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  •    Tuesday, July 31st 2001 - Last updated @ 16:06 EST

  • Pinmame part 2 - Pinmame 1.0 is out! Get it from the official Pinmame site. The Pinmame team has also created an *excellent* installation guide to help beginners get VP / Pinmame up and running. Keep an eye on the Shivasite and AJ's site for tables supporting the new Pinmame... - metallik

  • RockNES v1.952 DOS / RockNESX 2.0 Beta 3 - Here's more stuff from Fx3. He just released a small update to his last major RockNES update. Additionally he posted beta 3 of Alexandre da Veiga's Windows port which adds a fast SuperEAGLE/2xSai graphics engine to RockNESX.
    RockNESX 2.0 beta 3 is probably the last Windows release - click here if you wanna read why ! Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - 26 ? ... Eeeek my site admin is a baby ... :) - - - - - - - - - - -

    Hey Atila ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY young man :) - Opi

  • Pinmame part 1 - Looks like a big day for Pinmame coming up.. Version 1.0 should be released later today, with preliminary support for more pinball systems! I believe these systems include Data East, Gottlieb and early Bally (pre-WMS), although some may be lacking sound. AJ has a list of newly supported romsets over at his site, along with a port of Data East's Back to the Future. Keep an eye on the official Pinmame site for a release later today! - metallik

  • Bwahahaha - Atila's old. ;) - dhalamar

  • Happy Birthday To ME!! - There, I'm 26 years old/young as of today :) - atila

  • RockNES 1.950 for DOS has been updated, here's what's new:

    Fixed $6000-$7FFF CPU bank I/O, many broken mappers are working again;
    Fixed a bug on $4003/$4007 writes (sound regs);
    Fixed the number of CPU cycles per sound sample;
    Fixed color emphasis (setting a palette range with no v-sync), the CMC80's demo works fine;
    Fixed NES movie status flag (damn it);
    Added mapper #44 (1991 Super HiK 7 in 1 384K), untested;
    Enabled 8 sprites per scanline limitation (fixes some games);
    Scanline #0 is being displayed again;
    Fixed pattern table offsets dumping (seeks all VideoRAM banks);
    Fixed a major problem with directories setup;
    Fixed bitmap centering when using SuperEAGLE;
    Re-added kritz' GameGenie core, slightly changed;
    Game information dumping slightly improved (+path and +EOF string);
    Changed the config file extension from rnsetup.CFG to rnsetup.INI;
    Usual cosmetic changes and minor bugs fixed;
    Documentation slightly updated.

    Head on over to the official page to nab ya a copy. :) Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news. - dhalamar

  • NNNesterJ 0.20a - Flood #4! Open-sourced Win32 NES emulator NNNesterJ has updated to v0.20a! This version has fixed bugs in movie play, some castlevania issues and right click problem. And it has English version for download :) - Aries

  • Custom GB v0.006 - "Minor update flood" #3 :) Gameboy emulator CustomGB has updated to v0.006! Here is what's new in this version:
    • Fixed process related to sound volume adjusting.
    • Added PCM sound support (Atelier Elie).
    Thanks for Navarone's Emulation 9 for news :) - Aries

  • Dega v1.02 - Master System and GameGear emulator Dega also has a minor update. In v1.02 problems of these games has been fixed:
    "Rainbow Islands (SMS), Sega Chess (SMS), Xenon 2 (SMS), Ax Battler - A Legend of Golden Axe (GG), Faceball 2000 (GG), Gun Star Heroes (GG), Monster Truck Wars (GG), Out Run (GG), Ultimate Soccer (GG).
    Please go to its homepage to download, or check the readme file here first :) - Aries

  • Ace 1.2b - A quick minor update of ace was released! This bugfix version solved problem when some prople were using a not-32 bit resolution. Please forward to official site of ace for download :) - Aries

  • Typhoon! - Just back online from power outage cause by typhoon in Taiwan. Fortunately in Kaohsiung there was not so serious, but many places were flooded in these two days :( - Aries

  •    Monday, July 30th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:07 EST

  • MAME Info.dat 3.25 - M.A.S.H. updated his MAME Info file! Includes bugs, recommended games, driver changes, driver authors & latest WIP news as of July 31st, 2001. - prophet

  • VICE 1.7 - A new version of VICE, a DOS based "versatile Commodore emulator" (Pet, C64, Vic20, CBM etc.), is now ready! Although the homepage has not been updated yet, the new version can be downloaded now. I don't know what's new. (Thanks Fissuras) - prophet

  • Welcome X-Box Power! - DMB's X-Box Power is now hosted here at Retrogames! Update your bookmarks to xboxpower.retrogames.com. It seems the X-Box will be a thriving emulation platform, so definitely check this out. Also, if anyone is interested in doing X-Box news reporting, let him know. - prophet

  • AaronGiles.com - Looking for an interesting emulation read? Then take a look at Aaron Gile's homepage, especially the MAME Memories section. It's a nice (unfinished) recounting of how Aaron discovered MAME, and how he became involved as a developer etc. Some other cool stuff there as well, like the WIP section showing some interesting Pit Fighter screenshots. Is slapstick finally defeated?! - prophet

  • MAMED 37b6.3 & MESSD peak! - James Surine released a new build of his Dreamcast port of MAME! Get it here! Lotsa new stuff this release, be sure to read the news page for the full story. Plus he's also posted a preview of his work on porting MESS to Dreamcast. - prophet

  • C64 Heaven updated - Yep, more goodies for Commodore 64 fans! ALSO, Mason needs "cracks from Censor, Science 451 and Sharks." Message delivered. :) - prophet

  • NNNesterJ 0.20 - Another version of this excellent Windows based NES emu (actually an unofficial Nester variant) is now ready! Get it here. New stuff includes "4 players movie," changed frame skipping and controller code, plus several fixes & tweaks. - prophet

  • Mac Emulator Updates - I've updated nearly all my Mac ports with my latest Macintosh video code. Check out the full list at my page. - richard

  • VisualBoyAdvance v0.2 - It's VERY HOT in the south of Germany ! Greetings from an Internet Cafe in Munich :) $2.50 for 30 min of net surfing is like robbing a bank. Anyway Forgotten released the second version of his great Game Boy Advance emulator VisualBoyAdvance. Below are the impressive news for v0.2 :
    • fixed some bugs in graphics and thumb emulation
    • added missing graphics features
    • fixed bug in VBlankIntrWait and ArcTan2
    • pause/reset
    • save states
    • joystick support and configuration
    • sound options
    • BIOS file selection and usage
    • screen capture button
    • speedup button
    • 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x sizes (and resizable window)
    • 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit modes support
    I'll be back tomorrow ! - Opi

  • ACE 1.2a - Friol released a new build of ACE, a CPS2 emulator! The big news this time around is a HUGE speed boost and Qsound! More fun for you CPS2 addicts. =) (Thanks to The Fox at EmuUnlim) - prophet

  • Welcome Pocket Engine! - Domenico Dato's Pocket Engine, a PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 emulator for Pocket PC, is now proudly hosted here at Retrogames! :) Welcome him aboard & please update your bookmarks. - prophet

  •    Sunday, July 29th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:46 EST

  • Tilt!! - In case you have missed it, a lot of great older tables have been released at Irpinball. From the 1940s: Old Faithful by Gottlieb, from the 1950s: Queen of Hearts, Wishing Well and Chinatown by Gottlieb, from the 1960s: Big Daddy by Williams and from the 1970s: Frontier by Bally and Galaxy by Stern! The authors for these tables include Duglis, Leon Spalding, Igo Wayback, Gerhard, Joe Entropy, Steveir and RipleYYY. These are electromechanical tables, and as such, the simulation *is* the emulation. These tables were entirely controlled by relays, switches and solenoids... no IC's or ROM's anywhere... similar to the "discrete circuit" games that were unfortunately removed from MAME a while back.

    Head over to Irpinball and download these excellent recreations now! Thanks go to Duglis for the news.
    - metallik

  • Meka 0.58 - Zoop released a new version of his DOS based Sega 8 bit (Master System, GameGear etc.) emulator, Meka, to the public! New stuff includes sound dumping to WAV files, VDP fixes, improved hardware sprite collision and more. (Thanks Troutman) - prophet

  • Welcome PinMAME! - Pinball fans, please welcome the awesome PinMAME to Retrogames! Either pinmame.retrogames.com or www.pinmame.com will get you there. We're very proud to host this project to say the least. Who EVER thought we'd see pinball emulated?! This hobby is just magical I tell you. :) Feel free to discuss PinMAME on our Pinball Simulation (& emulation) board. - prophet

  • Dega 1.01 - Dayvee released a new version of his excellent Windows based Sega 8 bit (Master System, GameGear etc.) emulator, Dega! Here's what's new this release. - prophet

  • FB - Aiiiiii! - Dave has released a compile of Final Burn 0.123! Here's what's new in this release:

    + Added G-Loc (incomplete)
    + Added Street Fighter Zero 3
    + Added Strider
    + Added Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X
    + Released source code (see www.finalburn.com for details)

    Unlike I mentioned earlier, this is just a compile of the source code Dave released. Sorry for getting everyone's hopes up :x Thanks to James Z. for the news. - atila

  • BoycottAdvance 0.21b (Unofficial Release) - Dysfunction has released an unofficial version of Boycott Advance, since Gollum seems to be MIA right now, here's what's new:

    - (WIN32) Debugger enhancments (Dysfunction)
    - (WIN32) New menu items/features (Dysfunction)
    - (WIN32) Frame Skip (Perfect Dark)
    - (WIN32) Speed limiter (Perfect Dark)
    - (WIN32) Joystick Support (Perfect Dark)
    - GBA Timer Implementation (Dysfunction)
    - GBA DMA Implementation (Dysfunction)
    - GBA PCM Sound Implementation (Dysfunction)
    - GBA Rotate/Zoom Implementation (Dysfunction)
    - GBA Unified memory system (Dysfunction)
    - GBA BIOS Support (Dysfunction)
    - GBC Sound Implementation (Ming-yu Shih)
    - Many optimisations (Richard Bannister)
    - LSB Compatibility code (Richard Bannister)
    - Updated ROM Load/save code (Richard Bannister)
    - Opcode & GFX fixes (Simon Singh)
    - Alpha Blend fixes (Gollum)

    You can download it from the temporary BoycottAdvance homepage or download it locally here. - atila

  • HOT! - The weather is absolutely lovely today :) This is ofcourse excellent weather for a 'RetroGames T-Shirt' Now, where's my diet Johnny Walker ? - atila

  •    Saturday, July 28th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:55 EST

  • Cristophe's Final Burn with Kaillera - Here's another worthy Final Burn build! This time you've got netplay via Kaillera, so you can play your favorite games with friends across town or even across the ocean. :) Check this Kaillera thread for the details. Be sure to scroll down to see the latest build links. (Thanks Drybonz) - prophet

  • LoopMaster's Final Burn build - Well, now that Dayvee released the Final Burn source code, new versions and builds are trickling in all over the place as expected... Hopefully someone will put together an organized Final Burn development group via SourceForge or something. Anyway, Loopmaster released a build called "FinalBurn Alpha v0.126" with all the latest CPS2 games included, so that should make some people happy. Note that this has *ONLY CPS2* games, Sega & CPS1 games are not included. Source changes available as well. His site, CP-Systems 2 Turbo is pretty cool too. - prophet

  • Godzilla Vs. JAMMA - You must see these scans from a Jaleco JAMMA arcade cabinet manual! Really funny stuff. ;) Apparently Elvis and Godzilla give Japanese arcade owners nightmares! (Thanks Dan B.) - prophet

  • Pocket Atari, 1st Atari 800 Emu for Pocket PC! - I'm very proud to announce the grand opening of Pocket Atari here at Retrogames! It's the homepage for Vasyl Tsvirkunov's Atari 800 emulator for Pocket PC's! This is the world's first Atari 800 computer (and 5200 console etc.) emu for the Pocket PC platform, and you'll find builds for ARM, MIPs & SH3 ready for download. Keep in mind Vasyl only owns an iPaq, so the MIPs & SH3 builds are preliminary. Please use our Pocket PC Emu board to discuss the emu or post your findings. I intend to test it on my Casio later, and hopefully some Jornada owners can give the SH3 build a go too. :) As an old Atari 800 fan, may I say: Good work Vasyl! - prophet

  • Visual Pinball Beta 4 - Oops... Almost missed this news... :o) The very awesome Visual Pinball has now been updated to beta 4, so get downloading! (Thanks Warpath & Batfink) - prophet

  • Arcade Retro Lounge - Please welcome one of our new hosted sites, Crash's Arcade Retro Lounge! Featuring all sorts of information and tips about many emulated games, it's a nice place to sit down and relax, though you'll have to make your own drinks. :) Amiga fans might like Crash's NerveAxis.net too; all about the Amiga demo scene. - prophet

  • GOODxxx Tools - Cowering has updated both GoodWSx and GoodSNES, here are the changes:

    GoodWSx 0.9993

    --- Oops, little data typo, could not get to 0 missing.. can now
    --- Updated Missing list

    GoodSNES 0.9994

    --- new PAL dump
    --- removed H-Vball until its formally released

    You can download GoodWSx 0.9993 here and GoodSNES 0.9994 from this link. - atila

  • MAME WIP - The MAME WIP page has been updated. Way too many changes to list here, just click the link above and see for yourself. - chris

  • Custom GB v0.005 - Gameboy emulator CustomGB v0.005 has just released! Here is what's new in this new version:
    • Sound added (still buggy, and need 60fps to sound better).
    • Changed WY rendering process.
    • Added game system options (such like GBC on GBA).
    • Fixed bugs in window rendering routines.
    • HDMA process changed.
    • Added more graphic related setting (interlace, scanlines).
    • Fixed some fatal bugs in CPU core.
    • Speed optimized (but overall performance still decreased because sound system implement).
    • window priority function implemented, and fixed related bugs.
    • Fixed timing problem of DIV and TIMER.
    It has English GUI, so give it a try if you are interesting in GB emulator :) - Aries

