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  •    Tuesday, April 29th 2003 - Last updated @ 20:59 EST

  • GP32 Emulation Bonanza - The little Korean handheld that could is really getting some amazing emulators lately! Would you believe full speed Atari ST emulation (by Skeezix)? He's working on sound and more right now, the emu is still just alpha - here's the homepage! Not to mention new NES (fNES by Rlyeh) and Vectrex (by RoberG) emulators. Keep an eye on GP32 Xtreme & GP32Emu for the latest developments. Personally, I'll be receiving my GP32 FLU in a few days, and hope to do a review with some comparison photos with the GBA SP. And for what it's worth, Dave, the talented author of Final Burn and various other emu projects, received his GP32 today! :) - prophet

  • PSXEven v0.16 WIP - Playstation emulator PSXEven has been updated again. This release is basically for some stuff that didnt make it to V0.15
    • Fixed SW interrupt handling, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster works well now, and some other games which use the SW interrupts will work now as well. :)
    • Fixed cdrom core to make PE2 work again, i broke some things along the way -_-
    • Fixed RE3, "easy becomes hard" setting bug. This made the "easy" game difficulty level "hard" :P
    • Fixed opcode SLLV constant mapper, fixed Crash bandicoot warp, "walk thru walls, fall then die" bug.
    • Changed plugin loader, PEC works now :)
    • Fixed more cdrXeven problems with IOCTL, i hope.
      Minor Changes to recompiler MTC0/MFC0.
    • Inuyasha-NTSC also works now.
    - Griking

  •    Monday, April 28th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:48 EST

  • ClrMame Pro 2.89 - Get it here.
    • Added: Rebuilder advanced option: 'skip creation when file exists in rompath'
    • Misc: Improved cpu activity while scanning
    • Misc: Allowing dats with only sample- or diskimage-definitions (..and no roms)
    • Misc: Used new compiler
    • Misc: No more registry keys. All settings will be stored in 'cmpro.ini'. You have to reinitialize your settings once!

  • Bush: "Thank You, NRA!" - Here's a snippet from the CNN article:

    "Florida Gov. Jeb Bush thanked the National Rifle Association Saturday for helping elect his brother president in 2000.

    Bush, the keynote speaker at the gun lobby's annual convention, noted that 48 percent of the voters in the 2000 presidential race were gun owners, based on exit polls."

    I could make a few smart remarks, but I shan't :) - atila

  •    Sunday, April 27th 2003 - Last updated @ 23:28 EST

  • Kega Lazarus R2 - Steve Snake's superb Sega Master System, Game Gear, Genesis & Sega CD emulator was updated! Lotsa bugfixes this release. Get it here. (Thanks The Informer) - prophet

  • wgm 0.92 - WineX Game Manager is a tool to help you install and manage your games with WineX. Changes: Updated to work with WineX 3.0. - chris

  • MAMEoX v0.61b - MAMEoX is a port of the popular MAME system to the XBOX. The main goals of the project are to provide a well documented port with a consistent coding style. Changes: Fixed a really annoying bug which limited the system to only a single controller. - chris

  • dapple2 0.27 - Dapple2 is an Apple //e emulator. Changes: This is only a stopgap release, which fixes a couple of small bugs in DAPPLE.C - chris

  • WAV-PRG 1.0 - WAV-PRG is a program which can transfer files from C64 tapes to PC, and from PC to a C64 tape. You just need a simple audio cable (no complicated cables to build) and an ordinary audio tape player-recorder. - chris

  • uCON64 1.9.8beta8 - uCON64 is a tool to backup all kinds of video game media (Cartridges and CDs). Changes: This release adds a native win32 port and many features. - chris

  • VCS32 for GP32 link - Griking accidentally linked the GP32 homepage below, so here's the link to the VCS32 for GP32 page. Be sure to scroll down to see the photos of VCS games running on the GP32 - nice! =P - prophet

  • VCS32 v0.1 VCS32 is a port of Dan Boris' Atari 2600 emulator Virtual VCS for GP32 handhelds. All games aren't supported yet and there's still no paddle support but this seems like it would be a TON of fun. I may have to look into getting a GP32. Source code os also available. - Griking

  • Retrogaming Times #68 - Retrogaming Times #68 is out. Features this time include; Philly Classic Growing Pains, Many Faces of Oil's Well, Top 10 Games of 1983 and More. - Griking

  •    Saturday, April 26th 2003 - Last updated @ 20:15 EST

  • Wine Traffic #167 - This is the 167th release of the Wine's kernel cousin publication. It's main goal is to keep me inside while everyone else digs themselves out of a meter of fresh snow. It also serves to inform you of what's going on around Wine (the Un*x windows emulator). - chris

  •    Friday, April 25th 2003 - Last updated @ 15:32 EST

  • Underworld Adventures 0.8 - Underworld Adventures is a project to recreate Ultima Underworld 1 on modern operating systems (e.g., Win32, Linux, or MacOS), using the original game files. It uses OpenGL for 3D graphics, the SDL library for platform specific tasks, and Lua for scripting.

    Changes: This release contains many new features, including animated lava, water and NPCs, picking up items from the underworld, rendering of switches, levers, pull chains and bridges, implementation of some traps and triggers, and save game support. - chris

  • Ehmm...? - Every now and then even I come across a picture that puzzles me. This is one of them. - atila

  •    Thursday, April 24th 2003 - Last updated @ 18:33 EST

  • Mame WIP - There's been another LARGE Mame WIP update with lots of great pics.
    • 2003-04-24: Aaron Giles fixed the sound in Revolution X that got broken with the Mac changes. David Haywood submitted Olivier Galibert's System 24 driver separated from the rest of the Sega rewrite. It supports Quiz Ghost Hunter, Tokoro-san no MahMahjong, Tokoro-san no MahMahjong 2 and Quiz Mekurumeku Story. Bonanza Brothers has serious graphics problems and Hot Rod boots up but doesn't work at all, so they aren't yet playable.
    • 2003-04-23: Brian A. Troha added the USA version of Lethal Enforcers II to the Konami GX driver. David Haywood added BlockBuster to the Mr. Jong driver. Jarek Burczynski sent in some minor fixes to the YMF262 sound core. Stefan Jokisch fixed a bug in the cycle counting that occurred when a new timer was fired within the current time slice.
    • 2003-04-22: Luca Elia sent in a driver for The Deep, it works but the colors are wrong since the color PROMs are missing. Acho A. Tang converted the Mystic Warriors and Konami GX drivers to different drawing routines that will allow more improvements later on. Jason Lo added dual screen support, added sprite shadows and improved the graphics priorities in the Sega System Multi 32 driver.
    • 2003-04-21: David Haywood added Idol Janshi Su-Chi-Pie 2 to the Jaleco Mega System 32 driver and fixed the bad graphics in Tetris Plus 2 (MS32 version) with the correct ROMs. Nicola Salmoria fixed the graphics priorities in Horizon. Bryan McPhail forwarded a fix for the missing sound in Super Kaneko Nova System games.
    • 2003-04-20: R. Belmont fixed a few memory leaks in the ES550x sound core. Tomasz Slanina simulated the 8741 MCU protection in Oigas, so it is now playable. smf fixed the colors in Horizon.
    • 2003-04-19: Luca Elia added Zero Point 2 to the Unico driver.
    • 2003-04-18: Ian Patterson sent in an update to the cheat engine, fixing some bugs and adding a few new features. smf fixed the sprites in Horizon.
    - Griking

  • Satourne WIP - I can't translate the WIP info (maybe someone here can help) but the pics sure look pretty :) - Griking

  • FinalBurn Alpha Combo v2.94c - I'm not too familiar with this variant of Final Burn but more information as well as the changes in this version can be viewed here - Griking

  • PSXeven v0.15 WIP - The Playstation emulator PSXeven has been updated. According to the author it may be a bit buggy but he wanted to release it anyways because he may not have much time to work on it. Changes are;
    • Fixed cdrom plugin interface, inorder to be able to use cdr plugins that dont support CDRplay/CDRstop.
    • Fixed pandemonium, gpu_software screen "bobbing". Still doesnt work right in opengl.
    • Corrected mdec timing, this fixes mdecs for ToE(TO2), Dino Crisis, Rival School 2 and a lot more games, no need to use the "whackedmdec" option anymore to avoid the "slideshow" mdecs.
    • Correct exception priority level emulation.
    • Correct vsync update to irq timing.
    • Fixed "unable to load/share/open iso" error when iso is marked read-only (internal iso plugin).
    • CdrXeven fixes, including better error handling and Interface autodetection. (i.e wont crash and send your pc to hell anymore if your aspi installation is unsuitable)
    • Fixed ff9 battle menu flickering with pete's software gpu.
    • Corrected opcode MTC0 for proper R/W bits handling for COP0 registers.
    • Added support for custom logos (tnx to CKemu for the new one), you can find some more logos from kiraseed and some more guys in the NGEmu forums.
    • Corrected savestate problems regarding gamecode detection.
    • Added savestate support for manually loaded psx-exe's
    • Added support for PADpoll/PADstartPoll export funcs to support vibration (Harakiri Pad plugin).
    • Correct MDEC RL block initialization (caused crashes).

    Thanks to aworks for the update. - Griking

  •    Wednesday, April 23rd 2003 - Last updated @ 22:41 EST

  • GamePark 32 FLU - No, it's not some variation on SARS, but an updated version of the Korean GamePark 32 portable game system. Nothing has changed except for the addition of an internal front lighting system (FLU = Front Light Unit), allowing the GP32 to be used in any lighting condition, similar to the GBA SP. While there are very few commericial games for the GP32, it does have an interesting and thriving emulation/homebrew community, since it has a relatively fast CPU and uses smartmedia for storage. You can learn more at places like GP32Emu and GP32X. I saw the new GP32 FLU at Play-Asia, GBAX, and while not yet advertised for sale, I'm sure Lik-Sang will have them soon too. I don't have one, but they look kinda nice, eh? :) (See, I'm not a complete GBA fanboy, hehe.) - prophet

  • PSID64 0.6 - PSID64 is a program that automatically generates a C64 self extracting executable from a PSID file. Changes: Ported all code to C++. Created the libpsid64 library. Fixed some small incompatibility problems. - chris

  • Cxmame 0.4.2 - Cxmame is a simple console-based frontend for xmame using the ncurses library. It was originally intended for xmame.svgalib, but works with all xmame targets. Changes: A few small bugfixes were made. The WINGs GUI code was removed to keep the project slim. - chris

  •    Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - Last updated @ 21:40 EST

  • Jum52 v.08 - Mac and BeOS versions of Jum52 v.08 have been released. Jum52 is an Atari 5200 emulator. - Griking

  • Kega Lazarus SE - Yet another release after a long absence. Steve Snake has released Kega Lazarus SE yesterday. Kega is a Sega Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Megadrive and SegaCD/MegaCD emulator for Windows based computers. Changes is this update are;
    • Fixed the remaining Z80 bugs. I'd already fixed all this stuff for Klive (my Spectrum Emulator), but as the version of my Z80 emulator used in Kega is Kega-Specific, the fixes were not copied over for the last version. Now they are. The Z80 code is, as far as I am aware, 100% accurate now.
    • Fixed a bug where SMS sprites did not wrap at the top of the screen correctly. I thought this worked already, but never got around to testing it. It works now.
    • Added SMS/GG Expanded Sprites. I don't know of a game that even uses these, in fact, the Genesis with Power Base Converter doesn't even support this feature. But Kega now supports it.
    • Added SMS Right Scroll Lock feature. I'm sure a few games use this. But as to what ones, I don't know. Whatever - it's in there now.
    • Added SMS/GG Sprite Collisions. Again, I don't know if anything uses this feature, but it now works.
    • Added proper NMI support (SMS Pause button.) This was working in Kega prior to Lazarus - but I forgot to fix something when I did the rewrite. Now it works.
    • Seperated the LOAD MASTERSYSTEM and LOAD GAMEGEAR ROM options, as per request. This now means Kega will remember a seperate folder for Master System and GameGear ROMs.
    • Added GameGear Border, again, as per request.
    • VSync issue - several people reported strange frame rates while in fullscreen mode, and I have now tracked down what is causing this. It seems that some GFX cards / Drivers misbehave. When you ask the card to flip the framebuffer, you can specify that you don't want to wait for it to happen (as I was doing) so that you don't waste CPU time. But apparently, some cards/drivers ignore this, and wait anyway - throwing the framerate completely out of sync. It's such a shame that video cards these days seem to support 3D only... Anyway, a solution to this problem: VSync. Now, when the VSync option is disabled, it will also cause Kega to tell the card to flip the screen IMMEDIATELY. This fixes the timing problem, unfortunately it also means that you will probably see some tearing going on.
    - Griking

  • Mame Cheats - After what seemed to have been an eternity, Pugsy's Mame Cheats has been updated. As would be expected after such a long absence, it's a "massive" update. Thanks Sixtoe for the news. - Griking

  • VirtuaNES v.76a - Todays VirtuaNES update seems to be a bug fix but for the life of me I have no clue what this is supposed to mean. "Correct that then can have returned by a full-screen change with shortcut key in the cause". Thanks to lux_92886 of our forums for the update. - Griking

  •    Sunday, April 20th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:59 EST

  • Tandy Whiz Kids - Do you remember the Tandy Whiz Kids? They were a couple comic book characters who went on adventures and advertised Radio Shack computers during the 80's. Well they're being preserved online by the guys of the Classic Computer Magazine Archive. - Griking

  • ZX-Emul v.20b - ZX-Emul is a ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows based computers. Changes in this release are;
    • NEW: FullScreen first attempt (switched with Alt+Enter)
    • New: VG93: Improved emulation of TypeI commands
    • New: TZX Reader: Support of Block 5A (linked TZX file)
    • New: Added optional support of Mouse Wheel (Mouse Options}
    • New: Debugger: Border and Paper now updated correctly
    • New: Another way to turn on MouseMode - DoubleClick on Screen
    • New: On loading SCL files free space on disk checked
    • New: Triple buffer sound engine (may be sounds problem solved)
    • BugFix: TZX Reader: Block of zero length (Flying Shark)
    • BugFix: KeyMatrix Algorithm (some keyboard problems)
    • BugFix: TZX Reader: Blocks 10&11 (Dynamite Dux reset on loading)
    • BugFix: Double Alt-F4 sometime thrown system error
    • BugFix: LD A,R/I command reset CF (Sinclair Town 2 crashing)
    • BugFix: Too strong mouse port decode (Adventurer #9 mouse fail)
    • BugFix: TR-DOS: First IDAM now A1A1FE (Master Copy hang on)
    - Griking

  • Revenge of the Apes - Atari Age has done it again by releasing a binary of the fully playable yet unreleased prototype of the Atari 2600 game Revenge of the Apes. Even more, they have announced a prize for the first person to find the secret Easter Egg in the game. More information to be available in this Atari Age message board thread. - Griking

  • VisualBoy Advance v1.5a - VisualBoy Advance has been updated to version 1.5a Changes are;
    • Fixed skin problems on Win 95/98/Me/2000
    • Fixed right-click problem on Win 95/98/Me/2000
    • Fixed problem when Gameboy Printer was enabled
    • Fixed problem on Flash size menu not showing correct setting

    Thanks to Death Knight for the news. - Griking

  • Wine Traffic #166 - This is the 166th release of the Wine's kernel cousin publication. It's main goal is to some how escape the confines of a hard drive going bad and be thankful for ancient boot floppies that still work. It also serves to inform you of what's going on around Wine (the Un*x windows emulator). - chris

  •    Saturday, April 19th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:57 EST

  • WinUAE v8.22 Release 6 - WinUAE, the Windows port of the UAE Amiga emulator has been updated.
    • Bugs fixed:
    • Increased compatibility
    • Display emulation graphics corruption in some programs
      (NOTE: some very old games, for example Eliminator, require OCS Agnus)
    • Sprites outside display window emulated partially
      (Banshee AGA, Alien Breed 3D)
    • Audio emulation fixes (noise and random popping)
    • Input configuration fixes
    • Crash when creating new CD32 NVRAM-file
    • Compressed disk images can be write-enabled
    • More compatible with newer CDTV extended ROMs
      (still no CDROM controller emulation)
    • Disk emulation fixes (writing freeze, drive type, disk eject/insert, more compatible disk change detection, writing to multiple drives simultaneously)
    • Stuck middle button when "Middle Mouse-Button -> ALT-TAB" was enabled
    • Don't crash if zlib.dll is missing
    • Lost mouse input events when using high refresh rate mouse
    • New features:
    • Compressed state files
    • Rewritten and more compatible serial port emulation,
      serial link game support
    • More compatible blitter speed in non cycle-exact mode
      (Spindizzy Worlds, PP Hammer..)
    • Turbo-floppy speed enables fast writing
    • Disable screensaver when WinUAE is active
    • Improved configurable CPU idle-function
    • Screenshots saved to ScreenShots-directory
    • Input configuration joystick port swap and device
      disable-button implemented.
    - Griking

  • UGVM 5 - Issue 05 of UGVM, the free uk.games.video.misc magazine is out now! This issue features an article on the Evolution of Football (Soccer for you US type people!), and articles on the GP32, the Commodore C64GS and Amstrad GX4000. There are also reviews of Dragon's Lair 3D, Animal Crossing, Sim City 4 and .hack//Infection. Thanks to deKay (the Editor) for the news. - Griking

  • Green Beret Single Arcade Alpha for Dreamcast - reaper has released his third Easter single game arcade emulator for the dreamcast, this time for Green Beret. This version has a themeable menu system, just like his 1943, Contra, and Rygar releases, but this time it includes an animated intro complete with music. - MetaFox

  • VirtuaNES v0.76 - VirtuaNES has been updated to version 0.76. It looks like a bunch of new mappers have been added. - Griking

  •    Friday, April 18th 2003 - Last updated @ 12:49 EST

  • System 16 - Updated! - chris

  • XRoar 0.6 - XRoar is an emulator for the Dragon 32, Dragon 64, and Tandy Coco2 computers all originally released in the early '80s. The emulator runs under Unix-like OSes (using SDL for video and OSS for audio) and the GP32 handheld gaming device. Changes: Joystick support is only available in the GP32 version at the moment. - chris

  • WineX 3.0 - WineX is a version of Wine that aims achieve full Linux compatibility for games developed using DirectX APIs.

    Changes: In this version, the Point2Play graphical frontend is now available to help users manage multiple WineX versions, store configuration options and stop using arcane command line options and syntax. Hardware accelerated Vertex Shaders have been implemented. These are only supported on OpenGL drivers which implement the NV_vertex_program extension. There is also copy protection support for newer, and several older, SafeDisc versions. Additionally, the SecuRom copy protection speed has been enhanced for some hardware configurations. - chris

  •    Thursday, April 17th 2003 - Last updated @ 22:21 EST

  • Spectaculator 5.0 - Spectaculator is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K/48K/128/+2/+2A/+3 emulator for Windows. There's been a ton of updates which can be read here. - Griking

  • Mame WIP - There's been a new pretty large (and impressive) Mame WIP posted.
    - Griking

  • Old Spark v0.2 - Old Spark is a new multi arcade game emulator written in Java. Currently it only emulates older arcade games based on the Z80 processor. - Griking

  • Alligator People - A binary image of the unreleased Atari 2600 prototype Alligator People has been dumped and made available for download by the good people of Atari Age. The games is based on the cheesy 1959 horror movie of the same name. - Griking

  • MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.67.3 - Changes in this update are;
    • Fixed SSE blitting routines, should work on K6
    • Incorporated Haze's WIP NeoGeo driver with support for alternate bios sets. The green screen on startup is memory test just like real machine
    • Added warning when CJK font is not available.
    • Improved hit test for snapshots, you can switch images by clicking anywhere in the snapshot frame.
    • Added shippumd ips (Kingdom Grandprix English hack)
    • Driver updates from Haze and other contributors:

    Thanks Sune_S for the news. - Griking

  • SainT v1.30 - SainT is an ATARI-ST emulator running on Windows (9x,NT,2000,XP) based machines. Changes are in this version are;
    • Big speed boost of GPU rendering (using texture). Use SainT at full speed on cheap machine!!
    • STE more compatible (blitter improvement and cycle accurate)
    • Memory snapshot reading optimized and improved (STE blitter and DAC save support)
    • "Fullscreen force deskptop resolution" option for PC Laptop owner.
    • Write config on SainT.ini (so you can have multiple SainT configuration in several directory)
    • "Ask reset and run" option to launch a disk faster

    Thanks to The Informer of our forums for the news. - Griking

  • More Rumors - There seems to be reports all over the net of a merger between Sega and Namco. Stories can be read here, here, and here. Post your thoughts on this possible merger here. - Griking

  • Undead CPS2 - Razoola has started studying the paranormal and is bringing dead CPS2 boards back to life! - chris

  •    Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - Last updated @ 14:44 EST

  • guru shopraid #4 - is now complete! thanks to Daemon for the news. - chris

  • Caprice32 v3.5.3 - Caprice32 is a Amstrad CPC emulator for Windows. Changes are;
    • Multiface 2 support! After a long absence (since v1.11), the popular add-on for the CPC is finally getting emulated again.
    • Blank disks can now be inserted into either CPC drive via the Disk menu. The new Disk page in the Options dialog lets you choose the format to use. User defined custom formats can be added to the config file.
    • More improvements and fixes to the FDC emulation: Last Mission, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix and Puffy's Saga now load.
    • Implemented the last three missing FDC commands: scan equal, scan low or equal and scan high or equal. CP/M's Disckit3 tool now works correctly.
    • The 'flip disk' option now allows access to the alternate side of double sided DSK images.
    • The CPC's printer output can now be captured to file.
    • Improved the timing of some Z80 instructions, thanks to Richard Wilson's excellent PlusTest application.
    • Added the option to have the emulation continue to run in the background when switching to other applications or when minimizing Caprice32.
    • The palette problems in 256 colour desktop mode have been fixed.
    • The documentation has received a major overhaul.
    - Griking

  • Jum52 v0.8 - The DOS and Windows versions of Jum52 have been updated. Jum52 is a multi-platform Atari 5200 emulator. An updated version of the Playstation 2 port should be available shortly. These new versions fix some timing and collision problems, and make KABOOM!, RIVER RAID and H.E.R.O. playable. - Griking

  •    Monday, April 14th 2003 - Last updated @ 18:29 EST

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium - Updated! Thanks to Daemon for the news. - chris

  • Nebula v2.23b - Nebula has seen an update today as well now. Changes in version 2.23b are;
    • CPS2:
    • Added Mighty! Pang (Japan 001011)
    • Added Super Street Fighter 2 (ETC 930911)
    • NEOGEO:
    • Added Jockey Grand Prix. The sound program rom is encrypted, so I've used vliner as parent and took its m1 rom while we get a decrypted dump.
    • GENERAL:
    • Added a new frameskip code, it should perform better on slower machines.

    Thanks JonnyCasino of our forums for the news. - Griking

  • Abe's Amazing Adventure!! - Version 1.0 is released! About: A scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game, vaguely in the style of similar games for the Commodore+4 - chris

  • Planeshift Alpha 0.2.010 - PlaneShift is a persistent fantasy multiplayer Role Playing Game with state-of-the-art 3D graphics. Create your character and live in an ever-changing world. Build with us a Team that will make PlaneShift THE choice of MMORPG. - chris

  • NesDevKit 0.2 - NES DEV KIT is a tool to make .NES games and demos. With the Beta version this works even better now. - chris

  • AppleCommander 1.2.3 - AppleCommander is a tool that manipulates Apple ][ disk images. Files may be imported or exported with various file filters. Changes: can be read here. - chris

  • Advance MAME 0.67.0 / Advance MESS 0.66.0 / AdvanceMenu 2.2.5 / AdvanceCD 1.1.0 - Advance Projects has realeased some updates. Head on over there to get the skinny. - chris

  • TSSHP 0.2.10e - The System Shock Hack Project is a project to reverse-engineer and recode (from scratch, but using the original datafiles) the 3D role-playing/shooter games from Looking Glass (System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds). Changes: can be read here. - chris

  • Mamory 0.2.1 - Mamory is a library for ROM management in emulator-related projects. It also has a CLI client. Changes: This release corrects zip file detection that may have been the reason of unwanted behavior. It also fixes other bugs and contains code required for future features. - chris

  • Icarus Progress - NGEmu.com has posted some new pictures of Icarus, the Dreamcast emulator running Soul Calibur and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Impressive looking Stuff! - Griking

  • GBCEmu v1.0.0 Final - GBCEmu (Gameboy Color emulator) has been updated. Changes in this Final release are;
    • Added a few titles and bits and pieces of Dialog boxes.
    • Updated .exe core, and updated zlib.core.
    • Added further compatability for Windows95 systems. Now works fully.
    • Updated link in Abox box.
    • Fixed spelling mistake in Abox box (whoops!).
    • Added credit for Netplay support help/information.
    • Reduced size of emulator
    - Griking

  • Kawaks v1.46 - A new version of WinKawaks has been released. Mhz is no longer involved with the project though so please don't email him about it. Bugs should now be reported directly to CPS2Shock. Changes are;
    • New drivers:
    • Mighty! Pang (Japan 001011)
    • 1944: The Loop Master (US 000620)
    • Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting (US 000412)
    • Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting (Japan 000412)
    • Dimahoo (US 000121)
    • Great Mahou Daisakusen (Japan 000121)
    • Battle Circuit (Euro 970319)
    • GigaWing (US 990222)
    • GigaWing (Japan 990223)
    • Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness (US 950424)
    • Super Street Fighter 2: New Challengers (World 930911)
    • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (US)
    • Carrier Air Wing (US 901012)
    • Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy (World 900623)
    • Mercs (US 900608)
    • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (World 910522)
    • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (US 910318)
    • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (US 910411)
    • Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (US 920803)
    • Strider (US set2)
    • Willow (US)
    • The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle (earlier)
    • The King of Fighters '2001
    • The King of Fighters '2001 (decrypted C)
    • Jockey Grandprix
    • Added CPS2 z80 reset line emulation (thanks Elsemi).
    • Added developer mode support for NeoGeo games.
    • Added revision dates to CPS1 descriptions where possible.
    • Added correct emulation for NeoGeo vector table swapping.
    • Added support for the UNIVERSE BIOS (universe bios must be unzipped and in the same directory as your 'WinKawaks.exe'.
    • Changing NeoGeo region or mode settings during game play will force the game to reset so new setting can take affect.
    • Changed Blue's Journey ROM names to match MAME v0.62.
      Removed a uneeded patch to 'fatfury3' vector table.
    • Fixed graphics decryption in the encrypted Bangbead set.
    • Fixed resolution saving for rotated CPS2 games via menus.
    • Fixed tileviewer when viewing 16x16 CPS-2 tiles.
    • Fixed a bug that could under certain circumstances cause Insert Coin to stop working during NeoGeo netplay.
    • Fixed buttons 4,5 and 6 in sf2ue.
    • Fixed slowdowns in s1945p.

    Thanks Ti-Bone for the News. - Griking

  • JDR is nuts - Whats wrong with this picture? Thanks to mutey for the pic. - chris

  •    Sunday, April 13th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:58 EST

  • Final Fantasy XI Beta Testers Needed - If you're interested in possibly being a beta tester for the PC or PS2 versions of the upcoming Final Fantasy XI then apply HERE. - Griking

  • VisualBoy Advance - VisualBoy Advance, the multi-platform GBA emulator has seen a release today. Changes in version 1.5 are;
    • Core changes
    • Added AGBPrint support (for developers only)
    • Added RTC support
    • Added scanlines filter
    • Added support for gzip files
    • Added support for compressed bios files (zip, gzip)
    • Fixes Flash 1M support
    • Fixed crash reloading same ELF file
    • Gameboy:
    • Added SGB2 support
    • Windows:
    • Added Gameboy tools (Disassembly, Memory Viewer, Tile Viewer, OAM Viewer, Map Viewer and Palette Viewer)
    • Added fullscreen mode confirmation for DirectDraw to avoid problems
    • Added GDI, Direct3D and OpenGL rendering options
    • Added skin support (see readme for information on creating skins)
    • Added support for per game configuration of some settings (see readme for details)
    • Changed INI support to use emulator directory instead of Windows directory
    • Fixed command line parsing problem
    • SDL version:
    • Added support for per game configuration of some settings (see readme for details)
    Thanks Ibbo for the news. - Griking

  • Wine Traffic #165 - Brian Vincent has published the 165th release of Wine's kernel cousin publication. It serves to inform you of what's going on around Wine (the Un*x windows emulator). - chris

  • Zinc Update - The Zinc binary for linux has been updated for compatibility with the latest and greatest Linux distributions. Thanks to Daemon for the news. - chris

  • Guru Dumps - That Guru, now he's gone and done it again! Three new ROMs for developers to play with. Thanks to Daemon for the news. - chris

  • Calice Update - Calice v0.6.6 has been released. This release adds support for Mighty Pang. Get it at Potato Emulation - Griking

  •    Saturday, April 12th 2003 - Last updated @ 15:14 EST

  • ROM Organizer - Version 1.1 of ROM Organizer, a powerful ROM sorting tool for Mac OS X, is now available. - richard

  • SIDPlayer 4.3 - SIDPlayer is a replayer program for C64 music (SID tunes), running under BeOS and Unix. Changes: This release adds support for the SID option of the Catweasel MK3 PCI card under Linux. - chris

  • Qtmame 2.0.2 - Qtmame is a frontend to xmame. It shows snapshots, cabinets, marquees, titles, flyers, mameinfo, and history. It supports Catver.ini. Changes: This release has a store columns config problem fix. - chris

  • CPS2 SHOCK - Razoola has done it again! This time, releasing XORs for Super Street Fighter 2 (Etc 930911) and Mighty! Pang (Japan 001011)! Thanks to Dr. MAD and all the money donators! - chris

  • xmame/xmess-0.67.2 - Just a quick cleanup release. Changes since 0.67.1:
    • Fixed a bug in unix.mak that caused libusb to be linked in when the USB joystick driver was not enabled.
    • The makefile should now handle the CC variable correctly if it's some variation of 'gcc', such as 'gcc-2.95.3'.
    • The MIPS x86 dynamic recompiling core now builds with GCC 2.95.x.
    • Fixed several other warnings and errors that occurred when building with GCC 2.95.x.
    • INSTALL_MAN_DIR in the makefile now uses INSTALL_GROUP for the group id instead of 0.
    • Fixed several C++-style comments and a couple of warnings in the OpenGL code.
    • Fixed a build error in the xmess.xgl target.
    • Merged the latest MESS CVS changes.
    - chris

  •    Friday, April 11th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:50 EST

  • Rumors - Rumor has it that Samurai Showdown V is in early development. I'm not sure how reliable this info is but you can read this post for the scoop. - Griking

  • GoodINTV 1.03 - It appears that GoodINTV has been updated recently. Currently the only site that seems to have it is Haggar's Place - Griking

  • ARAnyM v0.8.0beta3 - ARAnyM (Atari Running on Any Machine) has been updated today. This is the last beta before final 0.8.0 release. changes in this version are;
    • Windows/Cygwin support greatly improved
    • HostFS bugfixed and works equally well on Windows/Cygwin
    • The key for making a screenshot changed to PrintScreen
      [ARANYMFS] renamed to [HOSTFS]
    • aratapif execution fixed
    - Griking

  • PSXeven V0.14b - Seems there was a bug in yesterday's release that effected save states. A new fixed download is now available - Griking

  • Arrested for ROMs in Japan - Read it here. (Thanks Psykechan) - prophet

  • MAME32Plus 67.2 - This great unofficial version of MAME was updated! Get it from the MAME32Plus homepage. I'm a recent convert to this build, and I highly recommend it - it incorporates some superb features as well as many source updates (i.e. Haze's recent System32 update). And the customizable transparent GUI just plain looks cool. :) New stuff:

    -Updated vidhrdw/system32.c with changes to the rowscroll/rowselect [Haze]
    -Some GUI tweaks for rotate options [Sword]
    -External treeview folder: Control.ini, FPS.ini and Screen.ini are now integrated into the GUI codes [BUT]
    -Poppy fowarded the changes from AdvanceMAME, added the ability to turn auto-centering on or off for X/Y analog controls via the "Analog Controls" of the in-game menu [Andrea Mazzoleni]
    -Fixed color when switching between fullsceen and window [BUT]
    -Updated hardware.ini [CrashTest]
    -Updated to Mameinfo Source 0.67 [MASH]

    BTW, I'm Poppy. :) - prophet

  • PocketNES & PCE Advance - Flubba recently updated these amazing emulators for GBA to v9.5 and v1.3 respectively! - prophet

  • Satourne Update - Here's some old, but nice, news courtesy of Ben-J at Consollection - Satourne now achieves Sega Saturn emulation at 70 fps and ST-V emulation at 40 fps on a Pentium 1.8 Ghz! - prophet

  • Visual MSX v1.5.1 - Ciro updated Visual MSX, his NLMSX frontend! Mostly fixes some "dumb" bugs. - prophet

  •    Thursday, April 10th 2003 - Last updated @ 15:16 EST

  • xmame/xmess 0.67.1 - xmame/xmess is now available. Changes since 0.66.2:
    • Almost everything from MAME 0.67 and MESS CVS.
    • Added support for konamigx to info.c. (David Haywood)
    • Building the neomame target now works. (Steve Behling)
    • Using XFree86 3.3.6 fbdev in 32bpp now works. (Steve Behling)
    • USB patches to take recent FreeBSD changes into account. (Matthew N. Dodd)
    - chris

  • Wine 20030409 - Wine Is Not an Emulator. It is an alternative implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs. Changes: Some reorganization was done to the source tree. File change notifications were implemented. Support was added for all variants of glibc 2.3. Many documentation updates and lots of bug fixes were made. - chris

  • AtariSIO 0.11 - AtariSIO is a Linux kernel driver module plus a small set of tools that implement the Atari 8-bit (400/600/800/XL/XE) computer series SIO protocol. Changes: Loadable 6502 highspeed SIO code and a "print directory" function have been added to atariserver. There are several minor bugfixes and improvements. - chris

  •    Wednesday, April 9th 2003 - Last updated @ 18:40 EST

  • Mod Chip Lawsuit - A man found guilty of selling mod chips on his website in breach of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act has been sentenced to five months imprisonment and a $28,500 fine. Full story here - Griking

  • PSXeven V0.14 WIP - PSXeven has been updated to version 0.14. PSXeven is a Windows based Playstation emulator. Changes in this release are;
    • Corrected 8bit/16bit MOV/MOVSX/MOVZX emitters (terrible bug, caused crashes in lots of games)
    • Fixed constant maps for 3 operand-register-type opcodes.
    • Added correct timing for PAL games (i hope).
    • Overall, more accurate vsync timing. (not yet tested thoroughly, some games will show faster/slower frame rates vs 0.13)
    • Optimized load/store operations.
    • Corrected cycle counts for load/store operations.
    • Fixed savestate creation issues.
    • Added Samurai Deeper Kyo fix.
    • Added commandlines "-runcd" and "-runiso xxx"
    • Added "Force Change Disk" option for manual CDROM/ISO disk change, you can do a cd2cd, cd2iso, iso2iso, iso2cd disk change. Note, newer cdr plugins will still do the cd2cd disk change automatically. Removed F5 function key.
    • Correct savestate naming when disk got changed.
    • Minor speed optimizations.
    • Updated package with the new P.E.Op.S spu version.
    - Griking

  • Nostalgia v3.5 - Nostalgia the Windows based Intellivision emulator has finally seen an update after quite some time. Changes in version 3.5 are;
    • Added the ability to run with nonstandard EXEC and GROM files, such as the miniexec and minigrom provided with Joe Zbiciak's SDK-1600. Just name thefiles "exec.bin" and "grom.bin" and drop them in the folder with Nostalgia.
    • Added the ability to use either joystick to move the mouse cursor. Thanks to Steve Hoogerhyde for suggesting this one.
    • Greatly enhanced keyboard navigation in the menus. now goes back a menu or selects "Cancel". selects "Save".
    • Fixed a bug in the colorstack display routine. Thanks to Joe Zbiciak for discovering this and mysteriously knowing exactly where the problem was.
    • Fixed a rare video bug Chuck Whitby was kind enough to find for me. What a guy!
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing Chess in Triple Action from working.
    - Griking

  •    Tuesday, April 8th 2003 - Last updated @ 14:14 EST

  • DOS MAME 0.67 - No, DOS does not die here at retrogames. Yes, the DOS MAME 0.67 binaries are now available! - chris

  • CPS2 Encryption - Razoola has released data regarding the CPS2 encryption. This may lead to breaking the encryption, but I doubt there is enough interest out there to spend the time to do it. This data is not useful unless you are an encryption expert. Do not bother downloading this data, unless you think you can help in emulating the CPS2 encryption algorithms. - chris

  •    Monday, April 7th 2003 - Last updated @ 18:10 EST

  • Namco System 10/11/12 Dump Status - The Guru has added a Dump Status Page for Namco. There is also news of a CPS3 donation thanks to Smitdogg. - chris

  • QEMU 0.1.4 - QEMU is an x86 processor emulator. Its purpose is to run x86 Linux processes on non-x86 Linux architectures such as PowerPC or ARM. By using dynamic translation it achieves a reasonnable speed while being easy to port on new host CPUs. Changes: S390 Support and many endian fixes by Ulrich Weigand, a full changelog can be read here. Thanks to OS News for the news. - chris

  • wgm 0.91 - WineX Game Manager a graphical interface for installing and playing Windows games using WineX. Changes: Updates for upcoming WineX3 release. - chris

  •    Sunday, April 6th 2003 - Last updated @ 19:41 EST

  • EmuLoader v3.7.1 - Ciro updated EmuLoader again! New stuff includes sound clip fixes, a new sound clip volume control, and much faster loading from zipped picture preview files. - prophet

  • 067 Update: Binaries are now available. - chris

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium - Updated! Thanks to Corvus for the news. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Updated! - chris

  •    Saturday, April 5th 2003 - Last updated @ 21:22 EST

  • R. Belmont's WIP Emporium - Updated! - chris

  • Romeo xmame frontend 0.1b - Romeo is a Java frontend for xmame with a lot of features. It uses a library by l2fprod to be skinnable and the Java Mail API for an enclosed mail module. Romeo can automatically download ROMs, screenshots, flyers etc. and can use a different config file for each game. Changes: The look of the list of games has been changed. Void "Set as favorite" is now faster. The options tab has been modified to work with xmame-0.66.2. - chris

  • Qtmame 2.0 - Qtmame is a frontend to xmame. It shows snapshots, cabinets, marquees, titles, flyers, mameinfo, and history. It supports Catver.ini. Changes: This release adds Xmame new file-path support, a new tree list, visual options, kernel, configuration dialog, and status bar, catver support, and more filters. - chris

  • P.E.Op.S. Sound SPU 1.6 - The Psx Emulation Open Source project contains several open source libraries (plugins) for freeware MSWindows and Linux psx emulators. Changes: can be read here. - chris

  • winex-gui 0.3.0 - WineX-GUI is a GTK+-2.0 frontend to Transgaming's Winex. Changes: Support for WineX3-prerelease. - chris

  • Wine Traffic #164 - This is the 164th release of the Wine's kernel cousin publication. It's main goal is to frantically catch up with Wine development after being on vacation. It also serves to inform you of what's going on around Wine (the Un*x windows emulator). - chris

  •    Friday, April 4th 2003 - Last updated @ 20:23 EST

  • FreeDo WIP - There's been an WIP update to the FreeDo homepage. FreeDo is a work in progress 3DO emulator. Looks like they're getting pretty close to setting a release date. - Griking

  • XArcade Trakball Update - Several visitors have emailed me about the price for the upcoming XArcade Trakball, and according to the XGaming folks, it's not set yet. I'm told the unit is still going through final design stages, so once they can gauge cost and demand, the pricing will be announced. - prophet

  • GBA Emulation Update - Thanks to GBAEmu for these great news bits:

    Flubba recently updated PocketNES to 9.3, adding a faster CPU core and savestate fixes. You can download it, (as well as PCEAdvance 1.2) from Flubba's homepage.

    Reesy updated his SMS emulator DrSMS to 1.2, fixing button layout and some bugs - get it from Reesy's homepage.

    Also, last week I completely missed Phil Stroffolino's arcade PunchOut emulator for GBA - it's listed toward the bottom of the GBAX competition page. Sorry Phil. - prophet

  • Vertical/Horizontal ROM Sorter - JoyMonkey (gotta luv that nick) released a batch file that sorts MAME ROMs according to their screen orientation. This may be useful for some cabinet users - download it here. - prophet

  • Speaking of Duke Nukem... - 3D Realms has finally released some info on the upcoming and highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever. Pictures as well as a video preview are available. The only question that remain is whether you'll meet the steep system requirements. - Griking

  • MAME WIP - Updated! - chris

  • Duke Nukem 3D - As you all probably know by now, the source code was released for Duke Nukem 3D a couple of days ago, and now there are ports in progress to linux and windows systems. There are still a few bugs to work out, but it is now mostly playable. This is one of the very few games that I actually purchased back in my DOS days. Thanks to The Informer for the news. - chris

  • Retrogaming Radio, April 2003 - Everyone's favorite emulation 'newscast' is now available at the RetroGaming Radio site. You can either download it or listen to it being streamed; WinAMP it is :) - atila

  •    Thursday, April 3rd 2003 - Last updated @ 14:45 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated! - chris

  • Virtual Gameboy Advance 2.0 - VGBA is a portable emulator of the Nintendo's GameBoy Advance handheld videogame consoles for Linux, DOS, and Windows.

    Changes Include:
    * Majorly redesigned screen rendering routines, making them faster.
    * Added sprite sorting and precomputation to speed things up.
    * Fixed window rendering.
    * Fixed multiple screen rendering bugs.
    * Color effects can now be disabled in WININ/WINOUT registers.
    * Alpha blending can now be applied multiple times (Lord Of The Rings).
    * Disabled alpha blending for pixels with no second argument (Lord Of The Rings).
    * Added window support to bitmapped screen modes.
    * Disabled display of the first 512 sprite patterns in bitmapped screen modes.
    * Changed LDM instructions not to write back base register if it has just been loaded from memory (Golden Sun 2, Kong, VRally 3, etc.).
    * Now setting R12=0x04000000 in VBlankIntrWait() and IntrWait() (Bubble Bobble Old And New).
    * Added QOpARM() and WOpARM() functions for fast opcode fetching.
    * Removed data rotation in unaligned 32bit writes (Downforce).
    * Modified BIOS decoders that write to VRAM to use words, not bytes.
    * Now returning correct "broken" values when program tries to read BIOS area by bytes and 16bit words.
    * Now doubling byte writes to VRAM and palette.
    * Now mirroring VRAM as 64kB+2*32kB.
    * Now mirroring SRAM, OAM, and palette.
    * Removed mirroring of I/O addresses.
    * Now waiting for sound thread to die in VGBA-Unix.
    - chris

  •    Wednesday, April 2nd 2003 - Last updated @ 21:15 EST

  • Nebula Model 2 v0.8 - El Semi released a new version of his Sega Model 2 emulator, Nebula Model 2! New stuff includes:

    Frame limiter is properly working now, so games will not run at more than 60 fps.

    Added all tilemap features of the Model2/System24 tilemap chips. Of course, this has
    caused a speed drop. You can disable the tilemaps to gain speed using the keypad * key,
    this will cycle: all tilemaps, high tilemap only, low tilemap only, no tilemaps.

    Fixed a bug in the SCSP that caused sgt24h sound hang.

    (Thanks JonnyCasino) - prophet

  • X-Arcade Trackball - I just received an email about XGaming's brand new X-Arcade Trakball! With all the recent Marble Madness style games coming along this news was very welcome. Unfortunately it doesn't start shipping until June, but maybe Marble Insanity will be done by then as well. Pre-orders get a free copy of Golden Tee Golf & some other goodies. - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Updated! - chris

  • Education In Holland - As you may or may not know, we Dutchies have a good education system (eventhough more unwanted budget cuts are a-comin') and as of today, "we" also have a SEX SCHOOL (link is in Dutch) called "Hanky Panky School" (where do they come up with names like this?!). The aim of this school is to "teach people how to have sex", especially hookers, at the 'low-low price' of only 900EUR/day. That's about $970.

    I'm pretty sure that I can set up a school like this which charges LESS than that ;) I best call a few friends, where's my Rolodex? - atila

  • Trackballs 0.9.0 - Trackballs is a simple game similar to the classic game Marble Madness. By steering a marble through a track filled with vicious hammers, pools of acid, and other obstacles the player collects points. When the ball reaches the destination, the player continue to the next, more difficult track - unless, of course, time runs out first.

    Changes: New levels and objects were created, including cacti, birds, side spikes, teleporters, and fountains. New calculations are made for visible cells. It is now possible to have water and arbitrary textures on maps, and splash effects when in water or acid. Sparkles now appear around the mouse in menus, many new shortcuts were added to the editor, and many bugs were fixed. New features include pausing (by pressing 'p'), taking screenshots (with 'Print Screen'), and batch updating of old levels. - chris

  • TORCS 1.2.0 - TORCS is a 3D racing cars simulator using OpenGL. The goal is to have programmed robot drivers racing against each others. Nevertheless, a joystick interface is present in order to drive yourself. Changes: Lighting enabled, 3 layer multitexturing, multiple LOD on the cars, flames, lens flares, championship mode including qualifications, mouse control, and calibration, new tracks including a very cool one, faster opponents, and a lot of problems fixed. - chris

  • z26 2.07 - The Atari 2600 emulator z26 was updated! New stuff includes:

    Made mouse capture in windowed modes optional. It is controlled with the -MN command line switch. N=0 is off, N=1 is on. It is on by default.

    We now make a distinction between upper case and lower case letters in command line switches. There are now many more possibilities.

    Many more games automatically run with phosphorescence turned on when running in a window.

    (Thanks JAW) - prophet

  • Saturnin Coming Soon - Ben-J from Consollection tells me that Saturnin, a Sega Saturn emulator for Windows, is getting close to release time! Expect about 18fps on a 2.8Ghz system. - prophet

  • Marble Insanity - Wow! Marble Madness fans MUST check this out - Xiaou2 has unveiled Marble Insanity, a hi-res remake of everyone's favorite isometric marble game, complete with all sorts of new stuff including a level editor! It's still a WIP, and he needs some good 3D and 2D artists to help create new characters. But it's already looking great! - prophet

  • EmuLoader 3.7 - Ciro updated EmuLoader, his MAME frontend for Windows! This version brings back sound clips, using the "amazing "FMOD Sound System", with hundreds of possibilities." - prophet

  •    Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - Last updated @ 12:23 EST

  • MAME WIP - Updated! - chris

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