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  •    Wednesday, January 31st 2001 - Last updated @ 20:07 EST

  • MAME WIP - Gridle posted the last january 2001 MAME WIP update ! Great news guys - "insideoutboy added target crosshairs to Operation Wolf and Oper ation Thunderbolt" which will make both games much more playable. - Opi

  • X-Men Tables Tomorrow - The decryption tables for X-Men: COTA will not be available until tomorrow. So please stay cool, & please DO NOT email Raz or Dayvee about them. It's only one more day. - prophet

  • Final Burn v0.090 - Oh my god - this is a new world record in releasing emulators within 30 minutes :-) Final Burn v0.090 is now here !
    + I accidentally left the 06 (Brazil) region out of VSav - sorry! Added again now!

    He also uploaded three X-Men: Children of the Atom screenshots. - Opi

  • Final Burn v0.089 Does X-Men: Children of the Atom (Jpn) - Final Burn v0.088 is here ! Look here for the latest change s ! X-Men: Children of the Atom (Jpn) anyone ? Dave & Razoola we all love you :)

    Welp, Dave is faster than the light - now we are facing Final Burn v0.089 :)
    He forgot to remove some debugging code. Please grab the new 0.089 release here - thanks to DaemoN for the 0.088 news and another "thank you" goes to Mr-Fuji for the bugfix re lease info :-) - Opi

  • The Video Game Museum Is Alive - Here are the recent Video Game Museum updates :

    - o - 4 PSX Endings
    - o - 2 New Game Scans sections :PS2 (8) and Sega Game Gear (32).
    - o - 11 SMS and 15 N64 scans.
    - o - 29 Atari ST, 15 SNES, & 21 Arcade games to Gamepics.

    I contributed the SNES and Atari ST stuff, which makes these update really worth a posting here :) - Opi

  • nesterJ v0.50 - My news source No ONE - Emulation 9 reported a new nesterJ release today. Below are th e changes in version 0.50 of this great NES emulators for Windows - more info at our NES section :)

    - o - fixd mappers 4,18,20,33
    - o - fixed APU and NSF code as well as the 'Space Shadow Gun'
    - o - support for Rec/Play Movie and network play (LAN / Internet)
    - o - support state save for FDS games
    - o - support Doremikko Keybord; Data Recorder; Datach Barcode Battler

    Download : nesterJ v0.50 English / Japanese / source. - Opi

  • Play Sonic The Hedgehog On Your Palm V or Palm VII - "Sega announces a deal to bring video game content to Palm wireless handheld computers". According to this ZDnet articles we'll see some Sega developed game later this year, a first result of the changed Sega product strategy ! Lets cross our fingers that Sega will survive these drastic changes. Thanks to cike for th e link.
    Hint : next time write your email in German (cike is from Austria) :) - Opi

  • Jum52 - a Macintosh port of Jum52 will shortly be available. Check out the details here. (Atila - please answer your e-mail!) - richard

  • Small news - Here are two small bits of news:

  • The FPSE home page has just been updated with a screenshot of the current beta.

  • The Iki's GBA Emulator home page has been updated with the following small piece of news: Today i included the Mode 0. There aren't still no OAM. I hope to be able to provide a version beta on this site in one week or two (around february the 10th).< BR> - Martin

  • Hu-Go! 2.00 released! - The best free available PC Engine emulator Hu-Go! has just been updated to version 2.00. Here's what's new according to Zeograd:

    It features all what was previously said, plus eagle and scanline mode under linux thanks to Lester Barrows.
    Oh, and I saw today that Bwb was quitting the emu scene :(
    I'd like to dedicace this version to him, for all the good things he did ... We'll miss you, Bwb.
    Else, right now, only dos and win binaries are online, sources could be set quickly (maybe tomorrow) and linux version won't be long (let me setup anew my linux box :).
    About the win file selector, don't worry if it doesn't work very well, as said in the previous news, it's just a quick hack. The file selector/gui will be totally rewritten and I just wanted to fix this lack before the real replacement.
    Now, it's time to beat high scores :)

    Make sure you visit Hugo's official home page to grab your very own copy of this fantastic emulator! - Martin

  • PocketSNES Site updated - The site for the new PocketSNES PocketPC SNES emulator has been updated with a request for your help. He's wanting you to download the new GAPI Propterties ZIP file, run the a ppropriate EXE, and send him the results. Head on over to the PocketSNES page for more information. - dhalamar

  • MESS WIP - Tuesday's MESS WIP report has been posted. - chris

  • VsyncMAME 37 beta 11 - There is a new hosted site over at MAMEWorld, and a new version of VsyncMAME. Head on over there for more information on this. :) - dhalamar

  • Thoughts Of The Day - Here we go again:

    1. I suport public edurcation
    2. And on the eighth day, God said: "OK, Murphy, now it's your turn."
    3. He who laughs last, thinks the slowest.

    And here are some user submissions:

    4. "Life is a sexually transmitted mortal disease." Mike S.
    5. "There are only 2 moments to drink vodka: when you're eating and when you're not..." - Mike S.
    6. I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn't look good, either. - Mr. Do
    7. Ever notice how some Americans think foreigners (who don't understand English) will understand what the hell they're saying by YELLING English at them? - Tempora (ouch? - Atila)

    There will be a few more today. And ofcourse the usual batch tomorrow :) - atila

  • SSF 0.05 Alpha r4 - There's a new version of the SSF Sega Saturn Emulator, kinda hidden from people like me who don't bother checking message boards though. :) Click here for the post, I don't know what's new because I don't know Japanese. Thanks to PeterD, the new owner of EmuHQ, for messaging me about this. :)

    *UPDATE* Here's a translation of what I could find that's new. :)

    The version which the window function enters is temporarily improved.
    Fade under game of cherry great war 2
    Respect selection screen of Sanda force 5
    [It] came to be displayed straight.
    - dhalamar

  • MAMECat v0.42.b3 released - The frontend MAMECat for XMAME has been updated today with a new version. To learn about the changes and to grap a copy visit MAMECat'sofficial home page. Thanks to PeterD for the news! - Martin

  • Sega Goes Multi-Platform - IGNDC has the full story. - atila

  • FPSE Playstation emulator - The homepage for FPSE(you know, that cool Playstation emulator?), has been updated with 2 screenshots of games running, although I've no clue what games they are. :) And the page will be updated again sometime today. - dhalamar

  • SSF Tribute I saw over at Zophar's Domain that a SSF Tribute site for us people who don't know Japanese is here. :) Take a look. :) - dhalamar

  • Little news bunched up - OK, here's a list. It's easier this way. :)

    Screenshots of ePSXe and PSEmu Pro(yes, there are still people who use this emulator, I'm one of them) running all kinds of different games at http://romov.delfi.lv/pics.php. The site isn't in English, but it's real easy to figure out.
    Game Gallery has screenshots of various games running in ePSXe, as well as many other emulators for various systems(including Final Burn), and last, but not least, the DCM05 Homepage has 30 screenshots using their M-05 emulator. :) Thanks to all the people who E-Mailed me. :) - dhalamar

  • fMSX-SO V0.82 - The MEPS crew E-Mailed me about this one.

    fMSX-SO is a port of the famous fMSX-Emulator by Marat. This port by HQ is meant to run under Windows and has as a major aim to get good OPLL emulation, something that is lacking in most other MSX Emulators at the moment. This OPLL (FM-PAC) emulation r uns through MIDI in this emulator.
    The new features mainly include better SCREEN5 emulation and some improved in the OPLL emulation (Decay was updated

    I think that about sums it up. And bwb, you'll be missed. - dhalamar

  • CALICE v0.0.5 - David Raingeard is still busy updating his new CPS 1 emulator CALICE. New or changed in release 0.0.5 :

    - o - Ini file to avoid to use the switches
    - o - Roms, log and drivers directory configuration (calice.ini)
    - o - Checksum rom test
    - o - Support for zipped romsets
    - o - small utility to calculate the checksum of a file (CHECKSUM.EXE)

    Right now CALICE is capable to run three different CPS 1 games : Final Fight (world), Strider (world) and Willow (Japan). Here's your download link. Thanks to Navarone's Emulatio n9 for this and the DreamGBC news ! - Opi

  • DreamGBC 2001 Final BETA 4 - Update Ooops, I reported about the old version, now it's the right one - thanks to Uncool for the correction :)

    After two weeks of silent work, Kervin thought it's about time to release a new DreamGBC version. DreamGBC 2001 Final Beta 4 has the following new to offer :

    - o - [Mapper] Perfect MBC3 Clock emulation! Time in game (pokemon,etc)
    ...... will change as it will do on a real GBC
    - o - [GameBoy] Selectable interrupt engine. If some games don't work,
    ...... try another interrupt engine.

    Click here to download DreamGBC 2001 Final Beta 4.

    Sad to see bwb leaving - hope that PeterD will be able to continue without him. EmuHQ is without doubt one of the best Emulation sites. Loosing it would be really awful ! Best wishes to you Ben :) - Opi

  • bwb is quitting EmuHQ - bwb, one on the most famous emu news posters, is quitting the scene. You can read his farewell letter at EmuHQ. Good luck from everyone at retrogames :) - Martin

  • Iki's GBA Emulator soon to be released - Well, it seems that yesterday's release of Virtual Gameboy Advance was just the beginning of a new wave of GBA emulators. On this site you can admire 17 screen shots of this new GBA emulator in action which is set to be released some time in February :) Thanks to Ben-J for the info! - Martin

  •    Tuesday, January 30th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:29 EST

  • modeler WIP Update - The modeler WIP page was updated with 10 new screenshots - check them out (can't wait to play Sonic Arcade at home) ! Thanks to Sixtoe for the hint :) - Opi

  • fMSX-DOS Loader 2.0 & MSX ROM Manager 2.0a - Nightfox uploaded new versions of his MSX tools. The database was completely rewritten to fix some ROM identifying related proble ms.

    Update : If you already downloaded MSX ROM Manager 2.0, then please redownload it as v2.0a ! The old 2.0 release had a nasty bug if you used the "-EDIT command". - Opi

  • Offend v0.83 - Psyman informed me about his latest Offend update. Offend is a multi-emulator front end with a large number of already supported emulators. This up date adds support for Neopocott, Reality Boy, VMS, WPC Mame and MESS v0.37 b11. - Opi

  • MAMEBoy v1.3 - A new MAMEBoy binary is online. Now with perfectly centered screen and normal button support for E115 and E125. Kangaroo, Shao Lin's Road and Xeviou s were added to the list of supported games in MAMEBoy.

    Hi Martin - nice to have you aboard :) - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with Monday's news. Summary: Ben releases DOS MESS, Raphael merges in code from MacMAME into MacMESS. Click the link above for more details. - chris

  • GameBoy for Linux - cingb is an attempt to write a Gameboy emulator for Linux. It can currently play many Gameboy and Gameboy Color ROMs. It includes a debugger for step-by-s tep analysis of gameboy programs. (Source: Freshmeat.) - chris

  • It seems that we will have a second Sega Saturn emulator after SSF capable of running commercial games. On the official Giri homepage you can read a fat title stating "'Daytona USA' is running" and some screenshots showing Daytona USA in action on Giri Giri! - Martin

  • Linux - Linux kernel 2.4.1 has been released, this is the latest stable version of the linux kernel. Update: This kernel includes support for reiserfs (source: Kernel Traffic.) - chris

  • LaserEMU has turned one year old today :) To celebrate this its author Bender will release a new version soon with many more games playable! - Martin

  • Martin - Just wanted to welcome ya to the group Martin. :) Hopefully you won't be like Atila and steal my posts. ;) Nah, great to have ya on. - dhalamar

  • ROM hacks - Zakk wrote in to let me know of a new ROM Hacking site which hacks ROMs with translations etc., they are currently working on a translation for Quiz KOF. (I noticed that with quizkof I can set US in the dipswitch menu, but all the text is still japanese, as far as I could tell the only difference was I got a "Winners don't do drugs" screen). - chris

  • Linux Emulation - The LinuxEmu web site has put up an article about the current state of linux emulation. Thanks to Tima for the news. - chris

  • Gameboy Advance emulation!! - If you know me you know I'm a BIG fan of Gameboy Advance emulation. Simon B told me to go to his page a few minutes ago, and when I went, what did I see? Well, for one, a new demo is out which looks pretty cool. :) And another, Marat Fayzullin has made an alpha version of his own Gameboy Advance emulator which is currently know as, well, I'm sure you can guess : Virtual Gameboy Advance.

    So head on over to the Gameboy Advance Developemt homepage to grab all the currently released GBA demos and all the tools you could ever want, along with Marat's new V-GBA. :) Thanks Simon B. :) - dhalamar

  • Thought Of The Day - Are you ready to get those grey cells into action?

    1. I still miss my ex, but my aim is getting better.
    2. Your village called. They want their idiot back.

    And these were supplied by our readers (errors corrected by me):

    3. "You live only once - thank god !" - Ben N.
    4. "ever notice when the batteries on a remote are dying, people always press harder on the remote buttons." - Paul M.
    5. "You can never make anything completely fool-proof because fools are so ingenious" - zadock
    6. Never argue with an idiot, they bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

    More tomorrow :) - atila

  • I am about to post my first bit of news on Retrogames :), but before doing that I would like to introduce myself to all readers: My name is Martin, I'm 19 years old and I live in Southern Germany. And together, we'll try our best to bring you the m ost complete emulation coverage.

    SegaXtreme has released another fantastic OST from Sega: Revenge of Shinobi. Thanks to Iceman2k for the news! - Martin

  • New 'Hired' Help - Say 'hi' to Martin :) - atila

  • Game Boy Advance News - pocket.ign has some interesting Game Boy Advance news and articles online. For example : Big N President Yamauchi confirmed new GBA titles devel oped by Sega and denied Square as a GBA developer. 2.7 million GBA's are currently preordered, a new list of confirmed GBA games is online, GBA games WIP pictures and a Mario Tennis review (this game is a blast, must buy). You see - pocket.ign is a great place to "waste" some minutes :) - Opi

  • PocketSNES 1.00 beta 1 - Here's another new emulator reported by Emulation9 - PocketSNES, a SNES emulator for Pocket PC. You'll n eed Gapi 1.2 from Microsoft to run this emulator. Current drawback : no sound support. - Opi

  • SainT V0.9b - SainT, a new Atari ST emulator for Win9x,NT (SP5) and 2000 was released to the public. It has support for raster and split raster effects (plasma, spectrum 512 pics ...), STFM "hardware" / sync scrolling and STE DAC support (sounds good, whatever it means). For additional info/download go here - thanks to Emulation9 for the heads up. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - More work-in-progress! This caught my eye: "John Bennett added a fixed Strider sound ROM to the CPS-1 driver, which gets rid of repeating music in some stages." But, but, but... Sardu s aid... Oh, nevermind. :) - prophet

  • NeoPocott site updated The NeoPocott homepage was updated a few minutes ago with an update regarding Playstation 1 and 2 ports of the emulator. :) Head on over to the site and check it out. - dhalamar

  • MAMECE-10X update - The site for the Casio E-100 & E-105 port of MAME has been updated with progress on the ePod build of MAME. And Test Build #2 is released with Galaga working, the screen centered, and front end options visible, although t here's no working sound or working inputs. He's wanting an ePod owner to take over the project too. Click here to go to the site. - dhalamar

  • Charles MacDonald's Homepage updated - He has updated his page with an update to his Sega Genesis Hardware Notes recently and some information about his unnamed NEC PC Engine emulator. This is the guy responsible for SMS Plus and that Sega S ystem 16 emulator that runs Shinobi. :) Click here to go to his page. - dhalamar

  • DreamMSX v0.2f - Version 0.2f of this Dreamcast MSX emulator has been released over at DC Emulation. Man now I wish I had a Dreamcast and a CD Burner, I wanna try these emulators. - dhalamar

  • Xenimus Rip-Off - There's an online game called Xenimus that one of my friends, Stick Figure plays, and recently got ripped off in the game. Here's his quote about the whole incident :

    My player was in that safety zone. A PKer found a loophole to force the player out. The player had a certain shield that a PKer wanted, and so they exploited a glitch within the game. If that's not bad enough, the author of the game, who should be held accountable of anything that happens to players involving glitches, WAS NOT willing to give back items lost because of the glitch. The sad part is, I paid for this game out of my own pocket and this guy has the nerve to treat players like THAT when I'm k eeping him from working in a pizza place or wherever. That's why I suggest that not only you avoid playing this game, but tell the author that you WILL NOT be playing this game because of the way he treats his users.

    And here's from the main page of the site about the Safety Zone : There is a safety zone that you will start in that you cannot be killed in. If people attack you then the attack is reversed back on them. If they kill themselves by attacking someone th en the person they were attacking gets experience for the kill.

    REALLY wants me to download and try this game. This kind of thing ticks me off about some games. - dhalamar

  • iGBA Progress update - The author updated the iGBA homepage with news that he suffered a speed loss that he's trying to work around. Head on over to the page to check out screenshots of wha t demos he's gotten working so far. :) Thanks to bwb for the news. - dhalamar

  • LaserEmu Site update - The homepage for the multiarcade emulator, LaserEmu has gone through a big change. It's the authors birthday today (Happy Birthday!!) and he talks about the emulators history among other things in his newest post, and we should be seeing a new version of this emulator soon. - dhalamar

  •    Monday, January 29th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:30 EST

  • [pec] the plugin v1.3 - The best ePSXe cheating utility out there, [pec] has been updated. Head on over to the [pec] homepage for more information. Excellent cho ice if you're into cheating. ;) - dhalamar

  • Dreamcast Successor 'Games Gateway' - Slashdot just posted this article that talks about Sega's plans for their next console. It's a bi t dodgy, but apparently it won't play DC gd-rom discs, but instead download them to a hard drive via a digital cable connection. It's called (hopefully this is a tentative title) the 'Games Gateway', has been a year in development, and should be able to store 60 or so games at any one time. Atila posted this press release a while ago, but a little extra info can't hurt:) Read more here. - david

  • Bliss Site updated - The homepage for the Intellivision emulator Bliss has been updated. Go check it out. Thanks to PeterD for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • MESS v0.37 b11 - The "Multi-Emulator-Super-System" has been updated to version 0.37 b11. Head on over to the MESS page to download ya a copy. :) - dhalamar

  • Meka Configurator v0.56 & New SMS Power Dumps - Maxim recently released a new version of Meka Configurator, his Meka configuration tool. This tool ables you to edit the meka.cfg within a nice GUI and shows you all possible options (it works quite well). Version 0.56 got some new options to setup Meka and preliminary translation support. If you wanna translate Meka Configurator into your own language, then contact the author. Thanks to Destemido for the n otification.

    During my "Meka Configurator research" I noticed that Zoop finally found some time to release two new SMS Power dumps :
    Predator 2 for SMS and Poker Face Paul's Gin for GG ! Check the SMS Power forum for a nice little surprise. - Opi

  • Eskimo Bob ! - Some guys do have a really strange kind of humor :-) - Opi

  • DreamMSX v0.2b - The MSX emulator for Dreamcast called DreamMSX has been updated to version 0.2b, and it WORKS! :) Anyway, you can go pick this up from DC Emulation. Thanks to Octalus666 for the news. - dhalamar

  • NES Section At Retrogames - I used my spare time (thanks to Dhalamar I found nothing left to post, hehe) and finished our NES section. Now you can choose between 11 different NES emula tors (I added loopynes, nester and nesterJ) and check out their feature list or whatever you want. Contact me if you think we still miss something "important" - there are still more than 20 other emularors evailable !

    Next new section will be one for the Game Boy - please tell me which emulators you prefer, besides DBoy, No$gmb and Visual Boy. Also welcome are hints and descriptions for the different available MAME builds - I wanna redo our MAME section too - thanks in advance. - Opi

  • WinEMU 0.49 released! - WinEMU is a Windows based Commodore C16/Plus4 emulator. Version 0.49 includes new windowed screen modes, tons of fixes including Manic Miner working nicely now, DirectSound works under Windows NT4, stack debugger and more. WinEMU homepage. (Thanks Lando of C16/Plus4 Classix) - prophet

  • Atari Fans and Developers! - The Classic Gaming Expo homepage has released Atari Jaguar and Atari Lynx Encryption Software. All you people wanting to develop for either of those systems rejoice. :) Click < a href="http://cgexpo.com/encrypt.html">here to get more information. Oh yeah, the one for Atari Lynx is for Amiga only by the way. Regardless, head on over there. :) Thanks to WWEMU for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • ClrMAME Pro 1.92! - Roman Scherzer posted a new version of his awesome ROM utility! Some fixes and functional changes made. ClrMAME Pro homepage. - prophet

  • Final Burn Guide updated - James has updated Guyfawkes' Final Burn Guide with the following things:

    - Updated game.ini pack, redone all the games which now have three punches/kicks support (use the shoulder buttons)
    - Added some new Q&A
    - Added new game screenshots for Ghouls n' Ghosts, Rockman/Megaman - to save bandwidth and page loading times they are now on a seperate page.
    - Other minor changes

    Head on over to EmuHolic and check it out. :) - dhalamar

  • XGaming's Cyberstik Reviewed - As retrogamers await XGaming's official X-Arcade debut, they might be interested in the Adrenaline Vault's review of the Cyberstick Air Joystick. Apparently XGaming is one hot new controller company, 'cuz it got 5 stars outta 5! Bring on that X-Arcade! - prophet

  • Atari 800 Tribute updated - LeatherFace said he updated The Atari 800 Tribute site with a guide for level 2 of The Goonies and added some games. Head on over there and check it out. - dhalamar

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with Sunday's news. There has also been an official DOS MESS 0.37b11 released this morning, expect to see it on the official site as soon as Richard gets a chance to upload it. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated the MAME WIP with screenshots of the working Looping / Sky Bumper driver. - chris

  • More ePSXe screenshots - Ridge was kind enough to E-Mail me about his udpate to his collection of ePSXe v1.0.1 screenshots. Here's the games he added:

    007 - Tomorrow Never Dies - 20 snapshots
    Ridge Racer Turbo Edition - 8 snapshots
    Ridge Racer Revolution - 15 snapshots
    Tony Hawk's Pro skater - 15 snapshots
    Wipeout 3 - 7 snapshots

    You can find them at The Games Gallery. - dhalamar

  • Thought of the Day - Time to think, here goes:

    1. Never hit a man with glasses. Always use your fist.
    2. Life is too short to argue, therefore I'm always right.

    More tomorrow :) - atila

  • Awards ceremony - One of my buds, Ted Bailey mentioned to me just a minute ago that his game Pac Man Adventures in Time got IGN's Best Puzzle/Classic Game of 2000. :) Head on over to Creative Asylum to check out this and the other game him and his team have made. Thanks to Ted for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Calice v0.0.4 - This multi-arcade CPS1 emulator has been slightly updated. Here's what's new:

    The emulation has been speed up a little bit. The compatibility is better, (block sprites are emulated now). There is 8 bpp and 15 bpp rendering modes. Willow is playable now. Strider too. It is possible to build new drivers using my "script engine". H ave a look at the .DRV files with notepad and have fun =)

    I am *trying* to design it both for speed and portability. Most of the low level functions are written in assembly using nasm, to be easily ported to other operating systems(x86 only). Note that CALICE is not optimized yet...

