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  •    Tuesday, February 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:45 EST

  • Speccyal 0.72b released! There was a small bug left in the last release: "Fixed a bug which could help the "quick load" option from correctly working on some precise configurations (if you had selected in windows explorer the option to view files extensions, because I was using a system dependent file function, which was implicitly using this option)". Speccyal is a 48k Spectrum emulator for Windows. - atila

  • The SNES9x Developers Journal has been updated with some good news regarding sound emulation and a nasty problem with the auto-frame skip code in the Windows port. The few Super FX and SA-1 are now very playable on Gary's PII-266 notebook. - atila

  • The lads at Explosion Net have updated the N64 Compatibility List for Nemu64 v0.7 and also have an unofficial INI file available for download. Thanks to Ben-J for the news. - atila

  • iCraveTV.com is now officially dead, which is kinda sad because it was one of the coolest sites on the Internet. It allowed you to watch 17 US and Canadian channels LIVE, via the internet, at a reasonable bitrate (80 kbps max) I just hope that the networks now see that there is a market for this sort of thing and will hopefully start offering this service to their viewers. Although I doubt they will wake up anytime soon. - atila

  • The iz Media Center is available for download. This might be your sort of thing :) - atila

  • Lanzador Uni 0.22 final released! Lanzador is cool Windows frontend for use with MAME, thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. - atila

  • MadMcMan mailed saying he had reviewed a Japanese Quiz Game, which is kinda cool, since he can't read Japanese :) - atila

  • I kinda updated the Quotes page yesterday, it will be updated more frequently from now on. - atila

  • BloodLust Software has released NogginKnockersX, the sequel to their 'brutal' Pong clone from a few years ago. This release has loads of new features and various cameo appearances of 'emu people'. It weighs in at a hefty 15MB, so get your Getright ready and start downloading! Thanks to DarkMazda for the news. - atila

  • *sigh* - looks like EmuHQ has been hacked. *UPDATE* Seems it was a configuration error by their host. - atila

  • DarkMazda's Domain has posted the NeoGeo CD cover of The Last Blade, a totally groovy fighter :) - atila

  • ROAR is now hosting NeoGeo Pocket Shock! - atila

  • Howie (MAMEDEV) has released the first version of the hiscore.dat file for use with MAME. Just unzip this into your MAME directory and you should be set. Howie also mentioned that there will be a web form on mame.net for submissions, in the next day or so. - atila

  • Wow, I just checked Roar's new link (www.roarvgm.com) and found that not only did their domain name change, but the site has been completely and professionally redesigned by Exodus3D! If you are looking for a site that contains lots of console pics, this is it. - atila

  • SadNES 0.12 for DOS has been released. The 6502 CPU should be done, more games are supported, the GUI has been updated, and a vertical mirroring bug has been fixed. (Note: I got a "not found" link, just paste the url into your address bar and change "zip" to "ZIP," I'm sure it'll be fixed soon ;). Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • The PCSX Project is thankfully not dead. Their homepage has been updated with info of new developments on the Playstation emulator. - dutch

  • NES9x 1.0 has gone open source! - dutch

  • David Lloyd (of Overclocked) made these cool retrogames wallpapers for your Windows desktop! He made two, 1024x768 and 800x600. Thanks David! - dutch

  • Team Japump dumped Fairy Land Story (JPN Ver.), Space Position (JPN Ver.), War of Aero - project MEIOU, City Bomber (JPN Ver.), and Nyan Nyan Panic (Kitten Kaboodle JPN Ver.) - dutch

  • Mash sent me this "unofficial" mameinfo.dat file for Mame v36rc1 and Mame32 v36rc1 (when it is released). Mash states in the header, "This maminfo.dat contains all the reported bugs from the MAME Testing Project 'Know Bugs Page' and 'MAME 0.36 Beta 16 Bugs'. Also include are the W.I.P. (MAME Work-In-Progress) News from July 1999-February 2000 and infos from the gamelist.txt and whatsnew.txt-WIP infos from MAME 0.36b2-0.36RC1." Give the file a try and see what you think. - dutch

  •    Monday, February 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:45 EST

  • ROAR, the videogame museum, now has its own domain at http://www.roarvgm.com/, please update your bookmarks. - atila

  • Ooh... GuruChoc has a nice new logo! =) A few other things as well. - prophet

  • Here's a bit of tech news: Sega isn't doing too well over in Japan, the Dreamcast sold less than anticipated (link 1 and link 2), Microsoft's X-BOX is supposed kill all other consoles (and my name is Billybob), Intel has postponed the launch of its UNANNOUNCED 833 and 866 Mhz CuMine CPUs and Sanyo CRD-Bp2 CDR-W Drive with Burn Proof Technology. BurnProof will eliminate those dreaded Buffer Underrun errors you may get when burning a CD-R :) Thanks to Floach for the Sega link.
    - atila

  • The Nemu site has been updated with a few tips that will enhance your "NEMU experience" :) - atila

  • Maechiko has replaced the archive for GBFan Plus 1.16, you can download the rezipped file here, the original .lzh archive is available from Maechiko's site.
    - atila

  • Shane Monroe mailed me the following: "By popular demand, Amiga Emulation Zone now shows you NEW files and additions to the site - no more searching through the file lists trying to see what was recently added! Also, we've added another 10 games, including quite possibly the best game ever for the Amiga, Jetstrike AGA!" If that isn't good news, I don't know what is :) - atila

  • Darkmazda's Domain has posted a new NeoGeo CD cover, this time it's KyoRetsuden ( Mah-Jong Story ). - atila

  • The dudes at Overclocked have reviewed the 'greatest game of all time', namely Legend of Success Joe. I think I'll have to pay Pretzel and Green a visit for this blasphemy ... - atila

  • Zoop has updated SMS power with dumps of Wonderboy for SG-1000, and NFL '95 for Game Gear. Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • A new version of DarcNES has been released. Version dn9a0226 contains some bugfixes and cleanups, and also adds (untested) 24bpp support to the X video code. - dutch

  • Danmanya has released Emu+ v36rc1, now in synch with the latest DOS Mame. This has been compiled with the Allegro iblit8 fix. Emu+ adds such options as auto fire, more video modes, and the ability overclock all CPUs. Now online are 3 CPU optimized binaries. Danmanya really wants you to read the readme.txt file as well. ;) - dutch

  • RockNES 1.01 released! This release adds lots of fixes and minor changes, be sure to check the homepage for the full list! - dutch

  • Nemu 64 0.7 released!! "I guess the features you will enjoy most are Audio HLE support, GBI=3 support and
    MAJOR compatibility and speed improvements."
    I don't see an update yet on their "tests and shots" link, as you may be aware version 0.6 had 45 playable commericial games, so I would expect that there is probably more in version 0.7. :) While downloading, you can click here to read the readme.txt file, the what's new list is big. - dutch

  • NESten 0.6 Beta Doomsday has been released, here's what's new:

    - Finally fixed weird colors for good? (Please let that be a yes :)
    - Added a mapper header editor for .NES files.- Moved all mappers out to DLL files.
    -Now that all the mappers are placed externally, you can start making your own mappers for NESten.

    There is also a SDK kit supplied with examples for C (thanks to Jabo) and Delphi. - dutch

  •    Sunday, February 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 15:34 EST

  • The GAG site (hosted here at Retrogames) has been updated and will (hopefully :) be updated EVERY DAY after the newsletter has been posted to subsribers. If you're into games and hardware, then you should check out this newsletter in HTML-ised form on the site. - atila

  • Gridle's own "How to compile MAME" page is now available from the official MAME site. It may be a bit bigger than Zan's compile page at MAME WORLD, but you get the same end result :) - atila

  • A new version of Blini was released today. Blini! is a powerful tool which allows you to view and to edit the bleem! ini file, thanks to Nick of Bleem! Park for the news. - atila

  • Famtasia 5.1 beta 5 has been released. As usual, since it is in Japanese I don't know what's new in this NES emulator for Windows. Thanks to Armoured Soul for the news. - dutch

  • Amiga Sector One has been updated with 5 new games and also some demos. - dutch

  • Genesis Power has dumped Alien Storm (JUE). - dutch

  • Cowering has released a foursome in his "Good" series of ROM file / database utilities. Here they are: GoodSMS 0.98, GoodPCE 0.98, GoodGG 0.98, and Good2600 0.98. They now use a ZIP capable scanning engine, and have a "LISTD" command for scanning subdirectories! Thanks to Ben-J for the news. - dutch

  • All is looking well so far at the Mame32 QA site. John has also posted the icons and screenshots for RC1. If you use the arcade@home frontend like me, you might like these. Tim has also updated a@h with a screen shot pack for RC1 as well. ;) - dutch

  • Speccyal version 0.72 has been released. Lots of fixes and optimizations are in this release, check the homepage for the big list! :) Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • The Glide Wrapper GL2Ideal has been updated to version 1.1. It includes bugfixes and optimizations. Thanks to several people for letting me know. - dutch

  • Katharsis of the "currently dead" Geoshock has joined the Neo Geo Team 2000! Best of luck to you Katharsis! :) - dutch

  • Opi reports that Zoop has released Meka 0.41 RC3 to beta testers, and that this should be the last version before 0.41 final. - dutch

  • The Lanzador Uni site has been updated with new English and French language modules. Lanzador Uni (for those who missed it) is a multi-lingual Windows front end for DOS Mame. - dutch

  • Rodimus Prime has updated his site with AMame and PMame v36rc1 CPU optimized binaries, as well as SNAME (Simulations and Non-Arcade Machine Emulator), which includes the gambling machine / Pong drivers. Rodimus has also posted his source modifications. - dutch

  • OK ladies, are you looking for a single good-looking guy who has a hot job in the games industry? Look no further then this page posted over at nationalgamereview.com. Try to contain yourselves, these are some hot hunks. ;) You can thank AJ Valleskey for the link! - dutch

  • fMSX BeOS 2.1 has been released, it's based on the code for fMSX Unix. Thanks to _axelay_ for the mail. - dutch

  • Charles M let me know of 5 new (?) Atari 7800 dumps. - dutch

  • If you still have any needs for Mame v36rc1, Bombjack has informed me that Mame.dk should be 100%. - dutch

  • Hehehe.. I suppose if you can't nuke someone via the net, this method would be pretty effective as well. :) Thanks for the link, Lomax. - dutch

  • GameBBR v.001 has been released, this is a Portuguese Gameboy emulator based on Hash, and uses DirectInput. Thanks to LrdEFN for the news. - dutch

  •    Saturday, February 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:35 EST

  • The bug that was causing Mame v36rc1 to crash in 400x300 8 bit mode is an Allegro 3.9.31 WIP bug, not a Mame bug. :) Gridle has replaced the three binaries with the fix, so you may want to download again. For those who compile their own, here's the fix: just replace the current iblit8.s file in allegro\src\i386\ with this one. For a list of the changes, click here. Thanks to Gridle and Bernd Wiebelt! - dutch

  • Gridle has already updated the MAME WIP page; talk about fast, eh! - atila

  • Ye olde Dutch MAME Page is now being hosted by the good people at MAME WORLD. Goed gedaan, jochie ;-) - atila

  • Sega Otaku is reporting that the Dreamcast version of Rent-A-Hero will also feature the Megadrive/Genesis game. It's not known yet if it will available via the DreamLibrary, or if it will be on the GD-ROM. - atila

  • CDR Info posted news and pics of the latest CDR-W from Yamaha (8/8/24) & info about 12/8/32 CDR-W drives! If you're in the market for a hot new burner take a look. - prophet

  • Our friends at Magic Box reviewed the cool new Playstation version of Strider 2! This CD looks quite good, especially considering you also get the original 2D Capcom classic as well. - prophet

  • Yes!!! Here are some pics of Metal Slug 3! Remember those "secret" levels found in Metal Slug X, especially that awesome looking submarine level? Well - take a look at this! Long live the NeoGeo. (Thanks Sys2064) - prophet

  • I think some of you won't let the iz Browser go, once it's released. It'll be your own personal downloader for new emulators :)
    - atila

  • Not only is there a new Overclocked epsiode called The Revenge of Pretzel, but Pretzel and Green will have a cameo in one of Bloodlust software upcoming games, NogginKnockersX! - atila

  • Here's some more Mame tidbits:

    - Gridle mentioned that there is bug in Mame v36rc1 with -400x300 resolution. You should be able to work around it for now by forcing a different screen resolution.
    - In addition to the coin keys, there are several sample sets which aren't needed anymore: Stratovox/Speak & Rescue, Red Baron, Battle Zone, Asteroids, and Asteroids Deluxe.
    - For those of you who compile your own, be sure you have installed Allegro WIP 3.9.31.
    - Gridle compiled Mame v36rc1 with the K6 optimization option and also with the I686 (PPro, Celeron, P2) optimization option. They can be downloaded from the Official Mame site.
    - dutch

  • Me and my friends spent a few good hours playing Crazy Taxi last night, it's so damn addictive. All I can say is that it's money well spent :) I have one small gripe though, if you have an Japanese VMU and you use it with the PAL version of Crazy Taxi, all the text will show up in Japanese. Anyone at Sega wanna send me a Euro VMU :) Now, if only Soul Reaver and Resident Evil: Code Veronica would show up a bit sooner here in Europe ... - atila

  • Arcade ROM Heaven has everything you should need for Mame v36 RC1, I also understand champwru is on alt.binaries.emulators.misc. ;) - dutch

  • Hmmmmmm... what are you up to RS? - dutch

  • Here is a list of all of the games that have had some sort of ROM update or change in Mame v36rc1. This is based on "split" merging. - dutch

  • Guru-Choc posted a fix file for Mame v36rc1! - dutch

  •    Friday, February 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:51 EST

