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  •   Saturday, July 31st 1999 - Last updated @ 19:48 CET
      IT'S HERE!

  • JoseQ has posted ALL the new RAINE roms, the ones that you will be needing for the next RAINE release AND a new RetroFX pic! Head on over to Emuviews and check them out :) And if you're looking for a good host, try Speedhost, JoseQ's webhosting business. Be sure to list me as your referrer =)

  • Gridle has released an update to SMCRen, version 1.5 is now available. Someone gave gridle a nice Gameboy list, so this release adds support for a 1,000 or so Gameboy games and almost all Gameboy Color games.

  • SMCRen 1.4 released! Gridle has updated his "SNES rom renamer", support has been added for the Atari Lynx and Gameboy. Although the Gameboy list contains only one game :) Gridle would like some support for the Gameboy section, so be sure to mail him if you can help him. Check the SMCRen Site for more info on this util.

  • Connectix, the people behind Virtual Game Station for the Mac, have been silently working on the Playstation emulator, improving compatibility and speed. The Windows version of VGS has been completed and is awaiting release. Connectix is still going through a bit of legal trouble with Sony, but they're confident that all matters will (hopefully) be resolved come September. Click here for the full lowdown, thanks to Benjamin and f00lio for the link.

  • It is HOT, summer is here and "it ain't going nowhere" :)

  • And here's the answer to the countdown: It's my birthday!!! I've turned 24 today ..... but I feel like 30. Blame it on the customers here :) To celebrate this, I'll be giving visitors 6,000,000 to 6,000,010 a FREE RETROGAMES T-SHIRT!

  •   Friday, July 30th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:05 CET
      It's going to happen TOMORROW!

  • 55 minutes left ....

  • In the meantime, try out the new boards, kinda like a testdrive. Oh yeah, you will need to register first to use the boards. P.S. If you already registered at zophar's site or the Raine boards, you don't have to register again. It is vaild for all sites on emuworld :)

  • I guess you noticed that I'm REALLY REALLY bored today :)

  • "Use encryption, go to jail ?". This is another really STUPID bill "in-the-making", I can't believe that someone would actually propose this bill. This bill is almost as dumb as Dan Quayle, thanks to |pogo| for the link :)

  • Fx3 has released a tiny update to RockNES, it fixes the crash on startup. If you're not having trouble with RockNES, you shouldn't need to download this.

  • More games have been added to RAINE :)


  • BrMSX 2.1 released! Ricardo has updated his MSX emulator, if you click here, you will be able to see the updates for this release. Thanks to about a zillion people for the news.

  •   Thursday, July 29th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:54 CET
      Only 2 days left

  • New SHARK released! This multi arcade game emulator for Win32 has been updated, but I can't give you a listing of the new things, because the authors want you to find them yourself :) Thanks to JoseQ for the news.

  • Gridle has posted an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE MAME WIP update!

  • Trouble ahead ? According to an article posted by The Register, "Justice Charles Edward Ramos has ruled that an Antiguan gambling site is covered by the laws of New York state simply because the service can be accessed from there." This could spell MAJOR trouble for a LOT companies out there, click here for the full article.

  • Scientists have discovered a new planet, only 56 light years from Earth :) The planet was given the name iota Hor b and is 2.26 times as heavy as Jupiter. That's one HUGE planet, thanks to EsoTec for the news.

  • RetroFX is here! It's been a long time in the making, but finally you too can have a peak at what will (hopefully) rock your emulated world :) The RetroFX crew will (and has begun to) remake old classics on the current emulated engine with improved graphics, improved music, more frames of animation, etc etc. The first game they're working on is Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins, JoseQ has posted an exclusive screenshot in his Rumor Mill. Be sure to read that Rumor Mill thoroughly, because JoseQ is hinting at big things again (it isn't CPS2, btw!).

  • RockNES 0.94 released! Another week, another update :) The biggest new feature is NES MOVIE support, for a full listing of the new and fixed things, click here

  • Updates be "a-coming" :)

  •   Wednesday, July 28th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:10 CET
      Only 3 days left

  • Secain mailed me yesterday, but alas, his mail was overlooked because of all the "Add me, you fool!" mails. Secain is quitting for good this time, because he can no longer afford it to be online. He was redesigning the SNES Emulation Centre to make a new beginning, but the phone charges are too much. We here at Retrogames wish Secain all the best and hopefully we'll meet again, Secain :)

  • Suicide labeled serious health threat -- DOH! Thanks to Dart for the link

  • The DBoy Site has been updated at last, apparently it's cartoon related. A character called "Compiler" ?

  • Retro Links 0.25 released! I've added all links that I have received and fixed a few bad ones. You might want to check them out, because there are a few gems among those sites listed.

  • WWEmu is reporting that Gary Henderson will now (also ?) work on a Direct3D version of SNES9x. There have been NUMEROUS posts/complaints about how the 3DFX support isn't working correctly. Although we really have no right to complain, since SNES9x is free :)

  • Beer Church! Join and be part of this thriving new congregation :)

  • XMAME 0.36 Beta 1.2 was released earlier today, a patch is available to upgrade to beta 1.2 at the XMAME Site.

  • SMS Power is having a 28 month Emucamp celebration (don't ask me... :) and released a bunch of games to celebrate! Also, Snorter has joined and will now be helping to release Genesis games! If you don't recognize the name, Snorter recently dumped some 32X games. -P-

  • More cool interviews at Kinox!!! One is with Richard Ragon of HotRod fame, and the other is with Saint of the awesome Build your own Arcade Controls FAQ site! Thanks MGhandi for the news. -P-

  • NeoFrontMAME (Neo Geo frontend for MAME) has been updated to work with MAME 0.36 beta 1! Take a look! Thanks Charlie for the news. -P-

  • The Sony Empire strikes back? ;-) Thanks M.Kusanagi for the link.

  • Emuviews posted a cool interview with some Raine team members, including the main coding man himself - Antiriad! New Rumor Review up as well. -P-

  • Expect yet another Arcade@Home update very soon. Tim finally nailed down the runtime error 6 bug, and a few new features have been added as well. :) -P-

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan is dumping like crazy lately! The 2 newest releases are "Gekitsui Oh" and "Counter Steer," both by Data East. -P-

  • The Seiken Densetsu 3 English translation patch v.1.0 has been released!!! Check the homepage for more details. Seiken Densetsu 3 (Legend of the Holy Sword 3) is the sequel to the SNES game commonly known as Secret of Mana. This translation project was headed up by none other than Neill "Starscream" Corlett, and Lina'chan, Nuku-nuku & SoM2Freak. Thanks Brandon Frye for the news. -P-

  • Sheesh what a long day... -P-

  •   Tuesday, July 27th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:18 CET
      Only 4 days left

  • Benefits of being a woman and Rules guys wished women knew - Vital documents in understanding the opposite sex =) Thanks to Darin Fontana for the "documents"

  • Retrolinks 0.22 released! Sorry, I couldn't resist :) I've added quite a number of new sites to the Links Page, you might wanna check it out :)

  • SNEeSe 0.33 released, more sound fixes :)

  • If you've mailed me recently (or not so recently) about having your site linked from the Retrogames Links Page, please MAIL ME (again) and I'll add your site. It doesn't have to be emulation related, btw.

  • True, very true :)

  • Emulatronia has posted exclusive new pics of Mario64 running on a new beta NEMU64, they look awesome. The pics were supplied by SmOkInG.

  • Bleem 1.4 released! This release has a HUGE number of fixes and new things and you should probably download this :) Thanks to Sonikku_a for the news.

  • You should check out Zophar's Domain - they posted some good information about the recent Snes9x and BrMSX releases. Apparently the new Snes9x is incompatible with Banshee cards, and BrMSX is quite unstable and has other problems as well. Both emus are written by very talented authors, so it's only a matter of time before such matters are fixed. :) -P-

  • The Jagulator site was updated again with further news about the emulator's progress. Color issues are being solved, DirectX and netplay under serious consideration and more! Can't wait for this one! =) -P-

  • Here's BrMSX 2.0!!! BrMSX is an MSX emulator for DOS. Sorry, no details right now - thanks to JoseQ for the news and file. -P-

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan has released 2 more new dumps - Soukoban DX (Namco) and Bermuda Triangle Japanese version (SNK)! -P-

  • Well, not much news. I should also let our great visitors know that I'm (Prophet) going on a short vacation this week, so Atila will be on his own for a bit. And no, that has nothing to do with the countdown. -P-

  •   Monday, July 26th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:07 CET
      Only 5 days left

  • SNES9x 1.20 for WIN32 released! This is one H-U-G-E release, with a MASSIVE amount of new things and fixes. Most noticeably is the 3DFX version of SNES9x for Windows.

