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  •   Thursday, December 31st 1998 - Last updated @ 21:16 CET
    Happy NewYear!!

  • Happy New Year, I'm out, see you next year!!

  • And yes, Street Fighter 1 has been dumped, you will be able to download it soon :)

  • New Darcnes released! Darcnes 19981231 is out, you will have to compile it yourself, I haven't been able too =) Go here for the homepage.

  • Vertigo releases Game Gear pack #22 :)

  • Now, if your proxy hasn't updated itself yet, or the mame is still in your cache, click here for a second download location for MAME

  • Something went wrong while uploading the previous mame binary. If your file is corrupt, be sure to redownload the file. I found out it was FTP Voyager for NT4 that was making me go bananas, I uploaded 5 times, each time it was corrupt, missing the last 57 bytes or so. I booted up WIN95 and uploaded, worked okay. Source has also been fixed.

  • MAME 0.34 FINAL! Here's the source, enjoy your New Year's present from the MAME team!

  • EmuXpress turned 2 years old the day before yesterday, happy 2nd anniversary Lance ;) EmuXpress was THE first emu news site out there, a lot of sites were modelled after it, including this one :) Check out EmuXpress for the complete history of EmuXpress, oh, I sure mentioned EmuXpress a lot, didn't I ? Well, to EmuXpress or not to EmuXpress, that is the question!

  • WHOAH! Hackers planning to hack IRAQ!!! Thanks to Shiesta for the news.

  • RockNes 0.60b released! There were 2 RockNes releases today, here's the latest one. It now runs Super Mario Bros. 3 and Shinobi, so there.

  • SEAL 1.06 released! Get this if you wanted to compile MAME and weren't able too :)

  • Jamanoid 0.62 released! Get this lovely Arkanoid clone for TG-16 (hu6280 & Magic Engine) now, it has loads of improvements!

  •   Wednesday, December 30th 1998 - Last updated @ 13:33 CET

  • Bored of vactions on Earth ? Why not go to space for a measily $25,000 for 2 weeks, might even see Arthur C. Clarke there ;) Thanks to TKMame for the news.

  • This page is hilarious, it's called the OFFICIAL SHITLIST, it's pretty awesome :)

  • The Fox explained yesterday WHAT happened to Sardu, click here to read the full lowdown. Be SURE to read everything, because you will have to read between the lines also or you will miss something big ......

  • New NES4PC! NES 4 PC v0.30 final beta was released today and it is massive! Loads of new stuff fixes, be sure to download it! Click here to see what's new. NES4PC is a win95 NES emu. Thanks to News-U-Lator for the news.

  • Wow, slow day, I'll see if I can get some news here QUICK! If you want to submit news btw, click here.

  •   Tuesday, December 29th 1998 - Last updated @ 18:40 CET

  • sT|nKf|5t has supplied me with an iconpack for use with MAME, just create a shortcut to MAME with your fav game in the commandline and hook it up with one of the icons (54 icons available, more coming soon).

  • Amame and Pmame 0.34 rc2 released! Since 0.34 final isn't out yet, Rodimus decided to release these. Amame 0.34 RC2 and Pmame 0.34 RC2, enjoy!

  • Tonight, The Fox over at Emuulim will reveal what happened to the Sardu/N64 thingie of a few weeks ago, along with SHOCKING inside news!! The link to The Fox's page is here, it will be updated at midnight UK time today. That's 01:00 AM CET or 19:00 eastcoast, USA. Be sure to check it out!!

  • The FTP is down, you don't have to click the " :) " anymore. I had 500 users in one hour, nice going :) I'll put it back up soon for you all to leech the mame roms.

  • I've added Super Mario Bros. for Genesis, it's an UNOFFICIAL GAME, but it looks pretty good and plays nice too. You can't jump on the enemies to kill them, you'll have to throw boxes. Thanks to the guys at the end for the rom.

  • :)

  • Official English Dboy translation! Yencu has translated the docs for Dboy, click here to read. Thanks to UNAE for the news.

  • Aha! I knew it! Here's a piece of code, stolen from Microsoft. It's shows their bad intentions, M$ indeed. Thank to the guys at the end ;) Use Wordpad or edit to view this offline, notepad doesn't work.

  • Jamanoid 0.6 released! Jamsponge (always makes me think of Jam & Spoon :) has released version 0.6 of his Arkanoid clone to PCE! New in this version is: Now compiling with magickit2 and added shadow routine, check it out, it rocks. Click here to download Jamanoid 0.6, use it with HU6280 or Magic Engine.

  • Raine adds more games! Raine has added support for Astyanax (medieval side scrolling beat-em-up/hack-'n-slash) and Puzzle Bobble 2x (Bust A Move Again)

  • Tweek also made an overlay for use with Dboy, click here to download it. Just rename to Dboy.gif after you've put it on your HD.

  •   Monday, December 28th 1998 - Last updated @ 15:48 CET

  • Time to finally get my HTML together :) I have to make a bunch files for the site, too lazy =)

  • 2 Chinese hackers sentenced to death :( Thanks to Pup for the news

  • I'm sad to inform you that SantaClaus is dead, I have scientific proof :-( Read this ........

  • unNESsential 0.14 released! unNESsential is a NES emulator written in Qbasic, which supports all homebrewn NES roms and mapper #0 roms (partial support). There's a bunch of new sutff, homepage states: "If you want uNESsential to run at full speed (60fps) you'll need a processor of at least 100Ghz", so don't expect NESticle speeds here.

  • Thanks to the amazing efforts of Tatsuyuki Satoh and Ernesto Corvi, Super Punchout is fully playable. The strange thing is, that they both cracked the final bits of encryption at EXACTLY the same time.

  • I've also added a news archive, please check to your left. The link can be found in the side bar.

  • And we passed 700,000 visitors, makes me feel all warm inside ;-) I want to thank everyone for their continued support, now, let's get that million :)

  • Neo-Free MAME released! Guru-Choc over at ArcadeHeaven has released this version of MAME, it's "just the normal one with the neo-crap stuff taken out", as Guru puts it :)

  • Xmame 0.34rc2.1 released! Upto par with the Dos port, click here to see the changes and be sure to check out the homepage!!