  • YAME v0.37 (updated) - Navarone's Emulation 9 reports that multi console emulator YAME has updated to v0.37! It supports NES, GB, PCE and SNES now, and implement a mini shoot-em game. If you have no idea how to use it, first set to the ideal language, then try to load something into it and I think you will know :)

    Update : YAME for Linux has also updated as well as Windows version, thanks to our Chris for notice :) - Aries

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with WIP reports up through July 27th. Tons of bug fixes and new stuff added. There is KC Compact news (Kev), Atom news (Nate), APF Imagination Machine, APF M-1000 and Sord M5 preliminary drivers (Kev), Atari 7800 fixes (Frank), MESS fixes (Ben), MESS tool updates (Krzysztof), Saturn updates (James), new CoCo 3 PAL driver (Nate), new Arcadia/Palladium drivers (PeT), and a lot more! Click the link above to get all the details. - chris

  • Team Japump - Japump has dumped a bunch of new arcades including lots of new Nintendo Vs ROMs! :) - chris

  •    Friday, July 27th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:24 EST

  • MAMu_ Icons for X - The MAMu_'s icons for X page has been updated and is now in sync with the Windows icons. - chris

  • Do Space Aliens read Retrogames? - Well, perhaps if you join the Retrogames SETI@home Team, we'll someday get to find out! Hmm... Did you ever wonder what extraterrestrial videogames might be like? Afterall, any civilization capable of interplanetary travel ought to be able to rig up some bitchin' videogame hardware... The question is, can Nicola and/or Raz decrypt their ROMs? But I digress. :) - prophet

  • SNES, Spectrum & Commodore 64 - What do these 3 console/computers have in common? Not much beside this news post. ;) First off, The Fox over at EmuUnlim.com told me about SNES-Station, the first known SNES emulator for Playstation 2! He also mentioned that The Speccy Zone has just opened for all you Speccy fans. Lastly, but not least, Mason has added yet more Commodore 64 download candy to C64 Heaven! Something for everyone. :) - prophet

  • NeoGeo Stuff - NeoGeo fans might want to read the latest Neo-0 news! Looks like it won't be much longer now before their decryption dumping technique hits paydirt. And they've also released a few more ROMs from the KoF2000 set, but there are no working download links yet. Lastly, you might like to try Remukhan's recently developed KoF99 Ending Browser. Visit his site, kof.cyberfanatics.org, for more info and NeoGeo goodness. - prophet

  • CD-ice Released! - Another 'console' has been emulated, this time it's the Philips CD-i. CD-ice is the name and the demo only runs RISE OF THE ROBOTS (iso version only). CD-ice emulates a lot more games, but they've been disabled because of glitches. So be patient if your favorite game isn't playable yet. The only 'game' I ever played on the CD-i was "HOTEL MARIO" (don't shoot ;) - atila

  • XiaoXiao - Remember the awesome fight.swf? If not, then you missed something really cool - this is by the same people, so don't miss it! Aim with your mouse, spacebar reloads. I'm told the ending is _very_ humorous. =) (Thanks Marko & BdR) - prophet

  • Advance Menu 1.2 - Andrea Mazzoleni released the latest version of my favorite frontend, AdvanceMenu! Some BIG news this release, because now AdvanceMenu can work with any emulator! Plus the usual bug fixes and option additions. :) If you have an arcade machine, this frontend is especially great because it doesn't look like a typical PC app, and it has some awesome features like tile modes, multiple image previews, MP3 music playback and lots more. I love it! - prophet

  • Irem Sound Encryption Cracked! - If you've been hoping for sound emulation in great games like In The Hunt & R-Type Leo, be happy! The main MAME man himself, Nicola Salmoria, gets the credit. Thanks to this message by R.Belmont for the news. - prophet

  •    Thursday, July 26th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:18 EST

  • ClrMamePro v2.16 - Roman Scherzer released the new version of his ROM-manager clrMamePro! Changes in version 2.16 are :
    • fixed: support for zipfiles with data descriptor entries
    • fixed: case-fix problems
    • added: exclude paths for set + unneeded check
    • added: optional usage of zip32.dll instead of zlib
    • misc: some source clean-up/fixes (esp. for WinXP)
    • misc: small set-fix-name improvement
    • misc: wrong named sets which aren't fixed, are not listed as missing again
    • misc: detection of wrong localfileheaders/unknown headers
    • misc: no 'no roms in path' warning when using bios folders
    • misc: merging-of-different-systems messageboxes don't appear when 'show romlist errors' is disabled.
    • misc: rebuilder shows statistics after the last sourcepath (addpath) ONLY
    • misc: changed the profiler datfile index search again
    Download it from ClrMame Homepage, maybe you want to clean out your ROM sets in slow days like this :) - Aries

  • Another Visual Pinmame release - Mungo J and Aurian have converted Williams' Congo to Visual Pinmame. This is one of the least-popular games made by WMS in the 90's, and it's nice to see even the obscure games preserved in some form by VP recreations. This is a nice first release.. a couple minor issues still remain. Head over to AJ's site for the goods. - metallik

  • GoodWSx 0.9992 - Cowering has released GoodWSx 0.9992, which is a Bandai Wonderswan/WS Color ROM renamer. Here's what's new:

    --- New Additions as usual
    --- Updated list of undumped carts..

    Get it from the link above. - atila

  •    Wednesday, July 25th 2001 - Last updated @ 15:08 EST

  • Commodore 64 Heaven - Mason has updated C64 Heaven with more goodies, so for fun and nostalgia's sake, get downloading! Looks like he has some interesting and unusual stuff there. - prophet

  • More Pocket PC emus - Yes indeed, the Pocket PC platform is really becoming popular for emulation! Atari Lynx fans should read this Brighthand thread for news about Domenico Dato's upcoming port of Handy! Also, Atari 800 & 5200 fans will soon be satisfied as well, as I can tell you Vasyl's emulator is just about ready for prime time! - prophet

  • M-Boy for Pocket PC - M-Boy is a new Gameboy emulator for Pocket PC's by Henrik! It appears to have decent speed and also a "a fake bilinear filter stretch technique I've developed myself which is very fast and looks good." :) Builds are available for MIPs, ARM & SH3. Also available is Henrik's PhoenixStudio, a Pocket PC music creation program. (Thanks PocketGamer) - prophet

  • Thanks... - To those who kindly emailed me yesterday. I'm fine and my family are OK as well. I prefer to concentrate on positive things though, so on with the emu news! - prophet

  • Apollo 0.02 - Nintendo 64 fans can now try the latest version of Apollo! The authors want feedback on what games work (or not), so get testing! (Thanks EmuManiac) - prophet

  • X-Arcade Stuff - Shawn from X-Arcade emailed me some interesting news about this upcoming arcade controller! For anyone planning to attend the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas next month, or Comdex & CES next January, you'll have the chance to try the X-Arcade in person! Also, they're taking pre-orders for anyone who's interested in getting one ASAP. Personally I think this will be an awesome control device for emulators and consoles, and I really look forward to seeing it launch. :) - prophet

  • FrontDBoy 1.6 - Oscar Cerda updated his FrontDBoy frontend for DBoy, Boukichi's Gameboy emulator! New stuff includes fixed PSX pad support, fixed ROM compression & updated language support. - prophet

  • New Kawaks release! - At the same time of CPS2Shock's new releases, Kawaks also has updated to v1.14 as well :
    • New drivers & region switch for new releases.
    • Some ZIP changes to fit the latest MAME specifications.
    • Totally new macro system. You can now create your own complex macros.
    • Hopefully fixed CPS2 savestates bugs (still compatible with old saves)
    • Implemented savestates for CPS1
    • Fixed flickering issues at the bottom of the screen when in fullscreen.
    • Fixed some CPS1 BgHi issues (Sodom stage in Final Fight...)
    • Fixed some CPS1 sprite/background sync issues (Ghouls and Ghosts...)
    • Fixed sound for Pang and maybe some others.
    • Fixed Dai Makai-Mura (Ghouls and Ghosts Japan)
    • Fixed Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Japan 910214)
    • Fixed Carrier Air Wing's helicopters and destroyed buildings bugs.
    • Fixed MMX blitters which crashed for some people.
    • Replaced Super2xSai blitter by ASM counterpart, which requires MMX but is over twice as fast.
    • Replaced scanlined 2xSai by an ASM 75% scanlines 2xSai which looks damn good :)
    • Super Street Fighter 2 Tournament Battle will now display Terminal Check, unless you enable normal play in the Test menu. This is the correct behaviour.
    • Hopefully fixed bug in the Redefine Keys dialog box that caused the key redefinitions to loop sometimes.
    • Various optimisations.
    Be sure to read the updated FAQ and changes first, and combo-freaks should try the new macro system out :) - Aries

  • CPS2 Fans Rejoice! - The CPS2Shock Team has released more XORs! Super Muscle Bomber (Japan) (two releases), and Marvel Super Heroes (Japan). A big thanks also to walk and xacrow for their donations. - chris

  • Pong: The Movie - Go watch trailers of PONG: THE MOVIE, KEN BURNS' FROGGER and Ms. PACMAN'S DIARY! All of which will probably rake in more money than Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within ;) Thanks to GlassJoe for the link. - atila

  • VirtuaNES v0.22 - Norix's open sourced NES emulator VirtuaNES was updated to v0.22! Changes are (directly translated from Japanese):
    • Now can run in background task.
    • Added movie record / play feature.
    • Fixed Mapper 20 support.
    • Fixed bug that cause title of Silviana does not appear.
    You can download this nice emulator from link above, both Japanese and English version are avaliable. Language Plug-in development kit has also revised for this version :) - Aries

  • DreamGBA tips - If you still can not download DreamGBA v1.7, try GBAemu. Thanks to James for tips :) - Aries

  •    Tuesday, July 24th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:24 EST

  • Say Cheese! - Bally's Mousin' Around has been converted to Visual Pinball by whats best described as a "team effort" .. See the textfiles included in the archive for details. This is basically the original Visual Pinball table modified to use Visual Pinmame (so it now uses the original game ROMS for rules, music, etc). Get it from AJ's site over on the ShivaSite.

    If you are a Visual Pinball fan you should visit there often, as most of the Pinmame tables get updates on a regular basis (like PacDude's amazingly detailed additions to Boris's Addams Family tables). - metallik

  • Linux for US PS2 - Sony Computer Entertainment America is wondering if you would be interested in a version of Linux for the US version of the PlayStation 2. If you are interested, please Visit their web site to register your interest. Thanks to /. for the news. - chris

  • JEmu - JEmu is a Java based arcade machine emulator which enables you to play classic arcade games on your browser. Changes: A new 1942 driver was added and a minor problem in the Commando driver was fixed (the sprites/background allignment was not ok due to incorrect timing). - chris

  • Personal Note - There was a fairly devastating death in my family, I prefer not to relate the details, but please understand that my updates may be sparse this week. Thanks. Luckily we have a large news staff. :) - prophet

  • X-Arcade & HanaHo news - Many people might recall the X-Arcade, that interesting HanaHo Hotrod look-alike. Well, they've "prelaunched" their website and are gearing up for the release (finally) of the new arcade console. Looks like they've added a button to the layout too... Also couldn't help but notice the HanaHo logo on the X-Arcade site. :) In related news, HanaHo is redesigning their ArcadePC site - wonder if that also means some new products coming soon? We shall see. Lastly, if anyone would like to learn more about ArcadePC's, check out the ArcadePC page at MAME World - some good info there. (Thanks to David for the X-Arcade news) - prophet

  • UnMAMEd update - Bobby Tribble recently updated his famous UnMAMEd page, where you can learn about all the arcade games that are NOT yet in MAME and why! (Thanks Hellspit) - prophet

  • Palm Emulator for Pocket PC :) - Well, OK, it's not a game emulator, not directly, but it's interesting news for all Pocket PC fans! It will be called POSE (Palm OS Emulator) and will be sold by Conduits - allowing Pocket PC users to ALSO have use of all Palm apps (and games of course)! This is possible because Pocket PC's are FAR more technically powerful than Palms, making emulation a possibility. Check this PocketNow story for more info. (Thanks unnamed1) - prophet

  • Windows CE 3.0 Source Code released! - Wow, this is unexpected news, but Microsoft released the source code for CE 3.0! Might be of interest to Pocket PC emu devs? (Thanks KillerClown from the amazing MAME World) - prophet

  • Farewell to zsKnight - Some sad news... zsKnight's Father passed away, leaving him with new responsibilities and no time to work on ZSNES anymore. Retrogames would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You zsKnight for all your amazing work in this hobby, and to extend our condolences on the loss of your Father. The best of luck to you and your family, now, and in the future. Read the full story here. (Thanks Negative Zero) - prophet

  • See 'Dubya' Dance! - Click here to make George 'Dubya' Bush dance! I never knew he could do the moonwalk ;) Thanks to dex for the link. - atila

  • DreamGBA v1.7 - Emu-Zone just mentioned Kervin's GBA emulator DreamGBA has updated to v1.7! Here is what's new list in this version :
    • Fixed a CPSR flag mask bug in BX instruction
    • Interrupt Engine fixed...Should be perfect now(Mario Kart works fine)
    • Fixed a Castlevania crash bug
    • Most game run perfectly now
    Since Kervin can't update the DreamGBA homepage right now, you can forward to Emu-Zone for download at this time, and be sure to check out those promising screenshots first! Don't forget you will need the GBA bios to run this great GBA emu :) - Aries

  • Anex86 v2.24 - A.N's EPSON PC-x86 series emulator Anex86 has updated to v2.24, but I don't know what's new in this new version since lacks of information, sorry :) - Aries

  • Mail floods - Still receiving some big W32.Sircam.Worm@mm mails everyday. Please update your anti-virus software for the latest virus definition, and please, don't put your favorite games in My documents or on Desktop. I don't like to collecting roms in this way :P - Aries

  • Good2600 0.9998 - Cowering has released Good2600 0.9998, let's see what's new in this release:

