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  •    Tuesday, October 31st 2000 - Last updated @ 20:35 EST

  • VGS Retail Patched & Pom1 v0.6 - Damn it, I couldn't resist checking my emails for a very last time and ... bingo, I received two new update info :-)

    The first was from Aldo Vargas who successfully patched the retail version of VGS 1.41 with his new "higher resolution allowing" code ! If you like using this great Playstation emulator with 800x600 or 1024x768 - go for it !

    The second was sent in by VERHILLE Arnaud, which announced the release of v0.6 of his online Java Apple I emulator Pom1. You have to catch the Java JRE before you're able to enjoy the following online gaming features :

    Changes in version 0.6 :
    - o - Fully Working General User Interface
    - o - New Keyboard Handler
    - o - Fully Tested under Linux
    - o - Source Code released under GPL2
    - o - Misc Bugs fixed

    - NMOS 6502 cycle exact CPU emulation
    - 100% of regular opcodes
    - 100% Genuine Character Set
    - Genuine Terminal speed (60 char/s)
    - Hard/Soft Reset Behaviour
    - Load/Save Memory in Raw Data and Sim6502 format
    - Apple I software : The Little Tower

    Check the Pom1 homepage for more information and the emulator itself - finally Arnauld is searching for useable information on the Apple I Basic and tape interface. So, if anyone can help him out with any info email him. - Opi

  • G'night folks... Don't eat too much candy. - prophet

  • ALE says BOO!!! - Amiga Legal Emulation did a nice Halloween update with some horror themed games! Did I mention they're free, legal & fun? Not many things in life fit that description. ;) - prophet

  • Megabase release - Megabase is a new multi-console emulator frontend by Alessio Viti! If you're looking for a way to access your console games from a centralized menu, this could be your answer. I have not tried it personally though. Get it here. - prophet

  • Sintendo WIP - The Sintendo homepage was updated with some developing news about this SNES emulator for Dreamcast - a first screenshot of the new emulator GUI can be viewed here - thanks to WWEmu for this news and the Atari 8-bit link :) Please check the homepage for the latest developing info - Opi out, good night and happy Halloween !!! - Opi

  • Golden Atari 8-bit Oldies - The Atari 8-bit Games archive is an interesting place for all Atari 800 fans. - Opi

  • gleam! v10/30/00 - A new gleam! version is online, this release "should" fix the PAL-Dreamcast problems. If you own a PAL Dreamcast and encountered these problems (I don't know what we're talking about), then it would be a good idea to visit the gleam! homepage and download this version :) thanks to EmuHQ for the news. If have the bad feeling that I made some serious grammar mistakes in this posting .... please correct me ! - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Another day, another MAME WIP update :) - atila

  • Final Burn v0.052 - Shortly after the DirectX 3 release, Dave put a new Final Burn binary online : "Added a rom path variable 'szAppRomPath' to the cfg\finalburn.ini config file. Final Burn will search in this directory for rom zip files.By default it will search in the folder 'roms'". You can get it here. - Opi

  • Game Collecting Board - I've renamed the Classic PC Games board to Game Collecting Board and it's moderated by postamessage. I have a feeling I should add another board, but I can't think of the right one, right now. Where's my coffee ?!?! - atila

  •    Monday, October 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:32 EST

  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! - Be careful folks, don't get caught egging and TP-ing, and don't get sick on the candy. Have a safe and happy holiday, from the Retrogames staff! Mind the bats. :)) - dutch

  • RAINE For Linux v20001030 - Linux fans rejoyce RAINE for Linux, the Linux port of the fastest DOS multi-arcade emulator has been updated for the 2nd time. Grab it here - new : Added sound to gunbird - Fixed the sync problems with the new allegro sound - Removed the useless drive letters box ! - Opi

  • Virtual GameBoy v2.0 - Marat Fayzullin informed me about his latest Virtual GameBoy release. "The new version contains many new things, including rewritten sound emulation, much improved support for GBC palettes, more precise CPU and LCD timings, 16bit color in VGB-Windows, and countless small fixes". This is a commercial Game Boy/GBC emulator (the Windows version costs $35US) with many available ports - to support the Unix community, the Unix ports (incl. Linux) are free. For further information check the VGB Documentation. - Opi

  • Hu-Go! v1.29 DOS And Linux - Hu-Go!, Zeograd's fine PC-Engine/TG-16 emulator was upgraded once again. Version 1.29 is currently available for DOS and Linux systems - the Win32 port is still at v1.29 alpha. New in this release : joypad support under Linux and a cleaned up source code. Please check the Hu-Go! download section for the version of your choice. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Burrrn-Time Again - Final Burn v0.051 is OUT !
    - Changed to DirectDraw 3+
    .. - To run the emu you need:
    .. - DirectDraw 3 or higher.
    .. - DirectInput 5 or higher.
    .. - DirectSound 3 or higher.

    So DirectX 5, 6 or 7 are fine - grab it here ! - Opi

  • VGS Hacked - Big PIXELS Turned Into tiny ones :) - Aldo Vargas "infected" the latest VGS demo with his own code and the result was a new abilitly :) What does this strange Opi sentence mean ? He patched the CVGS 1.41 demo with the result, that you can now play this PSX emulator in higher resolutions. 800x600 and 1024x768 patched binaries are online. Note : "The graphics area is still displayed at 640x480, but the pixels are much smaller". Thanks to EmuHQ for the cool news. - Opi

  • WinAmp = MP3 Playback At It's Best - For all those who care - WinAmp v2.666 has been released. For a list of the latest "inventions" look here, the new version can be downloaded here. - Opi

  • ClrMamePro v1.8d - A new version of Roman Scherzer's great ROM-manager ClrMamePro is online. New in version 1.8d : rebuilder fix: "use sysdef paths" + "use rebuilder paths" always complains about bad sysdef paths.
    You can get it here ... no here ... errr - or was it here ? - hehehe ! Btw. updated datfiles for WPCMAME, U64Emu and Laser are available too. - Opi

  • Advance Menu 1.4 - A great MAME/MESS frontend for DOS or Windows DOS box, written by my friend Andrea Mazzoleni! In fact, it's my personal favorite. This release has tons of new features, including more tile options plus new sound & music support (mp3's etc.)! The tile modes are very cool, allowing you to see up to 192 game previews on screen at once! :) I highly recommend trying this frontend out - it's not only for Advance MAME. Here is Advance Menu 1.4 Binary, you can find the source code and also tons of ready made sounds and previews at the Advance MAME homepage.
    - prophet

  • Redump 3.2 - SMF released Redump 3.2, a utility that takes your existing MGD2 NeoGeo dumps and turns them into MVS format dumps. This version supports |Tyris|'s latest releases, so you won't need to download them. Get it at Sys2064. - prophet

  • New WPCMAME & WPCMAME32 release - This one's for you Williams Pinball fans: "The WPCmame pinball similar allows you to 'emulate' arcade pinball roms on your computer. WPCmame is built as a driver added to the MAME 0.37 beta 8 source." Note that the games are NOT playable, but you can watch the LED backbox displays. This new release is said to be faster. See the WPCMAME homepage for more info. (Thanks Carny_Priest) - prophet

  • TrueReality64 WIP 3 - A new version was released earlier, tentatively (I just wanted to use that word for once ;) called WIP 3. The main new addition is "Flash Ram support, so Zelda Mask of Mujara should be playeble and you can now save in several others". As always, check the TR64 site for more info, thanks to SlasherX for the news. - atila

  • Fast Forward Button - How come there's no fast-forward button for days of the week ? - atila

  •    Sunday, October 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:19 EST

  • New gleam! Release - Visit the gleam! homepage if you wanna play Super Mario Brothers 1 on your Dreamcast :) - Opi

  • More NeoPocott v0.37b releases - Shortly after the MacOS release of Gollum's NeoGeo Pocket emulator , 4 other new version have been released. Online are binaries for :

    Win95/98/2k/ME/NT, MS-DOS, Acorn RISC OS & Linux (console) v0.36b5 !

    Click here for a list of the lastest changes. More NeoPocott related stuff (faqs, translated docs, comp. lists and tech info) can be found at the NeoPocott homepage. Thanks to PeterD for the email service ! - Opi

  • RockNES WIP - Here are the latest RockNES news (sort of) - the homepage is currently down, so I have to trust my news source WWEmu - which I do of course :):)

    "I'm working on visine (my MegaMan2 editor) right now. Currently, I added color cycles (palette switching during gameplay) and sprite support (no gfx yet), which you can insert and delete sprites (256 per level!). Fixed tons of problems and bugs. If you can help me with MegaMan2, contact me.

    On RockNES side, I did a small optimization to sound core, and BNSF was finally updated, within minor bugs squashed. Releases are scheduled to November, so stay tuned. :-)
    ". - Opi

  • Z26 v1.40 - Good Old Atari 2600 Stuff ! - Here's v1.40 of John Saeger's AtariVCS 2600 emulator for DOS Z26 ! Changes are :

    - o - z26 is now Windows 9x long filename friendly! I didn't really believe it could be done in a DOS program, but Michael Walden Jr. came up with a very cool way to show a game's long filename in the title bar of the GUI.
    - o - We have expanded the ROM capacity of the GUI from 693 to 2772 ROMs.
    - o - We have tried to automatically recognize all of the various versions of ROMS that are commonly available. So now, the paddle controllers are automatically turned on for all 5 versions of Breakout. And so on...
    - o - If you run into any ROMs that aren't automatically recognized correctly, please let me know. Thanks.
    - o - Thanks to Michael Walden Jr. for help with this version.

    Thanks to Emuholic for the news service :) - Opi

  • Yame v0.20 - A new version of Yame, a japanese multi-system emulator (PC Engine, NES and Gameboy) for Windows 95/98/2000 has been released. Below are the translated changes :

    - o - [It] corresponds to the clock with built-in the cartridge of Gameboy.
    - o - Improvement of CPU emulation accuracy of Gameboy
    - o - Bug correction of sound of Gameboy
    - o - Concealment function addition of about 180KB's worth(Hardly operate.)

    You can get it here - thanks Emuholic for the translation and to WWEmu for the news report ! - Opi

  • SNES Emulator Section Online - I didn't posted much today because I was busy creating and uploading our new own SNES Emulator Section ! Now there's no need to link to other sites as we did it in the past - please report any broken links or mistakes I've surely made or created :)

    I need your help for the next section I would like to add to Retrogames. A NES/Famicom section - but which of the currently 18654 NES emulators should I add ? And why ? Please mail me your suggestions and include the Operation System, homepages and why you think this emu is worth to be mentioned here :) Thanks in advance. - Opi

  • Sintendo Interview - EmulationX (Happy 27th Birthday!!!) did an interview with the author of Sintendo, a port of SNES9x for Dreamcast! (Thanks to EmulationX for letting us post this interview :) - prophet

  • MEP Update - The MEP has added 7 Japanese RPG/Adventure games to their already HUGE list of MSX games! - prophet

  • News at BYOAC - Saint's Build Your Own Arcade Controls site has a new news updater! Seems familiar... ;) Anyway, I can't recommend this site highly enough if you've any interest in arcade controls, cabinets and games. - prophet

  • ZX Update - Malc updated the ZX site with a bunch of new cover scans! - prophet

  • Lemon On The Road Again - A bunch of new original C-64 tape dumps are now available at Lemon - go and get them :) - Opi

  • TZX Vault - Gilby has once again updated the TZX Vault, several new utilities, emulators, images and best of all 39 new spectrum games were added. - atila

  • Programmable IPac - What's that you ask? :) The IPac is a superb keyboard->arcade controls interface, and it now has been updated to be programmable! If you're interesed in building a control panel, or simply interfacing one with your PC, this is a great product. And the price is only $39. IPac is designed by Andy Warne, and the software is written by Robert Palmqvist (aka Emumannen of SortInfo). Here's the IPac homepage. - prophet

  • Sega/Sony announce huge losses - On Thursday and Friday, both Sony and Sega announced huge losses. Sega's losses are mainly because of the price cuts (DC went from $199 to $149) and the Sega.NET offer, which gives people the purchase price of their DC back, if they sign up. The Sony losses (couldn't find a direct link to the Bloomberg article, sorry) are because of the manufacturing costs of the PS2 (Sony loses about $180 per console sold) and the lagging software sales. - atila

  • SupraHLE v1.0.b - The Company has released SupraHLE v1.0.b, a hack of UltraHLE designed to give "more speed to a bunch of games". Apparently, games it works well with are Super Mario Kart 64, Nba in the Zone 98, and Wave Race. Haven't tried it myself yet, so I really can't say. Give it a whirl here. Thanks to Emulation9 for the news. - david

  • Gaming Today Messageboard - I've changed to Sega Dreamcast board to a "Gaming Today Board", so feel free to post about the (next-gen) consoles you are playing today, or the PC games you are playing today, or whatever :) I think you get my drift. How about some PS2 impressions on that board? Some of you must have been able to get a PS2, so start posting :) - atila

  • NeoPocott for Mac has been updated to v0.37. The full list of changes is available at that link. The other ports should also be updated today. - richard

  •    Saturday, October 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:49 EST

  • Serious Hunger, ARH and Mimic - Just found this link to The Hunger Site on my latest visit at Arcade ROM Heaven ! Please click it and donate a cup of staple food for free to those who are inneed of help !

    Now to the emulation related stuff - Guru-Choc has uploaded some new MAME "needed soon" ROMs and the Mimic homepage has been updated several times with WIP news about this multi-system emulator, check it out ! - Opi

  • And The Better Console Is .... - I just saw over at PSXEmu a link to this great DC.IGN article :) Title: Dreamcast Deathmatch: Bring it on, PS2 ! If you need some new ammunition for the ongoing Dreamcast vs PS2 war on our General Emulation Message Board - read it ! Note - the site needed nearly 2 minutes to load with my 8 kb/sec connection. - Opi

  • For The Next Time I Demand A Longer Game Name - LOL - [JJ] from Retro Remakes informed me that John Dow and John Blythe of the Retrospec team have produced yet another cool remake, this time they "covered" the strangely titled C64 game "Metagalactic Llama's Battle at the Edge of Time" (sounds like a Jeff Minter game). He ([JJ]) rated it 4 out of 5 ! - Opi

  • Three Emulator Ports For Linux - Vintage Gaming mentioned http://www.emulinks.de/emus as a good source of Linux ports of well known emulators. Currently are available : RAINE V20000819, c2emu 0.2b and SMS Plus 0.9.3 - all ported by Uli ! - Opi

  • BeGen v0.0.5 - EmuHQ reported a newly updated BeGen version. If you're using BeOS as operation system and wanna have a comfortable front-end for the BeOS port of DGen, grab this front-end and play your favourite Genesis game without configuration trouble ! WOW what a lot of used links :) - Opi

  • Weird Emu World :) - Here's an emulation news for all die hard Amiga users - I mean those 5 who are still using their old Amiga machines :)

    The Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator ASp for Commodore Amiga has been updated to v0.76 - now with accurate speed, excellent sound and full multitasking ! Maybe you can do something really crazy, fire up your favourite Amiga emu and then use ASp to play your beloved Speccy games (dunno if it would work - tell me) !Thanks to World of Spectrum for the nice news :-) - Opi

  • £3,575 For A Dream - Where ? Check this picture from the UK newspaper The Daily Record on Saturday 28th Oct 2000 ! Thanks to Candlejack for the pic :) - Opi

  • Myzar's Nemu Ini v1.7.1 - Myzar posted a new unofficial Nemu ini. V1.7.1 added some new comments to the games and some cheats for Mario 64. Download it here - thanks to Geoshock for the news ! - Opi

  • Old Stuff Renewed - _MADrigal_ has updated his first two simulators he made : Motor Cross to v2.01 (new audio features, shaped form and more) and Grab Man (Inno-Hit) to v2.01 (Artificial Intelligence, shaped form and more). Go and get them here ! - Opi

  • JAE Emulates Namco Sound Chip - Norbert Kehrer has sent me the following email : " I made the first really emulated sound for the Java Arcade Emulator. The Namco sound chip used in :
    - o - Pacman,
    - o - Ms. Pacman, and
    - o - Pengo
    has been emulated in Java. This time this was not done by only playing pre-recorded samples of the game, but by constructing the sound for the Namco 3-voice sound generator in real-time. The result is not very nice, when compared to MAME (due to the limitations of standard Java). But maybe I can improve the concept in the future. Try out these three classics with their amazing tunes at http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/
    " Sounds really cool :) - Opi

  • King of the Monsters MVS redump - The |Tyris| redumps keep coming! SMF will most likely release another version of his redump conversion utility soon, so you can wait for that or read this message from |Tyris| if you want the dump now. - prophet

  • Neo-Geo.com - I bumped into this AWESOME NeoGeo fan/collecting site the other day - www.neo-geo.com! Tons of info and some terrific message boards. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT an emulation site so respect that fact if you visit. But for NeoGeo fans of all kinds, it's a fun site to visit. There are some hardcore Neo experts there, so it's also an ideal place to get advice or help about all things Neo. - prophet

  • Eightman MVS - Visit Sys2064 and grab the latest copy of smf's Redump v3.1. You can convert your MAME/NeoRageX Eightman MGD2 ROM set to the arcade MVS version (redumped by Tyris), which is the desired version for MAME. There's no need to download the whole Eightman ROM set again :) - Opi

  • Laser v0.13 - Lopantu's multi Space Invader emulator Laser is now available as version 0.13 - these are the latest changes :

    - o - Added support for Space Invaders Part II (Taito)
    - o - Added support for Moon Base (Space Invaders Part II Bootleg)
    - o - Fixed credit counter color to match with MAME

    You can grab it here. - Opi

  • SNEeSe v0.53 - SNEeSe, a fine SNES emulator for DOS, has been updated to v0.53. Changes : 65c816: Fixed a bug in the MVP/MVN opcodes that could seriously disrupt timing (fixes Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest). You can get it here. - Opi

  • The Game Room - Sci pointed me towards The Game Room, a really cool game review site. All their reviews are in video format and the reviewers are a whacky bunch, so this site is a guaranteed hit :) They review games from a lot of systems, both old and new, and they seem to be thoroughly enjoying it! Another great site to add to your bookmarks! - atila

  •    Friday, October 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:20 EST

  • Sega and Nintendo Form Joint Company? - Read the story ! - Opi

  • Goodxxx Collection Online - I've uploaded all currently available ROM renamer tools made by Cowering and created a link on the left navbar look below Misc. things :) More to come ! - Opi

  • Gens Multilingual - Here's is the new Gens language.dat file with support for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italiano, Hebrew, Dutch, German, Russian, Swedish, Chinese and Japanese ! Remove the unneeded languages or otherwise Gens will become very slow :) Thanks again to WWEmu for this news report. - Opi

  • GetRight v4.3 - The famous download manager GetRight was updated to version 4.3. THIS is new or updated, you can download it here ! Thanks to WWEmu for the hint ! - Opi

  • OverClocked ReMix - OC ReMix keeps on truckin' with four new ReMixes today, including our first 'co-op' mix, done by the equally amazing McVaffe and Quasikaotic, of TETRIS. There's also a really classic Zelda 3 ReMix as well. Also, if you or someone you know have a strong grasp of PHP4 and MySQL, please see this post - I could use some help :) Grab da ReMixes here. - david

  • MZ700Win v0.52 Final - Marukun's MZ700 emulator for the Win32 platform has been updated to version 0.52. It's a maintenance release, mostly bugfixes, and the author notes he will be suspending work on the emu until March of next year. Grab it here. Thanks to Emulation9 for the news. - david

  • u64Emu 1.07! - u64Emu version 1.07 was released earlier and here's what's new:

    - A new input config screen has been made which should work with the keyboard and most joysticks. It will work with any DirectInput devices.
    - Fixed a problem "TestMode" that was preventing people from changing difficulty.
    - Bug that crashed emulator when performing a fatality should be fixed.

    You can download the binary from KIAME/U64Emu site. Thanks to Dawid K. for the news. - atila

  • Windows Source Code Stolen? - For the past three months, a PC on the internal Microsoft network had been running a trojan, which allowed people from St. Petersburg, Russia to have a look-see and download whatever they wanted. Which they apparently did. - atila


    There has been an ordinance passed in St. Louis which will ban the use of violent or sexually explicit arcade games to minors.