  • Emuunlim has done a short interview with TRAC, author of SNEeSe, a SNES emulator. Thanks to DarkMazda for the news.

  • Here's an artists impression (ShadowDan's to be exact ;-) of how some of the Retrogames T-Shirts may look. This particular top is for women only, here picture 1 and picture 2 :) Somehow, I see a line of Retrogames Streetwear in the distance =)

  • Head on over to NEXUS for some eXclusive Magic Engine (PCE/TG16 emu) news!

  • SMS Power released Ninja Gaiden for Game Gear! Go get it Ashley! =) -P-

  • If anyone is interested in completing an unfinished Fairyland driver for MAME, give Guru-Choc a visit at Arcade ROM heaven. And if you've never been to his site before - go and bookmark it NOW! :) -P-

  • Snorter has dumped 2 Sega 32X games in the hopes of them being emulated someday - Kolibri & 36 Great Holes Golf! -P-

  • Snatcher has started 2 translation projects of some MSX games - Ganbare Goemon to English and King Kong 2 to Portugese, then English! -P-

  • Expect a new Windows version of Snes9x very soon! -P-

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan has released Beraboh Man, Bakotatsu KijuuTei & Pistol Daimyo. All 3 are Namco System 1, and currently unemulated. -P-

  • Retrogames will be getting new message boards soon! And no, that's not what the countdown is about... -P-

  • If you already have Arcade@Home 0.36a installed, get this Arcade@Home 0.36b Update file (only 242k)! It fixes several bugs and adds a few features to this awesome MAME frontend for Windows. If you need the full install version, head over to the Arcade@Home site. -P-

  •   Sunday, July 25th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:08 CET
      Only 6 days left

  • Heh, here are a few screendumps of WINDOWS 1.01 from waaaaaaaaaay back :) Thanks to Richard Bannister for the link

  • There's word of a sequel to TRON, Pixar Studios (the people that did Toy Story, etc) will supposedly start work on this. Thanks to shoalin for the link

  • SNEeSe 0.32 released! Another day, another release :) This release has more sound fixes and fixes a graphics bug.

  • KOF91 0.4.5 released! MOAH has updated KOF91, his homebrew King of Fighters game. It now has a few new cool features, including that zoom feature that Samurai Showdown has and 3 new characters. Be sure to check out the KOF91 Site for more info on this lovely game :)

  • BeMAME 0.35 x86 has been released! This is MAME for BeOS 4.5; visit the homepage for more details, source code and ppc versions. -P-

  • Be sure to drop by the new Official Raine Messageboard! -P-

  • SMS Power had several more releases this week, some highlights being Wolfchild & Borgman (simlilar to the awesome Zillion series). The SMS Development section has also born some fruits, so you might wanna check out some of the homebrewn projects there. :) -P-

  • Archaic Ruins returneth! Thanks Emucamp for the info. -P-

  • Here's an *UNOFFICIAL* MAME32 0.36 beta 1! This will allow MAME32 devotees to try the new drivers and fixes from the latest beta. DO NOT BOTHER MAME team about this version!!! Thanks Dave for the file. -P-

  • Win one of the first copies of Atari Arcade Hits #1 programmed by Digital Eclipse! This CD includes several emulated classics, with tons of extras like multimedia interviews etc. Best of all, you get a fully emulated version of the original Pong! You can win the CD by entering Arcade 2000's arcade sounds contest!!! Arcade 2000 is a fully configured arcade cabinet ready to use with any PC, designed by my friends Jeff Kemper and Andy Desak (of Arcade Solutions). Check it out! -P-

  • Not much to tell tonight... -P-

  •   Saturday, July 24th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:58 CET
      Only 7 days left

  • Chemical, if you're out there, could you please send me a HI-RES version of our current logo ? I need it for the Retrogames T-Shirts :)

  • Xdradon was kind enough to post a translation on our NeoGeo board of Billy Jr's KOF99 news. The protection seems to be a LOT stronger and Mr. Lee hasn't been able to dump the game correctly (thank God :).Thanks to HAZE for the news.

  • Harry Tuttle has finally updated his Dracula X Copy Project page, the reason that DraCX for PC-Engine CD has not been released on the net via his site is that Konami has ordered Harry to stop the project. Konami didn't act like Sony though, so we should be giving them some credit for that. Harry and Konami came to a mutual understanding. For the full lowdown on the story head on over to the Dracula X Copy Project. Thanks to Simon Belmont for the news.

  • GeoShock put a lot of "old" NEOGEO games back online, gentlemen, star your engines!

  • SNEeSe 0.30 released! This release has MAJOR sound/SPC fixes so things should sound a bit better now :) THe source to this SNES emulator can be downloaded at the SNEeSe Site.

  • CNET Gamecenter has a nice round up of 3 handheld's, the NeoGeo Pocket Color, the game.COM and the GB Color. Click here to read it and thanks to Talez for the link.

  • XMAME 0.36.1 released, be sure to check the XMAME Site for the changes for this release.

  • Hmm, two of a kind ?

  • Almost forgot... Some of you will be very happy to hear this: Guru-Choc has confirmed that a Simpsons driver is being worked on for MAME! Read this message he left on our MAME board! The game is not yet playable, but someday... -P-

  • Roar! The Videogame Museum has moved to http://roar.emucamp.com! Roar! is always looking for videogame history related items, gameboxes, posters etc. Check it out! Thanks DaemoN for the news. -P-

  • If you're an Arcade@Home user, expect a bugfix release soon. Unfortunately a few minor bugs slipped through, but hey, everyone was really eager to share it with fellow MAME fans! -P-

  • Last but not least, here's Hu-Go 0.98a! Hu-Go is one of the few PC-Engine/TurboGrafx emulators in development. *Update*: Includes preliminary support for ISO images of CD games like Dracula X! Homepage. -P-

  • If you're into MSX emulation (NOT Metal Slug X for you those who don't know about MSX!), you'll be happy to try MSKISS 0.2.2! Numerous sprite fixes and SD-Snatcher 100% playable this release. Homepage. -P-

  • FCE Ultra 0.15 released! This NES emulator now has numerous bug fixes and mapper additions/fixes. Homepage. -P-

  • Here's the new A-Saturn 0.14d! It now has primitive VDP2 support and pad emulation via keyboard, using DirectX. A-Saturn is a Sega Saturn emulator. Homepage. -P-

  • Thanks to Adrox for the next 4 files. :) -P-

  •   Friday, July 23rd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:27 CET
      Only 8 days left

  • More MAME frontends :) FEMAME (DOS frontend) has finally been updated after a very long hiatus, grab FEMAME 2.0 beta 5 here and get "a-maming!" Thanks to Randy for the news

  • Arcade@Home 0.36a (MAME frontend) has been released, click here to download this frontend.

  • More A-Saturn news, A-Saturn finally shows something! Yep, if you check the A-Saturn Site, you will see a picture of the date/time settings on the Saturn. Instructions on how to get to the date/time settings are available here

  • There's been an update on the A-Saturn Site, but I have no idea what's new since it's in Japanese. Thanks to ZeroCool for the link

  • The NeoGeo Review Centre has been updated with a few more reviews and a nice neogeo cd faq :)

  • RocLobsta provided this link, which clearly shows there's more to MAME than we thought... :) -P-

  • GeoShock has released the MVS redump of Andro Dunos! More yummy Visco goodness... ;-) -P-

  • Some Wook: -P-

    (1) Adrenaline Vault has joined the mix of sites posting reviews on the last Bleem update. Out of the several new reviews, this one leans towards objective. Link

    (2) SNK begins selling the Neo Geo Pocket Color retail, for $69.99, the first week of August 99. NGCP's only available directly from SNK prior to August. Thank Game Informer News for the great news. Link

    (3) Today's Special: Frog Legs. GameFanOnLine says Game Boy Color will see a version of Frogger soon. Link

    (4) GameSpot News delivers the goods on Street Fighter EX 2. Complete with pictures, observations, and a miny review. Link

  • The MAME Flyer & Poster Archive has been updated to v.3.5 - 40 new images, 24 replaced for a total of 760 images! -P-

  • Tim posted the complete new feature list for the new Arcade@Home (awesome MAME frontend for Windows)! A public release is very close now. The current beta is rock solid and just plain rocks! Wait'll you try the screen saver. :) -P-

  • The Emu+ site has been updated with a Pentium optimized version of their awesome *unofficial* MAME build (Do NOT bother MAME team about any problems if you use this). Emu+ has extra features like autofire, over/underclocking and savestates in NeoGeo games. Here's the regular Emu+ 0.36b1 DOS and the source code update. -P-

  • MacMAME 0.36 beta 1 released!!! This brings Mac users up to date with the latest code - including those super cool Raiden, Pit Fighter and Time Soldiers drivers! Lots more too! :) -P-

  • JoseQ's Emuviews has put up a voting booth about the Retrogames countdown! Heh... So go vote and see if you can guess what the heck we're doing! -P-

  • Grr... Accidentally erased Atila's last 3 updates - so here they are again in my own words. -P-

  •   Thursday, July 22nd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:35 CET
      Only 9 days left

  • Attention!!! Do you live near a good arcade with some classic games? If so, you could win a free copy of Atari Arcade Hits #1! How? Well, Jeff kemper of Arcade 2000 (selling full arcade cabinets with joysticks, spinner(s) & trakball!) needs a recording of gameplay sounds and arcade background noises for his website. The best entry wins the CD! So get your tape recorder out and get to work! (NOTE: an email address for this contest will be available at the Arcade 2000 site soon!) -P-

  • RETROGAMES T-Shirts ?!?! You bet!