  • Sly DC has mailed me a Color Gameboy screen gif for use with DBoy, it looks pretty good :) Just put it in your Dboy directory and load up a game the regular way.

  •   Sunday, December 27th 1998 - Last updated @ 14:45 CET
    Happy Holidays!

  • Nicola is at it again! Now he added automatic frame skipping to MAME. This means that MAME automatically adjusts the frameskip, so that the game speed stays the same no matter how slow the video updating is. It is not known if this will appear in time for MAME 0.34 final, but we sure hope so!

  • Man, it's quiet today ......

  • MAME Audit 1.07 released! Go here and check it out!

  • Next-Gen Online talks to the IDSA! Nothing major, no rom discussion.

  •   Saturday, December 26th 1998 - Last updated @ 22:07 CET
    Happy Holidays!

  • Step right up! Get yer Super Punchout piccies right here, step right up! See the magnificent pics for a measily $0,00!

  • The Lynx Lagoon! Shane (Retro Radio) has opened up The Lynx Lagoon, a new Atari Lynx emulation site. It's still a tad empty, but knowing Shane, that's gonna change REAL SOON! Keep on eye out for this one, he might have a few surprises planned ;)

  • DBOY 0.36 !! Don't know what's new, can't speak/read Japanese :-) Thanks to Kalamaru and mrg!!

  • Ooh, so THAT was the Star of Bethlehem!

  • If you want SideWinder support for your favourite emulator, click here! MSSFUE is a page that offers solutions on how to get your Sidewinder to work with practically ANY emu out there, even (particularly) in DOS!

  • DBOY 0.35a released! Added the -nodelay option. I also heard that Marat (VGB) is VERY pissed at the author because he uses VGB-DOS source or something and has ordered him to stop developement of Dboy. Instead we should pay for his VGBWIN 1.3, which isn't nearly as good as Dboy. Dboy is free too =)

  • KOF97 sound fix! NAZ has released this lovely sound fix for The King of Fighters '97, here it is in split form: Kof97_m1.zip, kof97_v1.zip, kof97_v2.zip and kof97_v3.zip

  • Zsnes 0.800a released! If you were having trouble with yesterday's release, you might want to try this ALL ASM version. The DSP and IPX have been removed from this version because they were coded in C. So if you were having trouble like, sound not being right, zsnes crashing or whatever, you might wanna try this.

  • Snes9x 1.16a for win95 released! This is beta #28 and it lacks quite few things as of yet, but it's a start. Be sure to read the docs with this one!!

  •   Friday, December 25th 1998 - Last updated @ 16:15 CET
    Happy Holidays!

  • DBOY 0.35! Thanks to mrg for rezipping from .lzh to .zip

  • I also got the EDGE #67 last night, they have a BIG Dreamcast supplement, time to read :)

  • I was looking through the TV Guide last night and I noticed that this is the first Christmas that the BBC doesn't have any blockbusters on TV!! Good thing I have Canal+ or else I would have been lost, heheh.

  • MAMEWIP: Super Punchout protection has been defeated by Tatsuyuki Satoh, BUT the graphics aren't 100% yet and the punch button doesn't work. This will hopefully be fixed soon :)

  • I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from behind my desk here in sunny (ahem) Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I also wanna thank everyone for their continued support to the site. Be sure to show the turkey "who da man" ;)

  • There was a new Dboy released today, BUT I can't download from the DBOY homepage. The author put an incorrect link to the new file :)

  • Here's a nice pic I got for the Clinton Memorial from David Elton, I have no comment about this ;)

  • Added the correct MS2_S1.zip to Metal Slug 2, be sure to redownload, it's only 26Kb big.

  • ZSNES 0.800c released! There a HUGE number of fixes and new stuff in this release, enjoy your Christmas ;)

  •   Thursday, December 24th 1998 - Last updated @ 18:33 CET
    Happy Holidays!

  • People are always asking me to "spread the wealth" and stuff, I have decided I will! Click here and see if you win something!!

  • New NeoGeo Rom of the Day: Metal Slug 2 !

  • Magic Engine news! Fox (emuunlim) just gave me a nice list of new things for Magic Engine, which should be out early next year, here goes: "support for hi-color video mode, game state load and save feature, SuperGrafx and Arcade Card emulation, 6 buttons PC-Engine pad support, PC-Engine mouse support, better looking user interface, advanced backup RAM support, many bug fixes in both HuCard and CD emulation, improved sound emulation, new PC sound cards and gamepads supported, possibility to play CD games in Windows AND and a few surprises of course!" This should be one to keep an eye on.

  • Danji docs translated :) Click here, thanks to ReGNaSTa.

  • More DeCent pics! Emu24x has posted 3 luscious TEXTURE MAPPED pics, and they look quite stunning, the Teapot is now gold ;) Also a car from Daytona is now there, as is a BIG Sega logo, both texture mapped!! All is still done with the software driver but an OpenGL driver is in the works. The author wants to focus on accurate emulation before worrying about speed. Head on over to EMU24X to see the shots!!

  • New CCS64 2.0 beta (24/12)! Here's what's new: Monitor breakpoints now works better (removed BRK bug...), new default color scheme, digitized from my old C64 from 1983 and menu now has separate memory of last selected files and indexes." Here's the DOS and WIN95 version, click here for the homepage.

  • I will be uploading a new "NeoGeo rom the the day", can you guess what it's gonna be ?? Also, I have received quite a few mails from people complaining about not updating the NeoGeo ROTD page, and that it should be called NeoGeo Rom of the Week! Well, these are probably the same people that don't understand that those sound redumps take HUGE amounts of bandwith. A ROTD is just not possible at that time, since I have to think about the dozen other sites on this server. So, if you still want to bitch at me, go ahead, but at least supply a T3 server where people can download NeoGeo roms EVERYDAY. Otherwise, be quiet and enjoy the ride :)

  • New NeoDanji out! Don't know what's new yet, thanks to UNAE for the news!

