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  • TKMAME - The Coolest MAME Frontend!
  • TOSEC - DATfiles for everyone :)
  • THE REVIEW CENTER - Reviews, Reviews and Reviews!.
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  •    Monday, January 31st 2000 - Last updated @ 20:18 EST

  • More Mame artwork slips under my nose! JUE has recently updated the Asteroids Deluxe artwork with a more balanced version. Thanks to tiny c for the reminder. - dutch

  • Here is a quite a big list of recent Japanese computer emulation releases: X1 Millennium (Sharp X1) for Windows to version 19r2, Anex 86 (PC98) for Windows to version 2.10, M88 (PC88) for Windows to version 2.15, T98 (PC98) for Windows to version .24, NLMSX (MSX) for DOS to version 21.b4, MZ700Win (MZ700) for Windows to version .41rc2, and finally RuMSX (MSX) for Windows to .2000. Thanks very much to The The Japanese Computer Emulation Centre for all of the news, if you are interested in Japanese computer emulation I definitely advise paying their site a visit, they have more resources (read: games :) available as well. - dutch

  • The Flash has released ROM Zipper 1.22. "ROM Zipper is geared towards batch file zipping and unzipping. Although it is designed with the emu-fan in mind, it can be used for all archiving needs." This is a full install, and you will need to uninstall your previous version if you already have ROM Zipper installed. Oh and it's free. ;) Check The Flash's site for a full list of features and other useful goodies as well. - dutch

  • r0ddy has posted some Amiga HD games, click here to download them. Eventhough the site is in French, I have a feeling that most of you won't have a problem with that =) - atila

  • The Raine site now hosts Team Japump, we'll be seeing some new dumps soon! Thanks to BEN-J for the news.
    - atila

  • Shane Monroe has released a new Retrogaming Radio, he has changed the format, it's in Flash4 format now, no more hassling with RealPlayer. You can listen to it STREAMED or download the 4MB zip and listen to it offline. The show is mirrored locally here. - atila

  • GBFan Plus 1.16 released! Maechiko has released a new version of his GB emulator for Windows, I have no idea what's new because, well, there are no docs and it's in Japanese. Check Maechiko's site for more info. - atila

  • According to this story at The Register, Sega has teamed up with 30 Japanese cable companies to provide broadband internet acces via the Dreamcast - for a fixed monthly fee. Those cable companies will also be offering Dreamcast/cable modem packages and Sega will provide online games and a VERY COOL videophone service! - atila

  • Nintendo sent Judge (author of the NeoGeo Pocket Color emu with a controversial name) a CEASE AND DESIST letter, the NOA legal department reaches new levels of stupidity:

    "We have learned that your web site, the "Rape - Rather a Pokemon Emulator" web site, located at www.moonlitcoalition.com/rape, is offering software
    which emulates Nintendo's proprietary hardware systems (commonly referred to as "emulators"). An emulator is a software program that is designed to allow console based video games to be played on personal computers. The video games are obtained by downloading illegally copied software (often described as "ROMs") which have previously been copied out of an authentic video game cartridge."

    The site has been pulled and Judge is currently trying to think of a new name, personally I would go for NOA-YCGADTU which stands for "Nintendo of America - You Can't Get Any Dumber Than Us" :) - atila

  • Bit Times has been updated to issue #5! "We begin the Top 50 most influental games of the Bit Age! Numbers #41-#50 are included here. Also, I start my first prose story in Bit Age Times, titled "I Was a Teenage Altered Beast". Plus, Fred and Doug return to round out the issue and add some different perspectives." Thanks to VGN for the news. - dutch

  • BeBochs has been updated to version 0.5, with CD-ROM support, Win98 support, and configuration error detection added. BeBochs is a x86 PC Emulator for BeOS based on Bochs. Thanks to Emucamp for the news. - dutch

  • X-Mame has been updated with a dot release to version 36 beta 15.2. Click here for changes. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Amiga Memory has been updated with 4 new games! They are Hunter, Nitro, Silkworm, and Z-Out. Thanks to EmuGaming for the news. - dutch

  • Zeograd has released a frontend for Hugo out at the Official site. "It's not much but it should help some people with command line options even if not finished yet." - dutch

  • The Glide wrapper OpenGLide has been updated to version 0.05. According to Glide Underground, there are some speedups and bugfixes in this release. - dutch

  • There's been some MESS ports released, version 36b15 for Mac and version 36b15.2 for Unix. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Brian has updated the Coinop History Archive with 5 new (or old, rather :) scans! They are from issue 1 of Videogaming Illustrated, August 1982. I actually remember this magazine (and this issue!). Thanks for bringing back the memories Brian! Good luck on your "upgrade" to Linux! ;) Also thanks to VGN for the news. - dutch

  • There's a new utility that allows you to easily edit your Bleem.ini file. It's called Blini, and it's just been updated to release 3. Blini can consult the online compatibility list at bleem.com to get additional info about a game, and can also read the disc ID from many PSX games. - dutch

  • This may be too horrific for some... The CPS2 Bitch Project! (Heh, Overclocked does Flash. :) - dutch

  •    Sunday, January 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:51 EST

  • Sil has released an editor for editiing PacMan mazes called PacAge. "PacAge is a special editor to edit the maps in the PacMan 2000 Project." Visit Sil's page to download it. - dutch

  • The NeoGeo Team 2000 have released their twelfth ISO+MP3: King of Fighters 94. "As usual, the game is only avaiable for mirrors & contributors at this time." Thanks to tiny c for the news. - dutch

  • GeoShock has made some newly released dumps from Team Japump available! These games currently work with Raine, and include the Toaplan vertical blastathon called "V-Five"! - prophet

  • Veg was kind enough to scan the Entertaintment Weekly snippet, click here to see it (230kb) - atila

  • PLatano17 mailed Matt Conte and asked what the status was on NoFrendo (NES emu), he supplied a very nice answer: "Status: still being worked on. My job takes up most of my time, but lately I've been finding a half hour here and there to work on it. If you haven't heard, my NES sound core is being used in MAME/MESS, zd-spc, and MSP(miscellaneous sound player), and it's pretty much as close to the real thing as you can get. The rest of the emulator is getting there as well, and there should be ports to at least 3 or 4 popular platforms by the time of the release." Thanks to Daikak for the news. - atila

  • WWEMU has had a nifty redesign and is back in full effect! - atila

  • First James MAMED it, now he MESSD it up completely! Yes, you read that correctly, MESSD (MESS for Kodak Digita cameras) and MAMED 0.36 beta 15 (including source) are now available from James' site. - atila

  • Gerrit Goossen, the guy behind Mac1964, has been interviewed by EmuMac. - richard

  • Bnu has updated his X68000 Games Pile, more games available for download! If you are unfamiliar with this little marvel, it's time to check it out! - atila

  • The ROM Info Bundle, batch processing utilities for managing emulator ROMs on the Macintosh, has been updated to v1.4. - richard

  • SoftVMS, a Dreamcast Visual Memory emulator for the Macintosh, has been updated to v1.8. - richard

  • Due to a bug in yesterday's release of Generator/MacOS v0.11, a new version (v0.11a) is now available. - richard

  • Frodo/MacOS, a Commodore 64 emulator for the Mac, has been updated to v4.1.9. - richard

  • BEN-J mailed me that there's a new version out of SSF, a Sega Saturn emulator. I'm currently unable to reach the site, thanks to the "wonderful service" delivered by my cable ISP Chello. - atila

  • DGen 1.21 released! Dave is now using Richard Mitton's RAZE Z80 emulator, which consequently fixed the "out of synch" music in some games. The DAC also plays at the correct pitch now. Thanks to Ptitfous for the news. - atila

  • Madrigal has updated two of his simulators, here's what's updated: "Las Vegas Simulator" 1.03 (minor bugfix), "PuckMan (Tomy Electronic) Simulator" 1.01 (better simulation routine)". He also mentions that he's working on a "Donkey Kong Circus" simulator and a tutorial on how to write your own simulator. Click here to go to Madrigal's site. - atila

  • MikeDX has updated the EmuDX page with the optimized builds on their downloads page, a mirrors page, and a help page. Be sure to check it out. ROMs for EmuDX can be found at JoseQ's Emuviews (for those entitled to them). - dutch

  • Rodiums Prime has updated his site: "The mystery is revealed!! A/PEmuDX v1.00!!!" - dutch

  • You do visit GuruChoc daily don't you? He added lotsa needed-soon goodies for MAME! - prophet

  • Andy Desak has reopened Arcade Solutions, a unique arcade hardware company that builds custom-made-to-order panels & cabinets! Soon to be added are do-it-yourself pages on making spinners and rotating joysticks. Of course, you can also just buy them and let Andy do the hard work... ;-) - prophet

  • Emuforce has done an interesting interview with Dave of DGen & TMNT fame! Could there be talk of possible 32x/SegaCD support in DGen someday? Yes! =) (Thanks Kilrathi) - prophet

  • Kyo's KOF Perfect has re-added a section on the history of SNK, as well as some new cart scans of "Samurai Shodown" 1 and 2! - prophet

  • Genesis Power released "Aladdin"(E)dumped by Kai1! - prophet

  • Prophet here - and yes I'm still alive. :) Here's a little late-night update...
    - prophet

  • The Unix port of MESS has been updated to version 36 beta 15.1, in synch with the current version of Mame. Thanks to Duncan for the news. - dutch

  • Haze posted some previously unavailble ROMsets (not NeoGeo ;) out on Geoshock, including an arcade ROMset from 1984 by Jaleco called "Parallel Turn." - dutch

  • The Guru has posted a couple interesting pics on the Mame Unemulated ROMs Database. Heh, and what's even better is he says he has full unrestricted access to all that. ;) - dutch

  •    Saturday, January 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:51 EST

  • Leo Postma posted an interview he conducted with me a few days ago. It's in Dutch, so most of you won't be able to read it. Sorry about that ;) I'll post a translation in a day or so. - atila

  • Here is a handy list of ROM lengths/CRC32s/file names for the five supported games in EmuDX 1.0. Thanks much to tango_man for the help. - dutch

  • EmuDX 1.0 released!! You must have all 10 "DX" files in order for it to work properly, be advised they are around 20 megs total. Be sure to check the official site for additional info. - dutch

  • If you can't get to EmuHQ, try here. Ben informs me that they are having some server problems and it should be fixed soon. - dutch

  • The Mame WIP page has been updated with news from the past 6 days. Sound in Warp Warp!! (Gridle must've gotten nervous ;) - dutch

  • Generator/MacOS has been updated to v0.11, bringing it in sync with the latest version for unix. - richard

  • Pete Bernert has released an new version of his TNT/OpenGL plugin for PSEmu, here's what's new in version 1.28: "Support for 3D VR glasses, bugfix for shaded polylines, slightly faster texture uploading, GeForce tweak". - atila

  • EmuDX 1.0 draws near!! "Today's the day! All of the remaining .dx files have been uploaded to our download page, and are making their way onto the EmuDX mirror sites. Without these files you will NOT be able to run the emulator." MikeDX mentions that EmuDX 1.0's release should happen anytime between now and 8:00 pm GMT! It's leechin' time. >;) - dutch

  • Overclocked: You're Soaking In It. Calm down guys. :) The armless duo also review Snacks 'n Jackson, a 1984 Bally/Sente arcade game that is in the latest Mame. I like the "type" category. ;) - dutch

  • Zeroes Unlimited (hosted by Overclocked) has also done a review on Gain Ground, a 1991 Sega Genesis game. - dutch

  • SMS Power has released three new Sega dumps: Scratch Golf (Gamegear), Zippy Race (SG-1000), and E-Swat (Master System). Thanks to Emucamp for the news. - dutch

  • Note from the Principal's office: all students please report to EmuSchool to pick up version 0.1.3. Numerous bugs and issues are addressed, and the first results from Super Mario Brothers and other games are in this build. They also mention a new URL coming shortly. Thanks to VGN for the news. - dutch

  • Lemon has been updated with 53 requested Commodore 64 games online! Thanks to bwb for the news. - dutch

  • Fixo of Emugaming.com interviews MikeDX! - dutch

  • The Mac version of Magic Engine (PCE/TG16) has been released, now up to synch with the DOS port. Registered users should have received their keys via e-mail by now. - dutch

  • I have not seen this myself.. but James Miller sent me a mail saying that we made this week's Entertainment Weekly! Apparently they gave us a B- on page 83 of issue #524. The text of the article sounds a little miscontrived, however. I'll quote it as soon as I can confirm all of this. - dutch

  • 3DFX has released new drivers for Voodoo3 2000/3000 card owners. Visit their site to download the new version 1.04.00. (Thanks for the correction Antti) - dutch

  •    Friday, January 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:48 EST

  • xmame 0.36b15.1 is out!  : )  Click here to see the list of changes. - chris

  • Here's a useful utility called Extract Now if you need to extract several zip files to individual subdirectories. And it's free! :) Thanks to Exodus3D for the info. - dutch

  • Rodimus Prime has released his A/P CPU optimized MESS version 36 beta 15. Pick up your copy at our Cybertron mirror. Thanks to Jon for the news. - dutch

  • Last night some of the lads (The Fox, Lance, Martin, Realityman, etc etc) got together and had a long IRC chat about the things that happened AFTER the release of UHLE last year. RM also mentions that Jagulator (WIP Jaguar emu) is now showing graphics, although they have incorrect colors. It's a long read, so you best click here now ;-) Thanks to The Fox for the news. - atila

  • Realityman has posted a message on the UHLE messageboard, saying that a UltraHLE 2.0 was supposed to be released today, but he has been a bit too busy. He says that it will be out SOON though. Get your OpenGL cards ready! Thanks to Gibster for the link. - atila

  • http://www.mame.dk/ is back in business, feel free to click their banners, so that they can afford some REAL bandwith. - atila

