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  •    Friday, November 30th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:48 EST

  • Exult 0.96beta1 - Exult is an open-source game engine for playing Ultima7 on modern operating systems, using the game's original data files. Changes: "Ultima VII: The Black Gate" and "Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle" are now playable. License: GPL. - chris

  • Atari800 1.2.0 - Atari800 is an Atari 8-bit computer (400, 800, and XL and XE series) and Atari 5200 game system emulator for DOS, Windows, Amiga, Atari ST, Mac, and Linux/UNIX. It includes support for Atari cartridge ROMs, popular Atari disk images files, running Atari binaries directly from the host system, and accessing the host filesystem from within the emulated Atari. Changes: This release has an initial WinCE (PDA) port, an initial SDL port, a completely refactored UI, and support for Basic XL, Basic XL, Express, Diamond, SpartaDOS X, and Action! cartridges. The mouse can now emulate numerous input devices (mice, trackballs, lightgun, lightpen, touch tablet, and paddles). Cassette recorder emulation has been added. There are numerous emulated hardware improvements, bugfixes, and corrections. License: GPL. - chris

  • XSIDPLAY 1.6.4. - XSIDPLAY is a graphical front-end for libsidplay. SIDPLAY emulates the Sound Interface Device chip (MOS 6581, commonly called SID) and the Micro Processor Unit (MOS 6510) of the Commodore 64 on your computer. It allows you to listen to more than 14000 famous C64 game and demonstration songs. Changes: A man page was added. Missing parentheses were fixed in the MD5 code for big-endian processors. This will be the first release that contains a working songlengths database on big-endian systems. Little-endian machines have not been affected. License: GPL. - chris

  • Fake 64 0.0.3 - Fake64 is an Nintendo 64 emulator for Linux. It is currently in early stages of development. Changes: This release adds basic input, a configuration file, basic interrupts, basic FPU emulation, and dynarec CPU core. About 7 demo ROMs are fully playable. License: GPL. - chris

  • DINO EGGS REMAKE! - Shane Monroe spreads the word that an enhanced remake of the classic Apple ][ / C64 game is underway and the teaser site for the game is available at http://www.dinoeggs2100.com. The remake is called: DINO EGGS 2100 A.D. and will be released in January 2002. My apologies to Shane Monroe for posting this a WEEK after receiving the mail. I will go sit in the corner now. - atila

  • MSGBOARD - I was reading our GENERAL EMULATION BOARD ("Drop and gimme 10 roms, soldier! ;) when I noticed this post by JudgeInJury. I had that exact same feeling when I saw Shinobi and Gyruss run on my screen =) - atila

  • George Harrison - George Harrison has passed away at age 58. May he rest in peace. - atila

  • Special Request To... - EMU-LMAO: Could you please be funny again? Back in the day you used to be funny (just like I'd used to post news every other second ;), but nowadays you're, well, NOT. I'll start posting more news and you start being funny again, mmmkay? And let's be honest, you know that "EMU-LMAO OF THE MONTH" belongs to me every month! - atila

  • GoodTools! - Cowering has updated 2 of his rom renaming tools again, they are:

    GoodWSx v0.999.4 (BETA) (Bandai Wonderswan)

    --- Lots of spelling fixes (thanks #wonderswan)
    --- Updated Missing list (PLEASE tell me if any of these are dumped or spelled wrong)


    GoodGBx v1.01 (GB and GBC)

    --- removed Trax (U), added Alfred Chicken (E) to redump list

    You can download the files via the links above. - atila

  • RetroReview Debuts Next Month - Paper. Yes, a real live paper magazine all about retrogaming! It's called RetroReview, and their first issue is due out next month. Ian Gledhill tells me it "deals with all things retrocomputer or console based, not just the emulators, but the actual machines as well, from the late 70's through to about the Sega Saturn." Good luck with the new publication guys! :) - prophet

  • Speccy Emu on Cell Phones?! - Maybe. Take a look here for the story! Jet Pac or Manic Miner on your phone, not bad, not bad... (Thanks attitudeadjuster) - prophet

  • SegaXtreme Art Update - IceMan2K informs there's a ton of nice new Sega art at SegaXtreme, including House of the Dead, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Shining the Holy Ark, Shining Wisdom, Shining Force 3, Snatcher, Star Wars Arcade, Virtua Fighter 2, and Virtual On 2! - prophet

  • CPS3 "X" Files? - Hmm... Rumor till verified, but what's life without a good mystery to wonder about? ;) - prophet

  • Satourne ST-V Screenshots - Click here to view some screenshots of Satourne running the ST-V arcade game Fighting Dragon Legend Elan Doree! (Thanks Ben-J) - prophet

  • Ka-boom! Remake - HCC emailed me about his brand new Ka-boom! remake for PC's! There's a screenshot there as well. He says "it's very nice, with new graphics, new sounds, music, and three game variations maintaining the original Ka-Boom! style, plus, this DOS game has an amazing speed and runs on a fast 486!" - prophet

  • Hard Drivin' at 60fps? - Dan Vernon tells me he optimized the MAME driver for Hard Drivin', a very demanding game to emulate! He claims to have DOUBLED the fps for the game, so fans might like to give it a whirl. You can get binaries and source files here, and be sure to check the posted readme file. - prophet

  • Steem 2.06 - The Atari ST emulator Steem was updated as follows:

    Bugs Fixed:
    . Joystick button disabling
    . Fullscreen right border bug.
    . Crash and burn no longer happens when not needed.
    . 24-bit border colour changing flicks.
    . Cartridge access crashing.
    . Number pad with shift or numlock off now works.
    . FDC read track to invalid address crash.
    . FDC force interrupt works now.
    . FDC write track destroy whole disk bug fixed.
    New Features:
    . DirectInput joystick option.
    . XSteem shortcuts - can avoid using the Pause/Break key.
    . Shift correction for some keyboard languages.
    . Automatic patch update.
    . Jaguar Powerpad emulation.
    (Thanks Jim) - prophet

  • Awake at 4:00AM, might as well read my emails and post the newsworthy bits... :) - prophet

  • Laser News - People have been asking me if the Sega Arcade Project (Sega Arcades with Discrete Circuitry for emulation and simulation) has been cancelled, so I made a post on the Laser Homepage. It is still very much alive. Laser now has a driver system, so it has merged with Laser. The next release of Laser may contain a sega discrete arcade game or two. Also, the Laser homepage now once again has a message board. As always, information is desperately needed for Sega's discrete circuitry games, so please post on Laser's message board, or send me an e-mail if you have anything. - MetaFox

  • Famicom Advance - A new Japanese Famicom/NES emulator for the Gameboy advance, Famicom Advance, has been released, supporting mappers 0-4. - MetaFox

  •    Wednesday, November 28th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:49 EST

  • Satourne v26112001 - Yeah! :) Fabien Autrel has released Satourne v26112001, a Sega Saturn and ST-V arcade hardware emulator for Windows! At the moment it only runs BIOS images and various demos and SDK software, but it's a start. Here's the official Satourne messageboard as well. If you'd like to help code Satourne, let Fabien know. (Thanks Ben-J of Consollection.com for the email) - prophet

  • Transgaming WineX 20011127 - Delivering high performance, rich graphics and dynamic sound, Transgaming WineX allows users to run Windows games on Linux seamlessly and transparently, right out of the box. Changes: Support for running SafeDisc protected games, like Alice, Sacrifice, etc; Support for running SecuRom protected games, like Diablo 2; With the SecuRom support, Diablo 2 Battle.net now works; Several installer bugs have been resolved, including problems with the full version of Alice, and window order issues; Improving sound playback in many programs, including Quake engine games like Half-Life, and Alice, as well as many others, including Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and Dave Mira BMX; Improving DirectInput handling of Joystick devices to cease claiming that we support force feedback (we don't for the moment). This fixes launch problems with Tony Hawk Pro Skater; Fixing mouse grabbing issues with OpenGL games that try to go into full screen mode at lower resolutions like 640x480. This was one of the more serious issues with Alice; A merge with WineHQ code, which fixes color issues with 2D games like RollerCoaster Tycoon, among other changes. We have worked around a speed reduction issue that cropped up in the WineHQ merge; Updates to the shell integration features, which should now automatically install menu entries and desktop icons when installers add them; Reverting to using asynchronous updates for 2D drawing. The initial WineX release used synchronous updates, which can be slow under some circumstances. This should speed up games like Starcraft. License: Aladdin Free Public License. Thanks to /. for the news. - chris