  •   Wednesday, December 23rd 1998 - Last updated @ 22:10 CET

  • I found a great site today, with sound bits from Eddie Murphy's stand-up show: Delirious. I have seen this tape AT LEAST 75 times :) It is a masterpiece, it really is. Anyway, I posted the "Ice-Cream" bit, it's hilarious :o) Anyway, it contains 3 or 4 words that you may find offensive/rude (the "F" and "S" word), if you are not allowed to listen to this by your parents or guardians, please click here. Otherwise click here and start laughing!!

  • Yesterday, I heard rumors on IRC that someone was spreading a leaked BLEEM beta, which in fact was a nasty virus. So I too was /msg'd, played along and got the dcc (bleem.zip) and I started laughing IMMEDIATELY! The filesize was 8kb! I was pasting the log into #mame (EFnet) while I was chatting with the loser. We had a nice laugh, last night :) Now today, another loser is spreading "BOXEMU.EXE", an emu for an old classic arcade called "Box Man". The only thing you wanna take note of, are the first two letters: BO. Yes, this is a Back Orifice/Netbus type of proggy! Please, do not accept DCCs from people you do not know and make sure you also have the latest virus definitions for your virus scanner(s), just in case. *NOTE* BO/Netbus can use any filename.exe!!


  • Rom Request: A VERY well known emu author wants to write a Namco System xx emu. This includes games like Tekken and Soul Edge (and Ridge Racer, I think :) He needs ROMS to start on his emu, so if you happen to have any of those (or other) Namco roms lying around, feel free to mail me, and I will forward the mail.

  • So, you think you can code a nice TG-16 game too eh ? But you don't know how, since you don't have a dev kit. Guess what ? David Michel (Magic Engine) has released Magic Kit 2.01 (Tg-16 Dev kit :), it comes with an assembler, technical documents, programming tutorials and example source code. Now, make every one happy and code Pong for TG-16. Thanks to EmuNews for the news.

  • I've been making a lot of typos, if you see a link that doesn't work, reload after a minute :) At this time, I have a massive headache, my back hurts, my neck hurts (when I look left or right) and my leg is still red. Other than that, I feel fine. This also explains the typos :)

  • NLKE 0.03b released!! After a VERY long period of NOTHING, comes this awesome new release. It has a load of new features/improvements, too much to list here, so I won't :) Oh yeah, it also loads Tales of Phantasia. Thanks to Emuviews for the news

  • Jamanoid 0.5b released! Jamsponge (hu6280) has released this Arkanoid clone (which I reported about a few days ago), download it FREE OF CHARGE!! And, no need to worry about the IDSA either :) This, ofcourse, works with HU6280 1.84b, although the game has no sound.

  •   Tuesday, December 22nd 1998 - Last updated @ 19:50 CET

  • Snes9x 1.16a for DOS released too! Gah, busy people at snes9x.com :) Thanks to JoseQ of Emuviews for the news

  • Snes9x Linux and MAC versions released! Click here for the 'nix version (1.16a, i386, libc5) or here for the MAC version 1.16, courtesy of John Stiles (emulation.net)

  • Dboy 0.34 released! Don't know what's new :-)

  • I've gotten quite a few mails from people, saying they cannot download the neogeo updates from the /tempo dir. To those people I say: You cannot/will not read what I write on my page, yet you want an answer from me ?! Forget it.

  • ZTNET eXclusive! ZTNET, the ISP hosting us, among others, has made an agreement with Wisdom Tree, a NES developer. Their NES: Color Dreams roms are available for download, LEGALLY AND FREE OF CHARGE!! More roms will follow AFTER the holidays. Click HERE to go to the Color Dreams site.

  • Metal Slug 2 Sound Dumps!! NAZ has released this dump and it rocks! (good pun intended ;) Here they are: Ms2_m1.zip, ms2_v1.zip and ms2_v2.zip

  • MacMAME 0.34 RC2 out! Get it while it's hot :)

  • MAME 034 RC2 released! This should have been MAME 0.34 final, but because the boards were down (.ie no feedback), this is kinda like a test version. If all's correct MAME 0.34 *final* should follow after this, fairly quick. Click here for the source update (install it over the RC1 source)

  • I'm as sick a dog, I shouldn't even be updating my site. But I will. Please, bear with me.

  •   Sunday, December 20th 1998 - Last updated @ 22:45 CET

  • Because of all the requests, I have recompiled mame to support kof95 in the correct manner. If you must have it, download it, but you might as well wait for 0.34 final.

  • Retrogames eXclusive! The HU6280 (TG16 emu) team are coding an ARKANOID clone for use with their emulator! I was sent an early copy, and quite frankly, it rocks, BIGTIME! I've also gotten a nice pic of a few of the CD games it will support, Fighting Street is included. It's is currently working for about 80%, so a bit more work is needed.

  • Last Blade sound roms return! Back by popular demand, here are: lb_v1.zip, lb_v2.zip, lb_v3.zip and lb_v4.zip. I've also put the lb_m1.zip here, just in case you missed it.

  • Datapotato is now dead, it WON'T be back again. Quang was fed up with the lamers out there, he wrote me a mail explaining everything, here's ONE line out of it: "The IDSA didn't kill me the Peons did". "Lamer overload" is worse than the IDSA, trust me, I know. Bye quang .......

  • Nemu64 0.006 released! This emu is starting to look like Hu6280, update wise :) Anyway, heaps of new things and updates, check the homepage for more info and demos.

  • News-U-Lator gets a domain! Go check it out over at http://www.lator.com, kindly hosted by the good chaps over at emulationworld.com

  •   Saturday, December 19th 1998 - Last updated @ 16:20 CET

  • Thank god for the Aliens!!

  • Dboy Runner 1.0.0 released! mrg has updated his Dboy frontend, which was released last night :) According to the mail I received "The previous release was primarily for friends that wanted it bad! [well, at least 2 of them :)]". So leech and enjoy !

  • Doodie roller :) Thanks to doodie.com

  • You can still ICQ me in realtime!

