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  •    Tuesday, November 30th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:09 EST

  • Cowering has released GoodNES 2.10, GoodNES knows about 2549 NES ROMS and various hacks/translations. It be used as a simple renamer or as a ROM fixer/bad dump detector/fixer.

  • The MESS WIP page has been updated! -R-

  • Absolutely exhausted trying to fit another bit of data on 74 minute or 80 minute cdr media? The Register will leave a few Christmas wishes unfullfilled this year, but start wishing for Christmas 2000. This new cdr format promises more storage space than the average person has hd space. -w

  • Brian Hall has released some utilities for handling your Tandy color computer files for xmess.  You may download them, or visit the web page for more information.  -C-

  • (This next update is mainly for the Dutch readers) KPN Telecom has announced details for MXStream, its ADSL service! It's about time too :) Rollout should be VERY soon, prices aren't too shabby either, except for the setup fee, which is 650 NGL ($300+).

  • Sega will be offering Megadrive/Genesis and PCE games for download (prices will range from 100-300 YEN per game, which is about $2,50 MAX) to be used on the Dreamcast. Much else isn't known, but it seems that emulators for both systems will be available, how else can you play those games on your Dreamcast ? Click here for more info, thanks to several people for the link.

  • Videogames.com has done an extensive feature on the history of Tomb Raider, they have also updated their feature on the history of Castlevania, thanks to `yAsHiRo^ for the links.

  • A Canadian tourist is sueing Starbucks (owned by Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, as you all know :) because his penis was crushed by a faulty toilet seat. For the full details (you know you wanna read this ;) click here, thanks to Mike H. for the link.

  • Last but not least, our friend JoseQ is promising an exciting Rumor Mill this coming Wednesday, calling it "maybe the Rumor Mill of the millenium?" Hmm... Gotta wonder... Finally, a brief public word of profound THANKS from me to MAME team for making classics like Turbo and Pole Position come back to life in their original glory. That next beta should be really fun! :) -P-

  • SMS Power released the GameGear version of PGA Tour'96! -P-

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan released dumps for Shippu Mahou Daisakusen & Dorachan! (Thanks Emulatronia) -P-

  • Have we mentioned this before? Not sure... Anyway, check out Shockwave.com for some really cool online versions of classic games like Missile Command and Asteroids! Lots more are coming as well, including Marble Madness! Also, here's a Shockwave Soccer game too. :) (Thanks to several people) -P-

  • NesToy was updated to 2.1b! NesToy is a ROM database - they also need help decyphering some dumps. (Thanks Opi) -P-

  • CDR Info has reviewed the Yamaha 8424s CDR-W drive, which they call the best yet made! -P-

  • Par J has some cool retro style PC games to download, like Shigeru Land! -P-

  •    Monday, November 29th 1999 - Last updated @ 16:03 EST

  • Overclocked - BLEEEEEEM! :)

  • Another day, another MAME WIP update - Looks like the next beta will be a "car racing" beta, because Turbo is emulated too now!!!

  • Genesis Power has used up their available bandwith for this month, the site will be back on the 1st of December. So fear not :)

  • MAME runs on a supercomputer?  According to this article I found while perusing slashdot.org, Linux has been (technically will be) ported to IBM's S/390 mainframe computer, so has anyone at IBM compiled xmame for it yet?  -C-

  • DDAY made a nice discovery; REW (GB emu for WIN32) by Boukichi also plays NES games !!

  • Dennis Piet has released public beta 1 of StartRAINE 0.27.1, his RAINE frontend, you can download it at the Start Site.

  • Darkmazda's Domain has posted another NeoGeo CD cover, this time it's Dunk Dream.

  • If you always wanted a NeoGeoCD system, then this is a good time to buy one! SNK is selling a NeoGeoCD with KOF99 and 3 games of your choice for $229,99 + S&H! You have to be quick, because they only have 100 pieces, thanks to `yAsHiRo^ for the news.

  •    Sunday, November 28th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:54 EST

  • Be sure to get your dose of SMS Power!!! Recent releases include Special Criminal Investigation for SMS, and Bonkers Wax Up! for GameGear! Of course there's a whole LOT more there as well. Also, a sincere Happy Belated Birthday to our friend Zoop. -P-

  • Paolo Signoni told me about his OpenGL "doped" version of Asteroids, called appropriately enough - A-Steroid! =) I haven't tried it yet, but it looks sweet! -P-

  • MaxAlpha posted this translation of the text on that IronClad MVS page from yesterday. And "P" is NOT me by the way. -P-

  • Here's a Bleem! PAL game compatability page by Brainy at GameArt magazine! -P-

  • Boukichi has released REW 09LC, this release fixes various bugs. REW is a Win9x GB emulator. Thanks to Kosh for the news.

  • Here's what happens when you don't update when people send you updates: you lag :) Basilisk II build 101 was released, it now emulates the 68040, so you can even install MacOS8 now (according to Mark Vergeer :), haven't tried ityet myself. Thanks to several people for the news. Basilisk II is a Mac emulator for WIN32.

  • Qsound was added to MAME this morning, a few bugs are still left to iron out, but it seems we will hear those marvelous Qsounds in an upcoming MAME beta :)

  • 2 new episodes at Overclocked - On The Job and Bad Idea pt. 2

  • I noticed that Vintagegaming was looking for "button artists", well, Shane Monroe made 2 for us a while ago :) One button which is 45kb and the other is 9kb, feel free to use these to link to Retrogames.

  • GuruChoc has been busy again, adding Raine and MAME goodies for download! Just don't try to leech him dry, hehe... And click the banner! :) -P-

  • Pioneer has introduced the first consumer DVD recorder! (Thanks SiN13) -P-

  • Gamepics has surpassed 8000 screenshots of 4000 games! There's a search engine as well. (Thanks Opi)

  • The famous Amiga site, Back to the Roots has done a big update, including games like Chuck Rock 2, Space Quest 1 - 4, Furball, Fatal Mission 1 - 3 & Wicked! (Thanks Opi) -P-

  • Holmes Atari 8 Bit Games is back to life! Atari fans, you NEED to visit this great resource. (Thanks Aaron) -P-

  • So you love emulators, but would like to use 100% legal, free ROMs? Then visit Kojote, now with over 120 freeware ROMs for numerous systems! (Thanks Shahzad) -P-

  • The Ultimate NeoGeo Resource has added a Game Marquee section, with those "How to Play" mini posters! (Thanks MasterAL) -P-

  • Arcade 2000 is now accepting Visa & Mastercard orders for their arcade panels and cabinets! There is a $100 special discount for credit card orders placed on or before December 15th. (Thanks Jeff Kemper) -P-

  • Is IronClad MVS really dumped? It certainly looks like it. The dumper has released numerous screenshots, but I can't read the text. :( (Thanks Kyo) -P-

  • Hello! I'm back again. :) Here's some news... -P-

  •    Saturday, November 27th 1999 - Last updated @ 16:49 EST

  • The hugely popular, multi-award winning Amiga setup for UAE has been updated to release6, with numerous improvements, bugfixes and additions - perhaps the most significant being multi-language support. Go to the AIAB site - http://www.emuunlim.com/aiab for more info, with a complete list of changes, and a screengrab to demonstrate the new features.

  • Classicgaming.com was kind enough to give ownership of the domain www.mame.net to the MAMEDEV Team! Bookmark it now - www.mame.net!

  • RAINE 0.27a released! "Due to the current lack of free time that I (antiriad) have, I decided to just release this, even though it is *not tested*. The emulator has become almost too big to keep it up to date on my own. In particular, it is now almost impossible for me to set aside the time to produce release versions. In a way, making releases has become the worst part of developing raine (the best part is getting new roms and emulating them). So, here it is, I hope there are no serious bugs (maybe I'll make a bugfix release next weekend), but like I say, I don't have time to work on every feature/game/bug/system/idea in raine now." For a full list of what's new (huge list :), check www.rainemu.com !