  • Roc over at Mameworld pointed out that the start buttons for Mame have changed in RC1, so you can stop banging your keyboard please. ;) Keys 1,2,3,4 are now start buttons 1,2,3,4, keys 5,6,7,8 are now coin slots 1,2,3,4, and keys 9,0,-,= are now service coin 1,2,3,4. Thanks Roc, this most likely would have taken me a while to figure out. ;) - dutch

  • Back to the Roots has had an update with more legal Amiga games from the French company Lankhor. They also added Zarathrusta, Black Cauldron, Police Quest 3, Battle Duel, and Rox, and posted new mods and pictures as well! Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • Speaking of Amiga, Amiga Legal Emulation has also had an update with new games and demos. :) - dutch

  • Game Launcher 0.9.1 has been released, this is a universal front end that's currently been tested with Mame, Nesticle, ZSNES, SNES9x, Callus, Stella, and Genecyst. New to this release are various bugfixes and cleanups. - dutch

  • Roni reports that his SMS and Genesis Power mirror that was hosted over at Geoshock will be offline until further notice, as he does not have the free time to re-upload all of the files. :( - dutch

  • The Lanzador Uni Spanish/English front end for Mame has been updated to version .22 beta 1. This includes interface changes, optimizations, verify roms, and more. - dutch

  • Oliver updated his site with two BIOS images, currently supported in the latest MESS, they are Commodore C65 prototype and Philips P2000 T. - dutch

  • Zoop has updated SMS Power with Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, and Galactic Protector! Zoop is also looking for several games. If you've got a SMS collection, do Zoop a favor and have a look at his list to see if you can help him out. - dutch

  • NO$GMB, a "nocash" gameboy emulator/debugger for DOS and Windows by Martin Korth, has been updated to version 2.4. New in this release: "windows version, major sound fixes, long filenames, bugfixes, etc." - dutch

  • Barry Rodeweld (author of GalEMU) has released QPlayer 1.1.8 for playing QSound ROMs. "This basically fixes a bug involving samples larger than 32K in size, plus the odd extra feature." - dutch

  • The four officers in New York who killed an innocent immigrant from West Africa in a hail of 41 bullets were cleared of all charges. Thanks to Drewbert for letting me know about this. - dutch

  • MameCE, the version of Mame for WindowsCE, now has a new domain: www.mamece.com, hosted over at VGN. Thanks to f_u for letting me know. - dutch

  • NAZ let me know that he is not currently planning on bringing his web page back (previously hosted on the now dead Geoshock), although he does still plan to dump ROMs, and is definitely not "quitting the scene." ;) - dutch

  • Mame Version 36 RC1 has been released! Here is the whatsnew.txt, click here to download the source! In case you were wondering, four gambling machines and Pong have been removed from the source, and Street Fighter Zero Changer has been commented out. Thanks to Manu_ for the news, and thanks to VGN for the files. - dutch

  • The results are in for last week's bannister.org poll on whether Nicola was right to remove the gambling games and Pong from MAME. A new poll has been added, asking "In a fight of Mac emulator authors, who would win?". - richard

  • RomCenter 1.90 released! Lots of new things in this release, be sure to delete old mame and raine datafiles to use this new version. RomCenter is a multi-emulator rom manager. - atila

  • [subliminal message] :)~~~ [/subliminal message] - atila

  • GBFan Plus 1.16 released! I have no idea what's new, since it's in Japanese, I did however rezip the package, since people seem to have trouble with .lhz archives :) You can download the original archive at Maechiko's site. - atila

  • One last final update (nice pic btw ;) @ GeoShock. Oh, and to the people mailing the GeoShock staff for ROMS: you should ashamed of yourselfs. - atila

  • The Dump: Genesis has posted a few of the old Genesis reviews, from when there were still 700+ roms available for download. Ahh, the good old days ... Thanks to Cody for the news. - atila

  • EmuForce has posted an interview they conducted with the author of the new WIP 32X emulator called AGES. They also post an exlcusive Great 36 Holes pic :) - atila

  • Comeback64 0.9G for DOS released! Here's what's new: Hardsid at selectable address; The emulator will run if a SoundBlaster exists but is busy; Removed unnessecary frameskips. ComeBack64 is a multi-platform C64 emulator. - atila

  • Geoshockfr n'est pas mort! Roddy let me know that at the present time, he has no plans on shutting down Geoshockfr (the French mirror of Geoshock). In fact, he mentioned, "but now i must upload some neogeo stuff." :) - dutch

  • Blazemore updated his NeoSkin site with lots of new NeoGeo scans, including Top Hunter, Twinkle Star Sprites, Neo Cup '98, Ultimate 11, Neo Mr. Do, Neo Bomberman, Double Dragon, Puzzle De Pon!, Puzzle De Pon! R, Pop 'n Bounce, Super Dodge Ball, and World Heroes Perfect. - dutch

  • Gens v0.2 has been released, it contains a rewritten VDP renderer, uses Richard Mittons' RAZE, and has had other speedups, optimizations, and additions, check the homepage for a full list! Please note that their homepage has moved over to Emuforce. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. (And thanks to Haze for correcting an error I initially made ;) - dutch

  • MikeDX has posted screenshots of the next game to make it into EmuDX: Kung-Fu Master! - dutch

  • I've been visiting Badge's Lighthouse since it opened, now online are eight new reviews of SNES games. I'd suggest joining his mailing list for even more info. - dutch

  • Mathieu Rainville sent EmuHQ a scan of an article on MAME by Jason Kroll in the latest Linux Journal! It's a very refreshing read that is pro emulation, and discusses some of the technical aspects of the emulator, in addition to some of the legalities and issues surrounding ROMs. (Although he does refer to Nicola Salmoria as an "Italian Hacker." ;) One tidbit that stood out to me was "Either way, it's a major greed issue. Many of [the gaming companies] have taken steps to make emulation itself completely illegal, which would be such an abuse of government authority that it rather invalidates any arguments agains ROMs based on "moral" or "ethical" grounds, since holding civil liberties hostage at corporate or economic whim is probably not ethical, and one who is flagrantly unethical has little validity to impose moral censure on others." - dutch

  • It's moving day for Dave's Video Arcade, update your bookmarks to www.davesvideoarcade.co.uk. - dutch

  • Mark has posted some exclusive news over at Emuforce regarding the upcoming release of the Playstation 2: "I think we should be one of the first to report this as 'Official' but this week (kinder today) Sony has revealed that the older PS1 games !WILL! be enhanced to look even better. The PS2 allows an anti aliasing option to be turned on that makes the textures of the graphics on games much smoother, such as those on PC and Dreamcast games." Of course that's something that Bleem! does right now. ;) - dutch

  • Winzip 8.0 Beta 2 has been released, be sure to check the bottom of the page to read what's new before downloading. Thanks to cdman for the info. - dutch

  •    Thursday, February 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:28 EST

  • Farewell Geoshock, and thank you Haze & Katharsis for your generosity and great work. Raine, now this... sigh. :( - prophet

  • Word has gotten to me that Geoshock and all its hosted sites have been pulled by the provider. A reason has not been given, but it does appear that this is permanent. I'll post more on this when I learn more.
    Update: Geoshock's closing does appear to be permanent. You will now see an announcement from Katharsis when you click the above link: "There were some bandwidth and legality issues raised about the site and since it was run from a department within a university, it was determined by the powers above us that it should be shut down." I must say that now I am very sad. :( - dutch

  • Evil Avatar has a post about a PSX emulator which should be released soon for the Sega Dreamcast:
    "It seems that a major developer of emulation software is finishing work on a Sega approved emulator that will play Playstation (version 1, I'm assuming) software on the Dreamcast hardware. Probably will debut at E3. Given the extremely short supply of PS hardware that we will see thru the end of the year and the EXTREMELY SHORT supply of PS 2 hardware that we expect, this could be a major boon to Sega. Look for Sony to squeal like a stuck pig and for Sega to be showing Sony 3rd party titles in their booth at E3."
    Now, I don't know how trustworthy this is, but it's bound to bring up some heated discussion. And if it does turn out to be real, I guess the DC just got 2600 extra games added to its library ;) Thanks to Sonikku_a for the link. - atila

  • A new X68k emulator has been released for Windows called WinX68k, you will need a hefty machine to use this though :) Thanks to Kinox for the news. - atila

  • It's been a while since I posted an old mod file, so I thought it would be cool to post one again. This time it's 2nd Dimension (650kb). This rave tune was released back in 1996, by Mekx and Phonc(ie) of Explizit. It's an .S3M file which you can play with WinAMP or MODPLUG, which I personally prefer. - atila

  • We now bow our heads in a moment of silence... and A Candle In the Raine. :( - dutch

  • Those of you who prefer a more colorful Raine site can click here, they still have the old index.html online. However, Guru-Choc has posted over at Arcade ROM Heaven, "RAINE is dead, it won't be making a comeback at all :( Richard has a job as a games programmer, so you will still be able to enjoy his excellent work at some time in the future. It has nothing to do with MAMEDEV." I have never talked to Richard or Mario very much but I am very happy to know that Richard has found what sounds like a great opportunity to pursue. I'm certain he'll be very successful, and that Raine will continue to live on with its many fans, and will go down as a top entry in the EMU hall of fame. Good luck Richard! :) - dutch

  • Another EMU author, Nocomp of the PCSX Project, has left the team due to a change in work. PCSX is a Playstation emulator for the PC, Nocomp hopes that the rest of the team will continue with the project. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • The Dog brought my attention to a message out on VGN's Mame Board from Phil Stroffolino, he says that there will in fact be a seperate project for non CPU games, the first two of which will be Pong and Monaco GP. - dutch

  • SNEeSe 0.41 has been released, this release includes timing tweaks, improved ADSR, and layering selection. - dutch

  • Dith released a dancefloor mix of the original Pac-man music called "Ghostmix Level 4!" Pick it up here, it's a 4 meg mp3. Thanks to Guru-Choc and Roc for the news.
    Update: I uploaded a mirror of the mp3. - dutch

  • Team Japump has dumped Pole Position II (JPN Ver.) and Tumble Pop (JPN Ver.) - dutch

  • James Surine has moved the Mame for Digital Cameras site over to digita.mame.net. He also mentions that he's planning on supporting Minolta and HP cameras soon in addition to the Kodaks. - dutch

  • Marc Vielfaure has the French version of MacMame updated to version 36 beta 16, grab a copy over at the MacMame site. - dutch

  • If you made the upgrade to Windows 2000 you'll be pleased to know that Netscape has released Communicator 4.72, which is fully compatible with Win2000. Thanks to Adam for the news. - dutch

  •    Wednesday, February 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 19:15 EST

  • OK you hotshot emu devs... want some inspiration & challenge? Check out the April 2000 issue of GameFan (the only videogame mag I buy EVERY month)! There's a very cool Graveyard spread on "Xexex," a spectacular looking 1991 shooter from Konami. ECM has practically thrown down the gauntlet on this one... Wonder if he reads Retrogames?
    - prophet

  • Flash has posted a fix for ROM Zipper 1.35 Beta, his free zipping utility. "If you've downloaded ROM Zipper 1.35 Beta, then you'll want to redownload it again. It's not a major issue, but the error handling was accidently disabled, so things like pressing "Cancel" would cause the program will crash. So it doesn't drive you crazy, I've uploaded Beta 2 that fixes that. (If you are a news webmaster, simply replacing your local mirror with the file below will suffice - there is nothing new in 1.35 Beta 2, other than the error handling is fixed.)" Took me a while to update with this, I got hooked on that cool java game he has posted out there. :) - dutch

  • Hehehehe... can't ever get enough of wassup. :) Thanks for the link, Numbski. - dutch

  • Good news from the MAME32 front, support has been added for the ACTLABS PC light gun! Here's the update on the MAME32 site: "ChrisK has added support for the ActLab gun system so you can use this light gun through DirectInput. He says it's quite fun w/ the Exidy shooters like Cheyenne, Crossbow etc. Although he hasn't tried it, T2 should also work as would any shooting game using a cross-hair." I guess ACTLABS just got themselves a whole lot more sales ;) - atila

  • Seems like it's curtains for RAINE :( The Raine site states that "RAINE IS DEAD" and the source of the page has this line it:
    [!-- K????? B? M????? A?? L????? (O? A?? T??? T?? S??? T????) / M4X1MUM 0WN4G3 --]
    which apparently reads:
    TAS_2012 was kind enough to solve that little puzzle. Thanks to Katharsis for the news. *UPDATE* The line mentioned above has been removed from the HTML source. - atila

  • For those of you who are troubled by Pong's removal from future releases of Mame, Juergen (the author of the simulator) has released a dedicated version of his Pong simulator. Get ready to suck some bandwidth, this is a whopping 1875 bytes. :))) I just ran it on my machine and it works beautifully. Thanks to James Miller for letting me know about this, hopefully this will calm some people down. ;)
    Update: It appears that this is not a dedicated version of the Pong driver that is in Mame, but a different program written by someone else. Juergen found this program here, apparently it's been around a while. I apologize for any confusion I caused. (Well it still plays Pong doesn't it! :) I see Till made the same mistake I did, so go easy on me. ;) - dutch

  • Another Zelda remix has been posted over at Overclocked Remix called "Hyrulian." - dutch

  • Genesis Power dumped Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (USA release), they are now using Cowering's GoodGen naming conventions. - dutch

  • DarcNES dn9a0219 has been released, this released adds support for NetBSD CDROM (untested) and sound interfaces, and also includes many fixes and source code modifications. Download the source and Linux binary from the homepage. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Team Japump has dumped many ROMs today, here's the list: Cosmo Gang The Puzzle (JPN Ver.), Emeraldia (JPN Ver.), Exbania (JPN Ver.), Face Off (JPN Ver.), Arabian Magic (JPN Ver.), Grid Seeker (JPN Ver.), Ray Force (JPN Ver.), Bubble Memories (JPN Ver.), Kaiser Knuckle (JPN Ver.), Puzzle Bobble 2 (JPN Ver.), Puzzle Bobble 3 (JPN Ver.), Puzzle Bobble 4 (JPN Ver.), Get Star (JPN Ver.), and Dream Shopper (JPN Ver.). Geoshock has some additional information on this as well. - dutch

