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  •    Wednesday, May 31st 2000 - Last updated @ 21:51 EST

  • I just finished repairing my Dreamcast, and she's happily humming once again! Big thanks to Jinxter (and |Ray| for the same basic idea) for the instructions on fixing it. All that was involved was soldering a new 1 amp fuse to the controller daughterboard. Total cost: about $1. If anyone out there needs more info for their own unsuccessful DC hacks, just ask. Off to play Street Fighter Alpha 3 now... =) - prophet

  • DBOY 0.59z released! Judging from the "what's new", it looks like Super Gameboy support was added (-sgb), more work was done on PCM sound via the PSG engine, a realtime save option was added (-rtssave, -rs) and Boukichi also added a background fix that repaired an error in Metal Gear GBC. Thanks to Kosh for the news and to myself (*goshk*) and the lads VGN for the translation. - atila

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b3. Here is the DOS version and here is the source code. - richard

  • Those of you feeling sorry for Gridle's "F" yesterday can breath easy... he gets his revenge in No Idea #4, the emulation comic by Exodus3D. - dutch

  • The 4th MARP tournament is under way, here's a snippet from a mail I received:

    The tournament will last two months, and players will challenge in 8 games: Arkanoid II, Bubble Bobble, Gaplus, Green Beret, Pnickies, Rally X, Solar Fox and Street Fighter II. No registration is needed, but be sure to check out rules, games settings and MAME version to be used before submitting .inp files.

    All you have to do is create a recording (using MAME's -record feature) of you playing the game, zip the recording (.inp file) and submit it to the MARP tournament. For the full rules, please check the MARP site. - atila

  • Retrogames WAP is finally working! If you have a WAP-enabled phone then check out this URL: http://www.retrogames.com/wap/rg-wap.wml. I will shorten the URL to wap.retrogames.com in a day or so. - atila

  • Want to know how much your domain name is worth ? The Register posted an article about shoutloud.com, where you can get a free valuation service for your domain and (if you want), put the domain up for auction. Thanks to }oZoNe{ for the link. - atila

  • Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Rage Games, Infogrames UK and Eidos are being sued by football teams Feyenoord, Slavia Praag and Vicenza (Italy) and Romanian international players like Hagi and Ilie, and Portuguese players Xavier and Dimas. They're accusing the companies for unauthorised use of their likeness, images and their clublogos and are demanding US$2,500,000 in damages and they demand that they're images be removed from the games. You can read the full article here (it's in Dutch :) - atila

  • Shane Monroe has updated The Amiga Emulation Zone once again, here's what's new:

    TWENTY-TWO titles posted on Amiga Emulation Zone today - Arazoks Tomb, Axel's Magic Hammer, Bloodwych, Captive, Carrier Command, Conquerer, Crystal Quest, Days of Thunder, Dr. Fruit, F-16 Combat Simulator, First Contact, 7-Up Magic Spot, Mouse Trap (a great Amiga classic), Plotting, Purple Saturn Day, Red Storm Rising, Rocket Attack, Starflight, Sword of Aragon, Technocop, Total Eclipse, and Treasure Trap (whew!).
    While this seems like a lot, there are TONS more to go, many requiring exhaustive testing/configuring or conversion of the only available version (HD install only, etc.) into something emulation friendly.

    Not only that, he's also looking for help for a new simulator he's about to start work on. Shane is 'looking for any and ALL information' about a game called TRAPSHOOT, if you can help him out, please mail webmaster@monroeworld.com. A temporary WIP page is available here. - atila

  • Coffee is good, mmmkay ? - atila

  •    Tuesday, May 30th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:37 EST

  • Holy cow, how the hell much news did I post today anyway? *pant pant* - dutch

  • Despite being cruelly made fun of in No Idea 3 :), Gridle has updated the Mame WIP page! Nicola has the grahics smoothing circuitry in Return of the Jedi emulated! :) I think Gridle must be on summer vacation.. well most schools around here are anyway. Apologies to Gridle. ;) - dutch

  • XRay1 updated the Mame flyer archive again over at the The Arcade Flyer Archive! Pack number 20 contains 11 replaced images and 19 new ones, for a grand total of 1096 flyers! The complete flyers.zip pack now weighs in at almost 40 megs! You use flyers.zip with Mame32 and also frontends like arcade@home. - dutch

  • Gerardo Oporto sent me his unofficial history.dat file for Mame. The official history.dat file is maintained by Mark Longridge. - dutch

  • More speculation on the cryptic "((nop>>4)*3)++" equation posted on the Rage / NeoRage homepage (underneath the NeoRAGEx v0.6b heading): Kevin suggests "32 is a space in any character set i know of, and a space doesn't do anything like a NOP. Also, that gives '7' as the answer." Could this indicate version 7 is coming? However, Nicolas Warren mentioned that the equation did appear on the 28th of May... so maybe the answer was supposed to be 28. Or are we just making a big deal about nothing? Or am only I doing it? :P Hmmmmm.... - dutch

  • Pete Bernert has released version 1.33 of his OpenGL driver for PSEmu Pro. This release has "sprite mirroring and new detection for uploading screens." Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Haze has made a lot of progress on his Sega C2 driver for Mame. Thanks to Exodus3D of Emuverse/Geoshock for the news. - dutch

  • Errata:

    - TheGuru's site was not redesigned by TheGuru, but by Finnish site designer Pza. If I would have read the news a little bit closer I might have noticed this. :P

    - The link from Opi that I posted to the MD site actually contains rare Chinese Genesis / Megadrive dumps, not Japanese ones. Thanks for letting me know Opi! :) - dutch

  • A friend of mine pointed out that the "b0rg" message on Rainemu.com may refer to Mame. I guess it makes sense, since Mame emulates so many games. But, it has a lot more people working on it. I like Raine for its speed, among other things. It also emulates Taito F3 games which aren't in Mame yet. I for one still hope the authors reconsider not stopping their awesome work on it. :) (Was that a run on sentance?) - dutch

  • M.A.S.H. sent in version 37 beta 3 of his unofficial Mameinfo.dat file. He's really worked hard on this; the archive contains information from Mimic, as well as 300 text files with PCB information from the ROMsets, for use with front ends. He's also included a handy web page with plenty of links, and a diff.bat file to make using LogiqX's Mamediff utility a little easier to run. Just put the old mame executable in the same directory as the current mame.exe, except rename it to mame.old. Then just go to that directory at a command prompt and type diff! :) - dutch

  • You can also get JohnIV's screenshots and icons for Mame v37b3 at the Mame32 QA/Test & Art Dept site. - dutch

  • Need a DAT file to use with that Callus95 Patch 2 release? LogiqX delievers. He also delivers Sparcade v2.25 and Sparcade v2.33 beta DATs. :) - dutch

  • Remember how I said I can't wait to see X-Box video demos? Well, it goes to show what I know.. there were already some available! And holy cow... they don't even look 3D, they look like film. Check out the Windows Media and Realplayer files posted out on xbox365.com. Thanks much to Utah Saint for the information! - dutch

  • Finally, a Windows port of Charles MacDonald's SMS Plus! SMS Plus for Windows version was released by Richard Teather earlier today at EmuHQ. You will need DirectX 7 installed, also please be aware that sound currently does not work in Windows NT 4. - dutch

  • Windows NT4 and 2000 users will however be able to take advantage of today's release of Basilisk II for WinNT build 125. Basilisk II is a Macintosh II emulator. Thanks to Opi of Geoshock for the news. - dutch

  • Mike Stulir of Back in Time has posted a review of the defender-like Protector from Songbird Productions, a recent Jaguar game. And you thought the Jaguar was dead! :) - dutch

  • Amiga Legal Emulation has returned with a new site design. Glad to see you back guys. :) - dutch

  • Another site to make a comeback is Emumac, a news site for emulators for the MacOS. News stolen from EmuHQ. :) - dutch

  • Speaking of Macs, Andrew Blum released GeoMame version 37 beta 3, now in synch with the DOS version. GeoMame is a NeoGeo version of Mame for the Macintosh, and you Mac users will enjoy the keyboard combo support in all of those fighters. - dutch

  • Genesis Power dumped the shooter Wings of Wor, which is the US version of Gynoug. - dutch

  • This one might get me in trouble, but I think it's in good fun. Episode #3 of the No Idea! emulation comic by Exodus3D features a celebrity from the emulation scene. :) And he shouldn't feel bad, because that really happened to me.. I just didn't have Mame at the time. And if I did, I never would have made it to college. :) (What, you think I'm kidding? ;) - dutch

  • Uhmm, I had to 'double-check I wasn't seeing double' when I saw this video =) - atila
    Update: After a couple posts on the General Board, I thought I might warn you not to click that link if you are at work, have small children around you, or if you have a weak stomach. Now you want to click it even more don't you? :) - dutch

  • Paradox (warez group, warez are bad, mmmkay?) first enabled you to play CD-R backups of Playstation 2 games on your PS2 with a swap patch. Sony was furious. Now Sony is about to get even more furious, check what's written on CDR Info:

    Dead or Alive 2 has been released recently on DVD and Paradox has succeeded to convert this DVD game into a 74CD min format!!! This has been possible by ripping some of the music from the game and replacing the pointers.

    They ripped the DVD game apart and released it in regular CD format. You should be able to play this on your PS2 with the swap patch. Sega must be very happy they're using the GD-ROM format right now :) Why am I posting this on Retrogames? Because it's interesting news. - atila

  • Zoop has updated SMS Power, Haja no Fuuin, the Japanese version of Miracle Warriors, is available for download. Thanks to Luke for the news. - atila

  • Jonathan Rothrock submitted a valid screendump for number 14,000,000, so he gets a US Dreamcast + Crazy Taxi + Sega Bass Fishing (special 'fishing rod' controller included), courtesy of Sega. I'd like to thank all our visitors for sticking with us for so long :) Oh, and if happen to work at a company and you'd like to donate some goodies for us to give away, please contact me or anyone else on the staff. - atila

  • Good news for us Dutch people, we will be getting flatrate internet via analog lines, without having to resort to ADSL, which is not available in 90% of the country yet. The OPTA (the telecoms watchdog) has ordered KPN to offer MCI Worldcom 2 new methods of acces to its network, one of which will enable flatrate internet! - atila

  • Check out the Raine site, the logo has changed a bit. I know it's not much, but it's a sign of life isn't it? :) Remember there is a discussion board out on Emustatus where you can let the authors know how much you miss updates to their awesome emulator. ;)
    Update: If you select the text on the Raine page, you will see that it contains the following text: "don't be the b0rg... the b0rg is evil... d3str0y the b0rg!!! speaking of which, we are not affiliated with the b0rg collective hosted on emulation world". You will also notice greetings to several friends. Personally, I don't fully understand or care about site politics, all I do is post news. And in my opinion, I still feel that Raine is one of my favorite emulators and can only hope it might be continued one day. I'll try not to let this depress me. :\ - dutch

  • Want more Intellivision box art, scans, overlays, screenshots, and animated GIFs than you can shake an Atari 2600 joystick at? :) Try Intellivision Graffiti, hosted over at Vintage Gaming. This really did bring back some memories. I had a 2600; I would have to bribe some of my friends in order to play an Intellivision (Astrosmash ruled :). And I'd REALLY have to bribe the kid a few houses down from me with the Ms. Pacman cocktail. ;) - dutch

  • The release date for Bleemcast on EBWorld seems to be getting later... you can still preorder it but the release date now reads 7/16/00. :\ Thanks to PSXEmu for the news. - dutch

  • A new site has opened over at EMU Unlimited called Console Imports! "We can help you find the cheapest console and other hardware goods ANYWHERE on the net, no matter where you are!" Sounds like it's worth a look. ;) - dutch

  • X-box screen grabs at IGN! OMG, these are impressive. I can't wait to see some video captures. Like Robert Hays said in Airplane II, "This isn't the past, or the present. This is the future." Sorry. :) Thanks to BMan2 of Arcade ROM Heaven for the surfing tip. - dutch

  • The ROM dumper TheGuru did a nice job redesigning his site. His unemulated Mame games count is currently at 1,936. He's also still dumping stuff, one of his latest is Raiden DX. - dutch

  • Are those Genesis games too hard for your crummy reflexes? Genesis Power dumped a nice easy one this time, Bubble And Squeek. - dutch

  • Ren Hoek offers this information about the cryptic "((nop>>4)*3)++" which appears under the NeoRageX 0.6b title on the Rage / NeoRage homepage: "In case you want to know the answer, it's 28. I refer to the ((nop>>4)*3)++ bit. As you might know on the x86 processor a nop instruction is 90h. You might argue about what 'nop' might else be but it is the most logical,
    also 144/16 (0x90>>4) is a clean 9. So 9*3=27, add the 1, and end up with 28 :)"
    Heh, we still don't know what it means though do we? :-\ - dutch

  • Check out the progress of Lee Hammerton's SNES driver for MESS on the WIP page. :) Thanks to Gerado for the e-mail. - dutch

  • Here's a nice surfing tip from Opi: Looking for NSFs (Music "ripped" from NES games to play in a NSF player)? Try Kevin Horton's NSF Collection, he's got over 450 titles in one 4 meg archive, plus some other handy resources. :) How about another surfing tip? :) Try this one for rare Japanese Genesis / Megadrive dumps. Not sure if GoodGen 0.998 recognizes any of 'em. ;) - dutch

  • Techmaster has released version 0.3b2 of his previously released unofficial version of MameCE. Here's what's new in this release:

    - Fixed default directory Creation for Roms and Samples folders.
    - Fixed default path searching for ROMs and samples. They are now detected if they are in any of the common locations. Please see the WhatsnewsCE.txt file for additional information.

    Techmaster's unofficial MameCE was originally announced on a post on the MameCE board: "Here is an unofficial release. It is compiled using Ben's source. It also includes Fabrice Frances's update to the graphics and my rebuild of the resource file that was missing from Ben's Source Posting. I also included a link for the missing resource file that I rebuilt, for those folks like Fabrice who want to compile the source themselves. :)." Those original source changes are here. Questions about this unofficial version of Mame for the Cassiopeia E-10X palmtop should be directed to Techmaster. - dutch

  • Looks like another person is working on a Mame driver, this time it's Technos's 1987 Super Dodge Ball. The linked page has several resources posted, including some WIP drivers, ROM images, and other information. Like EmuHQ's Peterd, I missed this one as well. :) - dutch

  • Version 0.71 of MSX SO, a Japanese MSX emulator for Windows, was released recently. You need to have DirectX 7 or later installed to run it. The docs are all in Japanese, but The MEP Crew has provided some information on how to run a ROM with this emulator. First, you have to create a text file in the same directory as msxso.exe called "cart.drc." In this file, you then type the mapper number followed by the full path to the ROM. Example: "4E:\Emu\MSX\ROM\T&E\HYDLID31.ROM". If you are unsure of the mapper number, check the msxso.htm file included in the archive. There is some English in it but it would help if you knew Japanese. :\ - dutch

  • The X68000 Games Pile hosted here at Retrogames has just added Final Fight! And no, it won't work in a MSX emulator, sorry about that. :P Thanks Samor. :) - dutch

  • Cinder added a Dance Dance Revolution wallpaper. You US West coasters should have heard of this game. :) - dutch

  • Reiginsei has moved his RIP Translations site out to riptrans.emucamp.com. His latest effort is a translation patch for a Japanese Playstation game called Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams. Thanks to Opi of Geoshock for the news! - dutch

  • ShinobiZ added another ten flyers like he promised :) and also posted info on three Sega C2 games. - dutch

  • Cowering has released GoodSNES 0.998, his excellent ROM scanning and renaming utility! Total number of entries is 3583. This release is "updated to latest DPS name database (thanks DPS and Snowy)" and also "handles Interleave2 and ALL BS roms correctly". You can download Cowering's 15 other utilities from ROM Collector's Anonymous. Digitoxin has some other utilites to go along with these posted out there, the latest is his own GbxSplit 1.1 which will split the have and miss reports into seperate files for Gameboy and Gameboy Color (and works with the new naming convention :). - dutch

  • DarcNES source has been updated to version dn9a0529. This is a multi-platform emulator that you need to compile yourself. Check the homepage for a list of links to several official port sites, currently, the BeOS port is in synch with this release. Highlights of new features include support for expansion and language cards for Apple II, along with some cleanups to NES sprites. Check the homepage for the full list, and thanks to Lycia of Emucamp for the news. - dutch

  • In N64 INI news, Spinal released version 1.6 of his unofficial Corn INI. Total playable game count is 35. - dutch

  • CPS2 Shock released Callus95 Patch 2!! Newly supported games include Forgotten Worlds & Pang 3, plus other games and fixes. Highly recommended - and proof that great emus don't die, they just get patched. ;) (Thanks to my friend Opi of Geoshock) - prophet

  •    Monday, May 29th 2000 - Last updated @ 15:15 EST

  • Chris has updated Romalizer (version 0.61), his rom manager. - atila

  • 55 more C64 games were added to Lemon! - atila

  • LASER 0.5 released! Laser is a new arcade emulator by Lopantu, at the moment it only runs Space Invaders and some clones, but (hopefully :) soon more games will be added. Thanks to Lrd[EFN] for the news. - atila

  • A new poll (even of interest to PC users!) has been started at bannister.org. - richard

  • The Mac version of SMS Plus has been updated to v0.9.1. This version fixes a stupid (Mac-only) error that prevented SRAM from working properly. - richard

  • WE HIT 14,000,000 VISITORS, but noone sent me a VALID screencapture, so the prizes will be given away in a day or so, when I figure out a new way to give it away, confusing isn't it :) (FYI, we got 10,000 hits in 8 mins time) - atila

  • If you've downloaded MAMElang32 0.37b3, you better get rid of it real quick. It contains the CIH (Chernobyl) virus, please use a virus scanner to clean your system. Thanks to Zadock and Lrd[EFN] for the news. - atila

  • The NeoGeo Review Center will soon reopen as The Review Center, Gazoo will regularly post status updates. - atila

  • It's reloading time again, we will hit 14,000,000 in a few hours! - atila

  • Need help making your own MAME cabinet ? Click here for more, thanks to Lrd[EFN] for the link. - atila

  • Visual MAME was updated yesterday. It's a DOS frontend for MAME with a lot of features. Thanks to wwemu for these last 2 bits. - atila

  • The Squeem site (NES emu) has had a 'redesign', if you will. - atila

  • The X68000 Game Pile hosted here on retrogames has been updated with 3 new games: Phantasie IV, Populous, and Tower of Druaga. There's also a couple of demos online. - dutch

  • Zoop has been busy out on SMS Power, in addition to a new Streets of Rage 2 dump, he's also modified the site a bit to make news posting easier, and notice the new smspower.org domain name? :) Game devs, don't miss the updates in the S8-Dev section they have out there. Thank you Luke for pointing out the updates. ;) - dutch

  • Are you noticing a problem with Virtual Game Station where the bottom of the screen is "cut off?" It's been officially dubbed the "video cropping bug," so it isn't just you. :) It should be fixed next release. Thanks much to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • Today's dump at Genesis Power is Kid Chameleon, a nice little platformer. - dutch

  • Well, here I go saying yesterday that Boukichi has stopped work on his DOS Gameboy emulator DBoy, and today he goes and updates it with a new version, how do you like that? :) In fact, it's had two releases in the past couple days. Thanks to Aries, here's what's new:

    D-Boy v0.59higher (2000/05/28)
    - Now use SEAL as sound output system.
    - As using SEAL, added option (-sound 2) for PSG emulation with PCM. (Still need some improvement on sound quality)

    D-Boy v0.59invisible (2000/05/29)
    - Improved PCMPSG emulation, now it will sound better. (Still need some improvement though)
    - Change the name of Config definition file from "DBOY.CFG" to "DBOY.DEF". You can rename the old "DBOY.CFG" or use it as a sample.