  • Yesterday, it was confirmed that the correct KOF95 sound rom sizes are V1 (4 Mbyte), V2 (2 Mbyte) and V3 (1 Mbyte). This means you will have to split your V3 rom, since it is currently 2 Mbyte in size. Also you will have to recompile MAME, click HERE to see what you have to edit.

  • KOF95 sound fix! This is the fixed _v1.rom, so enjoy. And I have to add that you CANNOT use Getright and such on this download.

  •   Friday, December 18th 1998 - Last updated @ 22:57 CET

  • And another Dboy frontend!! mrg has also released a Dboy frontend, Dboy Front 0.1.5, try this one too :)

  • Dboy frontend! [NS] just released his Dboy frontend, Dboy Runner, which should make a lot of people happy :) It runs in W95/98, so leech. Thanks to SantaWomp and Zophar for the news.

  • Tech Request: Pullmoll (MESSdev) is looking for detailed information about Tandy 1000 / PCjr graphics mode and port layout. If you can help him, mail him!

  • My ISP told me I was getting linked up the ****, thank you, linking lamers! I will get the URLs from the logs and "expose" all you linking little you-know-whats. If you want this site to stay up, I suggest you DON'T link to the files I have online. I didn't put the anti-link script online, so this way people with Getright could download the files too. Now you will have to DISABLE programs like Getright and Go!zilla when you want to download the sound dumps AND NeoGeo Rom of the Day.

  • Samurai Shodown 4 sound roms! Get them while they're hot, sams4_v1.zip and sams4_v2.zip

  • This is getting too funny :) Userfriendly rocks!

  • Hahaha, first the Republicans whine about the president and his affair with Monica, now their 'leader' has done the same, although he "didn't do it with a member of his staff, nor did he lie about it under oath." Yeah, there are the Republicans and their HIGH MORAL STANDARDS again, you bunch of losers!

  • New site added! Theo moves his arcade game list to Retrogames, welcome aboard Theo!

  • XMAME 0.34 RC1.1 released! Hans de Goede has released this for all you 'nix lovers, click here to see the changes and here for the xmame homepage :)

  • Dboy 0.33 released! I don't know what's new, since I can't read the docs that come with it :)

  • Please download the Pulstar 2: Blazing Star sound dumps (look at yesterday's news) FAST, as I will replace them with new ones in about 2 hours (13:30 CET)

  • NeoMAME 0.34 RC1a released! Apollo69 releases this lovely new mame with support for all the sound fixes and new M1 roms.

  • Apollo69 and NAZ have released a bunch of new _m1.rom fixes for various neogeo games, here they are: Kizuna Encounter (33k), Last Blade (35k), Spin Masters (75k), World Heroes 2 Jet (33k) and World Heroes Perfect (43k)

  •   Thursday, December 17th 1998 - Last updated @ 23:10 CET

  • Noodle64! Thank you, Draven!

  • Wanna see how Iraqi's launch Scud missiles ? Click here!! And thanks to AmRod for the link :)

  • My cablemodem was installed today, and about time it was! I'm able to download at about 40 kbyte/s sustained, which is better than my ISDN line (8k/s :) Best of all, NO PHONECHARGES!! If you live in Eindhoven, Mierlo or Helmond (=Hell mouth ;) (all NL) check this site: goldmine and get connected :)

  • While in #mame (EFnet IRC) Lance McKay of EmuXpress made this nice comment about the current bombing in Iraq: [20:15] (Lance_mc) Craig--: Clinton bombed because American presidents that bomb arabs always become poplular.. a proud tradition started by Reagan

  • Dreamcast emulation added to MAME! Santa has just added this Dreamcast driver to MAME, here's a pic of Virtua Fighter 3TB running! This is gonna rock!!!!! Thanks to Emucamp for the news

  • #600,000 is ElvisP, congrats dude! He sent me a screendump :)

  • Peace (#neogeo) has posted a nice reply to the paltry IDSA response. To be honest, I think IDSA have to reply now, since *ALL* their points have been wiped away in several rebuttals. And I wan't an answer to their statement of emulation having cost 'their' companies several billion $$$, yeah right, you talkin' warez and stuff, baby! How about giving us the numbers of how much emulation MADE for the companies ? Releasing all those retro-packs must be bringing in the dough. And since the emu community opened up a market for them, it's fair "we" get a bit of the profits. My bank account is available for deposits upon request.

  • MacMAME 0.34 RC1, you gotta love it ;)

  • Quake MAME :) Thanks to David Peterson and Webslave for the pic

  • All's quiet on the emu front. I'd like to point out that we're approaching visitor #600,000, if it is you, just send me a screenshot :P

  • Another Color Gameboy rom released :) This time it's Oddworld Inhabitants!

  • (insert news here) ;)

  • Unofficial MAME32 RC1 released! SOMEONE has released this UNOFFICIAL MAME32 0.34 RC1 , it's a mixture of MAME32 B7 code and DOS RC1. DO NOT BUG THE MAME32 TEAM!!

  • I've added a news archive

  • Retrocade news: straight from Neil Bradley, "Space Invaders now has kickass sound, several bugs fixed so far, added Mario Brothers, Brian Stern is working on an 8039 emulator which will bring sound to Donkey Kong, DK Jr., and Mario Brothers. Brian Peek is working on his WIN32 port :) I've added 2151 emulation so now Blasteroids will have voice (and make way for newer Atari games such as Gauntlet, Toobin' and Marble Madness). I'm also working on the C based 6502 core as well so that the Mac side of things can be happy. Just warnin' ya !!"

  • Just a quick reminder on how to win a SB Live ! Make sure you check out the Emulation World Contest Page

  • New Retro Radio released! Shane (Coinster) replies to the IDSA letter of recently and revives more 8-bit classics :)

  • The new sound dumps are: KOF95 (tested by me, works), Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (tested by me, works), Samurai Shodown 4 (same applies here :) and Pulstar 2: Blazing Star (gonna try it now :) They will be released as soon as I have a few mirrors (NOT dumped by Neocharity, but an unknown dumper from Korea :)

  • Naz has released the Pulstar 2 sound dump and I have mirrored them. GETRIGHT is allowed this time, bstar_v1.zip, bstar_v2.zip and bstar_m1.zip.