    --- more cart redumps from Europe!
    --- If you know anything about "Inca Gold" cart, please contact me

    Good2600 is an Atari 2600 ROM renamer. - atila

  • MAME32 0.37B16 (TESTVERSION) - The MAME32 team have released a testversion of MAME32 0.37B16! Since this is a test release, they'd like some feedback on this, so fire up your mailclient or use their messageboard if necessary :) Thanks to everyone who mailed, but John IV beat you to it ;) - atila

  • Mures 0.2 - Mures is a cross-platform clone of Sega's "Chu Chu Rocket," a multi-player puzzle game. It is written in C using SDL. Network play is handled through a client-server design that supports multiple players per client. Changes: This release includes team play mode, sound support, use of automake/autoconf, network code clean-ups, server sending of maps, removal of the dependency on SDL_ttf, clearer damaged arrows, and many other minor fixes and improvements. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Monday, July 23rd 2001 - Last updated @ 19:29 EST

  • EX68 V215 - Sharp X68000 emulator EX68 has updated to V215! This bugfix version has fixed some DirectDraw related bugs. Please forward to EX68 Homepage for more information, both standard and debugger(D215) version avaliable for download :) - Aries

  • fMSX-SDL - fMSX-SDL is a SDL port of Marat Fayzullin's fMSX emulator. This port, which is based on fMSX 2.5, also includes MSX-MUSIC emulation, and is the first MSX emulator which includes MSX-AUDIO emulation. fMSX-SDL runs under Linux and BeOS systems. License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  • Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! - After a few weeks, there are some news about JAE again. Another great classic arcade game has been added to JAE, the Java Arcade Emulator. This time it is the game that in 1980 made Stern Electronics famous: "Berzerk" Fight intelligent robots in many different rooms and run away from "Evil Otto" - and all that in your internet browser. Go to Norbert's Emulators to read more about Berzerk and to try it! - chris

  • Heh - Docktor Narton will guide you through the process of replacing your video card. It's in Swedish, but the pics are self-explanatory ;) - atila

  • MAMEINFO.DAT 3.24 - M.A.S.H. has released a patch to the MAMEINFO.DAT file. Instructions on how to patch your DAT file can be found here. - chris

  • More Hi! How are you? - Well this seems to be the worst worm I have ever experienced. I have recieved no fewer than 20-30 e-mails with this worm attached. It is the w32.sircam.worm , or as I like to call it, the "Hi! How are you?" worm. Articles on ZDNet and Wired talk more about it. (thanks to /. for the links). Please, update your anti-virus software if you are running an operating system that needs them! - chris

  • Shots Factory MAME - NeoGouki has released a new version of SFMAME with support for Neo-Geo. Thanks to PHoENiX-X for the news. - chris

  • More Guru Dumps - guru over at The Unemulated ROMs Database has posted some news about more ROMs dumps! Dragonball Z 2 - Super Battle (Banpresto, 1994) thanks to Keferen, and Cross Shooter (Seibu, 1987, possibly proto.), thanks to PCB-A-Holic. There is also news about Sunset Riders and Haunted Castle emulation improvements thanks to the donations of PowerJaw & Sean Young. Guru also hints at more *BIG* surprises coming soon! - chris

  • uCON64 20010721 - uCON64 is a tool to modify video game ROMs and to transfer ROMs to the different backup units/emulators that exist. It is based on the old uCON but with completely new source. It aims to support all cartridge consoles and handhelds like the N64, JAG, SNES, NG, GENESIS, GB, LYNX, PCE, SMS, GG, NES, and their backup units. Changes: This release contains optimizations and bugfixes. It is a snapshot of the current source tree, and is meant for developers only. License: GPL. - chris

  • Project64 v1.2 - N64 emulator Project64 has updated to v1.2, and the site has new design too! Before download the emulator, you may want to check some update information at Unofficial N64 emulation Support Centre :)
    - Aries

  • XM7 new release - Fujitsu FM-7 Emulator XM7 has updated to V3.0L30! This is a bugfix version that fixed some fatal bugs when loading save states. XM7 has another version V2.5L20 that has disabled some extension features but has improved performance. Please forward to P.I Homepage for more information and download the emulators. Thanks to Emulation 9 for news :)

    BTW : Please E-Mail me if you know some FM7 information sites in English :) - Aries

  • OC #144: EvilSource - hot on the heels of FB going open source, it's OverClocked Episode #144: EvilSource, in full technicolor ^^ - david

  •    Sunday, July 22nd 2001 - Last updated @ 18:14 EST

  • Final Burn Open Souce - Dave has released the source code to his multiple arcade emulator Final Burn!!! You can download the source code with instructions on how to compile here. This is great news, perhaps someone will try and port it to other platforms as well! License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  • Hey you, with the face! - There hasn't been a Visual Pinmame table release in a while, but today the good folks over at AJ's site bring us TWO excellent conversions: Police Force and Cyclone! Both of these tables play very well.. Get them from the above link. Note the new URL: AJ's has moved to ShivaSite. - metallik

  • Massive MAMu_ Icons Update - MAMu_ has out-done himself this time and has redrawn over 430 icons for the beta 16 release! The icons have been remade so that they look good with both a black or a white background. Ofcourse, new beta 16 icons were added as well, for a grand total of 2,085 icons! You can download the latest icon pack here. X Windows conversions for *nix coming soon! :) - chris

  • Pitou 0.01 Build 152 - Pitou aims to emulate the operation of smartcards using the Siemens SLE44C4xS processor. These cards are used as access modules for satellite television. Changes: Support for full 0C signature checking, caching non-video packets (which can alleviate the extra traffic generated by the new signature processing), better programmer routines in pitou-mux, a new ability to use CMD94 data to get video on certain channels without using the AUX card at all (preview channels, C-SPAN, other informational channels), a new hosts.conf file to pitou-mux (only IPs listed in the file will be allowed to connect), and some bugfixes. License: GPL. - chris

  • STonX - StonX is an Atari ST emulator for X. It support many Atari apps, and runs very fast even on low-end machines (sub P75). It currently runs the standard Atari screen modes as well as expanded full screen. It is very portable and has successfully been used on Alpha workstations, Silicon Graphics workstations, HP PA-RISC systems, RS/6000 with AIX, proprietary systems by Siemens, PCs with FreeBSD, Suns with Solaris and SunOS, and others. Changes: This release fixes issues with TOS1.0. It also adds the monitor functionality to help debugging. Audio should now work properly on *BSD systems (with linux audio emulation). Some possible buffer overflows have been fixed. There are some fixes to the X driver for high colour. This release can load TOS 1.x and 2.x roms without being recompiled. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, July 21st 2001 - Last updated @ 20:01 EST

  • ScreenMania Updated - I just completed the 13th update at ScreenMania. It's not the biggest one but consists of some great games :) Defender of the Crown, Metal Gear, Sonic Spinball and Mario Kart Advance to name 4 of them.

    Opi is on holiday :) Please, don't send anything to me within the next 10 days - no pics and no news submissions. I'M OFFLINE from now on ! I'll leave very soon for a trip to the south of Germany - to Bavaria. - Opi

  • Pcsx Build 0.9.140 - A new version of Pcsx - a Windows based Sony PSone aka Playstation emulator has been released. Check the readme.txt for further details :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • JEmu Does Commando - Erik Duijs Java based arcade emulator JEmu was updated recently with support for Capcom's classic shooter Commando ! Next additions will be Vulgus and 1942 ! Thanks Erik :) - Opi

  • GoodCoCo v0.999.3 - Il maestro signore Cowering is a man that never sleeps or stops :) Here's a new GoodCoCo release. This Tandy Color Computer Cartridge renamer now recognizes 55 entries. Recent additions :
    - Correct MindRoll redump (runs in next MESS)
    - cocoindex.txt added showing dumped/undumped carts.. help if you can! - Opi

  • RocketElite - Here's a new game by Douglas Beck that looks like a combination of several classic arcade games, but with souped up graphics and some very nice particle effects! Evocative of Lunar Lander & Gravitar, RocketElite is a modern retrogaming classic. Only thing missing IMO is music, but hey, the classic games didn't have much music either. ;) Originally a highly acclaimed Pocket PC game, it's now been ported very nicely to Windows PC's complete with netplay. There's a free demo version ready for download, so check it out! - prophet

  • Nebula v1.6 - EmuManiac sent word about a new Nebula release. ElSemi latest additions are : "new image enhacement modes, more CPS1 games and NETPLAY!!!". - Opi

  • GoodGBA v0.999.4 - Cowering's Game Boy Advance ROM renamer GoodGBA was updated to v0.999.4. GoodGBA Stats: 585 entries
    - Lots of new ROMS have fun... (wasting space here since nothing new to tell!) - Opi

  • Hi! How are you? - PLEASE stay away from opening these damn Hi! How are you? emails. I just got the 15th email with this attached email worm :( - Opi

  • Retrogaming Times #47 - A new issue of Retrogaming Times, Tom Zjaba's online retro mag has been uploaded. A joystick called Devastator, underrated Atari 2600 games, Popeye's appearance in video games and TI 99/4A“Goodies” are some of the topics. - Opi

  • High Voltage SID Collection Update #26 - DrStu informed me about a HVSC update which happened 3 weeks ago. The complete C-64 SID music file collection now consists of 15,808 files ! Here's a list of all current HVSC mirrors ! - Opi

  • Mimic v1.08 - Mike Beaver uploaded a new version of Mimic, his multi-system emulator. Version 1.08 is the first 32bit release which cuts a lot of chains for further emulation goals. Memory and menu restictions are now history. Check Mike's site for additional info and don't forget to look for new HWC drivers. Hint : "To generate the Gameboy HWC...Start Mimic, in the menu press F2, then restart Mimic". Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Apple //e v1.10.4 - A new version of Apple //e has been released yesterday. This is Oliver Schmidt's continuation of Michael O'Brien's abandoned Apple 2e emulator for Windows from 1996. Look here for the latest changes - Apple //e is open source ! Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the news. - Opi

  • XBox - Power Emu console? - Will the upcoming XBox be the best console ever made for emulation? Well, DMB certainly thinks so, and he's opened XBox Power to prove it! XBox emu news, rumors and other news - it's all there. He also has a VERY interesting interview with Otaku No Zoku, the guy who's already ported MAME to XBox! The thing's not even released yet and it has MAME, so you just know it's gonna have emulators up the wazzoo. ;) (Thanks DMB) - prophet

  • BGB v0.4 - BGB - the new Dutch Game Boy emulator for Windows was once again updated. New in version 0.4 : added GBC support / fixed bug in auto-frameskip code / minor change in video engine / "the Addams Family" and "Starfight" now run. Thanks to Lrd[EFN] for the news :) - Opi

  • Dega 1.00 - Dega is Dave's brand new Sega 8bit (Master System & Game Gear) emulator for Windows 95,NT,98,2000,ME or XP! Estimated 95% compatability and superb sound emulation - not bad for a first release, eh? :) Good to see Dave is back coding emus! If you have any bug reports or issues with this new emulator, please post them on our Console Emu board. - prophet

  • MAMEDC 0.4 - Dreamcast MAME fans, head on over to the Christophe Thibault's MAMEDC homepage and get it! New games this release include Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Ms.Pacman, Galaga, 88 Games, Ikari Warriors, Gauntlet, Gauntlet 2, 1941, Ghouls'n Ghosts (buggy), Final Fight (buggy) and Strider (buggy)! New features include gamelist scroll, manual auto frameskip, faster graphics code, ROM loading progress indicator, added 3rd button (B) support on the controllers, added antialias setting. (Thanks COY) - prophet

  • Mini Classic Tetris v1.4 - A freshly updated Mini Classic Tetris is now online. News and changes : new graphics / the alarm / game mode B / the break / 2 or 3 corrected bugs. Thanks Rico2000 :) - Opi

  • Emailing... - Just a note: I've recently received several emails with unsolicited attachments. Unless I'm expecting an attachment, no matter what the subject or the sender, I delete such emails on sight. So if you sent me something you really would like me to know about, please email again BUT without any attachments. Thanks. - prophet

  • Atari 8bit PPC WIP - Vasyl told me the following regarding his upcoming Atari 8bit (800, 5200 etc.) emulator for Pocket PC: "My port is based on Atari800 1.0.7, so whatever works there should work in my port. I tried Zaxxon for 5200 and it seemed to work. Current status: Archon, Mule, Montezuma's Revenge, River Raid -- all playable! Tasks left: one more pass through keyboard/joystick code (it works but not perfect yet), optimizations in screen rendering code (can get another 30% there) and workarounds for a few PocketPC idiosyncrasies, like creating config files in the root folder." Once done, the initial release will be for ARM (iPaq) but hopefully MIPS and SH3 builds will follow? As a Casio EM-500 user, I sure hope so! The homepage for this emulator will be hosted here at Retrogames, hopefully soon - I'll let you know. :) Feel free to use our new Pocket PC Emu board for any discussions or questions you might have. - prophet

  • Nipon Shoot-Em-Ups - SHMUPs fans might enjoy a visit to Nipon Shoot-Em-Ups, a new site hosting over 80 Japanese (more to come) freeware/shareware PC SHMUPs for your retro blasting enjoyment! UPDATE: This site truly ROCKS! A superb collection of dozens of Japanese shooters for PC, complete with multiple screenshots of each game! It's amazing how many SHMUP games Japan produced that never got played in the West. Till now. :) - prophet

  • Fruity Emulator! - Not sure if we've reported this before, but here's where you can find a freeware Fruit machine emulator! I really don't know much about them or this emulator, as I always went straight to the videogames in arcades, but there you have it. :) (Thanks Dave) - prophet

  • Pina: Apple II for Pocket PC - Kitaro has ported a new Apple II emulator for Pocket PC called Pina! It's still an early project, and in an alpha state. Alpha binaries are available for ARM, MIPS & SH3. I've also added it to our Pocket PC section. (Thanks Michael M.) - prophet