  • Reiginsei over at EmuCamp reports that the next version of Moah's KOF91 Engine will most likely be his last, but he does plan on releasing the source, and plans on adding a TON of features and enhancements, including "improved AI (much better now), more video and windowed modes, MP3 intro, super specials with power bars, 6 special moves per character (1 new type of special added, a static special that'll allow for movements like dragon punches and long range hits), character editor update, up to 1000 characters, collision boxes, impact sprites," and more! - dutch

  • If you downloaded February 13's release of ZSNES, you may want to download it again, from the ZSNES homepage: "Whoops! Accidently commented out the DSP1 logging code incorrectly (used ASM Syntax instead of C). Just re-uploaded v0.9891c with the proper fix so please re-download it if you play DSP1 games (such as Mario Kart). Sorry for the inconvenience." Thanks to Digiwrath for the news. - dutch

  • RealityMan posted some new screenshots of UltraHLE 1.5.0 running various games at the UltraHLE site. Almost missed Jandaman's post of a nice homebrew Nintendo 64 ROM called Claysn64, which is a clay shooting game perfect for testing out the emulator, thanks PRoToCoL. :) - dutch

  • A NES emulator called PlasticNES v0.1 has been released, you can download it from it's official site (recently opened) and give it a try. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, February 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:22 EST

  • NES9x has moved over to EmuHQ, their new URL is http://www.emuhq.com/nes9x. They have posted that NES9x's "primary objective is to be NES equivalent to the SNES 9x, that's why we're GOING to release the source, but we have to finishing cleaning it first, so no source probably until next week." - dutch

  • Lanzador Uni, a Windows frontend for DOS Mame in Spanish and English, has moved over to Mameworld, so be sure to update those bookmarks. Additionally, the latest version 0.21 Final has also just been released, adding new design, individual configuration for games, both Spanish and English in the same package, and more. - dutch

  • Christian let me know that a Quicktime clip of the X-Men Movie trailer has been posted over at Apple.com. - dutch

  • The Guru has posted some great WIP pics of his recent "Suzuka 8 Hours" (Namco, 1993) dump running in an early MAME driver! (Thanks Till)
    - prophet

  • Emulation-X did an interesting interview with Sega 32x AGES author Jeffrey Quinn! There's also an exclusive screenshot of "Knuckles Chaotix" running on the emu in its current alpha state.
    - prophet

  • Gridle has updated the Mame WIP page, looks like the Toaplan hangs got fixed. :) - dutch

  • MAME32 0.36 beta 16 released, you can also donwload the source here. Thanks to John and DJ Infinity for the news. - atila

  • Back In Time has posted an extensive review of The Next Tetris for the PC and PSX. Mike encourages the classic gamers that are considering picking up this title to read both the PC & PSX reviews for this game, as there are a lot of differences between the two versions.
    Keep an eye on Back In Time, as the 1st Anniversary episode of the Back In Time webcast will be posted within the next week or so. Since it is the 1st Anniversary of the show, Mike has lined up a VERY special secret guest. - atila

  • Here are a few short techbits: Kenwood has released a car MP3/CD player, AMD will be offerring a 933Mhz Athlon somewhere in March, an AMD CPU will also power Microsoft's X-Box, combined with the Gigapixel graphics chipset it will supposedly outpower the PS2 by 2-8 times! - atila

  • DIY surgery is not a smart thing to do. Thanks to Mark for the link. - atila

  • Happy birthday to Chevolt! Chevolt's birthday is today, his wife's birthday is tomorrow and Morgan's birthday (his son) is on the 28th! Also a Happy Birthday to Jeff "King of" Spain from James and a Happy Belated birthday to Enternal! People keep those mails coming :) - atila

  • Genesis Power is back! While some of their files are offline from their main site, their mirrors should be functional. - dutch

  •    Monday, February 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 20:40 EST

  • SNEeSe v.0.40 released! "Many serious changes and fixes including: new tile caching method, 17.5 minute SPC crash fixed, greatly improved timing and compatibility..." SNEeSe is a SNES emulator for DOS. The source is also available. Check the homepage to learn more. - dutch

  • Planet Mame used too much bandwidth, which is why it's currently down. Jon plans to have it back soon. - dutch

  • I still haven't gotten around to those Japanese lessons, but for now Justin, one of our visitors, has this report regarding Famtasia 5.1 beta 4: "It's obvious that the sound is emulated 100% accurately now! =D This also means that both square wave channels sound right, the noise channel sounds correctly, and DPCM channels and samples (especially in Tengen's "Gauntlet") are emulated 100% accurately. I didn't translate any text, but using the emulator obviously proved what I'm reporting." Thanks for letting us know! - dutch

  • Stefano let me know that his MESS Companion page is on hold for now due to his computer dying. Don't worry Stefano, I'm sure you'll be back up and running soon! :) - dutch

  • Steven sent me a link to R-Cade master out at videologic.com. This may be old news to some, but for newbies (like me) to building your own Mame cabinets this looks pretty sweet. This is a controller board designed to hook up analog input switches on an arcade cabinet to your PC, including the coin slots. :) - dutch

  • Safe Sex! Thanks to Asiliat for the pic ;) - atila

  • This week's bannister.org poll asks "Is Nicola right to remove Pong and the Gambling games from MAME?". - richard

  • My perspective on the MAME thing is that Pong should be left in MAME until such time as an alternative emulation project supporting it is released. The same goes for the gambling games. Taking stuff out of MAME and throwing it away is the senseless part IMHO. - richard

  • I notice a lot of people seem worried about the gambling games / pong issue in future releases of Mame. From what I've been reading, this is not "games with a gambling theme," but games that actually are gambling machines (like Golden Star). Pong can still be done as a seperate project. (Please bear in mind I am not MameDev.) I suggest you read this post and also this one, both by Dan Boris, I myself am keeping a cool head. ;) - dutch

  • The Overclocked dudes have reviewed Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon. I have never heard of this game, so I'll be reading this one now. Oh, there's also a small tidbit about Hash ;) - atila

  • Azuco has posted various screenshots that were made with A-Saturn. No game pics yet, but some very nice "Saturn Menu" pics are available. - atila

  • Madrigal (hosted here @ Retrogames) has updated 4 (!!) of his simulators and he has also released his first docs on how to write your own simulator! - atila

  • I recieved a mail from DOX yesterday regarding the "eXboy situation". Dox is the author of HASH, the HASH source was used in creation of eXboy. You can read the mail by clicking here. - atila

  • ZSNES 0.9891 released! Another small update to this fine SNES emulator, here's what's new:

    - Slightly changed SB16 initialization
    - Forgot to remove DSP1 debug code
    - Fixed a pitch modulation bug when Voice 0 modulates Voice 1. Thanks to kode54 for this fix!

    If you have trouble with the regular version (linked above), the the ASM only version of ZSNES. Thanks to JoseQ for the link. - atila

  • Shane Monroe delights us with another RetroGaming Radio, "This 28 minute episode features reviews of Dragon's Lair II: Time
    Warp DVD Video, Intellivision Lives! CDROM compilation, the return of the 8-Bit Flashback, and more! Flash4 format has been improved with FF/REW controls to jump through segments - plus we've added more mirrors
    - atila

  • And a happy birthday to DinkeyToy (Xray1's wife :). I've mentioned this before, if YOU want to wish someone a happy birthday, just mail me. - atila

  • Famtasia 5.1 beta 4 has been released, although I don't see an update over at the homepage. Binary is here courtesy of Roni. :) - dutch

  • Planet Mame has been shut down by the provider. Jon has tried to contact his provider for an explanation, but he hasn't heard back from them yet. He is unsure when he will be able to get it back online. - dutch

  • Fellow, a fast Amiga Emulator for DOS, has had an update to version 0.3.5. This is a "minor maintainance revsion." - dutch

  • John IV has been posting lots of WIP updates over at the Mame32 QA (Quality Assurance not Questions and Answers :) page. He reports "after about 6 builds and testing/tweaking we've once again got an excellent sounding, non-crasher." Sounds nice! - dutch

  • Emucamp is giving away lots of prizes for their two millionth visitor.. they've posted quite a nice prize list with all of the details. The prize list includes a Classic Gamer CD ROM, a Personal Arcade CD ROM, a copy of Bleem, a copy of Magic Engine, a copy of Amiga Forever, and a Zophar's Underworld Volume 3 CD autographed by Uzplayer and Darkmazda! :) - dutch

  • What do the mafia and RS have to do with one another? I've absolutely no idea, but that limo sure looks nice. :) - dutch

  • I read about a new NES emulator over at EmuHQ called NES9x (not to be confused with an SNES9x). Version 1.0 beta is now out. It's coded in C and is apparently pretty fast (I haven't tried it yet, too busy ;). I suggest visiting the site and giving it a try. Here's a direct link to their readme. - dutch

  • Pete has released version 1.29 of his PSEmu GPU TNT OpenGL Plugin. You don't need to have a TNT card though to use this plugin with PSEmu Pro. This version adds "two more filtering modes for sharp looking sprites and texts." - dutch

  • Zeograd has released the source code to Hugo 1.10. "...don't expect the source to be fully compilable right after the extracting. You'll need Allegro for Linux and Dos version and also Seal and eagle for the dos one (maybe also the libamp library). All of this stuff can be freely found on the net." Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Atani Software has released Generator32 version .13. They report "some things have been broken again, but some have been fixed." :) Please note you must have DirectX 5.0 installed in order to for it to work properly. Visit Atani Software for more info. - dutch

  • Apparently Pong and the gambling games are to be taken out of MAME. Here is Nicola's post on the subject. - richard

  •    Sunday, February 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:40 EST


  • Sun believes the only place for 63,000 bugs is a rain forest. - richard

  • Leo Postma has conducted an interview with Hans de Goede, maintainer of XMAME, the *NIX port of MAME. The interview is available in both Dutch and English, since not everyone can read/understand Dutch (odd eh ;) - atila

  • UPDATEHav0k contacted me and told me the following: "eXboy uses Hash source code (from the free source thing on EG), and i know the guy, and he is being helped by the guy who made Hash...so it is a new emu in it self...he is adding sound next.."
    (old post) *Sigh*, seems Exboy (mentioned yesterday) is merely a recompile of HASH. That's a pretty low thing to do. Thanks to everyone that mailed me.
    - atila

  • MikeDX has released the private betas of EmuDX32! "Due to the present situation with rebuilding lost data, the recently unavailable EmuDX32 private betas are now available for download. Before you download these, please note that they are VERY buggy and probably will not work on your machine." MikeDX has posted three builds, each of which works to a different degree. Remember to read all of the docs thoroughly before reporting any bugs. - dutch

  • The Official Raine Site posted about Silver Translations working on a translation for Armed Police Batrider, a great game supported by Raine! They have several other projects lined up as well. - prophet

  • Everyone should check out Ontrack.com - as you may know, my hard drive died last week, and I thought I'd lost all my stuff. But I was actually able to recover ALL my files by using the Easy Recovery software at Ontrack. Yes, it cost me some cash, but it was worth it! They have a free demo version there and I'd highly recommend everyone keeping it around just in case. Oh yeah, my mail is working now too. :) - prophet

  • Oh no!! Cataclysm!!! NESten Beta Cataclysm has been released, here's what's new:

    - Fixed problem with Save RAM where it would not save unless the Save RAM already existed.
    - Fixed a wicked problem. (Which caused crashes)
    - Hopefully restored "weird"/incorrect colors on some computers.
    - Added Recently opened files.
    - Added Reset configuration.
    - Now remembers window position and size.

    Here's our mirror of the binary. Oh and by the way, happy birthday TnSE! :) Thanks to Lycia for the news. - dutch

  • Retrogaming Times #30 has been released. The following articles are featured:

    -A look at the new Pacman for the Atari 2600 as well as an interview with Rob Kudla!
    -Reviews of Blaseroids and Targ!
    -Video Game Challenge with Ladybug vs Mousetrap!
    -The conclusion to The Menace From Outer Space story!
    -A whole lot more!