  • Things sure are slow today ..... Go play some games or something ;)

  • NeoGeoTeam 2000 have released the "IronClad ISO+MP3 + step by step info on how to play games in iso with the ngcd emu using a freeware tool of 20kb far better than fakecd, which actually works 100% under win95/win98", as Sebastian put it :)

  • ZSNES 0.987 released! This is a tiny bugfix release: Forgot to re-enable pitch modulation after disabling it for debugging purposes. Click here for the standard version or here for the ASM-only version. Thanks to Alien8 for the news.

  • Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page, it's a truly MASSIVE update - Cisco Heat and Grand Prix Star are here!

  •    Friday, November 26th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:19 EST

  • RiGaMoRTiS PRoDuCTioNZ has released inSNESt 1.0. The RM site says that: "inSNESt is a new breed of Super Nintendo utility that caters for both the copier owner and emulator users. One of the major features of inSNESt is the ability to convert between the multiple copier formats with the ease of lighting up a cigarette."

  • AMI MSX 2.52 released! This is an MSX emulator for the Amiga, you can download it at the MSX Emulator Page, thanks to TFH/Fony for the news. (I wonder how many people will download an Amiga emulator just to try this ;)

  • Overclocked - Thanksgiving 1999

  • MAMEINFO.DAT has been updated, go get it @ MAME WORLD!

  • Khang has also interviewed bwb and Zach of EmuHQ, they too were asked the same questions as myself and several others.

  • Boukichi has released Dboy 0.55a, I have no idea what's new, but I could see the word 'LOVE' in his update :) Thanks to Kosh for the news.

  •    Thursday, November 25th 1999 - Last updated @ 14:32 EST

  • Khang has posted 3 interviews he did with Zophar of Zophar's Domain, uzplayer of Emucamp and little ol' me, check them out here. We were all asked the same questions, compare answers ;)

  • Overflow was kind enough to send me a translation for yesterday's Dboy release: "99/11/25 - 0.55 - The MBC3 clock function is added in a full scale. The TDF file is changed to the output only of the cartridge for the clock function."

  • NeoFever has released the MVS redump of Burning Fight :)

  • Gazoo has updated his NeoGeo Review Center with more reviews and a NeoGeo Screensaver :)

  • Wanna see something cool ? Check out this MAME movie by Dave Dries, you will need Quicktime to view it. This is the low-quality version, only 3MB big, the hi-quality version is about 30MB. Dave would like to post the large version, but he needs webspace, if you can help him, be sure to mail him. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the link.

  • Overclocked has now moved to Retrogames and we hope you will enjoy David's comic as much as we do :) Be sure to check out today's comic! Welcome aboard, David!

  • Happy Thanksgiving - Go easy on the turkey ;)

  • Ooooooh, this portable NeoGeo looks nice, too bad it's not for sale ? Thanks to `yAsHiRo^ for the link.

  • Happy birthday, Fox :)

  • Bleem 1.5b has been released, new stuff in this release: Corrected a bug, which could cause bleem! to stop running mid-game, changed DirectX Error Message Logic for older 3D Hardware (Voodoo 1,2,Rush). Thanks to several people for the news.

  • Gamefan has posted a STRIDER 2 videoclip, click here!!

  •    Wednesday, November 24th 1999 - Last updated @ 16:45 EST

  • Dboy 0.55 released! I have no idea what's new in this release of the DOS Gameboy emulator, thanks to Kosh for the news.

  • MacMAME 0.36 beta 10b released, this is a small bugfix release: Fixed(?) the random crashes with MacOS 9. Please test this version out and see if they are gone for good[John Butler]. Thanks to Jim A. for the news.

  • The NT4 drivers for HARDSID can be downloaded from hardsid.com :)

  • ZSNES 0.986 released! Both the the ASM/C version and the ASM-only version are available for download, please check the ZSNES Site for additional information. Thanks to Xta-C for the news.

  • A new MTX emulator has been released for the Mac by Nick Vellios. It's extremely preliminary, but it does work (somewhat!). Get it here. -R-

  • Happy 2nd Birthday Romlist!!! Oh yeah, they've released Football Champ for Raine as well! :) -P-

  •    Tuesday, November 23rd 1999 - Last updated @ 19:43 EST

  • MAME M.I.A. is mirroring MAME 0.36 beta 10 games if you still need them! -P-

  • Glenn of VideogameFans told me some GREAT news for NeoGeo Pocket fans: there will be a minigame based on Ghosts n' Goblins in the upcoming SNK vs. Capcom! -P-

  • Genesis Power released a bunch of games because they'll be away for Thanksgiving. 5 releases in total, including Judge Dredd & Champion World Class Soccer! (Thanks Snorter - have a great turkey day!) -P-

  • KoF Perfect has added tons of cool desktop themes, icons & screensavers for KoF fans! (Thanks Kyo) -P-

  • Back to the Roots has some big plans for Amiga fans! They've recently added AMOS BASIC with full permission of the author, and they also expect to release more 100% legal Sierra Amiga classics in the coming weeks! (Thanks Bobic) -P-

  • BWB posted a short interview with the author of the new Windows Genesis emulator, SegaEMU, at EmuHQ! -P-

  • ATTENTION - all RomCenter users, beware if you are using version 1.71 - it can delete some files! Go to MAME World for the full story, and be sure to grab the new version, 1.72. -P-

  • Are you looking forward to Pole Position 1 & 2 in MAME? Then go visit GuruChoc and get your engines ready... :) -P-

  • Pelikapseli is a Finnish retrogaming site - they were given permission by Sierra & Jeff Tunnell to offer the games Heart of China and Rise of the Dragon for download! (Thanks Janne K.) -P-

  • The Australian Game Developers Conference will be hosting booths by various game devs including Perception, who interestingly enough will be showcasing Thunderboats & Top Down Racer, new games designed especially for use on the ArcadePC! Of course, they should also play great on any PC. :) (Thanks Andrew Parsons) Yeah, yeah I know - get to the emu stuff... ;) -P-

  • Hello! I'm back - exams over, projects finished. My ArcadePC hasn't seen much use yet, but it's one beautiful machine - that review will probably show up in a week or two though. Looks like I'll be away for a few days for Thanksgiving (I'm in the USA), so once again I apologize in advance if my input is sparse this week. Atila and the crew will keep things covered I'm sure. Here comes some emu news now... -P-

  • TonyD of Emulition is selling homemade PSX -> PC joypad adapters, if you're looking for one/some, click here :)

  • Here's the MAME32 0.36 beta 10 binary, thanks to SAV2880 and John IV for helping me out :)

  • MAME32 beta 10 has been released and I will upload it VERY soon, in the meantime, download it from the MAME32 Q&A Site.

  • Here you are, got a nice site/homepage, but you're out of money ? What are you gonna do now ? You are going to contact the Industrial Bank of Korea and put your site up as collateral! If your site is approved, you can get about $50,000 MAX for your site, your site is rated @ 1/3 of the going price :) If you cannot pay back, they become owner of your site, click here for more info.

  • Mike Green has posted a screenshot of Galaxian, with that special EMUDX flavour ;)

  • Quote of the day: "Whaddaya mean, I can't wear my underwear over my pants?" - disturbed young man.

  • Microsoft strikes again! -R-

  • Hmm, major bummer :)

  • Overclocked: Wishful thinking

  • David Tucker has posted a beta of his Virtual Boy Programming Document, he mentions it's about 80% done. Thanks to Aprentice for the news.

  • MAMED 0.36 beta 9.1 released! James has released a new version of MAMED, MAME for digital cameras, here's what's new: High resolution mode for games like Rampage, Screen rotation and flipping, Easy directional pad rotation, Different games, Larger font. The source is available at the MAMED Site.

  • MESS 0.36 beta 10 released! MESS is a multi-platform/multi-console emulator, based on MAME sources.

  • Time for some small updates, since I didn't have enough time and Prophet (obviously ;) can't leave his arcade cabinet alone!

  •    Monday, November 22nd 1999 - Last updated @ 11:53 EST

  • I've added the latest MacMAME to our MAME page.

  • MASSIVE MAME WIP UPDATE! Hurry, take a look at those Pole Position and Pole Position II pics!!

