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  •   Friday, April 30th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:30 CET

  • The search engine will go up tomorrow, had to "iron out" a last minute thingie.

  • Before I forget, the "SUBMIT-A-NAME-FOR-REALITYMAN'S-JAGUAR-EMU" compo ends tomorrow, so you can stop sending The Fox those emails by then :)

  • Seems I missed the release of this WIN32 NES emulator a few days ago, so here it is anyway :) Pretendo 0.02 is a win32 NES emulator, it's FAST on my PII-266 but not really compatible yet. So it works on WIN9x/NT and has no sound yet, but it's worth the download :-) Check out the Pretendo Site for more info.

  • I spent most of the day out, the weather was "schweeeeeeet". I hope we get more of this tomorrow= :-)

  • I've lost all respect for Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), click here to see what he's hosting. Thansk to Colour Cure for the link

  • Hmm, CNN posted an interesting article about magnetism on MARS, apparently the rocks on Mars still hold some magnetism, eventhough Mars itself doesn't anymore: Evidence of this magnetic field is frozen in rocks that were molten when the magnetic field existed. When the rocks hardened they retained the original magnetism, and that now has been detected and mapped by the spacecraft. Thanks to J|nX for the link

  • MGlide 1.246f released! This is one awesome release, which works wonders on regular games and UHLE, click here view some truly awesome pics or to read more about this release. Thanks to Gilde Underground for the news

  • I was talking to Zophar and he was telling me how poor he was, he told me he was so poor that he was legally considered in poverty. So he sent me a pic, to show me how poor he really was ;)

  • Sorry about the "late" update, the weather here in The Netherlands is VERY nice. It's 24 degrees Celsius here in Eindhoven and it's the Queen Mother's birthday, so it's a national holiday too.

  • EmuHQ has conducted 2 interviews, one with Lemmy of Nemu64 and one with schibo of 1964, and open source N64 emu.

  •   Thursday, April 29th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:32 CET

  • Beyond Emulation has posted the interview they did with Ricardo Bittencourt, author of BrSMS and BrMSX

  • An elephant was used to crush 100's of pirated cds in India yesterday. Must have made a lot of noise ;) Thanks to Gerard Pinzone for the news.

  • Someone has set up a page with all the bleem! fakes floating around. Every file has a good description as to what it does/doesn't do with your system. Please, do not download ANY FILE from that site, I just put it up so you can see what some people will do to to make you download a program that isn't even available on the main site yet. Click here to proceed. If you still download one of those files and ruin your system, all I can say is: BWAHAHAHAH!! (Sorry, had to get that out of my system :)

  • Namco will be releasing PAC MAN WORLD 20th ANNIVERSARY later this year, it will be similar to Mario64 in gameplay. This isn't necessary a good thing though, let's just wait for the end result :) Click here to read more about it or click here to see some pics. Thanks to TmB of Emuverse for the link

  • Emulatronia has posted pics of a new MAME WIP driver: LEGION by Nichibutsu. Thanks to NofaceFarmer for the link

  • Here's one more music file just to keep you all busy during these "slow days", this is another tune by Heretic of Destiny Music. This song is called Saviour by and won the "Commercial"-category at the BMP Compo 2. You can use WinAMP or MODPLUG to play this fine tune :) Later this week, a tune by Sierra of Destiny Music will be made available "for your downloading pleasure" ;)

  • The SNES9x Developer's Journal has been updated with a bit of nice news :) The current 1.19 build is stable again and they except a Linux release by today or tomorrow. DOS and Windows ports should follow soon after that. Thanks to JoseQ for the news

  • An author who wishes to remain anonymous (but who I know) will release CHEETAH, a Jaguar emulator, to beta testers in about a month's time. After the beta test it will be released, RIGHT HERE @ Retrogames ! For those who are wondering, this is NOT the emulator by Dr_Mario

  • The author of the CIH/Chernobyl virus has been tracked, he was a Taiwanese student now serving in the military. CIH wreaked havoc on a huge number of systems last Monday. Thanks to J|nX for the link

  • Sega predicts a HUGE loss this year, about $378 million worth! One of the measures Sega will take to make the company profitable again, is to lay off 25% of its employees. Let's hope this year will be better.

  • Speaking of moving, another emulator will move to Retrogames today or tomorrow, it depends on how soon the subdomain will start to work :) If you're working on an emulator and you need a good host, be sure to mail me :)

  • The Fox has updated his Comments Page and has now revealed that the emulator RealityMan is working on is a JAGUAR emulator!! This is good news for all of us, it will be good to (eventually) see Tempest 2000 (WOO!!) or even that horrific Kasumi Ninja emulated again :-) Anyway the Jag emu needs a name, so mail The Fox if you have a good name for it! Also, two more emulators have moved to emuunlim.com, namely Lucifer (fka Sat'On'Em, Saturn emu) and Dream64 (an N64 emu)

  • Hmm, this wasn't a smart thing to do, I think. Thanks to Stick_Fig for the link.

  • Neocharity has released the last two remaining sound dumps: Real Bout Fatal Fury and Sonic Wings 3. Chemical has also given Apollo69's site a nice redesign

  • The bleem! site has been updated with the reasons for the many delays, they even went to court again yesterday because tried to get another temporary restraining order. Needless to say, Sony failed and the final bleem.exe will be available shortly from the bleem site. Congratulations to the bleem! team!! Thanks to Chris White for the mail

  •   Wednesday, April 28th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:41 CET

  • I've received a few mails from people that they have received their copy of the bleem! cd/key, so the bleem! team did ship the discs :) After thorough investigation, one of the mailers told me that IF an .iso was made of the bleem key, it would be around 500 MB, so anyone wanting a free ride can keep on waiting ;) The CD has some VERY wierd tracks on it, rendering it (practically?) impossible to copy with current burners. Brendan Sheehan (who mailed me about his copy) had a funny story, according to DHL, his copy hadn't shipped yet, eventhough he had it in his hands. He provided me his tracking number. Good things come to those who wait ?

  • The news PIII-550 seems to have some SERIOUS overheating problems, click here to read more about it.

  • I've just added a new messageboard, this one is for console emulation. Thanks to Chemical for helping me out.

  • Gridle has updated the MAME WIP Page again!

  • Here is the installer version of NeoRAGE-X, no need to download this if you already downloaded last night's release. Thanks to PC Arcade for the news

  • Colour Cure sent me this link to an Slashdot article, it hits the nail right on the head. It's about the way the "geeks, nerds and dorks" have been treated in the past and now, after the Colorado massacre. The mails from kids in the article are quite disturbing. Playing Quake or Doom seems to be enough to get you a free counselling session, or two. To the people acting like this I would like to say: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F****** MINDS !?!? Get a life and stop harrassing those kids!!

  • There are a lot of 2-bit sites offering "bleem! 1.0 FULL cr4ck3d h4x0r3d super real release!", needless to say that if your HD gets erased or infected with a nasty virus or some sort of BO/NETBUS: You get what you paid for! Don't download it, it's NOT worth it

  • Here's another interview by those weird people that call themselves Kmarx and X-Sykodad ;) This time, their victim is Archeide, author of SNEmul, a SNES emulator.

  • Koam has interviewed the author of Virtual-E, a Virtual Boy emulator, you can read the interview here. Another interview with Ricardo of BrSMS/MSX should be up by tomorrow or the day after.

  • If you need some help with MAME32 or you need some screendumps for use with MAME32, be sure to check out The MAME32 Q&A/Test & Art Departement. They probably got what you want ;)

  • Father Death has posted a FINAL interview with RealityMan, co-author of UltraHLE. Thanks to Tins for the mail.

  • OFFICIAL MAME32 0.35 Beta 11 released!!

  •   Tuesday, April 27th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:39 CET

  • MercuryZ, over at UNAE, has put up a REALLY cool feature: a public file xfer area on the UNAE Site. so you can request a file and someone else can upload it. Kinda like an old BBS, if you will :)

  • Here's a mirror for the new NeoRAGE-X 0.5b, courtesy of Steve_W and another mirror by r0ddy. J|nX was also kind enough to offer one.

  • NeoRAGE-X 0.5b released! I'll get you the "what's new" in a few moments! *UPDATE* Okay, here's what's new. Check the NeoRAGE Site for more info

  • BeUAE 0.7.6 Gamma released! Yep, this is UAE for the BeOS operating system, if yo have no clue what BeOS is, then you're probably not running it :) Thanks to {Placebo} for the news.

  • The bleem! team shipped 4,500 copies yesterday, 50% for the domestic market and 50% for the rest of the world, with a possible 4,000 more being shipped today. DHL (apparently) offers some sort of auto-email with tracking numbers but it isn't working. The bleem! team thought this was an automated process, well it isn't. They were promised 3 second returns, it took 24 hours! The bleem! team then has to take the confirmation file and turn them into format that DHL can read (the user confirmations have to be done by hand now) Then they have to print labels, THOUSANDS of labels after which the packages are put together. All this without ANY credit card payments, yet DHL wanted to be paid up front. The bleem! team paid DHL, but it took a LOT of blood, sweat and tears. bleem! was supposed to be confirmed for shipment on Friday, but because of the delays at DHL, they were unable to. Please, I'd like to remind you all that shipping a commercial product is not an easy task, especially for such a small company as Bleem. They are trying the best they can. Please be patient.

  • "Bad APPLE, bad!"