    This was reported on the local news here at Fox 2 KTVI in St. Louis. It is the first such law of its kind in the US. If you do not use IE you can read the report here.

    Please feel free to contact Jeff Wagener and let him know what you think about this ordinance. - chris

  • YANKEES - yeah ^^ (first post in a long time and not emu-related, I know, but I just couldn't resist) - david

  •    Thursday, October 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:46 EST

  • First Project #51 Release - The Windows version of Project #51, a senior design project to create a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator, has been released. It isn't perfect but playable. Note: it only works in 16-bit color - thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Eightman MVS redump - |Tyris| has delivered yet another NeoGeo redump: Eightman! Soon we'll be free of those MGD2 dumps. Plus |Tyris| hopes to have a look at some possibly bad dumps of certain games. Check our NeoGeo board to learn more, as |Tyris| is a regular visitor. - prophet

  • Crimson Skies - What A Great PC Game ! - Normally I don't post about commercial games, but yesterday I discovered a Crimson Skies demo on a german computer magazine cd. I've read before about the story and found it very interesting and installed it ..... wow what a great game, after a few seconds playing errr flying around I was amazed and totally hooked. I've never liked all these hardcore flight sims, but this game has an arcade style gameplay - I mastered level 1 with my 3rd attempt :) Crimson Skies has awesome graphics (runs smooth on my P2-400), great digital voices and is a must buy !!! - even it's from the "evil empire" called Microsoft :)

    The demo, some movies, goodies and the first patch can be found here. Crimson Skies previews, reviews, links, and resources can be found at about.com and PC Arena ! IT's AWESOME - belive me :-)
    Update If you've already bought this game and encountered some serious problems (I was told that gamers with 64 mb RAM will need a lot of patience - due to a very long loading time between the levels) then check the boards at
    www.crimsonskies.org for more info and help - thanks Robert :) - Opi

  • PS2 Launch - Here's an article contrasting today's US Playstation 2 launch with other console launches throughout the 70's and 80's, starting with the Atari 2600. (Can you believe the launch price for the 2600 was $200 US, which is equivalent to $567.66 US today?) Thanks to Solvalou for the tip! - dutch

  • Skyscraper Tempest anyone? - The good folks at Laser MAME are planning an incredible test of their MAME variant this Saturday night! Expect to see Tempest playing off the side of a building in downtown Pittsburg, most likely 100 feet in size or more. =P They'll be using a 15W White Light Laser projecting 1/4 mile away from the building. Kinda makes those 50" arcade screens seem tiny. - prophet

  • ArcadeOS v2.42 - New stuff for all owner of a aracde cabinets, ArcadeOS v2.42 is online :)

    - o - Added user definable Filters for game lists(MAME only)
    - o - AOS now uses the SEAL library for sound support
    - o - Added 'Custom Lists contain copies of all Games' option
    - o - Long File Name update - AOS displays long fine name, but passed 8.3 short DOS file name to emulator, as not all emualtors can handle LFNs
    - o - Added 'Display' sub-menu to ArcadeOS config menus

    Download it from here - thanks to Mame World for the hint. - Opi

  • Legal Amiga CD 32 ISO - CD 32 Legal Dumping Projekt offers you Last Ninja 3 from System 3 as a legal download - a review of this game can be found here. - Opi

  • Fort Knox For TRS-80 Fans - Ira Goldklang has updated his TRS-80 Revived Site to clean out duplicate and bad files and to put the TOSEC-style names in the zip comments. He has also, for the first time, made the Model 1, Model 3, and Model 4 archives available in large (10MB) chunks for easy downloading. Those chunks can be found on the news page (the top button on the left navbar). And while your there, if you could click on the sponsor on the news page, it would really help to keep this site alive I guess :) - Danke Dir Till, sowas ist fein :) - Opi

  • Ben Chi - If you are an English speaking Anime fan and haven't heard this prank call yet, you're missing out. :) I understand those responsible are the same people behind Jackass (new show on MTV, for Americans at least). Thanks to Space for the file. - dutch

  • Laser v0.12 - Lopantu's Laser emulator has been updated to v0.12 ! The only change in this version is a adjusted Space Invaders Deluxe color, now it matches those in MAME. Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the news. - Opi

  • Moron of the Day Award - I'd like to welcome you to a new section here at Retrogames, the Moron Of The Day Award. Today's award goes to montana131, who bid $14,999 for a PS2. I have a feeling that he/she is probably fake, but it's nice to award him/her the MOTD Award anyway :) Thanks to Albert S. for the link. - atila

  • New Rumor Mill - Agent 00Q has posted a new Rumor Mill, filled with lots of juicy info. JoseQ also mentioned that he lost another sponsor, because of the low click-through rate. Help support your favorite (emu)site by clicking on their banners every now and then. - atila

  • Raine For Linux - The Raine port for Linux I mentioned a few days ago is now available for download at this location, here's what the porter had to say:

    To sum up : It is totally equivalent to the 20000924. Everything is working, even darius gaiden and for this one I don't even understand why it's working !!! I guess it has something to do whith a wild pointer which by pure chance pointed where it was supposed to !!! Since the new sound support is not perfect yet, I also propose the old mame sound support. I will put a binary with allegro statically linked soon (for now it is dynamic and it can give some problems on some configs !!!) Have fun !

    I'd like to second that :) - atila

  • Sigh ... - As I was walking upto my car last night, I saw some policemen gathered around it. Apparently, earlier yesterday, someone had smashed into the side of my PARKED car. Both my doors (driverside) were hit. They left a note with a name/address, which I'm about to verify. Then at night (23:30) some drunken dude had smashed into the BMW parked behind my car, then hit my car, went across the street and hit a Hyundai. Then he left his car in the middle of the street, hurried into the snackbar and had 3 cups of black coffee (the owner of the snackbar told me this) and then the police came. Obviously, the dude was drunk. The police told me they'd contact me next week, since the dude was German, so they had a to check a few things. Sigh ... - atila

  • PS2 Launch - It's Thursday and the PS2 has launched. There will be a mad frenzy today :) I've have yet to check out the various sites about this, so I have no clue what's going on right now. - atila

  •    Wednesday, October 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:29 EST

  • R.A.Z.E. v1.04 ! - Wanna make your own emulator ? Need a good one for the Zilog Z80 processor ? Try Richard Mitton's R.A.Z.E. emu, it's extremely accurate and has a almost perfect emulation of the undocumented processor functions. Version 1.04 has been released today with a fixed MSVC, BIT instr now passes all ZEX tests, fixed support for Quazatron ! - Opi

  • Almost 30 :) - Ridge, another busy member of the emulation comunity turned 29 today ! May I help you to cross the street now ? Errr ... congratulations and best wishes for the next (very hard) anniversary :))) Visit his Ridge World Source Network and be amazed :) - Opi

  • KI HD Image Converter - Till from Sys2064 posted a new tool developed by smf: Nekkid v1.0 "... which can convert the two different Killer Instinct HDD images. The U64Emu can only use one of the two sets and if you got the wrong one you can convert it to the other one and don't have to download the other one too". If you encountered this problem - visit Sys2064 and grab Nekkid. - Opi

  • Twin Galaxies - This post is a month late, it got lost in my mailbox, I apologize for the delay.

    The high-score database containing the official world records for video game and pinball playing is now available on the Internet as a free reference source.

    It can be found by clicking on SEARCH SCORES at: http://www.twingalaxies.com

    This body of information is essentially the statistical history of video game and pinball playing from 1977 to present and has already been used as a reference source by many news agencies and Hollywood producers, including the Guinness Book of World Records, ABC-TV?s That?s Incredible and Jeopardy, the TV game show. In the next month, this data will be supplemented with 15,000 further high scores which represent the new world records on today's current game titles.

    Thanks to Walter Day for the news. - chris

  • MAME WIP - There's a wee update at the MAME WIP page. Get a-clickin' :) - atila

  • ClrMAME Pro 1.8c - Roman Scherzer released a new version of his great ROM-manager ClrMAME Pro, here are the changes in release 1.8c :

    - o - added: system-default-paths. The rebuilder can now rebuild the files to a specified system-dependent path. E.g. all neogeo files will go to c:\neogeo while other stuff go to 'd:\roms'. The scanner fixmissing option will use these paths, too. A new set will be added to the defaultpath (if specified) not to rompath 0. To edit the system-default-paths you have to double-click on the system names (rebuilder or scanner).
    - o - added: support for manufacturer tags (manufacturer will be displayed, too).
    - o - misc: fix missing will now also tries to replace bad sized roms which weren't fixed by the fix size routine.
    - o - misc: added a kind of statusline to the scan results window (well..only additional information are the manufacturers).
    - o - misc: fix missing will now do a quick search in your rompaths for missing (but already existing) roms.
    - o - fixed: rare wrong rebuilder progress bar display.
    - o - fixed: very little issue about forced ~crc rebuilding.

    Click here to download it ! Check the homepage for new U64Emu, WPCmame and Mimic datfiles ! - Opi

  • Arcade WIP - Soon after the major work for his C2 Driver was done, Haze decided to try emulating the UPL/Taito (c)1984 game Ninja Kid aka Ninjakun Majou no Bouken :) Check it out. - Opi

  • Acer Will Bring PlayStation Games To DVD Players - Knology mailed me about this The Register story : "Taiwan's Acer Labs is working on processor, chipset and software combo that will allow DVD players to run PC and Sony PlayStation games." ! Sounds cool - read the full story here. - Opi

  • Killer Instinct ROMs Where ? - If you're still trying to locate the Killer Instinct ROM-set and the HD image for U64Emu - check Tim Eckel's Arcade@Home and enjoy (after a monumental download of course) ! - Opi

  • Fly-er Fly-er Away! - The Arcade Flyers site has been updated once again, there are now 1535 different flyers on the site. not only are these nice to look at, you can also use them in Raine/MAME frontends :) - atila

  • Another Fake Trailer - Remember that guy who made the fake Episode II trailer? Now he made a fake Raiders of the Lost Ark trailer. Apparently he's trying to stir up interest for a re-release of the first Indiana Jones film. - dutch

  • Ruh roh - Seems there's already rumors flying around about rivalry amongst the U64emu team. I've heard nothing (nor have I seen the rant on the homepage that was posted for a short while) but my impression is everything's cool now. Check this thread. - dutch

  • U64Emu 1.04 - U64Emu, the Killer Instinct emulator, has already had an update to version 1.04. If you had problems with the last release, try this one. Bwb also mentions that if the game just says "draw" for you and you can't start a game, delete your ki.dat file and restart the emulator. - dutch

  • 10 Reasons NOT to buy a PS2 - HAHA! Indrema has posted 10 reasons not to buy a PS2 (or xbox). Thanks to Linux Games for the news. - chris

  •    Tuesday, October 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:11 EST

  • h1 - . - dutch

  • Disasteroids 3D v1.2 - Disasteroids 3D - Thom Wetzel's great Asteroids remake (using Visual Studio and OpenGL!) has been updated to version 1.2. Look at this screenshot and then rush to the Disasteroids 3D homepage and grab this games:) Thanks to Retro Remakes for the hint. - Opi

  • Yape v0.21 - EmuViews reported another update of Yape - the most advanced and most frequent updated Commdore C-16/Plus emulator. These are Attila's latest additions :

    - o - flashing mode implemented (long awaited feature :-) )
    - o - white noise on the second sound channel done (try with Mercenary again!)
    - o - merged the ROMs into the executable file, so you won't need
    ..... them anymore
    - o - ROM banking implemented (plus/4 built-in programs work)
    - o - sound bugs corrected (well, some of many :-) )
    - o - another disk loader bug corrected

    "From now on, given the ability to use the plus/4 built-in software, Yape is able to emulate all types of Commodore micros known as the 264 family (excluding the 364 prototype unit...)" Download it here. - Opi

  • Killer Instinct Emulator Is Out!!! - Time to emulate the Killer Instinct arcade game on your Windows computer! Kiame, renamed U64, has finally been released. You can click here to download IF a) you promise to read the readme.txt file and b) you keep in mind that sound isn't working. What about the hard drive image/roms? Well, they are 100 megs. JoseQ is looking into a way to post these, in the meantime a good resource will most likely be Usenet. Please don't mail me asking how to get the ROMs for this, I can't help you. - dutch

  • SMOG News - The SMOG homepage has been updated with a bad news for all those who prayed and hoped for a working Sega Model 1 Game emulator :"People have been asking me what's going on and if SMOG is dead. Not yet, but things aren't going anywhere so I'm thinking of canning the project. For those who are interested, here is the V60 information I have - maybe somebody else can get a little further than I did. Credit goes to Raul Bloodworth for getting this to me".
    Links: Partial V60 Manual - Other V60 Info - hardware info. - Opi

  • Laser MAME - Wanna play some vector arcade games on a real vector diplay? How about on a 72" laser projector? Then check out Laser MAME! More proof that open source is the right way to go. (Thanks |Badger|) - prophet

  • LIFE_STAGES.TXT = Virus - A really bad minded idiot sent me a file called LIFE_STAGES.TXT which is an IRC worm similar to a virus. If you receive an email with this file attached or someone dcc it to you - don't open it ... as I did :( In case of emergency follow this link and download Symantec's fixlife.exe - it solved my problem - thanks Duglis :) - Opi

  • Some People Definitely Need To Get Out More Often - CherryROMs (oldschool SNES ROMs site, only a few ROMs there at the moment) has been getting quite a bit of truly classic lamer mail lately. If you're feeling bored and are in need of a good laugh (and don't mind course language :), have a look at it. The most recently posted mail at the top had me rolling on the floor (almost literally), truly an all time classic. - dutch

  • MSX Front-end UPDATED - The MEP-Crew informed me, that the recently released new Windows front-end for fMSX had a serious bug in it, rendering it unable to boot files. This bug has been solved and the updated version is now available at file-hunter.com. - Opi

  • u64 Emu released! - The Killer Instict emulator is finally here, so you better download it fast! Oh yeah, the 'roms' for this emulator are about 94MBs in size, total. Good luck finding/downloading them ? Thanks to Dave, over at VGN, for the news. - atila

  • Complete Translation For Sanrio Cup Ponpon Volley - Gaijin Productions and Spinner 8 released a 100% patch for Sanrio Cup Ponpon Volley, a super-sweet NES game starring Hello Kitty, Taboo, Pacchaco, and Kerropi. Thanks to Whirlpool for the release info, visit this site for all your translation needs - including this patch :) - Opi

  • WPCMame Goes Mac - Carbon did a Macintosh port of WPCMame - the so called "Pinball" emulator. This port based on the v0.37 beta 8 WPCmame source (and the MAME source of course). Thanks to Paul D for the email. Check shivaSite for news about WPCmame, manuals, strategy tips and tons of other stuff. - Opi

  • SNEeSe v0.52 - SNEeSe, a fine SNES emulator for DOS was updated today.

    - o - Stability: Fixed a serious bug in the tile decoder that has caused
    ..... crashes since the decoder was rewritten in 0.40
    - o -Timing: Corrected an error in the CPU timing
    - o - Interface: Added a fast-forward key (tilde)

    You can download SNEeSe v0.52 here - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • CBEBoy v0.014 ßeta - David Perez released a new Game Boy emulator for DOS called CBEBoy. Here is a list of the currently included features:

    - o - Cartdridge header read.
    - o - CPU-z80 emulation.
    - o - Integrated dissassembler and debugger.
    - o - Support of ROM ONLY, MBC1/2/3, GB CAMERA and
    ..... Hudson Hu-C1 rom types emulation.
    - o - LCD emulation.
    - o - Interrupts of VBlank, LCD and Timer.
    - o - Virtual joypad (not using GB joypad int.)
    - o - Pallette effects.
    - o - Save Battery support.

    Click here to download it - thanks to Emumania for the notification. - Opi

  • Whoops - There's an oopsie in some Toy Story 2 DVDs. :) - dutch

  • Fanboy accusations - I was accused of being a Sega fanboy yesterday, the person in question said I posted 2 anti-Sony posts a day. I checked the news archives and I couldn't even find a single anti-Sony post for a few weeks, at least :) Anyway, I'd like to give the man some ammo, so that his claim gets a bit of validity, since he's making a fool of himself right now. Sony doesn't really need my help in destroying the PLAYSTATION brandname, they're doing an excellent job of that themselves.

    Time Magazine has done an article on the PS2, which has this quote by John Carmack:

    The PlayStation2 doesn't live up to Sony's hype," says Carmack. "It's just a next-generation machine, and they were acting like they'd invented the steam engine."

    I guess John Carmack is a Sega fanboy too, for calling it as he sees it :) And GameDay (football game developed by Sony) isn't helping the PS2 either. Like I said, Sony doesn't need my help :) Feel free to vent your anger/thoughts at this thread. - atila

  • TGB Dual Ver. Vol.0 (Build:0478:3249) Pre-Release Beta - That's a mouthfull, innit ? This is quite a special release though, this GBx emulator allows you to start 2 sessions and connect them via a 'virtual linkcable' - both playing different roms! Yes, you can now play, say, Pokemon Red and Blue at the same time and use the virtual link cable. Click here to download it, thanks to Jek Chan for the description. - atila

  • Uhhh, whatever :) - Someone at the Microsoft site was having fun with their keyboard: http://www.microsoft.com/test/test.txt. Thanks to DigiTakeru for the link. - atila

  • Amiga Demos - Amiga Legal Emulation has posted a few demos for the Amiga, to view screen shots and requirements, you can go to ALE, linked above. If you've never seen a demo, you're missing out -- seriously! For PC demos, you may wanna check out the 'Latest News' section on scene.org. - atila

  • MAMERun beta 7 - Jason Stefanovich has released beta 7 of his OS/2 PM frontend MAMERun for the DOS version of MAME. This is the ONLY frontend for MAME under OS/2. - chris

  •    Monday, October 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 19:08 EST

  • MSX Front-end - The Boss released version 2.0a of his Windows front-end for Marat Fayzullin's fMSX. Now with background music and images which belong to the games that can be used. For more info, the file and more than 1,800 games - visit the MEP-Crew. - Opi

  • 500 Snack Ideas - My coworker gave me this link, it's from cookbooks from the 1950's. Sounded kind of lame, but when I checked this out I couldn't stop laughing. :) - dutch

  • Hurra - Gens v0.88 ist da :) - Great news - Gens v0.88 is online here :) thanks to Stéphane DALLONGEVILLE for releasing another masterpiece :) Read the results of his latest efforts below or hurry and search the grand price aka file link and grab your copy of this great Genesis emulator for Win9x !