  • ThePI, a Playstation emulator for the Macintosh, has been updated to its fourth release. -R-

  • MacMAME has been updated again - to v0.36b10a. This version fixes a crashing problem with Pong. Get it from http://www.macmame.org/. -R-

  • Zipmany 6 was released!

  • OverClocked: Cross my Heart and Meet the Maker. On a related note, David Lloyd (creator of Overclocked) has been interviewed by Mr_X and uzplayer of EmuCamp. Click here to read the interview.

  • Shane Monroe has released a new Retro Radio, which is mirrored here. This episode, he reviews the Space Ace DVD, 25 minutes of listening pleasure :) A streamed version will be online in a bit.

  • MacMAME has been updated to v0.36b10. -R-

  •    Sunday, November 21st 1999 - Last updated @ 15:03 EST

  • A new *private* Retrocade beta was release to beta testers, I'll post an update tomorrow.

  • ComeBack 64 WIN32/beta 4 released! Can you say SID emulation ? Well, you can now, because it's emulated!

  • A new neogeo CD cover has been posted at Darkmazda's Domain, this time around it's Magician Lord.

  • It appears that the frequently delayed Daikatana should materialize in a Game Boy version before millennium's end, at least that is what you'll read on the National Game Review site. -w (For the daft, it's only a gag. Now take the hook out of your mouth, put some peroxide on that wound, and it'll be alright tomorrow.)

  • MAME World has updates for PACMAME (2 new pacman games added) and MAME Classic. MAME Classic was updated to vresion 0.36 beta 10, be sure to check out this windows frontend for MAME. Also updated was Setcleaner (version 2.06), Setcleaner is rom manager.

  • Sebastian Hernandez and SpkLeader have started a new project called NeoGeo Team 2000, their aim is to have all NeoGeo CDs online for download :)

  • QUIZ SEKAI WA SHOW was added to Raine, unless you speak Japanese, you probably won't understand much of this game :) Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news. *update* The correct name for this game should be 'QUIZ SEKAI WA SHOW BY SHOUBAI', thanks to j-ichi for the correction.

  •    Saturday, November 20th 1999 - Last updated @ 16:36 EST

  • Gridle has compiled CPU optimized versions of MAME, which can be downloaded from the MAME Site. Available compiles are: standard, PPro/Celeron/P2 and K6, feel free to try these as they may give you a slight speed increase over the "standard" version.

  • Since Pong is simulated now, it might be a good idea to read the interview that Brian Deuel conducted with Al Alcorn, the engineer who built Pong with Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari.

  • Here's the binary for this MAME release, happy gaming :)

  • MAME 0.36 Beta 10 released! Biggest additions this release are perhaps PONG and I, Robot! Click here to read what's new for this release. Binary will be online shortly.

  • Here's a news roundup of things I forgot to add yesterday: Eric Bole-Feysot released Romcenter 1.71 yesterday, RomCenter is a rom audit and repairing tool for a multitude of emulators.
    Next up is issue 27 of the Retrogaming Times, a cool retrogaming e-zine, you can check it out here. (Oops, pressed the "submit" button too quickly :)
    Capcom is also working on Final Fight Revenge, a "one on one fighter" (3D)based on the Sega ST-V (Titan) board. That board is a basically a souped-up Saturn. Thanks to Naz for that last bit.

  • The SMYGB/NES site was updated with news about more supported mappers for SMYNES: mappers 240 - 251 are now supported, which means that a load of unlicensed games will now run on SMYNES! Check out pics of a few of those games here @ http://smy.billyjr.com/news.htm

  • The wonderful MESS has been updated to version 0.36 beta 9.1, go download this multi-platform, multi-console emulator HERE! Thanks to Cobracure for reminding me.

  • Overclocked: And the winners are ...

  • The EMUDX Site has been redesigned and to celebrate this, Mike GReen has released a new EMUDX beta, new/fixed things are: fixes lots of problems in beta1, including Ms Pacman sprite problem and music timing problem. Adds more flexibility and an .ini configuration file, as well as "Original" Graphics mode.

  • To make life easier for everyone, we've decided to merge the official MAME messageboard, located @ macmame.org, and the MAME messageboard here @ Retrogames. The new board has also moved to the official MAME site, which is hosted here @ Retrogames, the link on the left table will now point to the new board.

  • MAME WIP updated!  -C-

  •    Friday, November 19th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:00 EST

  • Hello! I'm still alive, and YES, my ArcadePC arrived! Expect a comprehensive review in a the coming weeks, but 1st impressions: this IS an arcade machine, period. Pretty cool surfing the net on it too. :) However, I also wanted to take this time to say I'll be away for the weekend, so my apologies in advance for not updating. And no, I'm not taking off to play, I have final exams on Monday and need to get serious for a few days. -P-

  • Nintendo is a weird company, seriously. First they try to sue the authors of UltraHLE and frighten other authors into (almost) giving up. Then they release a FAQ stating basically that emus are illegal. Yet Nintendo will release Pokemon Stadium 2 for the N64 soon. Wanna know what's weird ? Get this:

    GB Building
    Here, you can play the Game Boy Pokémon games using your N64. Essentially, the GB Building is a software emulator that displays the action of the Game Boy game on screen in limited color, similar to a Super Game Boy. Remember that it will only play Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow, though

    Yep, according to IGN, they'll be using an emulator for this part of the game. So, since emulators are illegal, I wonder if Nintendo will sue itself ;) Maybe they'll finally get rid of that ridiculous FAQ now ..... Thanks to Saisatron for the news.

  • For anyone and everyone who has had their fill of Pokemon, The Threshold began a Pokemon Must Be Destroyed site. Vote on your favorite death sentence or watch yesterday's winning vote recipient.-w

  • Pete Bernert has released version 1.24 of his OpenGL plugin for use with PSEmu Pro. And NO, you don't need DirectX 6 to use this, because it uses OpenGL (EmuHQ, wake up =)

  • Quote of the day #2: "Are you ready to spend five to eight hundred dollars for Windows 2000 (and Office 2000) -- and help debug it?" - Scott McNealy, SUN CEO (Comdex speech)

  • Shane Monroe is currently redoing Monroeworld and slightly shifting the focus of his site. He's dropping some areas and adding others, Retro Radio will now be a bi-weekly show, so that's something to look forward too ;) Anyway, check Monroeworld for more info on this.

  • Overclocked: Conspiracy Theory (I like the pic with Clinton in it ;)

  • Remember those nasty people from pacman.com? You know, they were selling a version of MAME together with Pacman roms for $25. Well, Namco and Namco Ltd. have filed a lawsuit against them ... but not for selling roms. According to Replaymag, the suit claims Two Bit is making and selling circuit boards and printed screens for coin-op games which are counterfeit and duplicate copies of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga video games, thereby violating Namco’s trademarks and copyright. I guess this is one way of getting them shut down :) Thanks to EmuGaming for the news.

  • The Linux Game Tome brings news of a cool Tron game for Linux.  It's got great graphics and sound and even supports network play!  Anyone up for a game of TRONtium?  -C-

  • Graham Corrigan was hit number 9,000,000, congrats :) To the people that submitted fake pictures, I'd like to say that their names and email addies will be posted here a bit later, mwuahahahaha ;)

  • "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me ?" - various actors ;)

  • MacMAME 0.36 beta 9.1 released! This release is now in sync, for a full list of updates, please check the MacMAME Site. Thanks to Jim A. for the news.

  •    Thursday, November 18th 1999 - Last updated @ 10:20 EST

  • Overclocked: Cryptography & Faith

  • We will be welcoming visitor 9,000,000 sometime today, he or she will be getting a nice prize :)

  • Boukichi has released Dboy 0.54, as always, I have no idea what's new (Steven, you still there ?). I have rezipped the .lzh archive, the original archive can be downloaded from the DBOY Site.

  • JoseQ has posted another Rumour Mill, too many rumors to mention - go read!! Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • Microsoft has released the English version of Internet Explorer 5.01, thanks to Don H. for the news.