  • Hmm, seems the Intel Celeron ain't that bad after all, click here to read how the Celeron stomps all over the PII :)

  • Heh, I don't think Arnold ever said this :)

  • SNEeSe is not dead :) SNEeSe, an SNES emu, is still alive and kicking with 28 private betas released since its "death". Read more about SNEeSe in an interview with TRAC, conducted by the SNES Emulation Centre, which you can read here

  • I received a mail from Reiginsei about a new Easter Egg in Meka called -BrAin waSH-, here's how to acces it: To play this awesome, addicting game called -BrAin waSH-, click on help, hold down the B key on you keyboard and click on About, -BrAin waSH- will start and it's very fun, one of the better eggs in Meka.The controls are the arrow keys to move and the space bar gets rid of objects, have fun!!

  • Richard Bannister, the Mac Guru, has updated his site with the news of 5 (!!) new emu releases! These new releases include Arnold (CPC emulator), HU6280 (PCE emulator), Generator (Genesis emulator), Handy (Lynx emulator) and finally Oric (Oric emulator), click HERE to download them. Remember, these emus are all for the MAC! In related news, Richard Bannister will be joining Retrogames this week to take care of Mac related emulation news.

  • I spoke to my brother last night, he had completed his practical medical exams with an 9.1 (= A+) last week. He wanted to know why I hadn't mentioned it on my site and since I couldn't give a good reason, my head got caught in a headlock, courtesy of my brother. This got me thinking afterwards, who could I sue now, because my brother had inflicted some damage. Should I sue the WWF/WCW because he had seen the headlock being performed on TV during one of the wrestling shows? No wait, that wouldn't work, because he hasn't seen a wrestling show in like 15 years. Maybe should I sue videogames companies because of the life-like game renditions? No wait, that wouldn't work either, because he never plays any games, except Pacman. And I haven't seen PacMan perform a headlock. Maybe I should sue his TaeKwonDo teacher from way back, when he was 10 ? No wait, TaeKwonDo is a defensive sport, not meant for attacking. Maybe I should sue my parents? No wait, that wouldn't work either since we were raised in a good, decent manner. With respect for each other. So he performed that headlock out of the blue, I guess. Maybe some lawyer would want to help me out, with thinking of a ludicrous lawsuit, like blaming it on the flowers outside, since my brother doesn't like the red flowers. And then we could sue the city, because they planted those flowers there all those years ago! Yeah, that's what I should do! (Cue Looney Tunes music)

  •   Monday, April 26th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:01 CET

  • ClearMAME 1.35 released! Roman Scherzer has release another fine update of this MAME rom management tool, click here to read what's new in this version.

  • TKmame updated !! Yep, the TKmame Site has had a redesign (loads FAST) and a new version of TKmame, the multi-platform MAME frontend, has been updated too !

  • The next site is a geek's wet dream, if you will ;) There are 2 Eroto-Cams, that show a Macintosh G3 and a Dell Pentium get completely 'nekkid'! And to worried folks out there, the models used are AT LEAST 18 months old. Click here to view it, thanks to wook for the link

  • I've been getting a lot of mails (about 50) that the NeoRAGE-X installer is infected with a virus of some sort or Netbus/BO type of thingie called Master's/Hacker's Paradise. I spoke to Janne and he couldn't find anything, neither could I. I also spoke to the guy that created Master's Paradise and he couldn't find anything either. So I guess it's safe to say, that the files were not infected. Anyway, the files we offered here were obtained from the RAGE site, using the server's shell, so it didn't even pass through my PC or anything.

  • And while you're at Dextrose, don't forget to download those entries to the Presence of Mind 99 competion, those demos and homebrewn games are bound to work in one N64 emulator or another :)

  • New HU6280 released ..... but not for PC ;) Jamsponge has released his PCE/TG-16 emulator for the Nintendo64 and it includes Galaga '99, another homebrewn game :) Click here to head on over Dextrose and download it. I haven't tried it on an emulator yet, it may work on one of those too! Thanks to Chris Field for the news.

  • Ebay is always offering a lot of stuff for sale, but now they're offering a FREE security hole HERE. Thanks to nemesis1 for the link

  • MacMAME 0.35 Beta 11 released! MacMAME is now in sync with the DOS version, the team also fixed the 3D code, so it should be more stable now. They also made some changes to the InputSprocket code and, ofcourse, there is the usual roundup of fixes and code cleanups :)

  • There's a HUGE update @ EliteGamer.com about the shipping of bleem! Nicotine` made a long-distance call to Dave H. of the bleem! team asking when people were going to receive their copy of bleem! He answered by saying that people should receive an email with an DHL tracking number in their mail today as 4,000 copies will be shipped Monday (=today) The copies are already at DHL, so if you got any delays, be sure to bug DHL ;)

  • We *might* see a new NeoRAGE-X release today, which should fix joystick-related and S3 card problems. Thanks to PC Arcade for the news

  •   Sunday, April 25th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:18 CET

  • Titanic: The Saga Continues -- Thanks to SPEEDYP for the pic ;)

  • I was minding my own (and everyone else's ;) business on IRC, when this kid from Argentina started asking me some questions. At the end of our "conversation" he asked me the following, which COMPLETELY cracked me up:

    [20:31] <Fas0> how old are you ?
    [20:31] <Fas0> you smoke marihuana?
    [20:31] <Fas0> (living in holland....)
    [20:33] <Fas0> i wanna know if in the restaurants the guys give marihuana before the dinner

  • Larry Bank has just released HIVE 1.01! This release adds support for Xevious and Super Xevious and fixes a number of bugs, like the fullScreen DirectX bug and the Namco sound pitch is now correct. Larry also fixed the PAUSE logic, which caused machines to lock-up. Thanks to The Fox for the news.

  • Azuco (author of A-Saturn) has also released an Sharp X68000 emulator called AX68K, which comes with source code and has a GPL licence. More info is available at the A-Saturn & AX86k Site

  • A-Saturn 0.14b released! Yep, this Saturn emulator is going the right way since it has now added primitive VDP1 emulation, I have this feeling that games will start to work soon :) Thanks to Emuunlim for the news

  • Quang has just released a new version (0.08) of Jet Pak DX, his free COLOR GAMEBOY game that works on ColorGB Emulators. He has completely re-written the game code and added a few more levels, ain't that nice of quang :)

  • The Fox has updated his Comments Page, he's got some juicy info there ;) The biggest news is that RealityMan is working on a new emulator and it is NOT N64 related. It is for a system that has not been emulated yet, but I guess it will be soon :) Be sure to read the entire article, because it contains lots of news !

  • Here is a "new" mod file, I liked the replies I got to the mods made by Jay!, so I've put a remix of The Prodigy's NO GOOD called No Good '96, made by Heretic of Destiny Music and which was released back in 1996 :) You can use WinAMP to play it, but I would advice you to use ModPLUG since it has zipped modules support.

  • EmuX.com and its hosted sites are back up!

  •   Saturday, April 24th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:12 CET

  • This patent cracked me up when I first read it, thanks to {Placebo} for the link.

  • Demi's ROM Hack Board is back ! Here's the mail I received today:
    As always, people are welcomed to discuss topics of rom modification, assembly coding, and hardware/software information. The board originally helped to make the ROM Hacking and Translation scenes thrive during 1997 and 1998, and now it's back, thanks to gamesounds.com. The board is checked and run through daily to ensure quality posts (ROM begging, flames, etc are not tolerated), so feel free to ask a question, whether you're just learning assembly, looking for recruits, or even making a whole new game. People with 6502, z80, 65816, 68k assembly knowledge are available and on-hand. Intelligent newcomers are welcome; the rest know where it's at. Click here to acces the board.

  • SMSPOWER to the people !!

  • Ultimate News and Emulators has put up a synopsis of the BOOK VERSION of Star Wars: The Phanthom Menace, which you can read here. Chances are that the book and the movie version are pretty alike, so if you don't want your SW Experience ruined, don't read it ;)

  • After adding the GENESIS section last week, today I added an SMS/GG section. More sections will follow and soon too, I promise ;) The difficult thing about these sections are the descriptions I have to think of to give to the emulators.

  • The Bish and Leatherface have started a Top 100 Games Of All Time, the list is not finished yet, so you can submit your choices too!

  • Mole DJ has released MEMA 0.35b11, a Spanish version of MAME. He has also released FreeMEMA (neogeo free mema en Espanol) and NeoMEMA (NeoGeo MEMA en Espanol), which you can download here. Thanks to Mole and Twister for the news.

  • NEXUS is back! Nexus is now a TG-16/PCE review site, make sure your browser supports horizontal scrolling ;)

  • Prophet pointed me to this site called Instant Replay, they have a small compiled a "collection" (if you will) of articles on videogames and violence and people's reaction to all this (the recent school shootings). I still think it's a disgrace that people would blame videogames and such for their bad parenting. Maybe someone should sue the parents sueing videogame companies for being so dumb ?

  • I went over to EmuHQ.com and saw a carbon copy of my "how to use bleem!" post on Thursday, without any credit. Nice huh :) *NB* EmuHQ has now given me the proper credit, cheers dudes!

  •   Friday, April 23rd 1999 - Last updated @ 21:55 CET

  • Finally, 100% correct rom sets for m35b11. Click here for them. HYYYYYUUUGGEE thanks to Gridle.

  • R0ddy has also offered a mirror for the NR-X zip and the NR-X installer. And terminal.overload has also offered a mirror for NR-X Installer. And finally, MadALF supplied a mirror for the NR-X Zip

  • Emu Club has offered a mirror for NRX, here you can download the NeoRAGE-X (300k zip) and here you can download the NeoRAGE-X 1.6 MB Installer. Thank you Emu Club :)

  • Bit of MAMEWIP news, since Gridle isn't here: Bryan McPhail got Hippodrome and Fighting Fantasy working !!