    Head on over to the Calice homepage to download it. - dhalamar

  • Hmm.... - I personally think Atila has been sitting by the computer since the last Final Burn release just to he could beat me to the post. I was LOGGING IN to post about it, then he comes out and says "Final Burn released".

    AARGH - dhalamar

  • Burning Desire - Dave has once again updated Final Burn, here's what's new:

    * Input is now always read for every frame, even if the emu is frame skipping. It makes no difference here since the emu hardly ever frame-skips, so I'm uploading this mainly because I'm curious - does it help anyone else's controller problems?

    Download Final Burn 0.087 here, thanks to cd-man for the news. - atila

  • Hu-Go! - The PC Engine/TG-16 emulator Hu-Go! has been updated. Click here for more info on what's new. Thanks to Martin for the ne ws. :) - dhalamar

  • Sega's Deal With Pace - Sega should have issued this press-release last week, when the 'bad news' hit the scene. PACE will add a "DC-on-a-Chip" to every re ceiver they make and you will be able to download DC games via satellite/broadband, which will then be stored on a 40GB HD, inside the receiver. - atila

  • Final Fantasy IX screenshot madness - This IS madness. I've never seen so many damned screenshots for one game. Over at the awesome ePSXe support/fan site ePSXe Fanatics HamX submitted ! !54!! screenshots of Final Fantasy IX, and Sonikku submitted 4 screenshots at 4xFSAA with a GeForce Ultra2 of the same game, all using ePSXe. Sheesh! I would submit some, but screenshots I make wouldn't be worth looking at. ;) Thanks to Wormie for putting this great site together, and he's still working on getting that great compatibility list up, submit something to him and help him out. :)

    *UPDATE* Wormie just got done adding 32 screenshots of Gran Turismo 2 submitted by ArchangelX. There's a Mustang in that game, I must get that game now. Go check out the screenshots while I get my game and my dream car.... '65 Mustang GT..... Mmmmm....... - dhalamar

  • Project Titan 1/28/01 - The Sega Saturn emulator Project Titan has been updated to 1/28/01. Here's a summary of what's new courtesy of EmuSphere:

    Added byteswapping patch for better x86 performance
    Began transition from "ReBECa" model to "PATRICk"
    Rewrote Prolog/Epilog Code
    Began SH2->x86 translation code (compiles with NASM)
    Nearly completed caching system for generated blocks
    Streamlined opcode identification -- will use this for the Patrick core
    Upgraded to Genital68k 0.21 -- Full code optimization now works
    Moved VDP and CDROM Win32 code to plugin dlls, and slightly modified API

    Head on over to the Project Titan homepage to download this and try it out. - dhalamar

  • Apollo Source released - The source code for the now discontinued Nintendo 64 emulator Apollo has been released with a very long post about the reasons for quitting work on the emulator. Head on ov er to the Apollo site for more information and the source code. Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - dhalamar

  • pecEdit v1.5 - Aldo has released version 1.5 of his editor the the cheat utility [pec]. Here's what's new:

    Merge games of 2 [pec] databases (replace cheats for existing games, add new games)
    Text editor for game cheats (view/copy/paste/replace all cheats without validation)
    Get id of current CD from the import window.

    Head on over to Aldo's page to download that all all the Pplaystation utilities you can shake a stick at. Thanks to Bobbi for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Phantasy v0.20b - Phantasy v0.20b was released. It's a SMS front-end for Windows. Here's what's new:

    it fixes some error what slip into the previous version
    it also adds a few things
    i also took time to do a re-write of the documentation and i added a HTML documentation, also the Self-Executable instalator is done.

    Head on over to the Phantasy homepage if you wanna try it out. :) Thanks EmuHolic.

    And my sincerest condolences go out to Guyfawkes and his family. His grandfather passed away recently. :( - dhalamar

  • G-NES v.475 - Justin was kind enough to send me an E-Mail speciftying at least one thing that's new in the recent G-NES release.

    Hey, I fiddled around with the menus for the latest G-NES release, and it seems that a new soundcore: MIDI, was added.

    Thanks Justin. :) - dhalamar

  • More Gameboy Advance emulator delight! - I was over at EmuHQ, and I saw a post about a new Gameboy Advance emulator! Now, if you know me, I am big into Gameboy Advance emulation. :) It's called iGBA, which already runs 7 demos perfectly, and 2 more are close to working, and has screenshots of what it runs too. :) If you want to learn more about Gameboy Advance emulation and developement, I suggest you go to the Gameboy Advance Developement homepage, they have all the publically released demos, the one GBA emulator that has been released, all sorts of tools, and other little tidbits. - dhalamar

  •    Sunday, January 28th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:04 EST

  • Final Burn 0.086! - Another few hours, another update from Dave. :) The main thing now is EEPROM saving to your hard drive! If you don't know what that means, then trust me, it's a very nice, very useful feature and you want it. So go get it! - prophet

  • FE for DOS v0.13a - For those few people who care - the japanese Famicom/NES emulator FE for DOS was updated to version 0.13a. For more info a bout this emu go here :) Thanks to Grégory from www.All4Emu.com for the email. - Opi

  • New RomCenter Datfiles - The RomCenter homepage was updated with a couple of new datfiles. Some "Cowering Goodxxx tools" conversion from Rob van der Drift and updated Logi qx datfiles : Calice 0.0.3a (new), CPS-2, Final burn 0.080 and wpcmame. Thanks to Rico2000 for the news. - Opi

  • Final Burn v0.085 - Busy, busy Dave ! Two Final Burn releases within 24 hours ! New in this release :

    + (Added a few CPS1 games to save people rom swapping)
    + Added support for Megaman (Asia), (no sound)
    + Added support for Rockman (Jpn), (no sound)
    + Added support for Ghouls 'N Ghosts (no sound)

    Thanks to oZoNe for the email ! - Opi

  • Thoughts Of The Day - It's time to get all philosophical:

    1. "Light is faster than sound. That's why people look intelligent, up until the point you hear them speak."
    2. "Kids on the backseat cause accidents. Accidents on the backseat cause kids."

    There'll be more tomorrow :) - atila

  • MESS WIP - Another MESS WIP report has been submitted with Saturday's WIP news. - chris

  • Nester Public Beta 4 - Darren Ranalli published a new beta of Nester, his fine NES emulator for Win9x ! Great to see a new release by Darren himself, after "hundr eds" of new "unofficial nester" patches and nesterJ release - which both use the Nester source as base for their own emulator. I'm sure we will soon see many new releases or ports with the Nester public beta 4 so urce as initial code base. Here are the available downloads :

    Nester Public Beta 4 aka "the emulator" and/or the new Nester source ! Please refer to the readme.txt for the l atest changes :)
    Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Final Burn v0.084 - Final Burn v0.084 is out - here are the latest changes / improvements :

    + Added keys for all three Punches and Kicks in the CPS2 games. To define them, use the Input list.
    + (Vampire) Fixed the problem with the EEPROM emulation.
    * (Note EEPROM is not saved to disk yet though.)
    + (VSav) Fixed the graphical glitch where Shadow was shown on the Red Curtain screen
    + (Vampire) vampja.ini should have been called vampj.ini, fixed.

    Click here to download Final Burn v0.084. - Opi

  • Britney Spears - I like Britney Spears now. :) An MP3 of her swearing like a sailor in a recent show was on Zophar's Domain recently, and now The Register has a little peice about it, filling in the gaps that at least *I* was wondering about. You can hear the clip of Britney complaining to her managers at BritneySpears.Org, or you can look through ZD's old news, or I'm sure you could find it in Crapster.... er..... Napster. I have to say I like her now, I think I'm gonna buy her CD tommorow, and browse the net for some interesting pics..... - dhalamar

  • Sleepy? Nah - Wildifire0 is trying to go to sleep. I'm not letting him. He also wrote this. It's 3:30 in the morning for me right now. I really should sleep.< BR>
    Bah, who needs sleep. - dhalamar

  • G-NES v0.475 - The NES emulator G-NES has been updated, although I haven't the slightest clue as to what's new. :) Go to the G-NES homepage to download it th ough. Thanks Guyfawkes. - dhalamar

  • DC Emulation - DC Emulation has put up the interview with TwinD, the programmer of DreamGEN. AND they added a section for DreamSNES screenshots wish some cover shots, AND posted link to some articles that have been going around about the Dreamcast lately. :) This is one of the very few times I wish I had a Dreamcast. - dhalamar

  • What the.... - One of my friends, WaaX showed me this. Are these guys serious, or is it some kind of bizarre joke? - dhalamar

  • Apollo Discontinued - The Nintendo 64 emulator Apollo has been discontinued. :( Head on over to the page to read the post. - dhalamar

  •    Saturday, January 27th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:20 EST

  • Silly me - I should've posted about this earlier, but I had to bolt offline for a little while. Anyway, more Gameboy Advance emulator news. There's a new one in the works coded by Eloist. He has a screenshots WIP page up right now with shots of the emulator running some the current demos at 20+ FPS. Click here to check that out. He said these shots were taken from an older version and that the newer version runs faster than that. Thanks t o Eloist for the telling me about this, and let's hope there's a release soon. :) - dhalamar

  • Modeler WIP News - Weee R. Belmont called us "damn lazy news posters - what an insult, now I'm going to 'quit da skene' after I pleased this 'impudent greedy' Linux guy :)

    However, he updated the Modeler WIP page and uploaded "a few screenshots from a couple of wip drivers: Sonic, Rad Mobile and Arabian Fight. These games aren't playable yet but their attract modes work with incor rect colors and plenty of missing graphics and glitches." Visit the Modeler homepage for additional info and the pictures ! - Opi

  • Get Some Games - My favourite C-64 site Lemon was updated with 25 new tape images - The X68000 Games Pile offers you a handful of new X68000 games and Rico's RC Roms has now (again) all public domain ROMs from the Cowering Good-tools series online ! - Opi

  • Lewpy's GPU Plugin v1.28 - Lewpy has released v1.28 of his GPU plugin for all you Playstation emulation fans. AND he now has his own page over at http://lewpy.psxemu.com/. So head on over there and down load his plugin if you use ePSXe or PSEmu Pro or anything else that can use this plugin and get it. :) Thanks to Bobbi for the news.

    *UPDATE* I got one E-Mail from someone who wanted me to point out that this is a GLIDE plugin just in case you're living under a rock and don't know about Lewpy's GPU. - dhalamar

  • Speaking of the GBA - The Gameboy Advance Developement page has updated both with a new design AND a new 3-D demo using the Mode 5 3-D engine. Head on over there and check it out. :) - dhalamar

  • Boycott Advance - OK, if you didn't know, I'm REAL big into Gameboy Advance emulation. I don't know why, I just am. I went over to the NeoPocott page a few minutes ago just to see if they had updated so I' d have an excuse to post and they have.

    First the bad news, the author's pet dog Elsa died Thruday night. :( As a result he started working on BoyCott Advance to keep his mind off things, and now has a screenshot of the ConsoleDev Promo running. Head over to the NeoPocott homepage to see the screenshot and information about their other emulators, and go over to either the Gameboy Advance Developement page for all the GBA stuff you can shake a stick at, or Kojote's Freeware ROMs, currently the biggest freeware ROMs page I've ever seen. - dhalamar

  • Article on Emulation - I know it's old, but I don't care. It's too cool. :) I was over at MAMEWorld, and they mentioned an 6 page article on emulation from a UK magazine called PC Utilities about a month ago. So, MAMEWORLD got permission to scan and put up the article. All 6 pages are up there. I'm still reading through it. :) - dhalamar

  • SNESAmp v2.0 - Akilla from Zophar's Domain mentioned the release of SNESAmp v2.0 ! SNESAmp is an awesome (the best imho) SPC plugin for Winamp made by Anti Resonance.
    Here's (374 kb) the new plugin exe (get the changes info from the SNESAmp homepage), double click it and direct it to your winamp directory and you're set. After the download you should check out the sound tracks section at the SNESAmp homepage or visit Zophar Domain's famous SPC archive which was updated twice recently ! - Opi

  • LOOPING!! - Phil Stroffolino made a big step forward with the Looping driver! Check MAME WIP for a screen shot. - chris

  • easyEmu - Paul wrote in to let me know of some updates over at the easyEmu web page. In the Hints & Tips section, he has ad ded information on controller calibration for Operation Thunderbolt / Space Gun, how to flip the screen in the Altus/Cave games (like guwange), and how to disable the censorship in Pipi & Bibi / Whoopee. He has also updated the MAME Game lists for beta 9 and 10. - chris

  • RockNES v1.703 - NES release news part 3 :) Kinox mentioned the third bugfix release for the current RockNES v1.7 cycle - ie Roc kNES v1.703 is out !

    - o - Fixed savestate code to suit big-endian byte order (the MacOS)
    - o - Fixed EAGLE blitting (removed debug junk)
    - o - Fixed sprite ram data overflow (oh boy)
    - o - More fixes to MMC5 (IRQ is working again, sorry).

    Download it here ! - Opi

  • Unofficial nester 2001/01/27 - Emulation 9 was updated with a new version of unofficial nester which is available for you here. After using it several times now, unofficial nester convinced me now. This is without a doubt the best and most compatible NES emulator currently available.

    - code fixed NSF(thanx rinao)
    # support 'Doremikko Keybord'
    # fix 'Space Shadow Gun'
    # fix NSF Player (enable all APU channel) - Opi

  • Jnes v0.40 Beta 2 - Jabo released a new beta of Jnes, his great NES emulators for Win9x. You can check out our interview section for more info about Jabo and the NES section for more details about Jnes ! New or changed in v0.40 Beta 2 :

    - o - Put a cap on direct input error handling during game play
    - o - Rewrote some window handling routines for full screen
    - o - Fixed a bug in the window size menu-check handling
    - o - Initialized the task variable to zero correctly, hopefully this fixes
    ..... problems people experienced with save states doing odd stuff!

    Click here to download it. Thanks to Jabo for the "hey" (next time sent me an more informative email, please) hint :) - Opi

  • MESS WIP - Another MESS WIP update today and yet another driver added to MESS! This time Kev unleashes the Exidy Sorcerer (remember this one?) Click the link above for more info. - chris

  • MacMAME 0.37b11 - The MacMAME team has released MacMAME 0.37b11, this version is in sync with the DOS version, here's what's new:

    - In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 11 build. [Brad Oliver]
    - Many fixes to the PowerPC 68ec020 core, although it's still not perfect. [Brad Oliver]
    - Many fixes for the Carbon version. It is now usable, although it is still lacking in many areas. Please do not report bugs on the Carbon build. [Brad Oliver, Raphael Nabet]
    - The debugger window now renders properly in all cases {Raphael Nabet]
    - Fixed problem with some new 020 opcodes, also fixed crash when using renderer plugin. [Brad Oliver]

    The MacMAME source code can be obtained from the MacMAME site. - atila

  • All Your Base Are Belong to US!!! - That's right, sports fans, it's time to drag your soul in the evil world and take off every 'zig, because a winner is EVERYONE now that Zany Video Game Quotes is back in action! Read the lengthy and SNK-glish laden intro here then check out this ultimate archive of goofy, silly, stupid, and downright zany videogame quotes from the likes of SNK and many others. < b>VICTOLY!! - david

  • Transformers Auction! - Oh my, someone is selling the complete Transformers Generation One robot collection! First bid is $10,000! - atila

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted a tiny MAME WIP update, regarding CPS2 and Taito F3 sound emulation. - atila

  • Final Burn 0.083! - Dave has released 2 new revisions of Final Burn in the past few hours, here's what was added:

    + Made 640x480 the default res, because it works quite well for all games.

    For CPS2 scanlines, make sure the res is 640x480 in finalburn.ini. Now just make sure stretch is NOT ticked, and hit scanlines. Voila - fullscreen scanlines.

    + Fixed "VS Screen" rowscroll problem (background effect) and alignment of the hiscore screen.
    + Final Burn now checks for CRC *errors* in a Zip file (i.e. if the zip file is corrupt) as well as checking if the CRCs of the roms are correct.

    You can download Final Burn 0.083 from the Final Burn site. - atila

  •    Friday, January 26th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:55 EST

  • Game & Watch News - Visit _MADrigal_'s handhelds simulators page and grab Madrigal's latest updates. He uploaded upgraded versions of Donkey Kong (Nintendo, Mu lti-Screen Series) Simulator now v1.03) and Snoopy Tennis (Nintendo, Wide-Screen Series v1.00a) simulator. "both feature massive graphics retouch and *much* more accuracy to the Donkey Kong game". - Opi

  • Exotic Translation News - I was informed about the release of the first ever completed console game translation into Greek ! GTI aka "Greek Translations Inc" released a complete patch for ... drumroll ... (Opi hides, weia - Big N is watching me) ... POKeMON Yellow !!! This translation effort makes sense, in my humble opinion (imho). Nintendo would surely never translated it on their own ! So now - all you 5 Greek guys are still here eh ? Hurry and grab your patch and expect some more good news in the new future ! - Opi

  • Useful Tips And Tricks - Wanna flip the screen and controls in Gridseeker ? Activate the blood in Metal Slug, remove the censorship (buuuuh) in Pipi & Bibis / Whoopee, or have a correct looking screen in the Atlu s/Cave games ? Null problemo :) Check mrv2k's latest easyEmu update ! - Opi

  • C-64 Still 'Rulez' - Peepo was so kind and sent me an email about his latest uploads at Redump 64. Raid Over Moscow, Rick Dangerous 2, Skatin' USA, Turbo Kart Ra cer, Rainbow Islands, Rastan, Operation Wolf, Renegade, Run The Gauntlet & Platoon are ready for you (some are filled requests) ! - Opi

  • QPlayer v1.4.1 - Barry Rodewald released QPlayer v1.4.1, you can get it at the usual place - http://galemu.emulationworld.com/. He wrote : "you sh ould now get better sounding samples", well, try your luck. - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with Thursday's news. - chris

  • Awwww...... how cute - Cute, in a bizarre sort of way. - dhalamar

  • Yape site update - The C-16-Plus/4 emulator Yape site has been updated with some news about the progress of the emulator and some nice little gems up for download. Head on over to the Yape site for the downloads and news. Thanks again Guyfawkes. - dhalamar

  • EmuManiac's Nemu64 INI v2.1.1 - EmuManiac has released a new version of his Nemu64 INI. Here's what's up:

    - Dracula Mokushiroku (JAP) = Playable, but random freezes
    - Blast Dozer (JAP) = Partially Working
    - J. League Tactics Soccer (JAP) = Playable
    - J. World Cup France 98 (JAP) = Playable
    - UltraSMS v1.0 PD = Doesnt work
    - Virtual Pro Wrestling (JAP) = Partially working, only Sound
    - World Cup 98 (USA) = Playable, GFX errors
    - Yuke Yuke!! Trouble Makers (JAP) = Playable
    fixed: - Holy Magic Century (PAL) = now playable (GBI 2)

    You can go grab it from EmuManiac's page. Thanks Guyfawkes. :) - dhalamar

  • Playing Games At McDonald's - I guess it happen sooner or later, but "Mcdonalds has announced to release stand-alone Video Game Kiosks "McMagination" in a number of their restaurants, allowing children to "play the latest video games via an in-store computer system". McD's will be working together with Comapq and Nintendo on this project. The real corker is ofcourse the ridiculous design of the machine. Go to MadMan's Cafe, click 'Soup Du Jour' and start laughing :) - atila

  • Kazzuya's Software Renderer 1.4b - The fastest software renderer plugin for PSEmu Pro and ePSXe and whatever other emulator uses it has been updated to version 1.4b, for the first time in about a year I think. :) You can head on over to Kazzuya's site to grab this one. :) Thanks to Bobbi for the news. - dhalamar

  • Final Burn v0.080 - Final Burn was updated. BIG update. Check it out:

    + Added Vampire (Jpn), which is also known as DarkStalkers.
    - We haven't found a region switch for it yet :( There may not be one.
    - There's a problem with the eeprom - haven't figured it out yet.
    + Otherwise it looks perfect to me!

    * Note for the rom manager programs about Vampire - I'm considering the files:
    vam.* in dstlk.zip to be the US parent set, and
    vamj.* and vamjx.* in vampj.zip to be the Japanese overrides.
    (Final Burn will actually accept the files from either zip though.)
    Hopefully that helps you guys and agrees with what Mame will do.

    + Input can now be configured from the emu.
    Press Input to bring up the Input List, double-click on an input, and press a new key, joystick/pad direction or joystick/pad button for it.

    Note that if you playing the Sega games, you can't use this to configure analog controls yet - you will have to edit the game's .INI file still.
    Also, you will have to edit the games .INI file to set dip switches and region codes.

    + Added a layer switch for CPS games (Alt-L). Press to toggle background layers on or off.
    You can use this to show only the sprites.

    + Fixed the Victor lariat 'teleport' bug, which was caused by being able to press left and right at the same time. (Of course you can't do this on the original arcade, but if you could, the bug would probably happen there as well!)

    + Fixed some Triple Buffering problems.

    + Refined the sprite priority patch so it only modifies sprites when absolutely necessary, and also added the other priority levels.
    Tiny little fixes: the blue flame and picture on Dem's stage is fixed, and the bats now *don't* fly over the red cave on Morrigan's level in VSav (which is the way it is in the arcade).