  • Not much news to report, JoseQ did put up a new Rumor Mill though :)

  • The new Arcade@Home beta went out to the testers today, and all I can say is WOW! There are tons of awesome new features and options. When the official release happens (probably this week) do yourself a favor and try it! -P-

  •   Wednesday, July 21st 1999 - Last updated @ 18:17 CET
      Only 10 days left

  • RockNES 0.93 released! Yep, another update of this fine NES emulator, click here to read what's new. Thanks to Adrox for the news.

  • CNN reports that "Kennedy's body, airplane wreckage have been found". May he, his wife and her sister (although not found yet) rest in peace.

  • Computer Games Online has done a review of bleem!, it starts with: Bleem! It would be really great, if it worked well. Thanks to Albert Saltzman for the news.

  • Things are slow today. People have been wondering what the "only xx days left" thingie is, well it's not EMU nor Nostradamus related :)

  • Sorry for the short update, but I can't stay online right now. Gotta do some other stuff! -P-

  • Rodimus Prime's AMAME & PMAME based upon MAME 0.36 beta 1 released! I haven't time (56K modem) right now to download/upload the files, but they're available at Arcade@Home & Emusphere at the moment. -P-

  • A small update regarding the Arcade 2000 cabinet; it's actually created by Jeff Kemper, not Arcade Solutions. Andy Desak of Arcade Solutions designed the control panel. -P-

  • Zoop reminded me that Emucamp has interviewed BreakPoint! -P-

  •   Tuesday, July 20th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:49 CET
      Only 11 days left

  • Zan has updated the "How to compile MAME" page, you can now compile MAME 0.36 beta 1 :)

  • KIKI KAI KAI is supported in the latest SHARK, although it's not documented. Thanks to Bubble and Andrea for the news.

  • Here are 2 reviews of bleem!, the reviewers aren't really happy with bleem. Here's the review at NGONLINE and here's the review at IGN. Thanks to Mat for both links.

  • They say good things come to those who wait, they're right :) Here are the new and/or changed romsets for MAME 0.36 Beta 1. Thanks to Bman2, _PSI_, Tonyd, Guru-choc, Mason and Trojan. NB. If you have SYSTEM16 roms, you shouldn't need to download the SYSTEM16 roms on Zyclone.

  • Gordon has updated his MAME ROM INFO PAGE again, it is now in synch with MAME 0.36 b1. Thanks to Guiseppe Romano for the news.

  • Gridle has posted a fixed binary at the MAME Site, this should stop MAME from locking up. Click here to download the binary.

  • Today's Wook! -P-

    -1- Various Capcom titles, among which include Street Fighter 3 Alpha and Marvel vs Capcom, are heading for the Dreamcast. Link

    -2- In the good news deptment, Midway has pushed Mortal Kombat: Special Forces back till spring next year. Now if GameFan OnLine can only announce Midway has pushed this junk back another decade, we'll all be happy. Link

    -3- Not every game sequel from Midway is bad. Gauntlet Lengends looks to be a money snatching arcade machine. If you're a fan of the originals, glance at the newest creation with a familar name. Link

  • The CPS Patch Center has been updated with several new patches for SFZCH & MBD. Read this message from Sebastian Hernandez for complete info! -P-

  • Emuplus 0.36 beta 1 released!!! Emuplus is an *UNOFFICIAL* version of MAME with extra features like overclocking, autofire & savestates in NeoGeo games. Source update. Tip: use underclocking to get those annoying "almost 60fps" games up to speed. Thanks Emulition for the files. -P-

  • The Fox tipped me off about some cryptic messages at the PSEMU website... Look at the html. Could this mean a new release someday? -P-

  • PC Arcade reports that someone is working on a Hunchback MAME driver, and claims to have reverse engineered the encryption. If true, then perhaps this game will finally be preserved for posterity. -P-

  • *NOTE* SMS Power urgently needs a new server!!! Go there and read the news - if you can offer any assistance, I'm sure Zoop and his friends would appreciate it. -P-

  • Arcade Solutions is getting ready to debut their newest product: the Arcade 2000 cabinet!!! This looks very impressive - a full size arcade cabinet complete with monitor, multiple controls including trakball, spinner & joysticks! Definitely check it out. Thanks to Andy Desak for the news. -P-

  • Not much news... But it was a geat Sunday! -P-

  •   Monday, July 19th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:37 CET

  • If MAME 0.36 Beta 1 locks up for you, you might want to disable NUM-LOCK when you go into the dos box :)

  • ZSNES 0.941 was released a few hours ago, this fixes a 2 little bugs. You can download both the ASM/C version and ASM version. You should only download the ASM version if you're having trouble with the ASM/C version.

  • I was unable to login until now, so expect a few updates :) -A-

  • Go go Dutch!!! :) -P-

  • Remember when I said the Fatal Fury MVS redump had some bad parts? Well, it was the m1 ROM that was incorrect. If you saved your old MGD2 home dump, you can use Redump 1.8 to create the correct m1 ROM for MAME 0.36b1. -P-

  • *UPDATE* Here's a replaced MAME 0.36 beta 1 *BINARY*! This build is from A@H, and contains the text/support files, unlike the previous file. If you were downloading while I did this switch, sorry! Note: according to Metallik, you need to have YM3812OPL = YES to insert coins in Raiden. Here's what's new for this beta. -P-

  • Sys2064 reports that Naz has (re?)released the arcade ROM dumps for Time Killers & V-Ball, but Naz's page appears down right now. :( Also, David Spicer drops a few bits on the Sparcade message board about the next version of his super fast arcade emu! :) -P-

  • The CPS Patch Center has released Muscle Bomber Duo language patches! -P-

  • Wow! Another release... This time it's Shark v.0.31!!! This version has numerous bug fixes and support for Demon's World (also in MAME). Shark is a Windows based arcade emulator supporting cool games like Sky Shark, Truxton & Outzone. Homepage. Thanks JoseQ for the file. -P-

  • *UPDATE* Here's MAME 0.36 beta 1 *SOURCE*!!! The subsequent binary will be posted ASAP. Some major goodies in this beta, including Time Soldiers, Sky Soldiers, Raiden, Pit Fighter, Hydra, Vapor Trail, Cosmic Chasm, Gang Wars & more! Thanks to Pr3tty F1y for the news, and Daves Classics for the file. -P-

  • SNES SUPER FX emulation at last! Here's ZSNES 0.940 C/ASM and ZSNES 0.940 ASM!!! The pure ASM version is less stable but may be faster. Note that Super FX emulation is very new and not perfected. Still, I just played Starfox & all I have to say is YES!!! =) Homepage. -P-

  • Darn ftp was having trouble all day, hence this late but happy update! :) -P-

  •   Sunday, July 18th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:51 CET

  • It's HOT! It's 35 degrees Celsius!!

  • It seems that recent Fatal Fury MVS redump may have some bad bits, so don't throw away your old dump just yet! -P-

  • Here's the new ClrMAME homepage -P-

  • Better late than never I suppose... Sys2064, one of my favorite sites, recently added a NeoGeo game FAQ's section. -P-

  • Wook at these!!! (Sorry, just had to say it... :) -P-

    (1) GameInformer previews Dreamcast's Sonic Adventure and decides everyone's favorite blue rodent is lacking this time around. Link

    (2) Five copies of Tarzan for the Game Boy Color are up for grabs in GameFan OnLine's "Best Pickup Line Contest." Really. Contest runs till the end of July 99. Link

    (3) For all you Final Fantasy fanatics, you people are more devout than trekkies, GameSpot News has posted cover artwork from the upcoming USA Final Fantasy VIII release. Link

    (4) Weekly Japanese console sales numbers from Next Generation OnLine reveal that Sega's newest console can't hold off Sony's older console. Link

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released 2 games today: Castle (SG1000) & Wimbledon (SMS)! Please use the mirrors at the top of the page. -P-

  • Mish was kind enough to post this message on our MAME board! Time Soldiers cometh! =) -P-

  • Taxol is a pretty interesting ROM hacking site at Emucamp. Worth a look even if you're just curious. Thanks again to E.N.D. for the info. -P-

  •   Saturday, July 17th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:28 CET

  • Thresh's Firingsquad has an absolutely HUGE preview of AMD's new CPU called ATHLON. Believe me, it's MASSIVE. Thanks to Mad Hatter for the link

  • I' ve written most of the review for the HotRod SE Joystick, but ElvisP (yes, he's alive!!) was kind enough to shoot some video footage this afternoon. Once it's digitised, you can see me pounding on the stick but I have to warn you all: I hadn't shaved!