  • Ehmmm... - Say it with me: "pre-sliced peanut butter". Thanks to Molefi for the link. - atila

  • Linux Kernel 2.4.7 - Linus Torvalds has released Linux 2.4.7. A list of changes can be viewed here. Licnese: GPL. Thanks to Galaga7 for the news. - chris

  • Leezer's Unofficial HIGHSCORE.DAT 7.6 - Leezer wrote in to tell us that there is a new unofficial HIGHSCORE.DAT available. You can check out all the latest additions here. - chris

  • GtkF-CPU 0.2 - GtkF-CPU is a frontend for the F-CPU emulator, which is an "open-source" CPU. License: GPL. - chris

  • RockNES v1.942 - Fx3's great NES emulator RockNES has been updated to v1.942! Here is the What's new list of this version:
    • Fixed ROM information saving (header + CRCs in a text file).
    • Fixed mirroring state loading for RSx files (when an unknown value is found).
    • Fixed a stupid GUI bug: no more emulation reset when you leave the GUI by first time.
    • Fixed a small flaw in the scanline cycle calculation
    • Fixed a small flaw in the MMC3 scanline counter (from previous version).
    • Fixed mapper #68 (Batman: Return of Joker - USA/Jap - works fine again).
    • Added a patch to fix mirroring in Super Cars game.
    Please forward to the homepage of RockNES and download it :) Note: This is DOS version, Windows version will not be updated for a while. - Aries

  •    Friday, July 20th 2001 - Last updated @ 07:06 EST

  • WLA DX 8.2 - WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 6510, and 65816 CPUs. Included in the package there is a GB-Z80 disassembler and few converters. WLA DX was initially programmed to compile ROM images for Gameboy, but nowadays it can also patch existing ROM images with code, and even compile program files and ROM files for other CPUs like the NES-6502 and C64-6510. Changes: .OUTNAME & .ORGA, RAM sections for variables have been added, and command line definitions and an XOR operator have been added to the calculator engine. A few small bugs have been fixed. License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  • Virtual X68000 1.1.10 - Virtual X68000 is a virtual machine that emulates a Sharp X68000 and optionally its DOS API. Changes: The screen drawing has been changed to use OpenGL. This version requires an implementation of the OpenGL API such as Mesa. License: GPL. - chris

  • Vega Strike 0.0.7 - Vega Strike is an action space simulator reminiscent of Wing Commander, bringing some of the old ships from the original Wing Commander era back to life in full 3D. Changes: This release now includes real asteroid belts, planets with correct orbits and realistic textures, a huge sun with detailed textures including hotspots, Wing Commander-style physics with afterburn slides, and programmable AI for complex functions like Shelton slides, rolls, loops, and kickstops. License: GPL. - chris

  • Snes9x v1.38 - New version of Snes9x for Win9x was released! Now it supports Dejap's Star Ocean and Street Fighter 2 Alpha decompressed graphics packs, included the latest ZSNES DSP-1 code and Pilotwings, SD Racer and Suzuka 8 Hours are playable now. The changes list is too long so I'm not going to post it here, but you still can check it after you download this great emulator from Snes9x.COM :) - Aries

  • More info about HuE (Updated) - I'm not sure that HuE is fake or not though, but I think I should post more information about it here :
    • Actually HuE is based on npce (as announced on HuE's site), and added Kaillera as new feature.
    • npce is a GPL license project, so HuE is, too. (also announced on HuE's site)
    • npce is customized version based on hmmx's xpce, and xpce itself is a Win32/DirectX port of Bero's fpce, more coufused :P
    • fpce is using Marat Fayzullin's 6502 emulation package.
    • Hu-Go! : DOS, improvements from XPCE, used ALLEGRO. (quoted from fpce's site, you can also read Hu-Go!'s documentation on Hu-Go!'s site)
    So here are some clues, and I provided some links as well. Personally I think (and hope) it is not a fake, but you may want to find the answer yourself :) - Aries

  •    Thursday, July 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:30 EST

  • HuE Probably Fake - Arrgh I hate this sh#t ... This is really another sad day. I received two emails with almost identical meanings ! It seems that HuE is a compilation and rip-off of (at least) 4 different available PC Engine emulator sources : confirmed are Hu-Go!, Bero, XPCE and parts of Marat Fayzullin's processor core. But HuE contains no copyright notes, no licence info, no credits - nothing ... Judge yourself ! More as it develops.

    Thanks to Leeloo and Gravis Zero for the info - Opi

  • BeOS Emulator Ports - BeEmulated.net reported a couple of new BeOS ports of famous DOS/Windows emulators :
    • FCE Ultra/SDL v0.61r2 by Caz
    • Raine v0.31a by Caz & NeoWolf
    • MAME v0.37 b16 by Yoshi
    • SimCoupé v0.81a by GoodOldGames
    • Gnuboy v1.0.1 by Caz
    Please visit BeEmulated.net for all your BeOS needs. Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the news about the Raine port :) - Opi

  • New Virus: Beware - There's a new 'virus' (worm would be a better desciption) doing the rounds. I've received a few of these mails today, in both English and Spanish. If you get a mail with an attachment, with the following in the message body, you better delete it ASAP:

    Hola como estas ?
    Te mando este archivo para que me des tu punto de vista
    Nos vemos pronto, gracias.


    Hi! How are you?
    I send you this file in order to have your advice
    See you later. Thanks

    I've received 5 already today, so chances are it's been spreading fast. The subject header appears random. - atila

  • I'm still here... - It kinda surprised me seeing a
    few "Where ya at?" E-Mails. :) I still haven't gotten my
    new computer, so I can't very well throw out posts all the
    time with a Dreamcast and no keyboard. ;) I should be up
    and going again annoying people soon. I'm gonna go play
    Armada now. Buh-bye.
    - dhalamar

  • Atari 800 Pocket PC?! - To my knowledge there isn't *yet* an Atari 800 emulator for Pocket PC... But that's going to change soon! As an old Atari 800 owner and fan myself, I'm happy to say I received an email from Vasyl T. about his upcoming Atari 800 emulator! He says the "core is completely functional(though needs more testing), sound is 100% done, video just needs optimizations and user input should be ready this weekend. The first version will be compiled for iPAQ." Who wouldn't mind a game of MULE or Archon on the go, eh? Hopefully the project will be ready for the public in the next few weeks - stay tuned! :) If all goes well, I hope to see this project hosted here at Retrogames! (Oh Atila...:) - prophet

  • CE/GG & AppleCE for 720?! - Lucky Jornada 720 users might be getting a port of Bonely Fish's awesome CE/GG, my personal favorite Sega 8 bit emulator for Pocket PC, and/or AppleCE! Just noticed BF's posts in the same thread mentioned below. :o) Yes, I'm really a Pocket PC fan, but it's good to see Handheld PC users getting some action as well. My question - why all the emu news coming from a Pocket Quake thread?! Weird, wild stuff... - prophet

  • PocketSNES for Jornada 720 - After officially releasing the PocketSNES source code earlier this week, news of the first port comes for Jornada 720 (not a Pocket PC, but a Handheld PC) owners! Rob posted in this PocketQuake thread that he hopes to release the port next Monday at the PocketSNES homepage. ( Once again, thanks to the unsleeping Mike Wagstaff at PocketGamer.org :) - prophet

  • Stuart Russell Pocket News - Well known for his Pocket VCS & Coleco emulators, Mr. Russell recently posted a ton of development news in this thread at PPCforum.com! Right now he's working on 2 Commodore 64 emulator ports to Pocket PC - one based on VICE and the other based on Frodo. Even more exciting are possible Gameboy and Gameboy Advance emulators based upon Marat's cores. The Gameboy emu would "aim at a freeware port" and hopefully be faster than the commercial PocketGB emulator! Nice! :) (Thanks PocketGamer.org) - prophet

  • MAMEDC v0.3 - UGA UGA - MAMEDC update mania ! New day - new release. New in v0.3 :
    • cd swapping code should be fixed (thanks to James Surine)
    • James also fixed a small bug in the sound code
    • zip support fixed! put all your zipped roms in the /roms/ folder
    • looks like some roms HAVE to be zipped otherwise they won't work
    • added bubble bobble, bombjack & contra drivers!
    • second controller support
    Thanks to Mark Edwards and DrkTetsuya for the emails. - Opi

  • RockNES v1.941 DOS - A bugfixed new RockNES is out. Visit the homepage to read more about Fx3's latest fixes and adjustments. - Opi

  • HuE v0.01 - Navarone informed us about the initial release of a new Japanese open source PC Engine/TG-16 emulator for Windows called HuE. The emulator and homepage are completely written in Japanese but it doesn't need a genious mind to load a game ... at least I successfully did it :) Click on "__(F)" on the top left and then "_(O)" and you're set :) HuE is fast, very compatible, features sound (good) and a Kaillera client. The archive contains no readme so this is all I'm able to tell you :) - Opi

  • Super TV Boy - Not sure if we've reported this before or not, but it's truly retro! Dirk from the Space Invaders shrine (hosted here at Retrogames!) emailed me about the Super TV Boy - a PAL-only device that looks like a funky PSX pad, but actually has 127 built-in Atari 2600 games. Pretty weird to see something like this in the age of internet emulation and X-Box. :) - prophet

  • PocketGB 1.37 - Aaron Oneal released a new build of PocketGB, his commercial multi-console emulator for Pocket PC's! New this release: better virtual pad with an A+B button, and the disappearing virtual pad on Casios is now fixed. This is not a free emulator, each main console core costs $20 to register, so be sure to try before you buy! (Thanks GadgetMan) - prophet

  • GNUboy CE binaries - Pocket PC users can now get pre-compiled GNUboy CE binaries from PocketFun! Only the MIPS binary of this free Gameboy emulator is available now, but ARM and SH3 will come later. (Thanks Pocket PC Thoughts) - prophet

  •    Wednesday, July 18th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:38 EST

  • RomCenter v2.20 - Eric Bole-Feysot released a new RomCenter version today. New in v2.20 of this fine ROM managing tool :
    • Link to CAESAR database and MAME.DK repository : Select a mame game and open its page on Caesar or Mame.dk
    • Copy or Move selected games (neogeo, cps2..., incomplete, unknown...) to another directory
    • Fix incomplete games on CDROM
    • Report which roms are missing in games
    • Purge backup folder directly from Romcenter
    • Choose Zip compression level
    • Bug fixes.
    Thanks to Eric himself for the news :) - Opi

  • GoodMTX v1.00 - Here's - Cowering's final (???) Memotech MTX512 tape renamer release with 94 known database entries.
    - Another 1.0 release! except for MegaStar games, all others are dumped or are awaiting tape conversion.
    - If you do have any more MTX images, especially the MegaStar games.. PLEASE get in touch. - Opi

  • Kawaks 1.13 - All you CPS2-lovers out there, a new version of Kawaks has been released, so let's check out what's new:

    * New frameskip code. Should perform a LOT better for slower computers.
    * Added Nebula cheat support. 100% compatible :) Read whatsnew.txt from more info
    * Added features to search for new cheats.
    * Replaced 2xSai and SuperEagle blitters by ASM counterparts, which require MMX but are over twice as fast.
    * Modified ADPCM so it's mono (the way it should be) and a bit softer to avoid static.
    * Added new options for correct windowed aspect ratio and full screen aspect ratio. Note that using the "smaller display" setting for your full screen ratio will allow you to use 640x480 :). Read the INI for more info.
    * Added option to save current key settings to defaultkeys.ini
    * Suppressed the NoSound flag. Since 1.11, sound IS required for Kawaks to run.
    * Added driver for Pang! 3 (Euro). Has lousy sound, however...
    * Better sound for Final Fight and Strider
    * Fixed Carrier Air Wing palette
    * Fixed a sprite clipping issue in CPS1 games.
    * Fixed HotRod Player 2 keys.
    * Fixed Capcom Sports Club button 3

    That's an impressive list! You can download Kawaks 1.13 here. Thanks to Razoola for the news. - atila

  • VirtuaNES v0.21 - Norix's NES emulator VirtuaNES was updated to v0.21! This Japanese Win32 NES emulator has some special features such like TV aspect ratio, adjustable scanlines and TV frame display that let you have real TV experience on PC Monitor (may depends on graphic cards). It also has many common features like save states, MMC5 sound extension, joystick supports, NSF player...etc. Main changes in this version are (translated from Japanese):
    • Fixed a bug of path setting when takes a snapshot but did not set the save path.
    • Fixed handle problem when main drawing surface can't put into video memory. Now will put into system memory and can work on low video-memory system.
    • Fixed shaking problem on vertical scroll stage of Castlevania 3.
    • Mapper16 fixes and adjustments.
    VirtuaNES is an open-source project, and been translated to English, Spanish and Korean. I just tried it, and TV mode has nice looking :) Thanks to Emulation 9 for news :) - Aries

  • MAMEDC v0.2 - Here is (shortly after my WIP update) the 0.2 release of MAMEDC based on MAME v0.37 beta 15. Fire up your cd burners to play some rounds of Commando or Ghosts'n Goblins on your Dreamcast :)
    • James Surine provided working sound support!
    • added Ghosts'n Goblins and Commando drivers
    • now uses the TA hardware for displaying the screen so it's somewhat faster and looks way better
    • zip support added but it doesn't work right so keep on using unzipped roms
    Thanks to nintendont for the release info. - Opi

  •    Tuesday, July 17th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:00 EST

  • Advanced SubPort.Org Opened - SubPort.Org got a new little brother (which surely will grow quickly) - Advanced SubPort.Org ! - Opi

  • GBA Renamer v1.073 - A new DAT file for Tiberian Dark's GBA Renamer is online. GBA Renamer is a powerful alternative to GoodGBA. - Opi

  • MAMEDC v0.2 WIP - Christophe Thibault made a little WIP statement about the upcoming MAMEDC v0.2 release.

    "I rewrote the gfx engine so it uses the dreamcast TA chip and it looks really awesome switching over to the TA provides automatic stretch and anti-aliased gfxs! it even looks better than the bare mame on my pc+19" monitor. i've even noticed that the new gfx code is a bit faster than before.. also, i've compiled the ghost'n goblins driver into mamedc and it works pretty well".