  • Here's a mirror for NeoRAGE-X (300k zip) and the 1.6MB installer version. If you have about 2 MB of free space and a bit of bandwith, feel free to mirror the files, just don't forget to mail me with the mirror address :) Also feel free to get the files at UNAE

  • Janne told me that if you want Baseball Stars to work in NeoRAGE-X, you should rename the roms INSIDE the zip to all begin with the same names. The files inside the zip now begin with N042001* and N138001*, you should rename the ones starting with N138001* to N042001* and then it'll work.

  • -Chism- has just released GerMAME, a German version of MAME 0.35 B11

  • cabMAME 0.35 b11 released! This is a version for use with ARCADE CABINETS, so if you have no such thing, please don't download it. Furthermore, also a new ArcadeOS has been released, this is a cool frontend that works with MAME and other DOS emulators. More info about both these releases can be found here. Thanks to Brian Lewis for the news.

  • Activision is planning on selling it's games (yep, the old ones ;) through its own website. Games like Pitfall and Kaboom! will be available again. The games wil cost between $4,95 and $19,95, so it's not THAT expensive. Click here for the full story. Thanks to wook for the link

  • Rodimus Prime also put up the ASM core versions of A/PMame which you can get here: AMAME 0.35 b11 ASM and PMAME 0.35 b11 ASM

  • Emux.com and its hosted sites like Emulatronia and Emunintendo are currently down because their server experienced some technical difficulties :( Anyway, they're reinstalling everything again now, so please bear with them for the time being. Thanks to Martin Huertas for the news.

  • I couldn't have said it better myself, thanks to lo_wang for the link and Loony Games for the pic :)

  • Beyond Emulation has posted an interview with Zoop, author of Meka. They discuss the usual tidbits that you talk about in an interview, but Zoop also mentions the fact that he wants to emulate the Genesis (MekaDrive ?) and add MSX and Colecovision emulation to Meka :)

  • People have been saying that the NeoRAGE-X release is a leaked beta, well, I don't think that's what the RAGE guys mean on their site. Last night's release was an official release (as far as I know), since Pete of PC Arcade did the release and he is one of their beta testers. What the RAGE guys mean (I think) is the picture of the GUI that was posted at Emulatronia a few days ago and which I also posted here afterwards.

  • The Electronic Telegraph has posted a nice article on MAME and emulation which provides a fresh look, for once, at emulation. You will have to register if you want to read it, but registering is free :) Thanks to Porkpie for the link

  •   Thursday, April 22nd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:50 CET
    MAME 0.35 Beta 11 & NeoRAGE-X released!

  • Even CNN reported on the Sony vs. Connectix case, click here to read it. Thanks to Marco for the link

  • Here it is: NEORAGE-X! The win32 version of that magnificent neogeo emulator is here !!! There's also a version with an installer AND screenshots which you can download here. Thanks to PC Arcade for the news.

  • BrSMS 1.20 has been released to the public! This marvelous SMS emulator also emulates the Colecovision now ! Check the BRSMS Site for more info. Thanks to EmuViews for the news

  • Here are the new/changed roms for MAME 0.35 Beta 11 (tomorrow, we'll have a verified set online). Thanks to J|nX for the upload.

  • Arcade@Home is getting a new IP, so for the time being use this link to get to Tim's site:

  • Bleem! has finally shipped. The testers have received their shrink wrapped copy today and everyone else will probably receive them from tomorrow on. The CD itself is a key, you need to pop it into the CD-ROM drive, connect to the net and download bleem! You only need to do this once. Everytime you want to play bleem!, you'll have to pop the bleem! cd in, it's used for verification. After it's been verified, you remove the bleem! cd and insert your Playstation CD. More news as we get it!

  • And here's the new default.mwr, courtesy of Little Penny, for use with MAME/W, a MAME frontend.

  • Rodimus Prime has released AMAME b11 and PMAME b11 ! AMame is for users with an AMD/PII/486 CPU, PMame is for users with a Pentium CPU. Both these releases are based on the MAME 0.35 Beta 11 source

  • The Beta 11 roms will be posted in 2 hours or so.

  • Bubble has just released another Auto-Fire MAME, based on the MAME b11 source. This one adds auto-fire support for ALL games, including the old ones, that were a little troublesome :)

  • I'll be adding a search engine to Retrogames tomorrow, it should make navigating the news archives (for instance) a bit easier, when you're looking for that one post ;)

  • Yesterday we reported about CyberWarriorX leaving the SNES9x project and in his statement, he flamed a few people. One of those people is Secain of The Snes Emulation Centre. Secain felt he should have a chance to respond, which he does on the site.

  • LaC has joined Lemmy on Nemu64 and will use his coding skills to help improve the N64 emulator. 2 commercial games are playable (albeit slow): Mortal Kombat Trilogy and one other that will be announced soon ;)

  • TmB of Emuverse has had good responses to his Back 2 Basics Campaign, he has also put up a messageboard now. As TmB puts it, "drop by and show you care!" ;)

  • Gordon has updated his MAME ROM INFO PAGE to be in synch with MAME Beta 11.

  • Connectix has confirmed that Sony has won a round in court and has announced temporary suspension of VGS (their MAC PSX emu) shipments. Thanks to Richard Bannister and Lorsua for the link

  • Here's the MAME 0.35 Beta 11 BINARY (DOS version) and here's the UNOFFICIAL MAME32 0.35 Beta 11 (for WIN32), compiled by CJC. The MAME binary is courtesy of Emuviews

  • MAME 0.35 Beta 11 source released! I'll have the binary AND the unofficial MAME32 up in a few! Thanks to about a million people (you too, r0ddy ;) for the news!

  •   Wednesday, April 21th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:38 CET

  • Steve Livingston sent the translation for Dboy 0.49: Changed MBC5 emulation, fixed VBL split and SRAM emulation redone

  • Sony have won a round against Connectix, as they have won a temporary injunction to stop shipping of Virtual Game Station. Details are sketchy at the moment. Thanks to Randyman for the link

  • Nikkei BP/AsiaBizTech has contucted an interview with Sony CEO Ken Kutaragi. He speaks about the Playstation, the Playstation 2 and emulators. It's clear that he's NOT happy with emulators. Be sure to read the interview. Thanks to Sy Bor Wong for the link.

  • Sega will release a special DreamCast this summer with a Zip Drive attached! Thanks to NofaceFarmer for the news (honestly, I don't make these nicks up =)

  • Emulatronia have posted a pic of the NeoRAGE-X GUI, sources have confirmed it to be real :) Thanks to _Mark_ for the link.

  • CyberWarriorX has announced that he will be leaving the SNES9x team and will no longer be coding the DOS port of SNES9x! He lists various reasons for this departure, which you can read here. Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the news.

  • Dboy 0.49 released! I have no idea what's new, thanks to Kosh for the news.

  • Bleem! will be shipped tomorrow! The bleem! team have received the first batch of cds, so they will start shipping the packages ASAP! Apparently there's a nasty story to the delay, which will be revealed real soon.

  • PC Arcade has just confirmed the rumour about NeoRAGE-X, the DirectX version of NeoRAGE:

    O.K. Stop hassling me! I have had loads of mail asking me about these rumours. I can exclusively reveal the existence of NeoRageX. The directX version of Neorage. IT DOES INCLUDE FULL SOUND, and several other great features. I have been testing the beta and it rocks. Status: Bug squashing at the moment. Do not hassle the authors or us about release dates. Doing so will only delay the release until the fuss has died down.

    For those that have forgotten about NeoRAGE or are new here: NeoRAGE was/is the FASTEST NeoGeo emulator out there. So I guess that's what Janne meant on IRC last week =)

  •   Tuesday, April 20th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:13 CET

  • Exposure 2000 (that lovely rumor site ;) has started a list of the 50 Most Influential People In The Emu Community. Yours truly is not listed ;)

  • I've had my suspicions for a long time and now PinkX has given me the proof! Microsoft is a company, with demonic ties. If you go to http://www.microsoft.com, you will see a Microsoft logo in the upper right corner, under the "microsoft guide" text. That logo (click here for a direct link) is EXACTLY 666 bytes big!

  • Apple has released Quicktime 4!

  • The Snes9x Site has had a cool redesign!

  • Doom meets Barney, thanks to `Trojan` for the link

  • I knew it, Zoop is king! Check this site here and see that MEKA runs N64 roms and DreamCast roms ;) Also, check out the Meka Easter Eggs Site

  • There are more Easter Eggs in today's Meka 0.12 release. "Keep the P on the P" (P for Paddle anyone ?)

  • I guess it was inevitable, we had Superman, Spiderman, Iceman and now we have DoodieMan :)

  • After one of the longest pregnancies in emu history, Dave Ewing (TmB) has given birth to Emuverse =) It's a nice Flash/Java enhanced site, when you go there be sure to check out the "Back 2 Basics Campaign", which is worth a read. It will try to get those "old" games back into the arcades :)

  • WinUAE 0.8.8 R3 released! This is basically a bugfix release, MIDI out volume has also been set: Bars 'n' Pipes works now :) Go to the WinUAE Site for more news on this Amiga emulator. Thanks to Emuviews for the news

  • Zoop has released Meka 0.12 (SMS emulator) to the public!

  •   Monday, April 19th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:23 CET

  • Kyle, over at Glide Underground, has been working on an N64 emulator and he's got Mario working using Direct3D in glorious Black & White =) Nothing more is known about it, more info as we get it.

  • I also updated the Quotes Page again =)

  • Here's Virtual-E 0.3b, another Virtual Boy Emulator which was released yesterday. A lot more games are playable now and work on sound has begun, although it seems to be real hard. Thanks to JoseQ for reminding me about this.

  • Just for Fun 0.20 has been released, Air Buster (aka Aero Blaster) has been added! Thanks to Mason for the news.