  • RockNES 0.92 released! And a very nice update it is since now the EAGLE effect was added, for a full lowdown on new stuff, click here. Check the RockNES Site for more info on this marvelous NES emulator.

  • Spec256 released! This is the Spectrum emulator that uses 256 colors for games (Jetpac is included in the archive), as far as I understand it uses altered images for the graphic enhancements. Although Babelfish could have translated it wrong :) Thanks to David Jorge and Emulatronia for the news.

  • I received a mail from mfdoom about a huge anime convention in Baltimore named OTAKON. At this convention there was a huge setup of NeoRageX running several NEOGEO games. Apparently SNK had licensed the roms for use with this convention! Here's what mfdoom had to say: During the July 4th weekend, there was a huge (2nd largest in the US) anime convention in Baltimore. They had a video game room with tons of dreamcasts/PSXs/etc, and in the middle of all this were two computers running NeoRageX with video-outs to 2 HUGE big screen TVs. On rec.arts.anime.misc, someone was talking a little about how it was wrong to use NeoGeo roms for profit. (He didn't know Otakorp is a non-profit organization, and does not make any profit from the Otakon convention.) So anyways, the main guy of Otakorp (or one of them) replied saying that SNK gave permission to Otakorp to allow them to use the neogeo roms, but they had to delete them after the convention (of course). For more info on otakon, just hit http://www.otakon.com There is also a USENET thread about this subject which you can read here.

  • The bleem! support page has some cool info on the new bleem! beta, version 1.3b2. Be sure to check it out as a release could be VERY near!

  • The CPS Patch Center has released a Pnickies language patch (beta version), translating much of the Japanese text to English! Thanks Reiginsei for the news. -P-

  • Kinox is a pretty cool new emulation site. Aside from normal news, they've also done an interview with Michael Stadelhoffer who wrote GameOS, an OS just for games! Kinox also seems to pay attention to the many little known emulators out there, and that's a nice twist. :) Thanks to E.N.D. (another very cool site) for the info. -P-

  • Another update at the Official Raine site!!! This time it's some pics of Palemedes, an arcade puzzle game from Taito. Also, the page mentions that it was recently AraCorn's birthday - so here's a hearty Retrogames HAPPY B'DAY and THANK YOU to AraCorn for all he's done for so many emulators over the years! -P-

  • No day is complete without some daily Wook: -P-

    (1) The Adrenaline Vault has posted additional information about the PSX Intellivision Classics CD. One shocking revelation, Activision will be using "emulation technology" to make this collection CD available on the PSX. How Activision ever got Nintendo's permission to use this "illegal technology" is a mystery. Link

    (2) Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition will be ported to the PSX. GameFan OnLine has an informative article complete with several screen captures. Link

    (3) Live in the USA and want to be the first on your block to play a Sega Dreamcast? Call your local Hollywood Video. Fastest Gaming News OnLine states that over 1000 Hollywood Video stores are now renting the Dreamcast and several game titles. Link

    (4) Of course, you could just head to the source of all things Dreamcast to answer most Dreamcast questions. Link

  • Here's the latest version of SNEeSe 0.277!!! Some timer and DSP fixes this rev, here's the homepage. -P-

  • Naz's Fatal Fury MVS redump is now available from NeoLight and also mirrored at GeoShock!!! Thanks Haze for the news. -P-

  • Just gotta say thanks Atila for the MAME WIP! And congrats to Ali, err... Dr. Mert. :) -P-

  •   Friday, July 16th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:10 CET

  • A new version of Come Back64/Java (Java C64 emulator) was released today!

  • Be sure to check out Arcade Rom Heaven for more WIP updates and a few goodies that will come in handy ;)

  • I'm doing a small MAMEWIP update, since Gridle is on holiday right now. I think a LOT of you will be pretty damn eager to play the added games :) Yes, the driver for RAIDEN was submitted to the devlist and hopefully it'll make it to MAME 0.36 Beta 1. Aaron Giles submitted a HUGE Atari update, adding support for Cyberball, Hydra, Pit Fighter and several clones. Not everything is working perfectly, but hey, some of these devs are human you know (I not sure about Nicola, he could be a cyborg :) Tatsuyuki Satoh added a new OPL sound emu and for a first release, it's pretty amazing. Andrew Prime submitted a new driver for Sega System16 games, quite a number of new games/alternate versions (Atomic Point, bootleg Moonwalker, Shadow Dancer, etc) have been added. None of the added games have sound at this point though. All this is a TINY snippet from the past 2-3 days!

  • Saint from "Build Your Own Arcade Controls" has written an open letter to Sony, he hits it right on the head.

  • I'd like to congratulate my brother who is now A. Mert, MD. We got ourselves a doctor in the family now, I don't think I've ever seen my parents be this happy :)

  • SunTzu7 is planning an update to Cartlist32, if you want fixes, improvements or a nice useful feature, be sure to mail him here. Cartlist32 is a utility that manages your growing collection of ROM images. It automatically extracts name information from Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64 images and presents them in a windowed listing. It can also generate name information for other types of consoles. NB. You can download CartList32 locally..

  • Head on over to www.dreamcast.com for Sega's official Dreamcast site, it also has the press release by Sega about them teaming up with Hollywood Video to allow you to rent the Sega Dreamcast, almost 2 months before the official release, as of now!

  • The Fox has updated his Comments again, be sure to read the last bit about that new emulator that's coming soon. It isn't Jagulator btw, oh and I can hear the thunder!

  • The RockNES Site has a pic of Mega Man for NES running in EAGLE (enhanced graphics) mode. Thanks to Adrox for the news.

  • The bleem! site has been redesigned again, thanks to meestamee for the news.

  • Some daily Wook: -P-

    You answered when Activision requested feedback about a possible Intellivision to PSX cd. Adrenaline Vault says that Activision heard you. Coming soon from Activision, Intellivision Classics will offer at least 30 Intellivision titles that can be played on your PSX. Link

    GameFan OnLine has some nice screen shots from Capcom's newest Strider incarnation. Link

    Core Design has won an injunction against Playboy in England. The English Court ruled that Playboy must place a sticker on the UK August issue, hiding the Tomb Raider name. GameSpot has the dot skinny. Link

  •   Thursday, July 15th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:55 CET

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released Danan the Jungle Fighter! Please try to use the mirrors if you dl it, to lower SMS Power's bandwidth. -P-

  • Be sure to visit the CPS Patch Center for the latest SFZCH Callus patches - now up to version 9! -P-

  • GeoShock has released RS' MVS redump of Thrash Rally! -P-

  • Here's the latest MAME cheat.dat from Ultimate Patchers! Use it with MAME 0.35 and cheat, cheat cheat! -P-

  • A little change can be seen at the PSEmu Site, be sure to check the title of the page out.

  • SNEeSe 0.276 released! This is a tiny bugfix release; "APU skipper fix" to be exact. The source for SNEeSe can be downloaded from the SNEeSe Site

  • I was having trouble logging in today, ergo no updates for 7 hours. Let me start updating again :)

  • There's a rumour going round that the arcade version of KOF99 will have surface-mounted roms, thus making it VERY difficult to dump. I hope people won't try to dump this game, btw.

  • GAMEFAN has posted new pics of the Dreamcast version of Virtua Striker 2 ver. 2000, arguably the finest arcade football (soccer for you people living across The Great Pond) game ever :)

  • FOGUEMAN told me to check out the new SPEC256 pics yesterday, and I did. I just forgot to write an update on the site :) This new Spectrum emulator uses 256 colors and enhances visuals for almost every game played on it. Amazing :)

  • XMAME 0.35.3 released, go download the 'nix version of MAME at the XMAME Site

  • JoseQ has posted another Rumor Mill!

