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  •    Monday, July 31st 2000 - Last updated @ 22:46 EST

  • I discovered at Saint's Arcade Controls FAQ that Richard Ragon, Mr. HotRod, was blessed with a brand new baby boy last Friday! Congratulations! =) And if anyone wants THE ULTIMATE REAL arcade joysticks or cabinets for emulation, check out the great products at HanaHo where Richard works. Atila and myself are HanaHo customers - check out the Retrogames Other Stuff section for our reviews. - prophet

  • "Not a day goes by, not a blessed day" :) Yep, Genesis Power released Beyond Oasis (4)! - prophet

  • Fresh off the email - NeoGeo Team 2000 released Metal Slug 2 CD! - prophet

  • Speaking of arcade dumps, GuruChoc added some needed-sooners for MAME! (What is this "Guru" fetish you guys have anyway?! =P) - prophet

  • TheGuru updated his site about some new games he dumped! Let's hope they get MAMEd soon. :) (Thanks Sys2064) - prophet

  • Raine WIP was updated! BouKiCHi has added sound to Battle Garegga, a fun shooter! (Thanks Katharsis) - prophet

  • Combo post: Cspray 1.2f has been released, with a few bugfixes. Grab it here, AND Hu-go v1.28 linux binaries and source code are available here. - david

  • Lopantu has updated his Arcade emulator LASER to version 0.9; he's making quite a bit of rapid progress recently, and this latest version sports a pause function, screen flipping, and 4 new romsets. Get hit by the LASER!! (groan). - david

  • MAMELang32+ v0.37b5, an international, multilingual port of MAME32, has been released. Grab it here. Totemo ii desu! - david

  • That groovy Acorn Electron emulator, Electrem, has been updated to beta 3 and is now hosted at electrem.emuunlim.com. - david

  • What's this? A FAKE EPISODE of OverClocked?? Could it be? Those screenshots look pretty blurry to me ^^ - david

  • uhhhh, this news ain't so "fresh" any more, but the excellent Commodore 64 emulator VICE has been updated to version 1.5. Improvements include screenshot saving, better Z80 emulation, and some important bug fixes. Grab DOS, Win, Linux, and other distributions here. - david

  • Two for one for one low price - SMS Power have releasesd their 326th game, Tintin in Tibet, for Game Gear, and the X68000 Games Pile put up some CG hacks and several new hentai PC-98 games. Goodies! - david

  • The Arcade Flyers site has moved to their own domain at www.arcadeflyers.com, update your bookmarks! - atila

  • MacMAME 0.37b5a released! This is a bugfix release, here's what's new:

    - Fixed problem with PPC 68010 and 68020 cores. The Atari System 1/2 games and the Psyiko games should now work properly. [Brad Oliver]
    - Added 32-bit blitters for those games that support more than 5-5-5 RGB. [Aaron Giles]

    The updated source code is also available for download. Please check www.macmame.org for more info. - atila

  • I already received a few mails today about it and I didn't say anything about it the past few weeks. Wondering what it is ? My birthday; I turned 25 today :) - atila

  • "Keropi" (WinX68k) was updated to v0.47! Now you can call it Keropi instead ^^) Let's check the changes in this release:

    - Now auto detect SCSI-model IPL
    - Allow "IPLROMCO.DAT" and "IPLROMXV.DAT" for IPL filename
    - Added "Don't Stretch Blt" option
    - Support "DIM"-type disk-image
    - Fixed System Port return value in the XVI/RedZone mode
    - Disable BG/Sprites when over 768 pixel configuration
    - Fixed the palette handling in 256 colors graphic mode
    - Support a special display mode which resolutions of BG and graphics are different
    - Fixed Text Palette 0 display bug when BG is off
    - Catch up with changes in the newest X68k core (v0.20)
    - Added "Auto Frame Skip" mode
    - Fixed Buss Error area in Video Control reg.

    Keropi is a Sharp X680x0 series emulator, please visit Kenjo's homepage for more information or keropi ^^) Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for news ^^) - aries

  •    Sunday, July 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:54 EST

  • MAMu released 66 new icons to accompany MAME 0.37 Beta 5! His site is a trip too - very cool! =P - prophet

  • Killer Instinct fans and PCB owners might want to look here. Might be useful when KIAME is released, or if you need to fix your board. (Thanks EmuHQ) - prophet

  • Here's a local mirror for the MAME32 0.37 Beta 5 BINARY! :) It should be ready in about 10 minutes... Man, I need to get a better connection - I rarely get more than 3kps. :( - prophet

  • Rodimus Prime recently posted a 0.37 Beta 5 build of AMAME! PMAME coming tomorrow. (Thanks Michael A.Horton) - prophet

  • Genesis Power went fishing for James Pond 2 (U)! - prophet

  • MAME32 0.37 Beta 5 (Windows version of MAME) released! Yes, this is the *real* MAME32, ready for your downloading pleasure! Here's the download page, check the MAME32 Q&A page for more info and related files. (Thanks John IV & Dan Miller) - prophet

  • Gridle updated MAME WIP already! Quite a big update too. :) MAMEdev must eat Energizer batteries cause they keep going & going... - prophet

  • Just a note - if you have a P2/P3 be sure to use the Pentium Pro optimized build of MAME 0.37 Beta 5. Comparing the normal build with the PPRO build, I discovered UMK3 was getting nearly 15fps more! Big difference to say the least. - prophet

  • Oh glorious day :) I have received the first batch of Retrogames T-Shirts and they look awesome! I've already handed out a few to my family and friends and they liked 'em a lot. Visitors 6,000,000 to 6,000,010 will be receiving their shirts in August. We switched printers 3 times, but it was worth the wait and trouble. The shirts are Fruit of the Loom, model Lofteez. Real good quality. Hey Elvis, make some pics for me and I'll post 'em since Mustek is not willing to release Windows 2000 drivers for their 'older' model scanners. I bought my scanner last year. Thanks for nothing, Mustek, I'd like a refund. - atila

  • RCP has posted a little something on the TRWIN site about KIAME, the Killer Instinct emulator. He confirms that he's working on it and it is infact real, he also mentions the following: "Another funny thing was that most ppl thought it was fake! It seems that ppl had a hard time believing that it could get done in week... i was surprised as well. - atila

  • The VEGAS site has been updated with some groovy WIP info, various games (Sonic & Knuckles included!!) now work perfectly!!! Thanks to SlasherX for the news. - atila

  • Kazuya posted an interview regarding a rather controversial erm... project. I do agree with their "live & let live" policy. You can also check out the vast library of well written NeoGeo game reviews there. - prophet

  • The MEKA site has had a nice redesign. MEKA is a multi-machine emulator for DOS but it works in WIN9x. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - atila

  • Game Launcher 0.9.3 has been released, here's what's new:

    * Added support for TrueType fonts. The font and size are fully configurable.
    * Made the screen resolution fully configurable.
    * Added non-integer scaling of screen shots as an option.
    * Fixed a bug in rotated configurations.
    * Fixed a SIGSEGV when no ROMs where found.

    Game Launcher is a universal DOS frontend for emulator. - atila

  • Luca has released his 14th simulator: Towering Rescue (Gakken, LCD Card Game series). The manual is not included this time because he wasn't able to find any instruction booklet scans. Please download the simulator from MADrigal's Sims, hosted here at Retrogames.com - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition. - atila

  • Tim Mann has released xtrs 4.3, a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Unix and the X Window System.
    Changes in this version include: Addition of emulation of the serial port (connecting to a Unix tty device), and of both Radio Shack and Micro Labs hi-res graphics cards for the Model III. There are also several small bug fixes, emulation of the HRG1B graphics card for the Model I, and an improvement to the-scale option. - chris

  •    Saturday, July 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:45 EST

  • Check out EmuHQ, because Bwb has also received a KIAME beta and put a movie online! It's a bit choppy because he didn't have time to mess with compression, but he tells me he gets 40-55 fps on his K7-650 & Voodoo3. This thing is REAL baby! Go go go rcp! - prophet

  • Bradley over at KIAEP has now received a beta of KIAME, and has posted pics and other info about this impressive new emulator! Killer Instinct fans - looks like your day is coming soon. :) - prophet

  • Raine, Antiriad's super fast arcade emulator is being ported to Windows - enter Raine32! Go go go Atani! (Thanks Arcade Heaven) - prophet

  • M.A.S.H. sent in his unofficial Mameinfo.dat file, updated for the latest Mame v37b5. - dutch

  • Genesis Power asks you the following question: "What is faster than a speeding Sonic, more powerful than Ken the Street Fighter and able to leap tall fighting mecha in a single bound?". The answer can be obtained from the Genesis Power site ofcourse :) - atila

  • I check the site and see all hell broke loose overnight. I checked the KIAME site and saw they blamed me for Chris' post regarding their emu, they did rectify it later though. Remember kids, opinions belong on the messageboard, not on the main page :) - atila

  • Here's a nice site (Czech & English versions online) for Speccy fans, 128 Museum! The theme is rare games. :) - prophet

  • A new day, the sun rises and Genesis Power releases another game - this time it's World Heroes (U)! - prophet

  • Back to the Roots had a nice fat update recently, adding lotsa goodies for Amiga (and PC demo) fans! - prophet

  • Concerning KIAME - I want to make it very clear that Chris took it upon himself to post *his* opinion on our news page. On behalf of the other staff here, I want to point out that Chris spoke for himself alone on this matter. No project should be labeled "fake" before proper investigation proves things one way or the other. Nuff said. - prophet

  • Three new drivers for JAE, the Java Aracade Emulator, have been released:

    • Pengo © Sega 1982
    • Amidar © Stern/Konami 1982
    • Ms. Pacman © Midway 1980/1981
    Play these two classics online at http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer
    Also some bug fixes for Pacman were made. - chris

  • Well, chris went ahead and called it fake, but I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt ^^ The anonymous coder of the KIAME Killer Instinct emulator has revealed himself to be none other than rcp of TRWIN fame! There are some similarities between N64 and KI hardware, which helps explain things. I think this adds some legitimacy to the project, in my opinion. Keep an open mind, and check out this thread on the EmuHq messageboard. - david

  •    Friday, July 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:08 EST

  • Napster WILL NOT be shut down tonight, it will stay online for the time being!! Thanks to several people for the news. - atila

  • Rolf Klausen has released a new console based front-end for xmame called IQF (It's Quite Fancy!). - chris

  • irobot is a new search engine especially designed for emulation related searches created by our friends at mame.dk. - chris

  • Project AY, the site which archives ZX Spectrum music in AY format, has just been updated. There are now over 350 games soundtracks available for download as well as a vast selection of demo themes. The DOS player [AYPLAY], the DOS AY compiler [AYMAKE], and the database have also been updated. Thanks to bcass for the news. - chris

  • Sorry Atila, and sorry Killer Instinct fans. KIMAME is so obviously fake I'm surprised it got posted here. The screenshots are so blurry that it is painfully obvious they did not come from an emulator. Anyway, you are not fooling this emu news poster... *UPDATE* Why not check this thread on our msgboard for more info ? (original post by Chris, edited by Atila) - atila

  • Looks like Arcade ROM Heaven, Arcade@home, and Mame.dk are all 100%. :) - dutch

  • Heh, that was fast LogiqX. :) Mamediff 1.03 now takes care of that little complimented CRC problem. Cool! - dutch

  • Sorry, but this is not a MAME related news :) Pasofami 99 v1.3w6b was released with small bug fixed for rom-dumping feature. Author also mentioned that a disk-system dumping tool will publicize soon :) Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for tips :) - aries

  • I hear that there is a 100% complete Mame v37b5 ROMset flood on the Usenet group alt.binaries.emulators.misc. Agent is a good client for reading news, but for downloading binaries, I recommend Newsbin Pro. If you need better access to Usenet, I recommend either Airnews or Usenetserver. Do not download any of these if you are not legally entitled to them. This has been a public service announcement. =) - dutch

  • The source for Xmame v0.37b5.1 has been released, but does not yet integrate the xmess source. Xmame is an X11/Unix port of MAME - grab the source here. - david

  • New MAME got you down because of hardware inadequacy? Check out today's helping of OC for some "guidance": OverClocked #123: MAME-economics, and while you're at it, stop by OC ReMix and pick up my latest mix of Phantasy Star 4 ^^ - david

  • Gridle has added CPU-optimised binaries to the MAME site, he's added an i686 version (Pentium Pro/PII/PIII/Celeron) and a K6 version (K6-2, K6-3, K7) of MAME 0.37b5. These compiles will give you a few fps more than the 'standard' binary. - atila

  • The KIAME Site (mentioned below) has been updated AGAIN, now with the following news:

    speed is much better, about 30-45fps on my 350. major bugs are gone and you can play multiple games without any problems. however, there is still a bug or two running about.

