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  •    Sega Master System - Game Gear

    The Sega Master System was released back in 1986, it was more powerfull than the NES, but it never really caught on. Nintendo's marketing campaign and stronghold on 3rd party developers (they could ONLY release games on NES once signed on), the SMS never really gained momentum. The SMS did have quality releases like Out Run and even Shinobi (one of my personal favorites ;), but what really set it apart were the "awesome" conversions from Genesis/Megadrive to SMS. Sonic the Hedgehog on SMS was arguably better than on Genesis. RPG's like the Phantasy Star series made sure that this console turned into something special. Enter the Game Gear . The Game Gear was basicly a portable Sega Master System with a cool color LCD display (something the GameBoy lacked). You could play SMS titles on a Game Gear with a special adapter and you could even watch TV on it. Memorable games on the Game Gear were Sonic and Mortal Kombat for instance. NBA Jam is a game that looks like a little miracle on the tiny display, but it's good enough to get even my mom hooked on the game. Therefore, the GG is a winner =)

         SMS - Game Gear Emulators

      MEKA 0.32c - SMS, GG and Colecovision - DOS/WIN9x dosbox
    MEKA by Zoop (main coding) and Hiro-Shi (Sound emulation) has been coded over the past 8 months or so and on its maiden release shocked quite a few people. Never before had the world seen such a fine first release, with a GUI to match. MEKA is fast, with the most accurate sound emulation yet and filled with Easter Eggs, like in-built games that start to function after a certain key/click combination. This release also adds COLECOVISION emulation to Meka.

      BrSMS 1.21 - SMS, GG and Colecovision - DOS/WIN9x dosbox
    BrSMS is right up there with MEKA, although it lacks the magnificent GUI that MEKA has. BrSMS is also very fast and has good sound emulation and has added Colecovision emulation in this release.

      MASTERGEAR 1.2 - SMS and GG - WIN95/98/NT
    MasterGear is made by Marat Fayzullin, who can be considered the "father of console emulation". MasterGear is another fine emulator but it is shareware and registering costs $35, more info is available here. It has to be said that ONLY the WIN32 version costs money, all other versions (unix/linux/freeBSD/etc) are free :)

      MASSAGE 0.8f - SMS and GG - DOS/WIN9x dosbox
    MASSAGE was king for a VERY long time, but is hadn't been updated for a long time. Recently James McKay (MASSAGE author), has announced that soon version 1.0 will be released. Although 0.8f is the last free version, version 0.9 has been released to registered users. Also, the source for MASSAGE 0.61 is freely available and can be downloaded here.

      SMSFAN98 1.06 - SMS - WIN95/98/NT
    SMSFAN98 is a cool SMS emulator that works like a charm, there's just one problem: It's in Japanese :) This emulator is worth the download though.

      MGX 0.13 - GG - DOS/WIN9x/NT
    MGX is a new Game Gear emulator by the author of Dboy, not much is know about it.

      GGFAN PLUS 1.09 - GG - WIN95/98/NT
    GGFAN PLUS is a cool GG emulator by the same author as SMSFAN98, Maechiko. This emulator is worth a download and it is also in Japanese.

      Sega G3 1.11 (3rd) - SMS/GG/Mark3 - WIN95/98
    This is the new version of GGFan and SMSFan, they have been merged.

         SMS - Game Gear ROMS (legal and/or homebrewn)

    Coming soon!

    The roms posted on this page are believed to be in the public domain or have been allowed to be posted here by their legal owners. If you feel that we should remove YOUR rom from this page, because of violation of copyright, please mail Atila and the rom will be removed.