAMEWIP Page updated: Tropical Angel driver has been completed, pics are available :)

  • Emuviews and all Speedhost sites seem to be down, I haven't spoken to JoseQ yet, so I don't know what's going on.

  • New GlideWrapper (60k)! This one takes a new approach, it is a >D3D wrapper (instead of >OpenGL) and it REQUIRES DirectX 6.x. It's pretty fast and shows more onscreen than the other one :) Before you use this, be sure to backup your current glide2x.dll.

  • Shane Monroe mailed me this pic of a joystick which works wonders with UltraHLE. [Shameless plug] It has digital AND analogue control, 6 buttons, rapid fire selector and "one finger throttle control". Best of all, it's only $19,95 at your local Target![/Shameless plug] Shane mentions that "it works AWESOME with UltraHLE!"

  • Prophet fell asleep, so he wasn't able to update :) -A-

  • Dboy 0.41a docs tranlated! For additional info, please go to the Dboy Site. -A-

  • The *OFFICIAL* MAME Work In Progress Page moves "back home"! After being hosted on Davesclassics, Gridle (MAMEDEV) will now be maintaining the *OFFICIAL* MAMEWIP page, which will now be located on the OFFICIAL MAME Site (hosted by Retrogames ;) The MAMEWIP Page will be updated more frequently, posting ALL news. Today's update shows pics of Street Fighter 1, Bubble Bobble (working 100% correct now) AND TMNT2 !! -A-

  •   Friday, February 5th 1999 - Last updated @ 18:57 CET

  • Danji translation: Fixed ARJ-support (last time, Danji couldn't find z80.bin and pcm.bin even though they exist) bug-sound-danji(i DON'T recomend yet!) Thanks to J.Y. Park for the translation. -A-

  • New Danji released! If you can read Korean, you'll know what's new :) ToomuchTang baby ! -A-

  • Here's a new ultra.ini for UltraHLE, it adds support for a lot more games than the regular one. This is not a trojan or something, it contains a new ultr.ini, that's all. Thanks to ArcadeatHome for the news and file. -A-

  • This is one of the most rational posts I've read in a long time. -A-

  • HERE is the latest news regarding the Sony vs. Connectix case. Thanks to Mike Blair (& others) for the link. -P-

    "Connectix Corp. announced Thursday that the federal District Court in San Francisco has rejected Sony Computer Entertainment's request for a temporary restraining order to block shipment of Connectix's Virtual Game Station."

  • Henry Moriarty's The Madman's Cafe is one of my favorite videogame news sites. It was down for a while due to a system crash, but it's coming back "in its usual pace by 2/06/99 12:00 AM JST." Bookmark it and check it out. It's very cool. ;) -P-

  • JoseQ's Emuviews has yet another great interview - this time with Nicola Salmoria of MAME fame. His analysis of why emulation is important, and his thoughts on the current emulation community are really thought-provoking. -P-

  • Another slow night... -P-

  •   Thursday, February 4th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:09 CET

  • Here are the Street Fighter 1 pics I promised, thanks to Howie for helping me out :)

  • BrSMS 1.17r released to registered users! This is one MASSIVE update, it adds several new res modes, one of which is EAGLE :). An MMX CPU is recommended for this though, click here to read what's new (big list) or here to go to the BrSMS Homepage. Thanks to Ricardo (;-), DJJeremy and Dustin Stroh for the news.

  • PMame 0.35b2a and AMame 0.35b2a released! It supports Breakers and the MIEX sound rom :) Thanks to Emulatronia for the news.

  • If this is YOUR BANK, you need to change banks FAST!!

  • RealityMan quits emulation AND UltraHLE! Father Death gets the scoop, click here to read it

  • This gives a whole new meaning to pop tarts =)

  • I'd also wanna thank Lulu for helping me out with that one problem ;)

  • One of the funnier conspiracy theories on our general emulation messageboard regarding who is behind UltraHLE :-)

  • N64 pad for the PC, get yours today! Thanks to Gerard (I couldn't read yer ASCII name :)

  • I've listened to the Allgames show, I downloaded it (about 30 MB), but you can also listen to it streamed with video (85 kbps). It's pretty cool to see Zelda running almost all the time, but you also have the allgames staffers on there :) One of them knows the emus, and the other 2 are probably emu newbies, Manbeast and The Fox are live on the air, for about 40 minutes, the entire show lasts about 50 minutes.

