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  •    Wednesday, February 28th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:45 EST

  • Final Burn Save State Format - Just in case you're interested in technical details ! Here is the official Final Burn .FS Save State Format !
    Thanks SwampGas :P - Opi

  • COCO v1.10 - Version 1.10 of COCO, David Keil's TRS-80 Color emulator is available now. Additional info can be found here. Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • Ultima 3 v0.990 For Gameboy Color - Woah ! Looks coool :) Sven Carlberg made his own Ultima 3 port for Nintendo's Gameboy Color, look at these screenshots ! - Opi

  • gnuboy v0.9.7 - A new DOS binary and the source code of gnuboy, an open source (GNU General Public License) Game Boy Color emulator is now available. Thanks to Lrd[EFN] for the news ! - Opi

  • SNES9x v1.37c Linux & Source Code - Gary released a new Linux version of SNES9x as well as the latest v1.37c source code. Please look here for the latest changes, thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • BeOS Emulator Ports - Tommy from BeEmulated reported some new BeOS emulator ports today !

    - o - run68 (an X68000 emulator)
    - o - Dgen (Genesis)
    - o - a compiled version of the latest Gnuboy
    - o - BeYame (PC Engine / TG-16)

    Tommy is also looking for some feedback for his site and work. So if you're a BeOS user AND emulation lover, visit his site and send him a little email - it will cost you nothing :) - Opi

  • MAME Meeting In The UK - RocLobsta from MAMEWorld is planing a UK MAME meeting for every interested MAME freak, a big "come together" somewhere in the south of the UK (northern part later) ! Please visit MAMEWorld and/or the MAMEWorld General Board for the full lowdown. - Opi

  • All Your Detention Are Belong To Us - I know that AYBABTU has had its 15 mins of fame, but this pic was just too good to pass up. It's a highschool conduct referral form for a certain student who was removed from class because he was "constantly yelling 'ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US' and would not stop when asked." That's funny :) Someone should make a nice CG movie of that, should work nicely =) Thanks to Saulo B. for the link. - atila

  • RockNES v1.810 - Fx3 released a new, hopefully more stable RockNES binary today. Version 1.810 offers the following improvements :

    - o - Rebuilt most of startup sequence, tons of problems were fixed;
    - o - Fixed memory corruption, FDS driver and NES reset;
    - o - Fixed a memory problem in the PPU reset (fixing gfx garbage);
    - o - Fixed HBlank timing for mappers (broken from previous version);
    - o - Fixed mappers #40, #42, #43, #69, #90 (broken from previous version);
    - o - Fixed mapper #67;
    - o - Fixed ROM mapping on $6000-$7FFF memory space;
    - o - Fixed a problem in the config
    ..... (default inputs settings were not done on startup);
    - o - Removed garbage from GUI, fixed mapper information box;
    - o - Tons of cosmetic changes, plus minor fixes.

    Click here to download RockNES v1.810, thanks to katharsis from Geoshock for the news.

    Don't miss the new official RockNES messageboard ! - Opi

  • Sengoku Legends - A new NeoGeo game?! Cool. :) Check out a poster & movie for this upcoming 3rd game in the Sengoku series at Kazuya_UK's NeoGeo For Life! - prophet

  • Zsnes (1.17 r0.85 Win32) French Translation - French speaking ZSNES fans will no doubt be interested in Top50's French translation of this great SNES emulator - get it now at Power3D.com! - prophet

  • Street Fighter or Sesame Street Fighter? - Breakpack dug up some interesting information regarding Super Street Fighter 2! Take a look! =P - prophet

  • Gamer's Uplink contest - Wanna win a free copy of Metal Gear Solid Gold Edition PC? Go here! You'll have to sign up for their email newsletter to qualify. - prophet

  • KoF91 Returns! - Moah released a brand new updated version of his homebrew fighting game, KoF91! This time ALL the characters are originals, so check it out, it's free! - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated again! Some text, some pics, it's all good. :) - prophet

  • New Simulator! - _MADrigal_ has released a new simulator: Dungeons & Dragons (Mattel, Arcade action series, 1981). I'm sure a lot of you will remember this little game :) - atila

  •    Tuesday, February 27th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:47 EST

  • Super Jukebox v3.1 - Marius Fodor made a nice looking update for his SPC player for Windows - Super Jukebox. If you want a SPC "all in one" solution with ZIP, RAR and ACE support, visualizations effects, three different sound cores and tons of other stuff, check it out. - Opi

  • Battlestar Galactica Returns! - That lovely show from the 70's (not That 70's Show, which rocks, btw :) will be making a come-back! Thanks to oxygen for the link. - atila

  • tgemu Win/BeOS - Pascal Bosquet (Past-O-Rama, c2emu Win) ported Charles MacDonald's tgemu to Windows. tgemu is a new open source PC-Engine / TG-16 emulator for DOS.
    In case we missed it : Caz released a BeOS port of tgemu. Go here for further info and the downloads - thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Mameinfo.dat v2.82 & FixMAME v0.37 b12 R2 - M.A.S.H. released a new version of Mameinfo.dat (merged with driverinfo.dat) and a new FixMAME with correct driver info display, scanlinesbrightness, Pong, Gambling Games, MameMerge-Fix ... - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Just a tiny update: "Nicola Salmoria added Puzzli to the Metro driver. Zsolt Vasvari fixed a missing sound in Carnival", pics are available on the MAME WIP page. Btw, that guy in the second Puzzli pic kinda looks like that Pokemon kid. I could be wrong though ;) - atila

  • SNES9x 1.36 French Translation - French speaking SNES9x fans will no doubt be interested in Top50's French translation of this great SNES emulator - get it now at Power3D.com! - prophet

  • EmuARC's NeoRAGEx Savestates - Interested in a nice collection of interesting NeoGeo savestates for NeoRAGEx? Then check out Emu Arcade! I see some other types of savestates there as well... Hmm, savesates are awfully popular lately. :) - prophet

  • RuMSX v0.23 - RuMSX is an MSX emulator for Windows by Rudolf Lechleitner! Looks like many bugs were killed in this update. You can also download it, and many other MSX related goods, at the superb M.E.P.! (Thanks TFH/Fony) - prophet

  • EMU+ 0.37 Beta 12 (fixed source version) - Yet another amazing unofficial MAME variant gets an update! EMU+ has more features than I can name, including tons of experimental things like savestates & full screen stretching! If you want it all, and then some, give it a try. (Thanks Danmanya) - prophet

  • Arcade Flyers Update - XRay1 emailed me about the awesome Arcade Flyers database surpassing 1600 flyers! Wow! There are 30+ new additions/replacements, including some very nice CPS2 flyers. - prophet

  • Getright v4.50 Beta - CDMan informed that Getright has been updated to v4.50 Beta 5! Getright is an excellent download manager, but I'd also recommend Download Mage, which lets you remotely open and choose files in zips. :) - prophet

  • Arcade Heaven Goodies - GuruChoc posted some lovely vintage DECO cassette images! Needed soon for MAME don'tcha know. More coming too, be sure to check the beta posted list to see the schedule. :) - prophet

  •    Monday, February 26th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:37 EST

  • I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! - Well sortof...Im in the Reno area now, but I still have a lot of moving and catching up to do...will probably be another week or so before I'm all caught up with what's been going on in the emulation world, and I can start posting again...In particular, Ive got a massive MESS WIP update I need to do, and not much free time (at least until I'm more settled in.) Anyway, just wanted everyone to know that I havn't completely disappeared, and I will be back to my regular updates in a week or so...ok now to start reading the 1,000-2,000 emails in my queue... - chris

  • Napster Clones Under Siege - Looks like Napster clones aren't safe anymore. "By early Friday, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) had sent out 75 letters of legal complaint to about 50 U.S. Internet service providers asking them to block access to a shadow Napster system, known as OpenNap, allegedly being run from their networks....The RIAA's [Jonathan] Whitehead said the record industry plans to take on the other Napster-like services such as Gnutella. He would not disclose what legal course the RIAA plans to take against them. 'It's different activity,' Whitehead said about Gnutella. 'We have ideas, and we're looking into it, but we will not discuss what actions we will take.'" Heh, the more the RIAA keeps this up, the more bands will want nothing to do with them. I wish them luck. Thanks much to Class316 for the news tip. - dutch

  • TZX Vault update - Our great hosted site TZX Vault has been updated with 22 new tape images! - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.108 - Yep, another one! This is the "Dave is crap at XMen version." =P - prophet

  • RC-ROMS hits 1 Million! - Congratulations to Rico's RC-ROMS! :) If you've not yet visited this great site, go now and bookmark it. - prophet

  • ArcadeOS 2.45 & VAntAgE 1.1 *FINAL* :( - Brian Lewis has updated 2 of his most famous projects, apparently for the last time. Here are ArcadeOS 2.45 (awesome DOS frontend) & VAntAgE 1.1 (fast classic game emulator). Visit the PC2Jamma site for the full story. His interest in emulation has waned it seems. Thanks Brian for your wonderful contributions to this hobby, you and your work will be missed. (Thanks Rdayen) - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.107 - Yes! Dayvee does it again! Here's what's new. (Thanks P.Philleo & Studly Do-Right) - prophet

  • StretchMAME32 ASM 0.37 Beta 12 "D" - If you're a MAME32 fan, download this now! Here's what's new. It's a great new enhanced unofficial version of MAME32 with special full screen stretching features. StretchMAME32 homepage. (Thanks Kurama) - prophet

  • Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 12 - Andrea Mazzoleni released the latest versions of Advance MAME, Advance Menu & Advance CAB! Here's what's new. Advance MAME is an unofficial DOS version of MAME with special features for advanced users! It allows the user to create custom video modes for any game/display, but requires configuration time before playing. NOT for newbies! Visit the Advance MAME homepage for details. Here are some file mirrors: Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 12 *SOURCE*, P2/P3 Binary C core, Pentium Binary C core, K6 Binary C core, P2/P3 Binary ASM core, Pentium Binary ASM core, K6 Binary ASM core, Advance Menu 1.7 *SOURCE*, Advance Menu 1.7 Binary. Advance CAB 0.7 *SOURCE*, Advance CAB 0.7 Binary. - prophet

  • XMEN: COTA Xor Files! - Razoola has posted the xor files needed to play XMEN: Children of the Atom. There are 4 mirrors available to ensure that everyone has a fast download. - atila

  • MAME WIP - Real American Hero! =) Yes indeed, go read it now!!1 LOL! Lotsa good stuff IMO, including save state progress. Lastly, congrats to my friend Filipe Estima - very cool seeing your name in the MAME WIP! :) - prophet

  • Final Burn Savestate File Format - Dave posted this message explaining the format for Final Burn's savestate files! Or click here to view the details in a text file. Should be useful for collectors and utility developers. - prophet

  • FABLOW! - The site for Final Burn savestates, Fablow!, finally has a REAL host. Right here. So far he has savestates for SSF2, SSF2T, D : Tower of Doom, AvsP, Vamipre, X-Men : COTA, SF Zero/Alpha, and Vampire Savior. Go check him out, he's hosted here, so it has to be good. ;) Thanks to Cyphatic for so desperately trying to get ahold of me to post this. ;) - dhalamar

  • Hehehehehehehe... - richard

  • Video Games Forum - There's a new forum just starting out called Computer Game Forums where you can talk about computer games, console, emulation, all that good stuff. Head on over there and help out. :) Thanks to nintenda for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Yep - ...it does appear to be a countdown of some sort.. and I swear on my life that I have no inside knowledge or any clue whatsoever as to what it means. :) - dutch

  •    Sunday, February 25th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:40 EST

  • Memory Bank debut! - Kuno has just opened the Memory Bank, a brand new site devoted to emulator savestates! There's a section for Final Burn savestates available right now, and Kuno eagerly awaits new savestate submissions. Cool design too. :) - prophet

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Review - Over at Gamers Uplink, there sits a review of Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm sure you remember that game. Who doesn't. ;) And also, there is a review of that X-Men movie on DVD. I don't have a DVD player personally, and my damn VCR ate the tape. I miss that movie. :( Ahem. Anyway, if you like Sonic, go and check out that review, it's more of a "look on the past" type deal, but regardless. And I have 2 reviews in there, see if you can spot them. ;) Hint : They're not the 2 I just mentioned. - dhalamar

  • Gameboy Advance - Man, Iki's GBA Emulator just keeps getting better and better. :) It's been updated to version Beta 5, and runs the new version of the M-Type demo, which is available for download either at his site or the Gameboy Advance Deveopement page. - dhalamar

  • KABOOM Remake - Shane R. Monroe made (with the help of Blitz Basic) a remake of the old Atari 2600 classic KABOOM called Kablooey!.
    "A remake of the old classic Atari game KABOOM! - completely overhauled graphics, sounds, and cool soundtrack. New features, harder play, and lots of other goodies. Even saving highscores". Link : Kablooey! homepage. - Opi

  • StretchMame32 v.37 Beta 12c - StretchMame32, the new Japanese "Fullscreen" MAME32 version (unofficial) was updated today. I tried to download it but the homepage is very slow, so I can't tell you whats new in this release. Hint : wait some hours before you try to download it - right now it's really senseless. News taken from my number one news source - Emulation 9 :)

    Update : changes taken from EmuHQ :)
    o Auto disable stretch mode when you select scanline mode.
    o Save NVRAM at inp directory when record input.
    o Load NVRAM from inp directory when playback. (Loading .nv file supports zip format) - Opi

  • Yape v0.30 - Attila Grósz released a new version of Yape (Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator) - his Commodore C-16/116/Plus/4 emulators for Win9x. New in version 0.30 :

    - o - more accurate IRQ handling
    - o - some DMA fetch corrections
    - o - record wholewave/halfwave TAPs optionally
    - o - enhanced external MONITOR functions

    Click here to download it - thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Possible HIV Vaccin - Yahoo is reporting that "a potential HIV vaccine has proved effective in monkeys and could enter human trials later this year, drug giant GlaxoSmithKline announced on Thursday". Hopefully, it'll be just as effective on humans. Thanks to whoever it was that gave me the link on IRC. - atila

  • YAME Author Interviewed - Navarone, head and webmaster of Emulation 9, conducted an interview with Kappa, the author of YAME - a Japanese PC-Engine emulator. Click here to read it. - Opi

  • Archon 2001 - Evolution ? - All you old Archon fans - spread the word that your favourite oldie is almost reborn again :) Even Jon Freeman, one of the original game designers, has given his input and advice ! Go to the Archon Remake site, check their info/pictures/new icons, raise your voice on their messageboard and praise the two British guys who started this fantastic project :) Oh, BTW - they are still looking for beta testers ! Thanks to Lemon for reminding me this game !!! - Opi

  •    Saturday, February 24th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:27 EST

  • Final Burn v0.106 - Oh man - Dave is still at it ! Final Burn is newsposters dream or nightmare, it depends on your point of view :)

    + Made an autodetect for Video/System memory. Thanks to everyone who sent in DDCaps info!
    + Added support for Final Fight (CPS1), but it has many bugs. - Opi

  • Bliss v1.44 - The Intellivison emulator Bliss has been updated to version 1.44. Click here to get a complete list of what's new, and head on over to the Bliss homepage to download. :) - dhalamar

  • CD-i Emulator - Peter from EmuHQ mentioned an upcoming CD-i Emulator today. The author is an old Philips & Mirage CD-i programmer. The developing is going well (check the site and the screenshots), but now he's facing the problem of lack of game CD's (he owns only 2 of them) and he's looking for a dump of the original CDi BIOS for testing purposes. Please email him if you wanna contribute something ! - Opi

  • fMSX v2.3 - Marat has updated fMSX to version 2.3. "Now with FMPAC and GameMaster2 emulation, among other things.." Anyway, you can click here to get a complete list of what's new, or just head on over to the site for more information on how to get this emulator. - dhalamar

  • Sega Museum update - The Sega Museum has been updated with all kinds of goodies. Stuff in the future games section regarding AOU2001, screenshots and cab pics from Club Kart, Crazy Taxi 2, Dynamic Golf, InoNoOsanpo, Monkey Ball, Super Major Leauge, Vampire Night and Virtual Striker 3. A part abuot Monkey Ball, which is said to be a modern day Marble Madness. A game called Vampire Night, Sega's first venture with Namco. And added some screenshots of the SystemE games Hang-On Jr, Riddle Of Pythagoris and Transformer. Go and check this site out, it's worth the click. :) Especially is you're a Sega fan. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME WIP - There's a new MAME WIP for ya. Go check it out. Won't take but maybe 30 seconds out of your life. :) - dhalamar

  • Final Burn - Dave has released Final Burn v0.105. Check out what's new:

    + Fixed all three punches and kicks in SSF2T.
    + Made options for all the scanline variations in finalburn.ini
    + Fixed CPS1 SF2CE/T priority problem on Zangeif's stage.
    * I'm currently researching what causes Video/System memory to have such a dramatic performance effect on certain PCs: run a game and then see finalburn.ini for more details.