    + Rowscroll also fixed (it used to created a bit of a glitch at the bottom of the Iron Horse Iron Terror stage as the train scrolled on)

    Phew! Go to the Final Burn homepage and download it. Now. ;)
    - dhalamar

  • New CPS2 release! - CPS2Shock have released the tables needed to play Vampire: The Night Warriors, you can expect a new Final Burn soon ;) - atila

  • NiNja NES Emulator - A new site is hosted over at EmuHQ called Snow Goons. They have an early version of a NES emulator project called NiNja. Here's the specs for the v0.1a release:

    v.01a - Initial Public Release. (Alpha Code)
    - Plugin only steps through 6502 code (NES roms.) press F10 to step.
    - Many features not implemented, some buttons do nothing.
    - 2nd generation GUI, 3rd under development. With many improvements.
    - NES plugin uses Marat Fayzullin’s M6502 core. (My core in ASM has been discontinued, although it does run demos.)
    - NES plugin does not yet handle PPU or sound functions only CPU.
    - Please Report any bugs/errors to RanXacT@yahoo.com

    Head on over to the Snow Goons page if you wanna try it out. :) - dhalamar

  • CALICE Release 0.0.3a - Calice, the new Capcom Ssytem 1 emulator, has been updated with support for Strider(world), and Willow(Japan). Go to the Calice homepage if you're gonna download it. And no there's no sound yet. ;) Thanks DaemoN ;) - dhalamar

  • F355 Challenge on PS2!? - This better not be for real :( - atila

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated MAME WIP - this time there's another huge batch of Mahjong games and some CPS2 progress! - prophet

  • SNES9X - Linux (PowerPC) updated to v1.34a - It has been released to match the recent source release. They said it should have working sound. :) So if you're running Linux, so get it from the SNES9X homepage. Thanks Skates. :) - dhalamar

  • Raine 32 Info - Atani Software has put up a tiny little tidbit about the upcoming Raine32 release. Head on over there and check it out. - dhalamar

  • NLMSX v0.33 - A new version of the MSX 1,2+ emulator for Windows, NLMSX has just hit bringing the following what's new list stapled to its back:

    - Added support for the YM2413 (FM-PAC) Thank s go to Mitsutaka Okazaka for the excellent YM2413 emulation (http://www.angel.ne.jp/~okazaki/ym2413/)
    - Changed MSX2 and MSX2PLUS configurations. Both configurations now support the FM-PAC in slot 3-

    Head on over to the official page to download this. Thanks to The MEP S crew for this one. :) - dhalamar

  •    Thursday, January 25th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:58 EST

  • Virtual Gameboy v2.0 - Marat Fayzullin released VGB v2.0. There is no demo. Go to the VGB Hompage to buy it if for some reason you want to. :) Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - dhalamar

  • NeoPocott Homepage updated - The homepage for the Neo Geo Pocket emulator NeoPocott has been updated with a status report and a nice screenshot Dark Arms - Beast Busters in NeoPocott 0.39b1. - dhalamar

  • GBA & WinME - The Gameboy Advance Developement homepage has put up a 65 second DivX movie regarding that Gameboy Advance and Windows ME. I don't know the contents of the video as I'm about 4% into the down load right now. :) Head on over there and download it, check it out. - dhalamar

  • Lunar 2 on eBay - One of the truly great games on Sega CD is being auctioned on eBay: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue by Game Arts. The game was localized by Working Desig ns (hey Victor, wassup? ;) -- this is gaming heaven :) Too bad I never owned a Sega CD, it was too expensive for me, back in the day :x If you have a nice eBay auction, be sure to lemme know! - atila

  • Callice v0.0.2 - David Raingeard uploaded the first version of Callice his new WIP Capcom system 1 emulator. Right now it's only able to run Final Fight (World) and the author stated "There are tons of rendering bugs, there is no gui, no joystick support, no sound, etc...". But it surely will advance as time goes by :) Additional info are available here.
    Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • "The C64 Emulation Project" Needs Contributors - Mason asked me to put up the following reequest :

    "The C64 Emulation Project' looking for people who got large collections of C64 disks. Either you need to transfer or already got transferred to D64 format. Contact us if you can do any help to finding old titles. Alot of people think theres only need of a single version of each game, but we are interested to see everything. Please contact us on igota@email.com." - Opi

  • Rumor Mill Time ! - Already thursday again ? Busy JoseQ posted a new Rumor Mill today (wow - something dhalamar missed or ignored) ! - Opi

  • MESS WIP - Not much in the way of source code added to the MESS tree for Wednesday, but the code changes sure are interesting. Check the MESS WIP page for more info. - chris

  • Audio Overload is a brand new SPC/GYM/NSF player - for MacOS! - richard

  • MM2/MBZ Owner Speaks - Scott, the owner of those 2 rare prototypes that the CAPURAM campaign wanted to purchase, emailed me this response. It's pretty interesting and provides an insight into his POV as an arcade collector. As reported before, Scott states he has no intentions to sell his machines at any price. Another source informed me otherwise - I will take Scott at his word and apologize for accusing him of "greed" earlier. (That was *my* unfortunate interepretation & choice of words BTW.) Moose's campaign has now turned toward the goal of purchasing legal rights to the games instead, if that's ev en possible. The beat goes on... - prophet

  • Gameboy Advance & WinME - Yeah, I know, you all think that post earlier is merely fake. I never really did think the GBA was running WinME, but Simon B hasn't ever crapped out on me and lied to me about an ything. :)

    Lord Snoopie sent me this E-Mail, maybe it'll eliminate a possibility until we know for sure.

    Heya. I recently saw your post about WinME being displayed on a GBA. While I'm pretty sure the images were not doctored in any way, I think it's safe to say that WinME is not actually running on the GBA's CPU. I personally think that the GBA screen was attached to a computer running ME, so the video is displayed on the GBA. Just a thought.

    Sounds good to me. :) Keep an eye out on the Gameboy Advance Developement homepage sometime today to see what's up with this.

    And thanks for all your welcoming E-Mails and atila for letting me be a part of Retrogames. Makes me feel special. All warm and gooey inside. *sniff*

    Gaak! Baseball... Football.... Boxing.... - dhalamar

  • Sinistar, MAME & keyboards - I recently had an exchange with someone regarding Sinistar (and many other analog joystick games) not controlling properly in MAME. He didn't know that Advance MAME has a fix for this, so I thought it'd be worth noting in the news here as well. All you need to do is turn X & Y Center ON in the analog controls menu. Once done, Sinistar, Food Fight, EPROM & others can work just great with keyboards, Ho tRods or any other keyboard based device. :) Run coward!!! Raaaaaarrrrrr!!! - prophet

  • Emulaxian frontend update - Peter Vogel has updated his graphically beautiful frontend to version 0.3! He's also developing some NEW frontends based upon Tempest and Robotron themes! Check it out at Emulaxian, a retrogaming website experience in itself. =) - prophet

  • CPS2 Donations - Wanna help get more CPS2 games emulated? Then visit the CPS2 Shock Donations page and help out! You can see what's coming and what's needed. (Thanks John IV) - prophet

  • I feel fat, damn cake. :( Oh yeah, welcome aboard Dhalamar. :) - prophet

  • Ganryu dump release date?! - Looks like *maybe* that working Ganryu (NeoGeo action game) dump has a release date! "2/13" Or is it just someone's birthday? I dunno.(Thanks foo mfoom) - prophet

  • CAPURAM update - Moose's campaign to preserve and emulate rare prototype games like Marble Madness 2 & Military Battlezone continues , but has changed focus a bit. First of all, Scott (the guy who has both machines) has now (*I was told*) admitted greed is his real reason for backing out - some other arcade game collectors apparently have offered MORE than $45,000 for them both. Pledges still stand at over $10,000 - so your pledges are STILL needed and can't hurt you since no money is needed until things are finalized. So make a pledge ! Now the goal has turned to actually buying the rights to at least Marble Madness 2... The story continues.. - prophet

  • Pacman - Good, Bad, or Round? - Mike Stulir reviewed Pac-Man: Adventures In Time, another retro remake sorta deal. And guess what? He liked it! Or did he? Go Back In Time and find out. - prophet

  • Advance MAME bugfix - Just a notice FOR any fellow Advance MAME fans - a bugfix version was uploaded the other day. Basically, IF your per game/resolution settings were giving a script error, go download again, ELSE nevermind. NEXT posting... - prophet

  • Beefcake? I prefer cheesecake, thanks muchly. :) Whatta buncha fruitcakes... Chocolate cake, yumm! Cake emulators anyone? - prophet

  • ClrMAMEPro DatFiles - ClrMAMEPro has been updated with DatFiles for Colecovision and Gameboy.

    And EasyEmu has updated with their new hints and tips section, first thing they've got up for it is showing you how to flip the screen and controls in GridSeeker. Thanks to bwb< /a> for the news. - dhalamar

  • DreamGen GUI screenshot - Over at DC Emulation they're hosted site for the as of yet unreleased Genesis emulator for Dreamcast DreamGen has updated with a screenshot of the emulator's GUI. I wonder when the release is going to be? - dhalamar

  •    Wednesday, January 24th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:42 EST

  • SpeedUp Processes 1.0 - Aldo has released a little tool to help people with low end PC's run emulators a little better. It kills stuff that isn't shown in the Task Manager, among other things to free u p memory. Here's the features for version 1.0:

    Use it from the command line or batch files this way:
    SpeedUp.exe C:\MyEmus\Connectix VGS.exe
    Use the interactive GUI to set processes priority: NORMAL, HIGH, REAL TIME (higher) or IDLE.
    Kill hidden process not listed in the Task Manager to free up additional memory and processor time.
    Filter list of processes by priority. A custom filter list running processes of popular emulators.

    Head on over to Aldo's site to check this out, download it, and try it out. Thanks Wormie. :) - dhalamar

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated with Tuesday's news. - chris

  • RockNES Moved - For some unknow reasons the RockNES homepage has been moved to Kinox (enlighten me) - please update your bookmarks to http://www.kinox.org/rocknes ! Thanks to WWEmu for the news. - Opi

  • News for GBADev.org - Simon B(the webmaster to the brilliant GBADev homepage, sent me 4 screenshots from a real Gameboy Advance. Check them out here, here, here, and here. If you're wondering what they are, it's a picture of a Gameboy Advance seemingly running Windows ME!!! When I asked Simon B whether or not they were fake, he sa id this: "depends on what you mean by fake.....but its not like I have cut and pasted...and it isnt homemade....heh...youll see tomorrow..."

    So check the Gameboy Advance Developement page tommorow. I couldn't p ry anything out of him about it, so I know about as much as you do. :) - dhalamar

  • Team Japump!!! News - After a long and desperade search for news (j/k) - I successfully found a little news about Team Japump!!!. These awesome ROM dumpers just deliv ered a big bunch of new food for the MAME dev ftp for later use. Look yourself if you wanna know what they saved from vanishing :) Thanks Emulation 9 ! - Opi

  • Interesting Spectrum Site - CRASH, the Online Editon was updated with html'ized reviews and scans of the Crash magazine, issue 23. I've menti oned this site once before and found it really amazing. If you're interested in old Spectrum stuff, then you'll find this site very entertaining and informative !
    I'm sure you'll have a good laugh - when you read some of the hyped "90% overall rating" reviews :) I found it still funny to read about awesome graphics and complex gameplay when they talk about old 8-bit Speccy games.
    Thanks to Emucamp for the reminder !

    Welcome dhalamar - fine to have you a board :-) You will lower my "inner pressure" that's for sure ! Heh, but next time let me post something too :P - Opi

  • WonderSwan Emulation - The homepage for the WonderSwan emulation project White Swan has been updated with some spiffy news about this unreleased emulator. Go there now. Because I said. C'mon! PLEASE! :) Thanks Guyfawkes. - dhalamar

  • BWAHAHAHAHA!. - chris

  • Sega to announce 26 of the 100 titles. - Madman was kind enough to us this nice E-Mail regarding Sega's activities:

    Sega has announced 26 of their 100 scheduled titles for release after this fiscal y ear, a good number which are sequels to popular games such as Space Channel 5 and Crazy Taxi.

    Sega of Japan also released a public announcement following the DC fiasco- interestingly, some parts collide with the previous notice from Sega of America.
    Hmm... I don't think Sega is dead. :) - dhalamar

  • Sega's Not Dead, DC Is Not Dead! - Not really, read this article at MSNBC for the full lowdown. Like I said yesterday, DC is not dead, it's just undergoing a change of shape :) - atila

  • Freedrive Cancels - I got an E-Mail from Freedrive saying that they're cancelling their services due to software piracy. Stupid warez kiddies strike again. :\ - dhalamar

  • Mortal Kombat 5 Preview - I know this isn't emulation related, but I've been a Mortal Kombat fan for a long time, even though the MK3 games suck. Anyway, over at Gamers Uplink, they had a post about stuff from Game Addicts, and one of them was a preview of Mortal Kombat FIVE. And regarding Gamers Uplink, kilik123 wrote an editorial called "A Word About Sega". And while I'm at it, I have 2 reviews I've written for them of Graal and Subspace. :) Head on over to Gamers Uplink for those and more. :) - dhalamar

  • Stardust Site updated - The site for the Super Nintendo for the Sega Saturn, Stardust has been updated. There is no release yet, but you can see how he's doing with the emulator by going to the site. An SNES emulator for Sega Saturn, man, that would be enough of a reason for me to BUY another Saturn. :) Thanks to bwb for the news. :) - dhalamar

  • Guyfawkes' Final Burn Guide - Guyfawkes over at EmuHolic has updated his Final Burn guide. He made some little revisions and added a few sections that users suggest ed. You can read it right here. Mmmmmm...... I can't wait for the next release of Final Burn. Final Burn Final Burn! Me want Final Burn!! beefcake. - dhalamar

  • Evil eBay Auction - When you bid on an auction, you should always be careful, and you should DEFINITELY read the item description -- TWICE. Want to know why ? Because of this. What this person offered, was a PS2 BOX, not the actual console, merely the BOX and the receipt. Be sure to view the comments in the seller's Feedback Profile. Thanks to Michael R. for the link. - atila

  • NeoPocott Homepage updated - You know that Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator that seems to have been ported to everything but the Apple ][/E? Well, the NeoPocott homepage has been updated with a bunch of spiffy news. I'm not even going to list it here. Go to the site and read it for yourself. :) Thanks to Julien for the news. - dhalamar

  • PocketGB v1.12 b10 - PocketGB updated to v1.12 b10. Here's a what's new list courtesy of Vivek:

    Intermittent pause corrected
    Auto video sync enabling/disabling
    External keyboard feature
    Default *.gbc files
    Input mapping fix for iPAQ

    Goto the PocketGB homepage to download it. beekcake. - dhalamar

  • Good God... - Dhalamar uses more ;) than I do ;) "Girlfriend, he crazy!" =) - atila

  • Kojote's Freeware ROMs Homepage - I was just talking to Kojote and he told me his freeware ROMs homepage is back up! He shut it down a while back because of all the idiots E-Mailing him cussing him ou t and asking him for commercial ROMs. Well, he has gotten a lot of positive feedback to bring the site back up, so he brought it back up. :) He has a huge collection of freeware ROMs. 584 as of this posting to be exact. :) Go there. Now. Because I said. beefcake. - dhalamar

  • ePSXe Fanatics beefcake - I was talking to Wormie, the webmaster of ePSXe Fanatics(a really cool ePSXe support site), and he told me about an update to his page rega rding his compatibility list. He's working on the list again and should have the submissions up pretty soon. Here is a submision by cKm of Ridge Racer Type 4 running on ePSXe. This isn't no dinky compatibility list, this goes WAY in depth. :) Go there. Send in your submissions, and wait for them to go up, it's worth it. :) Thanks Wormie for telling me about this and for helping me with my HTML pro blem. ;) - dhalamar

  • More beefcake -
    Virtual Game Station - $50
    Bleem - $30
    Downloading ePSXe v1.0.1 for nothing getting better results. Priceless.
    Freeware emulators. They're everywhere you want them to be. - dhalamar

  • Yame v0.28a - The multi-console emulator Yame has been updated to version 0.28a according to Vivek. A replay action function was added. He ad on over to the Yame site to leech it. - dhalamar

  • Aldo Updates Galore! - Aldo, you know, that guy who makes all those really cool Playstation tools? Well, he's talking about an update to the VGS Video Patch Release 8 *AND* version 2.47a of Daemon's Tools!!! :) Head on over to Aldo's site for more downloads than you can shake a beefcake at. Thanks to Bobbi for the news. - dhalamar

  • VGS and You - I was over at PSXEmu, and noticed a post about Virtual Game Station. Well, needless to say, I read it because it's one of my favorite Playstation emulat ors. A legal dude from Connectix who has been battling Sony regarding VGS made a post in PSXEmu's message board. Here is the thread. Think you can help ou t? Read the thread, decide what you might be able to do no matter how big or small. :) Send a note to this guy. Thanks to Bobbi for being a cool dude. :) - dhalamar

  • HeboWin v00.01d - Guyfawkes mentioned a new version of a certain Gameboy emulator called HeboWin. Here's what he got translated of what's new:

    - Corrections to the screen not normally displayed with a part of video card.
    - Fixed 24bit display
    - Fixed bug when ini and sav files are created from a 'drag and drop' start.
    - Correction of something wrong to which RTC file is output by game in which timer function of MBC3 is not provided.
    - Correction of something wrong which becomes BUTTON1 even if BUTTON10 is chosen with JOYPAD CONFIG.
    - Fixed bug when a mono game is run when color is selected
    - Correction to which POW gauge is not displayed by KOF95, 96, and 97.
    - Correction of Bonn Birman GB3.
    - Other changes not mentioned

    Hmm... You can go over to the official HeboWin homepage to grab this up. What kind of name IS HeboWin anyway? Oh, and this just MIGHT help you translate the page. ;) - dhalamar

  • beefcake - I watched South Park for the 3rd time in my entire life yesterday. I'm in a strange mood right now. I've had a lot of coffee this morning. I'm about ready to start bouncing off the walls. Look forward to me and Opi flooding this p lace. Unless people decide to steal my posts. Then I'll be forced to sacrifice them to my cat god. Oh, and take a look at this if you wanna play Nintendo on your Playstation. - dhalamar

  •    Tuesday, January 23rd 2001 - Last updated @ 20:23 EST

  • MAMu_ Icons for X - Your's Truely has updated the xmame icons page with MAMu_'s latest iconpack for MAME 0.37b11. If you want to install these icons, you will need to upgrade the kmam u shell script, also on that page, so that the install scripts will work properly with the latest xmame. - chris

  • Langrisser 2 (Genesis) Now In English - Great news for Strategy RPG-lovers ! The Whirlpool posted once again something about an (almost) complete translation patch. This time Hiryuu Honyaku released one for the Genesis game "Langrisser 2" which (sadly) never made it to the States. Everything has been translated except for the ending, which needs the help of an good AS M coder. The English version of the first Langrisser game is better known as "Warsong" - a very rare and expensive game over here in Germany. Fortunatelly I got mine when it wasn't that expensive :) - Opi

  • GoodGBx v0.999.5 & GoodN64 v0.999.3 - My oh my - Cowering is still at it, he released GoodGBx v0.999.5 and GoodN64 v0.999.3 today.

    GoodGBx v0.999.5 stats : 4982 entries
    - database updated (Thanks Clem and PDMG)

    GoodN64 v0.999.3 stats : 1408 entries
    - database update

    Thanks to WWEmu for the news and the files. - Opi

  • MAME DOS Tutorial At easyEmu - easyEmu was updated with an helpful and interesting to read (yes I read it) MAME DOS tutorial. All I need to know now is : how can I get my Sidewinder to work with DOS MAME in Win98 ? Thanks to mrv2k for the info. - Opi

  • Ganryu - It would appear that the Ganryu ROM dumping project has succeeded. However, it also appears that we won't be "seeing" this ROM anytime soon. Read Foomfoom's translation and take it as you will.
    Update - Hmmmmm... - dutch

  • WinFellow - WinFellow is a port of Fellow for DOS to the Win32-platform (Win9x/NT/2000). Fellow is an Amiga emulator. This way you can play your old time Amiga games on your PC and run any program that ran on your Amiga. Changes in the lastest snapshot release include: graphics should be faster and sound should be more available, also two PC joystick support is added. Thanks to mrv2k for the news. - chris

  • FCE Ultra - FCE Ultra is an NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator for various platforms. It is based upon Bero's original FCE source code. Features include good PPU, CPU, pAPU, expansion chip, and jo ystick, and authentic Game Genie emulation. Save states and snapshot features also have been implemented, and the VS Unisystem is emulated as well. FCE Ultra supports iNES format ROM images, iNES- and FWNES-style FDS disk images, and NSF files. Change s for 0.50r2: Many bugfixes, vastly improved sound support, support for much more in-cart expansion hardware, and support for the Zapper (light gun). (I know this was posted by Opi below, but I am providing a bit more info on the new release.) - chris

  • PCEmu - PCEmu is a software-only PC emulator that emulates an XT- class machine with text-only VGA. It supports hard and floppy drive images, and allows mounting of Unix directory trees as drives. An EMS interface allows access to arbitrary amounts of memory. It also has a DEBUG-style hardware debugger. Changes for version 1.2 include: i186 support to allow FreeDOS to boot, clean compilation under glibc 2.2.1, and an ncurses output mode. - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with Monday's news. The highlight of today's udpate is the new Sinclair PC200 driver submitted by PeT. Lots of other updates as well, click the link above for more information. - chris

  • Time For An Interview! - We've taken the time and interviewed Jabo, author of Jnes. It's very informative and not too long, so you can return to your work quickly aft er reading :) - atila

  • Jum52 Win v0.51a+pi - Emulation 9 reported a new release of Jum52, James Higgs' Atari 5200 emulat or. This new release adds support for some newly available prototype ROMs and fixes some minor bugs. - Opi

  • SegaXtreme Is Alive - IceMan2k the head of SegaXtreme has sent me the following (good) news :

    "ALL of the Genesis OST's are back up on SegaXtreme ! You can now listen to all of your favorite genesis tunes like Phantasy Star 4 or Sonic the Hedgehog ! All ripped from a REAL genesis not some gy m crap !
    BTW, SegaXtreme is FAR from dead
    ". - Opi

  • RAINE WIP - Fantastic RAINE WIP news, three hurra's for the open source decision :) Warlock announced a new RAI NE release for next week, additional and more detailed info can be found here - thanks to Bully for th e email ! - Opi

  • NES Emulators Release Madness - Here are the latest NES emulator releases : First a new FCE Ultra v0.50 r2 bugfix. Then the latest Famtasia Tester release - no clue whats new, but anyway download it. Famtasia rocks ! (Thanks Panther). And finally the latest unofficial nester patch. - Opi

  • Modeler update - Check the Impact Emu site and see some pics of Spiderman in action :) - atila

  • Bliss v1.31 - Here's another bugfix release - Bliss v1.31. - Opi

  • RockNES/MacOS 1.702 at my site - who knows, you might be visitor 1,000,000! - richard

  • 20,000,000 - Only 14,000 more hits left to reach that magical number :) - atila

  • RockNES v1.702 - Hehe, as expected [we know you now Fx3 :)] - here is the next bugfix release for RockNES. This one fixes the trainer support. - Opi

  • MAME Databases - The Guru has updated The MAME Unemulated ROMs Database, Theo has updated The Emulated Games page, and B. Tribble has updated The unMAMEd Arcade Games page for MAME 0.37b11. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted another MAME WIP update. - atila

  • DreamMSX 0.1b! - Yep yep, an MSX emulator for the Dreamcast, here's the skinny:

    "It's an MSX2 Emulator for the Dreamcast. It is based on fMSX v1.5 by Marat. The AY8910 and SCC emulation are replaced for better sound emulation (ripped of the MESS project)."

    You can download it from the M.E.P. pages. - atila

  • Sheesh... - Another story has surfaced, stating that Sega will develop for the PS2. DC.IGN contacted Sega and then wrote this about it:

    "SEGA of America dismissed this news story as another attempt to damage its business, one similar to the New York Times report that Nintendo was buying SEGA. After this New York Times report, SEGA stock was suspended from trading for a day, and then dr opped 7 percent in price the following day."