    Here are a few new WIP screenshots taken with a digital camera. MAMEDC is a MAME version for Sega's Dreamcast !
    Picture link fixed !
    Thanks to Emu Shoppe for the email :) - Opi

  • VZEM v2.0 - Cloy informed us about a new VZEM release. Version 2.0 adds sound and disk support ! - Opi

  • Rico's PD ROMs Collection Moved - Rico has moved his mega-collection of legal Public Domain ROMs to a new place !
    If you're looking for all the PD ROMs listed by the various Cowering ROM renamers look at www.legalroms.fr.st !

    Update : Sorry guys, the site has been taken down due to massive public demand ! It was "hosted" on a personal webserver (PC at home) with "only" a DSL connection. It should be reopened in a few days on a better and more reliable server :) We'll keep you informed ! - Opi

  • Stingray v0.1.4 - Ti-B0ne's Cps2MAME frontend Stingray was updated to 0.1.4 yesterday. New in this edition :
    • Fixed Darkstalkers : The Night Warriors (US 940818)
    • Fixed 19XX: The War Against Destiny (Hispanic 951218)
    • Fixed Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Hispanic 951117)
    • Finally fixed that stupid language screen bug. (I inverted one line in the code..)
    • Fixed crash when using Hardware Stretch and Direct Draw at same time..
    Stingray is a Windows application :) - Opi

  • MAME for Jornada 720 - Kevin Ng put together a build of MAME (based on Gandalf's iMAME) for HP Jornada 720 (handheld PC) users! - prophet

  • Arcade Flyers news - Now available: MAME Flyer Pack #11 - 31 new images / 22 replaced / Total: 1504 images. XRay1 kindly informed me that he "submitted our last collected flyers to John IV of MAME32QA. I decided to make a last post about the packs and to make it available over here for the last time." - prophet

  • Url tip - If you can't reach the official site of DreamGBA, try this url :) - Aries

  •    Monday, July 16th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:56 EST

  • AdvanceMAME v0.37 b16.0 - Andrea Mazzoleni fantastic AdvanceMAME was updated to v0.37 b16.0 today. This is an unofficial MAME DOS version with advanced video modes and enhanced support for TVs, Arcade Monitors, and now also for PC Monitors. Look at these and these impressive RGB tricks and should get the feeling what "advanced video support" means :) New in this release :
    • Added the new `scale2x' blit effect. [look at these new Snapshots !]
    • The `safeexit' option now show a confirmation menu.
    Thanks to Andrea himself and DragonZ for the news :) - Opi

  • HeboWin v00.04 (Updated) - Atuen's GB emulator HeboWin was updated to v00.04. This GB emulator supports GB/SGB/GBC and some nice features such like motion censor input. Changes in this version are:
    • Cable-link feature added (but network support is not implemented)
    • Player 2 input added (in SGB and Cable-link mode)
    • Pocket-printer feature added (Bonus feature :)
    • etc....
    Since HeboWin is an experimental project, it may not continue developing, but will contribute to the next project (maybe NES?). Anyway, if you are interesting in GB emulation, it is really worth a try. Thanks to Emulation 9 for tips :) - Aries

  • DreamGBA v1.6 - Kervin just released new version of his GBA emulator DreamGBA! was released! What's new in this version are:
    • Improved EEPROM support.Mario Advance can load previous saved game.
    • VRAM access violation detection added.EX-Monopoly works
    • Some adjustment to IRQ routine.Rockman EXE shows title
    • Readded GBC compatible sound channels support that is disabled in 1.5
    • Run faster....
    Please forward to the official site of DreamGBA and download the emulator and some DLLs (if you don't have them), don't forget that it require GBA BIOS to run correctly :) - Aries

  • MAMEINFO 3.32 - M.A.S.H. has released MAMEInfo 3.23. - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with WIP reports for the first couple weeks of July. Tons of updates as usual: TI-85, TI-86 driver additions by Krzysztof, a Mattel Intellivision driver by Frank, Atari Lynx updates by PeT, Coleco updates by Ben and much more! Click the link above to get all the details (and some pics as well). - chris

  • RockNES v1.940 DOS - A new version of Fx3's excellent NES/Famicom emu RockNES is online. Please visit the homepage to view the (as usually) large list of changes. Don't forget to give Fx3 his deserved feedback. It's nearly impossible to improve and enhance/bugfix a big emulator project without user feedback :) Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the update info. - Opi

  • fMSX v2.5 - Marat Fayzullin released a new version of fMSX, his portable MSX/MSX2/MSX2 Plus emulator. Ports are available for Windows, DOS, MacOS, Linux, AmigaOS, OS/2 and 11 other OS !
    • Added emulation state saving and loading.
    • Added support for GZIPped ROM files and state file.
    • Changed keyboard handler in fMSX-Unix. Hopefully, the key assignments should now be more natural.
    • Keyboard assignments changed everywhere.
    Marats fMSX needs to be registered for a fee of $35 ! Hint : there are a bunch of free ports available so it's up to you to decide :) - Opi

  •    Sunday, July 15th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:24 EST

  • Riddle - What's "all new", shiny and has had a nice redesign? The new and improved Arcade Flyers! - atila

  • Omori MAME WIP - An unknown guy (we are now sure it was insideoutboy; source. Thanks Maccy !) has set up a special WIP page on Geocities for a new Omori MAME driver. This should be good news for those of you that would like to play Popper (© 1983) and Car Jamboree (© 1983) from this company.

    Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the link. - Opi

  • SMS Plus! For Sega Dreamcast beta 7 - A new beta of SMS Plus! for Dreamcast (a port of Charles Mac Donald's Sega Master System/Game Gear emu for DOS) was released yesterday. New in this release : sound support, 2 player support, Game Gear playable and more. Please look here for the complete list of changes :) Thanks to PeterD for the news.

    WELCOME BACK Aries - it's great to have you back, completely and NOT in pieces :) - Opi

  • It's REALLY fixed :) - If you still have some problems, then this fixed version of Kawaks should solve all sound issues. And I just noticed that I'm downloading v1.12 :P - Aries

  • Kawaks v1.11 sounds better - New version of Kawaks was released! Here is the quick what's new list for this version:
    • That bad, naughty, evil, and overall not very nice sound issue should be fixed now :))
    • Modified autoframeskip code to adapt to new timing system. Should be better too, now.
    • Added a system to autodetect for each frame wether sprite masking is needed or not. Since it is not, most of the time, this speeds up things nicely in many games :)
    • Fixed Street Fighter Zero - CPS Changer (Japan 951020) backgrounds (broken in 1.10)
    • Macros for Player 2, Player 3 and Player 4. Have a look at updated Defaultkeys.ini
    • New blitter: Zoom 2x software. In other words, 200% without blur effect.
    • Fixed XMen Versus Street Fighters hanging when beginning fight against Apocalypse
    • Faster loading for Capcom Sports Club
    • Correct the CRCs for Capcom Sports Club
    • New function to redraw the current frame without the on screen messages. Handy if you want to make a screenshot.
    • Added a few background colors in the menu
    • Added Zoom window 100%/200%/300% in the menu
    • Made the Reset key redefinable, since everyone seems to hate F10 :)
    • The usual batch of comestic changes :)
    You can grab it at the Kawaks homepage, and be sure to check the re-updated FAQ first! - Aries

  • Aries is back online :) - Hi everyone, Aries backs to RG :) Finally I recovered from the car accident with several months of rest. After this horrible experience, I really feel it is so wonderful that can have a healthy body again. Anyway, I'll focus on Chinese/Japanese emu-related news like before. And please e-mail me corrections if you find my English is really weird :) - Aries

  • Let the tales begin! - Freylis and Ian Boffin have teamed up to create an amazing recreation of John Popadiuk's Tales of the Arabian Nights for Visual Pinmame! Ian was responsible for the Attack from Mars and Theatre of Magic conversions, and his assistance shows in the detailed and accurate table modelling on TOTAN. Also, much kudos to Dorsola for coding a working "spinning lamp" script, something I thought impossible with the current version of VP. Grab the table from AJ's place. Be sure to read the enclosed history file, as it contains some important notes regarding table operation and bug workarounds. - metallik

  •    Saturday, July 14th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:16 EST

  • VisualBoyAdvance WIP - Forgotten reported the new features of the upcoming VisualBoyAdvance release. Looks very promising indeed :)
    • video options (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x) and resizing are supported
    • vsync and speed synchronization
    • pause, reset
    • save states
    • screen capture [HURRA !]
    • some bug fixes I hope
    Thanks to Bully for the notification :) PLEASE - don't "mail-bomb" Forgotten with questions about the release date - it will be out when it's ready and not one hour earlier :) - Opi

  • Good5200 v0.999.4 - Here's a new Atari 5200 ROM renamer release by Cowering. Thanks to Jens-Uwe Jansen for the hint :)
    - 190 entries
    - Some previously [b] dumps are actually good (will work in next MESS)
    - & the usual additions - Opi

  • PocketGB 1.36 - Aaron Oneal released the latest version of PocketGB, his commercial multi-console emulator for Pocket PC's! New this release: possibly better performance (?), switched to Marat's NES core (which means no more free NES with Gameboy registration), demo time extended to 5 minutes, savestate fixes and other adjustments. This is not a free emulator, each main console core costs $20 to register, so be sure to try before you buy! Results will no doubt vary depending on your hardware. (Thanks GadgetMan) - prophet

  • SpecEmu v1.3 - Mark Woodmass' ZX Spectrum emulator for Win9x SpecEmu was updated to version 1.3. Neither the included readme file nor the homepage mentions any changes for this release, so all I can tell is SpecEmu v1.3 is OUT :) Thanks Emulation 9. - Opi

  • YAPE Needs A New Home - Here's another emulation site in need of a new host ! Attila Grósz's C-16/Plus4 emulator YAPE needs a new home due to JoseQ's sad retirement. Please contact Attila if you wanna help him out ! - Opi

  • Good Tools Section Updated - Cowering's GoodTools section is up to date. Please report errors and missing stuff. SNES and NES section will follow soon (maybe today) :) - Opi

  • PocketNES News - Richard Rice recently updated the PocketNES homepage ( hosted right here at Retrogames :) with news that he intends to "add a few requested features to PocketNES and finally call it 1.0." PocketNES is an excellent NES emulator for Pocket PC's. Don't ask for speed increases, as the emu is already highly optimized. There's also a new Paypal account for anyone wishing to send a contribution in appreciation for PocketNES. Lastly, Richard is now starting up a new game company, Stalker Entertainment, and we wish him well! Feel free to use our new Pocket PC Emulation board to discuss PocketNES, or any other Pocket PC emus. (Thanks PocketGamer.org for the heads-up) - prophet

  • GooSNES 0.2 - GooSNES is a simple GTK frontend for SNES9x. Changes: Fixed incompatabilities with newer versions of GTK. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Friday, July 13th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:58 EST

  • MAME goes Dreamcast - Many people wanted it, now they're getting it courtesy of Christophe Thibault's new unofficial MAME port - MAME DC! Currently it supports these 6 drivers: PacMan, Arkanoid, Super Qix (bootleg), Psychic5, Pang and Super Pang. Note the code is still preliminary and unoptimized, so not all games will run full speed yet. (Thanks ReptileZero) - prophet

  • Jagulator v1.5.0 - Realityman has released the 1st ever public build of Jagulator - his Atari Jaguar emulator! It's still very preliminary, and limited to public domain demos, but it's great to see Jaguar emulation taking off. Congratulations Realityman and please keep working on it! I still have my old Jag and every now and then mess around with a little Cybermorph and Tempest 2000... :) (Thanks Gouk) - prophet

  • Mini Classic Tetris v1.3 - I'm no friend of these daily updated emulators but what should I do ... :) Mini Classic Tetris v1.3 is online. Now with analog joystick support, Reset function, some fixed bugs AND an English language homepage. Thanks to Rico2000 for the email. - Opi

  • CustomGB v0.003 - The Japanese Game Boy emu CustomGB was once again updated today. Maybe some of you (5 ?) are interested in that info - hehe :) Thanks Lrd[EFN]. - Opi

  • Steem v1.6 - The Steem Engine website was updated with a new Steem release today. Version 1.6 includes many bug fixes and even more new features. Here are a few of the new additions :
    • Serial port emulation
    • ROM data cartridge support
    • Multiple screenshots, can capture any screen effect
    • Fullscreen 640x400 mode
    • DIM disk image support
    Download your copy of Steem v1.6 by clicking here ! Thanks Peter :) - Opi

  • SMS Power Hosting Problems - Zoop is probably in need of a new host in a short period of time. Source : his posting from his own SMS Power forum. Please contact him if you're able to offer a hosting solution (for free). It would be a shame seeing this great Sega 8bit resource going down ! Thanks Shih Tzu :) - Opi

  • ace v1.1 - A new ace [another capcom (play system) emulator] version has been released. These are the changes. News taken from Emulation 9 ! - Opi

  • Raine v0.32a - The Raine-team just released the recently promised v0.32 - DOS, Windows and Linux versions are online ! Whatsnew :
    • New optional snapshots for the games. See [Snapshot]
    • New cheats.cfg file format, with plenty of new cheats inside (thanks a lot to Steph and Pugsy). See the cheats.cfg file itself for an explanation of its new format.
    • New cheat type : watches (usefull for puzzles)
    • New linux video driver : Xwindows fullscreen.
    • And loads of bugfixes. Qsound games still have no sound though, and priorities are not fixed in every cps1 game...
    A new Raine release as FAREWELL greetings to JoseQ ? Maybe :) Take care and keep it retro ! - Opi

  • The End Of An Era - Today is the day: JoseQ is officially 'retiring' :( JoseQ has run EmuViews for a good few years and he was always straight up. Me and JoseQ met in #mamegames, way back when and we started our sites in the same week after I told him how to register his site with Threadnet (remember them days?). I'm currently reminiscing with JoseQ, so I'm getting all emotional 'n stuff, so I have to go now :x