    Thanks for letting me know Tom. ;) - dutch

  • Hehehe.. Failed Console Ads over at Overclocked. :) - dutch

  • Hugo 1.10 has been released: "I've mainly managed to chase out the bug of controller remapping as said previously. One more Hu card is playable (dungeon explorer US) and ISO support have been slightly modified (some iso can now run in bios mode instead of no bios)." Click here to go directly to their download page. - dutch

  • AdriPSX DOS version 00.02.16 has been released, This is a Playstation emulator that can run Alundra, Tomb Raider II, Tales of Destiny, and other games. This version adds:

    - Some speed ups on DynaRec
    - Added instructions J and JAL to the compiler
    - Improvements on MDEC skipping and GTE
    - More Dynarec instructions added
    - Many other bugs fixed

    Download it from psxemu.com. They also have some screenshots posted, I must say they look quite nice! :) - dutch

  • No Mame beta or RC release yet.. you did remember to stop by Guru-Choc's Arcade ROM Heaven, didn't you? - dutch

  • A bugfix release of 1-UP has been released. Head on over to the 1_UP site to pick up a 375K patch that will update your version to 0.9.77. - dutch

  • Generator32 has been released over at the Atani Software site, this is a Win32 port of the Linux Genesis Emulator. Expect there to be bugs, but feedback is needed now. :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Roman added Logiqx's Hive 1.04 datfile for CLRMame Pro to the official CLRMame Pro site. - dutch

  • Team Japump reports that they have dumped Esprade (JPN Ver.), UO POKO (JPN Ver.), Dangan Feveron (JPN Ver.), and Battle Garegga (JPN Ver.) - dutch

  • WinBoycott 0.61b has been released, this is a Win32 port of the Boycott Gameboy and Gameboy color emulator. Thanks to JoseQ for the news. - dutch

  •    Saturday, February 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:05 EST

  • GoodCompare 1.01 released! Straight from the docs: "An incredible utility for Cowering's "Good" series of rom renamers has been created by a very talented programmer (who wishes to remain anonymous) for the use of the emulation community! Good Series Missing File Compare v1.01 allows you to take your "miss" text file generated by any of the "Good" series of programs available, and compare it with another person's "miss" file. It then creates a list of what you need from that person, and what that person needs from you! It will also create a batch file for the missing romsets. *NOTE* you both MUST be using the same newest version of the "Good" rom renamer or else the compares will not be correct. There is currently no support file or help for this utility." - atila

  • ..... - atila

  • CPS2Shock has been updated ""with a few screenshots of two new games known to be released for the CPS-2 system this year thus proving the system is far from dead. One game is by Eighting / Raizing, the people who do the wicked shooters currently emulated in RAINE which some may find interesting." - atila

  • EXBOY released! This is a new Gameboy emu, I haven't it tried yet, thanks to _Bouncer for the news. (Can you notice I'm bored?) - atila

  • MGhandi has done an interview with Tyranid, author of 2 WIP Sega Saturn emulators (Lucifer and Sat'on'Em). It's quite a lenghty interview, but well worth a read. - atila

  • A-Saturn 0.15 released! Lots of new things in this release, here goes: "added SCU-DSP emulation, finish SMPC emulation, bug fix SH2-LD-DIV emulation, bug fix VDP2 cell mode drawing, divide VDP drawing routine form RTI routine(more time critical), full rewrite RTI-SMPC source code, many bug fix ...." More info about this Sega Saturn emulator can be found at the A-Saturn site. Thanks to Ben-J for the news. - atila

  • Gridle updated the Mame WIP page! Get out your beta capsules. ;) - dutch

  • Please head on over to Overclocked to take the test. Also, click here for the Top 25!! ;) - dutch

  • Speaking of Overclocked, the Overclocked Remix site has its own domain now: remix.overclocked.org. Now online is a Zelda remix called "Rabbit Joint." - dutch

  • I've read on several sites that a Win32 port of RockNES is in development. "Currently, it´s *very* slow ´cause of 6502 emulator used (we´re trying to replace it) and it runs at 14FPS in my P166." - dutch

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The BSOD, Jumbo-tron style! ;) Thank you DigiWrath! - dutch

  • A new site has opened up over at Emuviews called The Games Nostalgia. "This project has the intent to redesign, remake and sequel many games that for some reason didn't receive a special attention from its developers, was forgotten or deserve to be revived." While this is not emulation, it is about keeping the spirit of classic games alive. I had a look at his WIP List, it includes the following titles: "Altered Beast 2," "Golden Axe 4: Eternal Power," "H.E.R.O.: Danger In Downtown," "Double Dragon: No Limits To Survive," "Thunder Force VI," "Space Harrier: Galactical Conflict," "Super River Raid," and something called "Wait for more suprises..." ;) - dutch

  • SadNES32, a NES emulator for Windows, has been updated to version 11 beta 5. It runs around 40 ROMs, supports Direct Draw, and control pad 1. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Peepo is still at it... even more Commodore 64 tape images have been added to Redump 64, they are: Barry McGuigan's Boxing, The Dam Busters, Dan Dare, Laser Zone, Last Mission, LED Storm, Luna Landa, Magnetron, Mama Llama, Match Point, Matchday II, Matrix, Mermaid Madness, Metabolis, Metropolis, Miami Vice, Monopoly, Monte Carlo Casino, Manic Miner, Monty On The Run, Music Maker and Nexus. - dutch

  • BrMSX 2.3 was released a couple days ago. This is Ricardo Bittencourt's MSX emulator for DOS written in 32 bit assembly. This version introduces MSX2+ support (which is a bit buggy at this stage), 512x384x15 video mode, and various bugfixes and improvements. Thanks to the MEP-Crew for the news. - dutch

  •    Friday, February 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:01 EST

  • Prophet here, just getting back after a horrible hard drive malfunction. The following is a public service announcemeht: Make regular backups!!! I didn't. :( Also, don't email me, because I can't get it yet. A huge thanks goes out to the kind people who helped me recover the URL's to some favorite websites. And also thanks to Atila for keeping me active here at Retrogames despite my long absence. Dutch has certainly been doing an awesome job in my stead! - prophet

  • The Mame Tester's site has been updated with the latest Mameinfo.dat file. This covers all known bugs and issues up to Mame v36b15. Unzip the mameinfo.dat file into your Mame directory, then use the "history" function to view. - dutch

  • Bill Gates supposedly said that he would be willing to "open-source" Windows if it would mean that Microsoft would not have to be split up.
    - atila

  • "Step right up, step right up! Get your FREE Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 here!" - atila

  • Shane Monroe has some good news for all you Amiga lovers out there: "Amiga Emulation Zone is proud to announce we have broken 125 games now posted on line! New games include MANY classic pinball games, and some of the absolute best classics for the Amiga like Stunt Car Racer, Veteran, and more!" - atila

  • Classic Gamer Magazine has posted a sneak preview of the yet unnamed, PacMan game for PC, by Atari. - atila

  • Peepo has updated Redump64 with more Commodore 64 cassette tape images! They are: Hole In One, Hollywood Poker, House Of Usher, Hyperbowl, I-Alien, Impossible Mission, International Rugby Simulator, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, The Island Of Dr. Destructo, Jack Charlton's Match Fishing, Kane II, KGB Superspy, Kikstart II and World Cup Soccer '90 (Italia '90). There's lots more new stuff as well. :) - dutch

  • Digitoxin has released NESToy 3.01 with Windows 2000 support. :) It also includes bugfixes, spelling corrections, and other additons which you can read by clicking here. Thanks to Emucamp for the news. - dutch

  • Cowering has released GoodGen 0.27, now all ROMs are classified, and more good dump info has been added. If you find anything missing in his database, please mail him. :) - dutch

  • Amiga Mania (a French site) has been updated with 5 Amiga disk images: Bargon Attack, Carvup, Kult, Maupiti Island en Français, and Player Manager. Thanks to EmuHQ for that one. :) - dutch

  • Sardius has updated his site with some new dumps. - dutch

  • Any of you 80's video game freaks remember JM Production Co.'s Starcade? I do.. it was on every weekday where I lived. This was a gameshow where the contestants (usually pre-teen kids :) would have to play arcade games like Sinistar, Dig Dug, etc. and score a certain number of points in order to win. I saw over at a@h that JM Production Co. has now set up a Starcade web page! You can browse all of the games that were featured on the show, play some online trivia games, and they'd also like to hear from former contestants! While the web site is still under construction it did bring back quite a few memories. :) - dutch

  • Roman posted a Shark 3.1 datfile (made by Logiqx) for CLRMame at the CLRMame Pro site. - dutch

  • SkulleateR, a member of the Jag Bag team (currently working on a Jaguar Emulator), has posted some very upsetting news about a gas leak and explosion at his father's house. His father is thankfully OK but has suffered burns, and the house was not insured. Jag Bag is therefore delayed but by no means stopped, please visit the Jag Bag page for more info about how you can help. - dutch

  • Zipmany 6.07 has been released, here's what's new in this release:

    - Resources are now just 25% of previous versions, if you were experiencing low system resources, you should definitely upgrade to this version
    - Folder/File display is now set to 2/5 Folder 3/5's file, but you can change it to suit your needs
    - Tray icon for when Zipmany is minimized during zipping or unzipping
    - Toggle option to hide ZM from the taskbar when minimized
    - A bar showing how much disk space you have remaining
    - Password protected Zip files can now be tested (Using Unzip P/word)
    - Subtle Interface Changes
    - Icons to menu items.
    - Zip history now updates from the top ;)
    - Invert now inverts the folders
    - Folders update after creating a new folder

    Zipmany is shareware, it's $20 US to register. - dutch

  • 1-UP 0.9.76 has been released. Lots of bug fixes and new features have been implemented, including a folder tree view (like Explorer) and an import Wizard that walks the user through the setup paths. Have a visit to the homepage to review the full list of changes and download your copy, it's about 4 megs. (My ISDN date is 2/28 so you'll start to see me post more local mirrors of things then.) Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news. - dutch

  •    Thursday, February 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:48 EST

  • More news from JoseQ, the latest *private* alpha of NEMU can run Ridge Racer64, which was released a few days ago. A pic is provided at the NEMU site. - atila

  • Is it true !? A 32X emu?! FINALLY !??!?!?!? (okay, I stop with being melodramatic now ;) Thanks to JoseQ for the news. - atila

  • Power Emu did some compatibility testing with Win2000 and all the emus they could find (a LOT!), the results aren't too shabby. - atila

  • Sony of Japan did some compatibility testing with the Playstation 2, they ran 15 random PSX titles on it. The results were "bleemish" to say the least, PSX owners are going to be in for a rough ride ;) Thanks to Sony-Otaku for the news. - atila

  • This is from the "totally uncredible" section, Windows95 for the C64. I must say, it's very well done :P Thanks to |\/|arc for the link. - atila

  • Remember that bit of news that Dreamcast users would be able to play Genesis/PCE games on their machine ? Well, Sega Otaku is now reporting that the emulator will come with Dream Passport revision 3 (that's the DC browser), which will be out in March. It's going to be called DreamLibrary and it will be available for Japanese users only (for now ?). - atila

  • The UHLE site has posted an UltraHLE screensaver, courtesy of Razor Edge. Speaking of screensavers, DemoNews has 2 new cool screensavers up, one is called Flux, which kinda looks like the Geiss plugin used in WinAMP. The other is a really cool fireworks screensaver, best one I've seen :) thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. - atila

  • The Space Invaders Shrine, hosted here at Retrogames, is MCIWORLD.COM's "featured site of the day"! - atila

  • The Mame Testing Project is looking for new testers.. if you're willing to "adopt" some games in Mame, thoroughly test them, and report bugs with each beta release, this is the place to go. They have recently updated the known bugs and bug report page, give it a check. ;) - dutch

  • Since this was talked about earlier, I just thought I'd mention... take a look at where www.mameworld.com points to now. Roc asks that you do not update your bookmarks yet. (Note: at 2:00 am EST 2/17/00 it points to Mameworld, my apologies if it points somewhere else when you read this.) :P - dutch

  • MESS WIP has been updated with the following news: "Paul Daniels has submitted a driver for the Philips P2000T. He is also working on a driver for the Acorn atom, but this one isn't finished yet." Thanks again to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • Overclocked reviewed Data East's 1989 arcade game "Trio the Punch." Hehe.. "We Give Up: What the Hell is going on??" ;) - dutch

  • PacMame v36b16.2 has been released, adding more games and mazes. - dutch

  • Bleem! just keeps getting more recognition.. EmuHQ has posted a magazine scan of a review from a Swedish Magazine (I don't see the name of it) on Bleem!. Looks like on a scale of 1-10 they give it a 7. :) The Bleem! team has also been interviewed over at 3D Game Force. - dutch

  • This year's Classic Gaming Expo is scheduled for July 29-30 at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Thanks to the Coinop History Archive (which has just been updated with lots of stuff btw :) for the news. - dutch

  • Roddy let me know that he once again updated GeoshockFR with some Amiga Games, they are: Cannon Fodder, Darkseed, Dune II, Eye Of The Beyolder I, Eye Of The Beyolder II, Flashback, and Holidays Lemmings '94. - dutch

  • The MEP-Crew has posted a special version of the Java MSX emulator that will play games in 512x384 window size. (The previous version only did 256x192). You will need Microsoft Internet Explorer with Java enabled (does not work with Netscape yet). - dutch

  • Users of Cowering's "Good" utilities will no doubt be familiar with bad dump entries in the output listings... Digitoxin released a utility that removes these. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • A Microsoft console? Yep, the rumors were true, Microsoft is in fact developing a console called the X-Box, which is supposed to be more powerful than the Playstation 2. "Not only does it utilize a 1 GHz CPU (!), but it also has a 4 GB hard drive, which will allow you to download patches, have an internet cache, install new software, download games, download media (music, movies) and so much more." Guess all they need now is Sony's developers. ;) Thanks to Snoopie for the link. - dutch

  • Looks like Zoop is getting ready for a Meka RC2 release, here's what's new so far:

    - Optimised "double" blitter.
    - Fixed a sometimes happening savegame loading bug introduced in RC1.
    - Fixed some emulation bugs introduced in RC1: Out Run, Back to the Future 2, Spiderman vs the Sinister Six, and probably billions of other are working again.
    - Fixed a text overlapping screenshot bug introduced in RC1.
    - Fixed rare crashing bug with the blood cursor GUI effect.

    Go Zoop! :) Thanks to Opi (a day late :) for the report. - dutch

  • Let's see if I can catch up with things... sorry I'm late :) - dutch

  •    Wednesday, February 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:12 EST

  • The Macintosh version of Generator has been updated to v0.13. - richard

  • In a surprise move, ATI has bought ArtX, the developers of the graphics chip used in Nintendo's Dolphin (new next-gen console). ATI will most likely use the technical know-how to boost the quality and performance of future graphics chips :) - atila

  • Mac users are well aware that the Mac version of Hu6280 has been stalled for some time due to the failure of Jamsponge to send me the most recent source code. A completely unscientific poll can be found here - asking if YOU think that I'll ever be sent updated code. - richard

  • I have a small complaint about gasprices in The Netherlands. Shell will be raising the price for a liter of Euro95 benzine (gas) to Fl. 2,50 this Friday here in Holland. That's about $1,14 per liter, or just under $5 per gallon. my car takes 85 liters for a full tank, that's Fl. 212,50 or $96. I'm going to cry now .... - atila


    Below is Tim Eckel's list of demands for the return of the MAMEWORLD.COM domain name, as you can see it is the most pathetic pile of crap you are ever likely to read. All hosted sites will remain open, but the news and everything else will stop until we decide if it really is worth the time and effort to continue.