  • Kenwood have released a 72 Speed CD-ROM drive! -R-

  •    Wednesday, November 17th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:41 EST

  • And no, my ArcadePC didn't arrive yet... tomorrow morning I'm told... -P-

  • OK, OK... Click here to see the only keyboard you really need for Windows. :) (Thanks to many people) -P-

  • Here are some quality preview shots from Rent-A-Hero for Dreamcast, courtesy of Sega-Otaku! -P-

  • All Amiga fans should get Back to the Roots! Seriously, it's a great Amiga site with the latest 100% legal Sierra releases. (Yes Opi, I like them) -P-

  • ClrMAME Pro RC1b was released! New stuff includes: drag'n drop support for the rebuilder, CMPro can create the destination rebuilder folder & rebuilder speed increase (esp. when skipping files). (Thanks PRoToCoL) -P-

  • Genesis Power has released Bonanza Bros. for the Genesis/Megadrive :)

  • If you are an Italian webmaster of an emulation site, check out this interesting project at Emu Zone

  • The first public beta of EMUDX is here! It's a RetroFX style remake of Pacman and Ms. Pacman, get it here!

  • The RIAA has announced it will file a lawsuit against Napster! Napster combines chat with the ability to download MP3 files from other users. Thanks to sWampy for the news.

  • I have no idea why there are 2 banners now on the page, I'll try to find out ASAP.

  • Yesterday, Bill Clinton was visiting the people that were hit by the earthquake in Turkey 3 months ago. One Turkish baby grabbed Bill's nose and wouldn't let go :)

  • Kaktos has just explained to me that NGCD Pick is NOT a NEOGEO CD emulator, "it is a tool for ripping character data and converting into bmp files", from a NeoGeo CD disc.

  • The author of the NEOGEO Pocket Emu, has also released another emulator (I think). It's called NGCD Pick and it looks like it's a NeoGeo CD emulator. It uses game-specific .DLL files, which you can download from the NGCD Pick Site. I have converted the .lhz file to .zip, the original archive can be found at the site. Thanks to _JaMaL_ for the news.

  • Here's a cool site: Action Fighter! It's a FLASH4-powered "one-on-one" fighter, which can also be downloaded :) Thanks to Jay for the news.

  • Overclocked: Justice (this is is for emu authors only ;)
    Overclocked: No little tank for you

  • Ian Schmidt, a developer for Wine tried to get Bleem! to work under Wine. The update states the following: ... some tricky Bleem! code calls MapLS/UnMapLS in a certain way to get back the LDT base address, and then modify it for getting access to ring-0, and then create its own threads inside the VMM. This is certainly a very bad way of writing applications, and a sign of Windows 9x not being protected (as an OS). I'm sure Randy had his reasons for coding it that way. To get the full scoop, click here.  -C- (article slightly edited by Atila)

  •    Tuesday, November 16th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:24 EST

  • Not much emu news at the moment, but it was a great day - ZSNES with triple buffering (no more tearing!) Yay! Thanks zsKnight. Anyway, tomorrow is the big day at "Prophet's Temple" (AKA my house)... My ArcadePC is due to be delivered and I'm PSYCHED! =) JoseQ, don't be envious - you're day is coming! ;) -P-

  • Retrogames is Dreamcast compatible! =) (Thanks TSOLfan) -P-

  • Here's it is, the first public NEOGEO POCKET EMULATOR! It is shareware and there's no music as of yet, also you must run it in 16-bit color, the price to register is a massive 500 YEN (about $5 ;-) Check the homepage for more info (in Japanese) Thanks to {Placebo} for the news and CrashTest for the translation. *UPDATE* It emulates both the NEOGEO POCKET and the NEOGEO POCKET COLOR and it works in Windows NT too! Controls are disabled until you register.

  • Game Informer reports on gossip which says Capcom is working on a Marvel vs Capcom sequel for the arcade. -w

  • A child's choaking death lead to another Pokemon lawsuit.IGN offers people a chance to sound off regarding this one.-w

  • If you head on over to MAME WORLD, you'll see that A/PMAME 0.36 beta 9.1 has been released, as well as a new version of PacMAME! This release of PacMAME now supports Ms. Pacman After Dark, ... created by the original author of "Pacman After Dark", this romset has been released exclusively for use with PacMAME.

  • If you're really bored like me at the moment, you may want to check out Bill Gates' keynote speech at Comdex99. It lasts for a whopping 79 minutes, thanks to Smartazz for the link.

  • Mike Green has posted a cool status update on PACDX, among other things, PACDX's resolution has been bumped up to 800x600 - YUMMY! Also, release of USASS (the US version of SASS) may be out at the end f the week :)

  • ZSNES 0.985 released! This is one HUGE release with too many fixes to mention, check the ZSNES Site for more info.

  • A long time ago in a galaxy far away... YUM!. -R-

  •    Monday, November 15th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:53 EST

  • 3dfx will be releasing the Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 soon; I guess you are confused now, eh ? Click here for more info.

  • Genesis Power has released a totally kickass game: Biohazard Battle! This is one of those games that you just have to download and play ... it's addicting! It's a really slick shooter which gets difficult real fast, download it, you won't be disappointed! (editor's note: I have this cart, it rocks!)

  • Wine has announced a new release of their Windows "emulator", version 991114.  Thanks to Supafly for the news.  -C

  • Here's a really cool collection of M$/DoJ cartoons, thanks to Test_User for the link :)

  • Overclocked: MAMED (David has made some of the words clickable, so if you have no idea what he means with a certain joke, a click will hopefully enlight you :)

  • PCAE 2.2 released! PCAE is a great Atari 2600 emulator - tons of new stuff in this release. Check the homepage for all the details and source code too. (Thanks Emulatronia) -P-

  •    Sunday, November 14th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:55 EST

  • Saint's Buils Your Own Arcade Controls is reporting some exciting news for hardcore hobbyists: Hagstrom has released a new keyboard encoder series with some awesome game specific features! There's even one that encodes Happ Trakballs! I could be wrong, but I *think* this may potentially allow for 2 simultaneous trakballs?! Can you say 2 player Marble Madness? Hmm... -P-

  • Romlist lives!!! =) Go get Gunlock for Raine now! (Thanks C.Yee) -P-

  • What console games have been translated from Japanese to English? Where can you find all sorts of console utilities? RPGd would be a good place to find some answers! (Thanks Opi) -P-

  • Defacto2 is having an online poll to see what online "scene" is the most popular... VOTE FOR EMULATION! =) Yes, you too Ashley! ;P (Thanks Blazemore) -P-

  • Romulous & Remus wanted everyone to know they've got the goods on MAME 0.36b9! ;) -P-

  • Click here to play Space War online! Space War is commonly believed to be the first (or one of the first) true videogames. It's a really cool applet - player one uses ASDF, and two uses KL;'. Have fun! (Thanks Eric Purcell) -P-

  • Glenn of VideogameFans told me Toobin', that very fun Atari arcade classic is coming for Gameboy Color! Old games don't really die, they just kinda get smaller... -P-

  • Emulation64 updated their Emulation Dictionary! (Thanks Stian) -P-

  • MAME Testers has updated their mameinfo.dat file! It lets you view the known bugs for any game using MAME's TAB menu history option. And be sure to check MAME World for the latest MAME news, including the recent release of MAME Classic 0.36.9 frontend! (Thanks to all the CloWns, Lobstas & Zans (Zans?!)) -P-

  • A special version of CCS64 for WIN32 which uses the HardSID drivers (also at the HardSIdD site, stereo output!) is available for download at the HardSID Site. CCS64 is a Commodore 64 emulator :)

  • Overclocked: Priorities (Editor's note: TheKorn, you'll *love* this one =)

  • Bleem, LLC is offering 2 *TEST CDs* for sale. The profits will go to a charity, click here for more info. Thanks to fifreak for the news.

  • Ahead, makers of NERO, will be releasing a new NERO with BURN-PROOF technology soon. BURN-PROOF will eliminate the dreaded BUFFER UNDERRUN that you may experience while burning CDs :) They will also release the NERO Media Player, "amongst its key elements are the twin audio encoding engines, (VQF, MP3), CD Ripping, Audio streaming, Virtual Capture, CD Recording, and customisable skins". Thanks to iViLDeD for the news and CDR-INFO for the articles :)

  • Here's the binary for the new MAME release (beta 9.1) - TMS34010, here I come!