  • Gigapower did a very cool interview with Janne Korpela and Anders Nilsson, AKA RAGE team!!! I highly recommend you read this interview - it contains lots of interesting tidbits. Thanks JoseQ for the news. -P-

  • The Wookster sent me these surfing tips: -P-

    Apparently an enormous waste of time, Street Fighter: The Ride got bombed by GameFan OnLine. Although, Pokemon's port-a-potty did receive some satisfactory remarks. Link

    Wanna get your hands on more Croft? GameSpot News reports that Tomb Raider 2 Gold levels will be given away, free of charge, to anyone who has purchased Tomb Raider 2. Link

    MicroSoft and Next-Generation OnLine sponsor a contest where copies of Age of Empires 2 BETA are the prizes. No official statement from MS about when the beta will ship or when next year's follow up Age of Empires 2 final SE ships. Link

  • Assembler class really exhausts me at times... Not much news either... -P-

  •   Wednesday, July 14th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:46 CET

  • SMS Power has released Aerial Assualt, thanks to The Fox and PrOfUnD Darkness for the news.

  • Here's an utility that I think some of you can probably use, it's called ZipMany and it's "The ultimate single file zip ultility". Curious ? Go check it out :)

  • EMU+ 0.35 Final released! This enhanced version of MAME has been updated to be in synch with the latest MAME release. This version has autofire and overclocking options, the source and binaries can be downloaded from Gat0's Ultimate Emulation Zone. Eventhough it was released here a few days ago, there is a Pentium version out now.

  • This next pic shouldn't be viewed by young kids :) It's an ad by Ericsson which was pulled at the very last moment, once you see it, you'll know why :) The text at the bottom of the pic says: The T18s with Vibra Call. Thanks to Gibster for the link

  • Marat Fayzullin has released version 1.3 of MasterGear, his Sega 8-bit emulator. There are a lot of new things in this release and every version (except the windows version) can be downloaded from Marat's MasterGear Site.

  • The Dreamcast will have DVD quality video thanks to a new codec. The codec dubbed GoMotion has been developed by Ligos. Thanks to ET2K for the tidbit.

  • A 6 year old boy walked out on a daycare center, hotwired a "toy car", drove up the Ohio 4 freeway and badmouthed people telling him to get off of the road :) This is not a scene from "Honey, I transformed the kid into a Hell's Angel" but a true story, click here to read it :)

  • The United Nations have proposed an E-MAIL TAX ($0.01 / 100 mails sent), the money generated by the tax would then be used to help third-world countries to get connected. I somehow doubt that this tax will make it.

  • AMD might be spitting out (I couldn't resist ;) 1Ghz Athlon CPUs VERY early next year, thanks to a new plant. Lemme write that down on my christmas list or something :)

  • A new bleem! beta (Playstation emu) has been released, so head on over to the bleem! site to download it.

  • ZSKNIGHT (ZSNES author) must love Emulatronia - cause they have a sweet looking screenshot of Vortex running with lotsa yummy polygons! Click here to view it locally. -P-

  • Madman's Cafe has placed 49 pics of KoF99 online! Get ready to drool - these are some of the finest graphics the old NeoGeo MVS has ever displayed. The game will officially be released July 23rd in arcades! -P-

  • Sebastian Hernandez has teamed up with my friend SpkLeader! (Diz ai Spk!):) Check out the CPS Patch Center, featuring the latest SFZCH patches!!! Most recently they released several language patches, so you can read the game text in the language of your choice! Great work guys. =) -P-

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released Champions of Europe Soccer! -P-

  •   Tuesday, July 13th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:43 CET

  • Space Invaders joins Retrogames! We'd like to welcome the Space Invaders fan site to Retrogames, enjoy your stay!

  • XMAME 0.35.2 released! The XMAME Site has both a new full source and a patch available for download.

  • According to an article at QuakeCity (of all places :), there are gonna be 2 sequels to The Matrix, that kickass movie starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburn that was released earlier this year. Thanks to A (yep, just the letter) for the news.

  • IGN64 has a bundle of pics and movies from Donkey Kong 64, which will be released in November for the Nintendo64. It will come with a 4 MB expansion pack, thanks to Darkmazda for the news.

  • The Magic Box has new KOF99 (arcade version) pics online, they look good enough to drool over :)~~ Thanks to Guisep for the link.

  • Marc Vielfaure has released a French version of MacMAME 0.35, it can be downloaded at the MacMAME Site.

  • WinAMP 2.24 has been released!

  • Interested in an arcade panel with trakball or spinner included? Arcade Solutions does custom work, and recently added Tempest style spinners to their list of choices! -P-

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released Makai Retsuden (Japanese Kung Fu Kid)! -P-

  • Here's the SNEeSe 0.275 binary Atila mentioned yesterday! -P-

  • Unofficial MAMEnet (which is an unfinished beta) is apparently OK to distribute according to the Official MAMEnet page. I only took it offline for about 4 minutes, so no problems. You scared me Haze! :) -P- (*update* by Atila) With a bit of luck, MAMEnet full version will be released around MAME 0.36 beta 2. I'd like to apologize for any inconvience this has caused, but looking at the MAMEnet page, it was a wake up call for the coders. Work will now continue on MAMEnet :)

  •   Monday, July 12th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:15 CET

  • iViLDeD has posted 2 more pics from the System32 emu, the pics are now in color and not in that weird yellow anymore :)

  • MAME32 0.35 FINAL RELEASED! The WIN9x/NT version of MAME has been updated and is in sync with the DOS version, more info can be obtained at the MAME32 Site, thanks to _PSI_ for the news.

  • It's still hot and humid here, click here to see the actual temp/humidity for Eindhoven that I (Atila) am in. Prophet is based in NYC and apparently it's the same there :) Anyway, I'm listening to Radio Decibel (local station) via Realaudio and they're playing a mix of oldies and new songs. Quite refreshing at this hour :)

  • Here's a site that explains why The Smurfs are communists! Can you believe that ?! My childhood dreams were smashed after reading this, my feelings for Smurfette will never be the same ;) Thanks to Michael Horton for the link.

  • SNEeSe 0.275 has been released, but I cannot provide a binary for download since the binary at the SNEeSe Site is incomplete. Thanks to Lanice for the news.

  • Some good progress is being made on Dream64, a Nintendo64 (what else?) emu! -P-

  • The Official Raine page has been updated with pics of Extermination (also in MAME) & Grand Cross Pinball! GCP looks especially cool - go look! -P-

  • Get yer SFZCH codes here folks! Thanks Ryuken. -P-

  • Wow!!! An incredible new emulator!!! Thanks Hazard. ;) -P-

  • Here's a few surfing tips from Wook: -P-

    (1) Acclaim's finances stabilize and Acclaim plans releases for all three new console systems. Next-Generation OnLine lists eight titles for ports to Dreamcast, PSX2, and Nintendo's "Dolphin." Link

    (2) At DEF CON on saturday, Cult Of The Dead Cow officially made Back Orifice available to the open source community. Link

  • DarcNES 990704 released! This is a multiple console emu for DOS (NES,GG,PCE etc.) now pentium optimized & including new joystick code. Homepage. Thanks Adrox for the file. -P-

  • Craig's Roswell 88201 is one of the coolest emu-arcade cabinets I've ever seen! Thanks to the awesome Saint's Arcade Controls FAQ site for the link. Me want. :) -P-

  • Tormod has released a sample pack for Bubble Bobble, as well as source code overlay to use them in MAME. The samples are 100% accurate (he claims), and this will allow slow systems to play the game at full speed. Check it out at Tormod's site. -P-

  • Good news on the Arcade@Home frontend front! :) Seems Tim is close to finishing a new beta, which will hopefully result in a long anticipated public release! I can tell you it's worth the wait. -P-

  • Here's Emuplus 0.35 Final! Emuplus is an *UNOFFICIAL* modified version of MAME, with several very interesting features including overclocking, savestates (NeoGeo only) and autofire. NOTE: Source is included, and no extra drivers are enabled. -P-

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released Alien 3! -P-

  • Sebastian Hernandez' NeoGeo Help Center has released SFZCH Callus patch v.7, adding an easy install file. -P-

  •   Sunday, July 11th 1999 - Last updated @ 19:37 CET

  • I'd like to say hi to my buddies at The Kungfu Klan, you guys rock! :) (tiny update - You sure are a sensitive bunch :)

  • Impressions Software has released the original PC game Caesar as FREEWARE! Thanks to Jim Hart for the news.

  • Sonikku_a has posted scans of the the bleem! retail box and cd, the scans were made by Skull_one.

  • The Mushroom has done and EXCLUSIVE interview with Q*Bert, everyone's favorite cube-jumping-thingie :)

  • XMAME 0.35.1 FINAL released. click here to see the changes for this release.

  • The Speak & Spell Simulator has been updated and is at version 1.2 now :)

  • The SYSTEM16 Site has been redesigned and ShinobiZ is now focussing on tech info for emulators and arcade board info.