    - o - Country select feature added.
    - o - Menu language support improved :
    ..... - Menu is dynamically rebuild from language.dat file so it's very easy to add or change a menu language.
    - o - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Hebrew menu language are actually supported.
    - o - Screen-Shot feature added.
    - o - Direct Draw code modified :
    ..... - 'Normal' and 'Double' render mode uses hardware blit in Fullscreen.
    ..... - Screen Size x1, x2 removed in windowed mode because not usefull.
    ..... - Screen refresh improved when emulation is paused.
    - o - My 68000 core and MZ80 core are removed (RAZE and custom Starscream are accurate).
    - o - Debugger rewritten for Starscream.
    - o - Message drawing code rewritten.
    - o - GENS becomes cardware.
    - o - figured that Gens played Genesis voices (especially in SSFII) better than the real genesis, the bug is now fixed so voices are now more crap with almost game :(
    - o - Others little fix or add ...
    Games broken : Double Dragon 2 (this game is very sensitive to CPU timing :( ) Games fixed : Frogger

    Here's the hot prize :-) Merci and Danke Schön to EmuHQ for the cool news. - Opi

  • G-NES v0.44b - Shortly after the initial v0.44 release, Gigo posted two new bugfixed versions of his NES emulator G-NES. Click here to download G-NES v0.44b in english or here for the japanese version. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the release info. - Opi

  • Mimic WIP News - Mike Beaver's Mimic homepage has been updated several times recently with interesting progress news about this multic-console emulator. He added SMS line interrupts (increasing the compatability) and started coverting Mimic into 32bit code using DJGPP. And here's a cool Mike Beaver quote "BTW: I noticed that Mimic 1.04 was given an audio rating of 5.5/10 at a certain emu news site. Not bad for an emu without any sound at all. :)" LOL hahaha. - Opi

  • Redump v3.0 - Till received a new version of Redump, a tool made by smf that ables you to convert the NeoGeo MGD2 home ROM versions to the MAME friendly MVS format. Redump 3.0 adds support for Riding Hero and is available at Sys2064.
    Note - you'll need a place to find the "p1" ROM, because the one created by Redump will be still the home version. Watch Arcade@Home, Arcade ROM Heaven and EmuViews for it ... maybe ... who knows :) - Opi

  • Play Online - Mike Dailly has added joystick support to Minus4 Java - his Java C16/Plus4 emulator and Lando C16/PLUS4 CLASSIX celebrates this breakthrough with 20 new C-16 games for your online gaming experience ! - Opi

  • MAMECE3 Messageboard - We're now hosting the MAMECE3 messageboard, so click the link and get a-writing :) If you are in need of a good messageboard, feel free to mail me and I'll set one up for your needs. And please, no requests for 'pr0n' and warez boards. I won't set those up. - atila

  • New WinUAE Beta - A new WinUAE version has been sent to the beta testers ! This new beta should fix a couple of stupid bugs, and finally it adds native zlib.dll support to WinUAE (no more DOS console popping up for .adz files!!!) Lets cross our fingers for new public release shortly ! - Opi

  • MameCE3 - Techmaster released a new version of his MAME CE port - now renamed to MameCE3. He released 3 new builds (all based upon MAME v0.36 beta 8) - with support for ARM, MIPS and SH3 (new) processors. Click here for a list of the latest changes - thanks to Marconelly LABS! for the email :) ooh, a nice site design and layout btw :) - Opi

  • PalmBoy 3.0 released! - PalmBoy 3.0 was released earlier, it's a GameBoy emulator Palm PDA's and it now runs commercial roms. The source code is available at the site linked above. Thanks to Carlos G. for the news. - atila

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY NES! - The NES turned 15 today! I love the NES, I don't love the controller (too small for my hands :), but I sure love the games on that little machine. Where would have we been without the 'revolution' caused by the NES (Famicom in Japan)? Why not post your thoughts at this thread :) Thanks to smcn for the link. - atila

  • Raine Linux Port - I believe this is the second port of Raine for Linux, so click here to read the annoucement and more specific info. - atila

  • Feel My Pain - The things I have to go through here at work! A customer walks in and asks for a calling card:

    Me: Which card would you like ?
    Customer: I wanna call Guinea
    Me: Here ya go!
    Cu: How many minutes do I get for 25DGL (about $10)
    Me: 36 mins to Guinea.

    You'd think that's the end of that, well, it ain't! After 3 minutes he comes barging in, yelling and screaming.

    Me: What seems to be the problem?
    Cu: I get only 20 mins when making a call!
    Me: That's odd, please give me the card so I can check.

    I take the card, dial the 1-800 acces number and dial +224-46xxxx and I hear the voice say: "You have 36 mins for this call". I hand him the card and say it's OK. He goes to the booth outside and comes back in, yelling and screaming again!

    Me (slighlty annoyed): What wrong with it NOW ?!
    Cu: It says I only get 20 mins!
    Me: That's not possible, I just checked. Please let me see the number you are dialing.
    Cu: +223-xxxxxx
    Me: Sir, that's not Guinea, that Mali. The card gives you 36 mins to Guinea and 20 to Mali. Different country, different rates.
    Cu: NO! I want 36 mins to MALI! This card is a rip-off, gimme my money back, you thief!

    I try to explain the situation to him, but he's very reluctant to comprehend what I'm saying. He continues to yell at me, demanding his money back. He's saying he's gonna go to the cops and have me arrested! At this point I get very annoyed and ask the man to leave my store. Since he's not willing, I help him to the door - he almost gets acquinted with the window.

    Needless to say, I'm still waiting for the cops :) - atila

  • OverClocked ReMix - alright, I've moved into my new home, my PCs are all up, my DC and PSX are werkin', so no excuses any more :( I'll try to be postin' some non-me news quite soon, but in the meantime, uhhh - OverClocked ReMix has passed 150K hits, and now hosts a new site, Bart Klepka's PC ReMixes. He just released a new Doom II ReMix, accessible via either site, and at OC ReMix there are also FF9, Zelda64,and Street Fighter II ReMixes. Also, OC ReMix got #16 in SHIFT magazine's 'Top 20 Sites'. At least it wasn't dead last, eh?? Thanks to Geoff Yuen for that news. - david

  •    Sunday, October 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 19:41 EST

  • Team Japump! - News from Team Japump!, they dumped another bunch of japanese arcade boards for future MAME (or whatever) needs :)

    - Super Football Champ (JPN Ver.) (c)1995 Taito
    - Puzzle De Bowling (JPN Ver.) (c)1999 Nihon System / Moss
    - Manhattan 24 Bunsyo (Jail Break JPN Ver.) (c)1986 Konami
    - Lovely Poker (JPN Ver.) (c)1985 Tehkan
    - Mahjong Hyouban Musume (JPN Ver.) (c)1989 T.R.Tec / Nihon Bussan
    - Gals Panic 3 (JPN Ver.) (c)1995 Kaneko
    - Idol-Mahjong Final Romance (JPN Ver.) (c)1991 Video System
    - E-Jan High School (JPN Ver.) (c)1996 Seibu SPI System
    - Dancing Eyes (JPN Ver.) (c)1996 Namco, System 11

    Thanks to Emulation 9 for the dumping info ! AS a side note :) I just came back from the first german STYX concert since 1981 !!! Anyone remember Mr. Roboto, Babe, Carrie Anne or Boat on the River to name a few ? If you have the chance to see Styx during their "Brave The Paradise" tour - do it !!! Melodic Rock at its best ! - Opi

  • Zzap!64 ONLINE - The Def Guide to Zzap!64 has started to scan and upload all back issues of Zzap!64, the great old british C-64 magazine, which I bought too, in the good ol' C-64 days. Visit it and welcome some nice flashbacks :) Thanks to Emucamp for the hint. - Opi

  • GNES v0.44 - GIGO released a new version of his NES/Famicom enulators for Win9x GNES. Click here to download the english G-NES version 0.44 or use this link if you prefer the japanese binary :) You'll need at least Win9x with an installed DirectX5 to run this emulator - don't ask me what's new, an english list of the current emulator features is included in the archive offered above. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has updated ye olde WIP pages again, so you better 'enjoy it now!!1' (inside joke ;) - atila

  • WPCmame Pinball emulator - WPCmame - the "Pinball" emulator has been updated again. I've never heard about this emu before and I'm not sure if I fully understand the whole thing. So I decided to cut and paste the latest update :-) (ie I'm too lazy)

    "The WPCmame pinball similar allows you to "emulate" arcade pinball roms on your computer. WPCmame is built as a driver added to the MAME 0.37 beta 8 source.
    This WPC pinball emulator/simulator is not playable. It only emulates the electronic circuit boards and the display in the pinball machine backbox. There are no playfield and no balls. All WPC games from Dr. Dude to Cactus Canyon are supported. Supported means that the game loads and the display starts up with lamps etc. All games also enters the attract mode and you can use the Coin Door switches to enter the menus

    Here are some press releases about WPCmame :) For more informationa and the emulator itself check the WPCmame homepage. Curious retrogamers can check WMS Pinball for some useful goodies :) Thanks to Paul from shivaSite for the email ! BTW it's a nice site with a great new layout :-) - Opi

  • RealSpectrum beta #8 (v0.70.19) - RealSpectrum, one of the most advanced Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulators for DOS, developed by RAMSOFT, has been updated again. Click here for a list of the latest changes in beta 8. Choose your download below :

    - o - Pentium II version (i686) for Intel Pentium Pro/ II/ III and Celeron.
    - o - AMD version for AMD K6/ K6-II /K6-III and Athlon.
    - o - Pentium version for Intel Pentium/ Pentium MMX.

    I've also mirrored the RealSpectrum FAQ (87 k) as a service for you :) to avoid frustrating tries at the really mega slow RealSpectrum homepage !
    Visit World Of Spectrum for any further Spectrum needs ! - Opi

  • Sega and Graffiti - In an interesting turn of events, Jet Set Radio's US release (retitled Jet Grind Radio) is being promoted with a graffiti contest in San Francisco, something that the San Francisco Mayor wants to ban. Some see graffiti as an art form, others see it as vandalism. To judge for yourself, visit Art Crimes for thousands of examples. :) (You'll notice that San Francisco has the most graffiti listed on the site.) - dutch

  • ROM Hunt Tip - Just wanted to point out, if you scanned your Final Burn ROMsets with Roman's latest DAT file and found missing ROMs in Thunder Blade (Japan), I was able to find a complete set on Usenet - a.b.e.m. If you are looking for it on the web, the correct set's size is 1.20 megs. - dutch

  •    Saturday, October 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 22:47 EST

  • Nolan Bushnell Interview - After yesterday's post about uWink.com, Mike Stulir informed me of an interview he had with Nolan which is hosted on his web page backntime.net. If you havn't already heard this, I recommend you fire up your real player and give it a listen, it is an excellent interview. As well there are other insteresting radio programs involving classic gaming and emulation. - chris

  • Amiga's "Come Back" - Amiga announced "zico" aka AmigaOne - the first new Amiga hardware in over 6 years. "The AmigaOne, our first consumer product, will be targeted at the desktop and workstation market. Further products to follow will cover the markets from Personal Digital Assistants and upwards. All these products will run a single piece of software, the revolutionary Amiga Digital Environment (DE).

    We completed the AmigaOne specification three months ago, and dubbed it the zico. It is a specification and not a product because Amiga is a software company, not a hardware manufacturer. The ability of the Amiga DE to host itself on multiple hardware and operating system platforms frees us from hardware dependency and gives our partners and our customers the freedom to chose the hardware that best suits their needs and tastes.
    The zico specification is as follows
    " :

    - One AmigaDE friendly host processor (PPC, x86, Arm, SH4, MIPS)
    - 64MB+ memory
    - Next Generation Matrox graphics card
    - Creative EMU10K1 based audio card
    - 10 GB+ HD
    - CD/DVD
    - USB 1.0
    - Firewire
    - 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
    - 56k modem
    - Spare PCI slots for expandibility

    For more details, read the full announcement - thanks to EmuHQ for this amazing news ! - Opi

  • FairyLand Story Goes MAME - Visit Arcade ROM Heaven if you wanna download a special MAME version, compiled by Guru-Choc. This new binary is a FairyLand Story only MAME derive - the ROM set can also be found at ARH !!! NICE :-) thanks to Sys2064 for the news. - Opi

  • Spectrum Stuff - The .TZX Vault has seen another update with 34 new Spectrum tape images this time, plus some new rare scans - like a poster of the Lords Of Midnight from the Aug '84 issue of Personal Computer Games and the Jun '84 cover of C+VG covering the game Andre's Night Off by Mathew Smith. A .tzx file of Andre's Night Off will be made available within the next week or two. - Opi

  • Emulators Unlimited - Mass Move ! - EmuHQ reported 4 new site moves - please update your bookmarks for the following changed URL's :

    - Z80 Stealth has been moved to http://z80stealth.emuunlim.com
    - Neopocott has been moved to http://neopocott.emuunlim.com
    - Boycott has been moved to http://boycott.emuunlim.com
    - Emu5ever has been moved to http://emu5ever.emuunlim.com/
    Finally, The Whirlpool mentioned that J2e Translations has found a new home at http://www.j2etranslations.com ! Stay tuned for a new, 100% patch release for Final Fantasy 4 (SNES). Release date should be October 31st ! - Opi

  • Retrogaming Times #38 - I noticed at Vintage Gaming that Tom Zjaba has written and posted a new Retrogaming Times issue. Follow this link to read Retrogaming Times #38 ! - Opi

  • New ReMixes - David Lloyd has uploaded three new ReMixes for our listening and collecting pleasure :) Hey, this is the first Street Fighter 2 remix ! Visit OverClocked ReMix and download :

    - Street Fighter II 'Hey, Mr. HONDA'
    - Goldeneye 007 'Facility (Hacker)'
    - Deadly Towers 'S&M Dungeon Tour' - Opi

  • NES On Dreamcast - Here is your download of gleam! v10202000 - now with a working save option ! - Opi

  • GoodNES v0.999.4 - Cowering released a new NES version of his ROM renamer tool - GoodNES is now able to recognize and rename 5893 different NES ROM dumps !

    - o - I'm doing the best I can with so many ROMS to classify
    - o - Thanks for the help Digitoxin.. I'll take it from here :-)
    - o - I KNOW I don't have sardius' dumps.. one thing at the time!

    Click here to download it ! Thanks to WWEmu for the news and file :) - Opi

  • Hahaha!! - (*UPDATE* It's selling for $3,000 now!!)Someone took the class Hype101 for Suckaz and made a bundle of money. Check this link at eBay and see how someone actually bid $2,000 for a PS2! HAHAHAHAHA :P - atila

  • Japanese Emulators - Ok - here are the latest japanese emulator releases for some "exotic" systems ! Due to the fact that Aries is still missing (will he ever have a come back ?) I can't provide you with any changes info :(

    *** The PC-9801 series emulator Neko ProjectII is now available as version 0.27a, check the english homepage for additional info.
    *** Anex86 the EPSON PC-x86 seriese emulator is now at version 2.31. Same problem here, a little english language page is up (as linked above) but no changes info was posted.
    *** MZ700WIN v0.52 snap001020 is available - no further info, a legend would be nice :)
    *** nesterJ v0.31 SP1 (NES emu) is online - no further info, a legend would be nice :)

    All release info taken from Navarone's Emulation 9 !
    More news from me ASAP ! My mother turned 60 ! I've made lots of preparations for this big celebration in the past two days (I've missed a complete day of emulation - I am her only son) and now I'm forced to eat tons of great looking and tasting cake ! Later all :) - Opi

  • Great Christmas Gift ! - Look at this great selfmade Neo Geo LT if you need an inspiration for your christmas wishlist - thanks |Ray| :-) - Opi

  • Yape v0.20 - A new Yape version has been released, these are the latest changes :

    - o - some screen rendering optimisations (never enough...)
    - o - a new bug was introduced at the last version with disk loading, this has been fixed (I hope)
    - o - SOUND! - it is a bit clumsy at the moment, but I will try to improve it
    - o - saving and loading snapshots (not 100% yet); hence the dump menupoint is gone
    - o - started an event logger for future bug reports

    Click here to download this Commodore Plus/4 emulator ! Thanks to Emuviews for the news. - Opi

  • The Mac version of RockNES has been updated to v1.421. - richard

  • Rail Chase HotRod ini - First of all, GET RAIL CHASE NOW!!! The game is a total blast, fun beyond words! Thanks Dave for making it possible. :) And here's a HotRod ini for it. It's easy to reconfigure the ini but there, I've done it for you - just unzip to the Final Burn cfg directory. You might like to try changing the centering setting, I've got it set to autocenter at the moment. "Look out! Behind us!" =) - prophet

  • Don't you hate it when a new emu comes out and you can't find the new rom anywhere? :) - dutch

  •    Friday, October 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:52 EST

  • uWink - Pong creater Nolan Bushnell's new company uWink has just launched its first set of machines, ranging from countertop-sized to full stand-up consoles that will extend the gaming experience beyond the mall and into bars and coffee houses. These machines will be running Linux and be connected to the internet for tournament play across the country. The machines will also accept credit cards (hmm, I wonder how much they will cost to play?) Check the Wired Article for more information. Thanks to /. for the news. - chris

  • FREE COMMERCIAL GBC ROM! - You can now play a 'demo' of the GBC game GIFT, by simply downloading it from the developer's website. I use 'demo', because according to their site it is a demo, but Adrenaline Vault says it's the full game. It comes with an emulator, btw :) Thanks to TmB and Saulo B. for the news. - atila

  • Rail Chase hunting - Seems GuruChoc is the first big game hunter on the prowl for Rail Chase; he's a crack shot and has bagged many a big one before. Won't be long now I'd bet... - prophet

  • ArcadePC Cocktail Table & PacMan Upright - If you haven't read JoseQ's last Rumor Mill, you may have missed the awesome photos of 2 new HanaHo ArcadePC's! Personally I think the cocktail table looks fantastic - BTW, they do plan to improve the control layout with more buttons so no worries. There's also a bright yellow PacMan themed upright. :) Keep in mind these are prototype designs and they'll both improve by release time. (Anyone want to buy me that cocktail table?) You can read my review of the ArcadePC Mini if you're curious about this great product line. - prophet

  •    Thursday, October 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:38 EST

  • Hear that? - No, Dany hasn't been given news privs (inside joke for Current Affairs regulars;), but here's something cool to listen to: a Java Yamaha 2149 soundchip (Atari) emulator from Equinox! Gotta love that Bubble Bobble song, some other cool tunes to hear as well. - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.050 - Rail Chase! - Dave conquered yet another Sega game, this time it's Rail Chase, an interesting looking Indiana Jones themed action arcade game. Get Final Burn 0.050 here & check the homepage for more info. Awesome, awesome, awesome! =) And no, I have no idea where the Rail Chase ROMs can be found, I don't have them either. My best guess would be to keep an eye on Emuviews & Arcade Heaven. - prophet

  • Delayed Impact release - R. Belmont once again snuck some Impact information under our noses at this weeks's rumor mill over at JoseQ's Emuviews. You all of course noticed that there wasn't a release on Friday, October 13th. "...there were some unexpected problems. Most notably, the surprise game that was going to be added (Sonic Wings Limited) has encrypted graphics ROMs :( :( :( However, music is now working for Psychic Force as promised, and some other goodies are being crammed in (2 player HotRod, oh yeah! :)." Let's keep our fingers crossed. :) - dutch

  • RockNES X v1.42 - Shortly after the initial DOS release - Alexandre da Veiga's Windows port RockNES X was updated too - here are the changes in version 1.42 :

    - o - Windows 2000 bug solved!
    - o - Small GUI problems fixed (now you know when the ROM is incorrect)
    - o - Better noise emulation (by Fx3)

    Click here to download it - thanks to Einstein II for the notification :) - Opi

  • Idinalog ?! - Yes, Japanese PC shooter madness continues in Prophetville. :) This one uses dreaded polygons, but redeems itself by being a classic scroller and not another 3D wannabe. Best of all, Idinalog is FREE - get it here! It was created by Namikaze of Japan. (Thanks Tuxedo Mask for the tip) - prophet

  • Capcom goes emu!! - Check this:

    The Nihon Keizai Shimbun is reporting that Capcom has found a way to avoid the system wars. Apparently Capcom is working on emulation software that will allow their games to work on any of the next generation systems. Yes, you read that right.
    Starting next fall Capcom will allow users of personal computers, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Xbox and GameCube to enjoy online matches with other players regardless of the machines they use. The goal is to eliminate the risk involved in developing products for one specific machine. The new games will help Capcom stabilize its revenue by making it less susceptible to the fluctuations in popularity of particular game consoles. The company intends to keep adding new titles to existing series of video games for individual machines, while releasing new games capable of overcoming operating system differences simultaneously for all major consoles.

    "We expect to cut development costs about 25 percent thanks to the emulator software," said Capcom spokesman Miho Hashimoto.