  •   Wednesday, December 16th 1998 - Last updated @ 23:59 CET

  • Raine adds 2 more games! Bubble Symphony and Plotting have been added! Can't wait to get my hands on the new beta :)

  • Iraq is being bombed as we speak, check CNN for more info and live coverage!

  • The RAINE site is not down, well, it is, but not what you think :) Internic accidentaly removed their DNS. Mario told me they are still alive with more news and announcements coming soon!

  • Keep your modems running, expect a LOT of new sound roms soon.

  • Realarcadeart offer pics of the genuine article, .ie pictures of REAL arcade cabinets, which can be used with TkMAME, Mame/W, Arcade@home, and Femame 2 (all mame frontends). If you haven't been there already, you should =)

  • You should have never trusted Bill .....

  • Datapotato has been updated!

  • I kinda overlooked these, so here they are anyway: Amame 0.34 RC1 and Pmame 0.34 RC1

  • Legend of Zelda DX released!! I will not provide download links, it's out, do a search :)

  • Dr. Emu will be returning today!

  • Dboy 0.32 released! This version apparently has the CRC check removed with a commandline option: DBOY -cgb -nocrc cart.gb Thanks to Ultimate News and Emulators for the news

  • NEMU64 0.005 released! It now loads a few more demos and it shows the startup screen for PONG :)

  • Very nice Emulation Article Thanks to Tin To for the news.

  •   Monday, December 15th 1998 - Last updated @ 21:20 CET

  • Apollo69 releases Fatal Fury 3 sound roms! You can get them here, only 2 files, about 7 MB big. fury3_v1.zip (3,3 MB) and fury3_v2.zip (3,4 MB). PLEASE download ONE at a time! You will also need this UPDATED fury3_p1.zip (400 kb), OR you can use an hexeditor to change the first byte to $10 in your current fury3_p1.rom.

  • Dave of DTmnt is looking for help on Direct-X, looks like wants to go the windows way. He wants to know which programs he needs to compile in Windows and for windows. Check the homepage for more info.

  • Dreamcast emu ?!? Well, I was reading the news at Zophar and I saw that someone made an early Dreamcast emu called DeCent!? Zophar states: "However, I guarantee all of you that this is a LEGITIMATE attempt to emulate the DC. No, it won't run at 60 FPS on a P200, this is not a miracle emulator. But it is without a doubt, a real project." Along with it come 2 pics, here and here It runs at 2.5 FPS on an Intel P200 MMX, in software rendering mode. Head on over to Zophar for the full lowdown!

  • I want to welcome our newest member to the Retrogames family, Dr. Emu. Dr. Emu has been raised in Jivecity, USA so communication between him and you *could* be difficult at times. He's the new problem solver here at Retrogames, so if you have any questions mail ME and I will pass it along. Click here for his site.

  • Let Dr. Love help you! You wanna know how big chances are of you having a succesfull relationship with Plastic Pam ? Maybe you wanna know you and and your nextdoor neighbour are cool too ? Click here and let love decide :)

  • News-U-Lator interviews Tratax (PSEmu)!

  • Rolling Thunder rocks!! I've just compiled it (with a lot of help from Zwaxy) and it runs fullspeed on my PII-266. Click here and here to see me get my be-hind wooped ;) I'm just glad I can play it now, since ThundEm didn't work on my pc. Also, the music is emulated, no need for that big 5 MB sample pack :) No speech yet though.

  • Nemu64 is showing the "N" screen of WAVE RACE! This emu has progressed a lot in the last week orso :) This is one to keep an eye on.

  • Dragonyen interviews the IDSA!!

  • I'm gonna compile MAME now with the new Rolling Thunder driver, if I don't update for the next hour or so, you knowI'll be playing Rolling Thunder :)

  • Win yourself a copy of Bleem! Straight from the site "Design a Fake Snapshot/MPG/Actual Emulator of an un-emulated console/computer running any title of your choice, for example a N64 emulator running Mario or a Jaguar Emulator running Aliens v Preditor..etc.etc.." Seems pretty clear to me :) Anyway, click here to go to Foxy's Site and read all about it.

  •   Monday, December 14th 1998 - Last updated @ 22:45 CET

  • Eeek! A few errors crept into the story below, all fixed now.

  • Emulation World Contest!! Beginning on Tuesday the 15th, and running for seven days (through Monday the 21st), Our host, Emulation World will be running a contest in which one of our frequent visitors will have the chance to win a Soundblaster Live! Value Edition soundcard. Your task is to find icons on seven of the major Emulation World sites, including this one. Each day, a different site will place an icon of a retrogaming character on their site for 24 hours only. If you find all seven icons over the next week, you will be in a drawing to win the soundcard. The seven participating sites are Emulators Unlimited, Retrogames, RAINE, PSemu Pro, Zophar's Domain, EmuCamp, and System16. If you are affiliated with any of these sites, or with Emulation World, you may not participate. For more rules and information, please visit http://www.emulationworld.com/emulation_world_contest.htm. Entries must have all seven icons identified and show which sites, and on which days they appeared on. Entries must be sent to contest@emulationworld.com.

  • Nemu64 0.004 released! Nemu64 (N64 emulator) has been updated again, it now supports a few more demos. Thanks to the lads at Emuunlim for the news.

  • New GameBoy emu! BouKiChi has released DBOY 0.31 (DOS) which runs on a 486/DX2 and has no GUI. YET, it DOES have Color Gameboy support, just type "dboy cartname -cgb" at the command prompt. The controls: SHIFT=START CTRL=B ALT=A TAB=SELECT. Thanks to ElvisP and Emucamp for the news. MASSIVE thanks to Ultimate News and Emulators for the controls :)

  • Seems some people got the wrong impression about PureNews. Purenews is a respectable site and I wasn't "dissing" it. Purenews posted a news bit onto which I replied. Nothing more, nothing less. Don't shoot the messenger.