    Sega is going multi-platform, but not in the sense that these people are thinking :) They've already started making games for cellphones and Sega is ready with their "DC-On-A-Chip", which will most likely be incorporated into DVD players and computers (DC card for PC, internal/external). Sega will have a major press conference in a week or so. - atila

  • Final Burn 0.079 - Dayvee, the energizer bunny of emu coders, did another one! ;P Mostly some altered triple buffering code - go get it. (Thanks CD-man) - prophet

  • CAPURAM - Game NOT Over? - Moose has emailed me that the CAPURAM campaign to purchase/emulate/preserve prototypes like Marble Madness 2 is NOT yet over! First he's try ing to verify that Scott actually wrote what was reported earlier. Second, he believes he may have an alternate source for the machine, or even better, may seek to purchase the actual legal rights to that game! Lastly, and most significantly IMO - over $10,000 in pledges were raised in just a few days! Wow! This proves the emu community is not simply a bunch of romZ kiDz looking to get the newest games for free. (Want to support more legal ROMs? Consider HanaHo's Capcom Classics CD - for $10 you'll have full legal rights to 14 Capcom CPS1 ROMs on your PC! That one's for you Techrat.;) - prophet

  •    Monday, January 22nd 2001 - Last updated @ 21:27 EST

  • Back In Time reviews Breakout - Retro Flashback!!! :) Mike Stulir reviewed Atari/Hasbro Interactive's updated version of Breakout! Read it and more at Back In Time. - prophet

  • Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 11 - Andrea Mazzoleni released a new version of my absolute favorite unofficial MAME! Advance MAME is not for newbies, requires lots of setup time, but yields incredible results on nearly any type of display. He re's what's new. I haven't time right now to locally post all the files here, so please visit the Advance MAME homepage for the goods. - prophet

  • MM2/MBZ Campaign (CAPURAM) Appears Over :( - Brian Deuel posted this message from the owner (Sc ott) of those 2 machines. Apparently he has ZERO interest in selling his Marble Madness 2 or Bradley Military Battlezone or in seeing the games emulated. My congratulations still go to Moose for a valiant effort, and my disdain goes to Scott - not because he won't sell or dislikes emulation, but because he led Moose on a wild goose chase for many months. (And before anyone emails anybody, yeah, we know - you told us so.;) (Thanks Till) - prophet

  • Bliss 1.3 - Kyle Davis released a new version of his Mattel Intellivision emu for Windows! Get it from the Bliss homepage. According to the whatsnew , this version is faster (has DirectX 8 support), has more accurate sound, fixes various screen blanking bugs, fixes sprite collisions, adds more memory mappers & more! (Thanks Kyle Davis:) - prophet

  • Captain LowReZ! - He's back (check the archives for this character :), and he's starring in his own game! Thanks to Neo-Link for the link. - atila

  • Logiqx Interviewed - bwb from EmuHQ sent word about an interesting interview with Logiqx conducted by Pi. Click here to read it. - Opi

  • Good7800 v0.999.1 - HERE's the next release directly from the man that never rests - Cowering !
    Good7800 v0.999.1 recognizes 44 Atari 7800 entries, news : newest dump added (Mean 18) and I guess some more work for the MESS database. - Opi

  • MAME Icons - MAMu_ has done it again, releasing a new set of icons for MAME-0.37b11!! The upgrade pack contains no less than 87 new icons, for you to use in your favorite frontend. Unix and mac conversions of the icons are sure to follow. :) - chris

  • Mameinfo.dat 2.72 - M.A.S.H. has updated the Mameinfo.dat file to version 2.72, the second update since Mame v37b11 was released. - dutch

  • Heh. - dutch

  • Final Burn v0.078 - Dave released Final Burn v0.078 with the following news :

    "+ Fixed a very large bug in the way QSound sample data was read! All the drum problems are now fixed (e.g. Lei-Lei's music, Morrigan's winning theme), and voice samples are a lot clearer (e.g. Lilith's "Shining Blade")". - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with Sunday's news. - chris

  • Oh no... - It looks like SegaXtreme is nomore :( - atila

  • Beta Goodies - GuruChoc made 4 more MAME needed-sooners available, plus there's a new Arcade ROM Heaven layout to test! - prophet

  • Unofficial MAME Highscore.dat 6.5 - I counted 49 more games supported, including some new ones from 0.37 beta 11! As someone (ahem) once said, enjoy it now!!!1 (Thanks Leezer) - prophet

  •    Sunday, January 21st 2001 - Last updated @ 23:56 EST

  • Atari Goodies - Mike Stulir, of the excellent Back In Time, kindly informed me about some interesting new Atari 2600 & 5200 ROM releases! From Atari 2600 Nexus: Combat II & RealSports Basketball, 2 games Atari never bothered to release on the market! And from The Atari Historical Society (thanks to Curt Vendel): Sinistar (Final Version?) & Millipede (Alt Ver sion) for 2600, and Jr. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Xari Arena, Spitfire, Frisky Tom and a few others for 5200! More on the way too - click their "Whats New" icon to find these games. I still have my dead original 2600 up in my closet. :) - prophet

  • Amiga Music from Planet ORG! - Org (yes, from good ol' RomList) emailed me about his collection of great Amiga songs! It was actually a high selling CD called "The Best Of The Amiga Scene," and now Org is offering many of the songs as FREE MP3's - get them here! If people like it, he plans to remaster the songs in MP3 format, and even maybe launch a 2nd collection. (I hope AraCORN is doing well too.:) - prophet

  • Translation News - The Violinist of Hameln 100% - J2e released a completely translated patch for the Super Famicom game The Violinist of Hameln !
    Thanks to The Whirlpool for this info ! Visit that site and read more news about the "Der Langrisser, Treasure Hunter G and Rudra no Hihou" translation projects. - Opi

  • NLMSX v0.32.1 - Frits Hilderink released a new version of NLMSX, his fine Windows based MSX emulator - new since v0.31 :

    - o - Solved a huge bug when the window is moved
    - o - Some performance improvements
    - o - Added a preferences dialog with switches to disable or enable scanlines, synchronization and sound. Changing the sound settings requires to restart NLMSX.
    - o - Solved a crash when sound was disabled.

    Visit the NLMSX homepage to download it or visit the great MSX site www.file-hunter.com which sent us this update info :) - Opi

  • New PocketGB Releases - Beta 7 of PocketGB was released for all three supported platforms (SH3, MIPS, and ARM) - for more info about this Game Boy emulator for WinCE (2.11 or higher) go here ! Thanks to Emulation 9 for that. - Opi

  • RockNES v1.701 - Fx3 uploaded the first bugfix for the current RockNES v1.7 cycle :) The new directories configuration has been fixed ! The new version is availa ble here. - Opi

  • Oops - this happened just down the road from my house :) - richard

  • VAMPIRE SAVIOR!!! - Woohoo! 'scuse me... :) - prophet

  • Final Burn / CPS2-Shock - Final Burn has a new release, and CPS2 Shock has a new download! :) - chris

  • MESS WIP - The MESS WIP page has been updated with Friday and Saturday's news. - chris

  • F1 Exhaust Note (Sega, 199?) arcade board needed! - If anyone has access to, or knows where one exists - Sixtoe from System16.com wants it! Read this message from him for more info. - prophet

  • MAME Classic Updated - Mame World mentioned a new release of MAME Classic, a Windows front-end for MAME made by Rich ard A. Insalaco. - Opi

  • FCE Ultra v0.50 Win & Linux - New Windows and Linux versions of FCE Ultra are now online - look here for the latest changes.
    Below are your possible downloads :
    FCE Ultra v0.50 Win - FCE Ultra v0.50 Linux.
    Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated MAME WIP. - chris

  • Search Boxes - As you can see, we now have a search box on the left table, which you can use to 'search the internet' for anything you want :) Read this message for the reasons behind this search box. The box a bit further down the table now points to our news archives again, so we've fixed that little error too. That leaves about 7,256 more err ors to fix ;) - atila

  • SNES9x For Windows v1.35 - Gary Henderson finally made it, my 875th reload of the homepage was a success :) The new Windows port of SNES9x is online. Both, the v1.35 (ZIP only) archive and the version 1.35 with setup program are now ready for you to download.
    I have no clue about whats new - Gary hasn't updated the news page nor does he added a changes info to the archives. Even an emu programmer is a human and can forget something :) But I assume that at least all non-Linux related changed or added stu ff is included (check the SNES9x news page for these points). We'll keep you informed - as usual !

    UPDATE : HERE are the changes ! - Opi

  • Guitar Day at OC ReMix! - Yuppers, today it's all about thrashing electric guitars with three new fret-laden ReMixes of: Castlevania (WICKED!), Megaman 3, & Guardian Legend. Check out the rockin' tracks at OverClocked ReMix. In other weakly related news, I bought my first house last night. Well, my contract was accepted at least :) - david

  • Project-0 Updated - Nothing groundbreaking, but a new progress report was posted recently. An interesting read for NeoGeo nutnicks. ;) - prophet

  • fMSX FAN for Linux V1.43 - This release brings the Linux port up to date with the DOS version. fMSX FAN is a DOS/Linux port of Marat's MSX emulator. Get it at the Official fMSX FAN site or the superb M.E.P.! (Thanks TFH/FONY of the M.E.P. crew) - prophet

  • CPS2 Talk - Razoola pointed me to this interesting post< /a> about CPS2 emulation/decryption, and his reply. Anyone interested in how & why CPS2Shock is using the decryption table method rather than obtaining and releasing the decryption algorithm should read it. As an aside, Naz! (famous dumper, especially for CPS2 & NeoGeo) i s planning to sell his awesome CPS2 board collection soon. Contributions to CPS2Shock's paypal account could be rather useful considering that. :) - prophet

  • XMame-0.37b11.1 - XMame Chris will be happy - I'm pretty sure :) Lawrence Gold released the Xmame v0.37 beta 11.1 source. Look here if you wanna view the latest "changes.unix" log or click here to download it. Thanks to Till from Sys2064 for the news. - Opi

  • MAME32 Optimized Binary - Looks like I missed the new MAME32 optimized binary last night. I've never noticed such a build before, seems to be a new service from the MAME32 team - sorry for the inconvenience :)

    Click here if you wanna download the latest MAME 32 build - optimized for Pentium Pro/2/3 class processors. - Opi

  •    Saturday, January 20th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:13 EST

  • JASPE v000115 Beta - World of Spectrum reported the release of JASPE a Spectrum 48/128 emulator by Julio Fernández Pérez (spanish version is available too). For further info click here :) - Opi

  • How To Compile Your Own MAME32 ! - Mame World is now hosting an interesting Compiling Mame32 site ! - Opi

  • Emulate Your Own IBM Mainframe At Home ! - Woah - some people are really crazy :) The Hercules System/370 and ESA/390 Emulator emulates the big old IBM mainframe mo nsters from the seventies under the Linux OS. If your mind is open for something totally different from the usual retrogaming stuff - try it out ! Or check the article below first !

    Here's the link to a large and informative Byte.com article about this mainframe emulator, written by Moshe Bar.

    Thanks to Alastair Gray for the email - he also wrote : "Maybe someone should be adding it to MESS" - hint hint :) - Opi

  • More ISOs From CD32 ISO's - The CD32 ISO's site was updated with a bunch of new Amiga CD32 ISOs ! Mr Hapablap and Ridge are now offering you 31 different titles . - Opi

  • Zelda: The Hylian Legends - I was asked to post something about ZTHL ! OK, here we go : Zelda: The Hylian Legends is a kick-ass Zelda fan site that will be a good place to visit for every serious Zelda lover ! Who dares to say he dislikes Zelda :) ? - Opi

  • MAME32 v0.37 beta 11 Released - Cool, my beloved MAME32 (official release) was updated to be insync with the latest DOS MAME release - click here to download it.
    Don't forget - the mame32 qa-test and art dept. is always worth a visit, a great resource for every MAME32 fan :) Thanks to Sixtoe for the news ! - Opi

  • News From CD 32 Legal Dumping Projekt - MrX_Cuci has updated the CD 32 Legal Dumping Projekt page with two new games : Chuck Rock and Super Putty and rec eived two new permissions for later legal uploads from Graftgold (Fire & ICE) and Vivid Image (Street Racer). Also updated and online is a new version of his CDTV Romcenter DAT file. - Opi

  • Xmame Interview - Next step to empty my email account !

    Tima wrote the follwing : LinuxEmu has done an interview with Lawrence Gold, the new maintainer of Xmame. The interview is about who Mr Gold is, the current state of Xmame, plus more.

    Sadly Tima forget to add the needed links (I'm no fortune-teller nor a Linux user) - so I have to thank EmuHQ for the links :) Please, if you submit info to anyone - never forget to add the basic info : what, wh o, where and probably why :) - Opi

  • HeboWin v0.001a - Guyfawkes informed me about the latest HeboWin update : v0.001a. The emu author changed the "drawing system code" but isn't sure if it really improved something ;) If you're one of those tough guys who download and test everything - look here for your new bounty :) - Opi

  • Fire & Ice - An Amiga Classic For Free - Bernd mailed me about the latest update at AMI Sector One - his "pirate free" Amiga emulation site.

    "AMI Sector One has the following news at the beginning of this year :
    First of all the company 'Jester Interactive' - which is now copyright holder of a lot of old Amiga games - has allowed us to offer the Amiga games from the cult company 'Graftgold' on our site: Of course the first free 'Graftgold' game is the classic pl atform game 'Fire & Ice' which every Amiga games fan should know. Besides there are many other commercial games and PD perls like 'Magic Forest 2', 'Seek & Destroy', 'Mayhem' etc. Also, the first version of the new 'Amiga Applications Compendium' is now o nline. It enables the user to search for more than 300 Amiga applications, companies and coders.
    Nostalgic disk magazines and cheat disks complete this first update in the new year. Our URL is http://amiga.emucamp.com ! - Opi

  • NeoMAME v0.37b11 - katharsis compiled a new version of NeoMAME, his NeoGeo only MAME derrivate ! Version 0.37 b11 features all newly enabled 1999 NeoGeo games an d an activated ASM 68000 core ! Please visit Geoshock for your NeoMAME download - thanks to EmuHQ for the hint. - Opi

  • Retrogaming Times #41 - issue #41 of Retrogaming Times, Tom Zjaba online "retrozine" is ready to entertain you ! - Opi

  • More NES News - Finally, to end the NES update race - Here's the latest version of unofficial nester with new support for 'VS TKO Boxing' and a fix ed support for 'VS Hogan's Alley' ! - Opi

  • RockNES v1.700 (DOS) - On time as promised, a new RockNES version was released by Fx3 ! Version 1.700 adds and fixes a lot of stuff - the only thing I wanna ment ion from this huge list is the new ZIP support (contributed by Katharsis) which is a great addition imho !

    Click here to download RockNES v1.700 (DOS) ! Don't forget to send some feedback ! Thanks again to WWEmu for this update info :) - Opi

  • InfoNES v0.71 - WWEmu mentioned the release of InfoNES v0.71.
    InfoNES is a japanese Famicom/NES emulator for Windows. Version 0.71 added support for the iNES mappers #82, #80, #16, #41, #34, #92, #101, #117 and fixed a lot of old mappers.
    Please go here if you wanna download this emu (the author denied the upload on other sites. - Opi

  • DeJap News - Looks like I have to report some bad news for all who hoped and prayed for a fast SDD-1 decryption. The DeJap homepage was updated with more extracted pi ctures from the Star Ocean ROM and the message that it was :"a painfully slow process to extract the graphics and it hasn't seemed to help much with figuring out the algorithm".
    To read the full update and view the 9 pics - go here :)
    An updated ToP patch should be available next month - with "plenty of fixes" ! Thanks to Boba Fett for the email - more to come asap ! - Opi

  • GoodCol v0.999.1 - GoodCol is a CBS ColecoVision ROM renamer by Cowering. Latest news and statistics :

    - GoodCol Stats: 232 entries
    - new entries from 2000 PD releases
    - ColecoMonitorTest.rom is NOT a proper ROM, quit sending it!

    Attention please : Tim informed me about a nifty little guidline he created for all confused users of Cowering's tools ! - Opi

  • z26 v1.42 - Good to see that others filled the gap !
    John Saeger released a new version of z26, his Atari 2600 emulator for Win95/DOS ! - Opi

  • SSF v0.05 alpha r3 - The Japanese Saturn emulator with the really long name has seen yet another update. The latest SSF fixes a cd-rom bug, corrects sprite-clipping, and also sorts out som e color issues. You can grab it here. There's also an 'alternate' release of sorts that features 2-player support for VF2, supposedly - check it out here. Thanks to EmuHQ for da newz. - david

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted another MAME WIP update, Roller Aces has been added :) - atila

  • vMac/MacOS has been updated to v0.1.9c. Get it from here. - richard

  • ORBS Loves Chello! - Chello (the cable ISP I use in The Netherlands) has been blacklisted by ORBS, which means that chances are that replies that I sent to mails I have received are not going through. Here' s what ORBS says:

    Your E-mail server, or one or more servers trusted by your E-mail server, has a security problem that permits spammers to use the machine to send out their spam, although they are not authorised users of your mailserver.

    And Chello has not done anything about this. - atila

  • More Modeler news - R.Belmont revealed the following about his progress with Modeler (Sega System 32 & Model 1 emu): "Full screen or double size window with your choice of scanlines (plain or 50%), Eagle, or 2xSAI. Also Sidewinder gamepad support, full sound and music, and goodies to be named later :-)." Regarding Spiderman etc.: "Farfetch'd and I have everything under control now, and the next release will run all supported games to their best possible extent (including Model 1) in a single executable." Sounds great eh? =) SEGA!!! - prophet

  • It's HANDY (v0.82)! - Indeed it is. Everyone's favorite LYNX emulator for win9x/nt/2k, Handy, has been updated to version 0.82, with eagle mode now working in 24 and 32-bit color, dra g-and-drop rom start, and new background images. I suggest downloading it, and then, depending on whether you want pleasure or pain, playing Chip's Challenge or Fat Bobby. Grab Handy v0.82 here. - david

  • Marble Madness 2 & Military Battle Zone - DOH! - Grr... I just noticed that Outlook has been sending some emails to my Junk folder, including some very nice replies from Moose O'Malley & Stroff about this c ampaign. :( I'll have to turn the Junk feature off & deal with the SPAM... (and I get TONS of the crap) Anyway, once again I urge people to check out Moose's Campaign page and consider mak ing a pledge. There's talk of sending the machines to Videotopia Museum once the games are dumped (and hopefully emulated soon after), so your contributions would truly work toward preserving these legendary machine s for *everyone*. In fact, I've emailed Videotopia, perhaps they'll help out too! :) - prophet

  • Emulaxian - Peter Vogels' beautiful Galaxian themed site, you gotta see it just cause it's really, really cool! I'm NOT exaggerating - this is THE most awesome classic arcade game web site I've seen. Plus there's a new Emulaxian frontend there that sounds more fun than some games. =P (Thanks BYOAC board) - prophet

  •    Friday, January 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:39 EST

  • News Snippets - Interesting links from our friend MagicRat:
    1) Konami Broadband Plans For PS2
    2) FPSE Page updated with new screenshots
    3) New NES rom Twin Eagle
    4) New Nemu ini - 12 more games supported
    5) Team Japump - dumped 12 more arcade games
    (Erm... Well, thanks MagicRat. :) - prophet

  • The Man With a Million Atari Games - Check out this Gamecenter article! Apparently this 51 year old guy has a MILLION unopened Atari 2600 and 7800 game cartri dges - and yes, he's selling if you're buying. ;) (Thanks Phillipe T.) - prophet

  • New NeoPocott for BeOS & Linux - If you're a NeoGeo Pocket fan using BeOS or Linux, then go get it! (Thanks ...drumroll... Magicrat!) - prophet

  • VisualBoy 1.4.8 - My favorite Gameboy emu was updated! Get it here. New stuff includes SGB name fix, Pokemon Crytsal support, Road Rash fix, full screen checking, new icon, & new languages supported. (Thanks Magicrat) - prophet

  • Modeler Update - Visit the Emuhype page to see a nifty new screen shot from Golden Axe 2! Lookin' good. (Thanks Magicrat - more comin g from this guy...:) - prophet

  • New WPC MAME release - A new version of WPC MAME was released! WPC MAME emulates Pinball machine ROMs, so you see the backboard graphics and hear the sound/music, but cannot actually play, no t yet. :) I also hear JoseQ has some goodies for the emu. Unfortunately I can't resolve the WPC MAME homepage right now, so that's all I know. (Thanks Carny_Priest) - prophet

  • Help 'Final Burn' Dayvee! - TO ALL EMU SITES: Please remove ANY mention of Dave's (Final Burn author) email address from your news or emu pages! He's being bombarded by "demands" (I'm being polite folks) and he would appreciate some help. Read this message from Dave to see what I'm talking about, it's rather funny... Well, if you're not Dave it's funn y... ;) - prophet

  • Marble Madness 2 & Bradley Battlezone UPDATE! - After some thought I think this project has a chance, and will now actively support it with regular news updates. Marble Madness 2 & Bradley Trainer are ULTRA RARE & need to be emulated & thus preserved forever! BUT there's one problem - lack of communications! Mike "Moose" O'Malley has setup this page about the campaign, but he never told me about it nor mentioned the URL in his messageboard posts!!! I only discovered it a moment ago in Stroff's post on our General boar d. Anyway, visit Moose's campaign page and see what you think. This project has now gotten attention from several MAMEdevs, and I've offered Moose support and even a hosted site here as we ll. So far I've had no replies to my 2 emails. Nevertheless, these 2 games are legendary and worth the effort to preserve them IMO. The current total pledges are $4290.00, about 10% of the final goal. If Moose is reading his email, hopefully Retrog ames' readers will send him some more pledges and pump that total up! - prophet

  • NON-MAME - Duckie has made a big update to the NON-MAME site with tests used from MAME-0.37b11. Be sure to let him know if you have any information on games/emulators listed (or not listed) on his site. - chris

  • New Dith Samples - Dith has put up some new samples for Mame. He updated the recently released Wizard Of Wor samples so they soun d more like the coin op (they still are not authentic recordings yet but they are the best substitute so far). "Full credits to the original author for recording these, sorry I don't know who you are." Theif and Nato Defense have been cleaned up so that they are smaller and sound much cleaner! Head on over to Dith's to grab these. Thanks much to Mame World for the news. - dutch

  • MESS WIP - Yours Truely has updated the MESS WIP page. - chris

  • MAME WIP - Gridle updated the MAME WIP page. - chris

  • SFA Files! - CPS2Shock has posted the SFA 'Xfiles' which are needed to run SFA in Final Burn (mentioned below). - atila

  • Proud Mary Keep On Burnin'! - Dave strikes again with Final Burn 0.076, here's what's new:

    + Added support for Street Fighter Alpha
    + Added support for HotRod joysticks in the Input dialog.
    Thanks to everyone who provided me with the correct key layouts!

    Get out your HotRods and start wiggling your joystick! (sounds weird, doesn't it ;) - atila

  • Hubert! - A new day, a new comic :) - atila

  • Mah Jong, What's That ? - Panther, the creator of MAME Wizard, a cool looking Win32 front-end for MAME, s ent me the following email :

    "MAME's beta 10 version added so many Mah Jong games, but many people out there doesn't even know what the symbols on the tiles mean. That is why I've added a Mah Jong guide to my web site as a marginal accessory to the MAME project. Since the game itself is really nice to play, the document will be surely interesting to take a look at.
    You can find it on my download page in the MAME Wizard web site

    MAME Wizard user will be pleased to hear that a new version of this front-end will be out very soon ! - Opi

  • QPlayer v1.3.8 - Barry Rodewald's QPlayer was updated to v1.3.8 - the tempo of the music tracks should be fixed now.
    Please note : Barry's email address has changed during the last week ! If you didn't received an answer from him then please re-send your mail ! - Opi

  • H2 v0.51 & DATPack 2 - The Warmtoe homepage has been updated with a new release of H2 (multimedia database and front-end) and the new DATPack 2 ! Highlights :

    - o - H2F search capability (Search on Title, Author or Collection)
    - o - NEOGEO support including NeoRAGEx launch capability
    - o - SYSTEM32 support including Modeler launch capability
    - o - MESS support for some platforms

    The author asks you for some feedback : "When I have a better understanding of what people use, I'll know where to make improvements!" - please help him out and report your impressions. - Opi

  • Drymouth - A Great Free Game Boy Color Game - Demi is offering his self created Game Boy Color game Drymouth as freeware for download (246 kb). It took him almost 2 years to create Drymouth, a game similar to Mario's Picross. It's a fast paced, professional looking puzzle game with a twist and believe me it doesn't look and play like a homebrew game - no. It's far better than many crappy commercial games you still can buy in your local shop.

    I can't understand that no company wanted to buy it, check out my Drymouth fan page with 35 lovely ingame screenshots. I used the template from my own upcoming screenshots site (nic e self plug - ehh ?). It gives you a first overview about this great (addicting) game. If you liked Mario's Picross (I still do) then you'll surely love Drymouth ! Even more if you remember - IT'S FREE ! Thanks to the Whirlpool team for this great hint :) - Opi

  • PSEmu FAQ - Kazzuya has put up a tiny PSEmu FAQ, which you can read by clicking here. - atila

  • ROM Build 1.2 - Here's a kick ass utility from LogiqX.. ROM Build 1.2. "ROMBuild is a ROM manipulation tool that is capable of creating ROMs for the older arcade emus using MAME ones. An e xample of this is by splitting ROMs in two or joining two together but ROMBuild supports much more than this. It can can split, join, extract, fill, patch, pad, interleave etc but to you the user that doesn't really matter. The important thing is that MAM E ROMs go in and ROMs for another emulator come out. :)" This brand spanking new version deals with the ROM changes that were made in Galaxian in Mame v37b11. - dutch

  •    Thursday, January 18th 2001 - Last updated @ 17:32 EST

  • Audio Overload Announced - Audio Overload is a new game music player for Macintosh. Check out the full story at my site. - richard

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated; MESSDEV is now working with a MAME 0.37b11 core! :) - chris

  • HotRods & Consoles? - Our boards are quite newsworthy today. :) Numbski posted this message - basically he contacted the inventor of Direct Pad Pro. The idea is to create a device (similar to the X-Port, see below) which might allow people to use their HotRods with their consoles! But help is needed from exper iened ASM coders with PIC programmers. Sure would be great to use the HotRod on those hot DC fighters. =) - prophet

  • XGaming Speaks! - You can read this message on our General Board direct from XGaming's CEO, Shawn Walters! It's very informative & detailed, so take a look. To sum things up, basically the "Home Arcade" (now called the X-Arcade) we've all seen was just a prototype and doesn't represent the actual finis hed product, and yes, there IS a HanaHo connection. The X-Port sounds particularly intriguing for gamers: "It won't matter what the gaming system is, as long as we can buy the cables for the physical plug in, we can easily convert the X-Arcade to work with Set Top boxes, a Linux gaming system, X-BOX, virtually any gaming device." Click here to view the latest X-Arcade product info (takes a while to load). - prophet

  • Rumor Mill - Woah, another week is over (since last thursday) - time goes by really fast ... too fast :( Good old JoseQ uploaded a new issue of his famous newsletter The Rumor Mill !
    Highlights : 'Save States' for MAME and a new official RAINE release :)

    If you still need some ROMs for the latest MAME release, download them at EmuViews (complete beta 11 set is online) while you read the new T he Rumor Mill :) - Opi

  • Lawsuit! - Nintendo is feeling lawsuit-happy again and has filed suit against Imagine Media, here's a snippet from Daily Radar:

    "The suit deals with alleged copyright and trademark infringement arising from a magazine published by Imagine Media, The 100% Unofficial Pokemon Trainer's Guide. The magazine provided readers with a full Pokemon Gold and Silver strategy guide and walk through as well as a full "Pokedex" from the games. It's the same kind of coverage we have been offering you, our readers, for years without comment (or legal action) from Nintendo." ... "While we cannot tell you what we think of those claims (for reasons of propriety as well as law), we can tell you that, until this lawsuit is over, we feel it would be unwise of us to publish any artwork, images, or other visual materials pertaining to Nintendo Co., LTD or Nintendo of America, Inc."

    You can read the full response by going to Daily Radar. - atila

  • You Are Leechers!! - Indeed you are, Mr. DigDug sent me the latest download stats for MAME.DK:

    - 1,500,000 phtml pageviews per day
    - 800,000 roms downloaded per day
    - almost 100 Gb of kof99 roms per day
    - Average of 65 Mbit/s (8Mbyte/s) bandwidth, peak 86 Mbit/s (~10Mbyte/s)
    - 2 boots due to kernel adjustments (now serving max 1,500 downloads at a time)
    - users had 8 kb (64 kbit) on average througout the whole day.

    I'm so proud of you all =) - atila

  • Emails, emails... - To anyone who emailed me lately and received no reply - I apologize. I've started going to night school again (also why my news posting is erratic), and have been getting swamped with email... :-/ And that's not even the emulation related stuff! I am trying to go through and reply though. - prophet

  • XGaming Home Arcade followup - I received an email from XGaming regarding the Home Arcade I reported about the other day. Apparently it "is going into final testing and finishing" & "it w ill be ready in 4-6 weeks." They also mentioned having Retrogames review the Home Arcade, so hopefully we can offer our readers the full scoop when the time comes. :) - prophet

  • Bleemcast Dead? - Sega upgraded the DC bios and one of the 'side-effects' is that the DC no longer supports the MIL-CD format. This is the format that Blee m! was going to use to release Bleemcast on, so unless they become a licensed Sega developer and are allowed to press GD-ROMS, I guess Bleem! for Dreamcast is dead ? Thanks to Sonikku for the news. - atila

  • Moose's Shareware & Emulation Alley - I discovered Moose's site by accident today. Pretty ironic, since it's been around since 1996, and that's about forever in emulation years. ;) Aside from emulato rs, there's a nice section of shareware he wrote as well! Mike "Moose" O'Malley is also responsible for the afore reported upon campaign to purchase Military Battlezone and Marble Madness 2 so they can be emulated. Drop by and email a pledge if you're interested! - prophet

  • xmame - Lawrence Gold has released the long awaited xmame/xmess-0.37b10.1 (official version). You may read the change log, while you download eithe r the full version or the patch. Lawrence also mentioned on the mailing list that he is eager to get b11 ported very so on! :)) - chris

  •    Wednesday, January 17th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:43 EST

  • News Fresh From The MAME32 Support Page - The mame32 qa-test and art dept. site was updated with an updated icons.zip, the b11 screenshot pack and a little pr ogress report for the beta 11 build :
    "Testing on b11 proceeds today. The sample audit bug has been fixed. Update: Testing pass 1 complete, no showstoppers". I hope they won't let us wait for too long :) MAME32 is the MAME version of my choice :) - Opi

  • Arcade Flyer Adds Mamepack #17 - Xray1 updated the The Arcade Flyer Archive and brought us Mamepack #17 with 37 new and 6 replaced flyers. Grand total now 1313 - awesome. - Opi

  • Excuse Me... - I believe you have a pinball in my MAME :) - atila

  • Unofficial nester 01/17/2001 - Emulation 9 uploaded the latest unofficial nester version and I "moved" it to Retrogames :)
    You can get it here - changes are :

    # support 'VS Duck Hunt' and 'VS Hogan's Alley' (thanx MAME team)
    # fix the palette of 'VS IceClimber' and 'VS Clu Clu Land' (thanx screw)
    # fixed PPU register $2001 (thanx rinao) - Opi

  • Monkey Emulator - Did you know that George Bush Jr. is actually a very good monkey emulator? Then again, he does specialize in "monkey business" =) Thanks to Christopher H. for the pic. - atila

  • HeboWin v00.01 - Guyfawkes from Emuholic informed me about a new japanese Game Boy emulator called HeboWin. Here's his translation of the current emulator features :

    - o - Supports Gameboy Mono & Color
    - o - Supports 32kbROM, MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5, Rumble, HuC-1
    ..... and motion sensor
    - o - Keyboard and Joystick control
    - o - PCM Support
    - o - Saving and real time saving supported

    You'll need a fast Pentium 2/3 class cpu and Windows95,98 or ME with installed DirectX7 to run this emu properly,
    click here to download it ! Big thanks to Guyfawkes for the kind service :-) - Opi

  • GoodCPC v0.999.1 - Click here if you wanna download Cowering's latest GoodCPC release. Version 0.999.1 knows 3671 entries and the news for this release are : "more disks :-)" - Opi

  • MAME ROMs - MAME.DK overloaded ? No problem, visit Guru-Choc's Arcade ROM Heaven and use his service ! Everything's up there too ! - Opi

  • ClrMAME Pro update - Bogy has released a new ClrMAME Pro, here's what's new:

    Fixed one little bug: It could happen that cmpro used the wrong systemdefaultpath when rebuilding bad dumps (yes..only BAD DUMPS) to a systemdefaultpath

    There you have it :) - atila

  • MASH's Mameinfo.dat v2.70 & "Fixed" MAME v0.37 b11 - MASH uploaded the latest version of his Mameinfo.dat and a "fixed" MAME v0.37 b11 DOS binary. Fixed me ans :

    - o - Compressed with UPX -9
    - o - Pong (Atari 1972)
    - o - MameMerge: Fix the problem with "stray clones found" (two stray clones in this version, wow!), fixes the "PUZBOBB is a clone of PBOBBLE problem"
    - o - History- and Mameinfo.dat: Fix the display problem of History- and Mameinfo.dat
    - o - Screen flipping in cocktail mode: No more "Screen flipping in cocktail mode is not supported" (see Pac-Land).

    Thanks to Mame World for the news. - Opi

  • Unofficial MAME32 with AutoFire - As long as the official MAME32 build wasn't released I tend to use one of the unofficial offers :) Sometimes it's Guisep's build and sometimes I use the Unofficial MAME32 with AutoFire - which is now UP ! - Opi

  • Nice Emulation Status Update - Warlock's Emulation Status has had another interesting and large update. He added info pages for the newly supported Impact games (example : Street Fighter EX 2+) a large page for Nintendo's PlayChoice-10 system and much more new stuff ! Click the link and examine Warlock's information, thanks to Sys2064 for the news :) - Opi

  • CD32 ISO Source - Ridge opened a new Amiga 32 ISO site called CD32 ISO Source (together with Mr Hapablap) ! On my first visit I noticed 12 differe nt ISO download links, if you like this stuff - go for it. - Opi

  • MAME32 Screensaver News - Guisep wrote me a few words regarding his unofficial MAME32 build which is included in his MAME32 screensaver.

    "I have a C version and an ASM version for those looking for speed but no F3 games. Also the origional version that I had uploaded was a ASM build it was corrected late last night (PST). Remember - you can rename .scr to .exe and have a working (untest ed mame32)".

    Last night someone told me that Guisep's MAME32 build would be unable to run the new F3 games. Now we know that this is true :) Guisep accidently uploaded only the version with activated ASM core which is faster but less compatible. - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated with news from the past two days. - chris

  • No news? - I've received lots of mails today, but most of it was spam ? Hopefully something to post will come up soon :) - atila

  •    Tuesday, January 16th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:36 EST

  • XGaming's Home Arcade (Repost + Update!) - A new arcade control panel is now available from a company called XGaming! It's called the Home Arcade, and looks practically identical to the famous HanaHo HotRod. There's also mention of the "Xport," an add-on that allows the panel to operate with consoles as well as the PC. I wonder if the Xport would also work on HotRods? Well , I emailed the company and will post the details when I get them. :) ***UPDATE*** - Several ppl pointed out the SKU and description text is basically the HotRod. However, Numbski actually phoned XGaming, and reported that "The Home Arcade was originally supposed to be a remanufacture of the Hot Rod joystick. The internals of their joystick are tota lly different. Hanaho uses a simple keyboard encoder (granted, it's one of their own design) whereas this company uses their X-port to hook to keyboard or console port. They are totally unwilling to sell these electronics seperate from the joystick itself ." So there you have the story, so far... (Thanks Saint) - prophet

  • Wait for it... - Now! The time is now 9:52 pm EST, and Dave has released Final Burn 0.75. :) - dutch

  • NeoGeo Warning - I found the following hint (posted by Gridle) on the official MAME message board : "Be careful with your rom sets though. Since nobody can be sure that the current KOF99 and Garou romsets are intact (and in fact the KOF99 rom set isn't), the CRCs are set to 0x0. This may cause problems with some ROM managers that create dummy files for 0x0 CRCs." Don't say, we didn't warned you :) - Opi

  • MAME ROM Info - GordonJ has updated the MAME ROM Info page with the latest ROM info for MAME 0.37b11. - chris

  • WWW.MAME.DK Awaits Your Order - The late night uploads (now it's 02:24 am in Europe) at www.mame.dk are almost done and the new MAME ROMs are nearly all catched (2 may be difficu lt to get tonight) ! - Opi

  • NeoPocott Linux/SDL - The first two NeoPocott Linux binaries are online. One for RedHat 6.x Linux systems and one for RedHat 7.0, click here for additional info - thanks EmuHQ ! - Opi

  • Optimized MAME Binaries - Gridle updated the MAME homepage with his new processor optimized binaries. Go and grab your "few" extra frames/sec :)

    On a side note : all disabled games from 1999 are now enabled ! Guwange, KoF 99, Metal Slug X, Puzzle Bobble 2 .... (thanks Bugfinder") - Opi

  • MAME Fixfile - Wow - here's another fast service station : Sys2064 ! Till compiled and uploaded a new fixfile to save you some download time. It includes fixes for : galap1, ghostmun, sbasketb, sfeverbw, spacefev and superg ! - Opi

  • MAME32 Screensaver = Unofficial MAME32 Build - Woah, guisep's lastname should be quick :) He uploaded a v0.37b11 version of his MAME32 sreensavers to his site at EmuHQ ! Grab it, rename the included ".scr" file to EXE and you receive an unofficial MAME32 build !
    Finally, here's your belated happy birthday greetings guisep !!! This guy is even older than me - he turned 36 on sunday :) - Opi

  • DreamGBC2001 beta 3 - Kervin released beta 3 of DreamGBC2001, his rapidly developing GBC emulator ! Beta 3 adds a bunc h of fixes and makes many more games playable in this emu - for more info go here !
    Thanks to my old partner katharsis from Geoshock for the news :) - Opi

  • MAME v0.37b11 Binary - Looks like Gridle was the fastest one !
    HERE's the new MAME DOS binary for v0.37 beta 11 ! Thanks Gridle :) - Opi

  • KOF 2000 Dumped In Asia ? - All the MAME cracks started their compilers :) Who will be the first with a working new MAME binary ? Meanwhile we can talk about these postings from a Singapore message board ! Is that true - can anyone confirm a working KOF 2000 dump ?
    Thanks Kitsune Sniper :) - Opi

  • MAME 0.37b11!! - Oh, glorious day, the source code for MAME 0.37b11 has arrived! There's also a diffs file (the differences in source code between this release and last) which you can you do wnload by clicking here. Oh yeah, here's what's new :) - atila

  • Ouch - Like hot sauce with your emulators? Check out this site, with enough hot sauces to extend the sun's life for several billion years. Click the links and check out some of the nam es... Colon Blow, Asspolosion, Ass Blaster, Colon Cleaner... th ose are all real items you can actually order (not a joke site). I was so amazed I had to news this. :) - dutch

  • Indeed! - This is so true ;) - atila

  • Legend of Success Joe 2 - The new version will be a 'typing of... " game, like Sega's Typing of the Dead. Famitsu says this:

    "The classic Japanese boxing manga/ anime, "Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow's Joe)" will be released as a typing-training software for the PlayStation 2.

    Lemme finish up by saying: "A great game for a great console!". Thanks to Spidey for the news. - atila

  • Oh boy... - Check this:

    The American fast-food chain McDonald's has told outlets in Italy that its meat is safe, after reports that an animal infected with mad cow disease was destined to be used in burgers.

    The cow was found at a meat processing plant belonging to the food conglomerate the Cremonini Group, outside Modena in northern Italy.

    You can read the full article by going to BBC Europe. Only Fish Filets at McD's for me from now on ... Thanks to Odie for the link. - atila

  • Tower Inferno! - Yes, Dave has released Final Burn 0.074 which now offers TRIPLE BUFFERING! This will get you a smoother screen update, so better download it ASAP :) - atila

  • VideoGameImports.com - This site is probably a gamer's wet dream ;) You can order games (new and used) for a variety of consoles (DC, PS2, 32X, PCE, Jaguar, NPGC, Genesis, etc etc) and have them shipped all over the world! Prices are cheap t oo, so head on over to VideoGameImports.com and check out the site. Btw, I'm not getting paid for this ;) - atila

  • Disco Inferno! - Well, something's burning, anyway :) Dave has released Final Burn 0.073 and this is the new stuff:

    + Oops! DirectDraw Init was slightly wrong. If you have a low-end video card and didn't previously see graphics, try this version.

    'Nuff said. - atila

  •    Monday, January 15th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:38 EST

  • MAME WIP - More updates over at the MAME WIP page. - chris

  • easyEmu Birthday Update - mrv2k updated his emu-support page easyEmu with a birthday update and wrote : "Yes today is My 30th Birthday AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGG GHHHHHH!" ha ha ha :) I know how bad you're feeling now - 30, oh my god - now I'm really OLD ! LOL, life will go one and you'll survive this tragical day - oh btw. HAPPY BIRTDAY !
    mrv2k is a busy man, even on his birthday. He made a major update to his Mame32 tutorial. It now covers all options and menus. More will follow soon ! - Opi

  • Back to the Roots v2.27 - My favourite Amiga site Back to the Roots received the first update in 2001. Bobic and Hippie2000 added more than 100 mb of Amiga g oodies for you, including (as usual) some commercial games (which you can legally download), freeware/shareware titles, demos and music as well. The site is currently down so I can't check it myself, here's a quote from the email I received :

    "... the first update in the new year at Back to the Roots brings you the "Championship Manager" series for free download. It's very popular especially in the UK. Another excellent game is "Second Samu rai". Vivid Image has allowed us to upload this classic action game. Want to play Boulderdash? Then you should choose "Emerald Mine", the best of its kind!" - Opi

  • Wizard of Wor - Better Samples - Arcade@home has posted an updated Wizard of Wor samples set, thanks to "Sheesh" (whoever that is :). No, they're still not perfect, but they're a LOT bette r than the older "complete" set. My friends and I used to play this game for hours at the local Chuck-e-Cheese, so this is nice. :) Use these in the latest Mame. - dutch

  • FreezeSMS build 133.7 - Good times for Sega Master System fans. Here's the next FreezeSMS release. Build 133.7 adds "DRAMATIC improvements in fullscreen modes, wh ich means it looks as smooth as that-girl-you-have-a-crush-on's-buttocks. There is also bug fixes and stuff and improvements in other areas. Triple Buffering is now in aswell". Sounds good ! Download it an d test it yourself :) Thanks Emulation 9 ! - Opi

  • PacMan Video Tribute - Peperami emailed about his PacMan Video Tribute page! There's a video interview with Toru Iwatani, the creator of PacMan - it's about 9mb in RealPlayer format. ALSO, a nyone with other Pacman related videos - please email Peperami so they can be placed online as well. - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.072 - You know the deal, just go download it! :) What's new you ask - well, row scrolling, Qsound speed fixed and interpolated Qsound too. Go Dayvee! - prophet

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated with Sunday's news. - chris

  • Cab pac #9 - John has released CAB PAC #9 which can be used with MAME32. Thanks to Roger and Anna for the reminder :) - atila

  • ROCKY! - I'm feeling victorious right now, so naturally I'm listening to the theme to Rocky 1, one of the greatest movies of all time! (did he really say that ?!) - atila

  • MS: "WIN9x SUCKS" - According to The Register, MS is basically saying that WIN9x sucks, to get everyone to switch to Whistler, once it's out. Who wants to sue MS for selling cra ppy OS software then ? ;) - atila

  •    Sunday, January 14th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:13 EST

  • Have A Good Laugh ! - www.x-entertainment.com is hot, we mentioned their cool and funny articles several times recently. Here are two new "must read" for ya :)
    1. X-E's XBOX PREVIEW and
    2. Nintendo's First Strike - Guns, Robots, and the Psychic Puppy !
    Thanks to nemesis1 for the initial hint :) - Opi

  • Gridle Strikes Again! - More MAME WIP news from Gridle, he's posted pics of RING RAGE, ARABIAN MAGIC and a whole lot more! What does this mean ? This means that we now have TAITO F3 WITH SOUND E MULATION! Oh yeah, MAME.NET is about to hit 10,000,000 :) - atila

  • G-NES v0.473a - GIGO updated the G-NES homepage with new versions of his NES/Famicom emulators for Win9x. "Versions" means he uploaded it as English and Japanese build :) As usual, I have no info about the changes in this release - but you can view the feature list for G-NES if you jump to o ur updated NES section :) - Opi

  • Tales of Phantasia v1.1 - The DeJap's hompage is still down, but The Whirlpool received the first bugfix patch straight from one of the DeJap-team member. Patch v1.1 smashes some script bugs and added a cool looking lower case font (you can choose between the new and the old font). For additional info < a href="http://donut.parodius.com/cgi-bin/news/viewnews.cgi?newsid979439589,11605," >go here, the patch is still available here :) Thanks Blu3Flame ! - Opi

  • FreezeSMS Build 111 - Emulation 9 mentioned a new FreezeSMS release today. FreezeSMS is a Sega Master System emulator for Wi n9x with installed DirectX 7, new in this build :

    - o - Rewrote half of the sound code, if you cant tell the difference,
    ..... you are blind! ;)
    - o - Fixed the problem with the NOISE emulation code, so now its G00D.
    - o - Fixed small reset bug.
    - o - Improved DirectX's handling of the main window.
    - o - Fixed a nasty SRAM bug.
    - o - [SRC] Add some changes to resolution switching, improving it.

    FreezeSMS Build 111 is available here ! Check Rom Point and RomHQ for site links with useful stuff (aka ROMs) for this emulator :) - Opi

  • Linux Only Users Will Love This Posting - Good news for Linux retro lovers ! gwenju mailed me about a French Linux site called K-Linux - Kwyxz Online which post ed some screenshots showing Final Burn, Mame32, Nesticle 95, Callus and ZsnesWin running under Wine, you can view them here. - Opi

  • ONE At Level 1.2 - Java guru Norbert Kehrer sent word about the latest ONE improvements he made.

    "Version 1.2 of ONE, the Online NES Emulator, has been released. This version has support for Nintendo's MMC3 chip (Mapper #4). Altough not yet perfect, some games, which use the MMC3, have been adde d. For example :

    Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 (!) and Tecmo Super Bowl (greetings to Jasen Brooks and all American Football fans).