    You can check out the new, luscious pics by clicking here. Thanks to MrFaust for the news. - atila

  • I just read on Emu-NL that the first alpha version of RomNET is out. RomNET is like Napster, but the difference is that it's for ROMS only. - atila

  • Do you have a PSION Series 5 computer ? Then you're probably short on emus for it. Fear not, as you can download FRODO, a C64 emulator that runs standard T64 and D64 images. It doesn't have sound though, thanks to TOby for the link. - atila

  • MacMAME 0.37b5 has been released, here's what's new:

    - In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 5 build. [Brad Oliver]
    - Fixed Glide plugin so that it renders the entire screen. [Brad Oliver]
    - Added option to load a language file, and in the process rearranged the front-end slightly. Loading of non-default cheat files (i.e. those that are not named 'cheat.dat') will be added in a future release; it is dimmed out for now. [Brad Oliver]
    - Fixed issue whereby replay files would not display the filename in the front-end. [Brad Oliver]

    You can also download the source by clicking here, please check the MacMAME site for more info. - atila

  • I've taken a look at the ROM Report for Mame version 37 beta 5 using LogiqX's excellent Mamediff. The first thing that jumped out at me were the new CRCs for several Neo Geo MGDII dumps. These are simply complimented CRCs. (It's how the Mame team flags "No good dump known, but you should use this known dump for use with this version of Mame" ROMs. :) CLRMame Pro will scan the sets correctly; you don't have to download anything new. Perhaps this is something LogiqX might include in the next release of Mamediff (hint hint ;).

    Then of course there are all those new sets, like the big Wolf Unit games. And I'm sure there's some clones in there that haven't turned up yet. :)

    I have not even begun a hunt yet, at this point I've no idea who has what. The sites to watch are SYS2064 for Till's convenient fixfile (that's already up btw :), Mame.dk, Arcade ROM Heaven, Arcade@home, Geoshock, Emulition, Emuviews, and the Usenet group alt.binaries.emulators.misc (the fastest and most convenient way to get files IMHO, providing you have a fast server and someone ups what you are looking for).

    Happy hunting! I'll post more information as I find it out. :) [Disclaimer: we here at retrogames do not condone copyright violation; you should not be downloading anything for which you are not legally entitled.] - dutch

  • Now that MK maniacs have their games, it's only fitting that Killer Instinct fans get a little something to get excited about. ;) So check out KIAME and feast upon the first pics of that game being emulated on a PC! Yeah, it's very, very early but AMAZING nevertheless. (Thanks Emuviews) - prophet

  •    Thursday, July 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:28 EST

  • Genesis Power #201: Universal Soldier (U). Grab this, um, shall we kindly say "interesting" game here. - david

  • FPSE v0.08b1 has been released. New in this win32 Playstation emu are increased speed, a new version of the SDK, cleaner source layout for porting, and a "b1" after the "v0.08" (ooooooh!). Grab it at the homepage. Thanks to EC for the news. Damn . . . I wanted to get that MAME post ^^ (hey, in case you missed it, the new MAME is out! So there!) - david

  • MAME 0.37b5 binary!! - atila

  • The binaries for this MAME release will be available in a few minutes time as compiling is already done. - atila

  • And here's what's new for MAME 0.37 Beta 5. - atila

  • Spectrum fans rejoice! The .TZX VAULT (hosted here at Retrogames) has added 89 games! The design has also been slightly altered to make navigation a bit easier. - atila

  • /me faints again... because it's out. Mame version .37 beta 5 source is out, including support for Mortal Kombat 2, Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, NBA Maximum Hangtime, 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge, Rampage: World Tour, and WWF Wrestlemania. I hear the ROM download for this release is around 250 megs, I will try to update with ROM reports (like I usually do) as time permits. (Here is where Usenet comes in handy :). Yep, this is another milestone for the awesome pool of talent that is the Mame team. :))))) (Binary will be online shortly...) - dutch

  • /me faints. - dutch

  • I know several people will probably faint when they see the new MAME WIP update, so make sure you have someone to keep you from falling down and hitting the floor ... hard. - atila

  • One of the few arcade emulators that's still being updated and happens to be relatively new is LASER. It used to be b&w but color has been added in the new release, Laser 0.7. Thanks to EmuViews for the news. - atila

  • GENS 0.78b released!! Gens now supports bankswitching, so SSFII: The New Challengers is playable. You can also log the sound to a .wav file now, among other things. Check the GENS site for the full list of fixed/new things, thanks to JoseQ for the news. - atila

  • The Register reports that, a San Francisco judge has given Napster until midnight on Friday US Pacific Time to stop aiding the exchange of copyright music, or close down. This means that you will NOT be able to get music off of NAPSTER from Friday on. Maybe it's time to use Gnutella or something similar ? *UPDATE* Here's another article about this ruling, thanks to Jason for the link. - atila

  • Guru-Choc has posted some screenshots of some of the games listed below at Arcade ROM Heaven. - chris

  • A Wolf-unit driver has been added to MAME with all games working with full sound. The Wolf-unit games include: Mortal Kombat 3 (3 versions), Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (2 versions), NBA Maximum Hangtime, 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge, Rampage: World Tour (2 versions), and WWF Wrestlemania. Thanks to Ernesto Corvi and Aaron Giles for the news. - chris

  • vmware 2.0.2 has been released. Fixes were made for running DOS as a guest operating system, and for virtual machines running with large workloads. - chris

  • KMameRun, a new KDE frontend for xmame has been released. - chris

  • KDE 2.0 will be arriving soon and Ksnes9x will be ready for it. Their latest release has been ported to the new KDE 2.0 libraries. - chris

  •    Wednesday, July 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:49 EST

  • Emulation Status was updated! Warlock always posts great arcade news and emulation information - take a looong look. (Thanks GeoShock - do you guys ever sleep?! ;) - prophet

  • Atari800Win v.2.6c Beta released! This is a great Atari 800 emulator for Windows - look here to see what's new. And try Holmes 8bit Atari site for other stuff. ;) I still have my dead Atari 800, 810 drive and boxes of beloved floppies in the closet. Ah, the good old days. - prophet

  • GameCritics.com is doing retro reviews now, kicking things off with Blaster Master for NES! - prophet

  • Lucky Californians can pick up some groovy arcade machines at Super Auctions for as little as $200! (Thanks Worker_b) - prophet

  • MAME WIP was updated again! Brute Force (Leland) pics are there for all to see, and if you visit GuruChoc, you'll find more than pics online. - prophet

  • Razoola updated CPS2 Shock with news about the EEPROM emulator they purchased (thanks to donators)! CPS2 fans should keep an eye on this story. - prophet

  • Stairway to Hell tells me "85 Acorn Electron games, including *stacks* of classics, have been dumped and uploaded..., bringing the total number of games online to 235!" - prophet

  • Raine WIP was updated! News this time pertains to fixed backgrounds in Puzzle Bobble 4. Open source was definitely the way to go! :) - prophet

  • I have this sticker on my monitor that says: my other computer runs at 3.4Mhz. Good news for all those people that have a similar computer, or use an emulator for this particular computer: http://www.brandnewco.org/games! Yes, you read that correctly, people are making new games for the Speccy :) Both GB conversions and original games! Thanks to DrSteveW for the link. - atila

  • Looks like CPS2 emulation just might happen after all... - dutch

  • CLRMame Pro 1.6b has been released!

    "After a long coding night I decided to give you 1.6b :o) The datfile creator is still disabled but you get this:

    • misc: major scanner speed optimization (for rompaths > 1)
    • misc: wrong named roms won't be displayed as unneeded or as missing anymore
    • misc: some changed texts here...some changed texts there..."
    - dutch

  • Hahahahaha!! - atila

  • A friend of mine let me know about an interesting new site called Stardust Dreams... looks like they have a rather, shall we say, interesting project linked out there that I'm sure people will have many opinions of. - dutch

  • There's been a huge update at SMS Power, thanks to Luke for the news. - atila

  • It weighs in at a hefty 40Mbits and it's called Super Street Fighter 2 - The New Challengers for Sega Genesis. Eventhough no emu can play this game, Genesis Power still dumped it. Someone please emulate bankswitching :) - atila

  • Sony put 16 PS2's into one box and called it the GScube. Thanks to Tom B. for the news. - atila

  • The PDP/8E simulator for Mac has been updated to v1.4b. - richard

  • Parn's Music Station, a great site that focuses on MSX music remixes, is now hosted as part of the OverClocked network. Parn's uploaded 9 new tunes, including Super Contra and Aleste, and redesigned his site a bit, so check him out. Part of the source code for the MERIDIAN NSF/RGM player was released, along with several new skins. Oh yeah, Zeroes Unlimited did a bitchin' funny piece on NARC - a must read!! - david

  •    Tuesday, July 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:03 EST

  • Z26 (Atari 2600 emu for DOS/Win) was updated to version 1.37! Support was added for various controllers, like the booster grip, driving controller and keyboard, making associated games playable. :) (Thanks n2locarz) - prophet

  • Redump64 is back! No kidz, it ain't no new fangled N64 site, it's all about the good ol' Commodore64 days when 8 bits was enough! We *walked* to school back then and we played games, real games, not yer fancy 64bit 3D whizbang junk. Dagnabbit! - prophet

  • Genesis Power released the (currently unplayable) Japanese dump of Super Street Fighter 2! - prophet

  • Amiga Legal Emulation was updated again! The final 40 Assassin disks with over 100 more games were uploaded. Makes me tired just writing about all that uploading... - prophet

  • If you'd like to comment on the 'special offer' bit, please use this link on our general messageboard. Please voice your opinion and we will act accordingly :) - atila

  • From the people who brought you ZipMany, comes a nice utility called Batch Zip Toolkit (fully functional shareware), which supports Rar, Ace, Zip, Gzip, Jar, Lha, LZH, Zoo, Arc and Arj internally. No need for an external program, try it, you might like it. Oh, it's also an editor's pick at ZDNET. And it's priced at $10 for Retrogames visitors, instead of the usual $29. (and no, we don't get a dime :) - atila

  • JoseQ mailed saying that the Beaten Dying Moon site was updated and I was like: "Excuse me ??" Turns out it's an Nintendo GBC emulator and it now also compiles on the excellent BeOS operating system. Have a look for yourself. - atila

  • The C64 Guys are looking for old C64 scene people like Jester and Hendy who both were in Zenith. They're also on the lookout for members who were in Decibel or FAC (DSH joined FAC), Subzero, Pulsar and DCS members from the UK and especially Tri-Dos or Justice. If you're one of them or you know one of them, please mail c64guys@hotmail.com! - atila

  • Hugo ain't just a big burly guy in SF3 - it's also a great open-source Turbografx-16 emulator. Hu-go v1.28 (DOS version) has just been released, with improvements to ISO support and a new cheat engine implemented. So now you can play Bravoman's later levels :) Do be sure to grab this excellent emu here. (Original post by David, edited by Atila) - atila

  • RAINE 2000-07-25 released! Here's the first open-source version of this groovy arcade emulator, here's what's new:

    - New dipswitch settings for lots of games submitted by Brian Toha
    - Fixed SDF Macross video decoding by Haze
    - A few misc. bugs in the source fixed by me (Katharsis)

    The updated stuff was put together and compiled by me (Katharsis).