    Go and download it if you know what's good for ya. :) - dhalamar

  • DreamEMU news - The Dreamcast emulator DreamEMU has been updated with a screenshot from Dan Potter's Stars Demo, which runs very slowly at the moment, but still, it runs. :) Go and check it out. - dhalamar

  • StretchMame32 News - There was a minor update for the "ASM 68k core'less" version of StretchMame32 version. Beta 12a adds a 'Stretch Mode' option to the configuration menu, so you're able to switch stretch mode on/off while playing games. The "ASM 68k core activated" version was updated too, latest available build is now beta 12b, but we have no info whats new ! Thanks to Joshua for the email. - Opi

  • Unofficial Highscore.dat v7.1 - Leezer posted a new version of his unofficial Highscore.dat ! Version 7.1 adds "some entries already released in unofficial dats, but didn`t make it into the official dat v7". He also uploaded 3 Q-Bert .nv files for full highscore support. If your fave game still misses highscore support make an request via email, Leezer tries to fill thoses wishes. Thanks to Mame World for the news. - Opi

  • EasyEmu update - This JUST came in! :) mrv2K updated EasyEmu, a great help and resource site hosted by MAMEWorld! 2 new tutorials, various updates and new snapshots for MAME 0.37 Beta 12. (And THAT'S my last update for now, I feel awful.) - prophet

  • Unofficial CPS2MAME for Linux - Hoonis compiled this Linux CPS2MAME! He says it "works like a charm." :) - prophet

  • Micro$oft says RTFM - Now THIS is funny! =P (Thanks C. Hemingway) - prophet

  • Snatcher Review - GameCritics.com did a retrospective review of one of the most highly acclaimed SegaCD games, Snatcher! - prophet

  • Megabase 4.1 - Check out Megabase, a multi-console frontend by Aletsg! It's now up to version 4.1., with new merge and update functions. - prophet

  • Arcade ROM Heaven News! - Well, when I saw this good news in my mail I had to post it - Arcade Heaven is once again posting needed-soon goodies for MAME! Yay! - prophet

  • Proph Poisoned :( - I've been very sick for the past 2 days, I think I ate some rancid Chinese food. My apologies to anyone who emailed me about news etc. I will try to get caught up ASAP, but right now I'm still feeling pretty bad. - prophet

  •    Friday, February 23rd 2001 - Last updated @ 16:27 EST

  • Stardust - The as of yet unreleased SNES emulator for the Sega Saturn, Stardust, has been delayed a little bit more. Man, schools a pain sometimes. :) - dhalamar

  • Project Titan - The other Sega Saturn emualtor Project Titan has been updated with a new build. Here's a small snippet for you regarding the emulator's future. :)

    Well, I finally managed my time well enough this week to push out a new build of Titan. I think now that I'm starting to get used to this semester, I might be able to work on Titan more regularly, even if it's only a few lines here or there... hopefully that will be enough to keep the project's momentum going. I'm looking into moving the source to Sourceforge to facilitate growing code contributions and keeping this site as a sort of status update page.

    You can go read the latest build information and download the emulator and the source from the Project Titan homepage. - dhalamar

  • Pete's Plugins - Pete Bernert has released version 1.46 of Pete's MesaGL Linux PSX GPU and Pete's Soft X11 PSX GPU. Here's a quote of what's new:

    Pete's MesaGL Linux PSX GPU
    all V1.46 features added... there is no V1.46 windows version yet? strange :)

    Pete's Soft X11 PSX GPU
    try it, if your gfx card doesn't like the MesaGL one :)

    Could there be a new Windows plugin coming soon? :) - dhalamar

  • GiriGiri Project - I thought this emulator was discontinued?? Anyway, I don't know Japanese, so I don't really know what's going on, BUT there IS a GREAT looking screenshot of the player select screen of Virtua Fighter. :) Head on over to the GiriGiri Project homepage to check it out. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME WIP - Gridle made another "pictureless" MAME WIP update. Thanks to EmuManiac for the info :) - Opi

  • ROAR Redesigned - ROAR, The VideoGame Museum, has had a complete overhaul. The new logo is pretty neat (did I actually write NEAT?!), it looks like the Jaguar logo. Nice touch, guys! - atila

  • Sega Museum updated - The Sega Museum has been updated with all kinds of little goodies. Like, oh I don't know, Virtua Fighter 4 screenshots, F355-2, Cosmic Smash and Club Kart flyers, and a few other changes. If you're a Sega fan, definately visit this site. :) Thanks sixtoe. - dhalamar

  • HuGo! 2.0 Linux - Zeograd released HuGo! 2.0 for Linux. Now with eagle and scanline mode as well as a new joypad support plus everything that was new in the other 2.00 releases : load/save feature restored and hard bios hooking. DC owner and PC Engine lover should be "prepared" for a HuGo! Dreamcast port in the near future. - Opi

  • ArcadeTones Update - ArcadeTones, a site with classic gaming ringtones announced that their console section has officially opened with the Commodore 64. And all in all a pretty good update of them to. :) Go check it out if you've got a Nokia phone. :) - dhalamar

  • Kazzuya's Software Renderer v1.5 Alpha 2 - Kazzuya has updated my personal favorite PSEmu Pro/ePSXe/whatever graphics plugin to version 1.5 Alpha 2. If you're one of the people who messes around with ePSXe and PSEmu Pro like I do, than this is a must download. :) Head on over to Kazzuya's site for more information. - dhalamar

  • RockNES v1.800 (DOS) - Here's a new gift from Fx3 - RockNES version 1.800 for DOS (other ports will follow soon) - new in this release :

    - o - Accurate emulation of sprite #0 hits, improving the compatibility;
    - o - Removed frameskipping (sorry, no more possible, accuracy over speed);
    - o - Tweaked the NES timing, fixing a couple of games;
    - o - Fixed savestate (rsx) code;
    - o - Fixed a problem setting monochrome mode;
    - o - Fixed the directories setup (it was not being refreshed on rom loading);
    - o - Fixed a stupid sprite clipping bug;
    - o - Added an option in the GUI to display current inputs devices,
    ...... and to restore default settings;
    - o - Updated 2A03 CPU core (november/2000);
    - o - Compiled with Allegro WIP 3.9.34, newest DJGPP package;
    - o - A lot of others fixes and cosmetic changes.

    Click here to download it, thanks to Emulation 9 for the news.
    Note : "delete your old config file (rnsetup.cfg) before anything, or you will have problems! :)" - Opi

  • ArcadePC Fansite - Guy Moore has set up a site dedicated to Hanaho's ArcadePC. That cabinet is a gamer's wet dream and every gamer should have one (if you can afford it, that is). Anyway, be sure to check out the site! - atila

  •    Thursday, February 22nd 2001 - Last updated @ 22:06 EST

  • 1001 Recorders - Well this is kinda retro, albeit non-emulation related. :) One of my favorite bands, Sydney's Severed Heads, has released 1001 Recorders Alpha 2. Severed Heads have been around since the late 70s experimenting with tape loops, video processing, and dissecting all that is (and isn't) musical. So what's 1001 Recorders? "It's a 3D world with lots of SH music. And drumming bunnies." The latest alpha adds exploding bouncing heads. :) I spent awhile playing with it and it's extremely cool. Can't wait to see a final release! Just be sure you read the readme if you're going to play with this! :) - dutch

  • TOSEC Datfiles Overkill - Visit the TOSEC homepage to find out which new or updated RomCenter datfile grendel and his team are offering for you ... zillions or more :) - Opi

  • Genesis Power Died - Time To Say Goodbye :( - Kinox reported the following sad story : Genesis Power Unplugged ! - Opi

  • nvidia GeForce 3, DOOM 3 - You've *probably* already seen this, but Steve Jobs and nvidia recently announced and demoed the GeForce 3 (available first on the mac, as Jobs of course points out) running DOOM 3. The lighting and shadows are dramatically improved, looks pretty great. Check out the video here or read the slashdot piece here. Jobs is a bit embarassing, but it's worth watching and impressive. - david

  • Crazy Kids ;) - According to this page, you can now play GB and NES games on your Wonderswan Color. But I somehow miss the point as in how you would be able to play those games on a WSC. My Japanese hasn't been what it used to be ;) At this late hour (almost 1AM local time) I must be missing something. Thanks to Exposure2k for the link. UPDATE According to Daemon, there are WSC devkits being sold in stores in Japan and that's how you can play those emus on the WSC. - atila

  • Final Burn v0.104 - HEY ! Here's a new Final Burn for you !!!

    + Added ADPCM sound to CPS1 games.
    + Changed CPS2 cpu speed to 12mhz.
    + Changed scanline mode to reduce flickering

    Thanks to JNS, Studly Do-Right and EmuFan for the emails :-) - Opi

  • CPS2mame Updated - New binaries of CPS2mame are now available, Razoola fixed some Qsound & game speed issues. - Opi

  • Translation Related Interviews - The Whirlpool crew posted two interesting interviews with well known guys from the translation/hacking scene !

    - o - Interview number ONE with "star hacker" Neill Corlett (Seiken Densetsu 3 anyone ?) conducted by Arina.

    - o - Number two with Dark Force, member of DeJap, the team which brought us Tales of Phantasia in English - interviewed by Spinner 8

    - o - Finally the Whirpool mentioned an interview with Neil_ conducted by Sheex of RPGd pride, go here to read it. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - New MAME WIP for ya to bask your eyes on. - dhalamar

  • StretchMAME32 - There has been a 68000 asm core version of StretchMAME32 released, same thing new here as with the recent MAME release. - dhalamar

  • Bliss v1.43 - A new version of the Intellivision emulator Bliss has been released. You ca adjust the accuracy of the sound emulation now, capture screen screen shots, and whole bunch of other stuff that's listed here. So if you're into Intellivision emulation, head on over to the Bliss homepage. :) - dhalamar

  • Playboy Advance is released - A new Gameboy Advance emulator has been released called Playboy Advance. Head on over to the site for more information on this new emulator. :) Thanks to Simon B at the Gameboy Advance Developement homepage for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • gnuboy 0.9.5 - The new version of gnuboy, a Gameboy emulator for Linux and Windoze has been released. Head on over to the official page for more info. :) - dhalamar

  • PSinex Update - The homepage for the Playstation emulator PSinex has been updated. Someone made a configurator for thes plugins and settings for the emulator. CD ROM implemnetation has started, GTE opcodes are fixed, which results in the Manta demo running. And there has been a speed increase as well. :) - dhalamar

  • NLMSX v0.34 - Frits Hilderink's MSX emulator for Windows, NLMSX, was updated to version 0.34. New in this release :

    - Added performance enhanced version of the EMU2413 made by Mitsutaka Okazaki.
    - Some enhancements regarding the VDP interrupt system.
    - Solved a crash that occurred when the sound had been disabled.

    Thanks to TFH/Fony from the MEP-Crew for the email :) Visit the MEP for all your MSX needs ! - Opi

  • The Rumor Mill - JoseQ did it right in time this week - a new issue of his famous Rumor Mill! is online. Read his realizations about Ages, GENS, Bliss, RockNES (Linux port), FreezeSMS, Genital and SMOG. Now back to my grave ... errr bed :) - Opi

  • He is... cool. - K, everyone needs to drop what they're doing and check out Eskimo Bob. (You'll need Flash.) Don't miss Episode 12. :) Thanks to Guyfawkes for letting me know of Bob's existence. - dutch

  •    Wednesday, February 21st 2001 - Last updated @ 23:20 EST

  • Cinder update - Check out Cinder! There's been an update after quite some time, including a brand new wallpaper for download. :) - prophet

  • NesterDC Released - If you have a DC and you'd like to play some NES games on it, you should download NesterDC, which is an NES emu for the DreamCast and a port of NESTER. Thanks to hlgang for the news. - atila

  • Controller Layouts - We have Flyers, Screenshots, Cabinets, and Marquee support in Mame32 and other frontends.. what's next? How about Controller Layouts? That would be a PNG diagram of how the game's original controller buttons and joysticks were layed out on its panel. Currently, there's 39 of them available from Emuadvice. Click "Enter," then click "Controller Layouts" on the left frame. You'll also find some resources there for making them so you can help out. :) Thanks to Roc of Mameworld for the news. - dutch

  • Final Burn 0.103! - Wow Dave, that was fast! :) Go get it! Here is what's new. - prophet

  • CPS2 SHOCKED! - CPS2 Shock released XOR tables for 2 versions of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo! But how will you play it?! Don't worry - Razoola also compiled some nifty new CPS2MAME builds as well. :) We luv u Raz! - prophet

  • Rain Shower - Nokrum has released a new Game&Watch sim of his own, called Rain Shower, made by Nintendo in 1983. Head on over to his site to grab it. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted another MAME WIP update and it should make those modem users real happy, because there are NO screenshots this time :) - atila

  • Donkey Kong II Simulator! - _MADrigal_ has released his 20th simulator today and it just happens to be Donkey Kong II (Nintendo, Multi-Screen series, 1982)! As of this release, he's using a new sound library and will update all his previous releases, so that they all use the new sound library. - atila

  • Some people are just too desperate - I was over at the ArcadeTones homepage, and unfortunately there are no new Nokia game tones. The webmaster HAS gotten several requests to add a section for PC and consoles ringtones. And those sections, if they aren't already there, will be there soon. :) But he did have this rather funny story. :) I'm not going to go into detail about it, but here's a hint : these phones DO have a vibrate function..... - dhalamar

  • Unofficial Nester - I was beginning to wonder what happened to this awesome emulator being that there's no site for it. :) I was over at EmuHQ, browsing through, and sure enough, 3 updates and finally a release of my favorite NES emulator. :) Here's what's new:

    code added 119(thanx NESten),181
    code fixed 43(thanx NESten)
    tested 43,119,181
    # fixed APU core (thanx YANO)
    # support PAL mode (partial)
    201/02/13 (test)
    # use new 6502 Core.
    # add DoPendingIRQ(), nes6502_pending_irq().
    # disenable irq pending in DoIRQ(), nes6502_irq().
    # rewrite FDS Sound Core.(souce code is not availabled)
    # nester may not be freezed in fullscreen mode if you use Voodoo GAs.
    # (may be freezed yet...especially in 240 line mode)
    # split all mapper source codes.

    I highly suggest you download this release right here. Thanks to PeterD for the news. :) - dhalamar

  •    Tuesday, February 20th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:32 EST

  • StretchMAME32 0.37 beta12a - Minor update of this great new MAME build. Grab it here as I don't have FTP access. This update disables stretching on multi-screen games and has a 'fat' mode that lets you pretend you're Rosie O'Donnel. Actually, it makes "vertical games look like StretchMame32 0.37 beta11" Again, link is here. Thanks to emulation9 for the news. - david

  • Napster Offers $1B to Industry - Napster is offering a cool billion, to be paid out over 5 years, to the recording industry to settle the whole lawsuit biz. Read all about it at CNN or slashdot. Pretty cool thing to do on the heels of the Grammies, as it puts some pressure on for an answer (and a good one). - david

  • OverClocked: AYOABTU! - David Lloyd went back to the Zero Wing roots with this new episode of OverClocked: All Your Oscar Are Belong To Us! There's also an ART OF FIGHTING 2 remix @ OC Remix. - david

  • I lied - Only because there's so much history behind this and I got some of it wrong. TVSlan I believe has the correct sequence of events posted. Someone make note of it, or something. :) - dutch

  • Zero Wing -- Again! - This time, the San Francisco Chronicle says: "All Your Base Are Belong To Us!". Thanks to Michael B. for the link. - atila

  • Modeler Pics - ivilded has added 4 screenshots of Modeler 'doing' tranparencies in Golden Axe 2. You can view them by going to the Impact Emu site. - atila

  • Message to Opi =P - Get well soon, and don't cough on me. ;-) - dhalamar

  • Official Highscore.dat v7 - Version 7 of the official Highscore.dat for MAME is now available, it has support for 1276 games which is quit amazing ! Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the news.