  • Generator, a Genesis Emulator written in C, has been updated to version 0.11. "Generator uses it's own custom 68000 processor which is designed for dynamic recompilation, and uses techniques from this such as block-marking, flag calculation removal, operand pre-calculation, endian pre-conversion etc." Currently, they have a Unix binary posted. Here's a mirror of the file and the summary of what's new. Thanks to VGN for the news. - dutch

  • BeGameboy, a Gameboy emulator for BeOS, has been updated to version 0.63, which gets joystick support working. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news. - dutch

  • Roman has posted some more info out on his CLRMame Pro site about how to troubleshoot problems with Raine. He also posted a Raine .28f datfile and a Mess v36 beta 15 datfile. - dutch

  • Jamsponge has released DirectX beta 1.41 of HU6280, the PC Engine / TG16 emulator. Again, Jamsponge is looking for your feedback, he also asks that you send him your hu.log file.
    Update: I fixed the link, thanks to Opi for letting me know HU6280 != HUGO :) - dutch

  • JoseQ has posted a bit of info on a USB arcade joystick called Stick-It. Looks pretty slick, and, it's got spinners! :) - dutch

  • ShinobiZ has released Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S. (SYS32) Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch

  • Katharsis has updated the New Raine ROMs page over at Geoshock.. thank you kind sir!! - dutch

  • MikeDX has posted some of his earlier emulators out on the EmuDX site, including sinvader, asciipac, and Pac Deluxe 99. - dutch

  • Genesis Power has released Gunstar Heroes (E) dumped by NeoZeed. "If you use GoodGen, then you have probably been looking for this release." :) - dutch

  • NesToy 2.82 has been released with quite a big database update. NesToy can identify and rename NES ROMs, and can also repair bad headers. Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • |Ray| sent me this link to a very useful site called Used Game Trading Zone. "The Used Game Trading Zone allows computer and video game owners to trade games they don't play anymore for ones they want. It allows anyone to create an account for listing these games and allows anyone to browse the lists of games." - dutch

  • The Amiga site Back to the Roots has had quite a big update. Eight new legal games, as well as demos, music and news are online. Thanks to Opi for letting me know. - dutch

  • Hehehehe... so that's who knows how to get CPS2 working ;) Thanks to Mike M for the nice screengrab. - dutch

  • Zipmany 6.05 has been released, be sure to visit the homepage and also check what's new. I've found it to be a very useful tool; one feature I particularly like is its ability to "turn" a whole group of subdirectories into individual zip files with each directory's name. - dutch

  •    Thursday, January 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:59 EST

  • NESten Beta 9 has been released! Straight from the official site, here's what's new:

    What's new...
    - 2x screen mode, makes use of 640x480 fullscreen instead of 320x240.
    - 2x screen mode allows usage of 100% scanlines.
    - Whole lotta core bugs fixed. (I had forgotten an opcode :P)
    - Mapper 1 fixed, now (nearly) all MMC1 games work.

    - Only the 512k version (correct dump?) of DW4 will work.
    - Please delete the old .INI files. (They will still work, but contains old info :)

    - dutch

  • Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear UltraHLE, happy birthday to you! (Thanks Hav0k ;) - dutch

  • CNN did a story on bleem!, it sounds like a rehash of stuff we've read before, except for the part where CEO David Herpolsheimer mentions that over 200,000 (!!) copies of bleem! have been sold. Can you bleem that ? Thanks to Dr. D for the news. - atila

  • Gamespy is running a nice feature on the history of video games, with illustrations by Penny-Arcade! Thanks to Drewbert for the link. - dutch

  • KGB 0.22 beta 2 released! This GBC emulator got some nice new features with this update, here goes: "Control keys can be changed, you can now make the display smaller or larger as you wish,
    50% Scanlines (thanks TNSe ^_^ ), a favorites list for your 10 favorite games, Auto-load state from slot 0.
    you can also use this with the musicdisc mentioned below, but you won't get any sound :) Try the Gameboy page linked on the left! - atila

  • Einstein II released version 2.1 of the Nintendo 64 ROM Renamer. "In this version 413 ROMs are recognized via roms.ini and another 49 ROMs by using the special CRC1-method." Click here for what else is new, here are the English and German versions of the utility. - dutch

  • More movers and shakers! Consolemul now has its own domain, update your bookmarks to point to his location: http://www.consolemul.com/. Consolemul is a French site. - atila

  • Paragon 5 released a GB musicdisk, which can be used with various GB/GBC emulators. - atila

  • TinyC sent me this link. It's not fair! :P - dutch

  • So how do you DX a game anyway? Well, Vega-X does it in Photoshop! :) Basically, you are replacing the background layers and sprites with newly drawn ones. Of course, you'll need some Photoshop skills (masking, working with layers) and also coding skills to be any good at it. ;) Check out Vega-X's page he set up explaining how he does it. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • There has been an excellent Game/ROM report posted at Emulation Status on Raine .28f. You will find the status of every new game added, and also whether the ROMs are available or not. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch

  • Jürgen (MESS/MAMEDEV) is looking for some rather hard to find BIOS roms for various computers. Check his site for a full list and if you can help out, we may see those in MESS very soon :) - atila

  • Overclocked - Just Press The Buttons! - atila

  • GamePics now has its own domain - you can reach it at http://www.vgmuseum.com! - atila

  • MAME32 0.36 beta 15 has been released - triple buffering is here!! Check out The MAME32 QA/Test Department for more info and additional files ! - atila

  • Missed the PacMame update to version 36 beta 15 on Tuesday. This release adds 17 new Pac-Man romsets. Visit the PacMame site to download it. - dutch

  • For you command line freaks, Tormod released VMR 1.20. VMR is a Mame ROM verifying utility, which can quickly tell you which of your ROMs are bad. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch

  • Razoola has mirrored NAZ's CPS2 FAQ version 1.77 out on CPS2Shock, and also posted a ROMCenter DAT file by Grendal74 to go along with it. - dutch

  •    Wednesday, January 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:28 EST

  • DGen 1.20 released! Here's what's new from the dgen.txt file:

    - Fullscreen mode now works with high resolution graphics cards that don't support 320x240x16.
    - Triple buffering in fullscreen modes (disabled by default - select Graphics/Triple Buffering to enable it).
    - Fixed a DMA bug (fixes EA intro a bit)
    - Thinner mode now scales to the whole screen if Any Size is enabled. (e.g. Golden Axe front end, TMNT, SF2)
    - Made Any Size the default.
    - No interpolation/bilinear filtering/Direct3D/Glide/3dFX support yet. Don't e-mail about this, I know you want it.
    - There are still bugs in the jumping on Altered Beast, Alex Kidd, Rolling Thunder 2, and Eternal Champions. Another misemulation affects Columns's score.
    - Speed is still bad. I know this because I myself don't have a fast computer.

    Download your copy here. (Heh, this post got a bit overworked ;) - dutch

  • Oliver has posted 17 new BIOS images that can be used with today's MESS release. - dutch

  • Glide Underground is reporting that "SGI has released the final component necessary to implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL drivers to the general community. This means that SGI has open sourced the Sample Implementation and perhaps some of those lazy, cheapass companies can finally write/release some decent OGL drivers (especially for Linux!) for their cards (did I say that out loud ?). Click here for the full release and the all-important FAQ, thanks to Greybrain for the news. - atila

  • MESS 0.36 beta 15 has been released! Richard Bannister was unable to upload this file earlier today, so here it is, just a bit late :) MESS is the console/computer equivalent of MAME, leech and enjoy! Thanks to Ulf A. for the link to the file. - atila

  • www.mame.dk's ISP is having some bandwith problems and has pulled the plug on the site for today. They hope to be back later today or tomorrow. More news as it happens. - atila

  • J-ROM has released Armed Police Batrider by Raizing, which is in the latest release of Raine. (Thanks to Dom for the correction :) - dutch

  • [k.o.f. perfect] has added an almost complete collection of NeoGeo Cartridge Cover Scans. Totalling over 30MB of images, with some including the US and Japanese version. - atila

  • Overclocked - Snow ?? - atila

  • A new version of MESS - v36b15 - will be available shortly. I can't upload it from here unfortunately so it will have to wait until tonight. This release adds two dozen new systems - AdventureVision, Commodore 64 (NTSC), Commodore 64 (PAL), Commodore Max, Apple 1, nascom1, MicroBee, zx80, zx81, ts1000, aszmic, pc8300, pow3000, laser 110, laser 210, laser 200, laser 310, laser 350, laser 500, laser 700, tx8000, cpc464, cpc664, and KC85/4. Lots of bug fixes have also been added.
    - richard

  • Genesis Power has released Olympic Summer Games - Atlanta 96 (F). - dutch

  • OS/2 users, rejoice: Retrocade has been ported! "An ALPHA version of Retrocade for OS/2 is available for download. It still has a little ways to go before getting my final seal of approval, but I would like early feedback on this project if possible. It is working enough to run most games and give you a feel for what the emulator is like. I hope you enjoy it!" Visit the homepage to download your copy. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • CCS64 V2.0 B has been released. CCS64 is a Commodore 64 emualtor for DOS and Windows. Straight from the docs, here's what's new:


    -Quiting with Alt+F4 in Windows version now should save the configuration file.
    -Strange filenames like pi, should now be correctly loaded when using the automatic reset and load feature.
    -The pause mode with interlaced mode should now work better.
    -The windowed mode for DirectX with 32-bits of color resolution should now work better.


    -New cartridge type 12 (Rex Cartridge).

    Here's a binary mirror of the emulator. - dutch

  • DarcNES has been ported to Win32! "This Windows port uses DirectX technology, so you will need a video card with DirectDraw support and optionally a sound card with DirectSound support for sound. DarcNES for Windows uses DirectX acceleration where available." Keep in mind that like the DOS port, this is NOT an official release. Here's the binary version 1.00. - dutch

  • Famista, the Japanese NES emulator for Windows, has been updated to version 5.1. (beta). The English mirror of the official Famista page doesn't appear to have been updated, but the Japanese one has (I finally figured out the correct URL). You can download our mirror of this emulator here. If anyone can provide a translation of the documentation, I'd appreciate it. :) Thanks to VGN for the news. - dutch

  • I also noticed another release on VGN of SSF v.0.02c. This is a Sega Saturn emulator for DOS. The DOCs are in Japanese, but VGN has a translation posted:

    - Direct control routine (for CD access) of 25% IDE controller
    - 60% S H2 emulator task
    - 25% CD block task
    - 5% VD P1 treatment task
    - 5% VD P2 treatment task
    - 0% Voodoo drawing treatment task
    - 70% SCU treatment task
    - 20% SMPC treatment task
    - 15% 68000 emulator tasks
    - 0% SCSP treatment task

    You can download v.0.02c of the emulator here. - dutch

  • Some words from SAV2880: "Hello! I just wanted to throw some news out to the masses about how Sega CD Power is going. We're up to multiple mirrors for our first release, Bill Walsh's College Football, as well as a newsgroup posting. Thanks to Neo-Link, we also have covers for the game posted on the site for everyone to download. I'm a little backed up on e-mail, so I will get to everyone's in the next day or so, I have NOT forgotten anyone. :)" - dutch

  • Marc Vielfaure has updated the French translation of MacMame to v36 beta 15. Grab it from MacMame.org. - dutch

  • Mr. T has apparently been offended by Doc Emu's jibba jabba, so he promptly pitied and T'inated our site. I'm scared. :) - dutch

  • Here's a mirror of NAZ's CPS2 FAQ version 1.77. Guess it's time to get ISDN, the only option we consumers here in Michigan have for faster access to the net. If anyone knows of any ways around the port restrictions I mentioned yesterday, please let me know. :P - dutch

  • In light of the news overload tonight, here's a couple quickies: PasoFami, a Japanese NES emulator for Windows has been updated to 1.3m. Another Epson PC-X86 Japanese emulator called Anex86 has been updated to V2.10.2.123. Thanks to VGN for the news. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, January 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:42 EST

  • NUPHAQRITENOUH? Oh, Nu Phaq Rite Nouh! :) NAZ has released version 1.77 of his Full CPS2 ROM FAQ! New in this version are "Some fixes and losta new art and some new ROM CRCs." I would post a local mirror, but they have taken away our ability to download anything that's not on port 80 (http) or port 21 (ftp) here at work (and I'm not feeling the greatest about it), so I am unable to download the file right now. Visit NAZ's site at the link above to grab it. - dutch

  • Cowering has released GoodGB 0.30. GoodGB is a GameBoy ROM renamer, GoodGB knows about 2298 GB ROMS. - atila

  • This could be an awesome new ride, but alas, it's not supposed to act like a ride in the first place! Thanks to Veg`` for the news. - atila

  • He's back - with a vengeance. After almost a year, Doc Emu rejoices us with his presence. Mail him your questions and he will diss you (seriously)! Welcome back, Doc Emu! - atila

  • Okay, I don't ask for much, but I'd like it if someone would be kind enough to send me some Twinkies, Ding Dong's and Ho' Ho's. We don't get those here in Holland, I've seen them, I know what they look like and I'd like to know what they taste like too! Ofcourse, this is all in the name of research =) - atila

  • Ooooh, Microsoft does not like articles like this next one, but The Register points out VERY CLEARLY that WIN2000 is a few percent SLOWER than NT4 when used with 64MB of RAM or more. And Microsoft is trying to cover it up too :) - atila

  • Double Vision and I ain't even drunk :P I've removed the post about NEMU, since Dutch mentioned it yesterday already.
    - atila

  • Singapore has banned the sale of Half-Life and 3rd-party mods. A petition to lift the ban already been started. Thanks to Drewbert for the links. - atila

  • Overclocked - OverHacked. Overclocked is now hosting its first site, called Zeroes Unlimited. The site "looks at the strange, forgotten games hidden in the closet of emulation, and treads boldy into the warped leviathan of lameness." Now there's a novel idea :) - atila

  • If you're a user of AOL 5.0 and AOL's Instant Messenger, you could be in a bit of trouble, here's what CNET has to say about it: "America Online Instant Messenger users could find their online identities stolen via a security hole that allows hackers to hijack their accounts through another popular service: AOL 5.0". Click here for the full story. - atila

  • Suck the bandwidth dry? OK Guru-Choc, whatever you say. ;) - dutch

  • Good news for Amiga fans! Shane Monroe has re-opened Amigaemulation.com with a new site design! I like the Amiga colors. :) Shane currently has 50 titles up for downloading, with more to come I'm sure. Part of Shane's mission: "Most of all, we offer games and programs to run on your emulator. In fact, we have games here you won't find anywhere else. We are dedicated to preserving the spirit of the Amiga - which means we aren't here to promote piracy." - dutch

  • Dave has posted some news on the DGen site regarding some problems with the current version of DGen 1.19 and the games Phantasy Star 4, WarSong, and Shining Force 2. Thanks to EmuGaming for the news. - dutch

  • Rodimus Prime has PMame (For Pentium and Pentium MMX processors only) updated to version 36 beta 15, in synch with the DOS version. Rodimus mentions that he has rebuilt his compile environments, hopefully you might get a bit more of a speed increase. It can be downloaded from Rodimus's site above, or his Cybertron mirror here on Emulation World. - dutch

  • MiGen64, a Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows that plays various demo and homebrew games (so far :) has been updated to version 0.12. SpectRe has posted two binaries, one of them contains a debugger. Visit the homepage to download the emulator. Thanks to Emuviews for the news. - dutch

  • Here's a very cool looking remake of Marble Madness in 3D! It's called "Crazy Marbles," by Michael Boyko. This has quite a different perspective than the original, but still looks nice. :) Michael writes that it "includes support for Glide and now for OpenGL as well. Now virtually anyone with a card supporting OpenGL can play the game!" It does cost $9.95 but he has a free demo that you can download and try out. The full version will add 12 new levels and more. - dutch

  • Pay a visit to Roman's CLRMame Pro home page if you're having problems using it with Raine (and all those "missing" flags ;) - dutch

  •    Monday, January 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:57 EST

  • Want to learn how to code an emulator? Try EmuSchool, this is a NES emulator "that is intended to provide information on how emulators work and how to author emulators." The source code has recently been updated to 0.1.1. They also have several essays online. Thanks to Emucamp for the news. - dutch

  • Gamefan has reviewed the new shooting NeoGeo MVS title Strikers 1945 Plus. Thanks much to GeoShock for the news. - dutch

  • A new version of 1-UP has been released. 1-UP 9.62 is a universal front end. New in this release:

    "This fixes several "subscript out of range" errors that could occur under rare circumstances (mainly observable when you have only 1 or 2 emulators in 1-UP). TGA images are now displayed. Several bugs related to the game information tab on the main window were fixed. This version now allows you to associate a picture with an emulator. This means that you could have a picture of a Sega Genesis for KGen, an Amiga for Fellow, etc."

    Users of version 0.9.54 or later can dowload the 313K update, everyone else will need the full 4 meg install. - dutch

  • Zach over at EmuHQ has posted some exclusive screenshots from the latest private alpha of Nemu64! He's got Tonic Trouble, Super Smash Brothers, and Rayman 2! This emulator is looking very promising indeed! :) - dutch

  • There's been quite a WIP update at the EmuDX site. Take a look at those gorgeous screenshots! And, Mario Brothers has been added to the WIP list! (But probably will not be in the initial release.) MikeDX has also posted the Galaxian DX file. Mike tells me if for some reason they don't make the Saturday release, they will release on Sunday or Monday! :) - dutch

  • Having a bad day? Be glad you're not this guy, who won 100 grand. Thanks to Makau for that one. :) - dutch

  • John IV posted a screenshot/icon update for Mame v36b15 for those who use them, also please be sure to keep an eye on his Mame32 QA site, from reading the news/wip, it looks like a release might be near. :) - dutch

  • A new pre-beta of RealSpec (Spectrum emu) has been released, thanks to Jan Axhell for the news. - atila

  • CPS2Shock has posted a ClrMAME Pro .dat file for use with the CPS2 romsets. There are also a few other updates. Oh, and Razoola mentions that they've had over 100,000 hits :) - atila

  • It's Sega VMU time! Sonikku was kind enough to send me a collection of VMU related links, here goes: You can download a version of PONG for the VMU at Sega dreamcast VMU development tools. At this site you can download an "etch-a-sketch" simulator for the VMU! And this site has lots of small programs that you can use with your VMU, including a "hello world" demo. - atila

  • MacMame has been updated to version 36 beta 15. Straight from official site, here's what's new:

    - In sync with DOS beta 15. [Aaron Giles]
    - Added "Attach clones to parent" option in the sorting menu. [Aaron Giles]
    - Fixed folder alias handling in the frontend. [John Butler]
    - Some internal reorganization for faster compiles. [Aaron Giles]

    Here's the binary and source. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. - dutch

  • Rodimus Prime released AMAME 0.36b15 earlier today, download it at Cybertron. (Btw, I think Optimus was much better than Rodimus :) - atila

  • I kinda forgot to update, sorry about that :) - atila

  • Pretzel & Green have posted an OC remix of a Golden Axe 2 tune, this time it's Deathadder Trance. There's also a new fanstrip called Blue, starring everyone's favorite blue thingie from Blue's Journey ;) - atila

  • matriDX over at Emuforce made some background music to be used in the DX version of Galaga! He'd like you to have a listen, then leave him your comments. I must say it's quite cool so far. Try to imagine it with all the Galaga sounds in the background (or foreground :). Here's our mirror of his mp3. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news.
    - atila

  •    Sunday, January 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 23:05 EST

  • Looks like Raine .29f (f standing for final?) has had all the WIP drivers enabled. Zeus has posted a ROM report out on our General Message Board. Keep in mind that many of these games don't work or have problems in the emulator. Additionally, many of these ROMs are also unreleased, hopefully they'll surface eventually. I must say I am very sad to see updates to this emulator come to an end. :( - dutch

  • The French version of MacMame (translated by Marc Vielfaure) has been updated to v36 beta 14a. Visit their downloads page to grab it (if you do speak or are learning to speak French that is ;) - dutch

  • Oliver has updated his site with four new BIOS images for the next MESS version, they are: "Sinclair Aszmic, ZX80 (yes, 20 years old these days), ZX81 and Color Computer 3." - dutch

  • Wow, another strange update on psemu.net. I remember an interview with Monty Python where they said they found that cow on the side of the road. :) Ben-J suggests viewing the source as well (and also mentioned "lavache" is French for cow ;)
    Update: It's "La Vache," "The Cow." Thanks to all those who gave me a brief French lesson. ;) - dutch

  • What did mp3.com do about the open letter (not to mention the lawsuit) that RIAA Hilary Rosen posted? Why, they posted an open retraction of course. Anything sound familiar? :P Thanks for letting me know Hav0k. - dutch

  • They just keep on going. :) Genesis Power have released Earthworm Jim 1 (U) for the Genesis. - dutch

  • Heh, I've seen it mentioned that Space War and Warrior have had new artwork released for Mame. At first I thought they were the same as what had been released not too long ago, but after looking twice I noticed that they have been "flipped." Must be a v36b15 thing. ;) Be sure to grab them! - dutch

  • HU6280 had another Direct-X Beta test release today, which you can download here. This release adds joystick support via DirectInput, and has some bug fixes in the exit code. Thanks to JoseQ for the news. - dutch

  • NESten v.6 Beta 8 released! Here's what's new in this release, straight from their homepage:

    - RAW PCM added. Adds voice and *THWUMPS* to games
    - Game Genie Codes.
    - Saving/Loading of Cheats.
    - Sound Engine now requires way less CPU power.
    - Illegal opcode showing is now optional.
    - Dynamic fullscreen mode is now removed.

    Download the binary of NESten v.6 Beta 8 here. - dutch

  • SNES9X 1.29 released! This is the Windows version of the Super Nintendo emulator, and should fix the 3DFX problems some people were having. Gary writes, "In fact anyone who has already got v1.28 should discard that version and use this new release - I've fixed a nasty bug in the emulated NMI handling that could cause any game to fail." Our mirror of the binary is here, you can also check the list of changes here. - dutch

  • Here's a bit of MAME WORLD news, first up is MAMEClassic (MAME frontend) which received an update. Then there's some WIP news over at the PACMAME site and "lest best" as we say here in Brabant (NL), MAME Merge is now in synch wit the latest Raine release. - atila

  • Overclocked - The Cow Explanation - atila

  • Zyclone has added some space and superfast bandwith to his site, as of today we will carry some of the RAINE ROMS again, thanks to good ol' Zyclone!! - atila

  • The 2nd edition of MAMEZINE is out, thanks to PRoToCoL for the news. - atila

  • Raine 0.28f has been released! I hope this isn't the last release ever .....
    - atila

  • Meka 0.40 is released to the public!! Dial up is very slow right now, you can download it from the Meka site, however. Here's what's new. Thanks to a@h for the heads up.
    Update: Here's the binary for those of you who haven't picked it up yet. - dutch

  •    Saturday, January 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 23:29 EST

  • Hu-Go 1.08 released! This is a bugfix release, download the DOS binary here and the Linux binary here. - dutch

  • Raine .28a released!! Binary is here, what's new is here. - dutch

  • The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is suing mp3.com! Here's the scary letter Hilary Rosen (President and CEO of RIAA) sent Michael Robertson (CEO of mp3.com). And you thought the IDSA was bad. :P Thanks for the news Drewbert. - dutch

  • SAV2880 will also be coding the Mattel Football 2 LED simulator. Heh, I think I remember fighting over this one during lunch period. :) - dutch

  • Pretzel, Green, and David Lloyd of Overclocked have all been interviewed over at Zophar's Domain. :) Pretzel and Green also review Space Harrier today, and also get naked (well, almost :) in BC #2. - dutch

  • Dereth of =NeoN= split NeoGeo ROMs is looking for a domain name for his site. Like many, he's drawing a blank. He'd like your suggestions, if you don't mind. :) (neon.com, org, and net are taken ;) - dutch

  • NLMSX 0.21 Beta 4 has been released and is available at the MSX Emulation Page, here's what's new: "All configurable devices can now be added and removed while the emulator is running - - Konami MEGAROM support is now available". - atila

  • Emulatronia has made a trip with their deluxe "Time Machine", they went back and forth through time, collecting consoles the way!! It's in Spanish, but I have a hunch that you will know what they mean. If you would still like to have it translated, please use Babelfish - atila

  • Gridle learnt his lesson well, he posted another MAME WIP update ;-) - atila

  • SAV2880 has started Sega CD Power, Bill Walsh College Football is available for download. - atila

  • Not all things are as they seem. - atila

  • The new Penny Arcade is pretty funny, thanks to the today's edition of the GAG newsletter for the link, if you want to sign up for the Gamers Advocate Group newsletter, just click the link above :) - atila

  • GROM has been updated to version .75. According to the readme, "GROM is a simple Genesis ROM tool, it can convert SMD format ROMs to BIN format and display information from the Sega cartridge header regardless of what format the file is in. Run GROM to find out how to use it." Thanks to VGN for the news. - dutch

  • Don't forget to pick up the new samples for Star Cruiser, recently added to Mame v36b15 from the Official Mame Download page. (As well as the new Space Invaders samples. :) - dutch

  • Today's Genesis Power: Berenstain Bears Camping Adventure (U) (594k), donated by Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan? :) - dutch

  • The NeoGeo Team 2000 have released Final Romance 2, dedicated to Haze! However, I don't see it listed anywhere on their mirrors yet. Perhaps it will appear shortly. Thanks to EmuCamp for the news. - dutch

  • The Mac port of MESS has been updated to v36b14a. Visit their Download Page to download the binary, source, and overide. - dutch

  • NESToy, a ROM manager for NES, has been updated to version 2.81. It can repair bad headers and rename your files to long, descriptive names (among other things :). Thanks to DrStu for the e-mail. - dutch

  • For those who would find it useful, here's a list of every game that has had changes in yesterday's release of Mame version 36 beta 15. - dutch

  • This jumped out at me on page 111 of this week's Entertainment Weekly: "Losers of the week: Star Wars' fans with DVD players ...Lucasfilm and Fox won't let the movie come to DVD 'for the foreseeable future.'" :( - dutch

  •    Friday, January 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 22:13 EST

  • Gridle has posted optimized binaries of Mame v36b15 at the Official Mame site, both i686 (Pentium Pro, Celeron, P2) and K6 compiles are online. - dutch

  • Raymond of ACT Labs posted some info on our message boards regarding their new PC Light Guns. They are planning to release Windows compatible light guns sometime in February, but are currently looking into the legalities of including support for emulators. - dutch

  • Zoop has released Meka .40 to his registered users. According to the site, non-registered users should have a downloadable within a few days. For now, you can read what's new here. - dutch

  • How's this for fast and on-time? Pure-emu.net! Thanks very much to ZyClone! Enjoy :) - dutch

  • Till, dependable as ever, already has fixfiles online for Mame v36b15. Be sure to grab them! :) - dutch

  • MAME 0.36 beta 15 has been released! You can download the source from here, click here to see what's new.
    - atila

  • MAME 0.36 B15 will be available in a few moments, Gridle is currently finishing the compile. - atila

  • Aaron Giles and John Butler have released Macmame version 36 beta 14a, which fixes numerous bugs. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. (Shame about Gridle, I knew he'd get into trouble one day ;) - dutch

  • Gridle was arrested in his home, just moments ago! After we released Gridle, he rushed to the nearest supermarket and grabbed huge amounts of Pringles and Coke ... and then left the store without paying! The police made these SHOCKING pictures of Gridle's room: pic 1 and pic 2. Gridle is currently being held without bail. - atila

  • Since Gridle refused to update the WIP pages, I spoke to my fellow "dons" and decide that Gridle had to be taken hostage. We kidnapped Gridle and left him without Coke and Pringles for 3 days. This was too much for Gridle and he finally "met our demands", click here for the MAME WIP update. Gridle, don't mess with us again, we know where you live .... - atila

  • Uhmm yeah, or something :), thanks to Darin F. for the pic. - atila

  • I've changed the logo again, the chrome looks nice :) If you are unable to see the new logo, please press SHIFT+RELOAD a few times, until you do. The "old" logo will be back sometime next week. - atila

  • There is another BIG reason to buy a DC now, Eidos has announced that Lara Croft will be making an appearance on the Sega Dreamcast soon. IGNDC notes that "the Dreamcast version will feature an enhanced lighting system, a greater drawing distance, real-time shadow casting, bump mapping (finally!), environment mapping, volumetric fogging, and an enhanced sound system". I have a feeling that DC sales will reach new heights once that game is released =) - atila

  •    Thursday, January 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:11 EST

  • The Mame Mia page is back at it's original location, minus ROMs for now. If you can help Maxi out, drop him a line. Check out his "Scorsesesque" logo. ;) - dutch

  • Here's that non-corrupted zip of DGen 1.19 that I promised. It's been renamed to dgen119a, here's the what's new file once again. Sorry for the trouble! ;) - dutch

  • Commodore 64 has been added to MESS! - dutch

  • Intruder alert intruder alert! Issue #29 of Retrogaming Times is out! Go have a look, they have new Mame reviews (and discuss the "Streaking" Pac Man clone ;) and a nice editorial on the Future of Collectors, and MUCH more! Thanks to Drewbert for the news. - dutch

  • MESSFront has been updated to v0.1.1, this is a small bugfix release. - dutch

  • Are you having problems with the latest Windows version of Snes9X 1.28? According to the SNES9X Developer's Journal, there "Seems to be 3 main problems people are having with the new release: Chrono Trigger black screens, problems with some sound effects in Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3, and 3Dfx support." Go have a look at it for further discussion. For 3DFX users, Gary does mention trying the official referance Voodoo2 drivers from 3DFX as those are the ones he uses. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • There's been some buzz lately regarding the Crusoe processor, which has just been unveiled today. Will it really mean that laptops can now do 700mhz? Time will tell. :) Check the site for all the info. - dutch

  • Shooters anyone? The Official Raine site has been updated with info on 2 new shooting games that have recently been added! They are: V-Five from Toaplan, and Chuka Taisen from Taito! Hopefully we will be able to play them in the next beta. - dutch

  • Geoshock has added a section to their site that seems to be quite wet. Thanks Katharsis. :) - dutch

  • Today's Genesis Power release: Virtua Racing Deluxe 32x (U). - dutch

  • I've seen it mentioned in several places that Pengo has been added to the WIP list of EmuDX, but I don't see an update on the official site yet. Mike's probably pretty busy. ;) He did post a teaser background image, though. Thanks to Till for the link! - dutch

  • Famista, a Japanese NES Emulator for Windows, has been updated to 5.1 Alpha 7. However, the homepage appears to be down (I can't read Japanese :). I was able to pick up the zipped binary though from Emucamp. Thanks guys. :) If any of our Bilingual Japanese visitors can let me know what's new, I'd appreciate it. ;) - dutch

  • JoseQ mentions that MAME32 will soon be getting that VSYNC/Triple Buffering option: "It seems that Chris Kirmse has added preliminary support for 'Triple Buffering/vsync' finally taking away the tearing effect appearing in scrollers like Shinobi and many other games." Click here for the full story. - atila

  • NLMSX 0.21 Beta 3 released! Head on over to the MSX Emulation Page to download this new release! - atila

  • Roman Scherzer has released ClrMAME Pro 1.0! - atila

  • The Feb 2000 issue of PC Format has a little something on IMPACT EMU, the scan is available here. I must say that the opening of the article is a tad, uhmm, "badly researched" to say the least. - atila

  • GameSpot has done a feature on the History of Duke Nukem, I almost cried when I saw those EGA graphics again =) Thanks to Nonoche for the link.
    - atila

  • I'll be on a Radio Decibel, a local radio station, between 2 and 5PM. They have a live Realaudio feed, but it's not working at the moment, perhaps it will in a bit :) - atila

  • BeGameBoy 0.62 for BeOS has been released, here's what's new and the binary. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • O' Shea, Ltd is selling lotsa goods for very little, among those goods are 1,300,000 Atari 2600 and 7800 cartridges for only $.80 a piece!! There are also Jaguar games for sale, but those are around $6, thanks to Dan for the news. - atila

  • Plane Wrecker sent me some links of interest to a couple Gamefan articles:

    • A bill has been formally introduced to outlaw any arcade game that uses a gun in New Jersey. "If passed, New York, Connecticut, Florida, and Colorado could follow suit." And I'm also sure if it's passed, everyone in those states can breath easier since crimes involving guns would surely decrease as a result. :P

    • SNK "has just become a subsidiary of Pachinko game developer Aruze." Aruze has reportedly invested nearly $48 million dollars US into SNK. Click here for the full story
    . - atila

  • There has been a bugfix release of Mameinfo.dat over at the Mame Testers site. Thanks to PRoToCoL for letting me know. - dutch

  • Overclocked - Doin' The Dance - atila

  •    Wednesday, January 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:33 EST

  • DGen 1.19 released! This is a bugfix release (Phantasy Star 4 works now), you can read the changes here and download the binary here.
    Update: Looks like the binary zip file is corrupt, I will post a non corrupted zip as soon as I can get one! - dutch

  • Speaking of ROM Renamers, here's v0.2 Beta of GoodGen, Cowering's renaming utility that knows 1633 ROMs for Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Thanks for the news Opi. :) - dutch

  • Winzip 8.0 Beta has been released! Thanks to Emugaming for the news! - dutch

  • I've seen this mentioned in several places, here's a utility called The N64 ROM Renamer 2.0, which can identify and rename 1266 commerical, homebrew, amd demo games. Check the site for a list of additional features, it's available in German and English (both the site and the utility ;) - dutch

  • Snoopie sent me a helpful tip for users of the latest beta of NESten (beta 7). It seems that the default "Dynamic Palette" selection causes some lag in several games in full screen mode. If you find this happening, try changing the pallette to Static. ("...click on the "Video" tag, then click onto "Fullscreen Type" in the dropdown menu.") - dutch

  • The DOS Based Vetrex emulator by Keith Wilkins and Chris Salomon has been updated to version 2.0 beta 11. New in this release are "Varous fixes to Beta 8, GUI sorts new games by author, Now plays the Spectrum Coinop Stress Test ROM..." This emulator comes in 2 parts, part 1 is here and part 2 is here. Please note that if you've already downloaded an earlier version of this emulator, you only need part 1. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news, they also have a Vetrex ROMs archive (which is 100% legal) online as well. - dutch

  • Lemon has added 57 C64 games. These are all "golden oldies", from 1983 or earlier. Since these games are very small, you can download them all in one zip archive! So head on over to Lemon - and squeeze it ;) - atila

  • Overclocked - Match of the Millenium - atila

  • The Arcade Flyers Site for MAME & Raine has been updated again: "Here is our new pack for MAME (#15), you can download it from the download-section above. This release contains 20 new and 9 replaced images which brings us to a total of 958. Please read the flynews15.txt (included in the pack) for the necessary file renaming." They've also added more pics to their online database. Thanks to Xray1 and PRoToCoL for the news. - atila

  • Zophar has posted Zophar's Underworld vol. III, it's available in 80kbps and 20kbps RealAudio/Video streams! - atila

  • For all you MP3 lovers out there, Napster 2.0 beta 5 has been released! Thanks to Vision-Z for the news. - atila

  • SlashDot mentions that someone is trying to port Linux to the N64, thanks to m0ebius for the news. - atila

  • Bleem! CEO David Herpolsheimer, is featured on ZDTV's The Screen Savers. They talk about the legality of emulators, it's a short bit, but still worth it. Thanks to animefx for the link. - atila

  • Whoa, Guru-Choc hit us with a lot of stuff. ;) I spoke with him on IRC, he mentions if all goes well he'll have a dedicated server this weekend! - dutch

  • Windows 2000 banned in Germany? Despite this Scientology story, I'm betting Windows 2000 will still end up hitting Germany. Thanks to TAS_2012 for the link! - dutch

  • Don't miss today's release at Genesis Power, they have released Revenge Of Shinobi (JUE) Version 01 and Version 02, which adds a different copyright screen. - dutch

  • This scary clown just let me know that a new Mameinfo.dat was released at the Mame Tester's site. This is very handy, you put it in your Mame directory, and you can view the existing bugs for a given game by using the "history" function. - dutch

  • Heh, I missed the HU6280 PCEngine emulator update to DirectX Beta test 1.3, and already there's been an update to DirectX Beta test 1.31, which adds support for 5:5:5 RGB screens. Thanks to all who mailed me. Here's the full what's new file. :) - dutch

  • Some sad news I'm afraid.. Mame Mia is down. :( Maxi was kind enough to mail me and let me know a temp location where you can check the status. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, January 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:11 EST

  • SNES9X 1.28 for Windows released!! "Bug fixes, cheat dialogs, more games working, menu accelerators, lots of emulation bug fixes"!!! Check the homepage for the message boards, screenshots, and more! Thanks to Zophar for the news. - dutch

  • If you are an Impact freak and you haven't visited the Impact Support Site, you're missing out! They've got screenshots, hints, configs, renderers, renderer switchers, and other files all on one convenient page! Today they have posted the renderer switcher IRS 2.0 Public Beta, originally released at the Italian site emuita.it. It includes the plugins and also the switching utility! - dutch

  • Lopantu sent me this link to a site that ported SoftVMS - the Dreamcast VMU emulator - to DOS using DJGPP and Allegro! (Same libraries Mame uses.) They have posted both the source and binary, also please check the site for more information on how to run and how to build the source. - dutch

  • Today's Mame ports:

    MacMame v36 beta 14 released! MacMame is now in synch with the current DOS version. Click here to read what's new, here's the source and binary.

    MameD for Digital Cameras has been updated to v36 beta 14, in synch with the current DOS port. James Surine states that this version is much different than previous versions, so be sure to read his readme page. He also states that this version "DOES NOT work on the DC290 (sorry) however it will now work on the DC220, DC260 and DC265!" You can download our mirror of the binary here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Thanks for the mails and messages on the Pixar Renderman logos, I appreciate it. I would like to thank Atila very much for using them! :) - dutch

  • NESten beta 7 released! Here's what's new:

    - Added Autofire. (For you lazy guys... YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN :)
    - 8bpp static palette fullscreen speedup.
    - General speedup. (But not as much as certain people want...)
    - Cheat Searcher (you cheaters!)
    - Core bugs fixed. (OOps)

    Check the NESten site for more info on this NES emu. Thanks to Julien and [-Crono-] for the news. - atila

  • Razoola has added the latest revision (1.71) of NAZ's CPS2 FAQ to the CPS2SHOCK site, Razoola adds that, "it turned out the Marvel Vs. Capcom ROM mentioned in our last update was correct, so only one ROM was wrong and not two as thought." - atila

  • This next bit will interest mainly Dutch vistors, I received a mail from a Dutch visitor that V&D is offering Sega Saturn games for Fl. 2,50 ($1,10)!! Can anyone verify this, as the V&D is already closed? If so, I'll be buying some games tomorrow :) - atila

  • A young man (age 17) tried to re-enact that scene from American Pie where that dude is "mekkin' luv" to the apple pie. He burnt his wiener. I find the very last quote by the hospital spokeswoman quite disturbing, "this demonstrates that producers should consider the effects their films have on young and impressionable people". When I was younger my mom would say: "if your friends would jump off of the bridge, would you do it too? USE YOUR BRAIN!", if I had done something stupid. And she's right. This is NOT the producer's fault, this is the dude's own fault! Thanks to everyone that mailed me the pic or pointed me towards an URL where it could be found. - atila

  • Till has moved his excellent site for the last time, he now has his own domain! SYS2064 can now be reached at www.sys2064.com so please update your links/bookmarks (mental note: Atila, don't forget to update those ;). SMF's ReDump 1.8 is also available now, with support for the MVS redump of "Crossed Swords". Go download it at www.sys2064.com! - atila

  • Zophar will be posting a new episode of Zophar's UnderWorld tonight, his realvideo show, here's what Zophar, Darkmazda, uzplayer and his fiance will be talking about: Rather A Pokemon Emulator?, Microsoft monopoly, discussion on emucamp's 'fine nine of 99' and some smalltalk on the on-goings in emuworld. All subjects which provide material for heated discussions :) - atila

  • I've recieved quite a few offers from people to maintain fps.retrogames.com, I'll get back to those people this week. - atila

  • News from the Arcade Flyers site: "154 new entries are added to the database, many thanks go out to NAZ for letting us use his flyers. The database now contains 366 entries and we still have lots to do!" - atila

  • Seems I'm not the only updater who doesn't read the news posted the way he should, at times. I've removed Dutch's post about CB64, because it was already mentioned about 10 hours earlier ;-) A new rendition of the logo, courtesy of Dutch, will also be up shortly. - atila
    The news was so nice I posted it twice! Doh. :) - dutch

  • Stef_d has released version 0.15b of Gens, his Genesis emulator for DOS. Here's what's new in this release, and here's the binary. Thanks to Emugaming for the news. - dutch

  • For our BeOS users, a new version of BeGameboy has been released. Version 0.60 now adds: "Menu driven keyboard Config, Load/Save state,Display x1,x2,x4 with or without fake scanlines, Frameskip x1,x2,x4,x8, Super Gameboy, Color Gameboy and Gameboy classic support (still bugs)." Download the 61K binary here. Thanks to Emucamp for the news. - dutch

  • 1-Up, the new "Universal" front end, has been updated to v.0.9.58! New in this version: "Fixed: Screen redraw issues when changing languages are fixed, the text resource files got a little muddled meaning that the cabinets & flyers buttons had the opposite text on them! A nasty Runtime error 381 was fixed in the Game Manager window. New features: A new tab control was added to the main window, which allows you to quickly view the all of the available images for the selected game in the main window." Users who already have v.0.9.54 can download the 311K update, new users must download the full 4 meg install. - dutch

  • DGen 1.181 released! GYM logging has been added, and there is new Direct Input code. Click here for the binary, the what's new file is here. Thanks to Liqudsnke for letting me know. -D - dutch

  •    Monday, January 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:02 EST

  • Pugsy updated his Mame cheat.dat file!! It now supports games in Mame v36b9-13, as well as additional cheats for the older games, for a total of 23,223 cheats! If you're sick of getting killed in some of those shooters within the first minute of game play, try this. You just unzip the cheat.dat file into your mame directory, the use the -cheat switch when running Mame. Thanks to SYS2064 for the news and file! -D - dutch

  • According to the latest update on the EmuDX site, the "tentative" (read: not set in stone) release date is Saturday 29th January 2000 8:00pm GMT. Five unique games will be supported: Pacman, Ms Pacman, Donkey Kong, Frogger and Galaxian. Additionally, four more games have been added to the work in progress list!! They are: Gyruss, LadyBug, Scramble and Mr Do! (These will most likely not be in the final 1.0 release.) You'll also want to visit the EmuDX site and pick up some preliminary goods. :) -D - dutch

  • Screenshots for your front end, you can never have too many. :) This is a bit late, but Akop Karapetyan's MameWarp has a very nice archive online that's complete up to Mame v36b14. -D - dutch

  • Slashdot.org, a site run by people from my town (and my college ;) has announced the 2000 Slashdot Beanie Awards. The Grand Prize is $30,000 US for the most improved open source project! In order to qualify, projects need to be nominated by Slashdot users. Hmmmmmmm.... let me think now... what really good open source project do a lot of visitors to our site really love that would be deserving of such a reward.. :)) Nominations are open for two weeks, I suggest you go and nominate your favorite, this could be a great opportunity to give the authors something they truly deserve. If you're not a slashdot user, it's easy to sign up, and they don't spam you either. ;) Thanks very much to Eric Linenberg for the heads up! -D - dutch

  • For those of you who are into building your own cabinets or collecting and repairing actual arcade machines, you won't want to miss the update over at Arcade Warehouse. The site has been redone, with lots of sections added, included lots of new parts, mother boards, and marquees! Be sure to check the what's new link for a complete list! Thanks to Emuunlim for the news. -D - dutch

  • Roger has updated his tips site, RCATT (Roger's Classic Arcade Tips and Tricks). The main page still has an older "Last Updated" date, but you can see the new additions to his site by clicking the what's new link. He's got quite a lot of games there, give it a look! :) -D - dutch

  • Matt Currie has released KGB Version 22 beta 1. KGB is Matt's Gameboy and Gameboy color emulator for Windows. Keep in mind there's no sound or joystick support yet. You can read what's new here and download the binary here. -D - dutch

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA! It's about time Peer was arrested! (If you don't use IRC, you probably won't appreciate this ;) Thanks a@h. :) -D - dutch

  • I was a bit bored today, so I made a small movie (1.2MB) of the construction going on outside my window. There is about 1 meter of sidewalk left between me and what appears to be a wasteland of unknown proportions :) I was told that this will continue for another 4-5 months, as they want to renew the asfalt and sewage system in time for Euro2000, the European Football (soccer for you US people) Championships. - atila

  • Almost forgot to mention this.. I purchased SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium last week, and WOW!!! I commute on trains quite a bit, and this game really makes trips more fun. The game is terrific, the characters are awesome (of course) and this is the first NGPC fighter to have parallaxing, animated backgrounds during fights. GameFan gave it a 95%! -P- - prophet

  • Cabin Emulation is a very cool site specializing in console emulation! It's not in English, but I'm sure many people will like it. -P- - prophet

  • MAMEdev marches on... 20 new games/clones were added recently, so keep an eye on GuruChoc! -P- - prophet

  • It's Dr. Martin Luther King Day in the USA! :) -P- - prophet

  • Just a reminder to NeoGeo fans about Dark Mazda's constantly growing collection of NeoGeo CD cover scans! 59 and counting! -P- - prophet

  • Fancy a newsperson emulator?! Ananova is pretty, smart and has a personality... I hope Atila doesn't get rid of us humans... ;-) (Thanks Tim) -P-
    - prophet

  • Check out Retro Renovation, a new arcade cabinet project/emulation site! They took an unusual approach to adding a control panel to a PacMan cab - they simply used a Stick-It panel. There's lotsa interesting stuff there for arcade cabinet enthusiasts as well. -P- - prophet

  • Long live DOS! Here's a new emu project that emulates MS-DOS on Windows 98/NT. (Thanks Vic) -P-
    - atila

  • I recieved a cool mail from the guys at HardSID, check this out: "HardSID to debut on the radio! The HardSID will be used in the great SID show on a radio station in Davis, California called KDVS. Justin Beck (Hard Hat Mack) makes this show Each Tuesday at 8:00pm Pacific Time." SID tunes in your house, in your car or listen to SID tunes while "mekkin' luv", who needs Barry White, eh? Just remember to tune in tomorrow!!
    - atila

  • Chemical, I need that logo ASAP :) - atila

  • 32 new games were added to the c64 gaming site Lemon yesterday. 21 of them were previously unavailable on the internet. This means you should get "a-leeching" :)

    - atila

  • Come Back 64/DOS v0.9F has been released. Here's what's new in this release: Sprite draw speed up, Fixed CIA keyboard routine, Small SID fix, Made status font smaller, Limited speed to 60FPS (for fast computers).

    - atila

  • Overclocked - Moral Depravity - atila

  • Ass-teroids, thanks to CDman for the link. - atila

  • Dutch got creative and redid our logo a bit, not once, but many many times :) I will be posting all of them over the next few days, looks nitfy, doesn't it =) - atila

  • JamSponge released another HU6280 DirectX beta test, version 1.2. You can download it here. Thanks to a@h for the msg. :) -D - dutch

  • According to Videogamefans.com, Dragon's Lair 3D will be coming to the Playstation 2! -D - dutch

  • "And the moon will be as blood..." Is the end nigh? (Probably not, it happened in 1997 :) Scary! Thanks for that one Drewbert. :) -D - dutch

  •    Sunday, January 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:16 EST

  • Visual Boy, a Gameboy emulator for Windows, has been updated to version 1.3.2. Fixed in this release are crashes on some machines, some sound problems are fixed (digital sound still needs improvement--channel 3), and analog joysticks. You can download it here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. -D - dutch

  • If you use MESSfront, be sure to pick up this small update to v0.1.0 which fixes a couple bugs. :) Thanks for letting me know mrg. -D - dutch

  • Zoop has released Meka 0.40 RC3 to his beta testers. Meka ("The only emulator for girls" - heh, check the site ;) is Zoop's Sega 8-bit emulator for Master System, Game Gear, SG1000 and SC3000. But how do you become a beta tester? By visiting his homepage, contacting him, and donating a physical cartridge to him of course! Thanks for the mail Opi. ;) -D - dutch

  • Cowering updated GoodGB to version 0.28. The ROM Count of this Gameboy ROM checking database/utility is now at 2158. Click here to read what else is new, and click here for the file. If you like this utility and have ROMs that aren't recognized by it, Cowering asks that you mail him your requests for them to be added. Thanks to EMUCamp for the news. -D - dutch

  • According to the MESS WIP page, Juergon submitted a massive update to the ZX drivers, with 6 new systems supported! They are: ZX-80, AZSMIC (a ROM swap for the ZX-80), ZX-81, Timex Sinclair 1000, Lambda 8300 - a ZX81 Clone, Power 3000 - another ZX81 Clone. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news. -D - dutch

  • NAZ wrote a very nice CPS2 FAQ! It's a zip file with html documents inside for easy viewing, you can download it here as well as NAZ's site. This is an absolutely huge FAQ on CPS2, complete with graphics, ROM sizes/checksums/versions, and lots of other info! Thanks NAZ! And thanks to Till for the news. ;) -D - dutch

  • The Classic Gaming Gauntlet is over and the winners have been announced!! - atila

  • Koam has interviewed TNSe, the author of that lovely NES emu called NESten. You can read the interview by clicking here. - atila

  • Hu6280DX 1.1 Test released! Second release today, here's what's new: added keyboard input, sorry about that. (same controls as win32 version). Thanks to Katharsis for the news. - atila

  • BeGameBoy 0.50 released! This release has GBC support and better timing. Thanks to {Placebo} for the news.
    - atila

  • DarcNES has been updated to version 9a0115. Here's what's new. You can download this NES emulator for Linux here. Thanks to VGN for the news. -D - dutch

  • FCE Ultra 19, an NES Emulator for DOS and Linux, has been released at the homepage. Zaik was originally planning to port this over to Win32, but since development will take a bit longer than he anticipated, he will continue to update the DOS and Linux compiles. Click here for what's new, and here for the DOS binary. Linux users can click here. Thanks to Emugaming for the news. -D - dutch

  • Yet another interview from Manbeast! This time Mr. Beast talks to Roberto Ventura, the author of the Just For Fun (JFF) arcade emulator. -D - dutch

  • JamSponge released a Direct-X beta test of HU6280, his PC Engine emulator. JamSponge asks, "Please let me know if this works on your system, I`m getting ready for a super big release...! Please send me feedback NOW, so i can get everything right before the release...!" Here's the binary, check the homepage for a list of compatible games. -D - dutch

  • Gollum has updated Boycott, his Gameboy and Gameboy color emulator to version 0.55b. Here's what's new, it's quite long! :) You can download it here or from the homepage. Gollum also released the source code to a PC/MSDos emulator he started called MScott. -D - dutch

  •    Saturday, January 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:04 EST

  • Some MAMEWorld news:

    PacMAME, the Pacman only version of Mame by Brian Galm that does practically every Pacman ROM and Hack in existence, has been updated to version 36 beta 14. 30 new Pacman games are supported, including a bunch of new mazes! You can read the full list of new features here. Pacmame also comes with its own front end, including a Maze browser and an art gallery! Head on over to the Pacmame site here at retrogames to download the goods!

    Mame Classic, a frontend for Windows (for you members of the anti-command line movement ;) by Richard A. Insalaco, has been updated to v36b14. New in this version: "Added the Nvram folder to the Maintenance screen, upon starting, a mame.cfg file will be created if it doesn't exist." -D

    - dutch

  • More games have been added to EmuDX!! Bomb Jack and Galaga have been added to MikeDX's work in progress list, and samples for Donkey Kong are now complete. Check the EmuDX site for more news! -D - dutch

  • The Nemu64 site has been updated with some information on a newly confirmed working game: Robot on Wheels. Thanks to Turbohao for the news. -D - dutch

  • mrg has updated MESSfront to Alpha 6. New in this release is the elimination of the CPU file, "now it uses a .sys file that is the result of a -listfull." You can download it here. -D - dutch

  • Sega X will host an online chat today with Alexander Villagran, the Senior Software Engineer for SegaSoft. "SegaSoft is SOA's section that is dedicated to the internet side of the DC (ie. dreamcast.com, online gaming, web browser, and apparently VMU gaming). Mr. Villagran was responsible for the Dreamcast web browser, and is god-incarnate of VMU development!" The chat will be today at 5PM EST (2PM PST - 23:00 CET) and you can acces it by clicking here. - atila

  • I was wondering if I should bring back the Java chat room, or let visitors connect to EFnet IRC via WWW. Some feedback would be nice :) - atila

  • skene.net has posted an interview they did with Marat Fayzullin, who many consider to be the grand daddy of emulation. You can read the interview by clicking here, thanks to scienide_ for the news. - atila

  • I justed wanted to clear up a little something about the NGPC emulator called Rather A Pokemon Emulator?, that was pulled from this site after I (= Atila) posted about it. Prophet said that we should first have a good talk about it, before we support it (if/when we do). So it shall be done. - atila

  • AmiMSX2 V3.0Beta is released and available at: http://www.file-hunter.com. AmiMSX2 is a MSX2 emulator for the Amiga computer.

    - atila

  • Games for your cellphone/GSM, you can go play those, via your phone, at www.wirelessgames.com! Thanks to Kaptk for the link. - atila

  • Oooh, a home-made portable PSX with a built-in LCD screen, and it's not by Sony :) Thanks to Ooga for the link. Which reminds me, I bought Marvel vs. Capcom for the Dreamcast yesterday, all this polygon action is nice, but there nothing like good old-fashioned 2D action on a big screen. And before you say anything, I have Soul Calibur too and I think it completely rocks =) - atila

  • 4 new Atari 7800 roms are available for download here. - atila

  • RealityMan posted a status update yesterday on UltraHLE, he is still working on it but he is "limited" to Direct3D and OpenGL since he bought himself a nice TNT2 based card. glide support might be vanishing. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.
    - atila

  • Overclocked - All in the Name and a COOL fanstrip called OC vs. The Matrix!! - atila

  • XMame and XMess v36b14.1 have been released at the XMame/XMess site, which now has a new URL. Xmame is Hans de Goede's x11/unix port of Mame. Here's what's new specific to this port. You can download the source which includes both the Mame and Mess source here, or if you already have XMame v36b13.1, you can download an upgrade patch here. These files are also available from the XMame/XMess site. -D - dutch

  • Gerado has released an updated catver.ini file for you users of the arcade@home frontend for Mame (myself included ;). This syncs up the frontend to Mame v36b14. Thanks to a@h for the file. -D - dutch

  • There's been quite a big update at Amiga Legal Emulation, over 30+ games added, all free and 100% legal. ;) Thanks to VGN for the news. -D - dutch

  • Another beta of NESten has been released, version 0.6 Beta 6. New in this release:

      - 4 Players support now. (Have a party eh? :)
      - Fixed mapper 4 IRQ some. (please let me know if it broke something)
      - Fixed Bubble Bobble. (might have fixed other games too)
      - Palettes can be changed/loaded. (.PAL extension)
    - dutch

  • Opi mailed me about a new sister site to Gamepics called Game Scans. It is a bit small as it's a brand new site, but it certainly looks well on its way to becoming a pretty impressive archive. ;) -D - dutch

  • Manbeast interviewed Barry Rodewald, the author of GalEmu. He gives his comments on emulation, coding and more. -D - dutch

  •    Friday, January 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:29 EST

  • Mess32 v36b14 released! The Windows port of Mess is now up to date with the official DOS version. Please remember this port is not supported in any way by the Mess team. You can download the binary here and the source here. Thanks to VGN for the news. -D - dutch

  • The C64 gaming site 'Lemon' added 48 new C64 games this evening. As usual, most of these games are very rare, and some are not avaliable anywhere else on the internet. Screenshots of every game are also available. - atila

  • Luca has released a new simulator, it is a simulator for the Pacman game by Tomy Electronic, you can download it from Madrigal's Simulators, hosted right here at Retrogames. - atila

  • The Macintosh version of MESS has been updated to v0.36b13b. New in this release is an endian bug fixed in the Oric driver and a much improved interface. Get it from the MESS home page. -R- - slimybeer

  • Daphne .99 released! This is a Win32 version of Matt Ownby's laserdisc arcade game emulator. Click here to read what's new! Currently, Dragon's Lair and Space Ace are supported. Of course, you will need the original arcade laserdiscs and a laserdisc player compatible with the Sony LDP-1450 instruction set, the Pioneer LD-V4200/4400/8000 instruction set, or the Pioneer LD-V6000 instruction set. You can download the binary here, also please be sure to read all of the docs on the Daphne site! Thanks to SYS2064 for the news. -D - dutch

  • Overclocked - Emu Merger and a nice fanstrip called Odd Jobs :) - atila

  • Here's a snippet from a mail I received from the guys at CustomArcade, that wonderful arcade stick: We are excited and please to offer Shane R. Monroe's RetroGaming Radio 1st anniversary CD. You can get it 2 ways- You can order it for $10.00 (US) we pay the shipping (If you live outside the US please add $2.00 [US] for shipping) or you can receive it FREE with the purchase of any CustomArcade Controller.
    - atila

  • Genesis Power has released No Escape (U), which follows up their previous manual release of the same title. -D - dutch

  • No Official Mame32 yet, but John IV posted the screenshots and icons, for those of you who need them. Visit his Mame32 QA (Quality Assurance) page to go get 'em. :) -D - dutch

  • Cowering has updated GoodGB, his Gameboy ROM utility to version .26. It now knows about 2055 ROMs according to the GoodGB.news file. Thanks to Zophar for the news. -D - dutch

  •    Thursday, January 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:25 EST

  • Stefano Priore released a datfile for CLRMame Pro that will work with Mess v36b14! -D - dutch

  • Still can't get enough of the Lynx? Darth G of Videogamefans.com sent me a mail about Songbird production's acquisition of three unreleased Lynx games from Beyond Games: Cybervirus, Ultra Vortex, and Mechtiles. -D - dutch

  • Scary news for our Australian visitors. Thanks for letting me know Drewbert. -D - dutch

  • Ben-J has conducted an interview with SkulleatR, the author of JagBag, a WIP Atari Jaguar emulator.
    - atila

  • Bill Gates has stepped down as CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer, Gates will be focusing on strategies from now on. He will now be the chief software architect. Am I the only one that thinks that Ballmer will act a string puppet? Thanks to DanB for the news. - atila

  • Researchers have cloned a monkey using a technique called "embryo splitting", check CNN for the full details. Thanks to Hosaykue for the news ;-)
    - atila

  • Jandaman has added 3 demos to the UHLE site, you can use those with UltraHLE. You can also download a lot more demos from Dextrose, thanks to PRoToCoL (aka, "the dude with the arrows") for the news. - atila

  • Monroeworld's Classic Gaming Gauntlet is taking entries for 2 more days. Sign up if you haven't already and see if you can win some cool prizes! - atila

  • JoseQ has posted another Rumor Mill! Get all the juicy gossip there - don't watch National Enquirer TV ;) Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news. - atila

  • IGN64 has posted an article on what seems to be the N64's slow (and painful?) death. - atila

  • Sheesh, sure is boring today .... - atila

  • Teego, contact me ASAP!!! - atila

  • Oooooh, Kama Sutra - Winnie the Pooh style ;) - atila

  • Atila, you need to read your own site some more - Dutch posted the Larry Bank interview last night :) -R- (Uhmm, I hadn't had my coffee yet, or something ;) - Atila)
    - atila

  • Overclocked: - Purist Harbor. There's also a Fanstrip called Damn Kids and an Overclocked WinAMP skin
    - atila

  • Version 2.1.4 of Setcleaner has been released. Setcleaner is a freeware ROM utility. New in this version: multiple directories support, speed improvements ,.dat info loading/saving, cfg import feature, and prefs enhancements. You can download the 55kb zip file here. Thanks to Emuhq for the news. -D - dutch

  • Amiga Flashback has been updated with some new LSD disks and demos. Thanks to Emuhq for the news. -D - dutch

  • A new episode of Back In Time is out!! This episode was recorded live at the Coronation Day Video Game Championship on January 8 and 9! Guests include:

      -Walter Day (Twin Galaxies Video Game & Pinball World Records)
      -Billy Mitchell (Coin-op video game "Player of the Century")
      -Ben Gold (Winner of the first organized video game tournament)
      -Rick Fothergill (Broke the world record for Super Pac-Man)
    You can visit their site at the above link for a streamable or downloadable version of the show. -D - dutch

  • While there are currently no Dreamcast emulators, there is a lot of information posted about the VMS and even a prelimanary VMU emulator for the Amiga at this site. Thanks to snoopie for the e-mail. -D - dutch

  • Aren't some of those games in Mame next to impossible? I'm glad Dean Ryan sent me a link to his tips site, now hosted on Emuviews.com. Need more tips, please. ;) -D - dutch

  • Zing of emugaming.com has interviewed HiVE author Larry Bank. Thanks to ManBeast for the news. -D - dutch

  • Mark Boyko sent ACT Labs, a maker of some very cool looking light guns for the PC, an e-mail regarding the possibility of getting support for their guns in emulators such as Mame. He reports a very positive response from their VP of Development: "ACT LABS is 100% devoted to supporting the gaming community so count us as game for this." I must say it is very nice to see support for Mame and other emulators by companies like this. Imagine being able to play T2 with a real lightgun! -D - dutch

  • Update on EA Square: Michael Kollin sent me a mail regarding EA Square's development of games for the Dreamcast: "It is not confirmed yet in any way. Right now all that happened is Square/EA appeared on a dev. list for an upcoming show and SegaX posted it as fact." Mike goes on to say that EA Square's development of Dreamcast games is not at all impossible, just not confirmed fact at the present time. -D - dutch

  •    Wednesday, January 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:19 EST

  • CLRMame Pro now does Callus .42, courtesy of SpkLeader. -D

  • *cough cough it's back cough cough* :) -D

  • MikeDX has updated the EmuDX site with lots of news about the progress of the emulator. For those not yet aware, EmuDX will be the "first multi-game arcade emulator to combine original arcade roms with enhanced graphics and sounds to create a new experience in classic gaming." One of the updates on the page that caught my eye: "Some of the effects include (but are not limited to) glowing fire and updated platform graphics in Donkey Kong, along with improved Frogger text graphics and transparent water effects." Coolness!! -D

  • A hacker broke into CD Universe and apparently was able to steal credit card info. Interesting indeed. -D

  • Got screenshots? The 1-Up site and also Mamewarp has 'em all for Mame v36b14, if you feel like giving the f12 key (and your finger) a break. ;) Thanks to Mameworld for the news. -D

  • Genesis Power released a No Escape manual (they plan a ROM release on Friday) and also Revolution X (F), donated by Kirkland. -D

  • For you BeOS users, BeGameboy has been updated to version .44. You can download it here. Thanks to Emuhq for the news. -D

  • MESS version 36 beta 14 released! It supports the Gameboy and Prologica CP 400 system. If the new files are not yet on the Mess site, you can download the binary by clicking here and the source by clicking here. While downloading, click here to read the what's new file. You will also find other necessities at Oliver's site. Thanks for the news Oliver! :) -D

  • EA Square have announced that they'll start to release games for the Dreamcast later this year! Could this mean that the Final Fantasy series might "hop on over" to the Dreamcast ??

  • Lots of Overclocked today, Pretzel and Green have reviewed Teddy Boy for the Sega Master System, there's also a New Punchline and a new fanstrip called The Horror. Phew :)

  • Haze - please contact me if you read this. I hope you're OK. Use either email address. -P-

  • Government lawyers have set up a plan to split Microsoft into 3 smaller companies, read this article @ CNN for more info. Thanks to ORG for the link.

  • GeoShock is currently down and may never be back. Thanks to everyone that mailed.

  • hehehe ;-)

  • Here's a bit of good news for you NeoGeo Pocket Color fans, SNK has announced Metal Slug Second Mission for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The game is scheduled to arrive in Japan on March 9th. No US release date has yet been announced. Thanks to "Darth G" over at VideoGameFans.com for the news.

  • For you leec... errr, Getright users, ;) version 4.1.2 has been released. There are a number of bugfixes according to the Getright site. Thanks to CDMAN for the news. -D

  • Meka 0.40 has been released to beta testers. The list of changes is quite extensive. Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news and Emucamp for the changes file. -D

  • They found the virus that causes Lou Gerhigs disease. Thanks to Drewbert for the link. -D

  • Leaked betas: Just Say No! :) One in particular (I think you know which one I mean) which has been going around appears to be a destructive trojan. My advice is to steer clear of such programs. -D

  •    Tuesday, January 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:47 EST

  • Mess WIP update: An Atari ST and Gameboy driver have been added!! Thanks much to derek_m for the tap on the shoulder. :) -D

  • Nesten v0.6 beta 5 released! Click here to read what's new. You can download the binary here. Thanks to Emuhq for the news! -D
    UPDATE Bugfix version, Nesten v0.6 beta 5b. "Joysticks work again, Scanlines now actually do something.". Doh. ;) -D

  • Here's some great Raine news: TRUXTON and Rambo 3 Release 2 have been added to RAINE! The Raine site has a little something to say about Rambo too, here goes: Some of you asked us why Rambo 3 was different from the game they remembered playing in the arcades. The answer is simple, it seems Taito made a later release of the game to the arcades, with differente cutscenes and levels. So we added this Rambo 3 Release 2 to the next version.

  • Jamsponge has released WIN32 PCERIP, which "is a tool for ripping PC-Engine CD-Roms to files on your HD for use with the PC-Engine Emulator 'HU6280'." There's also an update on the HU6280 site about what is coming in the next release of HU6280, very impressive indeed. You can download PCERIP from the HU6280 site. Thanks to DrStu for the news.

  • Gridle has compiled a fixed MAME binary for MAME 0.36 beta 14, CPU optimised versions have not been released yet, but they're bound to show up on the MAME site sooner or later :) UPDATE Gridle has added the CPU optimised binaries!

  • Back to the Roots has been updated! Their web site is now at "version" 2.17. :) They have added an new "Aminet gateway, allowing you to browse and search the content of entire Aminet here." They also have a new forums system, and other updates as well. (Nice logo btw ;). Thanks to opi at Emucamp for the news. -D

  • Being a tech support guy myself, I really can appreciate this. Believe me, these aren't jokes. ;) Thanks to ragol8r for the link. -D

  • Did you know Mame works on real arcade monitors? ArcadeOS is a front end for arcade cabinets, and version 2.35 has just been released. This is a bugfix release: ".SIGSEGV on exiting MAME game fixed. This was caused by me leaving some debug code in the 2.34 release." Thanks to Renaud DAYEN for the news. -D

  • Oliver has updated his site with some new BIOS for the upcoming MESS beta 14. Power 3000, Lambda 8300, Microbee, and Microbee 56k CP/M are included. The site is in German, but shouldn't be too hard for non German speakers to figure out. ;) -D

  • Drewbert sent me this very sad story about a disturbed teen who microwaved a kitten. :( -D

  • I posted this request a few days ago and NOONE applied, so this is the last call: if you are willing to maintain fps.retrogames.com, please mail me and we'll work something out. If I get no requests, the site will be deleted on Thursday.

  • Back from vacation and working through a computer problem, a sick family member, and a catching up with a back-logged workload. Will have to see if time permits me to start EmuWire back up in a few weeks. I should have a clearer picture by February. -w

  • Chemical, have you finished that one "thingie" yet ?

  • The Arcade Flyers site has been updated with a bit of news: SubNet activated the searchscript so the database is now fully searchable. Today a new bunch of flyers will be added to the database. Thumbs of the flyers for the upcoming release will be added to the mainpage (WIP). You can use the flyers with frontends for MAME and RAINE.

  • For your convenience, here is a very short list of every game that had ROM changes in Mame v36b14. -D

  • Rodimus Prime has updated A/P Mame to v36b14 so that it is in synch with the DOS version. Getting late and I'm on dial-up, so please visit his site to get the goods. -D
    UPDATE Here's AMame v36b14, and here's PMame v36b14. Remember, PMame should be used by Pentium and Pentium MMX processors ONLY, and AMame should be used with all AMD processors (K6/K7/Athlon), Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, and Celerons. There are no source changes, they are just compiled differently for some small speed tweaks. :) -D

  • EmuLition has posted a Mame v36b14 binary that was compiled with a modified audit.c driver, which works around some -verifyroms trouble in this beta. Check out their site for other necessities as well. ;) You can also download the fixed binary from here. For the source code modifications, click here. (Please keep in mind this isn't an official build, so if it has some unexpected difficulties, do NOT complain to the Mame team about it.) -D

  • Have anything missing with Mame v36b14? Give our link to Arcade Emulation a try. -D

  •    Monday, January 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:38 EST

  • Interested in a 3D version of Tron's light bikes game? Then take a look ar GLTron! A new version was just released, and the game really captures the look of the original film. (Thanks Retrodaddy - gotta love that nick!) -P-

  • Bryan Wall emailed me about MAME Merge being adversely affected by -listinfo. According to him the latest MAME beta reports NeoGeo ROMs as missing. Ah well, I guess the point is you shouldn't be surprised if ROM checking utilities act weird with the new beta! -P-

  • 1-Up continues its' progress! 1-Up is a universal emulation frontend for Windows, with a 3D user interface in the works for the future. Version 0.9.55 was released, fixing several bugs, Spanish & German translations are done! The author also reminds users in light of the new MAME release that they "need to get 1-UP to regenerate the filename to real name file using the 'Output all supported games' global function to file." -P-

  • NLMSX V0.21 Beta2 is now available at M.E.P., an MSX fan's dream site! :) -P-

  • Interested in viewing an entire line of arcade and emulation related hardware? Everything from HanaHo cabinets to (coming soon) the latest products from Custom Arcade? Then take a look at ArcadeXcitement! They literally have everything for sale! -P-

  • GoodPCE version 0.2 (BETA) released! From the GoodPCE.news file:

    "GoodPCE is a PCEngine/TG16 ROM renamer by Cowering.
    GoodPCE knows about 661 ROMS and various hacks.
    Changes from .1:
    --- more roms IDed
    --- more of the unknown files are known (as either good or bad dumps)"

    Thanks to derek_m for the news. -D

  • I'm hearing some preliminary reports on IRC that there may be some problems with auditing clones in beta 14. If you find this is happening to you and you know how to compile, you may find that using the src\audit.c file from beta 13 will provide a workaround for now. I am still at work and have not had a chance to verify this first hand. As soon as I know more you'll know! Thanks to derek_m and nemesis1 for the info. -D
    UPDATE: It seems that -verifyroms is affected, but not -listinfo. So, utilities that make use of -listinfo should not be affected. -D

  • Here is the Mame v36b14 binary. You'll want to pay SYS2064 a visit as well for a helpful fixfile! :) -D

  • Emuforce has posted 3 pics of Spiderman running in the Sega System32 emulator that is currently developement.

  • Here's a snippet from a mail I just recieved from Fixo:
    "I have just done an interview with Steven Rellinger, who is probably more know as Jabo. Steven is the author of Jnes, one of the most impressive emulators from last year. In this interview Steven talks about his history in emulation, gives some more insight on an authors views on the scene while covering also his work with Jnes. The interview is part of Emugaming's On the Spot and can be accessed by this direct link: http://www.emugaming.com/emulation/interviews/fixo/jabo.shtml". What are you waiting for ? Go read it :)

  • MAME 0.36 beta 14 released! This is just the source, a compile will be up later today. If you want to compile it yourself, please check MAME WORLD :) Oh yeah, here's what's new!

  • It's time to get VERY scared: In a stunning development, America Online Inc. announced plans to acquire Time Warner Inc. for roughly $181 billion in stock and debt Monday, creating a digital media powerhouse with the potential to reach every American in one form or another. AOL wants to buy/merge with Warner, the new company will be worth $350,000,000,000 (count 'em), thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • Today's Genesis Power - Primal Rage! -D

  • 1964 0.3.3 released! 1964 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows that emulates many demos and non-commericial games. The author reports some Windows speed improvements in this release. You can download both the source and the binaries from the homepage (hopefully I'll have FTP access soon ;) Thanks to JoseQ for the news. -D

  • CNN is reporting about a nude image found in a "Sing Along" book by everyone's favourite purple dinosaur. Thanks to Waldo for the link.

  • Miss the Last Resort MVS? Get this nice little utility from smf and save on some download time. Thanks Till. :) -D

  • EDGE Magazine has published the Top 100 games of all time and Gibster has HTMLised it, click here to read it. Some *classics* are missing and I wonder what the lads at EDGE were thinking when they compiled the list :)

  • Overclocked - We Are The World

  • You can now use the N64 Rumble Pack with UltraHLE, check the UltraHLE site for info!

  • DarkMazda's Domain released a new NeoGeo cover scan of "Double Dragon"! They now have 54 cover scans in total. -P-

  • The Arcade Cabinet Preservation Society (ACPS) is back in business! :) SpaceLords is the newest addition to this very cool arcade cabinet site by Cronos. -P-

  • Amiga Memory has been updated again! 4 new games are online, including Parasol Stars by Ocean & Micromachines by CodeMasters. They are also looking for new staff. -P-

  • Is Dutch a great newsman or what? =) Like I told people who emailed me, I'm not quitting, just taking a break. In the meanwhile, we now have a great new staff member! A little Sunday night update of my own is a'comin... -P-

  • RockNES 0.991 Released! You can download the latest version of this NES emulator for DOS from their site. There have been various bugfixes in this release, be sure to check the docs in the archive to read what's new. Thanks to Emuhq for the news. -D UPDATE: Here's the RockNES 0.991 zip! :) -P-

  • CherryROMS is back! And a new design to boot! :) -D

  • The 1-UP site has been once again updated. 1-UP is a universal front end, which, according to the site, can be used "with any emulator currently released or that will be released in the future." One interesting feature they have been working on is 3D Cabinets, so that you will be able to see a given game's cabinet in 3D. Thanks to Emuhq for the news. -D

  • ShinobiZ released a ROM ident database which can identify 3037 different sets of arcade roms. He's also released a redump of the currently unemulated sys32 arcade game, Spiderman. -D

  • Heh, it's about time. Nintendo is being sued by Uri Geller for $100 million. Who's that you ask? For you non-spoon bending enthusiasts click here. Thanks to PRoToCoL for that one. :) -D

  • Guru-Choc snuck a MVS redump of Last Resort in on us. :) -D

  •    Sunday, January 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:55 EST

  • Judge's NGPC emu has been making good progress, no release yet however. The maintainer of the homepage, SickBits, wrote the following concerning the emulator's current name: "And for the people out there that have been raped, theres no reason to take offense, the names a joke, and you need a sense of humor" in this post on their message board. Hmm... Is rape funny to YOU? I hope not! Click on the above links and voice YOUR thoughts. -P-

  • vote.com has a poll up which asks if violent games should be banned for kids. Make a difference and vote! Thanks to Brandon for the link.

  • ElvisP pointed me toward DotComix, a really funny site where various "people" do stand-up comedy, Gates of Hell is particularly funny :)

  • CPS2SHOCK wasn't the only site that moved in today, we'd also like to welcome MADRIGAL'S SIMULATORS to Retrogames. Luca is the author of some cool simulators which you can download from his site :)

  • We'd like to wish XRAY1 of ArcadeFlyers a happy birthday! (P.S. yes, you're getting old ;)

  • Pete Bernert has released a version 1.27 of his PSEmu Pro GPU plugin, here's what's new: faster 'Dynamic caching', support for sprite texture wrapping.

  • JoseQ has posted 2 movies of his ArcadePC, now *I* want one of those too :) Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • I've had a bunch of people mail this URL, and it is pretty funny, so I'll post it. It is The Matrix: IRC style, anyway thanks for mailing me this :)

  • The EmuDX site has been updated with pics of Moon Cresta, thanks to derek_m for the news.

  • Hu-Go! v.1.07 released! You can download the updated DOS and Linux binaries from the homepage. New in this release is Adpcm support (not yet mixed with PCM sound), changes in ISO support, slight improvement in .HCD, sound for the Linux version, and some internal changes in the interface to come. Hu-Go! is a Core-GraphX / PC Engine / Turbo GraphX emulator. Thanks to arcade@home for the news. -Dutch

  • NESten v.6 beta 4 released! NESten is a DirectX NES emulator for windows. New in this beta: fixed frameskipping, fast forward key, works with NT again, configfile support, wav logging, a fullscreen mode, and some sound updates. Get it from its homepage. Thanks again to arcade@home for the news. -Dutch

  • New PacMame released! PacMame is a Pac Man only version of Mame that plays enough versions of Pac Man (including hacks) to satisfy even the most demanding fans. As the author put it, "Enjoy it all, I worked my ass off for this release." ;) The whatsnew.txt file is huge. Go get it! -Dutch

  •    Saturday, January 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:48 EST

  • Here's an cool new Java arcade game emulator from Norbert Kehrer's Emulator Software. It currently emulates 8 games from the late 70's / early 80's right in your web browser. Make sure you have Java enabled before trying these out. There's also a updated version of Asteroids ("inspired by the EmuDX project") and a homebrew Tetris-like game for Mame. Thanks to Till at SYS2064 for the news. -Dutch

  • Seems we missed some Mame WIP updates since January 4, be sure to check it if you haven't already. -Dutch

  • Retrogames welcomes CPS2SHOCK! It was announced at their old location on Geoshock a few days ago that CPS2Shock would be moving, and we are certainly glad to have them. I've known the siteop Razoola for some time, and he is dedicated to getting as much information as possible published regarding CPS2 hardware. The batteries in early CPS2 boards are due to die very soon, so this is an excellent resource for both board owners and emulation programmers:

    "I feel the need to point out again the fact that we are working on CPS-2 encryption as well as trying to provide you as much knowledge on general CPS-2 hardware and games possible."

    Thanks much to Haze of Geoshock for the news. -Dutch

  • This is a bit old in coming, but Roman has put up a MESS datafile for his ROM Manager, CLRMame Pro, that is in synch with MESS 36 beta 13. For those who are unaware, CLRMame Pro can now manage many more libraries than just Mame. -Dutch

  • Mortal Kombat fans might want to take a look at Emulation Status. :) Thanks to Zach over at emuhq for the news. -Dutch

  • The Official Raine site has been updated with news about a newly added game: Armed Police Batrider! Be sure to check out their site for more info on it (I know I'll be keeping an eye on J-ROM like they suggest ;) -Dutch

  • Russ told he that he is unable to update fps.retrogames.com, if you are SERIOUS about maintaining a site that benches emulator performance, please mail me and tell me WHY you would be best for this job.

  • Richard Mitton has released a new version of his The New-Zealand Story emulator, here's what's new: Fixed stupid bug, now it runs from pure DOS. (blame Win98 for it), fixed a couple of minor bugs, added RAZE Z80 core (big speed-up), tweaked frame-skip code, fixed sound skipping, added cool backdrop. Please check the TZNS site for more info.

  • Ron over at Snipercade has asked me to post the following:

    "I want to apologize if you haven't been able to get into to Snipercade lately. The classicgaming.com network has been upgrading their hardware and have run into a few glitches. The result of this is no ftp access and webserver failures over the past couple of days. They assure me they are working around the clock to resolve this as rapidly as possible. In the meantime, all Deca2000 stats will be up and down as they resolve these issues.
    Thanks, Ron"

  • For you MacMAME users, Cinemarcade has posted a variety of intro movies that can now be used with the emulator. "CinemArcade also offers content for creating your own movies and a "how-to" section on creating your own cinematic masterpieces! Although much of the content of CinemArcade is created with MacMAME in mind, many of the files and concepts can be used to enhance any version of MAME!" Definitely worth a look. Keep in mind users on platforms other than Macs will be able to view the movies too. Remember to get the Quicktime Player if you haven't got it already. Thanks Atila :) -Dutch

  • Here I am folks. :) I've spoken with Atila, who was very kind to welcome me aboard the retrogames.com news staff to fill in for Prophet in his absence. I have one goal.. to provide you all with the same informative coverage that Prophet did when Atila's day in the Netherlands has ended (and when he's online as well :). I may not be at a full 100% for the first few days or so but I will certainly try my best.

    Thanks very much to Atila for having me! -Dutch

  • Lopantu has started an emulation comic and the one about the VSMC cabinet really made me laugh :) Today's comic is called "The thruth hurts", which gives food for thought ...

  • It had to happen sooner or later, Pretzel and Green have started to review games. First up are Waku Waku 7 and Last Battle for Sega Genesis. Pretzel and Green are unforgiving ;)

  • A big thanks to the many kind words I've received regarding my work at Retrogames! It seems Dutch *might* join the news staff in my stead. If you are unaware of Dutch - that's not surprising. He's one of those extremely helpful, unassuming people behind-the-scenes, and that's exactly why I feel he deserves a spot here at Retrogames. Keep your browsers pointed at Retrogames - it's only going to get better! -P-

  • EmuChrist is well on the way to recovering their site, with lotsa files being added and other goodies! If the usual URL doesn't resolve for you, try as an alternate address. -P-

  • Bwb at EmuHQ managed to get a letter published in the February issue of Maximum PC, which mentioned several of his favorite sites, including Retrogames! :) Sadly, the letters editor mistyped our URl as "www.retrogaming.com," but oh well... -P-

  • Genesis Power released "NBA Action 95" for the Genesis! -P-

  •    Friday, January 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 15:50 EST

  • Saint has posted a review of the CustomArcade controller - he's mighty amazed with it, click here to read his review!