    JoseQ and EmuViews will be missed. - atila

  • MAME WIP - Updated... thanks to BombJack for the news. - chris

  •    Thursday, July 12th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:38 EST

  • Pocket PC Emulation Message Board! - There ya go - Retrogames' Pocket PC Emulation board is now ready. Enjoy, and please get the word out to the Pocket PC community that there's a new forum dedicated to emulators! :) - prophet

  • CustomGB v0.002 - A second release of CustomGB, a Japanese Game Boy Color emulator has seen the light of day today (how poetical). Maybe you're uninterested in Japanese language emus but nevertheless you should visit the CustomGB site. Because the homepage has a cool effect I've never seen before : a wandering navigation bar on the left ... nice :)
    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Nemu v0.8 WIP - The Nemu homepage was updated with an exciting development report about the last 4 months of silent coding. LaC and Lemmy uploaded screenshots from Rare's latest (and last) N64 hit releases Banjo Tooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day as well as new pics from Zelda - Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. All shots are looking near perfect so I guess we can trust LaC and Lemmy's statement : "Compatibility is higher than any n64 emulator right now, and it continues to grow. Alot of work is being done to put certain games on the compatibility list". Well, that sounds very promising for me although no release date was mentioned ... We have to be patient - as usual :) Thanks EmuManiac

    Thank You - I wanna say thanks to more than 30 people who took the time to write me an (supportive, kind, friendly and nice) email yesterday. Due to the amount of received mails I was unable to answer every single mail - SORRY :) In conclusion it looks like you are all able to understand my SNK'glish :) - Opi

  • StretchMAME32 0.37 Beta 16 - SMAME released the latest version of his unofficial MAME32 build with special full screen stretching features and more! This release includes all the newest CPS2Shock releases, Siriru's new CPS2 and CAVE driver, and a new user defined folder! Download it from the StretchMAME32 homepage.(Thanks Xtian) - prophet

  • xtrs 4.7 - xtrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Unix and the X Window System. Changes: Fixed a silly bug that caused a crash if no -diskdir was specified. License: Freely Distributale. Thanks to Ira for the news. - chris

  • OC ReMix ReDesign - after months of orange, musical glee, 'DJ Pretzel's OverClocked ReMix' is now 'OverClocked ReMix v2.0', and will remain so for some time. Conversion to the new design is largely complete, but does not feature the long-promised database system. Guess that'll be version 2.1 ^^ Check it out here. - david

  •    Wednesday, July 11th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:05 EST

  • TourMAME 0.37 Beta 16.1 - Tourniquet emailed that he just released a new build of his unofficial version of MAME! New stuff includes: all the latest CPS2Shock releases, Ian Patterson's latest WIP Cheat engine, ShiRiRu's latest CAVE driver and fix for Win95 patch to support debug.ini for debug builds, and various M.A.S.H fixes! Get it at the TourMAME homepage. - prophet

  • Neo-0 Dumping/Decryption News - Check this post by BustWolf about some VERY intriguing Neo-0 news for NeoGeo emulation fans. Short and sweet: El Bucanero posted that the Manson/Tyris method worked perfectly on Metal Slug X, but their KoF2K cart appears to be dead. ( Couldn't directly link the Neo-0 messageboard without getting a mess of popups and stuff :( ) - prophet

  • PocketSNES tidbits - PocketGamer.org reported that Darren of PocketSNES has added 2 new discussion forums. This thread will be of special interest to HP Jornada users - seems they *might* be getting some PocketSNES style emulation soon! - prophet

  • Pocket PC Emulation update - Larry Bank interviewed! It's a good read, detailing how the Microsoft Arcade Pack for Pocket PC's came to be and many other subjects. Larry also JUST released a serial gamepad driver for Pocket PC's - iPaq owners should especially love that, and it's available now from our Pocket PC Emulation section! Lastly, I've also added a few more links and short reviews, this time courtesy of WorldRave. :) - prophet

  • Retro-Remakes : Archon Evolution - 'The Development Diary' page at the Archon Evolution project site was updated with some interesting news about the on-going development process. Looks like Jon Freeman, one of the original developer, is supporting the guys from Curve Software ! - Opi

  • "KAWAK you too!" - Not only were there 3 new XOR releases, but the CPS2Shock site also reported news of a new KAWAKS, version 1.10 to be exact. Let's see what's new in this release:

    - Added option to disable individual sprite layers.
    - Added Hotrod autoconfiguration in Game menu.
    - Added option to disable all keyboard shortcuts.
    - Unassigned keys 0 to 9.
    - Sound fixed in Punisher, Cadillac & Dinosaurs, Warriors of fate (broken in 1.09).
    - Modified 68000 core, which allows new VRAM code. Fixes gfx glitches and gives a speed boost.
    - Added sprite priorities and masking (CPS-2).
    - Suppressed the "Show only available sets" option.
    - Fixed the overclock functionnality (broken in 1.09).

    New drivers :
    Capcom Sports Club (Japan 970722)
    Capcom Sports Club (Asia 970722)
    Capcom World 2 (Japan) (CPS1)
    SSF2: The Tournament Battle (ETC 931119)

    You can get the new release at kawaks.retrogames.com. - atila

  • HATARI! - Linux users can now enjoy a new Atari ST emu called Hatari. It's based off the WinSTon source code, but uses the UAE CPU core. Since it's still 'alpha', it isn't very compatible, but it does run a few disk images at this point, so feel free to give it a try. License: GPL. Big up to Zophar's Domain for the news. - atila

  • Jagulator Update - RealityMan has posted an update at the Jagulator site, he has started to rewrite the source code, which 'caused' quite a few demos to start working. He will be focussing on the getting the joypad code to work, which, in turn, will get quite a few more things working. So check out the piccies now at the Jagulator site. (Sorry for this rewrite, Opi deleted my first posting by accident) - atila

  • CPS2-Mania - Razoola updated CPS2-Shock with 3 new XOR tables. Release #43, #44 and #45 are online.

    #43 - Super Street Fighter 2: TB (ETC 931119)
    #44 - Capcom Sports Club (Japan 970722)
    #45 - Capcom Sports Club (Aisa 970722) - Opi

  • CPC-em v0.2 - CPCE v0.90 - ´Today is a remarkable day for all Amstrad fans. Two different emulator releases within a single day ! I think that never happened before - correct me if I'm wrong :)

    CPC-em v0.2 is online - Tom Walker's freeware emu for DOS is in early developing stage - it lacks sound and tape emulation, BUT features a screenshot function, which I consider as extremly important and useful !!! New features in release 0.2 :
    • New user interface
    • SVGA mode
    • Joystick emulation
    CPCE v0.90 released. César Nicolás González' emu is likewise DOS based. Its emulation is pretty complete AND has also a screenshot function implemented. New in version 0.90 :
    • Fully rewritten
    • More stable and compatible
    • General emulation of CRTC special effects!
    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for both news. Congratulations for your 2nd anniversary, thanks for being a trustworthy steady news source !BTW : Nice new design :) - Opi

  • #Retrogamers IRC - If you participate in the #retrogamers chat channel on IRC, you've probably noticed that Efnet is experiencing difficulties at the moment. I put up a temporary server for #retrogamers at the.idsa.net (type /server the.idsa.net in your IRC client) .. This is not a joke domain.. I own it :) Hang out there until Efnet gets back to normal. If you have problems conecting, post in the current affairs board and I'll take a look. - metallik

  • Join The Family - News Posters Needed At EmuHQ - Wanna be part of the "emu news family" ? You've always dreamed about a news posting career ? (career ? LOL) Here's your chance :

    Visit EmuHQ and read PeterD's "news-hound" request ! - Opi

  • Mini Classic Tetris v1.2 - Rico2000 reported the release of a freshly updated Mini Classic Tetris. About changes : the site's language is French which I barely speak so I have to rely on Rico2000's (thanks) translation :) News : - High Scores, Difficulty Select - Perso (?) & buttons's animation - Savegames - 2-3 bugs fixed - Main Screen - US Clock - Opi

  • GoodNGPx v0.999.2 - The GoodTool madness is still going on :) Here's Cowering's GoodNGPx v0.999.2. A SNK NeoGeo Pocket/Color ROM renamer with 213 database entries :
    - I've missed some recent PD.. please feel free to send them - Opi

  • Sega System 24 Info - Charles MacDonald recently updated his Sega System 24 info page with his latest hardware findings. Now he's looking for additional Oki MSM6253 chip details. A non-Japanese datasheet that has a pinout of the chip and explains how it function would be very useful. Thanks to my German friend Till from Sys2064 for the news tidbit :) - Opi

  • Complete Atari 7800 Collection - WOW - here's a link to an awesome Atari auction at eBay. A fantastic opportunity to get a complete Atari 7800 collection incl. Console, all accessories and all games (61). Most of the stuff is still shrinkwrapped ! Current prize as I post this news $365 which will pretty sure increase :) No (before you ask) I don't know the seller !
    Thanks Class316 for posting this nice link :)

    Personal request : I try my best but I'm aware of my still partly incorrect english skills. Please correct me or make suggestions how to avoid odd sounding phrases. Imagine, my first language is German so I write a posting in German in my mind and then I try to translate it in an acceptable English :) I rarely speak in English so it's hard to improve the "language feeling" without corrections and help. Thanks for your time and support ! It's not necessary to send me emails like "your english is fine :) - Opi

  • ElectrEm beta 9a - A new ElectrEm beta has been put online. This is the third update within three days, beta 9 was a major step forward towards the goal to emulate Acorn's Electron home computer on a PC. Please refer to the changes.log for all newly emulated / changed / improved stuff :) ElectrEm is available for DOS, Win32, Linux/SVGALib and Unix/GGI (more to come). - Opi

  • SAM Coupé Is Alive ! - SimCoupé v0.81a released - a major update to the SAM Coupé emulator. Simon Owen has completed a DirectX port, and is almost done with an SDL port too (for Linux, MacOS and BeOS versions). The core has been largely rewritten, and includes many new features, support for additional peripherals, as well as greatly improved overall emulation accuracy.

    Visit the SimCoupé homepage for further details. Or checkout Stewart Skardon's SAM Coupé site for additional info about this "exotic" Z80 based system from 1989 and its software. - Opi

  •    Tuesday, July 10th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:05 EST

  • Mameinfo.dat v3.22 - M.A.S.H. just released a new Mameinfo.dat (DIFF-Update). I suggest that you carefully read his posting on our General emulation messageboard "how to patch" your old Mameinfo.dat with his new DIFF file. - Opi

  • gnuboy v1.0.1 - gnuboy a free portable Game Boy Color emulator was updated yesterday. gnuboy is "distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License" (so you know how it got its name) and is available for 10 different platforms.
    • fixed problem in "make install" if dest dir doesn't exist
    • cleaned up some compiler warnings
    • fixed a problem with --bindir= not working in the autoconf process
    • renamed several things from mingw32 to just plain windows
    • fixed lots of keys that were still missing on the SDL port
    Thanks to Lrd[EFN] from Pocket Heaven for the notification ! - Opi

  • GoodGBx v0.999.9 - Click here to download Cowering's new GoodGBx release. The database in version 0.999.9 recognizes 5769 entries.

    - new entries.. more off the redump list (only 24 left)
    - added Lemmings (E) and Jurassic Park (E) to redump list
    - thanks for the rename help Lentium, Xeron and anyone else I forgot - Opi

  • Hmmm... - I got home from work this morning, turned
    on my computer, and all of a sudden I hear a popping sound.
    My computer shuts off, I smelt something burnt, so now I'm
    on my Dreamcast with no keyboard using the on screen
    keyboard with the controller. :(
    - dhalamar

  •    Monday, July 9th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:37 EST

  • Heya MAME.dk... - Please check your email guys. :) (The one about MAMEBoy) If you did reply to me, my Retrogames account was down Saturday, so please reply again. - prophet

  • PocketSNES Update - Pocket SNES is a Super Nintendo emulator for Pocket PC's by Darren - the news concerns the source code, which will be released to "a small group of people to work and contribute to the future releases while still maintaining an official release and code base" within the next 2 weeks! Interested emu devs should visit the homepage to learn how to become involved. Great news for Pocket PC emulation and fans alike. (Thanks PocketGamer.org) Also, expect a nice update to the Retrogames Pocket PC Emulation section later this week - more emus, more reviews, and a truly interesting interview (just need to HTML'ize it now!) with a very talented Pocket PC emu dev! - prophet

  • Classic Gaming Expo 2001 - 08/11/2001 - Wanna buy Elevator Action for the Atari 2600 or AtariSoft's original Dig Dug, Joust or Pac-man releases for your old dusty ColecoVision ? You think I try to fool you ? No, no - I wouldn't ... never ... really :) Visit the official Classic Gaming Expo 2001 show homepage and check their amazing announcements.

    The show will take place at Jackie Gaughan's Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on august 11th ! Thanks to n2locarz for the hint :) - Opi

  • Zodiac - New Nebula Frontend - PeterD posted Excelsus' new frontend for Nebula called Zodiac. Please visit EmuHQ to download it. - Opi

  • Airbus A320 On AMI Sector One - Bernd Gmeineder, webmaster of AMI Sector One - a well known legal Amiga gaming dedicated website - has sent me the following news :

    "On AMI Sector One you can now get for free and legal the wellknown Amiga flight simulation 'Airbus A320'. This game is very complex - it is something for manual readers. There is also another game by the same programmer Rainer Bopf : It is called 'JU 52 Fligh Simulator' and is similar to the Airbus game. However, you fly a JU-52 airplane. With kind permission from former 'Microdeal' programmers there are now the Amiga games 'Airball' and 'Amiga Soccer' which was one of the best football games in the year 1988.
    Of course there are further games, musicdisks, applications and other stuff".

    Visit AMI Sector One and read the latest news text for further information". - Opi

  • BoycottAdvance v0.21b WIP - Gollum posted a small BoycottAdvance development report about the upcoming v0.21b release, plus 7 new screenshots .... still no sound support ! Thanks Rico2000 ! - Opi

  • GameBoyEmu - Wanna play some Game Boy Classics online ? Test David Winchurch's Java based Game Boy emulator GameBoyEmu and play Tetris DX, Super Mario Land and many more fine Game Boy games in your web browser. GameBoyEmu is an open source project so you're free to download the applet source code and use it on your own website.
    For additional details (licence / legal issues) - click here.
    Thanks to Mark Wegner for the tip :) - Opi

  • Custom GB v0.001 - Navarone informed us about the release of a new Game Boy emulator for Windows called Custom GB. A fixed version 0.001 is currently available - thats all I'm able to understand - the site is completely written in Japanese :) - Opi

  • Xevious Samples - MAME fans - go and visit the MAME homepage and download the newly uploaded Xevious sample set (336 kb). It contains the now needed explo3.wav and explo4.wav which were both added in the beta 16 Xevious driver. - Opi

  • Neo-0 Dumping/Decryption Progress - Aside from some nice news about more MVS games being announced, Neo-0 has reported that Tyris has made some major progress with the ROM banking method he's been working on with Manson. There's much more to the story, so check it out yourself. - prophet

  • /me slaps himself - Rule #2 of posting: Read site before posting so you don't make a 'double post'. - atila

  • Sheesh... - A whole day has passed and only one update, something's gotta give ;) So I'll fire up 'ye olde mailclient' and see what good news is out there in the world. - atila

  • Salon 2600 article - Salon.com just recently posted a good mainstream article on the continued popularity of the Atari 2600, mentioning emulators a bit. Their writing tends to be pretty decent, and it's good that a non-technical news source runs front-page stories like this I suppose. Check it out here - david

  •    Sunday, July 8th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:15 EST

  • ePSXe Compatibility List - TFC's ePSXe Compatibility List is ready to take submission for the recent v1.4.0 release of ePSXe. As of this post, they have 91 games in the database (not 91 unique games mind you). So run a game, if it works, submit it in. If it doesn't, submit it anyway. ;) Or just go there to see if your favourite game runs. Thanks to TFC for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • FCE Ultra v0.61r2 - There was a bug with sprite transparencies in the previous release, so they fixed it, among other things. Head on over to the official page for more info and the Win32 and Linux downloads. :) - dhalamar

  • MiniTetris v1.1 - I have played Tetris before (hell, who hasn't =P), but never on a Game & Watch, and this is precisely what Mini Classics has released. :) Due to the page being in French, I can't really tell you what's new though. Thanks to Rico from RCRoms for the E-Mail. - dhalamar

  • Raine WIP - The Raine WIP page was updated with a few new screenshots and the announcement of a new Raine v0.32a release for sometimes next week ! Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the news. - Opi

  • xtrs 4.6 - xtrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Unix and the X Window System. Changes: Improved keyboard handling, and a few other minor tweaks and fixes. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, July 7th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:06 EST

  • StretchMame32 with Kaillera 0.37 test20 - Here's a new StretchMame32 test version for you to try out :) News :
    • Integrated Siriru's new CPS2 driver
    • Added NVRAM support to Namco Classics
    • Added user defined folder
    Please report any odd behaviour or bugs to smame ! Thanks once more to EmuManiac for the news submission. - Opi

  • FCE Ultra v0.61 - Navarone mentioned new Windows and Linux releases of FCE Ultra. News : screenshots are now saved in PNG format, Game Genie emulation was fixed and faster sprite rendering implemented. If you wanna download a highly compatible; easy to use and setup NES emu - this is a good choice :) - Opi

  • 1964 v0.6.2 - Rice updated the 1964 homepage with a new release of this great N64 emulator for Windows. Basic support for Game Shark codes, more stable load/save save states and the usual fixes are the reported news for release 0.6.2. New submitted by EmuManiac ! - Opi

  • BGB v0.32 - BGB, a new Game Boy emulator for Windows (non-DirectX based) was updated to version 0.32. News : "Added icon. Fixed serial transfer; Mortal Kombat and Alleyway now run. CPU optimized with assembler. Emulated behavior of window (startrek briefing screen). minor changes." That's all folks :) Thanks to Lrd[EFN] for the email :) - Opi

  • Unofficial Highscore.dat v7.5 - leezer just released Unofficial Highscore.dat v7.5 for MAME with many new NeoGeo and beta 16 additions ! Don't forget to download the additionally needed NVRAM files from leezer's site. - Opi

  • Atari800-Win Plus version 2.8 - A new version of Atari 800win Plus was released yesterday. This update features many bugfixes and additions - see the included Help file for a full list. Some of the more interesting features include the ability to save the video stream to an .AVI file, and interpolation/scanline modes for stretched video. It also includes many fixes to improve performance under Windows 2000. Get it from the homepage - metallik

  • xmame-0.37b16 - Lawrence Gold has put together a new xmame! Thanks to all who have contributed to this release. You can download the patch against 0.37b15.1 from here, and the full version from here. Changes can be read here. License: Free to use, but restricted. - chris

  • GoodSNES v0.999.3 - Here's an updated GoodSNES - for me the most important Cowering tool - SNES rules :) GoodSNES Stats: 3755 entries.

    - SnowyOwl PLEASE email me if you are still online
    - started adding Translations. I'm sure I missed some important ones though
    - redumped carts have [!] now.. and previously listed carts now have [b1] if they have been shown bad (I'm not removing any more roms from database)
    - Carts from Holland are now scanned correctly
    - updated Goodcodes.txt for those of you keeping track - Opi

  •    Friday, July 6th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:53 EST

  • Eidolon's Inn Celebrated 4th Anniversary - Eidolon's Inn is one of a few retro related websites that survived its 4th birthday at full health. Congratulations ! Sega and MULE fans - don't miss this great site and its famous Tavern. - Opi

  • Kawaks v1.09 - Kawaks, the new CPS1/2 emulator for Windows was updated and optimized once more. Version 1.09 is now available for download - the changes are here. Thanks to James Zhang and www.homearcade.net for the notification :) - Opi

  • ScreenMania Update - I just finished an new update at ScreenMania. 100 new games with more than 5,000 shots are online. Two new sections (MSX and NeoGeo Pocket) were added as well as many new Amiga, Game Boy Advance, Genesis and NES screenshots. Your contributions and/or feedback are welcome. - Opi

  • CCS64 Updated - New DOS/Win9x/HardSid beta 2.0 versions of Håkan Sundell fantastic C-64 emulator CCS64 are online. New in this 10th beta 2.0 update (how about a better naming system Håkan ?) :
    • Fixed the 16-bit PAL TV graphics mode to use the 5-6-5 RGB color scheme.
    • The C2N emulation now allows to select a new tape after playing the first tape to the end.
    • Emulation of SID filter is now changed how the filter resonance value affects the sound.
    • The Restore key is now easier to use.
    • The Lock-up problem with the MCI Sound Output device is now solved.
    • Fast-loading emulation ($FFD5 trap) by native loading is changed to also allow loading into the I/O memory areas and also clears the load error bits every load attempt.
    Thanks to PeterD from the freshly redesigned EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Hey, Taxi!! - Mike Sweetster has released a beta of Mark Ritchie's Taxi for Visual Pinmame! This classic pin features Mark's signature crossover ramps, and is a fast, flowing game. I can't try the conversion until this afternoon, but it looks like a winner! Get it from AJ's page. Thanks to JPMorgan fo the tip. - metallik

  • Thats not how you hold your "putter!" - William's No Good Go*fers has been ported to Visual Pinmame by BlueTex and Destruk! As of now, this is the last table released by designer Pat Lawlor (WMS Pinball shut down before his Pinball 2000 table could be released) .. and it's deinitly one of his best. Fast, loud, rude and frantic, with excellent use of mechanical gofers and sound effects to set the mood. Kudos to the whole design team for one of my favorite pins ever... it's a keeper in my collection!

    I won't be able to try this conversion until this afternoon, so I can't report how accurate it is. I'm sure it was a challenging project though, with all the gadgets NGG has! Grab it from AJ's site. Thanks to JPMorgan for the news!

    Note: Stern will soon be releasing a new pinball designed by the Pat Lawlor company. Keep an eye on their site for updates. - metallik

  • MAME32 Marquee Pack #06 - Visit EMAM and download the new marquee pack for MAME32. Eldio wrote : "The new download is a 3.53MB zip file containing 143 images (52 new, 91 updated) which brings the marquee count up to 1178 images in total. Please read the accompanying marquee.txt file for a few renames needed to bring the file names up to v37ß16 standard. USA mirrors at Phydeaux's Closet2MAME to follow shortly". - Opi

  • New BitRot Issue - Yes, BitRot, the 'zine with "more anti-Retrogames hysteria per page than any other site", has had another update, so check it out at the site above ;) - atila

  •    Thursday, July 5th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:42 EST

  • Pocket PC Update - Just a note that my MAMEBoy review in our Pocket PC Emulation section has been updated to be more accurate. I also hope to start adding interviews with Pocket PC developers in the near future - stay tuned! - prophet

  • Unofficial Nester - Takada has updated his awesome NES emulator named Unofficial Nester. Here's the "What's new" list:

    added code ... 245(thanx r1),248(thanx ScottWu),60
    fixed code ... 18,19(thanx r1),235(thanx nez-nez)
    support 'Jajamaru Gekimaden - Maboroshi no Kinmajou'(#18)
    support 'Digital Devil Story - Megami Tensei 2'(#19)
    support 'TN 95-in-1 (65-in-1)'(#60)
    support '260-in-1'(#235)
    support 'Yong Zhe Dou E Long - Dragon Quest 6'(#245)
    support 'Bao Qing Tian'(#248)

    Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news. - dhalamar

  • MAME WIP - Go check out the latest MAME work in progress! (Thanks Stephen Palmer) - prophet

  • Windows XP: Just Say No - Time for a bit of non emulation related editorial. As most everyone knows, Microsoft will be releasing it's newest Windows update, Windows XP, later in the year. This version will include some new multimedia features and other improvements; however, it will also include many copy-control measures that sacrafice both the users' privacy AND system integrity, all for the sake of Microsoft's bottom line. Want to swap out a motherboard in an XP box? Better have Bill Gate's number handy.. you'll need it to "re-activate" the operating system when you're done. Check the stories here, here, and here for details (thanks to Slashdot and ZDNet for the links).

    So what can you do? Simple.. Don't buy XP. Encourage your family and friends not to "upgrade" to this operating system. Explain the problems that they will run into down the road and the privacy they'll have to scarafice to use XP and .Net "features." If you are buying a new system, get one with Windows 2000 or WinME, or get a machine with no OS and install GNU/Linux or BSD or the like. Microsoft may feel they're above the law, but there's one thing that they have to listen to: the consumers who buy (or don't buy) their product. It's time for them to start listening.

    Feel free to discuss this on the Current Affairs messageboard. - metallik

  • PS2 HD - Sony will be releasing the PS2 HDD on July 19 in Japan. Both an external and internal model will be available, the price of the external model is ¥19,000 yen ($158) and the internal one will be priced at ¥18,000 yen ($150). The HDD will also contain a network card and a modem. As someone just said on IRC: "Sony is doing a Sega" :) - atila

  • Pocket PC Emu Reviews - I've just added 5 reviews to our Pocket PC Emulation section. Included this update: MAMEBoy, Microsoft Arcade Pack, CE/gg, NES CE & PocketGB. Only one emulator received an A+ rating, but you'll have to take a look to see which one. ;) Funnily enough, it wasn't either of the two commercial emulators I purchased. They say the best things in life are free... Also - would anyone out there like to see a Pocket PC Emulation message board here at Retrogames? Email me and let me know. - prophet

  • Playboy Advance - Also from EmuHQ was word about a WIP for the Macintosh GBA emulator Playboy Advance. There's a lot of things new, such as sound for one thing. Go to the page and check out the screen shots too. - dhalamar

  • Visualboy Advance has received a very very small, but signifigant type of update. For those of you like me who run Windows 2000, go and grab up the emulator. It runs now. :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dhalamar

  • Virtual X68000 1.1.9 - Virtual X68000 is a virtual machine that emulates a Sharp X68000 and optionally its DOS API. Changes: This version was updated to Libvm68k 1.0.6. The source directory hierarchy was changed. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Wednesday, July 4th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:28 EST

  • FCE Ultra v0.60 Windows / Linux - Version 0.60 of FCE Ultra, a fine advanced open source NES/Famicom emulator for Win9x, DOS (outdated) and Linux is now available. Xodnizel fixed a lot of stuff, click here for a complete list of changes. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • BeOS Stuff - A couple of emulators for the Be Operating System have been updated, here's this list:

    Caz has ported version 1.0.0 of his awesome GB/GBC emulator GnuBoy to BeOS, which can be found right here. And he also ported FCE Ultra, which has a NetPlay option, to the OS as well, which can be found over at BeEmulated. And naturally, thanks to them for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Neo-0 lives! - Takagen, Manson, Tyris, Wind and El Bucanero have opened an awesome new NeoGeo site called Neo-0! The design is beautiful (courtesy of the very talented Kyo Takagen) and you'll find news on everything from Manson & Tyris' decryption efforts to new games hitting the scene. NeoGeo emulation fans MUST visit this site NOW! (Thanks Terry Bogard) - prophet

  • Kernel Update - Linus Torvalds has released Linux Kernel 2.4.6. Changes can be read here. License: GPL Thanks to /. for the news. - chris

  • Stand up and fight! - AJ has released Williams' Black Knight 2000 for Visual Pinmame! This table is based off Black's Visual Pinball conversion of BK2K. Only the scripting and related components have been changed to support Pinmame, so that the awesome music and lamp effects from the original game can be enjoyed. Many people, myself included, believe Black Knight 2000 has the best music of ANY pinball machine. As with most initial releases, there are still some issues to be ironed out. Check the forums here for details. Grab the table from AJ's site. - metallik

  • Kawaks v1.08 - A freshly updated new Kawaks binary is online. The list of changes looks quite impressive :) Thanks Rico2000 for the email. - Opi

  • ClrMamePro v2.15a - Roman Scherzer's ROM-manager ClrMamePro was updated to version 2.15a today. For more info ..... look here ! "/lazy mode off" :) - Opi

  • Competition Time Again! - Zophar's Domain is hold its first summer competition: Mario Paint Music Composition! You gotta create a tune using the English version of Mario Paint, one of the rules is the following: Make sure you use ZSNES and save the state while still in the music editor!

