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  • .TZX VAULT - Huge ZX Spectrum game vault!
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  •    Thursday, May 31st 2001 - Last updated @ 19:48 EST

  • System16 Updated - Sixtoe made another HUGE update at System16, his Sega and Namco arcade gaming devoted site. - Opi

  • More Bleem Stuff - This is kind of pathetic isn't it. :) Thanks to CDBuRnOuT for the link. :) Alright, apparently the gifted folk over at Bleem killed that link. What it WAS was a real pathetic, very poor animated GIF of a teaser for Bleemcast running Tekken 3, with the usual "If Sony lets the stores buy it" thing. - dhalamar

  • SMS+/MacOS has been updated to v0.9.7, fixing a minor issue with the new speech sample support and reducing memory requirements significantly. - richard

  • GBATet v0.8 - If you didn't know about this game, it's a cool little Tetris game for the GBA that Kojote does the graphics for, and it has been updated to version 0.8. Click here to go leech the ROM (not no commercial ROMs there, just a few free demos and that Tetris game). Thanks to Kojote for the news. - dhalamar

  • Gleck - Yet another emulator is hosted at Emulators Unlimited (I'm sure you know it as EmuUnlim =P). It's a Spectrum emulator called Gleck. The page for it can be found right here. And Fox mentioned that two more emulators are going to be hosted there very soon. Keep your eyes peeled. :) - dhalamar

  • QBFE v0.51 - A bugfix version of Kojote's frontend for vGBA .6 for DOS has been released. Here's what's new:

    - 'qbfe.sav' Bugfix (Zero Byte)
    - Load Config-File on Start is activated now!
    - CRC/CMP Check Option fixed!

    You can head over to the official page and check it out. Thanks to Kojote himself for the news. :)
    UPDATE - Kojote has released ANOTHER version, adding a few extra features and fixing a couple more bugs. Brings it up to v.511 respectively. Head on over to the site for more information. :) - dhalamar

  • Calice v0.3.2 has been released. Street Fighter Zero 3 is now playable, as well as a GUI bug fixed. 2 players can play on the keyboard now, and some other things fixed. You can go download it from the official page. - dhalamar

  • BoyCott Advance/SDL 0.19b - nwagenaar has released version 0.19b of BoyCott Advance-SDL for Linux and BeOS based systems. Changes include:
    • Redid keyboard and implented joystick/joypad support
    • Overall fullscreen fixes
    • Synced version with current 0.19b emulation tree
    • Restructure some code for more speed
    • Synced *some* switches with built-in emulation-engine options
    • Fixed pause/continue and reset options
    He also notes that those who send him beer will get private beta copies of the emulator! - chris

  • Rumor Time - JoseQ's weekly new Rumor Mill edition is up. Stay tuned for Xega, an upcoming Genesis emulator for Windows which should impress some people after its release. - Opi

  • More ROMs - If you havn't had enough downloading for MAME beta 15 ROMs, then head on over to Guru Choc's. He has sent a couple new MAME beta ROMs to Arcade ROM Heaven for the upcoming MAME release. - chris

  • Easy MAME Cheats - mrv2k has updated the EasyEmu web page with information on the new cheat system included with MAME beta 15 and new ZSNES cheat information as well. There is also an update to the Calice tutorial for the new sound settings and the calice.ini file. And for you CPS2 fans, there is also a new section in the Hints&Tips page covering the installation of CPS2 XOR tables. - chris

  • CPS2MAME Region Codes - Yurinka was kind enough to send in a MAME cheat.dat file for setting CPS2 region codes. The cheat file is quite comprehensive, allowing you to switch to any region for most if not all of the released CPS2 games. You can download it here. For help on using cheats with MAME please visit Pugsy. - chris

  • Tron Simulator - _MADrigal_ has done it again and released a new simulator, this time it's none other than Tron!! Click here if you can read Italian. - chris

  • MAMu_ Icons - MAMu_ has released MAME Icons for MAME 0.37b15. This release adds 70 new/changed icons for a grand total of 2030 icons available to download! You can view a preview of the new icons here, and you can download them here. X windows system conversions coming soon! - chris

  •    Wednesday, May 30th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:21 EST

  • MyNapster - MyNapster 3.1 was released today; this is a rather groovy client :) - atila

  • LOL! - This is so true! Thanks to Niels for the link. - atila

  • Satourne Does ST-V!! - You better believe it, BEN-J mailed me the following pics of Satourne (Sega Saturn emu), running the ST-V version of Radiant Silvergun by Treasure: screenshot 1 and screenshot 2. You can learn more about Satourne at its homepage. - atila

  • Next BleemCast game? - I went to Bleem's site a few minutes ago, and there's a part of it that says the next BleemCast game will be Metal Gear Solid unless Sony throws a hissy fit. It's times like this that makes me want a Dreamcast. :) - dhalamar

  • Final Fight One For GBA - Capcom finally released their pixel perfect Game Boy Advance translation of Final Fight One. Click here to read pocket.ign's first impressions. Can't wait to get that damn handheld :) - Opi

  • QB vGBA Frontend v0.50 - A new version of Kojote's excellent frontend for the DOS version of vGBA has been updated. Here's what's new:

    - Cosmetic Layout-Fix
    - Added a few Options! (Warning: Old Savefile is not compatible)
    - Re-Wrote Load / Save Option (should work much better now)
    - Added 'qbfe.exe' File-Size Selfcheck Routine!
    WARNING! Old 'qbfe.sav' File is incompatible! Please delete it by yourself! A new one will be generated!

    You can head over to the official site to go grab it. Thanks to Kojote himself for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • GoodPCE v1.03 - Cowering released an updated version of his TG16 / PC Engine ROM renamer. Recent additions:
    • Magical Chase is FOUND. If you are in the USA and can dump it.. contact me
    • 2 more redumps.. keep em coming! Thanks J-War and Loda!
    • Lots of PD added.. Names are ZZZ until i get the exact authors and versions
    Current GoodPCE stats : 1149 entries. - Opi

  • MAME32 WIP - Here are some MAME32 news straight from The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. site !

    "01.05.27 Attention vultures, do not pick at the carcass yet. 01.05.29 Work is being done on the next evolution of Mame32, there is no timeline and its scope is unknown currently, it may be a large undertaking. More info as it becomes available".

    This sounds like they will go on developing my favourite MAME version !!! Thanks to Philippe Thibault for the hint :) Hehe, today is my cut & paste day :) - Opi

  • RockNES WIP - Fx3 posted a small RockNES WIP :

    "On other side, we are beta-testing RockNESX. The "to-do" list is over finally :) Yes, a release is very near (this time is TRUE), possibly before this saturday. For the MacOS users, no, the port was NOT cancelled... but not sure about the Linux side". - Opi

  • Basilisk II 0.9 beta - A new CVS snapshot (29-May-2001) of Basilisk II is online for beta testing. "If no-one finds any serious bugs, this is going to be Basilisk II 0.9..

    Basilisk II is an open source Apple Macintosh emulator. Ports are available for the following systems :
    • BeOS R4 (PowerPC and x86)
    • Unix with X11 (Linux, Solaris 2.5, FreeBSD 3.x and IRIX 6.5)
    • AmigaOS 3.x
    • Windows NT 4.0 (mostly works under Windows 9x, too)
    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation9 for the news. - Opi

  • EmulationHQ - I was asked to tell you the following EmuHQ related news (just in case you can't connect and wonder why) !

    "emuhq.com is going through a massive problem with the server, and should be working again in a few days."

    PeterD has moved to a new home in Seattle and equally all hosted sites were moved. But they ain't moving to the new home of EmuHQ - no ! They found a safe harbour at the friendly shores of JoseQ's EmuViews :) Someone correct my spelling/grammar please :) - Opi

  • gRustibus 0.43 - gRustibus is a M.A.M.E. frontend for the GNOME environment. Its goal is to be feature-rich and easy to use. It shows screenshots, flyers, cabinet photos, and info for your M.A.M.E. ROMs, and allows you to configure each game individually. Most operations can be done using the keyboard. Changes in 0.43 include: Bugfixes, ability to download MAME resources from the Internet, filter games through advanced filters, making reports of missing ROMs/screenshot, etc., and a French translation. - chris

  •    Tuesday, May 29th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:01 EST

  • Amiga Legal Emulation - Good times for Amiga gamer ! More legal Amiga stuff for the interested audience is available at ALE. Malc Jennings uploaded 9 new titles to their games archives. - Opi

  • Back to the Roots v230 - My favourite Amiga site Back to the Roots - was updated with a bunch of new legal stuff. Bobic and Hippie2000 got the official permission to upload the following commercial games :
    • Pinball Illusions from Digital Illusions
    • Benefactor from Digital Illusions
    • Skidmarks 2 from Acid Software;
    • Football Glory from Croteam
    • Mad News (German) from Ikarion
    • Whale's Voyage (Ger) from Neo Software
    • Street Racer from Vivid Image
    • Sirius 7 from Cameron McKechnie
    • Sorcerer's Apprentice from Art Software/Vision Software
    • Adventures Through Time from Aurum Software
    • Arnhem from CSS
    • Ancient Battles from CSS

    Additionally uploaded are new PD-games, Amiga & PC demos, game and scene music, screenshots, scene pics and and and .... Don't miss it ! - Opi

  • FCE Ultra v0.55 Windows/Linux - Xodnizel released new Windows and Linux versions of his great NES/Famicom emulator FCE Ultra. The "whatsnew" list is too large to post it here. Please check the homepage for the changes (lots of technical stuff) and your downloads.
    Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news.
    I try to update our NES section ASAP :) - Opi

  • _MADrigal_ Simulators - _MADrigal_ uploaded new versions of his three different "Donkey Kong Jr." simulators to fix some Voodoo3 and G200 videocard related problems. - Opi

  • Meka v0.57 - A new version of Zoop's excellent multi-system emulator for DOS Meka was shipped to his registered users. Meka v0.57 includes "... a rewritten dynamic palette handler (faster, less flickers & snow), fixed hardware sprite collisions, data dumping facilities for developers and hackers, a new default palette and a bunch of fixes and other changes" (here's the full list). He gave no details about a release date for non-registered users. Please register Meka and support Zoops Sega Master System Museum and SMS Power. A few $$$ or an old cartridge (contact him first) is all you need.

    Another important Meka news is the announcement of a DirectX Windows port. Zoop is already working on it a long time and has still some problems to solve. To fix them and due to his outdated hardware (DirectX is terrorizing his video card), he's thinking about starting a public beta test !

    BTW : Multi System emulator means : Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000), Sega Computer 3000 (SC-3000), Sega Mark III (+ FM Unit), Sega Master System (SMS), Sega Game Gear (GG), CBS Colecovision and Othello Multivision. - Opi

  • EmuUnlim - Another emulation news site (you know, the one that hosts probably half the emulators out there heh) has just recently surpassed 8 million hits. :) AND Fox has opened up Gremlin Graphics World, go here if you want some legal Amstrad PC, C64, MSX, PC Engine, and Spectrum downloads. Alright, back to doing what I do best. Sitting on my... well you get the idea. Have fun people. ;) - dhalamar

  • easyEmu News - mrv2k made another easyEmu update. Check it out if you're interested in the ZSNES cheat system or if you don't know how to handle the CPS2 XOR tables released by CPS1-Shock. The MAME game search engine (powered by mame.dk) is online again. - Opi

  • RAINE WIP - CPS1 Emulation ? - The Linux page at the official RAINE homepage was updated with a little teaser showing 2 pictures from "3 Wonders", a Capcom CPS1 game. Now make your own conclusion. Thanks Iron Man :) - Opi

  • ZSNES v1.28b - The ZSNES-team released a quick bugfix for their awesome Super Nintendo emulator. All versions were updated.
    • Added a filtered GUI option to allow graphics engines such as 2xSaI to be used in the GUI [zsKnight]
    • Fixed SA-1 save states [zsKnight]
    • Fixed Breath of Fire crashing bug when loading [theoddone33]
    Thanks to Edward Archer for the notification. - Opi

  • Calice, the CPS1/2 emulator, has been updated to version 0.3.0. It says that "Super Fighter Zero 3 (Japan 980629)" drivers were added, but it's Street Fighter Zero 3 would imagine, along with drivers for Super Street Fighter 2 X (Japan 940223). There are also some GUI changes and sound changes, you can head on over to the official page for more info and the downloads. - dhalamar

  • WinUAE 0.8.16 R3 - Everyone's favourite Amiga emulator, WinUAE has been updated. Here's what's new:

    - FIXED: GUI DLL loader is no longer fixated on Deutsch.
    - FIXED: Selecting 68000 CPU from a JIT config doesn't result in error message.
    - ADDED: Sprite-collisions can be enabled/disabled during emulation, not just at startup.
    - ADDED: Patched rtg.library added to package, which should fix the mouse trails. (Thanks to Tobias Abt and Alexander Kneer of P96, and Bernd Roesch). This file (rtg.library) will end up in the "Amiga Programs/" directory under the "WinUAE/" directory where you install to.
    - ADDED: German keymap (UAE_German)
    - ADDED: uaediskchange utility
    - ADDED: French and German DLLs updated, Italian DLL added. (Thanks Georg V, FagEmul, and Daniele G)
    - CHANGED: Tweaked the sound code again, memory-leak should be gone, performance should be better - expect a speed decrease when using JIT and sound.
    - CHANGED: Graphics glitches caused by NOVSYNC flipping should be gone in full-screen mode.
    - REMOVED: Turkish DLL, as it was out-of-date

    You can naturally download it from the official page. Thanks to Tom Bies for the E-Mail. Link fixed (thanks Targaff) - original posting by dhalamar ! - Opi

  •    Monday, May 28th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:15 EST

  • ZSNES - The ZSNES team has released verion 1.28, Linux, DOS and Windows ports are all available for download! Thanks to nalmeida for the news. - chris

  • WinUAE Kaillera Update - WinUAE for Kaillera r1 was updated today, here's what's new:

    - mouse support! (on both ports!, lemmings anyone?)
    - improved gameport configuration
    - supports upto 8 players (keyboard)
    - plus many bug fixes!
    - dhalamar

  • Satourne WIP - There's some new screenshots for this Sega Saturn emulator with ST-V Bios boot, head on over to the official page and check it. :) The site isn't in English, but hey, screenshots say more than words. - dhalamar

  • Hey! - I'm on the quotes page. =P - dhalamar

  • QUOTES! - I've posted a small update to the IRC Quotes section, let's see if I can make this a daily thing ;) - atila

  • Dream-O-Rama - This is a Sega SG-1000 emulator for the Sega Dreamcast, based on Past-O-Rama source code. According to the Dream-O-Rama site it runs full-speed with excellent sound. I don't have Dreamcast at work here, so unfortunately, I can't test it. Maybe I should bring my DC along tomorrow :) - atila

  • TZX Vault - Gilby has once again updated the TZX Vault, he's added 28 tape images which you can download from the link above. - atila

  • QBFE v0.478 - Kojote has updated his vGBA frontend to version 0.478. You can head on over to the official page right here to nab it. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME Source at DK - [mame.dk] is now mirroring all MAME 36final and 37beta source! Thanks guys :D - chris

  • xcps2mame - Hoonis has updated the Linux CPS2Mame page with a new binary that has support for Street Fighter Zero 3 and Super Puzzle Fighter. - chris

  •    Sunday, May 27th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:50 EST

  • UnMAMEed - B. Tribble has updated the UnMAMEd Arcade Games page for MAME beta 15. - chris

  • Unemulated - Guru has updated the MAME UnEmulated Database, removing arcades found in MAME b15. Guru also has updated the site with previously unseen screenshots taken from the 1st PCB shop raid, plus screenshots from some other PCB's that are unemulated as well! - chris

  • KLOV Moved - KLOV aka "The Killer List of Videogames", a site for the serious arcade collector was moved to new faster server which means you can expect more updates and new content in the near future !

