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  •    Thursday, September 30th 1999 - Last updated @ 10:20 EST

  • Another week, another Microsoft "open your pc to strangers without you knowing"-bug. The Register is reporting that a new IE5 security hole leaves PCs wide open to hacking.

    It uses the IE5 "download behaviour" feature, which is intended to allow Web page authors to download files for use in client-side scripts. This is intended only to apply to files in the same domain, but a server-side redirect can be used to bypass this.

    The net effect is that our malicious operator (who are these people anyway? - name the names) can get access to files on both the user's machine and the user's local intranet.

    Click here to read more about this and for information on a temporary fix, a patch from Microsoft is not available yet.

  • A new version of GSnes9x, a GNOME front-end for Snes9x has been released.  -C-

  • It seems with all the excitement about the new MAME released yesterday, we forgot to mention the WIP update Gridle made yesterday.  -C-

  • When I was a kid, I just had to have the best walkman made (I liked the AIWAs).  Now IBM has computers the size of walkmans, and they come equipped with a tiny monitor that rests on your eye, speach recoginition software, and even GPS equipment.  I just gotta have one of these!  -C-

  •    Wednesday, September 29th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:36 EST

  • Speaking of classic remakes, Craig Rothwell wrote Jet Set Willy '99 (mentioned yesterday), and others too! Check his page for more info. He's also done a version of Jumping Jack for the Gameboy Colour, to be an entry in the next BUNG gameboy Game programming competition. BTW, the deadline for BUNG is tomorrow! (Thanks Quang.) -P-

  • Classic game Remakes here, Retrospecs there, retrogaming everywhere! Check these sites for some more updated versions of your old favorites. (Thanks Liam the Lemming.) :) -P-

  • CDR Info may be of interest to people who burn their own CD's. (Thanks John Makos.) -P-

  • MAME World now features EZMAME, a cool DOS frontend! -P-

  • Romulous & Remus are back!!! =) They explain what REALLY happened, so take a look. -P-

  • The beta 6 roms are available from the "MAME BETA ROMS" link on the left table, thanks to Zyclone and Gridle :)

  • Here's the MAME 0.36 Beta 6 binary, compiled by Gridle :)

  • Hans de Goede has released a snapshot for the upcoming version of xmame!  This version includes everything from DOS b4 & b5, new frameskip code submitted by William Barath, lots of bug fixes and a preliminary SDL target submitted by Tadeusz Szczyrba.  Windows and Mac users may find xmame's SDL target interesting since it will allow xmame to run on your platform!  If things go well, we may see an official release tomorrow which may even include the DOS b6 code!  -C-

  • MAME 0.36 Beta 6 has been released, it's only the source for now, but once the compile is ready you can download that too (30 minutes). Click here to see what's new!

  • Longevity's Digital Arcade will be shutting down tomorrow:Tomorrow marks the last day of the month and the last day for Digital Arcade. While we tried keeping the server up, it just wasn't enough. The costs for keeping the server online are not being met by the generated revenue of the site and, at last, the bank roll has depleted. Sooo, do your leeching while you can - you have 24 hours left, basically. I'll say my goodbyes then. Very sad news indeed :(

  • Snes9x for Mac has been updated to v1.2.6. -R-

  • MacBOCHS, a PC emulator for the Mac, has been updated. The new version now supports 486 emulation. -R-

  • The only non-commercial Atari 2600 emulator for Mac, Stella has finally been updated to v1.1. The new version features lots of improvements over the last Mac version, v0.7. -R-

  • PCx is a new freeware PC emulator for the PowerMac. It is very much an unfinished beta and no updates are planned, but it is still an interesting toy. -R-

  • I have updated The Official MAME Frontend Page with the new web address for mamecat.  -C-

  • Version 0.45 of glTron has been released.  glTron is a free open-source 3D game, which works for Linux, and Mac, and some other obscure OS.  You can check it out here.  -C-

  • Well, not much news right now... So I'd like to take this opportunity to remind our visitors about all our terrific hosted sites! Scroll down and take a look at the left menu - you'll find some of the best emulation related sites in the world! Just to name a few: Pugsy's Cheats, MAME/Raine Flyers, MAME ROM Info, MAME World, MAME Action Replay Page, E-Manual, Cartlist32, NeoGeo Review Center, Speak n'Spell Simulator and LOTS more! We also proudly host the Official MAME site! If you've visited Retrogames before, but haven't visited our hosted sites - you're missing out BIGTIME. -P-

  • Remember Jet Set Willy? Well, you can get an enhanced PC version called Jet Set Willy PC 99 at El Mundo del Spectrum! Here's the download page. Very retro! :) (Thanks Zen) -P-

  • Ebay has a Tron soundtrack CD & LP up if anyone wants one! Will the 80's never die?! ;-) (Thanks Paul) -P-

  • The CPS Patch Center has "Something HIDDEN updated/ created/ RELEASED?" Hmm... -P-

  • Let's not forget SMS Power! They've been busy as usual - recent releases, just in time for the new Meka, include Aleste & Back to the Future 2 for Master System plus Batter Up & Factory Panic for Game Gear. -P-

  •    Tuesday, September 28th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:02 EST

  • The PSEmu Site has moved from www.psemu.com to www.psemu.net. Please update your bookmarks. PSEmu is a freeware Playstation emulator.

  • The ROM Info Bundle, 14 Macintosh utilities for organising and processing emulator ROMs, has been updated to v1.3.1. -R-

  • Zoop has released his brilliant SMS/GG emulator to non-registered users. Meka 0.30 can be downloaded right here, check the Meka Site for more info on this emulator. Thanks to [D]J for the news.

  • SNES9x 1.26 for DOS (GUI) released, for more info on this SNES emulator check out the SNES9x Site. Thanks to Snotz for the news.

  • So much for para-sailing :)

  • Rusty Wagner has released Virtual TI 2.5. VTI is a calculator emulator which you can use from your desktop, you can download the emulator from ticalc.org. Thanks to Jim for the news.

  • Emuviews posted a look-back article about emulation one year ago! It's been a long, productive year for emulation. Thanks to all the talented programmers, dumpers and donators who made it possible. -P-

  • Emulatronia created a page showing how to connect a Playstation pad to PC! And it's written in English, so even I can read it. =) -P-

  • PiNG told me about his new Anime Fansub site! It involves subtitled Japanese Anime, and I don't know much else, but he's a nice guy so I thought I'd plug it. :) -P-

  • Wanna buy an emu site manager? In similar news, here's an entire site you might like to buy! Note: These are JOKES. (Thanks Deaddog666.) -P-

  • Metal Slug 3!!! The seemingly eternal NeoGeo MVS is due for yet another episode in this awesome series! Best of all I found a place near me that actually has a NeoGeo machine... bring it on SNK! =) I can only hope the Dreamcast version gets a nice upgrade from the 16-bit arcade version. (Thanks Braindead.) -P-

  • Arcade ROM Heaven was updated again. More of the usual good stuff. :) -P-

  •    Monday, September 27th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:26 EST

  • Thank you to the many kind people who mailed about the Trakball. :) You guys rock! -P-

  • The CPS Patch Center is moving! The temporary address is: http://cps1patch.home.dhs.org. Expect more great surprises from Sebastian and the CPS Patch gang soon... -P-

  • Interested in using real arcade monitors with MAME? Or even other emulators and game systems? Then you MUST check out Brian Lewis' PC2JAMMA site, which is now at MAMEWorld! Not only can you download ArcadeOS, the superb frontend for arcade monitors, but you also learn a great deal about how video displays work. -P-

  • As many of you may already know, Apollo69 and RS have been working hard to correctly dump the King of Fighters'99, which was well protected. They have apparently succeeded. Love it or hate it, it's an impressive feat. -P-

  • Toughman Contest 32x was released at Genesis Power. And yes, they STILL need a copy of World Series Baseball 95 for the 32x! -P-

  • VisualBoy is a new DirectX based Gameboy emulator! Currently the author needs help with Direct Sound. Click above to visit the homepage and learn more. (Thanks bwb) -P-

  • Sad news... Romulous & Remus is gone. :( Thanks guys for the service you provided for so many people. Hopefully they will resurface in the future. -P-

  • MAMECat the Unix/Linux frontend for MAME, is now hosted at MAMEWorld. In other MAMEWorld news, the MAME archive was removed, but you can already access a similar archive at the Official MAME site. Also, Dith's Enhanced MAME samples have now joined MAMEWorld! -P-

  • The UltraHLE Homepage had a minor update, simply stating the emulator is still in development. Kudos to Realityman for his courage and tenacity. (Thanks Ulf Andersson.) -P-

  • NERO has been updated! If you're a CD-R burnin' fool like me, then NERO is your best friend ;) -A-

  • Planet Dreamcast has posted pics of the Dreamcast Zip drive, it kinda looks like the DC is having sex with the drive ;) Thanks to Limbs_aF for the link

  • ThePi (PSX emu for the Mac) has just had its second release, it now plays a few more demos :) For a full "what's new" list and screenshots be sure to check the ThePi Site out. Thanks to Zach for the news.

  • Dan (over at Archaic Ruins) has done an interview with Neill Cortlett, author of Starscream (68k emu), MGE and Emu-92. He was also the coordinator of the Seiken Densetsu 3 translation project.