  • Amiga fans should check out the latest Amiga In A Box, which is now up to version 4! Thanks Hazard for the news. -P-

  • Yep, here's today's tips from Wook: -P-

    (1) Sony's PSX2 is scheduled for a December 1999 Japanese release. GameFan contends that a production problem may push the actual shipping day back as far as Spring 2000. Link

    (2) Capcom vs SNK: Clash Card Fighters will feature favorite characters from both companies for the NeoGeo Pocket Color title. GameFan lists Megaman, the Soldier from Metal Slug, Ryu, Chun-Li, Sakura, Zangief, Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Kyo Kusangai, and Chang Koehan as confirmed characters. The title will feature around 300 characters which should mean that almost any character from Capcom or SNK will be considered for Capcom vs SNK. Link

    (3) GameSpot News claims the first MegaMan title in over a year will ship this month. Additional MegaMan sequels can't be far behind, they never are. Link

    (4) The Register can't offer any solutions to the problem, but at the least someone is talking about the woeful state of web based search engines. Link

  • Not much to tell, but here's a few things... -P-

  •   Saturday, July 10th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:56 CET

  • Head on over to SMS Power to download Ecco The Dolphin for Master System and Ecco: Tides of Time for the Game Gear. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • The Cult Of The Dead Cow will be releasing Back Orifice 2000 today at Def.Con 7 (hackers gathering). Back Orifice (BO) was released last year and caused quite a stir since it allowed computers to be controlled by other people if you installed the server part of it. NT users were safe, but that is about to change. Back Orifice 2000 now has Windows NT support and it is about time that Microsoft does something about this. BO can be a good tool, but in most cases it is a threat to security.

  • Sony's PSX2 is scheduled for a December 1999 Japanese release. GameFan contends that a production problem may push the actual shipping day back as far as Spring 2000.

  • Scientists have been able to reconstruct the original face of the SPHINX in Egypt, it bares a striking resemblance to Jar Jar Binks. It's scary, it really is.

  • DGen 1.16 released! Dgen is a great Genesis emu for Windows. This update now adds Game Genie codes! Homepage. Thanks Emulatronia for the news. -P-

  • Here are Wook's surfing tips for today:

    (1) Another list from GameCenter, highlights the top ten games the public will never see. Link

    (2) Fastest Game News OnLine claims Nintendo's Dolphin, or whatever it's called today, will not support DVDs. Link

    (3) Next Generation OnLIne delivers bad news for some Chrono Trigger 2 fans. The game may never be available in the American marketplace. Link

  • Rodimus Prime's AMAME (AMD/P2) and PMAME (Pentium) optimized versions of MAME 0.35 Final have been released in both ASM and C core versions. Only problem is they (the binaries) can't be posted w/o the source code being made available... :( -P- *UPDATE* Hey Prophet, this is compile with a Pentium compiler, so no source code necessary.

  • Dith's World has released numerous resampled MAME sample sets with less noise & distortion. Thanks Tim of A@H for the tip. -P-

  • SNES SuperFX emulation? Yes! ZSNES team seems to have solved the case of the missing polygons in Star Fox!!! Go look! Thanks Emusphere for the news. -P-

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released Ninja Gaiden! -P-

  • I hear that GeoShock may soon be hosting Deimos' KBMAME site! Very cool if that happens. What I want to know: isn't it OK to post KBMAME now that Deimos has pulled the 1999 games? Retrogames hosts the Official MAME site, and Atila is on the dev list, so we have to be extra careful about the license. -P-

  • GeoShock has posted Naz's redump of the bad MSX c2 ROM. If you used the patcher a while back, that works just fine too. Haze also posted some nice new game reviews! :) -P-

  • Sebastian Hernandez' NeoGeo Help Center has released SFZCH Callus patcher version 6. NOTE: These patches are NOT Callus hacks, but essentially batch programs that rename and patch (like a cheat engine or translation) the ROMs for use with Callus. -P-

  • Sorry I missed a day... I worked till 6:00AM last night. -P-

  •   Friday, July 9th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:31 CET

  • Hu-Go 0.97 released! Lot of new things, but I don't feel like writing much since I'm tired as can be. The source for Hu-Go (a PCE/TG-16 emulator) can be downloaded at the Hu-Go Site. Thanks to Diabloat for the news.

  • The Register is reporting about companies that PAY YOU to read spam/get spammed, heh, I wonder if you actually get paid :)

  • GeoShock released another redump last night, namely Alpha Mission 2

  • Just letting everyone know that I am around, it's just that the HoTrod is keeping me occupied. I just finished Final Fight with a friend of mine in a two-player game. Gyruss rocks more beyond belief. Anyway a VERY detailed review will be up Monday or so. (PS. I love the sound the buttons make =)

  • Mike Stulir has released another BACK IN TIME, this time his guest is Larry Bank, author of the HiVE -- the fastest arcade game emulator out there. Larry talks about how he begins to emulate a romdump, he's also wants to port his emu to Windows CE. Windows CE is used in most palmtops and ofcourse the Sega Dreamcast :)

  • The Moonlit Coalition is alive! There is quite a bit of news on their multi-console emulator called Moonrise. The NES part will be released soon, as will the Gameboy part. Work has begun on a SNES and Gameboy Color emulators.. Sunset (the N64 part of Moonrise) will be able to play commercial games at the next release, although at this moment the dynarec (dynamic recompilation) engine isn't stable enough yet. Thanks to Randyman for the news.

  • I just received my HotRod SE Joystick, a review will be posted after the weekend :)

  •   Thursday, July 8th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:33 CET

  • Small update at the Jagulator Site, BXNoMercy has switched from OpenGL to DirectX, so it will probably be more compatible for most users once it's released, since not everyone has a good OpenGL card. Thanks to Kai for the news

  • Sebastian Hernandez has officially removed Callus Zero from his site and he asks every other site-op to do the same, he has also written an apology which you can read here.

  • Nicola posted a little something about the MAME license on our MAME board, click here to read it

  • As you may or may not know, the Seti@Home website was hacked a few days ago, the main page had a picture of ALF (80's sitcom charater) on it, BBC News has a nice story on it.

  • I received a mail from Luc (one of my homiez from outerspace) today, it's contains 3 little stories, all with a good "moral of the story". And all are VERY true :)

  • ZSNES 0.915 released! Another day, another release by the ZSNES team. This is another bugfix release, you can read the new/fixed things here and ofcourse both the new ASM and C version are available for download. Thanks to NiŽb@ and Mark for the news.

  • About Callus Zero, the "new" version of Callus by Sebastian Hernandez, with built-in support for SF Zero, Retrogames will never post hacked versions of any emulator. Posting hacked versions of emulators is plain disrespectful to the original author of the emulator. I think Prophet put it very well on the general messageboard, click here to see his post.

  • Ah, I turn on my monitor and I see a nice page of updates, nice one, Prophet :)

  • NO$GMB, a great Gameboy/Color/Super emulator for DOS, has been updated to version 2.2!!! Here's the normal version. Check the homepage for special versions for 486/386/286 PCs! -P-

  • Chris Mullins has released a new version (v.10.2a) of his superb NeoGeo Faq. Check it out at his cool site! Thanks Emusphere for the tip. -P-

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released Drol for the SG-1000! I used to love that game on my Atari 800. :) -P-

  • More cool surfing tips from Wook:

    (1) Reversing the trend Sega added an Exec this week. The Adrenaline Vault says his last job was as Bandai Digital's national sales manager. Link

    (2) Fastest Game News OnLine states Nintendo has changed the Dolphin's name to "the Next Generation Nintendo Console." Link

    (3) Can't get enough of Street Fighter Zero? GameFan has Street Fighter Zero 3 mpgs posted. Link

    (4) Impressions Games is giving Caesar away. The free download of this classic strategy game is less than 1 meg. Link

    (5) The Adrenaline Vault reports that Pokemon ripoffs are forcing Nintendo to go after counterfeiters. Link

    (6) Following up the informative first article, GameFan OnLine has posted the concluding NeoGeo Pocket Color articles. Link

    (7) GameSpot News knows that Chrono Trigger 2 is official (no longer a rumor). Link

  • Saint has scanned a Newsweek article about Sony's plans to attack bleem! again in August. BTW, if you're into building arcade controls/cabinets, you MUST visit Saint's site! It's awesome! -P-

  •   Wednesday, July 7th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:59 CET

  • Shane Monroe of Monroeworld & AmigaEmulation.com has been redesigning the Scorched Tanks Site and the new Flash intro kicks ass :) The reason he's done this is that Scorched Tanks (THE most succesfull Amiga game of all time) is now being ported to PC by the original Amiga author. I remember a clone of this game that me and my friends used to play onmy 386DX-33 about 5 years ago, we could go on for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS! This is one game to keep an eye on, the Amiga game can be downloaded and played on an Amiga emulator, just so that you can get a feel of it.