    Latest KLOV additions : "2 new versions of the KLOV for the Palm Pilot 7 and lists of the Top 100 Videogames, the Top 10 Most Popular Games, the Top 10 Collected Videogames, and the Top 4 Games for Women". - Opi

  • Amiga Legal Emulation Moved - Malc Jennings' Amiga Legal Emulation is now hosted at JoseQ's Emuviews. Malc took the chance to celebrate this move with some newly uploaded Amiga game soundtracks and a new own Remix of Speedball 2 (Brutal Remix) ! - Opi

  • Handy/MacOS has been updated for the first time in over a year, to v0.8.0, fixing a number of bugs and adding Mac OS X support. - richard

  • MAMEInfo v3.11 - A new version of MAMEInfo was released, bringing the version to 3.11, check it out:

    - Bug pages update with the first BUGS (27 May).
    - Add 37b15 Source informations.
    - Added 'Recommended Games'.
    - ZIP-source: Faster textscroll and the menu selector is on GAME MAMEINFO

    You can go grab it from the official page. Thanks to M.A.S.H. for the news. - dhalamar

  • QB vGBA Frontend - Kojote's QB vGBA Frontend has migrated over to EMU2K. Good if you use the DOS (still free) version of Marat's vGBA v0.06 if you don't like fiddling with commandlines and such. And if you don't know who Kojote is for some reason, he has a huge public domain ROMs site right here. :) - dhalamar

  • Project64 - Remember that N64 emulator, all we knew that it was in the works? Well, it's finally released. And it's called Project64. It's written by Zilmar and Jabo, here's a more accurate description of it from the page, as I haven't tried it yet.

    Project64 is a Nintendo64™ emulator for Windows 9x/2000/ME, it comes complete with graphics and sound emulation. Project64 is a fast emulator with recompiling cores for the R4300i and the RSP, and graphics that use OpenGL and Direct3D.

    I've heard nothing but good things about this emulator, so it may be worth a try. :) Head on over to the official page for the downloads and some screenshots to check out. If you're having trouble getting to the official page, Spinal's site has the downloads as well. Thanks to CDBuRnOuT for the news. - dhalamar

  •    Saturday, May 26th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:59 EST

  • What a Huge Bone...us! Dr. Doom has released Elvira's Scared Stiff for Visual Pinball! This is a great first effort, but there are still a few "issues" that need worked out (example: the spider kickout fires the ball back to the playfield instead of to the ramp). Grab it at Dr. Doom's Homepage. Or, it's also mirrored at AJ's site. "Oooh.. I'm having multiple Jackpots!!" - metallik

  • JavaRomSort - FBCrack has wrote in to let me know that he has renamed his RomManager program to JavaRomSort in order to avoid confusion with the already existing RomManager application by q^-o|o-^p, TheSmoker, and Empyre. The new JavaRomSort files are temporarily mirrored here for source, and here for binary until the new SourceForge page is ready. - chris

  • Easy Emu - Are you new to MAME? Want information on how to get started with the new Direct X MAME? mrv2k has updated the Easy Emu page with three new sections to the MAME guide covering new information for MameW. There is also a new tutorial for using ZSNES as well. - chris

  • Yame 0.35 - Yame version 0.35 for Linux and Windows has been released; and 0.31 for FreeBSD has also been updated. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • xmame-0.37b15.1 - Lawrence Gold has released xmame-0.37b15.1. The full source is available here, and a patch from b14.2 is available here. Changes since 0.37b14.2 include:
    • Everything from MAME 0.37b15 except for 'steadykey' support.
    • Added an aRts sound server driver. (Manuel Teira)
    • Added another aRts sound server driver. It needs reasonable aRts server settings, something like artsd -F 6 -S 4096 should be ok to get near accurate response time. (Petr Smotek)
    • ALSA updates: Added preliminary support for ALSA 0.9 API; split the 0.5 and 0.9 API stuff into separate files. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    • HotRod support is now enabled by either -hotrod or -hotrodse, just like the DOS/Win32 version.
    • Added dummy flicker and vector orientation functions to fxvec.c so that xmame.xfx can link again.
    - chris

  • modeler WIP - New OutRunners and Rad Mobile screenshots are up ! Visit the modeler homepage for more info ... and the shots of course :) - Opi

  • MAMEW Fixes Page - Aaron Giles has announced a new MAMEW Fixes Page where he'll post his latest Source Code fixes for MAMEW.

    "I've set up a page where I will be posting SOURCE CODE ONLY fixes for MAMEW. These are fixes that I have submitted to MAMEDev. They should be in the next beta, but if you're impatient, and you're compiling your own version, you can grab these fixes to address issues you are having with MAMEW.
    Here's the page. The first update is already posted. I'll post messages here whenever I add anything
    Thanks to Mr. Prophet from the United States of America for the email :-) - Opi

  • WinVZ Beta 0.2 - Cloy informed us that WinVZ, the Windows port of VZem has been updated to beta 0.2. The official homepage wasn't updated with the new release but you can get it from Cloy's homepage. - Opi

  • AdriPSX Win v01.05.25 - Major AdriPSX for Windows update. According to the coder Roor, more than 100 games which didn't work before now run in this new Playstation emulator release.
    • All Controller/SIO functions redone with HLE (higher compatibility).
    • Controller Pad "Flickering" corrected.
    • Changes in DJGPP+RSXNTDJ configuration, to avoid internal compiler errors.
    • Lots of fixes on SPU IRQ.
    • A lot more of "general" HLE functions for better speed up.
    • Added support for PEC GPU wrapper and CyberPad.
    • In general: "A big improvement on compatibility!!!".
    Don't miss the updated screenshot section ! Thanks to Bobbi from PSXEmu for the news :) - Opi

  • TGEmu - the Mac port of TGEmu has been updated to v0.1.6. This release reduces memory requirements and improves sound emulation. - richard

  • MO5/MacOS has been updated to 2.1. This is the first update in over two years. - richard

  • MameCE3 WIP - Techmaster has posted some WIP info on our MameCE3 board ! "MAME for Pocket PC" fans should join the board and add their input to the discussions. Thanks Prophet :-) - Opi

  • Visit Rob van der Drift's RomCenter Site - Rob van der Drift recently opened an own RomCenter Datafiles dedicated site. Rob usually converts Cowering's GoodTool releases to the RomCenter format. - Opi

  • MAME CPS1/2 v0.14 - New "normal", K6 and I686 optimized MAME CPS1/2 binaries are online. New in these versions is added support for the last CPS2-Shock releases : Street Fighter Zero 3 (Japan 980629) and Super Street Fighter 2 X: Grand Master Challenge (Japan 940223). - Opi

  • boycott advance slashdotted - read the story and discuss here. If this doesn't raise the Big N's eyebrows, I don't know what it would take. - david

  • Linux Kernel 2.4.5 - Linus Torvalds has released the latest and greatest Linux kernel, version 2.4.5. You can check out what's new here. - chris

  • CPS2Shock Release #37 - I just got home, come to find out Razoola has released XOR tables for Street Fighter Zero 3 (Japan 980629). I'm assuming you know where to get these, but just in case, click here to go to CPS2Shock's site. ;) Thanks to Dragul[a] for the news.

    *UPDATE* Razoola just mentioned this to me (wasn't paying enough attention, still adjusting to the low noise level =P), release #36 has gotten kinda lost in all of the SFZ3 mayhem. :) Super Street Fighter 2 X (Japan 940223). You know where to go. ;) - dhalamar

  •    Friday, May 25th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:31 EST

  • I'm updating right now from an iMAC in Herrin Fest just because I can. Cheesy music, cheesy rides, beer, food, more beer. There, I'm done. I'm going somewhere else now. ;) - dhalamar

  • FixMAME or FixDEBUG v0.37 b15 - M.A.S.H. has just announced a new FixMAME/FixDEBUG release. Visit M.A.S.H.'s homepage for more details. - Opi

  • RetroGaming Radio To Come Back ! - I'm still looking through my emails ...I got so many sh*t and spam lately - urrrks :/ And I also lost more than 1,000 mails (stockpiled since early '99) due to an "accident" while I've updated my system to Outlook Express 6.0 :( I'm sorry if you haven't received an expected answer from me in the last week. You should think about resending your news, question, offer or nonsens to me :)

    Meanwhile I found an interesting email which was sent in by Shane R. Monroe ! He told us that he decided to continue his famous RetroGaming Radio shows !

    "Shane R. Monroe's once-famous internet editorial classic gaming radio show, RetroGaming Radio has a new show in production! The show will review several
    classic game packages, talk about E3 from a classic gamer point of view, and (drum roll please) will feature an interview with the godfather of Commodore 8-Bit gaming, PAUL NORMAN; the man behind the great Cosmi classics like Forbidden Forest, Super Huey, and tons more! His schedule is tight, but he's committed to doing the interview. RetroGaming Radio returns, and if you think the come-back show is hot, just wait til you find out what is in store for future shows! Keep an eye on the website for details. The archived shows will start trickling in a bit faster too, leading up to the comeback show
    ". - Opi

  • MAME Testing Project - Shifty has updated the MAME Testing Project site with their latest bug findings from the new MAMEW release. Feel invited to contribute your observations too ! Thanks Mame World :) - Opi

  • PocketGB 1.30 Beta 5 - The multi-console emulator (GameBoy, NES, Sega Master System and GameGear) for Win CE v2.11 devices PocketGB was updated once again. This was the 6th release within the last 4 days :)
    "PocketGB runs on devices such as the Compaq iPAQ, Compaq Aero, HP Jornada, and Casio Cassiopeia. PocketGB supported processors include SH3, SH4, MIPS, and ARM. The Palm is not supported". Thanks Emulation 9 ! - Opi

  • More MAME Screenshots - Crashtest's Emulation Page (hosted here at Retrogames) was updated with the latest MAME screenshots too. Online are title screen and 1 ingame shot. - Opi

  • RomCenter MAME Datafiles - The RomCenter homepage now offers new MAME related datafiles. Up are MAME complete and Mame changes for v0.37 beta 15 (108 games; fully merged, split, split merged). All were compiled by our busy Logiqx :) - Opi

  • More MAME News - Gridle updated the official MAME homepage with i686 optimized Win32 and DOS binaries, an updated Readme and a new free ROM set ! We're talking about Gridlee © 1983 by Videa which was apparently dumped from the only known prototype machine ! Thanks to my friend Till from Sys2064 for this great info. - Opi

  • Translation News - The boys of Stealth Translations released a fully translation patch for Gulliver Boy, a short but interesting acting RPG for SNES. Thanks to Gideon Zhi from The Whirlpool for the news. - Opi

  • MAME v0.37 B15 Screenshot Pack - The mame32 qa/test and art dept. was updated with the latest beta 15 screenshots. John Hardy IV is asking Win2k and P4 user for their results with his quick bench-mark batch in the new MAME release. Please check the details at the mame32 qa/test and art dept. homepage. And lets cross our fingers that the MAME32 team will find it worth to continue their great MAME version with my beloved comfortable GUI !!! - Opi

  • ROMS - The MAME.DK guys also resurrected the rom download script for Retrogames readers. Big up to the MAME.DK guys :) - atila

  • Gameboy & Unix - Here's a site with pics of a Gameboy running Unix, complete with keyboard and modem :) I don't know if it's real or not, but it sure looks cute enough to be real ;) Thanks to antxiko for the link. - atila

  • New Mameinfo.dat - M.A.S.H. posted a new Mameinfo.dat for MAME v0.37 beta 15. - Opi

  • Boycott Advance news - I was heading over to the Boycott Advance site to download and try out the new version of the emulator, lo and behold, new stuff. An anonymous coder has started work on GBA/GBC sound emulation for the emulator, there's some Boycott Advance v0.20 WIP news, and Itallian, Vietnamese, and Japanese versions of version 0.19 up for grabs. :) Go and check it out. - dhalamar

  • z26 v1.45 - A new version of the best Atari 2600 emulator for DOS has been released. Head on over to the official page for more information and, of course, the downloads. Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news. - dhalamar

  • StretchMAME32 Kaillera Test 15 has been released in the StretchMAME message boards.

    Support more than 4 people at Kaillera up to 16.
    First 4 people can play game. Other people can observe.

