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  •    Saturday, March 31st 2001 - Last updated @ 22:57 EST

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 14 release notes! - The source/binary files have not yet been posted (c'mon Gridle!), but check this post to read what's new for this beta! We'll post the files as they become available. (Thanks postamessage) - prophet

  • D-BOY v0.75 - Hey that's what I call a nice surprise ! BouKiCHi didn't abandon D-BOY - no Sir ! D-Boy is healthy and alive :) Wanna have a proof ? Here's D-BOY v0.75 for your testing purposes, thanks Navarone-san (what's wrong with your homepage ?). - Opi

  • MAME WIP - New "special" MAME WIP is online. Don't be confused - check the bottom of the page :) Rainbow Islands, Rastan and Operation Wolf are getting state saving support ! Thanks JPMorgan :)

    Oh by the way .... April April ... happy FOOLs DAY :-) Don't be upset about possible "nonsense" releases and news reports during the 1st of april. - Opi

  • Need Some Game Tips? - Tips Collector is a new site where you can download tons of game tips/FAQs in Windows HLP file format! 11 new collections were added today, everything from NES to SMS and lots more between! Sounds pretty cool. :) (Thanks NewPain) - prophet

  • News from the Madman - Henry A. Moriarty comes through again with some interesting gaming news: "To sum it up, it explains that a Korean company Eolith, contracted with SNK for the license to make the game (KoF 2001), and that the rumroed Brezza soft is actually a cooperating company in making the game as well. So this means that both rumors which floated on the net were true... very interesting. There's also coverage on Tokyo Game Show, including Capcom vs SNK 2. Video clips of DOA3 and Final Fantasy X for low bandwidth surfers are available as well... both are under 4 megs, but not too bad in quality." Get the full story at Madman's Cafe! Also, here's a pretty funny anecdote Henry shared with me via email: "I saw Bill Gates btw, not at his X-box presentation but at the entrance of the convention center. I loved it, a bunch of girls were screaming at him in Japanglish... "I wantchu, Bill!!! Bill!!! Biiiill!! I wantchu!!" :P - prophet

  • xmame binaries - gwenju wrote in to tell me that you can download UnOfficial xmame binaries here. Both SDL and XGL targets are available. There have been some new OpenGL improvements made to the beta 13 release by Sven Goethel. New xmames also now officially include the phmame pathces to allow xmame to run on QNX operating systems. Gwenju also mentioned that this page has some screenshots of Windows emulators running under wine. - chris

  • StretchMAME32 Test 7 - SMAME released another test version, mostly for some little bug fixes! Keep in mind these test builds are NOT available from the StretchMAME32 homepage nor are they supposed to be distributed by emu sites at the author's request (see the readme). They are only available by reading SMAME's messageboard announcements. - prophet

  • snes9x 1.37c - Snes9X is a portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or Workstation; they include some real gems that were only ever released in Japan. Snes9X is coded in C++, with three assembler CPU emulation cores on the i386 Linux, MS-DOS and Windows ports. - chris

  • New Game Boy Endings - The Video Game Museum was updated with a handful of new "cute and sweat" Game Boy endings ! Once again magic Rey defeated some golden oldies and posted the results here ! This update includes endings for : Battle Arena Toshinden, Castlevania Legends (both extra large), Final Fantasy Legend III, Pokemon Blue Edition and more :) Fantastic ! - Opi

  • Visual PINMAME Officially Released - Visual PINMAME, the successor of WPCMAME is now availabe for download ! "it emulates lots of pinball ROMs. With Visual PINMAME you can build your favourite table and play them with the correct ROM set. Thanks WiGGi. - Opi

  • LooseSock Is Here :) - LooseSock (cool name) is a NEW Japanese Game Boy emulator for Windows developed by PPM. Right now software and homepage are entirly in Japanese, but that should be changed in the near future. Thanks to Navarone-san, webmaster of Emulation 9 for the email :) - Opi

  • NEBULA - v1.0 of NEBULA, a new CPS2 emulator, has been released and is available here. Seems to mimic NeorageX's GUI to a degree, but plays fast (for me at least). Another one joins the crowd - also, NEBULA comes with a tool to convert FB savestates (haven't tested yet). - david

  • Hmmm... - Are you a Hotmail or MSN Messenger user? Did you bother to read the fine print when you clicked "I AGREE" ? No? The Register did it for you. Read the article, it's very informative :) - atila

  • CPS2MAME32 - Quite a day for Win32 CPS2 emulators... Check out BMan2's build of CPS2MAME32 at CPS2Shock! All the current releases are playable. - prophet

  • StretchMAME32 Test 6 - SMAME released a new test version of his incredibly delicious MAME32 variant! And yes, XMenvsSF is in there, lookin' real nice stretched full screen with bilinear filtering too. You can find this test 6 version by looking here. And here's the StretchMAME32 homepage. - prophet

  • cingb - cingb is an attempt to write a Gameboy emulator for Linux. It can currently play many Gameboy and Gameboy Color ROMs. It includes a debugger for step-by-step analysis of gameboy programs. Changes in version 0.22A include: ported to MS-DOS (DJGPP), renames files to 8.3 MS-DOS names, adds support for 320x200x6bit, and implements standard keyboard support. - chris

  •    Friday, March 30th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:18 EST

  • Cowering Is Still At It - Lets WELCOME GoodCoCo v0.999.1 in the "GoodTools Family" :) This is another tool he created due to his current MESS activities ! This Tandy Color Computer Cartridge renamer currently knows the technical info of a WHOPPING 13 entries, LOL :)

    - o - First release... note: carts > 8K should be redumped with eprom reader, all are incomplete now.
    - o - There are more than 13 carts for CoCo, help me out and find them all!

    The second new Cowering release is GoodCol v0.999.2 ! 238 ColecoVision ROMs are now recognized. "Anyone have 'Facemaker' or 'Learning With Leeper' virgin dumps??"

    Thanks to Sir Jaguar for the second new GoodTool ! His homepage has all pd roms for this release available. Please stop mailing me about our Cowering section. I know it's partly outdated ... will fix it :) - Opi

  • artifex v0.28 - artifex, a new Commodore Plus/4 emulator for Win9x was updated today. The homepage offers no changes info so I'm unable to provide you with the new technical bla bla :) News found at Emulation 9 - Opi

  • Xmame v0.37b13.1 - New Xmame is out ! This release contains ONLY xmame; if you want xmess, use 0.36.1 or 0.37b12.1.

    - o - Everything from MAME 0.37b13.
    - o - Numerous updates to the OpenGL target. (Sven Goethel)
    - o - Added Photon2 display support for the QNX target. (Travis Coady)
    - o - You can now run "make clean68k" before building with a different
    ...... 68k core. (Mike Coates)
    - o - Applied a patch from StretchMAME that prevents a bunch of games from
    ...... segfaulting on startup. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    - o - A fix for the sprites in CVS games. (Nicola Salmoria)

    Thanks to Mr. DigDug from www.mame.dk - the R.I.P arcade ROM resource for the notification. Nice to know you're still around guys :) - Opi

  • Hiryu v0.1.5 - Ti-B0ne's - Calice DOS frontend Hiryu was updated to version 0.1.5. The official homepage isn't upodated yet, please check Total Emulation for your downloads (his host). Available are two versions :
    1. With preview images (1.30 mb) and 2. without the pics (82.5 kb) :)

    - o - In sync with Calice 0.1.5 DOS.
    - o - Fixed option to write gamelist (Pause enabled.)
    - o - Updated the Image Preview Set (Big Thanks to Ann Reh!!!)
    ...... Missing from current set : Warriors of Fate.
    - o - Fixed two stupid typos on the Driver editor. (Thanks to Shaka.)
    - o - Fixed other smalls things i can't remember. - Opi

  • Thomson MO5 Emulation - DCMO5 Gamer Edition, a new version of DCMO5 (Thomson MO5 emulator) is online. It was released together with two old Thompson games : FOX & ANDROIDES. Thanks to Daniel Coulom for the email ! - Opi

  • System 24 WIP - Charles MacDonald posted a Sega System 24 Emulator update yesterday! Progress was made with the color palette, but there's still much left to be done. Good luck Charles! One can never have enough Sega arcade games! :) (Thanks M.Mercado) - prophet

  • 10 Best Spring Break Videogames Of All Time - According to Daily Radar, MAME gets the #5 spot (eventhough it's not really a game ;) Thanks to SAV2880 for the link. - atila

  • Sega & XBOX - Sega will have 11 launch titles for the Japanese launch of Microsoft's XBOX, this autumn. Some of these titles include “Jet Grind Radio Future,” “Panzer Dragoon,” “Sega GT2” and “Gun Valkyrie.”. I nearly freaked when I saw PANZER DRAGOON!! I still play Panzer Dragoon Zwei on my Saturn, that is one awesome game :) Oh, and while you at it, check the Gaming Today board for a link to the Dead Or Alive 3 (XBOX) video. It's absolutely amazing (and real-time ;) - atila

  • New 1-Up released - Darren released 1-Up v.0.9.904! 1-Up is a unique multi-emulator frontend with the ability to display pictures, text, HTML, audio & video from within the application. This latest release has some new features & fixes. I'm personally very behind on trying all the cool new emulation toys these days... :( But try it yourself, it may just be the frontend you've been searching for! - prophet

  • Boredom - Here ya go. I don't condone porn... much. ;) - dhalamar

  •    Thursday, March 29th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:58 EST

  • Go M.A.R.P! - GoldenGameboy told me "The MAME Action Replay Page, one of the biggest sites for MAME recordings, or any game recordings for that matter, has eclipsed 250,000 hits Tuesday night. Come on down to check out any of our over 17,000 recordings, and learn a few things as well!" Congrats on the quarter-million mark guys! Anyone interested in obtaining or submitting really cool replays for MAME, you know where to go! - prophet

  • Pinball Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator - WPCMAME is officially DEAD ! Please welcome PINMAME :) Check the official PINMAME forum for further details. - Opi

  • MAMECPS 0.04 - More news delivered by Rico2000 :)

    Version 0.04 of MAMECPS, an unofficial CPS1/CPS2 only MAME version has been released. V0.04 adds support for the latest CPS2-Shock release. - Opi

  • StretchMAME32 (beta 5) - A new StretchMAME32 beta has been announced. Click here to find the download link - thanks Rico2000. - Opi

  • Did I miss something here? - A Dreamcast version of NetBSD. :) - dhalamar

  • WOW - Now that is some serious storage. Thanks to [E][N][D] for the link. - dutch

  • Game Boy on PS2 - A Game Boy Color emulator for Playstation 2. Looks kinda neat. :) - dhalamar

  • Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 13 - Andrea Mazzoleni released the latest version of my favorite unofficial MAME! Aside from all the new games in Beta 13, this release fixes the throttle problem with soundcard 0, linkage with new SEAl library, and changes to the f5 command in mv. What is Advance MAME? It's an amazing MAME that lets the user fully customize their own video modes for use on any type of display device known to man or woman! It's pretty complex though, so newbies may want to avoid it at first. Check the Advance MAME homepage for details. Here are the new release files: source code, P2/3 Binary, Pentium Binary, K6 Binary. All are compiled with the ASM 68000. - prophet

  • We Don't Support Bad Things Like Pr0n Here At Retrogames ! - Someone added this dirty stuff to our messageboard :( He called it a HotChick With Nice Pussy ! Oh my god ... the world is bad ! He should burn in hell ! - Opi

  • How Cute =) - There's been an addition to the Realityman family. Her name is "Emma Louise, who came into the world Monday, 4.31pm BST, weighing 8lb 13oz clutching a controller in her hand", according to Bomb. Congratulations from everyone here at Retrogames! - atila

  • Hmm... - CPS2Shock and X-Men VS Street Fighter. Need I say more? - dhalamar

  • Listen To The Rumours - New Rumor Mill! is up ! JoseQ talks about AGES, FreezeSMS, GENS, N64 plug-ins, Bliss, RockNES, Genital68K and Kailera. Can't wait to get the new AGES with PNG and ZIP support !
    Thanks to JoseQ and JPMorgan [... I'm on a roll -> LOL :)] - Opi

  • Stretchmame download link - If you couldn't find the link to download the latest test build of Stretchmame, the author is posting the links on his message board. Or you could just click here for Stretchmame32 v37b13 Test 4. - dutch

  •    Wednesday, March 28th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:52 EST

  • StrechMAME32 Test Beta Release - Next StrechMAME32 beta release happened :) Downloads are slow but don't worry - RC-Roms offers you a download mirror as well as all GoodGBA and GoodSNES Public Domain ROMs ! GoodGBA even with screenshots. - Opi

  • Huh??? - Open source BeOS???? Hmm... I wonder if it'll come true. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME Flyer Pack #19 - Visit The Arcade Flyer Archive and grab the latest MAME Flyer pack with 32 new images and 4 replacements. - Opi

  • Linux - Linux kernel 2.2.19 was released the other day. This is the latest stable release of the older 2.2 linux kernels. Holy smokes, there is a new version of KDE out too! - chris

  • JAE Does Lode Runner - Norbert Kehrer's Java Arcade Emulator got a new driver for Irem's arcade version of Broderbund's home computer hit Lode Runner. Now go, click and play :) - Opi

  • Game & Watch Sims Updated - _MADrigal_ updated his last six simulator releases to his new S3 standard. In addition : Snoopy -Table Top got its instruction manual.