  • Emulaxian 0.37 - Peter Vogels just emailed me about version 0.37 of his unique arcade cabinet frontend, Emulaxian! Now it can also be run in horizontal mode, plus it even talks! :) His site is also great fun to visit, try it out! Here's the new stuff:

    -Besides the vertical version there is now also a horizontal version of the frontend available.
    -A new gamelist parser to generate all gamelists automatically.
    -A 3d model of a cabinet in the frontend interface to display the marquee and screenshot of the game selected. You can rotate the model around the x,y and z axis by dragging the mouse and holding the crtl or shift key for the y and z axis
    -Speech...The frontend will say then name of the current selected game when Microsoft's speech api is installed.
    - prophet

  • PocketNES for GBA v.6 - Plays NES on your GBA! =) Here's the PocketNES homepage. New stuff includes:

    State saving
    Autofire buttons
    Unscaled display (back by popular demand)
    VS Unisystem (mappers 99,151)
    More display improvements
    Onboard menu for controlling things
    And also, the source is now released!
    (Thanks Roope) - prophet

  • X-Arcade Winner Date - Just a note to everyone who entered the Retrogames X-Arcade X-Mas Giveaway (yes, you can still enter too) - the winner will be announced sometime between December 20th - 22nd. :) - prophet

  • Amiga Forever 5.0 - Cloanto has released version 5.0 of their famous official Amiga emulation package, Amiga Forever! This version is claimed to be 30 times faster than before (talk about optimization!) and also emulates CDTV & other Amiga CD based game consoles. - prophet

  • Phoenix Goes To Saturn - The classic 80's arcade game Phoenix has been emulated for the Sega Saturn system by Dagolar! Get it here. ISO's and source code files are available for download. (Thanks Denis, AKA Dagolar for the email) - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Presenting yet another Aaron Giles emulation victory: Battletoads! Now featured at MAME Work-In-Progress. - prophet

  •    Tuesday, November 27th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:14 EST

  • YAAME 0.2 - Yet Another Arcade Machine Emualtor has been updated with support for Amidar, Turtles, Anteater, Super Cobra, Bombjack, Mr Do's Castle, Do! Run Run, Mr. Do!, and Nibbler. The new games all support sound, as does Phoenix in this release. - MetaFox

  • Kawaks 1.38 - Mr.K works FAST! :) Kawaks homepage - here's what's new:

    New games supported:
    Metal Slug 3 (non encrypted P)
    Metal Slug 3 (non encrypted P, decrypted C)
    New language packs:
    Hebrew, Russian, Swedish, Greek
    - prophet

  • Metal Slug 3 - Non-encrypted program ROMs have been found/dumped by Mr.ChinaNeo, and were uploaded to the ABEM newsgroup. Emulated screenshots here - not from me, mind you. Visit our always active NeoGeo board for the drama this dump will no doubt precipitate... ;) (Thanks Wildlele) - prophet

  • SMSPlus for PS2 Linux - If you're hankerin' to play 8bit Sega games on your Playstation 2 (and you happen to have PS2Linux), visit Nik's Gas Chamber and check out the posted binary. (Thanks Hollywood Hasney of Console Vision for the email) - prophet

  • CPS3 Game List - CPS2Shock added a CPS3 section (scroll to the bottom) to their game list! There are screenshots (NOT emulated) & flyer images for each game. For those not aware, CPS3 was a short-lived CD based 2D arcade system used by Capcom for Street Fighter 3 and a few other games. (Thanks JackSprat) - prophet

  • Barbican Game On Exhibition - Lucky UK peeps can soon visit the Barbican Gallery to view their upcoming Game On exhibit! Apparently it will "will trace the 40 year history of computer games from Space War, which was made way back in 1962, right up to the latest, as yet unreleased games from the likes of Nintendo, Sony, Sega and XBOX." And yes, you can PLAY games there as well. It's about time videogames were treated as art, don't you think? :) (Thanks Dan) - prophet

  • ArcadePC Relaunched - I just received word from Richard Ragon of HanaHo Games that they've finally opened the redesigned ArcadePC homepage! There are 3 cabinet models available - the Ultra (mini), Deluxe (fullsize) & Mega (cocktail), but they can now be purchased as complete "FULL Turn-key solutions" with a PC, "TrueMAME" emulator plus 50 Capcom arcade games preinstalled! As a HanaHo customer myself, I can vouch for the quality of these cabinets (see my review) so take a look if you're interested in having your own pre-built professional arcade machine at home. HanaHo is the company that builds real arcade machines for Capcom, Sega and others, so you know these cabinets are AWESOME! =) - prophet

  •    Monday, November 26th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:57 EST

  • ZXAdvance Preview 0.09a - ZXAdvance, the GBA Spectrum Emulator has been updated with a reworked tile renderer, resulting in close to 100% increase in rendering performance. The CPU bugs that crept into the last version were also fixed. - MetaFox

  • Pocketnes version 6 - Pocketnes, the NES emulator for the Gameboy advance, has been updated with state saving, autofire buttons, unscaled display, VS Unisystem (mappers 99,151), more display improvements, and an onboard menu. The source has also been released. - MetaFox

  • WinGorf 1.3.1 - WinGorf, the Windows emulator for the arcade classic Gorf, has been updated with support for Windows 2000. - MetaFox

  • Emulators for Gameboy Advance - The anonymous author who is working on an Atari 2600 and an arcade Space Invaders emulators for the Gameboy Advance has updated his page with more screenshots and information! 2600 colors are now correct, and Space Invaders is faster. Check out http://gba.vg-network.com for more info. - metallik

  • Ashita No Joe Translation News - Kitsune Sniper has posted some news on the translation of this Super Famicom game. All the text has been reinserted, now only the title screen and the banner in the background are left. - MetaFox

  •    Sunday, November 25th 2001 - Last updated @ 13:49 EST

  • Nipon SHMUPS Update - Franxis of Nipon Shoot-Em-Ups updated his site with some new games and demos ready for downloading! Note this is not an emulation or ROMs site, these are legal PC games from Japan. But they're mostly old-school 2D games that have never been released in western countries. Cool eh? :)

    Updated with 2 exclusive new complete games:
    (take a look to the screenshots xD)
    Also 2 demos of commercial games:
    And many more interesting games like:
    - CAVE FISH 2
    - etc.
    - prophet

  • MAME WIP Updated - The official MAME WIP page has been updated again. Amongst other things Numan Athletics is now playable! - RocLobsta

  • Kawaks 1.37c: Garou Fixes - Those "close C" attacks are fixed now in WinKawaks! Here's the new stuff:

    * Added more Language packs, and fixed a couple. Thanks to their authors
    * Fixed Japanese text in Garou (Grant cinematic, namely)
    * Fixed the most debated Close C attacks in Garou (weird bug, really)
    * As for the Select key not working (supposed to be the Insert Coin when in console mode)
    this one is a total mystery. It works good in other games (try kof99), just not Garou...
    - prophet

  • XSIDPLAY 1.6.4 - XSIDPLAY is a graphical front-end for libsidplay. SIDPLAY emulates the Sound Interface Device chip (MOS 6581, commonly called SID) and the Micro Processor Unit (MOS 6510) of the Commodore 64 on your computer. It allows you to listen to more than 14000 famous C64 game and demonstration songs. Changes: This is a GCC3 compatibility maintenance release. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Saturday, November 24th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:06 EST

  • Nemu64 INI 2.4.0 - The official Nemu64 Ini has been updated with a few comments, as well as two new playable games: Razor Freestyle Scooter (USA), and The Powerpuff Girls Chemical X-traction (USA) - MetaFox

  • RetroDrive Release 4 - Tim Meekins' Genesis and 32x emulator for Windows, RetroDrive, has been updated, fixing several bugs. Some 32x games broken in the last release should work again, and RBI Baseball is now partially working for the first time. - MetaFox