  • Gridle updated the MAME WIP Page again!

  • Snes9x 1.18a for BeOS released! This is a port for the BeOS (i386) operating system. If you are going "huh, what's that ?", then you're probably not running it :) Thanks to {Placebo} for the news/file

  • The "Build Your Own Arcade Controls Website" has moved to JoseQ's Speedhost (excellent ISP), the new URL is http://www.arcadecontrols.speedhost.com/arcade.htm. Please update your bookmarks :)

  • I was going through my demo collection and I thought I'd put up Jizz32 (don't let the title fool ya ;), pretty cool WIN32 demo which you can run by downloading Ixalance, both the demo and the "player" are courtesy of The Black Lotus (small hint: more demos there!). It even runs in NT4 here, it uses either the standard windows video drivers or Direct X for fullscreen action. If you have no idea what a demo is, then be sure to download this. Oh, and crank up that music system!!

  • Raine Easter Eggs: If you change your PCs date to April 30th 1999, you will be able to play Puzznic. If you change it to 4th of May, 1999 you'll be able to play Atomic Robo Kid. And you can even change the GUI color by clicking on the "?!" when in the GUI, then click on the RAINE LOGO :) Thanks to Nemesis1 for the eggs.

  • I was in #Retrogamers and I heard that Raine 0.20 contains at least 2 more games, Atomic Robokidd and Puzznic :)

  • Dave is back at a temporary URL: http://davesclassics.warzone.com

  • Pete Bernert has released an update to his TNT OpenGL driver (version 1.5) for PSemu Pro. You can also use this plugin if you have a good OpenGL card. New things in this release: Fix for nasty non-shaded textures bug: no more color flickering with Ridge Racer 4 and LBA (reported by panos) and a slight improvement of texture colors

  • Brian Deuel released an update for MAME's history.dat file, with "a bit of history" added for the Exidy shooters, Atari System 1 and 2 and a few more games.

  • Raine 0.20 released!!! This is a HUGE release supporting 101 ROM sets, including last minute surprise - Space Invaders 95! Insector X was pulled due to bugs, but there's still lots to play with. =) Check the Raine homepage for more info. Congratulations to Antiriad and the Raine crew for overcoming a series of hardware failures and coming up with yet another fantastic update!

  •   Sunday, April 18th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:21 CET

  • Some people obviously didn't get it, when I said that sending an SMS cartridge would make you a registered user for MEKA. I mean an ACTUAL cartridge, that piece of plastic, NOT an SMS rom attached to a mail!!

  • Haze has (just) released LCDnMAME. Haze states that, this is the blur effect from Pocket NeoMame, quickly hacked to full screen. Sorry I wanted to do more but I can't type with a bad finger. Run in 320x240 res with scanlines n stuff off should work. Not too slow, not too fast, i wanted to optimize it but again, i really don't feel like it now. There ya have it :)

  • Zoop has updated URL - Universal Rom Launcher to version 0.98 (after 18 months of not updating it ;) URL is an awesome frontend that works with practically EVERY emu out there. It's also small, fast, flexible and you can even create your own color themes. You might wanna try this =)

  • Hmm, Ultee seems to be a recompiled WinNES. More news as I get it.

  • Ultee 0.3a (new NES emu) released! Ultee uses a native WIN32 interface, has support for mappers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15 and 16 (bit buggy), uses DirectX for the rendering, has joystick support and was coded in Delphi. The emu has no official site yet. Thanks to KoaM for the news

  • Raine roms ? Raine roms!

  • Still no Raine release, but a bit of news again. Raine has just added 2 more games: Majestic Twelve (Jap version of SSI, with level select) and RAIMAIS, another cute, addictive Taito game. Raine should be out later today :)

  • Zoop has just released Meka 0.12 to registered users. He has added preliminary voice emulation, a few new features and a ton of bugfixes. Oh, you haven't registered ? It's easy, just send him a SMS cartridge :) It will be made public in a few days.

  • Wonko sent me some more art, this time it's Breaker's Revenge. These posters were donated by Marco A. and scanned with help from Doctor_Haz :)

  • Seems I'm the "Typo King" today :)

  • Here's the official English translation for Dboy 0.48b

  • Roman Scherzer has just released ClearMAME 1.34, his excellent MAME rom manager, here's what's new: clrmame corrects wrong mame-information (e.g. the rodland problem) and added a new -listinfo parser (necessary for the upcoming mame releases)

  • I love Garfield, click here to see him kick Odie's behind twice =)

  • Dave mentions here that he should be back later today at a temporary location

  • Handy 0.60 released! Handy is an Atari Lynx emulator and it just got way better. One of the better things in the release are the save/load states and much lower memory requirements. Click here to read what's new, thanks to ]tf[ and r0ddy and Keith Wilkins himself for the news.

  •   Saturday, April 17th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:27 CET

  • I just received a press release for the Classic Gaming Expo, to be held on August 14 and 15 in the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. The Expo will have some very nice guests like David Crane, Ed Logg, Jay Smith and Steve Cartwright to name a few. "Up-to-the minute details and an expanded guest list, as well as discount ticket and travel information may be found at the official Classic Gaming Expo '99 (tm) Web Site at http://www.cgexpo.com". Click here for the full press release. If I have the time, I will fly over and meet all those legends :)

  • Scott Cutler has re-released his glide wrapper XGL200 0.03, now that he has removed all 3DFX SDK stuff from the wrapper. What this means is that 3DFX can do absolutely nothing now. This release may be a bit buggy, but that will fixed in future releases. Thanks to about 20 people for the news

  • Here's some high resolution KOF98 art, supplied by Wonko. It contains the movelist that comes with the neogeo cabinet and some nice posters :)

  • Things are very slow today, I'll see if I can dig up some news somewhere :) Btw, I went home played with my little nephew a bit, he vomitted 3 times :)

  • Wow, another MAME WIP update. Be sure to check the earlier page too..

  • bwb of EmuHQ sent me a mail about his Voodoo3 Review which I forgot to mention a few days ago. Sorry about that.

  • Here's a nice Emu site en Espanol: Emulocos, if you look around, you'll see that they have a few surpises :)

  • Richard just added 2 more vertical blasters to Raine, namely Fighting Hawk and Galmedes. I wonder if I'll be able to update retrogames AFTER Raine 0.20 has been released, I love vertical blasters =)

  •   Friday, April 16th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:29 CET

  • PSX Movie Player 1.23 released, thanks to Dave's German Mirror for the news.

  • Now this is a cool site: Dumb Laws, you can search the site for hours and think "wow, is that possible ?". One of the better parts is the Dumb Criminals Section =) Thanks to Darin Fontana for the link

  • Here it is, our own news server! Please keep in mind that this is a test and if turns out the way we want it to, it'll stay here. We've created 2 news groups: comp.emulation.emuworld.rg.discussion and comp.emulation.emuworld.rg.news. You will also find news groups on there for Zophar's Domain and other sites. Thanks to SwampGas for helping us out.

  • Xray1 and Subnet have just released version 2.4 of their MAME Flyer and Poster Archive, with 22 flyers added and 9 replaced, bringing the grand total to 570!

  • Matt Currie has updated his page with news about KGB, his Gameboy emulator. One of the nicer things are the prelim. save states/loads, click here for the full update. Muchos gracias a Emusphere :)

  • Davesclassics needs a new home, read this statement here! I'd just like to mention that, I have http://davesclassics.retrogames.com ready if Dave should need it.

  • A new solar system was discovered recently, "only" 44 lightyears away. Three planets are orbiting the star Upsilon Andromedae, all planets are bigger than Jupiter, the biggest planet is 4x the mass of Jupiter, that is one BIG planet.

  • Raine has added 2 more vertical blasters: Ashura Blaster by Taito and Earth Joker by Visco Games. All I can say is that Raine 0.20 will be yummy!!! Thanks to coolmos for the reminder.

  • I was speaking to Zoop of Emucamp and he told me that we can expect a new MEKA release either tomorrow or Sunday, with bugfixes, new feaures and better lightgun emulation

  • WinUAE 0.8.8R2 released, you can view the entire "what's new" list at the WinUAE Site. Thanks to Emuviews for the news

  • Segu has released a Direct3D GPU plugin for PSEmu Pro.

  • Dave of Davesclassics has put up a message HERE, in which he states that DVGC will be back by tomorrow! Thanks to Shane Monroe for the tidbit

  • Maechiko released 3 new updates for his WIN32 xxFAN series of emulators, namely FCFan 1.07 (NES emu), GBFan 1.13 (Gameboy emu) and GGFan 1.09 (GameGear emu). I have no idea what's new, since these emulators are in Japanese. I have also rezipped these files from .lzh to .zip, so you wouldn't have to :) Check Maechiko's Site for more info. Thanks to DMD and EMS for the news

  • Here's a NEW BLEEM! DEMO, with support for Castlevania, Tomb Raider 2 and Street Fighter Collection! This Playstation emulator also has had a speedup, be sure to check the bleem! site for more info!

  •   Thrusday, April 15th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:31 CET

  • FULLSCREEN JAVA BATTLEZONE -- way cool!! Thanks to Pete for the link!

  • I updated the quotes page again. Some funny ones added, I could add a LOT more but most of it would require an RRR-rating =)

  • ClrMAME 1.33 released! Roman Scherzer has just updated his excellent MAME rom manager which "reports missing games, roms and samples, wrong sized/spelled/unnecessary files ... and much more", click here to see what's new. Check the ClrMAME Site for more info.