    Thanks for the news Aries! Feel better soon please! ;) - dutch

  • Martin Nathell of Emulation64 let me know about a project that Zilmar just completed called EMUBook. This is an excellent emulation referance IMHO, and covers information about CPUs, memory, and more. I took a quick look at it, and the wealth of information posted and its organization is impressive. Strangely enough, I still don't know how to code an emulator. :) - dutch

  • Anyone remember the SNES game Tales of Phantasia? This Namco role-playing title is the largest SNES ROM out there, weighing in at 6 megabytes uncompressed. It's Japanese only, so the only hope non Japanese speakers have in playing it is a translation. The Tales of Phantasia translation group DeJap is still around... in fact, Boba Fett let me know they have moved to a new site: dejap.zsnes.com! :) - dutch

  • Wanna emulate a Macintosh II in Windows? Have a look at Basilisk II, a new Windows version was just released today. Visit the homepage to download build 124 and read the changes. Thanks to Lrd[EFN] for the news. - dutch

  • Sergio Parracho has quite a task he's undertaking on his SP-X Video Game Warehouse site out on Darkmazda's Domain: "Our goal is to review every game for every system, ever made! We can only do this with your help, so we have designed a database for it. We allow you to add/modify/delete records from the database, and pictures as well. We allow a maximum of 2 pictures uploaded per game (title screen/in game shot)." Heh, this might take a while. :) - dutch

  • EmuHQ pointed me to this post out on amiga.nvg.org from Brian King, author of the Windows port of UAE. He is planning to work on and release version 0.8.12, but after that he will "only be working on Picasso96 and MIDI-input specific features of WinUAE, and will no longer maintain the port." This does not mean someone else might not pick up further development of the port however. - dutch

  • More DAT files for RomCenter have been posted: LogiqX contributed updated versions of his X-Dragon 0.30 and Vantage 1.0 DAT files, and Robert VanderDrift updated his Nintendo64 DAT file. Download the DAT files from the RomCenter homepage. - dutch

  • Amiga Mania has 10 new games online. The site is in French, but you won't have a problem if you don't speak it. Want more Amiga? Andy's Amiga Rarities is pretty much back. Most all of the old games are once again available, plus he's been adding new stuff as well, the most recent being Master Axe. Thanks again to Vintage Gaming for the leads. :) - dutch

  • romalizer has been updated to version 0.61.  romalizer is a rom analyzer program similar to ClrMAME or MAME Merge, only it operates on xmame. - chris

  • Wine 20000526 released. This version includes support for OpenGL (among other things!) - chris

  •    Sunday, May 28th 2000 - Last updated @ 15:10 EST

  • The Arcade Flyers Archive has been updated with 15 new flyers and one replacement. - atila

  • Ultimate Game Manager 5 has been released! UGM is an excellent multi-emu frontend which supports 60 emus, here's what's new:

    - MS Access Interface - You must Import the old UGM 4.x data and use the new UGM.MDB File instead of the old one -- now you have all possibilities of MS Access :)
    - Better Menuhandling for Option / Emu Defined and Empty and Scan only
    - 60 Emulators are supported

    Thanks to wwwemu for the news. - atila

  • Wanna play The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, emulated, in Java form ? Then click here! Playing this game made me remember that Star Trek game, where you had to do some 'stuff' to Deanna Troi =) Thanks to DrSteveW for the link. - atila

  • ShinobiZ has updated his Sega site with more screenshots for S32 games, updated various other screenshots and added 10 flyers for Sega games. - atila

  • Advance MAME 0.37b3 has been released, thanks to Lrd[EFN] for these last 3 bits. - atila

  • Overclocked: Gridlespotting (that's one funny episode, David =) - atila

  • Speccyal is being continued by Richard Nash! - atila

  • Aries mailed me the following translation for Prototype-D 0.007 mentioned below: Some changes in the netplay feature - atila

  • It looks like C (or for that matter Java) but it's not valid code. If you disregard the semantics of the language, though, you could evaluate it (approximately) to ((nop/16)*3)+1. Still not terribly useful though :) - richard

  • Haze pointed out something rather odd/interesting at the NeoRAGEx (RAGE, NeoRAGE as well) homepage. It seems the html was recently updated with a singular change: "((nop>>4)*3)++" appears below the NeoRAGEx 0.6b title. It's C code - bit shifting stuff..?! Is this some cryptic sign of emu life or merely some meaningless anomaly? I dunno. :o) - prophet

  • Genesis Power has dumped Aero the Acrobat (remember him?). - dutch

  • SMYNES 1.00 released! This shareware NES emulator for Windows is coded in 100% ASM and supports an impressive 86 mappers and the Nintendo Disk system. It additionally supports three and four player games, Bandi Datch games, multiple joysticks, cheats, real time load/save, screenshots, and includes a ROMs database and NSF player. There is a demo that you can download in both English and Chinese. It will display the word "Demo" in the middle of the screen and limits playing any given ROM to 5 minutes. Instructions for how to register are included; it costs $10 US. Thanks to Geoshock for the news. - dutch

  • Just wanted to point out the homepage for Friday's release of PowerMSX 0.06, the open source DOS based MSX1 emulator. - dutch

  • Mike Beaver has released Mimic 1.00! You must thoroughly read the ReadMe.txt file in order to install this correctly. This DOS emulator currently only emulates Bombjack and Ladybug (Ladybug doesn't accept coins yet); you will need to visit the homepage and download the driver files for each game. The unique thing about Mimic is that the driver files for the games are not part of the executable binary (the "mimic.exe" file). You don't have to change the executable, use a compiler, or know C to add a ROM set. Visit the homepage for more information. - dutch

  • BouKichi has released Prototype-D 0.007. Since BouKichi stopped his work on the excellent DBoy Nintendo Gameboy emulator for DOS, he has picked up with Prototype-D for Windows. :) I need Aries however to translate those docs. ;) (I really am impressed with someone who can speak two languages that have practically nothing in common. :) - dutch

  • Overclocked has posted two new remixes: Banana 'Slumber Party' ReMix and Dune Arrakis 'Wormsign' ReMix. (I suddenly have a craving for Spice. ;) David added a Metal Slug 2 wallpaper which also reminds me a bit of Dune. :) I wonder what David has planned for the big 200,000? :) - dutch

  • The Italian site 16bit has posted an interview with Atani! Atani is the author of several Sega console emulators, here's a snippet from the English version of the interview: "I'm working on Segaemu, Genital32, Generator32, MCHE32 (sometimes) and on a brand new project :)" - dutch

  • RockNES DOS has been updated to version 1.061! In addition to several bugfixes (saved state loads are fixed, Castlevania 3 works with no graphic corruption), it can now do RAM dumping and mapper 3 has been modified. Check the homepage for all the details (and a copy of BNSF, the author's NSF player for DOS :), and thanks to JoseQ of EmuViews for the news. - dutch

  • Mr. Shane Monroe has been busy filling requests out on Amiga Emulation Zone, five to be exact, and with more to come. - dutch

  • Mame v37b3 went pretty smooth for me so far. If you'd like to audit the samples that Mame currently uses but will eventually be replaced with true emulation (such as Votrax in Gorf and Wizard of Wor), you can compile in LogiqX's source changes. It's a DIF file, you put it in the same directory as the makefile along with the GNU Patch executible ("patch.exe"), then type patch -p1 <sfix37b3.dif. As an alternative, you could also use a DAT file for CLRMame Pro or RomCenter with the correct sample information; LogiqX has posted these for your convenience as well. ;) - dutch

  • Oh and by the way, if you find any bugs in Mame v37b3, check the Bug Report Page out on the Mame Testing Project to see if it's been reported. If it hasn't, then report it man! :) - dutch

  • Hugo 1.24 released! The Core-GraphX / PC Engine / Turbo GraphX open source emulator for DOS and Linux includes a new unzip library so you can scan for zips! :) There's also a new GUI, ISO support has been modified so that you can play Half Dragon or Doraemon in BIOS mode, source code has been cleaned up, the screenshots work correctly now (white no longer appears as grey), language specific messages are now corrected, and the file selector now recognizes BIN files. MUG U.K. contributed a cheat file that will allow you to modify the number of lives, scores, weapons, etc. in some games. Check the homepage for more details. Thanks to Elmer for the news. - dutch

  • Emulation64 is currently holding a screenshot contest! First prize is a Diddy Kong Racing cartridge for Nintendo 64, second prize is an Adaptoid game adapter. Visit the homepage for all the details. - dutch

  • NeoGeo Team 2000 have a little something new online, go have a look. :) - dutch

  • Thirteen more dumps have been completed by Team Japump, including some STV, SSV, and C2 stuff. They are currently unemulated and public backups are not available. But remember Haze is at work on a C2 driver for Mame. :) - dutch

  • The DOS based open source Sega Genesis emulator Genital has been updated to version 0.3! RAM dumping has been added, along with country detection, window priority, support for Strider 2, file size checking, as well as a lot of other improvements and fixes which you can read by clicking here. - dutch

  • N64 INI news:

    - Spinal has moved out to Emulation64, the URL is now spinal.emulation64.com. He also released version 1.5 of his Corn INI which has a total of 35 playable games, and version 3.0 of his Nemu64 INI which has a total of 141 playable games.

    - Myzar has released his first Corn INI file, version 1.0, which is based on Spinal's 1.5. It has a total of 43 playable games. - dutch

  • Cinder has a couple new wallpapers online, one that has Mame with Ms. Pac-Man, and a cool looking anime one called "Trancelike." :) - dutch

  •    Saturday, May 27th 2000 - Last updated @ 12:36 EST

  • PacMan as a time traveller, who'd have thought, eh? FWIW, 'Pac In Time' (ElvisP told me that this name is being used already?) would be a better name for this game ;-) Thanks to TED^ca for the link. - atila

  • MADrigal has updated his site with the following news:

    While working on my next simulator, that's Snoopy Tennis (Nintendo's Wide Screen Series), I found that all my previously released Nintendo's simulators had a few nasty common bugs :-((

    So I decided to update both three of them, and I also inserted a couple of new features. As requested from MJF I inserted a feature which allow you to shut the game by pressing the esc key, to keep simulators compatible with mame-based frontends and GUIs. Also I've finally been able in finding a picture of the beautiful Donkey Kong circus box, so it's now featured on that simulator's splash-screen :-)

    The updated games are:

    --> Donkey Kong Circus (Panorama Screen Series) V1.02 bug fixed and more
    --> Lifeboat (Wide Screen Series) V1.02 bug fixed
    --> Donkey Kong (Wide Screen Series) V1.02 bug fixed

    Download those sims by going to MADrigal's Sims. - atila

  • Gridle has posted CPU optimised binaries for this MAME release, check the MAME site for the files. - atila

  • mame.dk has been updated with all roms for MAME 0.37b3. You can also register now at mame.dk and soon you'll be able to use cool new features, for registered users only :) - atila

  • MacMAME 0.37b3 released! The Mac version is now in sync with the DOS version, here's what's new:

    - In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 3 build. [Aaron Giles]
    - Minor bugfix in the Z80 core for the Leland games. [Aaron Giles]

    Thanks to TmB for the news. - atila

  • GordonJ has updated his MAME ROM INFO PAGE, he had added a diff list for MAME 0.37b3 and a .dat file for use with atila

  • PowerMSX Version 0.06 has been released, here's what's new:

    *The VDP was entirely rewritten.
    *Graphics engine is line based, providing a very precise emulation.
    *Sprites 8x8, and Magnified sprites are also emulated.
    *The fifth sprite in a row is disappearing, as it is supposed to happen.
    *Sprite colision bit is also emulated. So, this VDP should run perfectly 99% of MSX-1 software!

    Thanks to 'ye olde MEP crew' for the news. - atila

  • Slashdot has posted an interview they did with Lars Ulrich of Metallica about the Napster/Metallica situation. Thanks to TmB for the link. - atila

  • Here is a report of all the ROM changes in Mame version 37 beta 3. It was made with LogiqX's awesome Mamediff utility. I have had a busy week and am doing a million things right now, so I haven't had time to be on IRC much or even "hunt." So, the best I can tell you for now is to keep your sites set on the usual places, Mame.dk, Arcade ROM Heaven, SYS2064 [link fixed, thanks Filipe ;], and Emulition. Don't hammer these sites, if you want them to survive, go easy and download one file at a time, bandwidth does cost money. And of course, you should not be downloading anything for which you are not legally entitled. - dutch

  • Aries has very kindly sent me his translation of the readme docs in today's releases of Hii's Windows / DirectX emulators TGP Alpha 0.183 and TNes 8.011:

    (GB)TGB Alpha v0.183 (2000/05/26) by Hii:
    - Added Network Feature (include Chat)
    - Added Drag-and-Drop feature. (in test stage)
    - Improve accuracy of emulation.

    (NES)TNes v8.011 (2000/05/26) by Hii:
    - Fixed bugs about loading from VRAM.
    - dutch

  • Snorter of Genesis Power says "I'm sure some of you are sick of Thunder games, so here is something different - really different - a decent Street Fighter 2 clone with many of your favorite comic heroes." The new dump is Justice League Task Force (F). :) - dutch

  •    Friday, May 26th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:53 EST

  • Looks like Till is still awake over in Germany... he's got his Mame version 37 beta 3 fixfile online over at SYS2064 already! :) - dutch

  • Mame version .37 beta 3 is out, scroll down to get to Prophet's posts and download Mame. Hehe, I flooded them down there a bit, sorry about that Prophet. :) I'll be leaving work shortly and getting to messing around with it after Farscape. ;) - dutch

  • Haze has been pretty busy hacking away at that Sega C2 Mame driver of his, and his Sega C2 Driver page is taking shape! Go Haze go!! ;) - dutch

  • Apparently, WinUAE has been discontinued! :*( This was arguably one of the best Amiga Emulators for Windows out there. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • Cowering went nuts and has released GoodSMS 0.998 Beta, GoodGG 0.998 Beta, and GoodGen 0.998 Beta! The Sega Master System, Game Gear, and Genesis/32X scanning - renaming - identifying utilities are now compatible with the 64 character CDR file naming system, and also include the other updates of his recent releases (directories, audits, etc.). If you'd like to help Cowering out, you can mail him the names which match SMSPower releases. - dutch

  • Owen Rubin set up his own web page! Who is he and why do we care? Oh, he only worked for Atari as one of the first arcade programmers and helped bring us Space Duel and Major Havoc to name a couple. :) Hehe, he links to Mame! :D Thanks to Brian Deuel for the news! - dutch

  • Gens has been updated to version 0.6! This version of the win32 / DirectX emulator now has zip support and lets you define directories! The following games are also now playable: Top Gear 2, Lotus 2, Bubsy, American Gladiators, Forgotten Worlds, and Road Rash 3. You should also find that it now works in full screen mode on your Voodoo3 or Savage4 card. - dutch

  • Malc has added another 60 games to the ZX site, as well as an interview with Nigel Barford, author of the java Hob emlator. - dutch

  • Need some DAT files to go along with VAntAGE? LogiqX has them online, one for CLRMame Pro and one for ROMCenter. :) Speaking of ROMCenter, there's been 9 or so DAT files released at the homepage today by various authors. - dutch

  • TR64 and 1964 screenshots of upcoming playable Nintendo64 games, anyone? :) - dutch

  • Hii has released version vA8.011 of his TNES emulator for win32 / DirectX, and also a new Gameboy and Gameboy color emulator called TGB 0.183. Aries, care to help with the translations? :) Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Richard Bannister reported on a new and fast Gameboy emulator for the Mac called Playboy, now at version d0.02. "PlayBoy will emulate roughly 85% of the commercial non-colored GameBoy titles and about 99% of the demos." - dutch

  • You can download a Mame version 37 beta 2 port for the Amiga at AmiDog's Emulation Corner. Thanks to Mameworld for pointing me there. :) - dutch

  • Here 'tis, right from the MAME site - MAME 0.37 Beta 3 BINARY! You should also keep a watchful eye on the Official MAME site for optimized binaries. And don't forget Arcade Heaven and MAME.dk for other stuff. ;) (Thanks again Gridle!) - prophet

  • MAME 0.37 Beta 3 has been released!!! At the moment the source is available, binaries will follow soon I hope! Can you say Leland? Thought you could. =) Click here to see what's new in this beta. Official MAME site. (Thanks Gridle) - prophet

  • New MAME's a'comin... =) - prophet

  • First it was Metallica, now it's Dr. Dre! Dr. Dre has ordered Napster to ban 230,142 users; which they have. Nice of Dre, isn't it ? I think a lot of 'fans' will now say 'F*CK DRE' instead of 'F*CK THE POLICE' ;-) Thanks to SpeedyP for the news. - atila

  • The MIMIC site has been updated again with the release of the drivers for Lady Bug and BombJack. What good are drivers without an emulator? He said the emu will be out in a day or two! Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - atila

  • MAME WORLD is reporting that Brian Lewis has released ArcadeOS 2.36 (MAME frontend) and a new arcade emulator for DOS called VAntAGE 1.0 (Vertical ANTiquated Arcade Game Emulator). Click here to go to the PC2Jamma site where both of these files are hosted. - atila

  • Wonder what it would be like for an Scottish dude to review a Japanese game with no knowledge of Kanji ? Click here to find out :) - atila

  • This link made me chuckle a few times, it's damn funny :) - atila

  •    Thursday, May 25th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:50 EST

  • The thunder claps turn to lightning as Genesis Power dumps Lightening Force [sic]. (That [sic] isn't for Genesis Power, Lightning is actually spelled that way in the game. :) - dutch

  • I should have listened to matriDX: "j00 know? my "box" (see www.l33t.com) runs on a hotcake, and i made it work with a tomatoe ones...try it! it works!" Yep, the potato server was a prank... but I don't feel so bad, considering that even USA Today ran this story. :) The reason I think everyone fell for it was how believable the original story seemed. Oh well, I can only blame totl.net for being creative with their mythical server that runs on potatoes. :P (Thanks to BMan2 for the enlightenment :) - dutch