    You can read the other rules at the link above :) The winner will get $50 of ZD Store credit. - atila

  • BoycottAdvance/MacOS v0.20 has been released, improving both speed and compatibility. - richard

  • New MAME32 Soon ! - The mame32 qa/test and art dept. site was updated with a very promising little news report: "Finished revamping the test suite and ran it against Michael's new build. There were no showstoppers, things look good. Also revamped and submitted support.htm". It's about time for a new release - we MAME32 users are currently 2 betas behind.

    Big thanks to Michael Soderstrom, Christopher Kirmse and John L. Hardy IV. for their excellent teamwork :) - Opi

  • VisualBoyAdvance v0.1 - Heya Prophet :) It's great to have you back !

    Forgotten released the first version of VisualBoyAdvance to the public. That's his new Game Boy Advance emulator for Windows. You'll have to set your desktop to 32bit colors if you wanna test it. VisualBoyAdvance features full GBA sound although its still slow. The power gauge showed 50% on my PII-400. Forgotten announced better optimized versions in the near future. You can also expect a new VisualBoy in a short period of time.

    Thanks to my friend Lrd[EFN] from Pocket Heaven for the notification :) - Opi

  • StretchMAME Test 19 - SMAME released the latest "test" build of his superb MAME32 variant! This test build is based on the latest MAME 0.37 Beta 16 sources. It includes Kaillera support and is P3 optimized. - prophet

  • Pocket PC Emulators - Check out our brand new Pocket PC Emulation section! You'll find it conveniently linked in the "Misc. things" section to the left. You'll find a rich assortment of links there. If you don't know much about Pocket PC's, I'd highly recommend looking into them. Imagine having a real computer that weighs less than 8 ounces and fits in your hand! And yes, they can even do emulation - everything from arcade to consoles. Retrogames also proudly hosts the Official MAMECE3 messageboard, all about Windows CE based versions of MAME. Lastly, I humbly ask that any Pocket PC emulator developers email me with any news you may have about new projects or releases. I want to vigorously support your work here at Retrogames. :) - prophet

  • Hello again! - I'm back! Happy 4th of July folks. :) Sorry if Opi got anyone excited last week, but I look forward to helping out around here again. As you'll see in my next post, I have a new emulation related hobby as well... - prophet

  • ZSNES v1.31b - Voila - here's the next ZSNES release. Linux users please note - v1.31b is the last Linux binary release. From now on they will only distribute the source. There are too many different Linux configurations possible to support them all with one binary. New in v1.31b :

    **** All ports ****
    - Fixed Super Punchout, now working [zsKnight, _Demo_]
    - Fixed SD Gundam GNext again [_Demo_]
    - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest now works again [zsKnight]
    **** Win v1.04 ****
    - Fixed grayscale toggle [pagefault]
    - Updated icon again for black backgrounds [enigMa]
    **** Linux v0.31 ****
    - Now compiles and runs on QNX6 systems [TheAlien] - Opi

  • WLA DX 8.1 - WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 6510, and 65816 CPUs. Changes: .EXPORT and .UNDEF now accept more than one argument. This release also contains code cleanups, a few directive argument case sensitivity fixes, makefile enhancements, and mnemonic table fixes. Labels inside macros can now be constructed from macro arguments. License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  • libvm68k 1.0.6 - libvm68k is an M68000 virtual machine library written in C++. It was first developed for use in Virtual X68000 but only contains the generic layer of it so that it can be reused in other emulator projects. Changes: Interface cleanups; this release made more changes that are source and binary incompatible. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Tuesday, July 3rd 2001 - Last updated @ 17:16 EST

  • Sonic 10th Birthday - Sega's highspeed blue hedgehog Sonic turned 10 recently - checkout this little Gamespot article for some nice info about his upcoming adventures in Sonic Adventure 2. Thanks Tobey ! - Opi

  • QB-VGBA v0.6092 - A new version of Kojote's QB-VGBA Frontend for Marat Fayzullin's vGBA DOS v0.6 is online as well as a new screenshot section. - Opi

  • Daedalus Interview - ProDak from 3DEmulation conducted an interview with StrmnNrmn the author of Daedalus, a Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. You can read it by clicking here - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. Don't forget to say 3 x StrmnNrmn when you've read it :) It will twist your tongue I'm pretty sure - LOL ! - Opi

  • Big TOSEC Update - The busy guys of Grendel's TOSEC-team uploaded 16 new data files. 4 new ones (including the much demanded Apple) and 12 updated files. Locating and getting all these releases will keep us crazy collectors busy for a while :) - Opi

  • Gamebase Update - Theo has updated the Emulated Games Database to include all the new arcades emulated by MAME 0.37b16. - chris

  • Napster - Do not upgrade to the latest version of Napster, because you will not be able to use prgrams like OpenNap and Napigator anymore. - atila

  • GtkTiEmu 1.42 - GtkTiEmu allows a PC to emulate a TexasInstruments calculator (TI89/92/92+). It uses GTK+ for the GUI and SDL or X11 for the display. It features a debugger, screenshot, save/load state, LCD emulation with greyscales, and full link port emulation. Changes: This release includes support for screen ON/OFF, TIB file support, JPEG screenshot support, a ROM wizard, skin toggling, direct access on the link port, improvements to hardware emulation (all ROMs are now supported), support for flash upgrades as ROM images, TI89 keymap support, a faster ROM listing, and clean exiting. License: GPL. Note: There is also a new TiLP release as well for transferring data from your TI to your computer. - chris

  • DGen/SDL 1.23 - DGen/SDL is a free, open source emulator for Sega Genesis/MegaDrive systems. The latest version supports save states, interlace mode, Game Genie, Linux joystick support, compressed ROM images, and other nice features. Changes: The ability to toggle fullscreen mode from within the emulator has been added, and various bugs have been fixed. License: BSD. - chris

  •    Monday, July 2nd 2001 - Last updated @ 23:37 EST

  • Gnuboy author interviewed - LinuxEmu has posted an interview with Laguna, the author of gnuboy. - chris

  • MAME DK - MAME DK has been kind enough to offer you a mirror of MAME and all the latest beta 16 ROMs. MAME DK is here because of your donations! Thanks to everyone who has donated to MAME DK. - chris

  • Mameinfo.dat 37b16 - M.A.S.H. has posted a new Mameinfo.dat and announced more stuff for the next days. - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP Reports have been updated for the rest of the month of June, plus there is an entry for July 1st as well. Lots of news in this week's report. Lots of screenshots of new working Coleco games from Ben, and a new Chess Machine working from PeT. There are some Sega Saturn screenshots there as well (check the July page). - chris

  • Bliss v1.60 JAVA - Kyle Davis uploaded new JAVA distributions of his Mattel Intellivision emulator Bliss. Available are BlissJ (Pure Java), BlissJX (Java/DirectX) and BlissJWeb (Web Applet). Version 1.60 is faster and should fix a lot of video related problems. Thanks Grendel :) - Opi

  • Aries II - This is an UPDATE to my previous "Aries had a car accident" news posting below. I rechecked my emails from Aries : "More than 6 months" should actually read TEN FULL MONTHS in a Chinese hospital - oh my god that poor boy :( Time to remember that being healthy and alive is a gift from above. - Opi

  • GBA-Renamer v2.1 - Catweasel released a new version of his GBA ROM renamer tool GBA-Renamer. According to the homepage there are already some error reported for this release - please bear with him and his bug fixing talents :)
    BTW : what was the name of Catweasel's toad in that funny old english tv series ? Ooah my brain leaks like a sinking ship :) Aaaaaah - In the German translated series the name of that cute green toady princess was Külwalda :) Thanks Hunt4Gold and Markus Schmitz for the quick info ! - Opi

  • fMSX-SDL - fMSX-SDL online ! Vincent van Dam released a SDL (Simple Direct Media Library) port of Marat Fayzullin's MSX emulator fMSX. fMSX-SDL is based on Marat's 2.4 release and is the first MSX emulator on the Windows platform that includes MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO emulation. Go here for additional info - thanks to TFH/Fony from the former MEP site for the email ! - Opi

  • MAME v0.37 Beta 16 Bugs Info - Shifty's bug finding team at The MAME Testing Project was busy since yesterday and reported their first beta 16 emulation problem findings. Feel free to contribute ! Thanks to Mame World for the tip. - Opi

  • EmuLoader/Lite v2.6/v1.2 - Ciro's fine MAME frontend EmuLoader is now available as v2.6 beta 6 full install release or as Lite v1.2. - Opi

  • MAME Screenshots - John IV has posted screenshots for MAME 0.37b16. Head on over to the MAME32 QA/Test and Art Dept. and leech away :) - atila

  • Retrogames Secret And More (ARIES) - On friday I started a little hype about a Retrogames related secret. Hopefully we can reveal it today or in the upcoming two days.

    No - it's no redesign, no special emu release, no new site features, no new site ownership. Neither JoseQ (that speculation made me laugh!) nor Sadu will join our staff or other bullsh#t :)
    But I'm pretty sure - Retrogames regulars will love it !

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    As a side note : A few of you might have wondered what happened with our former Chinese staff member Aries who suddenly disappeared from RG last year. Yeah - we all wondered what happened - we got no info, no emails ... NOTHING. Last week I've read the solution - that poor guy was involved in a serious car accident and was badly injured. He had to stay more than 6 months in hospital, he's still suffering and isn't fully healed. But I'm happy to tell you that he's motivated and willing to have a comeback here at Retrogames. - Opi

  • MAME Beta 16 - I was away the whole weekend so I missed the beta 16 release of MAME. Checkout the whatsnew info if you haven't already managed to download the new release. Can't wait to test it because Nicola Salmoria finally defeated the Seibu sound CPU and now CABAL (one of my alltime faves) and a few other games have full sound support ! 40 new games are really an impressive addition :) Till from Sys2064 has a new fixfile online which fixes the following ROM-sets : cgangpzl, ladykill, moonwara, mspacman, mspacpls, pacgal, stratgyx, toki, tokia, wboy and wboyu! - Opi

  • Virtual X68000 1.1.8 - Virtual X68000 is a virtual machine that emulates a Sharp X68000 and optionally its DOS API. Changes: This release has been updated for libvm68k 1.0.5. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Sunday, July 1st 2001 - Last updated @ 22:44 EST

  • NeoGeo Pocket at RetroBase - Chris wrote in to let us know that all known dumped NeoGeo Pocket games (exception: PD software) with screenshots and product info. are now available at RetroBase.com. Note: these are game infos and screenshots, not ROMs. - chris

  • NESCafe 0.41 - The NESCafe emulator is a Nintendo emulator written in Java. It is the first Java emulator to emulate sound and therefore the only Java-based emulator for the Nintendo to offer the full emulation experience. Changes: The source code is now available and is being released under the Gnu General Public License. License: GPL. - chris

  • MAME 0.37b16 - Nicola Salmoria and MAMEDEVs have released MAME 0.37b16. You can download your favorite version at the MAME Downloads page. License: Free to use but restricted. - chris

  • DreamEMU - The homepage for the Dreamcast emulator DreamEMU has a screenshot of the emulator running the BleemCast IP.BIN, kinda neat (no, neither BleemCast nor Gran Turismo 2 run before you start thinking something like that, just the bootup screen). You can check out the screen shot at the official site. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dhalamar

  • .TZX Vault - The .TZX Vault has added 79 new tape images tonight to the site. There's a handfull of Codemasters games that have been dumped as well, but as followers of the site know; they cannot be distributed. - chris

  • cw2dmk 2.1 - Catweasel to DMK (cw2dmk) is a program for the Catweasel, an ISA floppy disk controller, that can read any disk written by a TRS-80, including single-density, double-density, and copy-protected disks. The disk is saved as a DMK image file, suitable for use either in xtrs or in David Keil's TRS-80 emulator for MS-DOS. Besides TRS-80 disks, cw2dmk should be able to read any disk written by either a WD177x/179x or a standard PC (NEC765-compatible) floppy disk controller. cw2dmk runs on either Linux or MS-DOS. Changes: Version 2.0 added dmk2cw to the package, giving the ability to write floppies as well as reading them. Version 2.1 adds some heuristics to cw2dmk to produce cleaner output files and autodetect RX02 encoding. License: GPL. - chris

  • Wine 20010629 - Wine Is Not an Emulator; however it can be used to run Windows based emulators on Linux. Changes: Better font metrics support in Postscript driver using Freetype, Major window management redesign (still in progress), Message queues in wineserver to prepare for inter-process messaging, DDE merged from Corel tree, plus various fixes, 64-bit file size support, Lots of bug fixes. License: BSD. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle finished off WIP news for the month of June. Check out the changes MAMEDEVs made over the past few days at the MAME WIP page. - chris

  • WinGBC, a Japanese Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator has been updated:

    Way operation is stopped the when non-active. It modifies the measurement timing of the FPS. Correction of sound. ON/OFF classified by channel of sound. Noise channel mounting. Mounting the manual frame skip. Picture 2 time indication addition. Way priority can be modified

    Thanks to the newly remodeled EmuHQ for this update and the previous one. :) - dhalamar

  • NNNesterJ v0.19b - The Japanese NES emulator, NNNesterJ has been updated with the following changes:

    Fixed Zip File Support. Added RAR Support. Fixed Ai Senshi Nicol(pirate) #42 Fixed Auto Fire. Change so that the folder of Movie, GameGenie, Cheat, and IPS patch can be specified. - dhalamar

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