  • "If you take yourself too seriously, you'll end up crazy" - Sting

  • MAME 0.36 Beta 9.1 has been released, it is a source update and must be applied over yesterday's release. Here are the new things for this update: The license had to be changed again (VII. Derivative Works), fixed a few bugs in the TMS34010 games. [Aaron Giles]
    A new binary will be up shortly.

  •    Saturday, November 13th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:46 EST

  • Just in case some people don't know, the latest MAME 0.36 beta 9 includes the speedy new 34010 (Mortal Kombat, Smash TV etc.) code - you'll still need a fast system, but it's MUCH better now! Also Joust 2 now runs at 60fps with full sound on a P2-300! =) And be sure to stop by MAME World for the latest ROM hunting tips and other MAME news! -P-

  • Pugsy updated his famous MAME cheat file, now with 20,765 cheats for 1770 games! That's a lot of cheating! -P-

  • Genesis Power update: Art of Fighting (U) for the Genesis released! -P-

  • Here's the MAME 0.36 Beta 9 binary, courtesy of Gridle ;)

  • MAME 0.36 Beta 9 has been released! Click here for the source, a binary will be online soon(ish). Here's what's new!

  • King of "Glam Rock", Gary Glitter has been jailed for downloading "kiddie porn". What baffled me is that he didn't know that downloading kiddie porn was illegal (yeah right!). Be sure to check the judge's reply to that statement. If you have no idea who Gary Glitter is, go ask your parents or do a websearch =)

  • Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page! -R-

  • Overclocked: KOF9x - after the buzz

  • David Tucker has updated his Virtual Boy page with news about a lot of things, I could paste them here, but it's better if you go read it yourself =) Thanks to Aprentiz for the link.

  •    Friday, November 12th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:41 EST

  • Mikazuki Yume (Crescent Dream in English) is a new site dedicated to Japanese emulation and reviews of games of all kinds! (Thanks Chris) -P-

  • Inspector Vector has added a pretty cool playable Shockwave version of the Art of Fighting "ice breaking" intro! Go try it! :) And if you're looking for some nice NeoGeo wallpaper and other related desktop materials, definitely visit. -P-

  • SMS Power has a new mirror site! Check it out for the latest releases like Baku Baku Animals and Gear Stadium Heiseiban for Game Gear! (Thanks Typhoid) -P-

  • D-Tox Software has released NESToy 1.81b + 12 requested unhacked good NES roms! (Thanks Opi) -P-

  • Here's the Computer Conservation Society, featuring simulations of ancient computers from the (gasp!) 1950's! Err... don't know if they had any games for them, but it's still kinda cool. (Thanks Nobelium) -P-

  • HanaHo needs MAME players to check out this poll to help decide upon future HotRod/ArcadePC products! They simply need to know what type of systems most MAME users have to best design them. Also, be sure to stop by MAME World where the poll originates - they've done some pretty cool updates lately. (Thanks CLoWn) -P-

  • EmuChrist has been stocking up on "needed soon" goodies! -P-

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan released Majuu no Ohkoku (Devil Worlds, Konami) and Undercover Cops Japan (Irem)! -P-

  • Just a general note on Internet etiquette: Do NOT email large files to people without asking first. I spent over 35 minutes checking my Retrogames email when I got home, and I have much better things to do with my time. Even worse was the guy had the nerve to send me some 4+mb song simply to ask if I knew who made it! Grr... -P-

  • Wanna play Spectrum games on your Palmtop ? Well, apparently now you CAN thanks to a freeware emulator by Palmtop Software! Thanks to Neil K. and Techmaster for the link.

  • Overclocked: RetroResidual

  • I was watching Letterman last night and he did this "quote of the day", for those who remember, Retrogames had this when we first began, so I thought it would be nice to bring it back to life. Like The Late Show, our quotes CAN be enigmatic, so here goes :)

    Hey, is that supposed to be like that?

  • News concering Sony's consoles ranges from: Game Informer saying that starting in February 2000 Sony will take PSX2 orders for the March launch; and, Sony's Research and Development department head claims the PSX3 surpasses the PSX hardware power by 18,000 times. His statement on GameSpot News alleges the PSX3 hardware will be 1,000 times the power of the PSX2 hardware. -w

  • CPS2 Shock posted an update about their CPS2 findings.

  • There's a status update for the 3DO emulator, 3DOpen, check it out here. Thanks to {Placebo} for the news.

  • Emuunlim have posted another Email Wars, this time with Hellbent Deathspew of Bloodlust Software.

  • The BSA (known as Bullsh*t Software Alliance here in The Netherlands, no offence to the hardworking people at the BSA =) has seized the computers of 25 people in the IRC channel #warez4cable, "all twenty-five defendants named in the lawsuit are potentially liable for damages up to $100,000 per copyrighted work infringed". (personal note by Atila) I'm sure that $100,000 allows you to buy you a lot of buggy software, maybe it's time someone sued one of the companies that is part of the BSA for loss of productivity, because a certain OS/wordprocessor keeps crashing ? Thanks to bomb` for the link

  • Sega is *not* getting out of the hardware business, it was an error in translation! PHEW :) You can read the full story @ DC.IGN, thanks to electro acid assassin and Nathan L. for the link.

  • I-Robot finally works in MAME! Hopefully it'll be added to the next beta :) Update: Check ARH for some great preview screenshots! -P-

  • GuruChoc recently updated his "needed soon" page, and has also aquired a new ftp! -P-

  • Miguel Angel Horna released NeoJukeBox 2.7! Aside from updates to the playlist feature, work is progressing on playing MP3 & Q-Sound (CPS1, CPS2 & Impact!) as well! (Thanks Emulatronia) -P-

  •    Thursday, November 11th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:59 EST

  • I've received word that my ArcadePC is ready to ship! Expect a review soon after it arrives. -P-

  • RetroFX updated their site with music, screenshots and video of their upcoming Ghosts 'n Goblins remix! -P-

  • CPS2Shock has been updated: "Our CPS-2 Specification page has been updated to include JAMMA and Extra Button pin outs. I have also replaced flyers for Marvel Vs. Capcom and Marvel Super Heroes with better one's on the game list page." -P- 

  • Challenge Games not only has popular game hacks, but now features a Hacker's Forum for those interested in such endeavors! (Thanks X-4000) -P-

  • Glenn of VideogameFans tells me Ikari Warriors is coming to NeoGeo Pocket! =) -P-

  • GalEMU has been updated again to beta 7! This release adds Orbitron & centered full screen mode. (Thanks Barry Rodewald) -P-

  • The Emu Repository sounds quite cool: it's a site devoted to collecting technical information for emu programmers to use! A message board is also planned. -P-

  • Madoka ROMance released FX-Chip Super BOMBERMAN Panic Bomber World & Satellaview BATTLE OF LOVERS! (Thanks Opi) -P-

  • Life gets in the way... I'm still around. :) -P-

  • PSXEMU is reporting about cheet!, a which is a bleem! cheat addon. Since I don't use bleem! myself, you'll have to go to PSXEMU to find out what it does exactly :)

  • Jaybee is hoping to add multi-language support to Amiga In A Box, he would like to know which languages he should add (most used languages). If you can help out, mail Jaybee. Also, be sure to check the AIAB Site for Shadow Of The Beast, MegaLoMania and Pinball Dreams. Pinball Dreams rocks!

  • Gamespot has a nice story on the future of Sega, it also has pics of the Dreamcast Zipdrive, the Dreamcast digital camera and the Dreamcast Ethernetcard (I smell a cable/xDSL connect ;) The biggest revelation however was that Sega is moving out of the hardware business ..... Thanks to Setsuna for the article.

  • Gazoo has updated his NeoGeo Review Center with reviews of Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X.