    BTW: you can't expect many updates by me, I gave some influenza virus *gasp* a new home *cough* :( - Opi

  • EmuSaves - The site for VGS, Bleem, ePSXe, and Dexdrive saves, EmuSaves is needing someone with a fast internet connection and a big E-Mail box, if you think you have what it takes send them an E-Mail (I have a big mail box, just not the fast internet connection. =P). - dhalamar

  • ROMident & DAT file - ROMident is a ROM identifying utility by ShinobiZ, the developer of the great System16 emulator. It can now recognize 3,947 ROMs! You can get the latest ROMident 2.1 & DAT file now at System16.com! (Thanks Sixtoe) - prophet

  • StretchMAME32 = AWESOME! - OK MAME32 fans, scroll down right now to Dhalamar's StretchMAME32 post and download it! Set your defaults to full-screen and 800x600 or above. Then watch in amazement as EVERY single game is scaled to full screen and generally correct aspect ratios! Yes, vertical games too! People with very fast systems (not me) and a fear of DOS are gonna LOVE this! (If any Official MAME32 devs read this - PLEASE look at the included source code and consider adding it to the official builds.:) *UPDATE* - Here's a local mirror for StretchMAME32 0.37 Beta 12! And remember - it's *UNOFFICIAL*, so don't bother anyone about it if you have problems. - prophet

  • GBA Will Arrive June 11 in USA! - Nintendo's GBAdvance will arrive a month earlier than expected :) - atila

  • Arcade Flyers MAME Pack 18 - You just gotta have these flyer packs! :) Get the latest MAME flyer pack now, and yes, CPS2 is in da hizzouse! - prophet

  • MAMu's Icons - Yes, that awesome icon pack has been updated to MAME 0.37 Beta 12! MAMu's homepage. - prophet

  • BoycottAdvance Site - The site for the as of yet unreleased Gameboy Advance emulator BoycottAdvance is finally up with specs on the emulator and screenshots of what it runs 100%. Head on over there and check it out. :) - dhalamar

  • StretchMAME32 .37b12 The unofficial version of MAME32 called StretchMAME32 has been updated in accordance with the recent MAME release. Head on over to the official page to download it. :) - dhalamar

  • FCE Ultra .52 - The NES emulator FCE Ultra for Linux SVGALib and Windows has been updated to version .52, bringing with it the following changes:

    * Fixed a PCM emulation bug(digitized voices in "Ikari Warriors 2" and "The Immortal", among others, work now).
    * Fixed noise channel's LFSR update frequencies(hopefully).
    * Various minor bug fixes.

    You can go download it from the FCE Ultra homepage. Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - dhalamar

  • Z80Stealth v0.410 - The Spectrum emulator Z80Stealth has been updated to version 0.410, bringing with it the following changes:

    - New : KAY1024 emulation improved
    - New : Support for real HDD from KAY1024 added!
    Read more about this in z80s_faq
    - Bugfix: Hopefully fixed all problems if 16 megs of ram is present

    You can march your happy butt right on over to the Z80Stealth homepage and download ya a copy, ya here? :) - dhalamar

  • GeoMAME 0.37b10c - GeoMAME, a Power Macintosh version of MacMAME with added features (some of which being autofire, CPU Clocking, combos, and save states)has been updated to version 0.37b10c. Click here to see a list of games it supports. And for all you who are all worked up about CPS2, this one only runs Neo Geo games. ;) - dhalamar

  •    Monday, February 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:18 EST

  • All Your Base...(updated several times) :P - OK, this is the last post I'll make regarding All Your Base... (that's a new link with downloadable asf/exe/mp3 versions btw :), however I know a lot of people are curious about it so here's yer info (relax Richard :). The game is Toaplan's Zero Wing on the Sega Genesis. The movie concept originated from a message board thread on Tribal War last December. Check that link to the thread for all of the pics that didn't make it into the movie. :) (Note: I had originally posted a link to Something Awful but that wasn't it. :) Rumor has it that this all has its roots in David Lloyd's Overclocked episode from last June, The Zero Wing Dub Project.

    I updated this post about 500 times.. this was a lot of info to uncover! :P - dutch

  • Aargh! - Enough of the "all your base" stuff already! The humour wears off after a bit... - richard

  • Logo - It's odd, I swear our logo (above) is different somehow. :) - dutch

  • CLRMame Pro - Get 'cher CLRMame Pro 1.93!

    +++ added: save missing sets option
    +++ added: outputwindow autoscroll switch
    +++ added: outputwindow show complemented crc switch
    +++ fixed: wrong defpaths error message when dropping files
    +++ fixed: romcenter datfile import
    +++ fixed: datfile export for not-known-sized-roms
    - dutch

  • *Ugly guy with a white goatee pointing at you* Azimer wants YOU. - Azimer, author of the N64 emulator Apollo needs YOUR help. He wants suggestions on a new name for the emulator. So head on over to the Apollo site, get ahold of him with what you can think of. - dhalamar

  • PocketGB v1.02 Final - The emulator for pocket computers PocketGB was updated to version 1.20 Final, with bugfixes over Beta 3. Head on over to the official page for more information about the emulator and how to buy it. - dhalamar

  • ArcadeTones Updated - The ArcadeTones homepages has been updated with more ringtones for your Nokia phone. :) This time with Street Fighter 2 ringtones, and Ninja Warrior ringtones. :) - dhalamar

  • gnuboy v0.9.4 - The freeware Gameboy emulator gnuboy was updated to version 0.9.4. I don't really know what's new, but you can download it from the page if you wanna go ahead and try it out. :)
    - dhalamar

  • Mame32 News - Don't forget about the Mame32 Quality Assurance Page, John IV has his screenshots and icons for beta 12 online. He's also given the page a bit of a facelift, and posted the following news regarding Mame32:

    +++ 01.02.16 First cut of b12 from Michael, he's integrated the new DOS resample feature, and will continue work on the 32bpp color changes this weekend.

    +++ 01.02.17 Testing the first cut of b12 indicates that the former crashes we were seeing in Taito F3 games are now gone thankfully. Updated the issues page.
    - dutch

  •    Sunday, February 18th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:53 EST

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated MAME WIP again! Shanghai Kid is coming along, and some nice updates to the ASM cores. Also, take a careful look at the MAME logo in the upper right corner. Hehe. :P - prophet

  • Sylvan Tale - Shih Tzu kindly let me know about Sylvan Tale being released by Zoop at SMS Power! It's a rare Japanese Game Gear action adventure. - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.102 - Dayvee released a new Final Burn! This build supports Street Fighter Alpha 2, and also has a new CPU speed selector for CPS1 games, especially SF2T. (Thanks to the many ppl who emailed me, but I honestly found it myself first!:) *NOTE TO DAYVEE* - You accidentally used the wrong filenames for the graphics ROMs, the CRC's are correct though. :) To FB users, you can rename sza 13-16 to sz2 13-16 and they'll work. - prophet

  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 ROMfix Utility - katharsis has written a little utility to fix the Street Fighter Alpha 2 ROMset. Visit Geoshock and download it, it might save you some download time. - Opi

  • WinFellow Updated - WinFellow snapshot 2000-02-18 is online now, some fixes and Carfesh added 'save' support for ADZ images. Thanks to Emulation 9 for the info. - Opi

  • Atari 2600 ! z26 v1.43 - z26 v1.43 is online, click here to download John Saeger's Atari 2600 emulator for DOS/Win9x ! Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the update info ! - Opi

  • Intellivision Emu Updated - Bliss v1.42 is available for both supported platforms : Win32 and Java ! Look here for the latest changes. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • MameLang 32+ Beta 12 - The multi language support version of MAME, MameLang 32+ Beta 12 is now online for you, thanks to MAMu_ for the email :) - Opi

  • CPS-2 the 13th Shock - CPS-2 Shock released their 13th XOR-tables set - this time for Street Fighter Alpha 2 ! - Opi

  • Pete's PSX MIDAS SPU v1.7 - Pete has updated his SPU plugin for PSEmu Pro/ePSXe/whatever else can use it to version 1.7. If you use ePSXe, this is a must download, head on over to Pete's page to download it. :) - dhalamar

  • Iki's Gameboy Advance Emulator - Iki has added 2 new demos (one is a really cool R-Type clone, and the other is a Mode 7 demo!!), and updated his kick-ass Gameboy Advance emulator to Beta 4. Head on over to Iki's page to try it out. :) - dhalamar

  • GeoMAME Site Updated - The site for the Mac port of MAME, GeoMAME, has been updated with some totally unrelated news. :) He has compiled a CPS1 and CPS2 only version of MAME with GeoMAME's autofire support, though I don't know if this is a Mac or Win9x release or what, but regardless, you can download CPSMAME 0.37b12 from the GeoMAME homepage. - dhalamar

  • CreativeEmu Homepage updated - The up and coming emulator CreativeEmu, which emulates, well, CreatiVision, has been updated with the news that there is a new little tennis game dumped which runs perfectly. :) Head on over to the site for more information. - dhalamar

  • Amiga Legal Emulation Updated - ALE has been updated! They added these games to their massive legal and fun archive:

    Jelly Quest
    Jonus Fulltrand
    Mad Factory
    Mamba Move
    Mine Runner
    Mutant Penguin

    So, if you're into Amiga emulation, or want an excuse to get into it, by god get your happy butt over to Amiga Legal Emulation! - dhalamar

  •    Saturday, February 17th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:45 EST

  • Final Burn State Collection - Pkken kindly put together this excellent save state collection for CPS2 games in the latest Final Burn! There are 25 states in all, including boss/secret character states for MSH! - prophet

  • CPS2MAME Updated - A new CPS2MAME with the latest MAME source fixes included is now available here.

    Thanks to Rico2000 and EmuManiac for the notification ! - Opi

  • GoodPCE v1.02 & GoodGBx v0.999.7 - New ROM renamer releases by Cowering : GoodPCE v1.02 - stats: 1045 entries - latest additions :
    - Magical Chase FOUND. If you are in the USA and can dump it.. contact me
    - 2 more redumps.. keep em coming!
    - Lots of PD added
    - 'force63' tweaked to work with Adaptec EZCD name limits

    GoodGBx v0.999.7 - stats 5292 entries - latest additions :
    - UGH.. A big THANKS to the .pl site distroing
    - all the 'redumps'. Your GBX is broken dude.. FIX IT
    - (Insert random Polish joke here)
    - redumps needs list updated - Opi

  • MAMEinfo.dat v2.81 & Driverinfo.dat v1.0 - M.A.S.H. uploaded a new MAMEinfo.dat version and introduced a new dat file called Driverinfo.dat ! - Opi

  • Mimic And Emulation Ethic - Mike Beaver updated the homepage of his multi system emulators Mimic with the results of his latest developing efforts and his opinion about the sad situation at Arcade ROM Heaven. His thoughts are worth to read ! - Opi

  • The Video Game Museum - New Endings - Rey made another one of his famous Video Games endings update over at Mek's The Video Game Museum site. Newly online (besides the usual new scans 'n stuff) are :

    o 11 Nes Endings (including Dr.Mario, Section Z, Ikari Warriors)
    o 10 Game Boy Color Endings (Donald Duck, Pokemon Puzzle & Card)
    o 7 Super Nes Endings (Donkey Kong Country 3, Super Street Fighter 2)
    o 5 Playstation Endings (Mega Man 8, Tekken 2, Tekken 3) - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle uploaded developing news for the last three days to the MAME WIP page ! Looks like we are in "fixing times", the MAME v0.37 cycle is near the end ! - Opi

  • New PC Engine Emulator - TGEmu is a brand new PC Engine emulator developed by Charles MacDonald. The DOS version and source code are available from Charles' page, and the Macintosh port (developed by me) is available at my site. - richard

  • I Told You PS2 Fans Were Crazy ;-) - Good God, check this:

    "Carl Lindlay is so hooked on computer games that he has changed his name to The Rev PlayStation 2.

    Now he is building a 15ft-high TEMPLE in his garden to worship the top-selling Sony games console.

    Carl, 23 — who plays for up to ten hours a day — altered his name by deed poll after furious girlfriend Anna dumped him over his hi-tech games obsession."

    So PSOne would then be the "son of God", right? You can check the entire article at this link. - atila

  • Fixed MAME Binaries - Gridle has uploaded 'fixed' MAME binaries to the MAME site, the fixes include the ASM 68k core, fixed CPS-2 Qsound ROM loading, fixed Neo Geo games and a fixed critical alpha blending bug. - atila

  • Unhappy News :( - Our friend GuruChoc has closed up his ROMs sections due to the recent crackdowns. His site, Arcade Heaven, is still alive and well, along with their stable of reporters and hosted sites, so don't remove any bookmarks. Our best regards to everyone there, and thanks to GuruChoc for his long service to emu-fans the world over. - prophet

  • Dreamemu updated - The Dreamemu homepage has been updated today after a very long time again with a screenshot of rgb888 from Dan Potter. - Martin

  • Modeler v0.1.1a - Modeler v0.1.1a was released. Check out what's new:

    * General

    * Disabled debug logging. On systems with slow harddisks this could dramatically slow down the emulator, and it tends to fill up your disk pretty quickly too.
    * Fixed slowdown problem (thanks to Richard Bannister over on the Mac port for the diagnosis).
    * Added "Force 555 video" option. If colors are weird, give it a shot.
    * Another video autodetect fix. This one is believed to work correctly in all cases, including 24 and 32-bit desktops and 555 video cards. (8-bit desktops aren't supported, so don't try ;-)

    * Linux-specific

    * Minor changes to sound buffering that should slightly improve quality.
    Thanks to EmuManiac for the E-Mail. - dhalamar

  •    Friday, February 16th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:13 EST

  • Final Burn v0.101 - Ack ! Uaaah, my heart's aching :) Final Burn v0.101 is now the most recent version :)

    + Added support for Aliens Vs. Predator.
    + Changed romset structures to match MAME's. (Most noticeably, sfz.zip has changed to sfa.zip, since Alpha is regarded as the parent set.)
    + Added two new options which allow you to block music or sound effect codes in most games. (Note that some games *may* need to be reset after you change these options e.g. to get rid of pieces of music which are still playing. Thanks to Tim and EmuManiac for the emails :) - Opi

  • PhillyClassic - PhillyClassic is a gaming expo in the East Coast (of the USA for those of you who aren't here =P), it may not be quite as big as the Classic Gaming Expo, but it still looks pretty cool nonetheless. MAME is even there, along with some other emulators. =P Check it out for more information. It's happening April 20th and the 21st. A site I write reviews for called Gamers Uplink is one of the sponsors for this event too. :) - dhalamar

  • Play Bonk On Your Compaq iPAQ - Domenico Dato released version 1.0b1 of PocketEngine, his new PC Engine / TG-16 emulator for Compaq's iPAQ PocketPC (WinCE device). - Opi

  • Paul Leaman Talks About MAMEs CPS2 Driver - Read the following thread from our messageboard if you're curious about MAMEs current CPS2 driver situation (ie problems) ! Paul Leaman, MAMEs CPS1 (2) guru has some interesting things to say. Thanks to Till for the hint ! - Opi

  • CPS2MAME - Razoola uploaded three different CPS2MAME binaries which will only play Capcom's CPS2 games (I know you guessed it) and include some fixes to solve a couple of small emulation problems in the current "normal" MAME release. - Opi

  • FinalBurn Mirror - Something funny's up with the downloads, so I've put up a mirror for FinalBurn 0.010. - atila

  • Attack - Apparently, the US has attacked Iraq. President Bush calls it a "routine airstrike to enforce a no fly zone." Read more about it at CNN. - dutch

  • SNKrish! - That's right Atila! All your base are belong to us!! Ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks to init_2000 for the link. :) - dutch

  • FinalBurn 0.100 - Let's cut the small-talk, here's the skinny:

    + Corrected the Marvel Super Heroes filenames and crcs.