  • Michael Russell has written a column on the Hasbro/Namco deal announced yesterday, allowing Hasbro to basically remake the old games (Frogger 3D, anyone ?). I like the way Michael describes his encounter with the "new and improved" versions of Frogger 3D and Asteroids, to me it's clear that if you can't deliver the same gameplay from 10-20 years ago, you should emulate the game and not waste enormous amounts of money on a "3D enhanced" version. Good graphics do not make the game, they may help (a bit) but it's the gameplay that counts.

  • Amiga lover ? Then go Back to the Roots ;)

  • JoseQ's Emuviews has just posted another RUMOR MILL !

  • Emutech (the old e-mag) is slowly coming back! Gurty has begun to update his site again and doing so, he's added lots more reviews for games (and he has LOTS for lots of systems!!), updated his IRC quotes pages and his HUMOR section is good :) Go check it out, it's has wook's seal of approval ;)

  • KOF91 0.4 (3.4 MB) released! Moah has added a few new things to his homebrewn fighter bonanza, like 13 new characaters including HUGE character support (Juggernaut anyone ?), midi music, animated intro, Windows friendly and ported to DJGPP/ALLEGRO! Go to Moah's Site for more info.

  • Dennis Piet has just released an update to his M72 frontend, StartM72, which now is at version 0.33.4. There is so much new stuf, it's unbelievable, click here to read what's new.

  • The MoonlitCoalition Site has been updated with news that work is progressing nicely on Sunset (their N64 emu), but we shouldn't expect a release for some time (around summer time). According to them, Sunset has progressed so much, that it is already making UltraHLE look old. That's quite a claim, now it's time to put your money where your mouth is ;) Thanks to Emusphere for the news

  • FoulOne has just released GBLander 0.02! This is a homebrewn Color Gameboy game and it's FREEEEE!! Here's what the author himself has to say: Its in colo(u)r!! Full colour backgrounds and sprites, early sound support, large scale maps, better gravity, background collision detection, beam function added to ship and lots more..

  • I spoke to Dave yesterday, but he wasn't allowed to say anything. So I don't know when/if he'll be back, if I get any info I'll post it here.

  • Steven Livingston sent in a translation for Dboy 0.48b: Corrected LCD display, sprite drawing, and drawing timing

  •   Wednesday, April 14th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:08 CET

  • On IRC we have just witnessed the Tigga-Cam phenomenon - it's powerfull enough to cause netsplits!

  • USA Today did a story on MAME and its effect on future commercial projects (like the Hasbro/Namco deal) and sales of other commercial emu packages. It's not negative, but Mr. Lowenstein has to have his say again and he makes it sound so negative. And I'm glad to see that good ol' Doug hasn't mentioned that ludicrous amount ($3bln) again, seems that mail I sent him about coming 'round to his office if he couldn't substantiate his claims, helped =) Thanks to KTP for the mail.

  • Hasbro Interactive has signed an agreement with Namco that will allow Hasbro to develop, publish and distribute games based on Namco property like Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, Galaga and more! Can you see 3D-versions of Galaga and Dig Dug popping up all over the place ? Click here for more info. Thanks to TmB for the news.

  • BrSMS 1.20 has been released to registered users and BrSMS now emulates the Colecovision! All you have to do is use the "-coleco" switch at the commandline :)

  • Ooooh, bummer :)

  • The Universal VideoGame List - this is a MUST VISIT site and make sure you bookmark it :)

  • Org sent me a nice mail about how Apple deals with "defective" StudioDisplays, they sometimes display a thin vertical line in the picture. Here's how Apple says you should fix it:

    "If your display is exhibiting visible thin vertical lines, you can most often break the adhesion between the grid wires by using the heel of your hand to moderately impact the side of your display under the Apple logo on the right, then left side. Using moderate force will not damage your display.
    To avoid scratching or marring the external plastics, remove any jewelry or watches before you tap the display. "

    I wonder if they'd sent you a new one, if you'd break it ;)

  • Nemu64 Site updated again! Lemmy just put an Mortal Kombat Trilogy in-game screenshot online: Scorpion vs. Scorpion!

  • I received a mail from Dith who pointed out to me that Bullet Proof Sounds has just released a dance mix of the Bubble Bobble music! You can get it in MP3 format, over at Purkinje, in the "featured artists" section.

  • Bubble just released this "AutoFire version" of MAME, it adds support for "auto fire" for ALL games on button 1-4. So mame gamename -autofire1 will enable autofire on button A, -autofire2 will enable it on button B, etc. Enjoy :)

  • XMAME 0.35 B10.2 released! Thanks to Raven__ for the news.

  • So, you want an Arcade cabinet ? And you want a arcade joystick too ? What's that? 2-Player joystick !? And you want to be able to use it with MAME ? Sheesh, you want a lot don't you ? Well, your prayers have been heard! Here's HOTROD - The Ultimate ArcadePC! Thanks to Prophet and metallik (for the reminder)

  • Game Informer also has an article on that ridiculous "Video Games are bad because they caused Michael Carneal to kill"-lawsuit. The article is pretty funny to read :)

  • The AMD K6-III/400 compiles the Linux kernel 16% faster than the PII/400! Click here to read more.

  • The US Postal Service has announced that a new series of stamps will be printed with video games commemorating the 80's. The "video game" stamp was selected after a poll, which was held from February 1-28 of this year on the net. Video Games got a massive 268,746 votes!! These stamps will be out sometime next year. I guess we will all be licking stamps next year and snail-mail will rise a bit :) Click here for more info

  • Apple will soon be releasing QuickTime 4.0, its multimedia player. QT4 will also support streaming mp3's now :) Apple is also making the QuickTime download a bit faster, since you won't have to download 7 MB anymore! Click here for the full story.

  • Here's Dboy 0.48b, I have no clue about the news things. Thansk to kosh for the news.

  • TeleKawaru, maintainer of the DOS port of Snes9x, has been interviewed by Kmarx and X-Sykodad of the Snes Emulation Centre. This is one of the funniest and most informative interviews I have ever read :)

  • Nemu64 Site updated again! Lemmy's N64 emu is showing VERY good progress and has been updated with pics of several new games that do/show something (Dark Rift, Mahjong Classics and more) and a marvelous MK Trilogy pic of the "select warrior" screen. Thanks to bwb for the news.

  • MacMAME 0.35 Beta 10 released! All you PowerPC people (myself included ;) can now jump for joy, because MacMAME now supports stretched and blurred blitting using 3D hardware. To be specific, you can choose between Glide, OpenGL and RAVE for all your 3D needs. Please read the file "3D Hardware and MacMAME" in the Documentation folder for a list of bugs and more info

  • I received a few mails from Spanish people about the "torero"-comment. I'd like to remind everyone that it was meant sarcastic (which most people understood :), but I guess the language barrier was a bit big.

  •   Tuesday, April 13th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:39 CET

  • Rodimus Prime has just released AKBMame 0.35b10 (for PII/AMD) and PKBMame 0.35b10 (for Pentium). These are recompiles of Deimos' KBMame, optimized for Pentium and PentiumII/AMD/486. He has also set up a page for A/PKBMame which you can visit here.

  • I got a huge amount of mail regarding yesterday's post about Michael Carneal. I will reply to each and everyone of you in the next two days.

  • Spain will soon (?) pose restrictions on the amount of violence in videogames and is asking the members of the European Union to do the same. "Violence" is pretty popular in Spain I think, considering they love to stab bulls with big pointy swords. God forbid, that a kid would want to become a toreodor after playing videogames.

  • Wired also did an article on Sony vs. bleem!, but if you read the bleem! site in the past few days, you probably already read it :) Thanks to PhorceP, Gibster and about 8 more for the link.

  • Shaun Stephenson (RetroGuy) has released a Defender skin for use with WinAMP, the MP3 player. It looks real good :) Thanks to Peter Jones for the mail.

  • Here's a new history.dat for use with MAME, if you have anything to add to this file or have a comment about it, please mail Brian Deuel

  • Gridle has once again updated the MAMEWIP page! Thanks to romans for the reminder.

  • And I thought my phonebills were going through the roof, this guy had a US$34,000,000 phonebill :) Thanks to Gibster for the link.

  • New Retro Radio released! Shane Monroe of Monroeworld has updated his RealAudio show "Retro Radio" with information on Dave and a rant on Hasbro and 3DFX.

  • Retrogames welcomed visitor 3,000,000 last night and it makes us feel all warm inside ;) We'd just like to thank everyone for their continued support. "Well, who's getting the prize then?!" - well, I (= Atila) can be real short about that: none of the people that sent in a pic. I received 7 pics with the number 3,000,000 in it and 3 with the number 4,000,000 in it! Retrogames will now donate this money to the people in Kosovo. This will be done through GIRO 555, a special account number, used by all the major charity organizations in the Netherlands for donations for the people in Kosovo.

  • Deimos has just released a new KBMAME, his keyboard kombo - save state - 16bit color "neomame" derivative :) Here's the version with the C core, the ASM core and the source code. Most important new things in this release are programmable combos, an autofire delay option in dip switch menu and the save states are more stable now.

  • MAME32 0.35 Beta 10 released! Yep, the WIN9x/NT version is now OFFICIALLY upto par with the dos version. Thanks to John IV (and a zillion others ;) for the news.

  •   Monday, April 12th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:38 CET

  • XMAME 0.35 b10 released! This, is the beta release for 'NIX computers, click here to read what's new. Thanks to Derek_M for the news.

  • Nemu64 Site updated! Lemmy has a luscious screenshot of Mortal Kombat Trilogy online :)~~~ A release is forthcoming.