    I'd like to see how they pull that one off :) Thanks to Gaming-Age and sonicfan for the news. - atila

  • Siter Skain ?! - Do you love hardcore Japanese shooters? Of course you do! What self-respecting retrogamer doesn't. And that's why you should visit Siter Skain, a really cool little Japanese company that makes shooters for PC's! Yep, no emulator needed. Best of all there are some trial versions online to download - I highly recommend Kamui and RefleX. Both remind me of Ray Force (aka Gunlock, playable in Raine), and sport some beautiful lighting and tranparency effects. Sadly I have no idea how to buy the full versions, and most likely they'll NEVER be sold in the west. :( (Discovered via SHMUPS) - prophet

  • ALE Update - Amiga Legal Emulation has been updated with a bunch of new stuff! They've got a new hosted site called Top Secret Amiga 51 which hopes to become a complete database of ALL known Amiga games, complete with cover scans and descriptions. You'll also find 7 new games online to leech. :) On a somber note, sorry to hear about your beloved cat Malc. :( - prophet

  • Freedom.gov Napster Poll - Express your Napster views in this poll being held by the US House Majority Leader's website! (Thanks Richard - seems we have emu fans in THE House:) - prophet

  • Rumor Mill Time - EmuViews has been updated with JoseQ's latest Rumor Mill ! - Opi

  •    Wednesday, October 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:37 EST

  • Lemon - Kim Lemon uploaded 14 new submitted C-64 reviews to show that he's back from the grave ! - Opi

  • RetroGaming Radio - Just received a mail from Shane R. Monroe. He started converting his famous RetroGaming Radio! shows into mp3 format. Currently he finished 13 out of 29 released episodes. He also wrote, that his show won't have a "come back" but he's thinking about a special episode - stay tuned :) - Opi

  • Master Gear v1.4 - Marat Fayzullin's Master Gear version 1.4 is now available for download : "Now with YM2413 FM sound chip and 93C46 serial EEPROM chip emulation. Complete list of features and the list of new features and fixes can be found in the documentation". Online are versions for : Win9x, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris. Expect a bunch of other ports in a few minutes :) (hours). Note : Master Gear isn't free, you have to license it for a $35US fee. Thanks to JoseQ for the info :) - Opi

  • The End Is Near - 11 new Neo-Geo endings are now online at the Video Games Museum - including : Last Blade 1 & 2, Samurai Showdown 2 & 3 and Garou Mark of the Wolves ! - Opi

  • Ninja's aga World - Ninja's aga World was updated with 26 new Amiga 500 games that some of you have requested ! Update : Delayed for 24 hours due to some server problems :( - Opi

  • Team Japump! - Till from Sys2064 reported that Team Japump! dumped another 14 new japanese arcade boards !!!! MAME we're comin' ..... :) - Wakakusamonogatari Mahjong Yonshimai (Maboroshi Ware, 1996), Psychic Force 2012 (Taito, 1997), Sonic Blast Man (Taito, 1991), Star Sweep (Axela, 1997), D-DAY (Jaleco, 1984), VS. Hot Smash (Kaneko/Taito, 1987), Tokoro San no MahMahjan (Sega, 1992), Naname de Magic! (Atlus, 1994), Gyakuten!! Puzzle Bancho (Fuuki, 1996), Quiz DNA no Hanran (Fave, 1992), Raiga /Strato Fighter (Tecmo, 1991), Super Pinball Action (Tecmo, 1991), Saboten Bombers (NMK, 1992) and Super Othello (Fujiwara / Success, 1986). - Opi

  • ePSXe Configuration Hints - The ePSXe homepage has been updated with a new trouble shooting guide to solve almost all configuration problems. If you're in need of some advices for this new Playstation emulator, check it out ! Thanks to Carlos for the info. - Opi

  • SNEeSe v0.51 - Here's another fine download for you, SNEeSe v0.51 ! TRAC fixed a bug in the graphics core that caused some sprites to be corrupted. - Opi

  • RockNES v1.421 - RockNES has been updated twice in the last 24 hours, Fx3 seems to like working like a dog :)

    *** Version 1.421
    - o - - Fixed a bug on sound reset, the noise channel is now working properly.
    *** Version 1.420
    - o - Better noise emulation;
    - o - Added an option in the GUI to save sprite ram within all informations for each sprite, like a text file;
    - o - Added stretched mode, due the request (delete the old config file to setup this option);
    - o - Minor optimization in the scanline blitter;
    - o - Fixed some GUI options that were working when no game was loaded.

    Cou can get it here - Opi

  • xmame icons update - I have updated the MAME Icons for X web site with the MAME Icons beta 8 update pack. As well, I have updated the KDE install script to handle a KDE2 desktop and funcionality to install clone icons! - chris

  • I've decided to go ahead and put the Marquees back online (following danmanya's lead). Marquees.zip has had some files renamed and has been 100% verified with the latest beta of Mame32. The file is 8.89 megs. This is only online until the Closet2mame site returns. Phydeaux, if you want me to take these offline for any reason, please let me know. - dutch

  • Rail Chase - How about some nice WIP Rail Chase pics ? Thanks to ShinobiZ for the link. - atila

  • Life as Video Game Art - saw this on slashdot and figured that while it ain't 'pure' emulation news it's neat and cool and what not and you *might* be interested. It's called "Screenshots" and it depicts different scenes from world history and movie scenes in an isometric view ala 'The Sims' or 'Equinox' if you remember that one. Check it out here. - david

  • HTTP Zip Downloader 1.2 - Just get this! What is it? It's a Win32 ASM proggie that let's you open zips *remotely* and download just the files you want! No more downloading entire archives when you just need some little 128K file. :) Tell me that's not cool. Both the executable & source code are in there too! It was written by Iczelion, more goodies there as well, especially for budding ASM coders. (Thanks GuruChoc for the tip) - prophet

  • Dutch screws up and apologizes - Tonight I did 2 news posts on the marquee files for Mame32. Since the Closet2mame site is not currently accessible, [PRoToCoL] uploaded the Marquees to Usenet, then I corrected some file names and uploaded the archives here. I only now just noticed that the archives contain a readme file. As you can see, the collector of these marquees asks, "This file may only be linked from the Closet2Mame websight..." I apologize for any confusion that I caused, and I also apologize to Phydeaux Brigands. If Phydeaux gives his OK, I will repost the files here. Again, I apologize. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, October 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:01 EST

  • Retro Remakes - Emulation 9 mentioned a new MSX remake of King's Valley II (© Konami '88) made by Dennis Pasveer. The author stated that he wanted to stick as close as possible to the original MSX game and I think he did a great job - check it out !

    BLIP & BLOP III, a freeware game similar to Metal Slug made by THE LOADED TEAM has been progressing well in the last weeks :"The first playable levels of Blip'n Blop are now fully functional and our beta-test team have begun to work on them". Gerard Kelly a talented musician has joined forces - expect some cool tunes in the final release ! - Opi

  • Happy Birthday Till ! - Sys2064 got a great new layout and Till celebrates (it's already wednesday in Germany) his 29th birthday - Congratulations from the Retrogames crew :) Keep it retro ! - Opi

  • Game Adverts Flood - The Video Game Museum crew welcomes a new member - AnakinVdr - which uploaded 263 new game adverts to our archives, also online are a handful of new game reviews ! If you like such a kind of stuff - check it out. - Opi

  • Simmulator And CreatiVEmu News - Just received an email from _MADrigal_, he uploaded his 15th handheld simmulator :
    Snoopy (Nintendo, Panorama Screen series, 1983) v1.00 100% complete.

    He also mentioned a new update at the CreatiVEmu homepage. Lots of new stuff has been added and WIP info about the emu has been posted, both the emulator and GUI are still uncomplete but the emulator has now full sound support and partial cassette interface emulation. Most games (16 out of 18) are fully playable with sound on a P90 (or lesser CPU?). For more information about this old system and the emulator - visit the homepage. - Opi

  • Emulation Status - Warlock finally (almost) finished his Taito Project page. Now he has 300 Taito game descriptions online, 282 of them featuring screenshots. - Opi

  • MAME Wizard V2.0 beta 6 - MAME Wizard is a new (very promising) MAME front-end for Win9x systems - check the readme for more information and check the homepage for a list of included features - here are some examples :

    - o - PNG, JPG, BMP and WMF image files support
    - o - ZIP, RAR and ACE compressed rom/sample set support
    - o - Profile support with profile creation wizard feature
    - o - MAME CD support
    - o - Romset protection system: important files are granted to be only read

    And much much more - get it here - thanks to Roc from Mame World for the release info - don't forget to visit KiLLerCloWn's new site ArcadeXtreme :) - Opi

  • TR64 WIP Release 2 - TR64 (N64 emu for Win9x) has been updated today - icepir stated the following about this release : "release 2 is here! It is much faster and more compatible than the last release. F|RES has also rewritten the UI. I like the new interface much better. Also The TR64 now uses the "standard" plugin system, so you should see more video and controller plugins that work with TR64. Stil have to add sound support. :/ But I think that everyone will enjoy this WIP". You can have it if you click here, thanks to Duncan from WWEmu for the email :) - Opi

  • RockNESX X 1.41 In French - Top50 informed me about his latest french emulator translation, this time he translated the latest RockNESX release. Visit his homepage to get the translated binary and don't forget to delete your old ROCKCONFIG.DAT, or you won't be able to save your new configuration ! - Opi

  • Liberty v1.1.1 Available - EmuHQ mentioned a new Liberty release. Liberty is a shareware (fee $16.95) Game Boy emulator for Palm OS (thanks Nonoche). The demo version is available below :

    - o - Control-pad emulation in the graffiti area
    - o - ROM2PDB fixes, other minor fixes.
    - o - Visor users may now install games into their flash modules
    - o - Demo will now play *all* playable GameBoy games for 30 trys! (After that, you will ve limited to 32k games as before)

    Here are your Liberty download possibilities : Windows, Macintosh or Linux. Please check the homepage for a list of supported devices and a few more GB related tools. - Opi

  • FreezeSMS - Proper Version - Click here to download the second version (build 69) of FreezeSMS, a new Sega Master System emulator. "Ok, so yesterday I released a crap version of my emulator, that was just to test you all. Here's the proper BUILD, hope you enjoy". Note: FreezeSMS still needs DirectX 7. -Opi * Dutch fixes Uncle Opi's html mistake. :) - Opi

  • 0900-8844 - There's a new nation-wide phonenumber in The Netherlands, for reaching your local police department: 0900-8844. When you convert it to letters (on your Dutch phone), it spells 0900-TUIG, In English, it means 0900-SCUM =) - atila

  • MegaMan ReMix MaNia! - The Blue One is in the HOUSE! FIVE new MegaMan ReMixes, four from two and one from three, have invaded OverClocked ReMix with smashin' beats and jammin' synths. Or something like that. Of particular note is a Salsa ReMix of the Gemini theme from Megaman 3. Ole! - david

  • Emulation Dissertation - Takis Tsiricos, with a little itty bit of assistance from yours truly, has produced an amazing document that examines in-depth several legal arguments surrounding emulation. It's VERY well put together, a fascinating read, and a worthy companion to the already existing EmuFAQ. Check out "One Flew Over Pacman's Nest" HERE. THanks to Takis for the news :) - david

  •    Monday, October 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:49 EST

  • Nuts & Volts article - Saint's BYOAC has posted the entire Nuts & Volts article on building arcade controls, with permission of course. It's a good read, even if they didn't mention Retrogames. Hmph! :P - prophet

  • Rail Chase WIP - Dave has been working hard on figuring out how the bitmaps in Rail Chase are stored, and has made some progress! Check the Final Burn homepage to get a glimpse. - prophet

  • WOW - Buy It And You're Really RETRO (Or A Fool) Hahaha - Derek H mailed me the following Geek.com report :"For the price of US$99.95, you can still order a Timex Sinclair ZX81 kit from this place. Zebra Systems Inc., has been holding onto inventory since the '80s and now wants to unload. If you want a piece of history, brand new in the box, check it out. Accessories and books are also available". Bored from overclocking your PC ? wanna be cool ? Like doing some silly things from time to time ? BUY IT ! - Opi

  • Spinner - GBA game - This is a freeware 'port' of a GBA game, which has been coded in DIV, click here to download SPINNER. This will work in Win9x, thanks to MikeDX for the link. - atila

  • MESS Debug Build - Mame World posted a new MESS debug build made by Zan : "I have uploaded (and will be on a regular basis) a new MESS debug build to Mameworld. I want people who know MESS to use it and provide feedback to me on any problems." - you can get it here It contains no documentation, only the .exe so is for experienced users (DOS.Win9x DOS BOX). Contact ben@mame.net with any bug reports !" Watch Mame World for an upcoming new message board ! - Opi

  • Fitness Exercise For RockNES - Let's STRECH - Fx3 added a streched mode to RockNES - very useful for all Windows haters and ignorants :) There was no new release until now ! - Opi

  • GoodGBx v0.999.3 - WOAH what a slow monday :( Thanks to Cowering, I found something worth to post :-) Click here to download his latest GoodGBX version - new in this release : "database update" (68 new JAP dumps.. I'll need help on the translations) and "needed redumps list updated". GoodGBx now knows 4370 Game Boy Roms and variants ! - Opi

  • Test Drive: LeMans for DC - Every now and then a game will pop-up that will turn quite a few heads. Right now, it's Test Drive: LeMans, which is actually a technological marvel :) Sega said that the DC maxed out at about 3 million polygons per second (pps), this game is pushing a little over 5mil pps (maybe even more) and looks gorgeous (check the link above). It even has a true 24-hour race option, like the real LeMans race, you get to race for 24 hours -- straight! Best of all, it'll be out in 3 weeks and will sell for $29!! And no, this was not paid advertisement :) - atila

  • FreezeSMS - A new SMS emulator was released earlier, it's called FreezeSMS, it's for Windows and requires DX7. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • Mondays ... I wish it were Saturday again :( - atila

  •    Sunday, October 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:38 EST

  • Viva Team Japump! - Team Japump! defeated and dumped 3 new japanese arcade boards :) Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the dumping info. Don't look for the follwing ROM sets - you won't find them, until someone wrote an emu or MAME driver.

    * Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 (JPN Ver.) (c)1996-98 Namco; System11
    * Final Bunny (JPN Ver.) (c)1991 Nihon Bussan
    * Battle K-Road (JPN Ver.) (c)1994 Psikyo - Opi

  • NAZ Did Cruisin USA - NAZ dumped and uploaded a new (unemulated) arcade ROM set to alt.binaries.emulators.misc - Cruisin USA with 3 different Revisions of the Program ROMs in one RAR archive. - Opi

  • ePSXe FAQ And More - The guys of PSXEmu created and uploaded a new installshield for ePSXe, the freshly released Playstation emulator, grab it if you haven't already downloaded this emu. It includes : the best plugins, an un-install program, icons and much more. Also up is a newly created ePSXe FAQ - you can read it here, or visit the PSXEmu homepage if you prefer a html version. Thanks to Bobbi for the hint :-) - Opi

  • MGL SNES9x for OS/2 ! - Vintage Gaming was updated with a great report for all OS/2 users and SNES lovers. "The OS/2 port of SNES9x has been updated with the latest changes from the official source tree bringing the core up to revision 1.32 (the former release was based on version 1.29 of the code)".

    - o - Core update fixed bugs in several games (Battletoads is one of them)
    - o - Now using an assembly SPC700 core (faster!)
    - o - Completely reworked frameskip algorithm (faster for machines that required frameskipping)

    Get it here - the homepage is currently down (Vintage Gamings still has server / hosting problems). - Opi

  • Rail Chase Anyone ? - Dave started the attempt to emulate Rail Chase too (graphics/sound roms are still missing YET - hehe), check the Final Burn homepage for a very preliminary screenshot - thanks to Frogacuda from Emucamp for the message :) - Opi

  • Best DOS GB/GBC Emu Updated - BouKiCHi, my japanese GB hero, released version 0.72 of his awesome DBoy ! This releases added *** For DPP and for Movie record *** whatever this means :-) Automatic English translations by excite.co.jp are weird ! Click here to get it and be happy (like me). Thanks to the great guys of EmuHQ for the news and the zipped file :) - Opi

  • RockNESX v1.41 - Help, I need some spare time to test and enjoy all these fine emulators !!! RockNESX, Alexandre da Veiga's Win9x port of Fx3's great NES emulator RockNES is now available for download :

    - o - Improved Rendering Engine
    - o - Windowed Mode Support
    - o - VS Palettes Support
    - o - Pause Key
    - o - Improved Joystick Support
    - o - GUI bug fixes
    - o - GUI support for NES, VS and FDS roms
    - o - and... ALL the core is in sync with the newest RockNES (DOS) version (TONS of changes to describe here!)

    Download it here - don't forget to give these two great guys some feedback about their free work - email Fx3 / email Alexandre da Veiga ! - Opi

  • Sega Smash Pack 2 - Gamer's Hell has posted a review of Sega Smash Pack 2, Sega's commercial Genesis emulator. It comes with 6 games and a short review is posted for every game, I guess the original Smash Pack sold enough copies to warrant a 'sequel' :) - atila

  • SSF v0.04 alpha r4 - Ben-J informed me about a new update of SSF, a japanese Sega Saturn emulator for Win9x. He also sent in a selfmade translation of the latest changes in version 0.04 alpha r4 :

    - o - It corresponds to 24 bit frame buffer.
    - o - The off screen buffer was not used.
    - o - The check on the CD drive was sweetened (The moving drive increases).
    - o - Correction of VDP1 turn

    Thanks to Consollection for the information. - Opi

  • Boob!boy 1.1 Beta - An updated Game Boy emulator for Sega's Dreamcast is now avilable at the Boob! homepage - click here to read more about this emulator, the changes, limitations and how to burn it - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • 1964 0.5.1 Released - schibo posted a new version of his excellent N64 emulators 1964 - these are his changes :

    - o - Started register caching for more speed.
    - o - Some more axes settings repairs for jostick controllers.
    - o - Repairs to various user interface problems.

    Here's the emulator and here's the source :) - Opi

  • AB, AB GO! - Gridle has posted a MAME WIP update, thanks to Sixtoe for the news. - atila

  • GuruChoc & PE_KRIZ - Sadly our friend GuruChoc may have "caught" the PE_KRIZ virus. :( Check out the link to learn more about this nasty little bugger. - prophet

  • Arcade Reviews - Check out the informative reviews of many classic arcade games at Arcade Reviews! From Centipede to Buggy Boy and lots more, there's sure to be something of interest for all Retrogamers. - prophet

  • Sega CD "Borg"ed - Props to Jeffrey "Quintesson" Quinn for getting the first Sega CD emulator out to the public! It's called WinAGES 0.22a "Borg"! :) Check out the AGES homepage for details, as the Sega CD emulation is still very new and you really should read the FAQ and the readme. Also, Eidolon's Inn and SegaXtreme are celebrating this new emu release with tons of information about the Sega CD and configuring the emu. Plus they have lots more to download as well. Hint, hint. (Thanks Christian Schiller) - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.041 - Yep, Dave continues to improve his amazing emulator! Some graphics fixes and sound in Thunder Blade are the highlights this time, plus it now uses DirectX 7 code. Get the file here. Check out the homepage for more info. For newbies, Final Burn is a Windows based emulator that runs some great Sega arcade games like Afterburner, Galaxy Force 2 and Power Drift. (Thanks Empire) - prophet

  •    Saturday, October 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:59 EST

  • Yape v0.19 - Yape, Attila's Commodore C16/Plus4 emulator has been updated once again with the following changes :

    - o - blank screen implemented (and Manic Miner still works...)
    - o - wildcard (*) in disk loading is done (go try it!)
    - o - save memory contents as program
    - o - much better joystick emulation via keyboard (try Mercenary...)
    - o - more illegal opcodes done (Jack Attack works now)
    - o - other minor improvements

    You can get it here. - Opi

  • UltraHLE site - The Ultrahle site has been updated with a cute Mario 64 Flash, and that's it. It's meaning? What's the meaning of life? :) - dutch

  • ePSXe released! - The first public release of this PSX emulator called ePSXe is now available for download. Pete Bernert was kind enough to code a frontend called ePSXeCutor, which you can download here. As always, check the ePSXe site for more info, thanks to Bobbi for the news. - atila

  • Emulation Status - Warlock updated his fine site Emulation Status with some new arcade entries and posted that he's working on a Taito project (detailed documentation of all known Taito games from 1973 to 2000) - a first teaser about Taito's G-NET System can be found here. Thanks to WWEmu for the news update. - Opi

  • Emulation Article On BBC - The BBC has done an article on emulation which you can read here. Thanks to [JJ] for the news. - atila

  • MSX Madness - AmiMEX2 V3.1 is now available for you, but only useful if you're still using an Amiga, sorry - but I can't telly you which configuration is needed :)

    - o - MSX2 Overscan support
    - o - Screen 2 and 4 ONE bank tile support.
    - o - 100% Compatible with all Motorola procesors (020/030/040/060)
    - o - Z-80A Emulation is now Syncronized (Slow but more Quality)
    - o - Now, a lot of things are 100% syncronized like a real MSX.
    - o - Full support of Line Interrupts.
    - o - CPU Emulation can run at Real/Fast/Turbo Modes.
    - o - Screen 8 Sprites are now emulated with your real colours.