  • PacMame, PacMame, get 'cher PacMame v37b2 right here! :) - dutch

  • Opi reports that Andy's Amiga Rarities is back... not all the games are online yet but he hopes to have that little problem fixed soon. ;) - dutch

  • Mac users (*cough* Richard *cough* ;) will be happy to learn of the Nintendo64 emulator for the Macintosh called Sixtyforce, now at version 0.5.5. To run it, you need Mac OS 8.1 or later with OpenGL 1.1.2 or later installed. It runs several commericial ROMs (some better than others), check the docs for the compatibility list. - dutch

  • Now I am getting worried... Evil, founded by Satan around the beginning of time (and growing steadily since) has recently been purchased by Microsoft for 2.7 billion in the wake of Evil's current boom with the growth of the Internet. Thanks to GM for the news! ;) - dutch

  • The guys over at The The MEP-Crew have added over 600 games for the MSX in the past few days, with a total of over 1800 MSX games online. They hope to have 2500 by the end of June! They also have quite an archive of MSX emulators for various systems (including Windows and DOS) posted. - dutch

  • The Macintosh port of Handy, an Atari Lynx emulator, has finally been updated - to v0.7.2. The new release adds greatly improved compatibility. - richard, microscopic edit by - dutch

  • SMS+/MacOS is a brand new Macintosh port of Charles MacDonald's excellent Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear emulator. - richard

  • As you may or may not know, Zoop (founder of EmuCamp) and author of Meka has quit EmuCamp. I have no idea what the exact implications are of this decision, but I for one will miss Zoop :~( - atila

  • I'm trying to WAP Retrogames. I downloaded a WAP editor and I put the first draft at http://www.retrogames.com/wap/index.wml. Now, it looks correct in my editor, I hope it does on a WAP phone too. Feel free to try it and let me know :) (Hmm, looks like I forgot to set the MIME types, should be done in 2 hours or so) - atila

  • Game Interviews has posted an interview with Sean Kauppinen (bleem!) about bleemcast. - atila

  • David has revewied Barbie: Super Model for the SNES. Good god, I'd like to know whoever thought it would be a good idea to release that game. - atila

  • And here's ZSNES 0.991! Yep, it's a small update, here's what's new:

    - Disabled 2xSaI/Super Eagle when in the GUI
    - Fixed up cheat code search (Got broken in v0.990 during port preparation)

    Thanks to various people for the news. - atila

  •    Wednesday, May 24th 2000 - Last updated @ 23:07 EST

  • ZSKnight released ZSNES v0.990! Does this awesome Super Nintendo emulator need an introduction? Just download it! =P There's lotsa new stuff, especially sound code improvements (with help from Neill Corlett :). Homepage. (Thanks DigiWrath) - prophet

  • Is this what the information age will come to? It seems silly... but it gets you thinking doesn't it? Especially in light of the fact that a lot the fictional "laws" described have already been proposed in the US. Thanks to Jim for the link. - dutch

  • Zoop has posted that he is quitting Emucamp, the site that he originally started nearly 3 years ago. Zoop also (I believe) was the first person to ever enter #retrogamers on EFnet. I have only talked to him briefly a while back, and I remember what a nice person he was. Best of luck to you Zoop, I hope everything is well with you! - dutch

  • Congratulations to Mek whose Video Game Museum site has recently surpassed 6,000 games with over 12,000 screenshots. An excellent resource if you're not sure what you want to load up in an emulator. Mek has a lot more than screenshots online though, there's sprite rips, scans, reviews, game endings, and more. - dutch

  • Cowering has updated his GoodGBx ROM scanning / renaming / identification utility for Gameboy ROMs to version 0.998.2:

    - Database update (100+ entries!) [Total entries: 3903]
    - Names > 64 chars edited to make CD-R burning possible
    - Changes in the naming setup, most people will figure it out!
    - 'Audit' now prints any lines that don't pass rather than a line #
    - DON'T forget to read 'gbredumpsneeded'

    Thanks to Opi for the news! - dutch

  • Want to use a joystick with a program or emulator that doesn't have joystick support? Have a look at Aldo Vargas's VGS Joy, recently updated to version 1.4. It's optimized for use with the Connetix Virtual Game Station, and this version now works with DirectX 7.0a instead of reading directly from the game port. He's also integrated the features of VGS Capture and VGS Auto Fire! - dutch

  • Kervin Lee has released DreamNES 2000 beta 2 upgrade! Straight from the readme file, here's what's new:

    - Add support to many mappers. Now DreamNES support mapper: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 32, 33, 34, 41, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69, 70, 71, 79, 80, 87, 91, 112, 118, 160, 184, 225, 232, 241, 246, 248
    - VRC6 extended sound channel emulated! (Mapper 24, cv3j)
    - Choose display devices (Require DX7 or higher)
    - Scanline mode
    - Multi display resolution selectable
    - Great boost on Rom encyclopedia's database. Add 800+ ROM info
    - Any info on those fantastic mapper (not supported) is greatly appreciated

    I must say that's a lot of mappers! :) And of course the ROM encyclopedia utility is a cool built in feature. If you don't already have DreamNES 2000 beta 1 installed, you will need to install it before applying the beta 2 upgrade. Thanks again to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • Even more thunder at Genesis Power: Rolling Thunder 3. - dutch

  • Tomorrow's Heroes has released Retrogaming Times #33! This issue of the online newsletter includes Mame reviews, video game myths, letters to the editor, and more. To access back issues click here. - dutch

  • (cue music from "Tavares - Heaven must be missing an angel") Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemon ... must be missing an image! C64 imaaage! And they found the image at www.Lemon64.com, please update your bookmarks :) - atila

  • The Amiga version of MESS has been updated to v0.37b2. - richard

  • A Macintosh version of Charles MacDonald's excellent emulator "SMS Plus" is coming soon. For full information and a screenshot, go to my page. - richard

  • The Gamers Advocate Group (hosted here at Retrogames) seems to have run into some trouble:

    NOTE: My entire subscriber database has been corrupted due to a goober made by my ISP. Please resubscribe by following the instructions at the bottom of the page if you were a subscriber, and let people that you referred to the newsletter know what happened.

    You can resubsribe to the daily newsletter by clicking here. - atila

  • Hey Chris, you can calm down now as Malc has reviewed the ZX emulation in MESS :) - atila

  • Virtual Game Station 1.4 for PC released! Connectix have updated the Windows version of their excellent commercial PSX emu, here's what's new:

    - Virtual Game Station Home Page Menu Option
    - Autolauncher update for users with more than one drive (CD/DVD/CD-RW)
    - Fixed some, but not all, problems with Acer CD-ROM drives
    - Gamma button incorrectly appearing even when you can't adjust the gamma slider has been fixed
    - Fixed incorrect registry entry
    - Some PAL performance and video issues fixed: timing and "squished" video
    - Game-specific fixes: please refer to the WIN 1.4 Recommended Games List

    Thanks to Sonikku for the news. - atila

  • MESS WIP has been updated! Lee Hammerton has managed to get Super Mario World for the SNES running in MESS! The SNES driver is very preliminary at this stage, but it is exciting to see something running none the less! - chris

  •    Tuesday, May 23rd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:03 EST

  • Charles MacDonald released SMS Plus 0.9, his Sega Master System emulator for DOS. This isn't just an update, it's a complete rewrite, bringing much more accuracy and compatibility. Also new is 16-bit color, display blurring, digital sound emulation, and scanlines. (Gotta have scanlines ;) The archive also includes a new port for the Playstation, but it is highly experimental at this point and as such, has issues. The source is also available in the archive. Thanks to Geoshock for the news. - dutch

  • Shiesta and Nobi-Chan pointed me towards yet another freeware zip utility that handles tons of formats with only one executable (and doesn't need external programs to work ;). It's called Power Archiver.. looks pretty sweet! - dutch

  • We've been having quiet a bit of noise over at Genesis Power, and it hasn't let up with their latest dump of Thunder Force 3. I've only heard that it plays a bit better than Thunder Spirits (the SNES version, which is what I had.) - dutch

  • TJ Grant submitted some more info on Syzygy.. did you know there was a game for Chip8 called Syzygy? It's basically a Nibbler clone. :) To play it (and other games) you can use the Vision-8 emulator for Windows (or a multitude of other platforms, including Colecovision ;) or the MacVision-8. You'll also need the ROMs. [Link fixed] Yep, they're freeware. - dutch

  • The retrogames.com staff would like to wish TsengRei of twistedgaming.com a Happy Birthday today. :) - dutch

  • Heh, Tim S. let me know that the Temple Ov Thee Lemur (a little Psychic TV connotation? ;) has set up a webserver completely and totally powered by pototoes!! :) Heh, I just found it and it really works. It's a bit slow and only hosts a couple of small pages, but hey, it's running on pototoes! If I linked it, it would die. So you'll have to find it yourself... I found it within about a minute. ;) Please don't kill the potato server. :O - dutch

  • LogiqX updated his kick butt (ok, kickass :) MAMEDiff utility to version 1.02! It can do MESS and Raine now. This is a quick and easy way to see what's different ROM wise between two different versions. He also updated his Mame sample fix, as well as some DAT files for ROM Center and CLRMame Pro. - dutch

  • Christian Hackbart released YaSE 0.79, his Spectrum Emulator for DOS. It currently emulates Spectrum 48k, 128k and Pentagon 128 machines. The archive also includes the source. Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • Andrea Mazzoleni released Advance MAME 0.37 Beta 2.1! That's the P2/P3 build, check the homepage for other builds and source. You must also download this utility pack. This release contains some great new features and fixes - read them here. I cannot stress how terrific Advance MAME is, especially for arcade monitor/TV users - take the time to configure it and you won't regret it. :) Remember, Advance MAME is an *UNOFFICIAL* version of MAME - DO NOT bother the Official MAME team about it! - prophet

  • AGES 0.19a released!! Here's what's new in this Sega Genesis/Sega 32X emulator: Drc (dynamic recompilation? - atila) is not included for compatibility reasons. Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing, and Pitfall are now working. All games with layering problems are fixed. (Kolibri, T-Mek, Space Harrier, etc). As always read the manual.
    Very good news indeed, you can check out the official AGES site here. Thanks to TmB for the news. - atila

  • Here's the reason why the "I LOVE YOU"-virus made its way around the world so quickly =) - atila

  • Looks like Haze is working on a Sega C2 driver :) - atila

  • Zwaxy of The MAME Action Replay Page and myself have been working on a patch for MAME that allows users to reset MAME recordings simply by pressing F3. If you have ever tried to beat a high score at MARP, you know how frustrating it is to restart the emulator every time you want to restart a new recording. Well, we have come up with a patch that allows you to now restart recordings (and playbacks) simply by pressing the F3 key (or whatever you have defined as the reset key in your version of MAME). MARP users should really enjoy this patch, and we are asking MARP users to test out the new DOS binary compiled by TonyD before we submit the patch to MAMEDEV. If you would like to compile your own MAME, you can get the source file that includes the patch here, and the DOS binary can be downloaded here. - chris

  • SolidSnake of Emuitalia, an Italian emulation site, has an exclusive interview with Bleem!. The interview covers topics about Bleem, BleemCast and Sony. You can read the english version here. - chris

  • Guru-Choc has posted even more ROMs for the upcoming beta-3 release! This time he has added Play Girls and Play Girls 2 (sounds like fun!). MAME 0.37b3 is going to be a huge release with lots and lots of new games, head on over to Guru-Choc's and leech now before the rush! Oh, and click on a few of his banners too while you are at it. =) - chris

  • Exodus3D turned me on to the Indrema home entertainment system built from high powered linux boxes which plug into your TV set! They allow you to browse the internet or play 3D games such as UT or Quake from your TV set, and all you do is plug it into your TV and turn it on, no knowledge of Linux system administration is necessary. A more detailed description of the specifications can be found here. Hopefully these will catch on and the gaming industry will make more games for the Linux platform! - chris

  • Tim Mann has updated xtrs to version 4.1. xtrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Unix and the X Window System. Changes in version 4.1 include emulation of the Radio Shack hard disk controller hardware, and several bugfixes and minor improvements in other areas. xtrs is open source. - chris

  • Rob F. sent me a link to a site with more reviews of Spectrum emulators. This site is quite comprehensive, however, I still could not find a review of MESS's emulation of the Spectrum. I guess MESS is still widely unknown as an emulator. - chris

  • EmuHQ mentioned a new release of the Atari800 emulator, although I don't see a mention of the new 1.0.0 version on the homepage. The release has been announced and the files have been posted on the Atari800XL site in Czechoslovakia, but for me the site was very slow. Here's a mirror of the source, and builds for DOS, TOS, and Linux. The list of changes is extensive, click here to view it. - dutch

  • According to this report on excite.com.. it sounds like (and let me stress sounds) the Dreamcast is dead! According to reports in the Nihon Keizai newspaper, since Sega has posted its third consecutive net loss, Shoichiro Irimajiri will step down as president and serve as vice chairman, and focus on the Dreamcast's successor. Sega Chairman Isao Ohkawa will fill his place (and remain chairman) and restructure the company. Something tells me developers are going to concentrate on the PS2 now... :\ Thanks to Solvalou and Hazard for the posts on the General Board.
    (NB. The Dreamcast is NOT dead, it has just sold less than expected in Japan. It is selling VERY well in the USA and in other parts of the world. It's kinda like the Genesis/Megadrive situation in back in Japan, during the beginning of the 90s. It didn't get off the ground in Japan, but it sold VERY well everywhere else - edited by Atila, post by Dutch) - atila

  • Here's the link I was looking for last week, the article on emulation in the New York Times. Thanks much to TheCrank for finding this for me, and also to ClassicG for the "help" with the link. ;) - dutch

  • Thanks to GM for the reminder on where the name "Syzygy" (for the new magazine that's coming out) comes from... it's what Nolan Bushnell wanted to call Atari, but couldn't since the name was already taken. Here's an encyclopedia.com definition. :) - dutch

  •    Monday, May 22nd 2000 - Last updated @ 22:29 EST

  • What a busy weekend, I did about two months worth of laundry and also got my car serviced. How's that for an excuse? I did watch Being John Malcovich, damn the end freaked me out. :P Heh, let's see what I missed... :) - dutch

  • Did you have problems with joystick setup and no sound in RockNES 1.2 for Windows? Try version 1.201, released earlier at the homepage! Thanks to JoseQ for the news. :) - dutch

  • A cool looking magazine is about to make a July 2000 debut, it's called Syzygy Magazine: "Syzygy Magazine is a video game journal focusing on coin-operated, computer, and console systems as they relate to the history and progression of this art form and leisure activity enjoyed by the world at large!" Thanks much to Brian's Coin-Op History Archive for the news! - dutch

  • Genesis Power has dumped Super Thunder Blade (can you guess they are concentrating on Thunder games right now? ;), a first person helicoptor shooter. - dutch

  • In case you haven't noticed, Emuforce is back. :) And with quite a healthy number of site changes as well. - dutch

  • Win68K, a Sharp X680x0 emulator for Windows, has had an update to version .35 beta 7. There are several bug fixes and changes in this beta, click here for the English readme file. - dutch

  • TRWin 2.31 WIP has been released! This version of the nicely developing Nintendo 64 emulator has better soundcard detection and workarounds, new country code detection, and the window mode in Win2K should be fixed as well. Check the homepage for more news and contact info. - dutch

  • Give Myzar's site a peek to see what games are compatible with the new version of TRWin. :) - dutch

  • Mame news:

    - GeoMame version .37 beta 2 was released, this is a Mac port of Mame that supports only Neo Geo games. It also adds autofire, CPU clocking, and save states. The built in front end is a bit wider now for those longer game names, and the ability to force 8 bit color on games for which 16 bit is used in Official Mame has been removed.

    - The Mamemenu frontend for Windows has had an update to version 1.1. You can configure the colors and background pics now, and it also comes with a configuration program called newroms.exe that grabs the correct games from Mame.

    - Shifty of the Mame Tester's Project has updated the Mame version .37 beta 2 bug report page. - dutch

  • Could a release be nearing for ZSNES? (Link thanks to Boba Fett.) Or Mame32? :) - dutch

  • Cowering has released GoodGBx 0.9981 and GoodN64 0.998. If you haven't tried Cowering's Good Utilities, you should. Just copy the good utility into the same directory as your ROMs, open a DOS box, type "goodgbx rename" (for GBx obviously ;), and it goes to work identifying, sorting, and renaming what you have. Public domain ROMs have been added to GoodN64, the total ROM count is 1228. It also logs dupes with different extensions now. GoodGBX now identifies 3799 Gameboy dumps. - dutch

  • HCC has released a Casio Soldier Fighter handheld simulator over at his Random64 site. Current version is 0.3 beta. - dutch

  • N'intendo, the homepage for GB Final, GB Dasm, and SNES Final has moved... the new URL is nintendo.emumania.com. - dutch

  • Atila gave Prophet and I a little tip I thought I'd pass along to you as well... want a Zip proggy that can handle lzh, zip, arj, gz, etc. and not need external executables and extensive configuration? Take a look at Zip'N'All. ;) - dutch

  • Sir John Gielgud died. :( I remember him from so many films and plays, most Americans will probably remember him as the butler Hobson from the movie "Arthur." He was 96 years old. Credits to BMan2 for the link. - dutch

  • Wanna delete Windows and install MacOS on your PC this instant? Click here! Hehe, since I'm mentioning this on the front page I might as well not be mean and tell you that this is indeed only a joke, but it kinda gives you the impression of what MacOS is like if you've never seen it. ;) Thanks for the link, Bas. :) - dutch

  • The Flash's site hosted on emuware.com is gone, all that's left is a terse message: "Emuware.com / An empty void. / Nothing here. / Not even in the source." In fact, all of Emuware.com is like this. I've no idea what happened. One of the people who mailed about this, F.Moose, also wondered whatever happened to Coy's Dumps (an arcade ROM dumping resource). Again, I'm at a loss. :\ - dutch

  • Cinder added a Lei Wulong wallpaper to his archive, out of a little depression. Maybe she'll talk again tomorrow Cinder. ;) - dutch

  • Having problems downloading with GNUtella? Go here, and look for what your reported IP is. In GNUtella, click the "force local IP to" checkbox and enter that IP. Also, Guru-Choc recommends Gnotella, a Win32 clone. You might give that a try. - dutch

  • In DAT file news, LogiqX has updated his Callus DAT file for use with ROM Center and CLRMame Pro. I haven't even patched Callus 95 yet.. I have to get on that. :P - dutch

  • N64 INI news:

    - Myzar's latest Nemu64 ini is version 1.6.6. Playable games include ITF2000, Excitebike 64 Final, Pawapuro 2000, Kiratto Kikki, Flying dragons, and Deadly Arts. Check Myzar's site for more information if you're having problems getting these to run.