    Download it here. "All your base are belong to us" ;-) - atila

  • Final Burn 0.099 - FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Final Burn 0.099 has been released, he has added support for Marvel Super Heroes! - atila

  • NeoPocott And BoycottAdvance News - Gollum updated the NeoPocott homepage with the latest developing news about NeoPocott and its various ports as well as 2 BoycottAdvance screenshots showing this upcoming GameBoy Advance emulator running the official ConsoleDev demos. Thanks to Gollum and Joshua Kaldor for the news ! - atila

  • Alternate StarTrek Samples - Here's a custom startrek.zip sample set for Mame. Duglis has substituted sounds and voices from the original classic tv series for you to enjoy while you play Sega Star Trek in Mame. - atila

  • FinalBurn 0.098 Released! - Welp, whaddaya know ? Dave has released a Final Burn, here's what's new:

    + Added support for Super Street Fighter 2

    And remember: "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone". - atila

  • Marvel Super Heroes XOR Files Released - You can download the XOR files for MSH @ CPS2Shock! Thanks to EmuManiac for the news. - atila

  • Oi! - Well, looks like half the population of Scotland decided to mail me regarding that comment below ;) Now, apparently it's the other way 'round, as Scotsmen like to make fun of the English. I distinctly remember jokes where English people were laughing about how 'cheap' the Scottish were. Please, no more :) Oh well, such is life. - atila

  • Belgian Napster Users Beware! - We Dutch people always make fun of Belgians, kinda like how the English make fun of the Scottish :) The following is not laughing matter though, as Belgian police have announced that they will be targetting BELGIAN NAPSTER USERS and will bring them to court, if necessary. Thanks to Dan2 for the link. *UPDATE* - The Belgian Secretary of Justice has declared that they will not prosecute Napster users -- for the time being. Thanks to ElvisP for the update. - atila

  • Rumor Mill - Qmeister aka JoseQ posted a new issue of the famous Rumor Mill ! Read rumors and facts about Sega Arcade Project (Monaco GP), GENS, FPSE, SMOG and Bliss. - Opi

  • fixMAME v0.37 b12 & MAMEinfo.dat v2.80 - M.A.S.H. informed us about his latest two uploads : 1) fixMAME, a fixed version of MAME v0.37 b12 with Scanlinesbrightness, Pong, Gambling Games, MameMerge-, History / Mameinfo Menupoint... support. 2) Arrrgh - Dutch already reported the MAMEinfo.dat (while I wrote my posting) so I deleted this news part :) - Opi

  • Mameinfo.dat v2.80 - M.A.S.H. has Mameinfo.dat v2.80 online for the newly released Mame v37b12. You can download the new file in full from his site. - dutch

  • MAME Screensaver Updated - PeterD over at EmuHQ just told me that version 37 .12 of the MAME screensaver binary was released. And the renaming of mame32.scr to .exe is an unofficial MAME32 for those of you who are all worked up about CPS2 in MAME32. So head on over there if you wanna download it. I think I'll start right now.... - dhalamar

  •    Thursday, February 15th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:51 EST

  • OverClocked? What's that? - right, right. What ever happened to, uh . . me? Well, a full-time job and buying a new house tends to eat one's time up! Okay, that being said OC Episode #138: THE PLAN is online, covering SEGA's *apparent* fall from grace, and OverClocked ReMix has been updated with Final Fantasy, Arkanoid, UN Squadron, Megaman 3, and Final Fantasy Adventure ReMixes. Pic of my new, unoccupied house is here. Cute, no? - david

  • GiriGiri Debugger Deveoplers Version - I noticed this update earlier today, and due to the fact it was all in Japanese, I couldn't tell. Guyfawkes got some of it translated and said it's a developers version that's mostly video related. - dhalamar

  • Bliss v1.41 - The Intellivision emulator Bliss has been updated to version 1.41 bringing with it support for 3DFX cards, POV hats, bilinear filtering, and a bunch of bugfixes. The author suggests you upgrade to this if nothing else for the performance increase. Read the What's New list for a complete list of what's new, and, obviously, download it from the Bliss homepage. - dhalamar

  • PCSX Linux Screenshots - The PCSX homepage has updated with a whole bunch of screenshots from the recent Linux release. :) - dhalamar

  • Spectrum Music - Jan Werner informed us about his latest www.speccy.cz update ! "Today I added 62 new .mp3 files. 56 of them are REMAKES of famous musics from games (one is from my workshop... wow... :))) ) and 6 are recorded songs from digital music compo of Enlight'96 party (they are also filtered for better sound...)." So visit www.speccy.cz if you wanna download some cool (?, C-64 rules) Spectrum music :) - Opi

  • ZeroSoft Homepage updated - ZeroSoft, hosted over at Zophar's Domain, has been updated regarding his intentions of re-writing IPSWin, and a message to those who thought the site was dead. - dhalamar

  • ArcadeTones Website updated - I know this isn't really emulation related, but it's just cool to me. :) The site called ArcadeTones has been updated. And if you don't know what it is, ArcadeTones has ringtones for various classic arcade games for use with your Nokia phone. Here's what was added:

    Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom
    Super Mario Brothers
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    I actually wish I had one of those now. ;)
    - dhalamar

  • AGES Website updated - The homepage for the Genesis/Sega CD/32x(well, I'm pretty sure 32x is supported, my computer's too slow to run it. =P) emulator Ages has been updated regarding the use of it's savestate files. Funniest update I've seen in a while(if this gives you any hint, the extension for the savestates is .ASS). :) - dhalamar

  • Hmm.... - People, please don't E-Mail saying what commercial ROMs you added where, if you didn't notice, I never post about commercial ROMs. :) On the other hand, if you wrote a demo yourself and want me to post about it, you can go ahead and tell me about that, but nothing commercial. Those E-Mails just get deleted. I'm not trying to be mean, I just get tired of seeing 5 or 6 E-Mails a day saying "I added so and so ROM to my site!!!", which is growing steadily. Emulators, demos, plugins, screenshots, just no commercial ROMs. Thanks. :) - dhalamar

  • Another MAME Mirror - The boys from www.mame.dk have set up another MAME mirror for your downloading pleasure, click here to get the latest MAME binaries. Their database upgrade is still in progress, but - you know these guys are speedy. I guess it's only a matter of a hour or two until www.mame.dk is offering again a complete MAME set ! - Opi

  • TRS-80 Emulator v6.10 - David Keil's TRS-80 Emulator was updated to v6.10, go here for the "changes info" (lots of fixes and new keyboard models supported) and the emulator download. Thanks again to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • AppleCe 0.1a - Good old news hound Cloy emailed me about AppleCe, Erik Chong's new Apple II+ emulator for PocketPC's (developed for EM500, tested and working too on Cassiopeia PocketPC). Erik started this emulation project to learn Visual C++ and revive some old memories :) Right now he has no plans to add support for other PocketPC platforms. - Opi

  • MAME Mirror - Rico2000 from RC-Roms has set up a mirror for the three available MAME binaries (standart, K6 and i686) ! If your connect to the MAME homepage is too slow, try Rico2000's site :) - Opi

  • Fixfile - As usual, Till has a ROM fixfile online over at SYS2064. - dutch

  • Compile Tools for Mame v37b12 - Where to get the new Allegro WIP and Binutils that you'll need to compile beta 12? Gridle has the information you seek. :)

    Local Mirrors: Allegro WIP 3.9.34 and Binutils - dutch

  • Mame v37 Beta 12 Binaries - The binaries for Mame version 37 beta 12 have been posted! Click here to go to the Mame download page to leech them. (Note: It may be very slow for you, at least right now. :) So you might want to use GetRight and be patient.) Oh, I almost forgot, click here to read what's new. :D - dutch

  • Alien Vs. Predator!! - CPS2Shock has released the decryption tables for Alien Vs. Predator! - dutch

  • Mame v37 Beta 12!! - It's out!! Click here to download the source! And guess what? It does CPS2!! - dutch

  • TeleJogo - No, this is not the name of some shabby lottery, it's the name of a console (actually, more a pong clone) that was released in Brazil by Ford (yes, the same one who make cars), sometime during the 70's. ROAR VGM has put up a few nice pics of the 'TeleJogo console'. - atila

  • ePSXe.com Down - It looks like ePSXe is having some trouble with their ISP. Thanks to Faluzure for the news. - atila

  • TZX Vault - Gilby's TZX Vault is now one year old! Congratulations to Gilby and all of his contributors :) - atila

  • Windows XP Kills 'Music Piracy' - Reading this made me chuckle a bit, but I guess a 'workaround' will be found sooner or later:

    "The Secure Audio Path (SAP) adds "static" interference to media files that require video and audio cards to authenticate themselves with Windows software before they can be played. The company would be able to verify that a media player isn't playing an "unsecured" file, which according to Microsoft would eliminate much of the threat of piracy."

    I think Microsoft expects to sell about 25 copies of WXP, which will all be returned once people learn they can't share they're audio/video files like they're used to :) Check this link for the full article. - atila

  • Lawsuit update - Here's some more information on the websites being sued. It turns out most of them are on the "warezy" side so I'll try to be discreet about not directly posting URLs or naming names, however this still hits close to home. Thanks very much to Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for the following info. I would not consider this 100% definitive at this point.

    One defendant is the host of the Romseeker website. Another defendant runs several sites (cdwarez*, anarachyrules*, ftpz*, noleech*). As for the last two defendants, one of them lists "Gmania" as a company but no further information can be found. - dutch

  •    Wednesday, February 14th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:49 EST

  • Here we go again... - Apparently four websites are being sued by video game manufacturers for posting ROMs. "A lawsuit was filed Monday in federal court by 12 video game companies accusing four men of offering unauthorized copies of everything from Pac-Man to Donkey Kong over the Internet. 'While some believe there are no victims from piracy, they're wrong,' said Doug Lowenstein, president of the Interactive Digital Software Association, a trade group representing the entertainment software industry. 'A video game is increasingly expensive to develop and each title involves the hard work of numerous individuals.'"

    *Sigh* Didn't we go through all this before a couple of years ago?

    At this point I don't know which sites are being sued. If you read that article on Excite.com, you'll see that it mentions one website as calling itself "The Ultimate Sanity in Anarchy."

    Plaintiffs in the case seeking damages include Activision Inc., LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Midway Amusement Games and Capcom Entertainment.

    If anyone has any further information about this please e-mail me. Thanks to Caffeine for the information so far.

    UPDATE - The site mentioned above is definitely a warez site that offers a lot more than ROMs. Still no information on the other three. - dutch

  • Background Info About An Emulator Author - Yesterday I reported the release of a Timex 1000 / Sinclair ZX81 emulators written by Jeff Vavasour !

    Stiletto did some research about this guy and hinted me some interesting links about this great programmer :)
    Click here to read how his emulation programming addiction begun and what else he has coded ! Or look here to get some background information about the commercial emulators he worked on ! And finally a link to Digital Eclipse Software Inc., the company which discovered his coding talent and gave him a job ! Thanks to Stiletto for the great idea ! - Opi

  • Digitized Old Atari Commercials - Frogacuda informed me about some rare Atari commercials which you can now download/watch at Retrobase ! All 11 videos are available in wmv format, you'll need at least MS Media Player v6.4 to watch them ! - Opi

  • RAINE WIP - Taito posted the latest RAINE development news at the RAINE WIP site ! Donpachi was added :) - Opi

  • EHAlice v0.04 - EHAlice v0.04, Henrique Andreassy's new CALICE frontend is available here. - Opi

  • The Arcade Flyer Archive Crew Interviewed - Leo Postma from the Dutch MAME Page conducted an interview with Xray1 and DinkeyToy from the Arcade Flyer Archive ! You can read it in Dutch or in an English translated version - click on Overzicht at the left navbar to find it :) - Opi

  • Xmame v0.37 b11.2 - Xmame and Xmess. After Chris moving to a "better place" I have the "honor" to announce a new Xmame release :) Release v0.37 b11.2 contains both - Xmame & Xmess. For a list of the latest changes, check out the changes.unix. - Opi

  • Kojote's Freeware ROMs - I hacked Kojote's Freeware ROMs a few minutes ago. Uploaded a new Gameboy Advance demo.

    Nah, Kojote's having FTP troubles and asked me to make the update. :) Sorry, couldn't resist scaring him a little bit though. ;) - dhalamar

  • BeebEm v1.3 - Version 1.3 of BeebEm for Windows is online. This is Mike Wyatt and Richard Gellman's Windows port of Dave Gilbert's old Beebem BBC Micro emulator. Click here to download it (314 kbyte - source included). Thanks to Cloy for the email :) - Opi

  • Modeler v0.1.1 - A new Modeler version was just released (as promised) !!! Go here to find out whats new or changed :) - Opi

  • Im Moving - Hi guys, I've been away the past couple of days packing and getting ready to move. I will be gone for the next week or two moving to a better home. :) So just wanted to let everyone know where I was. See ya all in a few weeks! - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle posted the latest MAME WIP news. Read everything about the latest bug fixes and driver improvements ! Only an open source project is able to develop like MAME did ! - Opi

  • Modeler will soon run under MacOS. Check out a screenshot of Spiderman running in 2xSaI mode. - richard

  • ASUS.COM Hacked - ASUS.COM has been defaced. Thanks to Mason for the link. *UPDATE* The site has been restored to its former state. - atila

  • BWAHAHAHAHAHA - Ok. That was too good not to post. :)

    *UPDATE* EVEN MORE!! Thanks Ben. :) - dhalamar

  • Sorry, couldn't resist - Happy Valentines day from the Retrogames staff! Floating hand drawn hearts by Exodus3D, script modified from Javascript Source. Hope you don't mind me using this Mel. :) - dutch

  • EmuChrist Undead - Long ago there was a pretty cool, but very strange emulation site called EmuChrist. While the site is mostly all gone now, some interesting boards remain - take a look if you're curious. Lastly, I'd like to publically apologize to Shin Geki, Cronos, ToxicCreep and anyone else there whom I may have offended in the past. May cooler heads prevail in the future. - prophet

  • UnMAMEd Is Back! - Btribble's excellent UnMAMEd site is back! It's all about unemulated games and WHY they're unemulated. Good stuff! He hopes to add a DECO cassette section soon too. - prophet

  • CPS2 Board Is Back! - Our CPS2 Emulation Board is open again! PLEASE respect the rules of the board. New CPS2 emus are coming in the future, so stay cool, talk about the games and be considerate of each other, including our friendly neighborhood emu authors. Let's see how it goes... - prophet

  •    Tuesday, February 13th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:16 EST

  • Playstation Emulation - There's been a number of cool PSX emulation related updates today.

    First, Kazzuya's Software Renderer plugin for PSEmu Pro/ePSXe/whatever else can use it has been updated to version 1.4 Final.

    Then, a newly discovered Japanese software rendering plugin Knack has been updated to version 0.82.

    THEN the Linux port of PCSX has been released.

    Go to the respected pages for more information, and thanks to PSXEmu for the news. - dhalamar

  • Site Moves - The_Fox informed me about the following site moves :

    o Galemu (Arcade Emulator) / QPlayer (Capcom music player) has moved to http://galemu.emuunlim.com

    o Arnold (Amstrad CPC Emulator) has moved to http://arnold.emuunlim.com !

    Please update your bookmarks :) - Opi

  • First 2001 Yape Release - Attila uploaded Yape v0.29, his Commodore C-16/Plus4 emulator. Here are his latest changes :

    - o - emulated disk SAVE to the file system (no D64 files just yet)
    - o - the 'SAVE as PRG' dialog window is now in hexadecimal
    - o - more polishment on the cursor emulation
    - o - started implementing a monitor/debugger
    - o - save settings on exit
    - o - some minor UI changes

    You can download it here, thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - It's MAME WIP time. Ultra Balloon newly added - Cave driver improved ! - Opi

  • Timex/Sinclair 1000 - ZX81 Emu - Wanna test the emulation of an old "lowtech" home computer system ? Then check Jeff Vavasour's Timex/Sinclair 1000 Emulator in a Browser Window (aka X81) !
    Some technical specs : Z-80 processor, 1 - 16 kbyte RAM, resolution 64 x 48 pixels ... hehe
    I see you're already amazed and excited - now go for it :-) Thanks to Cloy for the email ! - Opi

  • CPS2 Extender - This is sort of a short wrap up.. one of our regulars, Numbski, wrote a little utility called CPS2 Extender. It's a front end for Final Burn 0.96 that supports renaming and loading SSF2. Some people hated it, others liked it. Dayvee asked Numbski to please stop working on this utility, and Numbski complied right away. AFAIK, CPS2 support for Mame is being worked on and will definitely happen. So everyone settle down. :) - dutch

  • New Cowering Tool - GoodGBA - GoodGBA v0.999.1 is a new Game Boy Advance (demo) ROM renamer tool !
    GoodGBA stats: 42 entries - recent additions :
    - A new "child" comes into the world!
    - Thanks to [Link] for most of the names this time around - Opi

  • CPS2 Board - I haven't been able to check my retrogames mail due to being smashed with work the last several days, I also have no idea who closed the CPS2 Board, why it was closed, or when it's coming back up. - dutch

  • Mameinfo.dat v2.76 - Speaking of M.A.S.H., he just released a new version of the Mameinfo.dat file. For those of you too lazy :) to use the DIFF update, here's the full Mameinfo.dat v2.76. ;) - dutch

  • Arcade@TheMovies - Here's a nice site M.A.S.H. put together that contains still frames from many films which feature arcade games: Arcade At The Movies! Very interesting! Heh, he missed the Star Castle machine from Maximum Overdrive. =) Thanks to Mameworld for the news. - dutch

  • RetroGames T-Shirts pricing - The shirts are going to be *gasp* US$14,95. I'm trying to set up an online payment system, which will hopefully be up in a day or 2. - atila

  • Mystery Hubert Theater 3000 - TV's Ian has added a new section to HUBERT and he wrote the following in his mail:

    "Just wanted to let you know about a new feature I just started. Mystery Hubert Theater 3000 (not to be confused with OC's MVT3K - we just have the same taste in TV). It's all about making fun of lamer e-mails and the like. The first "episode" is up - it was done with the help of Final Burn's Dave!"