  • XM6 0.50 - XM6, a Sharp X68000 computer emulator for Windows, has been updated with mouse support, and hard disk support. - MetaFox

  • GtkTiEmu 1.53 - The TI 89/92/92+ emulator for Windows and Linux, GtkTiEmu has been updated to 1.53, adding grey scales and the use of the debugger under Win32, among other changes. - MetaFox

  • VirtuaNES 0.37 - VirtuaNES has been updated to 0.37, fixing path bugs, fixing the FDS irq, and adding support for more mappers. Thanks to Drybonz for the news. - MetaFox

  • Kawaks 1.37b - Kawaks has recieved a bug fix update, solving the issue some where having with blinking borders while in full screen, and adding a few new language packs. - MetaFox

  • Kawaks 1.37 - Garou Works! - Mr.K and Razoola worked together to finally get the non-prototype encrypted dump of Garou working in Kawaks! The prototype dump people have been playing (till now) is very buggy, and incomplete, so Garou fans should be quite happy with this news. Hopefully the technique used for Garou will be shared with other emu authors too. :) (Now's a good time to visit ABEM too...) Here's the new stuff:

    New games supported:
    -Garou: Mark of the Wolves
    -Garou: Mark of the Wolves (decrypted C)
    -The King of Fighters 2000 (encrypted)
    -The old Kof2000 set is now named "The King of Fighters 2000 (fully decrypted)".
    -Direct Draw rewrite: Kawaks should run fine with DirectX 5 now (no more DDRAW.DLL error).
    -Added a "Multitask friendly" switch (Misc menu) for those who think 1.35 was faster than 1.36.
    -Language pack support. Now you can run Kawaks in your mother tongue (language packs wanted).
    -Added a hack to prevent the crash while loading in kof2000n for those who still have the bad M1 rom.
    -Fixed columns width in Shot Factory.
    -Added many tracklists, courtesy of DarkCloud.
    (Thanks Tchellosp) - prophet

  • 1964 0.7.0 - 1964, a Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows, had a major update today! Apparently it's now faster & more compatible. (Thanks Apoc for the email) - prophet

  • Raging Dragon, Hidden Emu - Hehe... :) Well, seriously though, there's a brand new frontend being developed by Howard Castro called Raging Dragon! It is still in a very early alpha state (alpha .002 now), but appears to be a frontend geared toward arcade cabinet users. Check Saint's BYOAC's excellent messageboard for discussions with the author. He is a regular there. :) - prophet

  • CPS2Shock WIP - Razoola posted another work-in-progress update at CPS2Shock! NeoGeo emulation fans will find it interesting. (Thanks Trizae) - prophet

  • Game Launcher 0.9.7 - Dave Dribin emailed me about the latest update to his excellent DOS based frontend, Game Launcher! It works great with MAME, and nearly any DOS emu, game or application. New stuff:

    * Added turbo scrolling to allow much faster scrolling of large numbers of games.
    * Added a debug mode to help diagnose configuration problems.
    * Log files are backed up and rotated to aid in debugging.
    * MP3 volume is now configurable.
    * Fixed a number of file name comparisons that should have been case insensitive.
    * Ignore "use_extension" if a ROM file is used.
    * [SOURCE] Changed MP3 library.
    * [SOURCE] Changed JPEG library.
    * [SOURCE] Upgraded Allegro library.
    * [SOURCE] Upgraded TrueType font library.
    * [SOURCE] Upgraded PNG and ZLIB libraries.
    - prophet

  • Sarien 0.7.0 - Sarien is a portable Sierra AGI resource interpreter engine that allows you to play Sierra On-Line AGI version 2 and version 3 games (such as Space Quest 1 and 2, and Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards) natively in Linux, Solaris, Windows, and other platforms. Changes: A hi-res mode, use of Amiga colors in the pallete instead of PC EGA colors, support to the noise channel in the sound drivers, new AGI commands add.to.pic, set.pri.base, get.num, and echo.line, a fix for adj.ego.move.to.x.y, mouse support in the X11, SDL, Win32, and Photon drivers, new support for MacOS X, Amiga, and PocketPC, and several new game IDs. License: GPL. - chris

  • Kemulator 0.2 - Kemulator is a KDE emulator frontend written in C++ using the Qt/KDE toolkit. It provides users with the ability to configure an emulator without ever touching the commandline. Changes: Snes9x support, new toolbar icons to play the current ROM and quit the app, a new "Play" menu option under "File", removal of the debug() function from all emulators as it's not needed anymore, and upon startup, the emulator and game are loaded from the last session. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Friday, November 23rd 2001 - Last updated @ 18:43 EST

  • Arcade Flyer Pack #14 - Arcade Flyers have released their latest Flyer Pack! What's new in pack #14:

    - 19 new images
    - 14 replaced images
    - 11 images to be renamed

    Thanks to Xray1 for the news. - RocLobsta

  • NeoPop Updated - There's a new version of NeoPop, the WIP NeoGeo Pocket emulator online! Version 0.111 can be downloaded from it's new homepage which can be found here. - RocLobsta

  • Bochs release 1.3-pre1 - Bochs is a highly portable open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++, that runs on most popular platforms. It includes emulation of the Intel x86 CPU, common I/O devices, and a custom BIOS. Currently, bochs can be compiled to emulate a 386, 486 or Pentium CPU. Bochs is capable of running most Operating Systems inside the emulation including Linux, Windowsฎ 95, DOS, and recently Windowsฎ NT 4. Changes: add support for MacOS X (Carbon API), BeOS, and Amiga/MorphOS; emulated NE2000 works in Linux and WinNT/2000; read raw CD in Win95/98, read ISO images on any platform; in WinNT/2000, reading from raw floppies is supported; debugger is supported on win32; and more. License: LGPL. Thanks to FBCrack for the news. - chris

  •    Thursday, November 22nd 2001 - Last updated @ 17:50 EST

  • MAME WIP - A new MAME WIP update is up. Air Gallet has been added to the Cave driver - thanks to Rico2000 for the hint ! - Opi

  • EasyEmu Update - MRV2K tells me EasyEmu has updated its' MAME and MAME32 tutorials! Congrats on reaching 100,000 hits. :) - prophet

  • OverClocked ReMix One Million - Sometime today (I'll probably be eating Turkey), OverClocked ReMix should reach its first million hits. The timing, obviously, is poignant. 9 new ReMixes have been posted - Ghouls & Ghosts, Street Fighter II, FF7, MegaMan 3, Super Marioland, Heroes of Might & Magic II, FF6, FF8, and FF1. Thanks for all your support and hope you drop by :) - david

  • Ultimate Control Panel? - Hmm... Just when I thought the X-Arcade was really cool, along comes the Honey Weets Arcade Controller! Combining a unique design, real arcade controls and a very low price per unit (only $40, and $65 with a trakball!), this could be the emu joystick you've been hungry for! ;P (Thanks Johnny over at Saint's BYOAC message board) - prophet

  • TOSEC & TUGID - sitting in a tree... erm, sorry. Grendel informs me there are 18 new TOSEC databases available, as well as a new version of TUGID, an advanced database and file renaming utility! - prophet

  • MAME Info Dat 3.64 - M.A.S.H updated his popular dat file with all the latest bug reports, MAME WIP and more! - prophet

  • HAPPY THANKGSGIVING! - Yeah, it's turkey day here in the USA. I suspect most Americans are feeling more thankful than ever this year for the simple things in life that truly matter. Have a great day, no matter where you live, and thank YOU for visiting Retrogames. :) - prophet

  • BEUFE Released - (B)eat (E)m (U)p (F)ront (E)nd :) MartyB, LordEvilElmo, Benandanti, Loopmaster and others have churned out an emulation frontend just for fighting games! It looks great, incorporating all sorts of fan material on the many characters from various games, support for all sorts of game specific images etc. NeoGeo, Capcom & Kombat maniacs will surely want to take a look at BEUFE, available now at CPS2 Burn! Some cool new savestates are ready as well. - prophet