    - Spinal has released version 2.9 of his Nemu64 INI, adding the following playable games: Blades of Steel '99, Bottom of the 9th, Fox Sports Hoops '99, ISS 64, Jeopardy!, Nagano Olympics, NFL Quarterback Club 2000, and NHL Pro '99. - dutch

  • Comeback64 users can pick up this quick download which updates the current version of the DOS Commodore 64 emulator with the site's new URL, and also a quicker loading routine. Just replace the current executable with this one. Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • The Arcade Flyers Archive has added 13 flyers to its database! - atila

  • A new version of PC Atari (Atari 2600 emu) has been released, you can download PCAE 2.4 for WIN32, PCAE 2.4 for DOS or the source code right here :) Thanks to JoseQ for the news. - atila

  • From the same author as G-NES (mentioned below) comes TGB, a GB emu for Windows. The latest version is TGB 0.17D and here's what's new in this version:

    - About twice as fast as the previous version.
    - Fixed bug of Serial Connection.
    - Added Noise emulation (not complete yet).
    - Fixed bug of Auto-detection.
    (Auto-detection will not function when loading a GB game's save state in GBC mode and vice versa.)
    - Fixed loading process from save state.
    - Improved Sound emulation.
    - Added the ability to change the background color.

    Thanks to Aries yet again for the news and translation. (UPDATE: I had uploaded a 0byte file, it's fixed now) - atila

  • G-NES 0.31 released! G-NES is a NES emu for WIN9x and requires DirectX 5 or better. Here's what's new:

    - Support for 8,16,24 and 32 bits color.
    - Fixed Sound emulation (almost fully rewritten).
    - Added Drag-and-Drop feature.
    - Slightly faster.
    - Support VRC6 extension sound emulation.
    (Please use this feature with "Konami.dll" since it is not completed, this feature will be add to "Konami.dll" shortly.)

    You can check the G-NES site here. Thanks again to Aries for the file and translation. - atila

  • Overclocked: Dream-oncast - atila

  • fMSX 2.3 for AMIGA released, here's what's new:

    Mostly all compatability problems are solved, and it now also features ColecoVision Support!

    This file is not yet available for download from the official site, so get on over to the MSX Emulation Page and download it there! - atila

  • WinFellow Alpha v0.4 991205 was released 2 days ago, it's a build from last December, according to the mail I received it was coded by Petter Schau. This version ist now nearly a half year old (mid December last year). They are now coordinating the future development of WinFellow which seems to be continued by a group of six unknow coders. You can go to the WinFellow site by clicking here. Thanks to Jan of AMI Sector One for the news. - atila

  • Prototype-D 0.006 released! Here's what's new in today's update of this excellent GB emu for windows:

    - Some improvement in net feature.
    - Now you can use joystick for input (at least).

    Written in the docs that come with the archive, BouKichi mentions that he may give up on Prototype-D, as he is unable to get netplay working the way it should. Maybe someone should help him out ? He has also updated NSFListener to version 0.03. Thanks to Aries for the translation. - atila

  • Genesis Power have made available a totally wicked game called Thunder Force 4 (E), which was dumped by NeoZeed. - atila

  • XPCE 0.12 beta 2 has been released! XPCE is a WIN32/DirectX PC-Engine emulator, here's what's new:

    - Support joystick for input.
    - Fixed some bugs.

    Both the binary and source code are available from the link above. Thanks to Aries for the news and translation. - atila

  • Seems I got first post of the day again, updates are coming for XPCE, G-NES, TGB, WinFELLOW and more! Gimme a few moments to update. - atila

  •    Sunday, May 21st 2000 - Last updated @ 18:05 EST

  • More games have been added to the Amiga Emulation Zone, here goes: The Great Giana Sisters, Airport, Apprentice, Evolution Cryser, Gary Linker's Hot Spot Soccer, Masterblazer, Rat Trap, Power Drive, Valhalla 2: Before the War, Pinkie, and Ultimate Soccer Manager AGA. You can also check out the new AEZ messageboards at http://forums.monroeworld.com/ - atila

  • Malc has updated ZX again, he's added reviews for every Speccy emu out there (except for MESS) as well as another 100 (!!) games for download! He also mentions that the promised interviews will be online soon. Update: (original post by atila) I checked it out, and no review for the ZX emulation in MESS. Seems, one emulator was left out... - chris

  • If you're looking for cheap Dreamcasts or PSX's (all new games are 19.99) or N64's, then visit http://www.simplygames.com! I particularly like their Dreamcast bundles, you can get a DC with Resident Evil: Code Veronica or Crazy Taxi and a VMU for 120 (UK pounds). That's about US$170, they also have FREE worldwide shipping! Thanks to David Gilmoure (usenet) for the link. - atila

  • A-one's NeoWorm moved, so take note! NeoWorm is a superb NeoGeo fan/emu site. - prophet

  • In dumping news, Team Japump dumped tons of games, mostly newer stuff that IMO won't be emulated for some time though. None are downloadable. - prophet

  • Smog is a new emu project (still very early) based upon the Sega Model 1 hardware! Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter - woohoo! The author needs as much info as possible about the hardware, so pay him a visit and share your knowledge. (Thanks Till of Sys2064) - prophet

  • Genesis Power have dumped Thunder Fox. - atila

  • Meka 0.53c has been released to the public, click here to see what's new in this excellent SMS/GG/SG-XXXX emulator. Thanks to clem and EmuSphere for the news. - atila

  • Digital Relics have moved to Retrogames! Welcome aboard, guys! Oh, and before I forget, you can send them your own reviews for various games and they'll post it. - atila

  •    Saturday, May 20th 2000 - Last updated @ 16:00 EST

  • Gridle has once again updated the MAME Work-In-Progress page :) - atila

  • Wanna laugh/cry? I kinda fried my Dreamcast while trying to hack a pad to arcade controls. Damn analog buttons are majorly dangerous so if anyone else out there tries this, just remember my misfortune and be careful! Perhaps those Dreamcast Arcade sticks would be easier and safer to hack. Hopefully someone at Sega can help me get the thing sent off for repair soon, at my expense of course. :( - prophet

  • Not much news right now... At least Arcade ROM Heaven posted more needed soon stuff, including "Ataxx"! - prophet

  • If anyone out there bought a HanaHo Full Size (27") ArcadePC, please email me. I'm just curious about a few things... Thanks! - prophet

  • Yamfe 0.104 (MAME frontend) was released earlier today, here's what's new:

    - YaMfe V0.104 has new improved database structures over V0.101
    - The Dbuilder Now has more entries so more of your roms show :), next release should see all of these done
    - Yamfe has been optimized further and more small but annoying bugs eradicated
    - Yamfe now also supports (drumroll) Skins :)) - Couple of skins included to get you going
    - Fixed a really detrimental bug, Utter Bugger of bug. hmmm it only popped up once in a lifetime and crashed the entire system

    Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for these last two bits. - atila

  • The Mimic site has been updated again, Mike has posted a few screenshots! - atila

  • David Lloyd has posted a Super Star Soldier (Hardcore Densehead OC Mix) remix and a Samurai Shodown wallpaper. - atila

  • Genesis Power dumped Thunder Force 2 (JU). I never played this one, but I did own the SNES version of Thunder Force 3 (Thunder Spirits), which was good but not great. - dutch

  • Are you upset with Metallica over how they handled the Napster situation? Zeropaid.com has set up a site called Another Lost Fan that you will find very interesting. Thanks to Exodus3D, who thanked Dave Ewing, who thanked Shane Monroe. Whew! :) - dutch

  •    Friday, May 19th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:40 EST

  • The Genesis/Megadrive emulator Gens has been updated to version 0.54. More bugs are fixed, more games work, and PAL games work at at least 50 frames/second now. :) If it doesn't run for you, remember: 1) Download and install the latest version of DirectX, and 2) Set your pixel depth to high color (16 bit). Thanks to JoseQ for the news. - dutch

  • I hardly watch anything on TV lately because most shows are pretty lame (to me anyway ;), however I do watch Farscape on the US Sci-Fi Channel every week, mostly due to the well written stories and characters (it's actually become quite a high rated program). The interesting thing about the show is that it's shot entirely on location in Australia (heh, ever wonder why translator microbes are particular to Aussie accents? ;), yet it has never aired there.. until tonight. You Aussies can see what you've been missing on Saturday 5/19 (tonight for Australia) at 8:30 PM, on Nine Network. You'll also probably recognize more faces in the show than we Yanks do (if you can see through blue body paint that is ;). Back to emulation... - dutch

  • So, who wants to preorder Bleemcast from Electronics Boutique for its June 16 release date? :) Thanks to Tuxedo Mask of Vintage Gaming for the tip. ;) - dutch

  • Kreed has released a GUI-less OpenGL Demo of SNES9x for Windows! You need a sound card supported by Windows, at least 32 megs of RAM, and a video card with OpenGL accelleration. Kreed has tested the Diamond Stealth3 with the Savage4 chip on Windows 98 and 2000 (full screen does not work right in 98 but it does in 2000), and a Diamond FireGL 1000 in Windows NT4. He reports that the ASUS V3000 runs it too slowly. Please bear in mind that this is an unofficial release, do not direct any questions regarding Kreed's demo to the SNES9x team. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news and file. - dutch

  • Boba Fett has placed manual page scans, box scans, and screenshots for the Far East of Eden Zero / Tengai Makyo Zero SNES game. This is the game that qtfemme (of the currently defunct SNES Redump 2000 site) donated to CherryROMs for dumping, and is currently unemulated due to the cart's real time clock chip. - dutch

  • PC Engine Power now has it's own domain... www.pcepower.com! - dutch

  • You can now access a multitide of images and accessories associated with Bleem's new technology (Bleemcast) here, including some nice screenshots of Ridge Racer 4. Thanks to Sonikku for the link. - dutch

  • Everyone is now painfully familiar with Wassup... but who exactly was responsible for Wassup Superfriends? It was actually two guys: Phillip Stark and Graham Robertson. Never heard of them? Maybe you will, since the Cartoon Network hired them. Amazing what can happen on the Internet nowadays, isn't it? Thanks to Numbski for this link. - dutch

  • The Crank let me know about a pro-emulation article that he read in Thursday's New York times. I couldn't find anything on their website, does anyone care to send me a scan of this? :) - dutch

  • LogiqX has released version 1.3 of his ROM creation utility DatUtil. It now supports RomCenter 2, uses a new sorting method, features some improved handling, and logs warnings. There are also two executables in the archive, "This is because the long ROM name version eats memory and is slow on machines without much physical memory." - dutch

  • It's not online yet, but Guru-Choc regged www.c64heaven.com. Hmmmmmmm.... :) - dutch

  • Cinder has reorginized his site a little bit, and also posted a wallpaper of Yoshimitsu from Tekken Tag Tournament (check section 2, page 3). If you've never visited Cinder's Wallpapers before, you don't know what you're missing.. these are very well done. - dutch

  • A new win32 Nintendo64 emulator has been released called Apollo. Right now version 0.01a will run a few demo ROMs on your Pentium II or AMD K6-2 machine. 3D cards are not required but recommended. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Please remember that tomorrow there is a get-together of quite a few #Retrogamers, we'll be in front of Central Station (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) at 12:00 local time. That 12 in the afternoon. Feel free to drop by :-) - atila

  • RockNESX 1.20 released! A new version of this excellent NES emulator for Windows has been released and, among other things, it's finally got joystick support! For a full listing of new/changed things, click here, thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - atila

  • EmuLoader (MAME frontend) has now moved to MAME WORLD. You can also download the new version 1.1 of this frontend. Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. - atila

  • If you're a bit of a gardner, you may find some gold soon ;) Thanks to Swampy for the link. - atila

  • The Mimic site, mentioned yesterday, has had an update, he's listed the drivers he's working on right now! Thanks to [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped Rolling Thunder 2. - atila

  • Guess who are back in court again? Yep, Sony and Bleem! - atila

  •    Thursday, May 18th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:10 EST

  • XJAKK has done a guest review over at Overclocked of the ever popular Yadamon Wonderland Dreams for SNES - and a rather extensive review it is! :) Also don't miss the two new remixes on the Overclocked Remix site: Castelvania: SOTN 'DJ Jimmy the Leaf' ReMix and Bust-a-Groove Blue Knife 'SignofZeta' ReMix. - dutch

  • Emuforce appears to be down at the moment... there's only a "site under construction" page. I noticed this earlier and it's still down at the time of this post. - dutch

  • Roddy updated Amiga Memory with a dozen more games, click the "news" link in the upper left on the left frame. :) - dutch

  • The TRWin site has some screenshots up of several games running in the Nintendo 64 emulator using their new (unreleased) DirectX video plugin. Included is Zelda, Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Mace in the Dark Ages, Mario Golf, Banjo Kazooie, Fighting Force, Carmageddon, and Deadly Arts. - dutch

  • An updated NGPC DAT file can be had over at the CLRMame Pro homepage, thanks to Darren Bradbury. - dutch

  • Mike Beaver opened a site over on Arcade ROM Heaven to host his Mimic "Generic Hardware Emulator." "The ultimate goal of this project is to have a product that can be used for the emulation and development of circuit boards, thus shortening development time and costs." My understanding is that you can run this executable, and it will "read in" the driver source files dynamically. The first release will include at least one Z80 driver. - dutch

  • MameCE version 0.03 was released a couple days ago. This version includes several speedups and optimizations, although some games will still run somewhat slow in your Cassiopeia E-10X. Thanks to Opi for the reminder. - dutch

  • It's been a while, and it's very nice to finally see an update (and a big one at that) to Pugsy's cheat.dat file for Mame! It is fully compatible with the latest version of Mame (37b2), and has 26835 cheats for 2071 games. Put cheat.dat in the same directory as Mame, then use the -cheat switch when you run mame.exe. Thanks much to Pugsy and all of his contributers for the hard work! - dutch

  • Yes Virginia, there is a way to make .wav files using sound ROMs. Just use mutey's tROMbone 0.05, it's a cinch to use and currently supports several Mame compatible ROMsets, with more to be added in the future! - dutch

  • Here's a link out to a preview of Dragon's Lair 3D on ign.com. Looks like the platform will be PC. There's 11 conceptual drawings posted along with the 6 preview screenshots already mentioned yesterday. - dutch

  • Here's a nice little game to kill time with, Cannon Smash. It's a nice OpenGL ping-pong game ;) - atila

  • The .TZX Vault has been updated with 30 new games for the Speccy. - atila

  • And a very happy birthday to Brad Levicoff (Zophar, of Zophar's Domain), he's turned 20 today. I've given him 2 discount coupons for a lapdance, to be used at one of the local lapdance-o-rama franchises. - atila

  • DC.IGN has posted pics of various bleemcast! peripherals. - atila

  • ZSNES for Windows in development? Yep. :) Plus some talk of a new DOS release. (Thanks Boba Fett) - prophet

  • Leland games, needed soon, GuruChoc! (Sentence structure?) - prophet

  • And the sequel to Hard Drivin' is... Race Drivin', brought to you by Genesis Power. - dutch

  • Another birthday today... this time it goes out to Terry, on behalf of Greg Winnell. Terry turns 23 today and is thinking of buying a classic coinop... Brian's got a couple you might want to look at. ;) - dutch

  •    Wednesday, May 17th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:05 EST

  • The cool thing about the classic game Dragon's Lair was that it gave you the impression you were "playing" a cartoon.. an effect many video games at the time tried to capture. Now that we have the technology to create high resolution 3D gaming environments, why not remake Dragon's Lair so that you really CAN play the cartoon? Well, Blue Byte Software is doing it... and ArcadeAtHome has obtained and posted posted 6 pictures and an avi of this game as we could only dream it to be back in 1983. It will have 16 unique areas, 30 creatures (including ones you experienced in the original!), and full character control!!! You simply must have a look at these, they stay very true to the mood, tone, and style that Don Bluth originally created, he's even created the opening sequence for it! There's no word yet on the formats this will be available in (Dreamcast, PC, etc...) - dutch

  • Thankfully, our ports are all open here at work again. But are *you* stuck behind port 80 (a firewall where the only thing you can do is surf web pages)? Have a look at this... >;) - dutch

  • Opi has interviewed Zeograd, the Hugo author, over at his PCEngine site Engineshock! He's also added 7 reviews and 2 mp3s. - dutch

  • Ever wanted to know how to be Goth, but need it explained to you Martha Stewart style? - dutch

  • Does anyone on the System 16 update project want to give me, Prophet, or Atila and update? If so then please do! :) - dutch

  • Clarification: the pics of the Bleem Pod and Bleem Pad on Emucamp are for connecting Playstation controllers to the Dreamcast. You will also be able to save playstation games using the Dreamcast VMU! Thanks to Ooga for the link. - dutch

  • Anyone need a job? Mek needs review writers over at the Video Game Museum! - dutch

  • giee gave me an update on the opening of Emurevival... he hopes to have it fully operational by this weekend. - dutch

  • There's some Leland stuffs over at Arcade ROM Heaven thanks to Guru-Choc, and some NGPC stuffs over at Geoshock thanks to Katharsis. ;) - dutch

  • Anyone have starfor2 in Sparcade working? Then for god's sake man, let LogiqX know so he can finish his Sparcade DAT file! :) LogiqX would also like you to know that his homepage is now a source for all of his up to date DAT files, click the "Dats" link in the left frame. - dutch

  • What do you get when you cross Pulp Fiction with Phantom Menace? Pulp Phantom! (Don't click that if Tarantino movies offend you.) - dutch

  • In case you missed it, the Speccyal Spectrum emulator for Win32/DirectX has apparently been discontinued by the author. He referred to something called a "social life," although I'm not quite sure what that is. ;) - dutch

  • Straight from The Onion: Kid Rock Starves To Death, MP3 Piracy Blamed. Thanks to SillyCon for the link. - atila

  • Galatasaray just beat Arse-nal (sorry, had to do that =) 4 : 1 (penalty shoot-out), in the finals of the UEFA Cup!! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's football, aka soccer in the US. I have to go party now :P - atila

  • Boukichi is a busy man, prototype-d 0.005 has been released, here's what's new:

    - Added new FrameSkip method (Now you can select FrameSkip from menu).
    - Added Net features (though it was not complete and may or may not work properly).
    - Now settings will be saved on exit.
    - Added Support some of MBC2, MBC5 mapper.