  • Zoop (emucamp) ported his yet unreleased SMS emu (called MEKA) to Linux, IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!! The emu (which I'm betatesting), is VERY cool and very fast and very nice and very very =) Check the Emucamp page for more news and a screenshot!

  • Space Panic German :) Big Thanks to Gridle

  • Straight from the mailing list: "The M1 rom for Last Blade is probably incorrect (64k instead of 128k), that's the reason a lof of music is missing. In general, games with large Vx ROMs and a 64k M1 should be considered *very* suspicious. Metal Slug 2 and KOF97 might have to be fixed." Please, don't bother the dumpers, since it's not certain yet. More on this as we get it. At least you know now that you're not the only one with music missing in Last Blade :)

  • PureNews is reporting about a new N64 emu, TOTAL64. From the first look, it looks like TOTAL bull (pardon my French)! First of all, what's with the little blocks ?! Secondly, there are two types of fonts in the title bar, is that possible in Windows ? Three: Why doesn't the screendump fit in the window, if you look correctly, you will see that it's out of the window, bottom and left side. Four, both the SETTINGS and SNAPSHOT have the S underlined. Should make some nice results, when pressing ALT-S :) The author also states it's still very buggy and alpha, but he expects Mario to work correctly in 10 days time ?! Nice try, but it's a fake.

  • Metal Slug is online, split format *ONLY*, don't download everything at once.

  • How to keep an idiot busy .....

  • I've gotten a few mails fom people saying the KOF96_S2.zip is not found on the neogeo page, that's correct because there isn't one :) I accidentaly wrote it down. So if you have downloaded all roms EXCEPT S2, it WILL work.

  • I've added a few NEOGEO MP3s, they're from Samurai Shodown 2-4. Nothing much, but it's a start :)

  • Raine adds more games! Raine hass added support for P-47 (side scrolling schmup) and Avenging Spirit / Phantasm

  • Yeah, I'm here! I'll be updating in a few moments.

  •   Sunday, December 13th 1998 - Last updated @ 23:00 CET

  • The *complete* *updated* Metal Slug rom will be going online tomorrow morning, European time. In split format.

  • Nemu64 0.003 released! Nemu64 is a new N64 emu for WIN95/98 (no, not the Sardu one ;), but it's very cool already. It runs a few demos, which you can find at its homepage over at Emuunlim.

  • MAME 0.34 RC1 (binary) and MAME 0.34 RC1 (source)!!

  • I will be adding the Metal Slug sound roms tonight

  • Zophar (excellent news site, btw) put up a nice scanned article about emulation. Click here to read it.

  • HU6280 1.84b released! The HU6280 team have released this beta, and it rocks! It runs about 98% of the HuCards and support for .iso (CD-rips) has also been added (do I smell Dracula X somewhere ?)

  • MESS emulates PC! MESS (kinda like MAME, but for consoles) has added support for ye olde PC, all those people that grew up without the commandline interface can now have a go at it :)

  • 3 new FAN releases! Maechiko has released 3 updates to his FAN series of emulators, updated SMSFAN98 (Sega Master System), GGFAN98 (Game Gear) and FCFAN98 (NES). All are in Japanese, and are shareware. Thanks to Emucamp for the news.

  • I will be adding emulation news in a few moments.

  • Wow, what a day. I woke up at 9 AM and spent the next 6 hours or so trying to put my new car stereo in. Suffice to say, I have done better things on sunday morning. I ended up installing 3 new car stereos, all with some sort of fault. The Pioneer multi-CD changers were driving me mad, as none of them worked the way they should have. I now have a Kenwood stereo in my car, damn :( I should have known something flaky was up with the Pioneer stereos because the box said: " Ship to FELL OFF TRUCK, Inc." :)

  •   Saturday, December 12th 1998 - Last updated @ 19:50 CET

  • SERVER OVERLOAD! As you've noticed, the sound roms are hammering on the server like Thor on a bad day. I've put World Heroes Perfect back up, the rest is ONE AT A DAY! I'm sorry if you were in the process of downloading, but the server had to be reset.

  • Anyway, I've also uploaded the last few KOF96 split rom files, so you can download those too.

  • First we get a week of snow and cold temperatures and now we get rain for a week here in Holland?!

  • Emucamp releases Dick Tracy ! Zoop over at emucamp.com has released another fine Sega Master System rom: Dick Tracy Head on over to EmuCamp to download it!

  • New Sound Dump overload! Naz released new sound dumps for Metal Slug (5,83 MB), World Heroes Perfect (1,73 MB) and Last Blade (12,3 MB). Apollo69 has released a fix for Overtop (27 kb) (M1 rom)

  •   Friday, December 11th 1998 - Last updated @ 21:40 CET

  • _DrMario_ (author of Penix and Les) has announced he's working on an Atari Jaguar emulator! He's made good progress (I also sent him a load of Jag docs and roms) and there are already people testing it (very early alpha phase). Can't wait to get my hands on this thing =)

  • LOL!! Man with a very big cock ;) Thanks to Darin Fontana for the mail.

  • NEW NEOGEO ROTD!! Today it's King of Fighters '96, the updated set! At a massive 23+ MB, this is one huge download. I wasn't completely able to upload the split set, at 600 bytes/s it tends to suck. So I will upload the split set tomorrow.

  • Seems I made a mistake with the PSEmu story, Tratax is not recompiling the CPU core, but he's writing a Dynamic Recompilation Core. Thanks to DanB for pointing it out.

  • Wanna write your own emulator ? Maybe you want to add a driver to MAME ? That's possible, just head on over to Zan's Emul8 !

  • All's quiet on the emu front :) Although this is probably the quiet before the storm. 2 days ago I bought myself a Nintendo64, first ever NCL console I've bought. I'm a big Sega freak, but at $110 with Mario included, who could resist :) I'm currently uploading the kof96 set (big zip) and in small zips. It should all be up by 21:00 CET at the latest.