    Now, go to the ONE page and play them online!
    " - Opi

  • basicNES News - basicNES 2000 v1.1 Extended Edition is available now - click here to download it. The basicNES-team added Joypad 2 support and Key Configuration in this update.

    On a site note : basicNES 2000 was moved to Roar, please update your bookmarks to http://basicnes.roarvgm.com ! - Opi

  • Redump 64 Updated - Peepo mailed me about his latest Redump 64 update - 25 new C-64 tape dumps are online ! - Opi

  • GoodWindows v2.1 - EmuHQ mentioned a new GoodWindows release. Version 2.1 of this nice Windows front-end for Cowering's ROM renamer tools is online. To avoid troubles with your ROMs you should read the included GoodWindows documentation very carefully ! - Opi

  • Lewpy's Glide GPU v1.0.27 - PSXEmu is offering the latest release of Lewpy's Glide GPU plugin. Bobbi "forced" me to post about this release because it should be a real "must download" for every serious PSX emulation lover and Glide user. Further info (lots) and the file can be found here !
    BTW: Lewpy's Glide GPU will have its own homepage very soon - guess where ? (NOT here) :) - Opi

  • Taito F3 Games List - Just in case you're wondering which and how many Taito F3 games were ever released - Haze posted a complete (?) list on the MAME message board !

    Additional info can be found at Warlock's Emulation Status - or if you check his awesome Taito Project directly :) Thanks Haze for the reminder ! - Opi

  • TAITO F3 WITH SOUND - MAME GOD Mish aka Bryan McPhail has managed to get sound working for the upcoming Taito F3 driver in MAME. Thanks to Gridle for the news. - chris

  • WINE - Version 20010112 of WINE has been released. Changes in this release include: Many fixes have been added for Winelib support on Sparc. The DirectDraw code has been restructed. Unicode support was add ed to the combobox and listbox. This release includes new a MSVCRT dll. Bugfixes. - chris

  • GNOmame - Version 1.0 beta 2 of GNOmame has been released (bug fix release). GNOmame is a simple xmame frontend for GNOME. It uses xmame to run games and to retrieve information on ROMs, has a ga me browser and an xmamerc editor, and can show game screenshots and information. - chris

  • WIP! - MAME WIP not enough? Click on over to the MESS WIP page and get the scoop on the latest updates for MESS. - chris

  • WIP! - SLAP SHOT, anyone ?! - atila

  • ANNOYING!! - Well, sorta. Here's a link to X-Entertainment's TOP 100 ANNOYING THINGS OF THE YEAR 2001! - atila

  • Project-0 - Another update was posted, including a dumping progress report & some thoughts about Ganryu! - prophet

  • Pinball EmuSim?! - Apparently the authors of WPCMAME (emulates Pinball ROMS - only sound & back board graphics) and Visual Pinball (super d uper pinball table simulator & construction tool) *may* be combined someday to form what would be the ultimate in pinball emulation/simulation! Imagine playing a fully realized onscreen pinball table, with 100% accurate sound, scoring & logic to the arcad e original! Read this WPCMAME board thread for more info. Keep in mind this is VERY preliminary news, NOTHING is done yet, and there are no guarantees it'll happen. But it would most defin itely be awesome. =) (Thanks Popeye) - prophet

  • Buying Military Battlezone & Marble Madness 2 - Yes, there's someone out there who owns them both. He wants $45 THOUSAND dollars for them and refuses to donate the dumps for emulation. Believe it or not, someone has started a campaign of sorts in the hope of raising that amount of money to buy the 2 games from this individual. I'll keep my opinion to myself ;), but if you're interested then email Mike "Moose" O'Malley. Mike asks that any emails be kept very short & simple, like "YES, $10." Read this for more info. - prophet

  •    Saturday, January 13th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:37 EST

  • Build Your Own Arcade Controls - Noticed some people out there don't know about Saint's amazing arcadecontrols.com - so PLEASE bookmark it now! This is in my opinion the single greatest, most compr ehensive and most useful arcade control/cabinet building site on the net. The amount of information there is staggering, and the message board is populated by some of the coolest, most knowledgeable people you'll ever meet in this hobby. - prophet

  • Ganryu again - Here's a translation for the last update from here:

    "GANRYU report 4 < 2001/1/13 >
    There it says how ROM writer died after several tries to dump game. They tried to dump Ganryu but it does not work, so they tried the League Ball and it was dumped and works in NeoRageX but Ganryu does not. They don't know if there is any protection on th e game or not or if the problem is with emulator (possibly NeoRageX). There is also talk about remodeling/reprograming NMAME to work with Ganryu if maybe this is problem. They say that will try full dump (I'm not sure what this could be) or that they will abandon the ping of the game. But for now the project is in 'sleep' mode. Some more stuff is said but nothing important for ROM, just how they are sad and this..."
    (Thanks Momoko) - prophet

  • MAME Utilities - Phydeaux of Closet2MAME has some interesting utilities online for MAME! There's missing.exe which actually examines your ROM library, then helps you download what yo u need from MAME.dk! And yes, that's with permission. :) Also there is original.exe, which will copy only parent ROMs to a seperate folder. Both are merely 29K downloads too. :P (Thanks Saint!) - prophet

  • HotRod sale - ComputersWorth sent out confirmation emails yesterday that the HotRod SE's are now shipping for those who pre-ordered! They also emailed me to say a small quantity remain - so if you want to get one at that low price, do it now. That stock of panels was very limited and most likely you'll never see that price again. And the HotRod is easily worth twice as much or more given the quality and authenticity of the product. I also su ggest visiting HanaHo to check out their great lineup of arcade cabinets and control panels for PC's. - prophet

  • Mario Advance Revealed - Wohooo, here are the first "real" info about the upcoming Mario Advance game (ign pocket preview), one of the starting titles f or Nintendo's new power handheld :) Looks great and seems to be heavily influenced by Super Mario 2 US ! Thanks to TuxedoMsk for the fine link :) - Opi

  • Genital68K v0.21 - Genital68K has been updated to version 0.21, it fixes a bug which caused Genital68KReadXXX()/Genital68KWriteXXX() API functions to trash the 68 K PC. Thanks Bart :) - Opi

  • OC ReMix Updated - DJ Pretzel aka David Lloyd uploaded five new remixes to OC ReMix today :

    o Sonic & Knuckles 'rAAw Battery' by Jivemaster
    o Final Fantasy 7 'Temple' by LousySpy
    o Sonic 3 'Bonus Retreat' by McVaffe
    o Dracula X 'Dance, Richter, Dance' by DJ 3dn3r
    o Ristar 'Intension' by 4-Eyes - Opi

  • Offend Frontend v0.80 - A new version of Psyman's frontend Offend was released today. Version 0.80 adds support for the following emulators : Boycott (GB), VGB ( GB), SynkGB (GB), KGB (GB) and VSS (Atari 5200). Psyman also added an "Universal Options setter" which should save the users some time and nerves, made a complete re-write of the load/save routines and fixed some minor bugs.
    Click here if you wanna download it. He also updated his site with the following news : "Just thought I'd also announce that I am getting married in July to my girlfriend Demetra :-)" You still have time to re-think your decision :) hehe. - Opi

  • Good2600 v0.999.6 & GoodNES v0.999.8 - Voila. here are Cowering's latest GoodTOOL releases : Good2600 v0.999.6 and GoodNES v0.999.8 !

    Stats for Good2600 v0.999.6 : 1441 entries
    Recent Additions : many more PAL redumps

    Stats for GoodNES v0.999.8 : 6614 entries
    Recent Additions : tons of NEW and Unlicensed Games
    "(Thanks for the HK CD *Friend* :-)" - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated. Today's udpate has some screenshots of the new msx2 driver submitted by Sean Young among a bunch of other cool info! - chris

  • COMIC TIME! - Yep, HUBERT has been updated again, a new episode of this on-going 'saga' has been posted ;) - atila

  • Z80Stealth v0.406 - Kirill Kolpakov uploaded a new version of Z80Stealth, his fine Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for DOS from Russia ! New in version 0.406 :< BR>
    - o - New : Emulation of Profi hi-res video mode (512x240)
    - o - New : Added CP/M switch for Profi - Ctrl-F11
    - o - Bugfix: Fixed mouse procedures - now everything is OK
    ...... with sensetivity hopefully
    - o - Bugfix: Forced palette initialization after video mode changes
    - o - Bugfix: No need to change video mode for hi-res emulation
    ...... if VMODE=13 or 14
    - o - Bugfix: Fixed minor bug in 512x192 b&w emulation.
    - o - Bugfix: Fixed minor bug in screenshot saving procedure.

    Go here for further information, many thanks to Kirill himself for the update information :) Emulation is a wonderful "world project" - a German announces a Russian emulator of a British system at an A merican site (with a Dutch owner) ! Thats cool, isn't it :-) - Opi

  • More Translation News - The Der Langrisser translation is still going on, a new patch has been released. The old translation group has been disbanded but Moon Knight from Warui Toransu promised a final 100 % patch. "Der Langrisser" is a strategy RPG similar to Warsong, Fire Emblem or Shining Force (but without the impressive battle scenes) and I'm r eally looking forward to get the v1.0 patch in my hands :) Thanks to -rpgd- for the update info ! - Opi

  • 8-Bit Fighting Drama :) - Will this epic battle ever end ? Nooo :) And once again, Commodore's C-64 was the winner ! He smashed Sinclair's ZX Spectrum and Amstrad's CPC (in Germany called Schneider) into t he ground ! Where ? At the Colossus 4 Chess Tournament :) Thanks to Commodore Wire for this entertaining link - LOL ! C-64 rulez, FOREVER !! ! - Opi

  • MAME Goodies At ARH - City Bomber and Nyan Nyan Panic are the latest additions to Guru-Chocs "MAME needed soon" section. Please help to keep this great site aliv e and support Arcade ROM Heaven. Paying the hosting fee for ROM sites isn't very easy you know :) - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Don't tell anyone I told you, but Gridle posted some pics of SF ZERO running in MAME :) - atila

  • Tales of Phantasia v1.0 Is OUT ! - The good guys of DeJap finally did it !!! HERE's their official v1.00 patch of Tales of Phantasia, the long awaited japanese mega RPG translation for the SNES. Every japanese text has been translated, but the announced extras (sub titles and menu/name expanding are missing). Thanks to Zophar's Domain< /A> for the news and the patch and a BIG thank you to Dark Force, Makokichi & Chess Piece Face for this gift :)
    DeJap homepage is currently unreachable for me (down, router probblems ? who knows).

    If your ROM won't work with none of the included two patches then you have to apply a header to it ! Use SMC to determine if this is your problem and then use SnesTool to apply a n ew header. Read the received SMC info (drag and drop the ToP ROM on smc.exe) carefully and you should be able to answer the following SnesTool questions correctly. - Opi

  •    Friday, January 12th 2001 - Last updated @ 20:33 EST

  • SNES9x v1.34a Source Code - Small info, I just uploaded the brandnew SNES9x v1.34a source code to our SNES page. A new Windows release cou ldn't be very far away I guess, Gary let it rock please :) - Opi

  • SNES Emus For Pocket PCs - Two new SNES emulators for Pocket PC fans within one day ? Life is weird sometimes ! Check PocketSNES9X and SNESCE if you own such a power toy :) Or visit PocketGamer for more details and Pocket PC related gaming news. Thanks to Simon Templar for the emai l, you choosed a cool nick btw :) Simon T. was the hero of an old fave TV series of mine (with Roger Moore) - long long ago :) - Opi

  • Translation News - Here are some new patch releases reported by the Whirlpool staffer wraith :)

    o Suicidal Translations released a 100% for Moai Kun, an oldskool NES jump'n run. Everything has been translated into english !!! "Everything" means the title sc reen ! Woah, a pretty impressive job :-)

    o Bender from Laseremu.com did an equal job like the Suicidal Translations guys - he translated the title screen of Penguin Wars ... et voila - another japanese NES (Famicom) game was fully translated :)

    o Gaijin Productions updated their Magical Chase patch to version 1.0, they found the last japanese text (in a graphics tile) and translated it instantly :) - Opi

  • H2 v0.5 - Ian Edwards informed us about the second release of H2, his "HTML database / front-end" combination for Windows !

    "H2 is a suite of programs that build a database of all recognisable media files on a machine (or set of CD-ROMs etc) and, using that database, present a front-end to you with them listed and categorised. From this front-end you can 'play' the media fi les".
    Right now this program is freeware but should become shareware in the near future - so hurry up and test it NOW. - Opi

  • Napster Beta 9 ! Yes, It's Still Free :) - A new Napster beta release is online - check the beta 9 FAQ for more info about this release or jump directly to the Napster download section ! Thanks DrStu :) - Opi

  • Till (Sys2064) Interviewed - Till our good friend from Sys2064 was interviewed by Juliano, member of Total Emulation.
    Click here if you wanna read it !
    This is one of a handful of interviews I really enjoyed reading till the end :) - Opi

  • Impact For Windows Build 432756 - A new Impact release for the Windows OS - could that be true ? Apparently yes, someone found an old never released before beta version of this abandoned emulator (at least for Windows).

    "This the last beta that was made before the emulator was discontinued almost a year ago. It supports all the games the old beta build 3116 [some call it the leaked one :)] supported but contain some fixes and speedups from the public release 1< /i>".
    Besides this nice surprise the homepage also offers updated rendering plugins for D3D, OpenGL and Glide !
    Here is the place where you'll find everything I've talked about :) Thanks to PeterD and Rico2000 for the notification :) - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP Page has been updated. - chris

  • Unofficial nester 2001/01/11-12 - Emulation9 was updated with the latest build of Toshiya TAKEDA enhanced (patched) version of Darren Ranalli's open source NES emulator Nester. Today's release added support for "Ninja Jajamaru - Ginga Dai Sakusen" (mapper #18), "The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper!" (mapper #33) and the "Space Shadow Gun" controller - click here to download it.

    To find out more about this great NES emulator check out our freshly updated NES section (on the bottom of the page). Thanks to Toshiya TAKEDA for the helpful email, I appreciate it ! - Opi

  • No Mail? - If you've sent me any mail, yesterday or today, I'd like to ask you to resend it, because I have received NO MAILS since yesterday evening. - atila

  • New NeoGeo Game - Nightmare in the Dark is an upcoming NeoGeo MVS game, and IMO looks wonderful! It appears to be a Bubble Bobble style game, with a fantasy/horror theme similar to Ghouls n' Ghosts. Did we ever truly nee d 3D? ;) Here's a promotional flyer for the game with screenshots on it. That flyer image was originally found here. (Thanks Lord BBH) - prophet

  • SNES special chip emulation - DeJap, headed by the mysterious Dark Force, has made some awesome progress, with help from John Weidman & zsKnight, in emulating the SPC7110 chip & others! These chip s are used in several excellent SNES games like Far East of Eden Zero, Star Ocean & Street Fighter Alpha 2, and until now they've been unplayable in emus. Go visit and see some lovely WIP screenshots, plus tons of cool translation updates too. (Thanks Whirlpool) - prophet

  • Game Launcher v0.9.6 - Dave Dribin released a new version of his universal DOS frontend! It supports everything from MAME to ZSNES, has tons of cool features like music support, vertical rotation for arcade cabs and more. This release fixes a bug when no joystick was detected. Game Launcher homepage. - prophet

  •    Thursday, January 11th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:22 EST

  • Ganryu followup - Momoko kindly emailed me a translation of the Japanese text from this site I mentioned earlier. Read it here. (I thought Ganryu was en crypted/protected like all the new NeoGeo games?! Hmm...) - prophet

  • More EmulationX interviews - EmulationX has been busy interviewing people it seems! Both DreamSNES & DreamSpec were just interviewed by him at DcEmulation.com. - prophet

  • Ganryu emulated?! - NeoGeo peeps, check this out! Follow the links and look at the shots - they appear to be legit emulator screen dumps to my eyes, but who knows? It's all in Japanese, so I have no idea what's written. At least you can finally see some good shots of the elusive Ganryu in action. Here are some of the pictures, stored locally: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4. If anyone knows more, please email me. (Thanks katakata) - prophet

  • NEW interview with Razoola! - EmulationX has just posted his brand new interview with Razoola over at EmuHQ! Raz is one popular guy these days. ;) - prophet

  • New Logo Wanted - DaemoN is looking for a talented graphics artist to help him 'enhance' his site ! He currently needs someone to design a new logo for RoaR :) Other misc. enhancements/suggestions to his site will be welcome as well ! - Opi

  • Game Boy Coding Competition - HERE are the results of Bung's 4th "Amateur Gameboy Format Games C oding Competition" ! MainBlow looks hot - its a rip off of Super SWIV / Firepower 2000 ! Thanks logoff :) - Opi

  • Hubert - That wicked new comic called Hubert, by TV's Ian (what show were you on ? ;) has just been updated again! Be sure to check out the previous cartoon if things seem a bit out of place. - atila

  • basicNES 2000 v1.1 - Don Jarrett uploaded a new build of basicNES his open source NES emulator for Windows.
    "It's a complete re-write of the original basicNES core, excluding the 6502. I have written it with the purpose of making these open sourced, and the code is easy to understand now also. Read changelog.txt for W hat's New. Please remember this code is simply to learn from, it is not supposed to be a playable emulator.(altho it now is ;))" Thanks to Emulation 9 for the news. - Opi

  • Happy Birthday PeterD ! - Happy birthday and all the best to the honorable Mr. PeterD - "star news poster" from EmuHQ, our kind and friendly "rivals" (jk) :) - Opi

  • DreamGBC2001FinalBETA Patch2 - Looks like this thursday will become the first slow emu-news day in 2001 :(

    The development of DreamGBC is still going strong - Kervin is highly motivated to make his dream become reality - and DreamGBC to the best Game Boy emulator. Today's release adds a pack of game fixes a nd partial support for 64 mb carts (Densha De Go! 2) ! Please click here for more info and your download. - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated. The big news for the day is that PeT has submitted a new Hewlett Packard hp48s testdriver. - chris

  • Up - Down - Up ! Razoola Interviewed - After some time of reflection (and checking what the other sites did) I uploaded this news message again ! Some guys mailed me about this interview today and called i t "old news" ... hmm anyway its up again :) Sorry RabidFrog !
    Note : "the interview we held with Raz was conducted just before the public breakthrough with the CPS2 encryption". OK, here we go again :)

    Juliano from Total Emulation conducted an interview with Razoola of CPS2Shock fame. You can read it here - don't forget, it's from late december 2000 ! - Opi

  • Mozilla - Version 0.7 of Mozilla has been released. New in this release is PSM on Macintosh. PSM is also now included on Linux and Windows without a separate download. Read the release notes for more info. Also, for the first time in over a year, the BeOS port has been updated to the latest version.
    - chris

  • Perl in Latin - This has to be seen to be believed. - richard

  • 1st Rumor Mill In 2001 - JoseQ has uploaded his first Rumor Mill edition for 2001 ! He report s facts and rumors about NESten, Atani, Genital, Hu-Go!, TR64, 1964, AGES, Bliss and Laser ! - Opi

  •    Wednesday, January 10th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:26 EST

  • Unofficial Hiscores 6.4 - Leezer added another 34 games to his unofficial hiscore.dat for MAME! Don't let the "unofficial" scare you - these files work great for me. :) - prophet

  • New Retro Games - "Pagan Software will specialise in producing top quality retro style arcade games. We won't be converting old games and making them look better, we will be making new and or iginal games." They need help from any interested artists, programmers & musicians, so visit and let them know you're interested. For everyone else - the games will be FREE. So go visit! - prophet

  • NeoPocott Linux/SDL WIP - Gollum updated the NeoPocott homepage with a bunch of news and rumours (like NeoPocott... Java... Online...) - NeoPocott Linux & BeOS ports should be available on 14th ! Click here and see for yourself :) - Opi

  • Lemon News - Lemon, the "king" of all C-64 sites was updated with some new C-64 related news and 4 rare tape dumps : DJ Puff, Hammerfist, Turbo Outrun and Vendetta? - Opi

  • Steem v1.4 - Atari ST Fans Rejoyce ! - The Steem Engine homepage has been updated with a fresh new release of Steem, a great Atari STE emulator for Windows. Version 1.4 adds "improvements to almost everything, bug fixes, new features, here are some details" :

    - o - Sound totally overhauled, completely re-written (9 times in fact). STFM samples and music now sound just like a real ST. STE DMA sound also totally re-written.
    - o - MFP timers accuracy improved from 1/15500 to 1/8000000 of a second.
    - o - Most of MIDI re-written, fixed system exclusive out bug and many MIDI in bugs (thanks to Stephen Ware for finding most of them). Now supports variable MIDI system-exclusive message lengths to allow for large bank dumps.
    - o - Mid-scanline screen effects.
    - o - Overhauled ACIA emulation (fixed Downfall, Cubase, Sequencer One).
    - o - Fixed blitter bugs (Italic text, Utopos, some demos).
    - o - Made printing a lot more reliable.
    - o - Fixed Disk Manager root directory bugs.
    - o - Implemented Read Track - fixed Starblaze
    - o - Hard drives: fixed drive off = drive B bug, misguided interception of BPB reading (Slumlord, Battle for Throne, Bodyshop), double-slash with Gemdos path, get DTA (small file-searching problem).
    - o - Fixed PC mouse interference with display.
    - o - Fixed speed limiting.