    I've rezipped the archive, you can still download the original .lzh from the site linked above. Thanks to Aries for the news and translation. - atila

  • Roman has released ClrMAME Pro 1.5, here's what's new:

    added: optional scanner option "hide fixed"
    added: showall/hideall option to expand tree in ScanResults
    misc: added some warnings (import, backup)
    misc: optimized zipscanner
    fixed: unneeded/name check for sets with exactly one rom

    Check out the ClrMAME Pro site for more info on this rom manager. Thanks to Roman and [ PRoToCoL ] for the news. - atila

  • The results are in for last week's bannister.org poll which asked "What operating system do you use?". A new poll begins today. - richard

  • Richard Ragon of HanaHo has posted several pics of the E3 show, you can now see Conway Ho (Hanaho), JoseQ (Emuviews) and Larry Bank (HiVE emu) 'in real life' :) - atila

  • Uhmm, metallica.com seems to be down right now :) Thanks to Ali for the news. - atila

  • Michael has posted an apology on the GAG site, concerning yesterday's bleem!2 post. He apparently misconstrued Randy Linden's comments. For the full statement, regarding Bleem!2 'new technology' and Michael's apology, click here. - atila

  • I found out something really cool yesterday, if you have Sasha & Digweed's mix of Delerium - Silence, you should apply a pitch of 1.5. If you click here, you will hear a 30 second clip of the end result, which sounds awesome. Time to mix :P - atila

  • Turning 29 today is ck! of Freaky Fonts! Heh, I'm not too far behind you ck!. :) ck! thought this site would be worth mentioning... I'd say it sure is: Game Fonts from arcade games, ready to use and abuse! ;) - dutch

  • It's OK Ben, I would have been fooled as well! The only lamer here is the dork who forged the mail. :P Let's just look forward to the real release of Corn 0.3 in a few months shall we? ;) - dutch

  • Emucamp has posted some pictures that Bleem! sent them of their upcoming products. It seems Bleemcast will work with an external peripheral called a Bleem! Pod. They also have controllers designed especially for use with Bleemcast. - dutch

  • LogiqX is a busy man... he has updated the Shark and Retrocade DAT files available over at Roman's CLRMame Pro homepage. Let the scanning commence! - dutch

  • Aries has sent me his translation for yesterday's mention of Maechiko's GGBOY:

    - Ver 0.01 -> Ver 0.02

    - Fixed some missing text in title bar when in GameBoy mode.
    - Fixed noise sound emulation. (Sounds strange in GameGear mode in previous version.)

    - Ver 0.00 -> Ver 0.01

    - Fixed strange display of HELP when in Fullscreen mode.
    - Fixed process when a file which is not a ROM image was loaded.

    Thanks very much Aries, it's much appreciated! :) - dutch

  • Want to know how to register PasoFami? Thanks to Aries, now we know. The demo version does not have sound or save states. The full version costs 3000 Yen ($26.40 US), and grants you installation on 4 different computers. Upgrades are free. To register, go to PasoFami's "Help," "Version Info" menu, and get your "Machine ID." This number then needs sent in to the author, along with payment. Unfortunately, I don't know where to send it yet, as Aries hasn't been able to translate the registration page atm.. but I'll keep you posted! - dutch

  • Corrections (due to me being an idiot :):

    - Again my knowledge of the Amstrad shines through as I made a small error yesterday. Joyce 1.36 is an Amstrad emulator aimed at the PCW line of computers ("Joyce" was the PCW "codename," the CPC's was "Arnold"). CPC images may still work in Joyce however. Thanks much to Paul Monopoli for the correction.

    - Yesterday I called GBDasm a "Gameboy Emulator." That it ain't. :) GBDasm is in fact a Gameboy and Gameboy Color ROM deassembler. Thanks to Mark McDougall for the information. - dutch

  • Hey Chris, you forgot to mention your Romalizer update. :) Version 0.60 will work correctly in the latest version of xmame / xmess. - dutch

  • Nomad C64 Software updated their Mame frontend, YaMfe (formerly known as Mamefront), to version 0.101. You should find that this release is more stable than the previous ones. Just select your Mame directory, let YaMfe do the rest. - dutch

  • Genesis Power moves right along with dump #116, Hard Drivin'. - dutch

  • Malc Jennings went nuts and added 80 more games to the ZX website. Nice going! - dutch

  • Are you sick of site content and want more ads? :) Pay adcritic.com a visit, I'm suprised I never knew about this site, but I do now (and so do you :) thanks to Lomax. - dutch

  • Romulus and Remus and Emuchrist members have merged to form Emurevival. The site is not ready for prime time yet, but you can still catch a preliminary look at the nice design and what to expect. Thanks to BombY2K for the news. - dutch

  • Me want. :) I think. Me also want place to put it. :P Thanks to Brandon Marks for the link. - dutch

  • Grand Turismo 2 on Bleemcast video is now up. :) - dutch

  • Another blow to Sony's fight against Connetix. I studied Japanese business in college, my impression here is that Sony wants to maintain 100% quality control over games licensed under their name. There is usually a higher trend in Japanese companies of thinking longer term (like the next 100 years) as opposed to US companies, who usually think short term (next 10 years). Thanks to Emucamp for the info. - dutch

  •    Tuesday, May 16th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:44 EST

  • I have decided to host Burger Man's collection of MESS PNG formatted images here. These images can be used for MESS 32 or other MESS frontends which support PNG formatted images. - chris

  • Brian Deuel, a guy from my neck of the woods, recently had his Brian's Coinop History Archive site redesigned by.. you guessed it.. Exodus3D. :) Have a look at the new format... I understand that a lot of work went into doing it, and boy, does it look slick! Brian is also selling a couple of his arcade games, MonacoGP (cockpit version) and Space Invaders 2 (cocktail version). Heh, if I had a bigger apartment I'd be interested. ;) - dutch

  • Well despite the negative vibes, I still don't want to miss this Omegaboost on Bleemcast video from Mr. Sonikku_a. ;) (You need Realplayer installed to view it.) - dutch

  • It seems the information on Bleem! got misconstrued, as I suspected. Psxemu.com has posted a comment from Randy, here's a snippet: "The exact details of the PC version of the new technology are still being ironed out -- which is why we haven't stated anything yet. There's no great conspiracy -- no great "ripoff" -- we're just trying to do the best for the most people. Consider who benefits most when bleem! users are unhappy -- then you'll know who's behind the rumours and innuendo. Do you honestly think that we'd work around-the-clock for months just to make things WORSE? Come on." - dutch

  • Jacques Azoulai has an exellent web page devoted to Amstrad CPC Games. It includes screenshots and brief reviews of many different titles. - richard

  • It's been awhile since we did a birthday. Today the retrogames staff would like to wish a happy birthday to Exodus3D, a webdesigner, artist, and emulation enthusiast. Melanie turns 23 years old on May 17 (which is today here in the Eastern Standard timezone), may she have many more! :) (Heh, my best memories are when my parents used to take my friends and I to Chuck-e-Cheese's for my birthday, and my dad would give me a $20 bill and I got 50 tokens. :) Remember, let me, Atila, or Prophet know when your birthday is! - dutch

  • NGPC Shock is offering the first (?) freeware NGPC game, which works with NGPC emulators. Thanks to cools for the link. - atila

  • Amiga Emulation Zone has added the following hard-to-find games: Powerdrome, One Step Beyond and Thunderblade! - atila

  • Something weird is up with yesterday's Corn 0.30 release, apparently it was an unauthorised beta release ? Thanks to m0ebius and Sarwaz for the news. - atila

  • I just received the new GAG newsletter and this little story caught my eye:

    If you own Bleem! and hope to get massive updates for your current version of Bleem!, forget it. Two months after Bleem! for Dreamcast, Bleem! 2 for PC will ship using the same "100 games for $20" model. Also, the new version will not have a software renderer.

    Do I see a class action lawsuit taking shape ? - atila

  • Another massive list of updates... one thing I notice on a lot of emulator homepages is the omission of what operating system and requirements the emulator is designed for. It really makes it easier on us reporters as well as your visitors if you state whether your emulator is for DOS, Windows, DirectX, etc. in an easy to find place on your site. </whinge> :) - dutch

  • Maechiko (GBFan author) has released a new emulator for both Sega Gamegear and Nintendo Gameboy called GGBoy. The current version 0.02 is in Japanese only, so I am unable to translate anything. Never stops anyone from monkeying though does it? ;) Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • Magic Engine 0.9.7 PC beta 2 released! Magic Engine is a TG16/PC Engine emulator for Windows, you must have DirectX installed. "Since the beta announce we have fixed a few more bugs and we have also added a new feature to the TV mode : a pseudo fullscreen feature! It's not as great as a true fullscreen mode, specially when there's a scrolling, but it's better than nothing. ;)" You can also create a log.txt file that can greatly help with bug reporting. English, French, and Japanese versions are available. - dutch

  • Digitoxin released version 1.1 of NesToy32 over at ROM Collectors Anonymous! You can now download a fixfiles archive and have NesToy automatically repair bad dumps. Sweeeeeeet! :) - dutch

  • We totally missed the update on May 13 on the TRWin homepage... version 2.30 WIP was released! To run a game, use the following Ucodes (this should be automated soon):

    - 0=Mario64, Offroad, Chopper Attack, and most demos
    - 1=Waverace and most others
    - 2=San Fran Rush
    - 3=MK4 and others.

    Click here for the documentation while you download. - dutch

  • Genesis Power follows up their Toejam & Earl dump with, what else? Toejam & Earl 2 - Panic On Funcotron! - dutch

  • Don't miss the Ultima Online 2 preview movie by Electronic Arts, thanks to Michael Horton for the reminder. - dutch

  • Also worth not missing :) is Katharsis's NGPC "additions" over at Geoshock. ;) - dutch

  • Another DAT files update: ROM Center's Mame .37b2 DAT file has been updated from yesterday's version, and new Hive 1.04, JROK's Namco System b1.2, and NeoRageX DAT files are online thanks to LogiqX. LogiqX has also submitted a XDragon datfile for CLRMame Pro. - dutch

  • In Arcade ROM Dump news, both The Guru and Team Japump have been busy lately. :) - dutch

  • Keep your eyes on psxemu.com for some videos of Grand Turismo 2 and Omega Boost running on Bleemcast, courtesy of Sonikku_a! - dutch

  • PasoFami has had an update to version 1.3w. New in this NES emulator for the PC is more accurate sound emulation (as compared to version 1.3u). Thanks so much to Aries Huang for the translation! :) Note that the download is a "trial version," since the homepage is in Japanese I am unsure what the registration requirements are. Aries? ;) - dutch

  • Some new Amstrad CPC emulators have been released:

    - Caprice32 Beta 1 released! Caprice32 is an win32 Amstrad CPC emulator. There aren't any docs in this version, but you might notice better performance from your sound and graphics hardware over the previous version.

    - Joyce 1.36 (DOS) released! New in this version are bug fixes in the floppy disc controller code, images in CPC data/system formats, and the clock code will use the local time now instead of GMT.

    You can also download Cowering's GoodCPC verion 0.986 to scan and identify CPC images. - dutch

  • Mame frontend releases:

    - Mame Classic 0.37.1 released, with a counter that runs while refreshing the gameslist, each games color and sound status added, and the ability to modify some of the graphics. Some other GUI settings have changed, check the homepage for the full list.

    - Nomad C64 Software has changed the name of their Mamefront frontend to YaMfe, and it's had its second update to version 0.011 already. It now comes with an installer, you will be prompted for the location of mame.exe and your ROMs directory when you run it. - dutch

  • We missed Sunday's update of 1964 0.4.5, a Nintendo64 emulator for Windows, which had an issue with the log file that has been fixed in 1964 0.4.5b. Playable games are Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, and Rampage. They all have issues, be sure to check the documentation. If you have a Matrox G200 or Geoforce card, be advised 3D graphics do not yet work with these yet. This version includes a new DLL plugin system and version 0.0.1 of their own HLE graphics plugin. - dutch

  • RealSpectrum 0.50.23 (beta release #6) released! New in this fine DOS emulator is support for more hardware (16K, +2A, +3, Scorpion 256, Kempston Mouse), enhanced music recording (AZX, YM), average speedup of 30%, customizeable directories, Z80 core design changes and of course bugfixes galore. :) Be sure to check their nicely laid out online manual for the full list of features. Online are Pentium, Pentium II, and AMD optimized versions, as well as free ROM files. - dutch

  • Another Spectrum emulator had an update today, vbSpec version 1.20 (for win32) was released earlier at the homepage. This version adds support for the Spectrum's 48K beeper, the Spectrum 128 and +2 as well as the soundchip, speedups, the ability to load and save snapshots, the ability to save ROM images, and some bugfixes. The full list of changes are available here, you can also download the source. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • EX68, a Japanese X68000 Emulator for win32, had an update to version 2.06. As usual with Japanese releases, I am not able to translate what's new in this version. The debugging version is also available. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • I read over at EmuHQ about a cool looking ROM cataloging program called Advanced ROM Catalog 1.0. This Windows program "...allows you to organize your ROM Collections, you can see if the ROM is or is not working well, language, filesize, year, manufacturer, observations, snapshots and much, much more..." You can download an ARJ compressed archive in two parts from the homepage, or, for convenience's sake, here is a mirror of the installer that is ready to run as is. If the author wants this removed, please let me know. - dutch

  • The same people that host GB Final have released a different Gameboy emulator called GB Dasm 0.6. Since the author is Italian, it has Italian language support, and has added keyboard control, GameBoy color support, a file and options menu, and of course bugfixes. The binary (27k) and source (12k) are available. :) - dutch

  •    Monday, May 15th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:18 EST

  • SGI has released a new line of computers using Intels Pentium III processors. They will be shipping them with the Red Hat Linux operating system (or another OS) and promise extremely fast OpenGL support at a 'low' price of around $2750. I would sure like to run the OpenGL version of xmame on one of these! - chris

  • I noticed several noteworthy bugs that have been documented over on the Mame Tester's Bug Report page, for example, Fujix has not only identified several bugs, but also provided temporary fixes, and identified several suspicious Neo Geo S1 ROM dumps. - dutch

  • Sonikku_a posted a Bleemcast video, which was filmed at the E3 trade show! - dutch

  • Gridle has updated MAME WIP page: LELAND PICS ARE ONLINE! - atila

  • News from Digital Relicts:

    We are very happy to present you our new section of PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 games. It features _all_ known commerical HuCard games in existence.

    The site features descriptions of the games and a picture of in-game action. - atila

  • If you're having trouble with the new Corn 0.30, then you should check out the new full package that was posted moments ago at the Corn site. It will most likely fix your problems. - atila

  • Andrea Mazzoleni updated Advance MAME again! Several bugs have been squashed and improvements made. Binaries available include 0.36 and 0.37b2 builds for various processors, & be sure to get the latest Utilities pack as well. If you use a TV, arcade monitor or simply want the luxuries that full control over your display provides, Advance MAME ROCKS! Homepage. New to MAME? (Hey it's possible!) Then visit the Official MAME site first. - prophet

  • Corn 0.30 released! This superfast N64 emulator just got faster and more compatible, you will need to extract this release over the old one, because it does not have any support files. Thanks to GeoShock for the news. - atila

  • Boukichi has released Prototype-D 0.004 (WIN32 GB emu) moments ago! Aries Huang sent me this translation for 0.003 and 0.004:

    --ver 0.003
    Change some part of graphic routine to assemble language.
    --ver 0.004
    Added emulation that ready for GameboyColor

    I guess this means that it supports GBC roms now ? - atila

  • The lads at Div Arena figured out a way to make your DIV projects look like Gameboy games, check this screenshot! And in case you're wondering, this is how the original pic looks. - atila

  • Aaron Giles has finally updated the Leland driver to work almost perfectly, the games include Ataxx, World Soccer Finals, Indy Heat, Super Off-Road, Pigout, Viper, All American Football and much more! I hear a MAME WIP update is coming soon too! - atila

  • Sonikku_a will post some MPGs tomorrow of bleemcast in action. For the time being, he has posted the a pic of bleemcast, asking the user to insert a PSX disc. - atila

  • BouKichi has released Prototype-D 0.003. I have no idea what's new, since I can't read Kanji, thanks to Logoff for the news. - atila

  • Zoop has released Meka 0.53b to registered users, click here to see what's new. A public version will be released shortly. - atila

  • Handy 0.72 released! Keith made a tiny mistake with 0.71, causing it to not work with Win9x machines. It should be fixed in this version. - atila

  • Last Saturday, a disaster happened in Enschede, The Netherlands. A fireworks storage facility, located in a very populated area, exploded killing 20 people and injuring more than 400. When they showed images of the area, it looked like a massive bomb had hit the area, because all houses were gone, leaving a wall up, here or there. About 100,000 kilos (220,000 lbs) of fireworks exploded, a regular bomb dropped by an airplane is 1,000 kilos. If you click this link, you will be able to witness the explosion and see the horrific images yourself. Our hearts go out to the people of Enschede. - atila

  • Gridle updated MAME Work-In-Progress earlier today! - prophet

  • Genesis Power released #114 - "ToeJam & Earl"! - prophet

  • Handy 0.71 was released! Handy is a great Atari Lynx emu by Keith Wilkins. This release features a rewrite of the rendering code, DirectX in windowed mode, more overall speed and better Win NT support. Homepage. - atila

  •    Sunday, May 14th 2000 - Last updated @ 13:43 EST

  • Editors Chat has commenced, feel free to join us! - atila

  • 2 new data files for use with RomCenter have been released:

    - Mess 37b2 datafile updated (The Satchmo)
    - Mame 37b2 added. Created with datutil utility from Logiqx
    Note: Some errors exists in the datafile created by romcenter for mame 37 beta 2. If you want accurate datafile for mame, use this one

    Eric has also started an affiliate program, for more info check the RomCenter site. - atila

  • Metal Gear Solid: Integral is coming to a PC near you! Thanks to Reinstag for the news. - atila

  • Remember that in 2 hours time we will have an 'editors chat', you can connect via the Retrogames Java Chat option, or connect with an IRC program, the server is and the channel is #retrogames. That's in 2 hours time, 2PM EST or 11AM PST or 20:00 CET (Berlin/Paris/Amsterdam time), or 7PM GMT. All Retrogames updaters will be online to answer all your questions! - atila

  • Boycott/MacOS, a Gameboy Emulator for the Macintosh, has been updated to v0.63. The new version adds Colour Gameboy emulation and greatly improved compatibility. - richard

  • Dave Ewing has implemented a talkback feature on Emuverse. You can now voice your opinions, concerns or outrage (!) at individual news items posted by anyone. - richard

  • Qtfemme of the now defunct redump2k site has donated a rare SNES cart to CherryROMs: Far East Of Eden Zero. They have verified the dump as accurate, but it does not currently run in any SNES emulators due to the real time clock chip on the cart. They did get ahold of the datasheets though, which they forwarded to ZSNES and SNES9x developers. - dutch

  • Like shooters? Genesis Power dumped Gaiares (JU), one of their favorites. - dutch

  • I should clarify an error I made.. the Plus4 website belongs to Lando, not Mike Dailly, Mike's homepage is here. Lando is using Mike's C16/Plus4 emulator in Java to bring you the 36 online games he has made available. :) Sorry about that Lando! - dutch

  • David Lloyd of Overclocked has some fun at the expense of Linux users, and also gets jazzy on Super Mario. :) - dutch

  • Spinal released version 1.4 of his unofficial Corn ini, something to grab while you're waiting for Corn 0.3. ;) There are now 34 playable games. - dutch

  •    Saturday, May 13th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:00 EST