    Please submit any bugs and new problems you discover to:

    Uhmm, stop reading and download it!! The source can be obtained from the official (?) site. Thanks to Timothy E. for the news. - atila

  • A Concorde has just crashed after take-off. - atila

  • Apollo69, famed dumper and NeoGeo game collector, is making some BIG offers ($1000 for Ironclad!) for some rare NeoGeo games! Serious money for lucky sellers - read this message for more info. - prophet

  • Gridle updated MAME WIP! He also mentions that a release is likely this week. Thank heaven! And looking over at Arcade Heaven, GuruChoc released some new needed-sooners, and also suggests the new MAME beta is just waiting for Nicola to finish up work on a game that starts with T. Hmm... - prophet

  • Arcade Flyers released MAME pack #22! Big update this time, with 46 new images and 43 replaced! They also need some Japanese translation help with some unidentified Japanese flyers - maybe *you* can help? - prophet

  • The Fat Head Cat has returned! Well, actually it's the son of the old cat, but nevertheless a great site for SNES fans. - prophet

  • Here's a review of Goby, the Gameboy emulator from Backlit Games for Psion EPOC devices. (Thanks Toby A.) - prophet

  • That Romancing Saga 3 translation is ready now! Go get it. (Thanks Whirlpool) - prophet

  • The people from Genesis Power threatened to send 2 Crude Dudes my way if I wouldn't post about their newest dump. - atila

  • Three new Atari 7800 games have surfaced, they are: Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator, Super Skateboardin' and Pete Rose Baseball. Download them from the Atari 7800 Rom Dump! - atila

  •    Monday, July 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:51 EST

  • At 7:30am tomorrow morning I'll be drinking age. Neat. OverClocked has been updated with the following pre-alcoholic goodies:

    MVT3k Episode #21: BRAVOMAN,
    3 new ReMixes (Castlevania, Chrono Trigger & Galaga) at OC ReMix,
    OC Fanstrip #21 (sequel to #20), a new poll, and a
    musical score from Galaxy Force II. - david

  • Michael Russell has updated gag.retrogames.com with a Developer's Section. The first article he's posted is about using bitmasks in virtual machine development. I encourage everyone to have a look and contribute :) - atila

  • Neko Project II also has a small update. Punyu released a service pack that fixed problem of several game, if you using this emulator to play some old PC-98 games, be sure to get it! Thanks to Navarone (or can call him an "update machine"? ^^) of Emulation number 9 for news :) - aries

  • EX68 v2.21 has been released! This is a great X68000 emulator for Windows9x and NT. So let's see the changes in this release:

    - Added delay option for access-break of debugger.
    - Fixed some bug and process of debugger.
    - Help hotkey (F1) was disabled.
    - Now can show display mode of MMDSP.R.
    - Now added new command CFile::shareDenyNone in CFile::CFile() function.

    Please visit EX68 official site for more information :) (Original update by Aries, edited by Atila) - atila

  • Here's a snippet from a mail I received today:

    A beta release of Pitfall 2+ for the Atari 2600 VCS is available from http://www.otakunozoku.com/ and it will run on either a real Atari 2600 VCS or the PC Atari Emulator (PCAE) available from http://www.classicgaming.com/pcae/

    What are you waiting for, go download!! - atila

  • We're going nutty with Acorn news! (kill me, quick!) Archie, an Acorn Archimedes emu for Win/DOS, had an update on their page stating that sound progress is coming along. Meanwhile, The Stairway to Hell added 150 Acorn Electron games in UEF format for use with the recently released Acorn Electron emulator, ElectrEm. Crunchy. - david

  • NO$GMB now comes in two fantastic flavors - DOS & Windows. Version 2.5, in addition to adding a win32 port with GUI, adds cheat file support and frameskip fixes. Grab it here. Thanks to EC for the news. Do I *really* have to use a bad pun on each post? "Atila the Pun". There :) - david

  • Bad pun day, eh? Here's one guy who looks like he'll be sticking around for a bit ^^ - david

  • I declare today, BAD PUN DAY !! - atila

  • Genesis Power 'tawt they taw a puttytat' with Sylvester And Tweety In Cagey Capers. - atila

  • Another game driver for JAE (The Java Arcade Emulator) is available - Scramble, the Konami game from 1981. Thanks to N. Kehrer for the news. - chris

  •    Sunday, July 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 15:39 EST

  • The Lynx Lagoon has added a brochure for the Lynx in .pdf format. It's a whopping 5MB :) - atila

  • Genesis Power had this to say about today's release: "Hidden prince discovers his true identity and embarks on a quest to regain his throne." Check their site to see which game it is :) - atila

  • Snes9x v1.30 released! This releases fixed the uninstaller problem, please install this version over the previous beta version. This release also fixes some NMI problems, added 'disable SRAM autosave' option, and quite a few more things. For details, please visit Snes9x.COM.
    Thanks to Panther for news :) (Original post by Aries, edited by Atila) - atila

  • Pasofami 99 v1.3w6 was released by N.Andou! This version has added "ROM dumping feature" for people who has some dumping tools. For details of this feature, please download the full manual from official site. Another changes is added the following hotkey:

    - Added hotkey for switching between full-screen/window mode (Alt+Enter).
    - Added hotkey for enabled/disabled cheat code (Alt+K).
    - Added hotkey for AVI files playing control (Alt+N).

    Please visit official site for more information and registration details.
    UPDATE: Rom dumping feature also enabled in Trial version, so give it a try, if you encounter the problem, please contact author to help him :) - aries

  • Here is two Japanese emulators updates :) First is X68000 Emu WinX68k v0.46 from Kenjo, let's see "what's" new in this release:

    - Fixed a priority bug between the sprits which have different priorties w/ BG
    - Fixed a graphics bug on 768x512 pixel mode
    - Fixed a bug which a key may be repeated
    - Fixed a bug which the GVRAM Fast Clear is repeated
    - Fixed a Raster Copy timing bug
    - Fixed a bug which the Windows menu is not cleared on the full screen mode
    - Fixed a bug which the screen is not center on the full screen mode
    - Moved FD status to the bottom of the screen on the full screen mode

    Please forward to author's page for information and download. Epson PC-x86 emu Anex86 also a small update to v2.21a, be sure to check it, too :) Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for tips :) - aries

  •    Saturday, July 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 23:01 EST

  • RADARnes v0.20 has been released. New features in this NES emulator for DOS are the addition of sound, and support for mapper #11. Grab it here. - david

  • WinTRS-80, the newest TRS-80 Model I/III/IV/4P emulator for Windows 95/NT, has been released. It's got a boatload of moist and refreshing features, and the site even has PDF manuals for a lot of cool old Radio Shack gear. Check out WinTRS-80 here, because I told you to ;) - david

  • Wine 20000716 has been released. Wine is a free implementation of Windows on Unix. Changes include: DirectSound was restructured and improved. More builtin DLLs were implemented (ws2_32, setupapi, rpcrt4, serialui). Several internationalisation improvements and lots of bug fixes were made. - chris

  • Scott Weber has updates GTuxNES to version 0.2.0. GTuxNES is a graphical frontend for TuxNES. - chris

  • The CD32 section at The Amiga Emulation Zone has been slightly remodeled and various bits of new things were added including a new CD32 FAQ!
    Yes, I'm very tired right now, so the post doesn't really make a lot of sense, but check it out anyway :) - atila

  • Amiga Legal Emulation was updated yesterday, they've added 30 ADFs totalling an extra 56 games. - atila

  • MERIDIAN v0.34 has been released, at its new home: meridian.overclocked.org. Author Jason Cline has added GYM support to this skinnable NSF player. MERIDIAN is the only NSF player that plays files back in 'quasi-stereo', which DOES sound cool.

    IMPORTANT: v0.34 adds another entirely new feature as well - RGM "RARRED GENESIS MUSIC" - file support.

    An RGM is basically a renamed RAR file that MERIDIAN will decompress on the fly, sort of like MP3 (only not lossy). I worked with the author myself to develop this format, and we both hope the emulation community will support it!! Grab MERIDIAN v0.34 here!! - david

  • OverClocked has been updated with the following stuffs: the Galaxy Force II page added the actual arcade sound files and a player for them, OverClocked ReMix gained two new mixes - Herzog Zwei and Chrono Trigger, and OC Fanstrip #20: Phantoman & Saturn emulation was contributed. But that ain't all . . . - david

  • A tiny MAME WIP update it is, then. - atila

  • Surprise, surprise: Chello is down again. This means no cable and more importantly, NO MAIL!. Ever since they announced the merger with Excite@Home, it's gone from bad to worse. This is not a local problem btw, there's no Chello service in The Netherlands right now. update After only 2 hours and 35 minutes (ahem), it's working again. - atila

  • Saturn Emulator SSF has some new progress! Author has mentioned maybe a new version will release at end of August. New version may ported to Windows, and will use soft-rendering for graphic display. Thanks KamogamauHau! for news :) - aries

  •    Friday, July 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 23:28 EST

  • thcgr sent me a cool link to previews at gamespot.com for some upcoming remade classics including Pac-man, Breakout, and Galaga. They look pretty schnazz - but will they play schnazz? That is the question. - chris

  • Virtual X68000 v1.1.1 (hey, that's a lot of 1's!) has been released. It's a x68000 emulator for Linux, and the update fixes some bugs and lets it boot the HumanDisk68k software to a command prompt. That really gets me hot. For more info & to download, venture here. - david

  • Bnu has been doing a GREAT job over at the X68000 Games Pile, consistently uploading ex68k and PC98 offerings for loyal emulation fans - the latest games added are Desire, Elle, and EVE Burst Error. Be sure to check this great page regularly for cool happenings in an often overlooked corner of the emulation world :) - david

  • Well, unlike SOME people, I intend to post some EMULATION news tonight ^^ (jk) - Charles MacDonald has released a new DOS System 16 Emulator he's been working on as a side project for a while now. It currently runs Shinobi decently, so why don't you download it and BE the Musashi, and THROW the shuriken. Haiyah. Thanks to EC for the news. - david

  • Ok ok, enough joke links. Click here for pr0n! :) OK, that's it. Maybe you'll find the anti banner exihibition more interesting? - dutch

  • I better do something emulation related out here today. :) RockNES 1.100 was released a bit earlier, this is one of my favorite NES emulators out there. - dutch

  • Mmmmm.... lizards.. :) Thanks for the cooking tip, BMan2. :) - dutch

  • Looking for NeoGeo ROMs? You might want to take a look at the Usenet group alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo. :) Does your ISP not carry it? Pay services are nice.. try Airnews for retention, Usenetserver for speed and more groups, and Supernews for better propagation. Need a good leeching client? Try Newsbin Pro... it can combine parts from multiple servers automatically, and leech multiple threads for you lucky b*stards with high speed connections. ;) - dutch

  • sci_ on efnet #classicemu pointed me to the transcript from the DeCSS trial. Isn't it Xing's fault anyway? :P - dutch

  • An Epson PC-x86 (partly compatible to PC-98x1 series) emulator Anex86 has been updated to v2.21! Because I can't find any information about changes in this release, plesae forward to author's homepage for details :) Note it is shareware, and registration fee is 1000 yen. - aries

  • Emulatronia posted some exclusive MAME WIP news and screenshots about Big Karnak (Gaelco, 19??)! WIP it good! - prophet

  • A.L.E. was updated again! 56 more legal Amiga games were added for your gaming pleasure, including Tron, Popeye, Zombie Apocalypse and many others. - prophet

  • CSpray 1.1 was released! You can read the details about this Commodore 64 file naming utility here. Lotsa fixes! - prophet

  • Seems like another multi-console emulator has been released. It's called YAME, basically it's a TG16 emulator, but it can also run NES and GB roms! It also have features like real-time save states, frame-skip. etc.... Please visit author's homepage for more information. And thanks to Navarone of Emulation Number 9 for news :) - aries

  • SMYNES v1.1 released! Let's check out "what's new" list for this version:

    - The speed is more stable.
    - Fixed a minor VBlank & NMI problem.
    - Fixed the FF3 problem.
    - Fixed the Mapper 33 problem.
    - Fixed the Mapper 77 problem.
    - Fixed the NSF reading problem.
    - Reimplemented the sound engine 2.
    - Fixed the triangle wave channel problem.
    - Slightly fixed and added some data in game database.
    - Fixed the screen capture problem in 8 bits color mode.
    - Fixed Mapper 86 minor voice problem.
    - Fixed Mapper 86 sound problem in 22050 Hz.

