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  •    Friday, June 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:53 EST

  • Oooo! More MameWIP! Sengoku Ace and Gun Bird!!! - dutch

  • I was minding my own business on IRC and when all of a messagewindow turned red. I decided to click on the window and lo and behold: Skates of EmuSphere told me that AGES v0.20a (Nebula) had been released. If you're interested in Sega 32X emulation (and most of you are ;), then you will be glad to know that a lot of small bugs have been fixed AND there's also a speed boost because Quintesson has underclocked the SH2 CPUs. - atila

  • I got several mails from people warning about how NewsShark uses the Aureate spyware. (That nasty stuff that sends data from your web browswer back to the company for marketing data.) Actually, their latest beta does not have the browser parasite, so relax guy! ;) - dutch

  • Neo Demiforce has successfully translated Monster World IV for Genesis! Originally in Japanese only, now you can play this wonderful action adventure in English! Seems our friend Antiriad was also a partial culprit in this translation. You'll need to convert an smd dump to bin format to apply the patch: try ucon - just type ucon z (filename).smd from a DOS prompt, thanks dus from #neogeo. :) (Thanks to my fave translation news source - Whirlpool) - prophet

  • Boukichi has released DBOY 0.62u, I have no idea what's new. He also seems to have moved to Vintage Gaming ? - atila

  • KoF Perfect added more cool NeoGeo cartridge box scans! - prophet

  • I'd like to congratulate my sister Sevin (means 'happiness' in Turkish) with her 23rd birthday. Nog vele jaren ... en die taart niet vergeten vanavond, he =) - atila

  • Meka 0.54 was released to registered users earlier today, click here to see what's new. Zoop has also updated the documentation for Meka and 2 new Meka Themes are available. And Nathan Sanders has made a MEKA.BLT editor to make new video mode creation easier. Thanks to Brian and Troutman for the news. - atila

  • TOSBOX 1.10 (Atari ST emu for DOS) released! A final (?) version of TOSBOX was released today and here's what's new according to EmuViews: Changes from the previous version include new mouse code for linux-friendliness, a bug fix for the GFA Basic 3.x linker, and improved compatibility with certain sound cards. This emulator is no longer shareware as you can get a key by just contacting the author, although fees are still accepted if you wish to contribute.
    Thanks to JoseQ for the reminder. - atila

  • The MAME History Team has released an updated MAME History Database. This is release .34b4 (180k), to coincide with MAME 0.37 beta 4. Just download and unzip into your the directory where you keep your mame.exe. - atila

  • Arr, here's some updates for ye. _o - dutch

  • Check out 3dfiles.com for a Dragon's Lair 3D movie as well as an Arkanoid 3D Demo, among the other cool files out there. (That Rebirth Supernova screensaver looks pretty sweet.) Thanks to Eric Gorka for pointing me out there. - dutch

  • For you Usenet users and abusers: Don't you wish Agent could automatically restart downloads ala GetRight instead of throwing an error message up on the screen for every little error? Kind of annoying when you leave a queue going overnight. And don't you hate how if you are downloading a "joined" message with 60 parts, if it gets cut off at part 59, it has to restart from part 1? Say hello to NewsShark, the answer to the Usenet leech's prayers. The best thing about it? It's FREE. - dutch

  • Anthony Ball made a full speed Phoenix emulator for the Playstation! It's available on his site. - dutch

  • Nonoche put up some cool Shockwave games, including Super Mario Bros! You need Shockwave 8 installed to work these in your browser. - dutch

  • GuruChoc (or as I like to call him, "Mr.Happy News" ;) recently added more needed-soon MAME stuff again! - prophet

  • Mimic W.I.P. (arcade game emulator & more?) was updated again! Seems TheBeaver is LOL these days. :) - prophet

  • Sony dimisses patent case against Connectix! Incidentally, Aaron Giles (one of my favorite MAME devs) lead the PC Connectix VGS port. :) Talented guy to say the least! Connectix VGS, in case you didn't know, is an awesome Playstation emulator for Macs & PC's. (Thanks John Makos) - prophet

  • Genesis Power is swimming with James Pond: Aquatic Games! - prophet

  •    Thursday, June 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:06 EST

  • Gridle updated the MAME WIP again, this time with more news regarding Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam. And, um there is this new tagline field on the news update screen, maybe Atila will tell me what it's for... - chris

  • I'm just wrapping up my busy workday... they got the net working here at work again, hope it lasts. :P Atila looks pretty lonely out here, if you would be interested in posting news for retrogames.com please let one of us know... it would help if you have been a regular in the scene (did I just say "skene?" :) for a good while, have good writing skills, and know basic HTML (nothin' fancy ;). - dutch

  • Come Back 64/DOS v0.9H (C64 emu) released! New features include a file loading menu (F10, for PRG, P00, T64, D64, CRT), different colorpalettes, source cleanup, T64/D64 support (by extracting a PRG from T64/D64), for a full listing click here. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • Amiga In A Box - 2000 r8 RELEASED, check here to see what's new! Thanks to everyone that mailed/msg me. - atila

  • GameFan reports some news that should make all fighting fans happy: over eighty former SNK employees have found a new place to work at Capcom. They will all work for a "2-D game development subsidiary (or, depending on whose report you believe, all 3-D...we don't know for certain) and acquire the rights to all of SNK's top gaming properties". If it's true, it's good news indeed! - atila

  • Ever wanted to play Pac-Man without that 'annoying maze' ? Well, now you can, thanks to Nick B. for the link. - atila

  • Sorry about the slow news posts, but I'm kinda swamped at work here. Been working 'til 1:30 AM for a few nights now. - atila

  • Genesis Power has dumped Alisia Dragoon for the Genesis. - atila

  • The Dialectizer has added a new dialect: 3l337 hax0r (or HACKER in plain English :) You should check out this site in 3l337 h4x0r language, it's funny. It really is. Thanks to Devilman for the link. - atila

  • The Arcade Flyers database has been updated with 69 new entries and 11 updated entries. They're now serving 1209 arcade flyers which you can use with MAME/RAINE. Check it out @ http://arcadeflyers.retrogames.com. - atila

  •    Wednesday, June 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:20 EST

  • And here's a cool Super Mario Bros. skin for WinAMP, thanks to Jeff for the link. - atila

  • Vegas Records must be really big Atari fans, seeing they use the Atari logo as their own ... Thanks to Mark Shander for the link. - atila

  • Eric has once again released various new data files for use with RomCenter, the list is quite extensive, so if you use RomCenter, I would advice you to have a look, as it may contain something to your liking. - atila

  • hWnd has left the Nemu64 team, so they are in need of a new coder for the video.dll, which contains the interface to the 3D API. If you're an experienced coder and you have some time to spare, why not help them (and us!) out :) Thanks to Lukas2k for the news. - atila

  • Since Super StreetFighter 2: The New Challengers is now playable in GENS, it will be made available some time this week by Genesis Power. - atila

  • Tim Meekins has released Vegas 0.94b Rendering Test, a "test version for everyone to try. I've completely re-written the rendering code and the Direct-X code. I'm very interested if this version of Vegas runs better for everyone. The new scanline rendering effects are also available" ... "Moving the offscreen framebuffer to system memory boosted the speed signficantly. In fact, with frame-skip on, the edge-enhancement mode runs 60fps on my P3-600. And it's all written in C with brain-dead for-loops. :) Speaking of which, there is a slight bug in the edge-enhancement mode, which I may fix in a future version."
    Thanks to Exodus3D for the news. - atila

  • Gens 0.76 was released yesterday, but I was unable to update because of the site move. Gens is a win32 Genesis emulator, thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • Here's a cool site featuring old videogame commercials, some of them are really good :) Thanks to Fulg/[SATiRe] for the link. - atila

  • I must say that I'm impressed with Level3.net, it's a LOT faster than Verio (for us, anyway) and it's only 12 hops to reach my site. It used to be 23 hops with Verio! - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped a previously undumped game called Starflight. - atila

  • Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP page: MKII and NBA JAM are now playable, although there is no sound yet. - atila

  •    Tuesday, June 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 14:48 EST

  • Team Japump has been busy and have dumped 4 more games which will no doubt be emulated sooner or later. Thanks to Opi for the news. - atila

  • There will be a new C64 site opening soon and the site-ops are looking for a few more files to offer for download: Battle of Napoleon, F14 Tomcat,Flintstones, Rainbow Islands, Ramparts, Sporting Triangles, Typhoon, Typhoon of Steel, Wec Le Mans - released by the group Triangle 3532 and also a few games which were released by 711 or Alcoholics. If you can help them out, please mail them at c64guys@hotmail.com. - atila

  • Oli-Emu.de has added various BIOS files for use with the new MESS, check the SAMSTAG ( Saturday in German) news update. Danke schoen, Opi Wan Cannoli ;) - atila

  • Super Fro!!! (You need Shockwave. :) - dutch

  • Just like I thought. :) - dutch

  • Stella 1.1 for BeOS was released 2 days ago, here's what's new:

    - Sound support
    - Emulation of all controllers: Joystick, Booster-Grip, Paddles, Keyboard and even the LightGun!
    - DirectWindow support in case you have slow video card
    - Any size of window and Full Screen mode
    - Game informations
    - A lot of other stuffs...

    Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • For those who think the 'golden age of emulation' is over; you will be proven wrong this year. The best is yet to come. I though I might add this little tidbit, it won't be here tomorrow, or next week. It will take some time, maybe more than several months. With IT, I mean several emus for several systems, not a single system. I don't have betas of these emulators, but from what I've seen, I'm impressed. And no, I don't mean CPS2 emulation. - atila

  • RuMSX V0.21 is Released and is available for download at the MSX Emulation Page. Because of the enormous amount of changes it's strongly recommended to remove previous RuMSX-installations and to install V0.21 in a clean directory. - atila

  • MameMix 0.43 for DOS released! MameMix is a DOS frontend for use with MAME, Maurizio mentions that the WIN32 version will be done in about 2 weeks, as he's cleaing up the user interface. - atila

  • Club Shaft turned 2 yesterday! I helped set it up 2 years ago, and it's already become one of Belgium's best trancentrals :) If you happen to be in the neighbourhood (Lutlommel in Lommel, Belgium) check it out this weekend as we're having a star line-up, DJs Philip, Tom, Jorn, Wout and Marcel Woods will be keeping the beats going on July 1st and 2nd. - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped a Japanese puzzle/adventure called Jantei Monagatari. - atila

  • Here is a damn cool PacMan skin for WinAMP, it won't replace my BMI skin, but it looks cool nonetheless :) Thanks to Pi for the link. - atila

  •    Monday, June 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:02 EST

  • High Voltage SIDs Collection Update #21 has been released, you can download it at http://www.hvsc.c64.org/, HVSC is a C64 music collection. - atila

  • The Arcade Flyer Archive has been updated: Raine Flyer Pack (#08) is available for download, it contains 20 new images for use with Raine (doh! ;) - atila

  • I just read on EmuHQ that VGBC (GBC emulator) is now 'freeware' and open source, so I suggest you try it out now :) - atila

  • 'How Not To Plug Your New WAP Phone' For Dummies: Lesson 1. - atila

  • A useful FAQ - although those who need it could probably never find it on their own... - richard

  • Marty has been a busy little bee, he has released updated ports of SNES9x and RetroCade for OS/2. OS2: the little OS that could ... almost ;) - atila

  • Can you say: HUGE MAME WIP UPDATE ? - atila

  •    Sunday, June 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:05 EST

  • Oh, looks like Pikachu is done ... that is well-done =) Thanks to ]mAckdEmOn[ for the pic. - atila

  • MAME Classic 0.37.3 released! MAME Classic is "the first Windows Front-End for M.A.M.E. to feature independent default settings for raster and vector games", as the author puts it, here's what's new:

    - Changed the Game History button to Game Information. It now reports the information from the history.dat file, the mameinfo.dat file, and the cheat.dat file provided you have them in your M.A.M.E. directory.
    - Fixed a bug introduced in version 0.37.2 where switching from the classic game list or the all game list to the Neo-Geo list would not show only Neo-Geo games.

    There you have it, thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. - atila

  • Amiga fans should check out ALE! They've been busy adding guides to using Amiga emulators, as well as some utilities. - prophet

  • Genesis Power is playing Big Hurt Baseball! - prophet

  • Callus95 Patch 2.2 has been updated to fix a crashing bug, especially under Windows 2000! So all you Win2K users should definitely download the new build. DAT files online there as well. :) - prophet

  • As promised, the new Hu-Go! binaries are online. - atila

  • WinX68k 0.40 released, here's what's new in this EXCELLENT X68000 emulator:

    - 8th beta release.
    - Support "D88"-type disk images (tentative).
    - Support "Mercury Unit V3 (PCM sound card)" (tentative).
    - Support XVI(16MHz) / RED ZONE(24MHz) MPU clocks.
    - Now WinX68k uses mixing and volume in the DirectSound functions.
    - Changed ADPCM clocks a little bit.
    - Changed DMA for ADPCM a little bit.
    - Changed a timing of Event Count mode in MFP TimerA.
    - Fixed a priority bug in transparency mode.

    Please check x68k.retrogames.com for games for this emulator. Thanks to Aries for the news. - atila

  • Neko Project II v0.16 released! Neko Project II is a PC-9801 series emulator, it doesn't deal with PC-8801 series, here's what's new:

    Fixed processing $83 with VRAM [Kindan no ketsuzoku]
    Fixed processing $17 pop ss [YU-NO]
    Fixed disk BIOS (Read-ID, 2DD)
    Fixed keyboard

    Thanks to Aries for the news. - atila

  • The French translation of MacMAME has been brought to sync with the recent 0.37b4 release, you can download it from http://www.macmame.org. - atila

  • RockNES 1.090 (DOS) and BNSF 1.3 were released yesterday (while I was out partying :), here's what's new:

    - Fixed noise frequencies table;
    - Fixed pAPU 'active time left' table;
    - Small PSG optimizations and more fixes;
    - Fixed CHR bankswitching macros (added a few more too);
    - Fixed mapper #23 CHR banks.

    BNSF (NES sound format player) is in sync with this release. Thanks to whoever it was that told me, I closed the IRC window by accident. - atila

  • Overclocked Overload:

    - 3 New ReMixes - Chrono Trigger, MegaMan 3, Ghouls & Ghosts
    - MVT3k Guest Episode #9 - Super Mario World for GENESIS
    - OC Fanstrip #18: Fanstrippin'
    - 200,000 hit mark wallpaper

    Congratulations on your 200,000th hit! - atila

  • The NeoRAGEx homepage is down right now, most likely because so many people want to read what Atila reported about earlier. So, here's what Janne & Anders had to say:

    "Unfortunately our planned release 21/6 has been delayed due to a personal tragedy. But do not despair. We will release a new version shortly.

    Explanations to riddles:

    1: ((nop>>4)*3)++ = nop is opcode 0x90/144 in x86, that gives us this formula
    ((144/16)*3)+1 = 28 days left to a release

    2: sub bh,7 = (b equals the second and h the eight letter of the alfabet)
    This gives us 28-7 = 21 days left to a release

    3: (ffff%4) * smtwtfs = ffff stands for 6666 (f equals the sixth letter of the alfabet) and smtwtfs is the days of a week. 6666 % 4 equals 2. This gives us 2 * 7 which is 14 days left to a release"

    - prophet

  • Marat has added the Linux binary of Virtual Gameboy 1.7 to the download list; unlike the Win32 version, this is free :) Thanks to DrSteve'dubbaya' for the news. - atila

  • Shooter fans rejoce, Genesis Power have dumped Skeleton Krew! - atila

  • Cinder has added a Streets of Rage 3 wallpaper to his site, check Section 3 :) - atila

  • The Amiga Emulation Zone has added 22 Amiga CD covers. This brings AEZ up to nearly 80 titles spanning over 160 cd covers, splines, and backs. Shane also mentions that the CD32 Zone is back! - atila

  • The NeoRAGEx site has finally been updated! They were planning a release on the 21st of June but they had to postpone it due to 'a personal tragedy'. Janne and Anders have also posted the explanation of the riddles they posted a few times. Thanks to Saga for the news. - atila

  •    Saturday, June 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:28 EST

  • As you can probably tell, it is becoming very difficult for me to update regularly. I work full time as a tech support monkey :) from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm every day, and update as time permits from work. (Lately, Internet access for me at work has been restricted to using a Netcache Proxy but they tell me that's just temporary and they are fixing it.) I also have a life (believe it or not) and I have been taking too much time away from it in order to catch up with posting news. Believe it or not, those news posts take a lot of time to prepare! :)

    I am therefore taking the same step Prophet did: I am stepping down as a "mainstream" news poster. If Atila will still have me, I of course can do occasional updates (like update the site when a new Mame comes out and no one else is around to do it ;). However, I am no longer able to continue doing daily updates as it is burning me out. Prophet, I lasted about 5 months. I don't know how you did it for well over a year but I'm impressed! The same goes to all you other great daily news updaters at Geoshock, Arcade ROM Heaven, EmuHQ, Vintage Gaming, Emuviews, Arcade@home, Emucamp, SYS2064, and all the other great sites that I hope don't get mad at me for not mentioning here (mainly because I can't think of more, my brain is weak. ;)

    I'll leave it up to Atila on how he wants to handle finding a replacement.. I'm sure it won't be too hard. :)

    I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to read my updates every day and also who took the time to mail me. There were many whom I didn't have the time to reply to, but I appreciated each and every one of your mails! It has been a great honor and a lot of fun (even though I overworked myself :). I'd say, "Gotta go now... *waves*," but that's Antiriad. ;)

    See you around... - dutch

  • Mimic Work-In-Progress was updated! The Beaver has been playing around with stars it seems. And why do I feel like I'm discussing vintage '50s sitcoms? - prophet

  • I'd like to congratulate Sonic The Hedgehog with his 9th birthday (June 23rd, 1991) =) - atila

  • Remember "Kallus2"? It was a well-known hoax pulled off by a dishonest, relentless individual who managed to fool a few people into believing him. He also *stole* someone's Vampire Savior board in the process. Well, if you visit our General board, you'll find he has *finally* apologized for being a liar. Personally he's not worth the time or attention, BUT I'm glad to see this hoax ended once and for all. To the poor folks who I tried to convince long ago that it was a hoax, sorry, but I told you so. Now back to REAL emulation... - prophet

  • WinSMS Plus released! This is a small update to yesterday's release, here's what was fixed:

    Small fix for gamma correction for when internal pixel format is 16 bit (GeForce cards in particular)

    Thanks to EmuSphere for the last 2 news items. - atila

  • The source code for Hu-Go! was updated yesterday, new binaries are expected today. - atila

  • Amiga Legal Emulation was updated moments ago, 47 games were added to the archive courtesy of the mighty Assassin compilations, games include Galga 92, Space Intruder, Kastle Kumquat, Psycho Santa and Crazy Sue 1 & 2. Get a-clickin' !! - atila

  • Emu Jag (WIP JAG emulator) has been put on hold until further notice, because of medical reasons. Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the last 2 bits of news. - atila

  • Earlier today, GOOD WINDOWS 1.31 Special Release, was made public, here's what's new:

    - Added *Dupes.txt to the files that GoodWindows can show.
    - Changed to code of the animation so it won't be always on top. (Still Work to do)
    - Added an About box with link to the website & my email.
    - Addes Support for the SEP_ option (New in the latest GoodCPC) & the dirs option now work on GoodCPC (wasn't available in GoodCPC before).