  • xmame-0.56.1 - At long last, xmame-0.56.1 is out! As always, thank you to the many contributors who made this release possible. You can download a patch against 0.55.2 or a full release (mirrored here.)Special thanks to David Heremans for the new website design! Check it out at http://x.mame.net. Changes since 0.55.2 include:
    • Everything from MAME 0.56.
    • The svgafx driver is working again--it was broken by the removal of 8bpp support from the core. (Henri and Jason)
    • Numeric keypad support is now much better. (Andre Majorel)
    • Added arbitrary height scaling, available via the -arbheight option and started sanitizing the blit core. This currently only works with the X11 (windows, DGA1, DGA2) and svgalib drivers. (Adam Moss)
    • Added support in makefile.unix for the Intel C++ compiler, and also a sample wrapper script in contrib/tools. (Adam Moss)
    • Added -usbpspad/-pspad switch for support of the direction buttons on the Playstation gamepad. (Bill Adams)
    • Added support for SDL under BeOS. Sound is not currently supported, however. (Jack Burton)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented romalizer from working. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    • The xgl target should work much better. (Sven Goethel)
    • The -hotrod/-hr and -hotrodse/-hrse should actually work now.
    • Fixed a bunch of warnings that occurred when linking with GNU binutils using -warn-common.
    • Added DGA2 documentation: src/unix/doc/dga2.txt. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    - chris

  •    Wednesday, November 21st 2001 - Last updated @ 17:59 EST

  • Gamecube Cracked - Apparently, Hong Kong has done it again. That was fast, wasn't it? Thanks to Gundam_W for the news and link. - dutch

  • CPS2Shock NeoGeo WIP - Razoola posted a new WIP update at CPS2Shock! Apparently, we should "expect a release very soon." (Thanks Cyrussd) - prophet

  • Emulators for Gameboy Advance - An anonymous author is currently working on an Atari 2600 emulator and an arcade Space Invaders emulator for the Gameboy Advance! Check out screenshots on this site hosted by VG-Network. This looks VERY nice.. finally, a portable 2600 that everyone can use! (well, everyone with a Flash Advance link kit :) - metallik

  • The latest issue of Retrogaming Times is out! All the usual stories, reviews and info on all the old consoles and stuff, there's usually some emulation articles in there too! This is always a great retro read. Thanks to VG for the news. - RocLobsta

  • MAMu Icons Update - Yep, MAMu's wonderful icons have been updated for all the latest games in MAME 0.56! MAMu was also worried if I got his email. :) I did. Thanks MAMu! - prophet

  • TZX Vault Update - According to the folks at TZX Vault "Over another 200 tape images were added including many MIA and MIS titles which are now resolved. The guys who contributed to this update are Donald Hay, Milan Hozda, Dave Datty and Andy Barker." That should make some Speccy fans pretty happy! My apologies to the TZX Vault staff for nearly missing their emails. :( - prophet

  • Mozilla 0.9.6 - The first Mozilla 0.9.6 builds are out. Read the Release Notes to find out what's new. - chris

  •    Monday, November 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:52 EST

  • Win a FREE X-Arcade! - Shawn from X-Gaming just informed me that some lucky Retrogames visitor will be winning a free X-Arcade control panel! All you need to do is visit the Retrogames X-Arcade X-mas Giveaway page for details, and you could be our lucky winner. The X-Arcade will finally be shipping next month, and in my opinion, it couldn't look better! Built with arcade quality parts, and boasting the awesome ability to work with PC's as well as game consoles, this looks like one helluva product. - prophet

  • Mac Update Flood - New versions of Arnold, Boycott, Boycott Advance, Frodo, fMSX, Generator, Handy, Jum52, MO5, Modeler, Neopocott, O2Em, Oric, RockNES, SMS Plus, TEO, and TGEmu are now available at my page. - richard

  • XMMS-SID 0.7.2 - XMMS-SID is an XMMS plugin which provides support for playing the so-called "SID tunes". For the actual playing, XMMS-SID uses the libsidplay SID-chip/6502 emulator engine. It features a file-info window, STIL-database support, and good configurability. Changes: The song-pos patch has been fixed again, and other minor fixes have been backported from the 0.8beta branch. This release has been updated to use libtool 1.4. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Sunday, November 18th 2001 - Last updated @ 15:11 EST

  • MAME Work-In-Progress - Santeri updated the MAME WIP page! - prophet

  • Nebula 1.94b - ElSemi updated his CPS/NeoGeo emu, Nebula, as follows:

    -Changed kof2000 romset names.
    -Fixed console mode for nitd and kof2000.
    -Added support sets with decrypted gfx.
    -Fixed kof99 and kof99d graphics.
    -Fixed a Directsound 3D bug that was causing strange problems (I forgot to add an EMMS opcode at the end of the MMX code).
    -Slowdowns while connected to internet or using other audio programs in background should now be mostly fixed now.
    -Added option to show sound codes, useful to find codes for Force Feedback.

    (Thanks CPS2Shock) - prophet

  • Brian's Emu - Congrats to Brian's Emu for being around for 5 years. Make sure you read his 'statement' on the site, I found it describing the way I've been feeling lately. - atila

  •    Saturday, November 17th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:48 EST

  • ElSemi Interview - Miyamoto from EmuGenerations informs me that he's done an interview with ElSemi, the talented author of the popular CPS/NeoGeo emulator Nebula! He hopes to have it HTML'ized and published sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it. :) - prophet

  • Final Burn Alpha v0.2.20 - The Final Burn Alpha crew released another build, primarily fixing several bugs! Between the recent addition of raster effects and support for all the currently XOR'ed CPS2 games, this is an amazing version IMO of Dave's open source Final Burn emulator, despite the removed Afterburner hardware driver. (Thanks Rico of RC-ROMs) - prophet

  • The End - So says the title of Bleem's now totally blank website. Looks like it's finally dead. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.. their business model involving Bleemcast was peculiar at best, and the abandonment of the PC version certainly didn't help matters either. If you're looking for good PSX emulators, be sure to check out NG-EMU.

    Correction: the page isn't blank - it has a simple gravestone picture... loaded by javascript code that crashes in Netscape 4.xx. A fitting end to an emulator marred by myriad incompatibilities. - metallik

  • Modeler 0.9.3 - Modeler 0.9.3 is out, enjoy it while it's hot! Thanks to Sarayan for the news. - chris

  •    Friday, November 16th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:53 EST

  • "Phoenix" Book Review - Mike Stulir posted a review of "Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames" at Back In Time! Mike says it's a "comprehensive guide to videogame history, covering everything from from Willy Higinbotham's oscilloscope game up through the new Nintendo GameCube." - prophet

  • Revolution X MAME'd - Yep, Aaron Giles has done it again! See his MAME WIP page for screenshots. (Thanks Phys32) - prophet

  • Mac users - Anyone using any of my emulator ports on a Multiprocessor G4 should read this warning. I hope to have updates available in a few days. - richard

  • PCSX 0.9.500 - PCSX is a working Playstation emulator for Linux and Win32. Changes: Minor updates, and some code changes/improvements. License: Freeware - chris

  •    Thursday, November 15th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:00 EST

  • CPS1/2 MAME for Linux Updated - New CPS1/2 MAME binaries for Linux xmame are now available here. Hoonis says: "I also added a perl script to the distributions that will fix display problems with xmame not showing up when using the kde window manager". These binaries also add support for all the new xors recently released by CPS2Shock - RocLobsta

  • More PinMAME updates - AJ's VPinMAME site has been updated with more goodies for you pinball fans out there!

    Here's what's new:

    • Added Galaxy Table v1.0 by Germax/Krellan
    • Updated Blackout Table from v1.1 to v1.2
    • Updated Cyclone Table from v0.8a to v0.91
    • Updated F-14 Tomcat Table from v1.4 to v1.5
    • Updated Flinstones DX Table from v1.0dx to v1.0dx2
    • Updated TAF/TAFG from v4.3 to v4.4
    • Updated Time Warp Table from v1.0 to v1.1
    • Updated Twilight Zone Table from v3.6 to v3.8

    Galaxy is VPinMAME Table #105!

    Thanks again to Mrhide for the news. - RocLobsta

  • LOGO! - I've replaced the logo with our own logo YESTERDAY, if you're still seeing that other logo, please find the file retrogames.jpg on your HD and delete it. You will then see the original logo again. I'll make a separate page with all logos I've received, since putting them all up would take a few months ;) - atila

  • XSIDPLAY 1.6.3 - XSIDPLAY is a graphical front-end for libsidplay. SIDPLAY emulates the Sound Interface Device chip (MOS 6581, commonly called SID) and the Micro Processor Unit (MOS 6510) of the Commodore 64 on your computer. It allows you to listen to more than 14000 famous C64 game and demonstration songs. Changes: HVSC playlists are now saved with BaseDir set to HVSC root. A pair of "play previous" / "play next" buttons have been added to the playlist editor. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Wednesday, November 14th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:43 EST

  • More Final Burn Alpha - LoopMaster has mailed again about another update to Final Burn Alpha. Version 0.2.10 includes:

    - Added drivers for ddtod, sfz3a, vsava, xmvsf & xmcota.
    - Added cheats for ddtod, sfz3a, vsava, xmvsf & xmcota.

    Download from here - RocLobsta

  • CPS2MAME/Kawaks - Both of these cool emulators have been updated with the latest CPS2Shock releases!

    New in Kawaks 1.36:

    All the new releases, plus:
    KOF2000 (encrypted C) decrypts the encrypted 'C' ROM's. Thanks to Nicola Salmoria for info.
    Added trackball emulation for The Irritating Maze.
    Fixed 257-m1.bin merge info for kof2000/kof2000n.
    Fixed a last bug in the Romcenter DAT generation.
    Found a bug in the sound sync code. May fix some jerkiness for some people (feedback wanted).
    Included some code to try to make Kawaks less CPU intensive and more multitask friendly.
    Changed Step frame from Space to Shift+Space.
    Added some keyboard shortcuts to modify cheats.
    Fixed the puzzle game in Three Wonders (CPS1).
    Fixed macros for NeoGeo games.
    Changed Redefine keys dialog box so it now shows macro text next to the macro key.
    New Shot factory (Tools menu).

    CPS2MAME has also been updated and adds the above new games also.
    - RocLobsta

  • CPS2Shock News - Big news over at CPS2Shock!

    Today see's the release of:

    D&D: Tower of Doom (Euro 940412)
    Street Fighter Zero 3 (Asia 980701)
    Vampire Savior (Asia 970519)
    X-Men: Children of the Atom (Euro 950105)
    X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Euro 960910) - RocLobsta

  • NeoPop Release - NeoPop 0.104 has been released. This version includes a debugger for you to play around with. NeoPop is a WIP NeoGeo Pocket Color Emulator for Windows. Thanks to Swirler for the news. Update: - The online version has been updated again, improving a few little things from the last update. - RocLobsta

  • Final Burn Alpha Release - Final Burn Alpha v0.200 has been released!

    What's new in this release:

    - CPS-1 BgHi
    - CPS-2 Sprite Masking
    - CPS-2 Raster Effects
    - PNG preview snapshots
    - New Load menu
    - New sound interpolation code
    - FBA can now be compiled with Cygwin/MinGW

    Pick it up from here. Thanks to LoopMaster for the news. - RocLobsta

  • Z26 Updated - Z26, the DOS/Windows Atari 2600 emulator has been updated to version 1.52! Here's what's new:

    - A minor adjustment to the handling of WSYNC.
    - A display of the number of scanlines in the current frame when in mode 9.

    Thanks to Emulation Camp for the tip. - RocLobsta

  • Rips News - Whilst I'm on the subject of artwork, I may as well let you know that KC's Rips page at MAMEWorld is now probably one of the largest rips pages on the net. Loads of people have been submitting rips and he's always looking for more. If you remember visiting Rips-R-Us you'll love it! - RocLobsta

  • SegaXtreme Updated - This may not be emulation or retrogaming, but as you are all gamers and in the absence of any other news coming my way, I thought I'd let you know that IceMan2k has posted 120 Soul Calibur images over at SegaXtreme. There's some real high quality images too! Well worth a look.

    Update: - 346 images are now online! - RocLobsta

  •    Tuesday, November 13th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:19 EST

  • Raine v0.34b - All three versions of Raine, the big old arcade emulation battleship has been updated to version 0.34b. Nice to see that this "old guy" is still in development :)

    New games added :
    - Black Heart (nmk driver) - no sound
    - Air Gallet (playable, but partial emulation only)
    Fixes :
    - Mustang is now playable without sound
    - Fixed black screen in f3 games when changing the rom version code and reseting.
    - Fixed bug in hiscores saving for win32 and dos.
    - Fixed auto-fire... Now working again !
    - Enlarged pcm buffer in pbobble3 to try to fix a weird bug in some win95 versions...
    - Added dynamic mode lists in vbe/af (dos).
    - The triple buffer hacks are back !

    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Japanese Gameboy Emulators - CustomGB, a Gameboy emulator for Windows has been updated to 0.016. Boukichi's D-Boy, a Gameboy emulator for DOS, has been updated to 0.75c. This will be the last version of D-Boy unless any bugs are found. - MetaFox

  • Gens v1.30b - An updated Gens version is now available for download. Release 1.30b fixes a save state bug added in Gens 1.30. - Opi

  • MAME32 Cabpack #14 - John IV informed us about the newly released MAME32 Cabpack. Pack #14 consists of 99 new images. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - New day - new MAME WIP. It seems that Aaron Giles successfully fixed the randomly crashing of Subroc-3D ! - Opi

  • Gamecube available in the U.S. - According to this article at PlanetGamecube, retailers are selling Nintendo Gamecube systems as I write this, with additional units to be sold as they arrive. The official launch date was supposed to be Nov. 18th. Not necessarily retro, but definitly gaming news.. Get 'em while the gettin's good! Thanks to Slashdot for the news. - metallik

  • Visual Pinball News - Aj's Visual Pinball has been updated! Hurricane is here! Here's what's new:

    • Fixed ROM Links
    • Added Fathom Table v1.0 by Nico193
    • Added Flintstones 1.0dx Mod by Skalar
    • Added Hurricane Table b2 by MR.WHiTe
    • Added NBA Fastbreak Table v0.5 by Aurian
    • Added Star Trek Table b2 by Gaston
    • Updated Blackout Table from v1.0 to v1.1
    • Updated Diner Table from v1.1 to v1.2
    • Updated Dracula Table from b2 to RC1
    • Updated Elvira Table from v0.9a to v0.99
    • Updated ID4 Table from v0.3 to v0.6
    • Updated Star Trek Table to b2
    • Updated STTNG Table from v2.5 to v2.6
    • Updated Tommy Table from vAss to vD

    Thanks to Mrhide for letting me know.

    Update: - Updated Time Warp Table from v0.3a to v1.0 - RocLobsta

  •    Monday, November 12th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:31 EST

  • OverClocked #145: EmuGeezers - Breaking four months with nary an update to be seen, I decided to revive (for who knows how long or how often) good ole' OverClocked. There's actually a new, rather nostalgic episode available for your viewing (dis)pleasure here. - david

  • MAME WIP Updated! - All those cool Buck Rogers and Subroc-3D pics and some Destroyer ones too, are now online in all their glory. Check it out! - RocLobsta

  • MAME.DK News - Mr DigDug just mailed to let me know that anonymous downloads are now back online at MAME.DK! Please go steady or they may need to be removed again. - RocLobsta

  • Virtua NES Updated - Virtua NES has been updated to Version 0.36! The following has been fixed:

    -Fixed NetPlay debug dialogs.
    -Fixed Shortcut key.
    -Fixed Movie looping replay.
    -Fixed DiskState & Movie bugs.
    -Fixed some problems. - RocLobsta

  •    Sunday, November 11th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:16 EST

  • MAME WIP - chris

  • Wine20011108 - Wine Is Not an Emulator. Wine is an implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs on top of X and Unix. Changelog can be found in the source distribution. License: Wine License. Thanks to FBCrack for the news. - chris

  • Tuned In For Life! - The beats are still pounding at PureDJ.com, their live streams (24kbps - 128kbps) are helping me to wake up ;) DJ Ray is spinning live right now and I like what I hear =) - atila

  • TZX Vault - Gilby has some rather cool news he wanted the world to know, so I'm pasting his mail here:

    John Wilson, the owner of Zenobi Software has granted the .tzx vault exclusive rights to make his zx spectrum games available for download. The list available is nowhere near complete, but work is ongoing. The entire collection available as .z80 and .sna snapshots can be purchased on CD directly from John himself.

    I strongly recommend people to support John's decision to make the games available by buying the CD. It costs ฃ4.99 including postage and the address is:

    John Wilson
    Zenobi Software
    26 Spotland Tops
    OL12 7NX.

    I think this is good news for Speccy fans :) - atila

  • Logo Time Again - Today's logo is courtesy of Gus :) - atila

  •    Saturday, November 10th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:11 EST

  • WonderSnake - The author of Cygne, Dox, has released a new homebrewn game for the WonderSwan Color called WonderSnake. This is a neat little Nibbler clone. The graphics and coding were done by Dox, and the levels were designed by Kojote. - MetaFox

  • Laser WIP - The Laser WIP Page has been updated with screenshots showing the latest additions and fixes. - MetaFox

  • Guru News - The Guru has updated his Unemulated site with more dumping news, definately worth a look! Thanks to Brian for letting me know. - RocLobsta

  • Caprice32 Updated - There's a new bug-fixed version of Caprice32, the cool Amstrad CPC emulator online! Here's what the author says about this release: "Having an archived DSK image open in Caprice32 and then moving it outside of the emulator caused a crash in MSVCRT.DLL on startup". You can pick up the new version from it's homepage. - RocLobsta

  •    Friday, November 9th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • Gens 1.30 - Gens, a SegaCD/Genesis emulator for Windows has been updated. There are many changes for SegaCD, so compatibility should be improved yet again. Along with this are some Genesis fixes, and an addition of CGOffline support, a fast way to get game genie codes for a game (read the instructions in the gens.txt file to get it work). - MetaFox

  • Today's Logo - I'll be making a page with all the logos I get and the one with the best logo will get a free t-shirt. Thanks to Sipo (sagol ;) for today's logo. - atila

  • Chu-Chu Rocket - A few lads have made their own conversion of ChuChu Rocket... for Atari ST/STE/Falcon! You can download the game in "LITE" and "FULL" versions and it runs on emulators, according to RetroShaun (who sent me the email :), I haven't tested it yet though. - atila

  • Vortendo 1.0.7 "Polar Bear" Released! - Ti-B0ne released a new version of his NES emu for Windows, here's what was updated:

    * Re-writed Video Engine, now using FastBlit code by David Finch
    * Improved Mapper #65 support, now it should be perfect.
    * Added very preliminary support to scrolling. (Check Chris Covell Stars Demo.)
    * Fixed a nasty bug on the cpu core, which was preventing CMC 80's Demo to Loop.
    * Somewhat improved compatibility.
    * Improved controller input code. Now perfect.
    * Included some nasty hacks to improved compatibility.
    * Fixed a stupid typo on the menu.
    * Updated all docs.
    * Created a compatibility list. (VCompat.TXT)

    You can download Vortendo 1.0.7 here. - atila

  •    Thursday, November 8th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:09 EST

  • P.E.Op.S. GPL'd - The Psx Emulation Open Source project (P.E.Op.S.) contains several open source libraries (plugins) for freeware MSWindows and Linux psx emulators. Changes: The project is now under the Gnu GPL license and the web site is hosted at sourceforge. License: GPL. - chris

  • Who Dat? - Dat be M.A.S.H.'s new MAMEINFO dot DAT. Version 3.62 includes: Bugs (8th Nov), Correct Driver Section and add more source infos. Added WIP. - chris

  • Today's Logo - Today's logo is courtesy of NOW INC. - atila

  • New games at Cinciclassic - Just received word from Michael Thomasson that Good Deal Games will be showing John Dondzila's unreleased Vectrex game GRAVITREX at the Cinciclassic show this weekend! Not only that, but they will also be unveiling TWO brand new Colecovision games! One is still "on paper" only for now, the other will be a playable ROM running on an emulator (they didn't have time to get carts made before the show).

    The show starts tomorrow (Friday) evening and runs all day Saturday, at the Forest Fair mall north of Cincinnati. Tons of rare classic gaming items will be on display and available for play.. don't miss it! - metallik

  • MAMECAT 0.43 Beta 26 - MAMECAT stands for M.A.M.E. Catalog/Launcher. It consists of three programs: qmamecat, an X11/Qt based GUI and the main application; qmsetup, a startup setup wizard for qmamecat; and catgen, a simple catalog generator. qmsetup and catgen are started on demand by qmamecat. Changes: The preview images can now be shown inside the main-widget, beside or below the gamelist. Previews can now be scaled, and the preview window can be resized. A warning message is shown before the ROM status cache is refreshed. Eleven new options were added, including pvw_w, pvw_h, integrated_preview, scaled_preview, and preview_below. The view menu was changed to include a new preview popup. Pressing the right mouse button within the preview or log windows now displays the context menu. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Wednesday, November 7th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:14 EST

  • TUGID at TOSEC - Grendel tells me "TUGID is TOSEC's file management and information tool, which will eventually become a complete games encyclopedia." And TUGID has now been released; read more at TOSEC! - prophet

  • Starship I, Buck Rogers, Subroc 3D?! - OMG!!! =) - prophet

  • NesterDC beta 4.0 - Takayama Fumihiko has released a new NesterDC. This version now has fds support, fds saving (uses about 3 blocks), fds state saving (uses about 66 blocks), a fds menu/quick save/load menu (press B and R trigger), and an adjust for NTSC. There are versions for NTSC and PAL users. - MetaFox

  • Unofficial WIP - There's a few WIP games that you may be interested in that have just come to my attention. I posted screenshots over at MAMEWorld as can't post screenshots here, so head over there to see the new stuff! Did I hear someone say Buck Rogers? I'm sure the official wip page will have this soon too! - RocLobsta

  • Emu.vg - A few days ago I mentioned about the new emulation website redirect service provided by Emu.vg, it seems that one of their ad sponsors has been unintentionally spreading the JS/Seeker.i trojan virus in their pop-under ads! Emu.vg have removed their ads until it is fixed. If you have visited one of the redirected sites in the last few days I would do a virus scan immediately. I am assured that no further infections will occur. Thanks to Smack for the news. - RocLobsta

  • Sengoku 3 - Encrypted C ROMs on ABEM. Here's a driver for self-compilers. Nuff said. (Thanks wildlele) - prophet

  • MESS WIP - Another small update at the MESS WIP page, however there are some cool screenshots of MESS CE in today's update! - chris

  • FinalBurn for Linux - ComaC now has a web page for his FinalBurn for Linux project. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. License: Free for non-commercial use. - chris

  • Vega Strike 0.1.0 - Vega Strike is an action space simulator designed to bring 3d space combat to a whole new level of graphics, gameplay, and customizability. Changes: Joystick support for a full-featured joystick, sound effects that make starships roar as they pass and zap as they die, bolt weapons with glowing lighting effects, cloaking that renders a ship partially/fully invisible, all new starships, customizable fully working HUD with targeting displays, etc., customizable Alien Race logos that change on all starships by editing TerranPriA.bmp and TechPriA.bmp, varied weapons on different starships, explosions that literally tear a starship into pieces, shields that glow upon being hit (in the location of the hit), and customizable missions added. License: GPL. - chris

  • Cygwin 1.3.4 - Cygwin is a DLL which provides a Unix emulation environment for Windows. The Cygwin environment provides a complete port of such development utilities as gcc, binutils, gdb, make, etc., as well as a number of useful utilities. Changes: This is a bugfix release. It fixes long-standing problems with pipes on Windows 9x which caused CVS to hang. It also fixes the "not a socket" problems from the previous release. Many other minor fixes were made. License: GPL. - chris

  •    Tuesday, November 6th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:19 EST

  • NeoGeo Update - Thanks to a post by Haze, here's a preview or two of things to come... Also, take a look at ABEM and you'll find a new KoF2000 M1 dump from a real board. BUT, unlike the "fixed" (hacked?) M1 from BillyJr, this one just gives z80 errors. Go figure. - prophet

  • TOSEC News - Grendel emailed me just now with the following TOSEC update: "TUGID has been ready for release for a few weeks now, but the annoying part is that the guy who was working on converting all current dbases went mia 2 weeks ago...to ease the pain a bit, we decided to do a small "surprise release" to keep u ppl busy for a little longer." - prophet