    Download it (as usual) at www.file-hunter.com - thanks to TFH/Fony for the mail :) - Opi

  • Spectrum Stuff Part 2 - 14 new Spectrum 128 games are now downloadable at the 128 Museum, a nice Czech retrogaming site (the site is also avilable in english) ! - Opi

  • Upstairs Please - The BBC Micro & Acorn Electron emulation site Stairway To Hell has been updated with around 30 or so new Electron games, loads of in-game mp3 samples and over 100 new cover scans (now more than 1000 scans online) ! - Opi

  • Spectrum Stuff Part 1 - The .TZX vault has been updated with 42 new tape images plus the loading screen of the unfinished game "Attack Of The Mutant Zombie Flesh Eating Chickens From Mars" by Mathew Smith of Manic Miner fame. - Opi

  • Sega CD Downloads - Sega CD fans should visit SegaXtreme for some interesting new stuff - you'll need no password for these new goodies. - Opi

  • Mimic 1.04 released - Mike Beavers multi system emulator Mimic is now available as version 1.04. Regarding to his report at ARH - he got more SMS stuff working and he offers an updated SMS HWC as well, finally he started a compatibility list for Mimic. Right now I can't access the homepage, don't know why ! - Opi

  • SNEeSe v0.50 - SNEeSe, a great Super Nintendo emulator for DOS has been updated once again - say hello to the following changes :)

    - o - History: Inserted a description of a change left out of the history for 0.49
    - o - 65c816: Completed the memory mapper changes started in 0.49
    - o - Source: Moved some debugging-related code into its own file
    - o - Source: More source cleanup
    - o - Stability: Fixed bugs in SRAM loading/saving (files opened weren't being closed); appears to have fixed the last of the exit crashes
    - o - Config: Changed the default save RAM file extension to SRM, and removed support for the old 'frameskip' setting in the config file

    You can get it here - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Four Tigers Now :) - A new Two Tigers driver for MAME will be submitted shortly by Caker, check the driver homepage to see the differences in the Two Tigers Dedicated and the already in MAME included version ! These are great news for me, because I always wondered about the version I've played in MAME, now I know why I noticed these differences, thanks to Mame World for the info. - Opi

  • It's A Kind Of Magic - As promised, a new Magic Engine beta has been released. Version 0.97 beta 3 for Windows is online with the following new features :

    - o - a vsync option for super smooth scrolling
    - o - user customizable video resolutions (320x240, 512x448, etc...)
    - o - gamepad support in the GUI

    "A special note about this beta, though... The vsync option seems to not work very well in Windows 9x, it seems to work only in Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000. We have spent the whole night trying to figure out why, but without success... If you get a weird display when this option is enabled, simply disable it". Click here to get the new Windows beta. - Opi

  •    Friday, October 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:05 EST

  • Namco Goes Retro - Ms. Pac / Galaga Reunion Game Up Close !!!
    Aaaah, nice site - thanks Atari :-) - Opi

  • Retro Music - Twistedgaming which is an oldies music site, has now 100 game mp3's for you to download. Including some really strange .. err funny stuff - PC speaker recordings - hehe, along with a nice new layout, check it out :) - Opi

  • RomCenter Evolution - Eric Bole-Feysot uploaded some screenshots of his upcoming RomCenter 2.0. Also up are a bunch of new datfiles and a statement about his datfile policy (using of Cowerings databases). - Opi

  • The Next Computing Revolution ? - Ridge mailed me about Amiga.com's latest annoucements for the "new Amiga". Check out their Committed Applications as of 9/14/00 (lower part of the page) - it lists dozends of new games, including some well known PC and console titles - even Mario 64 is on this list ! - Opi

  • MARP hits 200K! - The MAME Action Replay Page has hit 200,000 views - congratulations! :) Over 15,000 action replay recordings have gone thru their hallowed halls as well. MARP also have regular competetive tournaments, so check them out! - prophet

  • Final Burn & HotRod - UPDATE: I uploaded a new file that should work for unmodified HotRod SE's. Alright HotRod/ArcadePC users, I spent a little time making HotRod ini files for Final Burn! Just place them in the cfg directory and you can play Afterburner 1/2, Powerdrift & Galaxy Force 2 without touching a keyboard or joyport device! Also included in the zip is a list of scan codes you can use to redefine more games or change my definitions to your liking. Note that I set the player 2 joystick to throttle, everything else is pretty obvious. (Thanks Dayvee for the help!) - prophet

  • New FREE VGS demo! - Connectix Virtual Game Station is an amazing Playstation emulator for PC and Macs. And now you can try the new trial version 1.41 for free - just click here to get it! :) There's even a limited time offer of a free Playstation game if you decide to purchase the full version. Check it out - this is one of the few retail emus worth buying IMO, highly recommended! - prophet

  • Great News! Glad To Know, He's OK - Here's a great EmuHQ news-rip, originally posted by bwb !!! "Mrs. RCP let me know that RCP is recovering nicely and that the surgery went great! He should be back on his feet soon and back home shortly after that. All the messages and prayers really helped :)" - Opi

  • Hahahahahaha.... - richard

  • Preserved Memories - Many new updates at the Video Game Museum these days, which include: 54 Atari 2600 games, 2 MSX games, 14 PC-98 games, 1 NES game, 16 SNES games (contributed by me), we have almost 1,000 SNES games online (as pictures of course). Also newly added : 33 TG-16 games, 8 Amstrad CPC scans, 34 N64 scans, 123 Neo-Geo scans, 5 reviews from our new reviewer Kitsune Sniper, and 15 arcade endings from Rey (4 made by me, Opi stated proud). Visit our site and enjoy the blast from the past :) Our screenshot section features now 8,287 with more than 30,000 screenshots, more than 2,600 scans are online and you can view the endings of almost 500 games ! The Video Game Museum, were the memories live. - Opi

  • The Magic Is Back - The recently announced new Magic Engine beta should be available tomorrow !!!
    "Whoops, sorry for the extra delay, this was not planned at all. A while back we have ordered "Diablo II" and we have just received it this week-end, and since then we have been... err... very busy. ^_^ ". I think that's acceptable hehe, Diablo II is an understandable delay reason ^_^ - Opi

  • MSX News Part 2 - paraMSX v0.19 - paraMSX, a a Windows port of fMSX is now available as version 0.19 - these are the latest changes :

    - o - Changed Korean MSX2 (IQ2000)'s memory layout.
    ..... (MSX-tutor works correctly)
    - o - Improved PSG,FM & sound balance.
    - o - Fixed Launcher's bug.
    - o - Added Tape file support.
    - o - Added ROM-type restoring.
    - o - Added FPS counter.

    paraMSX will run on all Win9x systems and Windows 2000 with DirectX 7.0 installed. Again check www.file-hunter.com if you want this emulator and a few games, 2,700 should be enough to test paraMSX :) Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • NLMSX v0.30 - NLMSX - one of the better (if not the best) MSX (msx/msx2/msx2+ to be exact) emulators for Win9x has been updated again, v0.30 is now online. Lets see what Frits Hilderink has added or changed :

    - o - Solved a few bugs in the SCC emulation.
    - o - Solved a major bug that caused a lot of stability problems.
    - o - Solved some major bugs regarding the online changing of cartridges.
    - o - Solved frequency problems in the PSG emulation. (Thanks to Samor)
    - o - Added browsing functionality for disk images and rom images.

    Please visit www.file-hunter.com for all your MSX needs :) - Opi

  • French MacMAME - The French translation of MacMAME 0.37b8 has been finished and is available for download at MacMAME.org. - atila

  • OverClocked Episode #133: - THE DAVE. Continued from a long, long time ago :) - david

  •    Thursday, October 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:25 EST

  • Mimic News - The Mimic homepage is now Netscape friendly too :) Mike Beaver got rid of his site frames (good decision) and announced a new Mimic release within the next 24 hours. - Opi

  • Galaxy Force 2 Goodies - Check Arcade ROM Heaven for the now needed Galaxy Force 2 ROM set, it's playable, but still not 100% correct, Roman Scherzer has already updated his Final Burn datfile for ClrMame ! - Opi Update It's correct now. ;) - dutch

  • It Took A While, But Finally ... - RockNES will be "Windowed in a Sunday...". - Opi

  • Please, Kill Them All - The MAME Testing Project has been updated with the latest beta 8 "discoveries" - thanks to Mame World :) - Opi

  • Multi-Emulator Frontend - Player Up version 3.01 was released today. It is a Multiple Emulator Front End and is free for the Emulation Community.
    It features Multiple Image Support and built in unzipping features. You can see some screen shots and download a copy at www.arcadeuniverse.com. Thanks to CAccess for the news. - chris

  • New 1964 in 2000 :) - A new version of 1964 (N64 emulator for Win9x) has been announced for the next sunday. schibo is in a working mood again, expect some nice improvements in the near future. The upcoming 1964 v0.5.1 will have a speed improve due to some newly added register caching. - Opi

  • Prentendo Goes BeOS - Not much news worthy things today :(
    BeOS fans should watch the freshly updated Pretendo homepage for a new emulator release ! delta decided to redo his NES emulator for the third time and this time for on the BeOS R5 (x86, PPC) platform ! Other ports will follow after the initial BeOS release. - Opi

  • FINAL BURN 0.040 - Dave brightens up our day with the release of Final Burn 0.040, here's what's new:

    + Galaxy Force II!

    * What was up with the GF palette? Turn out there's a palette reference into
    an EXTRA palette (a possible 32768 colors), which in turn goes into the normal
    main palette (16384 colors), which in turn goes into the GLOBAL palette (4 million colors).
    The word 'nightmare' comes to mind, but it's sorted now!
    Power Drift almost totally ignores this 'feature' (apart from the spinning wheels),
    which is why that worked okay.

    + Added a new option for Auto-Centering Keyboard!
    To use, first you must load up the game you wish to play,
    bring up the menu panel if it isn't already visible (press Escape), click Input, and then click Keyboard (Auto-Centering).

    It works really well with Galaxy Force II, Power Drift (in-game anyway!), ThunderBlade and Out Run. For After Burner however, it's much easier to aim if you select the normal Keyboard option.

    * In fact, Keyboard with Auto-Centering works so well that I have also made it the default. People who want to use a joystick should now configure games by clicking Input and then Joystick 1 (only need to be done once per game).

    * Note, now F = Burners, G = Brakes (or you can use A and Z if you are using Joystick 1 2-button or Keyboard.)

    - The Galaxy Force Hardware uses a powerful tilt/rotate effect, which isn't emulated yet.
    - Lot's of glitches - don't e-mail, I know about them!
    - Galaxy Force II uses a LOT of sprites in the tunnel sections (each wall has about 50-100 sprites). It slows down my computer, so you probably do need a P3 this time
    (for the tunnel sections anyway). A shame.

    And this is to David Lloyd of Overclocked: you owe the other Dave a T-Shirt now (remember this?) ... and a pudding snack :) Thanks to ShinobiZ for the news. - atila

  • More Hot ReMix action! - Don't ya just love cheesy headlines like that? Sorry if I seem to be missing-in-action lately, moving and interviewing for jobs simultaneously is simply exhausting. I wanted to take a little bit of time to just say that Dave and Final Burn rule my world, and GF2 emulation will be a dream come true, literally. Okay, now that that's said, there's Donkey Kong Country, Pilotwings 64, and Final Fantasy III ReMixes over at da OC ReMix site. - david

  • New Rumor Mill - Santa JoseQ has some new gifts for you - click here to please your curiosity. - Opi

  • 'PS2 Retailers Squeezed' - Let's just say that I'm glad I'm not a PS2 retailer. This post at Core Magazine explains why.

    I remember a similar situation when I was working at a videostore. Terminator 2 was about to be released on VHS and you could only buy the movie from the supplier if you ordered 15 copies of the movie. At US$140 each. - atila

  •    Wednesday, October 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:31 EST

  • Happy B'day Message Boards! - Solvalou reminded us that today our "new" message boards turned 1 year old. :) As the primary moderator of the Retrogames message boards, I'd just like to say thanks to all the posters for making them so interesting. Why not join in and click on one of the board links to the left? Registration is easy and we welcome new contributors to our forums. (And no Solvalou, no cake for you!) - prophet

  • BYOAC WIP ;) - I hear there's an update and change "for the better" coming soon at Saint's BYOAC! I don't know what the change is, but I do know it's an amazing site for anyone interested in building real arcade controls and cabinets. Ever see my homemade arcade panel? Believe me, it's nothing compared to some of the awesome stuff you'll see at Saint's! - prophet

  • Galaxy Force 2 Fanpage - As we await Final Burn's Galaxy Force 2 driver, you might like to visit this awesome Galaxy Force 2 fanpage by none other than our very own David/Overclocked. Hey, he can't do all his own plugs. ;P - prophet

  • Amiga WIP Emulator - New snapshot (aka work in progress) versions of WinFellow are now online (source from 10/07) ! Don't expect a bug free software and please don't complain and annoy the dev-team :) Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Burning News - Again - To please all our visitors and my busy email writers :) Dave uploaded to new Galaxy Force 2 WIP screenshots - 1 and 2 - now with a fixed color palette :) A new release should arrive very soon ! Keep the emails coming !!! - Opi

  • Mameload V3.00 - I'm still here :) PeterD mailed me about a new Mameload release (his favorite MAME frontend). To find out more about this MAME DOS front-end, check the latest changes or read the general Mameload documentation. Impressive, this nice little tool is only 90 kbyte. Here is picview, you'll need it to add PNG support to Mameload. - Opi

  • Atari ST, The New King Of Emulation - Oh nooo, it's 01:30 am german time and I'm tired now, but the emails are still coming in ... what should I do ? Posting them of course :)

    SainT a new Atari ST emulator is in development. SainT is scheduled for release at the ST News International Christmas Coding Conference 2000 in December 2000. Here is the current feature list of SainT, which will be available as of it's initial release:

    - o - All demo border removal techniques supported (top, bottom, left and right borders).
    - o - All raster and split raster effects (plasma, spectrum 512 pics, etc...)
    - o - Low, medium and high resolution support.
    - o - All YM2149 sound effects cycle accurate (STFM samples, etc...)
    - o - STFM hardware / sync scrolling support.
    - o - WD1772 floppy disk emulation for drive A:
    - o - Custom disk image format allowing protected disks to be run.
    - o - Flashy built in user interface
    - o - Windows 95,98,NT (SP5) and 2000 support
    Christmas Coding Conference 2000 in December 2000.

    Check the SainT download section for some great looking screenshots - thanks to /Meckah for the email ! - Opi

  • DarcNES dn9a1011 - nyef's multi-console emulator DarcNES has been updated to version dn9a1011.

    - o - Moved a lot of code common to the cpu6502 and cpu6280 core generators to a common file.
    - o - Added cycle timing for IRQ and NMI to the cpu6502 core.
    - o - Fixed some include guards not to be blatantly non-ANSI compliant.
    - o - Changed the NES PRG-ROM mapping interface (this may break the following mappers (untested/insufficiently tested changes): 1, 9, a (10), 17 (23), 18 (24), 42 (66), 44 (68), 4e (78)).
    - o - Fixed bug in NES mapper identification introduced in dn9a0916 (not that it could have been triggered, but still).
    - o - Converted the NES driver to use the event scheduler.
    - o - Moved sprite DMA handling from nes_ppu.c to nes.c.
    - o - Gutted and rebuilt the NES PSG emulation (now with volume envelopes and frequency sweeps).
    - o - Some general cleanup and silliness fixing.

    "DarcNES is an Multi-System emulator for DOS, Linux (XWindows and SVGALib), and FreeBSD (XWindows). It is currently distributed as source code only". Binaries for X11 (Xt/Xaw) and GTK systems (source only - LOL) can be found here ! - Opi

  • MAME FAQ For Nippon - The MAME homepage has been updated with a newly translated MAME FAQ - this time in japanese ! - Opi

  • gleam! Updated - NES lovers and Dreamcast owners rejoyce :) A new gleam! is out - info and changes can be found here or go and have a look at the latest gleam! compatibility list and pray for a good emulation of your faves. Click here to download your copy of gleam! v10/10/00 !
    Thanks to Geoshock for the info. - Opi

  • Steroids Kicks Ass - An amazing new DirectX Asteroids remake from Finland is now available at Retro-Remakes ! - Opi

  • SNEeSe v0.49 - A new version of SNEeSe, a great SNES emulator for DOS is now available for download, new in v0.49 :

    - o - Render: Implemented BG3 highest priority in mode 0
    - o - Render: Corrected wrapping from end of tilesets
    - o - GUI: Now uses standard keyboard controller auto-repeat
    - o - Interface: Emulation no longer pauses when pressing certain keys (ESC to go to GUI, F1-F8 to toggle sound channels, 1-8 to change render options, 0 for screenshot)

    Get it here ! Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Heads Up For Player Up - Player Up version 3.01, a free multi-emulator frontend, was released today. It has multiple image support and built in unzipping features. You can view some screen shots and download a copy at Arcade Universe. - Opi

  • VGS 1.4.1 Released! - CDBuRnOuT from PSXEmu informed me about a new released of VGS, the Virtual Game Station, the best available commercial Playstation emulator so far. Connectix posted no changes so I have to "believe" what CDBuRnOuT told me :) Same bugfixes as in the last demo release : Final Fantasy 9 and Legend of Mana are now working perfectly, the cropping bug of 1.4 has been "slaughtered" :) - Opi

  • The Mac version of RockNES is now in sync with the latest DOS update - get it from my page. - richard

  • Preserve The Past - Chad forced me to post about the following Happy Puppy editorial :) The End Times Part 1 was written by Keith Feinstein and is a nice "look-back" into the good old days of gaming - when Pong was hot ! - Opi

  • Lightning Speed Coders Part 2 - Mr. "Final Burn" Dave added sound support to Galaxy Force 2 - click on the right screenshot to here some ingame music ! Thanks to SlasherX for the hint. - Opi

  • RockNES v1.410 - Here's the expected (super fast) bugfix release of RockNES. Fx3's coding machine runs like a mustang :) New in RockNES v1.410 :

    - o - Added mapper #118 (IQS MMC3) driver, now YsIII - Wanderers from Ys and Goal! Two are playable;
    - o - Fixed FDS memory allocation and system startup, major cleanup/rewrite;
    - o - Fixed FDS image loading. Files with no header should be ok;
    - o - Added FDS image identification by the NINTENDO-HVC string, removed the old one by file extension (required only by images with no fwNES' FDS header).
    - o - Fixed ROM load/free, squashed several mistakes;
    - o - Disabled MMC3 WRAM control, enabled from previous version.

    Don't forget to send Fx3 some feedback if you wanna have future super-speedy bugfixes. Without your support, adding useful features and fixing problems will be much harder for him ! - Opi

  • DO YOU YAHOO ? - The Emulation Club on clubs.yahoo.com, is approaching a milestone of 1000 members. The club was founded in 1998 and I was told that it's the first and largest one on yahoo (and very popular too). A cool prize will be given out, if it can be accurately determined who joins as member #1000. - Opi

  • Galaxians Will Never Die ! - Anthony Ball released a new PSX Galaxians emulator, it runs Galaxians & Scramble (among others) at full speed, full screen and sound ! - Opi

  • gamebaseZX v0.1 beta - The Spectrum frontend gamebaseZX v0.1 beta is now available. If you're a real Speccy fan, check it out and contribute to the Neil's project ! "There's a few features not currently working but it can add games and emulators and run them (most importantly)". - Opi

  • Use The Source - Luke ... errr Darren - Darren Birks was the first who made something new out of Paul Bates' WinSTon source. He released a new ST emulator called STew and is basically a minor WinSTon v0.5 update with fixed mouse bug in full screen mode and a 20-30% speed increase. You can get it STew v1.0 here.
    And for anyone who wants to join the team developing STew, you can find out more information at http://sourceforge.net/projects/winston !
    Thanks to Paul Bates for the email service (I really appreciate it) and Atari Games for the file :-) - Opi

  • Play Real Classics Within Your Browser - Norbert Kehrer added support for Phoenix (1980) and Pleiads (1981) to JAE, his Java Arcade Emulator. - Opi

  • MAME Does Final Burn - You don't believe it ? BELIEVE :) or check the newly updated MAME WIP ! - Opi

  • Sad News - BWB of EmuHQ mailed me, stating he had received some bad news from RCP, author of TRWin and KIAME: "He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The good news is that it is benign and should be a relatively simple operation to take it out. He will be having the operations Thursday so please think good thoughts and pray for him."