  • Xray's MAME Flyer and Poster Archive has a new crew member :) Subnet joined the site and will be helping out, trying to complete the archive. Subnet has also put his site, Arcade Nostalgia, online at MAMEFLYERS, the "retroviewer" is pretty cool :)

  • Visitor #3,000,000 will soon hit Retrogames and I'm giving away hardware or a game again. Now, I'm saying this ONCE and ONLY ONCE: if I get more than one picture with the counter showing 3,000,000 in it, I will keep the gift to myself! Thank you for reading ;)

  • id, Sony, Sega and Nintendo (among others) are being sued by the parents of Michael Carneal's victims, a high school student who shot 3 fellow students and wounded 5 others. I guess it's time for the "Videogames are bad and hurt our children" campaign again. Now, I sympathize with the parents whose child was killed or injured in this heinous attack, but to blame it on something like videogames and what more is a bit overboard. If the child in question doesn't know the difference between right and wrong (or real and fake), then that's something the child's parents have to teach it. Parents rely more and more on the TV to function as a "babysitter", while they themselves take no responsibilities. And when something does go wrong, they just blame it on someone else. In this case, I think the parents are pointing the finger at the wrong one. Feel free to mail me about this subject. Thanks to {Placebo} for the link.

  • Ah, the joys of tech support :)

  • Nigel Barford has just updated his Java Spectrum emulator called HOB. This site needs NO further introduction, you'll just have to go there and play aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall those games there online =) Thanks to Steve_W and Nigel for the news.

  • The NES Tech Repository has had its first update in 9 months, but I guess it was worth the wait =) If you want to write your own NES emu or are just looking for some NES tech docs, this is the place to be. Thanks to Emulatronia for the news.

  • Carl-Henrik Skårstedt (co-author of SHARK) has been interviewed by Manbeast!

  • Shark 3.0d released! The Dead Serious Clan have just updated their site and this is what's new: The new version contains exciting new bug fixes and a finalized version of New Zealand Story together with multiplayer fixes for various games. New in Shark V3.0D is the support for exotic new input devices. Thanks to Chemical for the news.

  • quang has released Jet Pak DX 0.06, his FREE Color Gameboy game, this morning. You can now pick up the little spaceship parts :) Thanks to deevee for the news.

  • Reality Boy 0.65 released! Formerly known as VBemu98, Reality Boy (available in DOS and LINUX versions) is the best Virtual Boy emulator around. Thanks to Emusphere for the news

  •   Sunday, April 11th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:56 CET

  • 2 games added to RAINE! Yep, Kaiser Knuckle (biggest Taito F3 game) and Violence Fight

  • The Fixo Files have been updated!! 3 new interviews featuring Matt Curie of the gameboy emulator KGB, Luke Skywalker of the Game&Watch simulators and Gridle of the MAME team. The Fixo Files Site has also gotten a nice redesign :)

  • Tim's (of Arcade@Home) wife is in labor. Good luck to all of you!!

  • HUWIN 1.89 beta 11 released! I can be real short about this: MASSIVE speed-ups!! Check the Hu6280 Site for more info.

  • OCMAME b10 and OCMAME32 b9 released! Danmanya has released these 2 versions, both featuring overclockable CPUs and you can force 16-bit color on all games. There's an OCMAME b10 (based on DOSMAME 0.35 beta 10) and OCMAME32 beta 9 (based on MAME32 0.35 b9). The OC-features were obtained from Deimos' OCMAME sources. N.B They both support Breaker's Revenge

  • A ten-year-old boy was electrocuted Friday in Singapore while playing an arcade game (Space gun, emulated by Raine). Click here to read the full story. Thanks to TmB for the sad news.

  • Boycott 0.50b1 released! There's a lot of new things in this release, including a 6% speedup, screencapture support, joystick fixes, skins support (like winamp) and a lot more. The next versions should have netplay, a nice GUI, 2 more free Gameboy games and heaps more. Check the homepage for more info. Thanks to Senor JoseQ for the news

  • The first (??) emu radio show en Espanol, courtesy of Poweration. I'm not sure if this is (or will be) a daily thing or not, but here's the first 3 minute show anyway :)

  • MekaDrive ???

  • Eric Bole-Feysot has released RomCenter 1.20, which is a MAME roms manager. Click here to read what's new or here to go to the RomCenter homepage

  • Microsoft is after linux.de, because of the slogan used on the linux.de site: Where do you want to go tomorrow?. When I started out last year, our slogan was "What do you want to relive today?" =) Personally, I think it's a bit childish for such a big company to act in such a way. If you read the article, you can see why.

  • There's a "full version" of bleem! doing the rounds. You will understand that there is no full version out yet so if you are stupid enough to download it (come on, you should know better!), then it's your own fault that your system got NetBus in it. NetBus allows other people to control your computer and enables them to do all sorts of hideous things with/to it.

  • The Shark Site has been updated with some news about a new version. There (probably) won't be any new games added (The New Zealand Story), but 2-player support will be in there as will a load of new features. The page also looks like a newspaper :) Thanks to Emuviews for the news.

  • IGN64 has done a lengthy article on piracy in Hong Kong, which is pretty accurate. When I was in Hong Kong last year, I couldn't believe my eyes =) Thanks to UNAE for the link.

  • Kallus 2 is a blatant fake.

  • Still got a massive headache, but I'm at work again. Expect more updates soon.

  •   Saturday, April 10th 1999 - Last updated @ 20:10 CET

  • Expect a new version of Keith Wilkins Handy (Win9x Atari Lynx emu) in a few weeks! Supposedly the upcoming release will be faster, have save/load states and *might* have netplay! Thanks to Shane Monroe for the news.

  • Larry Bank has released version 1.00 of HIVE (High Velocity Emulator)!!! This is a classic videogame emulator for Windows designed for speed - every game runs full speed on a 486 DX2-66 except for Gaplus! Wow, now that's fast! =) HIVE also features save/load states, hi-score support, and uses the same ROMs, hi-score files and sample sets as MAME. You MUST have DirectX 3+ or Larry's own DX stub to use HIVE. Be sure to visit the homepage for all the details.

  • BrSMS 1.19 is out! BrSMS is a very fast Sega Master System/Game Gear/SG1000 emulator. Check the homepage for more info.

  • Here's Z26 v.1.26! Z26 is an Atari 2600 emulator. This version features new graphics routines offering improved speed, accuracy and compatibility.

  • Hu6280 Windows 1.89 beta 10 released! More optimizations, compatibility and a FPS counter added. Hu6280 is a PC-Engine/Turbo-Grafx 16 emulator.

  • The Dreamcast will be released 9/9/99 in the the USA. Apparently Sega will be releasing 2 versions, one with modem ($199) and one without ($149). Although the $149 Dreamcast looks good, you'd better get the $199 one, since it supports multiplayer games :)

  • New Back In Time released! This time Mike Stilur interviews Dana Henry, Director of Public Relations for Hasbro Interactive.Mike writes in his mail: Dana made three product announcements during this interview. Two of the three new products had not been publicly announced before, and Back In Time has the EXCLUSIVE news. One of those announcements is for an emulation related product to be released this summer!!!. This is worth a listen :)

  • Sony has LOST the first round to bleem!, the Playstation emulator!! Shipment of bleem! will begin very soon =) Thanks to Sean for the link.

  • Romlist has revealed WHY they quit dumping roms: AraCORN was caught dumping roms at his job. AraCORN worked at a VERY big arcade and his superiors weren't too happy with it. As a result he had to resign :(

  • I'm REALLY sick, but I'll try to update anyway.

  •   Friday, April 9th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:12 CET

  • Happy Birthday Apollo69!!! =) Oh... and thanks for releasing Breaker's Revenge!

  • Martin Pittelkow has put all mame roms online at his site, mame.de (German version) or at the English version of his site. Enjoy the leech !!

  • Steven Livingston sent in 3 translations, here's Dboy 0.48a, BeNES 0.2.3 and MegaSIS 0.03. He also told me that MegaSIS has English docs too, so just copied that. I guess this RTFM is on me =)

  • Pugsy's MAME Cheat Page has been updated with various new cheat.dat files, if you like to cheat while playing MAME, go check it out :)

  • BeNES has just been updated to version 0.2.3, I have no idea what's new, it's in Japanese. BeNES is an NES emulator for the BeOS operating System. Thanks to {placebo} for the news

  • Gridle has just updated the MAMEWIP Page again, those Prehistoric Isle pics look luvverly

  • Xray1 has just released MAME Flyer and Poster Pack version 2.3, with 18 new flyers added and 6 replaced, bringing the grand total to 548!

  • VBemu98 news: David Tucker now has Insmouse Mansion working and is working on more speedups, click here for the update. Thanks to Adrox for the news

  • Microsoft seems to be hinting at "Windows Rental" again, you may end up paying a yearly fee ....

  • The Register also has an article on the Sony vs. bleem! suit, which explains a bit more than the article by ZDNet

  • Megasis 0.03 released! This Megadrive/Genesis emulator has been updated, but I have no idea what's new, since it's all in Japanese (you there, Steven ?). It does require a pretty hefty machine for full speed, but I'll guess that'll be fixed soon. One thing, the sound emulation is awesome :) Thanks to Zophar for the news.

  • Go get P/AMAME Beta 10 @ Cybertron, Rodimus' mirror :) Thanks to Hunter for the link

  • I've just received a pic from an emu author, who has secretly been working on an N64 emulator. It's going to be ALMOST perfect when it's released later this year. The author is going for 99.9% compatibility and at this stage is ALREADY emulates more than most emulators out there. Click here to see the pic I was sent, certain parts have been smudged, so you can't see the emu's name or author's name.

  • 3DFX is on a mission to close all websites offering Glide wrappers. Did I mention my next video card will be a TNT 2 ? Thanks to Lamberts for the link

  • IDG.NET is reporting that Microsoft is "thinking with great interest" about making the WindowsNT Kernel (its heart) open source. They want to take this step, because the see Linux as a threat :) Thanks to grapeape for the link.