    This is what I saw when I visited the site moments ago, the demands are childish, to say the least. - atila

  • Sony has filed a new suit against Connectix alleging patent infringement. Sony claims that "Connectix is illegally using those patents to make a rival product". Connectix are the makers of Virtual Game Station (PSX emu) for the MAC and soon Windows. - atila

  • If you would like to join us on EFnet IRC #Retrogamers and you have no idea HOW, then you should read this guide by SAV2880. It'll only take a few minutes to set up and when you login, you'll be surprised how many people are in the channel (or "chatroom"), talking about everything except emulation =) - atila

  • GoodDeal Games have posted an interview they did with Nolan Bushnell. Chances are you've played one of the games that Mr. Bushnell has worked on :) - atila

  • The guys at MAME WORLD have been trying to get MAMEWORLD.COM for some time now. First it was cyber-squatted by an Italian dude, who let it go without notice. Then somehow it ends up in the hands of Tim Eckel, when accessing www.mameworld.com you will get redirected to tim's site: Arcade@Home. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for this and I'm sure that Tim Eckel will be willing to hand ownership of the domain over to the MAME WORLD guys, they are so pissed now, that they want to call it quits. Thanks to --[ PRoToCoL]-- for the news. - atila

  •    Tuesday, February 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:41 EST

  • Remember that post back on the 8th about the legislation (Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act or UTICA) they were trying to pass that would allow software companies to have much greater control over your system in general? They passed it. At least, in Virginia they did. Let's hope more states in the US don't follow. Thanks (I think) :\ to Drewbert for letting me know. - dutch

  • Dutch, please check your mail :) - atila

  • The MAC version of MESS 0.36b16 was released yesterday, click here to download it. - atila

  • Roman Scherzer has released ClrMAME Pro 1.1, the "pig newton" problem has been fixed! ClrMAME Pro is a MAME rom manager for Windows, hosted by MAME World. - atila

  • Pretzel and Green have done a review of Shaq Fu. I can wh00p Shaq's behind any day, I know Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Peking Duck and 7 other asian words. - atila

  • DemoNews (at first I thought it was the trackerscene e-zine ;) has posted a 3D pacman clone, called PacMania 3D. It's pretty cool, it uses Direct3D when available for some cool effects. Thanks to Marconelly and Tim & Cheryl for the news.
    - atila

  • Noooooooooooo, I'm blind! (thanks to Darin F. for the pic ;) - atila

  • Snorter sent me some info regarding the status of Genesis Power: "First our zip files were abducted by aliens, now some server misconfiguration has Genesis Power deep in a coma... I have been assured that it is being worked on, and that the site should be back up at any time. We suspect the near-death experience will bring new releases, although a liberal dose of banner clicks will be required to nurse it back to full health." As for EmuChrist (in case you missed the update), Judas posted earlier that they will be needing a new host. - dutch

  • I missed this yesterday, I read over at arcade@home that the US Postal Service did in fact do a 80's video games postage stamp. As you can see in the link, it's two kids playing Defender on the Atari 2600. Remember how bad it was? If I'd have had Mame back then, I would have freaked. :) - dutch

  • Generator 0.13, a Genesis emulator for X-Windows (Linux) has been released, with other ports to follow over the next few days. This version adds svgalib mode, auto-skip, bug fixes, and interlace support. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Cowering has released GoodGen 0.26 with updates to the database and a bugfix. - dutch

  • Woom!, a MSX emulator for Windows, has been updated to version 0.3 beta. New to this version are MSX2 support, preliminary V9938 emulation, WD2793 FDV Disk emulation, full screen support, and fixes in memory handling. Thanks to The MEP-Crew for the news. - dutch

  • I think if I hear one more person say "WASSSUP!" I'm going to scream. :) - dutch

  • Razoola updated CPS2Shock's gamelist with lots of game artwork. He's currently seeking game instructions and marquee artwork from CPS2 games, drop him a line if you can help! - dutch

  •    Monday, February 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:33 EST

  • Yet another ROM release today, this time from Arcade ROMs from Japan. It's Gun Buster, a Taito game, this is not in Raine .28f. Thanks to Razoola for the news. - dutch

  • Fx3 has released RockNES 1.00! I'm sorry I can't provide a local copy since our FTP server seems to be down. Thanks to Snotz for the news. - atila

  • Yet another release from Team Japump, this time it's Ring Rage (jp, us, world versions). They also report to have dumped Metal Black, though it doesn't appear to be available (yet :). Thanks (as always) Till. ;) - dutch

  • I don't know what happened to Emuchrist or Genesis Power, I'll report on it as soon as I know more. (403 means that public access to the site has been turned off by either the providers or site maintainers.)
    Update: Judas let us know why Emuchrist is down, you can click here to read it. - dutch

  • "Two Columbine High School students were found shot to death in a Subway sandwich shop near the school where 15 people were killed last year." Thanks to Drewbert for the news. - atila

  • Today is Valentine's Day, it's not too late to pick up that phone and get your girl-/boyfriend some nice flowers or something! (Mental note: call Fleurop!) - atila

  • MGhandi has interviewed Sean Doidge, SEGA IRC Network admin (official DC IRC network) and SEGA DC Zone employee. Click here for the interview. - atila

  • JoseQ has interviewed Thierry Lescot, better known as ShinobiZ, the author of the System16 emulator. Thanks to MikeDX for the news. - atila

  • Eraser showed me this mpeg file (1.6MB), I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes :) - atila

  • Michael Russell has posted another rant, where he describes the fiasco that is Ultima IX and Electronic Arts' total lack of respect for their customers, with regards to Ultima IX. I must say that I read it and was amazed by EA stupidity! Click here and see WHY Michael calls for a boycott of EA. - atila

  • The suprise release of Raine .28f caught just about everyone offguard, I don't think I've ever seen an arcade emulator release that enabled as many large (file-sizewise) and unreleased games. Regis over at EmuChrist sent me his current ROM report. According to his report, there are still 16 games that have checksums in Raine's database that have not been released. (The report doesn't account for yesterday's release of Riding Fight from Team Japump.) Oh, just thought I'd also mention, they have all the correct ones online. ;) - dutch

  • David Lloyd has posted three new "OC" remixes over at the Overclocked site, they are: Super Mario Land 'Millennium', Bubble Bobble 'Jungle', and MegaMan 2 end theme 'Raveland'. I'll be leeching them overnight.. my ISDN date is 2/28/00. :P - dutch

  • I just checked back over at Redump64, and I see Peepo has been adding lots of games! - dutch

  • Winamp 2.6 is out... thanks to Sonikku for letting me know. - dutch

  • What's your favorite emulator? How about your 25 favorite? Head on over to Emucamp and vote and vote! Lilac writes, "Theres 150 to choose from,and everyone can cast avote for thier top 25. The results of the poll will be announced beginning March 31, as the top 100 as voted by all emulation fans will be revealed." - dutch

  • If anyone's been having problems finding mirrors for Sega CD Power's releases, SAV has posted that more will be available shortly. They will also be releasing an ISO+MP3 release of Dark Wizard within the next day! (ISO+MP3 = much smaller download :) - dutch

  •    Sunday, February 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 13:21 EST

  • Do you have this urge to kill those pesky Pokemon ? Well, now you can with this screensaver that acts as a game. It's kinda like Space Invaders, except you shoot at PokeMon :) Thanks to DrSteveW for the link. - atila

  • I didn't get home until 7:30 AM, kinda tired right now. - atila

  • Team Japump released Riding Fight (JPN USA WORLD Ver.)!! - dutch

  • ZSnes 0.989 released!! Here's what's new in everyone's favorite SNES emulator for DOS:

    - Fixed some SA-1 sudden slowdowns. This does slow down the overall emulation speed in SA-1 games though.
    - All sounds were being played at the wrong pitch (slightly higher than normal. It's now fixed so Zsnes should sound better now.
    - Thanks to kode54 for helping out here!

    If you have trouble running it on your machine, try the ASM only version. - dutch

  • There has been some WIP news posted at the UltraHLE site for the upcoming version 1.5.0. "The OpenGL development is now at a stage where both 2D/3D wireframe and filled poly's are working well and all the only major bit of code to finish is the texture code." They've posted 9 screenshots from the latest development version. - dutch

  • More sad news I'm afraid.. Charles M. Schulz, the creator of "Peanuts," has passed away at the age of 77. :( - dutch

  • Segu has released a PSEmu plugin called PSmplay 0.1. "This is the tool which can see STR/XA/TIM of PlayStation. All can't be playback, and it isn't understood whether it can cope with it from now on, too, at present. It may work with the environment after DirectX3 because only the function of DirectX3 is being used fundamentally." Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Blini release 4 is out! It now supports 1212 Known disc ids. Blini is an ini file editor for Bleem. Right from the homepage, here's what's new:

    - Bug fixes
    - Blini! now shows when a game works under D3D
    - An improved update function for those of you who didn't got the old one working. The old function : "Online Update (based on MSWINSCK)" The new function : "Online Update (based on MSINET)"
    - Changed the window size - Now viewable in 800x600
    - The Compatibility.TXT isn't load on startup any more, this causes a speed improvment of more than 400% on startup

    Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Meestamee made a dub called "The Sinistar Megamix!" It's in wma format, so you'll need Windows Media Player. Click here if you want to send Meestamee feedback. - dutch

  • Peepo has updated Redump64 with more games! The aim of Redump64 "...is to collect as many original Commodore 64 tape images and related files as possible." Remember these? It would take 30-60 minutes to load 60k games from a cassette tape. :) - dutch

  • GalEMU 0.40.9 has been released for DOS and Win32. This is Barry Rodewald's Galaxian arcade emulator, and this release "adds Streaking and Black Hole, and is now also compiled with M-Z80 v3.3." - dutch

  • Virtual Gameboy 1.6.1 is out, this is a Gameboy color emulator for Macintosh. Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • DarcNES 9a0212 has been released. DarcNES does more than just NES, this release adds PCE CD support! This is for Linux / FreeBSD. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  •    Saturday, February 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:50 EST

  • World of Arcades has released Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Capcom 1988) US Version. Bet it's still impossible to play. :) Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch

  • Guru-Choc posted the fix for Hat Trick Hero 95 so that it is correct in Raine .28f! Looks like the credit goes to Rizzo for this one, nice going! ;) - dutch

  • Madrigal has released another simulator, this time it's "Donkey Kong Circus" from Nintendo's Panorama Screen Series. It's the first beta, yet 99% complete, according to Madrigal. Download this and many other simulator from the site above. - atila

  • MAME WORLD has posted all the MK and MKII music in MP3 format! - atila

  • |PeNTiuM| mailed me saying he beat all 75 levels of the Shockwave version of Chu Chu Rocket -- 25 more levels surfaced! Just insert this .txt file into 'windows/system/shockwave/prefs' and you will get acces to all 100 levels. - atila

  • Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page again! - atila

  • Someone squeezed the Lemon, thus releasing 60 new C64 games!
    - atila

  • Overclocked - A Polite Reaction. In other news, Overclocked is now hosting acmlm's ROM hack domain. - atila

  • I'm not dead... - richard

  • Raine isn't dead, and EmuDX isn't dead! MikeDX writes, "As some of you may already know, a large percentage of the EmuDX development tree was lost due to a hardware failure this week, but thankfully almost everything has now been either recovered or re-written with the exception of a percentage of the EmuDX32 code." Would anyone else like to announce that they're not dead? ;) - dutch

  • Windows 2000: "Urging developers to clean up their code, a Microsoft exec says: 'How many of you would spend $500 on a piece of software with over 63,000 potential known defects?' It ships Thursday." Don't worry though, those numbers are inflated. According to the article, while there are over 65,000 "potential issues," Microsoft only expects about 28,000 of these are likely to be "real" problems. :P Can you imagine what tech support reps are going to have to deal with on February 17? Now I've seen it all... Thanks to metallik for the link. - dutch

  • DBoy has been updated to version 0.56. As usual with Japanese releases, I don't know what's new. :D Thanks to Kosh for the news. - dutch

  • Prentendo 0.06 has been released, or, as the official site puts it, "Blah. Pretendo 0.06 is out." :) This is a NES emulator for Windows, and the what's new list is quite big. Thanks to Delta for the news. - dutch

  • Sooooooooonic! Genesis Power has released Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (JUE) donated by Kirkland. - dutch

  • Cowering has released GoodGBX 0.31. This is a Gameboy / Gameboy Color ROM renamer. New in this version:

    - Now using GoodGen scanning engine, so ZIP works, as well as reporting changed names, and scanning CDs
    - GoodGBx is a complete replacement for GoodGB and GoodGBC
    - GoodGB and GoodGBC are no longer updated
    - dutch

  • PacMame v36b16.1 has been released. This is the Pac-Man only version of Mame that plays more clones and hacks than you can shake a stick at. :) New to this version are two new hacks, corrected PacPlus set, and enhancements to PacTray. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. Go download PacMame and other necessities today. ;) - dutch

  • NLMSX 0.21 is now out, be sure to check the homepage to read the full list of revisions. This is a 16-bit MSX 1, 2, and 2+ emulator for Windows. Thanks to Stephanie and Arnaud for the news. - dutch

  • Scudoobida! RocLobsta informs me that JoJo's MESS Companion page is now part of MameWorld! "It has everything you would ever need to know about running MESS and its various drivers. It has docs, FAQs, ROM links, in fact everything! If you've never tried MESS then now is the time!" - dutch

  • Some upbeat news from Arcade ROM Heaven.. Guru-Choc's server should now be back in full swing. I do repeat however, go easy on it. He also mentions some news from the MameDEV end: "MAME will also sound a little better soon with some samples going bye-bye, but its early days yet." Guru-Choc has also posted fixes for Aqua Jack and Dead Connection. - dutch

  • In a new trend of BRWINs (Beta Revisions With Interesting Names :) NESten Beta Belzebub has been released. From the home page, here's what's new:

    - Save RAM Save/Load problem fixed. (I hope, try it out for me)
    - Color emphasis added. (Final Fantasy 1, Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy)
    - Black/White mode added (SMB3)
    - Thread handling partially changed.
    - Mapper40 added (SMB2j, "Lost Levels")
    - PPU Bug fixed (Fixes Simpsons, Bigfoot)
    - Rewrote some DDraw handling. May be slower, but should be more compatible.
    - Thanks to Vector for his CHEATS.TXT. (Now go and cheat you lowlife scum :)
    - dutch

  •    Friday, February 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:49 EST

  • CPS2 Shock has posted some updated DAT files for use with both CLRMame Pro and ROM Center, they are now both at version 1.77. - dutch

  • On the Raine note, Team Japump released "Top Ranking Stars / Prime Time Fighter (JPN USA WORLD Ver.)". It's 7.24 megs, big thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch


  • A new MAME CE has been released, here's what's new:

    o Limited support for sound. Sound enable option on menu.
    o Show Profiler menu option.
    o Show Frames Per Second menu option (doesn't seem to work).
    o Show clone games option (filters clone games in game list).
    o Show all supported games option.