  •    Sunday, September 26th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:38 EST

  • Another cool site to find a MAME archive and more is Corey's Press Start! :) -P-

  • Looking for some ROMs for the next version (beta 6) of MAME? Be sure to visit the one and only Arcade ROM Heaven, as well as Romulous & Remus as an alternate source. Keep in mind Arcade ROM Heaven's, siteop (Guru-Choc) is MAMEdev, so check there first for the newest ROM updates. -P-

  • MAME World has added a MAME archive, containing every version of MAME from the beginning! -P-

  • Sebastian Hernandez tells me the CPS Patch Center has had bandwidth problems, but hopes to be up to speed tomorrow. Regarding the CPS2 SFA patch project, details will be revealed soon in a BIG readme file. Keep in mind that CPS2 has *NOT* been decrypted nor emulated, I suspect they've simply managed some very clever hack using the graphics ROMs. -P-

  • TrWin 1.11 screenshots (N64 emu) have been posted, but the emu has not yet been released. Thanks Ulf. -P-

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan has released In the Hunt (Japanese), an Irem M92 game. -P-

  • Doom32x (JU) has been released @ Genesis Power. No emulator currently runs these Sega 32X roms. Thanks to _MOB_ for the news.

  • iViLDeD has posted some lovely pics of Toshinden 2 pics running on The Impact. And yes, the emulators site will be updated soon :)

  • ZeroAge has posted an interview that he and Zoop did with Charles Doty, who is making Defenders of the Crown for the Gameboy Color.

  • *Update* Emuplus 0.36 Beta 5 (Unofficial enhanced MAME) has been updated with a FIXED binary. You can also find it, and the source at the Emuplus homepage. -P-

  • Shane Monroe has released a new episode of Retro Radio, his Realaudio emulation news show. This show features the Stick-It controller review, guest host Ron Corcoran from Snipercade, 16-Bit Flashback and more !

  • HotRod Joystick fans, listen up: The long awaited HanaHo/Capcom CD-ROM called "Capcom's Coin-op Classic's" is entering the beta test stage, and if everything goes ok, should be released by the end of this month, or the beginning of next month.Everyone who bought a HotRod will/should get their CD-ROMS in the mail soon after. Yay!!! They also have new HotRods ready to roll if you order one now - no more waiting! By the way, expect some Hanaho related news of my (Prophet) own soon... Thanks to Saint of the Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ for the news. :) -P-

  •    Saturday, September 25th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:11 EST

  • Visit the NeoJukeBox Homepage for the latest version 2.4. New this time are volume and speed controls. Thanks Emulatronia for the news. -P-

  • A 32bit NeoGeo handheld!?! I guess so! Personally I'm glad to see SNK compete with Nintendo. Thanks to The Visitor. -P-

  • Emuplus 0.36 Beta 5 released!!! This enhanced version of MAME has numerous luxury features, including NeoGeo savestates, over/under clocking and the new ability to use the MARP hiscore.dat files via TAB! Homepage. -P-

  • The CPS Patch Center has been very busy... =) They've released a really cool utility: Street Fighter Zero (Japan CPS-Changer) Keyboard Config Maker for Callus/Callus95 Version 1.0. Long name eh? There's also a secret to be found there - in fact if you search our General Emulation board, someone posted a link. -P-

  • ABC News is reporting that a baby was found DEAD inside a microwave. Some people just should be shot at once, no mercy no nothing :(

  • The MAME 0.36 Beta 5 roms are available for download once again. Just click the MAME BETA ROMS link on the left table for acces. Preliminary Beta 6 roms are forthcoming, there is a 50 user limit on the downloads so if you can't download, please be patient. Thanks to Zyclone of Pure Emu for helping us out again :)

  • Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page again! -R-

  • I just listened to Rant Radio, it's actually pretty fun to listen to :) It's just a shame that he doesn't get all of his facts straight and he bends the truth just a tad too much. But then again, he is RANTING. And the last time I checked I wasn't the Leader of the New World Order, I just find it scary that he's so obsessed with me. Oh, I almost forgot about that part about the IMPACT roms, supply a fast server that can handle 300 downloaders at any given time and I'll upload them. If you can't, don't bother me about the roms. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it, well worth a listen just click the link below :)

  • MAME32 0.36 Beta 5 has been released!!! Now you Windows fans can play Forgotten Worlds too! =) Sorry it took so long to post, my 56k connection sucks... Homepage. Thanks John IV & Lords. -P-

  • Arcade ROM Heaven has posted R-Type Leo now!!! And go check out those screenshots if you haven't seen them yet - amazing work MAME team! -P-

  • I just discovered Rant-Radio at EmuChrist! Rant-Radio produces satirical/critical shows about emulation. The newest episode apparently involves Atila & Retrogames... I'm downloading it right now. :) (And NO Ayatollah, we weren't "censoring" you, we simply had no idea you existed. At least I didn't. ;-) Oh yeah - there are 9 bans at the moment, err... what's your IP by the way... ) *Update* OK, just listened to it... Let's just say it was interesting, a bit misinformed and a bit too Beavis & Butthead for my taste, but no doubt some people will enjoy it. Besides, he forgot to mention *MY* ego damnit! ;) -P-

  •    Friday, September 24th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:52 EST

  • Pugsy's Cheats has been updated with an updated MAME cheat file, now containing cheats for the games introduced by 36b5! It is now 951K (17726 cheats for 1664 games!). As ever the cheat page also hosts all available MAME cheat files. -P-

  • The PacMan Deluxe'99 homepage has been updated with some news and pics about new wall graphics! Click here to go directly to the new screenshots. Thanks Emuviews for the news. -P-

  • MAME World now has OptiMAME - a new version of MAME featuring special support for optical devices! Drop by and read the details. -P-

  • News of yet another ultra rare NeoGeo game... Here are some scans from the Japanese NeoGeo Freak magazine, October 1996: Ninja Sho (1), Ninja Sho (2), and a closeup. Thanks to Kyo Takagen. -P-

  • Dith has released more of his cleaned up MAME samples. Pole Position? Thanks Radioman. -P-

  • Here's No$Gmb 2.3 for DOS! This is a terrific Gameboy emulator. Click here to see the new features etc. Thanks Emulatronia. -P-

  • Star Wars Arcade (J) for the 32x dumped by Mr. Lee was released at Genesis Power! They still need a World Series 95 32x cart. -P-

  • Emucult has released something very nice... And it DOES sorta work in ZSNES if you disable sound! (Source: E.N.D.) :) -P-

  • ContraSF has written an article about the speed in CORN, his N64 emulator. It's pretty informative and he also writes that you should expect a speed DECREASE once he starts adding some other things to the emulator. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

  • Creative is offering their 3D Blaster 2 (voodoo2) videocard for only $19 (8Mb) or $29 (12MB) !! Deals don't come much better than this, thanks to Rob` for the link. *UPDATE* The cards are out of stock now.

  • You can download the French version of MacMAME @ the MacMAME Site. Thanks to Marc Vielfaure for the news and translation ;)

  • Guru-Choc has posted a few pics of R-Type Leo, a new M92 driver was submitted this morning :)

  • mIRC 5.61 has been released! mIRC is the most popular IRC client for Windows, remember to join us on EFnet IRc, channel #Retrogamers :)

  • The Adrenaline Vault is reporting that SNK is already working on the 32-bit successor to the NeoGeo Pocket!

  • MacTiger, a TI-92 emulator for the Macintosh, has been updated to v1.0a6. Thanks to emulation.net. -R-

  • Snes9x for Mac has been updated to v1.2.3a. Thanks to emulation.net. -R-

  • jzIntv is a new Intellivision emulator for the Macintosh. -R-

  • Dieter Baron and Thomas Klausner have relased ckmame 0.4.  ckmame is a tool for checking zipped romsets for MAME, it is available in source code and works for Unix/Linux and DOS.  -C-

  • Magic Engine has perfected SuperGrafx emulation now! This upcoming release looks to be the defacto PC-Engine emulator when it arrives. -P-

  • Ever hear of The Warlords of the Fates for NeoGeo? Me neither! Apparently it's an ultra rare game - RS' Place has pics if you're interested. -P-

  • Emumax has revamped their Nemu64 coverage, with a comprehensive compatability list. 95 are working, though only 47 are playable to some degree. -P-

  •    Thursday, September 23rd 1999 - Last updated @ 23:57 EST

  • The CPS Patch Center recently released Forgotten Worlds / Lost Worlds Patch for use with Callus 0.4 Beta! -P-

  • JoseQ posted another Rumor Mill. Some interesting stuff as usual. -P-

  • Linux Games brings us news that a new development release of Wine is available. -C-

    Since this is the first time Wine has been mentioned here, here is an excerpt from the Wine home page:

    Wine is an implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs on top of X and Unix. Think of Wine as a Windows compatibility layer. Wine provides both a development toolkit (Winelib) for porting Windows sources to Unix and a program loader, allowing unmodified Windows 3.1/95/NT binaries to run under Intel Unixes. Wine works on most popular Intel Unixes, including Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

  • Dave of the Emuverse has posted an intesting update on his site: I am going to try something that has never (to my knowledge) been done on an emulation site - it could be total anarchy or it could be alot of fun. Interesting. What could it be? -R-

  • The Macintosh will shortly have a third N64 emulator. Mac Jintendo 64 is being developed by the author of the Nokia 5110/6110 Snake Simulator, and right now it is able to run several demos, although they all have graphical glitches. The author plans to release it as soon as at least one demo works correctly. -R-

  • As you may have probably heard, a massive earthquake struck Taiwan a day or 2 ago. Over 2,000 people were killed and over 6,000 were injured leaving many tens of thousands homeless. May they rest in peace.

    There is one major difference with the quakes in Turkey and Greece though, the impact will be felt worldwide. A lot of electronic goods (including computer parts) are manufactured in Taiwan, mainboard and RAM prices have already doubled or trippled! Click here for more info, thanks to Cereal Killer for the link

  • I just saw that there were no updates for today .... Well, here goes :)

  •    Wednesday, September 22nd 1999 - Last updated @ 23:30 EST

  • Linux Games reports the release of gbe 0.0.21 a new game boy emulator for Linux.  -C-

  • From time to time, you have seen links to one of my favorite on-line cartoons, User Friendly.  If you like this cartoon, you will soon be able to buy a book published by O'Reilly & Associates, known very well among Unix users.  You can read the press release here.  -C-

  • Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP page, the update is MASSIVE!

  • Microsoft has released DirectX 7!

  • Well, you don't like your job eh ? Well, you could be off worse :)

  • Mike Stulir has landed himself an 'alpha' copy of PONG for Win9x from Hasbro and apparently it gave Mike a pretty decent first impression, even for an 'alpha' copy. You can read his preview and look at those screenshot by clicking here. Mike will have similar previews online for Q*Bert and Arena Blast in a few weeks.

  • Corn 0.01 beta released! Corn is a new superfast N64 emulator that uses DirectX for the graphics, version 6.1 or higher is *required* for this to work properly. Corn lacks sound at the moment and it only runs Mario64 (USA version) and a few demos but it is fast. It does have a glitch here or there (very few though), but it will be fixed shortly :) Please check the Corn Site for more info, thanks to Zach for the news. NB, what ever you do, DO NOT PRESS YOUR MOUSE BUTTON while playing, it will most likely make your screen go crazy :)

  • Bernie ][ the Rescue, a fast Apple ][gs emulator for the Macintosh, has been updated to 2.5. -R-

  • MacMAME v0.35b5 is out - get it from http://www.macmame.org/. -R-

  • I had to drag myself for one more update... this arcade graveyard is one of the most simultaneously fascinating yet saddening sites you'll ever visit. :( Thanks to Dutch & Arcade ROM Heaven for the link. G'night. -P-

  •    Tuesday, September 21st 1999 - Last updated @ 20:55 EST

  • Well, I'm turning in early tonight - I'm exhausted. -P-

  • Snes9x 1.25 DOS GUI released!!! Snes9x is a terrific Super Nintendo emulator. This release includes numerous updates - visit the Snes9x news page for details. -P-

  • Genesis Power released BC Racers for 32x! Thanks DoniG. -P-

  • The popular Amiga In A Box package was updated to version 2000r5! If you use UAE then take a look at this. -P-

  • Zoop has released Meka 0.30 to the registered users! A public release should follow in about a week! Check the Meka homepage for more details. Meka is a superb Sega 8-bit (SMS,GG,SG-1000) emulator. Thanks sfx11. -P-

  • A few M72 games (R-Type, R-Type2 and Hammerin' Harry) will be playable be playable in (hopefully) the next MAME beta. Work on Namco System 2 is progressing, but no game is playable yet. This is just what I heard on #retrogamers, so it's just rumor...UPDATE:  GuruChoc confirms a Namco System 2 update to MAME.  -C-

  • Michael Bytnar has just released iGS-Mac 0.5.3, an improved version of his port of XGS, an Apple ][gs emulator. -R-

  • King Features Syndicate served The Dysfunctional Family Circus with a cease-and-desist order. The parody strip started in June 1995, The Dysfunctional Family Circus concludes today with its 500th strip on September 21, 1999. -w

  • MonroeWorld.com, home of Retro Radio, has opened its studio mics to YOU! Now you can finally voice your opinion on Retro Radio and be heard by the masses! Not only that, but next show (to be aired Saturday the 25th - with special guest Sniper75 from Snipercade/Twin Galaxies) they'll be giving away another Retro Radio CDROM to another mailing list member, so sign up over at MonroeWorld. Since the reopening, they've added a bunch of improvements - go take a look :)

  • Dan Boris (author of many emus, MAMEDEV, MESSDEV) has written an article, posted @ Emuviews, about why PONG hasn't been "emulated" yet, you can read the article by clicking here. I'd also like to point you towards JoseQ's other sites, DVD Ratings and DVD Views. If you're into DVD or want to be "in the know", you should check those 2 sites out!

  • A Swedish newspaper called AFTONBLADET has posted the result to their "100 best games ever" poll they recently had. Eventhough it's in Swedish (hej, vill du dansa ;) you will probably understand the names and rankings. Click here to see the results, thanks to Org for the link.

  • Mike Tedder has updated his "x86 to Playstation 2" project. What he hopes to accomplish is running PC programs on a Playstation 2, once the machine is released ofcourse :) Thanks to Paul for the news.

  • Power64, a Commodore 64 emulator for MacOS, has been updated to v2.5.1. -R-

  • So you've heard all about the awesome HotRod Joystick panel, but what about their ArcadePC? Well, here's a review of the ArcadePC! Thanks to the always informative Saint's Arcade Controls FAQ site for the link. (Hey Richard Ragon - how about a full size cabinet with a trakball too? :P) -P-

  • PAC-DELUXE '99 is a new PacMan emulator using updated graphics! The project is still in private beta testing. Thanks again to Emuviews. -P-

  • Marissa of Redump2K, a superb SNES site, has been interviewed by Fixo! Marissa may well be the first female dumper. :) Thanks to Emuviews. -P-

  • Genesis Power has released a rare European-only 32x game - Darxide. Also, they still need help obtaining their *only* missing game - World Series Baseball 95. -P-

  • And now for something completely different, warped and deranged! =) Thanks GreyBrain. -P-

  • MAME Testers have released the latest version of the mameinfo.dat file! This cool little file works through the history function (tab menu in DOS, underneath the screenshot in Mame32), and instantly lets you view all known bugs for each game. Very useful. Thanks to some big scary clown that mailed me. =) -P-

  • PKS2000 has released their latest MAME CD covers with fixed spelling errors, and are now looking to make console oriented covers! Thanks PRoToCoL. -P-

  • The NeoGeo CD Emu hompage was updated with a progress report. Some interesting things that might be added are cheats and macrokeys. Thanks sfx11. -P-

  • Some complete losers have harrassed Realityman so much that he's completely fed up, and I don't blame him. Sadly these pitiful sub-morons have little else to do with their pathetic lives than to harass programmers, siteops and others. Here's a small excerpt of Realityman's update:

    "There are several people out there who seem intent on smearing and destroying the UltraHLE name and project as well as other emulation projects (e.g. PSEmuPro, probably one of the most promising PSX emulators there was) and I WILL NOT let this happen. These people don't seem to care or realise the time and effort the emu developers spend on their 'hobbies'....Thats right, they are hobbies and are undertaken in our OWN FREE TIME. I am sick of the constant childish attitude that a small group of people seem to take to the whole Emulation scene....GROW THE F*&K UP. If your not interested in Emulation, go away..."

    Amen to that. You can read the complete story at the UltraHLE homepage. Thanks to Duncan3399 of WWEMU for the news. -P-

  •    Monday, September 20th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:06 EST

  • I have released The Romalizer 0.51, (click here for a manual page) this version fixes a bug introduced in the previous release.  If you would like to see a DOS port of this script, let me know, and if I get enough requests, I will port it.  -C-

  • I have updated the Official MAME FrontEnd Page with new information for MAMELOAD, and I added a new Windows front end called MAME Executor.  -C-

  • There's an update on the NEMU64 site, Einstein II has done some tests and the results are now posted. There will also be a bugfix release soon (?), version 0.6a. Einstein II is also working on a new .ini file for use with NEMU64.

  • Here's a pic of me (=Atila) in Hong Kong, this was taken last year when I was there to spend some money ;) Here's a pic of the hotel room that me and King (friend of mine) were staying in, only $250/night *cough*. And yes, it REALLY was that tiny =)

  • WHOAH! A Playstation 2 emulator already and the machine ain't even out yet ;)

  • Wheeeeeeeee! Another day, another disconnect, except it's during the day now .... Thank you Chello.

  • Scott Stone has released a new version of MAMELOAD, his MAME front-end for DOS, here's what's new:

    - Increase of options allowed (100) and addition of most all command lines the MAME supports.
    - Ability to view MAME info after MAME is run (helps with identifying bad romsets + view FPS for comparing overall speed).
    - MAMELOAD now shows exactly which BETA or FINAL you are running (instead of just the root version number as before).

    You can download MAMELOAD 2.80 here, for more info about MAMELOAD please visit Scott's site.

  • Mike Stulir has posted pics of the PC version of Missile Command. The graphics have been "upgraded" but luckily the gameplay wasn't touched :) Please visit Back In Time to see the pics and read Mike's review!

  • DBoy 0.51 released! DBoy is a Gameboy emu - I don't know what's new. Homepage. Thanks Kartharsis of GeoShock for the news. -P-

  • Peter at EmuHQ did his first interview! The subject this time is RS, one of the few remaining hardcore NeoGeo dumpers. Good interview. :) -P-

  • More ZSNES! :) Here's ZSNES 0.963 C/ASM & ZSNES 0.963 ASM. As always, only use the ASM version if the C/ASM version doesn't work for you. This release fixes some things, especially Sound Blaster Live! compatability. Homepage. Thanks BlackRazor, Deaddog & Xenocipher for the news. -P-

  •    Sunday, September 19th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:31 EST

  • Atila mentioned Kazuya's NeoGeo Review & FAQ site, but also check out EmuHQ's NeoGeo Emulation site! Good stuff. -P-

  • Romulous & Remus have some sample sets for Stratovox and Turbo online. I have no idea if they are correct or not, they are not on the Official MAME site. Thanks Radioman. -P-

  • World Wide Emulation has posted a Snes9x 3DFX help article! -P-

  • EmuAdvice has posted Robert J. Ragno's GripMame 0.36 beta 5! If you use a Sidewinder, Gravis or Exterminator this is your binary. Thanks CloWn. -P-

  • Emu MaYhEm has moved to Retrogames! :) -P-

  • If you thought Windows patches caused problems, look what email address Wired News found on a yk2 trojan. Of course, the sender's address is bogus. -w

  • Segfault breaks one large story. It seems Epic Software has licensed the Unreal engine to someone bigger than Bill Gates. -w

  • SNES9x 1.23a released for BeOS R4, you can download it at the SNES9x Site. Thanks to EmuLoko for the news.

  • A new version of Basilisk for Windows NT/9x was released today, it's optimised for NT so some features will be missing when you run it from 9x. Basilisk is a Macintosh II emulator, both the binary and the source for this emulator are available from the site linked above. Thanks to Kieron W. for the news.

  • PLease do not mail me about the unofficial MAME32 release that is doing the rounds right now. I will not post it. Eventhough the source is available, there are no text files included in the zips for either the binary or the source. We'll wait for the MAME32 team to make us happy :)

  • You can now download HU-GO 1.02 from the HU-GO Site, Zeograd told me the download now works :)

  • Kazuya's NeoGeo site is now being hosted by EmuHQ, make sure you update your bookmarks :)

  • ZSNES 0.962 released! Apart from the SA-1 speedups, lots of you will probably now be rid of the static sound output :) You can download both the C version and ASM-only version of ZSNES here. If you're having trouble with the C version, you should download the ASM version.

  •    Saturday, September 18th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:26 EST

  • derek_m has released a patch on the xmame mailing list for beta 5.  This patch is applied against xmame-0.36b3.1.  Just run patch -p1 < xmame-0.36b3.1-to-xmame-0.36b5.0 to patch the b3.1 sources.  I have put a copy of the patch here for you to download.  -C-

  • Gauze wants to know if he is missing any emulators on his Unix Emulators page.  Please give it a visit and let him know if he is missing anything.  -C-

  • Version 0.64 of NEStra, an open source NES emulator for Linux, has been released.  You can download it here.  -C-

  • World Wide Emulation has 2 new news staff! My friend Duncan is now joined by Chris (told u MARP would be OK ;) and Ridge. There's always room for another good emu site. :) -P-

  • The CPS Patch Center has released Forgotten Worlds Patch 0.3 beta! This release fixes several bugs etc. -P-

  • Genesis Power has released a later revision of Mortal Kombat 2 for 32x. Until there's an emulator, it's not known what is different. Also, they still need help obtaining their *only* missing game - World Series Baseball 95. -P-

  • OK guys, I've just given ThePI a spin on my Mac. It's real - but all I could persuade it to do was to show the Sony Computer Entertainment screen, although I don't have any PSX demos around to try. The interface looks nice, though - although right now not everything works. This is one to watch. -R-

  • This is the only way to play these games :)

  • I missed this (for which I apologize :), JoseQ posted another Rumor Mill and that bit about the Hotrod Stick/Capcom deal getting a "brother" is VERY good news indeed!

  • HU-GO 1.02 released! Zeograd writes that this version is a minor release. It include few new feature and is still unstable with some new stuff. A new format (again ?) appears for multi-code CDs and MP3 audio emulation. The bad part is that I was unable to download this new release, I was treated to an "ERROR 404". Thanks to diabloato for the news. HU-GO is a PCE/TG-16 emulator with CD support.

  • There's a nice update about "SA-1 instruction skipping" on the SNES9x Developers Journal and SNES9x version 1.25 for Linux glib (libc6) for i386 CPUs has been released. You can download it from the SNES9x Site. The source code for this release is also available. -A-

  • WOOM 0.1 beta released! The MSX Emulation Page (MEP) is reporting about WOOM, a new MSX emulator for Windows. According to MEP, it only features MSX-1 Emulation, but when you look at the options, it will support 2,2+ and Turbo-R in the future. Mega-ROMS etc already work.
    If you have a fast machine (at least 266mhz) this is a good emulator to use
    . Thanks to Dr. Steve W. for the news :)

  • Remember that 17 GB ? Well, here's part of it :) Thanks to Zyclone, PSI, Gridle and yours truly, you can now download the Beta 5 roms @ Pure Emu. This is a small test-drive, there's more to come :)

  • Pete Bernert has released version 1.22 of his TNT OpenGL plugin for use with PSEmu Pro, here's what's new: fixed texture window end detection, small improvements and fixes (texture cache management, MDECs, Read/WriteData). This plugin will work on any *good* OpenGL card.

  • MAME 0.36 beta 5 released! Click here to see what's new or here to download the source for this release (apply over beta 4 source code). This is a special release since it's now supports 1,000 UNIQUE games, MAME has been worked on for 1,000 days now .....

  • ZSNES 0.960 has been released, click here to read what's new! Thanks to Boba Fett for the news. ZSNES is a SNES emulator for DOS/WIN9x (dosbox).

  • A new PSX Emulator for Macintosh, called The PI has been released. I've not been able to try this yet, so make of it what you will. -R-

  •    Friday, September 17th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:19 EST

  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Linux, happy birthday to you! -C-

  • "Tax on violent entertainment proposed", this is from the London Free Press Journal, thanks to UncleVom for the link.

  • It's here, it's here!!! UNREAL TOURNAMENT is here and you can download it thanks to our buddies at EmuGaming, because the rest of the net is slow as sh*t right now :) -A-

  • GameSpot reports that Sega has sold over 400,000 Dreamcasts in the first week! They also have news on a slew of new goodies for use with the Dreamcast, even those DVD and ZIP drives get a little mention :)

  • World Wide Emulation (WWEMU) is looking to expand its news staff! If you're an emu fan who'd like to contribute, e-mail Duncan3399. -P-

  • NASA and a Silicon Valley engineer have developed a Personal Flying Machine!. -R-

  • Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP page! -A-

  •    Thursday, September 16th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:01 EST

  • EmuMAX has finished testing games with Nemu64, and discovered that Madden64 is the only game to have working sound! Explosion Net has also updated their Nemu64 compatability list once again. They're also looking for more game cheats - let them know if you've found some good ones. -P-

  • GeoShock posted a funny, but real interview with "NG_EMU." If you don't know who that is, don't feel bad - there's really no reason why you should. It's still a funny read though. :) -P-

  • Moah released KoF '91 v.0.5!!! This homebrew fighting game has been ported to Win32/DirectX, with 16bit color, hardware acceleration, animated backgrounds, 4 more basic moves, & special moves !!! Characters from 9 different series appear in this game. Check it out! -P-

  • Antiriad, lead Raine coder, recently addressed the Raine devlist regarding the secret games controversy. Basically he's not upset at all! In fact he said "A secret that noone ever finds would be a bit crap, don't you think? :)" Either way, Retrogames supports the wishes of all emu authors regarding their work. Sorry if I jumped the gun. -P-

  • I have released version 0.5 of The Romalizer. The Romalizer is a text based ROM analyzer similar to ClrMAME and MAME Merge, only The Romalizer uses xmame and is designed to run on Unix systems.

    This version allows you verify that the names of the files in your zipped ROMs match those given by xmame -listroms. I have also put up an on-line manual page here. -C-

  • A scary Swedish precedent,The Register covers the results from a court case involving a 17 year old charged with piracy for linking to a site that had mp3 files. The decision opens a Pandora's Box of issues which are troublesome. Where does aiding and abetting start? Could search engines, web sites, etc be held liable for merely mentioning a site? How will emulators fit into this picture? -w

  • Mike Stulir mailed me saying that he had the first pics of CENTIPEDE for the Sega Dreamcast online!

  • It was bound to happen sooner or later, I'm just glad it happened sooner: 'Crap-while-U-code!', 'Shite-while-U-strafe!', 'Wee on the Web! -- whatever the name (thought up by The Register ;), it will sell in millions!! Still don't know what it is ? It's a Toilet PC !

  • Linux Games reports that version 0.71 of TuxNES, a NES emulator for Linux, has been released.  You can view the changes for this release here. -C-

    From the TuxNES home page:

    TuxNES is a continuation of Nestra, a great NES emulator for Linux, which may or may not be actively maintained by its original author, Quor, which is why the Nestra code was forked and TuxNES was created. I wanted to release the changes to the world and also see if anyone else was improving upon Nestra's codebase.

  • Madman's Cafe has posted a great feature about the upcoming arcade version of SNK vs. Capcom! Lotsa pics and info! -P-

  • RS' Place was updated with screenshots from Ironclad (CD version), a game that is rumored to exist in very rare form as an MVS cart. Does anyone have photos/info to prove once and for all that this cart exists or not? -P-

  • GetRight 4.0 was released! GetRight is a superb downloading utility for Windows. Thanks Jack. -P-

  • Here's a recent "hidden" LoopyNES beta that we missed... Homepage. Thanks Arcade@Home for the news & file. -P-

  •    Wednesday, September 15th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:58 EST

  • Roman Scherzer has updated ClrMAME Pro to Beta 3b! Get over to MAME World's ClrMAME Pro page or Roman's ClrMAME Pro homepage and download ClrMAME Beta 3b! -P-

  • EmuMAX has tested an amazing number of games with Nemu64, and posted screenshots of the 32 games that actually displayed something. -P-

  • Genesis Power has released the 32x version of Mortal Kombat 2! They also need help finding a World Series Baseball'95 32x cartridge to dump. -P-

  • The Magic Engine site was updated! HuCard emulation is now perfected, and 100% SuperGrafx support is currently being worked on. There's also a new FAQ about the upcoming release. -P-

  • This may be a bit late, but I have updated the Official MAME FrontEnd Page to include the new web site location and date of last release for ArcadeOS, an open source DOS frontend for MAME. -C-

  • The Amiga as we know it is dead, check this link for an explanation by Thomas J. Schmidt, President & CEO of Amiga, or something. We can look forward to set-top boxes, condoms, microwaves, toothbrushes (or whatever ;)with the Amiga name on it. Amiga is for computing, let's NOT disgrace that lovely name ... release a new computer!!! Thanks to F'Lar for the link

  • Sorry about the downtime today, we had some mainboard troubles. Gotta love technology, eh :) Let's get on with the show! Any hatemail should be sent to VIA Technologies ;)

  • Raine Team is NOT happy about recent revelations of secret games in Raine. You can read Mario Silva's comments here. It seems this may be the end of hidden goodies, which is in my opinion, quite sad. :( Please - if you must look through an emu's code, make sure the author's don't mind it being public. (NOTE: I've edited a few updates on this site to reflect our support for Raine Team). -P-

  • All BeOS users take note: BeEmulated is now hosted at be.emugaming.com! -P-

  • Explosion Net has created a huge Nemu64 compatability chart. Thanks Guyfawkes for the info. In related news, EmuMAX has posted many screenshots of games running with the new Nemu64! -P-

  • Sun Microsystems is offering StarOffice 5.1 for FREE DOWNLOAD! It's contains a word processor, spread sheet, database and more, it's available for a slew of operating systems and in various languages too! The only thing that might stop you from downlaoding StarOffice 5.1 is the size: 65MB. That's still better than that 300GB Microsoft Office 2000 though and last time I checked Office2000 wasn't available for free download, bar warez ftps ;)

  • The CPS1 Patch Center has released a patch which makes Forgotten Worlds playable in Callus.

  •    Tuesday, September 14th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:03 EST

  • The MAME & RAINE Flyers Site has been updated today, with a few new flyers for both emulators. The "good" news is that they've split up the huge zip file into smaller "packs" which should make quite a few of you happy out there. Oh, and they're using the .png format now for the flyers. -A-

  • iVilDeD has posted new "The Impact" screenshots, this time it's from Tetris The Grand Master by Arika. You can also join EFnet IRC, channel #theimpact - it is the official channel for the emulator. -A-

  • Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP page, adding lots of pics and news about up-and-coming drivers for MAME. -A-

  • NEmu64 0.6 released! This N64 emulator has undergone many improvements - check the homepage for all the details. In general, expect much more compatability, more speed & tons of new features. Thanks Kieron Wilkinson for the news. -P-

  • Maximum PC magazine has given me permission to post this scan of "You Will Be Emulated," the excellent article by Liam McDonald. It first appeared in the September 1999 issue of Maximum PC, all rights reserved. And buy the magazine - it's "Kick Ass!" ;-) -P-

  • Amiga might not be a corpse just yet.The Register states the Phoenix Platform Consortium will "assume responsibility for aid and recommendation for reference platforms for the Amiga users who wish to upgrade their present Amigas, as we establish an open migration path to a new platform". -w

  • Liam McDonald, a veteran of PC Gamer, wrote a superb pro-emulation article, "You Will Be Emulated," for the September 99 issue (p.41) of Maximum PC, a US magazine that used to be called Boot. He not only defends emulation, but even goes after the lies and disinformation policies of Nintendo, Sony and other companies. Positive press (in the mainstream) is rare and most welcome - Liam, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! -P-

  • More charitable souls donate games to SMS Power which released a SMS version of King's Quest and a Game Gear version of WWF Raw.-w

  • SNES9x 1.24 for Windows released! As I'm unable to upload the new file right now, I'll have to direct you to SNES9x Site to download it.

  • I have updated Calliope and added MFE to the Official MAME Front End Page.  If you use a front end for MAME, you may want to check these out.  For now on, I will announce updates or new front ends for MAME as I hear about them. -C-

  • The Hu6280 site was updated with new pics and a CD compatability list! Thanks kRis. -P-

  • Glenn of videogamefans tells me Magician Lord is being planned for the NeoGeo Pocket Color!!! -P-

  • GoHibiki made tons of really nice game icons! :) -P-

  •    Monday, September 13th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:13 EST

  • Haze of GeoShock is NOT quitting! :) To quote him "I'm willing to give this a little longer but if I keep getting the same lame questions, demands etc. etc. then I don't think I can be bothered with this anymore. Its meant to be fun finding news, reporting it, if its not fun then its not worth it, I'm losing interrest in this NeoGeo scene fast, maybe it really is time to just move on. If people want me to stay get rid of the lamers, those pulling it into the dirt, how many more sites will they have to destroy before they learn?" Those words apply to all siteops and sites, folks. He also posted some interesting information on some game, so go look for yourself... -P-

  • Bluejay told me about his CD covers for MAME! You can view the covers in jpeg format here. -P-

  • Icepir8 has just released a new version of TRWin-GL!" This is a Nintendo64 emu, now with dynarec! Homepage. Thanks Martin of Emulation64. -P-

  • iVilDeD is trying to help The Impact aquire Soul Edge via an eBay auction! If you're interested in helping, visit his site for the full story. -P-

  • Crap Man is at it again: here's the tribute to MAME 0.36 Beta 4!!! You can also access this and much more in our Other Stuff section on the menu bar. :) -P-

  • Genesis Power released Pitfall for the 32x! -P-

  • Here's NeoJukeBox 2.3!!! This is a NeoGeo music player for Windows by Miguel Angel Horna. Click here to read the full readme. Homepage. Thanks Emulatronia & sfx11. -P-

  • Haze of GeoShock has decided enough is enough. I'm fed up of Lamers.. Out of time, and not really on a suitable type of connection to run this site.. The NeoGeo Scene is becoming rather dead Rather Quickly.. With that I think I'll move on, RS can run this place again.. at least he can actually upload stuff, keep everyone happy and find decent news to report.. -R-

  • This is quite a scary story, The Register is reporting that a "17-year-old Swedish student has been hit with a lawsuit by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) for promoting piracy by linking his Web site to an archive of allegedly illegal MP3 digital music files". Click here for the full story, this could set a bad precedent for us, if you know what I mean ......

  • Dennis Piet has released StartRAINE 0.25.1, his RAINE frontend, it fixes a few things here and there. Thanks to Renaud and Troutman (from usenet ?) for the news :)

  • SPEC256 1.2 released! The Spectrum emulator with a twist, has been updated to version 1.2 Several new games have been released for use with this emulator, yes, those 256 colors look good :) Thanks to sfx11 for the news.

  • MGX 0.12f released! Boukichi has released version 0.12f of his Game Gear emulator. You can download the release here

  • Sony has officially unveiled the successor to the Playstation: Playstation2. It will be available on March 4, 2000 in Japan. It will be able to play your PSX discs too. The Playstation2 will retail for 39,800 YEN and 1,000,000 units will be available in the first week. Thanks to Neill H. for the news.

  • Virtual Gameboy for the Mac has also been updated - to v1.6. "This update fixes problems with Pokémon and many Color Gameboy issues, improves RAVE mode and is a bit faster as well". Get it from emulation.net. -R-

  • The Macintosh port of MasterGear has been updated to v1.3. "This version adds InputSprocket support, RAVE mode, and increases compatibility and speed across the board.". Get it from emulation.net. -R-

  •    Sunday, September 12th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:28 EST

  • You BeOS, DOS, Win32, Amiga, and Macintosh users may be famaliar with Guilty Bastards. If not, its an adventure game created with Hugo. From the Hugo home page:

    Hugo is one of the leading IF [interactive fiction] design systems. In addition to being capable of producing leading-edge text adventures, it also allows a developer to incorporate true-color graphics display (which are optional for those who lack either the hardware or inclination to view graphics) as well as sound effects and music. And it's free.

    /. reports that a Linux version is now available! I loved those old Infocom games! : ) -C-

  • We're a bit late, but here's Z26 v1.35! Z26 is an Atari 2600 emulator for DOS/Win9x - this version contains some minor fixes. Homepage. -P-

  • RockNES 0.96a released! This release fixes mappers #69 & #79 (Batman: Return of the Joker). Homepage. Thanks EmuUnlim for the news. -P-

  • I guess you've noticed it by now, there are some new updaters here at Retrogames. Chris, author of the TKmame frontend (hosted here @ Retrogames) will be mainly doing the 'NIX related emulation news. Richard Bannister (Mac porter supreme) will be doing the Mac related emulation news and Wook will be doing tech/gaming news every now and then :) And then there's me and Prophet. Hopefully we'll be making sure you get all the news - 24/7!

  • Hello everyone, I'm Richard Bannister, and I'm going to be posting the Macintosh news here from time to time. Nothing new today that I'm aware of, though :) (Welcome aboard Richard!!! -P-)

  • Glenn of www.videogamefans.com tells me that Donkey Kong 64 will have a perfect port of the original Donkey Kong hidden in the game! Apparently you get an extra banana for finishing all 4 levels. I can hear the kiddies now, upon finding the hidden DK: "what the heck is this, these graphics suck!!!" :) -P-

  • Ataxx (Leland 1990) fans should check out The Ataxx Emulation Resource! It was recently updated with screenshots and news about the emulation progress Paul Leaman has been making. Thanks Jack for the news. -P-

  • Roman Scherzer's ClrMAME homepage now has ClrRAINE datfiles online for the new Raine release! -P-

  • Romulous & Remus has ROMs for the upcoming MAME 0.36 beta 5! :) Easily one of the best new sites out there - bookmark it! -P-

  • Hehe... OK, just checked my mail and some people told me about Raine 0.25c. Thanks sfx11 & Joe, but I really found it myself first! :) I also received a few mails about CDi... King Heimerl sent me this link to a list of CDi software. And a certain Mr. Eldridge insisted that a CDi game called "The Joker's Wild" was very good. He also told me "Many of my best friends were CDi games, and only a few of them were transvestites," but I think he was kidding... I hope. =) -P-

  • Raine 0.25c was released last night, adding the missing Cadash French driver! Here's what's new. Here's the homepage. You should also really pay a visit to GuruChoc, and click his banner when you're done. ;) Emuviews also has some Raine drops online. :) -P-

  • Freshmeat.net reports SNES9x 1.23 was released. -C-

  • This User Friendly strip offers proof that there is always a degree of truth in humor.-w

  •    Saturday, September 11th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:24 EST

  • Raine 0.25b released!!! This awesome release includes 23 new games, including Kiki Kai Kai, Dogyuun & Kageki! Click here to see the complete list. Here's the Raine homepage. -P-

  • Daemon let me know about a new emulation project: CDi Emu'9x. CDi was an unpopular system meant to herald the age of "multimedia," but instead proved that people wanted game systems, not pseudo-educational boxes. Were there any good games for that thing? -P-

  • Primal Rage for 32x was released by Genesis Power! Thanks Snorter. -P-

  • Pugsy's cheats have been updated again! This awesome MAME cheat file now includes 16949 cheats for 1611 games! Thanks to Pugsy himself for the news this time. ;-) -P-

  • EmuAdvice (part of the amazing MAME World) has posted R.J. Ragno's latest build of GRiP MAME! This release includes Sidewinder, Gravis & Exterminator support as well as "improve(d) analog control setup" & fixes to the Namco System 1 drivers. Thanks KiLLerCloWn. -P-

  • I've been a huge Gamefan magazine fan ever since they knocked EGM outta 1st place for the hearts of hardcore American gamers. So it was pretty cool to finally see emulation mentioned in the October 1999 issue. You'll have to look hard to find it, but it's buried on page 98. :) -P-

  • Arcade ROM Heaven, a site you should ALL have bookmarked, posted the new good dump of Forgotten Worlds! (Click his banner!) This game has been elusive until recently, and should make many arcade fans very happy. No home conversion was ever complete, the Genesis version was missing 2 levels, and the PC-Engine CD version was graphically lacking. More proof that MAME rocks! =) -P-

  • Dumps from Spain has released the ROMs for Gangbusters, and fixed graphics ROMs for Combat School! -P-

  • Magic Box has pictures from the upcoming arcade version of SNK vs. Capcom, running on Naomi hardware but still 2D!!! You'll also find pics of the NGPC version, looking very nice for the littlest NeoGeo. :) There's also tons of other cool news and pics there, so check it out. Thanks Syxx Pac for the news. -P-

  • Gamefan has AWESOME pics of Sega's new arcade game: Star Wars: Episode One Racer. The visuals are TOO COOL, do I smell a Dreamcast port ?!

  • There is some weird stuff going on, so if you see 2 updates somehow merged into one, be patient - we're fixing it :)

  • RockNES 0.96 released! I forgot to update with this so here it is anywayz :) RockNES is a NES emulator, but I guess you knew that already, eh ? Check the RockNES Site for more info.

  • SMS Power has released 3 games for the Sega Master System today, namely ALF (yes, from the TV series), ASHURA and MACHINE GUN JOE. They're also asking for contributions, they have a list of undumped games for sale at eBay, so if you CAN help out, please do :) Thanks to sfx11 for the news.

  • Realityman has posted 2 pics of the new GUI for UltraHLE, you can view those here and here. Thanks to BadNews for the news.

  • Sheesh, I check the site and I see no updates ;) Here goes !

  •    Friday, September 10th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:16 EST

  • Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page again; Gang Busters or Forgotten Worlds anyone ?

  • For those loyal Amiga followers out there, I have some bad news. Seems Gateway has other plans for the name "AMIGA" and computers isn't one of them ..... sorta. Click here for more on this, thanks to F'lar for the link

  • The Nemu64 Site has been updated with pics of ISS '98, Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Milo's Astrolanes. The ISS'98 pics come from a new alpha version, which is not available to the public. They also have a mailinglist now and they now host the N64 Toolkit. Want to find out what that is ? Well, go visit the site!!

  • Lance McKay has posted some lovely "THE IMPACT" screenshots. This means that he has updated his site for the first time in 6 weeks ;)

  • It's that time of the week again, Microsoft has released patches to help secure your pc just a bit more. This week it's telnet.exe on your WIN9x machine that's giving us all headaches. Microsoft says that, "the vulnerability could allow a web page to take unauthorized action on the computer of a user who visited the page. Specifically, it could do anything on the computer that the user could do. This generally would include creating, deleting or modifying files, reformatting the hard drive, sending data to or from a web page, and other actions." You can download the patch and read more about this here. Thanks to MAME FAN for the news.

  • Tired of that same old grey/white computer case ? And you don't want/like the iMAC ? Then you should try the Magic Bean! It's aimed at kids, but the specs are impressive, so you might just as well buy one for yourself ;) Thanks to Geek News for the news.

  • SNEESE 0.36 released! A new version of this SNES emulator has just been released, you can download both the binary and the source here. Thanks to sfx11 for the news.

  • XRAY1 (of the MAME and RAINE Flyers Site) asked his girlfriend to marry him ... and she accepted! They'll be getting married on 02.02.2000 :) Congratulations from all of us here at Retrogames!!

  • ZDNET reports that a "Trojan Horse masquerading as a JPEG file is allowing hackers to gain access to ICQ passwords, America Online Inc. officials confirmed today". Be sure to read this if you use ICQ, thanks to |pogo| for the link.

  • Always attempting to keep abreast of the latest in geek gadgets,The Register offers a whopper for dealing with that neighbor that plays their stereo too darn loud. -w

  • Kyo has sent me a KOF99 skin for use with WinAMP, you can download it here.

  • Genesis Power has released a pirate cart called RockmanX3. This is a rare pirate cart donated by the Brazilian ROMs Death Squad (spk, vitor, dandy, and johnnyr). The dump was fixed by Cowering and Axeman to run in most Genesis emulators, so use your favorite Genesis/Megadrive emulator to play this game :)

  • As you may or may not know, there is a massacre going on RIGHT NOW in East Timor (Indonesia). This massacre started because the people in East Timor voted for independance. The army of Indonesia has no intention of letting East Timor go, eventhough the vote was official and monitored by the United Nations. Noone is spared and noone will be left in East Timor if this continues. This seems to be the goal of the Indonesian army. And apparently it's working. The international community isn't doing anything, Mr. Kofi Annan (UN Secretary-General) called President Habibie yesterday but Habibie was not impressed. He also does not allow an internation force on East TImor. This is like Bosnia and Kosovo all over again, including the world's "non-operative" stance. Click here or here for more info, thanks to Ptitfous and Mario Silva for the links. You can discuss this issue on our current affairs board.

  • 4 new games/clones have been added to Raine, so head on over the the Raine Site and check them out :)

  • Eric Bole-Feysot has moved ROM Center, his MAME rom manager, to EmuHQ. He has also added quite a few of new data files for use with ROM Center.

  • Game Age News has posted an update to yesterday's "defective DCs/software" story, Sega is saying that there are some defective discs and that users can exchange those by going back to the retailer. Sega uses more than four different manufacturing facilities for first and third party Sega Dreamcast software, and the affected software is only a small number from one batch at one facility. This will not affect all games. Good news :) Thanks to Sonikku_a for the news.

  •    Thursday, September 9th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:37 EST

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan has released Quarth (Konami)! Note: Quarth is NOT yet emulated. -P-

  • Game Age News has a story on what seems to be either overheating Dreamcasts or defective GD-ROM discs, whatever it is, it ain't good! Thanks to Deej for the link.

  • Cnet's Stephanie Miles did a great piece about Pine's new portable MP3 player. The SM-200C plays mp3's stored on cd or cdr, and features a radio tuner. This bad boy can be yours for under $300. Thanks to N0madic1 for answering many prayers with this link. -w

  • CD MediaWorld has posted pics of a blank Dramcast GD-ROM, thanks to Fa][aL for the link.

  • If you blinked, you probably missed the rumors about Amiga and Commodore being reborn.The Register spills the innards of this non-merger and non-relaunching. In short, Inwin passes, what was buried, stays under. -w

  • It's official now, the next release of UltraHLE (N64 emu) will be using OpenGL instead of Glide (or will it use both ?). It should make porting UHLE to other platforms easier :) Thanks to Tim for reminding us that it is official news now.

  • My good friend Lucas got married today, I'd like to wish him and his wife Anna all the best and hopefully I'll see you two soon again :)

  • Today is the day, today the Sega Dreamcast launches in the USA. We Europeans will have to wait a bit longer, but I guess it's worth it :) Today is also the day that the Earth will perish, according to your local (wacko) cult :)

  • GAG will open later than anticipated, because Michael Russell will be undergoing some surgery today. Hope you feel better soon :)

  •    Wednesday, September 8th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:33 EST

  • Emu+ 0.36 Beta 4 has been released!!! You can currently find the binary at Arcade@Home. I've checked the Emu+ homepage, and the new source is not yet online. Therefore I cannot in good faith post the binary *yet*. It's a BIG update, with tons of new features to try. Thanks sfx11. -P-

  • Whoah!!! SNK is making a new version of the NeoGeo Pocket Color, which will be smaller (!) & less expensive!!! Sounds awesome. More info about this and lots more is at Magic Box news. Thanks Ooga. -P-

  • Snorter told me about Brutal Unleashed: Above The Claw for 32x at Genesis Power! -P-

  • Boukichi has released version 0.11 of his Game Gear emulator, you can download the archive from Boukichi's site, hosted by the good folks of Emu Camp. If you're having trouble unpacking this archive, make sure you have LHA.EXE or Win Commander. You can add LHA.EXE to Winzip and have Winzip unpack those files too :)

  • Gridle has just updated the MAME Wip page!

  • The Register attempts to examine whether the recent bad PSX2 market analysis coincides with a rival's console launch.

  • .

  • I guess you are as bored as we are, huh :)

  • Arcade@Home has posted news that a new version of Tim's famous frontend for MAME will arrive soon. Also, the upcoming release of Emu+ 0.36 Beta 4 will include an EAGLE switch (graphics smoothing effect)! Personally I'm a pixel-purist, but it's still cool. =) -P-

  • Be sure to check the Official Raine site for pictures and info on how to activate Gekiri-Dan in the current Raine!!! :) Thanks sfx11. Romlist has also posted this information, as well as the ROMs of course! Thanks Org. -P-

  • Here's Dennis Piet's StartRAINE 0.24.4! New features include Gekiri-Dan (secret game) enable option, fixed minor problem with configuring default settings when tabsheet was hidden & an updated Cabinets-pack for StartRAINE coming later. Homepage. -P-

  • Bill Mallet has released CFriend 0.3, his Callus frontend! Check the CPS Patch Center for more info and other Callus related items. -P-

  • MAME World has posted PacMAME, a special version of MAME supporting around 60 PacMan games including some weird cheat sets! Thanks to KiLLerCLoWn for the news. -P-

  • MAME32 0.36 Beta 4 released!!! This brings the Win32 platform up to the DOS version. Homepage. Thanks Dan Miller & PRoToCoL for the news. -P-

  •    Tuesday, September 7th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:54 EST

  • Romlist has released Gekiri Dan (Taito), a game which is emulated in RAINE, but one which is an easter egg :) Org has also updated his Nerd Mails.

  • Hahahaah, someone is offering the Internet for sale @ eBay =) Thanks to Sav2880 for the link

  • Realityman has RESTARTED work on UltraHLE! RM feels that the time is right to continue the emulator since many N64 emus can now play commercial games. Check the UltraHLE Site for the full statement! -A-

    If you are looking to get a few more FPS out of UltraHLE, you can run it on linux!  Check out the performance results. -C-

  • Nintendo announced in a press release today, information regarding the next generation Game Boy machine. The Game Boy Advance will use a 32-bit RISC CPU, and will be able to connect to a cellular phone which will enable you to connect to the internet. Users will be able to download games, exchange e-mail and you will even be able to see the face of the person you are playing against. To read the full press release, click here -C-

  • Penny Arcade answers the important question, now that we've seen Ms. Croft in the buff, who's next? -w

  • SMS Power has released George Foreman's KO Boxing for the Sega Master System. Its graphics look pretty good :)

  • Greece was struck by an earthquake today, measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale. Athens was struck VERY hard, causing buildings to collaps, leaving people buried under the rubble. The quake was felt on the westcoast of Turkey, which was hit by a massive quake just 2 weeks ago. More news as it happens.

  • The Raine Site has been updated with pics of Knight Boy (Kiki KaiKai) and Gun Frontier, a cool vertical "schmup" :) Richard Mitton also added another "New Zealand Story" bootleg.

  • HAHAHA, that's funny =), thanks to Ginoman for the pic

  • Segu has released version 1.0 of his Direct3D plugin for use with PSEmu Pro. There is a huge list of new/fixed things, which you can see at Segu's Site. Thanks to HeiderN for the news.

  • m0rk has done a great IRC interview with Atila in which they discuss The Impact and more! All The Impact info you'll ever need (or get!). ;-) This interview can also be found in our Other Stuff section on the left menu bar. -P-

  • Martin of Emulation64 has begun adding game reviews to his site! -P-

  • BaRDS (Brazilian ROM Dump Squad), hosted at Kinox, has dumped Mulan for Genesis. It doesn't work 100% but is being patched to do so. Thanks to MGhandi for the news. -P-

  • Prophet here, still a bit sick... :( Welcome to Chris, our Linux/Unix reporter & also the author of the cool TKMAME frontend for MAME! Well, let's see if this new-fangled news updater works... "click!" -P-

  •    Monday, September 6th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:58 EST

  • Linux Games reports that version 0.03 of Sope was released this weekend. From the Sope home page:

    Sope is an open-source Playstation emulator for Linux/Unix Systems. It is still in an alpha stage, but we can already see some pictures moving in most demos. It uses interpretive emulation, but a dynamic recompilation core is available for the Alpha processor.

  • I discovered on The Linux Game Tome, that the people who wrote Direct3D are working on a new open source 3D graphics API!  This one is called QDraw.  You can read the announcement at Freshmeat.net  -Chris

  • Roman Scherzer has released Beta 3 of ClrMame Pro, a big update, well worth a download. ClrMAME Pro is a MAME roms manager. Head on over to MAME World to download ClrMAME.

  • Chris Gomez (visitor 7,000,000) has chosen the Dreamcast and not the discount coupon for the lapdance ;) Visitors 8, 9 and 10 million will be AMAZED when they see what they'll be receiving as a prize! Anyway, all of us here at Retrogames would like to thank everyone for their continued support - now let's go for the double figures ;)

  • Hi, I thought I would test the new news updater by introducing myself to everyone. My name is Chris, and I will be trying to keep all of you up to date with emulation related news that is related to Linux/Unix. Linux is an ever increasingly popular operating system which is far more advanced than Windows NT, yet is totally free. If you want to make my job easier, you can mail me news updates to post at my e-mail address.

  • I've added MacMAME 0.36 beta 4 to the MAME page, you can download both the binary and the source for this release.

  • Yeah, sorry about the "mess", we've just switched to an automated process for the updates. We'll also be adding MAC and Linux emulation news to the site. Time for the "upgrade" :)

  • Please pay no attention to this update. As it is just the admin, testing the newsupdater for retrogames. Thank you.

  • Zwaxy has updated his MAME ACTION REPLAY PAGE. It is now in sync with MAME 0.36 beta 4. If you have no idea what his page is about, then you are missing out :o) (Thanks Chris ;-)

  • Seems part of our "upload" problem is caused by a hub which can't handle all the traffic :) Lev has assured me that we're getting a new switch tomorrow which should fix all those troubles. This applies to all hosted sites @ Emulationworld.

  • Rodimus Prime has released his Pentium and AMD/PII optimised versions of MAME 0.36 beta 4, head on over to MAME World to download them. Thanks to sfx11 for the heads-up.

  • He's cool :)

  • Calling all Warcraft fans, click here :) Thanks to Living Suede for the link.

  • You know that it sucks pretty bad when you want to update but you are unable to .....

  • Dutch compiled a *Fixed* MAME 0.36 Beta 4 binary, that fixes the Ghost Pilots loader and Namco System 1 sound ROM data in listinfo. The source changes, provided by Haze & HobbesAtPlay, are simple and can be vi ewed here. -P-

  • Newsgroups, newsgroups... Everyone talks about them, but you have no idea how to use them?! Then go to Kevin Butler's Simple Guide to Newsgroups! All emu fans should know how to use them. -P-

  • Arcade 2000, makers of fine arcade cabinets and panels, has announced the 2nd place winner of their recent contest, Greywolf! The contest involved sending in the best recordings of real arcade sounds and noi ses. You'll be able to hear the 2 winning recordings by Tuesday! Should bring back memories for the arcade-deprived. -P-

  • Interested in better GRiP/Sidewinder MAME support? Then check out Robert J.Ragno's GRiP MAME, now at EmuAdvice!! (Click Start, Downloads, Useful Files) Lotsa other stuff th ere as well. :) -P-

  • M.U.G.E.N 9X.09.03 now available at Elecbyte.com!!! M.U.G.E.N. is a very cool fighting game engine to create your own games. This update includes reversals, guard cancels and more! -P-

  • SMS Power has been busy as always - latest dumps released include Guzzler for SG-1000 & VR Troopers for Game Gear! -P-

  • Genesis Power released the 32x version of NBA Jam Tournament Edition! Snorter also provided some trivia: "the author of the Genesis emulator KGen, Steve Snake, worked on this title. Hopefully, we will see a 32x emulator someday so we can all enjoy his work!" -P-

  • You may also want to check Sys2064 for Till's famed fix files. You won't need to download entire sets by using these! -P-

  • Kinox has interviewed Azuco, author of AX68K and A-Saturn! They've also posted a list of sites to find beta 4 ROms!-P-

  • Martin of Emulation64 told me about a new emulation diary by Zersion. Zersion will be posting regular updates as work progresses on Blur, his upcoming public domain N64 emu. -P-

  • Check out Romulous & Remus for your beta 4 ROM needs. -P-

  • Well, I went and got sick... :( But...must...up..date... Upload speeds are still really slow too. :( -P-

  •   Sunday, September 5th 1999 - Last updated @ 19:04 CET

  • Shane's site is back up ... sorta :) Since Monroeworld is at the mercy of Internic (.ie DNS changes), you can reach Monroeworld by going to www.keepitretro.com. More info about his other sites is availabe from his site.

  • JFF 0.24 released! This cool multi arcade game emulator has just received another update, here's what's new: Added support for Penguin-Kun Wars. FM sound emulation in Atomic Robo Kid, Omega Fighter and Mutant Nigh t. Check the JFF Site for more info on this emulator, thanks to Neil S. and DiskDoctor for the news.

  • I wanna thank my ISP, CHELLO BROADBAND, for completely ruining my "broadband experience" over these past few days. It was even worse than usual. Like last night, I tried uploading the MAME source to Retrogames, it took me 30 minutes to upload 3MB and the zip was corrupted after upload! Then I spent the next hour trying to upload the MAME binary, thankfully, Gridle finished it just before me :) The only reason I'm still using them is the simple fact that I don't have to pay acces charges. For my Dutch visitors: PLEASE wait until EVERYTHING is fixed before you sign-up. DON'T believe their ad-campaign.