  • Sony has asked a federal judge for a temporary restraining order to block shipment of bleem! (a PSX emulator). Read the full story here. Thanks to Jones for the mail.

  • Here's the official Dboy 0.48 translation

  • Dboy 0.48a released! I have no idea what's new, but it's probably a bugfix release. Thanks to Kosh for the news.

  •   Thursday, April 8th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:16 CET

  • Here is a more stable MAME 35 beta 10 build compiled by Tim Eckel. This will run Rodlandj and Earth defense Force (+ others?) without crashing. :)

  • New History file for MAME 35b10... cause history is cool. Thanks Tim. :)

  • Haze has released EagleMAME, which is based on the beta 10 source. It has the Eagle video routine for ALL games in MAME! Click here to read the docs.

  • The VBEmu98 Site has been updated. It's a pretty big update so be sure to read it, but one of the best things is that we can expect a new release soon :)

  • Al Gore declared today that his website is "open-source", Al probably didn't know what it meant and tried to sound smart. Or maybe he meant that everyone should help out and improve his site ? Anyway, you can read the full story here, thanks to Cable|Guy

  • Little Penny has sent me an updated default.mwr for use with the MAME/W frontend. He also informed me that Jeff Miller will soon be updating MAME/W :)

  • Step right up! One click, one prize: MAME 0.35 Beta 10 roms :)

  • Gordon has updated his MAME ROM INFO PAGE, it is now in synch with MAME 0.35 Beta 10.

  • MAME 0.35 beta 10 BINARY. Thanks to Gridle again..

  • MAME 0.35 beta 10 SOURCE released, click here to read what's new. Thanks to Gridle for the tidbit ;)

  • The Amiga will be back in a big way! A new version of the OS will be released in late July/early August. They will also be working on an emulator for use with the next generation Amigas. This way you can still use your old software :) Thanks to Saint for the link

  • Lot of typo(e)s today, I'll try not to Quayle anymore today ;)

  • JoseQ's Emuviews has just had its 1,000,000th visitor! Way to go, Jose! JoseQ has also opened up a new site called DVDViews.com, which covers basically everything related to the DVD format, including releases, reviews and rumours. Speaking of rumours, JoseQ has also updated his Rumor Mill :)

  • True Reality Developer Version released! This N64 emu for 'nix systems has had a massive update with a lot of HLE emulation added. It doesn't run commercial games yet, but it hopefully will soon. A Windows DirectX port is in the works (I guess that's what most of us are waiting for ;)

  •   Wednesday, April 7th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:00 CET

  • Oh joy, 3DFX has started to bug the people at Glide Underground again, get this: Well, we prepared ourselves for this. 3dfx has sicced some lawyers on us! Apparently, we are not allowed to use the Glide 2.x SDK to develop emulators for third party graphics hardware. I don't care who you are or what you do, my next videocard is a TNT 2 :) Go read the full letter at Glide Underground. Oh, and XGL200 0.02j has been released ;)

  • My good friend Paul101 has shut down his site Emu Epxo due to personal prblems. Paul and I (and JoseQ) started our sites around the same time (nice brainwaves in #mame back then, paul :), but Paul always kept a low(er) profile, which kept him out of the IDSA's reach. Your site will be missed, Paul :~(

  • Microsoft is now saying that "Bug fixes for Windows 98 will be free, but consumers will have to buy a CD to get features such as better support for advanced hardware features and better support for home networking. M$ is now "shakin' in dey bootz" :) Read the update here. Thanks to DMUtlra for the link

  • Forbes has posted an interview with Kevin Mitnick, the most well-known hacker ever. He's spent the last 4 years in jail.

  • Steven Livingston has sent in a Dboy 0.48 translation :)

  • New FREE Color Gameboy game!! quang has released JetPac DX 0.05, his Jet Pac clone for GameBoy! His site also has older versions online, so you can download those too if you want :)

  • Microsoft is about to release a Service Pack for Win98, but there's a catch: it's gonna cost you $89. How nice, you buy a buggy program and then they release a bugfix for $89 (after promising it'd be free). I say, you NEVER EVER buy a "maiden" M$ product again. If you want to save some money, wait until the service pack is released before upgrading to Win98 because: it will cost as much to upgrade from the current version of Windows 98 to the fixed version of Windows 98 as it will to go from Windows 95 to Windows 98. Click here for the full story

  • Wow, a huge MAME WIP update! Look also at the older news, since there is added stuff for March 30th and 31st. Are we far from a release? Who knows.

  • This has got to be the weirdest couples ever seen: Monica Lewinsky, Boy George and Ian McKellen Thanks to Paul Smith for the pic

  • Nemu 0.02 released! This is one awesome release with screamingly fast dynamic recompilation and lots of new things! I get 26 fps on the firedemo on my PII-266 which is 6 fps more than the last beta I got. Check the Nemu64 Site for that HUGE list of new things and that dummy sound plugin, if you have no sound card or having trouble with it. Thanks to B|ohazard for the news.

  • Dboy 0.48 released! I have no idea what's new, thanks to Kosh for the news

  •   Tuesday, April 6th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:33 CET

  • Apparently Dave is down again .....

  • We seem to be having some server troubles, there is a mirror of this site @ http://www.goldmine.nl/~a.mert, keep a note of it somewhere :)

  • FINALLY, RAINE NEWS!! The Raine Site has been updated with the news that Arkanoid 2 (US/JAP versions) have been added and so has Don Doko Don, a cutesy platformer by Taito

  • Zoop needs 50MB space for his next SMS releases. If you have some free space lying around, please mail zoop and help all of us out =)

  • We've had Hamsterdance and Jesusdance and a few more, now here's Quake Dance! Thanks to Targaff for the link.

  • [insert evil grin here] The first official Furby Autopsy! May it rest in pieces.

  • From Software have released some more info on FRAME GRIDE, their new fighter with netplay features for the Dreamcast!

  • The Register is reporting that the people at The Overclockers Page have succeeded in overclocking an Celeron 300a to 600 Mhz! Click here to read it!

  • I fixed the A-Saturn 0.14 zip, sorry about that.

  • GB Lander 0.01 released! This is a new homebrewn GameBoy rom, made by .-=Foul One=-., which you can play with the various emulators out there. It's a mix of games like Lunar Lander and Gravitar.

  • I saw a link to this site on Nedstat, so I went there. Then I noticed that this fellow had been stealing news left and right and even had the nerve to make a carbon copy of my news on March 30th and April 1st. He's been linking left and right to various sites, including Emuunlim and Zophar's.

  • The Meka Site has been updated with the news that Alex Kidd: BMX Trial and the Japanese version of Phantasy Star (with the FM music) are now available for download!

  •   Monday, April 5th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:18 CET

  • Bomb's Bits has posted an in-depth article on Sony's actions against Dave and his host. I suggest you read this, since it might clear up a few things.

  • The lads at Emulators Unlimited have posted a new bleem! demo that now works on systems of people that use Win95 OSR 2.5 (the one with the USB supplement). Nothing else is added, so do not download this if you didn't have any problems.

  • I forgot about this one, Meka does not run MSX roms, it was a belated AFJ from ZD :)

  • Lemmy has updated his Nemu64 Site with a progress report, several demos run 5 - 8 times faster than they did without dynarec. He has also made a few plugins, one that works with DirectDraw and a dummy sound plugin, to disable sound. Click here to read the full update

  • ultra.ini 1.0.14 released! This release (for use with UltraHLE) makes a few more games (fully) playable and adds lots of cheats for various games. Thanks to Arcade@Home for the news/file

  • New LoopyNES beta released! New in this release is the following: many PPU fixes, SNSS (Standard Nes Save State) support added and sound is temporarily disabled. Thanks to EmuSphere for the tidbit :)

  • A-Saturn 0.14 released! This Sega Saturn emu is on the brink of showing gfx now, with almost everything emulated :) The MC68K is now 95% emulated. Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the news.

  • Atmospherical Heights is back! Delite has started his site on XS4ALL again, this time not focussing on arcade emulation, but on PSX emulation. Lots and lots of information on the PSX including compatibility charts for Bleem!

  • HUwin 1.89 beta 9 released! Jamsponge has fixed a bug in the ASMcore that prevented several games from working. He has also improved CPU timing, which eliminates a lot of glitching and slowdown in games. And more of the core has been converted to ASM :) One thing that's a bit worrying is the following statement on the main page: The HU6280 Team is sick of coding hu6280... unless you donate some hucards or pc-engine cds right away, we are gonna quit the emu scene for good.. Thanks to |primegl| for the news.

  • Meka 0.11 released! Zoop has released an update to his SMS emulator, here's what's new: Fixed sound crashing bug, fixed sound emulation, improved FM emulation. Mapped start/pause to joystick. Fixed Orguss (SG-1000). Fixed Power Strike (SMS).

  •   Sunday, April 4th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:52 CET

  • I've enjoyed reading the POSITIVE feedback on Meka, Zoop must be thrilled :) People REALLY like it and it shows. Never before have we had so many "praise"-posts on our general emulation messageboard.

  • RockNES 0.81a released! I have no idea what's new, even the RockNES Site says: Just redownload it. Thanks and sorry for anything. Thanks to Katharsis for the news.

  • The Moonlit Coalition has revealed that system #4 in MoonRise is the Gameboy. They also write that we should see another announcement next week.

  • Zophar's Domain has posted a nice list of Easter Eggs from MEKA. MEKA apparently also emulates MSX (rename roms to .sms) and the NES !