    More MAME release fun for you. :) - dhalamar

  • ZXAdvance - [The HiVE] E-Mailed me about an emulator project he's working on called ZXAdvance, a Spectrum emulator for the GBA. I know nothing about this other than what he told me in the E-Mail, so I don't know. :) So, here's a snippet of the E-Mail.
    It's still very much WIP, but I hope to release a beta
    version in the next week or two (depending on how much time I get to work on the project). ... Emulation of the CPU is complete, but I'm working primarily on optimisation now.
    I don't currently have a web page or hosting, so if anyone can help with this, or would like to get involved in the project in other ways (programming, testing, etc), then please ask them to get in touch. I can be reached with this email address (imperfection@btinternet.com)

    That satisfy your curiosity? =P You can check out 4 screenshots here, here, here, and here.
    And while I'm at it with this great big long post, there's also a Nintendo emulator for the GBA out there, which is pretty much a port of LoopyNES done entirely in ASM. Go to GBADev.org for the download. I'm tired now. :) - dhalamar

  • HerrinFesta Italliana - Each year my town hold this carnival thing called HerrinFesta Italliana (I apologize if I'm misspelling that for you people in Italy =P). Full of the typical rides and such, "Test Your Strength" things, stuff like that. I went there with my girlfriend and her 2 year old sister yesterday, and it's gonna be lasting for another 3 days, so if for some reason I don't update as much as you'd like me to, I'm either at HerrinFest or drunk. It's an occasion. ;) Go to the HerrinFesta homepage if you wanna see what crappy country bands and such are playing. ;) - dhalamar

  • Boycott Advance v0.19 - In celebration of Marat's rather... putting it nicely... "selfish" decision to make the Windows version of his vGBA emulator shareware, Boycott Advance is now cardware. It's still free, but if you send him a postcard from your country you'll get a beta version of the emulator before anyone else. :) And the Boycott Advance/SDL port by Niels Wagenaar is officially beerware. Do the math. ;) Anyway, Boycott Advance was updated to version 0.19 with the usual page and a half of changes and bug fixes. :) Head on over to the official page for more information and the downloads. Thanks to XiP over at Zophar's Domain for the news. :) - dhalamar

  •    Thursday, May 24th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:05 EST

  • Secure PS2 - It was announced today that RSA Security, Inc. will provide security software for the Sony PlayStation 2.
    "We can provide our customers with a highly secure network for both content distribution and trusted online communication," said Shinichi Okamoto, senior vice-president and chief technology officer at Tokyo-based Sony subsidiary Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    - chris

  • S.H.A.C.C. v0.89-38-364 - MartyB. (aka theshacc on our message boards :) ) released a new version of his mega frontend S.H.A.C.C.. Version 0.89-38-364 adds support for MameW, support for console and handheld screenshots and some fixes. If you wanna test it with MAMEW then please remember : "Don't forget to run MameW with the -createconfig first". - Opi

  • Fixfiles At Sys2064 - Till from Sys2064 uploaded two fixfiles for this new MAME release. They contain the changed ROMs for the following ROM-sets : ddragon2, marble, ninclown, slikshot, sftmtmnt, tshingen, vindictr and waterski! - Opi

  • MAME.dk Mirror - Mr. DigDug wrote in to let me know that they are now mirroring the latest MAME source code as well. Cheers to Mr. DigDug of MAME.dk. - chris

  • AdvanceMAME v0.37b14.3 - Andrea Mazzoleni is a really busy guy ! He released AdvanceMAME v0.37 beta 14.3 as well as AdvanceMENU v1.10 ! "AdvanceMAME is a unofficial MAME version with an advanced video support for helping the use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors or in general if there are video problems".

    The NEW AdvanceMAME features are :
    • Added the `[config] videogenerate' option to automatically create PERFECT video modes.
    • Added the configuration utility `cfg.exe' for the firsttime run.
    • Added the `[config] magnify' option to suggest the use of a double resolution.
    • Renabled the `[config] scanlines' option. Now video modes are generated and choosen with scanlines if available.
    • The `pentium' (586) version now uses the MMX if avaliable.

    "AdvanceMENU is a DOS front-end for the MAME and the MESS emulator". The NEW AdvanceMENU features are :
    • Added a new fullscreen mode
    • Faster blit for MMX processors
    • Progressive screen update
    • The "neogeo" selection filter is now working
    • You can select the preview to use in the slide show mode with the new option "idle_screensaver_preview"
    Thanks to Andrea for the email :) - Opi

  • MAME GameBase - Theo has updated the Emulated Games Database with new arcades emulated from MAME beta 15. - chris

  • MAME ROM Info - GordonJ has updated the MAME ROM Info site with the latest ROM change information for beta 15. - chris

  • Unofficial xmame - here is an extremely unofficial xmame that I compiled from source code found here, and here. Also, mame.dk has a full ROM set now, although I could not find any MAME source code there :((((( Thanks to TonyD of EmuLition.Com for providing me with source code (mame.net was swamped). - chris

  • MAME 0.37b15 "Conquering Windows" - HERE are the latest changes, just in case you could'nt download the new version :) Please be patient if you already encountered some download problems. We are still "speed-limited" you know. Hopefully that will end at the end of this months. - Opi

  • MAME 0.37b15 Released! - It's here! A new version of MAME has just been released and you can download it here! This is the Windows version, the DOS version and mirrors for both versions are available at the MAME site. I have to keep it short, because I'm already late for a birthday (congrats, Mark :) - atila

  • WinGBC Released - Navarone informed us about a new GameBoy emulator for Windows called WinGBC. This is a Japanese emulator without an English homepage or readme, so I can't give you any further information. - Opi

  • The Rumor Mill ! - JoseQ posted a light version of his famous Rumor Mill ! Thanks JPMorgan :) - Opi

  • GoodJag v0.999.2 - Here's the next Cowering update - this time he "gave" us GoodJag v0.999.2 ! GoodJag stats : 70 entries - recent additions :

    - o - GoodJag will now scan alpine dev kit roms
    - o - Non-Atari published games now marked
    - o - If you can dump/verify Jaguar carts, PLEASE get in touch, got an offer for you! - Opi

  • "Back In Time Live" Report Online - The Gamebase64 project homepage was updated with the usual new html'ized Zzap "Game Of The Week" and a large pictured report about the "Back In Time Live!" event. Don't miss it if you're interested in C-64 music, the SID chip and its famous coding wizards like Rob Hubbard, David Whittaker, Martin Galway and Ben Daglish ! - Opi

  •    Wednesday, May 23rd 2001 - Last updated @ 23:30 EST

  • VGBA update - Yesterday I posted about VGBA 1.0, saying it supposedly had sound. I was (for the most part) mistaken. I tried the Linux version today and it doesn't have sound, except for the GBC sound chip (which few GBA games use). This is in the documentation, which I read today. FWIW, it does play mario, albeit slowly (tested on a 450mhz machine running Mandrake). I'm posting this because I don't want people spending $35 on an emulator expecting sound and being disappointed. - metallik

  • NewOS - Travis Geiselbrecht, a Be Kernel engineer up until a couple of weeks ago, has started his own operating system called NewOS. It's open source and released uner the BSD License, and run on the Sega Dreamcast. :) Here's a little description off of the official site about what it is:
    NewOS is NOT a desktop replacement, Windows killer, or even useful. It may later grow into something that someone may use to get things done, but it probably wont.
    It's still in it's infancy, but maybe it'll grow into something special someday. Thanks to BeNews for the news. Thanks to TOZTWO on IRC for pointing out my link messup. I bet the few people who caught that had fun. ;) - dhalamar

  • E3 Photos - Mike Stulir from Back in Time posted 50 photos of his trip to the last E3 show ! Please - someone steal this for me :)
    Hmmm :) Mike also wrote in his email : "I should have the E3 webcast up by the end of the week. The webcast will feature several guests including legendary game designer Sid Meier". - Opi

  • Apollo v0.01e - Here are some more N64 emulation related news ! The open source emulator Apollo was updated to version 0.01e and the homepage got an awesome new design - WOW !
    Below are the changes in the current 5th emu release :
    • Last Release with Phrodide's CORE
    • Added Mempacks; EEPROM; FlashRAM; SRAM
    • Added Rumble Packs (Options/*RUMBLE*)
    • Added CIC-NUS-6106 CRC (though none of the roms work)
    • Fixed Close Rom Crashing bug (accidentally left debugging code behind)
    • Closed Source due to not-for-public info
    • Fixed Plugin Configuration Dialog
    • Added Audio Plugin Support
    • Fixed Input Plugin Crashes & Console Window Hangups
    • Added Save States (although only one is saveable)
    • Happy 1st Anniversary Apollo (May 19th, 2000 was first release)
    Thanks to JoseQ for the news. - Opi

  • Newbies Heaven ! - Lots of new stuff was added to the EasyEmu site :
    • Updated the Mame guide with rom installation problems
    • Updated the Nebula tutorial
    • Updated the CLRMame tutorial
    • Added the 1st Game guide for Dungeons & Dragons 2: Shadow over Mystara
    • Added a Calice Tutorial
    • Added a Daedalus Tutorial
    • You can expect a ZSnes tutorial later this week.
    I dare to state, mrv2k did a nice job again :) - Opi

  • 1964 v0.6.1b (R2) - schibo posted a new version of 1964. New in this N64 emu release :
    • Mempack, Eeprom support for save games. Default is 2K eeprom (Rice)
    • Basic self-mod code detection - improves compatibility in the dynarec (Rice)
    • 1964 OpenGL Full-screen support. Change the resolution from your Windows Display Properties control panel for higher full-screen resolutions in 1964. Full-screen resolution will be the same as your Windows resolution.
    • Improved support for Azimer's audio plugin.
    Also available is the "1964 Recompiler Documentation 1.0.0" - just in case you wanna code your own compiler :) - Opi

  • And The Winner Is : FC Bayern München !!!
    Hurrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! My club FC Bayern München has finally won the Champions League final 2000/2001 ! What a dramatic match, I almost got a heart attack !

    Big hello to KiLLerCloWn ! Great, you haven't forgotten to wear your Bayern Socks :P - Opi

  • Boycott Advance has binaries for RedHat Linux 6.x and 7.x, AND a BeOS r5 release. Go and check it out at the official site. - dhalamar

  • Nebula v1.4a - A new Nebula (arcade CPS1 emulator) version is ready for download. ElSemi fixed the Slammasters background problems and added a volume control. Thanks Iron Man :) - Opi

  • retroDrive Release 1 - Tim Meekins released a new version of retroDrive - his formerly known as Vegas/GENSX Sega Genesis/32X emulator. New in this first release as retroDrive :
    • Tweaked PSG balancing and fixed a bug in it.
    • Major architectural changes to the 68000 emulation.
    • Fixed a big problem with the Genesis sound emulation.
    • Nearly all sound problems have been fixed!
    • Fixed a bug with the Genesis sprites.
    • Fixed 32X memory timing.
    • Fixed bug in window title.
    • Numerous optimizations to the memory architecture.
    • Rewrote portions of the memory system into x86 assembly.
    • Many speed-ups in the SH2 and 68000 code.
    • Battery Ram now auto-loads and auto-saves.
    Thanks EmuManiac for the news ! - Opi

  • GoodVBoy v1.00 & GoodMO5 v0.999.1 - Here are two updated ROM renamers of Cowering fame !

    GoodVBoy v1.00 - updated Nintendo Virtual Boy ROM with 37 known entries. Recent additions :

    - o - another 1.00
    - o - no new roms, just name fixups

    Next one - GoodMO5 v0.999.1, updated Thomson MO5 Tape renamer with a database of 296 entries - recent additions :

    - o - my French is almost non-existant, but here's my best effort :-)
    - o - I kept the French characters in the filenames since this machine was only sold in France, sorry to you DOS only users - Opi

  • Bleem! Sues SONY - Bleem!, LLC has filed a suit against Sony because Sony was telling retailers to quit selling Bleemcast, or they wouldn't get anymore Sony products. Thanks to Gai for the link. - atila

  • RomCenter v2.10 - RomCenter, Eric Bole-Feysot's great ROM manager, was updated to version 2.10. Please check the RomCenter homepage for his latest changes (many). Don't miss the latest datafiles additions. - Opi

  • Donkey Kong Jr. Simulators - _MADrigal_ finally finished work on two new handheld simulators. Be prepared for a nice Donkey Kong double impact. Both games share the same CPU, so it's basically the same game. The background graphics and the manuals are the only differences :)

    - o - Donkey Kong Jr. (Nintendo, Table Top) Simulator S3/1.00
    ...... (standard 3, final)
    - o - Donkey Kong Jr. (Coleco, Table Top) Simulator S3/1.00
    ...... (standard 3, final) - Opi

  • C64 Heaven Opened - Mason opened a new C-64 dedicated site called C64 Heaven. The site's goal is to provide us with hard to find game versions. His first uploaded batch includes the following games ..., ... and ... !
    Na, naaa - look on your own ;-) A helping hand for a "C64 Heaven" logo is welcome ! - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with a couple screenshots of the new Arcadia 2001 driver. - chris

  • KDE and Kernel Traffic - kernel traffic #119 by Zack Brown has been posted (this is like a MAME WIP page but for the Linux kernel). There is also a Kernel Cousin KDE WIP report. KDE is also being ported to windows, while TrollTech is porting QT (the widget set that KDE is based on) to Mac OS 9/X, and BeOS. - chris

  •    Tuesday, May 22nd 2001 - Last updated @ 21:52 EST

  • VGBA 1.0 released Marat has released version 1.0 of his Gameboy Advance emulator. As he is charging $35 for the Windows version, I haven't yet tested it to see whats new. Aparently, it's supposed to be faster, and have sound. The *nix versions are free. While I don't agree with the strange pricing scheme, it's a decent enough excuse to install one of the many distributions of linux on your computer. - metallik

  • IR Pinball - Gigi (Gottlieb 1963), Star Trek (Bally 78), Supersonic and Royal Flush have been added to IR Pinball! Pinball lovers, have your download managers at the ready ;) - atila

  • ArcadeFlyers Updated - The Arcade Flyers Archive has added about 40 HI-RES pics to their Flyer Database. The new scans are about 1MB each, so modem users beware :) - atila

  • BoyCott Advance - The site has been updated with some news that the person releasing the BeOS, Linux, and Solaris versions of Boycott Advance has had problems with his internet connection, and will release the ports sometime today. I can't wait personally. :) Head on over to the site for more info. - dhalamar

  • zbattle v1.09 - This kickass ZSNES accessory has been updated again. Check out what's new:
    * the main window title now shows the number of users online when connected
    * the game is now selected from within the host dialog via the "Select Game" button
    * the client will search for the rom based on checksum (so the players are no longer required to have the same rom filename)
    * the client also has the option to download the rom from the host if a checksum match could not be found.
    * winsock 2.2 is no longer required; it now uses winsock 1.1
    * fixed various minor bugs

    Click here to go grab it. :) Thanks to [bobafet] for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Kojote of Kojote's Freeware ROMs just updated his site with something called a "GBA PD ROM Megapack V 0.001". It contains 212 GBA public domain ROMs (sorry, no Mario Advance for ya here), vGBA v0.6, and the QB vGBA Frontend V 0.471 (written by Kojote of course =P). It's about 8 meg, and you can go grab it from his page. Thanks to Kojote himself for the news. ;) - dhalamar

  • Holy.... - Ya know, I never really paid much attention to E-Bay, but I saw this link on EmuHQ, and have you ever seen someone sell this much stuff??? Sheesh. Take a look if you're a classic gaming junkie. ;) - dhalamar

  • ClrMamePro v2.12 - A smamll bugfix for ClrMamePro is out : "Some final cosmetic and minor issues fixed ...". - Opi

  • D-BOY v0.75a - BouKiCHi's great Game Boy emulator for DOS D-BOY is now available as version 0.75a. Thanks to Bully for the email :) - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with WIP reports up through May 20th. Some major items of interest include a new PC-8801 emulation by Shoushei Nishi and a new Arcadia driver by PeT. Sound support for the SuperVision and Lynx drivers was also added among many other enhancements. Click the link above to read all the details. - chris

  •    Monday, May 21st 2001 - Last updated @ 18:56 EST

  • Amiga In A Box - Release 10 - A new release of Jaybee's famous "Super Duper Workbech Replacement" AIAB is out. Release 10 "fixes some compatibility issues, aswell as upgrading a few things. Also available is the new AIAB-JIT archive, which makes use of the massive speed gain provided by WinUAE's new JIT compilation, to add a few 'fancy' effects (eye-candy) to your current Workbench setup" !