    If you wish to do this online, please use this link and post your message there. We all wish him well and hope he has a successful operation on Thursday. - atila

  • FREE Local Calls In The UK - BT will be offering this new plan from December which means that all local calls shorter than 1 hour in length (small catch, I know) will be 'free'. Check out the full story at The Register. Maybe KPN in Holland will do something similar now :) - atila

  • Bumper Sticker! - Check out this cool bumper sticker ;) - atila

  • EFnet For Sale - Anyone wanna buy a cool IRC network ? - atila

  • Advance MAME Binaries - Andrea Mazzoleni has given me permission to release the 0.37 Beta 8 DOS binaries! Hopefully the server problems at the Advance MAME homepage will be resolved soon, but for now, here they are courtesy of Retrogames. :) Normal Pentium build, Pentium 2/3 Optimized build & K6 Optimized build. Advance MAME is an unofficial version of MAME which is ideal for anyone wanting absolute control over the video display. It also has numerous other features, plus a variety of related programs like AdvanceMenu (great frontend, included with the binaries above!) and AdvanceVBE (DOS TSR). Learn more here. - prophet

  •    Tuesday, October 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:03 EST

  • Nuts and Volts Online - The cover story in the october 2000 issue of Nuts and Volts has a story on building your own arcade controls. They talk about MAME, MESS, RAINE and Impact, utilized a ke-18 and also tell about using a keyboard hack. The online story is only a teaser of the print magazine ... so buy it if you can :) Thanks again to Ultanium for the information and support :) - Opi

  • QNX RTP Info - If you're interested in QNX's new operation system RTP, check out QNX Start, a great place for starters and those who need information, news and files ! Thanks to Ultanium for the link and the info. - Opi

  • BIOS Logo MODs - Want to mod your BIOS logo? For those adventureous (and l33t :) types who want to try, look here. You can damange your motherboard if you don't know what you are doing, so take caution. Thanks to ChrisQ for the info, he also has many custom logos available (including some that are emulation related), if you are interested you can mail him for now, perhaps he'll have a web site for them later (hint hint :). - dutch

  • Homearcade.net - If you've never visited Freeola's Homearcade.net, it's a pretty good resource for those "emulation files" that everyone needs. ;) - dutch

  • Upcoming Impact - In case you don't regularly visit our General Messageboard, here's some information about The Impact that's been posted by one of the beta testers. At this point, none of this should be considered "official."

    * There will definitely be another release.

    * The release will most likely be for Linux only. (In case you're curious, Linux and Windows can co-exist on the same computer under a dual boot system (dual boot managers ship with most Linux distributions), and there are builds (like SuSE for example) which feature auto config for SBLive, NVidia, etc.) (Note: I'm not a Linux guru. :)

    * The screenshots and videos of games not in the last official release of Impact which were featured on impactemu.com before it closed were not meant as "taunts," or declarations of so-called "l33tness" from the authors, but previews of games that would have appeared in the next release of the emulator, had it not been leaked.

    * Games that were enabled in the "leaked beta" will be enabled in the next release, and some of the included games in the next release will be a suprise. :)

    * Impact team will be using Mame's "one year rule" as a standard on which games will be enabled in the public release of the emulator. So Strider 2 most likely will *not* be enabled until enough time has passed (Strider 2's boot date is 12/13/99).

    * The next release will support the Hotrod.

    * FX-1 and all System 12 games are heavily encrypted, so we won't be seeing Soul Blade or Raystorm any time soon.

    * There is a seperate emulation project for ST-V/Saturn games, which will be seperate from Impact, although some of Impact's authors will be contributing. So don't let the ST-V pic fool you. :)

    Again, this is not official information, so don't be suprised if some of this information changes in the coming days. I'd like to thank R. Belmont for sharing his knowledge on our message boards, we do appreciate it very much. :) - dutch

  • Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 8 SOURCE - Due to a very frustrating technical problem, the Advance MAME homepage cannot yet post the binaries. :( However here is the source code. Andrea Mazzoleni and myself are trying (so far without success, aargh!!!) to coordinate some binary mirrors here. All in good time... - prophet

  • The Galaxy Awaits You - Use the Force wisely :) Finally, here's a Burning WIP ! Thanks to Frogacuda from Emucamp for the hint. - Opi

  • WOS Moved - I may not have mentioned it, but WOS has moved to a new URL - please update your bookmarks to www.void.jump.org/ ! WOS aka "The World of Spectrum" is the place for all your Spectrum needs ! A huge software archive and every possible emulator is available there. - Opi

  • Rare C-64 Stuff - gamebase64's rare c64 Games Corner has been updated quite a few times recently. Sadly the gamebase64 database is still not updated .... what you don't know what it is ? Go into the corner or inform yourself immediately :) - Opi

  • PhMAME ??? Hmmm... Photon microGUI ??? - I saw over at WWEmu that a new MAME port called PhMAME has been released.
    PhMAME is based on XMAME and runs on a new OS (I've never heard about before) - Photon microGUI, a microkernel windowing system from QNX. If you use this OS and miss your MAME emulator, check the PhMAME homepage for a stable 0.37 beta 2.2 version or an almost useless (very buggy) PhMAME 0.37 Beta 8 preview relase. - Opi

  • Games, Games, Games - Here's some new stuff for all you download junkies out there :) Ninja's AGA World has been updated with a number of new Amiga titles. Hint: avoid Rise Of the Robots, it's a mega crappy game :) - Opi

  • Now Final Burn Emu Will Stop Moaning - Besides being fine emulation resources and maintained by friendly, nice people, here's another good reason to visit EmuViews or Arcade ROM Heaven - good dumps of After Burner I & II ! GREAT - my search is over. Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the info. - Opi

  • Emulation Status - Warlock once again updated his fine arcade gaming devoted site Emulation Status with a lot of new game entries. If you wanna know more about your favorite arcade games from the past, for example Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom or Line of Fire, then visit Emulation Status. - Opi

  • SwNES v0.25 - Ooooh, all the nice postings are hurting my eyes :) PeterD informed me about a new SwNES release (thanks buddy). This is only a service pack for the latest v0.20 release of this chinese NES emulator for Win9x systems. New in version 0.25 :

    - o - Modify Some Mapper Bugs .
    - o - Modify FC Ext.Driver : HyperShot & Add FC Ext.Driver : Excite Boxing
    - o - Use Unzip32.DLL & Unlha32.dll For Support ZIP/LHA Format.
    - o - Support VS Unisystem.
    - o - Support Real Time Save & Load

    Here's the SwNES v0.25 update aka service and in case you need it, the old v0.20 release. Again, if you wanna use this new update (I have no doubt that it's worth a try) you need an already installed v0.20 on your system ! Check the hoempage for a list of supported mapper (lots) and external NES devices and if you prefer a chinese GUI look at the homepage too :). Thanks again to EmuHQ for the info. - Opi

  • Chronicles of a Visionary - Here's some background info on Shigeru Miyamoto, if you don't know who he is then you should REALLY read this. - atila

  •    Monday, October 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:08 EST

  • Battlezone Military Trainer "Preserved" :) - Roc just posted the good news at MameWorld "US Army Battlezone trainer roms are 'dumped and safe' ..." read it here. So Prophet, there's no reason anymore to "hate and envy" Scott, at least for this game. MarbleMan is another story :) - Opi

  • EMU+ v0.37 beta 8 - Go and grab the new EMU+ for DOS version, if you wanna overclock your emulated CPU, have auto fire and much more. EMU+ is an unofficial MAME version, please don't bug the official MAME developers. - Opi

  • Starflight III - Mysteries of the Universe - One of my alltime PC faves (and I have the rare Genesis cart too), Starflight - finally gets its deserved sequal Starflight III ! This fan-project is developed by a team of fans and several of the original SF/SF2 authors. And here's your chance to contribute :) They are in need of some talented 3D artists and digitial music composers. For more information go here. - Opi

  • Sega System 24 - Charles MacDonald posted some new Sega System 24 development info - expect some screenshots of the Sega System 24 emulator in action soon. - Opi

  • MSX At Its Best - The MEP-Crew returned in its full glory - everythings back online now ! - Opi

  • ClrMamePro News - Visit the ClrMamePro homepage and look for a new Final Burn datfile (It includes the two powerdrift sets and the new crc for afterburner). - Opi

  • MAME WIP ANYONE ? - Prophet you're right :) MAME WIP updates can't be mentioned enough :) - Opi

  • SNK's Future Plans - "... Under the Aruze group, our development staff will be working closely with the parent company [Aruze] to develop pachinko games, Kazunari Kitano, president of SNK, said recently.....The King of Fighters 2000 for the NeoGeo and Last Blade 2 Final Edition for the Dreamcast will be SNK's last games as a publisher. Both are scheduled for a December release in Japan".
    Read the full GameSpot report to keep you informed - I guess you won't be pleased very much :( - thanks Viper_Z ! - Opi

  • MAME WIP, get it yet? - Yes, I know Chris posted below about this, but I want to be sure people don't miss it. ;) It's a great MAME WIP update IMO, everything from Cavelon to Cadash and lots more. Go, go MAMEdev! - prophet

  • New MARP Tornament - Highscore hunters should join the upcoming fifth MARP tournament. Featuring a diverse range of games including Metal Slug and Moon Patrol, the tourney is shaping up to be one of the best yet. If you're up to the challenge , check it out at MAME Action Replay Page. - Opi

  • Final Burn 0.35 - Dave has released another Final Burn update! Improved controls is the main thing this time around, plus a ROM CRC check for Afterburner I & II. Do not email Dave about bad CRC reports! There are some slightly bad dumps out there, so just find the good ones. Here's what's new and here's the file. Final Burn homepage. - prophet

  • Malaysian Arcade Problems - I've already posted about this issue and then after a talking I deleted the post last week ! Finally here's a new "The Register" report about Malaysia and its game arcades problems. Thanks to Empyre for the notification. - Opi

  • ArcadeOS V2.41 - The MAME front-end for DOS ArcadeOS has been updated to v2.41. Click here for a log of the latest changes - thanks to KiLLerCloWn from MameWorld for the info. PS "This Frontend is an intregral part of the PC2JAMMA project - Opi

  • qmamecat - R. Reucher has released verion 0.41 of his xmame frontend. qmamecat is now using qt 2.1.0 or higher, and includes cool new features like a startup config wizard. Click here to see a full list of changes. - chris

  • Atari ST Emu Flood Part TWO - You loved Jack Tramiels Atari ST, but you can't run Windows ? Poor Soul :) Here's your solution ! Mark Slagell's TOSBox is able to run in every currently available MS-DOS compatible environment, like :
    .. - the Windows command prompt,
    .. - plain DOS,
    .. - FreeDOS,
    .. - OS/2, or
    .. - Linux running its DOS emulator, dosemu.

    Version 1.10a was released in late september and is only a minor maintenance release to fix GFA BASIC 3.x's end of file test (see release notes). Tosbox first goal isn't to please the Atari ST gaming fans : "Tosbox services the productivity end of the Atari spectrum. It does not emulate all of the native ST hardware directly; however there are benefits to this approach. Access is allowed to all DOS filesystem devices including ZIP drives and arbitrarily large hard drive partitions. Several high-resolution video modes that were not native to the Atari hardware are implemented, along with the standard ST modes which are included for compatibility".
    To find out more check the Tosbox online documentation or read the FAQ. The emulator itself can be downloaded here. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news :) *** Opi sets mode +v DrSteveW ! - Opi

  • Got WIP? - chris

  • Atari ST Emulation At Its Best - Major bug fixes and new features are included in version 1.1 of Steem, a fine and now really promising Windows Atari STE emulator :

    - o - Zipped disk images supported.
    - o - Fixed STOP command to make Team work.
    - o - HBL interrupt fixed. Improved syncronization generally.
    - o - Fixed MFP timer counter reset bug - fixing most palette switching
    ..... problems.
    - o - KaosTos and Tos 2.05 bugs fixed.
    - o - More forgiving for disk images, 84 tracks allowed.
    - o - Fixed very rare but major tint whole screen blue crash.
    - o - Fixed STE DMA sound for early versions of DirectSound.
    - o - Frameskip fullscreen STE scroll change screen flip bug fixed!
    - o - More TOS images accepted.
    - o - Easier window sizing options.
    - o - Drag and drop into the disk manager.
    - o - Joystick/keyboard autofire.
    - o - Avoid stretch-blitting for slow video cards.
    - o - Speeded up drawing.
    - o - Many little GUI bugs that nobody probably noticed fixed.

    You can get it if you want it (LOL) - click this nice little link and welcome your copy of Steem v1.1 ! Ohh - am I funny today ? - Opi

  • New RockNES Release - Version 1.400 of RockNES, an excellent NES emulator for DOS has been released :

    - o - Small mistakes squashed on FDS driver;
    - o - Fixed FDS disk writes somewhat, no more 'ERRxx' problems;
    - o - FDS images with no header present are loadable
    ..... (you need .FDS extension);
    - o - Fixed mapper #42, pirate MarioBaby works fine;
    - o - Fixed frame-IRQs, now there's sound output in DragonQuest games;
    - o - Fixed a possible memory leak problem;
    - o - Added WRAM (bank at $6000) dumping;
    - o - Removed some general junk, more minor changes that I don't remember...

    Download Fx3's great NES emulator here. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • Advance MAME, almost - Andrea Mazzoleni has completed the 0.37 Beta 8 version of Advance MAME! Only he can't upload it due to server problems. All in good time I suppose. - prophet

  • Impact Insight - Some of you may find this post on our General Board to be interesting. And this post is even more interesting... - prophet

  • MAME does Cadash! - Yes Taito fans, Cadash and more Taito arcade games are coming to MAME thanks to David Graves! Raine has played Cadash for ages, but this will give Mac users and those without DOS a chance to play this wonderful fantasy action adventure. Visit Arcade Heaven for some MAME needed sooners. (Thanks GuruChoc) - prophet

  • Dreamer Interview Translated - "An emulator that could substitute it would pose big loses to Sega and that's not what I intend to do with the emulator." Sounds good. Here's the full interview in English. (Thanks Sacrilege for emailing it to me) - prophet

  • Dreamer - Emulatronia has posted about Dreamer, a Dreamcast emu project - apparently the emu only runs demos, and will run on a lowly P2-300. They have an interview online, and you can also visit the Dreamer homepage for lots of info and screenshots. All in Spanish however, so get your translators ready. Please BUY a Dreamcast & games if you like them. It's worth every penny and people should support great games & hardware with their wallets. /rant (Thanks Yukio) - prophet

  •    Sunday, October 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:08 EST

  • ArcadeSticks.com - Here's a cool looking site for buying real arcade parts, equipment and games - ArcadeSticks! Panel/cabinet building enthusiasts should find something of interest there. Personally I want one of those real Defender panels to attach to my PC. :) Hmm, they should start a new business just selling classic panels to emu freaks... (Thanks GuruChoc) - prophet

  • Happy Birthday Emuita.it - The number One emulation news site in italian language - Emuita.it - is now celebrating its first birthday. Congratulations and keep the spirit alive :) - Opi

  • New ePSXe Screenshots - The ePSXe homepage has been updated with some EA-SPORTS games pictures ! Hope to see a first release of this Playstation emulator real soon :) Don't miss PSXEmu's preview of this emulator - read it here. - Opi

  • Updated PSX Plugins - Peter Bernert's homepage has been updated with the following new PSX plugin (for PSEmuPro and FPSE) versions :
    - o - PSX GPU Soft driver v1.38
    - o - PSX GPU OpenGL driver v1.38
    - o - PSX GPU D3D driver v1.38
    - o - PSX GPU DX6 D3D driver v1.38 - Opi

  • Impact Update - The Impact homepage has been updated with some amazing screenshots! Is that Strider I see? And didn't Dynamite Deka use Saturn based (ST-V) hardware? Ethics aside, pretty impressive to say the least. Does this mean a new version of Impact will be released to the public? Or is it simply a demonstration of how advanced the emulator has become? I have no idea. (Thanks Empire) - prophet

  • PD Flood - Ben-J has updated his own site Consollection with a massive upload of 1263 Public Domain ROMs for : Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600, Mattel Intellivision, MO5, PC Engine, NES, Game Boy / GBC, Master System, Genesis, Neo Geo Pocket & SNES. - Opi

  • Rare Amiga Stuff - Amiga Emulation Zone has posted 13 new requests! Some real gems and hard to find stuff this time. 4D Sports Boxing, Amnios ,Castle Warrior, Dragon Force, Hunt for Red October, KGB MegaDemo, PGA European Tour (AGA), Premier Manager 1 & 2, Space 1889, Space Ranger, Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Non-Arcade) and Time Bandit.
    Shane R. Monroe wrote :"There are many more requests in the queue. Many are not playable under emulation, but I'm still trying. :) We also offer new browser features of the new games". - Opi

  • Translation News - Gaijin Productions offers you 2 newly released interesting Game Gear translations. A 100% Yu Yu Hakusho 2 patch and the 99% SD Gundam: Winner's History patch are online. The only thing left in the 99% patch is for Dave to redesign the English font in the game.
    Thanks to -rpgd- for the news. - Opi

  • Video Games History On TV - For those of you who get the History Channel ! Modern Marvel will have a 1 hour show called "Videogames: Behind the Fun" - looks at the development of video games as a technological and cultural wonder and examines how the technology has affected how we live, work, and play. Show will be on air on Monday the 9th - 10pm eastern, and Tue Oct 10 - 2:00AM. Thanks to JPMorgan for the info :-) - Opi

  • SNES9x Releases - Here are some new SNES9x downloads :
    An unofficial japanese DOS port (based on v1.32 Win) thanks Emulation 9 :) and a new official v1.32 Linux (PowerPC) version - thanks EmuHQ. - Opi

  • NeoPocott Logo Contest And More - The NeoPocott logo contest is over, the final results and the choosen logos can be viewed here.