    Check out Mystery Hubert Theater 3000 here! - atila

  • Retrogames T-Shirt - HERE's the back of our beautiful Retrogames t-shirt. This is the front of it. Here's a picture of my office and here's yours truly ... is it Superman ? noooo ! Is it Godzilla ? nooooo ! It's Opi, your favourite news reporter !
    BTW : I know I'm ugly, there's no need to send me thousands of emails telling me :-) - Opi

  • Ironclad again... - Daemon (from ROAR) tells me that Japanese site is NOT releasing an MVS version of Ironclad, just thinking about putting up a CLONECD image of the CD version. So nothing new really. *UPDATE* - Now I'm not so sure, Xeur emailed and said "he's got NeorageX screenies of Brikinger (Ironclad) and Musashi Ganryuki on that page too... and from what I know.. NRX doesn't run CD images :P" and "the CLONECD image information on that webpage is regarding a CD backup he's trying to make for the game "Alice In Nightmare" (hence the title of the link "Alice in Nightmare Report")." So, I think from now on I'll wait until they actually RELEASE something before reporting again. ;) - prophet

  • Hiryu v0.1.0 - Ti-B0ne released version 0.1.0 of his Calice frontend Hiryu. Additional information can be found here. - Opi

  • Dreamer capable of running commercial games!!!! - EMULATRONIA has just released some screenshots showing the Dreamcast emulator Dreamer in action. On 5 screenshots you can admire NAMCO MUSEUM being emulated. I know that some people won`t be happy about this news. Honestly, I don`t understand why ;) Thanks to Ben-J for the news!!! - Martin

  • Napster Again - Here are 2 mails I received about the Napster issue, they clarify it a bit more:

    Just a quickie clarification note...Napster isn't exactly back to square one. They clearly lost big time. While the appeals court didn't directly uphold the trial court's injunction, they did hold that the RIAA had, as a
    matter of law, established that Napster knew or had reason to know that users of its systems were trading copyrighted materials. In layman's terms, this means that the RIAA is entitled to an injunction. Sending it back to the trial court is simply a procedural matter because the appeals court felt the original injunction was too broad in its terms. Expect the injunction to be rewritten and issued by the trial court within a couple of days.
    - Jeff W.

    And here's the other mail:

    The appeals court was ruling on an appeal over the injunction that was made. The appeals court looked at what the lower court had ruled, and said that the lower court did everything by the book, with one minor exception. The
    lower court had said that the very existance of the Napster database and network was in violation, which it isn't.

    So, the injunction has been remanded back to the lower court for revisions. What this means is that Napster can run as it used to until the injunction is rewritten. Once the injunction is rewritten, Napster must boot any customer that offers or transfers a recording made by an RIAA member.
    - Michael R.

    If that isn't clariyfing, I don't know what is :) Anyway, Napster is dead, but I have a feeling that Bertelsmann won't wait 'til Summer to get the paid version of Napster up and running. I'm pretty sure that people will start using other FREE peer-to-peer services, the minute Napster goes down (temporarily). - atila

  • New FINAL Tales of Phantasia Patch v1.2 - The DeJap translation group released their (so called) final Tales of Phantasia patch v1.2. "Several issues have been resolved, like the item bugs and graphics corruption, not to mention the plethora of script errors :). The last patch wasn't really a final, the only reason we called it that was so more people would be more inclined to email us about bugs. Had we publicly called it a beta, we wouldn't have recieved half the problem reports we did :)". The FINAL final ToP patch (with translated speech) is still pending, go here to get this new release. Thanks to SwampGas from Zophar's Domain for the news. - Opi

  • fMSX-FAN v1.44 Windows - TFH/Fony from the MEP informed us about a new fMSX-FAN release. Please get it from the emulator's homepage, the MEP's own database (with all the MSX emulator downloads) is still not online. They will be back (fully functional) as soon as they successfully installed their needed MySQL server. - Opi

  • Genital68K v0.22 - Genital68K v0.22 is online. If you need a good Motorola 68000 processor emulation library for Intel X86 processors, test Bart Trzynadlowski's Genital68K. For more info go here. - Opi

  • Unofficial nester 2001/02/12 - Emulation9 was updated with a new version of unofficial nester, Takeda Toshiya's famous NES emulator for Win9x. He rewrote the FDS sound core, fixed a fullscreen freeze bug and splitted the mapper source code for easier future updating.
    Now really FIXED (thx SwampGas) : Click here to download unofficial nester v2001/02/12. - Opi

  • GoodGBx v0.999.6 - HERE's once again a new ROM renamer tool update by Cowering. GoodGBx v0.999.6 recognizes 5069 entries, recent additions / changes : help screen split into parts / database updated. - Opi

  • Final Fantasy IV 10th Anniversary - I know, normally this stuff isn't posted, but this is such a good game I just had to. :) Final Fantasy IV celebrates its 10th anniversary, and j2e Translations is celebrating with a new version of their FFIV patch, which adds some new intro screens and fixes a bug in the text. :)Thanks to Snakeyes Gaming Corp. for the news. - dhalamar

  • Ironclad "Coming Soon"? - Hmm... Remember that Japanese site that seemingly dumped Ganryu (NeoGeo game)? Well, nothing has been released *yet*, but there is a new message about Ironclad! Apollo69 - ya reading this? :) - prophet

  •    Monday, February 12th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:19 EST

  • GiriGiri Debugger v0.6a - The Sega Saturn emulator GiriGiri Debugger has been updated to version 0.6a, which fixes a bugfix in relation to nVidia(did I spell that right?? =P) video cards. - dhalamar

  • HanaHo site down? - I noticed the HanaHo site is down. If anyone from HanaHo reads this, please email me. Hopefully they're just undergoing some maintenance. *UPDATE* - Conway Ho contacted me, and everything is fine - their old server crashed, hard. They should be back up soon. - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated the MAME Work In Progress again! More cool DECO cassette stuff, including Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory - a Burgertime sequel I thought was lost forever! Robocop 2 is lookin' good too. :) - prophet

  • CPS2Shock - To expand a bit on Prophet's post below, CPS2Shock got a nice new logo by NeoGouki today, in addition to one million hits. :) Also, Raz mentions that he will continue to release XOR tables, in spite of the fact that a company contacted him and asked him to stop releasing the tables so that they could be sold. Raz mentions, "If this third party had rights to sell CPS-2 games why do they need me to decrypt them? In our view CPS-2 emulation should be free to people who are legally entitled to play the games, this is who CPS2shock caters for and will carry on catering for." - dutch

  • Modeler 0.10a released! - A bugfix for Modeler was released, here's what's new:

    Windows version:
    - Attempted fix of the 555/565 autodetect
    - Made graphics init problems more verbose - non 15/16 bit desktops will now complain with a messagebox.

    Linux version:
    - Now gives reasonable error messages if it can't start up for some reason (e.g. non-15/16 bit video)
    - Attempted to fix the 555/565 autodetection (if all colors were wrong in 0.1.0 and you don't have an NVidia card, try this version)
    - Now works if /dev/dsp cannot be opened (e.g. if you have XMMS running already and you don't have an SB Live or other multi-open capable card).
    - Now properly closes /dev/dsp when a game is finished
    - Removed Arabian Fight, it's just not ready for prime time (and wasn't in the Win32 version anyway)

    You can download Modeler for Win32/*nix by going to the Impact Emu site. - atila

  • Napster - SAN FRANCISCO (CNN) -- A federal appeals court sent an injunction against the Internet music service Napster back to a district court Monday saying it was "overbroad." Which basically means that we're back to square 1. Click here to read the full story at CNN. Thanks to ElvisP for the link. - atila

  • FPSE and Pete - The homepage for the FPSE homepage has been updated with some more screenshots from FIF 2001.

    And Pete has updated his Linux GPU to version 1.45. Thanks to PSXEmu for Pete's news. :)

    - dhalamar

  • Audio Overload has been updated to v1.1. The new release adds support for GBS files, and plays all 24 existing GBS files without trouble. Get it here. - richard

  • CPS2Shock Statement - Razoola wrote an interesting update at CPS2Shock! And no, no new releases yet. - prophet

  • Calice 0.1.0 released! - Version 0.1.0 of this very promissing CPS-1 emulator has just been released to the public. Here are the changes for this release:

    - fixed the priorities between the scroll 2 and the sprites * added a driver for: Forgotten worlds, Lost worlds (Japan), Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ban (Japan)
    - fixed the following drivers: Dynasty wars (japan) (now work, but with wrong colors
    - added the -gamelist option to display the list of the available drivers, with the full name of the games

    Head over to the offical home page to download the new version! Thanks to Ben-J for the info!! (Original post by Martin, edited by Atila) - atila

  • Read A Really Interesting Interview ! - Matt Casamassina from IGNcube conducted an AWESOME interview with Giles Goddard. Giles was lead programmer of 1080 Snowboarding (one of my favorite N64 games), and co-programmer of Starfox and - as hint for our older visitors - of Starglider 2. Click here to read it. Email me guys, if you disliked this interesting chat, but I'm sure you won't ! - Opi

  • Happy Birthday Tim - Regardless of any opinions regarding recent news or Arcade@home (that's the problem with being human.. we have this problem with having opinions and individual thought ;), I'd like to wish Tim "Mr. Arcade@home" Eckel a Happy Birthday. I'm suprised he's only 25, I got him beat as I'm around 15 (well, more like an immature 15 year old :). That's probably why I like him. :) - dutch

  •    Sunday, February 11th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:43 EST

  • SleepNES News - I was going through adding URLs to my bookmark checker. Again (my computer finally starting going completely haywire so I restored it, not to mention my monitor died. So I'm at 640x480 right now =P), and I went to the page for SleepNES, and low and behold, it was updated today! There's some site news and news on the emulator, so head on over there and see what all the hubbub is about. :) - dhalamar

  • Lewpy's Glide GPU v1.29 - I was over at PSXEmu, and noticed a post I missed about Lewpy releasing a new version of his Glide GPU. Head on over to his page to see all of what's new and all that good stuff. This is probably one of the best plugins you can get if you have a 3D card. :) - dhalamar

  • Reality Check - Here's a message from Dave (AKA Dayvee). Apparently the *HUNDREDS* (thousands counting the message boards?) of demanding emails, death threats and insults have driven him to the edge. MANY emu authors have given up because of the hordes of low-life ingrates out there, and that's a shame. Emu's are often written by just one or two people in their homes - it's a hobby, and out of generosity they share it for FREE! They owe us NOTHING. And before the idiot-defenders chime in, NO, you're STILL wrong. Dave - take a rest, keep away from Retrogames for a while, but we will miss you & look forward to your return. And no, I won't mention the "unmentionable three letters and a number." ;) - prophet

  • Modeler 0.10 Pre-Release - R.Belmont has released some Modeler binaries! Go get them now at Daemon's ROAR! Win & Linux builds are both available. Oh yeah, it's a Sega System 32 emulator by Farfetch'd and Richter Belmont. :) Games supported this release include: Spiderman, Golden Axe 2, Sonic the Hedgehog (yes!!!), Arabian Fight & Star Wars Arcade! Emulation is still quite early though, so read the text file & don't expect perfect graphics or all games to be playable. You IRC freaks can go to #modeler, apparently there's a party going on there. But can you DCC booze? I think not. *UPDATE* - I've uploaded local mirrors now: Win build and Linux build. - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.097 - The latest Final Burn has been released! Some nice improvements to the Sega driver displays this time, but CPS2 stuff was removed. Here's what's new. (If you choose to post on the boards, PLEASE no flames.) - prophet

  • HeboWin - The Japanese Gameboy emulator HeboWin got updated, although I have no idea what's new. - dhalamar

  • PocketGB - The commercial Gameboy emulator for Pocket PCs, PocketGB has been updated. Check out the page for more information about the emulator and how to get it. Original posting by dhalamar, fixed by - Opi

  • Impact Glide Renderer - A new version of the Impact Glide Renderer has been released, although not much is known what's new other than it should fix some sort of crashing bug. - dhalamar

  • PSinex - The homepage for the Playstation emulator PSinex has been updated with news that the emulator is not dead, head on over to the page for the full story. - dhalamar

  • Bliss v1.4 - Version 1.4 of the Intellivision emulator Bliss has been released. Click here to see what's new, and thanks to Guyfawkes for the news. - dhalamar

  • Good Move ! - Till is now the maintainer of the official MAME history.dat and (that's the new part) the only one !
    Erik Schultz closed his unofficial project (as soon as he noticed that the official list was handed over to Till) and sent Till his new entries. That's what I call a smart and fine move ! - Opi

  • Final Burn WIP - There's some news on the Final Burn page about Thunderblade. Go check it out. :) - dhalamar

  • Your Favourite Neo Geo Site Was Moved - Kazuya_UK's Kazuya's Neo Geo Reviews has been moved to a new domain, please update your bookmarks to http://www.neogeoforlife.com !
    "There have also been a few other changes at my site, so pop along and pay a visit for more info ;)" ! - Opi

  • Hiryu v0.0.8 - Ti-B0ne released a new version of Hiryu, his Calice frontend. New in version 0.0.8 :
    - o - In sync with Calice 0.0.8
    - o - Fixed the Minimizing bug in the Driver Editor
    - o - Added all new options in Calice 0.0.8
    - o - Updated the Image Preview Set. (Missing from Current set : 3wonders, KOD, and Knights) if you can provide me screenshots of these games, contact me, please.
    - o - Fixed Small bugs here and there. - Opi

  • YAME v0.29 - Emulation 9 mentioned the release of YAME v0.29. Yame is a Japanese multi console emulator for Window, Linux, MacOS, BeOS, FreeBSD, Play Station and PC-FX GA ! It has support for NES, Game Boy, TG-16 and SNES ! Don't ask me what's changed or new - just enjoy it :) - Opi

  • More Future Food For MAME - Team Japump!!! did it again, they reported 17 new successful dumps of Japanese Arcade boards. News take from Emulation 9. - Opi

  • Mp3 = Communism ? - LOL - thanks WindDrake ! - Opi

  • MESS WIP - There is a huge update over at the MESS WIP page! Krzysztof Strzecha added a TI-85 driver, Sean Young added MSX 2 (Japan) and has wd2793 disk emulation working for the MSX driver, Raphael Nabet has added a computer from the 1950s! (the All Purpose Electronic X-ray Computer), and much more! Click the link above for more information. - chris

  • RAINE v0.30a DOS - The DOS 0.30a version of RAINE is now available too. Here are the latest changes ! - Opi

  • Genital v1.1 - Bart Trzynadlowski sent word about his latest Genital release. Click here to see the large list of changes in this version. Genital is a promising Sega Genesis emulator for DOS (I wrote promising because Genital still lacks sound). Bart also offers a first version of his z80 disassembler for DOS z80d v0.0. - Opi

  • New FixMAME - M.A.S.H. has posted an article on our General board regarding a bunch of updates at the MAME INFO site. Click the links above to get the details on what's new. - chris

  • Raine ROMs! Get Your Raine ROMs! - TonyD let me know that you can get the ROMs for the new games supported in Raine over at EmuLition! - chris

  • New Raine for Linux - Raine for Linux 0.30a is now available!!! New games supported: Cupy pop, New Clones: bubble symphony (US) and Tube it (clone of cachat). Click the link above for more information. Thanks to gwenju for the news. - chris

  • What About the Classics? - Raindog of LinuxEmu has written a new article as a follow up to: "The state of Linux emulation". He primarily covers the game consoles that had their prime-time before the Nintendo 8bit. Thanks to Tima for the news. - chris

  • Opera for Linux - Well I was delighted to see this morning that Opera has started releasing Linux beta's for Opera 5! (the previous beta for Linux was Opera 4.0b5). You can get Opera 5.0b6 for Linux here. - chris

  • Thought of the Day - "I've decided to live forever; so far so good!". (Sorry for the line I posted twice, I must be going senile ;) - atila

  • NESten v0.61 Beta 1 - XiP over at Zophar's Domain reported that the kickass Windows NES emulator NESten has FINALLY been upgraded to version 0.61 Beta 1. Click here to go to the official page an learn more about this very good emulator. :) (Edited by Atila, original post by Dhalamar) - atila