    Thanks to Chewy FlapJack for the info :)

    As a site note : Shane R. Monroe informed us about a great news regarding the latest WinUAE release ! "You'll all be happy to know that Deluxe Galaga now seems to function 100% properly on the new version of WinUAE". Don't miss this awesome classic Amiga shooter. - Opi

  • GameCube On Sale For $199 - According to this ZD Net article, Nintendo will launch its next console on Nov. 5th (three days before Microsoft brings out its own new console Xbox) for a very acceptable price of $199 (games should cost $50). This is exact $100 less than the current PS2 and the announced Xbox retail price. Thanks Caffeine ! - Opi

  • Caz has edited and ported over the Odyssey 2 emulator O2EM for BeOS, and is pretty damned good. Head on over to BeEmulated to grab yourself a copy. And if you don't really know what BeOS is, head on over to Be and download it. It's completely free, you don't need to partition off any hard drive space if you don't want to (it makes a 500 meg image file that acts as it's hard drive), and it's only a 40 meg download. That's not that much even on a dialup connection. :) Give it a try, you may be surprised. Thanks to GoodOldGames over at BeEmulated for the news. - dhalamar

  • RELOAD Emu Loader :) - A slightly revised and upgraded Emu Loader v2.6 beta 3 is online ! - Opi

  • z26 v1.44 - New version of John Saeger's Atari 2600 emulators for DOS/Win95 z26 is online. New in this release : Support for SECAM color palette and some minor fixes to trace mode. Thanks Fazeo ! - Opi

  • GoodCol v0.999.3 - Here's a new release of Cowering's ColecoVision ROM renamer. It now recognizes 251 different entries.

    - o - Facemaker redumped now (yay)
    - o - Anyone got Sketch-Master to dump (might be last non-proto) ??
    - o - All non-Coleco carts have the manufacturer info now - Opi

  • Forgotten Worlds OST - SegaXtreme have posted the soundtrack to Forgotten Worlds (Genesis/MegaDrive). They're also in need of more space for the music files, so if you can help them out, please do. - atila

  • O2EM Source Released - Dan Boris has released the source code to his Odessey 2 ("G7000 VideoPac" in Europe) emulator called O2EM. Hopefully, it will be ported to other platforms, so that many more people can enjoy this piece of retrogaming history. I still have a Philips VideoPac at home :) - atila

  • BoyCott Advance for BeOS is coming soon! Check out the official page for more information and some screenshots. And thanks to BeEmulated for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Jum's Atari 5200 Emulator for BeOS has been updated to include scanlines. You can go grab it from BeEmulated. - dhalamar

  • EMU Loader v2.6 Beta 2 - The MAME front-end called EMU Loader has been updated. There's way too much new to list right here, so head on over to the official site to see what's new, and to of course download it. :) Thanks to Fazeo for the news. - dhalamar

  • CL Amp SPC Plugin v1.02 - CL Amp is basically WinAMP for the Be Operating System. And the SPC Plugin for it has been updated. The SPC plugin lets you play SNES music files in CL Amp. So if you're runinng BeOS, take a look at this one. :) - dhalamar

  • Got a clan? - Have you got one of those Quake III Arena or Unreal clans? Need somewhere to practice that's got lag-free servers? Without the constant barrage of idiots bothering you and your game? Well check out Fragism. You can either book a timeslot or rent a dedicated server for your clan to practice with and do all that stuff that clans do. - dhalamar

  • GNUBoy for BeOS v0.9.13 - The BeOS port of the open source Gameboy emulator GNUBoy has been updated to be up to par with the rest of the releases. Thanks to fellow BeOS user Neo over at Zophar's Domain for the news. =P - dhalamar

  •    Sunday, May 20th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:14 EST

  • WinUAE 0.8.16 Release 2 - The best Amiga emulator out there, WinUAE has been updated to fix a few little bugs. Check it out:

    - FIXED: Stupid shift-key issue (me)
    - FIXED: Should be back to 50Hz at A500 speed emulation, so audio latency
    should be reduced or non-existant. (me)
    - FIXED: Graphics-updates may work now on Voodoo cards (Toni, me)
    - FIXED: Updated file-version info in WinUAE.exe resource. (Georg)
    - FIXED: Bug with version-number checking and GUI DLLs (Georg)

    Thanks to James for the E-Mail. :) - dhalamar

  • You use mIRC? Well, since I'm just about ready to get offline for a little while, I'll paste the E-Mail I got right here. Yeah, I'm lazy. I know. ;)

    Yo there Dhalamar.... I just wanted to let you know that RomManager (originally, at least) is a script for mIRC written by q^-o|o-^p /Psych0phobiA / Sabishii (man of many names, I know). The script provides an interface to RomDoctor, the GoodTools, and ClrMamePro and provides a way to keep up to date on the ROMs you, and other people are missing. ...BTW, the homepage is at www.opothspants.com/rommanager.

    Edited slightly (sorry heh). Go and try it out if you use mIRC. And please note, this has nothing to do with the previously mentioned Java ROM Manager. Thanks for the E-Mail q^-o|o-^p. - dhalamar

  • PSinex news - PsYcHoJaK has been testing with WinCE programming, and has gotten PSinex to load up the BIOS in WinCE. And something that I didn't know, WinCE is the Dreamcast's operating system. Head on over to the official page to check out the screenshots. - dhalamar

  • Java Based Rom Manager - FBCrack has released the first version of RomManager a powerful ROM management program written in Java that works using Tosec dat files. - chris

  • SSF 005 alpha r5 screenshots - Check out these SWEET screenshots of Darius Gaiden running in the emulator right here!. Thanks to PeterD of EmuHQ for the link. :) - dhalamar

  • modeler News - New modeler WIP screenshots are online. Is that Rad Mobile ? Thanks Mailice
    OK, OK - it's Outrunners - NOT Rad Mobile :) - Opi

  • MAME News - Still no new MAME released but Gridle posted a new MAME WIP update. News from the last four days are up. Thanks to Brian A. Troha for the notification :) - Opi

  • GoodN64 v0.999.4 - Click here to download Cowering's updated N64 ROM renamer tool. GoodN64 Stats : 1584 entries - recent additions :

    - o - big database update
    - o - read docs for rest of notes - Opi

  • MAMEInfo .DAT v3.06 has been released. Here's what's new:
    Newest Bugs (19th May). Added non-game related WIP news to the top. Some fixes.
    You can download it from the official page. Thanks to M.A.S.H. for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Aypdia - This is a new Public Domain ROM for use with the Gameboy Advance emulators, based off of an Amiga game of the same name. I figured I'd post about this since the person who made it goes by the nick Raistlin (if you don't understand, try reading a book sometime, eh? =P) You can grab it, along with many other demos and emulators over at GBAEmu. - dhalamar

  • PacMAME and PacTray WIP - Here's the WIP for PacMAME :
    -Breakthru information about the MultiPac sets (bankswitching info) was sent to me today, hopefully this is what we were looking for so these sets can be 100% emulated, HUGE thanks go to Peter Storey,
    -A screenshot of my 3D Pacman is available, http://www.mameworld.net/pacmame/pacman3d.png I still have some work to, so far it has been done using artwork overlays, but it coming along nicely =)
    -Hopefully some of the new dumps that are in progress will turn up before the release.

    And here's the WIP for PacTray :
    -A hush, hush feature for the new version of MAME (the Windows builds), if all goes well with the coding, this will be awesome,
    -Original scans/artwork from the Fleer ruboff games (Pacman, Ms. Pacman I,II,III & IV and Super Pacman),
    -A new installer which will include all files (ie flyers, images, cabinets, etc.). A smaller download will still be available for slower connections.

    Thanks to EmuHolic for the news. - dhalamar

  • Britney Spears does the consoles. Looks at this crap. :) - dhalamar

  • SSF updated - The Sega Saturn emulator SSF has been updated to version 005 Alpha r5. Here's a rough translation courtesy of EmuHQ (where I got the news from anyway =P) :

    Correction version of old version. The drawing processing of a change point and a low resolution is moved and the target and (*naits*) of the next speed-up are moved.

    You can head over to the official site if you wanna give it a try. :) - dhalamar

  • RockNES v1.910 for DOS has been released with a bunch of bug fixes and stuff. Check it out:

    * Partial rewrite, squashing lots of problems and bugs (too much for listing);
    * Fixed a flaw in the MMC3 IRQ timing;
    * Fixed VRC6 output (working nicely now, thanks Alexandre);
    * Fixed a bug in the PCM channel, plus $4015 sound register;
    * Fixed command line parse, thanks to everyone for the feedback;
    * Fixed save state feature (may be incompatible sometimes);
    * Fixed tons of GUI problems (+internal Help);
    * Fixed config file reading (+small changes);
    * Added an option (ROM patch) to fetch the byte value from current address;
    * Using last Matt Conte's 2A03 (6502) CPU emulator;
    * Source fixed to compile with no warnings;
    * Cosmetic changes, plus general optmizations.

    You can head on over to the official page to grab it.

    And in completely unrelated news, if you scroll down you'll see a post from me about zbattle being updated. I forgot to provide the URL to the site. Even though a lot of you may already know where this is, a few of our visitors don't. So here's the URL : http://zsnes.unrefined.org/zbattle

    Thanks for the E-Mail WodahsEt. :) - dhalamar

  • A Retro Primer - This weeks feature at CoreMagazine is an article called A Retro Primer, which talks about some of the more popular home gaming systems in a historical perspective from the Atari 2600 up through the SNES.
    News Source: LinuxEmu. - chris

  • WLA DX 7.4.5 - WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 6510, and 65816 CPUs. Included in the package there is a GB-Z80 disassembler and few converters. WLA DX was initially programmed to compile ROM images for Gameboy, but nowadays it can also patch existing ROM images with code, and even compile program files and ROM files for other CPUs like the NES-6502 and C64-6510. Changes in 7.4.5: Various small bugs have been fixed, and the code has been optimized a little. This is the final update to the old v7.4.x -engine. The focus will be moved to the new, simplified v8.0 -core. - chris

  • Bochs 1.1.2 - Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run DOS, Windows 95, Linux, FreeBSD, and other OS's, all on your workstation. Changes in 1.1.2: The Elpin VGA BIOS has been updated to version 2.40, and the pointer in .bochsrc has been changed. .conf.x86 script has been fixed so that it uses c++ instead of egcs for C++ files. Makefile targets that recurse into subdirectories now use double colons, so that they will always recurse into subdirectories. A single make command should now notice a modified source file in a subdir. A bug in bx_panic has been fixed. Support has been added for 2.88 MB floppy disks. Since dataseghack is checked in as non-executable, it is now invoked with "csh dataseghack." Patches for double fault and Xwindows timing have been applied. -fno-builtin has been removed from FPU Makefiles. u_char, u_short, etc. have been redefined in order to not conflict with system definitions of these same types. In cdrom.cc, the extern "C" { } structure around some of the header files has been removed. A panic on hard disk command 0x1f2 (read sector count) has been fixed. keyboard.cc has the reset patch applied, recognizes most of the "Grey" insert/delete/home/end/etc. keys the same as keypad keys, and no longer panics on "kbd_ctrl_to_kbd(): got value of 0x??". Mouse command 0xf6 (set defaults) has been implemented.
    News source: FreshMeat ][ - chris

  • BlueTex has released his recreation of Bally's Creature from the Black Lagoon for Visual Pinmame! Get the table at the usual place. This game is a nostalgic trip back to the 50's when drive-in cinema was still king. Awesome recreation of a *very* complicated table.. get it now!
    - metallik

  •    Saturday, May 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:20 EST

  • zbattle v1.07 beta was released. And if you don't know what this is, it's a program that takes advantage of ZSNES' netplay feature (something like Gamespy Arc ade). If you haven't at least tried it, go and grab it. It's only 315k. :) - dhalamar

  • Namco Classics Volume 2 - Guru wrote in to let me know that he has received the Namco Classics Volume 2 PCB and it is now in the process of having its ROMs professionally dumped! Click here for more information! - chris

  • Pitstop II Shrine - Cybergoth's awesome Epyx Shrine was updated with a new Pitstop II section. Retro Grannies like me will feel seized with emotions when they look through the site and read the interview with Stephen H. Landrum, the original designer of this great racer ! Thanks to my favourite C-64 site Lemon for the hint :) - Opi

  • CameCube Screenshots And Video - Here's a link to the official Nintendo E3 GameCube game list ! I loved best those Star Fox Adventures : Dinosaur Planet and Donkey Kong Racing screenshots.
    Hint : this site offers links to E3 news of all current Nintendo systems :) - Opi

  • Retrobase SNES Project - Retrobase has a new section of their site up called the SNES Project, which is a list of about 1,950 SNES games, complete with 2 screenshots from each game from various contributers (over 40 meg of screenshots =P). Go and check it out, and thanks to chris (no, not our chris hehe) for the E-Mail. :) - dhalamar

  • Retro Online Magazine - Tom Zjaba posted Retrogaming Times #45 ! - Opi

  • Nebula v1.4 - ElSemi released version 1.4 of his CPS2 emulators for Windows Nebula ! I can't understand Spanish, but here are (if I guessed right some of the meanings in the leeme.txt) some news :)
    Better raster effects, PNG snapshot support, new save state format and a lot of other new stuff and fixes. Thanks to Miyamoto for the news !

    UPDATE : ElSemi kindly sent me the English readme.txt :) - Opi

  • FC Bayern München German Soccer Champion 2001 - Wow, what a dramatically ending of a crazy soccer season 2001. Concratulations to my favourite soccer club from Munich - FC Bayern München. My best wishes (no sarcasm) to all Schalke 04 fans. You'd deserved a better end ! - Opi

  • PINBALL! - IRPinball just released Gottlieb's FUN PARK, as well as updated versions of Royal Flush, Sheriff, Mata Hari and Mario Tee Golf. Actually, there's a LOT more news at the IRPinball site, so click the link and fire up your download managers :) - atila

  • WinUAE v0.8.16 R1 - Brian King and his team released a new version of WinUAE, the Windows port of Bernd Schmidt's famous Amiga emulator UAE. Most remarkable news (among many fixes and tweaks) : "JIT support for massive speed increase :) Thanks to James for the email.

    Hmmm, yesterday we got a new ZSNES, today WinUAE .... does it mean MAME is next ? Stay tuned ! - Opi

  • Celestia 1.0.10 - Not emulation related, but cool none the less. Celestia is an OpenGL-based 3D space simulation for Unix and Win32 that lets you travel through the solar system, to the stars, and even beyond the galaxy. Visit over 100,000 stars, 100 solar system bodies, and all known extrasolar planets. Changes in 1.0.10: An optional GTK+ based GUI is now available. Star rendering performance was greatly improved. Visual anomalies with planet rings were corrected. Mouse wheel support was added, as well as a frame rate counter. Some precision bugs were fixed. Font support was improved. Many bug fixes were made. - chris

  • Calice v0.2.9 - The CPS1/2 emulator Calice has been updated to version 0.2.9, bringing with it the following additions:

    Added drivers
    Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X (Japan 960531)
    The following drivers should be fixed now (really)
    Super Street Fighter 2 TURBO (ASIA 940223)
    Super Street Fighter 2 TURBO (USA 940223)
    Street Fighter Alpha 2 (US 960306)
    Automatic desktop pixel format detection (16/15 bpp) If this still don't work for you, please email me

    You can pick it up from the Calice homepage. And thanks to the awesome Guyfawkes for the news.
    - dhalamar

  •    Friday, May 18th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:04 EST

  • z81 1.3.1 - z81 is a Sinclair ZX81/ZX80 emulator with versions for X and the Linux console. Also bundled is zx81get, a ZX81 tape reader. Changes in 1.3.1 include: Fix for serious load/save bug in 1.3. - chris

  • Bochs 20010409 bugfix2 - Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run DOS, Windows 95, Linux, FreeBSD, and other OS's, all on your workstation. Latest changes: This release is a collection of patches from the bochs-developers mailing list and SourceForge. Most changes improve portability to non-gcc compilers or fix minor bugs in device models. - chris

  • Opera 5.0 for Linux - Opera Software has finally released Opera 5.0 (final, not beta) for Linux! Click here to download. - chris

  • Nintendo's E3 Coverage - XRay1 of the Arcade Flyers page just gave me a link to Nintendo's E3 coverage. Has lots of screenshots of Gamecube and Gameboy Advance games. If you're into the whole E3 thing, go check it out. - dhalamar

  • MAME.DK - You already read it below MAME.DK is back in its full glory. This is really good news for everyone, no painful search, no - just a few clicks and you'll get your needed MAME goodies :) They changed their funding system (no banners at all) and rely on the generosity of their visitors (that means probably YOU) !

    Please - if you wanna donate some money to keep them online, click this link and give them a few bucks. All you'll need is a credit card or you can buy something for them at Amazon ! - Opi

  • Whooopeeeeeeee - Super Nintendo fans rejoyce !!! They DID it ! YES, really ! Unbelieveable ! The Holy Grail has been found, the hardest puzzle was finally solved !

    What the heck is he talking about you may ask :) Visit the ZSNES homepage and look at EIGHT beautiful Star Ocean screenshots !!! There is no expected time when the support for this will be out, so please don't ask. Woah - that's what I call great news ! First Pilot Wings and now Star Ocean. There's not much left ... Thanks EmuHQ ! - Opi

  • E3 Goes Back In Time - Mike Stulir mailed us about his first E3 experience : "Be sure to have your swing by Back In Time. Sign up for the Back In Time mailing list for daily updates from the E3 floor .... Nintendo certainly had the most impressive booth on the show floor. Lots of GameCubes & Gameboy Advance units with many playable demos. Not much to see in terms of "classic" titles, except for the new "Pitfall" game for the GameBoy Advance. The "Star Wars" game for the GameCube was ultra-cool.

    I'll be taping a number of segments for the webcast tomorrow (Friday.) Look for the webcast to be available early next week. Look for update #2 tomorrow
    ". - Opi

  • SpecEmu v1.1 - Are you currently in a "testing mood" ? Do you like Sinclair's Spectrum ? Is your Operation System Windows ? If you said YES three times, then you should download SpecEmu. That's a new Speccy emu by Mark Woodmass. It emulates the 48K, 128K, Plus2 and Plus3 models and has support for SNA, Z80, TAP and TZX files for loading. Thanks to World of Spectrum for the news :-) - Opi

  • MAME.DK IS BACK!! - WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!! I nearly soiled myself when I heard it! It can be reached at their old URL: www.mame.dk, but there may be a chance that the DNS changes haven't filtered through yet, in that case use This would not have been possible without the generous offer from Infonet-Europe, their new host. WELCOME BACK, GUYS!! - atila

  • EmuGaming Re-Launched - The great site EmuGaming has just relaunched with all kinds of stuff for console, arcade, and PC games along with E3 coverage. Check out the welcome post here, and last but not least, the main site. Thanks to bomb` for the E-Mail. :) - dhalamar

  • E3 Impressions Reported By JoseQ - Instead of writing a new Rumor Mill, JoseQ posted a nifty little E3 report about his impressions from day one of this mega gaming event. Two quotes :"I must say that I am most impressed with the Nintendo Game Cube. They had plenty of games playable after announcing the release date" - " My first Xbox impression? Dissapointed to say the least".

    No, I have nothing against the Xbox or the PS2 :) Most Xbox stuff shown is in very early developing state - so JoseQ's disappointment is nothing spectacular surprising I'd say :) I forgot to mention in my gaming posting yesterday that PSO v2 was also announced for Microsoft's new baby. Stay tuned for more E3 info. - Opi

  • ZSNES v1.26 - Everyone's favourite SNES emulator, ZSNES has been updated to version 1.26. Check it out :
    - OBC1 support broke in a recent CVS update. Fixed now. [zsKnight]
    - Added full scanlines to the Win/Linux port [zsKnight]
    - Added Mouse Wheel switch [zsKnight,pagefault]
    - Fixed problem with interpolation/2xSaI/scanlines being saved in the windows port [zsKnight]
    - Improved 512 byte header support. This should improve compatibility with some games [zsKnight]
    - Added 768x672 and 1024x896 DR, R windowed video modes to Windows port [pagefault]
    - Windows port now uses the primary DirectSound buffer [pagefault]
    - Modified 65816<->SPC700 timing. I hope this doesn't break anything [zsKnight]
    - Fixed a vram read behavior problem (fixed Equinox dungeons) [zsKnight]

    And did you know there's an extra for taking advantage of ZSNES' netplay feature? Check out ZBattle. :) - dhalamar

  • Ooooh Bitchin! - Andre has released his Visual Pinmame port of William's Earthshaker! Check out the homepage for pics and downloads. This was the first table I ever bought, and is an all-time classic. Pat Lawlor (the designer) mentioned to me once that he considers it one of his favorites as well. Too bad the shaker motor can't be emulated :) - metallik

  •    Thursday, May 17th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:09 EST

  • Last Minute News - Just before I go offline :)

    o New MameCPS1/2 out. Version 0.12 for DOS now supports Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X.

    o PC Advance is a new Game Boy Advance emulator for Windows coded by Eloist and Rude_Hack. Visit their homepage to download the first public release and to look at a bunch of impressive screenshots.

    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for ´both news. - Opi

  • Wanna, wanna, wanna ??? WOW, I'm very very imaginative today :)
    Atila just told me that Sega would port their fantastic online RPG Phantasy Star Online - Version 2 to Nintendo's upcoming GameCube ! Well, now I have one more reason to surf around, I need to find a confirmation.

    CONFIRMED ! No need to say I'm a "die hard" Nintendo fan :) Check out games.ign.com for the lastest E3 coverage.
    Here are some interesting GC links :) PSO v2, Luigi's Mansion and look at the recently revised GameCube Hardware Specifications. Tecmo is now also a confirmed GameCube developer, maybe we'll see a GC version of their fantastic Dead or Alive series ! - Opi

  • ZSNES & zbattle.net - You wanna play some online matches with ZSNES and need a partner ? Visit zbattle.net and meet someone with the same interests :) Thanks to zer0spunk for the hint - given on IRC #retrogamers. - Opi

  • PocketNES - Wanna emulate a NES with a GBA emulator ? Then check out PocketNES and smile about the world's crazyNESs. PockeNES is Loopy's own port of LoopyNES and is completely written in assembler .
    Thanks to [- The HiVE -] for the email. - Opi

  • Space Tripper - Wanna spend some cash ($12) for a cool looking arcade shooter ? So you might download the demo of Space Tripper at PomPom. It's a retro remake "somewhat like Defender or Uridium. It has the gameplay from the past, but the graphics from today and is quite hard to play, but it is really great !" So said Ken in his email. Normally I don't post about shareware remakes .... And NO - I won't tell ya the meaning of TRIPPER in German :) LOL ! Additional info and the demo can be found at http://www.pompom.org. - Opi

  • Mame still cookin :) - New Mame Work In Progress is up.. Shuffleshot anyone? - dutch

  • Amiga Legal Emulation Updated - Malc Jennings uploaded a couple of interesting stuff to his site ALE. New demos and some remixes as well are online. Tip : check "Flashback - Jungle War Remix" and "Shadow Of The Beast 3 - Dance Remix" :) - Opi

  • CPS2Shock Release #35 - Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X (Japan 960531) XORs over at CPS2Shock. Grab 'em while they're hot. :) - dhalamar

  • RETROGAMES T-SHIRTS!! - After what seemed an eternity, you can now order Retrogames T-shirts from our online store, in the sizes M - XXXL. We don't have a lot of XXL and XXXL, so only order those sizes if you're sure you need it ;) As for pricing, the shirts are US$14,95 with an added $4 for shipping. International shipping costs will be posted in a day or 2, our hosts are still fighting with the US Postals services about it :) - atila

  • To be 24 again :) - Just wanted to say Happy 24th Birthday to my friend Exodus3D. Even though I'm almost thirty, she's been into emulation longer than me. Happy Birthday Mel. :) - dutch

  •    Wednesday, May 16th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:11 EST

  • Satourne WIP More WIP Screenies - A bunch of new WIP pictures of the upcoming French Sega Saturn emu Satourne are online. According to Ben-J's email, the author also got his needed ST-V BIOS, eliminated a serious DMA bug and got VDP2 to work. Thanks Ben-J :) - Opi

  • New Modeler WIP Pics - Look here, if you wanna see the tilemap scaling effect on Golden Axe 2 and correct tilemaps on the Multi32 games Hard Dunk and Outrunners. Thanks Prophet :) - Opi

  • ClrMamePro v2.11 - Roman Scherzer uploaded a slightly updated new ClrMamePro version. ClrMamePro now preserves file & archive date/time information. - Opi

  • Bleem(cast) - The bleem! site is being redesigned at the moment; the new color of choice is ORANGE. You can also buy bleemcast online and they even have a few international vendors for overseas orders. Thanks to Shawmn M. for the news. - atila

  • Wanna CHEAT? - The Gameshark/Pro Action Replay plugin for the awesome ePSXe Playstation emulator (and probably a few other emulators, I don't remember right off hand. =P) has been updated to version 1.4. You can reach the homepage right here.

    AND there's also a new plugin that allows for Playstation games to be played over the net. :) Click right here for more info. It's not actually RELEASED yet, but it's one hell of an idea. :)

    I'm really descriptive today, aren't I. Oh yeah, thanks to EmuHolic for the news. - dhalamar

  • Hot Off The Press - Microsoft has just announced that the XBOX will have an MSRP of $299. Gaming-Age has more info on it. - atila

  • RG Mentioned In Swedish "InternetWorld" - Sweden's biggest internet guide, InternetWorld, did an article on C64 emulation called "Free TimeMachines For Game Lovers" and, in the process, awarded us "game site of the month" AND gave us a 9/10! You can see the scan right here. Thanks to LFX for the news and scan. - atila

  • Welcome IR Pinball! - IR Pinball is the latest site to be hosted by Retrogames. As the name says, it's all about the latest "craze" in emulation land: PINBALL! You can download lots of pinball tables from IR Pinball, both reproductions and originals. The site is not 100% ready yet, so please bear with them, for the time being. Steveir has said that once the weather gets less sunny, he'll get out of the pub and actually finish the site ;) Duglis, Trojan & Steveir: WELCOME ABOARD :) - atila

  • S.H.A.C.C. v0.88-38-343 - MartyB. the author of S.H.A.C.C. is still looking for more beta testers to improve his multi emulator frontend. Don't miss his latest release : v0.88-38-343 :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Cool Site - RAINE fans should check out Raine Saves And Omake, a cool new RAINE dedicated site with special save states and some rare pictures. Thanks to XxAMPxX for the hint. - Opi

  • Daedalus v0.06b - The open source N64 emulator for Windows Daedalus was updated to version 0.06b.

    - o - Fixed texture load bug (fixes corrupt textures when TEXEL1 is used).
    - o - Fixed ucode 5 texturing/lighting bugs.
    - o - Fixed RSP SRLV/SRAV/SLLV disassembly.
    - o - All lighting / transformation now done manually (this was done to implement fogging, but in the process it helped me fix a few bugs and optimise a few things). These changes have also removed the need for the ScaleFactor hack and some of the viewport problems.
    - o - Started work on fogging (but the range is still not quite right).
    - o - Added Orkin's combiner changes - lots of things are the right colours now!
    - o - Fixed TexRect bug.
    - o - Added various other OS-HLE stuff (thanks Jun Su!).

    Thanks to darknezz and RetroLover for the notification. - Opi

  • ZSNES v1.25 - New Linux, DOS and Windows versions of ZSNES are now available. Looks like the open source project is a full success ! They added TONS of changes, 6 people contributed code to this release.

    Here are some of the changes : PNG support, Pilot Wings fixed (controls), OBC1 emulation (Metal Combat works), Speed increase (up to 50%), DirectX 8 is now needed (Win port), Linux double buffering support and probably 30 more changes topics ! WOW ! Thanks to Mr. Squish for the email :)

    Big thanks to these great people for making my day a bit brighter with their work : zsKnight, _Demo_, pagefault, hpsolo, teuf and Matt Kendora ! - Opi

  •    Tuesday, May 15th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:06 EST

  • Off Topic Alert - According to Discovery.com, scientists have revived alien bacteria more than 4.5 billion years old. - dutch

  • New Stuff At Lemon - Kim Lemon recently added 10 new tape images and 9 cartridge dumps to his awesome C-64 site Lemon.

    Other interesting C-64 sites to watch : gamebase64.com, www.c64.com, The C64 Game Guide and Back in Time (check their awesome music link section) to name a few :) What happened to "Commodore64.net: Laner's Electric Mayhem" ??? - Opi

  • ArcadeMania - Slow news days are the best reason to make another arcade update at ScreenMania :) I've uploaded 23 new and 3 updated games, featuring classics like Commando, Ghost and Gobblins, Green Beret, Popeye and RodLand. Bubble Bobble was updated once again, propably the last possible one :) Thanks to nemesis1, flozzum-flip and Vincent for the helping hand. - Opi

  • 24,000,000 - Yesterday, we hit 24,000,000: THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!! - atila

  • System16 News - Sixtoe has posted a fairly large update at SYSTEM16, one of the more notable news items is a picture of IXION. It's a prototype running on a modified SUPER ZAXXON board! - atila

  • Updates - Sorry for the lack of updates recently. And yes, it IS Tuesday today :) - atila

  •    Monday, May 14th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:53 EST

  • Ian Boffin has released an amazing recreation of Bally's Theatre of Magic for Visual Pinmame! Although dubbed as a "Release Candidate," this sim of John Popadiuk's popular table is quite polished and plays very nicely. Features include a fully working trunk, and GI support. Grab it from AJ's site. - metallik

  • PocketGenesis 1.0 & VB64 - PocketGenesis v1.0 Beta 1 has been released by Domenico Dato. Try it out if you wanna play Sonic on your Pocket PC.

    VB64 a new WIP C-64 emulator for Windows is available here. Although, you shouldn't expect too much from this first release.

    Thanks to Emulation 9 for both news. - Opi

  • Domino v0.10 - EmuHQ reported the release of a new multi arcade emulator for Windows called Domino. The first release supports only games which run on PacMan hardware. I'm sure - more games and newly supported hardware are only a matter/question of time :) - Opi

  • Is THAT The New Zelda Look ? - Look what a damn hot Zelda commercial. Start dreaming about a GameCube Zelda ! Visit www.hyrule.com.ar and download the GBC commercial (1206 kb) which seemingly show a GC scene of the upcoming Zelda game. Thanks to Xray1 for the rumour :) - Opi

  • CLRMame Pro 2.1 - Roman has released version 2.1 of his famous ROM manager. "…mainly a new faster and better zipsystem. Zip32.dll isn't needed anymore. Some misc changes." Go to his site to download it. - dutch

  • www.retrocovers.com - Looking for some hot covers for your emulation CDR's ? Visit Retrocovers (former Cover Central) and grab some of their exceptional selfmade covers. Would be a sin to ignore such talented people :) Hi Juggling Bear :) - Opi

  • Modeler - The initial version of Modeler for Mac OS is now available. This version is somewhat ahead of the latest PC release in emulation, too :-) - richard

  • TGEmu/MacOS has been updated to v0.1.5. The new release fixes a problem with music in some games, and also adds Multiprocessor acceleration. - richard

  • SMS+/MacOS has been updated to v0.9.6. The new release adds MP acceleration and support for Speech Samples. - richard

  • Generator/MacOS has been updated to v0.2.0. The new release adds MP acceleration and several new video modes. - richard

  • ROM Info - There is an update to the ROM Info tools for Mac users. - richard

  • XPinMAME - Stijn Hoop updated the XPinMAME patch to 0.99b3 making it up to date with the DOS version. A quick compile how-to was also added.

    On a seperate Note: I'll be in Vegas and won't be back until the 18th; I sure hope I come back with more money then I left with! :) - chris

  • SpyWare 'Killer' - Some programs you download and install contain something which is referred to as "spyware". ElvisP gave me this URL which has a program to remove "spyware" from your system. - atila

  •    Sunday, May 13th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:16 EST

  • .TZX vault - Gilby wrote in to mention that the .TZX Vault has been updated with 59 new tape images! The TZX Vault is a archive of Sinclair ZX Spectrum games in .TZX format for preservation purposes. - chris

  • fMSX Windows/DOS v2.4 - Marat Fayzullin's MSX emulator fMSX was updated to version 2.4. fMSX isn't free - it needs to be registered for $35 US. Click the following link to get more info about fMSX as well as the latest changes. - Opi

  • Nemu64 INI v2.1.9 - EmuManiac informed me about his new Nemu ini release. Version v2.1.9 should be last release for the near future (not many new N64 releases lately). New in ini v2.1.9 :

    - Madden NFL 2001 (USA) = Playable
    - removed unneeded settings
    - GBI settings corrected - Opi

  • xcps2mame - Stijn Hoop has released a new xcps2mame patch based on Razoola's CPS2mame. The patch is against xmame-0.37b14.1, and includes all releases up to release #34: Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (USA 960206). Note that to compile your own version of xcpsmame, you need to set the TARGET in the main makefile, to 'cpmame', not 'cpsmame' like in previous versions of this patch. - chris

  • xmame-0.37b14.2 - Lawrence Gold has released xmame-0.37b14.2! Changes include:
    • Updated the romulan.pl script in contrib/tools. (Nathan Hand)
    • The sound device is now released when the emulation is paused. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    • Updated the comment in makefile.unix about nasm to indicate that v0.98 or higher must be used to build the asm 68k cores.
    • Added -hotrod for HotRod and HotRod SE support. Set it to 1 for HotRod, 2 for HotRod SE.
    • The DGA target now reports whether it's using DGA1 or DGA2. (Christian Groessler)
    • Updated GLmame to version 0.62. (Sven Goethel)
    • Fixed src/tiny.mak so the tiny build would work.
    • Added the KDE workaround to the documentation.
    - chris

  • StretchMame32 v0.37 Beta 14d (ASM) - Prophet mailed us about a new StretchMame32 release. Two years ago he posted some news which I sent him via email and now it's the other way round. That's ... strange and weird :) OK, back to StrethMame32 - new in today's release :

    - o - Added Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Japan 940113)
    - o - Added Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (US 960209)
    - o - Added Street Fighter Zero 2 (region changed to Japan)
    - o - Removed Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
    ...... (region changed 4P for kaillera)
    - o - Removed Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
    ...... (4 Players for kaillera)
    - o - Removed Alien Vs. Predator(3 Players for kaillera)
    - o - Added shot-factory feature for CPS games
    - o - Fixed NEOGEO replay feature

    Thanks Prophet - don't forget to answer my last email :) - Opi

  • Red Squirrel v0.4.3 - Red Squirrel, the most advanced (and only one I know) Acorn Archimedes emulator for Windows was updated with a new snapshot version. New in relase 0.4.3 :

    - o - New Arm710 models with Vram support and quadrature mouse
    - o - Changes to mouse button mappings are applied immediately
    - o - Menu key setting is more useful
    - o - PS/2 (Arm7500) mouse buttons dont cause odd mouse movement
    - o - Better reset handling
    - o - Better/Different Vidc timings on RiscPC
    - o - Fixed windows pointer corruption (and Win2k crashes)
    - o - Sound buffer is zero'd to avoid noise at startup
    - o - Fixed !Alarm month and year settings

    Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • a.c.e. is short for Another Capcom Play System Emulator, which is a new open source CPS1 emulator. Right now it only runs Final Fight, but he hopes to add other games and CPS2 in the future. It's open source, see if you can help out. :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dhalamar

  • MAMu_ Icons for X - I have updated the MAMu_ Icons for X page with the PinMAME icons recently made by MAMu_. As well, I have reconverted all the icons in the archive using a new graphics conversion tool. The b14 icons were also reconverted because they were converted improperly on the last update. I added preview montages of all the icons as well. The installation script has also been slightly modified and you will need to download the new install script for the new icon conversions. - chris

  • Sony Doesn't Like Bleemcast - Rumor has it Sony is strong arming SoftwareETC and Babbages over the $5.99 Bleemcast, which allows gamers to play Gran Turismo 2 on the Dreamcast via emulation with enhanced Dreamcast graphics. From an alleged e-mail sent by management:

    "Bleemcast Gran Turismo 2

    Please note that additional shipments of this product will not be sent out to stores. This is due to a request that Sony has made. Stores that have already recieved this product can sell the quantities recieved, but additional quantities will not be shipped.

    Thanks much to Gai for the tip. - dutch

  •    Saturday, May 12th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:24 EST

  • More MESS WIP - I have updated the MESS WIP page with WIP reports up to and including May 10th. Enjoy! - chris

  • Calice32 v0.2.8 - A new Calice32 version is online. Now with Joystick support, a lot of fixed CPS-2 drivers and some new GUI translations (Italian, Norwegian Spanish and Swedish). Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. Opi out - good night to everyone :) - Opi

  • Gauntlet Screensaver - Simon Sweetman released a freshly updated version of his nice Gauntlet screensaver. I just downloaded it at Sys2064 and watched the ongoing action :) I admit it's worth a download - get it here. Thanks to Till for the hint. - Opi

  • SNESGT v0.00 - A new Japanese SNES emulator for Windows called SNESGT has been released by GIGO and Hii. This is the first public release, so don't expect too much :) Thanks to Navarone's Emulation 9 for the notification. - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with news for the rest of April. May WIP reports coming soon! - chris

  • Daedalus News - Updated Daedalus compatibility list - STOP - and a new ini (0.5c) online - STOP - ! Thanks BuBu! :) - Opi

  • MAME Easy Run v1.0 (R2) - The Brazilian MAME fan Thomaz de Oliveira dos Reis released a new version of his MAME configuration tool MAME Easy Run. He added :

    - o - Fixed the Tabulation order of the Configuration MENU
    - o - Added new Option: Easy Run:
    ...... Use this to run MAME without any configuration
    - o - Added the possibility to choose ROMs of differents directories
    ...... (Thanks to JEK Chan!)
    - o - Some corrections in the writing
    - o - Correction of the search button
    ...... (Choose of the game in the configuration menu)
    - o - Added an Easter Egg.

    Thanks to XxAMPxX from EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Douglas Adams DEAD - "The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy" reached its "Grande Finale". Douglas Adams died yesterday due to an heart attack in Santa Monica at the Age of 49 :( Thanks to Org, part of the famous ROMLIST crew, for this sad news ! - metallik

  • Win 2000 Service Pack 2 - Just in case you guys are interested in updating your Win2000 :) Without any previous announcement a new Service pack 2 for Win2k has been released. It has a crazy file size : 102 Megabytes ! Click here if you wanna try to download it. Or look here, that's the source for that news. A report of the well known German computer magazine CHIP. It contains also an download link to try out. Look for Download: w2ksp2.exe. The official MS homepage doesn't mention this update currently but it is real :) Thanks Geppy ! - Opi

  • AdriPSX For DOS - Roor compiled and released a new DOS binary of AdriPSX, a Playstation emulator. "If you want good gameplay, I advice you to use Windows Version, so you can take advance of Hardware Acceleration features. Use DOS version only when you don't want to use WINDOWS, or just to satisfy your curiosity". He also mentioned that the DOS release runs fine on OS/2 WARP (just in case ...). More info regarding AdriPSX and this DOS update can be found here ! Thanks Navarone :) - Opi

  • RomCenter - A bunch of new RomCenter datfiles were uploaded :

    - Sega System 32 - Alex Pregno
    - Sega Model 1 - Lordply, Lucid-Tek
    - Sega Genesis bin and smd - Rob van der Drift
    - Wonderswan - Dge, Rob van der Drift, Pucci
    - Cps 2, Calice and Nebula - Logiqx - Opi

  • Nemu64 INI v2.1.8 - EmuManiac released a new official Nemu ini and made an update at the Nemu screenshot section. New in ini v2.1.8 :

    - Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (PAL) = Playable, slow
    - Mario Party 3 (USA) = Doesnt Work
    - changed a few game comments - Opi

  • Bliss News - The Bliss homepage was updated with three major news !

    1) The GUI for Bliss32 aka "Xanadu" (contributed by Jesse '3vi1' Litton) is coming along nicely.
    2) Kyle Davis uploaded a new beta of BlissJX to (probably) fix that weird blank screen bug.
    3. Kyle confirmed that he's working on a Atari5200 driver for Bliss !

    Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Dave/dayvee Interviewed - Good old JoseQ conducted an interview with Dave of Final Burn fame. It's a long, interesting interview which might clarify some things. Please be polite if you add your thoughts to JoseQ's comment area :) You can read it here. Thanks to n2locarz for the news :-) - Opi

  • Emu Loader v2.6 beta 1 - Ciro's awesome MAME frontend Emu Loader was updated yesterday. Below are his changes in v2.6 beta 1 :

    "There are a bunch of news (too many to be listed...) The main new features are Sound Clip support, Driver Information (from MAMEINFO.DAT) and a few changes in the core so I can add support for WinMAME after it's official release (making EL compatible with Win32 executables, without using the DOS shell)...".

    Ciro also mentioned that he's going to release more frequent beta updates from now on, due to the lack of beta testers. So this is YOUR chance to become a beta tester (sort of) :) - Opi

  •    Friday, May 11th 2001 - Last updated @ 18:24 EST

  • TGB English v5 (Build 1900) - Jake Zhang posted a translated version of the latest TGB release. TGB is a Japanese Game Boy emulator with support for two devices and the link function for Pokemon and such games. Click here to get Jake's translated file. - Opi

  • MAMu_Pinmame b3 Pack - MAMu_ just released two new packs of his lovely icons. Previews are available here and there ... they are very cute, aren't they ? He also mentioned a new jukebox feature at his site (which needs FLash to load). - Opi

  • DreamGBA Preview Demo4 - A new version of DreamGBA, a Chinese WIP Nintendo GBA emu, has been released. I can't explain what the term "Preview Demo" should mean - I haven't tested the emu. Someone should do it for me ...

    - o - Perfect Mosaic emulation
    - o - Add partial support to Mode 1,2,4
    - o - Add interrupt and real time DMA support
    - o - Screen shot function(Print Screen key) - Opi

  • Hero Machine - Yep, I'm still here. Yep, I'm still moving. Yep, I'm playing with the Hero Machine. See if you can make the characters from Mortal Kombat, I tell you it's possible. :) - dutch

  • MAMECPS v0.11 - The freshly updated MAMECPS is the first emulator with support for the new XOR released by CPS-2 Shock ! Thanks to Rico2000 for the notification.