  • JoseQ of Emuviews spoke to Tratax yesterday and he told him he's recompiling the CPU core, which in theory, should lead to a double or triple speed increase. Anyway, click HERE to read it, it's pretty cool.

  • The Dracula X copy project has probably reached the final stage, Harry writes on his page "Keep watching this space. You might see something very cool. ;)" Thanks to CKramer75 for the mail.

  •   Thursday, December 10th 1998 - Last updated @ 23:33 CET

  • New Virtual Boy rom released! It's called TELERO BOXER and it's out there. check the usual sites. I won't supply a link, why make the IDSA's job easier eh ? Thanks to Daemon for the name correction.

  • Jeez, talk about a slow day. Anyway, I was trying to upload the updated KOF96 set, but it didn't work out the way it should. So, I'll be uploading it tomorrow in split form, for easy downloading.

  • XMAME 0.34 b8 released! The 'nix mame port is now upto par with the dos version, click here to see the changes. The coolest part in this new version is the ability to go between window and full screen during game play, and the ability to support upto 4 joysticks using the new linux joystick driver. Thanks to TkMAME (coolest MAME frontend :) for the news

  • The win32 port of Retrocade is progressing nicely, about 60% of the games work but the rest is pretty screwed up, wrong colors and the vector games don't work yet. Sound is also a problem at the moment. Neil Bradley mentioned he had to learn DirectX now ;) This should be something to look forward too.

  • One Terabyte Memory ?! Thanks to Chemical

  • WinNES author interviewed! News-U-Lator has conducted another interview, this time with Cosimo De Michele, author of WinNES. WinNES will be returning with a plugin type architecture (kinda like PSEmu and WINAMP) I've also added News-U-Lator to the Links page.

  •   Wednesday, December 9th 1998 - Last updated @ 21:38 CET


  • Well, that's what you get with M$ and its ways of doing business .....

  • King Of Fighters '96 runs okay with NeoMAME, all music + sounds are there, but my PII-266/128 MB RAM is having trouble keeping it at a steady 60 fps. It fluctuates between 55-60 fps, which ofcourse sucks :( This is also @ 8 bit sound with 22050 Hz, so for those wanting to run it at 16/44100, good luck :)

  • *UPDATED* KOF96 Sound roms (6,8 MB)!!

  • NeoMAME 0.34 B released! Apollo69 has released this new version, which has fixed the checksums for Overtop AND adds support for the new KOF96 soundroms, which you can get from NAZ or here in a few moments, if you're having trouble reaching his site.

  •   Tuesday, December 8th 1998 - Last updated @ 13:13 CET

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Very nice! Happy holidays :)

  • I've been getting a lot of request for MAME beta 7 roms, so I will be posting them shortly.

  • BrSMS 1.2 public version released! Ricardo Bittencourt has released BrSMS, his Sega Master System emulator to us, the unregistered public, but I do suggest you register, since it's free :) You will also get your copy sooner than the rest. There are a LOT of new features, so check it out :)

  • Emuspain is back! Lim does state on the new page, that he ran into a lot of troubles and is not sure about the future of Emuspain.

  • Cameron Mac Millan has written a very nice response to the IDSA statement released a few days ago. This is a MUST-READ!

  • Dtmnt 0.55 beta released! Dave released this version because it has scanlines and better 8-bit color BUT it is also slower then version 0.54. For more info, check the homepage

  •   Monday, December 7th 1998 - Last updated @ 22:30 CET

  • Here's the mail I got from towel_, who informed me of the NBC story, dating 20/11/98. Thanks again :)

  • Retrogames mentioned on NBC! Retrogames was mentioned on NBC 5 News as the Weekday WebSite, together with Macmame.org on Tuesday, 11/17/98. Wow, my first TV bit that I know of :)

  • J_ROM is back! He's now being hosted by The Official Raine site!

  • We were wondering what kind of site you would like to see added to Retrogames, maybe a sprite rip site, or a reviews site or something like that. Oh, don't even think of http://microsoft.retrogames.com or http://playboy.retrogames.com, it ain't gonna happen (damn! I wanted the Playboy site :). So, mail me if you want to suggest something!

  • MAMEWIP news: Rolling Thunder is being worked on, emulation is progressing nicely, but there's NO MUSIC as of yet. Some things still have to be worked out. Good things are a-coming, I'm particularly happy, because ThundEm doesn't work for me :(

  • Help Santa ! He's missing an elf!

  • Yeah, I'd stay out too :)

  • Gary Henderson (Snes9x) interviewed! Geechyguy over at the Emulation Newsstand has interviewed Gary Henderson, who explains WHY Snes9x went offline a while back. Very interesting explanation.

  • Kylie Minogue is the new Hennes & Mauritz girl! I used to have a little crush on Kylie :) Kylie poses in ahem, (mainly) lingerie, too bad y'all can't see the abri's, she rocks! Well, actually YOU CAN! Under the pics you will see "clic-clic-lunch" and things, those you have to click for more pics :)

  • We passed 500,000 visitors yesterday on Fastcount and almost 400,000 on Nedstat

  • Site Addtion #1: Retrogames now proudly host the OFFICIAL X-MAME PAGE! Hans de Goede has moved his OFFICIAL Linux/Unix port of MAME to our site, which dramatically improves the download speed. The other server he was on (in Spain) was as slow as could be :( Anyway, enjoy your stay and welcome aboard, goed gedaan jochie =) And thanks to TkMAME for setting it up :P

  •   Sunday, December 6th 1998 - Last updated @ 22:20 CET

  • New NEOGEO ROTD! Today's special is Baseball Stars 2, so go leech it :)

  • PSEmu Pro for MAC coming! The PSEmu Pro team will be porting the emu to the Mac PowerPC next year! They've already released an Apple PSX MoviePlayer, which you can download from their download page (way at the bottom). This should be one awesome emu.