  • If you're having trouble with Mario while using the glide wrapper, please check the "NO FOG" option, it helps :)

  • ReGNaSTa sent in another DANJI translation, click here to read it.

  • New Danji released! As far as I can see, it has SOUND SUPPORT for KOF98. Check the homepage for more info (in Korean though).Thanks to dus and _Mhz_ for the reminder :)

  • I received a mail from CpnCrunch, that he has started an IDSA boycott page. Crystal Dynamics was the first company to respond to the boycott. Even though they are not a "retrogaming" company, they are still an IDSA member. They asked to be removed fromt he boycott list, and agreed to the terms :) You can copy and paste a mail that is on the site and mail it to the IDSA, I just did :) (Atila)

  • Hmm... Slow day... umm... go play a game or something! :) (Proph)

  • Having problems with Shark 3.0? It appears to have several bugs, but if you're experiencing choppy scrolling in full-screen modes, try installing Scitech Display Doctor and using the SDD video driver. It should help solve the choppiness, as well as offer other benefits. (Proph)

  • Speaking of N64 emulation and EmuUnlim.com, Nemu64 has been updated! (Proph)

  • www.allgames.com has apparently done a live audio/video interview with EmuUnlim's ManBeast & the Fox regarding UltraHLE! Thanks LordRamze for the news. (Proph)

  • JoseQ posted a new Rumor Mill. Some interesting stuff as always, including hints at what *I* believe to be a new Midway 34010 emu! Keep in mind that's just my guess... (Prophet)

  •   Wednesday, February 3rd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:36 CET

  • King of Fighters '91 version 0.3 released! You heard it right, KOF91, a homemade game, featuring characters from SF, KOF, MK and other games. It's made by MOAH, a regular in #Retrogamers, I couldn't run it right now, because I run NTFSDOS which uses 500k of conventional memory, yes, this game is a DOS proggy :) Check the homepage for more info.Thanks to Makau for the news.

  • N64 sound ripper released! It rips the audio data out of the N64 roms :) Thanks to ToomuchTang.com for the news

  • Dboy 0.41a released! Just released, new in this version is HUC3 chip emulation, major kudos to UNAE for the zip :)

  • I checked the out UHLE "source code", but it isn't REALLY dissassembled, this is what it shows:
    * Referenced by a (U)nconditional or (C)onditional Jump at Addresses:
    |:0040D832(C), :0040D836(C), :0040D83A(C), :0040D843(C)

    To whoever "disassembled" it, I hope your PC sucks disk and gets WIN95.CIH!

  • I got Mario working too :) After getting a few mails from people about using the "Window mode (for debug)" and "Force software emulation" options. I enabled "Window mode" and got it working, try fiddling around with the options, you might get it to work too :) Thanks to the people that mailed me.

  • Psemu 1.0.21 public beta released! New in this release are: XA audio works (in most cases :), new CDR plugin, better compatibility and more! Check the PSEmu Site for more news and plugins! Thanks to JoseQ for the news.

  • Nintendo may sue UltraHLE authors! Thanks to randyman for the link

  • I love the smell of fresh typos in the morning !

  • Microsoft commits perjury in court :) Thanks to Shadowdan for the link.

  • Seems like someone dissassembled the UltraHLE source code, thanks to Jonas Linden for the news. (Obviously, I can't post a link)

  • Misterred (of the 411) has interviewed Rodimus Prime (A/PMame)! I read this last night, it's VERY long but VERY informative :)

  • I've been listening to 128 kbps Shoutcast streams all morning :)

  • C.L.E.A.R. have mailed Mr. Lowenstein a nice offer, they ask if the IDSA would be "prepared to also operate on behalf of the industry as a whole when it comes to positive action, namely the legitimising of emulation of old systems to everyone's benefit?". Best suggestion I have heard all week :) Click here to read the entire letter.