  • X-Arcade update - XGaming is now taking preorders for their upcoming multiplatform arcade control panel! Pre-ordered units should ship March 1st. Checking their online store, you'll find the X-Arcade is $150 including the PC/Mac adapter. Also available are adapters for Playstation 1/2, Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 for $24.95 each. How good is the X-Arcade? Hopefully we'll be able to review it soon and let you know. :) (Thanks Saint's BYOAC) - prophet

  • RAINE WIP - The RAINE WIP page was updated with some developing news and the following message : "Expect a new Raine bugfix release soon (DOS and Linux versions are already confirmed). - Opi

  • The MEP Temporary Down - "The MEP is moving to a new server located in the Netherlands. This will mean that in the meantime, the MEP will be offline. We hope to be back again in a day or two".
    This info was sent in by TFH/Fony ! - Opi

  • Translation News - The boys from Some Good Shit Translations! released a 100% translated patch for the old Famicom (NES) classic Adventures of Valecule by Namco. Thanks to the Whirlpool for the info.
    BTW : Examine the SGST homepage for a useful goodie :) - Opi

  •    Saturday, February 10th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:53 EST

  • Good5200 v0.999.2 - HERE's Cowering's latest ROM renamer release.
    Good5200 Stats: 163 entries - recent Additions:

    - Bounty Bob detection fixed
    - still no good River Raid dump, does a working one exist???
    - add newly found proto dumps - Opi

  • iGBA Beta 3 - I am having difficulty getting to the iGBA homepage. For me at least, it appears to be extremely slow. Rico2000 from RC ROMs sent us the file so we can mirror it locally for you. You can download the release by clicking here, and you can view the readme.html from the zipfile here. - dutch

  • New GBAscene game - A new game for the GBA has been released over at the Gameboy Advance Developement homepage, and runs fine on the recent iGBA release. Some kinda game with Pikachu in it. Anyway, thanks to Kojote for the news. - dhalamar

  • iGBA Beta 3 - the Gameboy Advance emulator iGBA has been updated to Beta version 3. And it DID come out today, even though the date doesn't says otherwise, I think it was just a messup. Anywhoo, check it out, its a very good emulator. Also on his site is a new version of his GBA demo Fitzy. - dhalamar

  • MAMECE-10X News - The homepage for MAMECE-10X, a version MAME that runs on the Casio E-100 & E-105, has been updated with the news that someone has expressed some interest in taking over the profect. Head on over to the MAME-10X page for more information. - dhalamar

  • MAME WIP - There's a new MAME WIP..... - dhalamar

  • FPSE Homepage updated The homepage for the Playstation emulator, FPSE has updated with a screenshot of a loading screen from EA Sports' FIFA 2001. They say they DO have ingame shots, but they haven't gone up yet. :) - dhalamar

  • Playstation Emu for Linux - The Pcsx web page has been updated with a screenshot of their Sony Playstation Emulator running in Linux! Thanks to EmuViews for the news. - chris

  • Twin Galaxies - The Twin Galaxies web site has issued a press release regarding the Twin Galaxies 20th annivesary commemorative edition of the Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records. They have launched a global campain to identify top gaming superstars! Click the link above for more information. Thanks to /. for the news. - chris

  • New Modeler release soon! - Just read this message on the official message board of Modeler, and you will learn that R.Belmont is planning to release a new version for Win32 and Linux this weekend. But the best news is the last thing R.Belmont had to say about the current progress of his emu:

  • PS: since there hasn't been a WIP in a while, know this: Sonic is now playable! :-)
    - Martin

  • PowerSEmu page updated - After several weeks, the PowerSEemu home page had an updated again last night. Its author made some progress with the CD interface. Furthermore Dave is telling us that his emulator will be fully programmed under Windows, so that we will not have to use PowerSEmu from the DOS command console :=) - Martin

  •    Friday, February 9th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:57 EST

  • Pete's GPUs v1.45 - The popular graphics plugins by Pete have been updated to version 1.45. Head on over to his homepage to check out what's new and for the downloads. Thanks to PSXEmu for the news. - dhalamar

  • Dave Talks - Read Dave's statement about CPS2, Final Burn and hacked emulators (his emu wasn't hacked btw).

    BTW - looks like our CPS2 Emulation board is right now a VERY BUSY place !
    Heh - here's a good comment by Haze : "and the same people who were bitching because there were 'too many' finalburn releases .. are now bitching because there hasn't been a release for what 2 days? .. its stupid". - Opi

  • easyEmu Updated - mrv2k once again posted some new interesting emulation hints and tips at easyEmu and updated a few of his emu tutorials. Check it out here. - Opi

  • Kiame News - The Kiame site (homepage of U64Emu) was updated with some interesting news about emulating Killer Instinct 2 and the next U64Emu release (both probably in the spring time) - finally, Jago announced his 18th birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY man, enjoy your new possibilities :)
    Thanks to Sixtoe for the hint ! Don't forget to visit his Sega Museum site, he uploaded a buch of new Sega related stuff recently ! - Opi

  • GoodGG 0.999.2 - Here's a news post I think got missed. Cowering the ROM librarian (and there's a little bit of ROM librarian in all of us :) released GoodGG 0.999.2 with new dumps, redump info, and 370 entries in total. Run this on your Game Gear ROMs to identify them. (I always unzip them first for good measure.) Heh, I forgot to mention Opi had already had it available with all of the other GoodTools here! Sorry about that Opi. :) - dutch

  • zodiac - New Japanese MSX Emu - Navarone from Emulation 9 informed me about a new Japanese MSX emulator called zodiac. I assume the emulator is available for Linux and Windows, but I'm not really sure - the homepage is written completly in Japanese :) - Opi

  • Opi's Comment - Just came back from our kindergarten's carnival party and noticed some emails regarding Final Burn and SSF. Well folks, thanks for the info but I have to agree with my team colleagues. I won't support such actions, because Final Burn is more than alive - it's factually the most updated emulator ever ! So fooling around with it isn't very smart nor respectful. - Opi

  • Updates from me... Sorry I took the week off. :) It's taking me a long time to catch up with news and such. I see a lot of crap happening regarding Final Burn. Best advice I have for Dayvee is it's destined to happen, so it's best to just do your hobby and totally ignore it. ;) - dutch

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with news from Wednesday and Thursday. - chris

  • Jum52 has been ported to MacOS. An initial release is available to download. - richard

  • Just my € 0.02 - I agree entirely with what Dave of Final Burn is thinking. Especially given how frequently he updates the damn thing - just be patient! (I hope the Euro symbol looks right on PCs!). - richard

  • News Archives - The problem we had with our news archives has been fixed. Click here to see the archive for 02-2001, the link can also be found on the table on the left. - atila

  • People PLEASE - If you're THAT hard on to play a game that Final Burn doesn't run, there IS such a thing as.... oh.... I don't know...... WAITING. I mean, just think of how much BETTER it will be when it finally comes! Kinda like Christmas. And if you were that hard on to play SSF2T, there is a computer version of the game. And I'm sure it's come out for a couple of consoles. I don't know, just a thought. I plan on trying out SSF2T when the new Final Burn comes out, unless some idiots out there have ruined it. Lesson learned here : Patience is a virtue Thank you. - dhalamar

  • MIMIC WIP - Yeah, I know. It's usually chris who does these, but I BEAT HIM! HAHAHAHA!!!! *ahem* Anyway..

    There is a new MIMIC WIP up. :)Hang Jr. is now playable, and he has to figure out some controls stuff for Riddle, and he said something about a surprise coming soon.... Hmm..... - dhalamar

  • Netscape Bugfix Release - Netscape has released Netscape 6.0.1 (linux users can get it here). Changes for this release can be read here. Thanks to Freshmeat for the news. - chris

  • iGBA homepage updated - The homepage for the Gameboy Advance emulator iGBA has been updated with new screenshots of the new demos from the Gameboy Advance Developement homepage, and news that a new beta will be out soon with many bugfixes and new features. I can't wait. :) - dhalamar

  • Why, Oh Why? - Haven't people learned from other 'emulation disasters' ? Stop fiddling around with Final Burn and read this post by the author of Final Burn; he's not happy. - atila

  • RAINE WIP (3rd Try) - Taito updated the RAINE WIP page with the latest developing news. Guess it's allowed to say that going "Open Source" with RAINE was a good and wise decision.

    Someone deleted my RAINE WIP news last night :( Martin posted it today, I noticed it and thought he made a double posting and deleted it instantly :) Now let's hope the third posting will stay online ! - Opi

  • Hahahaha :) - Someone used a phony $200 bill with GW Bush' picture on it to pay for a meal. He even got $198 back in change :) Thanks to PhorceP for the link. - atila

  • Dreamcast Dreamcast Dreamcast!! - I decided to bundle the Dreamcast related posts together since I think it looked stupid there being different posts. Anyway, here they are, newest at the top:

    DreamMSX v0.2f Source released - Kojote of Kojote's Freeware ROMs homepage just messaged me this info on ICQ:

    Jos Kwanten has released the sources of DreamMSX V0.2f. DreamMSX is an MSX Emulator for the Dreamcast, based on the source of fMSX v1.5 by Marat.

    You can download the sources at the "official" DreamMSX website:
    The source is also available (as always) on the MEP:

    DCEmulation's new hosted site - The homepage dedicated to Dreamcast emulation, DCEmulation, has a new hosted site : DCQ. DCQ is a ICQ client for the Dreamcast system's net capabilities, with some added extras. :)

    More Dreamcast Stuff - I was over at EmuHolic and noticed two cool little tidbits. First off, there's a new Dreamcast plasma demo at a Dreamcast Dev site, and the author of DreamGen, the as of yet unreleased Sega Genesis emulator for the Dreamcast, had this to say:

    Well after a few setbacks including me messing around with some GBA dev stuff and my other coder and me both being literally crushed with school crap I'm back and working... I've realized DGEN isn't very feasible, so I've begun messing around with Generator, it's a hell of a lot simpler and I had the code compiling within the first night... just need to write the Dreamcast specific functions and work on some speedups and we might see a release... Here's hopin! Any comments? Post on the forum.

    And in somewhat related news, the Playstation emulation site PSXEmu has an article written by an ex-employee of Bleem, inc. about what's been going on with Bleem and Bleemcast. You can read the article right here. - dhalamar

  • EmuLoader v2.1 - A new version of EmuLoader, a MAME frontend, has been released, jacking the version number up to 2.1. Head on over to the EmuLoader site to catch what's new and for the download. - dhalamar

  • Laser update - Lopantu has released the source for the latest WIP version of Laser, and has opened up a message board so you can talk about the Laser emulator and the Sega Arcade Project. - dhalamar

  •    Thursday, February 8th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:11 EST

  • New Official MAME History.dat Maintainer - Till from Sys2064 is the new maintainer of the official MAME History.dat, he's the successor of Brian Deuel. Please use Till's messageboard if you wanna contribute something to the History.dat. - Opi

  • MSX Tools - NightFox released new versions of fMSX-DOS Loader & MSX ROM Manager. He added support for 27 new ROMs and updated the access data for 64 old games. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - A classic game was saved from extinction: Super Astro Fighter - atila

  • Aaaaah - Here's some nice music that will make your neighbours go crazy: Pi - Tune In (530kb), I love this tune :) - atila

  • MONSTERS!! - After what feels like a year, Kim has decided to update The Monsters, a rather wacky comic about anything, basically :) Click the link and get ready for a few laughs! - atila

  • Play C-64 Classics Online - Lemon was updated with a new service - play Blue Max, Lazy Jones, Wizard of Wor and a few others online ! Kim Lemon has uploaded Joakim Eriksson's C-64 emulator for Java - WebC64, which works pretty well ! Thanks to WWEmu for the tip. - Opi

  • Sega vs EA: Let The Fight Begin - Gavin Matheson from Gaming Age posted an interesting story about Sega bitching at Electronic Arts and vice versa - you can read it here ! Thanks Studly Do-Right :) May I add that I dislike EA's update madness too :-) - Opi

  • Compete With The Best - Lagavulin has sent me the following info about a new MARP contest to post here :

    "We're organising a tournament (called MAME CHAMPIONSHIPS) hosted by the MARP site. (MAME Action Replay Page), hosted itself by Retrogames.

    All details and sign-up are available here :
    Acess by MARP : http://marp.retrogames.com/frames.htm, then knockout link Direct access : http://mapage.noos.fr/marpkt/kt.html.

    Registration deadline is Feb,17th.
    Beginning of tournament is Feb, 18th"
    . - Opi

  • The Rumor Mill! - Better a delayed Rumor Mill! than no news :)
    JoseQ talks about Handy, Raine32, FreezeSMS, GENS and Bliss ! - Opi

  • Dreamer Update - Guyfawkes snagged some information from Emulatronica about the Dreamcast emulator Dreamer, here's the text translated to English:

    This emulator of Dreamcast that works under Windows has been left, and to demonstrate here are several screenshots of the KATANA (Ninja and Kamui2).
    Kamui2Space: It is a space station, quite spectacular, because you can be moved with pad and in addition it has metallic reflections.
    Kamui2Specular: One is a mirror, although thus static it does not have grace, since in fact tour, and to the a little rough being, the reflection is very well. They lack some textures more than they put in alpha blending, but todavia is not supported.
    Kamui2Trees: Although it does not seem it, are a pile of little trees. It lacks the mountain by problems of values unknown in registries.
    NinjaVMSTest: It is a program to see the content of VMS. the USA the Ninja libraries to draw in poligonos 2d but using for the letters.

    You can go to the Emulatronica homepage to check out the screenshots. - dhalamar

  • LaserEMU on hold - The LaserEMU site has been updated with the news that the emulator is put on hold for a while, the author is spending all his free time developing The Sega Arcade Project, which allows people to play Sega's "discrete" circuitry games.

    The auhtor is requesting that anyone with any knowledge of this E-Mail him. - dhalamar

  • Orgasms For All? - Well, according to this article, now is the time ;) Thanks to stePAC for the link. - atila

  • CALICE v0.0.8 - CALICE, David Raingeard's CPS1 emulator was updated once again. Version 0.0.8 introduces first "experimental" sound support - click here for a full list of changes or here to download CALICE v0.0.8. Thanks to Emulation9 for the news. - Opi

  • Hugo v2.00 sources released - The sources of this great PC Engine emulatorhave been released to the public just in case you would like to port this emu , for instance, to the AMIGA :) Head over to the official home page to download it! - Martin

  • New ePSXe coming soon! - The best Playstation emulator IMO ePSXe will be updated soon! Just head over to the EF Net channel of ePSXe and you can admire the following channel topic:

    -=ePSXe=- | www.epsxe.com | Release soon.... soon? Yes! soon! :P' - Martin

  • Atari VCS portables - for sale?! Remember that awesome homemade portable Atari 2600? Well, apparently Benjamin J. Heckendorn is working hard "to simplify construction time, which means a lower price when I sell it." Certainly a unique videogame item to own! (Hmm, now imagine a truly portable emulation system - Final Burn on the go!:) - prophet

  •    Wednesday, February 7th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:38 EST

  • FPSE for BeOS - FPSE, a Playstation emulator, just had a release for BeOS, so go over and download it from the site if you use BeOS. :)And they also have screenshots of that 3-D Gex game(I think it's called Gex Enter the Gecko), kinda reminds me of those car insurance commercials... "It's Gecko, not Geico! Stop calling me!!!"

    And thanks to everyone who E-Mailed me about Super Street Fighter 2 being decrypted. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated the MAME WIP page with more news on Fire Truck and some other stuff. - chris

  • Request For Takeover - Roger's Classic Arcade Tips & Tricks needs a new site maintainer. Roger sent me the following request :

    "It's probably the largest (and oldest) classic arcade tips site out there - about 3/4 of the content of HISTORY.DAT comes directly from it - and while I'd like to be able to keep it regularly updated, for various reasons that really isn't possible any more.