    Update : OK OK - according to PeterD my info about MAMECPS being the first emu with support for the new XOR tables was incorrect. A new nebula dat was alreday released at CPS-2 Shock :) - Opi

  • CPS2Shock Release #34 - CPS2Shock has released another XOR table for ya. D&D: Shadow over Mystara (USA 960209). You know where to grab it. ;) Thanks to EmuUnlim for the news. - dhalamar

  • New Commercial PSX Emu? - Magic Box News is reporting that Softlink / Machrone Corporation is working on a new Playstation emulator for PC called 'Sky Way Gamer' (ouch) - it comes with a psx-style usb controller and get this: "allows you to connect to your friend's computer by specifying an IP address and establish a new channel, you can perform both text chat and voice chat while playing the game". Hmmm. Oh yeah, I tried bleemcast the other day and it works something wicked. Read more about 'Sky Way Gamer' (yikes) here (Note by Atila: apparently, SKY WAY GAMER is a hack of VGS, check out psxemu.com for the entire update.) (original post by Overclocked) - atila

  • RedHat is ditching Netscape - Check out this story on Yahoo, and Mozilla users like me rejoice. :) - dhalamar

  • MESS WIP - Another MESS WIP update has been added. WIP reports are now current through April 28th. - chris

  • More Arcade Dumps - Guru has let me know that he has dumped two more arcades! Dumped: Vindicators (Atari, newer alternative version) Dumped: Neck & Neck (Incredible Tech. 1992). Special thanks to Smitdogg Jones for buying the pcb and sending it to Guru to be dumped. - chris

  • VGB-GUI 0.2.3 - VGB-GUI is a program for launching and configuring gnuboy and VGB (GameBoy emulators). Changes in version 0.2.3 include: VGB-GUI now looks in the right place for gnuboy options. - chris

  •    Thursday, May 10th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:30 EST

  • MAME WIP - Gridle just uploaded a new MAME WIP. Information about the last 9 days of MAME development are online. - Opi

  • Arcade Screenshot Madness - I just html'ized the complete coverage of three true arcade classics contributed by Vincent. Online are more than 350 shots of Donkey Kong Junior, Kung Fu Master and Shinobi ! You can check them out here ! - Opi

  • MHE Revealed - The Spanish emulation site Emulatronia posted three pictures showing the unreleased MHE emulator in action. MHE means Multi Handheld Emulator and it is supposed to emulate Nintendo's Game Boy, SNK's NeoGeo Pocket and Bandai's Wonderswan (b/w). They author remains annonymous for some GOOD REASONs I guess :) Go and check those posted screenshots - thanks to Prophet for the email :-) ! - Opi

  • Final Burn - Dave has released a new, and FINAL, version of FinalBurn. All this version does, is list the drivers alphabetically. That's it. FB is no longer under development. - atila

  • Name That SID Competition! - ArcadeTones was updated with 48 new (for Nokia mobiles) ringtones of famous C-64, Amiga, Arcade, SNES and NES games from the past. You should also visit their competition page and guess which are the mysterious 7 classic C-64 tunes. A pack of all three Back In Time CD's will (CD 3 should be out soon) be your (possible) reward :)
    Thanks to Tracey Cook for the email :) - Opi

  • Nofrendo 2.0 Preview 1 - A new source of Nofrendo has been made publically available. "Thanks to the long hard work of Matt Conte, and the desparation of Neil Stevens, Unix (and BeOS and Windows, if you try hard enough) users have another NES emulator to kick around - Nofrendo". That means you can download the soure and have to compile it on your own until binaries have been made available. Thanks Navarone. - Opi

  • GoodNES v0.999.9 - Click here to download Cowering's latest GoodNES release. File size now reached 220+ kb !

    GoodNES Stats: 8200 entries ! Recent Additions:
    - Yes, there are 8200 entries ... RTFM for details !

    Hint : RTFM = Read the f*cking manual :) - Opi

  • Rumor Mill - JoseQ has posted a new Rumor Mill and boy is it a good one!! Monaco GP simulator coming soon!! Screenshots are there for you to drool over. Thanks to rcroms for the news. - chris

  •    Wednesday, May 9th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:20 EST

  • TROLLS RULE!! .. Thats right, they rule pinmame! Medieval Madness release candidate has been released! Now, anyone not fortunate enough to have access to a working Medieval Madness table can still kick the King of Payne's arse thanks to the awesome work of Rock, Joxer, Snotz and Ian Boffin. The homepage is here. Also, Dorsola has released v2.0 of Twilight Zone, which includes some nice visual improvements! Get it here - It should appear on AJ's site shortly as well. - metallik

  • TEO for Linux - Opi forgot to mention yesterday that a new Teo binary is also available for Linux. Teo is a Thomson TO8 emulator. - chris

  • Hercules 1.12 - Hecules is an open source software implementation of the mainframe System/370 and ESA/390 architectures, in addition to the new 64-bit z/Architecure. Hercules runs under Linux, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000. Thanks to LinuxEmu for the news. - chris

  • YAME for Linux - The YAME emulator has been updated to version 0.34a for Linux and FreeBSD systems. YAME emulates GameBoy, NES, TG16, and SNES. Thanks to liquid for the news. - chris

  • PocketGenesis - There's a Genesis emulator in the works for the PocketPC, called PocketGenesis. If you don't have a NOMAD, this is the next best thing, I guess :) Thanks to Kyle H. for the news. - atila

  • New "Virus" - There's a new "virus" doing the rounds, it comes to you in a mail with the subject: HOMEPAGE. It contains a .vbs script, which forwards itself to every in your address book. You know the drill (by now ;), thanks to Dan for the news. - atila

  • New RockNES DOS/Win32 Soon - The RockNES homepage was updated with the following info : "We are finishing the works on RockNES, meaning a short beta-test period before a public release. Both DOS/Win32 ports will be updated. Get ready for some surprises...". - Opi

  •    Tuesday, May 8th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:39 EST

  • xpinmame - For those of you who did not know (like myself for instance), you can also download pinmame patches for xmame at Stijn's xmame patches site as well!! - chris

  • xcps2mame - Stijn Hoop has released a new copy of xcps2mame which includes Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Japan 940113), and Crashtest's Shot Factory for ripping sprites (untested). - chris

  • Quick update from the world of PinMame: Several new tables have been released in the last couple of days. Star Trek: the Next generation, Alien Poker, Whirlwhind and Fishtales all made their debut recently. Go here or here to grab them. Excellent work on all these games.. Borg Multiball rocks! - metallik

  • New Stuff At The Arcade Flyers Archive - Xray has uploaded 137 new images to their flyer database. This brings the total amount of flyers online at The Arcade Flyers Archive to a whopping 1916. - Opi

  • Pocket //e v1.02 - Emulation 9 reported the release of Pocket //e (Pocket PC version of AppleWin) v1.02.
    "Version 1.02 fixes the monochrome bug and trims 50K from the executable. 1.01 Addresses the Joystick button bug." - Opi

  • ScreenMania Awaits You - SPAM TILL DEATH part III :-)
    I made another update at my personal nightmare called ScreenMania :) Freshly uploaded are screenshots for C-64 (18 games / 440 shots including the scandalous Strip Poker as well as the true classics Buggy Boy, Jumpman, Rambo First Blood and Shamus) and Game Boy Classic (23 games / 787 shots). If you like games like Kirby's Star Stacker, Kirby's Dream Land, Kwirk, Quarth, Tetris 2 and Yoshi's Cookie - then this is the update of your choice :)
    I'm currently uploading new arcade stuff (with some great contributions included) which should be online in a few hours ... Please send feedback and/or contribute .... - Opi

  • Teo v1.6 - Eric Botcazou released Teo v1.6. Available are new DOS and Windows binaries of this Thomson TO8 emulator. Thanks to Rico2000 for the information. - Opi

  • GoodWSx v0.999.1 - Cowering added a new member to his GoodTools ROM renamer family called GoodWSx. This tool renames Bandai Wonderswan/WS Color ROMs. Version 0.999.1 knows 32 different commercial games. A list of wanted but missing dumps is included. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • BoyCott Advance v.18 - The new version of this awesome Gameboy Advance emulator is out. There's WAY too much new to post here. It's now probably the most compatible GBA emulator out there. Head on over to the official page for more info. Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news.

    And while I'm on it, Guyfawkes recently unvieled a GBA news site for the public domain ROMs that people make, GBA utilities, basically anything related to emulation and the GBA. :) Click here to check it out. - dhalamar

  • MESS WIP - Doh! I messed up on the MESS WIP page! The Snatcher screenshot should be displayed now. - chris

  •    Monday, May 7th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:57 EST

  • X68000 v0.00b12 - This Japanese X68000 emulator has been updated, and your guess is as good as mine as to what's new. You can download it from the official site right here though. Again, thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dhalamar

  • MAMELang 32+ has been updated to b14. This release was a day late, but it has some new audit reports. The Greek user interface has a few problems that should be resolved soon. Other than that, you can download this release right here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dhalamar

  • MAME CPS1/2 v0.10 was updated to play today's D&D release. Go to the official page to grab ahold of it. - dhalamar

  • Blade64 WIP v4.5 - The new N64 emulator called Blade64 has been updated. And, the Blade.ini v1.0.5 was translated to Swedish by Harteex. - dhalamar

  • Logiqx DAT File Update - Logiqx has been updated with updated DATs for CPS-2, Nebula v1.3, Calice v0.2.6 and MAMEDiff v1.07. Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news. - dhalamar

  • FPSE Status - Head on over to the FPSE homepage to learn about this Playstation emulator's up and coming release, along with some screenshots from the game Apocolypse. - dhalamar

  • VirtuaNES v0.15 - There's a new version of the Japanese/English NES emulator called VirtuaNES, which fixes mapper #5, sound improvements, and a TV mode. Head on over to the page for the download. - dhalamar

  • PC-Ngine Status - There's a status update for this Dreamcast emulator over at the official page. Go and check it out, and lets hope there's a release soon. :) - dhalamar

  • RoarVGM Update - RoarVGM has been updated with some high res Atari Jaguar cover scans. One of my most favourite systems in the whole wide world. =P Thanks DaemoN. - dhalamar

  • CPS2Shock Release #33 - You can go grab the XOR tables for D Tower of Doom (Japan 940113) along with a new CPS2MAME with CrashTest's Shots Factory code for all you sprite rippers out there. ;) Grab them both at CPS2Shock. Thanks to Razoola for the news. Oh yeah, before I forget, for all you people who use Nebula, there are also updated Nebula DATs for the new release. - dhalamar

  • FCE Ultra v.54r2 - A small bug-fix release for this cool open source NES emulator. It seems he forgot to add some brackets in his code which caused it not to show an image in windowed display. It's fixed now. So head on over to the FCE Ultra homepage and grab it while it's hot. Thanks to EmuHolic for the news. - dhalamar

  • SegaEMU WIP - There's some screenshots from an unreleased version 0.60 of Atani's SegaEMU. Click the appropriate link. :) - dhalamar

  • Kaillera v0.82 - A new version of Kaillera is out. Fixes a hang/crash bug that was recently found. Head on over to the Kaillera homepage and check it out. :) - dhalamar

  • MAME Easy Run, a MAME frontend similiar to ePSXe's front end, has been released. Basically makes configuring MAME a hell of a lot easier. :) Head on over to the MAME Easy Run homepage and take a look. - dhalamar

  • OUCH! - Here's how NOT to hit the water after a dive :) - atila

  • Mondays - I'm currently suffering from "Monday-makes-me-depressed syndrom". This Diet Fanta isn't helping either :x - atila

  •    Sunday, May 6th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:01 EST

  • Namco Classics Collection: Volume II - Guru wrote in to let me know he has found a pcb for this arcade, but it's going to cost him some big bucks. Click here and read the information below the screenshots if you want to help out in purchasing this arcade so that the ROMs can be properly dumped. - chris

  • MESS WIP - Another massive update at the MESS WIP page. PeT made some Commodore 128 changes, Raphael Nabet made some APEXC and PDP-1 changes, Sean Young got SD Snatcher, Mr Ghost, Xevious, and a bunch of demo games working for MSX2, Nathan Woods finished the MESS32 file selection dialog and made some CoCo improvements, and much more - Click the link above to read all the details. - chris

  • Mimic News - Mike Beaver posted a new Mimic WIP report. He did some work on the SMS/GG/SystemE line interrupts and (together with zadock) more research on the memory/sprites system of Clash Road ! - Opi

  • We Got Pop-Ups - In order to help our host out, we are going to run a interesting kind of popup. According to the advertiser, it will show you one popup every 720 hours. (Yup, that's once per month) We will see how this goes, and if it does well enough, we will keep it up. For those of you who deny cookies, we are not sure what the effect will be :) So we will have pop-ups, but they won't be as intrusive as those on other sites (we hope :) - atila

  • RomCenter News - The RomCenter homepage was updated with new and updated Datafiles. Below are some of them : hi Eric :)

    - o - Calice 0.2.6 - Logiqx
    - o - Mame artwork - Rob
    - o - Vectrex 1.03 - Rob van der Drift / Cowering
    - o - Arcade pack - Logiqx
    - o - Mame samples - Rob
    - o - Visual Pinmame - Wilman
    - o - Wonderswan - Pucci - Opi

  • Atari800 v1.0.7 - Atari800, an advanced Atari 800XL emulator for DOS, Windows, Linux and various other exotic operation systems, was updated to version 1.0.7 ! The Atari800 emulator was started and developed by David Firth and became an open source project with many code contributors after the release of version 1.0.0. As far as I can see, only the source code is currently available - stay tuned for new binaries for your prefered OS ! These are the latest changes. - Opi

  • z81 1.3 - z81 is a Sinclair ZX81/ZX80 emulator with versions for X and the Linux console. Also bundled is zx81get, a ZX81 tape reader. Changes in 1.3 include: Buffer overrun (and thus local DoS) fixes in the svgalib version, file selector improvements, and a few X fixes. - chris

  •    Saturday, May 5th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:48 EST

  • Updated SIDPLAY For Windows - Adam Lorentzon's famous Windows Port of Michael Schwendt's C-64 sound player SIDPLAY was updated. These are his changes, thanks to Commodore Wire for the info. - Opi

  • Uki From Team Japump Retires - More bad news from the dumping front. Uki, unsung member of Team Japump (the famous Japanese ROM dumping group) has retired from the ROM dumping scene. Todays Team Japump update was the last one with him onboard. He was jointly responsible for dumping most of the Japanese roms in existance ! We cannot thank him enough for preserving these extremely precious games. Let's hope and cross our fingers for a come back later on :) Thanks to Sixtoe for the sad news ! - Opi

  • BleemCast - I was over at Electronic's Boutique in the mall earlier today, and saw the first BleemCast! release for playing Gran Turismo II on the Dreamcast for $5.99 (US currency). Great price in my opinion. :) - dhalamar

  • NAZ To Join The Emu Graveyard Too ? - Apparently another DINO will leave the scene ! Dumping god NAZ will stop dumping and releasing arcade stuff due to some serious money problems. He cannot afford the rather expensive Soldering equipment or a new ROM reader. SO it's very likely that he will stop after the final release of his awesome CPS-2 FAQ. - Opi

  • DNS Trouble At EmuHQ - I was asked to mention that the following sites hosted at EmuHQ are NOT DEAD ! These sites are experiencing DNS issues, which will most likely last a few more days. So here are some alternative links to able you to reach these fine site :)

    o Logiqx or try
    o Amiga Legal Emulation or try
    o KIAME or try
    o Kazuyas NeoGeo Reviews or try
    o EmuUnderground or try

    ATTENTION please : To our MEXICAN visitors : Happy Cinco de Mayo ! - Opi

  • New Bliss Beta - Intellivision Lives - More emulation news reported by our Japanese friend Navarone !