  • ClrMamePro 2.31a - Roman Scherzer updated his famous ROM auditing/rebuilding utility, ClrMAME Pro! New stuff includes:

    fixed: some import issues with weird pathnames
    fixed: sysdefaultpaths window crash
    misc: last sysdefpaths will be remembered now
    misc: warnings window can't be closed with ESC anymore
    misc: some more profiler index checks
    - prophet

  • LOGO! - It's that time of the year again, so feel free to send us a new logo (size 610x76) and we'll post them :P The logo you see right now was done by Xray1. - atila

  • Small MESS WIP - I posted the start of MESS WIP for September, hopefully now that I have got past Sept. 1st I can be more motivated to continue posting new updates! - chris

  • M.U.G.E.N. 2001.11.01 - M.U.G.E.N. is a powerful 2D fighting game engine that lets you supply your own characters. Changes: Platform change to Linux; DOS platform is no longer supported. New graphics engine, supports more alpha effects. Select-on-continue. Precaching system that significantly reduces loading times. Multiple joystick support. Many bugfixes, some speed/memory improvements. Updated AirEditor's interface. Click here for a full list of changes. License: Free to use, with restrictions. Thanks to [Rabite] for the news. - chris

  •    Monday, November 5th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • Linux 2.4.14 - A significant release, this kernel now has what Linus believes is a new high-performance virtual memory algorithm. You can download it here. Thanks to WindowsWhiner for the news! ;-) - chris

  • SainT v0.99 - SainT, an Atari ST emulator for Windows written by James Boulton and Arnaud Carr้ was updated to version 0.99 yesterday. SainT now requires DirectX8 to run, please click here to find out whats new or changed in this release. - Opi

  • AdvanceMAME 0.56 - Just as I'm about to leave, this great news came in from Andrea Mazzoleni! :) AdvanceMAME is now up-to-date with the current Official MAME sources. Note, this is an unofficial version of MAME, with advanced video support for use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, and also for PC Monitors. New stuff is mainly changed SVGALIB Rage 128/Radeon drivers for better low clocks support. See the complete version history for more info. - prophet

  • Kawaks 1.35: KoF2000 Emulated - Kawaks is now the first NeoGeo emulator to play the newly released, fully working dump of this game! Check CPS2Shock for more info, and ABEM for the dump. Razoola explained the new dump as follows: "The 'P' roms used by kawaks have not been decrypted, they are ROM's that can be found on SNK released kof2000 carts. Basically not all kof2000 carts held encrypted 'P' roms. The neo-0 project is using a cart that holds the encrypted dump, once fully decrypted that will work to (providing one has all the needed banking info). The released dump (for kawaks) does not use the new banking system" Another note, Kai uploaded a fixed S1 image for Windjammers last night to ABEM, fixing some minor graphics errors. (Thanks LordFraz & chamajid) - prophet

  • MAME.DK News - MAME.DK has ceased anonymous user downloads. The .56 beta cycle demand has been so huge that they can no longer support the anonymous users. Registered users will be unaffected so I suggest registering immediately. Anonymous access may return in the future. May I suggest that you all make a small donation whilst you are downloading to help the guys out. - RocLobsta

  • SYSTEM16 - pcb-a-holic has updated SYSTEM16 with lots of new and a small write-up on the state (and future) of arcades, in general. Thanks to "The One They Call Nagmaster" ;) for the news. - atila

  • MAME WIP - Santeri has once again updated the MAME WIP page. Pics of Quiz Kokology 2 are available, too bad I can't read Japanese though :) - atila

  • VCMAME Site Updated - VCMAME, the site devoted to compiling MAME using Visual C++ has moved url and been updated. Mike has incorporated much of the feedback from the initial update and MAME compilers wishing to use Visual C++ should check it out immediately! - RocLobsta

  •    Sunday, November 4th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:23 EST

  • z26 v1.51 - John Saeger's Atari 2600 emulator z26 was updated to v1.51 today - thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for this news. - Opi

  • VisualBoyAdvance v0.6 - Forgotten's awesome VisualBoyAdvance Game Boy/GBC/GBA emulator for Windows was updated to version 0.6. This release introduces support for the GB Pocket Printer device and the additional GB MBC7 chip (for the single game release with the build in motion sensor) ! - Opi

  • WinUAE 0.8.17 Release 3 - That great Amiga emulator for Windows, WinUAE, has been updated! (Thanks Ulf Andersson & Bersy) - prophet

  • Meka v0.61 - Omar Cornut's fantastic multi-console emulator Meka is now available as version 0.61. A z80 core fix made Rise of Robots 100% playable. Double Dragon (GG) and Formula 1 (SMS) are also perfectly emulated now ! A list of all changes in release 0.61 can be found here. - Opi

  • AppleMAME - Here's another *unofficial* MAME build Rico2000 told me about, called AppleMAME, also with the NJ driver we posted yesterday. :) But this build also has:

    what's new:
    - added raz fix for neogeo decryption
    - added NJ neogeo driver [cool :) ]
    added games:
    -s1945p (neogeo,ok)
    -garou & garouo (neogeo,enable if U love red screens)
    -pong (ok,no roms needed)
    -pontoon (ok)
    -goldstar (ok)
    -goldstbl (ok)
    -csk227it (ok)
    -csk234it (ok)
    -monaco (sega?,ok)
    - prophet

  • FanBuild MAME 0.56.2 - Now this is funny. :) See, I JUST NOW finished compiling/uploading my build of MAME with Kai's updated NJ driver. THEN I get an email from Rico2000 of RC-ROMs about the latest FanBuild MAME! :) Forget my build, his is better. Aaargh! Not only does it include the NJ driver, but this *unofficial* build has other nice source fixes:

    Some patch from MASH
    - Fix "Super Hang-On"
    - Fix "gfx" & "sprites" from "After burner" 1 & 2
    - Fix missing sound from "Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 1)"
    - Added sound (not perfect) for "Polaris"
    - Added sound (perfect) for chopper I"
    2 patchs from BILLK
    - Added colors in "space invaders deluxe"
    - "Bird" in "dunk hunt" are now shootable.
    - prophet

  • Project AY update - Project AY, the site dedicated to archiving AY chip music, has just been updated. There is a new Linux AY player included (ayley) together with 27 new AY files. Thanks to bcass for the news. - chris

  •    Saturday, November 3rd 2001 - Last updated @ 21:39 EST

  • Catlist 0.56 - Triggerfin updated his Catlist file, which can be used with various MAME frontends to categorize games according to various attributes. - prophet

  • Decrypted KoF2000 on ABEM - Tyris from Neo-0 is uploading the decrypted C ROMs now. Note: the game is NOT PLAYABLE on any emulator yet, mainly due to unfinished program ROM dumps. Check this interesting post by wildlele for more info. - prophet

  • Nebula 1.93 - ElSemi's excellent emulator now does NeoGeo CD too! Get now from the Nebula homepage or CPS2Shock! New stuff follows:

    Neogeo CD games supported. Check the Readme for specific information.
    Added VLiner.
    Added Strikers 1945 Plus.
    Added Nightmare in the Dark.
    Added Ganryu.
    Added Prehistoric isle 2.
    KOF99 uses encrypted gfx.
    Fixed rasters in some games.
    Added VSAV2 dat files
    New QSound engine 3 times faster and more accurate. It includes a new interpolation mode that uses 4 samples instead of 2.
    Fixed mvsf top line reversed in the VS screen.
    Fixed mvsf cheat file.
    Fixed cheat engine dependencies, regions aren't taken from parent set.
    Specific audio configuration for each system.
    Fixed gfx memory allocation, now nebula requires less Video Ram to work.