    Click here to download Steem v1.4.
    After I tested it now for a while I must admit - Anthony and Russell Hayward did an amazing job with this emulator ! The disk browser (with ZIP support) is very cool, Steem is fast and VERY compatible ! - Opi

  • EmulationX to interview Razoola - EmulationX told me he'll be interviewing Razoola of CPS2Shock tomorrow - so email EmulationX with any questions you might like him to ask! Only the best will be picked. The deadline to submit questions is 1/11/01 5:00 PM EST. - prophet

  • LOL! - =) - atila

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated. - chris

  • Spy Hunter Revived On PS2 - Looks like another arcade classic will have a "come back" soon ! According to this ign PS2 article, Midway will release it as Spy Hunter: The Return ! Thanks Marco de Cesare :) - Opi

  • Hubert update - Don't forget to visit hubert.retrogames.com! TV's Ian has been diligently updating with new strips, so take a look and enjoy. :) - prophet

  • Atari 800 Tribute - L_Face has added a new section to EmuUnlim called Atari 800 Tribute ! It's fully dedicated to the At ari 800 computer of the 80's. It has games, the best (freeware) emulator available currently and tech info. - Opi

  • CPS2Shock Donations - Visit CPS2Shock to read the details, but basically a paypal account is now available for donations toward the purchase of more boards! - prophet

  • Godzilla vs. Salmoria? - Apparently the movie "Godzilla 2000" has the MAME whatsnew.txt on a monitor during one of the scenes! Go here for the details. (Thanks GuruChoc) - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.69 - Dave released another one! :) No row scrolls yet, but some other stuff - like language/region selection for example. - prophet

  • Cab Pack #8 - John IV has put his eigth arcade cabinets image pack online over at the Mame 32 Q.A. site. Use these in Mame32, just make sure they all go in "cabinets.zip" which should be p laced in a "cabinets" subdirectory under the directory that Mame32 resides. You toggle screenshot, flyer image, and cabinet image by left clicking it. (edited by Atila, original post by Dutch) - atila

  • Oh no! - We missed XRay1's birthday!! I *just* got the e-mail tonight and his birthday was *yesterday*, so Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Arcade Flyers, my apology for missing it! Hehe don't worry, Dink yToy didn't tell me how old you were. ;) - dutch

  •    Tuesday, January 9th 2001 - Last updated @ 19:56 EST

  • Translation News - Gaijin Production released a new fully translated patch for Magical Chase, a Game Boy Colo r remake of a PC-Engine shooter. - Opi

  • Japanese Emus In English - Emulation 9 mentioned a translated TGB Dual Vol.4 beta (GB emu) version made b y Ryo !
    And here is the freshly updated, latest unofficial nester release, now with support for FDS games in netplay sessions ! (edited by Atila, original post by Opi) - atila

  • Nice Flash Joke / Maybe Its True ! - Design your own XBox controller ! LOL - thanks DrStu :) - Opi

  • New TOSEC Stuff - The TOSEC homepage has recently been updated with a bunch of new or updated RomDoctor RDBs - check it out. - Opi

  • New Neo Geo Reviews - Kazuya has uploaded new reviews of Strikers 1945 Plus and The King of Fighters 2000 !
    They're both interesting unemulated Neo Geo games :) - Opi

  • xmame - Hans de Goede has officially passed maintainership of the xmame/xmess project to its new maintainer Lawrence Gold. Hans has done a tremendous job during his tenure as xmame maintainer, a nd his skills will surely be missed. The good news is that this also means that an official xmame may soon be released. - chris

  • Updated Simulators - _Madrigal_ has updated two of his fine simulators to version 1.01 : Tom & Jerry Popper and Donkey Angler ! - Opi

  • MODELER Goodies - Do you still need the MODELER ROM-sets ? Check the "Weekly Roms" at A.E.P and you'll find the Sega System 1 ROMs of Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing and Star Wars. - Opi

  • RockNES WIP - The RockNES homepage has been updated with the latest development news. Alexandre da Veiga the maintainer of the Windows port has gotten netplay wo rking and Fx3 has fixed the mapper #160. To read the full update and view some pics go here ! - Opi

  • OMG! - Could this be true ?! NIGHTS 2 is heading for the DC! If you're one of the lucky people to have NIGHTS on the Saturn, this bit of news should be enough to make you soil yourself = ) - atila

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated for today. - chris

  • Project-0 WIP - A recent update could be labeled "Diary of a Decrypted Dump." It's pretty interesting to read how convoluted and difficult these types of projects can be. - prophet

  • Team Japump WIP - They're not just dumpers anymore! ;) Be sure to check out Team Japump's new MAME driver WIP page - Chack'n recently posted Nyan Nyan Panic (Kitten Kaboodle Jpn, Konami, 1988)< /i> screenshots. (Thanks Till of Sys2064) - prophet

  • Final Burn WIP - Dave posted some Final Burn WIP pics demonstrating line-scrolling effects! (I can still remember the 1st time I saw that effect being used - it was SF2 at Playland (R.I.P.) and I rememb er thinking how amazing it was.) - prophet

  •    Monday, January 8th 2001 - Last updated @ 22:07 EST

  • "Newer" CPS2 Games - After asking around a bit, these would be the games that CPS2 Shock will be staying away from, at least for now: 1944: The Loop Master, Giga Wing, Great Mahou Daisakusen, Mars Matrix, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Mighty Pang, and Street Fighter Zero 3. Thanks to several people for the info! :) - dutch

  • CPS2Shock News - Visit CPS2Shock and grab the updated Street Fighter Zero ROMs. These two new ROMs will be needed for the next upcoming Final Burn release. They'll fix a minor issue with the ROM check in test mode.

    Razoola also wrote : "Just to clarify a couple of things people are asking me allot after yesterdays announcement.

    CPS2shock will not be dumping any games released after 1997 for a long long time to come.

    CPS2shock will dump games in release date order where possible (1996 & 1997 will be done last).
    " - Opi

  • Azimer Interviewed - EmuPound conducted an interview with Azimer the coder of Apollo Project , a WIP Nintendo 64 emulator. Yo u can read it here - thanks to BonezMakJ for the hint :) - Opi

  • DreamSpec v0.0003 - DreamSpec, a new Spectrum emulator for Sega Dreamcast was updated to v0.0003 - for the latest update info go here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • New NES Section And Other Updates - Finally we got our own NES section here on Retrogames ! This section is not finished I'll add some more emulators by time : nester, nesterJ, unofficial nester, Famtasia, G-NES and loopynes. If you have any other hint for me (non DOS/Windows based emulators) be welcome :) Now you know that I'm not sick or deserted - I worked in the background today (more than 6 hours) !

    I've also updated the Cowering's Tools site, the SNES section and added 15 links to our Web Links page ! If you found anything wrong or missing - email me. Links suggestions are welcome (no Nintendo/warez stuff, eh ! - Opi

  • Dreamcast Week In Review - Sam Pettus (aka "The Scribe") posted a new issue of Dreamcast Week In Review, his great online mag ! - Opi

  • The Register on CPS2Shock - CPS2Shock made it to The Register! Thanks to Xi for the news. - atila

  • Whoa! - Take the weekend off and look what happens. :) Heh, before any more people scream "controversy" over Razoola's decisions over at CPS2 Shock, I just weeded through all 8 pages of CPS2 post s from the weekend and this is the only one I found that makes any sense. Razoola is simply being careful a nd smart with his project, so settle down, Beavis. :) - dutch

  • DreamGBC 2001 Final Beta *patch* - Kervin made a boo-boo with the 2001 Final Beta release (check yesterday's new for that release) so he's decided to released a patch, here's what's ne w:

    - RAW Support(Lost in 2001 Final BETA,sorry...)
    - Support Bkg Overlap property bit!Official Nintendo GBC Demo have correct graphic!

    If you need any additional files or a PD GBC demo, then you should check out the DreamGBC site! Btw, this is not a patch, it's a full release :) - atila

  • Daily MESS News ! - It's MESS WIP time again ! - chris

  • Daily MAME News ! - It's MAME WIP time again ! - Opi

  • LazyNES - More NES news! LazyNES release 4 (WIN32 NES emu) has been released, here's what's new:

    - sound emulation started!
    - better error reporting to log window
    - both square sound channels working partially
    - now skips trainer if present
    - fixes to mapper 1 (still not perfect) vrom bank switching

    Check out the LazyNES site for additional info. - atila

  • Unofficial Nester - You can downloaded the new unofficial Nester by clicking the link. Here's a small excerpt from the readme:

    "this is unofficial nester (c) pathed version added support some mappers and expand controllers. and this archive includes patched source files.

    if you wanna try source files, please get original source file at Mr. Darren Ranalli's home page (http://nester.homepage.com/), over write source files included this archive, and compile it."

    This has been the 3rd release since yesterday, netplay is nearly perfect. There's no homepage for this release. - atila

  • LEGO pr0n! - Hahaha, this is damn funny: Drew's LEGO pr0n (link does not work at this moment, it's been "Retrogames'ed"? - Atila), check out the 'series' links. - atila

  • We're here... - We're just being lazy :) - atila

  •    Sunday, January 7th 2001 - Last updated @ 23:44 EST

  • MAME Needed-Soon Heaven - GuruChoc posted a bunch of goodies at Arcade Heaven recently! So, why not get ready for the next MAME beta right now. :) - prophet

  • OverClocked Episode #137: CPS2MUCH. Just a little reminder :) - david

  • Genital68K v0.2 - Bart Trzynadlowski informed about his latest Genital68K release, his "Motorola 68000 processor emulation library for Intel X86 processors " ie an emulator for the good old 68000 processor :)

    - o - API calls now save registers they use (if you had problems with optimizing compilers and Genital68K, this should fix it), I have checked this to the best of my ability, but if any bugs remain and I don't find them soon, let me know :)
    - o - Slightly modified the Genital68KReadXXX()/Genital68KWriteXXX() functions
    - o - minor optimizations - Opi

  • HanaHo News Flood! - Big things are happening at HanaHo! Several new products are officially being unveiled now, including the ArcadePC cocktail c abinet, the ArcadePC Mini-Pac cabinet, and the new HotRod SE/Hansol Monitor bundle (I believe it's a super hi-qua lity 19" monitor)! Also available for sale is their Capcom Coin-Op Classics CD for just $9.99! Their shopping site has been revamped to handle all the new orders too - international credit cards are now accepted! If you've ever dreamed of p laying your PC games and emulators on REAL arcade equipment, HanaHo is the best! Check the Retrogames Other Stuff section to read reviews of the ArcadePC & HotRod. Related pages: HanaHo Games, Inc., ArcadePC home , and HotRod home. (Thanks Richard Ragon) - prophet

  • Microsoft Unveils Xbox - Microsoft finally unveiled their new video gaming console the Xbox. For a full coverage visit Gamers Uplink or check the Xbox homepage. - Opi

  • ClrMamePro goes OS/2 - If you're still one of the few remaining MAME fans which believe in OS/2 - then check the ClrMamePro site for some interesting news. - Opi

  • Jnes v0.40 beta 1 - After a long year of silent developing, a new version of Jnes has been released to the public. Jabo's NES emulator for Win9x (needs DirectX 5) is a "user friendly" piece of software. It supports almost all american NES game mappers, has a complete rewritten (great sounding) sound core, save states, screenshot function, Zapper support and much more. Whenever I test a newly released NES transl ation I try to use this emulator (although it doesn't supports most of the japanese/chinese mappers) :)

    Here is a list of the latest changes and improvements since v0.30a !
    Click here to download Jnes v0.40 beta 1 - thanks to Jabo himself for the news :) Stay tuned for a little surprise in the near future :) - Opi

  • Which System Power Is Needed To Run Pac Man At Full Speed ? - Archie did another update at his own site - ArchieMan's MAME Performance Guide. He has now 96 hardware recommendations (out of 1467) online. - Opi

  • FrontDboy 1.51 & Genesis ROM Renamer v1.0 - Oscar Cerdá released a bugfixed version of his DBoy front-end FrontDboy. Shortly after this release he post ed a new Genesis ROM tool that is able to "change the romset name for the internal ROM name entry" ! Thanks to Kaervek from EmuMania for the news and the translation :) - Opi

  • Tales of Phantasia And SNES Special Chip Emulation News - Here are some fantastic Tales of Phantasia news straight from the DeJap T ranslations homepage. They seem to be very close to a beta 2 release now. All the major and minor hacks are solved and the script editing has been finished.

    "the beta 2 patch can be considered the final, it will have everything needed to fully play and beat the game as well as look professional .... The real final patch will have stuff like a better designed character naming screen, 7 letter character names, expanded monster names, subtitles to spoken japanese text .... I don't believe these additional features warrant holding the patch off for another 6 months so that's why we'll be releasing something very soon". Tales of Phantasia will be translated in 16 other languages besides english !

    Special Chip Emulation news : needed to get Daikaijyu Monogatari 2, Far East of Eden Zero, Momotaro's Happy Train, Star Ocean and Street Fighter Alpha 2 to run properly.

    Dark Force wrote : "Recently, I've been working with the talented John Weidman and zsKnight, on emulating certain games with custom chips (extra hardware). DKJ2 - has an S-RTC (real-time clock) which has been almost completely figured out, it is currently emulated without the clock. FEoEZ and Momotaro - uses the SPC7110 chip and an RTC, the SPC7110 has for the most part been figured out. Star Ocean and SFA2 - use the SDD-1 chip which is used for graphics encryption, some progress has been made. Before you ask, no these games won't be working in any emulator until we're able to make them fully playable and NO we have no idea when that will be".

    Sorry that I've "wasted" that much space for these news - but the SNES and translations as a whole are my favourite emulation "fields" :) Check the DeJap Translations homepage for the full update because Da rk Force reported much more and posted some new screenshots :) Thanks to Jason from -rpgd- for the info ! -rpgd- is another fine translation re source !

    As a sidenote : Justin mailed me about the latest SNES9x release for Linux which happened yesterday : "just wanna let you know that for those of us in Linux that have had problems using the last release with XFree86 4.0.1 (especially us owners o f nVidia's GeForce or later), version 1.34 of the emulator fixes those problems. So you can play the game in either fullscreen or in a window. I hope this will make a significance for other Linux users". - Opi

  • Pete's Windows PSX GPUs v1.43 - Pete Bernert's PSX GPU OGL/D3D/Soft drivers v1.43 are online. " Framebuffer textures option (whirl/blurring effects), sn apshot info file, improved dynamic caching, misc fixes" - Opi

  • Some exiciting developments over at the Official MESS WIP page. Kev, has got the serial device code working and is starting to update drivers to use the new serial device code. Click the link above for more information. Also, please note, there was a correction to yesterdays WIP update, it was Kev, not Nate who added the exit_machine function to the microtan driver. - chris

  • DreamGBC2001 Final BETA - DreamGBC 2001 Final BETA is available now - the changes info for this release includes only the message "One of the Greatest GBC emulato r now!" wow, Kervin is very self-confident, but he's right - DreamGBC is a great piece of software. BTW - yesterdays release (we missed it) Rev5 added :

    - o - Support Interrupt Nesting.Eliminated small music delay in some games
    - o - Support RAW Sound.Pokemon Yellow have voice 'Pikachu' at title

    Click here to download DreamGBC2001 Final BETA. - Opi

  • ParaMSX v0.31 - Version 0.31 of ParaMSX is online. ParaMSX is an excellent MSX emulator (based on fMSX v2.1) for Win dows created by Youngman Seo - new in this release :

    - o - Fixed Minor bug in VDP timing.
    - o - Fixed Minor bug in Sprite 2 mode.
    - o - Added Indicator for CapsLock, Kana, Drive access.

    Thanks to TFH/Fony from the MEP for the news ! - Opi

  • Unofficial nester - netplay test version - HERE's a new version of Unofficial nester (a patched NES emulator for Windows). This new release includes suppo rt for netplay via a client/server connection. Please read the inluded english documention for more info, thanks to Juliano Flores for the email :) - Opi

  • ImpactEmu.com - As you can see from the previous post, impactemu.com is back online and it's now hosting the sites for ZINC (*nix version of Impact), Impact Emu and Modeler. Not everything is online yet , but it will be later this week. Life is schweeeeeeeeeeeet! - atila

  • Modeler 0.0.5 released! - We're a week into the new year now we get MODELER, a WIP SYSTEM32/Sega Model 1 emulator with support for Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing and Star Wars Arcade. This release is supports only Model 1. There's one catch though: the games aren't playable due to lack of 3d graphics. The 2d parts of the 3 games show up nicely though. Hopefully, we'll be seeing some nice polygons soon :) - atila

  • Decisions at CPS2 Shock - Razoola has made some decisions, which seem perfectly logical, about releasing the CPS2 encryption scheme. I applaud Razoola for taking the stance that he did. Decrypted roms will still be released, so 'we' have not hing to worry about. Click here to visit CPS2Shock and read the entire update. Thanks to Soulctchr for reminding me ;) - atila

  • ReMixes - OverClocked ReMix has been updated with ReMixes of: Starcraft, Star Tropics, Dragonseeds, FF6, Sonic 3, & Chrono Cross for your listening pleasure. BTW, just got one of those PSX to DC gamepad adapters - very cool! I can finally play 2d fighters and not suck horribly ^^ Grab the tunes here. - david

  • CPS2 Decryption Slashdotted - For better or for worse, the decryption of CPS2 is now fairly famous, as it has been covered by the indefatigable Slashdot. Full article here with discussion. Congrats again to CPS2SHOCK and Dave - I've now got one humdinger of an SFZ blister thanks to you! :) - david

  • ROMinfo 1.02 - LogiqX has released a new version of his rom ID tool called ROMinfo. The file is a massive 65k in size ;) - atila

  • MAME WIP - Gridle has posted another MAME WIP update! And while you look at the lovely pics, I'll be downloading Star Wreck 4.5 :) - atila

  • MacMESS has been updated to v0.37b10 - here is the Binary and the Source. - richard

  •    Saturday, January 6th 2001 - Last updated @ 14:17 EST

  • The Official MESS WIP page has just been updated. Nate has done some more improvements to the CoCo sound emulation, click the link above for more information. - chris

  • Snes9x v1.34 Linux - A new version of the Snes9x Linux port has been released. Gary Henderson mentioned that he will do some more work on the Windows port GUI before h e'll release a new Windows version, so a new Windows release will take a few extra days or so.

    Version 1.34 adds support for "ZSNES freeze-file game saves" and fixes Rendering Ranger R2, Treasure Hunter G,Taekwon-Do, Chrono Trigger, Test Drive 2, Batman - Revenge of the Joker and Aero the AcroBat 2 (besides a few other games). Look here for an extraordinary long list of changes !!!!
    Looks like we reached a new milestone in SNES emulation history !
    Click here if you wanna download this new version ! Thanks to Bu!Bu! for the email. - Opi

  • MAME WIP - Gridle reported the latest facts straight from the "MAME dev heart" at the official MAME WIP page, this update includes no pics !

    5th January 2001: smf fixed encrypted opcodes handling in the C 68k core and subsequently fixed Enduro Racer again. - Opi

  • DCPC = FAKE - EmuSphere is reporting that DCPC (Dreamcast emulator) is nothing but a FAKE! Check out EmuSphere for the full lowdown. - atila

  • Shanghai Kid WIP News - The Shanghai Kid Mame WIP driver status page (phew, long name) has been updated with some great news.
    Phil Stroffolino received a working Shanghai Kid pcb, "which was donated by Dick Millikan" (good boy !!!). "This is perhaps the only one working in the universe ! Already, many previously unknown things have been discovered because of this pcb". Check out the site for a small new Shanghai Kid video, a preliminary MAME driver and other game emulation related information. Thanks to the Guru for the update info :) - Opi

  • Final Burn 0.67 - Dave, please get some rest :) Emu fans, go get it! Fades are emulated now plus some fixes. - prophet

  •    Friday, January 5th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:39 EST

  • Sega's Game Gear Is Back - According to an article at Vintage Gaming the Game Gear will have a come back in the US. Majesco Sales obtained the rights to market thi s old hand held system again, Toys R' Us is selling it for $29.99 ! Click here to read the whole article - thanks to TuxedoMsk for the news. - Opi

  • SSF Impressions & Final Burn FAQ - Petey K. has used our general emulation message board to report his first (and second) impressions of SSF, the first Sega Saturn emulator able to run commercial games - contribute your experiences too !

    Dave has updated his Final Burn FAQ with useful hints 'n stuff. Example :

    Q) Can I be a beta tester?
    No - but the releases are so often, you effectively are!
    Hehehehe - well no kidding, its worth a look :) - Opi

  • Busy Team Japump!!! - Nippon's super dumping crew Team Japump! preserved Black Panther (JPN Ver.) (c)1987 Konami / Coreland. Check the homepage for 7 screensho ts of this game, that was the first update with pictures - as far as I know :) Thanks to Emulation 9. - Opi

  • PocketGB v1.12 beta 1 - A new PocketGB (GB emu for WinCE) has been released, click here for a list o f the latest changes. - Opi

  • SSF News Translated - Guyfawkes from Emuholic is a nice man, he sent me (a rough) translation of the latest SSF changes log :

    - Interrupt and the shadow relation bug fixed.
    - Must have the bug in the CD block and DSP.
    - The game screen of the cherry great war is wrong.
    - Out orchis, space Harrier, and afterburner stop in CDC command of the unmounting.
    - The title menu of bar charcoal S is wrong.
    - The Capcom logo of vampaiasavar is wrong, goes to the multiplayer screen.

    The screen relation, and is it a rotation side and is window function, etc. of the part? On the rotation side, the amount of the calculation of each dot is lustfulness. (Hey? - Guyfawkes) It is annoying! The window function is usual clipping processing an d is not provided with OK because it does not go. It is annoying!

    Screen on and off with 1-7 keys.
    Key 1 - NBG0
    Key 2 - NBG1
    Key 3 - NBG2
    Key 4 - NBG3
    Key 5 - RGB0 (Do not mount.)
    Key 6 - RGB1 (Do not mount.)
    Key 7 - Sprite

    Sounds funny :) Does it make sense ? no clue :) Thanks anyway ! - Opi

  • Site Moves - The DCPC Emulation Project (Dreamcast emu) has been moved to Vintage Gaming , please update your bookmarks to http://dcpc.vintagegaming.com.

    - Nester has found a new home at http://nester.dranalli.com. The source code of Darren Ranalli's emulator is the base for the japanese NES emus NesterJ and unofficial nester ! Thanks to PeterD from EmuHQ for both news. - Opi

  • BouKiCHi Vanished ? - Apparantly BouKiCHi has closed all of his emulation projects and sites. I have to fur ther info, D-Boy dead forever ? Who knows - if you know any reason - email me ! Thanks Bully :) - Opi

  • Sparcade News - According to this posting at Emuverse' messageboard, Dave Spicer may hav e a little come back with his emulator Sparcade and release a finished Salamander 2 driver.
    Quote : "Sparcade was created during a period when I was either single or unemployed (or both!) Things are rather different now and I'm not finding myself with much time to do any programming. I'd still like to finish off my Salamander 2 driver though, assuming nobody else has done it yet. :-)".
    Thanks to Dave for the notification. - Opi

  • EMame Is Here - Mame World mentioned a new MAME port - EMame ! This is the port of MAME to EPOC32 and can be used on Psion de vices such as the Series 5mx. - Opi

  • Final Burn Gamepad Pro INI v0.2 - S. Chu sent me his updated Gamepad Pro ini v0.2 for Final Burn, he wrote :

    "Here it is again, this time.. I've added Player 2 to the file. All buttons are added for both players, player adds coin and starts with the designated controller (p1 for p1, p2 for p2). Buttons are mapped exactly the same as last time.

    The same file can be used for either SFZ Japan game.. just rename appropriately.

    SFZ Japan R1 - sfzjr1.ini
    SFZ Japan - sfzj.ini

    Note: When 2 gamepad pro joypads are linked, the P1 controller on solo games become P2". - Opi

  • Unofficial Nemu 64 ini v2.0.7 - HERE is EmuManiac's latest unofficial Nemu 64 ini, v2.0.7 adds the following comments :
    - o - Banjo and Kazooies Great Adventure 2 (JAP) = Doesnt Work
    - o - Custom Robo V2(JAP) = Playable
    - o - Polaris Sno Cross (USA) = Playable, no sound
    - o - Pokemon Stadium GS (JAP) = Playable, heavy GFX errors - Opi

  • MKMAME Beta 2 - Nicholas Hughes released a second beta of his Mortal Kombat only MAME version MKMAME. Please check the homepage for more info. - Opi

  • Help CPS2Shock, Get a Free Arcade Cabinet! - Yep, Numbski posted this on the CPS2 board. Basically h e needs someone to take his cabinet in St.Louis - FREE! It'd make a fine MAME machine. Once this is done, he's sending his Xmen Vs. Street Fighter board off to CPS2Shock. :) - prophet

  • Hubert Does Retrogames! - We liked Hubert by TV's Ian so much we're hosting his site! :) Welcome aboard. Hubert is a wonderful new comic strip with an emulation/videogame/anime theme. So give Hubert & the gang a try at hubert.retrogames.com! - prophet

  • NLMSX v0.31 - Frits Hilderink released a new version of NLMSX, his advanced MSX emulator for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 with DirectX 3 or higher. New in this releas e :

    - o - Added support for ASCII 8Kbyte and ASCII 16Kbyte MEGAROMs.
    - o - Rewrote a lot of code regarding the configuration management.