    What I'd really like to do is find someone that can take over maintenance of the site and keep it updated regularly, and that's where you guys come in

    So if you're interested in doing the job contact Roger, maybe you'll be the one to continue his work :) - Opi

  • CPS2 : Super Street Fighter 2 Decrypted - CPS2Shock release 010 is Super Street Fighter 2. Be prepared for an upcoming new Final Burn release :) Thanks to GBMan for the email ! - Opi

  • Something to live by - You ever wonder why we do the things we do? I do, sometimes. That's why I don't like to think. Make sense? For those of you who know me, more than likely. ;)

    I just wanted an excuse to post something since Opi, Martin, and Chris jacked me out of all the stuff to post. ;) - dhalamar

  • Unofficial MAME History.dat Board - Erik Schultz has set up a new Unofficial MAME history.dat board, use it for your submissions which he'll now accept. - Opi

  • GoodGG v0.999.2 - Click here to download Cowering's latest GoodTool update. GoodGG v0.999.2 recognizes 370 Game Gear ROMs, new in this release : new dumps.. new redump info.. - Opi

  • WOW, Look At This Awesome Sega Site - www.system16.com is DEAD but ain't lost - please welcome the redesigned and renamed Sega Museum. Sixtoe did an excellent job with this "resuscitation", he's the new maintainer and owner of the old ShinobiZ's Home site.
    Pay him your tribute and visit Sega Museum - the most comprehensive Sega related online resource AFAIK ! - Opi

  • Reverse Engineering Legalities - Planet IT has an interesting six page article on the legalities of reverse engineering. Definately worth the read as they make reference to the Sony vs. Connetix and the Sony vs. bleem! law suits. Thanks to Thunder for the news. - chris

  • nesterJ - The NES emulator for Win32, NesterJ has been updated to version 2001.2.05 (a small update with some save bugs fixed.) I've never tried this emu since it's for some obscure operating system, but thanks to Jaime for the news. - chris

  • GnuBoy 0.8.4 - GnuBoy is a GameBoy emulator that runs on DOS and Linux systems. Changes for this version include: Addition of saved states to allow you to save and load anywhere with any ROM, fixes for numerous bugs (a few moderately significant, others just for completeness' sake), further optimizations to the i386 assembly CPU core, and more technical documentation. - chris

  • MESS WIP - WIP...WIP...WIP...Okay, well not to be outdone, I added a MESS WIP report too. Enjoy :) - chris

  • RAINE WIP - Well, MAME WIP wasnt enough for me so I had to check out the latest RAINE WIP page as well...looks like raine devs are keeping busy! Oh by the way, I tested out a bunch of games with my copy of raine for Linux and I give it four stars! F3 games sound great! Good to see this emu coming back to life again. :) - chris

  • MAME WIP - For those of you who cannot sleep like myself, you can view the new MAME WIP update...lots of new screenshots for you to look at. - chris

  •    Tuesday, February 6th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:59 EST

  • T-shirt - yes, it came today. Looks pretty cool; thanks Atila. - richard

  • Steem Engine v1.5b - A new bugfixed version of Steem is online now. Version 1.5b fixes a bug that "caused Steem to freeze when run on some sound cards". Steem is a great Atari STE emulator for Win9x developed by Anthony and Russell Hayward. - Opi

  • MAME INFO - M.A.S.H. has released a new diff file for the MAMEINFO file. You must apply the diff file to your current mameinfo.dat. - chris

  • Small MEGADEATH interview - I've spoken today to MEGADEATH, the author of Giri Giri, a very promissing Sega Saturn emulator. I asked him two questions which I think are of huge interest to most of you dear readers:

  • how fast is the emulation of Daytona USA on your emulator? - Answer: as fast as SSF

  • when will you release the first version of Giri Giri? - Answer: now, I and my freinds are constructing compatibility list.
    when we finish it, I'll release GiriGiri Debuger
    10th feb or so... - Martin

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with tons of information for Sunday and Monday. - chris

  • ZX Emu - XZX is a portable emulator of ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 (8-bit home computers made by Sir Clive Sinclair), and Spectrum clones for machines running Unix and the X Window system. XZX is completely written in C and emulates Spectrum 48K, 128K, +2 and +3, Pentagon and Scorpion, Didaktik, Interface I with up to 8 microdrives, Multiface 128 and Multiface 3, Beta 128 by Technology Research Ltd with 4 disk drives, +D by Miles Gordon Technology with 2 disk drives, Kempston mouse, Kempston joystick, and built-in Z80 machine code monitor. Changes in version 3.0.1: Fixed segmentation faults in snapconv. - chris

  • VantAGE v1.1 - Vertical ANTiquated Arcade Game Emulator has been updated to version 1.1, and the what's new list is WAY too long to post here. :) But if you're wondering what it is, it's an multiple arcade emulator like MAME that can run a large amount of games.

    And, ArcadeOS, a frontend for MAME(though it will work with other DOS based emulators), has been updated to version 2.44.

    So head on over to check them out and to get more information on them. :) - dhalamar

  • T-98 Next beta 9.5 - Version of 9.5 of the fantastic PC-98 emulator T-98 has just been released to the public. Make sure you grab it as quickly as possible! - Martin

  • Daytona USA - The GiriGiri Project homepage has been updated with yet another screenshot of their Sega Saturn emulator running Daytona USA. Go check it out. :) - dhalamar

  •    Monday, February 5th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:51 EST

  • GoodWindows v2.3 - The Good Utilities frontend, GoodWindows has been updated to version 2.3. Check out what's new:

    -- Added Excluded rom in stats.
    -- Fixed bug that were corrupting the have total (stats) if you were excluding roms.
    -- Fixed bug in "export ftp download file" using the dir option, wouldn't read the last line from "GoodInfo.cfg".
    -- Enabled new option for GoodPCE.
    -- Fixed Version panel blocking the view of the stats.

    Head on over to the GoodWindows homepage to download ya a copy. - dhalamar

  • Knack's Software Plugin - There's a new PSEmu plugin in town(which also works with ePSXe and whatever else uses these plugins. =P) called Knack's Software Plugin. It's version 0.81, and it's in Japanese, so I have no other information about it. If one of our visitors could provide a translation of this plugin, it would be extrememly helpful. Thanks to CDBuRnOuT over at PSXEmu for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • New Unofficial MAME History.dat - Erik Schultz emailed me about his new unofficial MAME history.dat. For some reasons (read 'em here) he started to work on this new unofficial version. Right now he won't accept any contributions but this situation might change soon :) - Opi

  • WonderSwan Emulation - BillyJr posted 4 pictures of a Japanese B/W WonderSwan game running on an unnamed and unreleased but working WonderSwan Color emulator !

    BillyJr said "the pics in my page was take from emulator, right now I know there are 4 people that try to make emulator for WS/c but 2 are still search for more info, and other 2 are already showing something, but right now I have no idea when this will be public, since it still in very early stage ..."

    Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the hint and the BillyJr quote :) - Opi

  • Strange World, New Emus For A System That Isn't Even Released ! - Guyfawkes emailed me about a new Game Boy Advance emulator called EloGba. He tested some demos and according to his email, EloGba worked fine and should be really fast. Check it out here. - Opi

  • H2 v0.52 & New DATPack (3) - H2 v0.52 is available for download (along with a new DATPack).

    "Updated the support for RAINE and Final Burn (although I'm behind the current level). The main addition is H2CTRL - a control panel to launch H2F - it simplifies the process of filtering on game title / author etc - for example, if you type 'mario' into the search box and search on 'title' it'll show you all the games that contain mario, regardless of platform". - Opi

  • MZ-800 v0.060b - Zdeněk Adler's MZ-800 emulator was updated to v0.060b. Sharp's MZ-800 was the successor of the MZ 780 series, it used a special CP/M called P-CP/M as operation system - more info can be found here !

    Thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the email ! - Opi

  • GoodPCE v1.01 - GoodPCE v1.01 Cowering's TG16 / PC Engine ROM renamer was updated to v1.01. New in this release :

    GoodPCE Stats: 1001 entries
    - only one USA cart remains to be dumped PLEASE! someoone find it!
    - ROMS that are 'encrypted' are recognised as their 'normal' counterpart
    - you will get 8 dupes because of this if you have a full set - Opi

  • Retrogames T-Shirt - I got mine last friday and I must admit, it rocks ! Stay tuned for a picture - showing ugly Opi and the beautiful Retrogames T-Shirt :) - Opi

  • Yegads... - does that mean I'll finally get my T-shirt this week too? I'll keep you posted :) - richard

  • HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY MAME! - MAME is 4 years old today - so here's a BIG Retrogames thank you and congratulations for all the fine work! And for those who missed it, even *I* made a brief appearance at #retrogamers earlier to celebrate this event. ;P (I rarely visit IRC) - prophet

  • Shipping CPS2 boards to Raz - Read this post from KevinDo. He's trying to buy around $1500 worth of games from Naz on EBay. Razoola has verified this guy's story, so if anyone would like to contribute to getting these boards mailed off, read that post and email KevinDo. - prophet

  • My Retrogames t-shirt finally came! Very nice too! :) - prophet

  • Calice v0.0.7 - The CPS1 emulator, Calice has been updated to version 0.0.7, and now supports 23 games. Here's a list of what's new:

    -Emulation speed increased (I mesured between 40 and 60 fps in 256x256 frameskip 0 on a Pentium 100 Mhz machine)
    -QSound hack to allow QSound games to work without it
    brigthness support (fades now work)
    -Fixed sprite bugs (Nemo, 1941, maybe others)

    Head on over to the Calice homepage for a list of the games it supports, and for the downloads. - dhalamar

  • iGBA Beta Release 2 - The promising little Gameboy Advance emulator, iGBA, has reached it's 2nd Beta Release, go check it out. :) - dhalamar

  • GoodWindows v2.2 - The GoodUtilities Frontend GoodWindows, has been updated to version 2.2. Check this out:

    - Added new option (new in goodgen 0.9992) nosep, force63, nodb (Haven't added force63 to export download list & copy file he need, yet)
    - Disabled Atari 7800 in RDSystem.ini cause the new Good7800 include the same roms (& more).
    - Added some error handling when RDSystem.ini &/or GTSystem.ini can't be found.
    - Updated option to match the new good7800 engine (sep_ & Deep).
    - Fixed bug that couldn't let you use the "dirs" option after a compare for Oric.
    - Fixed a harmless bug in the Compare mode, that would allow you to compare 2 empty file.
    - When opening a new miss/have file in Compare mode, the he need/you need list are cleared.
    - Added Readme.txt & Help file in the Help/About Menu.
    - Reorganized the menu.
    - Added Total Roms Stats to automatically be shown.

    Go over to the GoodWindows homepage and download this if you don't like fiddling with DOS command prompts. :) - dhalamar

  • Atari ST Emulator - Saint, an Atari ST emulator (most likely for Windows), has been released. Even though this emu has not been fully tested for games, MAMu_ swears that its the best when it comes to running certain demos :). Thanks to MAMu_ for the news. - chris

  • OverClocked ReMix Retroactive - 'kay, so this post is kinda 'after the fact'. But with all this Final Burn craziness (which is great, mind you) it's hard to get a word in. OverClocked ReMix has been updated in the last several days with ReMixes of Super Mario 2, Final Fantasy II (J), The Sims, ExciteBike, Final Fantasy 8, Sonic CD, Wild Arms, and Chrono Trigger. Doncha just love the variety? Grab 'em all - fun at parties, great conversation-starters - at: OC ReMix - david

  •    Sunday, February 4th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:35 EST

  • Buy Your Own CPS2 Board - NAZ asked me to post about his latest site update - heh, I decided to "mirror" it here so I won't miss any facts :)

    "Now is you time to own a tiny piece of emulation history. 22, yes twenty-two of my CPS2 "B" boards and one "A" are being auctioned for me. Look here. On a side note, I've been playing Phantasy Star Online quite a bit. My character name is "Ariel" and I am usually in a ship of the same name. If you see me come over and say "HI". - Opi

  • FCE Ultra v0.51 - Emulation 9 mentioned new Windows and Linux versions of FCE Ultra - click here to see whats new and changed in version 0.51 besides the two newly added mappers (86 and 89) !

    Here are your possible downloads :
    FCE Ultra v0.51 as Windows or Linux version. - Opi

  • MAME 4th Anniversary - Noticed this over at the official MAME site - they're holding an anniversary party in IRC tomorrow, in everybody's favourite IRC channel, #retrogamers ... Check the time of the party and join in !
    You might catch me there too :-) ... oh and Atila too ... and Chris ... Dhalamar ... Martin :) - Opi

  • Team Japump!!! - Busy Team Japump!!! reported the successful dumping of 18 new Japanese arcade games ! - Opi

  • Final Burn 0.096 - Dayvee released a slight bugfix build - go get it! - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Gridle once again showed us the latest results of MAME-dev efforts - which means everyones favourite newssite the MAME WIP page was updated :) A crosshair for Space Gun, VS NES driver update ... - Opi

  • Fantastic Retro CD Covers - Visit Consol Cover Central and download some selfmade CD covers and present your collection as it deserves ! The Bear & The Mayor did an amazing job ! - Opi

  • MESS WIP - Saturday's news has been posted on the MESS WIP page. - chris

  • Attn: Speccy Owners - ZxLink is a multipurpose utility that lets you hook up your ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 (8-bit home computers made by Sir Clive Sinclair) to an Unix machine. It is intended for those who prefer "the real thing" instead of emulators. Exchange of Spectrum programs via Internet is easier today than in ancient times. ZxLink will help some Speccy owners to enjoy these new resources. ZxLink handles sound and serial up- and downloading. Click here for a list of changes. - chris

  • Audio Overload has been updated to v1.0.1. (Atila - don't forget to edit my address!) - richard

  • GnuBoy 0.8.2 - gnuboy emulates the Color GameBoy handheld console in portable C, with interfaces for X11, Linux svgalib, and DOS, with other ports planned in the future. Compatibility with roms tested is around 99 percent, and all major hardware features except sound and SGB extensions are supported. With the optimized i386 assembly code (optional, of course), gnuboy can run at the full 60 fps even on Pentium/75 and below. No special libraries are required to compile, and gnuboy is known to build on many *nix variants.
    Changes since version 0.8.0 include: rewrote lcdc state behavior completely, fixed lots of compat issues, implemented serial io failure for roms that need it, fixed more compat now, mk1, sml2, and alleyway are all fixed! additions to input.h and keytable.c to allow future joystick support, fixed stupid timer interrupt bug in asm cpu core, renamed screen to fb so as not to conflict with allegro symbol names. - chris

  • Final Burn v0.095 There's a new Final Burn in town.... and it ain't big enough for the 2 of ya..... so get rid of your old version and get this before it decides to do something really really bad. Here's what's new:

    + Added support for the older version of X-Men (v2.00)
    + Made state saving and loading a bit easier.
    + Scanlines are now shown in Windowed mode as well.
    - dhalamar

  • Iki's GBA emulator 1st release - Iki's GBA emulator has had its first release today and the features are very impressive! It already emulates 26! demos perfectly. Please make sure you download this first fantastic version at iGBA's homepage :) - Martin

  • DeliPlayer v1.20 - DeliPlayer v1.20 is out. This is the most advanced (supports 190 different sound/music formats) music player currently available and it's FREE ! For more info / news / downloads go here.

    Update: The DeliPlayer homepage is very slow so I decided to mirror the files here at Retrogames :
  • DeliPlayer (Version 1.20, complete) [3.69 MB]
  • DeliPlayer upgrade from V1.10 and 1.11 to 1.20 [2.10 MB] - Opi

  • NES Emulator Releases - The English version of the Japanese NES emulator nesterJ was updated to v0.50fix - click here if you wanna test it. Thanks EmuHQ

    Release 5 of LazyNES is now here available for download. Looks like this release is a major step in development for this emu. Please visit the homepage for more info about it - there is still no readme file worth to read or uoload (hint hint) ! News taken from Emulation 9. - Opi

  • SNES9x v1.36 Windows - Gary Henderson uploaded a new Windows version of his famous SNES emulators SNES9x ! Click here for a list of the changes and/or here to download the latest "install.exe" version (1.11 mb). The smaller zip archive was corrupt so we have to wait for a new valid upload ! - Opi

  • Ben-J has e-mailed me tell me that a new version of the Japanese Game Boy TKGBC has been released to the public. Ben-J was also to kind as to translate the changes from Japanese into English:

  • MBC2 is corrected (The bug to which saga 1 cannot be saved is corrected).
  • Correction of some CPU instructions
    - Martin

  • Raine 32 news - According to Atani his Win32 port of the RAINE emulator has been downloaded 21000 times so far from his official home page! Atani has also written on his site that his port contains several bugs which are unknown to the Linux and DOS ports of RAINE, for instance bad 68020 emulation which causes many Taito F3 games to crash - Martin

  • Steem v1.5 - Steem, an Atari ST emulator, has been updated to version 1.5 with a bunch of cool new stuff that would take up way too much space here. :) So, if you're into Atari ST emulation and like this emulator, head on over to the Steem homepage and do the magical act of clicking to download it. Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news. - dhalamar

  •    Saturday, February 3rd 2001 - Last updated @ 23:28 EST

  • Emu+ 0.37 Beta 11 released! - Danmanya has just posted the latest build of Emu+, an *UNOFFICIAL* version of MAME with tons of extra luxury features! Here's what's new. Get it now at the Emu+ homepage. (Thanks Danmanya) - prophet

  • iGBA Update - The Gameboy Advance emulator in the works called iGBA was updated, he's gotten OAM almost working, THUMB is also almost working, and more graphic features are working. The emulator now runs 26 demos. :) Head on over to the iGBA homepage and check out the screenshots and a new layout. - dhalamar

  • Alternate XMen tables - CPS2Shock released a new decryption table for an alternate version of X-Men! I believe it's for the Team Japump alternate Japanese dump? - prophet

  • MESS 32 - Nathan Woods released MESS32 0.37b11 yesterday, but Richard has not uploaded it to the Official Web Site yet. So we have provided a temporary mirror for the files. You can download the Win32 binary here and the source code here. These links are not guaranteed to work after they have been uploaded to the official site. - chris

  • MESS WIP - The Official Multi-Emulator Super System Work In Progress Page has been updated with the MESSDEV work submitted for Friday, February 2nd, 2001. - chris

  • Thoughts of the Day - I'm back and so are the thoughts, so let's get busy:

    - If I survive death, I'll probably survive anything.
    - If all goes well, you probably missed something.
    - When driving, you put your life in the hands of your feet.
    - There are 3 kinds of people: those who can count and those who cannot.
    - A German, a Frenchman and a Belgian walk into a bar. The bartender says: "Is this a joke?"
    - I used to be a doubter, nowadays I'm not so sure.