  • A new version of A-Saturn was released, here's what's new: added MC68K disassemble command & Polygon draw (rectangle only) support. As you can see, this version draws rectangles, I hope filled polygons will follow soon.

  • NESten 0.6 beta 3 was released earlier today, here's what's new:

    - Done some changes to Sound. (PLEASE let me know if you like it better now!!)
    - Made ROM Loader a lot faster when updating!
    - Now should work with DirectX 5.0...
    - Mapper9 and 10 should be near perfect now.
    - Zip file support in ROM Loader.

    - Please use the Video->Sleep while Sync'ing option if your machine can handle it!

  • This is pretty funny, a WU NAME generator :)

  • Today marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month for muslims. I'd like to wish my muslim visitors EID MUBARAK. For some odd reason, 50% of the muslims had that last day of fasting yesterday. If you have no idea what this fasting or Ramadan is about, you can click here.

  • Overclocked - Vicious Circle (oh so true :)

  • A new Magic Engine beta has been released, it's not totaly perfect, but it's a lot better than the last beta. Key files are being sent to registered users.

  • Magic Engine should be released in 15 minutes :)

  • MickoZ has taken the time to interview TuxedoMask, one of the editors at VGN and maintainer of the NES World Jukebox.

  • The expected update at the Impact Emu site wasn't posted yesterday, I just read through the logs and I found out why. All will be revealed in due time, hopefully today.

  • X128 0.93 released! X128 is a Spectrum 48/128/+2/+2A/+3/Pentagon/Scorpion emulator for DOS, thanks to M3 for the news.

  • A personal note: Due to a busier schedule combined with a lack of motivation, I've decided that January will mark my last month at Retrogames, at least for a while. PRoToCoL, Dutch... wanna take over for me? Perhaps Atila knows some people who'd like to help out? I believe the site would benefit greatly from more news staff with ftp access anyway. Thanks for listening. -P-

  • The 1-Up site has been updated with version 0.9.54 of 1-UP, Darren Chapman's cool new frontend! Also, there's a preview of that awesome 3D version of 1-Up using a rendered Defender cab, and a complete NeoGeo screenshot collection for MAME 0.36 b13. (Thanks Darren) -P-

  • MAME Testers released the latest mame.dat file! This allows easy access to known bug info in MAME vis the TAB menu. Keep an eye on MAME World for a cool new PacMAME release too! Lastly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY EmuAdvice, the greatest newbie site in the galaxy! =) (Thanks KC, you have no idea how much I need the help...) -P-

  • The Official UltraHLE site is now open!!! If you don't know, UltraHLE is the world's most advanced N64 console emulator. No new releases though. (Thanks Drunken & Jandaman) -P-

  •    Thursday, January 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:44 EST

  • The Impact Emu site will be updated in a short while, since I'm leaving now, be sure to check it out in a bit (current time 23:42 CET)

  • MonroeWorld has had a cool redesign, I really like the small movies that play when you move over a link :)

  • RockNES 0.99 was released earlier today, download it here.

  • A Mac Port of the VMS emulator is almost ready. -R-

  • Looking for the present for a sunbather who has everything? Look no further... -R-

  • New update on the Magic Engine site, here goes: The final PC version will be released tomorrow the 7th at 12h!! (French time) And this time no last minute surprise. ;) Key files will also be sent to registered users tomorrow at the same time... . I believe that is 12 noon CET, which is 6 AM EST and 3 AM PST. Thanks to Jon for the link.

  • iViLDeD has posted a little something on the Impact Emu messageboard, that some of you might find interesting.

  • GameCenter has done a Top 40 Games of the Millenium, all I want to know is why Gyruss wasn't added ?! Thanks to Yash^ for the link.

  • I'm not sure if we've posted this before, but if you click here you will be able to play a Java version of Pang! A binary version is also available, thanks to Dan for the link.

  • PrOfUnD Darkness sent me an URL, with what seems to be a Dreamcast VMU emulator. It is for the AmigaOS system and it has developer tools online, it even has Tetris for the VMU, which you can download with the Dreamcast browser.

  • 34 C64 games have been added to Lemon, some of which were previously unavailable!

  • Sheesh... I AM tired, I'm missing lotsa stuff... :( Brian Lewis updated his terrific ArcadeOS to version 2.34! ArcadeOS is a superb DOS frontend for MAME and other emus will special support for real arcade monitors/cabinets. -P-

  • GuruChoc updated his needed-soon section again! -P-

  • ClrMAME Pro RC1d (fixed) was released! ClrMAME Pro is a superb ROM management utility. Be sure to also check MAME World for the best in MAME related news & files! (Thanks PRoToCoL) -P-

  • Planet MAME is back up! If you're a MAME fan (& you should be!) go visit. -P-

  • OptiMAME has been updated to 0.36 beta 13! OptiMAME is special because it allows for dual optical controllers. (Thanks Renaud) -P-

  • Romseeker's Impact page has posted a program to use a mouse with Impact! They also have much useful information about everyone's favorite new emulator. :) (Thanks Bala) -P-

  • I got many, many emails telling me that some PSEMU graphics plugins seem to work with Impact if renamed as renderer. I haven't tried it, but apparently it's true?! -P-

  • Late and I'm dead... here's a quickie update... -P-

  •    Wednesday, January 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 08:37 EST

  • David Lloyd has returned from his holidays, so we can get back to Overclocked: Accidental Tourist and Strange Dreams are here :)

  • The Register has listed a few Y2K bugs that popped up around the world; it's a LONG list :)

  • NESten 0.6 beta 2 has been released, here's what's new: Fullscreen mode - Better DirectX handling (?) - Requires DirectX 6.0 (I'll try fixing this as soon as possible :/) Be sure to give both JNES and NESten a try, they're pretty damn good! Thanks to VGN for the news.

  • JNES has recieved a small update: fixed some NSF banking problems and an overflow problem with raw pcm that caused Jnes to crash in one game. Click here to download JNES 0.30a, be sure to visit the JNES site for more info on this NES emu for Windows.

  • Both XMAME/XMESS and MacMAME were updated to beta 13, MacMAME has had a small update since yesterday and is now at beta 13a. You can get them both from ye olde MAME page.

  •    Tuesday, January 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 17:35 EST

  • I helped out on today's episode of The Monsters,I thought it was pretty funny :)

  • Guess what? Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP page :)

  • ComeBack64 0.9E for DOS released! This new version features an enhanced statusline, more I/O kernal traps, EmuID fix and tape emulation by disk redirection.

  • A new Direct3D renderer is available for use with IMPACT EMU, you can download version 1.8 here.

  • IMPACT EMU is getting some media coverage, articles are available on BetaNews and 3DFILES. Thanks to Ozone2000 for the BetaNews link.

  • Cowering is a busy dude, so he released new versions of Good2600, GoodGBC, GoodPCE and GoodGG. The last two are for use with PCE and GameGear roms.

  • Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP site :)

  • A new NES emulator for Windows was released yesterday called NESten. It features some of the best sound yet and support for lots of mappers. Please check the NESten site for more info on this emulator, thanks to Zophar's Domain for the news.

  • Here's Lunatic's UNOFFICIAL Impact FAQ! :) -P-

  • Impact won't work at all for you? Won't even start the GUI? Grab this mfc42.zip and unzip the dll files to your Impact directory. Try the renderers until one of them likes your system and enjoy the most technologically amazing emu in a long time! If these files don't help, sorry, I tried. -P-

  •    Monday, January 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:30 EST

  • Genesis Power released NHL 95 for Genesis! -P-

  • Here are the latest Direct3D Renderer 1.7 and Glide Renderer 1.1 for Impact beta 1! The Impact site says "These are the first Public versions of Impacts Direct3D and Glide renderers. Documentation will be added later. Just replace the file "renderer.ipc" in your Impact dir with the renderer you want to use. Don't forget to configure the new renderers before you use them." (Thanks Hiryu) -P-

  • Big update at Amiga Memory! Some really cool games like Wing Commander & Volfiev etc., plus all sorts of Amiga related tips, tricks & information. -P-

  • Adrox put together a great Impact beta review at EmuSphere! It's not only a review though - there's lotsa performance tips and other useful information as well. -P-

  • No$MSX 1.2 for WINDOWS released! This MSX emulator is now available for the WIN32 platform, you can download it at M.E.P.

  • If you have a Voodoo card and are having trouble with IMPACT EMU, be sure to check out this thread, or check out emuhq.com/impact. That last link is a general help site for IMPACT EMU.

  • Gateway has sold AMIGA to a former Amiga employee!

  • Well, this release of IMPACT gives me REALLY bad graphics, more like a blue outline. So I'll stick to my beta for now ;)

  • Chemical, please /msg me.

  • Here's the Impact Emu binary and the Romcenter data to check ROM sets! Nothing new here, just mirroring the files found at the Impact site. -P-

  •    Sunday, January 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 23:11 EST

  • Genesis Power released NHL All-Star Hockey 95 (U) for Genesis! -P-

  • Naz released Rockman 2 for CPS2! Of course, there's no CPS2 emulator so you can't play it. -P-

  • 1-up is a universal emulator frontend with big plans - a 3D arcade interface using DirectX! Imagine walking through a 3D representation of an arcade, then walking up to a game and playing it! Contact the author Darren Chapman if you're a 3D artist interested in helping make this happen. -P-

  • MAME World is now hosting MAMEZine! Check it out after you're done trying Impact! :) -P-

  • From vapourware to FREEWARE: IMPACT EMU HAS BEEN RELEASED! Not all games are supported (obviously :) and only the OpenGL driver has been included, as the other 2 were too buggy at thsi point. And YES, this works on Windows NT too :)

  • The HardSID drivers for Windows 2000 are ready and available for download on the HardSID site.

  • If you liked the Java MSX emulator posted yesterday, you should give this Java Atari ST emulator a try too :) Thanks to Emily S. for the link.

  • ComeBack64 0.9D for DOS released! This Commodore64 emulator has had an update, here's what's new: Option to select what sprite draw method to use - Fixed another small bug in the sprite draw method - Sped up sprite drawing - Enhanced statusline (lower left of screen) - Changed menu. If you got 0.9C you should really update to 0.9D to get rid of the sprite bug.

  • There's a nice message on the IMPACT EMU site and a cool pic too :)

  • The CCS64 site released beta 2.0 for both DOS & Windows! CCS64 is a superb Commodore 64 emulator. (Thanks Hy) -P-

  • MAME World posted some great news about MAME Classic (Windows frontend) and PacMAME updates! -P-

  • GeoShock reports that NeoGeo Team 2000 (site is down sorta) has released Puzzle Bobble CD and (drumroll) Samurai Shodown RPG, which is also mirrored at GeoShock! Hope Haze is feeling better these days. =) -P-

  • GuruChoc is back from his Y2K festivities, and has updated his needed soon page already! -P-

  • Lacides M. mailed me about a funny Y2K bug/joke in No$GMB. I haven't tried it because it just locks my PC up... :/ -P-

  • Krixit is a new SNES emu project (formerly called SNESRise) from the folks at Moonlit Coalition! (Thanks EmuHQ) -P-

  • The Magic Engine site posted a MacIntosh version of their awesome PCE/TG16 emulator! (Thanks Geo) -P-

  • The MSX Emulation Page has placed a Java MSX emulator online! Go play some games, no downloading required. :) (Thanks TFH) -P-

  • Org over at Romlist posted a list of strange Y2K bugs found around the world! -P-

  • Zipmany has been updated to version 6.04! This superb multiple file zipping utility for Windows now has user definable filters, selective file removals, variable compression strength, several improvements and much more! (Thanks Tigga) -P-

  • The Arcade Art Museum had a big Y2K update - 111 new cabinet pics, for a total of 1172! Check out the cool Unemulated Arcade Game database too - now updated to MAME 0.36 beta 13. (Thanks Guru) -P-

  •    Saturday, January 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 23:57 EST

  • Ashley posted what's GOOD about emulation on our General board - considering all the bickering lately, I think it's a great thread! Feel free to add your favorite positives list about this hobby. :) -P-

  • RealSPECTRUM pre-beta released! This is a new Spectrum emulator with some very cool features, such as: Full-screen multicolor effects, high-fidelity sound reproduction with surround effect and user-definable stereo panning presets, run-time selectable resolutions, DISCiPLE emulation with physical disk support and more. If you get slow download from the FTP site, just leech the file from their host, www.retroplay.com :)

  • Judge has opened up the RAPE? site, RAPE? being his NeoGeo Pocket emulator. RAPE? stands for Rather A Pokemon Emulator? :)

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan released "Soldam" (Jaleco '92) and "Rabio Lepus" (V-System '87)! You can see screenshots of Soldam emulated at the Official Raine site. -P-

  • NeoFever released the MVS dump of "Super Spy"! (Thanks Sys2064) -P-

  • The Arcade Flyers Archive (formerly MAME Flyers) is now open! This great hosted site will now feature flyers from ALL videogames, as well as their traditional MAME/Raine packs! And yes, there's a new "Millennium" (No!!!) MAME pack #14 featuring 99 new images! (Thanks PRoToCoL) -P-

  • Nooo! It's not a new millennium yet! There's 1 - 1000, then 1001 - 2000, then 2001 - 3000 etc. Sure I know it's not a big deal, but I've seen every news show say it's a new millennium & technically it's not! Anyway, I've got a headache from too much wine... :) -P- (Damn you, Prophet, Damn you! -R-)

  • The first Retrogames posting of the new millenium... some news has been posted on the ThePI home page. -R-