    Thanks to the MEP-Crew for the news :) - Opi

  • FINAL BURN 0.065 - Yes, it's true! Dave never sleeps and he proves it with this release, here's what's new:

    + Fixed those strange QSound bugs.
    + Fixed the problem with sprites disappearing/flickering near the top and left of the screen.
    + Fixed the pitch of the QSound.

    Why are you still reading this ?! DOWNLOAD!! - atila

  • Get your daily dose of MESS WIP, the page has just been updated. - chris

  • DRUGS! - Click here for the definitive list of Drug Using Cartoon Suspects! Thanks to Mega-C for the link. "RG: back to the good old days!", keeps those funny links/ pics coming :) - atila

  • Final Burn v0.064 - Huh ? Oooh ? What ? Where ? Aaaaaah :-)
    Tatatataraaa !!! Final Burn v0.064 is here :

    - o - Made it so that the top panel not only isn't shown but isn't even created in fullscreen mode. Does this fix the bug where people hear "windows beep noises" in fullscreen? Please let me know!
    - o - Changed Fast Forward key to F4 - Opi

  • CPS2 Messageboard - I've added a CPS2 messageboard, since the general emulation board was getting swamped. - atila

  • Genesis Power - The people at Genesis Power need your help:

    We are looking for a reliable source of unlicensed
    games that are presently available in South America and Asia. We have reports of titles such as A Bug's Life, Hercules, Lion King 2, Pokemon, FIFA 2000, King Of Fighters 98, 99, 2000, and various multicarts (x-in-1). If anyone can give us contact informat ion for a dealer of these games who would be willing to ship to North America, please contact us at genny@penguinpowered.com!

    Help them out, so that they can help us out :) - atila

  •    Thursday, January 4th 2001 - Last updated @ 21:26 EST

  • Opi's Little Statement - Hehe, some guys said I'm overreacting with my postings about Final Burn, CPS2Shock and the CPS1 news. Well, mabye ... but all I tried and still wanna try is showing you my excitement abou t our all hobby ! The "sense of wonder" - "what lies ahead" are phrases which are coming in my mind and nothing happens "as a matter of course".
    Finally saying : thank you or great job ... won't hurt anyone :) - Opi

  • MAME WIPed Again :) - A new MAME WIP update is online - Ninja Kid and Block Carnival were added. Thanks to Gridle (hehe) for the info. - Opi

  • EmuPound Interview Flood - Check the newly opened emulation news site EmuPound for some interesting interviews with the following persons :

    o Lord Cheese - coder of DreamEmu
    o Lewpy - famous Glide plugin for PSX emus
    o Pete Bernert & Roor - maker of PSX plugins / AdirPSX
    o RealityMan - infamous UltraHLE and Jagulator coder - Opi

  • Final Burn v0.063 - Next Final Burn version is up. Dave changed : "There was a bug affecting mainly Hot Rod joystick users where the System Menu could pop up even i n fullscreen - this is now fixed". Thanks to Erik W and RabidFrog for the quick news report.

    Well I'm sure Dave will praise Razoola and CrashTest (like we all do) for their 15 months of hard work over at CPS2Shock. Dave wouldn't be able to impress us again with his emulat or releases on a daily base, without their breakthrough, their genius and devoted "stubbornness" :)
    Hmmm - has anyone mentioned the upcoming flood of new CPS1 (and probably CPS2) emulators ... NO ? Stay tuned :) - Opi

  • C-64 News From Lemon - Everyone's favourite C-64 site Lemon was updated with 10 new "original tapes" that you won't find elsewhere. The new "Lemon news-crew" reported some i nteresting C-64 related stories and founder Kim Lemon mentioned a new SIDPLAY for Win32 release (from 01/01/2001) ! Please check the Lemon site f or more. Thanks to WWEmu for the hint :) - Opi

  • Linux - After many many months, the long awaited Linux 2.4 Kernel has finally been released!! Please use the mirrors if you can. Thanks to Ezel for the news. - chris

  • Speccy Goodies And A "Cry" For Help - Jan Werner informed me about the latest Spectrum news from the Czech Republic ! WWW.SPECCY.CZ was updated with 28 new Spectrum game s - almost all are original tape dumps. In a second email he told me some facts about an upcoming non-commercial PC based adventure called "Project" (temporary name I guess) - it will be a tribute to Sir Cl ive Sinclair and the creators are looking for some artist for music and background graphics - "click here" for more. - Opi

  • Final Burn Gamepad Pro INI - S. Chu has sent me a Gamepad Pro ini for SFZr1. Only Player 1 at the moment and only for Street Fighter Zero (Jpn r1) - below are the mapped ke ys :)

    Select - Coins o / o Start - Player 1 Select
    Red - Short Punch o / o Blue - High Punch
    Green - High Kick o / o Yellow - Short Kick
    L1 - Medium Punch o / o R1 - Medium Kick - Opi

  • Datafile Madness - Wow, the RomCenter was updated with an incredible number of new or updated datafiles - including Final Burn, MESS, MAME, converted Cowering GoodTools a nd almost every other emulator (apparently more than 160 files). Thanks to Rico2000 from RC-Roms for the email. - Opi

  • Magic Engine For Mac - A new Mac version of Magic Engine has been released. With Arcade Card emulation and a completely new InputSprocket and CD-ROM support. Thanks EmuHQ :) - Opi

  • SSF v0.05 alpha r2 Released - You love testing stuff, Sega's Saturn was once your favourite console at home and you don't fear Japanese text ? Wonderful - download the latest SSF release (v0.05 alpha r2) and tell me your results or the changes :) Anyone already translated the documentation for this emulator ? - Opi

  • DreamGBC2001 Rev4 - The latest DreamGBC release added the following stuff to this nice GBC emulator :

    - o - Adjusted Interrupt handler, Pokemon Crystal work again.
    - o - Fixed a bug that will cause BATMAN scrolling strangely.
    - o - Fixed a palette reading bug.
    ..... TOM and Jerry:Mouse attack have correct color.
    - o - Fixed a bug of user-defined key input .

    Please get it here. - Opi

  • Final Burn! 0.062 - Q-Sound release! Low on bandwidth? Try reading the whatsnew.txt. - chris

  • MESS WIP page updated. - chris

  • Street Fighter Alpha/Zero FAQ - Till has updated his site Sys2064 with a FAQ for S treet Fighter Alpha/Zero. If you have any problems regarding game or gameplay - check it out. - Opi

  • 'Ultra Impact' - No, this is not a new release of IMPACT EMU, it's the PSX gamepad -> PC converter/adaptor that I've had the pleasure to test. I'll post a review after the weekend, but I can tell you that I'm already very impressed with this piece of hardware. The box I received came with the adapter, which will let you hook up 4 PSX pads and memcards, and there was also a lovely PSX pad in the box, but you can use your own PSX pads too, ofcourse :) Not an original, btw, but I like this one better because the D-pad is pretty damn good. The PSX pad is seen as a Sidewinder gamepad and is supported by a lot of emus/games, as you know. Wicked stuff, review will be up after the weekend. Check the Hann Shyang site for more info! - atila

  • MAME WIP - Gridle once again updated the MAME WIP page with news and screenshots regarding a new Metro driver submitted by Luca Elia ! Thanks t o Brian A. Troha for the notification :) - Opi

  • Generator/MacOS has been updated to v0.16. There are a substantial number of changes, which you can check out here. - richard

  • TZX Vault update! - Speccy fans listen up, Gilby added nearly 40 new tape images to the TZX Vault! You Ys fans should be especially happy. :) (Gawd, it's almost 3:00AM here...) - prophet

  • Cab Pic Heaven :) - John IV posted another cab pack, it appears he and The Guru are now co llaberating! - dutch

  • More TVslan Comics! - TVslan told me about this temporary page he set up about his wonderful Hubert comic strips! They're quite funny and have a great emulation/videogame/anime theme. High ly recommended. (Must stop posting...) - prophet

  • Hot Deal - ComputersWorth.com is selling HotRod SE's for $99, so go do your pre-orders now! Several readers emailed me to say they go t great service from ComputersWorth, and I can tell you HotRods work GREAT with most emus & games! I really gotta stop posting... (Opi, I think I caught webcOPInewsitis, help!) - prophet

  •    Wednesday, January 3rd 2001 - Last updated @ 22:50 EST

  • Final Burn Thoughts - Dave is a real genius :) Thanks a lot for this new joystick configuration gift, it works fine for me. Can we now expect to see all CPS1 games added t o Final Burn ? How about a screenshot function and save states ? Oh man - the possibilities are endless .... Dave, you are my first hero for 2001 !!! - Opi

  • Enough posts from me... G'night. :) - prophet

  • Final Burn 0.61 - Dave sure works FAST! Lotsa control related stuff, some fixes, support for SF2CE... just go get it! Here's what's new. (Thanks soulctcher) - prophet

  • Official Xbox design pics - Planet GeForce has mirrored some "Official Xbox design pics which were earlier posted by Vo odoo Extreme and then taken down due to Microsofts demand. These 5 pictures (scanned from the upcoming EGM february issue) are now located here. - Opi

  • SFZ Service Menu Guide - Kinopio sent in this guide to the SFZ service menu. *UPDATE* - Revised a bit now by unnamed1. - prophet

  • Sidewinder SFZ ini - TheCyPHa posted this message, containing a link for you Sidewinder-owni ng CPS2/Final Burn fans. :) (If anyone else has made some useful Final Burn ini files, why not just post them on our General Emu board? They're only text a fterall.) - prophet

  • Hey Opi, Archon RULES! :) Happy day! - prophet

  • Fixed SFZ/HotRod ini - Thanks to Haval A., I've fixed a typo in the Final Burn HotRod SFZ ini I made earlier. He also sent a SFZCH ini, it's in there too. :) Keep in mind there's a conflict with the SHIFT ke y in Final Burn though. Player 2 works fine however. - prophet

  • Archon Remake For PC - Looks like we'll get a "fan-made" Archon anytime soon. It utilizes Direct X and will feature all the classic gameplay elements. Replican t posted it on our general emulation board, at least one guy which "survived" the CPS2 mania :) Shoul d I mention that Archon is one of my alltime faves :) ? - Opi

  • Unofficially High 6.3 - Leezer released another unofficial hiscore.dat, adding high score saving support for 31 more games in MAME! Get it here. - prophet

  • CPS2 stuff, sorta... - TVslan posted another comic! I really like this guy's work. :) Also, Wild posted this link to a page listing CPS2 release dates & more. See his post for an interesting IRC log as well. - prophet

  • Check Your Final Burn Stuff With ClrMamePro - A Final Burn v0.060 datfile for ClrMamePro is now available here< /a>. SpeakLeader contributed it btw :) - Opi

  • HotRod SFZ ini for Final Burn - Just made this, but it's untested. Just unzip to your Final Burn cfg directory and it *should* work. I included a keycodes list just in case, so you can change it. :) - prophet

  • System16 is Alive! - Sixtoe is a nice guy, to give me my freedom to search for the latest Final Burn stuff, he wrote his own posting to inform ya about the important changes at system16.com.

    "As of yesterday night, ShinobiZ has now handed over the reigns of system16.com to me! I only hope I can make as good a job of it as he did. I have planned some changes but you wont see anything untill the end of the month at least, but in the mean time check out the forums and let me know what you think". - Sixtoe. - Opi

  • YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! - The invincible dragon has been slain! Amazing! Thank you Razoola (& Dave etc.) for an amazing feat of ingenuity, imagination and sheer determination. =) (I just HAD to post something!) - prophet

  • _MADrigal_ has released Tom & Jerry Popper (Gakken, LCD Card Game series) Simulator. You can download it at The USA site or at The Italian site in the download section. _MADrigal_ also wrote in to say that he is working on both Donkey Kong II (Nintendo - Multi-Screen) and Dungeons & Dragons (Mattel Electronics)... Next release will be in late January or early February for either of them. - chris

  • You can get SFZ CPS-2 ROMs (unencrypted variety) at the CPS2-Shock site. - chris

  • Final Burn :)~~~ - Chris doesn't sound excited, but his post about FINAL BURN 0.60, below, is a true milestone. Not the post, I mean the emulator ;) THIS MEANS THAT WE NOW HAVE A WORKING CPS-2 EMULATOR! People have been wondering and asking about this, ever since Sardu released CALLUS. It was deemed (nearly) impossible, but the CPS2-Shock team (with a bit of help from Gridle) and DAVE of Final Burn ha ve made it possible. This is a good start of the new year, you're in for a whole lot more and we'll be covering every last bit of it! - atila

  • Dave has released Final Burn 0.60 with support for several CPS-2 games, read the what's new file for more information! - chris

  • The Official MESS WIP Page has been updated. - chris

  • MAME ROMS ARE BACK! - Thanks to the good people at mame.dk, we're now once again able to offer out visitors all the MAME roms. All you have to do is click THIS LINK ( also in the left frame) and start your download(s). - atila

  • Nintendo VS. - Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page, he's added pics of various VS games as well as a few others. - atila

  • Once upon a time - there was a comic strip named OverClocked. The boys have been in hibernation, but the mention of CPS2 seems to have dragged them out of their cave and into the light once more. R ead all about it at OC#136: The CPS2 Problem. - david

  • Help CPS2Shock - Razoola needs a dead (suicide battery went boom!) Street Fighter Zero board, if anyone can send one, email him. Check CPS2Shock's la test WIP to see why. :) - prophet

  •    Tuesday, January 2nd 2001 - Last updated @ 20:20 EST

  • New Game Endings ... - The Video Game Museum was updated with screenshots for more than 40 arcade game and a bunch of (my beloved) game endings ! Jump to the site if you wanna see the endings of Aladdin, Donkey Kong Country, Firepower 2000 (SNES) - Metal Slug X, Waku W aku 7, King of Fighters 96 (NG) and Final Fantasy Tactics (my alltime PSX fave) ! Plus some more :) - Opi

  • PSX Fanatics Are Back - NESboy from PSX Fanatics asked me to post the following info :

    "Well after a lot of downtime for the redesign and the holidays, we are back. I have installed a support forum so we can help you better with your ePSXe questions. We will continue to update the sections within the coming days. I only received a few submi ssions to compatibility list before we went down. If you guys get a chance to submit a few games that would be great".
    So what are you waiting for ? CONTRIBUTE :) - Opi

  • Contribute To A Sega Saturn Compatability List - Almighty Saturn X - a site, fully dedicated to Sega Saturn emulation is looking for some contributors t o their SSF compatability list. Latest "findings" : Sega Rally, Sonic Jam and Bomberman Fight are now all fully working with SSF r5 alpha. - Opi

  • Nintendo Vs. - Yeah, CPS2 is hot but not the only game in town. GuruChoc mentioned something about Nintendo Vs. games being emulated in MAME, but shh... Keep it quiet. ;) - prophet

  • Chill! - The CPS2 news that's been happening is definitely cool, but, try to keep in mind that at this point it's CPS2-WIP. Y'know, like MameWIP? Me aning, it hain't ready yet! :) In time I'm sure you'll be able to relive these games on your PC. Patience, Daniel-san! :) - dutch

  • DreamGBC2001 Rev2 - Reporting news about an emulator which is basically updated twice a week (or more) can become very annoying, instead of ignoring it I decided to have a closer look at Kervin's Game Boy Color emulator DreamGBC. Today he uploaded version "2001 Rev2" with some fixed bugs and improved MBC1, whatever it means - a memorey mapper I guess :) Anyway, the sound still needs some improvements as well a s the GUI, BUT if you wanna test and see a really greatly enhanced zoomed GB screen on your PC - test DreamGBC ! Configurate the video mode for 1024 x 768, select "scanlines" and activate "Ultra Color Filtering" and set zoom to "x 3" or "x 4" if you have a real fast PC ! WOW, that onscreen result blew me away - the best looking Game Boy PC picture I ever saw. Get it here. - Opi

  • ArchieMan's MAME Performance Guide - ArchieMan's MAME Performance Guide is a cool place to see some hardware "recommendations" for various in MAME emulated games. Look at the following example and you'll get the feeling ! '88 Games (c) Konami 88 :)
    Thanks to Mame World for the tip. - Opi

  • NeoPocott WIP News Flood - Gollum posted a new batch of NeoPocott related WIP news. - Opi

  • The Fire In Dayvee Is Still Burning ! - CPS2 emulation won't be a dream forever - check the Final Burn homepage for some preliminary "X-Men Children of the Atom" gr aphics (some sprites'n stuff) and admire his perfect looking "Street Fighter Zero" shots ! Thanks Sixtoe :) - Opi

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated. - chris

  • Visual Pinball - Flipper fanatics might flip over this - Randy Davis' Visual Pinball! It's a "new tool that allows users to create and play their own pinball tables." Those screensh ots look pretty darn sweet. :) (Thanks GuruChoc) - prophet

  • Bug Busters :) - MAME Testers is an extraordinary project that collects data on MAME bugs with every new release - and they just got a spiffy new look too! Wanna help out and volunteer to adopt some MAME games to test? Go ahead. :) In related news, the mameinfo.dat file has been updated to 0.37b10 Update 5! (Thanks M.A.S.H.) - prophet

  • Fresh C64 Lemons - Lemon64 reported some great news today for Commodore 64 fans: First of all, Cadaver released Metal Warrior 3, and next, 12 neve r-before-released C64 carts were dumped! Even an old Atarian like myself knows that's cool. :) (Thanks Techrat) - prophet

  • Hubert & Fuzzie Hunter! - TVslan posted a very cool comic strip on our General Emu board! Very timely and funny IMO. :) - prophet

  •    Monday, January 1st 2001 - Last updated @ 23:49 EST

  • ElectrEm Beta 6b - The Acorn Electron emulator ElectrEm was once again updated with a new beta. For the latest news have a look at the ElectrEm Change Log. Downloads are available for DOS, Windows and Linux (GGI/Glibc 2 & SVGALib/Glibc 2) - thanks again to EmuHQ and my " brother in mind" PeterD for this infomation :-) - Opi

  • CPS2Shock Interview - MADrigal (hosted here at Retrogames) conducted an interview (as a member of Emuita) with Razoola me mber of the currently very popular CPS2Shock-team (hosted here at Retrogames too - crazy !) :) Click here if you wanna read it, thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - Opi

  • Time To Dream ... - The Spanish emulation site Emulatronia was updated with a new version of DREAMER, the infamous Dreamcast emulator. The emu I said about I would n't report any news in the future :) See, I've changed my mind. Version 0.02 is now online, it still isn't able to run commercial games but a few demos .... and you'll need Direct-X 8 to get it work ! Thanks to Miyamoto for the email. - Opi

  • QPlayer For Win32 v1.3.7 - Barry Rodewald released a new version of QPlayer, his QSound emulator. "It can play the music and sound effects from arcade games based on Capcom's CPS-2, ZN-1 and ZN-2 hardware". Check it out, thanks to Barry for the news :) - Opi

  • MAME Related News - The official MAME homepage was updated with a newly translated MAME FAQ, KS Lee submitted a Korean version.

    A new MAME derivative has been introduced - MKMAME ! Like the name implies, its a special MAME compile for the Mortal Kombat series. For more info visit the MKMAME site :) - Opi

  • CPS2 IS EMULATED BABY! - Super-coder Dave has gotten the recent unencrypted SFZ running in Final Burn! Go look - there's some NICE pics already, sprites and everything. =) Congratulations to Raz & the whole CPS2Shock team (and Gridle!) for making an emulation dream become reality! It's a happy 2001 already - feel free to flood the General Emu Board with congratulatory messages! These guys deserve it! - prophet

  • MESS WIP - The Official MESS WIP page has been updated again today. - chris

  • CPS2 Games In Callus :) - Razoola has posted pics of the CPS2 version of SFZ running in Callus. Sprites and Qsound aren't working and it is very unlikely they will under this Callus patch. It's a nice start though :) - atila

  • SYSTEM16.COM - It looks like ShinobiZ has closed up shop at SYSTEM16.COM, he writes the following:


    For the full message, you should check out the site. Thanks to Logiqx for the news. - atila

  • New And Updated Logiqx' Tools - Logiqx uploaded new versions of his ROM tools : ROMInfo v1.01 (now with ZIP support) and MAMEDiff v1.04. Description : "ROMInfo is for identifying arcade ROMs and checking if they are emulated yet". "MAMEDiff makes it easy to identify ROM related changes in a new release of MAME (it can even find game additions that aren't mentioned in whatsnew.txt)". Please check his homepage for the changes in MAMEDiff and don't miss his awesome CAESAR database :) Thanks to Mame World for the news. - Opi

  • Old Stuff For You - Lando's C16-PLUS4 CLASSIX was updated with 32 new tap files. - Opi

  • DreamGBC 2001 Rev1 - DreamGBC v2001 Rev1 has been released by "Mr. Super Busy" Kervin, check his latest improvements below :

    - o - Added emulation to GameBoy Serial Port.Pokemon Crystal works
    - o - Added emulation to External Clock
    - o - Fixed a graphic bug that a sprite is incorrectly drawn
    ..... when partially out of the screen
    - o - Added 8*8 sprite transparency in GBC mode.
    - o - Fixed a Background transparency bug in GBC mode.
    ..... Pokemon Crystal has correct title
    - o - Fixed a Square wave connection bug.Eliminated many strange noises
    - o - Fixed a bug in Wav Channel.Eliminated the sound clicks in Zelda DX
    - o - MBC3 Improved.
    - o - Fixed a BatterySave filename bug.

    Click here to download DreamGBC 2001 Rev1, thanks to Panther for news and file :) - Opi

  • PocketGB v1.12 ALPHA - PocketGB v1.12 ALPHA has been uploaded, PocketGB is a shareware ($19.9 5 to register) GameBoy emulator for Windows CE 3.0 or higher with support for SH3, MIPS, and ARM processors. Thanks to Kinox for the info. - Opi

  • Record of Lodoss War Translation - Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku & Filia's Translation Domain released a first beta patch for Record of Lodoss War, a SNES RPG. Left to do are Battle Menu and Status Menu, the "Overall Translation" was described as 90% done.
    Lina`chan & friends are also responsible for the Magic Knight Rayearth and Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon - Another Story translations as well as partly for Seiken Densetsu 3 aka Secr et of Mana 2. - Opi

  • ZXemul v1.0 - ZXemul, the worlds first Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for Psion 3 series (3a, 3c and 3mx) has been released as version 1.0. Thanks to World of Spectrum for the first year 2001 news here at Retrogames :) - Opi

  • Yup, a happy new year from me too... - richard

  • (I've removed the applet that Dutch posted, it was sowing down people's systems - Atila) Happy 2K1 everyone!!!! :) - atila

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