    There you go, get those braincells into action :) - atila

  • MAME WIP - That horrific game called Street Fighter: The Movie was added to MAME. All I can ask is: "WHY?!?!" ;) - atila

  • Neko Project II v.029 released - The PC Engine emulator Neko Project II has just been released. To download the new version and the sources please click here! - Martin

  • Apple Win 1.5 released - Tery Hsu has released version 1.5 on his FTP. Here are the new features:

  • Full screen mode is OK now
  • Disable FPS dialog. Reserve F10 key for Windows 95/98
  • Add F11 key to switch color/mono video mode
  • Add F12 key to terminate Applewin
  • Fix a BUG when PC is in True color(24/32bit) mode, Applewin's mono. video (all green color) can't be displayed correctly

    Log in to this FTP to get the new version. Thanks to Ben-J for the news :) - Martin

  • GoodGen v0.999.2 - HERE's a new version of GoodGen, Cowering's (you forgot me twice now) ROM renamer tool for Sega Genesis games. Thanks to MC_WildStyle for the news and the file.

    GoodGen stats: 2971 entries / recent additions:
    - lots more redumps
    - three new commands: nodb, nosep, force63.. read docs for details - Opi

  • WinAGES v0.24a-SP (Borg) - Quinntesson released a new version of AGES, his famous Genesis emulators for Windows ! Sega CD fans will love this release, time to test your Batman CD guys :)

    - o - Sega CD music track playing
    - o - Sega CD rotate-scale graphics
    - o - Sega CD font conversion graphics
    - o - Emulated load times are shorter
    - o - Added CUE support
    - o - Added RAR'd CUE + CD image support
    - o - Multiple file-per-RAR support
    - o - Genecyst state loading
    - o - Multilingual engine
    - o - BRM directory browser
    - o - Genesis system ROM support
    - o - Fixed the infamous Phantasy Star 4 glitch
    - o - Numerous Sega CD bugfixes for improved Sega CD compatiblity

    Click here to download it, thanks to Raystorm for the news !
    BTW: Quinntesson is looking out for a JOB ! "If you can suggest any companies that need entry-level VLSI/VHDL engineers, drop him a line". - Opi

  •    Friday, February 2nd 2001 - Last updated @ 21:18 EST

  • Meridian v1.09 - More Meridian updates :) Oh My ... now three releases later, Jason Cline implemented almost perfect GB sound in Meridian ! Below are his latest changes. Have a look at his new skins section, more than 20 skins are currently available.

    - Meridian 1.09 beta:
    * Gameboy Noise Channel Toned Down
    * Graphics Glitches Fixed
    - Meridian 1.08 beta:
    * Gameboy Square Waves More Accurate
    - Meridian 1.07 beta:
    * Better Gameboy Noise Emulation
    * Fixed SNES crashing bug - Opi

  • DADTOD US Update - From what I have been able to tell and the e-mail I have gotten so far, all of the decryption tables were released. The "US decryption files" that are being offered are apparently the USA ROMs. Sorry for the confusion. :P - dutch

  • Unofficial highscore.dat v6.6 - leezer released a new version of his "unofficial highscore.dat" - v6.6 is now online. Here are the latest additions and here is your download link ! Thanks to leezer for the email service :) - Opi

  • New C16/Plus4 Tape Images - Lando from Lando's C16/Plus4 ClassiX sent me the following info :

    "24 new Commodore C16/Plus4 Tape Images !
    The world`s only C16/Plus4 tape archive has just got bigger! Uping the total available to a stonking 123 Tap images. All 11 games which came with your +4`s are now in the collection and are sure to bring back the memorys of Xmas day...... some 15million years ago ;-)
    " Lazy mode off ! - Opi

  • Final Burn v0.094 - New Final Burn, anyone surprised ? :)
    v0.094 : "X-Men 3xPunch/Kick didn't work in 0.093 - fixed". Thanks to Russ Hoy for the info. - Opi

  • CPS2-Shock - YEAH - CPS2-Shock has the new decryption tables for Dungeons and Dragons - Tower of Doom online ! A BIG "thank you" goes to Razoola and Glenn Doiron the board donator !

    WEEE - sorry, I didn't noticed that Dutch has updated his posting (our news script does not show WHEN a posting was made or updated) :-) - Opi

  • Dungeons and Dragons - Tower of Doom! - Final Burn 0.93 is out with support for Dungeons and Dragons - Tower of Doom!! You'll probably also want to visit CPS2Shock as well. :) Can you believe CPS2 emulation is actually happening? :))) - dutch

  • MESS WIP - The first MESS WIP report for the month of February has been posted. - chris

  • gnuboy 0.8.0 - Here is a new DOS Gameboy emulator, distributed totally free under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Read on...

    The first public release of gnuboy -- a portable GameBoy emulator released under the GNU General Public License -- is now available for download and review. It supports DMG, CGB and most MBCs, and has 99%+ compatibility. There is no sound, MBC3 clock, SGB or saved state support yet, but these features are planned for the future.

    Head on over to the gnuboy homepage to take a look at it. :)

    And another Gameboy emulator called Game Lad has been updated to version 1.2, head on over to the Game Lad page to downlod it. :) - dhalamar

  • Final Burn - Final Burn version 0.92 is out. Here's what's new:

    Added a Region switch for X-Men - this wasn't easy (think needle and think haystack!) and required some more work to find it.

    (In the Input menu double-click on Region, and change it to 01 to play in English.)

    Go, and download if you value your cheesecake. - dhalamar

  • MAME WIP - The latest MAME WIP update mentioned the addition of alpha blending support to the core (by Olivier Galibert) and more .... - Opi

  • LaserEmu updated - The multiarcade emulator LaserEmu has been updated. Check this out:

    Added Ozma Wars
    Added Solar Fight
    Added Space Phantoms
    Added Star Wars
    Space Chaser is now fully playable
    Lupin III is now fully playable
    Sound is now enabled by default, use -nosound to turn it off
    Joystick is also enabled by default, use -nojoy to turn it off

    And it also uses Hiryu, a frontend for the CPS1 emulator Calice. So head on over to the LaserEmu homepage and grab it. :) - dhalamar

  • Little News Flash - NAZ' new CPS-II FAQ versions are now mirrored at Zophar's Domain !

    - o - Meridian update "madness" - v1.06 fixes the PCM channel, 5 new GBS music rips are online too.

    - o - A.E.P.'s new Weekly ROM is "XMen Children of the Atom !

    - o - Hiryu v0.0.6, Ti-B0ne's new CALICE front-end is online ! - Opi

  • Arcade@home - Finally, it's back, along with its hosted sites like Geoshock. :) - dutch

  •    Thursday, February 1st 2001 - Last updated @ 18:42 EST

  • MAME WIP - The official M.A.M.E. (aka Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) Work-In-Progress page was updated by Gridle with the developing news for thursday 1st February 2001 ! LOL - Opi

  • Meridian v1.05 - Click this link to download Meridian v1.05 ! Jason added preliminary noise channel support (Game Boy) and fixed a few memory leaks. Test it now and listen to NES music in STEREO :) - Opi

  • Arcade@home - Funny Atila is sick, I got sick myself back on Monday night, plus was busy with other things. I know many of you are wondering if Arcade@home (http://www.arcadeathome.com) is dead, and the answer is no! :) Tim is simply moving the site (which consists of 50 servers), and will be back shortly! :) - dutch

  • RomCenter Bugfix - RomCenter v2.01 is online. - Opi

  • CPS-II FAQ v3.00 & v3.00m - NAZ uploaded new versions of his famous CPS-II FAQ to his site. He wrote : "If you are a 56k user get the v3.00. If you are on high Speed get the 3.00M version. Enjoy!" v3.00 is 36 MB big and v3.00m is - hold your breath please - a whopping MONSTER ! Incredible 172 MB's full of CPS2 info !!! Thanks to NAZ for the info :) - Opi

  • FPSE Plugin - A new plugin for FPSE v0.08 has been released by +=|KaRMa|=+ called [Direct Pad BETA]. Here's what's new in version 1.01:

    You can setup the pad by editing the file Joy0w32.ini in plugin directory.

    Head on over to the FPSE homepage to check it out.

    And in completely unrelated news, the NES emualtor RockNES had a WIP update. Head on over to the page to check that out. - dhalamar

  • BIG Calice update - Calice, the Capcom CPS1 emulator has been pumped up to version 0.0.6. Check this out:

    + added multiply protection support
    + added a driver for:

    Final Fight (Usa) [Driver from Tuor (tuor@wanadoo.fr)]
    Strider (world) [Driver from Tuor (tuor@wanadoo.fr)]
    Willow (Japan, japanese) [Driver from Tuor (tuor@wanadoo.fr)]
    unsquadron (world) [Driver from me]
    pnickies (japan) [Driver from me]
    Chiki Chiki boys (megatwins) [Driver from me]
    Varth [Driver from me]
    Quiz and dragons (Usa) [Driver from me]
    Nemo [Driver from me]
    1941 [Driver from me]
    Dynasty wars (Japan) [Driver from me] [Not working]

    + changed the way the drivers must be written(The drivers made for an older version of calice won't work anymore, if not converted.

    Head on over to the Calice homepage to download it. - dhalamar

  • Bad Names Are Bad :) - Bad Names was updated by Mason. Bad Names is your C64 resource where you find the real filename of your c64 crack ! - Opi

  • Brain Teaser Try to figure this one out : "Were you capable of thought before you remember thinking?" - dhalamar

  • MESS WIP - Yep! There are almost as many MESS WIP reports as there are Final Burn releases! ;-) - chris

  • Meridian v1.04 Plays Game Boy Music - Jason Cline's Meridian, a NSF, GYM, SPC, GBS player for Windows95/98/2000 has been updated to version 1.04. "GBS, whats that ?", you may ask. Thats something similar to the NSF sound format but for the Game Boy music - "invented" and developed by Scott Worley. New in this release :

    * Added GBS(Gameboy) support
    * Fixed NES Non-Stereo Output Due to 16 Bit Output

    This is the official "readme" - and here is the new Meridian.exe ! Jason Cline also sent me Scott Worley's GBS file Specification 1.01 guide AND a zip file with the first 16 ripped GBS files ! Remember, the 4th sound channel (noise) is still NOT emulated so you may find the GB music a bit strange or funny :) I'm sure Jason will have it emulated in the next few days - oh and thanks to him for the great news support :-) - Opi

  • Shocking Emu Surprise ! - Something totally unexpected happened some minutes ago ! Guess what ? It's Final Burn time again !

    Heh - Final Burn v0.091 is available for download !

    + Fixed the problem with the sprites on the Ice on the Beach stage.
    + Fixed the problem with the Capcom/Ryu shadow screen
    - But haven't fixed anything else yet (e.g. the X after-fight screen or
    the one-frame QSound glitch)
    * Hey - doesn't the rowscroll effect on the Danger Room look great? :)

    Thanks to Rico2000 from RC-Roms for the email. - Opi

  • Raine - okay guys, over at The Raine Site you will find a new raine for DOS, Win32 and Linux! I just tried the Linux version out and got it to work somewhat! Very cool, oh and also I just got a Retrogames T-Shirt in my mail box!!! Woo hoo thanks Atila :)) - chris

  • Game Boy Advance News ! - Can't wait to get Nintendo's new power handheld into my own hands ! Here are some new facts about this upcoming system and its games.

    Nintendo confirmed that both F-Zero and Mario Kart Advance will use the four player link, and you'll only need one cartridge for all four systems. Nintendo of America plans on shipping the system at around $90 in the US, we Germans can expect a first batch of systems for july.
    Quotes from this pocket.ign report !

    Sega announced their first three GBA games : Chu Chu Rocket!, Sonic the Hedgehog Advance and Puyo Puyo - Look here for more info (pocket.ign article). - Opi

  • Raine32 v0.30 : "Rebirth" - Atani released the first version of Raine32 - his Win32 port of RAINE v0.30 DOS "Rebirth" - more info ASAP.

    "Rebirth" is online and a dream came true :) Three cheers for the new RAINE dev team !!! Here are the changes in RAINE/Raine32 ! It's an amazing list - many sound improvements, support for 9 new unique games, major improvements to the GUI, support for MAME's highscore.dat system and MUCH more.

    Click here to download Raine32 v0.30 and have some fun !
    NOTE : "Some of the games that use the 68020 chip will not work correctly, occasionally lock up the emu".
    The DOS RAINE v0.30 isn't released until now. - Opi

  • SICK :( - I'm at home with a a case of the influenza. No "Thoughts of the Day" today and no further updates from me either, since I need to be in my bed. - atila

  • Barry Marshall sent me an e-mail to inform me that his Emu-OS/2 homepage has moved. To start off this new home for the code, SNES for OS/2's been updated to the latest levels and MGL support.
    - Martin

  • WIP - The author of iGBAhas fixed a major bug that was causing computational errors, and there's a small debugging window now, and the emulator now runs 20 demos.

    And I heard a rumor that the Big N may start whining and throwing fits about the GBA soon(Thanks Ted). - dhalamar

  • NeoRageX on DC? - According to Dreamcast emulation someone's working on a DC port of NeoRageX. Head over to that site to learn about the details. - Martin

  • NeoPocott home page updated - The NeoPocott home page has been updated with some cool news.
    According to Niels Wagenaar the SDL Win32 port is making great progress. The only problem remaining to be resolved is that DirectX is only initialized in fullscreenmode. However a prerelease of this port will be available tonight on the official NeoPocott SDL site. Make sure you bookmark this site! (Post by Martin, edited by Atila) - atila

  • Oh No - TAKEOVER ! - Looks like the Germans rule Retrogames now :-)
    Go Martin - Goooo ! Hehehe - Opi

  • Magic Engine WIP Release - February, the first - the first monthly contest at the Magic Engine is over. I checked the site to see if I'm the lucky winner, but the final result isn't up. Instead of knowing the winner I found a new ME Mac test version which should fix the crashing bug and deliver better DVD support. The Michel-brothers are still trying to improve the Mac port furthermore - stay tuned :) - Opi

  • Emu Loader Now Open Source, v2.0 Out - The topic has all the info :) Emu Loader went open source - version 2.0 is online with a bunch of new features. Click here to see this Windows front-end for MAME (DOS version) in action - thanks to Mame World for the info. - Opi

  • MAMEinfo.dat v2.74 - MASH released MAMEinfo.dat v2.74 (look for the Update DIFF-file) ! - Opi

  • X-Men COTA roms released!!! - Our hosted site CPS2 SHOCK has just released the new X-Men COTA roms which allow the encrypted ROM set of this game to be non-encrypted.

    Furthemore CPS2 Shock has announced that there will be a new release soon called 'Progear no Arashi'("Progear's storm" literarlly translated into English) which is said to be amazing! There are also pictures available of this game on the site :) - Martin

  • CCS64 v 2.0b released - A new version of the best available Commodore 64 emulator has been released. Here are the new features:

  • Support for C64 Game System Cartridge
  • Support for Warpspeed Cartridge
  • Support for Dinamic Cartridge
  • Improved C1541 emulation, now emulates acceleration of step motor for the read/write head

    Head over to the official home page to download this new version! - Martin

  • Dreamcast Week In Review - Here's another new issue of a cool online mag - Sam Pettus' great Dreamcast Week In Review. Guess what's his main focus for this report :) "Whither Sega ? - Opi

  • Thursday = Rumor Mill! Day - Qmeister JoseQ published a new issue of his famous Rumor Mill!. - Opi

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