  • Roman Scherzer has just released ClearMAME 1.32, an utility that cleans your M.A.M.E. directories, reports missing games, roms and samples, wrong sized/spelled/unnecessary files ... and much more. Click here to read what's new

  • AMD has confirmed that it will release a 1 Ghz chip next year.

  • FCE Ultra 0.12 (NES emu) released! New in this version is that LOTS of new mappers are supported and some more speed-ups and bugfixes. Thanks to UNAE for the tidbit.

  • Haze released NeoMAME - Pocket Sized, it's a "neomame" with a special blur effect, that makes it look like it was being played on a handheld! It's an early release and a bit buggy, but it still rocks :)

  • Prophet posted a little something about him quitting, click here to read it. I guess Retrogames won't be the same without him ........

  • DELETE ROCKNES 0.80 NOW! The RockNES Site has put up a warning stating that the new RockNES soundcard detection routines could damage or destroy your hard disk!! To fix this problem, RockNES 0.81 has been released.

  •   Saturday, April 3rd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:51 CET

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Meka is filled with little Easter Eggs, here's #1: Click on tools -> tech info. Then click on the number "1800" that you will see on the "tech info" window, it will boot up a breakout clone !! Apparently, there's more where that came from ....

  • TheGuru sent me something nice, Alcon for Sparcade (and hopefully soon in MAME?)

  • You may have noticed that Prophet's email address is missing from the main page. Well, Prophet is a bit worried with the things going on lately and since he lives in the USA, it's easier to sue him than me for most companies, I guess. So he has kinda quit Retrogames and will focus more on his current job. I'd just like to mention to the various companies out there, that reporting emulation news isn't the same as running a site like Warez Regulator (which is down now btw). Let's hope Prophet still does an update every now and then :)

  • RockNES 0.80 released! Wooowooo, Batman: Return of the Joker now fully works and click here to read the rest of the changes! for more info, head on over to the RockNES Site.

  • Here's Meka 0.1, Zoop's Sega Master System emulator. It's not as finished as he would have hoped, but it still kicks major *ss !! Remember, this is a public beta, so it may or may not work correctly on your machine. And sound is disabled by default, read the docs to find out how to turn it back on. Zoop will add more features VERY soon, so "no worries, mate" :) Go to the Meka Site for more info

  • Metropolis Street Racer for Dreamcast, these pics made me drool :P~~~~~~

  • Meka release is VERY near !!

  • Bman2 compiled a new NeoMAME with support for Flip Shot :)

  • I was having a chat with Lance of EmuXpress on IRC just now and I thought I'd post a small part of it, it's about the lawsuit that Sony has filed, it will clear up a lot on WHY it was filed I think:

    [12:01] quite a surprise that it was sony behind the lawsuit.. Wonder if they want blood? :)
    [12:01] <atila> I think so
    [12:01] <atila> since they can't win from bleem! or connectix
    [12:01] <atila> good thing I never posted that
    [12:02] <atila> bios I mean
    [12:02] <Lance_mc> the bios?
    [12:02] <Lance_mc> ya
    [12:03] <Lance_mc> I bet they are doing this so they can point at dave and say how illegal it is
    [12:03] <atila> you bet

  • Oops! It was me... =D

  • I just noticed someone updated with the same thing :-)

  • Flip Shot is out ! This is the game we helped donate when we hit that magical 1,000,000 mark. Neocharity have also released the new sound roms for Ragnagard. In this case, the music is better than the game. Enjoy!

  • NeoCharity has released Flip Shot and the Ragnagard soundfix!!!

  • Battlepriest kindly reminded me that Solar Quest has a hard-coded backdrop as well as Star Castle in MAME. Try the png's and the coded backdrops to see which you prefer.

  • Speaking of law suits... David Smith of New Jersey was nailed for creating the infamous Melissa virus. He was using a stolen AOL account, and the authorities were able to backtrack the origin of Melissa to his PC! Just goes to show - Big Brother IS watching. Apparently "Melissa" was the name of a stripper he was enamored with...

  • Dave's Classics has returned, though with some limitations due to the legal problem (due to hosting the Sony PSX BIOS). Read this from Gamecenter.com for more info. Thanks to the great Sys 2064 for the link. Dave mentioned several sites, including Retrogames, for posting updates about his downtime. The mention is appreciated.

  •   Friday, April 2nd 1999 - Last updated @ 23:18 CET

  • Megan's Law, eh ? Thanks Ray ;)

  • Steven Livingston has sent me a translation for the FC Fan 1.05 release: Sprite display is still buggy, even though it was revised earlier. There you have it :)

  • FC Fan 1.05 (NES emu) released! I have no idea what's new, since it's all in Japanese :) Thanks to EmuSphere for the news

  • MacMAME 0.35 beta 9 released! The source code overrides are also available at our MAME Page

  • Game Informer has posted a transcript of Bernie Stolar's (Sega of America's CEO) Game Designer Conference speech.

  • Midway has announced that it will support the NeoGeo Pocket Color!

  • Here's an AFJ roundup from the various sites: Game Fan was reporting about Avatar, the nextgen console by both Sega and Nintendo. The MPGs are hilarious! Next Generation Online was reporting about Playstation Supra, the nextgen PSX console. Lots of nice pics of people queing up to buy the console ;)

  • Pete (author of PSSwitch for PSemu) has released a good OpenGL driver for PSEmu. This should do wonders on yer card :) Thanks to UNAE for the news!

  • The RockNES Site has been updated with the news that we are going to get a new release thsi weekend! Thanks to JoseQ for the tidbit :)

  • Where's... ?!?! :(

  • A new edition of Shane Monroe's Retro Radio is out!

  • Well, they're real! Here's AKBMAME (AMD & P2 optimized) and PKBMAME (Pentium opt.) by Rodimus Prime!

  • Here it is!!! Deimos Zero has released KBMAME 8 (ASM core) and KBMAME 8 (C core). The KBMAME source code is also available. :) KBMAME is a NeoGeo MAME with many special features, including: 1000 savestates per game, autofire, multiple button keys, eagle smoothing routines, overclocking, a switch to activate 16bit color if needed, and a faster alternate ROM loader. Version 8 is based on MAME 0.35 beta 9 - A BIG THANKS TO MAME TEAM FOR THEIR INCREDIBLE WORK! NOTE: Deimos' homepage also has Pentium and AMD/P2 optimized versions of KBMAME by Rodimus Prime listed, but I'm suspicious of an April's Fools joke... :)

  •   Thursday, April 1st 1999 - Last updated @ 22:29 CET

  • Nice, very nice :) Thank you Kirkland !!

  • UserFriendly is NOT being sued, we've been had!! Phew :)

  • Dennis Piet has written a new M72 frontend called StartM72, which looks REAL good and has a lot of features: automatically detects new supported games, checks the M72 docs for the new games' full names, nice previews and a WHOLE lot more. Definately worth a check!

  • Daemon is trying to set up a Konami Info Page, he's trying to gather as much info as possible on games like X-Men, G.I. Joe and TMNT2 so they can be emulated.

  • The MAME Flyer and Poster Archive version 2.2 has been released. Xray1 added 23 new ones and replaced 13 flyers, which you can use with MAME frontends like TKMame and Arcade@Home

  • Please, NeoMAME32 is a fake :) Bad Apollo69, bad!

  • ClearMAME 1.31 released! Roman found a few bugs and fixed those, click here to read what's new :)

  • Dude 1: "Hey man, I just signed up for a free PC". Dude 2: "Uhmm, in this world you don't get anything free, what's the catch ?". Dude 1: "Serious man, no catch. I think.". Dude 2: "At what URL you said? NuAcution.com ? Lemme check!". Dude 2: "Dude, you've been had! There's like a zillion strings attached and you may not even get it!!". Dude 1: "Well doh!". Anyway, if you want to have a shot at one of these 12,000 pc's, head on over to Nu Auction. Just don't get your hopes up.

  • Game Fan is reporting that The Story of Thor is coming to the Dreamcast !! (Atila does the dance of Joy :)

  • According to www.hardware-fr.com, there are 5000 bootleg ASUS mainboards doing the rounds in France. These boards can be easily identified, since the revision number on the boards is one that ASUS stopped using: rev. 1.04. You can find the revision number between the 2nd and 3rd ISA slot.

  • Game Informer has posted WIP pics of MDK2 for DreamCast which look absolutely stunning, eventhough they game is only 20% complete!!

  • WinUAE 0.8.8 R1 released! There is sooooooooooooooo much new stuff in this release, you will just have to click here and read it all :) Click here to go to the WinUAE (Amiga emulator) Site. Thanks to Sharon for the news and the file (I know I'm late, sorry :)

  • JoseQ has updated his Rumor Mill again, what's this about a speedy emu for WIN32 ???

  • NeoGeo fans - expect a new KBMAME soon! Deimos has indicated on our NeoGeo message board that he is currently readying a new build based on MAME 0.35b9. Expect some great new features as usual. The source will also be released at last. =)

  • Star Castle fans - you can delete your MAME png background file now (Dutch - you can close your graphics editor :), since the backdrop is now hardcoded and looks great. Thanks again to John IV for the factoid.

  • Official MAME32 0.35 beta 9 now available. Thanks John IV.

  • ***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY RETROGAMES!!! ***** Congratulations to Atila and all the other cool people on our hosted sites for making Retrogames so darn cool! And a big thanks to our visitors - it just wouldn't be any fun without you. =)

  • And no, Lev is not selling ZTnet.com, although I did offer him $1.3M to buy it, but he wouldn't accept. Weird huh ?

  • The Fox is NOT leaving Emulators Unlimited nor is he joining Retrogames. We wish him (and his crew) all the best at Emuunlim.com

  • Chances are, you've been had !!