    Here are some more NeoPocott rumours :) Version 0.37b is forthcoming with even more compatibility (SNK vs CAPCOM is playable), many fixes and new cool stuff. The DreamCast port will be soon ready and I was told it rocks ! - Opi

  • F1 - Sleepless Nights and A New TR64 - Formula One champion 2000 is Michael Schumacher CONGRATULATIONS !
    I've tried my best to watch todays Formula One race and see Michael becoming F1 champion in Japan, I've posted news, talked in #retrogamers, completed my MAME collection and THEN .... I felt asleep during the 3rd round of the race - oh man :-( Anyone trading some serious sleep for a fully functional CPS-2 emulator ? :) Anyway let's start reporting some retrogaming news :)

    EmuHQ reported a new TR64 release - " It is not Fast. But it is a lot more compatible then TRWin-GL was. F|RES has added Adaptoid support(works great :) .... sorry no sound at this time. But we will be working on adding it soon". Please go go here to download this excellent N64 emulator. - Opi

  • Jahidah WIP :P - I received a very positive response about my friend Jahidah and her voice/music. She's a terrific singer and great young lady, and more to the point - her song has now progressed to the Farmclub Listening Room! This means she may actually get on TV and who knows what else. =) This time the song is No Time For Love (Boy Ya Know) - PLEASE give it a listen if you're inclined; have no fear, this ain't Britney Spears. And PLEASE click on the song title and vote to have it on TV! (No, I'm not making any $ off this, I'm just a nice friend :) - prophet

  • MIMIC WIP & ARH Free Email - TheBeaver recently posted more WIP news about MIMIC! SMS support is improving greatly, and more arcade stuff is on the way. Could this someday become ReiRom's mythical "EmuAllSystems"? ;) j/k Also, Arcade ROM Heaven fans might notice GuruChoc is now offering free ARH email adresses and more to visitors! - prophet

  • Advance MAME homepage - The Advance MAME homepage should be back in business around October 10th. And hopefully, a new release based upon MAME 0.37 Beta 8 will follow. :) - prophet

  • Sintendo Beta 0.002 released - Sintendo, an SNES emu for Dreamcast, has been updated and is now much more stable! Check out the great screenshots at the Sintendo homepage. Here's the file. ***NOTE*** Several people emailed to remind me there is a 3rd DC SNES emulation project called ngine. Thanks. :) - prophet

  • Battlezone Military Trainer - Old arcade fans will recall stories about modified Battlezone machines being created for military training. Well, here are the 1st photos I've ever seen of this mythical beast! Picture 1 & Picture 2. The original source of these photos are here & here. DUMP THE ROMS!!! =) The owner, Scott, also has a MarbleMan (Marble Madness 2) machine. I hate and envy you Scott. :/ (Thanks |Badger|) - prophet

  •    Saturday, October 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:37 EST

  • Tell Us Why ! - Hey Prophet, that's a good question ! I have no clue. - Opi

  • Pirates Everywhere - I'm still waiting for the Formula 1 start in Japan :) Here's an interesting new, old, pirated console for you to buy (in South Korea) :-) Thanks to SlasherX for the link ! - Opi

  • Project #51 News - Part 2 - Here's another site move !
    Project #51 is now hosted at EmuHQ - please update your bookmarks to http://www.emuhq.com/project51 :) - Opi

  • KIAME Moved - The Killer Instinct emulator homepage aka KIAME has been moved to its own new domain ! Please update your bookmarks to http://www.kiame.com. The old URL ain't valid anymore - thanks to katharsis from Geoshock for the info :) - Opi

  • DreamSNES released! - Marcus Comstedt, Peter Bortas, and Per Hedbor have ported SNES9x to the Dreamcast! Visit the DreamSNES homepage for some screenshots and more info. Here's the file, DreamSNES 0.9. Features include 4 pad support and SRAM saves to VMU, but it's also reportedly slow with most games. That makes 2 such projects, the other being Sintendo. (Thanks Sonikku_a) - prophet

  • Anex86 v2.30 - The japanese Anex EPSON PC-x86 seriese emulator has been updated to version 2.30 - as long as Aries is away (???) I'm not able to tell you more about it (translation please) - thanks to Navarone, the japanese news machine for the info. - Opi

  • NeoMAME v0.37b8 - katharsis posted a new version of his own special MAME compile NeoMAME. These are the advantages of NeoMAME v0.37b8 (for NeoGeo user of course) :

    - o - smaller download size
    - o - supports only NeoGeo games (for example useful if you use a frontend and don't want other stuff listed)
    - o - runs Diggerman
    - o - provides better support for the MS Sidewinder Gamepad, my two cascaded ones work perfectly well

    Visit Geoshock to download it. - Opi

  • Sega Arcade Info - ShinobiZ Home has been updated with a bunch of new Sega arcade related stuff, check it out - thanks to WWEmu for the info. - Opi

  • Gollum Interviewed - Gollum the author of NeoPocott, has been interviewed by NGPWorld and RC-Roms. Click here to read the english version or use this link to read it in french :) Thanks to PnP for the email. - Opi

  • Project #51 - Emulation 9 mentioned a new NES emulator designed for Windows called Project #51, check the status page to view the current development status and some WIP screenshots. Right now there is no official version available. - Opi

  • SNES9x Bugfix v1.32a - A bug fixed SNES9x for Win9x systems has just been released : "This release is exactly the same as the last 1.32 release but with fixed OpenGL support. Users of the original Windows 95 must download the Microsoft OpenGL upgrade from their web site before this release will work for them.
    If you don't use the OpenGL mode and have already downloaded v1.32, don't bother downloading this version"
    . In case you need it - here is the v1.32a zip archive or take the exe version v1.32a (with setup program). - Opi

  • Updated Catver file - TriggerFin compiled this Updated Catver file for use with the Arcade@Home frontend & the SortInfo utility! I've renamed the file by today's date for reference. - prophet

  • Arcade Visits Restricted - .... and some stormy weather has been forecast for all younger arcade fans in the USA - "GameWorks, a high-tech arcade, bar and restaurant, will restrict access to its mature-rated games to people over 16". Read this CNN report to find out more - thanks to Alastair Gray for the email and to Exodus3D for some grammar help :) - Opi

  • Unread Mails - I still have 246 unread messages that I have to go through, and that's only for this week. If you've mailed me, but not received a reply yet, all is not lost. I hope :) - atila

  • TZX Vault Updated - 40 new tape images were added to the TZX Vault, thanks to Gilby and DJ for the reminder. - atila

  • AMame & PMame Updated - Rodimus Prime's especially compiled AMame & PMame builds are now available as v0.37 beta 8 at the PentiuMAME homepage ! Both versions are using a different compiler than the official MAME build to increase the performance. Use P-MAME if you own a Pentium or Pentium MMX processor only. AMAME is for all AMD processors (K6/K7/Athlon), Pentium Pro, II, III and Celerons. And we apologize to Rodimus Prime's ! We missed your birthday :( , he turned 32 recently - maybe we should start a birthday database for everyone involved in emulation :) Send me YOUR birth dates !!! - Opi

  • Marco & New C16/PLUS4 Games - My new nephew Marco is a fine new member of the emulation community :) He was so pleased about the visit of his uncle, that he decided to sleep the whole time during my visit :-)

    LANDO'S C16/PLUS4 CLASSIX has been updated with a bunch of new stuff to test the latest Yape release. - Opi

  • OC ReMix FLOOD - It's raining ReMixes! Due to my being extremely busy recently, ReMixes piled up, and now the dam has broken and they've come pouring out. In fact, three of them went up on thursday, but I didn't tell anyone. Oops. So this update is all the bigger. We've got our first ReMix submission from a female contributor too, which is quite cool IMHO :) So what's up? My own ReMix of Toejam & Earl, Jade Gemini's (you go girl!) mix of Super Mario 64, and Castlevania, Castlevania 4, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, and Chrono Cross. Total of 6 for a brand new record. Grab them ALL at OC REMIX. - david

  • MAMEICONS.COM - MAMu_ has added 61 new icons to his MAME icon collection for MAME32 0.37 beta 8 with many new mahjong icons. I hope to get unix conversions for these icons sometime this weekend. - chris

  • PSEMU Site Updated - There's been another weird update at the PSEmu site ... - atila

  • Floodgate Beta - Wanna avoid useless double downloads during the current usenet ROMs flood ? Try Floodgate, which ables you to selectively download what you need or want - thanks to PRoToCoL for the information - now I have to give my newly born nephew a warm welcome, later all :) - Opi

  • Lemon Life Signs - I just noticed at WWEmu that my favourite C-64 site was updated again (first time after 2 months) - yippiiieh - Kim Lemon is back into business - expect new stuff within a near future :) The C-64 once ruled the world - don't let it extinct :-) - Opi

  • Atari 5200 Emulation - James' Atari 5200 emulator Jum52 has been updated to version 0.5a : "A real scanline renderer has been implemented. Sprite priority and display timing have been tweaked. Speed and compatibility have been greatly improved. A real speed throttler has been implemented and it works very nicely. Collision detection has been improved. Almost all debug output now goes to the log file, and doesn't end up on the screen (on some crappy video cards)".
    Download it here - thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • BREAKING NEWS :) - Roman Scherzer turned 28 today ! Congratulations and best birthday wishes to Mr."ClrMamePro" from the Retrogames staff :-) BTW - check his homepage for a new Gameboy datfile made by Kirkland (based on Cowering's GoodGBx). - Opi

  •    Friday, October 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:41 EST

  • Lots Of Classic Remakes News - RetroRemakes prepared some nice news for you - check the site for info about WinPac 2, Bomberman remake from Germany called 'Boom', Mutant Camels, an updated Project Rebelstar and Elite - The New Kind. This all and much more can be found here ! - Opi

  • Japanese Handheld Simulator - Sly DC mailed me about a new Wonder Swan Gunpay Simulator that is available at the Bandai Gunpay homepage. This so called "simmulator" is limited to a 3 minutes gameplay and should be better described as Wonder Swan emulator with support for one game ! I have no clue about the limitation reason (no fee info), maybe just Wonder Swan publicity :) I've tested it and it worked fine on my german Win98 system. Sly DC also sent me a translated read-me.txt - you can read it here - the Gunpay "Simulator" is available here ! Thanks to Sly DC for the files and info :-) - Opi

  • Dr.Curween created this terrific NeoGeo Icons collection for Windows! I've tried it and the 400+ icons are really quite nice. (Thanks to K.O.F. Perfect for the file.) - prophet

  • Emumannen released SortInfo 1.1, a very nice MAME game information sorting tool. Visit here to see a screenshot and description. - prophet

  • Wanna Write Some RPG Reviews ? - RPG Vision is looking out for some help - "We are looking to have several reviewers who will contribute a new review on a current RPG on any system each month. Also, reviews on older games, including those on SNES, NES, Genesis, Sega CD, Gameboy and other systems will be accepted". If you wanna contribute - email John ! - Opi

  • That upcoming PacMAME release is getting closer, so MAME World posted lotsa needed-soon Paclinks! - prophet

  • Amiga Legal Emulation churns out the goods yet again! ;) 6 new games including Lamer Exterminator & Amiga Scrabble, plus other stuff too. - prophet

  • New GoodGBx - Cowering released GoodGBx v0.999.2, you can get it here ! Changes : database updated (now 4281 entries). - Opi

  • SNES9x V1.32 - Great news for all SNES9x fans and friends ! Version 1.32 is now available with these changes :)

    Click here to grab your copy of SNES9x V1.32 !
    Thanks to Dave from Vintage Gaming for the update notification :) - Opi

  • Yape v0.18 Released - Atilla wrote about his new Yape update :"After a long-long time a new YAPE is released" ... after a long time ... LOL, it was 5 days :) Here are the latest changes :

    - o - optimisations in screen rendering (about 20% speed improvement)
    - o - implemented almost all DirectX modes (16 bit, 32 bit and 8 bit fullscreen)
    - o - enhanced the autostart feature to support D64 images as well
    - o - the Commodore key is at the CAPS LOCK
    - o - some more illegal opcodes done
    - o - at last I made the BRK instruction work correctly
    - o - miscellaneous bugfixes

    You can download it here - thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Webcam Again - Check out the webcam mentioned below, or you might be missing out ::) - atila

  • Excuse me ?! - Various chains like Babbage's Etc. and others have told their employees that they must cancel their PS2 pre-order (even if it's already completely paid for), so that a 'real' customer will be able to purchase a PS2. Last time I checked, a sale was a sale, no matter who bought it ?

    Not only that, but there are already auctions on eBay where US PS2s are being sold for over $1,000 already. Excuse me, but I think I'm gonna barf now. - atila

  • GetRight Updated - Version 4.3 of GetRight, a great download manager is now available ! Thanks to Arcade ROM Heaven for the news - visit ARH and grab some new "needed soon" stuff : Oishii Puzzle and Eight Forces. - Opi

  • Sega System 24 News - Charles MacDonald's homepage has been updated with some great progress news : "The games that are working (not perfectly, I mean being able to navigate around in service mode only) are Hot Rod, Scramble Spirits / Super Master's Golf, and Quiz Ghost Hunter. Tokoro San 2 doesn't work at the moment, and beyond that I do not have dumps from any other games. (e.g. Gain Ground, Crack Down, Bonanza Bros, etc.)" please visit Charles's homepage to read the rest of his last posting. - Opi

  • Cake Invaders - Remember that Asteroids cake from a week or so ago ? Well, now they've made a Space Invaders cake: emulation at its finest! - atila

  • My Webcam - Well, since it is a slow news day today, I thought I'd boot up my webcam. Enjoy the show :) - atila

  • ePSXe News - The ePSXe homepage has been updated with some nice new screenshots and the announcement of a first release for the next week, ePSXe is a free Playstation emulator for Win9x systems. Thanks to Carlos for the notification :) - Opi

  •    Thursday, October 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:59 EST

  • MacMAME v0.37 beta 8 - The MacMAME homepage has a gift for you Macintosh users :) Version 0.37b8 is now online, here are the changes :

    - o - In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 8 build. [Brad Oliver]
    - o - Added support for Cabinet Marquee artwork in the front-end. Place a file called "marquees.zip" into the 'Cabinet Marquees' folder. [Brad Oliver]
    - o - Expanded the number of screenshot packs supported. Valid zip package names are images.zip, images_0 through 99.zip and images_a through z.zip. [Brad Oliver]
    - o - MacMAME is now built with CodeWarrior Pro 6. Please report any unusual issues as they might be compiler optimizer bugs. [Brad Oliver]
    - o - Many internal fixes for the Carbon target. The Carbon build runs under MacOS X, but much work remains before it's acceptable. [Raphael Nabet, Brad Oliver]

    Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the news. - Opi

  • Atari800 v1.05 for DOS - The probably best Atari 8bit homecomputer emulator Atari800 has been updated to version 1.05. Here are the latest changes - click this link to download it. Thanks to Calagan from WWEmu for the release info. - Opi

  • New Legal Amiga CD ISO - You are now legally entitled to visit MrX_Cuci's CD 32 Legal Dumping Projekt and download the CD32 ISO image of Core Design's game Premiere. - Opi

  • Yet another Spectrum Emulator v0.8a - Christian Hackbart has updated his Spectrum emulator for DOS YaSE to version 0.8a - click here for a list of changes. Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • Oooo! Look at those new screenshots of the upcoming Dragon's Lair 3D!! Looks like it will be available for the Mac, PC, Playstation 2, and X-Box. - dutch

  • FinalBurn 0.032 - Dave has released FinalBurn 0.032, here's what's new:

    + Just for the sake of completeness, I added support for the Japanese version of Power Drift. It's pretty much identical - the only difference are the six program roms (parts 11745-52) which should be placed in a small zip file called pwrdrifj.zip.

    Thanks to Sangoten for the news. - atila

  • Revolution in Yugoslavia? - The entire day, I've been watching the news and reading as much as I could on the subject.

    Last week, there were general elections in Yugoslavia and opposition-leader Kostunica was the winner. But not according to 'official outcome'. It was decided that a second round would be necessary to declare a winner. People were not happy about this as they felt that Milosevic' party had commited fraud and robbed Kostunica of his victory. A few days ago, people started to rally against Milosevic and demanded he step-down from office.

    Today, it was decided that the election had to be redone -- in JUNE of next year! People completely freaked out and stormed the parliament building, seizing it and setting it on fire, as well as the State-Tv building. The police fired tear-gass grenades earlier, but now, they've basically stepped back and are allowing the protestors to do as they please.

    Now that you've been brought up-to-speed, check out CNN.COM and see what's going on. This is a protest of epic proportions. - atila

  • Poll - What is Your favourite UNEMULATED game - Now that S.T.U.N. Runner and Power Drift are emulated .... tell us which games are you waiting for ? (thread started by jon_pw). - Opi

  • MAMELang 32 Updated - MAMELang 32 v0.37 beta 8 Plus! with some EMU+ features like AutoFire. Overclocking, extra games is now available here. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Mimic Released - Mimic v1.03 is out. Mike Beaver added support for Sega Master System and preliminary for Colecovision and Gameboy. Use Internet Explorer to access the homepage of this multi system emulator. - Opi

  • Agent Q In Action - JoseQ has posted a new interesting Rumor Mill. Thanks to Benito fo the mail :) - Opi

  • Speaking of @home, a new version of SETI@home was released. Add your computer into the pool of machines searching for signs of intelligent life in our own and/or surrounding galaxies. While the chances of finding anything are very slim (some astronomers would argue there aren't any odds, it would be like several trillion to one), it doesn't hurt to give this program a spin. "Even a fool knows you can't reach out and touch the stars, but that doesn't stop the wise man from trying." Thanks to NoFaDz for the news. - dutch

  • A new catver.ini for the popular Mame frontend Arcade@home has been released at the republican website of the same name. ;) This allows the genre type and the version of Mame each game was added to appear in the game list. (Personal note to Tim- it's OK, I can't stand Gore. :) BTW, you ever hear of lightning rods? :) - dutch

  • If you are looking for Power Drift ROMs to go with the new Final Burn, Haze has posted some info you might find interesting on the General Message Board. ;) - dutch

  • Vintagegaming.com is back, and with some snazzy new graphics, layout, and color from webdesigner/artist Exodus3D! Actually, it's redirecting to the new domain at www.vg-network.com, so Dave asks that you please update your bookmarks to the new URL, if you haven't done so already. Kthx. - dutch

  • Looks like I missed the Mame release.. glad to see that Stunrunner Prototype has been "de-trogp'd." ;) - dutch

  • In case you missed it, two websites that were legally threatened are fighting for their right to post information. There was also an article in Wired about it. Yes, warez is bad, nevertheless, this does affect us all, even us retro freaks. :) - dutch

  • I updated my machine at work to Windows Millenium. (Yes Chris I know, leave me alone. :) For those of you who haven't tried it yet, it's basically a Windows 98 SE core with some bugfixes, and a Windows 2000 look and feel. The major complaint from most people is that real mode DOS support has been "tied up and gagged" by Microsoft (so to speak) in an effort to wean people off of DOS. This means that you can't hit F8 and get a menu on bootup, you can't run real mode DOS without using a boot floppy, config.sys has been disabled, and autoexec.bat only will process SET environment commands. If this irks you (as it does me), you may be interested in trying out the Real DOS-Mode Patch for Windows Millennium By Reines. "This patch will modify 'IO.SYS', 'COMMAND.COM' and 'REGENV32.EXE' in order to unhide the Real DOS-Mode on Windows ME systems, resulting in a similar boot process to the one available in Windows 9x. This will allow, for example, to reach DOS directly by pressing 'Shift-F8' at boot-up, to use 'CONFIG.SYS' and 'AUTOEXEC.BAT' before Windows loads, and to set up a startup menu." (Note, use this patch at your own risk, I have not tried it myself yet. If you're not sure what you are doing, don't touch anything.) - dutch

  • Didn't mean to disappear on you all, I've been quit busy with that life stuff. I never babysat before and spent some time doing so, and the parents got all mad at me! Hey, it kept them quiet!! - dutch

  •    Wednesday, October 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:00 EST

  • Awesome - Final Burn Emulates Power Drift - Man, Dave you're really a fantastic coder !!! Final Burn is now at version v0.031 - click here to view the latest developing milestones. You can grab Final Burn v0.031 here ! - Opi

  • Breaktrough - The Sintendo homepage has been updated with the first (very blurry) screenshots of Super Mario World running on Dreamcast ! Thanks to jandaman for the hint. Please check the homepage for more :) - Opi

  • New Mameinfo.dat Is Online - RocLobsta has uploaded the latest Mameinfo.dat at the MAME Testing Project homepage, you can get it here. Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the news. In case it wasn't already posted here :) Till also mentioned a site, called KEJIMAJIANGMI, that has a very interesting Mahjong rule explanation online (good for all the latest MAME beta 8 additions). - Opi

  • TOSEC Is Back - This email just came in "After a long period of silence from the renaming front (reallife stuff was taking a lot of time) TOSEC finally will release a few more rdb/dats" :

    Sharp x68000, 926 files, renamed by C0llector (update)
    Sinclair ZX Spectrum TZX, 2376 files renamed by C0llector
    Camputer Lynx, 9 files, renamed by Grendel
    Atari ST, 349 files, renamed by LetoII-Grendel
    Msx 1 disks, 65 files, renamed by Xnurfz-JackW26-Grendel
    Msx 2 disks, 88 files, renamed by Xnurfz-JackW26-Grendel
    Mattel Aquarius, 19 files, renamed by Sea7
    Robotron Z9001 (KC 85/1, KC87), 59 files, renamed by Grendel
    c64 P00 files, 51 files, renamed by BuckyB
    c64 Carts, 83 files, renamed by BuckyB
    c16/+4, 310 files. renamed by Belgarath
    Commodore Amiga ADF, 5372 files, renamed by CRSV-Morph72
    Sinclair ZX-81, 311 files, renamed by Dziuber
    Accorn Archimedes, 92 files, renamed by spoiler-c0llector
    HP 48, 40 files, renamed by Leto II - Opi

  • MAME32 beta 8 - Wow, That Was Fast This Time :) - The Windows port of MAME - MAME32 has been updated to v0.37 beta 8 - click here to download it. News and changes in beta 8 - Nothing :-)
    Thanks to Roman for the release info. BTW - I am now 35 ... but nothing has changed, I am still the same old fool :) - Opi