  • NeoGeo Team 2000 released "ADK World"! This was a CD-only game. (Thanks SpkLeader) - prophet

  • Hugo 1.23 released! Online are binaries for DOS and Linux, as well as the source. New in this version: subtitles can now be synched with the background music (instead of the game only), a changed skin background, and a better install script for Linux. There are also changes with the zip support, check the homepage to read all the details! - dutch

  • The change in yesterday's mention of Prototype-d version 0.002 by BouKiChi is that he added a SRAM save feature. No, I didn't get a Japanese girlfriend, only an e-mail from Opi. Honest! :) - dutch

  • Does anyone remember an accessory for the Atari 2600 called the Kid Vid Voice Module? Probably not, only two games were ever made for it: Smurfs Save the Day and Berenstain Bears. Sly DC of Sly DC's Domain has set up a page especially devoted to the Kid Vid Voice Module! Online are scans of practically everything associated with the two games and the module, including manuals, packaging, and more. He also has the audio tapes for both games posted in their entirety in MP3 format in the hopes that functionality can be implemented in a future emulator. - dutch

  • MangaROMs has some new rare Genesis and SMS dumps. I did not see a "what's new" section on the site, but I have been informed that the new Genesis ones are Chibi Marukochan Wakuwaku Shopping, Crayon Shin-chan, and Kujaku-Ou, and the new SMS one is High School Kimengumi. Heh, I've never heard of any of these, they must be pretty rare. ;) - dutch

  • Namco is suing Two Bit Score, a supplier of arcade machine replacement parts, for copyright infringement. There is no mention of what Namco wants from them, but TheBeaver reported it might be due to a new Galaga/Pacman board that Namco wants to release. - dutch

  • EmuHQ reports that Corn 0.3 will be delayed as ContraSF will be taking a summer internship. There is mention of a WIP version, a thank you edition, and a release, but I don't quit understand it, as to me the message is unclear. I suggest reading ContraSF's message that bwb has posted and make of it what you will. You can also get a prerelease preview of Corn 0.3 over at Emulation64. - dutch

  • Aldo Vargas wrote some cool Virtual Game Station utilities, VGS Auto Fire 1.0 should be pretty obvious, and VGS Capture 1.0 allows you to write JPG screenshots to the VGSCapture directory by hitting the "print screen" key. It work in other Windows apps as well. :) - dutch

  • The Macintosh version Boycott v0.63b has entered final testing and should hopefully be released in the next day or so assuming no major problems show up. - richard

  • Don't forget everyone - Retrogames chat tomorrow at 2PM EST (20:00 CET). - richard

  • Camp Chaos has a nice little Metallica/Napster spoof up, this is the best one I've seen! Thanks to Andrew B. for the link. - atila

  • John reported on Thursday that Mame32 passed the "primary one test cases" with no Mame32 specific problems. Could a release be close? In the meantime John has his cool icons and screenshots posted, up to date with the current Mame version 37 beta 2. - dutch

  • Opi updated Engine Shock with more reviews, ROM dumps, and scans! He also mentions an interview coming up with a "well known guy from the Engine scene." Hmmm. :) Also reported is a "life sign" from Jamsponge, but no news of what happened with his HU6280 emulator or his site. Hmmmmmm. :\ - dutch

  • Thanks to Vintage Gaming, I learned you can access Andy's Amiga Rarities by using the following URL: http://go.to/amigarare. Andy doesn't know if Xoom yanked the site or it's a technical problem (my guess is that they pulled it, given how often this happens with them, after all they *are* a free service). The games are not online at this time, please let him know if you can help! - dutch

  • Spinal released version 1.3 of his unofficial Corn ini with a total of 33 playable games. - dutch

  • Remember when Forgotten Worlds was finally dumped and added to Mame? Genesis Power has dumped the Genesis version of it. :) - dutch

  •    Friday, May 12th 2000 - Last updated @ 22:04 EST

  • Whew, what a busy week. Wish I could have been lucky enough to go to E3 instead! :/ Oh well, I guess these Bleem E3 webcams will have to do. Time to catch up! ;) - dutch

  • Xoom yanked (in their typical fashion) Andy's Amiga Rarities. And he had recently added nine games including Impossible Mission 2. :( Do you have your page at another host Andy? - dutch

  • Gollum let me know that he's moving along with progress on NeoPocott, his NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator for Windows. He will release the next version when at least one commericial ROM is playable. ;) - dutch

  • Remember Coleco Head to Head soccer? You will now, thanks to the cool new simulator from Robert Kacsich. If you get errors when trying to run it, try installing the VB6 runtime files, and also the oleaut32.dll update if you get an error about it being out of date. Thanks to Opi for the news! - dutch

  • We missed Michael Schmitz's early May release of The Ultimate Game Manager v. 5.0. This is a front end for Windows that supports 60 emulators! It now uses a MS Access Interface and better menuhandling. Thanks to Bombjack for the reminder! - dutch

  • It's been a long while since I've checked Warlock's Emustatus site, and I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of games and updates he has been cramming into it over the past while! Warlock also hosts and updates the Unofficial Raine page, where you can get all the details of what's working and what isn't in the "final" release of Raine. I know many people who have a strong love for this emulator, and they would continue to use it even if the games Raine emulates are emulated by other emulators such as Mame. Don't you agree? Then say so on the messageboard! :) - dutch

  • More missed news.. :P Squeem version 0.08 for DOS was relesed a couple days ago: "...only a few enhancements to the video and a config thing in the gui, with a few bug fixes to you can finish mario without crashing." - dutch

  • BouKiChi (DBoy author) has released version 0.002 of Prototype-d, his Gameboy emulator. Since I didn't take Japanese in college (or have a Japanese girlfriend ;) I don't know what's new. Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • You can download updated DAT files for HiVE, JAS, NeoRageX, EmuDX, and NGPC over at the CLRMame Pro homepage. Roman also notes a bug in the current release with renaming a set with only one ROM in it.. he will fix it in the next release though! :) - dutch

  • EmuHQ posted some screenshots of Corn 0.3 running Zelda64. - dutch

  • Some Mameworld news:

    - Nomad C64 Software has released Mamefront version 0.002, which should fix many of the bugs people have been reporting in version 0.001.

    - The Mac port of PacMame, MacPacMame, has been updated to version 0.37 beta 2.

    - Dith has cleaned up the Warrior samples a bit, which should work in the current version of Mame with LogiqX's changes.

    - The Mame Testers version .37 beta 2 bug report has been posted, be sure to report any bugs which they haven't found yet. ;) - dutch

  • The ULTIMATE C64 Tape Page has posted 12 new Commodore 64 cassette tape images, for a total of 208 online! Remember this is the site that Peepo joined not too long ago. ;) - dutch

  • Yohann Magnien has released an updated version of his Little John NES emulator called Little John New Generation. It now emulates SNES with Snes9x, and Game Boy emulation is planned as well. You can visit the homepage and download the current source, as well as binaries for Windows, Linux, and Sun/Solaris, all using Neil Corlett's 6502 CPU core. - dutch

  • Don't miss the latest Catver.ini file for a@h for the latest version of Mame. - dutch

  • GB Final had an update to version 0.10, implementing the common dialog, new GUI, ROM data, splash screen, and bugfixes. Despite all this, the archive is still less than 40k. ;) The source is also available. I noticed the comment, "For the Opcodes emulation we are working, in the next release you will start to view something on screen, thank you for your patience," so I am not sure if this will run any ROMs yet, and I'm too busy to try it! :P - dutch

  • Ming-Yu Shih has released a demo version of SMYNES, his NES emulator with an impressive list of features, including full and extra sound, ROMs database, multiple joysticks, nsf player, and more! You can download a version that has sound enabled but won't play anything, or vice versa. :) Registration costs $10, Ming-Yu currently states that you have to send this via registered mail to the address he has posted. - dutch

  • Mike Dailly of the Plus4 web site on Emucamp (and author of Lemmings for those of you who don't know :) has created a C16/Plus4 emulator in Java called Minus4 Online! Online are 36 ready to play games in your Java-enabled browser! :) - dutch

  • XTender2 beta-9 released. This is a DOS based Sinclair ZX80 & ZX81 emulator. You need at least a Pentium 133 to run it. It can emulate many different systems, including Asmic and PC-8300, and, in this latest release, Lambda 8300 (ROM and config file added). Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • Better late than never, Spinal released version 2.8 of his unofficial Nemu64 ini, I'm not sure what's changed but several people told me it basically combines every ini file that's been released so far. - dutch

  • After a week or so of some server problems, Genesis Power comes back strong with a dump of Gauntlet 4 (UE)! :) And don't miss all those carts that The Scribe has up on eBay! ;) - dutch

  • Based on the translation Till posted of BillyJr's news about Metal Slug 3, the ROMs are compressed using a 64 bit method, so ROM support can't easily be added to Mame, nor will it work in any public version of NeoRageX. (Please note I have no idea where any dumps of this are located.) - dutch

  • The Mac version of Virtual Gamestation can be had *free* after a mail in rebate. Unfortunately they only ship to the USA, but anyway... - richard

  • The Mac version of MESS has been updated to v0.37b2. Here is the binary and here is the source. - richard

  • NAZ is back (well almost :), hosted by good ol' Arcade ROM Heaven! Hehehe, check out the logo. ROM Hell eh? :) - dutch

  • I completely missed the final release of the Visual Mame DOS frontend four days ago. Version 0.24 final adds some more command line options (NJ if your joystick seems weird and MD=[path] to start Mame from an alternate directory) and some other small fixes. - dutch

  • JoseQ is at E3 right now and he has posted what he saw of bleemcast in action: he is impressed! Thanks to TmB for the link. - atila

  • Can you say MAME WIP? Ofcourse you can! - atila

  • RockNES 1.060 released! RockNES is one of the best NES emulators available today, you can see what's new (huge list!) by clicking here. Thanks to EmuSphere for the news. - atila

  • Wired has posted an article on bleemcast, the PSX emulator for the Sega dreamcast. Thanks to Fred for the link. - atila

  • Einstein II has released N64 ROM Renamer v3.2 and SNES ROM
    Renamer v0.91 Beta
    , you can download the German versions by clicking here. - atila

  • Dutch reported about Advance MAME the other day, but I'd like to recommend this UNOFFICIAL MAME personally! If you've ever wanted to see all your favorite MAME games full screen, without borders and correct aspect ratios, then give it a try. The results warrant the effort. Of course, none of this would be possible without the awesome work of the Official MAME team. Also, while you're at the Advance MAME homepage, you might like to stop by their host, Arcade ROM Heaven, for a drippier version of "Golden Axe." ;) - prophet

  • Emulation64 has added a special E3 section to their site, with info and pics direct from E3. - atila

  • This Sunday at 2PM EST (20:00 CET), we will have our chat with YOU! You can ask me, Prophet, Dutch, Richard and Chris everything you want, up to a point, ofcourse. You will be able to connect using the Retrogames Java Chat option, or with an IRC program like mIRC. See you on Sunday :P - atila

  • Hans de Goede has released xmame/xmess-0.37b2.2. This version fixes the keyboard handling of unicode characters, as well as an update to romalizer, my rom management utility. =)  You can view the changelog here. - chris

  • MGL Snes9x for OS/2 released! Marty (who does the OS/2 port of MAME) has updated the SNES9x port for OS/2, here's what's new:

    * FULL SCREEN GRAPHICS using Scitech's MGL
    * Stretch blitting to occupy the full screen if the correct mode is not available
    * 44KHz stereo sound using DART
    * NVRAM saving for saved games
    * Very accurate and fast emulation using the latest SNES9x emulation core

    You can check out the full announcement here, thanks to Barry M. for the news. - atila

  • The server that the MSX Emulation Page is hosted on, is currently not functioning. You can reach the M.E.P. by going to http://go.to/msx-mirror. - atila

  • Sega unveiled the Dreamcast DVD Player, as well as the Dreamcast Mouse. IGN.DC also has an article online where they talk to David Herpolsheimer, the Bleem! CEO, about bleemcast. PS2.IGN has a huge amount of news about the Playstation 2, and yes, Metal Gear Solid 2 looks rather groovy :) - atila

  •    Thursday, May 11th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:05 EST

  • Over at the MESS message board I found some interesting postings regarding MESS development. There is a good possibility that GordonJ will be adding a preliminary BBC micro driver to the next release of MESS which may even support disk access using the WD179X driver. Additionally, spirantho has a Mattel Aquarius coming his way and is thinking about writing a MESS driver for it. - chris

  • IE users can go here to see a demonstration of how anyone you browse to with IE can view what cookies are on your system. If you are at all security concious, until this is fixed, I suggest you disable javascript with IE. (Original post by Chris, edited by Atila). - atila

  • The X68000 Games Pile (hosted here at Retrogames) has been updated again, 5 more games were added! - atila

  • Hyperion beta 3 released! Hyperion is a WIP Sega Saturn emulator, that just got a little bit faster with this release. Thanks to Opi for the news. - atila

  • Marc Vielfaure has released the French translation of MacMAME 0.37b2, you can download it at the MacMAME site. - atila

  • Genital32 0.20 released!
    This is the win32 version of Genital, a Genesis/Megadrive emulator for DOS. The readme file for this release doesn't have a lot of info, so I suggest you check out the Atani Software site for more info. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news. - atila

  • The Macintosh version of Boycott, a multi platform Gameboy emulator, will shortly be brought in sync with v0.63b for Windows. The new version is a complete rewrite from the last Mac version, v0.39b, because the Mac-specific source code was lost on a bad CD-R. A screenshot is available at the above link. - richard

  • Ben-J has conducted an interview with A-Dac, author of PC Saturn, a WIP Sega Saturn emulator. - atila

  • Since E3 started yesterday, there will be numerous announcements over the next 3 days. One of which is that Sega has lowered the price of the Dreamcast to US$149/CDN$199 (through a rebate system) and Sony has announced that the PS2 will be released in the US on October 26, for $299. This price does not include a modem nor a hard-drive, it is the bare system and a controller, you will also have to buy a separate memory card, as it is not included. - atila

  • Bleem, LLC has issued a press release regarding Bleemcast, their PSX emulator for the Sega Dreamcast. This now means that it's official. Uzplayer has also posted a few comparison shots of a PSX and Bleemcast running Ridge Racer Type 4. For bleem!'s sake, I hope they release a more compatible version for the PC users too. Thanks to Gridle and EmuCamp for the news. - atila

  • DaemoN has updated Roar! with Dreamcast covers and thumbnails to make navigation easier. He's also updated the Genesis section in the same manner, plus more covers of course. :) - dutch

  • Plextor's new Plexwriter 12/10/32 willl feature (strangely enough ;) a 12x write speed, a 10x rewrite speed, and a 32x read speed! I just can't think of what I'd use one for though... =) Thanks to John Makos of cdrinfo.com for the news. - dutch

  • AJ Valleskey let me know of a freeware (for personal use) utility called Zone Alarm for protecting access to your computer's IP address whilst connected to the net. If your machine is constantly connected to the net (i.e. you lucky cable users) maybe you want to play with this a bit. :) - dutch

  • BRMSX, the Brazillan MSX emulator that can run at full speed on a 486SX ;) has been updated to version 2.6. If you noticed games that ran too fast or didn't work right in the last version, try them in this one. The source is also available. Check the homepage for the full list of new features. Thanks to The MEP Crew (nice site facelift btw ;) for the news. - dutch

  • Both Oliver and GBMan of Emulair have the MESS ROMs online for version 37 beta 2. Oliver also has added the 7800 dump of Meltdown. :) - dutch

  •    Wednesday, May 10th 2000 - Last updated @ 14:12 EST

  • A new unofficial port of Mame was released today, called "Advanced Mame." It's by Andrea Mazzoleni, with Nick Bourdo doing the testing, webpage, and documentation, and Exodus3D doing the logo. It's hosted over at Arcade ROM Heaven, at the URL advancemame.arcadeheaven.com. "Advance Mame is a unofficial MAME version with an advanced video support for helping the use with TVs, Arcade Monitors and Fixed Frequencies Monitors. The main difference respect the official MAME is that no assumptions of avaliable video modes is done. Instead the visualization system tries to get the better possible from the avaliable video modes." Visit the homepage to learn more and download the current version, 0.37b1.0. - dutch

  • David Lloyd of Overclocked has posted 3 new wallpapers of Vampire Savior, Last Blade 2, and Puzzle Bobble. Zeroes Unlimited has posted an article on The Rise and Fall of Apologies. I think that says it all :) - atila

  • Lator will now start to build up its GameBoy section, and it does so with posting 2 GameBoy related articles, one is about Nintendo shutting down a GB clone, the other is about GameBoy piracy in Asia. - atila

  • Contrary to popular belief, Ernesto Corvi (MAMEDEV/MESSDEV) is NOT Italian. Should you be willing to email him, please do so in English. He's getting a bit annoyed with all the Italian mails, since he can't read them! - atila

  • Check out this ad for bleemcast in Games Business magazine. Thanks to [jnx], Fa][aL and Sylvio F. for the link. - atila

  •    Tuesday, May 9th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:28 EST

  • The organization that actually compiled the list of over 300,000 persons who traded Metallica mp3s is called NetPD. I have yet to see a homepage or website for them.. but I did read an uncomfirmed (i.e., not linked to a story elsewhere) post from SwampGas over at Zophar's Domain that says they plan to "expand into the videogame scene." Witchhunts are bad, mmmkay? :P - dutch

  • Wouldn't it be cool if your Gameboy or NeoGeo Pocket color played MP3s? And for under $160? And it was called Songboy? :) Thanks for the tip, ToUny. ;) - dutch

  • Oliver let me know that he posted 17 new Atari 7800 dumps! In addition to the 10 JoseQ posted earlier, Oliver has Fatal Run, Fight Night, Jinks, Matmania Challenge, Ninja Golf, Planet Smashers, Realsport Baseball, and Touchdown Football. Oliver tells the MESS BIOS images for the new beta will be at his site soon. ;) - dutch

  • All 17 of these 7800 dumps plus an additional dump of Meltdown can be had at Geoshock, courtesy of Katharsis. - dutch

  • To scan all those lovely new 7800 dumps, you can use the newly released Good7800 0.998 from Cowering! Download the rest of his utilities from ROM Collector's Anonymous. - dutch

  • For all you lucky bastards attending E3, Richard Ragon (CEO of Hotrod Joystick) let us know that HanaHo will be in Capcom's booth #424 this year, complete with a Hotrod and an Arcade MiniPC! :D - dutch

  • David Lloyd has updated Overclocked with 2 guest reviews (NAM 1975 by MasamuneX and Mario Clash by The Notorious Computerman) and 3 new remixes (Megaman, Metroid, and Golgo 13)! - dutch

  • Yep, Malc's going nuts over at ZX... he added yet another 61 games. :) - dutch

  • Emulation is one of the top ten video game controversies over at videogames.gamespot.com.. an interesting read, link courtesy of Sonikku. - dutch

  • Napster version 2 beta 6 is out, though I've been using Gnutella myself since it's basically the same thing but isn't limited to mp3 files only. Try typing "Rockman" into the search section and see what I mean. ;) - dutch

  • MacMame version 37 beta 2 has been released, so it's now in synch with the Official version, thanks to the hard work of Aaron Giles and Brad Oliver. Remember you'll need a Power Mac to run it. - dutch

  • I see Opi finally opened up EngineShock... it's *like* Geoshock, except it's PC Engine / TB16. :) Opi will be including box scans, mp3s, emulators, pics, and yes, ROMs too. ;) - dutch

  • "The fair use doctrine thus 'permits [and requires] courts to avoid rigid application of the copyright statute when, on occasion, it would stifle the very creativity which that law is designed to foster.'" Sony was appealing Bleem's use of screenshots... they lost. Thanks to sickfreak for posting the info on the General Emulation board. ;) - dutch

  • Check Mangaroms for some rare new SNES dumps. Thanks for the tip Peter. ;) - dutch

  • Another nice tip from Opi... there's 11 new ADF images over at Amiga Mania. - dutch

  • Kazuya has conducted an interview with Fabrice Martinez, author of the Neo CD emulator, click here to read the interview. - atila

  • I hope you like Lemon, because it now has 75 freshly squeezed C64 games extra :P - atila

  • Only 500,000 more hits before we can give away those games that Sega sent us, which you can use with your US Dreamcast. We have Sega Bass Fishing (controller included, looks like a fishing rod :) and Crazy Taxi + a US Dreamcast to give away to visitor 14,000,000! - atila

  • GameWeek has posted an article on BleemCast, the PSX emulator for the Dreamcast (which will most likely be officially announced at E3 this week). Apparently the emu will use 'bleempaks', a special cd with bootcodes for 100 games. Bleemcast will come with 4 bleempaks and additional bleempaks can be bought for $19,95 each. Apparently, all games will run at 640x480. If this turns out to be true, there will be some very angry people out there ... and I don't mean Sony. Thanks to EmuCamp for the link. - atila

  • Since no site should be without them, Monroeworld.com has added moderated discussion groups for its major websites including the popular Lynx Lagoon, Amiga Emulation Zone, Dark Unicorn Productions and more! - atila

  • Stella-X 1.1.3a released! This lovely Atari2600 emu for Win9x/NT/2000 has received a small update, here's what's new:

    - Fixed joystick handling regression
    - Fixed repaint problem on doc page
    - Fixed problem where some machines would report path not found
    - Added force 640x480 video mode
    - Added browse button on config dialog

    You can download it by clicking here. - atila

  • JoseQ has posted 10 new 'goodies' for you to download. - atila

  • BurnKnuckle has been officially taken down now. :( There's nothing left but a goodbye message of sorts. - prophet

  •    Monday, May 8th 2000 - Last updated @ 20:16 EST

  • They traced the origin of the iloveyou kiddie script to the Philippines using CallerID... but there is no definite "author" as of yet. - dutch

  • This is what it's all about folks... heh, thank AJ Valleskey if you get hypnotized by this. ;) - dutch

  • Danmanya has released EMU Plus version 37 beta 2, now in synch with Official DOS Mame. With EMU Plus, you can set variable auto fire rates, force 16 bit color in all games, use variable CPU clock speeds without having to reset, special video modes, and more. This is not an official version of Mame remember. Thanks to Geoshock for the news. - dutch

  • M.A.S.H. sent in his Unoffcial Mameinfo.dat file for Mame v37b2. This goes in the same directory as mame.exe and is viewed using the history function. - dutch

  • RIAA 1, Napster 0. :( Boos and hisses to BMan2 (the messenger :) for the link. - dutch

  • Razoola has added 19xx: The War Against Destiny and XMen: Children of the Atom manuals to the CPS2 Shock site! - dutch

  • Malc Jennings is on a roll and has updated the ZX site again with 61 more games. - dutch

  • GB Final 0.004 was released at the homepage, here is the whole 10K download. :) They added the LCD for future progress and started on opcodes, in addition to bugfixes. I haven't had a change to try it yet so I'm unsure of the compatibility. There is a link to the source code on the homepage, but at the time of this post I am unable to get it to work. - dutch

  • Way back on Friday Speccyal 0.75 WIP was released, not as stable as version 0.72b but you can never stop bug testing. :) This one uses Neil Bradley's MZ80 CPU core, and the AY-3-8910 sound that is in Mame. There's also a sound preferances dialog, and NT/2000 compatibility. Download it from the homepage; the source is also available. - dutch

  • I finally decided to download Netscape today, and was suprised to find a new version (4.73) available. I haven't installed it yet though. What if I get a call while it's running? (I'm tech support 2nd shift ;) - dutch

  • Yesterday, Zoop put some dumps online for Strategic Defense Initiative (Master System), Safari Hunting (SG1000), and Rise of the Robots (GameGear). Check his excellent site SMS Power. :) - dutch

  • I kinda spent the weekend in the large blue room with the big light in the middle... aka "outside." =) - dutch

  • Hans de Goede has released xmame/xmess 0-37b2.1. - chris

  • Someone is selling Metallica's integrity on eBay! Obviously, it's not worth much, thanks to Eric S. for the link. - atila

  • Gridle has updated the MAME site, there's lots of new stuff: "Miscellaneous site updates - updated the compile page for 0.37b2, added new versions of UPX and UnZip/NT, added Andy Saputo's Space Encounters artwork (finally!), added HobbesAtPlay's explanation about HISCORE.DAT to the HISCORE.DAT page and updated the frontends page." Thanks to Andy S. for the news. - atila

  • Luca has released his 11th simulator: Donkey Kong (Nintendo, Multi-Screen series, 1982)! You can download this simulator by going to MADrigal's Handheld Simulators, which is hosted at Retrogames. - atila

  • mIRC 5.71 has been released, it has a few good bugfixes. You can't get a CTCP flood anymore, since it queues requests now. mIRC is the most widely used IRC chat program. - atila

  • You can download the new and/or changed roms for use with MAME 0.37b2 at the MAME BETA ROMS link on your left. Courtesy of Zyclone, btw :) - atila

  • Sony released new DVD drivers a while ago to prevent Region 1 movies (= USA) from playing on the Playstation 2; apparently they failed yet again. - atila

  • No, it's not an April Fool's Joke. It's actually sunny and hot here in Dublin, Ireland! - richard

  • Roman Scherzer released ClrMAMEPro 1.4c! ClrMAMEpro is a superb ROM and sample cleaning/checking utility for MAME. - prophet

  • Arcade Heaven continues to post needed soon goodies for MAME! Didn't "Power Instinct" have that freaky old lady that threw false teeth like fireballs? Heh... cool. :) (UPDATE: as you'll read when you visit, ARH is experiencing technical difficulties right now with downloads, so be patient.) - prophet

  • NeoGeo Team 2000 have more goodies for CD game fans - do I hear Double Dragon music? (Thanks Shernand) - prophet

  • MESS has been updated to v0.37b2. Here is the DOS binary and here is the source. - richard

  •    Sunday, May 7th 2000 - Last updated @ 10:32 EST

  • Aiwa has released a car stereo that will play MP3 files, click here for more. Thanks to gridle for the link. - atila

  • It's about 23C here (29C earlier, with no breeze) in Eindhoven, right now. It's too hot to work, but my boss (= that's me) won't gimme a day off. (UPDATE: About 10 minutes after writing that, it started to rain :) - atila

  • GameCenter have posted 3 interviews they did with 3 Sega developers: Yu Suzuki, Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Space Channel 5) and Greg Thomas and Tim Walter from Visual Concepts (NFL2k, NBA2k, Ecco) - atila

  • What's better than an ArcadePC mini? An ArcadePC FULL size! HanaHo is now officially selling the full size cabinet complete with a 27" monitor! If you've got the cash, go for it. - prophet

  • Logiqx has released a source code fix for the missing "Warrior" sample support in MAME 0.37 beta 2. It also fixes MAME so "gamelist, listinfo, listsamdir, listsamples and verifysamples work as expected for all games." Compile your own fixed build or just wait for the next beta... Sounds like a good addition for Official MAME (Nicola, Gridle?)! :) Visit Logiqx for more info and files. (Thanks BraiNKilleR) - prophet

  • To the do-it-yourselfers out there: check out the I-PAC! It's an easy way to wire your own arcade controls to your PC without hacking a keyboard - sounds like a real time/work saver! It's getting good reviews too - visit the inimitable Saint's Arcade Controls FAQ for more info. - prophet

  • BTW, the "Warrior" samples are not working in MAME 0.37 beta 2, despite what the readme says. Just in case anyone is sitting there trying to make them work like I did the other day. :o) - prophet

  • Blah... here's a few surfing tips: here, here & here. - prophet

  • Remember that supposed System 16 project (adding "Turbo Outrun" & "Afterburner") by some college students? Well, I did contact them last week, and they said an interview and screenshots should appear soon at a website near you. (Not Retrogames BTW) The emu itself should supposedly follow soon after that. Is it real, fake? I don't know... nothing but talk at this point. We'll see. - prophet

  • Just a followup on What Ever Happened To? #2: MageX. Sadly I really didn't come up with much. :( Till offered this, "Edward Massey, the author of MageX, contributed to the initial release of Retrocade but I have no idea what he is up now." A pioneering emulator, gone but not completely forgotten. If anyone has any WEHT questions to ask, feel free to email me. Keep 'em emu related please. :) - prophet

  • PCE Power's Dark Tetsuya tells me Konami's Japanese classic "Dracula X" has been partially translated to English! And it's playable in HuGo via HCD format! Go visit for details. - prophet

  • Emulation Never Dies didn't die; just got a new URL! :) (Thanks again Till) - prophet

  • Team Japump has dumped more Sega ST-V (Saturn based arcade board) games like "Virtua Fighter Kids," and also "Strikers 1945" (c)1995 from Psikyo! NONE of these dumps are currently emulated or even downloadable however. (Thanks Sys2064) - prophet

  • PacMAME has been updated to MAME 0.37 beta 2 source code! Over 140 PacMan games and hacks - waka waka baby! - prophet

  • Arcade Heaven's Adam M. is hinting about "something special" coming soon... Hmm... - prophet

  • Paratech (one of my "l33t" friends from EmuChrist) told me that Interplay has released some very good PC ports of "Samurai Shodown 2" & "Fatal Fury 3" for prices as low as $12.99! And best of all, "Puzzle Bobble 4" is also on the way! What excellent retrogaming deals! - prophet

  • A few minutes late, but Happy Birthday to my friend Haze! :) - prophet

  •    Saturday, May 6th 2000 - Last updated @ 19:46 EST

  • Richard has been updating the MESS WIP, as well some new Sinclair ROMs can be found at MESS BIOS ROMS including the TC2048, TS2068, TK90X, TK95 and Inves Spectrum systems. - chris

  • You can now play 10 arcade games @ Shockwave.com -- for free! Midway has converted the games to the Shockwave format and you can go play them all day long, legally! Thanks to everyone that mailed. - atila

  • The results are in for the bannister.org poll asking "Which arcade game do you think was the most memorable?". A new poll begins today. - richard

  • Overclocked: "Surprise!". David has also redesigned the Remix site. It's not an "Oprah Makeover", but it'll do just fine :P - atila

  • Malc Jennings has updated ZX again, he's added 67 new games for the ZX Spectrum! - atila

  • Lemmings Revolution, anyone ? - atila

  • PC Rave has conducted an interview with Sean Kauppinen, Communications Director of bleem! Inc. BE sure to check the bottom of the interview as it contains some juicy information. - atila

  • Mame version 37 beta 2 tidbits:

    - If you already have the Raine ROMs esprade, uopoko, and feveron, you can use them in Mame v37b2 for esprade, uopoko, and dfeveron respectively. These three ROMs total 30.5 megs alone.

    - You can save a lot of time by going to grab the fixfile that Till posted on his excellent SYS2064 site. :)

    - Here's a cool ROM report generated by using LogiqX's excellent utility Mamedif!

    - Did you know if you use CLRMame Pro all you need to do is put all the new ROM zips in a directory, click a button, and CLRMame Pro will appropriately rename, resize, and move them into your Mame ROM directory? :)

    - Visit Mame.dk, Arcade ROM Heaven, and Emulition for "needed" files. :) I believe Guru-Choc has them all over at Arcade ROM Heaven. ;)

    - Remember we do not endorse copyright violation. You should not be downloading anything for which you are not legally entitled. - dutch

  • There's quite a nice article on emulation in the British Micro-Mart.. it mentions mame.net and a@h, as well as some others. I had to dig a bit to find it, here's a direct link which breaks their frames but oh well. ;) Thanks to Penrhos for the tip. - dutch

  • Julien "Gollum" Frelat has released a Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator called NeoPocott 0.31b! It currently only does demos, but will soon support the commericial games as well. Check the documentation while you download. :) - dutch

  • Julien has also updated another one of his emulators. WinBoycott has had an update to version 0.63b! New is a better refresh rate for slower PCs, a sprite flashing fix, better timer support under Windows NT (and slow machines ;), and Esspe's Boycott Gameboy Color Compatibility List version 1.3 included! - dutch

  • That kinda reminds me, Katharsis of Geoshock has a nice page layout here. Just saying the layout's nice. ;) - dutch

  • I don't know what's up with the HU2680 site either, Opi. :\ - dutch

  • The open source Atari 2600 emulator PCAE has had a small update to version 2.3a. The Windows version fixes the TigerVision game bug, includes jpg support for screenshots, remembers the last opened window size and position, and might have better compatibilty since it was compiled with a newer version of Delphi. The DOS version fixes bugs in the debugger, VESA routines, and graphics mode text entering. Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the news. - dutch

  • Yohann Magnien's Little John open source NES emulator for Linux, Windows and Sun/Solaris has been updated to version 0.4 with some bugfixes and a new integrated GUI. Use the link above to download it for now, the main page at ljohn.romulation.net is currently down but should be back in a couple of days. - dutch

  • ZX Spectrum Game enthusiasts will appreciate the update on Project AY (hosted on World of Spectrum). They now have nearly 300 game soundtracks available, plus more demo music and an updated database! - dutch

  • 1964, an open source Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows, has had an update to version 0.4.0. This build uses OpenGL best optimized for an ATI card. It supports zips (via zlib) and features improved performance. Since it includes Gerrit's HLE engine, many more demos and Rampage work now. - dutch

  • "Jum the Hig" :) has released version 0.2a of his Atari 5200 emulator, written using Allegro and compiled with DJGPP (like Mame). "It now has an options menu, ~30% speed increase, and better compatibility. Sadly, I haven't had time to work on my 5200 pong game :{" Heh, I'm patient. ;) - dutch

  •    Friday, May 5th 2000 - Last updated @ 18:41 EST

  • Courtesy of Gridle, here's the Mame version 37 beta 2 binary. Don't miss the Warrior samples (thanks Razoola for reminding me :) that Gridle posted on Mame.net, as well as the optimized binaries. - dutch

  • Don't you love it when rumors turn out to be true? Here's the Mame version 37 beta 2 source that's just been released! You can read what's new here (html and formatting courtesy of web designer Exodus3D). I'm at work atm on a slower Dell laptop, so it will be awhile before I can compile a binary. Keep your eye on Mame.net or Vintage Gaming in the meantime. ;) - dutch

  • I heard a rumor that Mame version 37 beta 2 might be out soon... :) - dutch

  • I just read on iSONEWS that Paradox ('respected warez group') has succeeded in cracking the PS2. What this means (I think), is that you can now play backups/copies of PS2 games on your PS2. The first game they've gotten working this way is Ridge Racer 5. Obviously, Sony will not be pleased. Thanks to ChronoX for the heads up. - atila

  • Chris has released a new version of TkMAME, his multi-platform MAME frontend! - atila

  • A couple of the regular visitors of #Retrogamers on EFnet are planning a get-together on May 20th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For those who want to know; yes, I will be there too :) If you would like to join us (we got some people from the UK too :), we'll be meeting at 12 o'clock (midday), in front of Central Station in Amsterdam. Then we will wreak havok on Amsterdam!! - atila

  • Today is Liberation Day here in The Netherlands, today we remember the fact that Holland was liberated from the Germans in WWII. There are parties everywhere and the motto is: "Celebrate Freedom!", freedom is something people tend to take for granted ... - atila

  • Mike Stulir has conducted a very special interview, here's a snippet from his mail:

    "My guest is Nolan Bushnell. Do I really need to introduce this man? Nolan Bushnell is the creator of the first coin-op video game (Computer Space) and he is the man who gave birth to the massive video game industry that we have today. He is also the mastermind behind another venture that we all know of: Chuck E. Cheese. To date, he has founded over 20 companies that have provided technology that contributes to our everyday lives."

    Click here to go Back In Time with Mike Stulir and Nolan Bushnell! - atila

  • EmuWorld (our host) is currently experiencing the 'SlashDot effect' as the top story at SlashDot has a link to Zophar's Domain! So chances are that our sites are loading slower than they should be. Please bear with us =) - atila

  •    Thursday, May 4th 2000 - Last updated @ 21:41 EST

  • Just thought I'd mention a little more on that Love Letter virus thing. There's no need for hysteria, it can't hurt your system unless you actually run the VBS attachment. The VBS script is run using the Windows Scripting Host, normally installed by IE5. It will forward a copy of itself to *everyone* in your Outlook address book (Melissa only did the top 50), and also attempts to forward itself to mIRC users via script.ini. It also overwrites itself to *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.MP3, *.MP2, *.VBS, *.VBE, *.JS, *.JSE, *.CSS, *.WSH, *.SCT, and *.HTA files and adds ".VBS" onto the end. In Windows, if you leave the default "registered file types hidden" setting on, the file won't look any different to you (why Microsoft ever included this "feature" is a complete mystery to me). It will also replace the startup page of your web browser to the webpage that attempts to install WIN-BUGSFIX.EXE, a password stealing program (not a virus) that works if you have password cacheing enabled (I don't on any of my machines). The lesson you should learn here is never run an e-mail attachment unless you know exactly what it is and what it does, regardless of who sent it to you.

    If your machine is infected, run this file, which I have mirrored from TEQ-International. Also do a find and delete on love-letter-for-you*.*, and mskernel32.vbs. - dutch

  • Cowering has updated GoodGBX to version 0.998! Database total is 3,743 entries, with these additions: "Much wanted 'rename to subdirs' added, [and] Bad Dumps can be split out if wanted." Thanks to the ever resourceful Opi for the news. :) - dutch

  • Another MameWIP update, courtesy of Gridle! Could a release be near? :) - dutch

  • Everyone is reporting on this so I might as well mention it here, check the Raine site's latest update... they ask for some e-mail on what they should work on now that Raine is dead (maybe a new version of Raine? ;), and also list all their (currently alive! :) hosted sites. - dutch

  • Gotta love those datfiles, and LogiqX has updated the Impact, Callus, and System16 datfiles for CLRMame Pro. Download them from the CLRMame Pro site. - dutch

  • In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Genesis Power has dumped cinco (five :) rare test carts (that don't have any known dumps) that were originally written for developers. Heh, I never went to a Cinco de Mayo party, but I used to work with a guy who previously lived in California and hosted one every year. :) - dutch

  • In response to an online privacy law, ICQ is shutting out everyone who registered under the age of 13. The stupid thing about this is, the kids it shut out will just re-register as adults, and the adults who entered a fake birthdate will just re-register as well, unless of course they get frustrated and inconvenienced enough to switch to Odigo (which IMHO is a much better proggie ;). Thanks to Boba Fett (from inside the belly of that monster thing? :) for the news. - dutch

  • Rockman has opened his new site, Emufarm! "'The Emu Farm is the premiere rare ROMs site, with direct downloads, screenshot galleries, links to relevant web pages, and support files. While the actual reviews for the games are not finished, visitors can download one of the first fifteen ROMs to be presented at the Emu Farm. Please visit the Emu Farm at: http://stop.at/emufarm or http://hammer.prohosting.com/~emufarm/." - dutch

  • Opi has reported that Andy's Amiga Rarities has released several game images! - dutch

  • Linux users can enjoy EC64 (a Commodore 64 emulator) version 0.09-20000430, which should perform faster than the previous release. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news. - dutch

  • Sad news reported over at Arcade ROM Heaven, Steve Reeves died yesterday. :( He was 74. MST3K fans know him quite well... - dutch

  • The Webulator has released FDS Spray 1.3, in addition to the 1.3.1 refill pack. Future versions will only be refills unless there are major problems. It now knows 224 games and will also add zeros to the end of files to make them the proper length. FDS Spray is a Win32 utility for Famicom Disk System images. It takes .FDS and .FAM 4.0 games and makes a good .FDS game out of it for Famtasia or fwNES, in addition to renaming and cleaning the file. - dutch

  • Remember the electronic handheld Nintendo-FIRE? Random'64 has updated their simulator for it, which fixes the time problems some systems had, plus adds Windows 2000 compatibility, extended high score support, sound cache, and improved color/contrast! - dutch

  • Myzar has released his unofficial Nemu64 ini file version 1.7! Playable games include Excitebike64, Pawapuro 2000, Kiratto Kikki, Flying Dragons, Deadly Arts, and 64 ~ݼԸ~ (sorry for the Japanese characters ;). He also added a TRWin compatibility section, nice! Congratulations on your new duties with the Nemu64 team Myzar. ;) - dutch

  • Japanese Dreamcast owners can download and play PCE/Genesis games on their DC for about $1.50 (US) a day. The article also mentions a rumor of Bleem! running on the DC. - chris

  • Linux kernel 2.2.15 was released a couple days ago. If you are interested in upgrading your kernel you can download the latest kernel at one of these mirrors. - chris

  • If you're having trouble getting the lovcleaner.vbs file from teq-international.com, I mirrored it at the link above. Note that this isn't a prevention, but it should get it off your machine if you were dumb enough to open the attachment. - dutch

  • TRwin 2.228 released! This N64 emu for Windows received a small update, many more games are now working and the graphics are much better now. Thanks to jandaman for the news. - atila

  • There's a large status update on the Nemu64 site, the biggest news being that the Nemu core is being recoded from Delphi to C. Check the site for the entire update and pics of ExciteBike64 and Zelda2 running in Nemu 0.7a. - atila

  • Generator/MacOS has been updated again - to v0.15a. The new version adds stereo sound, as well as fixing a bug preventing preferences from being saved in v0.15. - richard

  • A new virus has roared its ugly head and it's pretty destructive, because of the sheer volume of traffic it creates. The Register says that:
    "the virus shows Iloveyou in the subject of the email, has the text: kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me, and comes with an infected attachment: LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbshas. Once the attachment is opened, it sends an email to everyone in the victim's address book unlike Melissa, which mass mailed the top fifty in the address book.

    Various big firms' networks are already 'down' because of this. You can get a fix for the virus at Dr. Solomon's site or at TEQ International. CNN has also posted a story about this new worm, thanks to CD-man and JGoodhue for the link. - atila

  • 4 new remixes have been posted at Overclocked: Space Harrier II, Megaman (2 mixes) and Starfox! - atila

  •    Wednesday, May 3rd 2000 - Last updated @ 20:46 EST

  • PCAE has been ported to Windows/DirectX! "I've released PCAE 2.3 for DOS and Windows today; the DOS version of 2.3 is merely a bugfix, and is nearly indistinguishable from 2.2. The "big" news, however, is that I've finally managed to port the beast over to Windows/DirectX :)" Great news for NT/2000 users. The source is also available. Note that the PCAE homepage is temporairly on a Geocities account atm. (Note: there was an earlier post reporting a version 2.2 release, this is incorrect and should have read as above. As they say, "I regret the error." ;) - dutch

  • Atari800Win has been updated to version 2.6a!! This one's built with Visual C++ 6.0 plus the latest service pack and DirectX 7.0a, so be sure you have the latest DirectX installed. The Atari800 codebase has been upgraded to version 9.9f, and it's using the newer binload system. There's also a bugfix in character set loading for 5200 machines. Try the sound, and also any games that you couldn't run in the last version (2.5c), and be sure to report any bugs you find! - dutch

  • Some Mame frontends have made their debut recently:

    Emuloader 1.0 for Windows currently works with split ROMs only, and should work with any version of Mame .36 or .37.

    Another one you might want to look at is called MameMenu 1.0 (released back on 4/20). To use it, you extract the archive to your Mame directory, run newroms.exe, then run arcade.exe. And read the docs first of course. ;) News courtesy of the excellent Mameworld.

    Dread of Arcadia Cabinet Conversion has also released QuickMame and QuickMESS version 4.64b. VESA, mouse, pcx preview, and sound options should all be supported, in addition to the new Joystick support! - dutch

  • One of the coolest burning utilites got an update today: Nero 5.0 is now available. Thanks to Eggman for the news. - dutch

  • I got a nice e-mail from a rap and hip-hop producer who not only is a fan of retrogames.com, but used emulators to sample sounds in some of the music he produces! Super Brooklyn (was number one on mp3.com for a bit) has sounds from Super Mario Brothers, sampled using NESticle. :) What's even cooler is that on May 16 they will be releasing Game Over in record stores, which is based on video game beats! Check it out at www.yosumi.com. - dutch

  • It's tired, but I'm sure some of you will appreciate it: Elian's back. Thanks for the link, Nick. ;) - dutch

  • Squeem version 0.07 released. This version of the NES Emulator for DOS adds mappers 1, 2, 3, and 7, joystick support, sprite priorities, Game Genie support, and a nametable viewer (in addition to bugfixes and optimizations). Download it from the homepage. - dutch

  • Hehe I almost missed Genesis Power's dump #104 for Flashback - The Quest For Identity (U). I remember playing this game on the SNES, never tried it on Genesis. - dutch

  • I also missed some of the additions to CLRMame Pro in version 1.4a (1.4b fixed the forcemerging support), it can export data now, and the ROM Center dat file imports and "allow double names" are fixed! Be sure to check the full list of updates on the homepage, as well as an update to the NGPC dat file (courtesy of Darren Bradbury). ;) - dutch

  • Sorry I'm late. :) - dutch

  • GameSpot has posted a story on the release of Sega's DreamPassport 3 (DP3). DP3 is the Dreamcast browser with a built-in emulator for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive and the TG-16. The service is called Dream Library and a time-limited demo is included in the browser.
    Commercial usage of the DL is around $1 per game that is downloaded, which is not expensive, but not being able to save the games you download kinda sucks. Maybe when Sega releases the Zipdrive add-on, you'll be able to save them :) Thanks to AmRod for the link. - atila

  • Eric has posted more datfiles for use with Rom Center, here's what's new:

    New Coleco adam datafile : 21 games (Colecoman)
    Neogeo pocket color updated 72 games (J. Elizabeth Miner)
    System 16 082a updated : 32 games (Logiqx)
    - Previous system 16 datafile will be needed if the a next system 16 version is released one day.
    - This version is the one to use with the current version.
    Shark! updated (dbz)
    GameBoy updated : 3035 games (J. Pablo Fernandez)

    Rom Center is a cool rom manager, which is worth a try if you haven't used it yet. - atila (small fix) - dutch

  • Roman Scherzer (funny guy ;) has released ClrMAME Pro 1.4b, he writes that, "Logiqx found a little problem when using the new 'forcemerging' datfiles". - atila

  • Back In Time has posted an extensive review of Atari's recent Q*Bert release for the PC & PSX. Please note that Back In Time has moved and is now being hosted by Emulation World, so please update your bookmarks/links. - atila

  • Genesis Power have dumped Sagaia (aka Darius 2). - atila

  • Shane Monroe asked me to post this:

    "Amiga Emulation Zone is looking to expand its Amiga CD cover collection. If you have a good collection of Amiga/CD32 games with good quality jewel case inserts and backs, PLEASE come on over to AEZ and donate your scanned CD covers to us. We have well over 50 quality covers already on line (more in the queue), but we really need the help of the masses to make this area grow. You can submit COMPLETELY web based - no FTP or anything weird. Easy and
    fast & we'd sure appreciate your donations. Thanks a lot!
    - atila

  • Zoop has released Meka 0.53 to registered users, click here to see what's new. He also mentions that he has succeeded in porting Meka to FreeBSD and will try a windows port of it too. Meka now also has a 100% comp. rate for SMS games. Thanks to Troutman for the news. - atila

  • After 13 days of being without cable, it is now working again! All they did was replace my UTP cable, took 'em 13 days though. Makes you wonder, doesn't it ? - atila

  • The Arcade Flyer Archive has been updated yet again, it now has 1023 flyers online! - atila

  • Time for an update or two, so we might as well get started :) But I need some coffee first! - atila

  •    Tuesday, May 2nd 2000 - Last updated @ 17:33 EST

  • Wow, those Metropolis Street Racer for Dreamcast screenshots look gorgeous. Thanks to lion2 for posting the link on our General Emulation Message Board. - dutch

  • Generator/MacOS, a solid Sega Megadrive/Genesis emulator, has been updated to v0.15. The new version sports greatly improved compatibility. - richard

  • Metallica has compiled a list of over 300,000 Napster users, that they would like to see blocked from using Napster, because they were trading Metallica tunes. I didn't know they had that many fans ;) Anyway, both Chuck D and Eminem are supporting Napster, so that's some cool support for them. - atila

  • Peter Job has asked me to mention his new web site called Incomprehensible Emulation, which is dedicated to emulators for (mostly Japanese) systems that are little known in the English speaking world. - richard

  • Anyone remember playing Mattel's Auto Race in the late 70's? Peter Hirschberg has released a simulator for the game called Virtual Auto Race 1.1! It features authentic sounds, two display modes, and a replaceable battery. ;) Thanks to Vintage Gaming for the info. - dutch

  • SetCleaner 2.18 has been released, it currently has support for Mame, Raine, Callus, System16, Rage, M72, and JFF. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any information as to what's new in this release. I imagine the author will post it at a later date, I'll report on it as soon as I know what's up. - dutch

  • Another day, another official INI file for Nemu64 version 0.7a. This one has some different settings and comments and adds some games as well. - dutch

  • Vecna has released his own Sega Master System (SMS)/Game Gear emulator called CHASMS. You needs Windows with DirectX installed. Version 0.20 (first public release) supports multiple save states, music logging, and includes a standalone music player and frontend. Check the homepage for the full list of features, it's quite big! :) - dutch

  • Version 0.8 of Archie, an Acorn Archimedes Hardware (A3xx/A4xx/A3xxx) emulator for DOS/Windows has been released. In addition to bugfixes, it includes fast floppy access, a 20% approximate speed increase, dual MEMC emulation, and direct floppy access to a: (for ADFS D/E and DOS 720k disks for reading and writing). Thanks to Jan of Ami Sector One for the news. - dutch

  • Sonikku let me know of this link to "The Story of 'Dreamcast Debug Handler' and the 'A.G.E. - Demo'". "The hardware is currently an interface beetween a Host (PC/Amiga,...) and the Dreamcast itself, but its designed even to run standalone on the DC to give you the builtin functions without the need of a Host." - dutch

  • Attention developers: "Songbird Productions is pleased to announce the first-ever programming contest for the Atari Lynx." Basically, the best home brewn Lynx games will win, the first prize being $75 US. Check the link above for the rules and details, also you can click here for a list of developer's resources. Thanks to Ville for the news. - dutch

  •    Monday, May 1st 2000 - Last updated @ 22:38 EST

  • Keith Wilkins released Handy 0.70! Handy is the only, and luckily a superb, Atari Lynx emulator. This new version (for Win9x/2K) is a MAJOR improvement over the last one - great compatibility, no more flickering or sprite problems, better speeds and more! And my favorite Lynx game, "Slime World," works now! Thanks Keith! =) Homepage. - prophet

  • Skates of Emusphere has provided the translation of the changes in the new DBoy, thanks to his friend KumaOh:

    - Fixed the cpu speed getting faster when you reset.
    - Comes with super easy-going launcher "dbpipe".
    - Added -rtsload option.
    - dutch

  • NeoSMS version 0.3 Build 19 has been released with rewritten VDP register code and display renderers, support for Game Gear pallettes, and better support for Game Gear with changed cart loading. Download it from the above link. NeoSMS is a Sega Master System and Gamegear emulator for Windows, you need DirectX 7 installed. Thanks to Skates for the news. - dutch

  • Eidolon's Inn has moved to www.eidolons-inn.de, and has also gotten a bit of a facelift. Thanks to Opi for the news. - dutch

  • Hmm, thanks to BEN-J for the link. - atila

  • If you are an emu author and you would like to add support for the Act Labs PC Light Gun, then check this link for more info. Same applies if you're coding a game btw. Thanks to k-spiff for the link. - atila

  • Hehe.. Pete remembered what the emergency break handler was for, and now Tekken 3 works again. :) There are still some more updates in version 1.32 of his OpenGL plugin for PSEmu Pro. - dutch

  • Having problems getting to www.kinox.org? Try using kinox.parodius.com for now until it's fixed. Thanks Katharsis. :) - dutch

  • Genesis Power have dumped Ka-Ge-Ki Fists Of Steel. - atila

  • Speaking of logos, Xray1 made us a nice logo which is being displayed as you read is. This is a temporary logo and our old logo will be back later this week. - atila

  • Malc Jennings has posted a HUGE update at his Spectrum ZX site, not only has he posted over 1100 cassete covers, he has also posted a 'tape backup' guide and over 70 new games! He's also looking for someone to make him a nice logo, so if you can help out, please do :) - atila

  • There's a double update at Overclocked today, first there's David's comic called Higher Lurning and a fanstrip by Rthr-X called Arcade Madness. - atila

  • More games have been added to the download list at the Amiga Emulation Zone: Cruise for a Corpse, Wind Surf Willy, Way of the Little Dragon, Cader, Vegas Gambler, Video Vegas, Vulcan, and Turtle Table Tennis. - atila

  • Stella-X 1.1.3 released! This marvelous little Atari 2600 emulator for WIN9x/NT/2000 has had an update, here's what's new:

    - Improved video detection logic
    - Added DisableJoystick options to stella.ini file
    - Rewrote the sound driver code - no more scratchy sound!
    - Added multiple screen shot support - first writes to stella00.bmp then stella01.bmp, etc.
    - Added cool round buttons on main screen
    - Added configuration dialog
    - Major code cleanup and performance tuning
    - Internal ROM list should be complete - make sure your roms are in the ROMS directory and that each rom has the ".bin" extension.
    - atila

  • Tormod Tjaberg wrote Lsngp 1.01, a little command line utility that reads NeoGeo Pocket game headers and produces a list of the titles - handy if you're not quite sure what mnc-plin stands for! - prophet

  • Dboy 0.59ghost upload released! I have no idea what's new, since I don't really speak Japanese, but it must be good anyway :) Check the DBOY site for more info, thanks to gridle and katharsis for the news. - atila

  • Thank you Sanjiyan (and Haze) for making one of the finest NeoGeo fan/emulation sites ever - Burn Knuckle. Sadly, it's now dead :( - soon to be taken offline. Why? The many, many people who found time to leech files for hours on end couldn't find time to click a banner one time each day they visited. Visit them (while you still can) for the details. - prophet

  • Danmanya has released Emu+32 version .36 final, go grab it from the official page. :) This is basically Mame with some extra features, including overclocking of all CPUs, auto fire, special video modes, and more. Keep in mind this is a NON official release, Danmanya has his source modifications available as well. - dutch

  • There were some bugs in yesterday's official update to the Nemu64 ini file, so download this one instead. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news and file. - dutch

  • In case you haven't heard, a New York judge has found MP3.com guilty of copyright infringement. :( They will appeal however. If you work for a record company and are reading this, bear this in mind... most of your money is made from concerts and merchandise sold at concerts, not from CD sales. The best way to maximize profit is to promote the hell out of the bands... and that's what MP3s do for you, more effectively than any method used in the past. People who like the bands will still buy the CDs, outlawing MP3s will not stop their availability on the net and will rub your target market the wrong way. Just my 2. Thanks to Adam M for the news. - dutch

  • More DAT files have been posted over at the ROM Center Homepage, including Genesis, NeoRageX, System16, Atari 800 XL, N64, and NGPC. - dutch

  • Yet another Genesis emulator has been released, this time Generator version 0.15! (Version 0.14 was only released in beta.) MASSIVE amounts of bugfixes and improvements are in this release, AND, he's got a DOS Port online in addition to the Linux port, so us silly Microsoft users can try it out now. ;) - dutch

  • Win68K version .30 is out... MASSIVE amount of bugfixes in this version of the X68000 emulator for Win32, click here for the english readme. Thanks to PeterD for the news. - dutch

  • EX68, another X68000 for Windows, has had an update to version 2.05. (Debug version available here.) Again, the translater I tried didn't help at all. Oh well. Thanks to Vintage Gaming (formerly Dave's Classics :) for the news. - dutch

  • Very small off topic tidbit... Trent Nelson let me know that since HBO subscribes to the AP's Photowire feed, they're allowed to use the Elian photo. The wazzup Elian thing seemed pretty pathetic... and it seems they aren't threatening to sue anyone. Thanks to Richard Diamond for the info! - dutch

  • Pete has released version 1.31 of his TNT OpenGL plugin for PSEmu Pro, which remember will work on NON TNT cards as well. :) This version just takes out the "emergency break" from the DMA handler which results in better compatibility with many psx demos. - dutch

  • The Sega Saturn emulator SSF has been updated to version 0.03b. I tried a Japanese to English translater and understood about 5% of the result, so as usual, I'm not sure what's new. Thanks to Ben-J for the news. - dutch

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