    SMYNES is an awesome NES emulator, note it is a shareware($10 US). Please also visit SMY's homepage for more information. - aries

  • Here's a little ZSNES surprise for you :) Thanks to Jonemaan for the news. - atila

  • Daemon of ROAR told me about a new site he's hosting, Assembler! It's not a page about coding in ASM, but instead "a site mantained by ranmaddict that only deals with rare/obscure video gaming systems." - prophet

  • Genesis Power released the much requested (though not playable on any emu yet) Super Street Fighter 2 (U)! - prophet

  • NeoGeo CD fans should check out NeoGeo Team 2000 - they just released Neo Cd Boot Disk Version 0.2 WIP! Also included is a Special version of the NeoGeo CD emulator, which should even work on WinME. - prophet

  • OK, Raine WIP can now be found at http://www.geoshock.com/rainewip/! So bookmark that URL, because Raine lives! And since Antiriad's creation is now open source, I suppose anyone interested in adding drivers or fixing bugs can visit and email Haze and Katharsis about submitting work. Could you imagine a 34010 driver for Raine? Raine is quite famous for it's wicked speed afterall... Update: Thanks to Opi of Geoshock I discovered that a Linux port is already underway from Duddie (of PSemu fame) & R. Belmont! Check here for details! - prophet

  • The Mac version of MESS has been updated to v0.37b4a. (Note that the links on the MESS page have been updated to the new release, although they still say v0.37b4). - richard

  • From the "WTF?!" department we bring you the following story, courtesy of Yahoo: a meat-eating robot. - atila

  • A new NES emulator DNE (for "Direct Nes Emulator") has released by d.H!
    It runs in Windows/DirectX platform, and can run some commercial games. d.H is looking for all kinds of informations about NES, GBC, NGPC, Genesis, PS and SS. If you have this kind of technique documents, please contact them to help their development :) It's also have a ROM renamer for MD called MDR, be sure to check it too :) For more information, please visit d.H's homepage. (It's have Simplified Chinese and English version) Thanks to Panther for news :) - aries

  • Good news for MSX fans from the MSX Emulation Page:

    Just a quick note to let you all know we have added a Java based IRC client to the MEP. If you click on it, you will be connected to the #MSX IRC channel on undernet and you will be able to talk with fellow MSX-ers.

    This means that a lot of you will be wasting even more time at work =) - atila

  •    Thursday, July 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:02 EST

  • No more NeoGeo Pocket games in English. :( But wait! All hope is not lost - behold the 1st NGPC translation, done by RockX2 - Rockman: Battle & Fighters English patch! Read this message from RockX2 for the details. - prophet

  • Mimic WIP was updated by TheBeaver! Fixes, enhancements and Traverse USA in the mix. Today must be international WIP day or something. ;) - prophet

  • Raine WIP (unofficial?) was updated by Haze! Well, OK, so it's only a message on our General board, but it's the same idea. :) If Haze, Katharsis and anyone else are interested, I'm sure we'd be happy to host a WIP page for you guys here. Just let us know. - prophet

  • OverClocked #122 - Rainenstein. Higher production values on this one, with some schnazz lighting effects ^^ - david

  • This article atGamefan.com discusses the future of SNK's 16-bit NeoGeo, and happily points in a good direction, with Garou 2, Metal Slug 4, Ghost Lop, Neo Turf Golf 2, and Snk vs. Capcom all in the works. There's life in the 16-bit beast yet, captain! Thanks to vg for the tip. I want my Last Blade 3 though . . . please?? - david

  • RealityMan has updated the UltraHLE site with a bit of news:

    Two more games are now working on the new release of UltraHLE. These are 'Automobilli Lamborghini' and 'Virtual Chess'.

    Fresh screenshots are available on the UltraHLE website, thanks to DarkMazda for the news. - atila

  • Gridle has posted another massive MAME WIP update, 'look at all dem luvly coloz, billybawb!' :) - atila

  • NLMSX 0.27 has been released, heres what's new:

    - Solved a bug in the horizontal scrolling.
    - Reworking the switching between 192/212 lines.
    - Resized the window to fit the emulation screen.
    - Added some support for a normal SCC. Just select a konami cartridge of type 5 and a SCC will be added. The sound isn't very good, but you can hear it.

    'Come on, Robin. We must find this File Hunter!' :) - atila

  • The Amiga Emulation Zone has added Battle Valley, Denaris,
    Phobia, Rick Dangerous 2.5 and Tracksuit Manager 2 to the download list. Oh, they've also added the full version of XENON 2. Go ahead and download it, you know you want to ;) - atila

  • Happy Birthday Genesis Power!!! Party treats include 12 new releases like Battlemaster (JUE), Beauty and the Beast - Belle's Quest (U), Earthworm Jim 2 (4), M.U.S.H.A. (U) and a bunch more! Go celebrate. :) - prophet

  • Poketality! =P Heh, play it loud. (Thanks Zareiff) - prophet

  • NeoGeo Team 2000 released the CD version of 3 Count Bout! - prophet

  • Brute Force, the Killer Instinct emulation project, had an update! There are some "PreAlphaBetaCharlieDelta" screen shots of the project, with some sexy bare-naked dissassembled code for all to see. ;) (Thanks Turbo) - prophet

  • Ninja's Aga World is a nice site for you Amiga diehards! I'm told there's some pretty rare stuff there. - prophet

  •    Wednesday, July 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:05 EST

  • Some positive signs of life in the Jaguar emulation department!! EmuJag had an update mentioning several advances & bugfixes, and JagBag updated their site with a short question & answer FAQ and the news that Skulleater has been hard at work on the GFX code. Who will be the first to emulate the beast? Reminds me of Mark McGwire vs. Sammy Sosa^^ - david

  • Johnny Cedegren of Demonews.com mailed me regarding a couple of recently updated 3d games inspired by & in the style of retro arcade classics like Galaga, Space Invaders, etc. They are Galactic Patrol v1.5 and Uncle Martin's Laser Factory. Worth checkin' out, methinks. - david

  • The MAME site has added 3 new translations of the MAME FAQ, they are the German version done by Thomas Möllerbernd, the Italian version done by Alex Simone, and the Greek version done by Anastasiadis George. - atila

  • Just a personal note regarding the Raine source release: First of all, a HUGE thanks to Richard Bush aka Antiriad for his talent and generosity. Secondly, thank you to Katharsis, Haze and anyone else who makes it raine again in the future! (And happy b'day Dutch! =) - prophet

  • Genesis Power released Zoom! Expect a big birthday celebration tomorrow btw for all you Genny Power fans. :) - prophet

  • HanaHo has opened a UK division! Yes, that's right - no more expensive overseas shipping for you lucky Brits and Europeans! If you've ever wanted a real arcade panel (HotRod) or cabinet (ArcadePC) for use with emulators, go for it! They should be open for sales in about a month. (Thanks Roger Allen) - prophet

  • Today is a good day to listen: OverClocked ReMix was updated with not one, not two, but *three* new ReMixes, being Super Mario, Zelda 2, and Skate or Die. Take all you want, but eat all you take. Here. - david

  • Wow - Dutch is almost 30! That's ooooollllllddd :) Ben-j of Consollection brought me up to speed on the release of PSMCONV v0.91. PSMCONV is a utility that converts playstation movies to .AVI files, and XA audio tracks off Saturn and PSX discs to .WAVs. This version seems to fix a bug with realtime / fullscreen reproduction. Grab it here. - david

  • "Supriiise!" "Neil, it's not often you intrest me but today you have. Why you keep running in 'ere with a cake yelling suprise?"

    Yep, I turned 29 today. I sure don't feel it... seems like I was wowed by games like Venture and Punch-Out only yesterday... anyone have a twenty for the token machine? =) I already received a Suck-O-Gram (mature audiences only please) from Tim. Thanks! :) I'll try to be around on IRC tomorrow and maybe even do some updates out here, I have been very busy with things lately. - dutch

  • Ok, tonight proves that I don't *JUST* hype my own site, mmmkay? ^^ Digital Relics, a great site that hosts an extensive database of Lynx, Jaguar, Genesis, and PC-engine game info & screenshots, has moved to a new URL at retrobase.com. Bookmark it now, or remain forever ignorant. yah. Thanks to that badboy JoseQ for the lowdown. - david

  •    Tuesday, July 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:58 EST

  • RAINE source code released!! Katharsis of Geoshock has recieved permission from Antiriad (aka Richard Bush), author of RAINE, to release the source code, which is available HERE. More games added? A Windows port? Who knows what lies in this great arcade emu's future, but the source will inevitably help the programmers of the emulation world in numerous ways. Viva le Raine! - david

  • Woohoo! My first MAME WIP post! An historic moment - for me at least :) And what's more, it's a GREAT one. Screenshots a plenty, with Taito F2 support looking banzai! The Ninja Kids, Dead Connection, Gun Frontier, Thunder Fox and MORE! Fabulous! Check it out here. - david

  • 3D Gaming has done a feature on emulation and MAME in particular, click here to read it. Thanks to Wildgoose and John for the link. - atila

  • Now would be a smart time to disable ActiveX in Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Windows system (Tools - Internet Options - Security - Custom Level):

    "Jul 18, 2000 (Tech Web - CMP via COMTEX) -- The System Administration, Networking, and Security (SANS) Institute on Monday identified what it called "probably the most dangerous programming error" found in any workstation running Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT 4.0.

    A security alert issued by the cooperative research and education group states that users running any of the affected operating systems are vulnerable to a total compromise when they preview or read an infected e-mail -- without having to open any attachments. They're also vulnerable if they have Microsoft Access 97 or 2000, or if they run any mail reader, like Outlook or Eudora, that uses Internet Explorer (4.0 and higher) to render HTML documents."

    Click here for the full article, thanks to sci_ for the link. - atila

  • I'd like to point my Dutch visitors to Emu-NL, a Dutch emulation news site. It's worth a check :) - atila

  • Panther of Emulation Center reported that Kervin, the author of DreamNES, need to be performed operation because serious disease. He has released the latest version to Panther, and maybe it will be a final version. Please go to Emulation Center to download DreamNES 2000 beta 3 debug demo. Because it is a upgrade version, be sure to check readme file for very important notes! Full version can be download from Official site.

    And Kervin's family is need your help because the financial problem for operation. If you can help them, please contact Panther. (Detail also contained in readme file) - aries

  • Neko project II was updated to v0.19! Tbis is a PC-9801 series emulator for Windows/DirectX. Let's see the changes in this version (Source code is also avaliable):

    - Fixed FDC, DMA (For Xanadu, Xanadu scenario II)
    - Fixed 86PCM, CS4231 (For Pero Pero Candy)
    - Fixed DISK BIOS
    - Fixed Skipline
    - Fixed GDC
    - Build on VC++4.2, VC++6.0 without modification.

    You can find more information on Neko Project II homepage (English version). And big thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for news! - aries

  • Gigo has updated G-NES, his NES emulator for Windows to v0.35b1! Here is "what's new" list for the latest release:

    - Newly support Mapper 7,16,18,22,23,25,32,33,34,66,67,68,70,73,75,87,93.
    - Fixed mid-vblank writing function.
    - Changed method for FPS display.
    - Fixed bank-switching of name table and real-time save states for Mapper 19.
    - Increased slot number to 10 for real-time save states. (use 0 to 9)
    - Support CHR_RAM for Mapper 85.
    - Fixed IRQ for Mapper 24, 26 and 85.
    - Fixed bank-switching for Mapper 24 and 26.
    - Now VSYNC will also enable in Window mode.
    - Fixed noise channel of sound.
    - Fixed sweep speed of sound to proper value.
    - Fixed VRC6 extension sound.
    - Fixed mirrorimg for Mapper -1.
    - Added support for Namco 106 extension sound.
    - Fixed some drawing routine.