    (Again, thanks CPS2Shock) - prophet

  • Kawaks 1.34 - Mr.K. updated his superb CPS/NeoGeo emulator! Get it from the Kawaks homepage. Here's the lowdown:

    -New games supported:
    Nightmare in the Dark
    Strikers 1945+
    Prehistoric Isle 2
    -Kudos to Nicola S. for breaking the encryption.
    -Alpha Mission 2 changed to match MAME 056.
    -Changed KOF99 so it uses the encrypted gfx roms.
    -Added a set of KOF99 (kof99nd) which loads faster for people with low memory machines. It uses:
    kf99p_c*.rom from the prototype.
    kf99_s1d.rom (released some time ago).
    kof99_v* / m1.rom from kof99.zip.
    kf99n_p1 / p2.rom from kof99n.zip.
    This gives a simple standard NeoGeo set, gamewise identical to the big encrypted one.
    -Fixed bug where ticks were cleared in the menus.

    (Thanks CPS2Shock) - prophet

  • NJ NeoGeo Driver Update - Kai submitted this updated NJ NeoGeo MAME driver source code ready to be compiled into MAME 0.56! Thanks to NJ for the original driver, and to Kai for keeping it updated. What does this driver do you ask? Makes games like Galaxy Fight run at 60 fps with raster effects ON! :) And yes, Nicola's lovely new encryption code works just fine. - prophet

  • Z80 Stealth Updated - The v0.500 'General Sound roxx the emuscene!' version of this cool Sinclair ZX Spectrum has been unleashed! The list of additions is long so head on over to it's homepage to check it all out! Thanks to Mr Kirill for letting me know. - RocLobsta

  • TZX Vault Update! - The TZX Vault has been updated with almost 500 new tapes, unfortunately a few are denied so the number to download is nearer 400. There are loads of MIA and MIS adventures plus a few previously unreleased games and compilations! Thanks to Steve for the news. - RocLobsta

  • ClrMAME Pro - Roman has released a new version of his excellent Rom Management utility. Version 2.31 can be downloaded from his homepage here. He mentions he is still coding and more new versions will follow. - RocLobsta

  •    Friday, November 2nd 2001 - Last updated @ 18:51 EST

  • Strikers 1945+ & KoF 2000 Screenshots?! - Apparently Strikers 1945+ has been dumped, and works via MAME's (Nicola must be cybernetic) new NeoGeo encryption emulation. Haze posted a MAME driver source update for the game. *UPDATE* Kai is uploading the set to ABEM now, and you can view some emulated screenshots that Daemon is mirroring on his site, ROAR VGM. KoF 2000 emulated screenshots are mirrored too, originally found on HXD's homepage. Apparently this fellow claims to have produced his own set of decrypted ROMs. Fake, real, I dunno. - prophet

  • Mameinfo.dat v3.60 and FixMAME0.56 - M.A.S.H. once again pulled out his bag of medicine and fixed some problems with the latest MAME! Check this message for more details. :) - prophet

  • DeJap Release Frenzy - DeJap released a flurry of translations and graphics decompression packs for several SNES games, including Star Ocean, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Dragon Quest V and others! (Thanks Trizae) - prophet

  • Missing 3.0 - Numbski updated Phydeaux Brigand's excellent Missing utility - a simple but highly effective tool for finding what's "missing" from your MAME collection! Very easy to use, and works like a charm. Get it from HK Silver, Win32 & Linux builds are ready to roll. - prophet

  • So much missing news... Sorry folks. :( Here's a few bits now. - prophet

  • SNK sued Aruze - Aruze announced that Osaka district court had declared SNK's bankruptcy on Oct 30. SNK was called a decision of court protection in this April, although it couldn't file recovery plans by the appointed day and the district court determined to terminate the protection.
    Aruze also got filed a stockholders' representative suit to pay 27,500,000,000 yen (229,170,000 USD) with SNK up front jointly by SNK stock holders. They insist the allocation to third party, which SNK carried out to Aruze was unjustified modest price, consequently it caused losses to SNK. Thanks to Fujix for the news. - atila

  • Final Burn Next build011101 - The Japanese compile of Final Burn, Final Burn Next, has also been updated to include support for Vampire Savior 2. Thanks to Tekmage for the news. - MetaFox

  • Final Burn Alpha 0.183b - Slotman's Edition - Slotman has released an unofficial build of Final Burn Alpha, adding support for Vampire Savior 2. - MetaFox

  • MAME32 Homepage - Further to my earlier post, the official MAME32 homepage now has .56 online for download too. - RocLobsta

  • Settlement in Microsoft antitrust case - Slightly offtopic, but still very pertinent to the computer industry - the details of the Microsoft settlement with the U.S. Dept. of Justice have been revealed. Check the agreement out here. It appears at first glance that Microsoft is getting off "easy" as many have feared, given the Bush administration's lack of desire to press the case. Hopefully the states will pursue the matter more vigorously. Remedies include forbidding retribuion to OEM's for offering alternative OS's, forcing the opening of "middleware" API's, and allowing OEM's to customize the default Windows desktop on new systems. - metallik

  • Zyclone and MAME.DK Updated! - Both ZYCLONE'S and MAME.DK have been updated, although raflsiau is "missing in action". - atila

  • More Monkey Business - I've never received this much mail about a single posting I made! People have been mailing me screenshots of their score in SPANK THE MONKEY, the highest one I saw was 2900+MPH! Totally unreal :P People told me that cheating with an optical mouse was kinda easy, so don't ;) Btw, the current mailcount is at 233. - atila

  • MAME32 .56 Released - According to news on MAME.DK, MAME32 has been released! The official homepage hasn't got it listed at the moment but surely will very shortly. - RocLobsta

  •    Thursday, November 1st 2001 - Last updated @ 19:34 EST

  • Neo Geo C ROM Encryption - Although it isn't mentioned in whatsnew.txt, Mame 0.56 emulates the Neo Geo C ROM decryption!! Prehistoric Isle 2 and Musashi Ganryu are playable in this release! - dutch

  • Spank The Monkey - You can now SPANK THE MONKEY -- ONLINE!! Yes, the aim of this game (where you really spank a monkey ;) is to get more than 200 mph when spankin' it. I scored 487MPH, see if you can beat that ;) And yes, I know this sounds weird. Thanks to Windrake and Project25 for the URL. - atila

  • DeCSS injunction overturned - The California 6th Distict court of appeals has overturned an earlier court-issued preliminary injunction against distribution and linking to the "DeCSS" program used to decrypt DVD video discs. Although this ruling only overturns the preliminary injunction (i.e. a final decision in the case is still a ways off) this is good news for anyone involved in decryption activities (such as CPS2 and NeoGeo in terms of emulation). Check out the court's decision here (PDF format). Also see the discussion on Slashdot. Thanks to MajereDB8 for the tip. - metallik

  • MAME 0.56 - Binaries are now online over at mame.net! - RocLobsta

  • MAME 0.56! - While Gridle is compiling and uploading the binaries (he's on ADSL now, so should be quicker ;), you can see what's new and/or changed in this release of MAME and download the source code here. - atila

  • GoodTools Update! - Cowering released 2 updates last night, new renamers are available for the CPC and N64, here's what's new:


    - Thanks for the renaming help MPNico and Arkhaine


    - *5* more Jap carts off the MIA list.. keep em coming, almost there!
    - read docs for rest of notes
    - all names are now Joliet length

    You can download GoodCPC 0.9993 here and GoodN64 0.9996 here. Enjoy ;) - atila

  • WINE Interview - OSNews has an interview with one of the lead programmers of the WINE project, Alexandre Julliard. You can read the interview here. - chris

  • FCE Ultra 0.71 - FCE Ultra is a portable NES/Famicom emulator for Linux and Windows based on Bero's original FCE source code. Changes Fixed a 6502 emulation bug that was causing some Koei games (ex: Nobunaga's Ambition, Genghis Khan) to not work. Extensive PPU/CPU timing adjustments. Fixed support for iNES mapper 40. Added support for the following UNIF boards(prefixes omitted): ETROM, ELROM, EWROM. Fixed a few bugs in the UNIF code. The joystick button configuration code now only waits for button release events. Added support for loading and saving cheat files. The next version will have a functional interface(hopefully). Command line options to control the number of sound fragments and the fragment size have been added. License: Artistic. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted MAME WIP reports for the rest of the month of October. - chris

  • Emuverse Closes Shop - Dave Ewing of Emuverse.com has decided to close down the news site. :( However, those sites hosted at emuverse such as MESS will still remain open for atleast until July of next year. Many many thanks go out to Dave for providing us a great emulation news site for so many years! - chris

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