  • Mame Flyer Pack #14 - The Arcade Flyer Archive has released their Mame Flyer Pack #14. Pack 14 contains 10 new images and 17 replaced ones, bringing the Mame images archive to a total of 1206. - Opi

  • Who Is The Best Designer ? - Artists and Painters - attention please :) Emunews.de has started a logo contest today - the site will be completly redesigned and "redeveloped" and the "new look" should include a new well designed logo. Your logo draft is totally free, the only thing that should be included is "emunews.de". - Opi

  • MZ-800 Emu From Czechia - Zdenek Adler's MZ-800 emulator for Win9x has been updated recently - sorry I can't tell you more due to the fact that I don't speak Czech :) Download it here (look at "news du 3/10/2000") ! Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • Which Games Are Supported By VGS ? - Connectix, the guys which made VGS, the best Playstation emulator for Mac & Win9x updated their VGS compatibility list. This is your chance to check out if your favourite games will work faultless with VGS before you gonna buy it :) Thanks to Ben-J from Consollection for the email. - Opi

  • Family Emulator v0.04a - The 60/72pin 8bit console emulator aka FE (Family Emulator) has been updated to version 0.04a. Family Emulator is a japanese DOS NES emulator that looks really promising. A little description can be found if you check the included readme file. Thanks to P-Strife from Kinox for the news. - Opi

  • Neko Project II v 0.25 - The japanese PC-9801 emu Neko Project II is now at version 0.25. Changes, information about the PC9801 series and the emulator itself can be found here :) - Opi

  • New Barbie Dolls! - Yes sirree, there are a ton of new Barbie dolls being released in the 'Bad Barbie! Bad!' collection. Funny stuff indeed :) - atila

  • KEGS v0.60 - KEGS, Kent's Emulated GS, an Apple //gs emulator for HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and OS/2 has been updated to version 0.60. Now with better X and 64-bit support. Click here to find out more about this emulator, the changes log can be viewed here. Thanks to Cloy for the info. - Opi

  • Sega System 24 - Charles MacDonald's homepage has been updated with some good progress new regarding his Sega System 24 emulation efforts : "I've been making a lot of progress with the Sega System 24 hardware. I found datasheets for all the types of RAM used, as well as ones for the floppy disk hardware. When (if) I get some games running, I can log commands to the FDC and figure out the disk format which may help in developing a PC tool to dump disks correctly". Programmers should watch his System 24 info page, Charles will add his latest discoveries soon. - Opi

  • Maintain Your Collection - Logiqx posted new datfiles for CPS-2 (57 games now) and MAME v0.37 beta 8 - thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • NAZ releases SFA 3 - NAZ released (together with Team Japump!) Street Fighter Alpha 3 for CPS2 on alt.binaries.emulators.misc - thanks to Guru-Choc for the info :) Check Arcade ROM Heaven for the first MAME v0.37 beta 9 ROM-set - Thunder and Lightning ! - Opi

  •    Tuesday, October 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 23:40 EST

  • Cheats for the new mame beta 8 release have been posted by Steph of the Ultimate Patchers. Enjoy :) - chris

  • Wine 20001002 was released. Changes in this version include: Merging of the Treeview control from the Corel tree, many new definitions for better Winelib support, removal of 16-bit definitions from all exported headers, and lots of bugfixes. - chris

  • I have updated the MESS Image Archive for the beta 5 release (sorry for the delay). I have also updated the web page so it looks a bit nicer, and it has a new easier to remember URL, but the old URL still works so no need to update your bookmarks. Thanks to BurgerMan for the image updates for beta 5. - chris

  • New C-64 Tape Dumps - 11 new C64 tape images can be found at Redump 64. Peepo also posted a little explanation why he wasn't able to update the site lately ! - Opi

  • Official MAME32 Soon ? - The mame32 qa/test and art dept. site has been updated several times today. The new screenshots and icons for MAME v0.37 beta 8 are online and the following WIP statement has been posted : "First cut of b8 from Michael, he indicates that no new code needs to be grafted on. The Test pass completed on Soderstrom internal build, no stoppers". Conclusion : A new release isn't very far away, thanks to Geoshock for the info :) - Opi

  • Arcade Flyers And Cool Sega News - The Arcade Flyers Archive has been updated with a really cool news : "WOW! After a very nice e-mail from someone of Sega Enterprises USA I added a whole bunch of new flyers (some games are not even released :) He also revealed that soon there will be a "Historical part" on their site. I must say that I appreciate it very much when companies like Sega interact in such way!!! A+++ for Sega :D" - Opi

  • GoodN64 v0.999.2 - WWEmu reported the release of GoodN64 v0.999.2 - click here to get it. New in this release of Cowering's fine N64 ROM renaming tool : he removed some dumps that were too corrupt to even load (stop searching for them) and he added 22 new dumps to the database. - Opi

  • Virtua News - DaemoN once again updated the Virtua homepage with some news regarding this upcoming Sega Model 2 arcade emulator. Kayamon the author has added zip support and is currently trying to figure out how the polygon hardware work.
    And here is a personal request from the Virtua-crew :
    "PLEASE stop e-mailing me about model 2 rom dumps, we already know _WHO_ is dumping them and _WHEN_, TheGuru, Thierry Lescot and Gerald are already cooperating with us and they are on the virtuaDev mailing list" - for more news and information about this emulator click here. - Opi

  • WinFellow alpha v0.4.2 build 1 - New WIP (so called Snapshots) releases for WinFellow are now available, WinFellow alpha v0.4.2 build 1 for Win9x/2k (DirectX 5) and Windows NT (DirectX 3). Please check the homepage for more info - thanks to Bully for the email. - Opi

  • Microsoft has bought 25% of Corel which happens to be a (somewhat) major linux distributer. There is news about this all over the web, here is the Linux Today news article in which the CEO of Corel quotes that Corel Linux may play a role in the new partnership. - chris

  • Final Burn v0.023 - Time for a new sunburn :) Dave updated his famous After Burner emulator Final Burn to v0.023 - these are the changes :

    - o - v0.023 - Optimised After Burner I and II emulation by about 20%
    - o - v0.022 - Made the DirectDraw code automatically retry with system memory if video memory fails.
    - o - Reversed the throttle control, so it should be the right way round now.

    You can download it here, thanks to Haze for the tip :) - Opi

  • Stun Runner Prototype - Arcade ROM Heaven and Arcade@Home are now able to offer you the Stun Runner *Prototype* ROM-set for the latest MAME release. - Opi

  • True Reality Release Soon - Icepir8 announced a new WIP release of TRWin (great N64 emu) for sometime this week - stay tuned :) - Opi

  • YAME v0.18 - Emulation 9 reported an new release of YAME (Yet Another Multi-console Emulator - TG-16, NES and GB/GBC). Version 0.18 is available in english and japanse and supports Win95/98/2000 and X-Windows (older ports for Playstation and PC-FX GA are available too). Latest changes :

    - o - Added English binary.
    - o - Fixed Gameboy Color cartridge recognition bug. (Gameboy)
    - o - Enabled pseudo PCM sound. (Gameboy)
    - o - Fixed HDMA. (Gameboy Color)
    - o - Fixed LCDC bugs. (Gameboy)
    - o - Fixed initial volume of sound. (Gameboy) - Opi

  • iMAME v006 And A Move - iMAME has found a new home at MAME WORLD - please update your bookmarks to www.mameworld.net/imame/.
    A new binary is also online now, check the site for iMAME v006 - with zip support and some newly added games. The latest readme can be viewed here. It has only been tested for Compaq's Ipaq 3630 Pocket PC using Windows CE 3.0. News taken from EmuViews. - Opi

  • Next MAME Release - Unofficial MAME32 with AutoFire Ver0.37 beta 8 has been released - don't ask for support, just use it :) - Opi

  • Microsoft Invades Cuba - ROTFL ! thanks DrStu :) - Opi

  • The Mac version of RockNES has received a bug fix update. - richard

  • Wow - Thats Really Old - Congratulations - the PC Arcade turned 4 today. Staying 4 years online with no burnout is really applaudable :) - Opi

  • Bit Age Times #11 - Need some retrogaming stuff to read ?
    Tom Zjaba's Bit Age Times issue 11 can be found here. - Opi

  • NeoPocott Once Again - A new port of NeoPocott v0.36b is now available, this time for Acorn RISC OS. Thanks to PnP from NGPWorld for the news. - Opi

  • MAME32 Screensaver v0.37 beta 8 - A new version of Guisep's MAME32 screensaver is now online. He described this release as a very buggy - please download it only as trial or WIP version, because the main code needs some further tweaks. Besides its use as "playable" MAME screensaver you can also rename the included MAME32.src to MAME32.exe and you have a new unofficial MAME32 binary - I use it to check comfortably my missing ROMs :) - Opi

  • Glorius Day :-) - Today Germany is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its reunification. October 3, 1990 was a really remarkable day - I remember well when Ronald Reagan once said in a speech in Berlin "Mr. Gorbatschow, tear down this wall !" but I never believed it would happen in my lifetime :) My best wishes to the korean people and I hope that they will receive the same gift as us germans ! - Opi

  • Arcade Heaven & Beta 8 - Arcade Heaven has a complete set online for MAME 0.37 Beta 8! Well, almost complete - seems STUN Runner *Prototype* is hard to get. As GuruChoc says, this game is acting like trogp way back when... ;) - prophet

  • Sintendo - There's a nice update on the Sintendo page (Snes9x for Dreamcast), this update also includes various cool screenshots :) Thanks to Sonikku for the news. - atila

  •    Monday, October 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:48 EST

  • NeoPocott Tidalwave - Big update at Gollums NeoPocott homepage ! New builts for WINDOWS 95/98/2000/ME/NT (v0.36b), DOS (v0.36b), Linux (Console) (0.36b5) + the already reported Mac port ! There are tons of changes in these new releases, please check the NeoPocott site for more info about this fine NeoGeo Pocket emulator ! Most important news : MANY MANY GAMES WORK :) ... oh not to forget a Dreamcast port of NeoPocott is in development ! Thanks to PnP from NGPWorld for the update notification. - Opi

  • Update Finished - www.mame.dk is now ready to serve the beta 8 ROMs ! Till has now two fixfiles online which are a bit bigger then usual : fixfile 1 (1.2mb) with fixes for: avengers, batsugun, cischeat, f1gpstar, retofinv, skyadvnt, soldamj, thndrx2 and wrofaero and fixfile 2 (2.2mb) only for xexex! Visit Sys2064 to download both fixfiles. - Opi

  • NoSTalgia v0.7 - The Macintosh Atari ST emulator NoSTalgia has been released as version 0.7 with the following changes :

    - o - Multiple partitions (TOS 1.4 or better).
    - o - New IKBD code preventing data overrun in the emulated code.
    - o - New hard disk driver (Ver 0.4)
    - o - Improved stability.
    - o - Bugs fixed in the pending interruptions routines.
    - o - Fixed internal debugger.
    - o - Run MagiC 6 and NAES 2.0 (with some limitations).

    Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • CHINA GATE Driver For MAME - It's been a while since Paul Hampson started developing a CHINA GATE driver for MAME. For some reasons he never submitted it - larachao from Portugal sent me the following email about this : "... the only thing i can say is that i fixed the backgrounds in all sets of China Gate merging the roms and change their positions. I had downloaded the Paul Hampson Source on a Early stage and fixed some sprite bugs too , i had emailed Paul H. and his driver its most advanced than mine (still Paul H. driver) because it supports sound. At the moment the game freeze in mame 37b6 source but Nicola S. fix that certanly.
    I hope Paul Hampson will Submit his driver soon because its a fun game that i really enjoy , i cannot submit it because the work its not mine and i dont want any kind of credit. I would like to join mame team and learn much more about mame source and drivers if u know a site or u are at the same situation as i mail me to helderfranco@netc.pt."
    Seems a bit complicated - if you're able to explain larachao how to contact MAMEdev, please do it and Paul - please dare and "beam" this nice game to MAMEdev :) - Opi

  • ElectrEm beta 4a - Never fall asleep after a long working day, you may miss a MAME release and some other nice surprises like ElectrEm beta 4a :) Please check the changes.log to see what's "hot" in beta 4 of this Ahorn Electron emulator. - Opi

  • Neko Don Don! Simulator v1.1 - Kacsich Robert released an updated version of his Neko Don Don! Simulator (a handheld LCD game from 1982) - new in v1.1 :

    - o - Fixed a bug in the highscore-saving routine
    - o - More accurate demo mode
    - o - Retouched some of the LCD images to provide a more realistic look
    - o - Disabled the auto-repeat function of the keys which was not a feature of the original game

    You can download it from Robert's homepage. - Opi

  • Boob!Boy Released! - Turn your hulking 128bit super console (Sega Dreamcast) into an 8bit Gameboy! ;) This is of course a very early release, check out the text file for more info. Here is the BoobBoy program and the needed burn file. And here's the Boob! homepage. (Thanks Duncan of wwemu.com & Toxic Creep of EmuChrist for the emails) - prophet

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 8 Optimized Binaries - Here are the Pentium 2/3 and K6-2/K6-3/K7 optimized binaries! Of course, these are all DOS builds. Other OS fans, stay patient till your favorite ports appear. Again, thanks to Gridle from the Official MAME site. :) - prophet

  • MakeDisk (?) PC/ST - Interested in formatting and copying Atari ST disks on your PC? Then try MakeDisk! (Thanks David Robin) UPDATE: seems this link is to some email to vote about the program's future. I have no other info, but make of this what you will. Sorry. :/ - prophet

  • Got S.T.U.N. Runner? - STUN Runner and it's prototype are also supported in the new MAME release. They just forgot to write it into the whatsnew I suppose. (Thanks GHackman) - prophet

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 8 BINARY - Here's the official binary, compiled by Gridle! And here's the whatsnew for this release. Thank you MAMEdev! =) For related goodies, keep an eye on: MAME.dk, Arcade Heaven, Arcade@Home & Emuviews. And Sys2064 will likely post a fixfile or 2 as well. For all sorts of MAME related help and info, check out MAME World. That should get everyone started. :) - prophet

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 8 SOURCE released!!! - Here's the source code! Hopefully we can get you a binary soon. Bomberman & Super Dodge Ball cometh! Lots more too, plus a nice new ASM 68K core and that nifty new memory system that *might* cause a few errors - that's why it's called a BETA. ;) Keep an eye on the Official MAME site. - prophet

  • NeoPocott is now available for Macintosh! (The windows version has also been updated). - richard

  • Victory for Connectix - "Sony today lost a U.S. Supreme Court bid to limit rivals from using reverse engineering to create competing products ... The 9th Circuit said Connectix's activities [using the PSX BIOS to create their emu - Atila] were protected under the ''fair use doctrine,'' which permits copying of software when necessary to understand the way a program works."

    Oh glorious day =) Click here to read the full article. Thanks to Dr. D. for the news. - atila

  • SimCoupe/MacOS has been updated to v0.7.9! The new version adds sound emulation and many bugfixes. - richard

  • Spare Change - I wonder who has some spare change for this dude :P - atila

  • 17,000,000 - We hit 17,000,000 yesterday, we'd like to thank all of you for the continued support. - atila

  •    Sunday, October 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 20:02 EST

  • Yape v0.17 - The Commodore Plus/4 emulator Yape is now at version 0.17 - these are the changes in Attila's latest release :

    - o - some further optimisations in screen rendering
    - o - more raster fine tuning (way to go...)
    - o - load and autostart images
    - o - vertical smooth scroll implemented (yet with some glitches...)
    - o - bug with screenshot corrected

    Download it here - thanks to JoseQ for the news :) - Opi

  • Vintage Gaming Is Back - Please update your bookmarks to
    www.vg-network.com - this is the new, temporary URL for Vintage Gaming.
    It should be valid until the current server and URL problems are solved ! If you can't resolve this new URL, try this :) - Opi

  • UniRefresh & VBEPlus - I discovered these terrific utilities by Rob Muller the other day. Looking to use non-standard graphics modes or get full VESA VBE support on your nVidia (Riva, TNT, GeForce), 3DFX (Banshee, Voodoos) or other VESA 3.0 compatible card? These utilities should be of interest to you. Here's UniRefresh v1.41 and VBEPlus v0.8b. Check the UniRefresh homepage for more info. - prophet

  • Boob!Boy - From what I've read at Boob! - THE Dreamcast Research and Emulator Site, it seems that a first release for Boob!Boy (GBx emu for Dreamcast) is almost here. That loading screen looks nifty :) - atila

  • HU-GO for Linux - The linux version of HU-GO has been updated to version 1.29. This release adds a major bugfix in the real CD support. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has updated the WIP page. - chris

  • MAME For Digital Cameras - MAMED! news : "The coldfire versions of MAMED and MESSD are now available for the new PENTAX & HP cameras which should be available soon in most places. Fixed a small memory leak and removed all the watchdog timers from the game drivers for a little more speed". Download your version here. - Opi

  • Arcade Dumps by Team Japump - Emulation 9 reported that the japanese "star dumpers" Team Japump once again successfully defeated some japanese arcade boards (ROMs only available for developers) :

    - Soul Edge (JPN Ver.) (c)1995 Namco - Namco System11
    - Xevious 3D/G (JPN Ver.) (c)1982 1995 Namco - Namco System11
    - Tel Jan (JPN Ver.) (c)1999 Kaneko / Electro Design SUPER KANEKO (NOVA) SYSTEM
    - Dragoon Might (JPN Ver.) (c)1995 Konami Konami System GX
    - Slam Dunk (JPN Ver. of Run & Gun) (c)1993 Konami
    - Street Fighter Zero 2 ALPHA (c)1996 Capcom Ver.960805 CP System II
    - X-Men VS. Street Fighter (JPN Ver.) (c)1996 Capcom Ver.960910 CP System II - Opi

  • CPS2 FAQ v2.10M - NAZ posted his CPS2 FAQ as v2.10M ! Check this whopping 16.235 MB monster if you're a real Capcom fan :) He also added the "Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 Naomi USA Manual" to his newly opened download section. - Opi

  • Q-emuLator for Windows - Version 2.1 of Q-emuLator for Windows has been released. The emulator can now format QL floppy disks (Windows NT/2000 only) and paste text from the Windows clipboard. There are some new keyboard shortcuts for common QL key combinations and a bug has been fixed in the QL full screen code. Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Emulation Programmers' Resource Is Back - Zoop reported the "come back" of EPR, the Emulation Programmers' Resource. If you need some technical information, references, source codes or FAQ's for your brand new "never seen before" NES emulator (joke), check it out !!! - Opi

  • PacMAME Coming Soon - Pac-fans take note - a HUGE new PacMAME release is in the works! No release yet, but you can view the full list of changes and additions at MAME World. Waka waka, chomp chomp. - prophet

  • MAME32 Extra Info - Finally my beloved MAME32 has been updated :)
    I checked the WhatsNew32.txt and found :
    - Added support for marquee images. Marquee images should be placed in the marquees directory or stored in marquees.zip in the marquees directory.
    These newly supported Marquee pictures can be found at the
    closet2mame homepage, which is currently (as all other VGN sites) down. And as a side note - I would be a liar if I said that I didn't enjoyed reading this MAME32 related thread on our General Emulation message board :) - Opi

  • EmuAdvice's Keyboard Hacks & Display Tweaks - EmuAdvice is now featuring some awesome new sections by Marshall Brooks! If you're interested in some great info regarding keyboard hacking for using arcade controls on a PC, or tweaking your display to get the best results from emulation, go visit. :) (Thanks KiLLerCloWn from the inimitable MAME World) - prophet

  • Magic Engine news - The Magic Engine homepage posted that they participated in developing a C compiler for the good ol' PC-Engine a.k.a. TurboGrafx-16! Check out their new dev section for details. A new beta of Magic Engine for PC is also mentioned to be coming soon, and later a Mac version despite some CD-ROM bugs. (As an aside, PeterD of EmuHQ pointed me to the HuC page) - prophet

  • Official MAME32 0.37 Beta 7 Released! - Alright Windows fans, here's the latest greatest MAME for you! :) The binary and source are both available. Check the MAME32 homepage and the MAME32 Q&A page for more info and related downloads. New for this release: new Windowed debugger support, marquee image support & updated filter options. To newbies, MAME32 is the Windows version of Official MAME, which is initially coded for DOS then ported to other platforms. - prophet

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