    A new Bliss beta for Windows is online. Kyle Davis wrote "This beta release contains significantly revamped DirectX code based around several recent contributions from Jesse Litton (aka "3vi1"). An official release of all the emulation packages is likely to happen tomorrow night". - Opi

  • Team Japump!!! Dumping Efforts - New stuff for the next MAME cycle :) Below are the latest reported Team Japump!!! arcade dumps. As usual, you won't find them until someone wrote a driver for them. News thankfully taken from Emulation 9 :)

    - o - Don Den Mahjong (BET type)
    - o - Mahjong If (BET type)
    - o - Ganbare! Gonta!! 2 (Lady Killer Part 2 - Party Time)
    - o - Bang Bang Ball
    - o - Susume! Mile Smile
    - o - Hyper Duel (JPN Ver.)
    - o - Jitsuryoku!! Pro Yakyuu (JPN Ver.)
    - o - Robocop 2 (JPN Ver.)
    - o - Musashi Ganryuuki (GANRYU)
    - o - Street Fighter II (JPN Ver.)
    - o - Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition - (JPN Ver.)
    - o - Giga Wing (JPN Ver.)
    - o - Great Mahou Daisakusen (JPN Ver.)
    - o - Mars Matrix (JPN Ver.)
    - o - Jojo no Kimyounabouken (JPN Ver.) - Opi

  • FCE Ultra v0.54 - One of the best NES emulators - FCE Ultra, was updated to version v0.54 today. Available are binaries for Windows and Linux (SVGAlib). Look here to see what's new or changed ! The source code can be found here. Thanks BuBu! ! - Opi

  • ZD Store - Zophar's Domain added a "ZD store", where you can buy/pre-order the GBA and related products, at low prices. - atila

  • xtrs 4.5 - xtrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Unix and the X Window System. It includes lower case, the real time clock, hi-res graphics, serial port, parallel printer, mouse, cassette, sound and music output (requires OSS), 5" and 8" floppy disk drives, and even hard disk drives. The emulated floppy and hard disk file formats are compatible with the popular MSDOS-based emulators by Jeff Vavasour, Matthew Reed, and David Keil. Under Linux, physical floppy disk drives are also supported. Physical cassettes can even be read and written. Changes in 4.5: This release completes the emulation of undocumented Z-80 instructions, and has several other small improvements. - chris

  • XSIDPLAY 1.6.0 - XSIDPLAY s a graphical front-end for libsidplay. SIDPLAY emulates the Sound Interface Device chip (MOS 6581, commonly called SID) and the Micro Processor Unit (MOS 6510) of the Commodore 64 on your computer. It allows you to listen to more than 14000 famous C64 game and demonstration songs. Changes in 1.6.0: This version uses Qt multi-threading, adds support for libsidplay2, libtsid (the Time Sid Manager), and supports an audio device with devfs-style/dev structure. It also updates STIL View to v2.14, and fixes all bugs that have been reported in the 1.6 beta series. - chris

  • xmame icons - I have updated the MAMu_'s Icons for X page with the latest icons from MAMu_ which include icons for xmame-0.37b14 as well as some additional icons which are not available in the main icon packs, these additional icons are the MAME32 folder icons, bios icons and alternate icons. Preview montages of the new icons have also been made. - chris

  •    Friday, May 4th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:25 EST

  • GoodVECT v1.03 - Apparently Cowering received enough new stuff to justify another GoodVECT release ! Version 1.03 added 7 more Demos to the database of this GCE Vectrex ROM renamer. - Opi

  • GLECK v0.04 - Ignacio Burgueño released a new (English and Spanish) version of GLECK, former known as Spectrum Emulator ! GLECK is a Spectrum emulator for Windows. Click here to view the latest changes.
    Thanks to World Of Spectrum (my fave Speccy site) for the info. - Opi

  • KEGS32 v0.60 R2 - The Apple II GS emulator for Windows KEGS32 was updated to v0.60 R2. This update includes the following stuff :

    - o - Added joystick support
    - o - Improved sound support
    - o - Improved mouse support
    - o - Fullscreen support
    - o - Added disk configuration

    Check the mentioned Apple II GS links and you'll find a very interesting game resource for this old home computer :)
    Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • BleemCast - Bleugh wrote in to say that BleemCast has been released. The link above shows some screenshots of it in action. - chris

  • BoyCott Advance WIP Screenshots - Look here and there to see the latest BoyCott Advance WIP pics. Fire Pro Wrestling A is the last game that refuses to show anything ! Thanks Rico2000 ! - Opi

  • NMAME X II Ver.02 English - Navarone from Emulation 9 informed us about the release of an English language version of NMAME X II. This is a special Japanese NEO GEO only version of MAME32 made by RYO. - Opi

  • ZSNES Source Released - Several weeks after the first announcement it finally happened ! The ZSNES source is now publically available. Hopefully, more talented coder will join this awesome project ! - Opi

  • EmuHQ Moved - PeterD's excellent EmuHQ has been moved to a new server. If you have trouble connecting to his site - try and everything should be fine :) - Opi

  • Buy Hotrod In Europe! - Hanaho made A.D.F. Informatique in France their European reseller! This means that you won't have to pay those high shipping fees anymore, if you want to purchase a Hotrod and you happen to live in Europe :) Read the press release for the entire story! - atila

  • SMS Plus/MacOS has been updated to v0.9.5. The new release fixes a few problems that occurred under MacOS X. It is available from my web page. - richard

  • Jum52/MacOS has been updated to v0.5.2. The new release fixes a number of issues that caused the emulator to crash under MacOS X, and adds the new video modes that have been appearing in my other emulator ports. It is available from my web page. - richard

  • Neopocott/MacOS has been updated to v0.3.9. The new release is Carbonized for MacOS X, and includes a large number of new video modes. It is available from my web page. - richard

  • PinMAME v0.99 b3 - First EmuViews comes back, now an update to this. Who can ask for more. The DOS binaries of PinMAME and Visual PinMAME are released. Here's a rundown of what's going on from the PinMAME homepage:
    Check the downloads page for the files!
    Several bug fixes and a couple of new improvements!
    Sorry, no PinMAME32 release, still working on the problems with it.

    So head on over to the page and grab it. C'mon. You know you want to. - dhalamar

  • BeebEm v1.35 was released. The list of what's new is too long, so head on over to the official BeebEm page for more info. - dhalamar

  • Kaillera 0.81 has been released, check out what's new:
    - fixed buggy keystroke handling. now every keys are sent to the server.
    - magically reduced ping time

    Hey, you can't argue with that. :) Head on over to the Kaillera homepage and download it. :) - dhalamar

  • WhiteWater was released yesterday evening (EST) for Visual Pinmame. Get it here. This is a very complex table (like the real thing!) and is also very fun. Excellent recreation in Visual Pinball, although the ball can occasionally get stuck behind the whirlpool (this is being worked on). Can you get the vacation jackpot? - metallik

  • xcps2mame - Hoonis spake thus: Added new xcpsmame binaries (Thanks Stijn!). These new ones are smaller binaries and also run cps1 games. Compiled with RedHat 7.1 + asm 68k + i386 joystick support (and DGA) so there! The asm6800 core really did a big speed-up, I now get full 100% framerate on a p3/666 running RedHat 7.1 (2.4.3 kernel). Ya! - chris

  • WLA DX - WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 6510, and 65816 CPUs. Changes in version 7.4 include: More error messages, an enhanced .INCBIN, new descriptive mnemonics (eg. "CMP.W") for 6502, 6510, and 65816, new .LOROM, .HIROM, .BASE, .FASTROM, and .SLOWROM for SNES developing (WLA-65816), and .NAME also works in WLA-65816 (SNES ROM title). Fixes for modulo/division by zero crashing WLA, fixes for a few places which could generate incorrect memory overwriting messages, a fix for program file compiling displaying the wrong program file size, and fixes for "STZ ?,X", "DEC ?,X", and "DEC ?" misclassifications (6502). - chris

  •    Thursday, May 3rd 2001 - Last updated @ 16:21 EST

  • Unemulated Update - Guru of The Arcade Art Museum wrote in to let me know that he has updated The MAME Unemulated Games Database with all the updates up to and including MAME 0.37b14. That's not all, Guru has also dumped Sega Rally, and Sonic Fighters arcades by Sega. Still not enough news for you? Well Guru also mentions Namco Classics Volume #1 coming to a MAME near you! Click on the links above to learn more. Update: Screnshots have been added, and more information about what needs to be dumped for Namco Classics #2 has been added. - chris

  • Xbox Gone Gold - The XBOX has 'gone gold' :) - atila

  • Kaillera FAQ - Apoc has posted a Kaillera FAQ (first one ever?) at his site. This contains mainly information for the client side of Kaillera (which would be you, the users :) - atila

  • Blitz Basic - A new Blitz Basic demo has been released, featuring just about all the features of the full version of Blitz Basic. Also, the Blitz Basement is now the official support and community site for Blitz Basic. If you want real-time code exchange, Function Libraries, Command Documentation Database, forums, real-time chat and more, you need to check out Blitz Basement ASAP :) - atila

  • OC ReMix Benchmark - On a "slightly-less-cool-than-EmuViews-being-back" note, OverClocked ReMix recently broke the half-million hit mark. It's been quite a journey and it ain't slowin' down, so visit for some good ReMixed game tunage. Ninja Gaiden and Sonic 2 ReMixes were just added. Thanks to everyone for the support! - david

  • EmuViews be back - EmuViews is back online, with some explanation by JoseQ as to what went down. So everyone breath a collective sigh of relief and head on over to see the new Rumor Mill post covering GENS, Bliss, FPSE and more. Awesome. - david

  •    Wednesday, May 2nd 2001 - Last updated @ 19:28 EST

  • www.system16.com - Look's like I'm not the only screenshot fool :) My English buddy Sixtoe did another fine update at System16. Lots of Sega and Namco related stuff were uploaded. Here's my fave section : Namco Super System 22 ! Even some new mp3 tracks are up - contributed by "yours truly" :) - Opi

  • More ScreenShot Madness - I made another huge update at my own site ScreenMania ! More than 2,500 new screenshots are uploaded. Some new arcade games and 2 new sections.

    1) Game Boy Classic section with 23 games.
    2) PC Engine/TG-16 section with 28 games plus additional Engine CD and 2 (out of 5 released) Super Grafx games.
    If you wanna view the famous Dracula X - visit ScreenMania :) - Opi

  • Misc. News - WinFellow v0.4.3 build 1 available.

    - o - Yame, the multi console emu from Japan was update to version 0.34. Thanks to Paolo for both news !

    - o - ClrMamePro version 2.00a - a minor bugfix - is online. - Opi

  • DreamGBA Preview Demo 2 - A new Gameboy Advance emulator called DreamGBA is out, though it can't really do much of anything yet. The first release runs the demo that it comes with, and that's it. Here's what's new for this second release:

    Add support to 256-color sprite rendering
    Add 256-color sprite render functions: Variable sprite size,Flipping,a-blending,brightness increase/decrease
    Add 256-color BG render function:Mosaic
    Add support to keyboard input

    You can download this little emulator from EmuZone. Thanks to Guyfawkes for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • MESS WIP - I have updated the MESS WIP page with another weeks worth of WIP reports for April. - chris

  • BoycottAdvance - BEN-J posted a WIP pic of BoycottAdvance running GolfMaster, Gollum also mentioned that compatibility is upto par with VGBA. My French isn't what it used to be, n'est pas ;) - atila

  • ZSNES v1.20 Linux v0.13 - Finally the Linux folks can celebrate their ZSNES v1.20 feast too ! theoddone33 released his first 'nix port as version v0.13. Thanks Mr . Squish.
    BTW : nix means nothing in my German dialect :) - Opi

  • Magic City/Town - Duglis has made 2 more pinball tables, which you can download in one big zip (7MB). The tables are Magic City and Magic Town. These tables are 1967 Williams classics, Magic City is the replay version and Magic Town is the 'add-a-ball' version of Magic City. Get it while it's hot! - atila

  •    Tuesday, May 1st 2001 - Last updated @ 20:51 EST

  • Game Boy Emu Source Released - Wanna develop your own Game Boy emulator in JAVA ? Check the Game Boy Emu homepage, David Winchurch released his source code some days ago. Thanks Adam. - Opi

  • ascd 0.82 - ascd 0.82 - a Sam Coupe emulator for Dos is now available here ! Thanks Cloy :) - Opi

  • ParaMSX v0.32 - ´Good news for our MSX friends - ParaMSX, Yeongman Seo's fMSX port to Windows was updated to version 0.32. News :

    - o - New & Better Soundroutines
    - o - Added a re-wind for the tape

    Thanks to TFH/Fony and Cloy for the notification ! - Opi

  • ClrMamePro v2.00 - Roman Scherzer released a new version of his famous ROM maintaining utility ClrMamePro. He wrote : "ClrMamePro 2.00 is out. Too many new points to mention... Reading the whatsnew.txt is extremely important". - Opi

  • Calice v2.6.2 - The CPS1/2 emulator Calice has been updated to version 2.6.2, bringing with it raster effects fix, and a whole bunch of CPS2 games playable. Some of which being X-Men VS Street Fighter and Powered Gear. Head on over to the Calice page to check it out. Thanks to EmuHelp for the news. - dhalamar

  • Good Tools Section Updated - As promised - Cowering's Good Tools are up to date ! Please report broken links :) - Opi

  • Mimic v1.07 - Mike Beaver's multi system emulator Mimic has gotten new HWC drivers for Gameboy and Game Gear emulation. Mike also implemented better sound blaster code. Get it here. - Opi

  • XFellow v0.0.2 - Fellow Goes Linux - Just saw this news over at EmuHQ ! XFellow, Dan Sutherland's port of the well known Amiga emulator Fellow to i386-based Linux systems - is available now. - Opi

  • Kaillera v0.8 - A new Kaillera version is online - look here for the latest changes ! Thanks Zappy :) - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted more MAME WIP reports. Looks like a bug was fixed in MAME's 68020 emulation to get most (if not the rest) of the Taito F3 games playable. - chris

  • Soundtracks! - SegaXtreme has added 3 more soundtracks, they are: Splatterhouse 3, Flashback and Cool Spot. Fire up 'ye olde modem' and start downloading :P - atila

  • GoodVECT v1.02 - Cowering's GCE Vectrex ROM renamer was updated again - click here to download the actual version (171 entries).

    - o - 3 more Demos, corrected PD/Freeware/Copyright info on many games
    ...... (thanks Frogacuda)
    - Should be complete except for elusive 'Mr Boston' and 'Mail Plane' dumps.

    I'll update the whole Cowering section later today - don't report the broken links, I know them all :) - Opi

  • Mameinfo.dat v3.05 Out - Visit M.A.S.H.'s site and grab it there ! - Opi

  • Anime Table Masters - Still looking for the Dragon Ball Z pinball ? The old site was shut down due to the high traffic caused by our posting :/ So Son_Goku_DBZ and Shernand opened a new one : Anime Table Masters. - Opi

  • Daily Radar Dead - Daily Radar is no more. You can read their final "update" from the link above. - atila

  • Phew! - 4 nights of clubbing is just a tad too much, I guess :) - atila

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