  • Genesis Power has released a redump of Altered Beast ("Wise fwom yow gwave"), that REALLY bad game, which is also emulated in MAME :) The common copy out there on the net was defaced by TSD

  • Personal message: Chemical, please contact Albx ... and gimme an update ;)

  • iViLDeD has posted WIP pics of Sonic the Hedgehog and Rad Mobile, running on the Sega System32 emulator! They may not look "all that good", but at least it's showing something ;)

  • A new style of email virus that doesn't require an attachment to be opened to infect a computer has been discovered, forewarning the world of the next generation of viruses.

    The virus, called BubbleBoy, isn't itself very dangerous but its makeup is likely to be used as a foundation for more malicious variants. BubbleBoy infects Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express and requires Internet Explorer 5 -- standard on Windows 98 machines. It will not work on Windows NT, however.

    Read the full story at The Register, get the patch HERE

  • Overclocked: "Oh, the possibilities!"

  • ElvisP pointed me towards a site called GigaBlast - I was amazed! After the cinematic intro (which completely rocks!) you play an "R-Type"-like game which is awesome! Try it, you will not be let down (unless you use Lynx or something ;)

  • JoseQ has posted another Rumor Mill - and a long one at that! What will make a LOT of you happy are the optimisations to the TMS34010 core he mentions, in MAME! Speed has gone up drastically, PII-300 runs them VERY nicely now :) Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • You can now play Shockwave versions of those arcade classics: Defender, Joust, Spy Hunter, Moon Patrol, and Marble Madness! You can even download these and play them fullscreen on your PC :) For more info, please check this Gamespot article, thanks to Hiryu for the news.

  • Johan has released a CB64 screensaver, which you can download from the ComeBack64 site

  • Pocket.IGN is reporting about Bloodlust's NoggingKnockers III for Gameboy Color, thanks to Oshura for the link.

  •    Wednesday, November 10th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:39 EST

  • There's lotsa new stuff at the ClrMAME Pro site, including a small bugfixed ClrMAME Pro RC1a and various new datfiles for use with ClrMAME. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news :)

  • Sneaking closer towards the rental distribution method for windows, Microsoft made a move concerning Office 2000. Details of Gate's new method to shake the change from your pockets are on The Register.-w

  • Gamefan has luscious pics of Virtua Striker 2 for the Dreamcast, this football game wil be released in December in Japan. Quite frankly, I can hardly wait, thanks to heyheyhey for the link.

  • Bleem 1.5a was released earlier today, it fixes a few small but nasty bugs.

  • As you may or may not know, Zophar's Domain is now 3 years old, we'd like to congratulate Zophar and his staff on their excellent work over the past 3 year. May many more years follow! If you head over to Zophar you'll see a slew of new releases, including ZP-SPC 2.0 (with IE plug-in), and SPCPLAY, which now uses the new ZSNES sound core. The new core will be used in the next release of ZSNES. There's also a new Callus patch there, which will enable you to play Pang 3 in Callus. Anyway, I suggest you take a REALLY good look at the site; too many updates!

  • Zophar has aired the first episode of Zophar's Underworld, his Realvideo show.

  • Overclocked: Spare Time

  •    Tuesday, November 9th 1999 - Last updated @ 14:16 EST

  • Is *YOUR* best friend a wuss ? Thanks to JoseQ for the file ;)

  • Glenn from VideoGameFans informs me that Crazy Climber 2000 is on its way for the Playstation from Mitsubishi! Another golden oldie remake with 3D graphics... will it match the fun and originality of the first game? Well, the original game is also on the CD just in case! :) -P-

  • Emulation64 has officially released The Emulation Dictionary! (Thanks Stian) -P-

  • Genesis Power update: "Hellfire (J) for the Genesis redumped by NeoZeed
    released... The common dump on the internet has a bad checksum. Hellfire is a fairly fun R-Type clone." (Thanks Snorter) -P-

  • Brian Lewis released ArcadeOS 2.32! ArcadeOS is a superb DOS frontend for MAME and others emulators, with many extra features geared toward users with real arcade monitors. Visit the PC2JAMMA page for more info and other cool utilities. -P-

  • According to The Register, British Telecom (BT) will start with unmetered Net access very soon! UK residents rejoice =)

  • Another excellent Overclocked comic: Doubts

  • Fun link of the microsecond...if you're bored. -R-

  • Bochs, an open-source PC emulator available for several platforms has been updated. The new version supports SoundBlaster 16 emulation. (The web page gives the news date as 11th of November, which, as far as I know hasn't happened yet...unless I'm stuck in a timewarp or something). -R-

  • Sierra has allowed Back to the Roots to upload all their old Amiga games - legally! This includes the first five Kings Quest games, as well as the two Manhunter titles. -R-

  • NeoCD, an open-source Neo Geo CD emulator, has been updated to v0.70! This version adds Z80 and CDDA emulation, and has been recompiled using Allegro 3.9.26 WIP (whatever that means...!). -R-

  • The countdown at Zophar's is over. Drum roll please....Bloodlust Software is back! -R-

  •    Monday, November 8th 1999 - Last updated @ 13:11 EST

  • RealNetworks have released RealPlayer 7.0, which fixes that nasty GUID thingie and adds a few new things :)

  • WORD 97 users will love this one:
    A new macro-based virus has been discovered, and is being described as the virus "that will not die until you put a stake in its heart" by anti-virus vendor Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

    The latest macro virus to strike is a Microsoft Word 97 Macro virus called W97M.BMH, or simply BMH, which infects the global template or normal.dot of Word 97 and will infect every document opened or created on the infected system. This new virus is unique in that it not only infects the normal template but it creates a special file called SNrml.dot in the \Office\STARTUP directory.

    Read more about it @ CNN, thanks to |pogo| for the link

  • There's a new episode of Overclocked out, its called "A Bad Idea"

  • The anonymous author is *NOT* dropping the Sega System32 emulator! Seems it was a misunderstanding! Thanks to Emuforce for the news

  • Dave Spicer has posted a message on the Emuverse messageboard; a new Sparcade should be here within a few weeks! He also mentions that it will have a game previously not emulated by any other emulator :) Thanks to Emuverse for the news.

  • Segaweb has done a small feature on all the consoles released by Sega.

  • More Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaine! Yes, Football Champ was added to Raine, these will be wonderfull days for us football afficionados. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • As you may or may not have heard, the DVD encryption was was cracked, "because one of the product's licensees inadvertently neglected to encrypt the decryption key", that licensee was Xingtech, which is a subsidiary of ... RealNetworks :) For the full story and the implications of this little "mistake", please read this Wired article. Thanks to various people for the mails/msgs.

  •    Sunday, November 7th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:56 EST

  • Hans de Goede has released xmame/xmess 0.36b8.1, you can download it from the xmame home page, to see a list of changes, click here.  Please note, that Hans has merged both xmame and xmess into a single source distribution.  -C-

  • Duncan from WWEMU kindly pointed out: the new Visual Boy 1.1 was released (Windows Gameboy emu); Robert Ragno updated MAMEJoy again, now including a fix for N64 controllers; and Segu updated his PSEMU GPU Plugins to versions v1.1a & v1.3 respectively, new features include palette texture support, brightness improvements and more. -P-

  • ROAR has some cool new additions: a NeoGeo rarity & price guide, and the introduction of their first hosted site, Cleber's Videogame Page! -P-

  • Genesis Power update: "Our "Name That Game" title: Spiritual Warfare donated by Number Six is released. Out of the thousand or so visitors we have each day, only a dozen guessed the name of this game. Spiritual Warfare is one of the Wisdom Tree games that has never been dumped. The other games are Bible Adventures, Exodus, and Joshua. If you have any of these titles, please contact us." (Thanks Snorter) -P-

  • Mike Stulir informed me that another Back In Time is up for your listening pleasure :) Back In Time is a Realaudio show, usually with bigname guests !

  • David Lloyd has put up 2 more Overclocked comics, called Detox and The Offer Stands, very funny indeed :)

  • SNK will release The King of Fighters 99 for their NeoCD system on December the 2nd, 1999. For more information, visit The Madman's Cafe, thanks to Setsuna for the link.

  • Let it Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaine down! A new games was added to RAINE today, SHIPPU MAHOU DAISAKUSEN to be exact. It's a weird combination between a shooter and a racing game. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • Since I haven't had my morning coffee yet, I will not be held accountable for any spelling miztakes.

  • Tigga has released a new version of Zipmany! If you want to do batch zipping, THIS is the program for it!

  • A new MAMED (fka MAME for Digita) has been released, here's what's new: This version supports the DC290 as well as the DC265. The supported games list changed alot so people may want this new version just for the new games. I also included a small port of Multipac so owners of DC220 and DC260 with less RAM can have some fun too. It only does namcopac right now until I can get a menu working. You can download the version for DC265 and DC290 here or download the Multipac version here. The source to these 2 emulators is available at the MAMED Site

  •    Saturday, November 6th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:30 EST

  • RealNetworks has screwed up again! Last week RealJukebox was found found to be transmitting an ID number (a patch was issued), later this week a similar discovery was made for RealPlayer. No patch is available yet, read this story @ ZDNET for the lowdown. Thanks to Dimension Music for the news.

  • Roman Scherzer has released ClrMAME Pro RC1, for a full listing of new and/or fixed things AND to download the program, please go to MAME WORLD.

  • Gridle updated the MAME WIP page, football (or soccer for you US people) fans rejoice: Mexico 86 and Big Striker are a-coming! On a side note, does anyone remember that soccer game with the Banana shot ? With the scaling gfx and all ? I forgot the name :) Thanks to Guiseppe R.

  • MacMAME 0.36 beta 8 was released yesterday, you can download both the binary and the source from the MAME page. Also, there seem to be some major compatibility issues with MacMAME and MacOS 9, furthermore, if you have an ATI card and you're having trouble, be sure to visit the MacMAME Site. Thanks to Arnauld de la G. and Jim for the news.

  • Arriving in time for Y2K, the scourge of eastern civilization took out parts of the phone service in the western USA. No it's not Godzilla, rather the destroyer -Pokemon. Game Informer gives an eyewitness account from a survivor of the attack. -w

  • Wanna peek at the new Evil Dead game? GameFan delivers the boomstick on Evil Dead: Ashes 2 Ashes. -w

  • EmuChrist has stocked up on some "needed soon" (some maybe not so soon) MAME ROMs, some of which are currently exclusive to their site! Some new editorials as well I believe. -P-

  •    Friday, November 5th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:40 EST

  • GuruChoc updated his "needed soon" MAME ROMs again! :) -P-

  • More Genesis Power news: "Virtua Fighter (A) for the 32x released. This was donated by RocLobsta and dumped by NeoZeed. Only a few more 32x European cartridges need dumping. They are: Blackthorne, Brutal Unleashed, Pitfall, RBI Baseball 95, Star Trek Simulator, Tempo, Zaxxon Motherbase 2000. Our "Name That Game" was successful! This rare game was correctly identified by about a dozen folks. It will be released Nov 8, 1999. There are a few more pictures at Genesis Power to help the rest of you figure out what it is." (Thanks Snorter) -P-

  • Heh... Microsoft is a monopoly?! Thanks to a bunch of lawyers for finally figuring that one out! ;) Here's a CNN article about today's legal revelation. Thanks to Zophar's again for the link. -P-

  • Here's a link worth clicking... Hunger Site uses banner clicks to generate revenue used to feed poverty stricken people around the world. *FIXED LINK* (Thanks Drewbert of Pure Emu) -P-

  • Explosion Net Emulation is celebrating its 1st birthday! Happy B'day from your friends at Retrogames! =) -P-

  • ROMZipper has been updated to version 1.0! "As it's name suggests, it is a tool designed for zipping ROMs. It can zip and unzip multiple files at one time. Files can be zipped individually or as one zip file. There is a customizable ROM filter that the user can set; that way only ROM files will be affected. It sports a fair amount of flexibility, and it obviously doesn't have to be used only for ROMs." Oh yeah, it's free! :) (Thanks The Flash) -P-

  • A visit to Zophar's revealed a great interview with Zoop (Omar Cornut) of Meka and Emucamp fame! Read it at the Genesis Temple. The scary thing is that Zoop is apparently a beginner programmer?! Meka is quite a display of pure talent then! -P-

  • MAME32 0.36 beta 8 is now available for local download, get both the source and/or binary here. Thanks to Paul101 for the help with this one.

  • There will be a big classic games auction tomorrow (Saturday) at the Ohio Expositions Center in Ohio from 10AM to 7PM. If you want to buy yourself a nice machine (Coin-Op amusement games, pinball, juke boxes, pool tables, video games and kiddie games) and you live in the area, be sure to check it out! Thanks to CJ B. for the news!

  • SMY, the author of SMYGB (GB emu) has released a NES emulator for Windows (DX6.1 or better) with almost perfect sound! The emulator called SMYNES, available as a demo, supports Mapper 0 (Mario Bros.) and Mapper 24 (Japanese version of CastleVania 3). This last game uses the Konami VRC6 sound channel, plus the regular sound
    channels, so it uses upto 8 channels at once. SMY is seriously considering to make this emulator shareware, but for now leech the demo. For more information (and goodies) check out Billy Jr.'s site. Eventhough the update he did is in Chinese, the links aren't (*hint hint*)

  • Another fine Overclocked comic by David Lloyd!

  • MAME32 0.36 beta 8 has been released and because my connect sucks today I am unable to upload the file to this server. Please download the binary and/or source from the MAME32 Site. Thanks to PRoToCoL and John IV for the news.

  • Genesis Power has released a pic of a game that has been dumped, if you can guess which game it is (and mail them the answer!) they'll release it :)

  •    Thursday, November 4th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:55 EST

  • CPS2Shock has been updated with screenshots and flyers for many CPS2 games! On a more technical note, they've also pointed out more chips on the CPS2 MB, and confirmed the custom 68k runs at 16Mhz. (Thanks Razoola) -P-

  • Madoka ROMance released the password and unprotected dump for Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension! It is playable with SNES9x. (Thanks to many people for the news) -P-

  • ATTN: Cincinnatti, Ohio residents! There will be a FREE classic gaming collectors convention called CinciClassic on November 5th - 7th! Check it out here! (Thanks Scott) -P-

  • I have updated The Official MAME FrontEnd Page to reflect the new version of MFE.  -C-

  • On November 27th there will be a Retrogaming event in Bedfordshire (UK) called ODESSEY. For the full details you can check the ODESSEY Site or Computer Exchange. Oh yeah, the entrance fee is a MASSIVE 4 quid, but customers of CEX will get a discount :)

  • Gazoo has updated the NeoGeo Review Center, with 2 new reviews. Obviously, his hardware troubles were fixed thanks to our readers :)

  • iViLDeD is reporting that the Sega System32 emulator has been discontinued by its original author (he was too busy). But, a new emulator has been started by Irem (whoever that may be :) for the same system.

  • Another day, another Overclocked comic :) Zoop, I think this one is for you ;)

  • The live episode (10/30/99) of Retro Radio is now online and can be downloaded from Retrogames in MP3 and G2 format. Retrogames is now the official mirror for the Retro Radio show, click here to download!

  • Ever wondered how The Matrix would have been with Mr. T ? Well, you needn't wonder no more, click here to see: Mr. T vs the Matrix !

  • The Rare Glitch Project: The legendary search for a stable version of Windows. Thanks to m0ebius for the link.

  • GuruChoc updated his "needed soon" MAME ROMs again, and also dropped a hint about I-Robot returning to MAME, hopefully (gasp) playable at last! -P-

  •    Wednesday, November 3rd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:38 EST

  • Genesis Power released Mighty Max (U), a "colorful and non-violent run-and-jump based on the syndicated animated TV series created in Britain. The (E) version has been available for some time." (Thanks Snorter) -P-

  • Gazoo has updated the Neogeo Review Center with a new review. He planned on adding more, but his Voodoo3 card went bonkers, so if you can help him with his problem (screenshots posted), please do.