    MAME CE is a MAME derivative for use with WinCE devices, although it won't work on all. - atila

  • Dreamcast.IGN has done an extensive story on the apparent exodus of developers, all heading towards the PS2. Sony's spin doctors are doing their work and Sega needs to make sure that developers stay put. Btw, any developer focussing solely on the PSX/PS2 is pretty dumb and robbing himself of many many $$$. Sega is already developing for other platforms (NGPC/Gameboy) and this is pretty lucractive. That's a small hint. Thanks to whoever it was that gave me the link, I forgot your name. - atila

  • Very sad news I just read on Emucamp.. Jim Varney died at the young age of 50. He's better known as "Ernest..." you know, the "Hey Vern" guy. :( - dutch

  • MESS keeps adding more... the latest is an Amiga driver! - dutch

  • I didn't get a chance to look at it yet, but I see Guru-Choc noticed that there is a missing ROM image (according to Raine .28f at least) from yesterday's release of Dead Connection. :\ - dutch

  • If you're into video game music, there's a site called Bigmog.com you won't want to miss. Up for grabs are mp3 remixes of theme music from such games as Bust-A-Move 2, Super Mario Brothers, and Axelay! I think I know what I'll be leeching later on.. :) Thanks to Katharsis for the link! - dutch

  • I see Emuchrist has been busy updating with goodies for Mame and Raine. :) - dutch

  • Oliver has uploaded another six MESS BIOS images, they are: Atari 400, Atari 400 PAL, Atari 800 PAL, Commodore C64GS, Commodore SX64, TI 99/4ae 50 Hz Version. - dutch

  • Setcleaner has been updated to version 2.1.6. New to this version are JFF support, rewritten cleaner code, auto sample conversion, and game list bugfix. - dutch

  •    Thursday, February 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:55 EST

  • Good news from the Virtual Game Station front, the judge has ruled that Connectix can start selling this PSX emu for MAC as of right now: "The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided today to "reverse and remand" a Preliminary Injunction on sales of Connectix Virtual Game Station on all counts. Shipments of Connectix Virtual Game Station for Macintosh will begin immediately. Online sales at www.connectix.com began today and a Windows version will ship shortly." For the full press release, click here. Please read the judge's findings (listed in the press release, as they contain some VERY good points). Thanks to Aaron Giles for the news. - atila

  • Airzoom has added a few more wallpapers at EmulaZone, the Metal Slug one is nice :) - atila

  • Team Japump have released Dead Connection (JPN version) by Taito. Thanks to _Mark_ for the news. - atila

  • Dith has cleaned up the Space Invaders samples for Mame. "The original 8 bit samples have far less background hiss and the deep hum from the new 16 bit samples has been completely removed." Thanks to MameWorld for the news. - dutch

  • Roman posted some updated datfiles on the CLRMame Pro site for System16, MESS 0.36 beta 16, Rage 0.9, and EmuDX 1.0. He also posted more tips on the ever popular Pig Newton ROMset (everyone's favorite game ;). - dutch

  • The Register has done a story on the new steps Microsoft is taking against piracy of its products, especially Office 2000 seems to be protected well. Office2K will come with a Registration Wizard which "will prompt users to register online and will generate an installation number. Although the official release from Microsoft doesn't stress it, the point here is no installation number = no installation". Is that legal ? What about people with no internet connections (yes, those 7 of 'em out there!)? - atila

  • Lemmy has released LemAsm, it's "an N64 assembler / disassembler and ROM-editor for Windows. You can use it for developing purposes or to view pictures of n64 roms. Main reason I wrote it was that Niew doesn't support cop0 or cop1 (or I am too stupid)." Those are Lemmy's words, not mine ;-) - atila

  • MAME has been ported to yet another platform, this time it's Windows CE! MAME CE for Cassiopeia E-10X was released earlier, I have no CE device here, so I can't test it. I also didn't see any source code at the site, hopefully it will be added soon. It doesn't work on all CE devices, so please read the documentation and check out the messageboard at the MAME CE site too. Thanks to Techmaster for the news. - atila

  • |pogo| sent me a funny link, it's all about Japanese Engrish, kinda like SNK-glish, yet it is all used in real life. Some pretty funny things there :) Oh, and before you start trippin' all over the Japanese people, there are a lot of people that don't even speak their native tongue the way they should, so don't even go there, "girlfriend" =) - atila

  • Eric mailed me saying he'd been running an N64 Box Art Archive for some time now, some of the boxes are still shrink-wrapped :P - atila

  • There is my beloved 605 SRi, standing nicely parked. Here comes my neighbour and he hits the lefthand door, denting it! At least he was nice enough to leave a note behind my windscreen wiper :) - atila

  • If any of you noticed the comments on the official Raine site posted yesterday and are a bit confused, I would suggest reading this post on our General message board from Dan Boris, it clears a lot of things up and makes some good points. - dutch

  • I will be suing Overclocked for copyright infringement, as Pretzel's behaviors are too close to mine to be a mere coincidence. ;) - dutch

  • Famtasia has been updated to 5.01. As usual, I've no idea what's new. However, I did spell the name of the emulator correctly this time. :) - dutch

  • The NeoGeo CD Emulator page has been updated with some news of a new version in developement. It's going to do plugins! :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Today's Genesis Power is Castlevania - The New Generation (E), dumped by Kail. - dutch

  • The Ultimate Neo Geo Resource has reviews and ratings online now for all games from A-J. Thanks to uzplayer for the news. - dutch

  • How they got "Panty Raider" out of "Pokemon Snap" is beyond me. ;) Thanks for the link Ooga (I think :) - dutch

  • Cowering has released GoodGEN 0.24. This release adds more ROMs, dump info from Genesis Power, and also "'changes' works with 'list' now for those that need it." - dutch

  • Blazemore has updated his Game Skins site with some new NeoGeo scans donated by Hessel Meun, they are Super Dodgeball, Pop and Bounce, Double Dragon, and Neo Bomberman. "Supposedly Pop 'n Bounce was only a beta, so in theory it shouldn't have a marquee or insert." Hmmm.. :) - dutch

  • Oooooo, nasty. I read over on Emuviews that MikeDX had a hard drive crash, and lost a lot of his EmuDX development work. No need to e-mail him, he's doing the best he can, and also reports that this is a setback but not a critical hit. Personally, I mirror things like this on a Jaz cartridge in case of stuff like this. Good luck, Mike! :( - dutch

  • Eham has informed me that he will be posting a new PCE ISO every week out on Forever Sega. This week he has an unknown title that looks, shall we say, a bit "interesting." ;) Next week he plans to post Loom. - dutch

  • The Frogger remake gets a sequel, Frogger II. :) Back in Time has posted some nice info about it. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • RS has hinted at the emulation of several newer NeoGeo titles. While this of course is controversial to some (and not endorsed by emulation world), RS has still nevertheless posted some interesting technical information on how many of the newer titles are encrypted. - dutch

  •    Wednesday, February 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:42 EST

  • GeoShock.fr has posted disks 11-20 of Assassin Games for the Amiga. - atila

  • A new private beta of Retrocade was released yesterday and if all goes well, this same beta will be released to users soon. There are a few new things to keep in mind, it now uses the same roms as MAME and they should be merged. The sound in "Pacman" games (including Galaga, Bosconian etc) has been fixed and is exactly the way it should be. There are also new .pak files, which will be available for download shortly.
    - atila

  • The Register is reporting that "Sony has admitted that the upcoming PlayStation 2 may not be quite as backwardly compatible as the consumer electronics giant has previously claimed". It will "only" affect games that write direct to the hardware, bypassing Sony's APIs. That's a *LOT* of games, click here for more on this story. I hope Sega releases a Saturn emu for use with the Dreamcast soon, let's get that smirk off of the PSX gamers' faces ;) - atila

  • Here's a small Overclocked flood, brace yourself:

    HOT Headline - Bill Bradley endorses emulation

    OC Fanstrip #14 - Taboo

    OC ReMix - TETRIS 'Slavic Roots' mix

    - atila

  • MacMAME 0.36 beta 16 released! The Mac version is no win synch with the DOS version, here's what's new:

    - In sync with DOS beta 16. [Aaron Giles]
    - New Glide plugin. [Brad Oliver]
    - Added pause/unpause calls to the plugin API. [Brad Oliver]
    - Rewrote debugger window code to make it more system friendly. [John Butler]
    - Created a new, simpler sound system. 16-bit and stereo are no longer options. [Aaron Giles]
    - New 'Categories' folder where category files are placed and automatically detected. [Aaron Giles]
    - Video plugins that are loaded, but not able to run, are displayed grayed out. [Aaron Giles]

    You can find out more about MacMAME on the MacMAME site. - atila

  • sl1me has posted a page where you can play all 75 levels of ChuChu Rocket (an upcoming Dreamcast game) in Shockwave. This is in Japanese only, and previously only the first 25 levels were released at Sega Japan's site. Exodus3D actually had already gone a step further several days ago and posted a page where not only can you now play all 75 levels of the game, but also posted complete Shockwave interactive English instructions! Check it out here. :) - dutch

  • I thought I'd post a reminder about Apollo69's NeoGeo page. Apollo69 has some very interesting technical info available, and his $500 challenge to people to prove the existence of "Ironclad MVS" is still there as well! - prophet

  • MAME World announced an unfortunate hard drive crash which has halted Aber's work on MAMEzine. If you haven't yet looked at MAMEzine, it's great fun and worth checking out. If you can possibly donate an old HD to help out, contact RocLobsta. - prophet

  • Raine may be over for now, *but* the Official Raine site is still being updated quite a bit with related news and info! My friend Antiriad posted some cool classic Taito game links, and also a bit of info regarding MAME. - prophet

  • MikeDX has updated the EmuDX site with quite a gorgeous screenshot of Pac Man running under EmuDX32! (Heh, you can even see Visual C++ in the background. ;) MikeDX also hints at another DOS release soon, and mentions a change in the DX file format (a converter will be released to save from re-downloading though if that happens). - dutch

  • Oliver has posted the new BIOS images needed in MESS v36b16. - dutch

  • DarkTetsuya has had a site going for a short while on Geocities called "PC Engine Power." It's nice to see him make the move over to Geoshock! Currently up for leeching are HyperDyne SideArms Special and Prince of Persia US. Be sure to update your bookmarks! - dutch

  • Rodimus Prime has released A/PMame v36b16! Remember, AMame ("Alternate Mame" not "AMD Mame" :) is for AMD processors (K6/K7/Athlon), Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, and Celerons, while PMame is for Pentium and Pentium MMX processors only. - dutch

  • Gens 0.141 has been released at the homepage. This is a Genesis emulator for Win32, new to this version are auto frameskip, key settings for player 1 and 2, and other optimizations and bugfixes. - dutch

  • Amiga Mania has posted another 9 games! They are: Arabian Nights, Ancient Battles, Armourgeddon, Beyond the Ice Palace, Bard's Tale, Bionic Commando, Bloodnet AGA, Brat Fightin' Spirit AGA. The site is in French but I don't think non-French speakers will have any trouble. ;) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Genesis Power has released a previously undumped ROM - Mickey Mouse World Of Illusion (E). Note that this is different from their previous release of Mikey Mouse Castle of Illusion (US). - dutch

  • NE, a NES emulator for DOS, has been updated to version 1.04. The author may add SNES and Gameboy support at a later date. Again the page is in French, but EmuHQ has a translation posted. :) It has a new interface, and you can now control the speed of the emulator in the ne.ini file. - dutch

  • Hasbro Interactive and Atari are suing GT Interactive, Xtreme Games, eGames, MVP Software, Webfoot, and Varcon for Copyright Infringement. Among some of the games Hasbro is accusing some of these companies of "blatantly copying" are Centipede, Asteroids, and Missile Command. Are they finally getting their revenge for "Pac Man (bootleg on Galaxian hardware)?" :P Thanks much to Drewbert for the news. - dutch

  • Crash has been updating his Mame / Retrocade Tips site with more games, recently he added Pooyan and Burnin Rubber. The MARP gallery has also grown quite a bit, there are now 15 profiles (and ugly mug shots ;) online. - dutch

  • Pagan 0.19 has been released over at the official site on EmuHQ. New to this version are a "new GUI (plugin) and textures in 3D graphics plugin." Pagan is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Win32 that currently runs mostly demos and homebrew games. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, February 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:44 EST

  • Several big software companies are trying to screw the user over ... bad! They're trying to pass legislation that will allow them to have much greater control over YOUR system and will be a lot more favorable to the software companies, in general. The examples listed are pretty scary. I suggest you write to your state's senator and complain -- NOW! Thanks to |pogo| for the link. - atila