    Gigo has also released NSF player G-NSF v0.02, be sure to check it. And now Gigo and Hii has hosted on Retrogames.com !! Welcome !! Oh, please visit their new designed homepage for more information and download :) - aries

  • Several new pages with tips and info were added to tips.emuviews.com, aswell as a MARP gallery with 27 profiles! - atila

  • With Gridle away, might as well keep posting MAME WIP news here... So, here are some interesting quotes from Mish on the Official MAME board:

    On Raiden: "Raiden cpu speed is currently wrong (19MHz instead of 20MHz), it'll be fixed soon. The slowdowns in the game really come from the fact the V30 cycle counts are wrong, this will also be fixed soon." He also says Raiden Fighters looks encrypted. :(

    On Taito F3: "Taito F3 support will be added to Mame once the 68020 supports it properly. With the current 68020 core all the F3 games crash, it's probably just a small bug in the core but I don't see any point adding them until they can actually run :P" He also notes the driver will ultimately be much slower than Raine, though also more accurate.

    GuruChoc noted that the final graphics bugs in CPS1 have been ironed out by Nicola, so Capcom fans should be happy about that.

    - prophet

  • Team Japump dumped a new bunch of games recently, and since they often end up emulated, it's worth noting. :) Of most interest to me is Raiden Fighters! - prophet

  • The Flash released ROM Doctor 1.10! Some significant coding changes make this a must-have for users. - prophet

  • Genesis Power, the site that believes every day should have some good news, released Triple Play 96 - the 1st good dump of the game ever! It's nearly their 1st anniversary, so Genesis fans can probably expect an interesting celebration. ;) - prophet

  • Some cool things are brewing at the PacMAME site! Pac fans are gonna love what's cooking, so keep a close watch if you eat power pills on a regular basis. - prophet

  • Jim Hart pointed out this Excel 2000 easter egg! It will let you play a cool version of Spy Hunter. Surely more fun than typing in formulas. :) - prophet

  • CDR Info reviewed the PleXWriter PX-W1210A! "This is the latest drive from Plextor which supports 12x writing speed, 10x re-write speed and 32x reading speed" (Thanks John Makos) - prophet

  • Backlit Games released the 1st Gameboy emulator for the EPOC platform! Called Goby, "it runs at near full speed on all Psion palmtops over 36MHz (an impressive achievement) and can play most original gameboy games though not colour yet." - prophet

  •    Monday, July 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:26 EST

  • Prototype-D ver 0.1LP was just released by Boukichi. But as Boukichi mentioned on his page, this will a final version of PD with some reason :( "If you hope continue?" Hope this great GB emulator can continue, or may change into something better than prototype :) Anyway, here is changes in this version:

    - Added Window mode to Menu.
    - Changed method for real time save states.
    - Increased slot number for real time save states.
    - Added hotkeys for real time save states. (F5 for save, F7 for load, and 1 to 8 for each slot)
    - Added option to select buffer size in Menu.
    - Now setting will be saved when exit the program.
    - Added feature to check header chechsam.
    - Support for Drug-And-Drop feature.

    Please also visit Boukichi's homepage for more information. Thanks to Gemani of Emulation Diary for news :) - aries

  • Cowering's a busy little bee, here's Good2600 0.9991 which recognizes over 1,000 games! - atila

  • NeoPocott 0.34b released! This is a WIP NeoGeo Pocket (Color) emulator which now plays several demos perfectly. Thanks to Skates for the news and Emu5Ever for the file! Happy 3rd Birthday :) - atila

  • MacMESS 0.37b4a released! This is the MAC version of that lovely mulit-platform, multi-system emulator called MESS. The source is also available by clicking here. Thanks to TmB for pointing out this thread on the Emuverse board which had the announcement for this release. - atila

  • The Spectrum Tribute site has had a redesign! - atila

  • Two Men . . . One Island. Who will be the Emu-Survivor? Find out in OverClocked Episode #121: Emu-Survivor. - david

  • Here's some interesting news, especially for Linux and Windows 2000 users: NEOGEO Team 2000 are working on a NeoCD "boot disk" floppy that lets you reboot right into a nice clean DOS environment and easily run the NeoCD emu preconfigured for your enjoyment. Something to tide you over till NeoCD goes win32 (??) Grab their first WIP release here. Thanks to Shernand himself for the news! - david

  • Cowering has released Good2600 0.999, an Atari 2600 rom renamer. The current release supports 941 games. - atila

  • MAME WIP: After fixing something that turned out to be a CPU hog, MKII is getting 90% on a PIII/966 during gameplay and 100% during the attract mode, with sound enabled. Hopefully, it'll be sped up a bit more before its release. Maybe now is a good time to upgrade my paltry PII/266 :) - atila

  • Why not shift it into 5th gear with Top Gear 2 at Genesis Power ? - atila

  • MAME WIP: Sound emulation has been added to Mortal Kombat II, courtesy of Ernesto Corvi and Aaron giles. Don't get TOO excited though, as even a 1Ghz PIII does not run MKII full speed with sound emulation enabled. Aaron's latest update also fixes the crashes in NARC (among other things). - atila

  •    Sunday, July 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:59 EST

  • uzplayer of Gamers Uplink emailed me about a new Java Arcade page he's added, which has Phoenix and Centipede, among others. If you have any good Java, ActiveX, or Flash games, he asks that you give him a mail, too. Pretty Cool. - david

  • Gameboy Catalog / Launcher is a cool looking front end for irtual GameBoy by Marat Fayzullin. - chris

  • Zeograd has released the linux port of Hu-go v1.27, a great & open-source turbografx16/pcengine emulator. ALSO released is version 1.2 of HuC, a compiler for the same system. Let's see some homebrew TG16 games - I want a sequel to Kato & Ken!! errrr - download at the links above. - david

  • The 2.36 WIP version of TRWIN, a great N64 emu, that was mentioned earlier by RCP, has now been released. There are no docs so I have no idea what's new - guess that's why it's a "WIP". You can download TRWIN 2.36 locally by click here. Check out the TRWin site for more news on this speedy N64 emu. (original post by David, edited by Atila) - atila

  • Genesis Power unleashes The Tick. - atila

  • Concentric.net (my ISP) has a remarkable referral program - if anyone is interested, please email me first & use me as your referrer. They're a superb ISP. - prophet

  • Star Wars meets Sesame Street!? And yes folks, it was real. (Thanks Jim) - prophet

  • The Flash released ROM Doctor 1.00! It's a "Windows GUI ROM renaming
    engine for multiple systems. There are already databases for thirty-four(34) different systems!"
    Lotsa cool features, plus he's got cool emu utilities as well! - prophet

  • Wow, being "slashdotted" is cool. 13,000 hits in one day ^^ I guess that was my 15 minutes of fame. Anyhow, life at OverClocked ReMix goes on, and two new ReMixes - Shinobi and Bubble Bobble, have been added onto the now heaping pile. Grab 'em while they're fresh! - david

  •    Saturday, July 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 12:26 EST

  • After an absence of quite some time, here is MESS32 v0.37b4. The source is also available. The official site will be updated this evening. - richard

  • Amiga Legal Emulation has had another update, 55 games were added to the download section! - atila

  • And next is a utility release. PSXPlay was updated to v1.45, this is a player that allowed you to see movies of Playstation soft on Windows! Note it's a shareware (1000 Yen), and here is changes in this release:

    - Fixed sound problem for FF9 movies.
    - Now you can choose if you want use PSXPlay to process for 37800, 18900Hz sampling rate converting.

    - aries

  • TGB v0.222 has just released by Hii. TGB is a Gameboy emulator that has useful Net feature as well. Here is main changes of long "what's new" list for this release:

    - Added Sound options.
    - Added pause feature. Also added WM_PAINT function for reliable drawing when pause.
    - Added disconnect, status display option and fixed some bugs for Net feature.
    - Added function to launch TPPE (Pocket printer emulator).
    - Added memory dump tool.
    - Cheat code feature was improved.
    - Fixed up MBC2 (Aretha 2 can run properly).
    - New design for menu and short-cut keys.
    - Fixed display bugs for Full-screen mode and startup.
    - Slightly increased PCM sound volume.
    - Added infrared port emulation (connected at the same time with Serial port).
    - Added a simple version of HELP.
    - Fixed some joystick problems, and added feature that can control other player use only one input device.

    Phew, thanks to Navarone of Emulation 9 for news. :) - aries

  • Boukichi has released a new version of Prototype-D, his great GBC emulator. This time is v0.1+5/8 :) And here is the "what's new" list for the release (oh, it's already been translated this time :)

    - Added 8bpp mode for Direct (can't use DIB for 8bpp mode).
    - Fixed update screen.

    For more information, please visit Boukichi's homepage :) - aries

  • I'm not gonna use any Star Trek: DS9 quotes for this game that Genesis Power has unleashed upon us. I might have to use my phaser though :) - atila

  • Jum52 v0.3a has been released, with minor fixes plus the all-important ability to play moon patrol added. Download this atari 5200 emulator for DOS here. - david

  •    Friday, July 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:57 EST

  • An Epson PCx86 (compatible to PC-98x1 series) emulator Anex86 has been updated to v2.20! Because I can't find any information about changes in this release, plesae forward to author's homepage for details :) Note it is shareware, and registration fee is 1000 yen. - aries

  • Mattel Intellivision, the system that every Atari 2600 owner wanted but their parents refused to spring for another $200! :/ Anyway, Intellivision fans can meet the Blue Sky Rangers (the original programmers) at the upcoming Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas July 29 & 30 and help celebrate Intellivision's 20th birthday! Some cool never-released games will be on display for Atari and Coleco systems as well! To celebrate, world-famous game composer George "The Fat Man" Sanger (Loom, 7th Guest, Wing Commander) has revisited his very first game theme - the music for Intellivision's Thin Ice. Lastly, check this link to view all sorts of cool history, credits and trivia related to those good ol' days of gamin'. :) (Thanks Blue Sky Rangers) - prophet

  • Check out this Bleemcast FAQ over at Gamer's Uplink! Will Bleemcast become a must-have for Dreamcast owners? Decide for yourselves. (Thanks Uzplayer) - prophet

  • Hmmmm.... thanks to my coworker who emailed me that. :) Don't forget the Flash. - dutch

  • T98-Next has updated to 2nd beta version. This version was fixed up some display problem, buy it still in development. For developers, the development kits release may delay because they are working hard for main program. T98-Next is a PC-9821 emulator, and it's will using plug-in like system for emulation, and has a liberal developing environment and huge expension ability. Since it's still under development, there is no official page for it, but we may see the official release soon :) - aries

  • Great news for all video gamers - Madman's Cafe will be returning sometime today! Be sure to take note of the new URL: http://mmcafe.com. If you've never visited Madman's site before, then you MUST check it out; it's simply one of the finest gaming sites in the world. (Thanks "Madman" Henry Moriarty) - prophet

  • Boukichi has released a new version of Prototype-D, his great GBC emulator. Now version number comes to.... v0.1+2/5? :) And here is the "what's new" list for the release:

    - Fixed bugs related to DirectX function.
    - Now can select files in full-screen mode.
    - Fixed bug that didn't terminate some DirectX routines when exit the program,
    - Temporarily removed Net feature from menu.