  • Yes, those portable MP3 players are cool, but 64MB of space sucks. So, whaddaya know, someone else felt the same way. That someone is Hango Electronics (okay, so it's a company :) and they made a new MP3 player, storage capacity: 4.86 GB! The device is a tad bigger than your average MP3 player, but it's worth it! 81 hours of music coming your way soon!

  • If you're a webmaster or an emu author and were mailed by "pokemobstah", with Virtual Gameboy 1.6 -regged- attached, you be careful. DO NOT run the file, as it contains a trojan!

    > From: pokemobstah@hotmail.com (Pokemobster) at smtp
    > Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 12:31 PM
    > To: thebahr@hotmail.com at smtp
    > Subject: Virtual Gameboy 1.6R

    This person has a HUGE list of people who are "in the emu community" and has mailed them all. Even site-ops running compartively small sites (as little as 50 hits/day) were mailed. Again, do not run the attachment!

  • Emulation-X has interviewed Apollo69, the questions are short, the answer are (sometimes) even shorter ;)

  • -=Tatu=- was kind enough to make a Retrogames Winamp Skin, looks pretty cool :)

  • Mac1964 has been updated to v0.3.0. I've no idea what is new, because at the time of writing the home page appears to be down. Hopefully it'll be up soon. -R- Update BWB mailed to say "Hey just to let you guys know, the new mac1964 plays mario, almost mariokart, and star fox a little. Big step over trmac too." -P-

  • Invictus has started, what may be the first public 3DO emulator project. Let's hope it gets emulated, so all 3 of those people with a 3DO will be able to play it on their PC, without resorting to a Creative 3DO Blaster Card =) (and it's about time the thing got emu'd btw!)

  • Today's "Overclocked" is spot on :) Many thanks to David Lloyd!

  • An interesting piece of software for any coding hopefuls in the audience, GameCenter mentions The Game Programming Starter Kit 3.0 from Macmillan Publishing in a story. First person to create a 3d retro remake wins a hair ball.-w

  • GameFan recently wished the Neo Geo Pocket Color a belated birthday, I was shocked to realize it had been out a year already. -w

  •    Tuesday, November 2nd 1999 - Last updated @ 15:25 EST

  • Here's the OverClocked comic for today, it's called True Believers. You can reach the Overclocked Site here :)

  • You can get yourself a "real genuine light saber" at eBay for only $227,50. If only Obi-Wan had known this ... Thanks to VVarrior for the link

  • David Lloyd has started an emulation related comic called "Overclocked", this first one is pretty funny :)

  • Cowering has released GoodNES 1.0 (f.k.a. NesCHK). GoodNES is a comprehensive NES ROM renamer/fixer. It knows about 2134 NES ROMS and various hacks. It can be used as a simple renamer or as a ROM fixer/bad dump detector. With compliments of Cowering ;)

  • Due to time constraints and business demands Brian Deuel is no longer able to maintain the history database (history.dat), which is used by MAME. He has handed coordination of the dbase to CubeMan, please contact CubeMan if you have anything to contribute :)

  • RealNetworks have released a "privacy update patch" after yesterday's story (read yesterday's news :) Thanks to Fifreak for the link.

  •    Monday, November 1st 1999 - Last updated @ 23:12 EST

  • WWEmu has gotten a new page layout, and any budding emu reporters might consider dropping Duncan3399 a line while visiting! -P-

  • From da CLoWn... Mameinfo.dat updated to beta 8, go get it at MAME Testers! It's a cool little file that lets you view allknown bugs within the MAME tab menu. Also released is JoyMAME beta 8, featuring all sorts of joystick/analog control related enhancements! Found at EmuAdvice! Oh yeah, visit MAME World as well, cause it's cool. -P-

  • Quick update for real this time... NeoGeo Home did a good interview with Apollo69 - you will like the last thing he says! :) Also, in related news, Sys2064 has the latest version of SMF's Redump, however it turns out that the Sengoku MVS dump has a different p1 ROM afterall, so you should check out GeoShock; they've added the complete dump of Sengoku MVS! -P-

  • William Barath has released an Unofficial copy of xmame for beta 8.  Click here to view the announcement.  -C-

  • A new Wine has been released.  You can read the full announcement for a change log and links to download this impressive Windows emulator.  -C-

  • I have updated the Official MAME FrontEnd Page with the following updates:  Calliope (Windows) is now open source, QuickMAME (DOS) has been updated, MAME Run (OS/2) has been added, UGM (Windows) has been added, EZMAME (DOS) has been updated with new home page, MAME Classic (Windows) has been added, and M.A.M.E. Me (Windows) homepage has been updated.  -C-

  • The Flyer and Poster Archive for MAME has been updated, pack #13 has been released, bringing the grand total to 870 flyers for use with a MAME frontend/MAME32.

  • Mike Green has released screenshots of Ms. PacmanDX. He's grouping the separate projects together as "EMUDX", his "retro fx" style emulation project, PACDX is already out there. Phoenix is also being worked on, be sure to check the PACDX Site for more info.

  • Genesis Power has released Chuck Rock 2 (redump) for the Genesis! the old dump had an intro, this one is clean. They were able to purchase the cart with the money from the bannerclicks.

  • 2 days ago we lost Insanity, a good friend of the emu community, who sadly died in a car accident. Insanity helped us a great, great deal on IRC. Our thoughts are with his girl and his family. May he rest in peace.

  • The Register is reporting that "RealNetworks has been caught surreptitiously grabbing information about the preferences of users of its RealJukebox software. The software, which is available free and is used to play music CDs, also tells RealNetworks who you are and what you like listening to." Nice, isn't it ? For the full lowdown, click here.

  • MESS 0.36b8 released! This multi-console/multi-platform emulator has been updated, only the DOS version is available at this time, but the rest is bound to follow fast :) The source code is also available. Thanks to several people for the news.

  • Neofever has released the MVS redump of Sengoku, you can download it from 3 mirrors there :)

  • Hmm... so much for a "quick" update. :) Good night. -P-

  • Yet another N64 emulator can play some commercial games: Lionel released N64 VM beta 2! Apparently Mario64, MarioKart64, WaveRace & Mission Impossible & StarFox64 (almost) are playable. Check the homepage hosted by EmuHQ for full details & screenshots. -P-

  • After a long time, here's GalEMU 0.40 beta 6 DOS & GalEMU 0.40 beta 6 Win32! GalEMU is, you guessed it, an emu that plays many games based upon Galaxian hardware. Homepage.(Thanks Barry Rodewald) -P-

  • Here's NeoJukeBox 2.6, finally online! :) This superb music/sound player for NeoGeo games is really well done - just like WinAmp! (Thanks Emulatronia) -P-

  • RS' Place released the IronClad (Saurus, 1996) CD dump! This is NOT a cartridge dump, is HUGE, and will have NO sound or music if you use it with the NeoGeo CD emulator. (Thanks Peter P.) -P-

  • Now THIS is intriguing... Mike Tedder (AKA Breakpoint) is working on an x86 PC emulator using dynamic recompilation for the upcoming Sony Playstation 2! (NOTE: this is NOT a PS2 emulator for PC's, it's a PC emulator for the PS2.) It will be open source, and you can already check out some of the code if you're inclined: PS2PC homepage! (Now how about some emu ports to Dreamcast! =P) -P-

  • Still looking for MAME 0.36 beta 8 ROMs? More mirrors can be found at MAME MIA, and if you're willing to type a bit :), GuruChoc has uploaded his as well! -P-

  • Neo Skin offers more NeoGeo scans! (Thanks Blazemore) -P-

  • The latest Nero v4.0.7.0 is available at CDR Info! (Thanks John Makos) -P-

  • Zophar's Domain has a "Believe" graphic stating that something is coming November 9th... Hmm, and even more provocative is an odd link at the very bottom of their news page... Could it be? Dare I say it? Bloodlust?!?! -P-

  • Here's EMU+ 0.36 beta 8 already! EMU+ is an unofficial MAME build with numerous luxury features, such as savestates for NeoGeo, over/underclocking for all processors, autofire, & now even more support for MARP hiscores and much more. Here's what's new. Source code. (Thanks Dan Manya) -P-

  • Busy all day, here comes a quick late night update... -P-