  • It's pretty hot and humid over here, so the updates aren't as frequent as they should be perhaps. I need a new air-conditioner :)

  • EmuHQ has posted a few new pics from the current beta of Nemu64, the GUI has a few improvements too.

  • I have a hunch that Santa might not make it for Xmas this year ......

  • Someone gave me this URL about Patrick Combs, who deposited a non-negotiable check for $95,000 in the ATM thinking it would NEVER be cleared, yet it was :) This was all over the news apparently a few years ago (but not in The Netherlands) and it's a long yet pleasant read

  • Before I completely forget about this, here' are the pics of the EU UK Tour @ Alton Towers :)

  • IDSA.NET has posted a review of the Hotrod Joystick, which you can read here.

  • I've gotten quite a number of mails lately from people who want to know how to connect to IRC. Here goes: First you have to get yourself an IRC client, a good choice would be mIRC. Install mIRC, set up the user data and connect to an EFnet server. Try connecting to one that's close to your geological location (if you're in the USA, it has no use connecting to a server in Europe, etc). Some servers will show that "you are not authorized this server", just try another one if you get such a message. You can get the latest list of servers from the EFnet Site. You can manually switch servers by typing "/server irc.server.com" in the status window. Good servers to use are irc.ais.net, irc.homelien.no (for European users) or irc.cs.cmu.edu. Once you've connected to a server, type "/join #retrogamers" and you will join the channel #retrogamers.

  • SNEeSe 0.27 released! Another week, another update .. and a good one at that. There are a few fixes for this release and as usual the source can be downloaded at the SNEeSe Site. Thanks to Lanice for the news.

  • Dave has also released the source code to Dgen 1.15 which you can download right here.

  • ZSNES 0.910 released! Huge list of new things in this release, click here to see the full list. Click here to download the ASM version or the C version. Thanks to Cowering (and several others) for the news.

  • MacMAME 0.35 Final released!!! What more is there to say? Just download it now if you use a Mac! Homepage. -P-

  • Yasu supplied some excellent info about the Capcom Changer system in this message. It seems that there were only 11 games, and SFZ was the only CPS2 conversion. Go here to see some photos of the system. -P-

  • DGen 1.15 released! Dgen is a great Genesis emu for Windows. This update now adds raster effects & sram support! Homepage. -P-

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released Summer Games! -P-

  • Sebastian Hernandez' NeoGeo Help Center has released SFZCH Callus patcher version 4. -P-

  • Here's a quick update before I drop dead... -P-

  •   Tuesday, July 6th 1999 - Last updated @ 18:22 CET

  • AOL has teamed up with TELES (the ISDN people :) and will start an ADSL broadband internet service for about DM100 ($45) per month. Speeds should be around 4 Mbps, I guess AOL might actually turn into the @Home of Europe with an FTP site at every user's home :)

  • Bung Enterprises has previewed some of the entries to their Gameboy Coding Competition, quang's Jetpak DX is among them :)

  • Wow! Billy Mitchell achieved a PERFECT SCORE ON PACMAN at Funspot Family Fun Center. Billy (33) scored a massive 3,333,360 points during a game of Pacman that lasted 6 hours! Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • Speaking of SFZCH... Sebastian Hernandez' NeoGeo Help Center has released SFZCH Callus patcher version 3 which now allows 6 button support in Callus and Callus95! Sigh... If only Sardu were still around. -P-

  • Impressed with Street Fighter Zero Changer? Well, Emumania reports a "rumor" that other Changer ROMs are being dumped, incluing Alien Vs. Predator! No Qsound or coin slots, but hey, it's still awesome. =) -P-

  • DGen 1.14 released! Dgen is a great Genesis emu for Windows. This update now uses Neil Corlett's famous & fast Starscream 68K engine! Homepage. -P-

  • Zoop's SMS Power has released Laser Ghost! -P-

  • ClrMAME 1.40 now available for use with MAME 0.35!!! Check the homepage for more info. -P-

  • Check the MAME ROM Info Page for the latest ROM lists for 0.35 Final - they've been updated. -P-

  • About the Zyclone/A@H thing... Yes I beta test A@H. Yes I knew about the download feature, and I recall testing it 2 or 3 times. I *think* it actually worked for me one time, and I never tried it again. I generally collect my ROMs the old fashioned way - using Dutch's reports! ;-) Anyway, it's my understanding that A@H links to a search program that stores several links where a particular game *might* be found. I'm not sure that I'd call it outright "linking," but given that Retrogames/Atila was never asked permission to link Zyclone in the database, I suppose it's not the best way to go... Atila & Tim, please, you're both great guys - I know that from personal experience. I really hope you can work this out and call it a learning experience. Nothing an apology can't fix. Life is too short & the weather is too darn hot! -P-

  • Not much news today... -P-

  •   Monday, July 5th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:55 CET

  • MAME 0.35 FINAL *FIX* released! This new version of MAME fixes a few bugs in yesterday's release like the missing kick buttons for Street Fighter Zero. You can download the source fix (60k) here, let the MAME 0.36 beta cycle begin!

  • Zyclone has been able to resurrect the rom archive, so you can now download the new and/or changed romsets for MAME 0.35 FINAL. In other news, I found out that Tim Eckel's MAME frontend Arcade@Home has a rom download feature which downloaded a lot of needed roms from our archive at Zyclone! I checked this myself by downloading Truxton via the frontend, the Getright window showed Zyclone's URL as the place of download. This is totally unacceptable. Excuses will not be accepted, this is plain romlinking. You WILL hear more about this, Tim.

  • Sharon has posted pics of the MAME cabinet that she made, the logo looks pretty cool that way!

  • Here I am, so let's get busy! Not really, since Prophet did an excellent job on updating the page :)

  • Emu Force gets their 1st comic book panel by crap man! Hmm... Wonder if Uncle Vom plays MAME on that vidscreen when he's not on lamer patrol? -P-

  • Go visit Quang's Jetpak DX page now! He just released the final version of his homemade Gameboy Color game, and it looks very cool. -P-

  • Here's a link for a SFZCH Callus patcher I found in this GenEm board message by demolition. Haven't yet tried it, but it's supposed to allow you to play this game on Callus! It uses Rockmanj as it's basis, so you still only get 3 buttons I hear. -P-

  • ZSNES .900 C/ASM and ZSNES .900 ASM released!!! There is a HUGE amount of optimizations, bug fixes and features added, so check the homepage for the full list. ZSNES is a superb DOS based Super NES emulator programmed by zsKnight and _Demo_. -P-

  • The Jagulator site has been updated yet again, with news that all 5 processors are now emulated to various degrees, and apparently getting good speeds! -P-

  • Here are Wook's surfing tips for today:

    "As if Yahoo was the only service that can revise its TOS argeement to the point of angering its users, take a look at what the Adrenaline Vault said about Heat.Net." Link.

    "Metallica invades the psx. Game Informer lists Metallica as the contributing musical artist for Hot Wheels." Link

    "GameSpot News spots a purple PSX2 in Washington." Link

  • All King of Fighters fans should check out Madman's Cafe for more awesome pics and info regarding SNK's summer MVS blockbuster, KoF99! -P-

  • SMS Power has released Woody Pop! -P-

  • Also be sure to to check the MAME ROM Info Page for the latest lists for 0.35 Final. -P-

  • Did I ever mention that E.N.D. has moved? Well, you should really check it out - great site. Might even find something cool there... -P-

  • Wow!!! I came home to some AWESOME surprises! =) MAME 0.35 is amazing - major kudos to MAME team for including Street Fighter Zero for the Capcom Changer system, a rare Japanese home system based on *CPS1* hardware. Quite a surprise to see a "CPS2" game emulated. -P-

  •   Sunday, July 4th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:29 CET

  • The new samples for the Cinematronics games can be downloaded at the Official MAME Site.

  • ROMLIST IS BACK! Romlist has been resurrected and they have released P47 Aces (vertical shooter, Jaleco Mega System 32). This game was bought with money made from the banners, in addition, Aracorn has also found a new job!!

  • Here it is, MAME 0.35 FINAL! After a VERY long beta period (which was very productive :), the MAME team now brings you the OFFICIAL RELEASE of MAME 0.35. Oh yeah, the source is available too :) Here's the what's new for this release and here is the new readme.txt for MAME 0.35.

  • A new 1964 was released today (version 0.1.3) and Einstein II mailed me that he had updated the compatibility page with this new release.

  • To each his own, I guess :)

  • Oh, go on. Admit it: you love to cheat, don't you ? Don't deny it, everyone loves to cheat everyone once in a while. So what are you waiting for ?! Head on over to Pugsy's MAME Cheat Page and download the latest cheat.dat for use with MAME!