  • New GlideWrapper (v0.24) let's you play Mario! Yep, LET's glidewrapper lets you play mario and zelda and all of those other games. Somehow I can't get the updated verson to run, eventhough I followed the instructions. Some people were able to, because pics were posted at the GlideUnderground Site. Here's a mail I received from Keith D. Bershatsky, explaining on how to get this new version to work. (Atila)

  • DarkMazda has a nice site you might want to visit. Amongst the various features are a save-state archive, translations archive, emu utilities and other odds and ends. :) (Prophet)

  • sWampy left this message about ClrMAME RC 2a having a "bug" in the CLEAN function. I was contacted by the author, Roman Scherzer, who explained: (Hope this clears up any problems - Prophet)

    IT'S NOT A BUG ! Well everybody knows that ClrMame only backup files and not subfolders (with possible files)... The backuped files will be store in 'backup.cmw/{gamename}' Why ? Well...A clean mameromset ONLY consist of some rom/samplefiles and nothing more...The backupfunction is basically made for roms of a game which aren't used in the current version of mame but will be supported in one of the next versions (e.g.soundroms...).... Maybe I will add a full backup (subfolders and files within these subfolders) in one of the next versions.

  • Several people mailed me about Kevin Butler's new site. It specializes in teaching people to use newsgroups to find ROMs & stuff! Take a peek! (Prophet)

  • *PacMan0500* mailed me the following info. I can't deny or confirm this, but I thought it *might* be worth checking into IF you want to try this program... (Prophet)

    Ok, well inform everyone at retrogames that doesnt have a good antivirus scanner Donkey Kong(Demo) at website with the game and watch simulators is a W95.CIH Virus. Let everyone know that not to download it because both of my virus scanners picked it up, Norton, and AVP.

  • Go to Apollo69's House to get the Money Puzzle Exchanger soundfix!!! If you got them earlier from a newsgroup - they're bad. Read what Apollo69 has to say. (Prophet)

  • Beep boop... KoF98 *SOUND* was released at NeoCharity!!! (Prophet)

  • And I thought there'd be no news tonight... ;) (Prophet)

  •   Tuesday, February 2nd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:54 CET

  • Rich Lawrence (author of Atari800win) has posted a very lenghty, but very good essay on emulation and the IDSA. It is definately one of the better written pieces which covers loads of points and has links to parts of the law that support it. Thanks to Slashdot.org and TKMame for the news.

  • The PSX2 is evil! It must be killed here and now!! Thanks to Jonathan for the link

  • Awww that's cute, the Hamsterdance =) Thanks to Ma|icious for the link.

  • A new file was posted on Zophar's Domain today, an UltraHLE utility that would "enhance" your UltraHLE (UltraHLE Fix 0.1), effectively speeding it up and giving better graphics. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FILE, IT IS A TROJAN!! It has already deleted the windows/system dir of several people!! Thanks to Sonix for the news.

  • Retrogames is the #1 site today on NEDSTAT.NL :) This is another milestone for Retrogames!

  • I made the news archive a bit more accesible, check the links on the left.

  • YES! Kaptian Koin-Op will be returning this monday, stay tuned!

  • Harry Tuttle (The Dump) has written an editorial about UltraHLE and its effects on emulation. This is the last editorial I'm posting with a link btw. Too much readink no good for brainee =)

  • JoseQ has interviewed Carl-Henrik Skårstedt, co-author of Shark (which was released yesterday).

  • Rips-R-Us joins Retrogames! SumideXe moved his site to Retrogames, where you all can now enjoy the marvelous sprite rips he and his team of contributors have put up. Welcome and enjoy your stay :)

  • New planet discovered! (Atila)

  • Grinning Man was kind enough to tell me about this article from videogames.com concerning the Sony vs. Connectix suit. (Prophet)

    Sony said: "Our interest is the PlayStation and producing good software for that hardware... and we would take action against anyone who releases an emulator for profit."