    For more information, please visit Boukichi's homepage. And thanks to Navarone for (ultra fast) news :) Be sure to check this out! - aries

  • Remix.overclocked.org has been Slashdotted! - atila

  • Hey, we passed 15 million visitors! =) Thanks to all our faithful readers, your support for our efforts is greatly appreciated by the entire Retrogames staff. - prophet

  • Could an English translation of Romancing Saga 3 be coming soon? Yep! :) Isn't it great to see all these wonderful Japanese-only SNES RPG's finally made playable to non-Japanese speaking people? I think so. (Thanks Whirlpool) - prophet

  • Another day, another Genesis Power release - SeaQuest DSV! - prophet

  • E.N.D. has moved to http://kinox.org/end/! This is a great little emu site that often manages to post some very interesting links. - prophet

  •    Thursday, July 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:06 EST

  • Ladies and Gentleman, I give to you my FROGGER 'Funkaphibian Dub' OC ReMix!! While listening to the remixed frogger fun, check out OC's newest fanstrip, and also the New Zealand Story wallpaper contributed to Bubble Bobble HQ. Whew! - david

  • Gridle is away, but thanks to Emulatronia, you can see some MAME WIP shots from Maniac Square & Biomechanical Toy by Gaelco! (Thanks Guisep) - prophet

  • Here's a REALLY funny video I received yesterday. It's about this dude that eased himself and while trying to pull up his pants (bare ass alert ;) is being chased by a donkey who's OBVIOUSLY sexually aroused by the man. Let's just say that the last shot is worth a million dollars :) FYI, they showed this on Dutch TV, prime time! - atila

  • Heaps of new data files were posted on romcenter.emuhq.c, err no, wait. They were posted at www.romcenter.com, Eric has his own domain now, so 'youse best update yer bookmarks, y'hear?!' :) - atila

  • vMac/MacOS has been updated - for the first time in over two years - to v0.1.9b. The new release adds sound emulation, larger video modes, and lots of bug fixes. - richard

  • The Amiga Emulation Zone has added an online request system. You don't know what an online request system is ? Shame on you, go check it out :) - atila

  • WinX68k, a X68000 emulator from kenjo, has updated to v0.45! As usual, here is "what's new" list for this version :)

    - Support "Mercury Unit V3.5" function (16kHz, 22.05kHz, 24kHz)
    - Fixed bug in the font genaration
    - Fixed a bug in BG H-adjust
    - Fixed FILES/NFILES bug in the WINDRV
    - Support VLine 1024dot-mode(?)
    - Fixed a bug in the VSync interrupt

    This is a bugfix release, has also fixed up many games problem :) Please also check author's homepage for more information. And big thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for this news! - aries

  • ClrMAME Pro 1.6a has been released, Bogy says that it's a "very very very small fix...not really necessary. It only fixes a wrong minimize-window and a wrong 'avail-games-button' behaviour." You just go ahead and download it anyway :) - atila

  • How do pros test the industrial strength of their arcade hardware? You don't want to know! =P (Thanks Shea from Saint's BYOAC board) - prophet

  • MAME W.I.P. had a small update that I think we forgot to mention - ever wish you could play Thief with that funky cassette tape chatter playing in the background? =) I have! - prophet

  • Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Dolphin, XBox... Indrema?! Yep - it's Linux based, and has very competitive specs - clocked at 600Mhz and including a next gen Nvidia GPU, it sounds sweet. The entire console is based on the concepts of open architecture and open source. Do I smell vaporware though? Who knows... (Thanks Yukio) - prophet

  • Yukio released his Metal Slug 2 CD Portuguese translation! It's a very early beta version, buggy and incomplete he tells me. - prophet

  • Some homepage updates: Vegas has nailed Stellar Assualt, Brute Force (KI emu page) has posted some KI MP3's, and Mimic had a v.1.02 "re-release," because well, the wrong file was online before. :) (Thanks to Turbohao and myself, heh) - prophet

  • Syzygy magazine will be releasing their 1st issue in about a week! This magazine looks very cool - why? What good is yet another videogame magazine you ask? Well, this one pays major attention to the oldies! =) - prophet

  • What is this? Lost 'n found online?! Anyway... Genesis Power released Robocop 3! - prophet

  • Excuse me for posting non emulation releated news.. but I have had items stolen from me before, and I know how horrible an experience it can be. Someone managed to run off with Niels Van Hoorn's *rare* saxiphone at the LPD show in Denver on July 2. If you find it, please contact the band at the above link. "Those who have seen the band will recognize it as his biggest horn when playing double sax. it is a very rare a. santoni paré baritone saxophone - serial number: 43911. probably made in the 1950's or 1960's. it was in a black form fitting carrying case." - dutch

  • Alright! Handy v0.80 has been released! For those that don't know, Handy is the best Atari LYNX emu out there, and this update makes it even better - just check out these great features! (car salesman voice):

    • Fixed command line file argument crash, caused by failure to check passed filename for existance.
    • Added new screen mode for Lynx LCD emulation with the dodgy RGB stripes.
    • Added Eagle mode.
    • Rewrote display mode handling to make it more generic for addons, all rendering types now say if they are full screen.
    • Rewrote display menu handling code, much simplified.
    • Display type is saved in registry.
    • For all those who've asked Handy now has auto frame skipping. Handy will calculate the right frameskip to give the desired speed.
    • Complete overhaul of the throttling code, improved stability.

      Grab it here! Thanks to Geoshock for the news! It's been a good release week so far, eh? - david

  •    Wednesday, July 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:11 EST

  • Slightly (massively?) less cool than the MEKA release is Microsoft's unveiling of Internet Explorer 5.5 final (which was used to make this post, by the way.) Print preview seems to be the biggest new shakes, which doesn't deserve a whole ".5" if you ask me, but there are other "under-the-hood" fixes & "enhancements" as well. What can I say - I use it, I like it. Sue me ^^ - david

  • I've always had a hidden, secret, passionate desire to do a news posting on a release of Sega Master System emulator MEKA, and now, with the public release of version 0.54b, author zoop has let me fill that dream :) New features include a host of fixes, improvements on sound, revised documentation (read it!), and some new themes (download new background images for themes here). So what are you doing reading this dream-filling post? Get downloading! - david

  • Scott Weber has updated his GTK frontend, GTuxNES for TuxNES. Version 0.74.1 adds support for '--display=' switch, which was inadvertantly left out of the initial release, has been enabled. - chris

  • Emulation super-hero Juergen Buchmueller has submitted a Sharp mz-700 driver for MESS. Snapshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - chris

  • More java fun can be found at this site which has some cool Atari ST and Amiga effects redone in java. Thanks to Equinox for the news. - chris

  • Boycott/MacOS has been updated to v0.63b. The new version fixes a problem that caused sound support to be very dodgy when Virtual Memory was switched on. - richard

  • My site has just had a redesign - and it is now, I'm proud to say, completely banner free! May all other emulation related sites follow my lead. - richard

  • RealityMan has updated the UltraHLE site with the news that the new OpenGL core is now 95% and to show it off, he's posted lots of new screenshots. Start drooling now :) - atila

  • EX68, a X68000 emulator for Windows from yamama, has updated to v210!! Here is "what's new" list for this version:

    - Fixed bug that cause EX68 to crash when width was set to 1024 pixels.
    - Fixed bug for timestamp error in WinDrv (thanks to Kenjo for debug)
    - Now using HTML files for HELP.

    Please visit author's homepage for more information, note there are two version avaliable for download (V210 is normal version and D210 is debugger version :) - aries

  • Genesis Power has dumped 'Bubble Bobble meets pinball', a.k.a. Dino Land. - atila

  • Gridle is on a holiday right now, so he will not be updating the MAME WIP page for the next two weeks. - atila

  • The Amiga Emulation Zone has added 3 new Amiga CD covers. - atila

  • Z26, that fantastical Atari 2600 emulator for DOS, has been updated after 10 months of peaceful hibernation. What's new, you ask? Support for a game called "Save Mary". I've never played it, but now none of us have an excuse not to, so go save her. She needs your help. Grab the new Z26 over at Joseq's EmuViews. Thanks to him for the news ^^ - david

  •    Tuesday, July 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:52 EST

  • Speaking of java, head on over to The Java Aracde Emu and play a game of frogger! - chris

  • What a nice thing to go along with yesterday's release of Mame32 - the Arcade Flyer Pack #21. Flyers.zip now contains 1075 images in total. Pack #21 has 29 news images and 18 updates. - dutch

  • Boukichi has just released a new version of Prototype-D, an awesome GBC emulator. Now version number is v0.1+1/3 :) And here is the "what's new" list for the release:

    - Fixed up bugs related to graphic and sound.
    - Now can display menu in full-screen mode. (Note this may cause some problem, it's still need improvement.)

    Be sure to check this out! :) - aries

  • Is your boss examining your HD for stuff that shouldn't be there ? He won't allow ANY emus ?! Now's your chance to get back at your boss, because here's a NES emu in JAVA and it's fast too!! Even the games are loaded from another site, pretty cool :) Thanks to MikeDX for the link. - atila

  • Here's a snippet from a mail I received from Mike Stulir: "Back In Time is pleased to present another product review for the classic gamers. The new "High Score Cartridge" for the Atari 7800 console was recently released, and Back In Time has the first review. - atila

  • It's that time of the day again to drop whatever you're doing and head on over to the MAME WIP page. Oh go on, you know you want too ;) - atila

  • Genesis Power enlights us with Aerobiz. - atila

  • The Boys are Back - OverClocked Episode #120: Alphabet Soup. - david

  •    Monday, July 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:07 EST

  • Neko project II v0.18 released! This is a PC-9801 emulator, and here is "what's new" in this version:

    - Fixed GRCG, GDC [BIOS]
    - Supported 2 sound boards at same time(PC-9801-26K & PC-9801-86)
    - Supported PC-9801-118 (YMF-288, CS4231 Sound board)

    Please go to official website for more information and download :) - aries

  • An English translation for an SNES Enix game called Nanboku Shounen Papuwa-kun was released! It's a beta patch, version 1.0. Can you say that title five times really fast? I don't believe you! (Thanks Alien8) - prophet

  • Check out this cool article about emulation! It's a good read. (Thanks Test User) - prophet

  • Amiga fans take note: ALE (Amiga Legal Emulation) has a new URL: http://www.commodore-ale.com/! (Thanks Mauro) - prophet

  • The Official MAME Page has been updated with a new HISCORE.DAT version 4.0. - chris

  • OK, seems like Keroppi has another update :) Kenjo was released new bugfix version of his X680x0 emulator WinX68k, now it's v0.44. And here is "what's new" list for this version:

    - Added function to generate font data from Windows' fonts
    - Fixed a bug in ADPCM DMA timing
    - Fixed bug in OPM when sound buffer is large
    - Fixed Volume-name bug in WINDRV
    - Disabled multiple open a file in WINDRV
    - Fixed a bug which JoyKey doesn't work when no joystick is connected
    - Fixed a bug which JoyKey data is returned to both Joy1 and Joy2
    - Added an option to use JoyKey as JoyStick2

    Please forward to author's homepage for more information, and link of download page for our English visitor :) - aries

  • Ok, everybody, I worked long & hard to bring you my first squaresoft ReMix, Chrono Trigger 'Revival Day Impoetus'. Also, there's two submitted ReMixes, an excellent MegaMan 2 Airman revision and a short FF7 piece. Get downloadin' at OverClocked ReMix! - david

  • Maurizio Galeone has released Mamemix v0.52 beta for windows, as well reuploading the DOS version with some bugs squashed. Mamemix is a frontend for . . . well, MAME (aren't you glad you have me?). It features an easy-to-use GUI, fast search functions, and it's made in Italy, too ^^ Grab it at the homepage.
    - david

  • Bryan McPhail (MAMEDEV) is going to code a DOS/WIN9x remake of the classic Spectrum game CHAOS and since he 'sucks at drawing' (his own words ;), he's looking for someone to help him out with the graphics. Click the link above if you want to help him out! - atila

  • According to BillyJr's homepage, he mentioned that SMYNES may has a minor update at next week! The new version mainly improve speed on S3 cards, fixed some display related problem, and NMI and VBank bugs also removed. Special sound chip support seems still need working now (though BillyJr feels it is good enough :) Well, hope we can see the new release soon :)

    If you have no idea what SMYNES is, please check the official website for more information :) - aries

  • You want a good RPG for 'ye olde Genesis' ? Why not head on over to Genesis Power and have a look at Warsong! - atila

  • Apple, Pixar, and Disney.... to merge? Yeah. Right. - richard

  • MAME32 v0.37b4!!! It is my extreme pleasure to inform you that MAME32 has caught up and released v0.37b4, which we should all go and grab greedily like the grateful grubs we are. So sue me, it's late and I'm alliterating :) Grab it
    here and ENJOY!! Thanks to Mike Latinovich for the tip! - david

  • A-Dac has released PC-Saturn v0.1.1a, which has a long list of improvements and shows promise. Though emulation of commercial games is still in the distance, it's nice to see progress in the Sega Saturn scene. Grab it at the homepage. Thanks to Geoshock for the news. - david

  • VisualBoy, a very schnazzy gameboy emu, has been updated to version 1.4.4, the main change being a fix that enables you to play Metal Gear Solid. Gotta have Snake. Look for link play to be added when 1.5 comes out, and download the newest version here. - david

  •    Sunday, July 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:46 EST

  • ALE was updated again, this time with 33 more games! All Amiga, all legal, all fun & games. - prophet

  • Hu-Go! 1.27 released! Hu-Go! is a superb PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 and CD system emulator - it even plays CD games via ISO files. :) Zeograd is pretty excited by this version, as it includes a better cheat engine and a new way of dealing with HCD's. (Thanks Elmer) - prophet

  • Snes9X for Windows v1.30b1 released! SNES9x is a great Super Nintendo emulator - lotsa fixes this release, including better auto-frameskip and Voodoo support. Please keep this message in mind though if you install this new version. Apparently the uninstaller can wipe out your desktop! :( (Thanks Kagaden & Alyas) - prophet

  • What Chris meant to say is that MIMIC 1.2 has been released and you should head on over to http://mimic.arcadeheaven.com for additional info :) - atila

  • TuxNES is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator for Linux or BSD on x86 platforms with X11. Nestra v0.66 improvements have been adapted. Experimental support for
    mappers 13, 19, and 68, GGI support, X11 shared memory pixmap support, W Window System support, scanline simulation, greyscale simulation, more palettes, audio echo/reverb effect, advanced joystick support, and profiling support have been added. Audio synchronization has been fixed. - chris

  • GuruChoc finished uploading more needed sooners! I hope a MAME beta release is near... - prophet

  • MIMIC made more progress, i.e. crushing all the Pacman bugs! (Thanks Zadock) - prophet

  • Those ALE folks never stop! Amiga fans will no doubt be glad to know they've added 66 more games for download - all completely *legal*. Link Fixed - Doh! - prophet

  • Genesis Power released Wiz 'n Liz! - prophet

  • Portuguese speaking NeoGeo fans may be glad to hear about Yukio's translation projects: Metal Slug 2 CD and more! - prophet

  •    Saturday, July 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:55 EST

  • CPS2 Shock has released Callus95 0.42 Patch 2.3! Now includes more Qsound in the Alpha games, EEPROM save/load in Pang 3 and other stuff too. =) (Thanks Razoola) - prophet

  • Sukhjinder has finally released an alpha version of his IZ Browser! If you're an emunut, you'll probably gonna like this. - atila

  • Man, those new LEAKED QUAKE IV SHOTS look awesome, id must be using a gazillion nurbs to get those visuals, I bet they'd be ranked DIGGITY DANK by Manny the Hippie!! Thanks to The_Mage for the url!! - atila

  • KOF Perfect has moved to its own domain at www.kofperfect.com, so update your bookmarks ... or something :) - atila

  • RC Roms has just welcomed its 500,000th visitor! RC Roms is an SMS Power mirror site, but it has a lot more online. Thanks to Ben-J and Rico for the heads-up. - atila

  • Navarone of Emulation number 9 has interviewed Punyu, who is the author of PC-9801 emulator "Neko Project II". Though the interview is in Japanese, but there also has an English version for you (by the translation software :) If you are interesting in it like me, be sure to check it out! And I think you will know why it called "Neko project" (I like this cute name :) - aries

  • Well, it's hard to compare to the SEGA glory Kinox bestowed upon us today, but OverClocked has finally gotten back on track with the release of two ReMixes - Donkey Kong and Megaman - and a new episode of Mystery Videogame Theater 3000 - FAT BOBBY. Your life may just depend on checking them out ^^. - david

  • Kinox are celebrating the big-ole one year mark with a birthday bash that includes CSpray v1.00, a new Sega ROMs site with over 500 games, an interview with Atani of SegaEmu fame, and a preview of "Segabase", a new project by The Scribe that's basically a massive collection of "SEGA Stuff" - grab it off the Kinox homepage. One small note - the interview incorrectly lists Atani as the author of Genital, whereas he is the author of Genital32, the windows port. Bart Trzynadlowski wrote Genital itself. That's one hell of a birthday, guys! - david

  • Pasofami, a Japanese NES emulator from N.Andou, was updated to v1.3w5! Here is what's new for this version:

    - Added movie feature which can record your screen into AVI format files. (can also convert to BMP or ASF files)
    - Fixed bug in trial version that cause application error.
    - Now support RAR and CAB compressed files. (unrar32.dll, unrar.dll, cab32.dll are required.)

    For more information, please visit the author's homepage (note it's in Japanese :) - aries

  • I've replaced our own console emulator links with links that go to Zophar's Domain for the time being. Our own pages will be updated within the next 2 weeks by Hazard. Good luck, Hazard! You're gonna need it *cough* =) - atila

  • Wouldn't it be great to play the original NeoGeo CD version of Samurai Shodown RPG in English? Sadly SNK never bothered with a translation - if only a talented hacker/translation team like DeJap would do it... What's this?! =) If you're proficient in Japanese->English script translations and would like to help, go visit and drop them an email! To the curious - what's there is just for fun for now. Victoly! :) (Thanks Dark Force) - prophet

  • Neo DemiForce released a bug fix patch of their Monster World 4 (Genesis) translation. (Thanks to the best translation news site IMO - Whirlpool!) - prophet

  • Charles McDonald (SMS Plus, MESS etc.) has updated his technical documentation regarding the Sega Genesis/Megadrive VDP. He's also placed a Genesis palette test online. For you techie/programming wizards, have at it! (Thanks Yukio) - prophet

  • 9 new reviews at SegaXtreme! SEGA!!! - prophet

  • GuruChoc has updated his MAME needed-sooners again! - prophet

  • That so-called "US-Only" version of Bust-A-Move was NOT dumped by Apollo69, and is believed to be nothing but a hacked bootleg dump. So it's really nothing new. Read this message from Apollo69 for the details. - prophet

  •    Friday, July 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:52 EST

  • I would normally never report about "leaked" items in the news, but in this case I will make an exception (well sort of) since it is Neo Geo news and we haven't had any of that for quite a while. The MVS dump of Bust A Move has been "leaked" to the Internet. There is a text file included with the 1 meg zip that includes (among some other very heavy stuff) the following: "This is the USA-only version of Puzzle Bobble (naturally called Bust-A-Move), dumped by your only true last action hero, Apollo69. As you can see from the file dates, these roms are OLD. In any case, this will most probably be the LAST traditionally leaked Neo Geo ROM release you are ever going to see." - dutch

  • Cute, fuzzy animals with short, one-word names ending in "O" seems to be theme at Genesis Power today, with the release of Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel and Aero the Acrobat 2, numbers 168 and 169, respectively. Go ahead, you've earned it - indulge yourself in furry fun and download 'em at GP. Oh my. - david

  • Rumor has it that some "DC Pirates" are about to get busted. No word as to how true this is or who exactly might be going down. It mentions that this whole mess started from an individual at a US company who leaked the dev kit. Again, at this point all of this is rumor, not fact. Can you say "Uh oh?" - dutch

  • Welcome aboard Aries! It's great to have a Japanese & Chinese speaking reporter here at Retrogames. :) - prophet

  • 16Bit has posted a review of SegaEmu 0.51 RC1, not only was the sound emulation rewritten but it apparently also got a speed-up! - atila

  • The MSX Emulation Page has posted an MSX emulator for the Atari ST and newer Atari computers, simply called MSX Emulator V0.10b, it's an old emulator which was never released to the public before. - atila

  • And here is the "what's new" list for the latest release of Prototype-D from Boukichi:

    - Support display drawing method with DirectX.
    - Now can use Alt+Enter to switch to Fullscreen mode.
    - PSG emulation with DirectSound.
    - Added real time save states feature.
    - Speed improvement.
    - Fixed bug of RAM bank switching.

    Please also check Boukichi's homepage for more information :) (edited by Atila, original post by Aries) - atila

  • Hi, I'm Aries, a new updater to the Retrogames! I'll mainly focus on Japanese and Chinese emulation related news, hopefully I can bring some interesting news to everyone :) And, if you find my English is little weird, please forgive me :) - aries

  • The Mac version of MESS has been updated to v0.37b4! - richard

  • The Mac version of SMS Plus has been updated to v0.9.3. - richard

  • FPSE 0.08 has been released, both the binary and source are available for download. Please check the archive to see what's new, thanks to EmuSphere for the last 2 bits. Also thanks to Mark and Andre, Emusphere beat you it though ;) - atila

  • Boukichi has released a new version of Prototype-D, his Gameboy/Color emulator. Since I don't speak Japanese (I thought 5 languages was enough - guess not :) I have no idea what's new. - atila

  • The MIMIC site has been updated, it looks like there will be a release soon! Thanks to Zadock for the mail. - atila

  • Andy Geez released a new version of Mon-ARC! It's a utility that converts DOS VGA signals to arcade monitor frequencies - now has support for the Matrox G400. - prophet

  • Can a camera play Doom?! The Kodak DC290 apparently can - courtesy of James Surine! Check out this photo - you can download an early version now at his site. He's also the man behind MAME/MESS for Digita BTW. =) - prophet

  • Holmes Atari 8bit site needs game reviews! All you Atari 8bit fans, start writing. Great Atari emulation site BTW. :) - prophet

  • Picked up the US release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for Dreamcast today! Crappy cover art, questionable music, but it's very fun and the graphics... drool... :)~~~ If anyone knows of any online tutorials for hacking DC controls please let me know - I gotta get this thing hooked up to an arcade panel! kthxbye - prophet

  •    Thursday, July 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:51 EST

  • Genesis Power is getting spicy with Dune, the best strategy game IMO of it's time! - prophet

  • NightStrm says "Thought you'd like to know that Gambit Studios (http://www.gambitstudios.com) has released the first working gameboy emulator for the Palm Pilot OS." It's called Liberty and costs $16.95. No sound support due to the Palm's hardware limits, there's a demo version to try before buying. So that little clamshell can finally play some good games! ;) - prophet

  • Just some notes regarding MAME WIP - first, Cal.50, woohoo!!! :) Second, to those drooling over the new Williams driver (Mortal Kombat 2, NBA Jam etc.) - a very fast system will be required to get good speeds from those games. Probably around 800Mhz or more. Nevertheless, it's an amazing achievement of ingenuity and reverse engineering, and people will hopefully applaud all of MAME team for their remarkable tenacity and talent. - prophet

  • MAME WIP update. - chris

  • Lemon just added 27 "new" C64 games and 28 cover scans 'for your downloading pleasure' *cough* :) - atila

  • The TZX Vault has been updated: 58 new games were added to the download list. And Gilby is also looking for someone who would be kind enough to make him a new logo :) - atila

  • Leo Postma has translated EmuAdvice into Dutch, dus je kan hier klikken om de pagina te bekijken. I love being multi-lingual :) - atila

  • "So, whassup WinSTon? Where've you been hangin' around?
    - Oh, here and there, I was being patched up, it took some time but it was well worth it! Check out my new wheels!"

    What does this mean ? It means that WinSTon 0.3 (Atari ST emu) has been released, start downloading!! Thanks to Guillaume for the news. - atila

  • A first public beta version of SortInfo, the MAME listinfo sorting tool, has been released. This should come in handy for (among others) arcade cabinet owners since it will show if a game has trackball support, or if it uses a 4-way joystick or something similar. Thanks to Nick C. for the news. - atila

  • The Amiga Emulation Zone has added the following games to download list: Fantastic Dizzy, Goldrunner, Chambers of the Psi-Mutant, Priestess, Dizzy Collection, Juggler Demo, Perihelion, Pink Panther, Rome AD 92 and VooDoo Nightmare. - atila

  • Juergen Buchmueller has submitted a preliminary MESS Microtan-65 driver. The Microtan-65 is an early Oric machine. Another image is here. - chris

  • Virtual X68000 is a virtual machine that emulates a Sharp X68000 and optionally its DOS API. Bugfixes and new instruction/IOCS handlers for the Human68k 3.02 FD image booting have been added. - chris

  • Nosefart NSF player v.1.92 is released. Source code has been GPL'd. NSF's are NES Sound Format files which consist of audio data ripped from Nintendo Entertainment System games. - chris

  • DOSEmu (DOS Emulator) is a Linux application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs including some DPMI apps. This release fixes a diabolic bug in mapping/mapfile.c (s/\|/,/), makes sure DOSEmu really has root-only access on the mapfile when running suid root, removes contrib/twin (forgotten in 1.0.0), and updates dosemu.spec. - chris

  • Daemon & Mr.D created a "step-by-step guide on how to clean your cartridges" now featured at Roar: The Videogame Museum! - prophet

  • Retrogaming Times Issue #34 is out! Lotsa cool articles as always, including reviews, views and various information about our favorite hobby. (Thanks Doug L.) - prophet

  • Thieves is a pretty cool homebrew card game for NeoGeo Pocket Color! It works perfectly in emulators. The author, Ivan Mackintosh, also wrote another well-known NGPC homebrew game, SNaKe. :) (Thanks Yukio) - prophet

  •    Wednesday, July 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:13 EST

  • Warmtoe released a new version of H2! H2 will build a database of various arcade & console ROMs to be used by the Warmtoe frontend. I haven't personally had time to try it yet, but the Warmtoe concept sounds very cool - kinda like a frontend construction kit! - prophet

  • Eidolon's Inn is 3 years old today! A wonderful emulation site devoted to many classic games including M.U.L.E., a true classic that is still fun today. Major Sega coverage too! - prophet

  • Advance MAME was updated to version 0.37 Beta 4! Andrea Mazzoleni added several card specific drivers, including all the VsyncMAME drivers. :) And remember to download the utility pack as well, not just the binary. Advance MAME is an unofficial port of Official MAME with many advanced display related features, and a few cool tweaks here and there (Hotrod'ers - try auto centering for Sinistar etc.) It's NOT just for arcade monitors! Full screen, correct aspect ratios and game specific scan rates make a BIG difference in emulation accuracy. Files: Utility pack, Binary for Pentium II/III, Binary for Pentium, Source code. And "Please remember that before play you MUST READ THE DOCUMENTATION and SPEND TIME IN THE CONFIGURATION PROCESS. You can't simply download and run." Cause it's Advanced! ;) - prophet

  • If you hadn't noticed, GuruChoc added a few more needed-sooners for MAME recently. - prophet

  • Gary has updated the SNES9x Developers Journal with the news that there will be a 'mass netplay test', because of the many problems they've had with their server: "Instead of sending out the new Windows Snes9X release to a select few beta testers, I've decided to release the beta to the world at large - in a day or two, once the server has stabilised." See, only a few days more and you'll be able to play Bomberman across the 'net on SNES9x (I hope ;) - atila

  • WinSMS Plus 0.9.3 has been released, here's what's new:

    * Fixed scanlines bug in windowed mode.
    * Added a volume control for FM digital sound.

    Changes taken from DOS version
    * Wav sound recording replaced by .gym format.
    * Optimized memory access for improved speed.
    * More of the usual internal changes and bug fixes.

    Thanks to Skates for the news. - atila

  • Genesis Power has just unleashed Pac-Attack on us all! - atila

  • Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page again, he's added (among other things) pictures of MKII and NBA JAM: TE! - atila

  •    Tuesday, July 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:47 EST

  • This is a short little two-for-one update: MESS has recently made progress on 2600 emulation, and Nemu64 has picked up a new Graphics coder named "Atreides" (his good friends call him Muad`Dib ^^) and is back on track for development. Nothing earth-shattering, but good to hear nonetheless! - david

  • The 100 Greatest Games Ever, according to The Daily Radar. - david

  • Hmmm . . . the No$gmb page has been closed for awhile, actually. The "utopia" group involved, however, seem to be actively going after the emulator / console scene recently. In other news ^^ Neko Project II, a PC-9801 emulator, has been updated to version 0.17. Pick it up over at the homepage. - david

  • 1964, the veteran open-source Nintendo64 emulator, has been updated to version 0.50, with video mode enhancements and the added ability to fully configure plugins from within the GUI. Download the source AND the binary from the homepage. - david

  • Just got back from a brief vacation at Cedar Point amusement park - the Millennium Force coaster was quite the thing! They also had an arcade with Pacman, Space Tactics, Battlezone, Turbo, and a lot of other classics hidden in the back. No air hockey, though :( - david

  • And a happy birthday to |pogo|, #retrogamers' own 'motormouth' :) - atila

  • 'Step right up to our Washed-Up Celebrity Dunking Booth, unlimited balls for only one click!', thanks to SS for the link :) - atila

  • The Italian site 16Bit has posted Italian versions of both Ages and Vegas (32X emulators), thanks to Omero for the message. - atila

  • Happy 4th of July!!! It's Independence Day in the USA! =) - prophet

  •    Monday, July 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:59 EST

  • Genesis Power is being patriotic with Liberty or Death! - prophet

  • The MSX Emulation Page has just added over 200 games to their database. They have also added the Arabic System roms for the MSX2. - atila

  • Boukichi has released DBOY 0.63, the main news is that Mr. Driller will now play perfectly because he has fixed several DMA transfer bugs. Thanks to Aries for the news. - atila

  • Fishcake wrote this post about King of Fighters 2000, giving some links to preview movies and other info fans may like! - prophet

  • Boycott/MacOS has been updated to v0.6.3a. The new version adds sound emulation, with thanks to BouKiCHi who let me use the driver from DBoy for DOS. - richard

  • SMS Plus for DOS and PSX has been updated to v0.9.3. The Mac version will follow in a few days. - richard

  • Here's a small reminder: my birthday is on July 31st :) - atila

  • The Atari 2600 version of PACMAN has been 'Shockwaved', click here to play it online, thanks to Kay for the link. - atila

  • In a 'surprise move', Sony has refiled its suit against Connectix, makers of the Virtual Game Station (PSX emu). Sony did this to to bypass "procedural issues that may have been appealable", a Sony spokesman told CNet. Apparently, the move was made on the advice of the trial judge, Charles Legge. This is getting annoying ... - atila

  • Atari 2600 Nexus has posted a protoype Stunt Cycle rom, for use with emulators. The game apparently never made it into production. Thanks to Cliff H. for the news. - atila

  • Warmtoe has registered www.warmtoe.com! Warmtoe is an innovative approach to a frontend, merging the slickness and versatility of HTML with emulators - see for yourself. - prophet

  • Back to the Roots, a wonderful *legal* Amiga ROMs site, is back! And back with a vengeance - a new look and TONS of new goodies from all sorts of cool companies like Vulcan Sofware & Vivid Image. - prophet

  • MAME W.I.P. had a small update today, but any progress is good progress! :) - prophet

  • Genesis Power released Pocahontas! - prophet

  •    Sunday, July 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:06 EST

  • The Pacman emulator in Java has been released. The Pacman emulator is part of JAE, the Java Arcade Emulator. Go here to play Pacman (and other classic arcade games) online with your browser! - chris

  • fMSX FAN V1.31 has been released, the main news is that there are 2 versions now, one for DOS and one for Linux. - atila

  • France has just won EURO 2000! Two years ago they won the world championship football (soccer, for you Americans) and now they're the European champions. I was yelling FORZA ITALIA, but it didn't help :) Congratulations to the French team! - atila

  • Hans de Goede has released xmame/xmess-0.37b4.1. The change log for this release can be viewed here. - chris

  • gRustibus, an xmame frontend, has been updated to version 0.41. Changes include: Bugfixes. GNOME desktop entry and icon. Support for xmame.gl and other variants. Detects changes in the rompath. Textfield for typing in extra options. Binary packages. - chris

  • I just read that Planet Harriers by Sega was released for a playtest in Japan and will be removed later today. Apparently it's a sequel to Space Harrier! Thanks to Draculus for the link. - atila

  • The Amiga Emulation Zone has filled 8 more requests, including a working copy of Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday. - atila

  • OverClocked has added not only a new remix, but a new page along with it! A Galaxy Force II Shrine has been erected, with over 50 screenshots, MIDIs & Mp3s, tech info, and a 2 minute long MUSIC VIDEO featuring footage from the game set to original tunage by DJ PRETZEL. Do check it. - david

  • It's got better adpcm support! It's got a fixed 16-bit color palette! It's got an option to swap joy 1 & 2! It's got . . . Keroppi?? All this and more await you in the latest release of WinX68k v0.43! - now available for the low, low price of free. Grab it at the second link, props to Geoshock for news. - david

  •    Saturday, July 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 23:38 EST

  • Speaking of NES emulators, Brad Oliver has been working hard on improving NES emulation for MESS. It would be worth comparing the new MESS NES driver with your favorite NES emulator when beta 5 is relased to see how it stacks up. From what I have read, the MESS version is probably going to be the most accurate NES emulation in existance, being able to play 99% of all NES games perfectly (if not 100%). Brad also mentioned the possibility of lightgun support as well. - chris

  • Mimic added Solomon's Key - check the WIP! - prophet

  • Genesis Power is on a crusade with the excellent Crusader of Centy, a superb Zelda style action adventure! - prophet

  • ZX was updated again! Malc Jennings added 98 games, including Bat Attack 3D, Black Magic & lots more. *LINK FIXED* - prophet

  • NeoGeo Team 2K released Breakers ISO/MP3 (mirrors/donators only) & have some new Ninja Masters mirrors up! - prophet

  • OverClocked Episode #119: Ready When You Are . . . . personally, I'm more than ready - are YOU? - david

  • Winfellow Alpha v0.4.1 build 1 tried to slip by us, but was caught at the last minute. Download the latest release of this win32 Amiga emulator here. A lot of display enhancements & other fixes make it worth your while. - david

  • In Japan, where it's already tomorrow (ain't that just weird?), GIGO has updated his Nes emulator, G-Nes, to version 0.34. A list of features is included with the English version that he so kindly makes available on his download page. Thanks to the big K-man over at GS for the news. - david

  • C Spray, a commodore 64 disk image renaming / sorting utility, was updated to version 0.95, and now supports 2145 games, including "Dream House", which you really must play!! Trust me. Grab C Spray 0.95 here. Thanks to Geoshock for the news. - david

  • Okay then, saw over at Zophar's that T98-Next 1st Beta, a new PC-98 emu by the T98 team, was released today. Docs are all in Japanese, so we don't know the specifcs yet and are left to stare in wonder at complicated Kanji, but if you wanna download it, it's in zip format (as opposed to LZH) over at ZD's PC-98 emu page. Also, T98 itself is now at version 0.27, as of 6/14/2k. kthnxbye. - david

  • Welcome aboard David! Just don't use those tiny fonts on me here! =P - prophet

  • Yet another promising NES emu enters the scene today with the release of RADARnes v0.1, hosted at Twistedgaming.com. It supports a few mappers, has a GUI, but lacks sound. However, it's being actively developed . . . so watch out! . . . yeah! Thanks to Tsengrei, TG siteop, for the news. - david

  • Alrighty then . . . I've got some huge names to live up to as far as news posting goes, but I'm willing to give it a shot - don't hurt me too much ^^ . . . for those who don't know me, I run that strange OverClocked network you hear about occasionally. We'll see how things go, and I'll try not to blatantly plug myself too much :) On with the show . . . - david

  • The Amiga Emulation Zone has filled 13 more requests, so get a-leeching :) - atila

  • 42 new games are up for grabs at http://plus4.emucamp.com. This now makes a grand total of "530" C16/Plus4 games available for download. - atila

  • Visual Boy 1.4.3 (Gameboy emu) was released yesterday, here's what:

    - Fixed problem with Tomb Raider screen
    - Fixed problem reading some save games (message about reading the saved game)
    - Save states are now supported: you can save the game anywhere
    - You can turn off the SGB border if you want (I will fix the emulator to support SGB borders that some CGB games have

    The author also mentions that 'link play' (I hope it means netplay) will be available in version 1.5, thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • ClrMAME Pro 1.6 by Roman Scherzer was released! ClrMAME Pro is a superb ROM management & cleaning utility. Lots of new stuff & fixes - to quote Roman: "added some long requested things...fixed some important issues...and some goodies." - prophet

  • The TZX Vault has been updated with 16 new games and there's a new page listing Mastertronic games by index number. - atila

  • Genesis Power strikes again: this time it's Burning Force. - atila

  • Aries sent me the translation for yesterday's DBOY 0.62 u release:

    - Changed option -ifsega to -exjoy.
    - Added new option -joyset [n] for joystick setting.
    - Now using part of Allegro for compile.
    - Improvement on PSG emulation.

    There you have it :) - atila

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