  • Retrogames will be hosting 3 more sites in the near future, 2 will be VERY high profile, the 3rd (also high profile) one will be a site you all know (and thought was dead ;-)

  • Next bit is for Dutch/Belgian people only: If you want your face on TV, I suggest you head on over to LOMMEL (B) (just over the border with Holland), to Club Shaft to be exact. When you're driving down from Holland, just stay on the Valkenswaard - Hasselt road and after the border turn RIGHT on the very first road. Just keep on going and when you pass the bridge, you'll see an ESSO station, turn right there and just keep on going (2-3 km), Club SHAFT will show up on your left side. Today it opened at 14:00 CET, and it will rock! You might wonder why I plug an afterclub, well, I helped the owner with buying it/final contracts, and in the 4 months it has been open, it has been totally awesome!!

  • SNES9X 1.15 released! Snes9x 1.15 (no gui) for dos was released, and it rocks! Among other things, it has surround sound support, and Tales Of Phantasia mapper support.

  • Naz is restarting the CPS2 crack project, if you want to sign up, mail him!

  •   Saturday, December 5th 1998 - Last updated @ 21:15 CET

  • About the constitution: I'm NOT a citizen of the US of A, so excuse me for NOT knowing it.

  • MAMEWIP news: Venture music is working! Dan Boris has added the music: "It's by no means perfect, but at least it's working". Dan is also looking for a sample of the original machine, so he knows what it sounds like, thus allowing him to tweak the driver.

  • I received 2 danji translations here #1 from Ssulung2 and #2 from Chunky

  • IDSA releases statement! IDSA released a statement earlier today regarding their 'attacks' on emulation. Could someone PLEASE explain me where the constitution says something about copyrights ?

  • RetroCade 1.1 released! Click here, no HTML yet, later today.

  •   Friday, December 4th 1998 - Last updated @ 16:58 CET

  • New DANJI! Danji was updated, it supports a load of games now, but still no sound, more info as the docs get translated. Go to the homepage for more info (it's in Korean)

  • Zyclone has provided a mirror for the mame beta 8 roms, thank you zyclone! Now, go easy on the site please.

  • Guruchoc now has his own domain! Go check it at http://www.arcadeheaven.com

  • From today on, I have a new mail addy: atila@mert.org For those who didn't know yet, MERT is my lastname. Mert.com & Mert.net were already taken, so I had to settle for mert.org. This is courtesy of Speedhost.com, one of the best hosts out there! My old addies at xs4all.nl and retrogames.com are still active btw. They won't go down :)

  • A bunch of sites were contacted today (including ours) by Capcom of Japan. We were given a warning by them, we have to remove all capcom roms and emulators (roms are gone, the emulators you can forget, those are legal!), or else we WOULD get into legal trouble. We can now OFFICIALY say that the shit has hit the fan, when companies start contacting you. Chances are that from this day on 'roms' will be 'warez' and you will ALL have trouble getting the latest roms for your fav emulators, since we are all criminals now and we should all be shot! Capcom-san, we have complied, but you will lose a lot of goodwill with the emulation lovers (I'm not talking about the lamers here). I'm talking about people who thoroughly enjoy the old games, people that DON'T want emulation because it saves them a quarter at a arcade!

  •   Thursday, December 3rd 1998 - Last updated @ 21:00 CET

  • New NEOGEO ROM OF THE DAY!! Today it's the UPDATED Overtop, this zip contains Apollo69's new V1 sound rom. If you need JUST the new sound rom, look below please. You don't need to download this zip, just merge the new rom with your own zip.

  • NeoMAME released! This is a version of MAME that supports ONLY the Neogeo games. This version supports Apollo69's new sound dump for OverTop. The reason it is released is that people will now be able to play the neogeo games with new roms, without having to wait for the new mame beta, this version is also 500+ kb zipped. This ALSO means that the MAMEDEV team HAS NOTHING to do with it, so do not bug them !! Thanks to Ranma for the news.

  • May the Source be with you !

  • Well, Zyclone mailed me that the MAME ROMS ARE OFFLINE :-( His carrier was giving him some problems. It has been doing a FULL 10Mbit/s since yesterday! That's about 1,3 Mbyte/s or 78 Mbyte/min or 4,7 GB/hour :) My guess is that most people have the roms now, so everyone should by now. If not, well, I guess you lucked out for the moment. I still want to thank Zyclone for hosting them!

  • DragonYen interviews CyberWarriorX (snes9x)! DY has interviewed CWX (maintainer of the DOS Snes9x port), and a lenghty interview it is! Click here to read.

  • Raine adds 2 games! I missed this piece of info, so here it is anywayz. Combat Tribes and Puchi Carat have been added! Check the homepage for more info.

  •   Wednesday, December 2nd 1998 - Last updated @ 22:22 CET

  • New NEOGEO Sound dumps coming!! Apollo69 is reporting that new sounds are being worked on, and it going okay! He teamed up with NAZ and ARACORN to figure it out how to CORRECTLY dump the roms and they did. So, we should be seeing new dumps VERY soon!!!

  • New PSemu Pro beta! You will HAVE TO USE the latest versions of the plugins, go to the PSEmu homepage to download those!

  • MacMAME beta 8 added! I kinda overlooked this, but here it is!


  • Today's the big day, the roms will be returning soon :)

  • Videoman was kind enough to release an UNOFFICIAL MAME32 Beta 8. This one is NOT SUPPORTED BY THE MAME32 TEAM. So, do not bug them please :)

  •   Tuesday, December 1st 1998 - Last updated @ 21:35 CET

  • The MAME beta 8 roms are returning!! They will not be stored on this server, nor will I link to the roms, so screw you-hoo-hoo! It's something special, come back tomorrow to leech again :)

  • New NEOGEO ROMS OF THE DAY! Today I got Samurai Shodown 2 and Baseball Stars lined up for you! These are the correct MAME sets.

  • Daemon (over at Emucamp) has conducted an interview with the PSemu/Psyke team! Click here to read, it's very informative :)

  • SMSFAN98 updated! The Japanese win95 SMS emu has been updated, don't ask me WHAT was updated, since I don't I don't speak/read Japanese. Thanks to Emucamp for the news

  • Still here, I'll be updating when I have news, things are slow today.