    Hmm... what about non-profit emulators?

  • Virtual Boy Emu homepage updated again. Lots of bugs killed, zip support added and news on the Windows port. Thanks Adrox of Emusphere for the news. (Prophet)

  • ClrMAME RC 2a is out. This is a bugfix release. If you downloaded RC 2, please replace your file with this new one. Here's the homepage (Prophet)

  • Rodimus Prime has updated PMAME to 0.35 beta 2. PMAME is optimized for Pentium processors. (Prophet)

  • Slow day today... I guess that was expected after last week's bounty! (Prophet)

  •   Monday, February 1st 1999 - Last updated @ 22:45 CET

  • The Street Fighter 1 driver was submitted to MAMEDEV today, I'll compile it tomorrow and post some pics for you :)

  • Mr. Bongo mailed me earlier today about something Dave did with their Interview yesterday. I wanted to verify it, so I went to Dave's board and found out I was banned. I was glad to hear he had also mailed SAV-2880 the exact same thing. I suggest you read SAV's editorial about GIVING CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!

  • Manbeast (EmuUnlim.com)comments on UltraHLE over at Wired!

  • CNN is reporting that doctors have concluded that the AIDS virus came from Chimps. The obvious question now is, who had sex with the chimp ?

  • Duddie leaves PSEMU!!

  • Consoles+ (top French games mag) was kind enough to mention Retrogames.com in this month's edition (page 48). It's mentioned as a good alternative to Dave's site with one difference, that we still host roms (I'd also like to add that we're the most frequently updated site around :) Thanks for all your support!!

  • I have been banned from Dave's Messagboards today, I was already banned from #emu (by Dave) and #davesclassics for no apparent reason, this is the message I get when trying to acces his boards: "You or someone from your ISP is banned from use of these CGI scripts." Goldmine (my ISP) supplies static IPs, so shouldn't have banned the whole of Goldmine. Last time I checked, we were both MAMEDEV's and both running an emulation site. Guess someone doesn't like the competition ......

  • _64Bit_ has posted an update on his N64 emu's site, Sunset. He says there will be one final release of Sunset, which will be MORE advanced than any other N64 emu out there, except UltraHLE. Be sure to read the Sunset Site for more news

  • Xray1 (Gerard Maathuis) will soon be hosted at Retrogames with his Flyer and Poster Archive for Mame, he told me he's using a new fileformat for the pics: DJVU. It has awesome compression ratios (200:1 is normal) and the images still look cool. Chris (author of TKMAME) has agreed to incorporate support for DJVU in the next release of TKMame. For now, there's a temp page up at TKMame's site with DJVU pics, where you can get the plugin and everything, check it out, it's cool! (Atila)

  • Breakers released at NeoCharity!!! Go to Apollo69's House to get the new Neomame supporting this game. (Prophet)

  • Wow what a day!!! Shark 3.0 released!!! This is a Windows-Only emu by the talented Dead Serious Clan. It runs many cool shooters like Truxton, Hell Fire and Outzone! Keep in mind that no text files are included. Just double-click the shark.exe and some text files will be generated. Thanks to Manbeast of EmuUnlim for helping me out. :) (Prophet)

  • Raine 0.18 released!!! 26 new games supported, more & better sound - just a HUGE release! Antiriad and the Raine team have really done a superb job - just awesome! :) Click HERE to read the Raine text file while you download. Click HERE to visit the homepage. (Prophet)

  • Atmospheric Heights Newsletter Issue One!!! Check it out! Thanks Adrox. :) (Prophet)

  • Click HERE to read the English translation of the Dboy 0.40 docs. Thanks Adrox of Emusphere. (Prophet)

  • ClrMAME RC 2 is out. "The most used Mame Utility ;o)" Here's the homepage (Prophet)

  • Seems there was a bit of interest in building homemade arcade controls. Well, HERE is the Mother of all such sites! Saint's Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ page and it's awesome! :) (Prophet)