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan released "Kyukyoku Tiger 2" (Taito F3). It's about 6.2 megs, hosted over at Geoshock. Again, this is in Raine .28f. Warlock reports, "Graphic layers alignment problems. Since it runs on the F3 system, there is no sound." - dutch

  • World of Arcades released another new clone: "Exerizer (Jaleco 1987) Bootleg Version." Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch

  • MP3.COM is countersuing the RIAA for "unfair business practises", now that the chess game has started, I wonder who will be check-mate first. thanks to cdman for the link. - atila

  • DaemoN has updated Roar with lots of new pics and scans. If you're looking for a good site with pictures of consoles, games, carts, and controllers, this is it! - dutch

  • Ooooh, Gamescans posted 42 Intellivision scans! Nice. Thank you Opi Wan Canoli. (Sorry, it's atila's fault ;) - dutch

  • There've been some WIP updates over at the Official Mame32 site, and also the screenshots and icons for beta 16 have been posted. - dutch

  • SAV2880 has released Dark Wizard over at Sega CD Power! SAV mentions "It's a nice hard-to-find RPG with some great cinematics. It's also a straight BIN / CUE rip, so while it's big, you will get the great sound quality you'd expect in a CD game." Be informed however that this is 170 megs (!!!) - dutch

  • Is Pig Newton behaving strangely on you with CLRMame Pro? Roman posted some info about this, be sure to give it a look. - dutch

  • Napster has released version 2.0 beta 5a of their mp3 search engine. Thanks to Lycia for the news. - dutch

  • According to Videogamefans.com, "The Sixth Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards will honor videogames for the first time. The award show airs this June on the Fox network live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles." I vote for LOSJ. ;) - dutch

  • Cowering has released GoodGEN 0.23. This fixes some bugs with the reporting and missing lists, adds more ROMs, redump info from Genesis Power, and more reporting options. - dutch

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... - dutch

  • The RockNES site has moved over to Emuviews, please be sure to update your bookmarks. They don't have a release date for the next version yet, but they posted pics! :) - dutch

  • NESToy 2.9 has been released, which includes various fixes and updates. NESToy is a NES ROM manager / renamer / repair tool. Thanks to Drstu for the news. - dutch

  • Heh, that was fast. Warlock has tested yesterday's release of Light Bringer (Taito F3) by Team Japump. He reports "Graphic glitches and there seems to be a speed related problem. This one is definatelly worth checking out." - dutch

  •    Monday, February 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:49 EST

  • Team Japump have released Light Bringer over at GeoShock, which is in Raine .28f. I haven't had a chance to see how it works yet, I see Warlock hasn't either. :) - dutch

  • I was thinking of installing Linux on my machine, WIN98 dualboot. I have a copy of Corel Linux and a copy of Redhat/SUSE/Slackware, which are available from the Chello ftp site. Which one should I install ? Don't mail me, please use the general messageboard, it should be a lot easier. Thank you :) - atila

  • Amiga Mania has posted 9 more Amiga games which you can download, including a few AGA games. Click on "jeux" to download them :) - atila

  • The Macintosh version of Generator has been updated to v0.12c. The new version fixes a bug in the InputSprocket support and adds the second Genesis controller. - richard

  • MESS has been updated to v0.36b16. This version adds the usual complement of new drivers and bug fixes. It is also, unless I'm very much mistaken, the first publically released C64GS emulator (now I'll sit and wait for all 5000 people who e-mail me to tell me I'm wrong... :). -richard
    Update: Heh, 100K/s is nice. :P Here's a local mirror of the binary, source, and also the what's new file. :) - dutch

  • TV Babes is a Dutch site about all the women that host shows, do the news, and what not on Dutch TV. I thought it'd be a nice idea if you met some of the women that grace our Dutch screens every night. I'll give you a few examples, Leontine Ruiters used to be our "Vanna White", and Sacha de Boer is everyone's favorite news anchor. (yes, it's a slow news day :)
    - atila

  • Generator32 (WIN32 port of Generator) is now showing graphics and hopefully a release should be here soon. There's also a bit of news on the TRwin (N64 emu) front, RCP has given control of the project to IcePir8 (who was doing the OpenGL port) and a "newbie", whose name will be revealed in a week or so. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - atila

  • SMF has released ReDump 2.9, this version adds support for the redump of "Mutation Nation"! You can download it at SYS2064. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the link. - atila

  • Danmanya has released EMUplus version 36 beta 16, now in synch with MAME's DOS port. There are three versions online: a Pentium / 486 / 586 version, a K6 / K6-2 / K6-3 version, and a Pentium Pro / Pentium II / Pentium III / Celeron version. Here's what's new:

    - Same changes that .36 beta 13 had (Yes I know I missed b14 and b15. Real busy but EMU+ isn't dead yet)
    - Sample listings fixed.
    - Video modes were tweaked as well as the autofire code to make it work under the new beta. Video modes still have some problems but they work for a lot of games now. Others they kinda go BOOM.
    - Everything else is in here. (Autofire, Overclocking, Neogeo Save States, Continuous Neo-Geo Save States, Force 16 Bit Display, Crazy Screen Modes (Craptv, 50% Scanlines, Eagle, Lcdblur, Blur (Cleanblur), Mamejoy and Opti-Mame tweaks (Analog controls, Screen Centering, Joystick Select Menu, etc), Demo Mode, Marp High Score Listings, and Sound Logging (Wizard of War and DAC Driver (Mortal Kombat, etc)).
    - Again if you have problems contact EMU+ team.
    - dutch

  • DARCNes dn9a0204 has been released, it includes several bugfixes and a preliminary PC-Engline timer interrupt emulator. Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • Overclocked - Click My Bleem!!. Is it me or does ad banner man remind you of Henenlotter's Belial? - dutch

  • Mr. Shane Monroe has updated the Amiga Emulation Zone... more cover scans, and more games!! :) Thanks to Emuviews for the news. - dutch

  • World of Arcades has added some new clone dumps, they are “Sichuan II (Temtex 1989) alternate jap. Vers.” and “Thunder & Lightning (Visco/Seta 1990) jap. Vers.” Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch

  • Emuschool has been getting a lot of updates, it's at version 1.6 now. The remaining opcodes have been added, along with support for 8x16 sprites, and changes to the PPU. Emuschool is a NES emulator in development that can serve as an educational tool for aspiring emulator authors. Thans to Pachelbel for letting me know. - dutch

  • Sir Jaguar has released an ISO of Dragon Ball Z (TG16). - dutch

  • Be sure to update your bookmarks for Btribble's Unemulated Arcade Games Database. - dutch

  •    Sunday, February 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 15:05 EST

  • Midway has released the Arcade Party Pak for the PSX, it features emulated arcade classics such as 720, Smash TV, Klax, Rampage, Super Sprint, and Toobin'. Mike Stulir has the review! - atila

  • Nintendo has said that their new console, named DOLPHIN, will be 33% faster than the Playstation2, thanks to Gridle for the link. - atila

  • Magic Box has posted pics of Last Blade and Metal Slug: 2nd Mission for the NeoGeo Pocket Color. It's about time I buy one too, I guess :) Thanks to Setsuna for the news. - atila

  • The EmuDX site has been updated with a bit of news, the Linux and WIN32 ports are well underway and the WIN32 port will be able to use 3D cards for groovy "first person view" effects, and even those whacky "mario64-style" camera angles. I hope they give Pacman a riot gun too ;) Thanks to "he who is known as PRoToCoL" for the news. - atila

  • Sunday's are so boring .... - atila

  • AneX86 2.11 released! This is an Epson PC-X86 emulator for Windows, if you require any additional files, you can download them from the link above. - atila

  • Generator/MacOS has been updated to v0.12b. The new version adds support for InputSprocket. - richard

  • UltraINI 1.0.27 has been released, this update gets Zool Majou Tsukai Densetsu working, fixes the Dual Heroes patch, and adds more comments. Thanks to a@h for the news and the file. - dutch

  • Infe over at Zophar's Domain has posted scans of the Incite article about Bleem. I didn't know they got their pictures taken for it! :) Here are direct links to scan #1 and scan #2. - dutch

  • 1-UP 0.9.66 is out! It can now toggle through multiples images per game, adds configurable information tabs, adds a default search path for images, and contains some other small updates and bugfixes. Get it from the 1-UP site. - dutch

  • Speccyal Version 0.71, a Spectrum emulator for Windows, has been released at the homepage. There is now fullscreen support, dual joystick support, and a whole slew of fixes. Thanks to Emucamp for the news. - dutch

  • There have been two Atari emulators released today at the Atari800XL Emulation Page for Falcon030 / TT030 / Medusa / Hades / Milan. They are Atari800 for DOS/Linux v0.9.9d (change list is big, they posted it here), and EmuXL v0.35 by Draco. Thanks to Lycia for the news. - dutch

  • Genesis Power has released Genesis Release #53: Mickey Mouse Castle Of Illusion (US). - dutch

  • NESTen 0.6 Beta Apocalypse has been released, here is what's new:

    - FINALLY got a README file :) Muchos Greatos Thanks to Zophar.
    - Added Palette Console, you may now edit the palette to your liking... and save it!
    - Mapper25 added.
    - The value search in the cheater now accepts numbers greater than 255.

    Be sure to check the homepage for more info. Thanks to Crono for the news. - dutch

  • Guru-Choc has released Puzzle Bobble 4!!! - dutch

  •    Saturday, February 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:34 EST

  • NeoGeo Team 2000 has released the ISO+MP3 of Super Sidekicks. One of their mirrors also had to close due to hammering. Please go easy on the remaining ones if you want them to stay open. Thanks much to the duck for the news. - dutch

  • Roddy has updated GeoshockFr with 10 legal Amiga disk images of Assasins games! You can get directly to them by clicking here. - dutch

  • If anyone was redirected to offensive material while visiting an Emulation World site, Zachary Williams of the ZTNet staff has posted an explanation as well as an apology. - dutch

  • MESS WIP has been updated with news of more supported systems, including Commodore Basic and Commodore C65. They've also posted some BBC Micro Driver pics. - dutch

  • Hu-Go has been updated to v1.0.9. - richard

  • The Macintosh version of Hu6280 has been updated to v1.89v4. This version is NOT in sync with the latest updates on the PC side, however - and may not ever be. For full information, and for what you can do about it, follow the link above.
    - richard

  • Virtual Reality is a new N64 emulator hosted by EmuUnlim, it only runs demos right now, but all start out this way, don't they :) - atila

  • MAME is 3 years old today! Here's what Till had to say about it: "Exactly 3 years ago on February, 5th 1997 Nicola Salmoria merged his single game emulators into MAME v0.1 which had support for 5 romsets and due to the
    continued work by Nicola and the great help of lots of gifted contributors the latest MAME version (v0.36 beta 16) now supports exactly 2000 romsets which is quite incredible! So again, happy birthday MAME and many many
    thanks from me to everybody on the MAME team for making this possible!"
    Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news (time for cake :) - atila

  • EmuForce is now hosting FPSE, which is a Japanese PSX emulator, which happens to be open source. For a full "what's new", check the FPSE site! - atila

  • Hmm, maybe it's time I bought some more Lego, that Lego machine gun looks nifty :P Thanks to Windrake for the link. - atila

  • If you visit the Raine site or some other sites hosted by emulation World, you might see some adult pics. This is because someone messed around with the secondary name server of Emulation World, where that person (name will be revealed later) redirected any request to those sites to his own site (also to be revealed at a later time). Emulation World and its hosted sites would like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. More on this later today. - atila

  • The FBI has busted "Pirates With Attitude", one of the biggest and oldest warez groups. - atila

  • Megan Williams was hit number 11,000,000! I'm still thinking about a prize :) - atila

  • Having fun with Mame v36b16? Think you found a bug? Bug reports go here. PLEASE, remember to check the docs and the board before posting. It's easy, say you've found a bug in Centipede (Erkel found one earlier ;), open the docs in notepad, then do a "search," "find," "centipede." Then do the same on the bug report board, hit ctrl+f and search for "centipede." - dutch

  • Here's another HU6280 DirectX beta test, we're up to version 1.50! This one does CDROM ISO's (among other things). Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Overclocked - "A Few Good Bleems." (You can't handle the truth! :) - dutch

  • The third MARP tournament is underway. Are you any good at these Mame games? - Amidar (Stern), Burnin' Rubber, Gauntlet II, Ghouls'n Ghosts (World?), Lady Bug, Marble Madness (set 1), Ninja Kid II (set 2), Tron (set 1), Xenophobe, 10 Yard Fight - If so, give the top score page a look, then submit your input file. You can check the Mame docs for information on how to record an input file for submission if you've never done it before. Last date for entries is March 31, 2000. - dutch

  • Back to the Roots has added 10 legal Amiga games available for download! Thanks to Opi-wan :) for the news. - dutch

  • Mac1964 0.4.5 has been released, with several optimizations. Check the homepage for more info. - dutch

  • I just checked Warlock's Emulation Status page, I see he's been busy adding lots of games, including Neo Geo. He's also been updated the ROM info on the Raine page. - dutch

  • MikeDX has reported that more games have been added to EmuDX. He has posted a games status page where you can take a look at the complete current list. He also reports some bugfixes since 1.0's release. - dutch

  • Uzplayer posted some news about a really cool Java MSX Emulator by Arnon Cardoso that you don't even have to install. Go to the site, pick a game, and play it in your browser! Be sure you have Java turned on before doing so though. - dutch

  •    Friday, February 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:59 EST

  • Gridle has posted a MameWIP update already. :) - dutch

  • Our Pure-emu link should also be 100% now as well. - dutch

  • Bombjack informs me that they have a full MAME 0.36 beta 16 romset up for grabs at MAME.DK! - atila