    Good Windows is a 'frontend' for Cowering's GOODxxx series of utilities. - atila

  • Bad Ebay, bad =) - atila

  • Someone mailed me a while ago with several logos for the WAP page: I lost the mail! Could you please resend logos? You work at a software company ;) - atila

  • Malek sent me this link to 405: The Movie and I must say that I was impressed! It's a short 3 minute movie but those 3 minutes look damn good, that plane is amazing! Go download now, you won't regret it! - atila

  • The Flash has finally released RomDoctor, a ROM renaming program, with a WIN32 GUI, for 17 different systems. Please keep in mind that this is still BETA software. - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped that lovely platformer know as Socket. - atila

  • Cool! - richard

  •    Friday, June 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 17:31 EST

  • SMY mentions that the next SMYNES release will have a massive speed improvement and he may add support for a special sound chip (like the VRC7), the MMC5 extension and 'disk system extra sound', whatever that may be :) He will not release it until the features are near-perfect, let's hope that it's pretty soon. You can read the full post at Billy JR's site, in Chinese. Thanks to Aries for the news. - atila

  • Here's a mail I received from Mike Stulir, I should have posted this earlier, I forgot:

    The latest episode of the "Back In Time" webcast is now available, and it was recorded at the Twin Galaxies' "Classic Pinball & Video Game Championship." The tournament focuses on classic coin-op video games from the late 70's through the 80's. The event took place June 1st through June 4th, 2000 at FunSpot in Weirs Beach, NH.

    My co-host for this episode is Walter Day, founder of the Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard.

    There's a lot more, including 50 pics of the tournament so head on over to the Back In Time site! - atila

  • How many times have you wanted revenge on games that totally sucked? Now, MVT3k's video presentation gives you sweet & dirty vengeance, complete with FIRE!! David, would you please explain why your playing with dolls ;) - atila

  • MADrigal has released his 13th simulator: Snoopy Tennis (Nintendo, Wide-Screen series, 1982) Simulator, it's is available for download at http://madrigal.retrogames.com. He has also updated his TURTLE BRIDGE simulator which now features much more accurate timing,
    difficulty levels and sound samples. - atila

  • There's a rather large update on the MAME CE website, basically it says that you can expect some DRASTIC speed-ups :) Thanks to Roslof for the news. - atila

  • There's another new poll at bannister.org. The results for the last one were quite worrying... - richard

  • The ROM Info Bundle, a comprehensive suite of ROM renaming utilities for Macintosh, has been updated to v1.5b2. - richard

  • Some lucky NeoGeo MVS fan would be fortunate to win this auction! I never even heard of that game before - ever! - prophet

  • WinSMSplus 0.9.2 released, here's what's new:

    * Added load / save state support.
    * Added sound support for windows NT.
    * Changed default frame skip 'No' to 'Auto' and implimented auto skip.
    * Emulator now runs on DX3 or higher, though Joystick support and full
    screen modes are only available if you have DX7 or higher installed.
    * Added zipped ROM support.
    * Added a gamma correction option.
    * Added a sound recording option.
    * Now displays the name of the game running.
    * Added full screen support (requires DX7).
    * Added screen smoothing (requires DX7).
    * Added a scanlines option (requires DX7).

    Both the executable and source code are available here. Thanks to Skates for the news. - atila

  • Michael Russell (gag.retrogames.com) is look looking for a couple of titles he wrote for the Atari 8-bit back in the early 80's: Monster Combat II
    and Monster Combat III. Please let Michael know if you have any idea where they would be. - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped Shining In The Darkness. You can now also cast your vote on the type of games you want to see dumped. - atila

  • Shane has filled a few more requests at the Amiga Emulation Zone, these games were added: Blazing Thunder, Gridrunner, Frenetic and Starflight 2. - atila

  • A C64 browser is in the works! It's called The Wave, it uses Wheels, an extension to Geos. You must also have a SuperCPU upgrade or you will not be able to use it. I wonder if it will work on C64 emus :) Thanks to Tweakers.net for the news. - atila

  • Figured I'd report this before I turn in.. this is warezy type news, and warez is evil. Nyo-k? But, it is interesting. Eggman reports that "the group Utopia released Dreamcast CD Loader v1.1, which is basically a modchip on a CD. It will allow you to run imports and backup copies on your Dreamcast with a very simple disk swap trick through their boot CD menu!" Yes, there have been at least four games that have been "ripped" and are working rounds around the net. No, I don't know where to find them. No, I don't know who or where Utopia is. No, I don't know where to get Dreamcast CD Loader 1.1. No, I don't know how the swap trick works. And finally, no, I don't condone stealing copyrighted material. I just reported the news. K? :) - richard

  • What a week. I can only access about 30% of the net from work (guess I'm supposed to be "working"), and I'm in a busy week since my user base is pretty computer illiterate ("How do I install this CD?"). :P Hence my scarcity in updates lately. Once again I'm very tired and will be catching up soon (I hope). - dutch

  • Well, my CPU didn't work. I can now confidently report that Coppermine CPUs will not work in the Abit BX-6 rev 1. I used a flip chip CPU (PIII 800) and an Iwill Slocket 2 that supported Coppermines. It didn't make a difference, the BX-6 rev 1 just can't handle the low voltage and high speed specs that the Coppermines need. (The system froze within one minute.) Now to decide if I want to swap out my motherboard with a BE6-II (which means I have to buy new RAM). - dutch

  •    Thursday, June 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 17:40 EST

  • Slashdot has posted a follow-up to their console article from a little while ago. They list a few sites that have information on reverse engineering various systems. Thanks to Juzam (ciao paisan ;) for the link. - atila

  • Kinox will soon be turning ONE year old and they're looking for a few people to help redesign the site a bit. They're looking for CGI coders and graphic artists, if you're willing to help, you should check out Kinox. - atila

  • Most of you will have heard of the 'WHASSUP' commercial by now, it sparked a whole slew of spin-offs featuring various characters. One I hadn't seen yet was the one starring videogame characters, I have now :) Thanks to Nintendorks for the file. - atila

  • Cybercade posted some new arcade game flyers, including some cool Centuri, Namco and Williams games! Lotsa cool arcade game stuff there including a message board, manuals, schematics, marquees and instruction cards etc. And more stuff to come! (Thanks Strider) - prophet

  • More .dat files for use with RomCenter were released today, check the list:

    - Mimic 1.01 (Logiqx)
    - GoodGEN - 0998 (2497 / 2678) : Rob van der Drift
    - GoodGBX - 998.2 (3892 / 3903) : Rob van der Drift
    - Acorn Archimedes (52 games) : Sir Arthur Pendragon
    - Adventure Vision (4 games) : Jan AxHell
    - Jupiter Ace (39 games) : Grendel

    RomCenter is a rather sexy rom manager ;) - atila

  • MacMAME 0.37 beta 4 released! The Mac version is now in sync with the DOS version, here's what's new:

    - In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 4 build. [Aaron Giles]
    - Screenshots now generate PNG files instead of PICTs. [Aaron Giles]
    - Added better control over the screen depth. [Aaron Giles]

    You can also download the source code for this release by clicking here. - atila

  • Past-O-Rama (version 0.01) was released! It's a brand new Sega SG1000 emulator for Windows/DirectX, with very good compatability. It's great to see new projects springing up all over! (Thanks ShinobiZ, author of the great System16 Sega arcade emulator - ever try it? It's very fast & has savestates!) - prophet

  • Meridian 0.32 released! Meridian is an NSF (NES sound files) player for WIN9x, here's what's new:

    "Very preliminary support for VRC7 has been added as well as preliminary support for FDS. Until I get better information on these they will probably not improve a whole lot. VRC7 will almost definately receive very little attention since it is only used in 1 game that I know of. I also threw in some support for recording the output to a WAV file which does not work very well(inaccurate timing). Use it, abuse it, let me know what you think..."

    Thanks to Kinox for the last 2 updates. - atila

  • C Spray 0.9 released! C Spray is a utility similar to Cowering's GOODxxx series of utilities, expect this is for C64 images. - atila

  • The Smog homepage was updated! Apparently some progress is being made on this Sega Model 1 (Virtua Racing, Fighter etc.) arcade emulation project. :) (Thanks Doug) - prophet

  • Callus95 Patch 2.2 has been released! Several additions, but the most impressive is "A version of Street Fighter Zero has been added using Qsound. The game has been reversed engineered to add back many sounds Capcom removed from the CPS Changer version. We also added in the missing Qsound logo screen..." Awesome! =) Note: Read the text files or you will NOT get things working correctly! (Thanks Raz)
    - prophet

  • I've been getting a few mails lately asking me to explain what USENET is. Just got o http://www.whatis.com/usenet.htm and check it out. I would recommend USENET to everyone, and not just because of the binaries groups on it ;) You need a newsreader, my suggestion would be Free Agent or *gasp* Outlook Express. When asked for the news server, just enter news.YOUR-ISP.com (where YOUR-ISP is the ISP you use to connect to the internet). - atila

  • PasoFami v1.3w4 was released yesterday, heres what's new:

    - Can now set sound volume for each channel.
    - Can now select PCM/MIDI, simultaneous sound output for each channel.
    - Sound is more accurate.

    Thanks to Aries for the news and translation. - atila

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b4. Note that the official site has not been updated yet (and won't be until I get home from work!). Here is the binary and here is the source. - richard

  • I saw this post about Britmeet in uk.games.video.dreamcast (USENET), here's it is:

    Just added to the bill at Britmeet this Saturday 24th June:

    - Argonaut showing off the unreleased Snes Elite and Starfox 2.
    - Bizzare Creations showing off for the first time outside off a trade show, Metropolis Street Racer.

    Britmeet is the UK's only Video game collectors, Retro Gamers and Hardcore players convention, where gameplay counts and not advocacy.

    Check www.britmeet.co.uk for more details, tickets available at the door and at http://www.britmeet.co.uk/tickets.html. There will be a LOT more available at the show; looks like a show you can't afford to miss :) - atila

  • The Italian site 16 Bit was given a WIP copy of SegaEmu, so they decided to give it a good beating. You can check out the results here. - atila

  • A new section has opened at Overclocked called Mystery Videogame Theater 3000. All former reviews have been moved there and new ones will be added accordingly, I love the text in the main pic :) - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped those awesome RPGs, Phantasy Star 3 and Phantasy Star 4. - atila

  •    Wednesday, June 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 17:59 EST

  • What are you trying to do Ridge, sneak news by us on the Console board? :) Ridge has reported the following findings on the recent release of TRWin 2.32 Alpha WIP:

    There is a major speed increase on many of the roms and with GFX improvements too.

    * Xena - Warrior Princess
    * Ridge Racer 64
    * San Fransisco Rush 2 (The frame rate is very good now with all cars on screen at once and the smoke looks very good too)
    * Hot Wheels Turbo Racing (The bug that made it slow is gone,so this is superfast now with ~30.fps on a P2 400 w/Voodoo 2)
    *Top Gear Rally 2 (Cars is showing too now.)

    Ridge also found that "All roms that works is 100% flickerfree on 3DFX Voodoo 2 cards." Thanks for the testing Ridge, wish I had more time play games but my phone won't stop ringing in tech support land. :P - dutch

  • PowerMSX V0.07 has been released, here's what's new:

    - Z80 fixed. Now it passes all the ZEXALL tests.
    - VDP now is emulating some strange features. Now it runs Thing Bounces Back perfectly!
    - Added a frame counter.
    - Corrected some sprite bugs.
    - Fixed a disk offline bug.
    - Implemented -ifreq , so our european fellows can run the emulator at their perfect speed, while we, here in 60Hz, can run those classic european games as they were programmed to behave.

    PowerMSX is an MSX1 Emulator for DOS, thanks to the M.E.P. crew for the news. - atila

  • A new version of Zelda II Challenge: The Shadow of Link has been released! Grab it at http://smb3c.darkmazda.com. - atila

  • Beach cam!!! - dutch

  • Zophar's Domain have changed their logo again ... and it's a change for the better! For those 'not in the know', ZD changes logos more often than hookers on 42nd Street change their prices (Dave Letterman told me, that's how I know that bit of info =). /me waves to Zophar and Virt! - atila

  • NeoMAME 0.37 beta 4 released! I was surprised to see this pop up, because I thought that there wasn't a real need for this anymore. Guess I was wrong :) This is an unofficial version of MAME that suppports only NEOGEO games, all other drivers have been removed, making the executable a lot smaller. - atila

  • This is a cool site: Shell Extension City! It has lots of utilities to help you tweak/enhance your system. - atila

  • Chello finally got their mailserver up and running again, after a FULL DAY!! All mails after 2PM GMT (8AM EST), June 20th are gone, thanks for nothing, you bunch of morons! - atila

  • Vegas 0.94 was released! This awesome Win9x Genesis and 32X emu has been improved quite a bit. I can't stay online long so to other staff - please feel free to delete this post and write a better one, just wanted to get the word out... - prophet

  • Sorry I posted so late. Blame Sprintlink. - dutch

  • A Killer Instinct arcade emulation project has opened its doors over at EmuHQ: it is called Brute Force! You need Flash 4 for this. - dutch

  • Can you say witch hunt? :) While the article is a joke, where I live this would be totally believeable. Thanks to Snorter for the link. - dutch

  • Chuck Rock am at Genesis Power. Ooga booga. - dutch

  • A ton of DAT files have been put online at the ROM Center Homepage, including a Sega Model 1 DAT file and 10 "Cowering Good" DAT files. =) - dutch

  • Visual Mame, a very nice DOS frontend for Mame, got an update to version .31. This fixes the list by year problem in clone games and also gives you some new hotkeys in moving and sorting the gamelist. PNG files are now displayed using Oliver Fromme's freeware proggie Quick Picture Viewer. Please read the VIMREAD.TXT file for instructions on configuring it to work. There are also some other miscellaneous changes, visit the Visual Mame site on Mameworld to download the full version, update version, and also for a mirror of Quick Picture Viewer. - dutch

  • Promise fulfilled at the ZX site: Malc Jennings added 89 games including James Bond Collection, Armageddon Man (128/48K Versions), Biggles 1 and 2, Bravestar, Apple Jam, and 4x4 Off Road Racing. The emulator he's linked is a Java based emu called JK Speccy. Yep, it's ready to go right in your browser! :) - dutch

  • I smell something Lemony fresh... and see 23 new games added and three reviews. :) Thanks Vintage Gaming. - dutch

  • More music news: Since the best music shop in my area (Vinyl Solution) closed its doors permanently last year, I've been buying music online. Since one of the things you could do at the shop was play the discs, it's so nice to see that Soleilmoon put a ton of MP3s online so you can listen to the bands before you order the discs. These are the full length tracks, not lame 10 second tinny sounding streams. You can even leech them if you want. Heh, I will be ordering the discs for the ones I like. That's how this MP3 thing is supposed to work, see? =) Here's even more of them... Sorry if the music isn't your taste. ;) Kthxleech. - dutch

  • Retrogaming Times #34 released! Included are Mame reviews, letters to the editor, and some information about new Intellivision titles!! Thanks to Arcade@home for the news. - dutch

  • We missed the version 2.32 Alpha WIP release of True Reality for Windows. Remember this is a WIP version of the Nintendo 64 emulator, so expect inconsistancies (there are no docs included in the archive): "This WIP does not run DKR, but it should be interesting for those of you that like to follow the progress of reversing a ucode." - dutch

  • Apollo, another Nintendo 64 emulator, had an update to version 0.01b. It still does not run any commericial games, but it's gotten some good progress (check the readme file), and this does include a VI hack to make SP_CRAP and Kid Star's Intro work. Goldcrap also works due to the addition of silent Audio Emulation. - dutch

  • Vegas (the 32x emu) has finally gotten a homepage out on Tripod. Tim Meekins plans on adding a lot more stuff as well. :) Thanks to JoseQ for the news. - dutch

  • Master of Puppets released GoodWindows 1.3. In addition to a lot of fixes (check the homepage), here's what's been added:

    - Save The Directory to scan when the program close & others settings (in gw.dat)
    - Added an option to show a Legend for the Code used in file renaming (ex. (A) - Australian) But it is incomplete. Help me on this...
    - Added an animation when GoodXXXX.exe is working in the background.
    - Added support for the deep option
    - Added support for the Reverse Option
    - Added an option to show the Dos Windows when GoodXXXX.exe is running (this help to show you that GoodWindows doesn't crash but that GoodXXXX.exe is still running)
    - Now GoodWindows let you change from the program the path to the GoodXXXX.exe you wanna use (No more deleting settings.ini to do that)
    - Now the uneeded strings are removed from the List of Knowns Roms
    - Added a label with the number or known roms

    This is a great way to use Cowering's Good utilities. - dutch

  • Apple II Oasis had an update to version 2.4. This will emulate an Apple II computer in Windows with DirectX installed. It emulates "128K+ //e, all video modes, 65c02 and Z80 microprocessors, Apple II speaker, Disk II and Hard disk images, realtime clock, serial interface, peripheral card swapping, etc." This latest version will run in full screen mode and lets you use the keyboard to emulate the joystick. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, June 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:08 EST

  • Please use atila@retrogames.com when mailing me, it looks like the Chello mailserver is still as dead as it has been for the past 10 hours. - atila

  • We'd like to congratulate Cheat Mania with their first anniversary! To celebrate, they've added various Namco flyers/posters to their site. - atila

  • Chello's mailserver is dead ... again! I've not received any mail for about 8 hours right now. Chello, I hope you choke on your IPO! Here's an ISP that wants to go public, but they can't even run a damn mailserver!! - atila

  • Ultimo is hosting a live webcast in cooperation with emulationzone.org, he'll be talking about emulation, classic rpg's and prizes. Yes, he will be giving away prizes :) You can reach the webcast at at 5PM EST/4PM CST. That's 10PM GMT. - atila

  • Sorry for missing the news yesterday. They tell me here at work that they "changed carriers for our Internet access, thus making it work more fast and reliably." Well the carrier may be better, but someone doesn't know how to configure the firewalls because any time I try to access anything on the net it gets stuck between two in-house routers. It works a bit better if I use our NetCache 4.0R4 proxy, but this is the suckiest way imaginable to surf the net, and I can't FTP. >:( HTTPort isn't any good because our proxy doesn't support the CONNECT command. I swear that the BOFH is behind this. :P I will be updating when I can... - dutch

  • It's TOP 10 LISTS DAY at Overclocked, so let's get busy:

    - Top 8 2600 games you never wanted to know about.
    - Top 5 LYNX games with really juvenile names.
    - Top 6 NES products we wouldn't be caught dead with.
    - Top 7 N64 Games we never saw.
    - Top 7 Things we'll never understand about the Genesis.
    - Top 9 PLAYSTATION Girls we'd like to date and why.
    - Top 6 TG16 Characters that didn't have a hope in hell of making it big.

    Okay, so some lists have less than 10 :) Oh, there's also a Top 10 Emu Songs list! - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped their 150th Genesis game, and what a marvelous game it is: Phantasy Star 2! - atila

  • Malc Jennings has updated Amiga Legal Emulation with various new games:

    We have added a further 50 Public Domain titles courtesty of the awesome Assassin compilations. Once again thanks to Stuart Morton (an ex-Assassin) for providing the originals.

    Malc also mentions that ZX will soon be updated with a new emu and loads more games! - atila

  • I got the first post of the day, I got the first post of the day! - atila

  •    Monday, June 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:39 EST

  • Andy Geez has released an extraordinary TSR for DOS MAME, and nearly any other VGA based emu, game or app, that basically converts the VGA signal to arcade monitor frequencies (15khz)! It's called Mon-ARC and looks very cool. Heck, according to Andy it even allows one to "Dance around a swivel chair until you feel dizzy"! =) Nice site design IMO as well. - prophet

  • Marat Fayzullin has released Virtual Gameboy 1.7! FreeBSD and Solaris binaries (these are free) are now available from the VGB page. The Windows binaries are being sent to registered users, here's what's new:

    * Changed CGB DMA to decrement counter on each scanline.
    * Changed CGB DMA to update source/destination registers during transfer.
    * Fixed sprite/background priorities.
    * Added option for "washed out" CGB palette.
    * Added option for static color palette.
    * VGB-Unix now has a proper application icon in WMaker.
    * Now saving realtime clock time base in the state file.

    The Windows version can be obtained by registering, the registration fee is $35, thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • The classis Amiga game Psycho Squares is being remade by Shane Monroe. A preview version, (as well as the original AMIGA game!), for the PC can be downloaded by clicking here. - atila

  • I almost forgot this (sheesh!), we're quoted in an article in The Baltimore Sun! It's an article about "intellectual property rights and how the fight is shaping up between large companies and the tens of thousands of people who download copyrighted material". - atila

  • FPSE (PSX emu) is making good progress, a bunch of new screenshots were just posted and they look pretty good! Thanks to PadrePio for the news. - atila

  • Domenico is porting ComeBack64, that lovely multi-platform C64 emulator to BeOS! It won't be out for another week or so, because there are still a few issues left, so for the time being you can view 2 screenshots of CB64 running in BeOS: one and two. - atila

  • Hmm, looks like there MIGHT be an animated Dragon's Lair movie! The Dragon's Lair info is near the bottom of the page, thanks to Pook for the news. - atila

  • British Telecom claims to have a patent on hyperlink technology! They plan to sue US ISPs and tax the US every time you click on a hyperlink! You can read more about this including peoples comments at this slashdot article. If you want to post a comment about this, please use the Current Affairs message board. - chris

  • Basilisk for WinNT/2000 buld 130 released! This Macintosh II emulator was just updated, here's what's new:

    - Workaround for one compiler bug.
    - Updated timer.cpp code.

    Although the emulator was designed for NT4/Win2000, it will work in Win9x, it will just be missing a few features here and there. - atila

  • The MSX Mania Brasil front-end for the BrMSX Emulator was updated to v0.4b, here's what's new:

    - .ZIP Support: In this version you can execute ROM/DSK into a ZIP archive. If the ZIP archive not contain a ROM/DSK file, it will use the "- mount" to run the emulator.
    - Use "-debug" to get more details when you run the emulator.
    - Added "- trtimer" option, put "- vsync" and "- truevsync" in the same option.

    Thanks to the MEP crew for the news. - atila

  • RockNES 1.080 for DOS released! This is a major bugfix release that is way too big to list here, so check the homepage for the complete list. Mapper #75 has been newly added, so Konami VRC1 and Jaleco SS8805 games will work in RockNES now. The author has also released BNSF 1.2 which will play Nintendo sound files. - dutch

  • What happens when you take Strawberry Shortcake and cross them with some bad ass gangstas? Miss Muffy and the Muff Mob!! Watch out, she'll kick yo ass... :) (Warning: contains coarse language. And you need Flash too. Kthx.) - dutch

  • Looks like there were some problems with the Pactray frontend's zip file support (or support for all the ROMs in one zip). You can now download an updated Pactray at the Pacmame site that disables this feature for now. Here's a direct link to the fix. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news. - dutch

  • Genesis Power dumped Head-On Soccer. That's football to anyone who isn't a Yank. :) - dutch

  • You Linux users (no I ain't one yet :) can download and compile a new version of DarcNES. Version dn9a0617 has some fixes and cleanups, but the 68000 core still is not working yet. - dutch

  • The SSF (Sega Saturn Emulator) page got some WIP updates, BenJ was kind enough to send in a translation. The author's work is progressing, he's writing the majority of the emulator in C and is having problems getting the sprites working, but he says that sound is almost perfect. - dutch

  • Lando sent in the following news: "A good cover can sell a book and with many game this is no exception. Lando has added an all new C16/Plus4 game cover archive consisting of 70 game covers, full size screen shots and info on each game. All these images have never been seen on the net before!" Like those covers? The fresh smelling Lemon site has also added 120 of 'em for C64. :) - dutch

  • If you're into Amiga games, Shane added more games to the Amiga Emulation Zone yet again. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • Fans of the 1989 The Wizard movie can download the "Power Glove" scene in mpeg format over at Jag's Video Game Zone. - dutch

  • Don't want to shell out several thousand dollars for 3D Studio Max? Ever hear of Blender? It's freeware. This is another one I never heard of, but thanks to Cykotick, now I have. :) Not only is it free, it's available for several platforms. - dutch

  • Anyone remember the Mattel Aquarius? It came out in 1983 and was so poor in comparison to what was available at the time that it died fast. Experience its badness with the world's first Aquarius emulator by Kenny Millar. - dutch

  • Trying to get pNESx to work on your Playstation with no luck? Racoon got it to work... and he explains how, take a look! Thanks much to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  •    Sunday, June 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:13 EST

  • Visual Boy 1.4.2 released, here's what's new:

    - Trying to switch to full-screen on some computers never worked and the emulator would never work again without changing a value in the registry. This has been fixed.

    - MBC3 cartridges (Pokemon Yellow) now have the timer saved.
    - Option to turn off the sound completely
    - Slightly faster version of the code
    - DirectX 7.0 version for the people who get sound but no screen. Version 1.5 will only support DX7.

    Visual Boy is a Gameboy/Color emulator, thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - atila

  • Consollection has posted 4 new screenshots of Sega EMU v0.50 RC3 (not released yet) running FIFA97. Ben-J mentions that the choice of FIFA97 was Euro2000 inspired :) - atila

  • Don't you just love it when Dutch 'spams' us with these huge updates =) Btw, did I mention it we're having a gorgeous day here today ? - atila

  • The DeJap homepage is now up and running! You can read a progress report of the Tales of Phantasia translation patch (Japanese -> English), headed up by DarkForce! Some kewl screenshots too. Looks like it's close now... =) (Thanks Cherryroms) - prophet

  • Oh no!! News flood!!! - dutch

  • Turrican and Mega Turrican at Genesis Power!!! - dutch

  • Overclocked has remixes online for Final Fantasy, Metroid, and MegaMan 2, as well as a review of Bebe's Kids, another wacko-crazo SNES title. :) - dutch

  • I usually don't give credance to things like this, but in this case it p**sed me off because it somehow made it out to actioncd.com and msbcd.com. (!!!???!!!) And also take a look at the StellaX homepage... who do these people selling this stuff think they are? :P Thanks to Geeze for making me aware of this. - dutch

  • I decided on a FCPGA PIII 800 and the Iwill Slocket II for my Abit BX-6 rev 1. Some have told me to set voltages to 1.65 and others said 1.8, hopefully I won't fry my whole system.. :P My next upgrade will be when processors go beyond 1 ghz, then I'll probably be getting a new board and new RAM and new video card and..... you get the idea. >:) - dutch

  • IGN gave the Dreamcast version of Nightmare Creatures 2 a 5.0 saying, "What we have here is a game that may end up looking better through Bleem." I agree with Saisatron (one of our visitors) in that they seem to be getting a little ahead of themselves... :P - dutch

  • M.A.M.E. news:

    - M.A.S.H. sent in his unofficial Mameinfo.dat file, now in synch with Mame v37b4.

    - Rodimus Prime now has v37b4 of his speed tweaked versions of Mame online. Visit his site to download PMame (Pentium and Pentium MMX processors) and AMame (AMD processors (K6/K7/Athlon), Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, and Celerons).

    - As usual, if you compile Mame yourself, you can audit your samples using the source changes from LoqiqX, or, if you prefer, he has DAT files online that you can use with ROM Center and CLRMame Pro.

    - Need some screenshotage for use with your Mame frontend? The Mame32 QA/Test and Art Dept. (yes they are still working on a public release, patience Daniel-san :) and Arcade@home have them available up to the latest release. You might find some other goodies recently added to Arcade@home as well... :) Oh and don't forget Geoshock, they've had some "additions" as well lately... - dutch

  • I got a mail from cLaM729 regarding the latest release of PacMame. It includes a LOT of updates to the frontend portion of it (called PacTray) that I didn't mention (in addition to Pacman After Dark 2000). It's old news, but you may have missed it...

    - Support for PAC.BAT removed
    - Added more options added to 'Configuration' tab (ie triplebuffer, scanlines, vsync, tweakmodes, etc.)
    - Added support for PACMAME.ZIP. This zip file contains all the roms in one file. The individual games are stored in folders inside PACMAME.ZIP. PacMAME and PacTray can read and play games from either individual .ZIP files, or from the all-inclusive PACMAME.ZIP.
    - Added Tool Tips to PacMAME options
    - "Times Played" counter added
    - Optimization switches added to the Allegro and PacMAME .MAK files
    - dutch

  • If you live in the US and like tea (like me :) and haven't ever heard of The Republic Of Tea, you have to try it. My parents brought me a lot of teas back from the UK once and this beats all of them hands down. Sorry to our British visitors but I can't help it... :) (Yes this is an emulation site, not a culinary arts site. :) - dutch

  • As compensation to my insulting our British visitors' tea, check out this site for hard to find console imports. - dutch

  • Prophet mentioned a new TGB 0.1AE Gameboy emulator for Windows/DirectX by Gigo and Hii, the cool thing about this is that it has been translated to English for us dummies who can only speak English. :) Their NES emulator G-NES 0.32 also got translated to English! Woo-hoo!! - dutch

  • Some cool X68000 and PC98 games got added to The X68000 Games Pile here on Retrogames:

    - Macross II - Skull Leader (PC-98)
    - Macross III - Love Stories (PC-98)
    - F-15 Strike Eagle 2 (X68000)
    - Horror of Cridewell (X68000)
    - Nobunaga's Ambition (X68000)
    - Star Cruiser (X68000)
    - The Return of Ishtar (X68000)
    - Wings - (X68000) - dutch

  • Mike Mee sent me an updated cheat file for use with Hugo 0.4. - dutch

  • Dakid (a #retrogamers regular) put up a nice site of all of his console and computer stuff. "Items are up for trade if any good offers drop in." Check it out, he's got quite a bit of treasure. ;) - dutch

  • Hmmm, so that's the real story behind SNK's pulling of the NGPC out of US/Asian markets. If you don't know who that is, be glad. Thanks for the pic DaemoN. =) - dutch

  • Too bad Digital Cameras can't use CDRs for film... oops. :) I'll have to get me one of those. - dutch

  • It's also too bad those damn buffer underrun errors can't be eliminated completely... oops again. Hello BURN-Proof Technology. Thanks much to John Makos of CDR Info for the last two newsbits. - dutch

  • Cowering released GoodN64 0.9982 BETA a few days ago, recognizing a total of 1277 entries and including a lot more public domain titles as well as Japan and Europe redump info. Did you know that you can have the recent Good utilities sort everything into subdirectories? Just type "goodn64 dirs rename" at the command prompt (minus the quotes). - dutch

  • The X-Box under attack for its name? :) Credits go to Exodus3D for the scan. - dutch

  • Looks like the release of True Reality for Windows on June 19 will not happen... but you have to apply boolean logic to that. It's not too hard. :) Thanks to bwb for the status update. - dutch

  • Ever hear of Minibosses.com? They take NES soundtracks and play real instrumental versions of them! And they have MP3s online!! Thanks to Oshura for the cool surfing tip. - dutch

  • Nintendo64 INI news:

    - The Company released UltraINI v1.E for use with UltraHLE. Mahjong 3 is fully playable, Diddy Kong v1.1 is "almost" playable, Goldeneye got some speedups, and other various additions have been made. There are two inis in the archive, one only contains playable/almost playable games.

    - Myzar has gotten Fighter's Destiny 2, Rally Challenge, and Iggy's Reckin' Balls to work in Nemu64 with version 1.6.9 of his unofficial ini file. - dutch

  • Like the idea of a bunch of Gauntlet sprites moving about on your screen for a screensaver? Simon Sweetman released version 1.3 of his Gauntlet screensaver for windows. Just put the SCR file in your windows directory. You'll find that the password function is fixed, monsters generate more often, collision detection is improved (as well as exiting the screensaver :), and LOBBERS have been added! Thanks to Arcade ROM Heaven for the news and the file. - dutch

  • Want to add a Java based NES emulator to your website? Try JavaNESe 0.2005 by Brice Fines. There is very thorough documentation included in the archive. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news and file. - dutch

  • Here's Little John NG 0.2 beta for Linux, the Win32 version is being worked on and should be available soon. In the meantime you Win32 users can check some screenshots of the NES/SNES emulator running in OpenGL "Funny" mode. :) - dutch

  • Aldo Vargas has set up a new site at psxemu.com with all of his emulation related tools. Check the site for the latest versions of VGS Autorun 1.0c (automatically launches PSX emulator when a PSX disc is inserted), VGS Joy 1.6b debug version (lets you map keys to your joystick, the debug version lets you test if your joystick itself is working properly), and VGS AutoMem 1.0b (selects the appropriate memory card when you insert a PSX disc). - dutch

  • GoodWindows is being busily worked on, version 1.3 should be available soon! This is a front end for Cowering's Good utilities. Version 1.2 was released earlier fixing a lot of bugs. - dutch

  • If you use the open source 1964 Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows, don't miss the Plugins Pack 0.0.1 that will let you use Direct3D and customizable keyboard controls! Just extract the archive to your 1964 directory and say "yes to all" for overwriting files. To use Direct3D, delete or rename 1964ogl.dll and then rename NooTe_D3D.dll to 1964ogl.dll. - dutch

  • The Windows/DirectX NES emulator CMNES got an update to version 0.8. This open source emulator has had several minor changes and fixes, check the homepage for the full list of updates. - dutch

  • There's been more updates at Andy's Amiga Rarities, Stargoose and Judge Dredd amongst them. :) Don't forget Shane Monroe's Amiga Emulation Zone for 14 more newly added games. - dutch

  • You leechers can go and grab the new GetRight 4.2b, it's gotten a lot of fixes... what?!? I don't leech!
    * Nose starts growing... - dutch

  • Neko Project II has gotten some updates (as well as a homepage in English :) over the past while, it's now at version 0.15. This open source PC98 emulator for Windows NT and Windows 2000 has gotten a ton of fixes, as well several additions like window rotation, 40 column text screen, and more. Hentai (ahem) fans who use Windows NT or Windows 2000 will appreciate this. :) Thanks to Opi for the last three tidbits. - dutch

  • Here's an interview (English version) with DOX, the author of Hash, over at the Italian M3 site... he talks about how he isn't working on Hash right now but he is working on a graphic viewer for Jaguar ROMs. - dutch

  •    Saturday, June 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:34 EST

  • I apologize for my lack of updates, I have been both very busy and very tired lately. Give me a while to catch up with all I've missed these past several days... Heh, the angry furniture designers just wanted to know why they couldn't get Mame to work on their old machines. :) I'm also having some trouble with my connection to the net today, looks like a router acting up. (Namely sl-gw11-chi-8-2-t1.sprintlink.net, why am I not suprised?) - dutch

  • Yesterday (June 16th 1978) was the 22nd anniversary of the day Taito unveiled Space Invaders to an unsuspecting Japanese public! Needless to say it was a huge hit, and is thankfully forever preserved by emulation. I LOVED that game as a kid - cost my parents lotsa quarters. :) (Thanks BMan2 of Arcade Heaven) - prophet

  • Some sad Retrogames news... our good friend Dutch was attacked by a mob of angry furniture designers on his recent business trip. Despite a valiant self-defense, you just can't compete with 25 angry men holding staple guns and circular saws. As soon as all the couch stuffing and office chair parts are removed from his body, I'm sure he'll be back. :) Umm... this report may be slightly innacurate and stuff BTW. - prophet

  • ALE updated! New cheats, news games, new stuff - for Amiga fans only. :) - prophet

  • Kazuya posted "a couple of article scans about the NGPC taken from todays UK trade mags, CTW and MCV"! Interesting reads, especially considering the NGPC was selling quite well in some places, yet cancelled anyway. - prophet

  • Clues at the NeoGeo Team 2000 news page? And they released "Ninja Masters" ISO/MP3, have a new framed design, and are looking for someone for a site html remake! - prophet

  • Here's a cool site, it's called Retro Remakes. It has remakes (duh! :) of a lot of classic games, for various platforms! Seeing Manic Miner again, brought a tear to my eye. - atila

  • Game Launcher v.09.2 has been released. Game Launcher is a universal DOS front end for game emulators, such as MAME. Here's what's new in this release:

    * Support for rotated (vertical) monitors.
    * Added an optional icon next to games with a screen shot available.
    * Added options to control menu colors.
    * Added options to control animation.
    * Added more control over key repeat delays.
    * Fixed a bug where the "use_extension" option was being ignored.
    * Fixed a bug where "rom_extension" only worked with 1 extension.

    The source code is also available for download. - atila

  • SNESamp has been translated to German, Spanish and Portuguese translations are being worked. If YOU would like to translate it into another language, feel free to contact the guys at SNESamp. - atila

  • I've often seen people asking about updates of the Arcade@Home frontend for MAME. Well, I recently asked if/when an update would ever occur, and Tim responded "Not until the speed is to my liking (which it's not)." So there you have it - at least it *is* being worked on. :) Nevertheless, MAME World (for example) hosts several great frontends to consider, both in DOS and Windows flavors. So no worries. - prophet

  • 101 Ways to be Obnoxious on Usenet. - atila

  • MAME Testers now has their own domain at http://www.mametesters.com! If you like MAME, you really ought to have a look. You may even like to help out with bug reports! - prophet

  • Dreamcast Game Shark acts as a modchip too? Yep. Is there a free downloadable demo that also works for playing imports? Yep yep. (Thanks Howlin Mad & MiniSonik, in that order ;) - prophet

  • Aries kindly reported the following items to me:

    DBoy 0.62 by BouKichi was released! What's new: Improvement of PSG emulation. (wave sound now emulated), added option -map for IF-SEGA/PCI button mapping, fixed some routines on DMA transfer.

    TGB v0.1AD & v0.1AE (2000/06/16) by Hii released! Another Gameboy emu - TONS of new stuff this release, including: Improvement on Noise sound channel. (almost perfect), fixed some routines on STAT loading, imrovement and many changes on INI file structure, added and fixed Auto-fire feature & lots more.

    - prophet

  • M.E.P. never stops! Yep, they've added even MORE stuff to their incredible collection of over 2300 MSX games and apps. - prophet

  • Videogames.com reports that an unofficial "Chrono Trigger" remake from Resurrection Games, Inc. is being coded for use on N64 emulators and/or via backup devices! Now that's DAMN cool! I think maybe I'm interested in N64 emus for the 1st time now. =P (Thanks DCX & Ooga) - prophet

  • My favorite translation news site, Whirlpool, has been busily updating and adding new patches to their collection! No point in "webcopynewsing" everything - if you're into translations then you should go visit! - prophet

  • Life is funny... Here I am talking politics with The Beaver and I totally forget to mention Mimic W.I.P. was updated! :) - prophet

  • Magic Box (great gaming news site BTW) reports *more* bad SNK news. No more Asian markets now (Hong Kong for example), outside of Japan of course. Plus no more games for PSX or DC. :( Sony may have some good news regarding NGPC though, maybe... And seems SNK will support PS2... Sadly, plans for SNK Naomi based arcade games are also cancelled. (Thanks Eric) - prophet

  • Dutch? U there? :) - prophet

  • Reginsei from EmuCamp posted this very interesting log with our friend Sebastian Hernandez of NeoGeo Team 2000 (lotsa CD releases there BTW)! If you're at all curious about that recent screenshot over at the Callus95 Patch page, then you should read it. CPSX fans especially?! And what would be the "most controversial cpsX game ever"? Hmm... (Thanks Barry "GalEmu" Rodewald) - prophet

  •    Friday, June 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:30 EST

  • Windows 2000 has been running for 3wks 9hrs 10mins 43secs -- I need to reboot now, IE5 is acting up =) - atila

  • WWEMU has posted an exclusive pic of JAG EMU (Jaguar emu) running a Pac-Man clone!! A beta will be released to beta-testers in 2 weeks ... and with a bit of luck, you should get it in the not too distant future. Now, where did I leave my Tempest 2000 cart ?? - atila

  • Downloads Italian Center has added an 'abandonware' section to their site, they even got MS-DOS 1.1 (152k) on there, not to mention some cool games =) - atila

  • Ira mailed me saying that TRS-80.COM is not down or gone, there seem to be some DNS issues. It resolved fine for me, but you may have trouble accessing it. Should be fixed in a day or so. - atila

  • Genesis Power goes elemental on us, with Elemental Master. - atila

  • Noticed KoF Perfect recently posted a bunch of cool NeoGeo box scans! Great multimedia section. - prophet

  • Brian Deuel has released an updated version of the MAME History database! Check it out. - prophet

  • Sys2064 released a fixfile for today's MAME beta release! Some other great places to visit regarding MAME related files and goodies are MAME World.net, Arcade Heaven (ALL 37b4 goodies now up!), MAME.dk, Emuviews & A@H. - prophet

  •    Thursday, June 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:53 EST

  • There's an interesting screenshot on CPS2 Shock's Callus95 Patch page! This *will* twist your mind so be careful. ;) And why does shernand need to dance on one foot? (Point at the shot) Is it real, what does it mean exactly? I dunno. (Thanks Raz) - prophet

  • Dammit Atila, you beat me by about one minute. Or was I looking at a cached paged? =) - dutch

  • Gridle is a busy dude, he just finished compiling CPU optimised versions of this MAME release. You can click here to download the PII binary or here to download the K6 binary. - atila

  • The MAME binary compiled by Gridle has already spread like wildfire among emulation sites. Who needs the ILOVEYOU virus, eh? This spreads even faster and we love every byte of it ;) Thanks for compiling that for us, Gridle. You can write you're compiling it yourself, but we all know where the goods come from ;) And an even bigger THANK YOU to the MAMEDEV team, you guys ROCK! - atila

  • And here's the binary for MAME 0.37 beta 4 (DOS)!! - atila

  • Click here to find out what's new for MAME 0.37 beta 4! If you want to compile MAME for yourself, you will need a patched Seal which can be downloaded from the MAME site. - atila

  • Here's the source code for MAME 0.37 beta 4. - atila

  • While your waiting for the source and binary of MAME 0.37 beta 4, why not check out the official Finnish translation of the MAME FAQ *cough*? Gridle has translated it to Finnish and right now he's almost done compiling the new MAME, 'for your gaming pleasure'. - atila

  • Transferred: m37b4s.zip 4.152.185 bytes in 02:30 (27,03 KB/sec) (blame Chello for the low speed :) - atila

  • Be sure to check back in 10 minutes (22:30 GMT/17:30 EST) or so, we'll have something up that you'll dig ;) - atila

  • Digital Relics (hosted here on Retrogames) has added an Atari Jaguar section to their site. It features 79 unique Jaguar games with screenshots as well as Jaguar MP3's, reviews and links. Aaaaaah, Tempest 2000 :) - atila

  • Gens 0.73 released! There was an annoying bug in the last version that would prevent the emulator from booting, that has been fixed, among other things:

    - Menu selection fixed (2xSAI & Scanline)
    - Write/Read Z80 Ram fixed. (Grand Slam music is ok)
    - You can now pause emulation with ESC key. (automatically paused when the Gens window is desactivated)
    - High-resolution fullscreen finally complety fixed for all videos cards.
    - MMX detection code rewritten (no crashes anymore).

    wGENS is a Genesis/Megadrive emulator for Windows, thanks to Skates for the news. - atila

  • The SNES9x Dev Journal has been updated, Gary writes about the troubles he's encountered trying to add the netplay feature. He mentions that he will be using 5 beta-testers to get it working properly. - atila

  • GoodNGPx 0.998.1 released, here's what's new:

    - Mono only roms now denoted by [M]
    - Lots of USA redumps - pitiful a NEW console already needs redumps :-(
    - Lots of country code fixups (thanks MC)

    Thanks to Emusphere for the news. - atila

  • Here's part 3 in our ongoing Chello Saga: the Chello mailserver has once again died. May it rest in pieces. - atila

  • Big brother is watching... or is that Mattel? - richard

  • I can't believe so many people believed that Playstation 2 cancellation story! =P Anyway, PSM Online has "revealed" it was a joke now, so no worries. And didn't anyone notice the winking ;) I placed after the jaggies quote? So go buy a Dreamcast and stop worrying about Sony - they're doing just fine! - prophet

  • Wouldn't it be great to read game FAQ's and move lists during gameplay? No exiting, no printouts - just pause, read, then back to the game... Well, Danmanya posted on the MAME board that he likes the idea and hopes to implement it in EmuPlus, an unofficial luxury build of MAME! Props to Jeff B. for the original and very cool idea. :) - prophet

  • 3 new remixes are available at remix.overclocked, the remixes are (in no particular order): King of Fighters 98 'Ghetto Recursive', Tetris and Zelda 3. - atila

  • Chello's mailserver started working again and I was able to receive my mail, but there seems to be a 4 hour gap in there. 4 hours worth of emails are missing, please resend any mails you sent in the last 6 hours. - atila

  • 14 more games have been added to the download list at The Amiga Emulation Zone, they are: 3D International Tennis, F40 Pursuit Simulator, Gemini Wings, Magic Johnson's Fast Break Basketball, Ninja Spirits, Nippon Safe, Inc., Rotox, Scramble Spirits, Star Command, Stryx, Swords of Twilight,
    Vortex, Warhead and Waterloo

    If you're an Amiga fan, you will most likely appreciate this. - atila

  • If you've sent mail to atila@chello.nl in the last 12 hours, please resend it to atila@retrogames.com as Chello's mailserver seems to have died ... I called customer service and they told me that 'their main mail server for The Netherlands is down and they have no idea when it's going to be fixed'. Mind you, this is the same company that was going to get an IPO, but postponed it twice this month. - atila

  •    Wednesday, June 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:24 EST

  • Genesis Power can't resist a pretty girl... And thus a good working dump of Blaster Master 2 was born. - prophet

  • Nathan Strum opened Game Artwork development! This page hosts some very cool artwork and overlays that hopefully will be incorporated into MAME in the future. Check out the Gorf artwork! =) (Thanks Sys2064) - prophet

  • Kazuya from EmuHQ reviewed Metal Slug 3! For those like myself, who have never seen the game and have no arcades with new NeoGeo games in their area, it's great to see some pics and hear about the game. The BEST NeoGeo game so far? It looks it to me. I WANT A DREAMCAST PORT!!! PLEASE!!! (Thanks GeoShock) - prophet

  • The doctors knew many many years ago that Michael Schumacher was destined to become a great Formula 1 driver, this is how they found out =) - atila

  • Goodwindows, that frontend for Cowering 'GOODxxx' series of programs, is now being hosted by EmuHQ. Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. - atila

  • That wonderful site called Lemon64 (C64 site) has added 29 more games 'for your downloading pleasure'. Thanks to Cobracure for the news. - atila

  • About 2 weeks ago, the official MAME FAQ was updated to version 4.0. It took some work, but Leo Postma has translated it to Dutch and it can be found on the Dutch MAME Page, which is hosted by MAME WORLD. - atila

  • The guys at the MSX Emulation Page (MEP) mailed me the following:

    MSX SO V0.71 now also has English documents available. The complete archive can be downloaded at the MEP in the emulator section.
    MSX Mania Brasil has released a FrontEnd for BrMSX, making this emulator a lot easier to configure. This frontend runs onder DOS and works for BrMSX V2.02 and higher. It's is available from the DATABASE on the MEP.

    Couldn't have said it better myself. - atila

  • The MIMIC site was updated with the news that Sega Columns is now running ... sorta :) Thanks to Lee for the news. - atila

  • The author of PC-Saturn has fixed a few bugs and has also made sure that PC-Saturn now also works in Win2000! Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - atila

  • Cheat Mania added a few codes for Macross2 (supported in RAINE), the other day. - atila

  • Mason (ArcadeHeaven) is looking for people who have alot of c64 disks and a cable to transfer them, he also looking for 'oldskool' C64 people as he's about to start a special forum for them. Mail Mason if this applies to you :) - atila

  • Courtney Love does the math. The controversial singer takes on record label profits, Napster and "sucka VCs." This article is well worth the read and clears up a lot of things -- and raises a few more questions. Seems like the real 'pirates' are the companies that form the RIAA. Thanks to Floach for the link. - atila

  • I've finished Resident Evil: Code Veronica, so I will be updating more often from now on. Hey, it's not my fault, it's Capcom's for making such an awesome game :) - atila

  • Overclocked: New & Worse!!! - atila

  • GuruChoc's 3 1/2 year old son did his 1st emu news update, and I must say it blows the doors off those NeoRAGEx codes! C'mon you 68K ASM junkies, whatsit say?! Some new goodies and stuff too. Super Dodgeball do I see? :) - prophet

  • Playstation 2 cancelled for North America?! SCE's president, Ken Kutaragi, admits "those jaggies suck @$$." ;) (Thanks Jae) - prophet

  • Great SNK news! According to this GameFan article, SNK will continue it's arcade MVS business in all markets! In fact, Metal Slug 3 has sold very well (I want a Dreamcast port!), and apparently a half dozen new NeoGeo MVS games are still planned for 2001! Wow - I think it's safe to say the NeoGeo MVS is the longest lived arcade hardware in history, with no end in site for at least a year or two. Sadly though, the NeoGeo Pocket *is* dead except in Japan, as reported over the weekend. - prophet

  • Forgive my lack of updates tonight, I have to get up early tomorrow. Of all the trade shows I get stuck having to go to, why couldn't it be E3? I am being *forced* to attend Neocon in Chicago tomorrow, so I probably won't be around to update properly until Thursday. :P - dutch

  • Can't get enough of Pikachu! :D Blame Mark Simons for the news. ;) - dutch

  • Opossums really do play dead, but don't make the mistake of getting close to one which is doing so. They'll attack with full force! Play Awesome Possum instead, recently dumped by Genesis Power. - dutch

  • Thanks for all the mail on the PIII 800. Since I received such a huge response I thought I'd share with you what I have learned. I had to cancel the PIII 800 w/100 mhz FSB slot 1 CPU. The Abit BX6 rev 1 does not support Coppermine CPUs. The "technical" explanation, according to tango_man, is that the Coppermines need a VMR 8.4 compliancy spec (whatever that is :), and the BX6 rev 1 only has an VMR 8.2 spec. The workaround is to buy this instead (which doesn't seem to be available yet), plug it into this, then plug that into the BX6 rev 1's slot 1, then manually set the voltage to 1.65 (yes I am greedy and want an 850 now :). The other option is to get a BX-6 rev 2, but then I'd have to replace my DIMMs with registered DIMMs if I want to keep my 512 megs. What am I doing with all this speed and RAM? Ummmmm, playing Neo Geo games? :) - dutch

  •    Tuesday, June 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:26 EST

  • Various bits of Dreamcast news, here goes:

    [atila] TsengRei, find THIS month's copy of DC-UK MAGAZINE
    [atila] it has a CDX demo
    [atila] which will play ALL IMPORTS without MODDING your Dreamcast!

    I guess some people will be pretty pleased with this, even I am :) Import games are a *tad* expensive here in the Netherlands though. This has been the buzz on USENET for 3 days now, if they sell it near you, go buy it!! Then there's this unofficial QuakeDC, which took a week and a half to port to DC. Impressive :) - atila

  • Roni mailed me saying that Dboy 0.61a had been released, but he was unable to supply a translation. As always, Aries came to the rescue: fixed an IF-SEGA/PCI support bug. - atila

  • Gens 0.72 released!! Here's what's new in this kick ass Genesis Emulator for Windows with DirectX installed:

    - High-resolution fullscreen fixed for voodoo3 & savage4.
    - Repaint fixed for tnt2 in windowed mode.
    - 50% scanline added.
    - Interpolated scanline added.
    - NHL93 rom is fixed.

    Yeah, we're late, I know. Thanks to about a zillion people for the news. :) - dutch

  • A new remix is available at Overclocked, it's called Final Fantasy 7 - 'Final Ecstasy': "a great submission from ailsean
    of the Final Fantasy 7 theme, with some excellent guitar playing"
    , according to David Lloyd. - atila

  • Nintendo is going to try on the Nintendo64 what Sony is doing with the PSOne... ummmmmm.... *clears throat* ... I know of only one person who might like the design, and his name starts with "S" and rhymes with "Steve." :) Thanks to Overclocked for the news. - dutch

  • Little John will support the Super Eagle mode in the next release of this NES emulator. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check the link above for various screenshots in "Super Eagle" mode :) - atila

  • GnoMAME is a simple xmame frontend for GNOME. It uses xmame to run games and to retrieve informations on ROMs, has a game browser and an xmamerc editor, and can show game screenshots and information. - chris

  • Heh, PhorceP gave me this link to Cruel.com. The Cruel Site of the Day for June 12 was this page at Zeroes Unlimited. Seriously cracked me up :P - atila

  •    Monday, June 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:18 EST

  • Just ordered a PIII 800 w/100 mhz FSB, hopefully it will work in my Abit BX-6 rev 1 as the latest BIOS has an 8x multiplier factor. I'll let you know what happens =) - dutch

  • Short and sweet, Genesis Power, Arcus Odyssey. - dutch

  • Today is the day of the Nintendo emulators... heh, several have been released. Let's get busy... - dutch

  • 1964 0.4.9 released! Quest64 works! Waverace works!! Bomberman Hero works with glitches, but who cares? :) There are two executibles in the archive for this open source N64 emulator for Windows, the "1964dynarec.exe" one is faster but not as compatible. Schibo says that there are probably other games that work as well. I'll Bet the INI masters out there will have fun playing with this. :) - dutch

  • Myzar has gotten Indy Racing 2000 to work with some gfx errors in Nemu64, just use version 1.6.8 of his unofficial Nemu64 INI file. Thanks to snoopie for the news. - dutch

  • Pretendo 0.20 released! Thanks to a new waveout plugin, this NES emulator for Windows no longer requires DirectX to run, but, you should still have it installed. :) It also has zip support! And TONs or rewrites, fixes, etc., This is a pretty big release, so you can read the full what's new file by clicking here. Learn more by visiting the homepage. - dutch

  • PasoFami had an update to version 1.3w3, again improving the sound emulation. This is a demo version with no sound or save states. The full version is 3000 yen (about $30 US). To reg it, go to the "Help," "Version Info" menu and write down the "Machine ID" number. Then send this information to N. Andou and state that you would like to register. He will then reply and tell you where to send payment. Thanks to Aries for the translations, without him all we would know is that PasoFami had some sort of update! :) - dutch

  • pNesX, a NES Emulator for the Sony Playstation, got an update to version "aloha" (since the author is in Hawaii :). This release has sound and a 6502 CPU core coded in Assembler. The author has posted some screenshots of the emulator running in PSEmu Pro. Basically, you burn this to a CDR, then it will work in your Playstation. There are English docs included in the archive that explain the details. - dutch

  • SwNES version 0.20 that was reported on earlier is now available. You can now download the English and Chinese versions of this NES emulator for Windows that supports too many mappers to count. :) I feel it is important to note that the author of SwNES acknowledges other source code as referances, namely, SmyNES, DarcNES, and FCE. Thanks to Aries for the news! - dutch

  • The Webulator has released FDS Spray version 1.4 for Windows. "Spray takes any .FDS game or .FAM game (ver 4.0 only) and makes a good .FDS game out of it for play in Famtasia or fwNes." This release recognizes a total of 223 games, and also includes a "small surprise for those addicts." Heh, I don't have time to check, I wonder what that could be? :) - dutch

  • Arcade Development Central has moved to arcadedev.vintagegaming.com. If you are developing arcade or console emulators or games and don't have this site bookmarked, then shame on you. :) Thanks to SYS2064 for the news bit. - dutch

  • Check out Tseng's contest out on twistedgaming.com: if you can guess all 16 US Playstation covers and are the first one to get them all right, you win $20 US. :) - dutch

  • Sonniku posted a scan from the Official US Playstation Magazine featuring Bleemcast. Hmmmm.... :) - dutch

  • Aldo Vargas does it again with a cool little utility called VGS Autorun 1.0 that can automatically start up your Playstation emulator when you pop in a PSX game. - dutch

  • According to the PacMame site, there has been an update, but I can't find where on the site the what's new information is posted. I see there is a "- (37 Beta 3) Pacman After Dark 2000 added" note, but PacMame v37b3 was already released last Monday. I see that some other sites have reported on other new features, but I would rather wait until I hear it from the source, not that I don't trust other sites. (Heh, it's just how I am I guess.) In the meantime you can draw your own conclusions by visiting the PacMame homepage and downloading your copy. - dutch

  • Pete Bernert has released version 1.33 of his Direct3D plugin for PSEmu Pro, now in synch with his OpenGL plugin. Make sure you have DirectX 7 installed before using it. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • A front end for ROM utilities? Hell why not! I just tried out Good Frontend 0.3 for Windows by Master Of Puppets, and it is sweet. Heh, guess which set of ROM utilities it works with? :) If you want to e-mail Master Of Puppets your bugs or ideas, it's welcome, but please remember to keep it strictly to front end issues, not issues with the Good utilities themselves. Thanks very much to EmuHQ for the news and file. - dutch

  • Metal Slug fans may enjoy Akira's Metal Slug Archive! Game tips, walkthru's and multimedia are available. Which reminds me - SNK is GONE!!! GONE!!! GONE!!! :( - prophet
    - Fixed your link Proph ;) - dutch

  • RockNES 1.070 (DOS) released! There's a huge list of new/fixed things, so check the RockNES site for the full list :) Fx3 has also released BNSF 1.1, an NSF player for DOS. Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - atila

  • Pagan 0.20 WIP1 released! Here's what's new in this version of this N64 emulator:

    - Removed Dynamic Recompilation engine for now.. (=slow booting)
    - Using an old version of icepir8's D3D plugin for H.L. graphics.
    - Oh yeah, and pagan now emulates the N64 OS H.L (like UltraHLE). This is just started and pagan only runs demos right now (some 2D and almost all 3D).

    Thanks to Kirkland for the news. - atila

  • Secret codes galore: first NeoRAGEx and now MAME ? Click here for more. - atila

  • Sonikku was kind enough to clear up this story, people at bleem! have said that Bleemcast is NOT for sale in Japan. [HK Export claimed Bleemcast was on sale in Japan for US$40] - atila

  • I finally decided to try DreamNES last night, and was suprised to find a version 2000 beta 3 update! Kevin Lee has fixed some minor sound bugs and added a Namcot/BRC6 sound emulation on/off switch. I have downloaded beta 2 plus the update package and combined it, so this is the full install. I also edited the configuration file and changed the boot language from Chinese to English. To run this emulator, you run ROMmanag.exe, not dreamnes.exe (it will just crash if you do that :). Next, specify your ROMs directory. You must have MORE THAN ONE UNZIPPED ROM in the ROMs directory or it will crash (it did for me at least :). It's a very nice emulator and supports tons of mappers, give it a try, you won't be disappointed. (Note: be sure to install DirectX first!) - dutch

  • [D]J has informed me that he has added 19 screenshots over on emuforce.com of the unreleased PSX emulator running commericial games! Looks pretty sweet, I can't wait to try it out. :) - dutch

  • Scan your Mimic compatible sets with LogiqX's Mimic 1.01 DAT file that he just added to his site. He has both ROM Center and CLRMame Pro DATs posted. - dutch

  • 16bit has interviewed Tim Meekins, author of the Vegas 0.92 Genesis/Megadrive/32x emulator. Tim reports that 32x emulation is going to be a lot better in the next release! :) The interview has been translated to English for lamers like me who only know one language. =) - dutch

  • Hii has released TGB v0.19z, a Gameboy emulator for Windows/DirectX. Here is Aries' translation:

    - Change of User Interface.
    - Added Code-search tools.
    - Fixed bugs of LCDC processing.
    - Fixed some display bugs in 1555 format.
    - Improved Noise-sound channel.
    - Added High-accurate Net Connection Mode. (Very slow)
    - Speed-up with Temporary-Surface resident in system memory.

    There's also a Pocket Printer emulator available on GIGO & Hii's site, whatever that is. ;) - dutch

  • The Bug Report Page has been updated over on the Mame Tester's site. Don't be afraid to report stuff! Remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. ;) - dutch

  • If you have any questions about the Callus95 patch, be sure to check out the homepage for it over on CPS2 Shock. The newest versions will always be available from there. Who did that logo? What a beauty! :) - dutch

  • Since we occasionally post about music, I'd like to take a moment to plug my favorite band for the last 10+ years, The Legendary Pink Dots. They are currently touring North America, if you get a chance to see them I'd highly recommend it. The Pink Dots are from the UK and have been around since the late 70's, and currently live in Ag Nijmegen, The Netherlands. (Some of you may be familiar with The Tear Garden which is a "combination," so to speak, of The Pink Dots and Skinny Puppy.) - dutch

  •    Sunday, June 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:16 EST

  • Remember our friend Greybrain? Well, he's been working on a new Windows NES emulation project of his own, and you can now try the first public alpha version! It's called uNFNES - Greybrain would love to get feedback on how it runs on different systems. Be sure to read the readme & visit the homepage for more info and screenshots etc. Keep in mind only mapper 0 games are supported at the moment - I believe that would include games like SMB1, Excite Bike etc. - prophet

  • Genesis Power tells us all to SHOVE IT, well SHOVE IT as in that lovely *cough* Genesis game from 1989. - atila

  • SwNES 0.2 was released earlier, eventhough the site says that all 3 versions (Chinese/English/Japanese) are available for download, only the Chinese version can be downloaded. Perhaps the others are not uploaded yet ? SwNES is an NES emu for Windows, a full list of supported NES peripherals and mappers is available in HTML format (in English) on the SwNES site. Thanks to Aries for the news. - atila

  • Aries also mentioned that someone (the webmaster?) on Emu-Zone said that they had received a copy of the CPS1.5 emulator, proving that the Alien vs. Predator shots were in fact real. The AvsP roms were apparently a bootleg set (CPS 1.5?) and have not been made available to the general public yet. Aries also writes that PC-Saturn 0.1a is causing system/HDD crashes when used on a dual-byte (Asian) system. Apparetly there is no problem when using it on western machines. Could someone please confirm this ? - atila

  • Boukichi has released Dboy 0.61, here's what's new:

    - Improved PSG emulation engine.
    - Improved CPU emulation.
    - Added -ifsega option. (Use IFSEGA2/PCI mode)
    - Added -sfreq [n] option. (Change sound sampling frequency to [n]hz)

    Thanks to Kosh for the news and Aries for the excellent translation. - atila

  • Looks like Digital Arcade will be back soon. Digital Arcade was a cool resource site a while ago, if you can remember =) Thanks to a bazillion people and the topic in #retrogamers for the news. - atila

  • MESS WIP has been updated! - chris

  • Overclocked: We Will Never Forgetting! There's also a new fanstrip called Genie in a DVD. - atila

  • It was very nice here in West Michigan today, warm and breezy, although I slept most of the day. :P Let's see what's been happening... - dutch

  • Genesis Power has dumped Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio, a Sega Club kiddie game that uses the Sega mouse, which isn't emulated yet. I wanted to play with it. :*( - dutch

  • Surfing tip (or shameless plug, take your pic ;): If you are looking for resources for console games, like scans, manuals, screenshots, endings, etc., the first two sites I usually check are The Video Game Museum and Roar!. I used the VGM to make my quick and dirty Chakan/Eddie page (for the recent Genesis Power dump :). Mek informs me that the VGM has just surpassed a total of 7,000 games and 15,000 screenshots. Nice going! Don't miss the 2 King of Fighters 97 (Saturn) MP3s that Mek just posted. - dutch

  • Marklar has released Marklar beta Markler. This release adds Markler, and requires Marklar to run. Thanks to Marklar for the news. (Sorry. :) - dutch

  • A Sega Saturn emulator called PC-Saturn has had an version 0.1 alpha release to the public. Here's the news from the readme:

    "PC-Saturn is a 32-bit emulator for the PC/Win9x platform to emulate the Sega Saturn game console. Version 0.1a is an alpha release and does not emulate anything but the Master SH2, which means NOTHING will currently run, and is mainly an overview of things to come.

    Current features include:
    A GUI with many functions such as header loading from a file, header displaying, configuration, memory display, Master SH2 disassembly, and a help file."

    Thanks to BenJ for the news. (Is it me or has Xoom been reaaaaaly slow for the past several days?) - dutch

  • I've been playing a bit with the Amp Dance Laboratory (click the "Amp Candy" link in the lower left). I like the middle background, middle outfit, and drums and bass. What do you think, Jewels? :P - dutch

  • Malc Jennings has more games online for you over at the ZX site. Thirty-nine of them to be exact. :) - dutch

  • Aldo Vargas' VGSJoy and VGSlide Show got some updates, check Aldo Vargas' Favourite Solutions for the updates and to download them. VGSJoy is a utility for using your joystick (mapping keys) with the Virtual Game Station and other Windows applications that don't have joystick support. You need to have DirectX7a installed. VGSlide Show is a screen capture program, Aldo has posted some tips for you if you are having trouble getting it to work. - dutch

  • Hu-Go! 1.25 has been released. Here are the DOS and Linux binaries as well as the source. New in this release:

    - Mp3 playing available under Linux
    - Synchronisation (limit fps) should work under Linux
    - Limitation of fps can be set in the INI file (upon request)
    - Better debugging info with the new version of the C compiler for PC Engine

    Hu-Go! is a PC Engine emulator. - dutch

  • Send in your Mameworld logos dangit! :) Roc has put up Romulus' entry. Heh, maybe I'll try one. Maybe. You gonna put up a page and let us vote guys? :) - dutch

  • Cowering has done it again with Intellivision... GoodINTV v0.998 (BETA) has 167 entries, there are more than a few undumped games as Cowering puts it. Cartridge donations wanted! - dutch

  • Here's a bugfix release of FCE Ultra .21, the NES emulator for DOS and Linux that was released last Monday. This fixes the problems with inserting coins in VS Unisystem games. Thanks to Katharsis for the news. (The fixed Linux binary will be along later, according to the homepage.) - dutch

  •    Saturday, June 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:54 EST

  • MADrigal has posted a new simulator he made: Turtle Bridge (Nintendo, Wide-Screen series, 1982)! He has also released the final update to "Donkey Kong Circus" (Nintendo, Panorama Screen Series), version 1.03 "(now it features the original MANUAL browser!!!! It took more than 2 months finding that!)"
    That sounds pretty good to me :) - atila

  • Mimic 1.01 is available for download, here's what's new:

    Should be more stable all round due to more efficient memory handling. Having said that, I recommend downloading all 3 HWC files as they will make Bombjack and Ladybug more stable. Added Pinball Action to the HWC Driver page. I will now try and get the multi-cpu technology happening...and maybe the SMS VDP :)

    Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. - atila

  • BeOS 5.0.1 has been released! The list of new and/or fixed things is quite large, should make a lot of people happy. Btw, BeOS is a free OS which is rather sexy. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • SMS Plus for Macintosh has been updated to v0.9.2. The new version brings it in sync with v0.9.2 for DOS, and adds a number of improvements on the Mac side. - richard

  • Gridle posted an update to the MAME WIP - chris

  • There are a few updates at Overclocked today, DJ BOY was reviewed by a guest reviewer, a new remix called MegaMan 2 "Dr.WilyBlachly" OC ReMix was released. If you want to submit a remix, please checkout these guidelines. Maybe it's time I made a Hi-NRG remix of the Shinobi theme =) - atila

  • Apparently, we got a mention on Channel 4's BITS program the other day. We were called a site with a bit of 'local colour' for all your vintage gaming needs. Thanks to Lil for the news :) UPDATE It wasn't us, it was retrogames.co.uk, ah well, maybe next time ;-) - atila

  • Genesis Power have dug up that yellow dude in Pacman 2 - The New Adventures - atila

  • Say you know this girl and you really like her, yet you don't know what to do exactly, well search no more because here is Joelogon's Foolproof Guide to Making Any Woman Your Platonic Friend, thanks to Ernesto for the link :) - atila

  • More SNK news from GameFan - it seems the KoF team may leave SNK and form a new company! Here's the article. One has to wonder - is Y2K the final year for SNK, even in Japan? - prophet

  • Sad, sad news... IGN reports that SNK is closing up it's US and European markets as of this coming Monday. All NGPC products will be recalled and/or cancelled, all other SNK console software (DC, PS ports etc.) will be cancelled and well, basically it's all over for us... If you want SNK products after Monday, you must either live in Japan or import. Discussions have already begun on our General & NeoGeo boards, so feel free to add your thoughts. I know I'm very disappointed and perplexed by this news. Farewell SNK. :( - prophet

  •    Friday, June 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • That is the most pointless, weirdest thing I have ever seen. Cool! :) - dutch

  • Amigulaner, one of the BIGGEST resources for Amiga emulation, has been allegedly shut down by the BSA. The page is in German, I asked Roman Scherzer to translate the June 3 and June 6 announcements on the site:

    "June 03rd 2000
    The End: Children of the 80s....It's over ! I quit ! I have to close because of some legal issues. Even the license don't help. It would take too long to cover all the games on this site. This time there's no way out...I've achieved what I've wanted to achieve, an Amiga Emulation Page which you and I have enjoyed. So now I can only say thank you to: UXmaX, Osmodia, Soso98, StephanK., Gandalf, DJDAN, MasterX, Splatter, Tobias (Amiga Island Team), Blackthorne, 8Bit1Sid and all the others who supported me to build up this archive. Write some goodbye messages in the visitor's book or to amiglaner@gmx.de. The Server will be closed in one week....."

    "June 06th 2000
    The End : addendum !!!. I just finished the new messageboard, so you still can share your information. You don't have to register but always use the same nickname when writing messages. cu Sleimar"

    Very sad to hear. :( Thanks to nomadsoul539 for the news and Roman for the translation. - dutch

  • Gens 0.7 released! This is a MAJOR release of the Windows/DirectX Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator; it has gotten a TON of updates and is near perfect. Here are the highlights:

    - 640x480 Full Screen resolution added.
    - 2xSAI Kreed's engine added (the same as zsnes or snes9x) !
    - Scanline added.
    - AutoFrame-Skip synchronised on DirectSound (when available). Sound is a little better.
    - Interrupts fixed for both 68k core (Starscream and mine)
    - Correct screen ratio in windowed mode.
    - Save and sram files name of zipped roms are now correct.
    - Bad config files in "\windows" directory fixed.

    Visit the homepage for the full list of updates. This release is so good, it has Opi pretty impressed. :) I'm still doing the news though so I'll try it later. - dutch

  • Scan those NGPC dumps with CLRMame Pro using the new NGPC DAT file from Darren Bradbury. - dutch

  • Peek and Poke has released two PC versions of the Speccy games Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy! You don't need an emulator or disk image to run them. Thanks to Lee Bolton for letting me know and of course to Andy Noble for allowing his games to be posted. :) - dutch

  • Here's another article about the upcoming Sony Playstation One that was reported on yesterday. Looks like she'll need to get plugged into something for power, no battery compartment. Dang. :) Thanks to Kinopio for the e-mail. - dutch

  • BouKiCHi has released MPG123 0.03. This mp3 player will not run on a PC, this is only for a PC-98x1 series computer. Aries informs me that this update contains a speedup in 8-bit stereo mode. - dutch

  • If you can find or dump the ROM for Holy Magic Century (and are legally entitled to it) you can now play it in Corn using version 1.0.2 of Myzar's unofficial Corn INI. - dutch

  • I've read in several places that the next release of NESten is going to do away with mappers and use a CRC32 based system, namely, the NESToy database. This means it will only run ROMs from the database, but on the plus side it does eliminate any "maybe the ROM is bad" issues. - dutch

  • It's finally finished: Project Mbox - and it looks damn cool! - atila

  • Looking for a freeware (for non commercial use) proggie that can do what Bryce can? I just found out about Terragen... I can't believe I hadn't found this one earlier. No it has nothing to do with emulation, but freeware is good, mmkay? :) - dutch

  • Marat Fayzullin has released iNES 1.2. The Windows version can be obtained by paying $35, all other versions (Solaris/FreeBSD/etc) are free. Click here to see what's new, thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • The July 2000 issue of PC Gamer contains a CD with 12 classic games, they are: Monkey Island 1, Wing Commander 1, Alone in the Dark, Ultima Underworld, X-COM: UFO Defense, Links, Need For Speed 1, Terminal Velocity, Descent, Duke Nukem 2 and Ultima 1. They even set up a page to help out people who have trouble running the games in DOS. Thanks to Kirkland for the news. - atila

  • Eric has once again updated the .dat files (HUGE update!) for use with RomCenter, his excellent multi-system rom manager. - atila

  • Tomorrow is the start of the European Football Championships. Eindhoven (= where I work) is one of the hosting cities (PSV stadium is being used) and this town is getting pretty crowded already. Whole blocks have turned orange (national 'color', if you will). 3 weeks of drunken fans outside my building, oh joy =) - atila

  • Sonikku has re-encoded his E3 bleemcast footage to the MPEG format, click here to download them. - atila

  • Yesterday's FPSE 0.7 release is NOT new, it just wasn't added to the FPSE site earlier. The screenshots are from version 0.8, which is UNRELEASED at this time. It will be out next month. Thanks to [D]J for the news. - atila
    (I *knew* something seemed weird about that... ) - dutch

  • Camp Chaos have posted 2 new cartoons, one is MetalliCops, the other is Metalligreed, starring the dudes from MTLEY CRE. At the end of Metalligreed, you are given a link to download MTLEY CRE's latest single called 'Hell On High Heels' -- in MP3 form :) Thanks to Stroem for the news. - atila

  •    Thursday, June 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:24 EST

  • Oh no, not another Good utility from Cowering! This time it's for Virtual Boy ROMS - GoodVBoy v0.998 (BETA) recognizes 30 Virtual Boy ROM images, although there are quite a few undumped Virtual Boy games. If you have any, please, let Cowering know! Thanks to Katharsis for the news. - dutch

  • Now for the daily Genesis Power dump: Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventures 2) (UJ). - dutch

  • Check out this sweet new Playstation design: it's small (1/3 the size of a "regular" playstation), light, and has a flip up LCD screen! It's called the PS One. That IGN article also talks about how all Playstation models will soon be able to connect to a mobile phone "to download information, entertainment content and software programs in addition to exchanging data with other users in a variety of ways." Heh, it looks kind of cute. :) Here's another link courtesy of KC and Krystal, also try here courtesy of John Makos. Looks like the release date is July 7 in Japan and sometime in autumn for us Yanks. :) (I'll bet it incorporates some tougher security, but that's just my own hunch.) Wonder what kind of batteries it'll take. :) Thanks much to Bud Fern for the news. - dutch

  • Yesterday I mentioned a bugfix release of Winamp to version 2.64. I received some mails about there not being an update on the Winamp homepage however. After searching around a bit, I found this link to the Netscape mirror from Lycia over at Emucamp. Thank you Ms. Mushroom. :)
    Update: Since that FTP link doesn't seem to want to work, I searched around and found that Vintage Gaming had gotten ahold of a copy. Thank you Dave for being l33t. :) Here's our mirrors:
    - Winamp 2.64 Full Version
    - Winamp 2.64 Lite Version - dutch

  • Haze's C2 WIP is looking impressive.. the screenshots look great in color (or colour as Haze would spell it ;). I never had a chance to play Thunder Force in the arcade. - dutch

  • Thanks for all the mail on the Romero situation. I very much appreciate it. To share what I have heard, it looks like he'll still probably do the fourth dead film (and finance it himself, working title is "Dusk/Twilight of the Dead"), as Resident Evil was a seperate project. Heh, I think Capcom wanted a PG (United States rating system, kids under 17 can get in) on Resident Evil, and the stuff Romero wanted to do would make it NC-17 (no kids under 17 can get in even if mommy and daddy are with them). This would pretty much lock out a good percentage of the market. This is the sort of reason that I've always hated the MPAA... Oops I'm ranting about non emulation stuff again, sorry. :) Thanks to TitoJ for the link and lots of others for all the great information. :) - dutch

  • Emul8 This! had an outage earlier today but it is back now. If it goes down again there is a mirror available here or here (why's that second URL look so familiar? ;). Please make a note of it, this has not been a recording. - dutch

  • Maurizio has updated his Mamemix frontend for DOS to version 0.42 beta. This includes a paths autofix, move useless files option, and contains some other small updates. He also informes me he's starting on his Win32 port. - dutch

  • Overshopped? Not another episode, but the real thing! You can now buy Overclocked T-shirts, mouse pads, and coffee mugs over at Overshopped on Cafepress.com! Any place I can find the warez version of this stuff? ;) - dutch

  • LogiqX has DATs online for the Callus 0.42 patch 2.1 that was released yesterday. You can also grab these over at the CLRMame Pro site. Prophet is right about Callus, if you are a newbie this was the program that finally let us play the real Street Fighter 2 after a million crappy ports. It's fast and can run in a small window to help you hide it from your boss. :) - dutch

  • Apparently there was an version 0.20 release of SwNES, a great NES emulator for Windows, but all of the download links are broken. As soon as I get my greedy hands on a copy of it I will post it here. :) It has zip support and also now comes in an English version! We get bugfixes and mapper 86 support as well. Thanks to Aries for the news. - dutch

  • Wow, talk about frequent updates! WinSMS Plus has been updated to version, in synch with yesterday's DOS release. This Windows open source port has some specific changes though:

    - Fixed a bug where the enable sound option was being overwritten in the registry.
    - Added an option to disable keyboard input when a joystick is selected.
    - Added an option to set the rapid fire rate for each player.
    - Added an option to enable / disable FM sound.
    - Added an option to select the default territory (JAP / Europe-US)
    - Made the application become active when launching ROMS via RMB emulate.
    - dutch

  • FPSE has been released! FPSE Version 0.7 is an open source Playstation emulator for Windows that emulator developers might find useful. It does run several commericial games though. :) You will need a BIOS ROM image in order to use this, no I have no idea where to find one. Visit the homepage to check out what's new. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Those mono playback bugs in Mame are a Seal problem... Gridle has posted an updated precompiled Seal binary over on Mame.net so you can fix that problem now if you don't want to wait for the next release. You can also grab the Video Pinball artwork. - dutch

  • Lando's C16/Plus4 Classix has added 74 rare game images! Thanks to Opi for the surfing tip!
    Update: And also thanks to Opi for letting me know about not linking Lando's site. Oops. :P - dutch

  • SPCPlay 0.700 released! From the ZSNES team, "SPCPlay is a music player for SNES saved states, coded in 100% 32 bit assembly. It can play music from either a standard save state generated by ZSNES (.ZS*), or an SPC saved state (.SPC)." This new version has a TON of new features, including pitch level and fixes in pitch modulation features, more accurate sound, playlist support, and playlist timers. - dutch

  • Linux kernel 2.2.16 was released yesterday. - chris

  • Wow, look at that coronal mass ejection! Today and tomorrow that will be hitting the earth and creating some nice Northern Lights. :) (No, a solar flare won't ever hit us... our G class star is too small for that. But this might mess up some satellites and radio broadcasts for a short while.) - dutch

  • Cowering gives NeoGeo pocket color ROMs his master treatment in GoodNGPx v0.998 (BETA), a new entry in his line of ROM renaming utilities. It currently knows 88 entries. - dutch

  • StealthSock has posted a bit of information about that George Romero situation I mentioned yesterday. It seems he was going to do the Resident Evil film, but was fired because Capcom didn't like his script! While of course I haven't seen it, the thing I think made the first three dead films work so well was the handling of the characters and how they interact with each other. I couldn't think of a better director for a Resident Evil film.. I guess Capcom must have their head up their arse. :) 'Scuse my rant. (Bruiser looks pretty interesting.. though it has nothing to do with emulation or even video games. ;) - dutch

  • If you want to check out our WAP page but have no WAP phone, then try Gelon.net. They have a "WAPalizer", a WAP simulator. Enter the URL, click 'wapalize' and see it as you would see it with a Nokia 7110 or Erisscon R320/R380. - atila

  • Boukichi has released MPG123 for PC-98x1(WSS/86) ver 0.02. This is a superfast MP3 player, if you don't have a fast PC, then you should use this one. As it runs 'fullspeed' on a P75. Thanks to Aries, who will be joining Retrogames soon, for the news. - atila

  • The WAP page has been updated, we've added a cool logo (450 bytes), thanks to Xray1. WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, it's used by a new generation of mobile phones that connect to the internet. Like the Nokia 7110, the Siemens S/C35 and the Motorola Timeport (Txxxx series). If you connect to the WAP page, you can see what I mean with the 'Nosferatu' update (mentioned below) - atila

  • Argh! Nosferatu got me! - atila

  •    Wednesday, June 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:04 EST

  • Lilac of Emucamp has a guess on that NeoRageX code that sounds pretty rational to me: "NeoRAGEx code puzzle is '3 weeks.' How's that? Simple: 0xffff % 4 is 3 by anyone's count and "smtwtfs" are the first letter in each day of the week." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... :) - dutch

  • 1964 0.4.8 is out! Mario64 works!! There's also Adaptoid support and a FAQ (which tells you how to use the Adaptoid :). The source is also available. There is more information and screenshots available from the homepage. - dutch

  • Emuforce is back, apparently there was a message in the source (doh, I forgot to look at it Captian Nemo :) but I won't bother posting it since you've probably already seen it and it is back now anyways. - dutch

  • The three mainstream Playstation emulators right now are Bleem!, Virtual Game Station, and PSEmu Pro. Most of you know that Bleem! and VGS are commercial products, while PSEmu Pro is freeware (and requires a BIOS image to run) but currently dormant. Samor has let me know that they have posted a review and comparison between all three emulators out on Emul8 This!. - dutch

  • On that note, as part of a promotion for Virtual Game Station, Connectix is putting a free Playstation game in specially marked packages at participating retailers. (Do I sound too much like a TV commericial? :) Thanks to Ooga for the shopping tip. Someone turn off that Muzak. :P - dutch

  • David has released a new version of DGen for BeOS over at Dave's BeOS Software. Version 1.20a will run on R5 (the older version won't). Click here for the source code. - dutch

  • Being a long time George Romero fan (I was born in Pittsburgh and remember the Monroeville Mall from Dawn of the Dead as my parents took me shopping with them there at the time the movie was shot), I was searching for some information on the fourth Living Dead film Romero said he was planning on releasing for the millenium. I ended up finding this page saying that the producer for the film was none other than Yoshiki Okamoto of Capcom. Apparently, he told Electronic Gaming Monthly that "His (Romero) script wasn't good, so Romero was fired." How do you like that? :P If anyone cares to shed any light on this I'd appreciate it. - dutch

  • Want to make a slide show or animation of an emulated game? Take a look at Aldo Vargas's newly released utility called VGSlide Show. It takes screengrabs of any windows program at specified intervals (although it's designed with VGS in mind :). It also includes a screen saver. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • I was never a paperboy. The dude in this new dump from Genesis Power is however. :) - dutch

  • If you had a problem using the proxy streaming and DSP plugins in the last release of Winamp, try the new bugfix version 2.64 that was just released. - dutch

  • Charles MacDonald has released SMS Plus 0.9.2 for DOS! He has added digital YM2413 sound emulation, a system territory switch, zip support, and configuration file support. The version number is now in synch with the Mac version, and fixed is screen expansion on 16 bit displays + centering problems, and SEAL sound output. Click here to download the source. There is also an experimental PSX binary available (you'll need an Action Replay with the caetla software installed, a comms link cable, and "psexe.com" somewhere in your path, see the readme.txt file for more info). Thanks to Skates of Emusphere for the news. - dutch

  • Gerardo Oporto has joined Brian Deuel as coordinator of the official Mame History database, hosted over on Brian's Coin-op History Archive. And what's really cool is that they have set up a message board so if you have anything that you want to add to the Mame history database, you can contribute! - dutch

  • Janne & Anders - STOP THE TORTURE!!! Yep... more secret codes at the RAGE/NeoRAGEx homepage! :) - prophet

  • Haze's Sega C2 WIP page was updated and things are really lookin' good IMO! C2 had some nice games, let's hope it gets added to MAME when it's done. =) - prophet

  • Richard Teather has released yet another version of his open source Windows SMS Plus Port. Here's what's new in version

    - Added an option to enable / disable the sound.
    - Added an option to set the sound frequency (44100 / 22050 / 11025).
    - Added a reset CPU option.
    - Added rapid-fire option for buttons.

    Thanks to a@h for the news. - dutch

  • Gridle has unleased a dose of Mame WIP on us. :) Thanks Till. - dutch

  • Check this out: a full remix of the classic Super Mario World sountrack. It's called "Supermariountwirled EP" and it's been remixed by various artists! Very fast downloads too =) Thanks to Leak for the mail. - atila

  • Websites that suck <-- see the world's worst/crappiest commercial pages! Thanks for the link, Shane :) - atila

  • The Ultimate Videogame List is back! If you want info on 24,000+ games, you better check there :P - atila

  • Microsoft is to be broken into two companies. Read the ruling here. - richard

  • Tormod Tjaberg released a new version of LSNGP, which fixes game number printouts! If you're into NGPC, this dump ID utility just might be helpful to you. - prophet

  • CPS2 Shock released Callus Patch 2.1! Those Pang 3 problems are now fixed along with some other things - new ROMs supported are Pang! 3 (Euro, Mitchell) & Sangokushi 2 (Asia). Sounds good to me. :) Note: If you're a new emu user, please try this legendary Capcom CPS1 emulator by Sardu, one of the greatest emu programmers ever - you won't be disappointed! (Thanks Razoola) - prophet

  • Virtual X68000 is an emulator of Sharp X68000 and its operating
    environment. It will eventually run application programs for X68000 without any proprietary software including ROM BIOS, but currently lacks many key functions and is still in early development phase. Virtual X68000 is written in C++, and uses templates to implement instruction handlers.

    Changes in this release include: More instructions and IOCS functions are added. Booting from a FD image is implemented. It has many internal changes, too. - chris

  • IGN.DC has reviewed Gauntlet Legends for Dreamcast, based on the classic Gauntlet game. - atila

  • I hereby declare this week official misinterpretation via bizarre coincidence week. Thanks Drewbert, this kinda reminded me of something. ;) - dutch

  • Katharsis has both Puzzle Bobble 1 and Macross 2 online over at Geoshock! Katharsis states: "I'm unsure if this Macross set really should be called 'Macross 2,' I just know that it is 'Super Dimensional Fortress Macross,' shortly 'SDF Macross.'" Please note the changes.txt file's comment on Macross 2: "Very preliminary, playable, but with loads of graphical glitches." Heh, I live for glitches. ;) Thanks Katharsis! - dutch

  • Heh... DJ Pretzel shows off his studio! I say it's WAY too neat.. clearly a sign of sickness. :) He's got a new one for us today as well.. F-Zero "Mute Radiology" Remix. Where does DJ Pretzel get his funding? ;) - dutch

  • Some news from he who snorts: "07 Jun 2000 - About a month ago, we released a pile of test carts donated by WildSnake. Then a few days ago we released the Wildsnake Prototype. Today we have one more test cartridge from WildSnake - Genesis Release #137: Chuck's Excellent Art Tool Animator." - dutch

  • Surfing tip from Jim Hart: Take a look at Jeff Kinder's Dragon's Lair Project. Heh, it's more than just Dragon's Lair! "What once was a site devoted to a personal pursuit of finding my own Dragon's Lair game has grown into the one source for all laser disc games. Fully integrated, you can now find out everything you've ever wanted to know about every laser disc game created." Some of you may have known about this site, I didn't. - dutch

  • Don't forget your Raine 0.28h DAT file from LogiqX to go with today's release of Raine .28h from Katharsis. Pi also submitted a DAT file that builds a Callus ROMset that works with both the final and patched version, saving around 50 megs, and an additional DAT for archiving that saves about 100 megs of space. - dutch

  • The NLMSX MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator for Windows (based on fMSX 2.0b by Marat Fayzullin) had an update to version 0.26. It contains revised color handling, 50/60 hz display frequencies with sound, screenshot support with the F9 key, plus some fixes. Thanks to Opi the master news poster for the news. :) - dutch

  • Cowering has done it again... this time it's GoodSMS and GoodN64, both at version .9981. GoodN64 is at 1,247 entries, and GoodSMS is at 547 entries. Works like this: plop the "Good" executible into your ROMs directory. Open command prompt. Go to ROMs directory. In this case let's say it's SMS. Type "goodsms rename." When it is done, all of your known dumps will be identified, renamed, and sorted into the "SMSRen" directory. The cool thing about this is that it establishes a standard. Of course, Retrogames only condones using these with ROMs that you legally own. - dutch

  • Pac Mame version 37 beta 3 got an update. Super Zola Pac Gal has been fixed, and 13 Puck Man graphic mods from Insane (the Mame Merge guy :) got added. - dutch

  • Lopantu released Laser 0.6. This open source arcade emulator for the PC runs Space Invaders and two clones with emulated sound in this version. There are two executables, one just doesn't have the sound, since it is currently running on the slow side. - dutch

  • In N64 INI news, Spinal has released version 1.7 of his Corn INI with 37 playable games, and version 3.2 of his Nemu64 INI with 159 playable games. Myzar has released version 1.6.7 of his Nemu64 INI adding 2 more playable games and making some corrections. (Is it just me, or did Myzar already release version 1.7???) - dutch

  • Richard Teather has released version of his Windows port of SMS Plus (note the new URL). Hello, joystick and screenshot support! :) And here's the source. - dutch

  • Arts and Crafts time! :)

    - Logo competition at Mameworld! :) Heh, maybe something with a clown theme... ;)

    - Roman is also looking for some GUI design ideas out at the CLRMame Pro site... skin support would be cool! (Don't miss the new NGPC DAT file out there by the way.)

    - Finally, Mike Morton pointed me out to Knoll's Light Factory for you lens flare enthusiasts. - dutch

  • For those who are in the process of learning to code an emulator, EmuSchool is a project you might want to look at. This is an open source NES emulator that is now primarily for Linux and is intended as a learning project. A new version 0.2.1 has been released today, if you are interested go and get started! :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Here's a new port of Pretendo (from the official site) for BeOS. It's a public alpha, so don't expect it to perform exactly like the Windows version .10. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Digitoxin has released PCEToy32 1.0, a PCE ROM management utility. "For each entry in PCEToy's database, PCEToy can automatically detect overdumped versions of that ROM. Also, for US ROMs, PCEToy automatically detects encrypted and unencryped versions of the ROM as well as ROMs containing a specific one byte hack. This is one of the reasons why PCEToy's database contains less entries than other cataloging programs (like GoodPCE.)" - dutch

  • Andy's Amiga Rarities has been getting lots of newly added games lately.. almost forgot to check. :) - dutch

  • Something has happened to Emuforce again... this has got to be the most interesting site redesign I've ever seen. :P - dutch

  •    Tuesday, June 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • Katharsis has "freed" Puzzle Bobble 1. :) It is my understanding that Macross 2 is being looked into right now. - dutch

  • Katharsis of GeoShock compiled & released Raine 0.28h! Nice work Katharsis! :) Some new features include support for Puzzle Bobble 1 - the original and Macross 2. Be sure to read the included changes.txt and remember this is an UNOFFICIAL release so don't bother Antiriad with questions about it. Anyway, it's great to see Antiriad's awesome arcade emulator still being worked on! Official Raine Site. - prophet

  • Radd Radio does shoutcasts of Videogame soundtracks! (Thanks Steve O.) - prophet

  • Maybe A-Saturn is still alive? Aries directed me to KamogamauHau!.com which posted this shot of A-Saturn displaying a warning message from what appears to be an ST-V (Saturn based arcade kit) ROM test. So many cool pics from our friends in Asia lately! =) - prophet

  • Zoop assures me the PC98 was quite real :) (I knew that Zoop!) so with that in mind, our friend Aries told me about "another PC-9801 series open-source emulator, Neko-Project II was updated to v0.14."
    - prophet

  • CPS2 Shock has posted some very interesting information regarding those screenshots of "Alien Vs. Predator"! CPS1.5?! Maybe. (Thanks Razoola) - prophet

  • Handy 0.73 has been released. Handy" is an Atari Lynx Emulator for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, ports are also available for Macintosh, Linux, AmigaPPC, and Acorn systems. Highlights in version 0.73 include: Fixed incorrect cycle counting settings. Fixed NULL pointer access race condition in joystick handler code. Thanks to Gridle for the news. - chris

  • Aries sent in a translation for the CPS2 'thingie' mentioned earlier (first update of the day), on Emu-Zone:

    "Here are some screenshots of "Alien VS predator".
    There are totally 27 shots. If you are interested, you can download the zipped file containing the screenshots. But don't ask me where it came from.

    Aries mentions that those picture were sent to Emu-Zone by WangY2. - atila

  • DrSteveW is selling an Optim 600 on eBay, this system is still unemulated! Thanks to Sonikku for the link. - atila

  • Sega and Motorola will release a new mobile phone next year, containing Dreamcast technology! - atila

  • DarcNES emulates a number of different older systems under Linux quite well. Currently emulated are NES, SMS, GG, PCE, SG1000, Apple ][, and Coleco Vision. Genesis emulation is in the works. Changes in version dn9a0530 include: Automatic dependancy support included in the Makefile. The headers now compile cleanly with a C++ compiler. Numerous Apple ][ and NES emulation enhancements. The video interface no longer uses procpointers. - chris

  • Arcade Heaven added more needed-soon goodies for MAME! Plus the usual bit of interesting Napster news etc. So go visit! I'm off to bed now... - prophet

  • Aries once again comes through with news of Boukichi's new MP3 player for PC-98x1! Apparently it's a wickedly fast port from original code by Michael Hipp and Tuomas Leikola. Anyway, if you have a PC or notebook based on that spec, this proggie may be of interest. Esoteric? Yeah! :) - prophet

  • Aldo Vargas has been busily coding some very nice utilities, including VGSjoy 1.5, a DirectX based joystick utility designed with Connectix VGS in mind, as well as Lazy Racing 1.0, a utility that lets you play racing games without having to hold down a button all the time! :) He has some other cool utilities online as well, so you may find something you've been needing there. (Thanks Geoshock) - prophet

  • Jake from Zophar's told me about NSFten, the "new NSF music player by TNSe. It's a highly accurate and good-looking Winamp Plugin." And that's what the man told me! :P - prophet

  • Genesis Power released Clue!! Personally I liked it more as a boardgame, but to each his own murder weapon. - prophet

  • Charles Doty's Arcade Development Central has opened, and I'm impressed! Basically there are demos with source code and tools available to program games for NeoGeo, System 16 and CPS1. And then you can play them on emulators! We should have a contest for best homebrew Metal Slug sequel or somethin'... :P (Thanks Sys2064) - prophet

  • It's in Chinese, I don't know what it says... Just look at the pretty pictures. Razoola - you may wanna look at this. Yeah, I know, it's probably fake... UPDATE Aries, our favorite Chinese->English translator :) relayed the following to me regarding that Chinese site I mentioned: "there is not so much information about those screen shots. Even the webmaster don't sure where it's come from. Only we can do is download it and see. (I don't know if it is fake or true ^^)" Oh well, it's still fun to hope and dream a little. =P Check this message thread by dusk2000 for more info and discussion. - prophet

  •    Monday, June 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:48 EST

  • Tormod Tjaberg released a new version of LSNGP! This NeoGeo Pocket utility recognizes ROM dumps, and now also version header number is displayed, works on both Little & Big Endian machines & header reading is no longer machine dependent. Huh? Well, it just plain works better now! =P Full source is in there as well. - prophet

  • Dream64 seems to be showing some sort of graphics now, thanks to Darkmazda for the news. - atila

  • Today's Overclocked (called The Zerowing Dub Project) is something special :) Pretzel & Green have kidnapped Wayne Newton ('Balki' from Perfect Strangers used to idolize Wayne, remember ?) and made sure that he dubbed the ZeroWing intro. Scary, I know ;) Oh, there's also a new remix up called Contra MEGAMIX Medley OC ReMix. - atila

  • ShinobiZ has updated his site again:

    I updated my collection page, added Soul Edge (Namco), Super Monaco GP, Shinobi (S16A) and Power Drift. Added a new hardware page for Mega-Tech & Mega Play systems! I fixed the bad links to Romident files, now you can download the latest dat file here! - atila

  • GordonJ of Gordon's MAME ROM Info Page fame has added some screen shots to his MESS BBC driver! He has also informed me that he has added preliminary BBC Model A support to the driver as well. - chris

  • Imagine you're making a call on the streets using your cellphone. Yes, you're being obnoxious and loud, but hey, it's your right ... or something. Then these 2 guys dressed like cellphones step up to you, take your phone and SMASH AND STOMP YOUR PHONE INTO A BAZILLION PIECES!! But that's not all, they also tape it and put it on the internet for EVERYONE to see! It's real and it's phonebashing.com, thanks to *Michiel* (USENET) for the link. - atila

  • Sony is planning to open up the PS2 platform next year, which means that clones of the PS2 will probably be all over the place. Sega did it with the Sega Saturn and Trip Hawkins did the same with the 3DO. I rest my case *cough* =) Thanks to Eriden for the link. - atila

  • Sorry I'm late, I fell asleep after The X-Files. :P It was this season's opener, did you know it was based on Last Temptation of Christ? - dutch

  • Heh, I had this bookmarked for a while and I've actually been checking it from time to time.. finally PeterD sent me an e-mail announcing RomHQ is open! I think you know what to do. ;) - dutch

  • Today's Genesis Power is Chakan - The Forever Man (US version). Click here for something that I have always found very interesting about Chakan. :) - dutch

  • Woah, check this out! "Disasteroids 3D is an OpenGL accelerated version of asteroids unlike any other! It has wicked 3D meteors, cool lighting effects, original asteroids sounds, an awesome 3D ship, particle effects, explosions, and force feedback support." And yes folks, it's FREEWARE!! :) Thank you Stuart Allsop for the news! - dutch

  • Good2600 v0.998 (BETA) released! This version of Cowering's awesome ROM renaming / database management utility includes all of the updates that the other Good utilities have been getting (64 character naming for CDR, sorting, etc.). Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. (By the way, are some missing now? What a shocker. (Hi Kath. :)) - dutch

  • CHASMS 0.30 released! This version of the SMS / Game Gear emulator for Windows/DirectX has had a TON of updates, and it works in NT! :) Incorporated into CHASMS is Mame's Z80 emulation core. It also lets you browse for ROMS, contains a rewritten video system and small ROM checksum database, includes the SMS BIOS thanks to Zoop, and auto video mode detection. Vecna also states that SMS compatibility is at about 99% and Game Gear support is at 95%. Check the homepage for the complete what's new list that would flood us out if posted here. ;) - dutch

  • FCE Ultra (a DOS/Linux port of the FCE NES emulator) has had an update to version .21 DOS / Linux. In addition to bugfixes and improvements, this version will handle the Saner Game Genie ROM image, adds TCP/IP netplay, partial support for sound in Gimmick!, support for several Unisystem games, and support for 9 more mappers. Check the homepage for more information, and thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Shane has redesigned Amiga Emulation Zone. Looking pretty sweet Mr. Monroe. :) Thanks to JoseQ for pointing me out there. - dutch

  • A very nice Mame front end for Windows called Mame Classic had an update to version .37 beta 2. One nice thing about this frontend is that it will read the history.dat file. This version loads slightly faster and includes some other small changes. Visit the homepage here on mameworld.net to download your copy and learn more. - dutch

  • 1964, an open source Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows, has had an update to version 0.4.7. It currently runs several demos. Support for commercial games is still being worked on however. This version has automatic ucode detection, more options for video modes, graphics cleanups, and speed improvements. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • Brial Deuel has temporarily resumed ownership of the official Mame History Database, and he has just released an updated version! It will get a new coordinator but the new official versions will always be posted at Brian's Coin-Op History Archive. So ph33r. :) - dutch

  • The Little John NES/SNES emulator has had an update to version 1.1. In addition to that Windows binary, you can visit the homepage and download the source, and binaries for Linux (SDL not included), Sun/Solaris (old files), and BeOS r5 (Intel). Credit for this news post goes to Alex. ;) - dutch

  • Emul8or of EmuGaming wrote a nice little program for byteswapping N64 ROMs. This allows you to swap their format between Little Endian, Big Endian, and Doc V64 Endian. It includes backup support and a nice windows interface. The archive only contains an executable, but I did test it on my system and it works fine. :) - dutch

  • Somebody's little brother was bad and formatted their hard drive. Even more unfortunate for us, as it was Roor's little brother and it wiped out his latest WIP version of the AdriPSX source. :( Check the homepage though, all is not lost. He did post a new version 00.06.03 that contains some added features that he had from a backup. Don't be too hard on him Roor, just keep him away from the PC. :P Thanks to CDBuRnOuT for letting me know. - dutch

  • PacMame has been updated to version 37 beta 3, adding six new ROMsets and fixing up some of the older ones. Included are Professor Pacman and Ms. Pacman II (Orca), but they are not working. Download it from the homepage here on Mameworld.net. Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. If you find some missing ROMsets, it looks like AdamM took care of that little problem over at Arcade ROM Heaven. :) - dutch

  • Rodimus Prime has released AMame version .37 beta 3. If you own a machine with a K6, K7, Athlon, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, or Celeron, you may get slightly better performance using Rodimus's compile. And good luck with you new job Rodimus. Don't play with Transformers at work. ;) - dutch

  • Need a nice way to start those Game Boy games? While some swear by the command prompt, others prefer frontends. Pablo Voeller wrote a nice one called Gameboy Ultra Support 0.1, which supports DBoy, Virtual GameBoy, and SMYGB. - dutch

  •    Sunday, June 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:04 EST

  • Back To The Roots has moved to its own domain: www.back2roots.org, and there's supposed to be a VERY large update soon -- please update your bookmarks! Thanks to Opi for the news. - atila

  • Sorry, we were unable to update because one of the four boxes hosting this site, and others, was having troubles for the first time in 6 months. - atila

  • It occurs to me that we haven't mentioned MAME World lately, easily the best MAME support/info/newbie site on the net! So if you've never visited, now's a great time to start. They also host some superb resources like MAME Testers, PC2JAMMA & EmuAdvice. Just beware of big scary nasty kLoWnz. - prophet

  • I learned about a new MAME variant specifically for arcade monitors called Vsync MAME! The programmer is Japanese, but a great deal of info can be found in English at Saint's board - just look for posts by Andy Geez. :) Personally I'm still hooked on Advance MAME, but competition is good. :) I think they have some very different features, so your hardware may determine what choice to make. - prophet

  •    Saturday, June 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:43 EST

  • I have yet to get a Dreamcast... after seeing House of the Dead 2 and Crazy Taxi again in the local arcade and listening to Atila and Prophet I might just break down. :) - dutch

  • It looks like the b0rg stuff has been taken off the Raine page and it has actually made a comeback of sorts! Heh, now that I find uplifting. ;D You can browse some screenshots and download version .28a and .28f from the official site again. :) Remember to keep your eyes open for the six missing ROMsets for Raine .28f. They are: Grind Stormer (clone of vfive), International Cup 94 (clone of cupfinal), Operation Wolf 3, Shingen, Super Chase, and a couple estranged ROMs from Psychic Force. :) - dutch

  • Looks like the Amiga is back. And no, it didn't get turned into a home appliance. "The Amiga OS is capable of being self-hosted, and sitting on top of other operating systems. A single application is capable of running on X86, Power PC, M.core, ARM, StrongArm, MIPs, SH3/4, and others. In a hosted environment the new Amiga runs on versions of Linux, Windows 95,98/NT, Windows CE, OS/9, QNX4, and others to be announced." A new software development kit for Linux, Amiga, and Java developers will go on sale for $100 US in the near future. Thanks to BMan2 for the tip. - dutch

  • Norbert has released version 2.0 of AstDX. In the "DX" tradition started by Mike Green (aka "LOL_DUDES" :), this is an Asteroids emulator for DOS, except the vectors have been replaced with sprites, the sounds have been replaced, and a background image and background music (in Midi format) has been added. You use the Mame compatible Asteroids ROMset to play this. New in version 2.0: "It has better graphics, can also handle new graphics for the player's ship, and has 10 MIDI tracks as background music." - dutch

  • Genesis Power released Rocket Knight Adventures (U), easily one of the finest action games Konami ever produced! If memory serves me right some of the authors went on to found Treasure, the great company that coded Gunstar Heroes and a handful of awesome action games for various platforms, mostly Sega. I LOVE Treasure games! Err... sorry for the rant. :) - prophet

  • The Mac version of MESS has been updated to v0.37b3. Here is the binary and here is the source. - prophet

  • GameFan mentioned that the Dreamcast will soon go down to $149! Sony better get the lead out. I have nothing but good things to say about Sega's little white system - it's an arcade gamer's fantasy machine and then some. Back to Crazy Taxi... - prophet

  • Having problems with Pang 3 in the latest Callus95 patch? Then read this message from Razoola. He explains why some problems may exist and how they may be fixed in the future. :) - prophet

  • Insane has released PuckMAME, a "graphic modification for the PAC-MAN games in MAME", it's not fully done yet, but he's not done any work on it for 4 months, so this is as good a time as any to release it. It really enhances the graphics :) - atila

  • I'm trying to update, but Dutch has beaten me to most of it ... oh well, back to Resident Evil: Code Veronica then :) - atila

  • Time to edit the WAP page :-) - atila

  • Well well, I jinxed myself and got slammed with a busy day. Most of it was data entry.. I think they're paying me too much. :P Hold onto your hats, I have quite a massive catchup to do... Keep sending in that news though. ;) - dutch

  • Well, it appears as though it's been done. PS2 modchips are now on sale in Hong Kong. I'm sure Sony will be thrilled. As Atila says, it's interesting news. Well, isn't it? :) I blame BMan2 for the news. ;) - dutch

  • Istvn Fbin let me know that he is releasing his commercial game Abandoned Places 2 to the public! It will be about a 6 meg download and you should be able to use it in any Amiga emulator. Since I've been away I have not been able to get in touch with him but he promises a version that we can post soon. I'll keep you updated. ;) - dutch

  • Yes, the NeoRage/Rage homepage's ((nop>>4)*3)++ has been replaced with sub bh,7. Blah. Or, as Zoop puts it, "while (1) prinft("blah\n");". - dutch

  • Here are translations thanks to Aries of several Japanese emulators that have been released over the past several days:

    - A Japanese DOS port of fMSX called fMSX Fan was updated to version 1.3 several days ago. According to the translation Aries sent me, this emulator is intended as a development tool for writing MSX software. You should ideally use a Pentium II machine and fast video card to get good performance in 640x480x16 DOS mode. Here is Aries's translation of the what's new file:

    - Fixed bug that "kanjibas" is not be auto-detect in config file.
    - Changed some message when loading ROMs.
    - Changed setting method in Joytype Option.
    - Decreased volume of Noise Channel.
    - Changed structure of source codes.
    - Support for VRAM structure changing. (Now F1-3DSPECIAL demo will work properly)
    - Fixed bug that display isn't work properly sometimes in SCREEN5 mode.
    - Support YM2413 maybe. (require OPL3, and it's not be checked yet)
    - Changed the routine of Speed Auto Adjusting.

    - The G-NES author Hii has released a Gameboy emulator for Windows called TGB 0.19P. You do need to have DirectX 7 installed to run it. Here is Aries's translation of the what's new list:

    - Fixed bug of MBC3 RAM-bank.
    - Fixed a weird bug that will get "Core Error" message when loading ROMs.
    - Fixed bug that may cause GPF error if you reset when no rom been loaded.
    - Found a bug for Z80....
    - Full support for Drag-and-Drop feature.
    - New CPU core that has improved speed. ( 1.1 - 2 times faster)
    - Support for SAV files. (refer to Readme.txt)
    - Support compressed (LZH/ZIP/RAR/CAB) files loading. (required DLLs like UNZIP32.DLL from CALP*)
    - Support for 1555 16bit format. (hasn't debug yet)
    - Support some of Cartridge Type FF.
    - Added Auto-fire feature.
    - Added new option for joystick setting. (For people who have Direction Key problem using joystick)
    - Added Screen capture feature. (to BMP format)
    - Added Emulation speed adjusting feature.
    - Added Cheat-code feature.
    - Added CHAT feature for requests.
    - Changed FPS display from real FPS to virtual FPS.
    - Version information updated.
    - Window design slightly changed.

    - PasoFami had a small update with more accurate sound emulation in version 1.3w2. You won't be able to hear it though in this trial version with no sound or save states. Registration is 3000 yen ($26.40 US). To register, you go to PasoFami's "Help," "Version Info" menu, and get your "Machine ID." This number then needs sent in to the author, along with payment. I still don't have a translation of the address of where to send the payment however. :\

    - Boukichi "Mr. Frequent Updater" :) has released DBoy version 0.60:

    - More improvement on PSG emulation engine.
    - Improvement on CPU emulation (fixed some games problem like Ghost Babel).

    Thanks very much to Aries for providing us with these excellent translations! :) - dutch

  • Hehehe, "Metallicster?" This is similiar to Gnutella, and there ain't no way to ban it because there isn't a centralized server. (That doesn't mean an individual couldn't be sued though, God forbid.) That article mentions problems with firewalls, which I have been able to work around in Gnutella by entering the firewall's address in the "force local IP to" field. Don't know what that is? Try here. Thanks to Adam M for the news. - dutch

  • Speaking of Nullsoft, they just released Winamp 2.63. I still like Sonique better. Yeah I know. :P Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • Guisep has released version 37 beta 3 of his Mame32 Screen Saver hack. To use this, you just install Mame32, then unzip the mame32ScreenSaver.scr + DLL files into your c:\windows directory. Next go into the Windows screensaver configuration and set the MAME32ScreenSaver as the active one. Do an "options" and specify the absolute path to your ROMs (i.e., c:\mame\roms not .\;roms\). Then pick which games you want to run (not the non working ones please ;). It runs just like Mame32, when you want to get out of the screensaver you must hit the "esc" key. Here are Guisep's source code modifications. - dutch

  • Speaking of Mame32, no there hasn't been an update since version 36 final, but yes progress is being made: "00.06.01 Finished the pri. 1 test case on Michael's latest build without incident. Probably more builds to come from Michael and subsequent test passes as he grafts on the changes from the DOS side. Support.htm submitted. Dan submitted a help file draft." It'll happen! :) - dutch

  • Yes, the Super Dodge Ball (1987 Technos) page has been getting a lot of updates. They have a knowledgeable person - Paul "TBBle" Hampson - helping them out. He is also starting on a China Gate driver, which has recently been dumped by Team Japump. They have their WIP drivers as well as the ROM images posted so feel free to help out if you can. :) Haze has also been making progress on his Sega C2 driver, and has a NeoMame online that enables the raster drivers for the NeoGeo World Heroes games. Hopefully these drivers will be perfected and included into the official version of Mame. - dutch

  • For those of you who missed it, Guru-Choc has lots of "needed soon" goodies online over at Arcade ROM Heaven. - dutch

  • It looks like Roor of AdriPSX and Pete Bernert have joined the PCSX team! I have a feeling this is going to be one sweet Playstation emulator once it is released. :) - dutch

  • Who remembers 1989's The Wizard? JAG's Video Game Zone has some clips of this hard to find movie online. - dutch

  • Want to emulate a Gameboy on your MSX computer? You just need to be running MSX-DOS2 to run GEM v0.5, the MSX Gameboy emulator coded in 100% Assembly. There's quite a big list of updates... the sprite renderer is improved and now supports 8x16 sprites, and it also includes window support (with window raster effects). - dutch

  • Thanks to Marc Vielfaure, if you are a French speaker and use a Mac you can enjoy a French translation of MacMame, now online at the MacMame homepage. - dutch

  • Genesis Power drives forth another golf release (sorry for the lame pun): Pebble Beach Golf Links. Careful, golf simulations can be addictive. :) - dutch

  • ShinobiZ has released a new DAT file for his RomIdent arcade ROM scanner/identifier. The tally is at 3,442 recognized ROMsets. You also might not want to miss the TON of flyers he's been adding to his site recently. :) I also noticed at Arcade ROM Heaven that ShinobiZ has quit Mamedev. - dutch

  • DarcNES got a small bugfix update to version dn9a0530. DarcNES is a multi-console emulator (NES, SMS, and Game Gear to name some) for Unix that you compile yourself. You will notice several ports that are maintained, but none are currently up to date with this release: "Fixed (hopefully) the Allegro (DOS), SVGALib, and GTK versions (I don't have any systems that will run these, so I couldn't test the fixes). People not using one of the above listed platforms need not upgrade this time." - dutch

  • Tomorrow's Heroes has released Issue #8 of Bit Age Times. This one includes "The Top 50 Most Influential Games of the Bit Age," plus a lot more! Thanks to Arcade@home for the news. - dutch

  • The Windows port of Charles MacDonald's SMS Plus has had a small update. Version of the open source Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator adds some changes to the GUI, plus a handy menu option to associate "gg" and "sms" files to automatically start up with SMS Plus. Multiple instances of the program are now disabled to make this work even easier. :) And I notice it's hosted on Vintage Gaming now as well. - dutch

  • Check out the screenshots page at Ultrahle.com! Looks like we'll soon be able to play NBA in the Zone 99, Goemon 2, and Knife Edge Nose Gunner! Look at those other new sexy screenshots Realityman posted as well. ;)) - dutch

  • The Windows/DirectX Nintendo64 emulator Ultra64 has gotten an update after several months. The current executable will run N64stars and a few other demos. - dutch

  • Mamezine is now Robo's Retrozine! - dutch

  • EmuRevival is fully operational, in case you haven't noticed. :) There's quite a bit of goodies online for you. =) - dutch

  • Mamemix, Maurizio Galeone's DOS frontend for Mame, has moved out to Mameworld. The current version is 0.4 alpha. - dutch

  • Grab the English manual and some artwork for Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom over at CPS-2 Shock, courtesy of Lancelot_. - dutch

  • Spinal has released version 3.1 of his unofficial Nemu64 ini, bringing the total number of playable games to 144!! He's also released version 1.4 of his unofficial TRWinGL ini file with a total of 20 playable games. - dutch

  • Basilisk II has had a small bugfix update to build 126. - dutch

  • Cinder's latest wallpaper is Metal Gear Solid 2. :) - dutch

  • Why does everyone think Mame is the Borg? You're not helping David. :) - dutch

  • Xray1 has updated the Arcade Flyer Archive with 90 more arcade flyers, including some donations from ShinobiZ and Strider. - dutch

  • While I'm on the subject of art, do you like lens flares, I mean really like lens flares, but want more control over them than what you get in Photoshop or even KPT6? I would suggest looking at Genesis V2 Pro by Future Fantastic. - dutch

  • And logos! The ZX website just got a new one and also posted the runner ups. Nice. :) - dutch

  • Amiga Legal Emulation has added four demos and four games. Enjoy it after you download!!1 :) - dutch

  • The X68000 Games Pile has added Carrot Party Cover Disk Image Slideshow Demo, Dragon Quest I - Close, Gemini Wings, Gradius I, and Pro Soccer '68. - dutch

  • JoseQ's Rumor Mill is back. :) He's got some nice sounding stuff in there about AGES. ;) - dutch

  • Don't miss the DAT file updates over at the CLRMame Pro site: Darren Bradbury's NeoGeo Pocket Color DAT file has been updated, as well as LogiqX's Mimic 1.0 and Laser 0.5 DAT files. - dutch

  • That Super Dodgeball (Technos '87) MAME driver by Paul H. is lookin' real good! Sprites are correct and sound is reportedly rockin. :) (Thanks Arcade Heaven) - prophet

  •    Friday, June 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 14:02 EST

  • Eric has added heaps of new datfiles for use with Romcenter! - atila

  • Golf freaks should check out Genesis Power, because they've dumped Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (U) :) - atila

  • Shane has been filling a LOT of requests these past few days, he's added heaps of new Amiga games for download at The Amiga Emulation Zone. - atila

  • Are you ready of an Overclocked Overload ?! First there's a new episode called AmigaClocked, then there's the new Overclocked Remix Radio (powered by Live365), 3 new wallpapers and Zeroes Unlimited has had a slight redesign! - atila

  • Yes, I am still alive, I just haven't had time to update in the past couple of days. Hopefully tomorrow will be a slow day at work and I can catch up. - dutch

  • The most AMAZING arcade control panel you'll ever see! Lotsa graphics so give it a few minutes to load, but this guy (Xiaou2) has some serious talent - build me one too! =P He's also a board regular at my favorite arcade controls site, Saint's FAQ. - prophet

  •    Thursday, June 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 13:47 EST

  • Roman Scherzer has released an update to his rom manager, ClrMAME Pro 1.5a is available for download, here's what's new:

    added: scantime, rebuildtime and some rebuilderstatistics
    misc: optimized zipscanner
    misc: a lot gui changes & some source cleanup
    misc: support for zip32.dll version 2.3
    misc: support for ROMCenter 2 datfiles
    misc: fixoptions aren't restored by a fastscan operation
    fixed: small rebuilder stopping bug

    Be sure to check it out if you're looking for a good solid rom manager. - atila

  • Lemon has added 62 new C64 games; quite a few were previously unavailable on the net. - atila

  • The official MAME FAQ has been updated and has been posted at The MAME site - atila

  • Aries sent in a better translation for yesterday's DBOY release:

    - More improvement on PSG emulation engine using PCM sound.
    - Fixed bugs about sprites and background display priority.
    (work properly in Ghost Babel)
    - Now in autodetect, it will use "-sgb" switch as default.
    - Added realtime states saving option. ( "-rtssave" or "-rs" )
    - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped a game called Wildsnake ((U) (prototype)). It's a prototype and it was never commercially released in stores! - atila

  • The Dutch MAME Page celebrates its first anniversary today; congratulations, Leo! - atila

  • G-NES 0.32 released! G-NES is an NES emulator for Win98 and it requires DX5 or higher, here's what's new:

    - Fixed VRC6 Sound-Extension emulation.
    - Fixed a small sound emulation bug.
    - Slightly sped up CPU emulation.
    - Fixed some scroll problem.
    - Added MMC4 (Mapper 10) Latch-Counter emulation.
    - Fixed a bug that caused the Drag-and-drop feature to not work properly sometimes.

    GIGO has also updated G-NSF (an NSF player) and released a mapper plug-in, more info at GIGO's site (in Japanese). Thanks to Aries for the news and translation. - atila

  • XZX is a portable emulator of ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 (8-bit home computers made by Sir Clive Sinclair), Pentagon/Scorpion (Russian Spectrum clones) and Didaktik (Czech Spectrum clones) for machines running UNIX and the X Window system. XZX is completely written in C and emulates Spectrum 48K, 128K, +2 and +3, Pentagon and Scorpion, Interface I with up to 8 microdrives, Multiface 128 and Multiface 3, BetaDisk 128 interface by Technology Research Ltd with 4 disk drives, +D interface by Miles Gordon Technology with 2 disk drives, Kempston mouse, Kempston joystick and built-in machine code monitor.

    Version 2.9.3, which was released yesterday, adds support for the Czech Spectrum clone "Didaktik" and lots of bug fixes. - chris

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