  • HASH (beta) released! HASH is a new Gameboy emulator for Windows (NT included) which boasts some GREAT features and a really cool GUI! Check the HASH Site for more info on this emulator. Thanks to Fixo and Shih Tzu for the news.

  • The NEMU64 Site has just been updated with pics from games running on the current alpha release!

  • Arcade 2000, makers of fine arcade cabinets and panels, has announced the winners of their recent contest! Dave Nelson won an Atari Arcade Hits #1 CD, and second place winners will be announced on Sunday. If you've never looked at Arcade 2000's product line, do so - cool stuff! -P-

  • Kinox has interviewed Antiriad, the main Raine man! -P-

  • Dennis Piet released StartM72 0.33.8! StartM72 is a Windows frontend for M72, the superb Irem emulator. Click here to read what's new. See the < a href="http://start.digital-arcade.com/">homepage for more info and programs!

  • Upload speeds are s-l-o-w... everyone must be downloading MAME right now! -P-

  •   Saturday, September 4th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:30 CET

  • Here's the MAME 0.36 beta 4 binary, enjoy! I'm outta here ......

  • MAME 0.36 Beta 4 released!!! MASSIVE release, click here to see what's new. Click here for the source code for this release, binary will be up in a bit.

  • Congrats to Chris Gomez for being visitor 7,000,000, he will receive a discount coupon for a lapdance at a local nudie bar ..... or accept the FREE SEGA DREAMCAST!!!

  • Smackdown Emulation is looking for staff! If you want to help out, be sure to mail Brian!

  • Till Oldemeyer has returned from his holdays, so SYS2064 is now back in full force!

  • Kaptain Koin-op to the rescue! After being "out of the picture" for almost 2 years, he's back to save us all from those hard games, with the use of faqs and manuals =)

  • SNES9x 1.22a for WINDOWS released, here's what's new: Not much changed in this release, except there's now a README file and Voodoo 3dfx support is fixed for Sieken Densetsu 3. Thanks to Deej for the news.

  • Seems Haze has been busy adding content to GeoShock! There's a few new reviews online, a special version of NeoMAME and other NeoGeo goodness. You might even learn what "Futsal" means! -P-

  • Here's an innovative new product that looks great next to an iMac! If you're a single woman, or perhaps a man looking for that "perfect gift" for the lady, take a look. ;) Thanks to Biomassa for the link. -P-

  • It's "fix day" at Arcade ROMs from Japan - fixed dumps for Hot Chase & Pistol Daimyo are available! -P-

  • Snorter & sfx11 both let me know that NFL Quarterback Club for 32x was released at Genesis Power! -P-

  • Well, not much news at the moment... Atila did such a good job yesterday (still the same day for me!) updating the news there's just not a lot to add! -P-

  •   Friday, September 3rd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:42 CET

  • HU-GO 1.01 released, the "what's new" list is HUGE, thanks to sfx11 and Mr. Fujisawa for the link.

  • According to a mail I received from Darqstalker, BABBAGES is lready selling 2 Dreamcast games: Blue Stinger and Trick Style. Could someone verify this please :) (update - they're also selling Air Force Delta and that huge Arcade Stic k, thanks to Ha-OhMaru for the mail :)

  • Roman Scherzer has released ClrMAME Pro beta 2a :) He has re-added support for subfolders inside zipfiles.

  • Sal Bugliarisi has updated his Z26 frontend, Z-Launch! There are various cool additions to this frontend, such as a detachable game manual window (with an animated icon ;) and tons of bug fixes and minor opt imizations too, plus a bunch of little features here and there Be sure to read the README.TXT in the archive. You can download a game manual archive and pics archive (both are option al) for use with Z-Launch right here.

  • VICE 1.1 released!! VICE for DOS and WIN32 has been updated, you can view the entire what's new list here. You can download both the DOS and Win32 versions of this C64 emu right here, thanks to Jim Hart for the news.

  • Jerky's Acrade Hacks has moved to MAME WORLD! These "hacks" enable you to change the graphics and/or text in an arcade game, some of them are real funny :) If you haven't tried any hacks before, then today is a good day to start!

  • MICROSOFT will MOST LIKELY be releasing its own console next year! X-BOX (icky name, I know ;) "will feature a 500 MHz processor by Intel (note: according to a follow up story in the forthcoming November issue of Next Generation Magazine , an AMD Athlon powered version is also planned), nVidia's NV-10 graphics technology (recently renamed GeForce), and a modified version of the WinCE operating system. According to the story, this will make X-Box capable of PlayStation 2-level performance" . Check Next-Generation Online for the full story, thanks to Sets_ZZzz for the news.

  • iVilDeD has posted a new pic of IMPACT running Street Fighter EX 2+!

  • Oooh... we're getting close to 7 million visitors! =) -P-

  • Lotsa people mailed me about this... seems Nintendo is reviving "Project Atlantis." Check out this Gamefan article for info about the "Gameboy Advance." Sounds pretty impressive! -P-

  • Arcade ROM Heaven is reporting that WEC Lemans (racing game), Hot Chase (Konami) & Ark Area (shooter) are being added to MAME! -P-

  • Speaking of arcade products, you may recall the custom-made Arcade Solutions panel I'll be reviewing... Well, it may be a whil e because Andy Desak, owner of Arcade Solutions, is getting married later this week!!! Congratulations and best of luck to Andy and his bride. :) Also, Saint of Build Your Own Arcade Cont rols will be doing a similar review in the future! Multiple reviews will be especially useful because every Arcade Solutions product is custom built to the customer's desire! Wonder what Saint's will look like... hmm... -P-

  • Arcadeware is the latest company to offer full-sized arcade cabinets to the public! This one is very expensive, but also very complete, including a 25" monitor, massive control panel and a fully con figured computer! Thanks to Arcade@Home for the info. -P-

  • John IV of the MAME32 team did a very comprehensive HotRod SE review! If you're curious about this ready-made panel, this review is worth reading. Thanks PRoToCoL for the news. -P-

  • Another site deserving of credit is EmuChrist, who recently started mirroring Arcade ROM Heaven's needed soon ROMs. -P-

  • Just a quick kudos: KillerClown, RocLobsta & Zan, you guys deserve some major praise. I recently visited MAMEWorld and some of its' sections like Em uAdvice and MAME Testers - and they all are great! If you haven't yet visited MAMEWorld, do it NOW. -P-

  • Roman Scherzer celebrated ClrMAME's 2nd birthday with ClrMAMEPro B2!!! You can download it here at MAMEWorld or from Roman's homepage! -P -

  • As promised by RS, Pleasure Goal is now available for download at GeoShock!!! -P-

  •   Thursday, September 2nd 1999 - Last updated @ 21:17 CET

  • Martin just mailed me saying that the new NEMU64 site is up and running! It has had a cool redesign and Einstein II has now joined the t eam. Einstein II has posted a status update, I think most of you will be real pleased with that Direct Input support =)

  • MAGIC ENGINE IS BACK!! David got himself a cool domain (magicengine.com) and we can expect an intermediate release soon (version 1.0 is still being worked on), in WIN32, PowerMac and DOS format! Yes, A Dir ectX version has been made, together with that PPC version, the DOS version is the least advanced version at this moment. David has posted some cool Supergrafx pics and they look yummy!! And NEXUS, hosted right he re at Retrogames, is the official mirror for Magic Engine! Be sure to check out Nexus for additional TG-16/PCE pics.

  • SNES9x 1.2.3 for MAC released @ www.emulation.net - it now runs Star Fox perfectly! Thanks to William Perez and tupring for the news.

  • Genesis Power released the PAL dump of Virtua Racing Deluxe 32X! -P-

  • Roar! The Videogame Museum is busy adding all sorts of new things, including news, game cover scans and any handheld material they can find! Take a look, and help out if you can. -P-

  •   Wednesday, September 1st 1999 - Last updated @ 23:23 CET

  • SNES9x 1.22 for Windows released! Hot on the trail of the Mac version, you can now download the WIN32 version of SNES9x! Thanks to MajereDB8 for the news.

  • Ever been to Camp Chaos ? They have THE coolest Flash 3 based cartoon online called: This thing of ours. If you liked the Godfather, you'll love this ;-) Thanks to WindDrake for the news.

  • Wanna buy a GeFORCE 256 ? You better have some $$$, because the current bid for this lovely GPU is over $1,600 and it appears to be a legit auction by NVIDIA. Thanks to Stormcade for the news.

  • The French version of MacMAME 0.36b3 is available for download @ the MacMAME Site. Thanks to Marc Vielfaure for the news.

  • MAME Merge 2.41 released, the "what's new" list is so huge that I can't post it ;-) Be sure to visit MAME World too !

  • Emuviews posted a Rumor Review, the hot topic is the imminent release of RetroFX! -P-

  • Here's SNEeSe 0.35!!! Optimized, cleaned and trimmed for your playing pleasure. Homepage. Thanks JoseQ for the news. -P-

  • Haze found an interesting fact - if you know how to compile MAME, read this message for tips on how to see the road in Riding Hero! -P-

  • The Hu6280 site is now chock full of screenshots of PC-Engine CD-ROM games running on their new code! Looks really good. =) -P-

  • The Moonlit Coalition site was updated with a compatability list for the recent Sunset beta release. I don't personally use N64 emus, so make of this what you will. -P-

  • GreyBrain is adding 2 new message boards to E-Manual, a Programming board & Hangout board! Also, please consider helping to add to the manual collection. -P-

  • Thanks to Lev & Atila I have a new mail address: prophet@retrogames.com. For those people who had me on their mailing lists, please make a note of this change. Your mail is very important to me! I feel clean again now that I'm 100% Retrogames and no more M$ slime on my mail... -P-