  • NAZ has released the roms for Virtua Racing 1! This is a Sega Model 1 game, an emulator is not yet available for this game.

  • Geeknews has done an interview with Dave, which you can read here. Feel free to discuss this on our general messageboard (sorry Dave, I couldn't resist ;) Thanks to PRoToCoL for the link

  • It's the 4th of July so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY U.S.A.!!! =) -P-

  • MAME W.I.P. was updated over the last 2 days with some info, but no pics. Several games got fixed - go take a look. -P-

  • Pong is FINALLY getting emulated!!! Mike Stulir has provided this preview of Digital Eclipse's new Atari Hits #1 compilation, featuring several old favorites, including a true emulation of Pong. This has been impossible in freeware emulation because the needed tech info about Pong's circuitry wasn't available. -P- *UPDATE* Pong cannot be emulated since it consisted of plain circuitry with no "rom image", the information has been available for some time now, but noone ever created an emulator/simulator (if you will) for it. Thanks to Dan Boris and Mike Russell for the mails.

  • The RockNES homepage was updated with news that Mapper #19 has been added, and that NMI scanline hits are fixed, which fixes many games. Thanks Adrox for these last 2 items. -P-

  • DarcNES 19990702 released! Some bugfixes mostly. Check the homepage for more info. -P-

  • Just a note: Dutch was the cool dude who made that MSX patcher posted yesterday. -P-

  • Demon Mind's "Emu Force" saga continues in Chapter 3: Road Trip!! If you're new to this anti-lamer messageboard epic, be sure to read the first 2 chapters posted yesterday. And if you're a lamer (u post stupid, annoying or obnoxious messages, aggravate emu authors and others with inane email, or link ROMs and ruin things for everyone else), then you may not enjoy this story. Heh... -P-

  •   Saturday, July 3rd 1999 - Last updated @ 23:02 CET

  • Man, time flies when yer idling :) To liven things up a bit, you can download Dragon Crystal from SMS Power. This game is an RPG for the good ol' Sega Master System, thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • I'd like to thank all lamers, linkers and losers for killing our rom mirror ZYCLONE. Roms will no longer be offered here (until we have a new site?) but people on IRC will still be able to get the latest roms.

  • Just For Fun 0.23 released! This multi arcade game emulator has added support for Argus, Omega Fighter and Roller Aces in this release. Be sure to check the Just For Fun Site for more info on this emulator. Thanks to Sea7 for the news

  • When I checked the General Messageboard today, I found 2 hilarious messages by Demon Mind, who is writing about Emu Force. You can now enjoy this read via Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of this ongoing saga. May the Emu Force be with you =)

  • As a final note, I took a trip to Sunstar Vending here in Brooklyn, NY. They had well over a hundred arcade machines in there, all kinds, new and old! Looks like I may aquire a nice cheap cabinet soon, and do an emu conversion. Will post pics if and when I do it. Good night all, all yours Atila... -P-

  • Another N64 emu that plays commercial games?! Here's PC64 1.01, which plays Mario64 & Rampage. You can also get the source code at the Homepage! -P- NB. This emulator is based on TRWIN-GL, I'd like to ask the authors to not waste their efforts and team up with TRWIN-GL or something along those lines.

  • The latest version of 1964 plays the Rotate demo perfectly! 1964 is a Windows N64 emu. -P-

  • NeoLight has released an MVS redump of World Heroes! Haze also released this KBMAME NeoGeo drv which includes support for the new World Heroes dump. -P-

  • Seems some webmasters haven't been accurately reporting news! Those bastards! Err... well, actually I'm one of those bastards... ;-) Seriously though, Zoop took us to task for not properly reporting about the new Genesis emu, Mekadrive, and not reporting the 8-bit Development Section featuring lotsa SMS tech/programming info & forum. Anyway, Mekadrive is primarily being coded by Charles Mac Donald, and if possible, *might* feature Sega CD emulation! Zoop is handling the interface, and judging by Meka, it'll be one good-looking emulator. =) If you have any Sega CD/Mega CD games lying around, please email Zoop and send them in! Ok, Zoop, hope that covers everything! :) -P-

  • SMS Power has released Batman Returns! On a sad note, the daily-release policy at SMS Power *may* stop due to "lameness" it has unfortunately attracted, and also due to a resignation. :( Basically, STOP THE ROM REQUESTS!!! How many games do people need anyway?! Good lord, go outside for a few hours! -P-

  • First off, here's a Metal Slug X C2 patch that will bring MSX in line with MAME's checksum. Unzip your C2 ROM into a directory with this file, run the patcher, then copy the patched C2 to your MSX zip. That's it. Does this fix the various crash problems people have reported? I don't know. -P-

  • OK, first off lemme say I got home at 3:00 AM, so I'm exhausted. But I can't go to bed without updating, so I'm gonna say a BIG thanks to Adrox of Emusphere right now - I'm basically gonna do a news rip of your great page, then crash. -P-

  •   Friday, July 2nd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:08 CET

  • True Reality 1.1.3b1 for MAC released! Big news: this release plays SEVERAL commercial games! You can view the compatibility list here, the source can be downloaded at the MAC True Reality Site

  • The MAME Action Replay Page (MARP) is now hosting its first tournament! You heard it right, you now have the chance to show off our arcade playing skills, with the 10 selected games. You can make the needed .inp with MAME's "-record" option (MAME32: File - Play and Record Input). Detailed info is available at the MARP Site! Thanks to Gridle and PRoToCoL for the news.

  • The High Voltage Sids Collection got its 17th update. Speaking of sids, Sidplay/Windows recently got an update also.

  • The Register has a story on talking toilets (or "turlets" as Archie Bunker would say :)! A woman from Britain invented it to applaud her grandchildren's doings. The nice thing is that you can program it to say what ever you want, imagine going to the toilet and hearing the toilet say: "Mr. Hankey loves you!". Heheheh.

  • Here are a few tips that wook sent me yesterday, but I forgot to post: 1 - Game Informer has more scoop on the Dreamcast on-line network configuration. 2 - Gamefan reviews yet another Metal Gear sequel. 3 - Additonal Dreamcast rental details from GameSpot. 4 - First there was road rage in the United States, and now . . .

  • Here's the latest MAME History file. -P-

  • The Nemu64 site added this FAQ for using Nemu64 0.5a. Thanks again Emusphere. -P-

  • SMS Power has released Forgotten Worlds! Also, Adrox reports that Zoop is now working on a Genesis emulator! If it's as good as Meka, it's gonna be AWESOME. =) -P-

  • Next we have SNEeSe 0.26, the latest version of this public source Super NES emulator. Homepage. -P-

  • First up, we have some Raine news! Champion Wrestler(Taito) & Knuckle Bash(Toaplan) have been added - go see the screenshots. Also, I hear Richard Bush has some Raine surprises in the works. :) -P-

  • OK, finally some news to report. :) -P-

  •   Thursday, July 1st 1999 - Last updated @ 23:46 CET

  • Mario RPG now works on SNES9x, click here for pics! Thanks to Chevolt for the news.

  • Geoshock released the redump of 3 Count Bout, the neogeo rasslin' game ;)

  • MSNBC has a story on bleem! and good ol' Doug Lowenstein talks his usual amount of gibberish about emulators again. Thanks to buzz for the link

  • Two boring days in a row? Unbelievable huh :) Maybe Nostradamus' predictions are coming true after all! To the lifeboats, women and emu authors first!!!

  • BluesNews is reporting that bleem! is "now for sale at outlets nationwide, including CompUSA, Fry's, Electronics Boutique, Hastings, and Virgin Megastores." Should make a few people happy :) Thanks to Sonikku_a for the news

  • Uhmm, I don't know exactly how to comment on the next story, so I won't :) Thanks to buhweet and Drew for the link.

  • There was a Yahoo Chat a few days ago with Trey Parker, one of the people who created South Park. They're talking about the movie mainly, but Trey gets asked a few weird questions too :)

  • Sheesh, talk about connection troubles. I had no connection up until 20 minutes ago, and my ISP installed a new mailserver, "no mail will be lost during setup of the new server." I have this feeling that I miss a few mails here or there. Anyway, here I am so let's get on with the show!

  • Meka 0.20 released to the public!!! Lotsa new features and fixes, including sports pad emulation, numerous improvements to controller emulation, speedups and various cosmetic additions etc. Meka is a superb 8-bit Sega Master System emulator. Homepage. -P-

  • SMS Power has released 2 games today! Populous and Chicago Sydicate, just in time for Meka! :) -P-

  • Greybrain has opened E-Manual online game manual archive! It's still early, so not much is there yet, but Greybrain seems determined, so this may become a great resource for everything from NeoGeo, arcade and console manuals. In fact, I suspect he'd love to hear from anyone who has some manuals to put online... -P-