    - "Mario's Bombs Away (Nintendo, Panorama)" - S3/1.02 (standard 3, final)
    - "Snoopy" (Nintendo, Table top)" - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final + man.)
    - "Donkey Angler (Gakken)" - S3/1.02 (standard 3, final)
    - "Tom & Jerry Popper (Gakken)" - S3/1.02 (standard 3, final)
    - "Donkey Kong II (Nintendo, Multi-screen)" - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final)
    - "Dungeons & Dragons (Mattel Electronics)" - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final) - Opi

  • 4EverPSX Progress - The homepage for the upcoming PSX emulation project, 4EverPSX, was updated! CD emulation is coming along and those SCARS shots look cool. :) (Thanks EmuManiac) - prophet

  • MAME WIP - Gridle just updated MAME Work-In-Progress! No pics this time, but ya gotta love those driver fixes. :) - prophet

  • Slate on MAME - Yesterday, Slate posted an article on MAME. Thanks to MC68k for the link. - atila

  • SMS Power Turns 4! - Zoop's SMS Power turned 4 yesterday! Congratulations to Zoop and his team! - atila

  • SealSystem - It may not be all that great, but I'm gonna try it out just because I'm weird like that. ;) It's a 32 bit desktop for DOS called SealSystem. Anyone else wanna try it? Oh, and there's another called WinDOS. Have fun. :) - dhalamar

  • Arcade Monitor simulation! - JustinT came up with an amazing algorithm which basically makes arcade game images look like they're on real arcade RGB monitors on our modern PC displays! You can read this fascinating thread from the Emuverse MacMAME board. Set your desktop to 1024x768+ and just look at this Bombjack mockup! - prophet

  •    Tuesday, March 27th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:32 EST

  • Mimic WIP - Mike Beaver posted a new status report for his multi arcade emulator Mimic, thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the newsbit. - Opi

  • modeler News - ivilded updated the modeler homepage with the following news : "Another useful feature added. This time it's compressed save states". If you live in or near Sweden and you wanna sell an arcade cabinet - ask ivilded first - he's looking for a good one :) - Opi

  • NES Emus To Conquer The Internet Gaming Community !
    Can you say NETPLAY ? jabo's Jnes and TNSe' NESten will soon be updated to support Kaillera's NETPLAY feature. WHEN ? Sometimes in april if nothing goes wrong. Visit the Jnes homepage for more info. Thanks jabo :) - Opi

  • Updated ROM Renamer Tool - Cowering released GoodNGPx v0.999.1. This SNK NeoGeo Pocket/Color ROM renamer now knows 191 entries and thats it ! - Opi

  • BoycottAdvance 0.17b - Gollum's new Game Boy Advance emulator BoycottAdvance was updated today. Please check the homepage for th bu**load of changes the made/added :) - Opi

  • ePSXe Compatibility List - The ePSXe Compatibility list has moved to http://epsxe.emu2k.com. Go there if you're wondering if your game works in the awesome PSX emulator. And if you don't see a game you think should be there, by all means. Add it. :) Thanks to whoever it was on IRC that said something about it a few minutes ago for the news. ;) - dhalamar

  • Mozilla - Open source web browser Mozilla has released version 0.81 of their browser. You may also peruse the release notes while you download. Thanks to erik for the news. - chris

  • World of Stuart - Stuart Campbell, a longtime print journalist, wrote me about his new site: "It contains several hundred articles I've written for the old-fashioned newsprint-based gaming press over the last few years, including a couple of dozen on the subject of emulation and retrogaming." Just visit The World Of Stuart, scroll down and click on highlights for the goods. - prophet

  • MAMEinfo.dat v2.93 - The latest mameinfo.dat file is now ready to roll! This file allows you to view bug report info and more using the TAB menu in MAME. (Thanks M.A.S.H.) - prophet

  • EasyEmu Update - Take a look at EasyEmu, they've just updated with a ClrMAME Pro tutorial, hints & tips on getting the DECO cassette games to load faster, new screenshots for MAME 0.37 Beta 13, plus of course there's plenty of other emu tutorials as well! - prophet

  • The Onion 0wns 0ne & Zero? - First off, please stop emailing me about yesterday's link being fake! I KNOW that, that's why there was a ;) next to the post. It's a joke, funny haha... :) What I did not know, however, was that the story was originally from TheOnion.com. Here's the link to the original article. Though I still think the CNN link makes it funnier. :P (Thanks to the many folks who emailed me about this) - prophet

  • 'Genesis OST'-Time Again! - SegaXtreme has posted the soundtrack to the Genesis game "RED ZONE". It's the second OST from Jesper Kyd and "this one is techno with a Military flavor and some really neat C64 influenced bits", according to IceMan2k :) - atila

  • MAME Cab Pac #11 - John IV has released pac #11 for use with MAME32. This pac contains 82 images and can be downloaded from the MAME32 QA Site - atila

  •    Monday, March 26th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:41 EST

  • The Godfathers of Gaming - Game Spot UK has a nice feature about God Fathers of Gaming. They have write ups on Shigeru Miyamoto (Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., etc.), Richard Garriot (Ultima), Namco (Galaxian, Pacman, etc), and many other notable figures in the gaming industy. Well worth the read. Thanks to /. for the news.
    - chris

  • Micro$oft 0wns Zero & 0ne? - Check this story! ;) (Thanks Mason) - prophet

  • Nebula Release Date & Location - Miyamoto posted on our CPS2 board that Nebula will be officially released on March 31st at EmuGenerations! Let's hope so - release dates have a way of changing. ;) Also mentioned is their Official Nebula messageboard, where you can post in Spanish or English. - prophet

  • Nebula Interview - EmulationX interviewed ElSemi, the author of Nebula the upcoming new CPS2 emulator! Some beta-testers are interviewed as well, including some names you will surely know. Check it out at CPS2Burn! It should also be mirrored at EmulationX's site and in Spanish at EmuGenerations. - prophet

  • Advance Menu 1.9 - Andrea Mazzoleni released a new build of my favorite frontend, Advance Menu! This release includes a new 'rotate' feature for cocktail cabinet users, the ability to read screenshots & sounds from zipped files, plus various fixes. Advance Menu is a DOS based frontend for Advance MAME, MAME, Raine & MESS. It works great on any type of display, from PC monitor to arcade monitor, but like Advance MAME, does require some configuration time. - prophet

  • CCS64 Still Loves DOS - The latest beta update of CCS64 is now available for DOS as well - thanks Ulf. - Opi

  • iGBA News - Next iGBA beta is online. Iki added a warning sign, or something like that ;)

    Consolemul posted ten screenshots showing F-Zero Advance running on iGBA. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Another lovely MAME WIP update is up ! Ryujin was added to the Taito B driver, save state keys are changed !
    Link fixed - thanks guys :) - Opi

  • Chi chi chi Chip-n-Dale's - "Oh no it never fails once your 37337 that all the n00bs will fall to your feet..." Thanks to Gerard Pinzone for the link to the file (which was out at LunarTech, Inc. :). - dutch

  • Genesis Collective - On behalf of the Retrogames staff, I'd like to welcome Snorter back with his new site, Genesis Collective. Just so you know, there are no ROMs, but, "We intend to document every Genesis and Sega 32x game in existence, and provide you with screen shots, cartridge scans, box scans, and manual cover scans. We will consider adding full manual scans sometime in the future if we can find a legal way to do so." The site design should also look a little familiar. :) - dutch

  •    Sunday, March 25th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:09 EST

  • lol - dutch

  • iGBA v0.08 - iGBA v0.08 is available now : "New bios functions emulated... Many bugs are fixed (OAM, BG Rotate/Scale, ...). I am working on the debugger". Thanks to Skates and Sir Jaguar for the emails. - Opi

  • StretchMame32 Beta Test 2 - New beta of StretchMame32 released - look here for more information - thanks Navarone :) - Opi

  • First "Intercontinental" Modeler Match - Does this really mean .... ? "Yes, this means - Modeler now has full-on Kaillera support :-)" Thanks Sixtoe :) - Opi

  • Jumpman '86 Release 2 - Pär Johannesson has sent us the revised version of Jumpman '86, his freeware Game Boy / Game Boy Color game. You can get it here. I dare to say it's not the final version but it has a nice ingame music. Hrrrm - Pär ! SubPort or GameBoy Emulation Heaven are usually better places for stuff like this ;) At least if you disappoint me with the "fake" Jumpman title. The old Epyx Jumpman games are both some of my alltime faves :) - Opi

  • VisualBoy v1.4.10 - The probably best (read most advanced) Game Boy emulator for Windows - VisualBoy - has been updated today :

    - o - Fixed problem loading save games
    - o - Window title changes when changing languages
    - o - Simplified Chinese translation (thanks Eric)
    - o - Finnish translation (thanks Hannu Pulli)
    - o - translations halted for the moment so that I can work on VisualBoyAdvance (GameboyAdvance emulator)

    Check also Frogotten's new emulation project : VisualBoyAdvance. Thanks to EmuManiac for the news. - Opi

  • Faster Loading - Our admins played around with the servers yesterday and it resulted in much faster loading of our main page and the messageboards. The difference when loading the boards is remarkable, especially for you 56k users :) It takes about 1/5th of the time it used to, how's that for FAST ? - atila

  • Holmes Moved - Holme's Atari 8bit Games was moved to a new ISP. Please update your bookmarks to http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/atari/ if you wanna visit it again ! Thanks Kinox. - Opi

  • new Game & Watch Sim - Nokrum released a new Game & Watch simulator : FLAGMAN v1.0b (NINTENDO silver series, 1980). Developed for DOS but should work well in Win9x/ME (according to Nokrum) :) - Opi

  • CCS64 For Windows v2.0 Beta (Again) - Ulf Andersson informed me about the release of a new beta version of CCS64, Per Håkan Sundell's fantastic C-64 emulator. This version is still labeled as 2.0 BETA ! No-one, with the exception of Per, will ever be able to figure out the emulators history, I suppose :) Anyway, below are the changes - please remember : CCS64 is shareware and needs to be registered for a fee of $30 US.

    - o - Fixed bug with some cartridges like Buck Rogers etc.
    - o - Support for Zaxxon Cartridge.
    - o - PAL TV filter emulation by John 'Graham' Selck and
    ...... Philip 'Pepto' Timmermann.
    - o - Screen repeat mode in order to support native 100, 150 Hz video modes
    ...... to emulate the C64 50 Hz refresh rate.
    - o - Screenshots can now be saved in different sizes and screen positions.
    - o - Machine code monitor now also handle loading / saving of .prg files. - Opi

  • Yahoo - For the first time, I bothered to go to a Yahoo voice chat dealie. Why do these companies even bother with voice chat rooms? :) All it is is people going in there cussing people out and everything else. Pointless, but hilarious at the same time. :) - dhalamar

  •    Saturday, March 24th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:43 EST

  • HEAT.net - My favorite online gaming place is closing down. :( HEAT.net will be closing it's doors at the end of this month. How am I going to play Net Fighter now. :( Head on over to the site for the complete post. - dhalamar

  • Kaillera 0.71 - Kaillera 0.71 was released earlier today; if you want to play MAME via the net, then you need this little program :) Btw, a new SDK was released too. Thanks to Fazeo and TonyD for the news. - atila

  • PCSX 0.6.500 Linux - The Linux version of PCSX (PSOne emu) has been updated to v0.6.500. New sound and joypad plugins for use with the Linux version were uploaded too. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • S.H.A.C.C. v0.81 - A new version of S.H.A.C.C., MartyB's "multi purposes" frontend is now available at EmuHQ. - Opi

  • Marquees For MAME32 - Till from Sys2064 mentioned EMAM as an interesting MAME support site and as source of updated Marquee packs for use with MAME32. He has takenover the Marquee Library from Phydeaux Brigands. - Opi

  • Please - Give The Emu Authors FEEDBACK ! - Julien Frelat aka Gollum would like to get some feedback about BoyCott Advance, his Game Boy Advance emulator. Click here to read the related messageboard thread, thanks to Rico2000 for the hint. - Opi

  • Look At 2,008 Arcade Games - The Video Game Museum has reached another milestone, they just surpassed 2,000 Arcade games, 2,008 to be precise. Congratulations to my friend Mek and his team :) - Opi

  • Help With DIV, Dark Basic, Jamagic and Blitz Basic - We talked and reported a lot about Retro Remakes, and tools like Blitz Basic or Div Games Studio to create them. Mats Westberg made a nice site with information, examples, tutorials and downloads (his selfmade games) for these tools as well as a comparison of DIV, Dark Basic, Jamagic and Blitz Basic against each other. Hobby coders might find some interesting stuff ! Thanks Dan ! - Opi

  • ElectrEm Beta 7a - Soon after the intial beta 7 release of Name - a fixed beta 7a has been made available. Look here for more details. Thanks to Dave, the man who walks on The Stairway To Hell :) - Opi

  • Yape Updated - New Tapes Available - Yape v0.32 released. Visit Lando's homepage and grab the latest tape images for use with this Commodore Plus4 / C-16 emulator. - Opi

  • WinUAE Status Update - The official WinUAE site has posted a status update. Take note of point 12: Cleaning up source-tree in preparation for release. Start drooling now ;) Thanks to EmuManiac for the news (again ;) - atila

  • Modeler WIP - iVilDed has posted various new pics of emulated games in Modeler. Some of them have a screwy palette, this is being worked on as we speak :) - atila

  • ArcadeTones - The ArcadeTones site has had a redesign. Not only that, but they've also added 12 new tones for your Nokia GSM :) - atila

  • WWF Buys WCW - The WWF has bought out the WCW. Personal note: I've not been a wrestling fan since Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat lost his speech because of the Macho Man's actions. That's a looooooong time ago :) Thanks to The Fox for the news. - atila

  • MAME WIP - New "pictureless" MAME WIP update - Gridle mentioned improved Namco NA1/2 and Taito F2 drivers. - Opi

  • GNUBoy 0.9.9 - This multi-platform GameBoy emulator was updated yesterday, the source code and the DOS binary for version 0.9.9 were posted. Hopefully, the WIN32 binary will be posted soon :) Thanks to EmuManiac for these 2 bits of news. - atila

  • StretchMAME Moves To MAMEWORLD - Please update your bookmarks, as the StretchMAME site is now available at http://www.mameworld.net/stretchmame. - atila

  •    Friday, March 23rd 2001 - Last updated @ 19:08 EST

  • Mametesters - The Mametesters site has updated their current bugs page with the latest reports from beta 13. If you notice anything odd in the latest Mame beta, check the list and see if it's been reported! - dutch

  • Mir Re-Entry - For those of you who haven't seen it yet, you can see the videos of Mir burning up on re-entry out on CNN. - dutch

  • Official Nemu INI 2.1.6 - Visit Emumanic to download the new Official Nemu INI version 2.1.6. Using this INI, you can play Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage in Nemu, albeit with some graphics glitches and some speed issues. (Have to love the better rendering you get on a PC though. :) - dutch

  • Ngine Snes9x 0.40 - A bit old, but we missed it. Ngine Snes9x .40 has been released. You burn this SNES emulator to a CD along with ROM images and play it on your Dreamcast. This new version will do savestates on your VMU, sweet. :) It'll also load those pesky "split-rom" images. - dutch

  • F-Zero GBA Emulated - Looks like BillyJr has some screenshots up of F-Zero running in a GBA emulator. I know, it is a new system, but it's news to us EMU freaks nevertheless. ;)
    UPDATE - That emulator btw is iGBA, and the beta that runs that may be released soon. Thanks to Dave for the follow up info. :) - dutch

  • PSX Plugins - New PSEMU Plugins are now available from Null2 (SPU Sound Plugin) and Kazzuya (GPU Graphic Plugin). - dutch

  • Unnofficial Nester 03/23/2001 - Here's you're daily update of Unofficial Nester, a top notch NES emulator. - dutch

  • GoodGBA 0.9992 - It was bound to happen. ;) GoodGBA 0.9992 is a Gameboy Advance ROM image identifier / renamer by Cowering. - dutch

  • Those Canadians - All cigarette manufacturers in Canada are now required to put one of these images on the outside edge of packs of cigarettes. - dutch

  • Generator/MacOS has been updated to v0.18. The new version is faster, and no longer crashes under MacOS X. - richard

  • Sewing Machine - JCR pointed me towards this link which shows a sewing machine, which loads sewing patterns from a special GameBoy cartridge! I may have to get my mom one ;) - atila

  • ClrMAME Pro 1.94 Released - Roman Scherzer has updated his excellent rom manager, click here to see what's new and to download the update. He also mentions that he's currently working on a new rebuilder, new merger and a new profile system for ClrMAME Pro. - atila

  •    Thursday, March 22nd 2001 - Last updated @ 13:34 EST

  • BeEmulated Interview - Tommy over at BeEmulated E-Mailed me that he has interviewed Caz. Caz is the guy who ported the likes of GNUBoy, DGen, Jum's Atari 5200 emulator, SMSPlus, and recently he's on a new team. But you'll have to read the interview to find that out. :) - dhalamar

  • GBA Out In The Open ;) - Nintendo released its GBA 2 days ago and it's apparently sold by the boatload :) Well, you can't go wrong with about 3 million, pre-oders, can you ? The European launch will be in 3 months time, so I will not be importing one. Check out pocket.ign.com for all the latest news, previews and reviews. This is one feisty little machine :) - atila

  • Emu Moved - PSoneEmu found a new home at EmuKult.De. Please update your bookmarks for this Playstation emulator to http://www.psoneemu.com. D1Y uploaded some new screenshots showing PSoneEmu running some commercial games. - Opi

  • NO$MSX v1.4 - NO$MSX, a shareware MSX emulator by the author of NO$GMB, was updated to version 1.4. Here are the changes and the emu "dev-history". NO$MSX is available for DOS and Windows - thanks to Skates for the info. - Opi

  • TEO/MacOS has been updated to v1.5. - richard

  • Blitz Basic Arcade Remakes - Looks like Blitz Basic is a very strong tool to recreate arcade classics in a modern computer enviroment. Check out Masteroids and DragonFyre to see some great examples ! Both games are part of Steve's Blitz Basic Arcade Remakes.
    Would someone please do a remake of Pooyan or Bank Panic ? :)

    Update : There's already a Pooyan Remake created by Geoff Storey with help of Blitz Basic ! Check out Shane Monroe's BLITZ BASIC SHOWCASE for more interesting stuff. - Opi

  • JoseQ's Rumor Mill! - JPMorgan informed me about a newly uploaded edition of The Rumor Mill! ! - Opi

  • MESS WIP - Well not really, just wanted to let everyone know MESS, or MESS WIP page is not dead. The reason there has not been any MESS WIP updates lately is because CVS check-in notifications are not being mailed out. Cowering is working on it. If you are a sendmail expert please notify Cowering, Thanks. :) - chris

  • QUEF - The QT Universal Emulator Frontend for Linux version 0.1.1 has been released. QUEF only supports two emulators at the moment (Stella, and SNES9X) but more are sure to follow. QUEF is written in C++ and is licensed under the GPL. - chris

  •    Wednesday, March 21st 2001 - Last updated @ 18:46 EST

  • Retrogaming Times #43 - Tom Zjaba's Retrogaming Times issue #43 has been posted. Thanks KiLLerCloWn (fix your link btw). - Opi

  • The Video Game Critic - Just found this cool link on my latest visit at Kinox. - Opi

  • Bugfixed Remake - Kablooey! v1.15 has been released ... Lots of bug fixes! - Opi

  • MAME WIP - New MAME WIP ! Gridle posted news from the last 4 days of MAME development. It's "fixing time" again ! - Opi

  • New Game & Watch Simulator - Nokrum released a new Game & Watch Simulator : Circus Circus by CBM/Q&Q, 1981?. Thanks to Nokrum himself for the news :) - Opi

  • Advance Menu 1.8 - Andrea Mazzoleni released a new version of my favorite frontend (works with Advance MAME, MAME, Raine & MESS), Advance Menu! Lotsa fixes & tweaks, including adjustable screenshot aspects and better MP3 support. Whether you're using a PC monitor, arcade monitor or TV, this truly kicks. No bloated OS needed, but it works great in a DOS box. ;) Advance Menu homepage. - prophet

  • Teo 1.5 - Teo is a Thomson TO8 Emulator for PC which runs on DOS, Windows and Linux/X11 operating systems. Thanks to Rico2000 for the news. - chris

  • Mameinfo.dat v2.92 - M.A.S.H.'s Mameinfo.dat was updated - most recent version is now v2.92 - grab it here. You may also think about visiting his Arcade At The Movies site ... maybe :) - Opi

  • highscore.dat v7.2 - Leezer did it again - he uploaded a new unofficial highscore.dat. Release v7.2 adds support for Pole Position 1 & 2, Battle Cruiser M12 (requested by me - thanks man !) and Street Fighter Alpha 1 + 2 plus many more. After you leeched this file, grab also the needed NVRAM files :) Thanks ~Roc~ - Opi

  • Past-O-Rama 0.05 - This wicked little emulator has a had a rather big update, both Game Gear and Master System support was added! To see the entire list of new/fixed things and to download the emulator, I suggest you visit the Past-O-Rama site! Thanks to Pascal and Skates for the news. - atila

  • SIMULATORS! - _MADrigal_ has updated five of his excellent simulators, they are (in no particular order):

    "Donkey Kong (Nintendo, Multi Screen)" Simulator - S3/1.04 (standard 3, final)
    "Turtle Bridge (Nintendo)" Simulator - S3/1.02 (standard 3, final)
    "Snoopy Tennis (Nintendo)" Simulator - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final)
    "Towering Rescue (Gekken)" Simulator - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final)
    "Snoopy (nintendo, Panorama)" Simulator - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final +manual)

    You can download these updates from MADrigal's Simulators, hosted right here at Retrogames. - atila

  • Bandle Bobble - Thanks for the mails regarding the Bandle Bobble mp3. One of the things I forgot to mention is that it changes to the New Zealand story part of the way into it! :) The mp3 is mentioned on this page: "Tatsumakisenpukyaku, maker of the infamous game "Super Bubble Fighter II Turbo Alpha Championship Edition + 4 Ned", created an arrangement of the Bubble Bobble and New Zealand Story music and convinced his high school band to play it on 18 May 2000! You MUST hear this!" Again, thanks to all who mailed. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, March 20th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:08 EST

  • The Arcade Flyer Archive Updated - The Arcade Flyer Archive was updated with the addition of more than 100 flyers to the database and a new "Top 25 Viewed Flyers" feature. The Secret Files Razoola donated are a must see. - Opi

  • Back to the Roots Meets Graftgold - Back to the Roots, my beloved Amiga site was updated with a fine selection of famous Amiga games from the past ! Fire and Ice, Virocop, Paradroid 90 amd Uridium 2 (all from Graftgold), Castle of Dr. Brain by Sierra, Beast Busters from Activision and and and ! I can't and won't name them all. Don't forget to check the other sections, new scene demos, new music files and pictures were added too. And finally an intersting chat with Adam "Scorpik" Skorupa, (one of the best scene musicians - now he's writing soundtracks for computer games) was put up online !

    SORRY: This news is two days old ... a new DVD player ($150 US - very cheap but it does its job) and the preparation of my own forthcoming site ScreenMania (10,000 screenshots already uploaded), keep me away from the news business. Watching "High Noon" (I love this movie) and "Gladiator" in english was an interesting and sometimes difficult experience. - Opi

  • Chinese Wallpapers - Wanna get some nice looking gaming/retro wallpapers ? Look here (click the numbers to browse...) and "preserve" some of them on your hd :) Thanks MAMu_ ! Sorry for telling you the wrong home country - it's a Chinese site - of course - and not a Japanese :) - Opi

  • ElectrEm beta 7 - ElectrEm, a Acorn Electron emulator was updated yesterday. Check the massive changes.log for the latest news or go straight to the ElectrEm homepage and download beta 7. It's available for MS-DOS, Linux (GGI/SVGALib) and Windows ! Thanks to Cloy and Dave from The Stairway To Hell (great BBC/Electron site btw.) for the info. - Opi

  • Rock Rush - Over at the Div Arena, the version of that kick ass Boulderdash clone, Rock Rush is up. Go and grab it up, it's worth the 341k. ;) - dhalamar

  • Wanna Make Your Own Game? - If all this talk about homebrewn games makes you want to make your own game, then you should definitely check out this new project at ArcadeDev, they're planning to create games for old arcade hardware and they're in need of people to help out! - atila

  • Another Free Game! - This time it's an update to Qb for Atari 2600, the author writes:

    "Qb is my port to the venerable Atari 2600 of a game I wrote waaaay back in 1984 on the Atari 800! It's been a lot of fun, and is complete (as of early March 2001). Writing a game for a machine with just 4K ROM, 128 bytes of RAM and no graphics memory has been a real challenge - especially considering the original took nearly all of the 48K memory available on the Atari 800. A challenge, but I've managed to do it!".

    You can download this little gem (version 2.15) from the link above, thanks to Kojote for the news. - atila

  • Unofficial nester - Everyone's favourite NES emulator unofficial nester was updated with the following changes :

    - fixed mapper ... #5, #44, #105
    - support nestoy rom database 'nesdbase.dat' to fix header info.
    - support 'VS Battle City (Bootleg)'
    - support 'VS Excitebike (Alt)' and 'VS Pinball (Alt)'

    Please grab it at the official homepage. - Opi

  • Game Lad v1.4 - An updated Game Lad is out, new in version 1.4 of this Game Boy emulator :

    "Serial link cable, joystick/gamepad support... Game Lad 1.4 has been released and should run in Windows 95. DirectX 8.0 or higher is now required. Spanish translation is updated, and my own Swedish translation is also available".

    Thanks to Lrd[EFN] for the email :) - Opi

  • SSF2 XOR Files - CPS2Shock has released the xor files needed for Super Streetfighter 2: The New Challengers. - atila

  • Ultima 3 GBC 0.995 Released! - Sven has decided to release a new version of his Ultima 3 port for the GBC. He has released a new version because of the following:

    "I was going over some sections of the code and I found a bug that would make it impossible to finish the second game under certain circumstances. To save yourself a lot of frustration later, I suggest you download this updated binary"

    You can download this free game here. - atila

  • LazyNES - LazyNES was updated today, netplay was added to this Windows NES emulator. Thanks to coolmos for the news. - atila

  • Parade Music? - Bubble Bobble fans check out this mp3.. I have no idea where this was recorded or who it is, but I have to agree with Marconelly that this is one of the most hilarious and best mp3 songs I've heard in a while. :) - dutch

  •    Monday, March 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:57 EST

  • RetroBase - I could say "All Your RetroBase Are Belong To US" or something similar, but I won't ;) RetroBase has had a redesign and it looks quite nifty! OMG, did I just say 'nifty' ? - atila

  • Capcom's Official Public Statement - Here's a translation from Japanese by our friend "Madman" Henry Moriarty: "Today, there have been some reports by the media that our company will be withdrawing from the arcade game software market. These reports are not official announcements made by our company, and are not formal decisions made at the current time. Though our company will cut down on the arcade department in the next fiscal and focus on the home console market, we will also continue to provide software for the arcades as well." So there you have it - check out Madman's Cafe for more info, and also great gaming news. Note about Midway: I've also received "inside" information, AKA rumors (thanks Dan M.), about Midway getting ready to to cut down or perhaps close down their arcade operations as well. True or not, it's pretty clear that the classic arcade era is over. :( Long live preservation through emulation. - prophet

  • Neon - Ever wanted to do neon? Lumicron (aka Neon Americana and located near me :) has stuff you can order online that's all hand done and is just awesome. They do custom jobs as well, so if (for example) you want a yellow neon Pac Man or a blue neon Mame logo for a cabinet marquee, they are the folks who can make you one. Check out those retro sculptures! :) - dutch

  • BeEmulated - The site devoted to emulation on the BeOS operating system has moved to their own domain at BeEmulated.Net with a new, better look and everything. It's not 100% up yet, so keep checkin back. :) If you're like me and like BeOS, this is the place to go for emulation on it. Now that ZSNES is open source, someone wanna port it to BeOS? ;) - dhalamar

  • MIR - If you fear MIR, you may want to get yourself one of these :) Thanks to moebius for the link. - atila

  •    Sunday, March 18th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:03 EST

  • EasyEmu Update - Check out mrv2k's EasyEmu! There's a brand new ePSXe tutorial, and a links section for MAME goodies! - prophet

  • Cyberbots in English! - Get on over to Kuno's Memory Bank and download the "English" Final Burn savestate for Cyberbots! It's pretty cool knowing Jin needs to kick Gawaine's butt because he knows how his father died! LOL! There's lotsa other savestates too. Nice going Kuno. :) - prophet

  • MAMECPS - Want a small (430k) version of MAME with only CPS1 & CPS2 games? Well, here ya go! Et c'est francais! (Thanks Rico2000) - prophet

  • X-Arcade Update - I recently received a communication from deep inside of X-Gaming's laboratory - apparently their secret weapon, the X-Arcade is approaching completion! The moulding is being finalized, and then these babies should start rolling off the assembly line. A quality 2 player arcade panel that works with PC's *and* consoles - sounds sweet to me. I hope to review one ASAP, here's hoping this puppy lives up to our dreams. :) - prophet

  • Bad Cyberbots? - I don't think anyone posted about this yet, but CPS2Shock has a Cyberbots dump patcher online. It'll fix your bad CRC dump. (Thanks Rico2000) - prophet

  • Capcom quitting the Arcades?! - Yes, you read right. According to Nikkei Telecom 21, Capcom may become a home-only game house during fiscal year 2001! Why? NOT because of emulation, but because arcade games only sell around 5000 per title now, as opposed to the 80,000 peak back in the good ol' days. *IF* this is true, I'd chalk it it up to home games getting so good - my fellow old timers will remember when the arcades were way better than anything for the consumer market, but times have changed. Thanks to Henry "Madman" Moriarty for this interesting/sad story - check out the full translation at his awesome site, Madman's Cafe. - prophet

  • Kablooey! v1.11 - Shane R. Monroe's KABOOM! remake KABLOOEY! was again updated and improved :
    "Hopefully the FINAL version of Kablooey! - this new version features better synced framerate and built-in high score posting to the internet at the Worldwide Kablooey! Scoreboard : Its time to show what you're made of!" So go for it and show your skills ! - Opi

  • Team Japump!!! - The busy dumpers from Nippon - Team Japump!!!, updated their site with the names of the latest dumps they've made :

    - Nekketsu Mahjong Sengen
    - Ojanko-Yakata
    - Quiz Gakumon no Susume (JPN Ver.)
    - Momoko 120% (JPN Ver.)
    - Baraduke (New Ver.)
    - Cyberbots - Full Metal Madness - (JPN Ver.)
    - Birdie King (JPN Ver.)

    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • OC ReMix - Once you're done playing Cyberbots, which I know will consume my morning, head on over to OC ReMix for our latest offerings: Q!bert, my own Lufia II ReMix (both firsts), and other recent tracks like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, FF8, Megaman 3, and DKC. Nothing like ReMixes and a new FB to clear up that queasy eFront aftertaste! - david

  • Final Burn v0.112 - Final Burn v0.112 was released. Can you say Cyberbots? I've never even heard of this game before, so I might as well try it. :) Thanks to JTS for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • UAE v0.8.16 - A new UAE has been released by Bernd Schmidt. Let's hope for a fast Windows port (as long as you prefer this OS like me) - thanks to James Maurice Battle for the email. Amiga forever ! - Opi

  • Virtual GameBoy v2.1 - Marat Fayzullin's Virtual GameBoy emulator has been updated. Marat wrote :"The new version contains many new things, including rewritten sound emulation, much improved support for GBC palettes, more precise CPU and LCD timings, 16bit color in VGB-Windows, and countless small fixes".

    VGB is a portable emulator of Nintendo's various GameBoy releases. Several ports are available (Windows, MacOS, Unix, PSX ...). The Unix version is free, the Windows version will cost you $35US !

    Thanks to Marat Fayzullin for the notification. Also a thanks to Lrd[EFN] from GameBoy & NeoGeo Pocket Emulation Heaven for the mail :) Wanna be part of this Game Boy devoted site ? This is your chance, they're looking for a new staffer.

    Don't miss the new GameBoy .SAV Archive (save states) at Zophar's Domain as well as the 18 new GBS files (Game Boy Sound rips). - Opi

  •    Saturday, March 17th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:10 EST

  • Megabase v4.3 - A new version of Megabase is available for download (with databases , screenshots and Plug-Ins). Megabase is a multi-purpose frontend - version 4.3 adds the following stuff : "New Function : 'IMPORT COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS', now is easy configuring the command line for an Emulator.. just download the file for a particular emulator (for example Zsnes) and import it by pressing the 'Import Setting For This Emulator' button that you will find in the 'Setting Section'".

    Thanks to Doca from Emuitalia for the info. - Opi

  • Two Cowering GoodTools Updated - GoodGBx v0.999.8 with 5422 entries (new entries + lots more off the redumps list (thanks PDMG-01)) and the most interesting imho - GoodSNES v0.999.2 : 3643 entries with the usual additions/fixes :-) - Opi

  • Bliss v1.51 & Xanadu v0.5 - A tiny bugfix was released for Bliss, Kyle Davis' Intellivision emulator for JAVA and Windows as well as version 0.5 of Kyle's new own C++ port of Bliss called Xanadu. - Opi

  • xmame/xmess 0.37b12.1 - Lawrence Gold has released a new version of xmame/xmess. View the changes in version 0.37b12.1 while you download. - chris

  • "Official" Message Boards - Dave Ewing asked me to mention that he offers totally banner-free web boards (powered by UBB6) for any emulator authors that want them. You can check out his existing forum area or e-mail him. - richard

  • RIAA - Seems the RIAA is getting a dose of its own medicine. - atila

  • "Happy Days Are Back Again!" - No, I ain't talking about that series with Richie and The Fonz, I'm talking about MAME BETA ROMS! Back in the day, we had a good fellow by the name of ZYCLONE, helping us all out with beta roms. He had to stop a while ago, but today I received a mail from him that he's once again offering valuable space and bandwith for all of us! There are no banners, no pop-ups and no time-outs! Oh yeah, before I forget, here's the download link, I've also added it to the left table. Thanks a lot, Zyclone! - atila

  • Work In Progress Info From The Famous Multi Arcade Machine Emulator - For short - new MAME WIP. Oh my GOD, another dream came true. They added support for Quiz Gakumon no Susume :) (joke). - Opi

  • Generator/MacOS v0.17 has been released. The new version fixes the long running bug that caused slow music in some games. It's available here. - richard

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day - Don't drink too much green beer. Sorry about the logo, just be glad I didn't dye the whole site green. :) - dutch

  •    Friday, March 16th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:31 EST

  • pLauncher - pLauncher allows you to centralize all of your emulator/ROM launching needs. It is open ended enough to allow the launching of any emulator (xmame, snes9x, xmess, vgb, dgen, WINE, etc.) and its ROMS/binaries. Changes in version 1.2 include: A rom count, support for personal config file ~/.pLauncher, a fix for a bug which gave a warning with no custom views, a new graphical installer, and fixes to the help menu item to bring up the html manual in Netscape. - chris

  • Official Emu Loader Messageboard Opened - Ciro informed me about the opening of the official Emu Loader messageboard !

    "Go to the Mame World's main page and click on "messageboards" link at the top of the page. Once there, click on "Emu Loader board" ...". - Opi

  • RealSpectrum Beta #10 (v0.80.22) - A new beta of RealSpectrum, the most advanced Sinclair Spectrum emulator is available now - here are the changes ! Thanks to EmuHQ for the news and the "whatsnew" link :) - Opi

  • CPS2mame Updated - Play Cyberbots with Razoola's new CPS2mame release. - Opi

  • CPS2Shock: Cyberbots - Razoola has released the XOR files for CyberBots! - atila

  • Div Games Studio - Over at the Div Arena homepage, they've had an update with a Space Invaders clone, a weird Stunt Wrestling game, and an Asteroids clone. All programmed in Div. :) Head on over there to check out and other cool demos, and download the trial for Div Games Studio and see if you like it. :) Thanks to Jon for the E-Mail. :) - dhalamar

  • Nemu Lives! - I guess Nemu's been 'taken off of life support', a new audio.dll was released today! This should fix most of the audio problems. As for Nemu itself, a new Nemu will surface soon, but a date is not known yet. Thanks to coolmos for the news. - atila

  • Sega President Dies - Sega's Isao Okawa died of heart failure, at age 74. Our hearts go out to his friends and family. May he rest in peace in "The Great Arcade In The Sky". - atila

  • Kaillera 0.61 - This wonderful program has been updated yet again, here's what's new:

    CPS2 games are back!
    what's new:
    - fixed MAME32 crash bug on some games (especially CPS2 games).
    - changed text in netsync dialog to be more meaningful.
    - fixed bug in server list get process

    Download it here, thanks to coolmos for the link. - atila

  • MAME32 0.37b13 Released! - MAME32 is now in sync with the DOS version, both the regular version and the i686 version are available for download. You can find out more about MAME32 at the MAME32 QA site. Thanks to everyone who mailed! - atila

  • MAMu_'s Icons for Linux - I have updated my MAMu_ Icons for X page with icon packs for beta 12 and beta 13. You must either compile your own xmame with the latest DOS code, or be using one of the xmame pre-releases to take advantage of these icons, however xmame-0.37b12.1 will be released probably tomorrow or very soon anyway. - chris

  •    Thursday, March 15th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:51 EST

  • Overclocking your Nvidia - Serious Linux gamers who want to get the most speed out of their Nvidia graphics card should check out Nvclock. Nvclock allows you to overclock your Nvidia card under Linux! Changes to the most recent release include: More code cleanups, better commandline handling, and root warning. - chris

  • NC 100/200 Emulator - nc100em is an Amstrad NC100/NC200 emulator for Linux; there are versions for X, svgalib, and ttys. It can run both the ROM software and ZCN. The latest release adds NC200 support and an important bugfix for the GTK+ version. - chris

  • Stella Shell - Stella Shell is a shell/GUI for Linux to allow easy selection of your Stella ROMs. "Click'n'Play" requires Xdialog for proper operation. Version 0.2 adds small bugfixes in filename handling. - chris

  • New MAME Icons - MAMu_ has uploaded a new beta 13 icons-pack for MAME. Click here to check a preview PNG or use this link to download the new pack ! - Opi

  • Arcade Screenshots - If you're looking for a complete screenshot pack for your prefered MAME frontend, modeler or any other arcade emulator - visit Crashtest's site and grab his collection (titles and ingame shots). - Opi

  • Kaillera v0.5 And v0.6 - Kuno sent word about the latest Kaillera release - version 0.5. Test it if you wanna play some retro games online, below are the changes :

    - desynch problem fixed! yay!
    - game list when creating a new game is now always correctly sorted
    - active games list now properly updated
    - "manual server ip enter bug" fixed
    - fixed ghost players/games
    - added games played report in the touch process

    Update : Most recent version is now 0.6 ! - Opi

  • Look Into The Future - Hard Head and Rough Ranger are the "stars" of the current new MAME WIP update ! - Opi

  • GeoMAME v0.37 b10d - GeoMAME, the NeoGeo games only (enhanced) version of MacMAME, has been updated "to fix a bug which would cause the emu to reset itself after repeated save states/restores". Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the news. - Opi

  • More Things You Shouldn't Say To A Cop :) - Here's the list I received yesterday, some funny stuff in there :) Btw, I'd like to thank to men and women working at the force for trying to keep our cities safe. - atila

  • WOW! - And people call me crazy :) - atila

  • Sony & Connectix - Finally, the legal battle between Sony and Connectix is over. They settled out of court. Sony bought the emulation technology! :P Apparently, Connectix will continue to improve VGS with Sony's help! It will be interesting to see how this will turn out. Thanks much to lain_iwakura for the news! - dutch

  • artifex v0.27 - Emulation9 reported the release of artifex, a new Commodore Plus4 emulator for Windows. Version 0.27 is the first publically available release. Click here to see a list of the currently realized emulator features. - Opi

  • Rumors Are All Around - New Rumor Mill! is up ! " In the bag I have rumors from: Genital, Gens, Bliss, RockNES, and Sega Arcade Project ("Monaco GP")". Thanks JPMorgan :-) - Opi

  • Ahem - Still looking for something? :) Remember, one at time. Don't thank me, thank Alex of Videogames Classics. (Some of you may remember way back when this was Big Jack's. :) - dutch

  • Rock Rush - Rock Rush with Tool's Undertow album = good mix. ;) - dhalamar

  •    Wednesday, March 14th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:41 EST

  • Mame.dk - No, the ROMs are not back (didn't mean to get your hopes up) but the site is far from dead. :) - dutch

  • Sega Museum Updated - Nearly all hardware descriptions of Sixtoe's Sega Museum have been redone or updated - interested Sega fans should click here. - Opi

  • eFront - While *I* don't like the situation and don't want to be talking about it on the news page (or at all for that matter), *I* think that Tim Johnson did a pretty good job summarizing the situation, given that all of his facts are accurate of course. - dutch

  • Game & Watch Simulators - _MADrigal_ updated 5 of his old simulators to match the new S3 standart.

    - "Banana (VTech)" - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final)
    - "Lifeboat (Nintendo)" - S3/1.03 (standard 3, final)
    - "Armor Battle (Mattel Electronics)" - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final +manual)
    - "Penguin Land (Bandai)" - S3/1.02 (standard 3, final)
    - "Sub Chase (Mattel Electronics)" - S3/1.01 (standard 3, final +manual) - Opi

  • FEMAME v2.03 - Looks like march is a good month to update MAME frontends :) A new FEMAME is online (wow, still alive on a geocities account). FEMAME is a DOS frontend for MAME and according to the author it is small, fast and user friendly. Check it out here. - Opi

  • TZX Vault - Gilby sends word that his TZX Vault is "now an associate of the World of Spectrum and as games are preserved they will be passed directly to me. Anyway, there have been a further 92 tape images preserved." This should be good news to Speccy fans. And yes, my other computer runs at 3.4Mhz ;) - atila

  • Things You Shouldn't Say To A Cop :) - Here's one: "I'll get my driver's license if you'll hold my beer." And here's another: "Please keep in mind that I pay your salary" :P - atila

  • EmuLoader v2.4 - The MAME frontend EmuLoader has been updated to version 2.4, with a lot of bug fixes and a lot in the what's new list. Too much to list here. :) Thanks to Mugnier Aymeric for the E-Mail.

    Oh, and he said b13 MAME Icon Packs should be released sometime today, so keep your eyes peeled. - dhalamar

  • UnOfficial ePSXe FAQ v1.4.0 - With the recent ePSXe release, there is now a new version of the UnOfficial ePSXe FAQ written by the guys who know more than I do about these things over at PSXEmu. If you're constantly asking "Huh?" as far as ePSXe is concerned, then you need to get this FAQ, don't ya think? ;) - dhalamar

  • Windows in BeOS - I had to post about this one because I run Windows 98 and BeOS 5. I was over at BeEmulated, and saw a post about a Windows emulator for BeOS. Strange twist, huh. :) Anyway, head on over to that site for all your BeOS emulation needs, and he has some great links to other BeOS sites as well. - dhalamar

  • MAME Screensaver - The MAME Screensaver has been updated in conjunction with the recent MAME 37b13, and this also doubles as an unofficial MAME32 for those of you who are weird like me and like using different versions of stuff. - dhalamar

  • ArcadeTones - The ArcadeTones site has been updated with Secret of Monkey Island ringtones for your Nokia phone. :) - dhalamar

  • CD-i Emulator Screenshots! - The person who used to work for the company who made the Cd-i, as you know, is working on a CD-i Emulator, and he has screenshots from Rise of the Robots!! (Ok, the game sucks, but still, the emulator is running) Hopefully we'll see a release soon, I've seen CD-i games before, but I've never played one. Maybe I'll get my chance. :) - dhalamar

  •    Tuesday, March 13th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:17 EST

  • Calice v0.1.5 - katharsis from Geoshock mentioned a new Calice release. David Raingeard added the following stuff to version 0.1.5 :

    - o - 20 more games (Japanese, Usa, and Bootleg versions of games)
    - o - Support for clones (see PARENT in drivers)
    - o - Scanlines support - 3 buttons support
    - o - Eeprom support
    - o - Installed drivers automatic detection (You can add your own driver,
    ...... it will be detected by Calice so you can use it)
    - o - Layers activation fixed. All games works now nearly perfectly
    - o - Fixed some drivers (msword,...)
    - o - ...and other things i forgot now - Opi

  • Small Web Links Update - I'm still not in a real links update mood, but I added 4 requested sites and removed ONE link - requested by many ! GUESS which link I've removed ? NO, I won't send you a Dreamcast if you successfully solved this super easy riddle :P - Opi

  • DarcNES Lives! - After what seems an eternity (damn the 'net ;), DarcNES (multi-platform, multi-console/computer emu) was updated again! Here's the what's new list:

    -Five months and two days later... (little trivia fact: Before this, not a calander month has gone by since December of '98 without some sort of DarcNES release).
    - Removed the m6502 core.
    - Disabled compilation of the 68k core and genesis driver (they don't work, so...).
    - Changed many things internally in my quest to get rid of the CAL interface.
    - Started abusing the C preprocessor in the 68k core.
    - Added a workaround for a bug in the linker (and enabled a warning to let me know when I need to do so again).
    - Added a workaround for the very common bad dump of Zelda 2 (the one that is "missing" some CHR pages) (I thought I did this earlier, but I guess not).
    - Added a preliminary MSX driver.
    - Added a preliminary SC3000 driver (thanks to Marc Le Douarain for the patches).
    - Added mode 1 support to the TMS9918 video emulation (for both MSX and SC3000 support, again, thanks to Marc Le Douarain for the initial patch).
    - Oh, and DarcNES/Win32 now has sound support.

    You can download it from the DarcNES site. Thanks to |pogo| for the news. - atila

  • Apple II/e Win v1.10.3 - Oliver Schmidt released Apple 2e for Windows v1.10.3 - these are the changes. Thanks to www.emukult.de. - Opi

  • Contest - Win A Million (not) - Emulation64.com wants to give away a sweet Sega Dreamcast - all you have to do is solve 4 riddles - check it out here. - Opi

  • MacMAME .37b13 Released! - MacMAME is now in sync with the DOS version, here's what was added:

    - In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 13 build. [Brad Oliver]
    - Modified PPC 68k core to support encrypted opcode arguments in pc-relative reads. [Brad Oliver]
    - Added support for 555 and 888 direct modes, used for transparency effects in some games. [Brad Oliver]
    - Moved some more strings to the resource fork to aid in translations. [Brad Oliver]

    Anyway, head on over to MacMAME.ORG to download it! Thanks to malogato for reminding me to post this ;) - atila

  • CPS-2 Shock #21 - Razoola released XOR tables for Alien Vs. Predator (Japan 940520) ! He also updated his own MAME version CPS2mame to support this new release. Thanks RetroLover :) - Opi

  • Doodie To The Rescue! - Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's DOODIE! "Corporate Hell" indeed ;) - atila

  • 1-UP v0.9.903 - Looks like we have a newly hosted site here at Retrogames ! Welcome to DarrenC and his general emulator frontend 1-UP ! After a looong break (almost 1 year, he bought a house and became father [nice]) he finally has a come back and released a new version of 1-UP, please visit the homepage for further information. - Opi

  • Genesis OSTs - SegaXtreme has added the following soundtracks to their site: Contra Hard Corps, Target Earth, Thunderforce 2, Thunderforce 3 and Thunderforce 4/Lightning Force Soundtracks. I recommend the Thunderforce soundtracks :) - atila

  • FixMAME v0.37 b13 - M.A.S.H. uploaded a new version of FixMAME with LOTS of fixes, adjustments and enhancements : click here to read his full announcement on our General emulation messageboard.
    Yes, I read and visit it - if you use Yahoo as email client and wanna send me news - please post your info there instead of trying to notify me via email - Yahoo is a no no for GMX, no clue why. - Opi

  • SainT v0.91b - James Boulton smashed some nasty bugs out of the SainT source code lately, making it more stable and compatible. To find out more about this Atari ST emulator - leftclick here and ... enjoy (as always). Your life is too precious and short to waste it with unhappyness :-) Thanks to Korik for the email ! - Opi

  • MameLang32 Moved And Updated - MameLang32 has been moved to EmuHQ, please update your bookmarks to http://www.emuhq.com/ml32. NanoMicroMan released a MameLang32 v0.37 beta 13 version with some plus features (overclocking) disabled. Thanks Peter. - Opi

  • MAME32 : Do The Stretch ! - Looks like future updates of MAME32 will include an equal or similar stretch effect as StretchMame. Click here to read John IV's full update - the development of MAME32 beta 13 is coming along nicely ! Thanks Xray1 - Opi

  • Classic Arcade Game Locations - Wanna recall that good feeling standing in front of an arcade cabinet and playing some classic games ? Brian Luttrull hinted me Tony Perkins' Classic Arcade Game Locations, "the largest collection of places that still have classic video arcade games to play". He even reports ONE place in Germany with a working Wonder Boy cabinet ! Look here for American places with 10 or more playable original arcade classics. And remember - sites like Tony's need YOUR help and contribution to remain interesting and helpful. Report your locally survived classics :) - Opi

  • Hmmmm - Strange ! - STAFF ? Anyone here ? - Opi

  •    Monday, March 12th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:25 EST

  • Home Computer Emulator Updates - EmuManiac reported the following classic computer emulator updates :

    Richard Gellman's Acorn BBC emu for Windows - BeebEm was updated to v1.32 !

    David Keil's TRS-80 Color emulator Coco was updated to v1.20.

    That's all folks - good night :) - Opi

  • unofficial nester v2001/03/13 - Great ! unofficial nester is now hosted at Emulation 9. TAKEDA, toshiya posted a new nester patch with the following additons :

    - o - added mapper ... #51,(#105),#236,(#237)
    - o - fixed mapper ... #33
    - o - fixed PAL emulation - Opi

  • New CPS2 Emu - Nebula - Alejo I wrote me the following email :
    "There is a new CPS2 arcade emulator. It´s called Nebula, and comes from ElSemi, (creator of Dreamer, the first DC emulator). It runs almost as fast as FinalBurn, but the sound its not perfect yet. It does *not* require any update to play new CPS2 games, it works with CPS2 drivers, and it has a simple and cute GUI. You can read the original text (in spanish) here : www.emulatronia.com".

    "... It does *not* require any update to play new CPS2 games" Hmmmm, don't ask me what this sentence mean, I can only speculate but I won't (btw. I'm sure it's a translation error) :P At least the GUI looks interesting ...

    UPDATE : Looks like Nebula uses a "driver" system to add support for new games, so you won't have to wait for emulator updates to play new games. Thanks to Solvalou, Mike Morton and Eric Gonzalez for the help :) - Opi

  • MAME - Work In Progress Info - New MAME WIP is up - Konami's Hexion (1992) is the latest addition ! - Opi

  • DreamSNES v0.9.4 - New DreamSNES release for all you Dreamcast fanatics :) DreamSNES is a port of Gary Henderson's Snes9X to Sega's DC done by Marcus Comstedt, Peter Bortas, and Per Hedbor. New in release 0.9.4 :

    - o - Support for C and Z button (as select and exit to menu)
    - o - Better keyrepeat handling in the menus
    - o - Fullscreen mode added (default, but configurable)
    - o - Translation to Swedish. And French (sort of).
    - o - Screen "blanker" in menu
    - o - New music by Jan Warnstam
    - o - Keyboard support: Press ESC for menu, Pause for "blanker"
    - o - Better support for third party memory cards
    - o - ROMs can now be placed in a directory "ROMS/" instead of in the root

    Go here for more info, thanks to Kagaden for the hint. - Opi

  • NeoMAME v0.37 Beta 13 - katharsis once again compiled a NeoGeo only MAME version with Diggerman in and an activated ASM core - visit Geoshock for your download (normal, PII/III, AMD K6II/K6III/Athlon build and source). Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - Opi

  • StretchMame32 v0.37 Beta 13 - StretchMame32, the cool Japanese MAME32 version was updated (ASM and C core) to match the latest DOS release - thanks Oscar :) - Opi

  •    Sunday, March 11th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:50 EST

  • QB ? - If you're a collector of Atari VCS 2600 cartridges, then check out this homebrew game. It should appear as cart (with a limited production run of 25) at the next classic gaming convention. - Opi

  • Official Calice Forum Opened - If you're looking for a messageboard with information about Calice :) .... - look no further :) Hi B|oHazard :-) - Opi

  • MAMECE3 For PocketPC v9.0 - New MIPS, ARM, and SH3 binaries for MAMECE3 are online. Now with "auto installation file", a better GUI and many other improvements - look here for the complete list. Thanks to TechMaster for the info. Sorry man about the email problem, but it's beyond my powers :) My email account can't be reached through Yahoo Emails :( - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle posted a new MAME WIP for the last three days !!! Thanks Kurama ! - Opi

  • MAME32 Icons And Screenshots - John Hardy IV has updated the mame32 qa/test and art dept. with new icons and screenshots for MAME v0.37 beta 13. No, sorry - the new MAME32 is still pending ... Thanks to John himself for the notification - I appreciate it :) - Opi

  • *SIGH* - I made a promise a long time ago that I would refrain from posting stuff against fellow site-ops. Since this is basically a very childish thing (yep, I learned my lesson ;) and it does nothing but lower the quality of this site and its hosted sites. Right now, I'm kinda breaking my promise. Sorta.

    Tim Eckel, over at Arcade@Home, is blaming Gridle (MAME.NET) and David Lloyd (OVERCLOCKED.ORG) for the fact that he had to take down his roms and for the demise of arcade emulation.

    When you tried to download roms from his site, you were under the impression that you were downloading them from a site called 'www.arcade.com.tw', based in Taiwan. Well, a few days ago, people figured out that he was using JavaScript to hide the fact that he was serving roms from his own servers in the USA. The Javascript code would fake the download address. Now that this was known, he could do 2 things:

    1) Keep serving roms from his already overloaded servers and get sued by the IDSA -- AND LOSE, or;
    2) Shut his rom section down.

    He opted for the latter, since he would lose in court and probably drag eFront further down the drain. This is the situation and nothing else. The fact that he blames it on 2 people who have nothing to do with it is pretty childish and a grown man like Tim Eckel, should know better.

    Again, my apologies for posting this, but I felt it was better if I did. - atila

  • MAME Beta 13 Fixfile - Till uploaded his usual fantastic "download time saver" aka fixfile for last nights MAME release, it contains fixes for 7 ROM-sets : Vendetta, Tdragon, Ninjaw, Warriorb, Cybattlr, 3wonders and Sonson. - Opi

  • 1964 v0.5.2 - The N64 emulator 1964 turned TWO yesterday, schibo released a new version to celebrate this anniversary and to close the project at the same time and update. schibo has set his focus on TR64 and closed 1964, but 1964 is open source, maybe YOU want to continue it ?
    Thanks to EmuManiac for the email. - Opi

  • MAMEinfo.dat v2.90 - M.A.S.H. informed us about his latest MAMEinfo.dat release. Version 2.90 is the first release for the new MAME beta 13. - Opi

  • Eckel Again - The following was pointed out to me by a user:

    "The Mac version of RockNES was updated to v1.820. Due to Richard Bannister's new POS download script, it's next to impossible for my server to download anything from his server. Anyway, I'd like to personally thank Richard for making all of his emulator ports a royal pain in the ass to download. What's really funny is who the hell cares about Mac emulators so much that they would link to his files anyway? Also, I'd like to suggest that Richard do some studying on .htaccess and mod_rewrite then his silly "anti-leech" scripts wouldn't be required. Anyway, if you just got to have this program, get it from the Console Emulators section. Now I've off to hack into Richard's script so I can link directly to his files.."

    I think that says it all, folks. (And for the record, mod_rewrite is not and never has been available with my web host). - richard

  • BWAHAHA - This is too good. :) Nikelodeon got screwed in a way. I wonder if my girlfriend ever noticed this, though I don't think so. I think I'm gonna bug her about it. :) Thanks to Stick Figure for this one. :) - dhalamar

  •    Saturday, March 10th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:00 EST

  • ClrMamePro Advice - Roman Scherzer wrote me some info regarding ClrMamePro and today's new MAME release.
    "ClrMamePro works better when you now use the updated engine.cfg from my page. It supports the Deco bios stuff." - Opi

  • Blitzatron v1.0 - Mark Incitti informed me about his latest retro remake he did (with little help by Blitz Basic). Blitzatron is a FREE, fast paced and great looking Robotron : 2084 remake - check it out. - Opi

  • MAME Binaries - The v0.37 b13 "DECO Cassette System" MAME binaries are online : Gridle compiled a normal, i686 optimized as well as K6 optimized versions. Thanks Tim ! - Opi

  • Megabase v4.2 - Alessio Viti released a new version of Megabase, his multi-emulator (10 different supported) frontend for Windows. Look here for some GUI screenshots. This is only an update so you'll need to have a 4.0 version already installed on your system :) Thanks to Doca for the info. - Opi

  • SNESAmp v2.1 - A new SNESAmp has been released - lots of bugfixes, "What's This?" popup menus, improved ID666 tag detection and more. If you're looking for a fantastic WinAmp plugin for SPC files (SNES music) - Anti Resonances' plugin is one ! And it's the one I use since ages :) Don't miss Datschge's fine SPC archive ! Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the news. - Opi

  • Emulation 64 and Corn - Martin E-Mailed me about a really cool idea for Emulation 64. They noticed they don't have a screenshots section for the Corn Nintendo 64 emulator, so they've got a real cool idea for adding that section that has to do with you guys. Head on over to Emulation 64 and check out the idea. I think I may send in some stuff with my cool p200 computer. =P - dhalamar

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 13 Released! - The source code for this release is available here. And here's WHAT'S NEW in this release! - atila

  • Slashdotted - eFront. Nuff said. - david

  • Ultima 3 GBC 0.993 Released! - Sven Carlberg has updated his port of this game, here's what's new:

    Thanks again to Stephen Knox for pointing out that the exotic allowances were messed up. All characters should be able to ready and wear exotics. Also, there was a bug that was allowing more than 2550 HP in the Ultima 3 portion of the game. These problems are all now fixed and you can download the updated file.

    You can download the game here. - atila

  • Sold my ArcadePC - Greets to Miguel in Yonkers and his lovely wife Josephina! Enjoy the cabinet and stay in touch. :) It was very cool meeting a Retrogames reader in person. Makes me all kinda warm n'fuzzy. :P - prophet

  • Emu Loader v2.3 Rev 3 - The Emu Loader story continues ... Rev 3 fixed a "Floating point division by zero" error. The sound recording feature does not support ISA soundcards at the moment, but Ciro is working on it. - Opi

  •    Friday, March 9th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:55 EST

  • OC #140: Eckel's eAffront - this might help explain a little to those confused by the recent eFront posts and what not. Fun. - david

  • CPS2 xmame - Dan Beimborn has released CPS2-xmame, a version of CPS2MAME that runs on Linux. You can download precompiled binaries (i386 machines) for X11 mode, Open GL mode, or svgalib mode, and ofcourse source code is also provided for those who compile their own.
    - chris

  • Kaillera v0.41 Out - This new Kaillera update fixes "a stupid maximum network message length". - Opi

  • Arcade Heaven still on Earth - GuruChoc wants everyone to know Arcade Heaven is very much alive and kickin', with needed-soon goodies and much more! Server overload has caused some pages to run and hide, heh, but they're up. - prophet

  • DIV Arena - DIV is an awesome programming language and environment just for games! I tried it myself a while back, and it was quite nice. And if you visit DIV Arena, you'll find several retro remakes created with DIV! Check the "Game Over" section for remakes of "PacMan, Invaders, Galaxians, Boulder Dash etc. as well as hundreds of work in progress including Berzerk 3D (by John Silvera)." And Mike Green of EmuDX fame is the webmaster there! :) (Thanks John Silvera) - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.111 Mirror - Dave asked me to mirror Final Burn 0.111 here, so there ya go! :) Apparently the homepage is very slow right now? But I thought we're on the same server so... ? - prophet

  • More eFront - Is it fact or fiction ? Read it and make your own conclusions ! - Opi

  • EFront - Know about EFront? Nah, you don't. Check this out. ;) - dhalamar

  • Penny Arcade - Interesting Penny Arcade today. I'm still trying to figure out who Tim Eeckel is. :) - dutch

  • All your base... entering it's 60th minute in its 15 minutes of fame. You know you still want to go look at amiallyourbaseornot.com. Thanks erik. :) - dutch

  • Final Burn v0.111 - Final Burn has been updated to play the previously mentioned decrypted game. Here's the word about it:

    Added driver for 19XX
    (The emu isn't really built for vertical games like 19XX yet, but here's my current beta if you want it anyway. I'm thinking 512x384 or 1024x768 with scanlines would be a good choice - without a fullscreen stretch because otherwise the aspect ratio would be wrong obviously.)

    Go on over to the Final Burn homepage and download it. :) - dhalamar

  • CDi Emulator news - Remember that CDi Emulator that's been making all the buzz lately? Well, head on over to the page, there's some good news there for you. Hopefully we'll see a release soon. :) - dhalamar

  • GNUBoy v0.9.8 - The Gameboy emulator GNUBoy has been updated to version 0.9.8. You can download the Windows, DOS and BeOS binaries at the official page. Thanks to EmuHolic for the news. - dhalamar

  • CPS2Shock Strikes Again - CPS2 Shock has decrypted yet another game. And I know some of you have been waiting for this one. 19XX: War Against Destiny is on there now. Go and get it. Thanks to PeterD for the message. :) - dhalamar

  • PowerSemu update - The author of the Saturn emulator PowerSemu has updated the page that he got a new job, and is still working on the emulator. But he doesn't have net access during the week because of the job, so any questions will take a while for him to answer. Head on over to the page to learn more about the emulator and to check out some screenshots. - dhalamar

  • Calice v0.1.4 - A new version of the kick ass new CPS1 emulator Calice has hit, and it now plays 52 games. :) Go to the Calice homepage to see what's new, I'll give you a hint, it has to do with Street Fighter II.... ;) - dhalamar

  • EmuLoader v2.3 Rev 2 - Ciro uploaded another EmuLoader update. This one fixes a two buttons related bug that was causing "access violation" messages... as well as some other stuff :) - Opi

  • MAME WIP - New MAME WIP is online - SNK's Gladiator (c 1984) is now supported. - Opi

  • Audio Overload, THE game music player for MacOS, has been updated to v1.2. New in this release is support for SNDH and SAP files. - richard

  • Kaillera 0.4 Released - Here's what's new in this release:

    what's new (client):
    0.4: - fixed buggy # of users in chat window
    - netsync doesn't screw up kaillera windows anymore
    - players/games lists are now sorted and sortable
    - better network code, games should be noticably smoother
    - server list window remains open when connected to a server. much better for server hoping
    - added nifty netsync dialog box (that you can only see in windowed mode though)

    what's new (server):
    0.4: added IP parameter in config file
    fixed crash when >~15 people on server
    takes a little bit less CPU resources

    Go download and connect to the Retrogames.com Kaillera server and play MAME online! Thanks to coolmos for the news. - atila

  • GBA Box Art - CoreMagazine has posted various pieces of box art for GBA games. The GBA will be released in Japan in just under 2 weeks time. - atila

  •    Thursday, March 8th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:37 EST

  • CodeWeavers Wine - CodeWeavers Wine is a packaged release of Wine that showcases some of the advances being made in the Wine Project as we drive towards Wine 1.0. CodeWeavers wine preview 3 has recently been released, click here to read about what's new in this release. Wine is used to run Windows based emulators (or other software) on Linux systems. - chris

  • Spammimic - Translate messages into spam then back again at Spammimic. I kid you not, it's for real. :) - dutch

  • UP UP UP - Is mame.dk a bouncing ball ? Up .. down ... Up !
    Weee - UP is their current state :) Thanks . (MAME.DK is down until eFront pays the MAME.DK guys the money they owe them. This could take forever :x - Atila) (Original post by Opi) - atila

  • StretchMame32 v0.37 beta12 f - New StretchMame32 versions are online, latest changes :

    - Added Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (US 940223)
    - Added wide screen monitor mode. You can select wide screen monitor mode from configuration menu. (Press tab while playing)
    - Support stretch multi screen games.

    Thanks to Frenchieman for the email ! - Opi

  • Spectrum Demos - The Spectrum devoted Czech emu site SPECCY.CZ was updated with a new demo section today. A first batch of 39 demos for Sir Sinclair's old rubber machine is available now :) - Opi

  • Javanese v1.0 - Fines Brice informed me about his latest release of Javanese, his NES emulator for JAVA. Please visit Emulatronia for more information and the emu itself (in Spanish language). - Opi

  • Massage v1.0 - James McKay (or probably Stephen "Dudley" Sharp) has uploaded a final version of Massage, a Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator for DOS. Looks like the update got lost for a long time ... new stuff compared to the (more than 2 years old) v0.9 release :

    - o - Emulates undocumented screen mode! This allows SG1000/SC3000
    ...... cartridges to work! (Name the images as .SMS).
    - o - GG games can now be viewed with full Master System screen.
    - o - Improved x-value of lightgun (from Zoop).
    - o - Slightly improved lightgun target sight.
    - o - Bugfix : Mouse is now detected properly.
    - o - Bugfix : Hopefully SB will now start up everytime.

    Thanks to Frogacuda from Retrobase for the news :) - Opi

  • Linux on PS2?! - Some Japanese programmers are seriously petitioning Sony to port Linux to the Playstation2! That would be awesome for open source projects (like emus!) on Sony's newest system. Check out Madman's Cafe for a translation of some related material, but remember this is still at the gossip level. (Thanks "Howling Mad" Moriarty :) - prophet

  • Cybercade moves - Strider has moved his arcade control building /arcade technical / arcade artwork site to http://www.arcadeflyers.com/strider! Go visit & update those bookmarks! :) - prophet

  • AdvanceCAB 8.0 - Andrea Mazzoleni has updated AdvanceCAB! This is a special utility for real arcade monitor users. Some fixes, and S3 card support in Win98SE. - prophet

  • Computersworth HotRods - Get on over to Computersworth - they are getting a FINAL shipment of HotRod SE's today! Just under a hundred are left. At $99, you won't find a better deal! Plus they're a good, reliable, online store. :) (Thanks Gay Worth). - prophet

  • Prophet here, and yes I'm still alive. :) Built a new (cheap) PC the other day, P3-667, 256MB etc. Not a super speed demon, but most of what I like runs full speed so yay! And mame.dk, really gone? :( That's awful. *groan* - prophet

  • MAME.DK - R.I.P 03/08/01 - www.mame.dk is now officially gone. It will be sorely missed :( - atila

  • _MADrigal_ Simulators Updated - _MADrigal_ updated the following 5 of his handheld simulators to match his new "Standard 3.0" specifications (better sound) : "Motor Cross", "GrabMan (Inno-Hit)", "Las Vegas (Bandai)", "Puck- Man (Tomy tabletop)" and "Donkey Kong Circus (Nintendo - Panorama)". - Opi

  • MAME WIP - New MAME WIP is online. Gridle reported an once again fixed and ready to use ASM 68k core, which will make the next MAME update more enjoyable. Nicola Salmoria added a new Konami racer and more, check it out. - Opi

  • EmuLoader v2.3 - A new version of EmuLoader, Circo's cool looking MAME frontend was uploaded today. Besides the usual bugfixes and tweaks he added the ability to record sound in CD quality Stereo, 44100Hz, 16bits directly from any game you want ! "Be aware that 1 minute of recording with CD quality eats around 10 Megabytes of space so, be careful before starting a game (no compression available yet!)." Go here here for more info, the changes and your download. Thanks to Circo himself for the notification (the font looks much better now !). - Opi

  • www.mame.dk DEAD - Hard Times Are Coming For MAME Fans
    Oh Noooooooooooooo ! ! !
    We just got the following VERY SAD email from the www.mame.dk team :

    "Dear Mame-friends at retrogames, mameworld, mame.net, mame32, macmame and xmame.

    This is a rather sorry mail that goes to our best partners in the retrogaming community.
    The MAME resources at www.mame.dk is most likely to disappear from the net today, so we suggest that you already now remove links to mame.dk (roms, emulator mirrors, link collections etc.) to avoid broken links on your sites. We have been running www.mame.dk for 1.5 years now, financing the server and bandwidth through banners. But currently we are facing huge bills for bandwidth, and our banner company has not been paying us for several months now, so our ISP (who has been most understanding, but of cause only to a certain extent) has given us final warning. The project is threatening our personal economy, and despite our love for the MAME project, we cannot go on like this. We will mail you again when (if) they pull the plug.

    Feel free to use this information as an explanation on why your links to [mame.dk] has disappeared.
    BombJack, Mr.Do and DigDug from [mame.dk]

    THIS is the possible worst case - all major ROM sites are gone - extinct .... and now ??? - Opi

  •    Wednesday, March 7th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:18 EST

  • New Emulation Site: Linear-G - SHI wrote in to tell me about a new web site, http://www.linearg.com, with emulation news, links and downloads. This web site also has a unique skinning feature where you can customize the look and feel of the web site (pretty cool). Click the link above and check it out! - chris

  • ePSXe 1.2.0 - To celebrate the fact that it's been one year since work on ePSXe began, a new version was released moments ago. ePSXe 1.2.0 is available for download and the authors ask you to read the docs CAREFULLY because of all the stuff that was added/fixed! - atila

  • Rock Dash! - Over at DIV-Arena, a remake of Boulder Dash was posted for download and according to Mike it's "easily the best remake of this game, perfectly faithful to the original." Promising indeed, a-leeching I will go :) - atila

  • Wealthy Sega Resource Updated - Sixtoe's Sega Museum (former ShinobiZ Home) was updated with some new Sega goodies and game information. - Opi

  • RockNES/Linux v1.830 - HERE's the first release of the new Linux version of RockNES, Fx3's great NES emulator for DOS. The RockNES/Linux binary was ported by Chris Vallinga.

    "It's able to run fullscreen in the console, fullscreen or in a window in X11, supports sound, gamepads and pretty much all the features of the DOS version. It is compiled with pentium optimizations. The source code is not available for download". - Opi

  • MAME WIP - A small MAME WIP report has been posted, looks like the DECO cassette games will have save state support! :) - chris

  • Nintendo's New 'Toys' - The GBA will be released in the USA on June 11th, both Mario Advance and F-Zero will be launch titles. The GameCube will be released in July in Japan and September in the USA. We Euros have to wait 'till Spring of next year :x - atila

  • DreamPac Released - DreamPac is a 'pacman hardware' emulator for the Dreamcast, it currently supports PacMan, Ms. PacMan and Crush Roller. All games have run full-speed and have sound. Thanks to Sonikku for the link. - atila

  • WINE - No not LINE! Wine 20010305 has been released. Changes in this version include: Some improvements to the wineserver protocol, the usual common controls fixes/improvements, version information in builtin dlls, and lots of bugfixes. - chris

  • KDE 2.1 - KDE 2.1 was released a while back and I just installed it last night. This is the version to get! Lots of improved graphics and virtually bug free now! :) If you are a Linux user I highly recommend the new version of KDE as your desktop of choice. - chris

  • MESS WIP - A small update today over at the MESS WIP page. Seems as if a lot of source code restructuring is going on... - chris

  •    Tuesday, March 6th 2001 - Last updated @ 16:00 EST

  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo! - Razoola has decrypted Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (USA 940223)! Go get it! - dutch

  • NeoGeo CD Demo @ ArcadeDev - Charles Doty has released a NeoGeo CD conversion of his NeoGeo demo. You can download it at Arcade Development Central. - atila

  • Kaillera v0.3 - You wanna play MAME 37b12 online with someone? Well, head on over to the Kaillera homepage and you can do that. ;) Both the client AND the server were upgraded, and here's what's new:

    -Updated to MAME32b12
    -Added Game Chat
    -Player Kick Works
    -Added Net Sync Code at Game Start.
    -Lots of GUI fixes/improvements.

    Thanks to Greevy for the heads up. - dhalamar

  • Calice v0.1.3 - Emulation 9 mentioned a new Calice release, new in v0.1.3 :

    Added a driver for :
    - o - Win32 version (8 bpp Windowed Mode Only)
    - o - Row Scroll Support (Preliminary) Works with megatwins and varth.
    ...... Does not work with sf2 =( - atila

  • VisualBoy v1.4.9 - A new version of VisualBoy is out, fixing LEGO Racers, Harley Davidson, and Super Fighters, among other things. Check out the page for more info. Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - dhalamar

  • GTuxNES - GTuxNES is a graphical launcher for the TuxNES Nintendo emulator. It makes configuring and using TuxNES a whole lot easier and nicer. All commandline options in TuxNES are supported by GTuxNES. Click here for a list of changes in version 0.3.0. - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with work-in-progress reports for the first five days of March. - chris

  •    Monday, March 5th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:26 EST

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page with updates for March 5th. - chris

  • WLA DX - WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 6510, and 65816 CPUs. Included in the package there is a GB-Z80 disassembler and few converters. WLA DX was initially programmed to compile ROM images for Gameboy, but nowadays it can also patch existing ROM images with code, and even compile program files and ROM files for other CPUs like the NES-6502 and C64-6510. Click the link above the read what changes are in the version 7.0 release. - chris

  • Look, This Is My Selfmade Cabinet - RESULTS :)
    I would say - pretty damn international !

    - o - Part ONE from the United States (I guess).
    - o - Part TWO from Australia.
    - o - Part Three from Greece ! - Opi

  • No MAME32 v0.37 Beta 12 - Fresh from the Mame32 qa-test and art dept. page : "With the numerous 'fix' changes that have taken place on the DOS side w/ on the fly source updates and broken drivers, the devs are deciding to wait for a stable b13 from Nicola to work from. - Opi

  • Retrojogo - Portuguese Emu News - OK, here's another plug for a emulation related homepage of one of our visitors. Retrojogo - Nelson Almeida's well designed Portuguese emulation news site. - Opi

  • NESten Mapper Pack - New Mapper DLLs for NESten are online. TNSe added support for mapper 63 and 105 and fixed a bunch of old ones. Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • BoycottAdvance v0.13b - BoycottAdvance v0.13b is online, Gollum's "Pre-Alpha Release" of his new Game Boy Advance emulators - grrr another one :) Thanks to Skates for the email. - Opi

  • GoodINTV v0.999.1 - GoodINTV is a Mattel Intellivision ROM renamer by Cowering. Version 0.999.1 recognizes 174 different ROMs and variants, recent additions :

    - Intellivoice dump added (from BLISS)
    - fixed a few names and added more companies - Opi

  • Italian Emulation News - Paolo asked me to post about Webjuice.it, a brand-new emulation news site in Italian language for our friends from the sunny Italy ! Voila :) - Opi

  • Calice Moved And A New Release - Fresh from the redesigned Calice homepage comes a new v0.1.2 emulator release. Read here whats changed in David Raingeard advancing CPS1 emulator ... better sound, support for more games ... and still more to come ! Thanks to the Fox for the notification :)

    Don't forget to update your Calice bookmarks to http://calice.emuunlim.com. - Opi

  • MAMEinfo.dat v2.83 - M.A.S.H. released Mameinfo.dat v2.83. "The new driver informations in the Mameinfo.dat can only be displayed, when you are compiling MAME with the source in the Mameinfo.dat-ZIP".

    Source Changes in v2.83:
    - Added 'SOURCE: drivername.c' and GAMES SUPPORTED to the GAME DRIVERINFO output (TAB MENU).
    - Added 'ORIGIANL' and 'CLONES' to the GAME MAMEINFO output.

    There is also a source FIX for the broken Nintendo Playchoice 10 / VS UniSystem games! - Opi

  • MAME Wizard Bugfix - If you noticed some problems with the profile creation function in MAME Wizard - redownload it, Panther fixed it. - Opi

  • King's Valley 2 for Windows - A remake of this classic MSX game is in the making and you can download King's Valley 2 for Windows - Beta 5 here. Thanks to coolmos for the link. - atila

  • PlayerUp v3.06 - PlayerUp, a multi emulator frontend was updated today. If you're looking for a general frontend for your DOS emulators this might be a very good choice - at least the screenshot of the GUI looks interesting (it even counts the number of played sessions per game). HERE are the changes in version 3.06. - Opi

  • ec64 v0.17 - ec64, a C-64 emulator for Linux made by Karsten Scheibler has been updated yesterday. look here for the latest changes - thanks to Cloy from Kinox for the news ! - Opi

  • RockNES/MacOS has been updated to v1.820 - richard

  • Capcom's Redoing Some Classics For The GBA - Nintendo's Game Boy Advance development list now contains entries for the following Capcom classics : Breath of Fire, Final Fight, Mega Man and Super Street Fighter ! Source: pocket.ign.com. - Opi

  • Where Is David Schroeder ? - This help request just came in :

    "Shane Monroe is seeking contact with David Schroeder, a previous programmer of C64 games. If you are this individual or know him, please contact Shane at webmaster@monroeworld.com". - Opi

  • StretchMame32 v0.37 Beta 12e - New 68k ASM & C core versions of StretchMame32 are online, thanks to The Frenchieman for the hint. - Opi

  • Homemade Cabinet - THIS is another example of real arcade gaming enthusiasm and (as a 2nd reason to post the link) the woman shown on the bottom isn't very ugly :) If you found some other "look, this is my selfmade cabinet" homepages, mail me the links :) - Opi

  • The History Of Arcade Based Racing Games - While I checked the latest messages on our General emulation MessageBoards I found a link to a subsite of warlock's Emulation Status called Driving Games Timeline which I found very interesting and informative.

    Driving Games Timeline : "A history of arcade video games since the primitive 1976 "Night Driver" to the modern 1999 "Ferrari F-355 Challenge"". - Opi

  • Bliss v1.5 - A new Bliss version is available. Now with Intellivoice support, more accurate sound and a major DirectX bugfix. Check the Whatsnew.txt for more information - thanks to EmuManiac for this one. - Opi

  • RockNES v1.830 - Fx3 posted the 3rd RockNES bugfix release for the current 1.8 cycle, new in this release :

    - o - Fixed name garbage when saving files;
    - o - Fixed RAM, WRAM, VROM and CPU registers dumping;
    - o - Added PRG data dumping when no VROM is present (due the request);
    - o - vsync on/off switch was disabled, oops;
    - o - Documentation revised.

    If you need a great NES emulator for DOS - grab it here, thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  •    Sunday, March 4th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:43 EST

  • MAME Wizard v2.0 Beta 8 - Panther released a new version of MAME Wizard, his great Windows frontend for MAME. Below are the most important changes since beta 8, more details can be found in the included history.txt file.

    - o - The user interface have been made way more flexible by adding resizing features to nearly all the controls.
    - o - The screenshot interface has got huge upgrades under many aspects; image sequences have been added, as well as a whole lot of new functions image-oriented; you can also resize and zoom the area the way you like, and if the image doesn't fit in the available space...
    - o - GIF file support have been added (transparency and animation are not supported yet)
    - o - When a game can't be run, you are told so many useful things about it
    - o - MAMECD creation now works correctly (yes, really!)
    - o - Added latest MAME functions introduced in MAME v0.37 beta 11
    - o - The games list has got folders, filters and massive reworking! The number of options available has grown to great levels.
    - o - Game list filtering has been added! You can load filter files or import grouping files available over the net. More formats will be supported in the next release. You can have as many filters open as you want. Favourites and editing possibilities will come with the next release
    - Opi

  • iGBA Beta 6 - Arrgh - maybe I'm antiquated, but I really do hate emulators of systems that are already NOT RELEASED !

    iGBA Beta 6 is available for the interested audience. I know, these emus are probably useful for the homemade scene and will create some new coding talents - but they are also very dangerous and damaging for the reputation of the retrogaming community. News delivered by Rico2000. - Opi

  • 2 Freeware Classic Remakes Updated - Sven Carlberg made another update to his nifty Ultima 3 Remake For The Game Boy Color ! Version 0.991 adds a "Test Game Music" option to main menu and an easter egg (both per request). Check his FAQ for more details about his port and don't miss the story how he contacted Richard Garriot ! More than 1,000 people downloaded his true conversion of Ultima 3 - awesome !

    Shane R. Monroe posted another update for Kablooey!, his remake of an old Atari VCS classic. V.98b is the last version before 1.0 comes out : "Bandit now smooth scrolls to the bomb drop point and flames shoot out of the paddle when you catch a bomb - both features are by request of users. Get it here. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle posted some new MAME WIP info.
    Nicola Salmoria and Mike Coates focused their efforts on the (very important) C 68k and ASM 68k cores. - Opi

  • Meridian v1.12 - Meridian v1.12 - now It sounds almost like the real thing. Jason Cline forgot to enable the PSG sound channel ! Tsk tsk tsk :) Test it and enjoy the warm sound of Nintendo's little boy. - Opi

  • Kaillera - Play MAME Online - MAMEWorld mentioned Kaillera, a new client/server based software, as a way to play MAME online via the internet. COOOOL :) - Opi

  • Lando's Classics Became Old Stuff - Lando sent word about the first birthday of his C16/Plus4 ClassiX homepage. To celebrate this anniversary, he uploaded 53 new PRG files and replaced 4 with better versions. In case you do not know what's Lando's favourite old gaming machine - it's Commodore's Plus/4 home computer. Lando's C16/Plus4 ClassiX site is the most comprehensive resource for C-16/C-116 and Plus/4 related stuff ! - Opi

  • Game Lad v1.3 - A new Game Lad version is online - click here for a list of the current supported features of Torbjörn Söderstedt's Game Boy Color emulator for Windows. Thanks to Duncan from EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • EmuViews Now "ROM'less" - JoseQ pulled the plug of his ROM section (at least for the next few weeks or months) ! Read the full update here.

    As a side note : katharsis from Geoshock did the same decision some days ago. Looks like ROMs becoming hot stuff again ! - Opi

  • CPSmame For Macintosh v0.37b12 Release 03/03/2001 - The CPSmame For Macintosh now supports Quiz Nanairo Dreams as well as some other nice new things, read yourself :

    "It really plays all the CPS1, CPS Changer and CPS2 games (plus it lets you toggle the CPU speed 16/12 Mhz). It's based on MacMAME so you get all the rendering plugins for full screen streteched and smoothed gameplay on ATI or 3dfx cards. Based on Razoola's source code, this new version not only includes support for Quiz Nanairo Dreams but also has CPS1 improvements including support for the new "world" dump of "Three Wonders", better QSound and fixed ROM loading for Pnickies". LAZY MODE OFF :)
    Thanks to will for the info :-) - Opi

  • SNES9x v1.37c PowerPC - The v1.37c SNES9x Linux port for PowerPC is online. Thanks to EmuHQ for the report. - Opi

  • Unemulated - The Guru has updated The MAME Unemulated ROMs Database removing games supported by MAME 0.37b12. Update: The Guru also let me know that he has dumped Mystic Warriors by Konami a few days earlier as well. :) - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with news reports for the rest of the month of February. There is also a screenshot of Frank's latest efforts on the Mattel Intellivision driver. - chris

  •    Saturday, March 3rd 2001 - Last updated @ 19:12 EST

  • GENS v0.95a - News-hound EmuManiac once again mailed me some news worth to mention :) GENS was updated to v0.95a to fix a Fido Dido ROM - get it here :) - Opi

  • CPSmame Ports - The CPSmame For Macintosh homepage is a good starting point if you wanna play the CPS-2 Shock releases on your Mac ! The last release (from yesterday) has support for Slam Masters II: Ring of Destruction. CPSmame For Macintosh is Andrew Blum's port of Razoola's DOS release. Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the hint.

    Also available is a Linux port - same status as the Macintosh port, Slam Masters II is the last addition. - Opi

  • Final Burn v0.110 - Wow - Dave is very fast today - Final Burn has already support for the new CPS-2 Shock release :

    + Added Quiz Nanairo Dreams
    "I would tell you whether it's working completely or not... but the amount of Japanese text is so great, I doubt I'll ever be able to play it!

    From what I can tell, it's fairly cute, it has a definite 'quiz' element, it seems to runs fine, and if you speak Japanese I'm sure it will be perfectly playable!

    Thanks to Guru-Choc from Arcade Rom Heaven for the hint. - Opi

  • And Again ! - Team Japump!!! announced three new arcade boards as dumped ! News found at Emulation 9.

    - Black Heart (JPN Ver.) (c)1991 UPL / NMK
    - Splendor Blast (JPN Ver.) (c)1985 Alpha Denshi
    - High Voltage (JPN Ver.) (c)1985 Alpha Denshi

    Imagine - MAME without these busy dumpers - terrible. Three hurra for Team Japump!!! - Opi

  • New CPS2 Release : Quiz Nanairo Dream - CPS-2 Shock released XOR tables for Quiz Nanairo Dream. Expect a new Final Burn shortly. CPS2mame was already updated to support this new release. Thanks to cinder, James Morton and Rico2000 for the emails :)
    BTW, Rico2000's RC-Roms offers you an amazing selection of computer emulators - including some really rare systems as well as lots of demos and other emulation related stuff ! - Opi

  • Nintendo Strikes Hard - DailyRadar is reporting that "a 22-year-old student was arrested for posting ROMs for Game Boy, NES and Super NES games on his website. Visitors to Ryan M. Carey's website reportedly could download illegal copies of games and play them on their personal computers. If convicted, Carey, who operated as "maccarey.com," could face a maximum penalty of three years in prison and $250,000 fine."
    Thanks to Boba Fett for the link. - atila

  • SSF Life Signs - A new WIP screenshot page for SSF, the first Sega Saturn emulator that was able to run commercial games, is online. I noticed Virta Fighter Remix, Gun Griffon and Vampir Saviour plus an unknown Japanese game. Now tell me - wasn't SSF reported as DEAD / discontinued ??? Look here for the pics - thanks EmuManiac.
    Update : "that unknown game is called Melty Lancer: Ginga Shoujo Keisatsu 2086". Thanks cinder and Shih Tzu :)
    Update 2 : Jan AxHell wrote us : "I'd like to state that the SSF WIP page you posted about is 2 months old (I have it here lying on my HD since january 5th 2001), so unfortunately I don't really think SSF is still in development, although I can't read japanese". - Opi

  • Zelda GBC or GBA? - I'm sure you've heard of those new Zelda games that came out for the GameBoy Color recently. And you might've heard that there are features in the game that only appear when you play the game on the Gameboy Advance. Well, Simon B over at the Gameboy Advance Developement homepage has an .ips patch that tricks the games into thinking they're running on a GBA. :) Head on over to the GBA Developement page for more info. Thanks to Simon B for messaging me with this. :) - dhalamar

  • Raine WIP - Looks like we've missed a couple of Raine WIP updates. Lots of new graphic routines and functions are in development. Thanks to Taito for the notification (I haven't forgot you) ! - Opi

  • Kablooey 0.95b - A new version of Kablooey! has been released! Kablooey is a 'KABOOM' remake (Atari 2600) sporting updated graphics and sound, coded completely in Blitz Basic. Go ahead and download it, you know you want to ;) - atila

  • ArcadePC for Sale? - I'm thinking about selling my ArcadePC Mini. (The main reason is I'm thinking about doing a homemade conversion from an original medium sized cabinet, and I simply don't have space for both.) Anyway, it's in perfect shape & works great. Read my review for some pics etc. This is the real thing from HanaHo, complete with 19" Wells Gardner u3100 PC compatible arcade monitor & 6" stand. I'm not 100% sure I want to sell it yet, but if anyone is interested then email me and let me know what price you'd consider fair. I live in the New York City area. - prophet

  • MAME WIP - The MAME WIP page has once again been updated with a fair bit of news. As an added bonus, screenshots of Thunder Tornado (schmup) and Blazing Thunder (wrestlin') have been posted. - atila

  • Final Burn v0.109 - Final Burn v0.109 is available now.
    Dave added support for Slammasters II - Ring Of Destruction - thanks to |Kindred| for the email :) - Opi

  • Crazy World - Don't Trust Every Announcement - Mek from the Video Game Museum has sent me an email with the following strange happening :

    "pocket.ign.com reported that Majesco is faking screenshots of their upcoming Game Boy Advance title, "F14 Tomcat", by using altered SNES pictures instead of real GBA shots. The weird thing is, they took screens from our site, altered them and sent them into EGM (#141).
    Compare yourself and read the full article here. - Opi

  • Genital WIP - Bart Trzynadlowski mentioned some developing progress at the Genital homepage - his promising Sega Genesis emulator for DOS. He fixed a handful of games (including his fave [mine too] Streets of Rage 2) and he's finally working on his own sound engine. "If all goes well, the next version of Genital will have PSG sound support, and maybe DAC sound. This probably won't happen for at least another month or 2".
    Go here to read the full update, thanks to EmuManiac for the news. - Opi

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b12. - richard

  • RockNES v1.820 (DOS) - Another new RockNES release ! If you encountered some strange error loops, email Fx3 the situation when it happened. No bugfixing without feedback !

    - o - Most of mapper #5 (MMC5) code has been rewritten, fixing some games;
    - o - Added MMC5 RAM saving/loading (size is always 65536 bytes);
    - o - Fixed NESticle state loading (STA files -- mappers 0,1,2,3 and 4 only);
    - o - Removed that FDS warning at startup (now displayed on FDS loading);
    - o - Some changes for ANSI compatibility, plus cosmetic changes and minor fixes.

    Your copy of RockNES v1.820 (DOS) is waiting for you - thanks to Skates for the email :) - Opi

  • MESS WIP - MESS WIP reports from February 14th through February 17th have been posted. - chris

  •    Friday, March 2nd 2001 - Last updated @ 19:13 EST

  • Meridian News - Meridian v1.1 is out. Jason Cline came back (earlier than expected) from his trip and started working again on his great game music player (currently it plays NES, SNES, Genesis and Game Boy music rips). Click here for the latest changes and a general overview about Meridian ! - Opi

  • CPS2mame (DOS) Updated - Razoola released an updated DOS binary of CPS2mame, with support for "Slam Masters 2 - Ring of Destruction". He's also asking for money donations to solve some upcoming financial problems (new boards are coming in and he needs the money to send them back). - Opi

  • Napster - Napster will voluntarily be blocking access to a large number of tunes on its service, so don't think that your connection is broken or whatever:

    "Attorney David Boies said a screen will be put into place that limits access to restricted artists, albums and songs, according to CNN's James Hattori.

    The Recording Industry Association of America has provided a list of 6,500 of songs it believes have been downloaded illegally through the Napster online service."

    You can read the entire article over at CNN. - atila

  • WinGENS 0.95 Released - This Genesis/Megadrive emulator was just updated, here's what's new:

    - 4 players partially supported (actually just Yuyu Hakusho Battle and Street Racer are supported).
    - 3/6 buttons genesis pad selectable.
    - Rom format (SMD/BIN) detection modified.
    - Fixed the accidently broken PAL bit in VDP status flag.
    - Now SPACE caractere is a separator between code and description in .PAT file (stupid bug, sorry).
    - Z80 V-INT timing modified.
    - V-Counter modified.
    - PSG sound fixed in some games like After Burner 2 (thanks Dave ;)
    - DMA timings again modified.
    - 68000 cycles timing modified (68000 is now overclocked of 1,3 Khz instead of underclocked of 14,3 Khz in NTSC mode).
    - Once again, i've modified Z80 cycles timing, now voices are like the original genesis (crappy) but sound in some game are fixed (voices in Zombies)
    - Fixed a bug in VDP control decoding (added accidently).
    - Country detection fixed for (F) region (these games are NTSC and not PAL).
    - Added a sub-menu for rom history.

    You can download WinGENS 0.95 here, be sure to check out the WinGENS site for more info on this emulator. Thanks to EmuManiac and EmuSphere for the news. - atila

  • Ring Of Destruction XOR Files Released - The good people over at CPS2Shock have released the XOR files for Slam Masters II: Ring of Destruction. - atila

  • Even More MESS WIP - Actually, that's a lie ;) Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page with pics of Olivier Galibert's new driver in action: ASTERIX! - atila

  • Oh Boy! - Dutch hackers have defaced the site of the Dutch Railways. It said: "ALL YOUR TRAINS ARE BELONG TO US". Thanks to everyone who mailed :) - atila

  • MORE MESS WIP - I updated the WIP page again (this time for February 12th and 13th) click the link below to get all the info. It is time for me to sleep, more MESS WIP updates tomorrow! :) - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with news for February 11th. This is the first update in a long time, more updates will follow! :) - chris

  • Weekly Rumor Mill! - JoseQ's latest Rumor Mill! is one day late but nevertheless interesting ! (hi JPMorgan) - Opi

  •    Thursday, March 1st 2001 - Last updated @ 18:48 EST

  • Japanese Arcade Boards Dumped - Emulation 9 mentioned a fresh BIG Team Japump!!! update, I counted 23 confirmed new dumps ! - Opi

  • Yape v0.31 - New Yape is online, now it supports text on the borders, wow :) This is (without doubt) a great emulator from a great coder ... for a crappy computer ! The Plus/4 should never saw the light of day. - Opi

  • Apple //e Emulator For Windows v1.10.2 - Oliver Schmidt continued Michael O'Brien's old Apple //e Emulator For Windows. Here are his latest changes, click here to download this new release as well as the latest source. Thanks Bully. - Opi

  • Emu Loader v2.2.1 - Emu Loader, Ciro's cool looking Windows frontend for MAME for DOS was updated today. Version 2.2.1 add tons of fixes/changes and new features - it's really worth a look and try. I'm currently testing it myself with M.A.S.H.'s FixMAME binary, thanks to MAMu_ for the notification :) - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP page. Thanks to Bugfinder for the news. - atila

  • RockNES/MacOS has been updated to v1.810. - richard

  • The Onion Strikes Hard! - Classy as always, check this out: "OLD MURAKUMO DOME, MARS--A concerned parents' group is blaming a tragic shooting in the Martian Colonies on "excessive and reprehensible video-game violence."

    Above: A 1999 yearbook photo of the young robot who committed the shooting. Parents Against Robot-On-Robot Violence (PARORV) is calling for a ban on the giant-robot-themed PlayStation 2 game "Armored Core 2," which the group claims inspired a 17-year-old giant robot's Feb. 22 slaying of 13 giant robots and himself."

    These robots should know better by now! Dagnabbit :) Read the full article by clicking here. Thanks to Louis- for the link. - atila

  • Happy Birthday To My Girl :) - I'd like to congratulate my girlfriend with her 27th birthday today. She said she'd check out the site today to see if I would put up a small message, so I better add this =) [mushy mode on]Hi honey, I love you!.[/mushy mode off] - atila

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