  • Generator/MacOS has been updated to v0.12a. This version adds 16-bit video and fixes a problem with 4MB .smd ROMs. - richard

  • Neo Fever has released the MVS dump of Mutation Nation. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch

  • The MSX Emulator Page has added 160 MSX games which you can play with a Java MSX emulator -- online! - atila

  • Gridle has compiled the CPU optimised binaries again, get them from the MAME site. Now get back to yer Pringles, Gridle! - atila

  • Till has compiled the fixfile for the latest MAME release! Included in this fixfile are fixes for: geebee, gwar, hippodrm, hotchase, marvland, streetsm and wecleman. The new sets for Mortal Kombat are not included (yet ?). Thanks to Opi (Wan Cannoli) for the news ;) - atila

  • The Russians have come up with the perfect (albeit drastic) way to keep people tuned into their favorite TV channel: a news anchor that strips, while bringing the day's news! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a flight to Moscow to catch =) - atila

  • It ain't even in the stores yet, but here it goes anyway: Windows 2000 Service Pack 0.1! Thanks to Nonoche for the news :) - atila

  • Gerrit Goossen has released Mac1964, download and go play Mario64! Thanks to Martin64 for the news. - atila

  • The Register is reporting that "VA Linux Systems is to buy Andover.net, owner of Slashdot, Freshmeat.net and a clutch of disparate Linux Web sites, for $1 billion in shares and some cash." I'm willing to sell RetroGames.com for a few bucks less, only serious offers please ;) - atila

  • A new version of Generator/MacOS will be released shortly to correct a few problems in v0.12. Follow the link for further information. - richard

  • PacMAME has been updated to version .36 beta 16. This updates the PacMAME code to the DOS MAME code, updates PacTray to version 4.0.4, and supports 2 more hacks. You can download it from their site on here on Emulation World. - dutch

  • Here is a list of all the games that have had ROM changes in MAME version 36 beta 16. - dutch

  • StefD has released Gens v0.12 Beta. This is a Genesis emulator for Win32. It now has DirectX support, but there are some bugs present, be sure to check the readme file. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • I don't have any ROM reports for Mame v36b16 yet, but I suggest you pay Arcade ROM Heaven a visit if you are "wanting." ;) - dutch

  • Get well soon Till! :( - dutch

  • Genesis Power released a dump donated by AlanD: Bible Adventures (Unlicensed). This was "the last Wisdom Tree game that needed dumping for the Genesis." - dutch

  • While we are on the subject of the Bible, Overclocked's new episode: "Bleemid & Soniath." - dutch

  • Remember that Half-Life ban that was mentioned a few days ago? It's been lifted. Thanks to Adrox for the news. - dutch

  • PSXemu has posted some screenshots from the latest Alpha version of AdriPSX, a new (and and unreleased) Playstation emulator. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • AOL is being sued for 8 billion dollars (that's not a typo) in a class action lawsuit. While I doubt AOL is actually going to end up paying that out, I can confirm (as a tech support guy) most of the frustrations discussed in the article. Thanks to Drewbert for the news. - dutch

  • 6 new PC98 games have been released at The X68000 Games Pile here on Retrogames: AD&D - Pools of Darkness, AD&D - Secret of the Silver Blades, Deja Vu, Macross Remember Me, Marine Buster and Onnanoko no Shikumi. You also might want to check out The Japanese Computer Emulation Centre. - dutch

  • Ever wonder which retrogames are legally available for free? Have a visit to Retroactive, where "...you'll find previously commercial games which their makers and copyright-owners have let pass to public domain." - dutch

  • Opi reports that Zoop has released Meka 0.41 to beta testers. He has rewritten the light phaser emulation, making several more games playable, along with additional bugfixes and optimizations. - dutch

  •    Thursday, February 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 19:32 EST

  • Here's the Mame v36b16 binary. - dutch

  • MAME 0.36 beta 16 released! Only the source is available right now, click here to see what's new. Thanks to JoseQ for the fast leech ;) - atila

  • Cowering has released GoodGen 0.21! GoodGen is a Genesis/Mega Drive/32X ROM renamer and knows 1827 roms and variations. Here's what's new: "More ROMS, redump info from GenesisPower, updated 'needed dumps' list, more reporting options." - atila

  • Exodus3D has released version 2 of her Mame theme, and also version 2 of her Zelda 64 theme. These can be used in both Windows 95 or 98 with Microsoft Plus! installed. For those who don't have Plus!, Exodus3D recommends giving this proggy a try. I just gave them a look and they are VERY nice. :) You have probably seen Exodus3D's art on many emulation sites, including her reworking of Chemical's Mame logo and the vodka bottle on the (currently down) Impact site. - dutch

  • Generator/MacOS has been updated to v0.12. The new version brings it in sync with the Unix release of yesterday. - richard

  • Mario wants to get "bizzy" =) Thanks to Gerard P. for the link.
    - atila

  • Barry Rodewald (Galaxian Emu) has released a Qsound player for DOS called QPlayer. It will allow you to play the music from Capcom CPS-2, ZN-1 and ZN-2 arcade games and uses the latest version of Neil Bradley's M-Z80 CPU emulator which was released earlier. It doesn't work with all Qsound games yet though, check the site for more info. - atila

  • Fellow, a fast Amiga emulator for DOS, has been discoutinued. "Unfortunately, Fellow is not developed anymore. None of the developers can find the time or interest to keep on developing it." Last version is 0.3.4, the source code is also available at the Fellow site. - dutch

  • On the other hand, WinUAE has had private beta 3 of version 0.8.11 R1 released to testers. Nice to see this Amiga emulator for Win32 still in development. - dutch

  • Setcleaner 2.1.6 is now available. New to this version is JFF Support, new cleaner code, auto sample conversion, and a bugfix in the game list. Visit their site here on Emulation World to grab it. Thanks to VGN for the news. - dutch

  • Genesis Power has released Mickey Mania (U). - dutch

  • Havok has posted a very short interview with Realityman's wife. I must say it's a very interesting perspective (and nick ;). Thanks to Zophar for the news. - dutch

  • mIRC has been updated to version 5.7. If you use this Win32 IRC client, you might want to try it out. Common sense: make a backup of your current IRC directory if you have a lot of l33t scripting installed, then copy in the new version and see how it runs. ;) It's supposed to support Microsoft Agent via scripting, those cute little animated helper characters. :P - dutch

  • UltraINI has been updated to version 1.0.26, this fixes some cheat codes and comments, and removes some duplicates. Thanks to a@h for the news and the file. - dutch

  • Emuschool has made the move over to Vintage Gaming, and now has a new URL, emuschool.vintagegaming.com. Please update your bookmarks. The new version 0.1.4 has also been released, with its first working commericial ROM, Tennis. If you want to learn how to code an emulator, this is a great place to start. Thanks to Pachelbel for the news. - dutch

  • I missed some news yesterday that Phantom DJ sent me on a new version of Missle Command by Hasbro Interactive. This is in first person 3D, and looks pretty sweet. It's available for the PC or Playstation for around $30. - dutch

  •    Wednesday, February 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 21:29 EST

  • The Flash has released ROM Zipper 1.25! This is a free zipping utility. This version adds "Convert Zips to folders," and "Change Zipped Files' Attributes" options, and fixes a bug in "Renaming files after zip." Here's the patch to upgrade from version 1.22. - dutch

  • For emulator authors, Neil Bradley has updated MZ80 to revision 3.3. This version fixes a few bugs and has a slight speed increase. Thanks to Eagle for the news. - dutch

  • Hehe, it beats Mavis Beacon I guess. Thanks Ooga. ;) - dutch

  • Generator for Unix has been updated to v0.12. The new version features lots of bug fixes, in particular with the video rendering. In addition, I've posted some information on the Mac port at my page. - richard

  • BEN-J has interviewed Azuco, the author of A-SATURN, a WIP Sega Saturn emulator. Click here to read the interview. - atila

  • Amiga Emulation Zone has added several games to the download list, here goes: "Spy vs. Spy 2, Ooze Creepy Nights, Uridium 2 (!), Fly Harder AGA and MORE!". - atila

  • Zipmany 6.06 was released earlier, be sure to try it if you haven't yet. - atila

  • If you'd like to listen to good Dutch station (with lots of trance/house/top 40 tunes), be sure to check out Radio 538, which is the #1 station among young people. Yes, it's a shameless plug, but it's good "tunage" =) Oh yeah, click "FM LIVE" for a live stream. - atila

  • As of today, AOL has 21,000,000 subscribers. 'Nuff said, thanks to Drewbert for the shocker. - atila

  • Overclocked - Rock-On - SNK-glish Poetry (230kb MP3 file included) - atila

  • UltraINI has been updated to version 1.025. This adds more codes for Goldeneye, Mario64, and Zelda64. Thanks to VGN for this news. - dutch

  • Gamepics has been going strong, and building quite an archive. Opi reports that 581 scans are now online. They recently added 60 Genesis scans and 3 Game Boy Color endings. - dutch

  • In case you missed it, Guru-Choc posted some more Mortal Kombat revisions (for those entitled to them). He also has a contest going, he will give away some arcade boards to his 3 millionth visitor. Oh he has a little something else online you might find interesting. Go easy on it. - dutch

  • Famtasia 5.1 beta 2 has been released. As usual with the Japanese releases, I can't read what's new. Maybe I should start Japanese lessons? :) Here's a local zipped mirror. Thanks to Emugaming for the news. (Update, thanks to Jub for correcting my spelling :) - dutch

  • Quickmame version 4.63b is out. QuickMAME is a front end for DOS Mame. At this time, their homepage seems to be down, but I was able to get the file from EmuHQ. There are some bug fixes and speed ups in this release, including automatic checking for non-existing files. - dutch

  • Joe Groff has updated his Unix port of DGen/SDL to version 1.20. - dutch

  • There's an interesting thread over at the Bleem support message board confirming that they are in fact suing Sony. Rand writes, "But it's a lot more complex than you think. For more details, check out this month's issue of Incite PC, or Forbes magazine." If I can manage to get ahold of those articles I will post them, although DarkPhoenix appears to have posted a transcription of the Incite article over at EmuHQ. Thanks to Zophar for the news. - atila

  • KGB version 22 beta 2 for Windows has been released. Control keys and the display size can now be changed, 50% scanlines, a favorites list, and auto-load state from slot 0 have been added. - dutch

  • Belgaren has translated the French article on Bleem that BEN-J posted. It's from "Joypad" magazine. Thanks much to Belgaren and all the other translations I got. :) - dutch

  • StartRAINE has been updated to version 28.1 beta 1. This fixes the set Mame default keys and the Japanese descriptions in the new Raine version. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, February 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 20:04 EST

  • There were some errors in the Nintendo Playchoice 10 datfile that Haze released previously, but he fixed it. :) - dutch

  • Crash has added a MARP gallery to tips.emuviews.com. It includes online profiles of MARP regulars, including pics! Mine's not there, but if it was, it would include "throws controller at monitor in many of his inp files." ;) - dutch

  • "Researchers using one of the most powerful computers in the world said on Tuesday they had traced the origin of the AIDS virus, dating it to around 1930." Thanks to Drewbert for this news. - dutch

  • BEN-J scanned an interesting looking story on Bleem from a French newspaper. Je ne parle pas français, anyone care to help? :) Here are direct links to Ben's scans: Page 1 and 2. - dutch

  • Marisa was kind enough to send me a mail about the status of Redump2k.com. She has not had a lot of time to deal with the site lately, and only recently noticed that it had been pulled. She is currently looking into it, it may or may not return at a later date. - dutch

  • A new emulator for the Sharp PC1350 Pocket Computer (anyone remember this? :) has been released. It's called PockEmul v.0.5 for Win32. Don't miss the bugs list. Thanks to BEN-J for the news. - dutch

  • EmuForce is hosting a new WIP PSX called PCSX, they have some pics up of it running some demos. - atila

  • Ahead Software has updated NERO to version, for those not in the know, NERO is VERY COOL CD-R burning software. Thanks to {Placebo} for the news. - atila

  • Gibster has a started an Atari Jaguar Resource Center, not all parts of the site are fully funcional yet, but the most important one is ;) - atila

  • I've posted some news on what's happening with SNES ROM Info at my page. SNES ROM Info is a batch processing utility for managing SNES ROMs on the Macintosh. - richard

  • Overclocked - Mysterious Ways - atila

  • David Raingeard has released a PC Engine emulator for BeOS called (what else?) BePcEngine 0.01. "This is the very first release of BePcEngine. It features almost all the functionnalities [sic] available in begameboy except the save/load state, and the display options (size, and scanlines)." Thanks to EmuCamp for the news. - dutch

  • Activision will be doing a remake of Wolfenstein called "Return to Castle Wolfenstein," which will use the Quake 3 engine! Thanks to Daikak for the news. - dutch

  • Missed this one earlier, havok has redesigned exposure2k.com. Nice job! - dutch

  • I've received several mails asking about SNES Redump 2000, I have no idea what happened to it but it appears to be gone. :\ - dutch

  • Sardius (NES) is still going strong, be sure not to miss it. Sardius writes "I've caught up on pretty much everything...except for this site. Which will get a huge update very soon." He's recently updated his undumped list. - dutch

  • Geoshock has some Impact goodies back online. - dutch

  • Guru-Choc posted a short tidbit: "...it's a slow day, although it might get very interesting by the middle of the week." I hate it when he does that! ;) - dutch

  • Just the facts: Realityman posted a terse message that should clear up any confusion with the next version of UltraHLE: UltraHLE.com is where the new version will be announced first, Epsilon is not with the project nor is he planning on coming back, and the next version number will be 1.5.0. - dutch

  • A level editor for Tempest called TempEd has been updated to version 0.51. "TempEd can create new levels for Tempest, for use in emulators such as MAME." While it's use in an actual coin-op hasn't been verified, it looks like a pretty cool utility. You can download the utility and also some examples from the TempEd site. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch