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  • SPACE INVADERS - Space Invaders Fan Site
  • TKMAME - The Coolest MAME Frontend!
  • TOSEC - DATfiles for everyone :)
  • THE REVIEW CENTER - Reviews, Reviews and Reviews!.
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  •    Friday, December 31st 1999 - Last updated @ 20:09 EST

  • In 4 hours it'll be January 1st, 2000 where I live!!! So I'm gonna say Good Night and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to ALL of our visitors and friends! It's been an incredible year for emulation, thanks to the generosity and talent of the emu programmers! Thanks to all of them - MAME, Raine, ZSNES, Meka, Rew, NeoRAGEx... so very many! Best Y2K wishes go out to my many friends in emu-land, far too many to name them all right now, but you know who you are! Best wishes to all the great emu sites out there, including but NOT limited to EmuViews, EmuCamp, Zophar's, Sys2064 & Emulatronia - you all helped me find the latest news many times! :) May 2000 prove to be the best year ever for all of you - see you next year!!! =) -P-

  • EmuDX keeps getting more impressive! There's even talk of a "skins" feature allowing gamer's to customize backdrops in the various games. -P-

  • SMS Power did a big New Year update, with lotsa Sega 8bit releases! The releases include a very cool GG mini version of Panzer Dragoon & much more! -P-

  • Moah released a new version of KoF'91, his super-cool homebrew fighting game! Lotsa additions and improvements - even a preliminary character editor. Only a 2mb version is online now, but a full 16mb version will be available in the near future. (Thanks EmuCamp) -P-

  • Emucamp's Fine Nine list is now complete! Go check out #1 and #2 for yourself! Personally, my list would be different, but it's nice to see 9 great projects receive awards. :) -P-

  • Speaking of MESS, it's been updated to v0.36 beta 13! MESS is a great multiple system emulator based upon MAME code - it emulates a huge and growing number of game systems and computers. -P-

  • Check out this upcoming Acorn Electron Emulator by Bryan "Mish" McPhail himself! You know it's gotta be good stuff with Mish on the job. :) Also, Bryan requests Atari ST technical manuals to help with a MESS driver - please visit his homepage and drop a line if you can help. (Thanks Mish) -P-

  • Fine 9 of '99: Here's #3 - thanks to Soul2K for the reminder ;)

  • I just noticed the double post about The Dump - no, I'm not removing anything :)

  • The Dump: Genesis is back! Eventhough there are no Genesis roms for download this time, there is a lot of box-art and other cool stuff. Welcome back!

  • Well I'll be damned... The Dump has been updated in the Genesis section! This marks their first update in over a year! Go pay this legendary site a New Year's visit. -P-

  • Here's one for Amiga fans: Amiga Flashback did a big update, including 39 game mods and tons of LSD doc stuff! (Thanks ALx) -P-

  • Stian from Emulation64 (great N64 emu site) told me about the latest version of TRWin-GL by Icepir8! Check out Emulation64's recent review of Dexanoid as well, a new *non-commercial* homebrewn game for use with your favorite N64 emu. P-

  • Jon at PlanetMAME asked me to mention they're having a server upgrade, so they'll be down for a while. -P-

  • Well, it's 2000 in some places already, so here's the first (?) emulator release of Y2K: GalEMU 0.40.8! It features Swarm, more speed and more accuracy! (Thanks Barry Rodewald, GalEMU author) -P-

  • EmuUnlim has posted a nice New Year's message, not to mention their very attractive err... mascot! ;) -P-

  • Hehe... a well known Russian has resigned before any of his Nuclear Plants are shown not to be Y2K compatible... - R-

  • Guru-Choc says Happy New Year with a complete set of MAME 0.36 b13 ROMs, and a Gridseeker mirror to boot! Bang the banner! =) -P-

  • I wonder if Retrogames is Y2K compatible.... -R- (Let's hope so! =) -P-

  • Emu+ was updated quickly to 0.36 beta 13 code! Remember, it's an unofficial version of MAME, so don't ask MAME team about any problems you may have. Emu+ has many extra features - here's what's new! -P-

  • The Hu6280 web page has been updated with information about CD support. If you're e-mailing Jamsponge about it, though, please ask him to send the latest code to me so I can update the Mac port (which *still* doesn't have sound...). -R-

  • Speaking of Raine, visit the Raine site for pics and info of some newly emulated games like Metal Black & Soldam! (Thanks PRoToCoL) -P-

  • Romlist released the long awaited Gridseeker, playable in Raine! -P-

  • MESS has been updated to v0.36b13. This version adds MSX emulation! -R-

  •    Thursday, December 30th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:15 EST

  • Gridle (yes, him again!) has posted CPU optimised compiles of MAME 0.36 beta 13, you can download it from the MAME Site

  • Gridle has already posted a nice MAME WIP update, start drooling :)

  • MAME 0.36 beta 13 released, click here to see what's new!

  • Zoop has release Meka 0.33 to beta testers, if you want to see what's new, be sure to check out EmuCamp, thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • Genesis Power released "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" (Euro) for Genesis! (Thanks Snorter) -P-

  • ROMZipper 1.17 was released by The Flash! ROMZipper is "a utility focused towards batch zipping of ROMs, but can be used for a multitude of purposes. This small update (53k) consists of just the executable, so if you do not yet have ROM Zipper, you will need to first install the full version... If you already have 1.xx, this is a critical update, as it fixs a bug that happens when dealing with a large (~1000+) amount of files." (Thanks Flash) -P-

  • Zach over at EmuHQ kindly told me about this letter from Realityman (UltraHLE etc.), discussing the Impact situation. Very interesting indeed. -P-

  •    Wednesday, December 29th 1999 - Last updated @ 19:16 EST

  • Sys2064 reported the following items: World of Arcades released a new dump of "Aliens"(US) (Konami, 1990) & Antiriad posted info/pics about "Special Criminal Investigation" at the Raine messageboard! -P-

  • CPS2 Shock has added a section about building joysticks! (Thanks Raz) -P-

  • David Lloyd has posted 3(!!) new Overclocked episodes, check them out here!

  • The MAME & Raine Arcade Flyers site will be undergoing a few changes come January 1st, 2 days left :)

  • Fine 9 of '99 - here's #4!

  • DrSteveW pointed me towards a (new) Atari 2600 emulator for DOS and Windows called Free26, you can download it here.

  • OpenGlide 0.4a was released yesterday, if you want to use UltraHLE without a 3DFX-based card, you'll need a "glide wrapper", which is exactly what OpenGlide is. Thanks to Einstein II for his mail yesterday, reading mail with care is hard when you're sick :)

  • Maybe it's just me, but I think this post by Lorn hits the proverbial nail nice & hard. If you already appreciate and respect emu authors for their talent & generosity, then you have no need to look. -P-

  • MAME World has added Shoryureppa's MAMEWarp screenshot archive! Plus they've posted other interesting things as well! Go see. -P-

  • Looks like we're close to 10,000,000 visitors! That's a lotta zeroes! =) -P-

  • =NeoN= is making a comeback! Seems DeReth is slowly rebuilding things - he was the first to offer "split roms" to NeoGeo fans, so keep an eye on this useful site. (Thanks R.East) -P-

  • EMU+ 036 beta 12 (Pentium 2/3/Pro build for DOS) released! EMU+ is an UNOFFICIAL version of MAME with many luxury features. Here's what's new. Check the homepage for 486/586/K6 builds, source code and more info. -P-

  • A videogame tax for education in the UK? Maybe... (Thanks Hazard) -P-

  •    Tuesday, December 28th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:23 EST

  • DVD Hackers on Trial. (Thanks A.Saltzman) -P-

  • Genesis Power released Family Feud for Genesis! -P-

  • WarmToe has now released the 1st version of WebEnd, a pretty cool concept in frontends! It uses an HTML generator for the display, so it's possible to create elaborate frontend designs. I haven't tried it yet, but the idea sounds intriguing. -P-

  • M.E.P. is a great place for MSX fans! You'll find tons of MSX emulation there, including the latest RuMSX 0.20! -P-

  • Lilac has announced #5 in the Fine 9 of '99, this one might surprise some of you. Click here to find out, makes you wonder what other one's are a-coming :)

  • You know what I hate? Customers that nag me for a $.10 discount and then complain when I yell at them. "Where's the manager?", "I am the manager!". Like I don't have to pay rent or anything. You have no idea how many time I have had that baseball bat in my hands, swinging. One of these days, I will hit a home-run.

  • Pete Bernert has updated his TNT/OpenGL plugin for use with PSEmu Pro, here's what's new: a new texture caching mode: 'Dynamic' caching... it's working well on my new GeForce256 DDR :). You can download version 1.26 here.

  • DGen for Macintosh has been updated to v1.1.7. The new version fixes Saved Game support and adds RAVE mode. -R-

  • Overclocked - Pure Laziness

  • The Impact Emu site has gone black ... (the fact that the site has gone black does not mean that the project has ended! Stop harassing me about it, I'm still very sick and the reply you may get to your mail may not be what you'd expect.)

  • After reading the Impact messageboard, and an imformative mail from Lunatic, I'm happy to say the supposed leaked beta is nothing more than a *fake*. I'm told it's merely a GUI that does nothing - I don't know for sure if it's safe or a trojan, but I certainly won't be trying it to find out! -P-

  •    Monday, December 27th 1999 - Last updated @ 21:19 EST

  • I've (Prophet) started receiving "crybaby mail" about Impact's apparent leak and possible end etc. Before you cry to ME about anything, keep this in mind: I don't care what you think of Impact, the author or the leak. All leaks disgust me, it's the same as cheating or lying to a friend. As for some silly notion that the "community" deserves Impact or any other emu, grow up. Nobody owes you or me anything. As for the hype, there's hype EVERYWHERE nowadays, so that's no excuse, and I personally haven't contributed to the hype so PLEASE DON'T MAIL ME about this subject - I won't read it anyway. -P-

  • Emulation Camp's Fine Nine of '99 votes EmuDX as the 6th most influential emu of the year! -P-

  • World of Arcades released 3 new dumps: Prehistoric Isle (Bootleg version, SNK, 1989), Ikari III (World version, SNK, 1989) and Guerrilla War (Version1, SNK, 1987)! (Thanks Sys2064) -P-

  • Zan's MAME Compiling pages have been updated, so if you've ever wanted to make your own personal MAME build, here's the best way to learn! (Thanks MAME World) -P-

  • SMS Power never stops - recent releases include Super Space Invaders for SMS and Super Tank for SG1000! -P-

  • NeoGeo Team 2000 released Crossed Swords II! -P-

  • The Raine site was updated with news of Dead Connection being emulated! (Thanks PRoToCoL) -P-

  • Lilac has posted numbers 8 and 7 in the "Fine 9 of '99", the series about emulators with a certain impact on the scene.

  • Mike Green has posted some truly awesome screenshots of Donkey Kong .... with that special EmuDX touch!

  • If you come accros an *IMPACT EMU beta*, that has been posted on USENET or some 2-bit site trying to get some hits, PLEASE do not download it! The Impact Emu people have NOT released a beta to the public yet and if this crap continues, THEY NEVER WILL!!

  • This is Atila doing an update, I'm VERY sick and should be in my bed (which I have been for the past 3 days). I've had about oooh, 7 hours of sleep I think, over the past 3 days and I'm a wreck. Hopefully, things should be getting back to normal very soon.

  •    Sunday, December 26th 1999 - Last updated @ 22:43 EST

  • Here's Magic Engine beta 3! This $16 PC-Engine/TurboGrafx/CD/SuperGrafx emulator is really starting to look good! This Windows beta has lotsa fixes, plus support for the HotRod. :) I wonder if they added that cause I kept bugging them about it? It also correctly recognizes more games now, so SF2 won't be absent anymore. Anyway, give it a try - no sound in this demo beta of course. Homepage. -P-

  • Amiga Memory has placed some new gifts under the tree! -P-

  • Some frontends were updated, here's the scoop: FronTrash 2.0 was released, with TONS of fixes & features, including faster loading and support for 272(!) emulators! Atari 2600 fans should check out Easy2600 v0.81, which has lotsa fixes & new stuff! And keep an eye on WarmToe, they've got some interesting ideas for a new frontend concept. -P-

  • JNES 0.30 released! JNES is a Windows based NES emu by Jabo, and darn good at that. This release includes triple buffering in full screen mode (bye bye tearing) and support for the numeric keypad for player one (i.e. HotRod). Homepage. -P-

  •    Saturday, December 25th 1999 - Last updated @ 18:29 EST

  • NeoGeo Team 2000 has placed a new gift under the tree! -P-

  • While GeoShock is currently down, you can still read a Christmas message from Haze! :) -P-

  • Who registered mameworld.com?! If the individual(s) would be so kind to contact the original MAME World it would be appreciated. Perhaps some mutual agreement can be reached regarding this particular domain name. -P-

  • Madman's Cafe has done an update about Marvel vs. Capcom 2! Judge the pics for yourself. (Thanks Cracken) -P-

  • R&R Emulation is holding a weekly/bi-weekly game trivia contest with prizes like original copies of Road Rash 2 etc. Worth a look. -P-

  • WarmToe Play - "Very low-tech but it gets the job done!" Heh... Curious? Then go see for yourself. :) And YES, it's emu related. -P-

  • Back to the Roots has done a huge Xmas update! Amiga fans know they should go take a look right now! (Thanks M.Calavera) -P-

  • Here's a link to Easy2600, a brand new frontend for Atari 2600 emulators! (Thanks M.Swartz) -P-

  • Wanna see how Emulation-X's Project:Ex2k T-shirt is coming along? -P-

  • RS put a bunch of stuff under the tree! -P-

  • Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page, go drink some eggnog :)

  • EmuUnlim have revealed their little XMAS surprise, they're hosting 7 (!!) new sites, with one big one to be revealed next Friday.

  • Lilac over at EmuCamp has begun to countdown the Fine 9 of '99, revealing the 9 best emulators of the year. Today he reveals #9!

  • Overclocked - Lump of Coal

  • What a day to get sick :(

  •    Friday, December 24th 1999 - Last updated @ 16:22 EST

  • Here's my (Prophet) Review of the HanaHo ArcadePC Mini! If you're curious about this ready-made arcade cabinet from HanaHo Games, then check it out. You can also access this review and other stuff as well in our Other Stuff section on the left menu bar. -P-

  • Hav0k got creative and created The Monsters, a new comic. The first one is pretty funny, feel free to check it out :)

  • Santa Claus was stoned by a group of kids when he refused to give them candy, click here for the full story. Thanks to Shadowrye for the link.

  • A U.S. Federal Court has entered judgment on behalf of Nintendo of America against Bung Enterprises, a Hong Kong manufacturer and U.S. distributor of devices designed to produce and play unauthorized copies of Nintendo 64 and Game Boy software.

    The court awarded Nintendo more than $7 million in damages and issued a permanent injunction that prevents Bung from selling any device that has the capability of copying Nintendo's products. The injunction extends to the United States, Canada, Mexico, countries of Central and South America, and covers both traditional and Internet commerce.

    This is very bad, for everyone involved. Nintendo seems to forget that its developers also use these products to when developing games. People who develop games at home ("small-time programmers" :) are now having their hands tied. Not only is Nintendo trying to stop people from making back-up copies, it's also killing the developers. I just hope that Nintendo replaces my faulty Mario64 cart, without asking me to pay again for it. Click here for more on this, thanks to Drewbert for the link.

  • Overclocked - Emu-Judas. David has also uploaded a new remix and a new wallpaper, check those out too :)

  • iViLDeD has updated the IMPACT EMU site with news that IMPACT EMU will *NOT* be released in time for XMAS. And I quote: "Sorry to disappoint all of you who expected a Christmas release of Impact but that was only a rumor as I have pointed out several times on IRC in the past. The Impact Team rather spend their holidays with friends and family than hunting down bugs". Furthermore, the emulator requires 128MB of RAM, 64MB will not be enough. And the dump for SFEX2 seems to be a bad one :(

  • Adrox told me about the return of EmuSphere! It's good to see this great news source back in action. -P-

  • If you haven't noticed, GuruChoc has been busy lately, so you might like to pay him a visit. :) -P-

  • I picked up Dark Arms: Beast Busters 1999 for the NeoGeo Pocket Color today, and I HAD to write something about this game. Imagine Pokemon, Zelda and Gauntlet all wrapped up in SNK artwork, and you know this game is fantastic! As you hunt for a copy of SNK vs. Capcom, don't overlook this title; it's the best game on the NGPC in my opinion. -P-

  • FreeDonation.com is another site devoted to transferring banner clicks to charity via the World Health Organization - certainly worth looking at, especially during Xmas. -P-

  • ClrMAME Pro has been updated! (Thanks PRoToCoL) -P-

  • Amiga fans should enjoy Amiga Memory, a site devoted (you guessed it!) to that great computer system. -P-

  • CPS2 Shock has been updated! Raz says "I've updated CPS2Shock with the current state of play including a picture of the JAMMA test rig I'm building. I've also put a better quality SFZ manual online and a few other notes of interest etc." -P-

  • Genesis Power Xmas presents: Sesame Street Counting Cafe for the kids, Lotus II RECS for the overgrown kids ;). For older Sega systems, SMS Power's relentless release schedule is sure to offer something you'd enjoy! -P-

  • Yes, Prophet still lives... :) Here comes some news. -P-

  •    Thursday, December 23rd 1999 - Last updated @ 17:02 EST

  • PC GameWorld has opened a forum, with the question: Is it morally incorrect, or is it really preserving an important part of video game history?. If you would like to participate (and you want too ;), just click here, thanks to Guy H. for the link.

  • From this point, we here at Retrogames would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas, by the time I get into the office tomorrow, it will already be xmas in some places in the world. Since a lot of you will not be online during xmas, we're wishing you, your family and your friends all the best. Go easy easy on the eggnog, okay =)

  • Please visit http://thehungersite.com and click the button, you can click once a day and one of the sponsors will pay for food to a person in need.

  • This is a cool auction on eBay, someone is selling a complete arcade, thanks to tiny c for the link!

  • The lads at Daily EmuNews have conducted an interview with Darkmazda and RabidFrog, two of the people behind EmuSpace

  • I just had a scary thought, what if The Smurfs were called The Bleems ?!?! Think about it, Smurfette = Bleemette, Papa Smurf = Papa Bleem. Gah!

  • Ah, the wonders of the Internet: Online Pregnancy Test, thanks to Jim H. for the link :)

  • Challenge Games has released 2 new hacks: Super Mario Bros. Challenge version 5.0, and Metroid Challenge version .40. You can download them from their site linked above.

  • Well, Saulo B. sent me this mpg (1.5MB) and I couldn't stop laughing when I viewed it, check the thing on the kid's head :)

  • JoseQ has posted another Rumor Mill!!

  • BeGameboy 0.30 released! This is a Gameboy emulator for the BeOS operating system, here's what's new: Multithreading and GUI implemented. Does not need SDL anymore! Thanks to {placebo} for the news.

  • MAMED 0.36b11 released! Yes, this "truly portable" version of MAME for Digita cameras has been updated, James has improved the sound support for the Kodak DC265, he just to needs to improve the speed a bit to remove the choppines. Click here for the binary and here for the source, click here to read what's new for this release.

  • MESS 0.36 beta 12 released! MESS is a multi console emulator that emulates a HUGE amount of consoles/computers. The binary and source are available, for more info please check the MESS site. Thanks to VGN for the news.

  • MacMAME 0.36 beta 12 released! Both the binary and source are available from our MAME page, for a full listing of the new things, please check the MacMAME site.

  • I was thinking whether or not posting this pic, but since this is "art" I feel there should be no trouble. If you're young, you might want to pass on this one :) And if you like Santa Claus, you shouldn't view this pic =) Thanks to Darin F. and Lemmy for the links.

  • Zoop has discovered a nasty bug ("Depending on the mood of your computer, it could have crashed under DOS, or screwed anything it wanted" and has released Meka 0.32c accordingly :) Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • Sega Xtreme has had a massive update, go check it out!

  • Here's a nice XMAS present from John Carmack, he's released the QUAKE 1 source code! You can read a huge thread about this on SlashDot, thanks to the GAG newsletter for this piece of news :)

  •    Wednesday, December 22nd 1999 - Last updated @ 17:26 EST

  • Dave Spicer has released a bugfixed version of Sparcade, "This release fixes a minor problem which prevented the audio from working correctly in Gradius 3"!. Click here to download Sparcade 2.33b, thanks to SYS2064 for the news. :)

  • MAME World updates! A new MAMEINFO.DAT has been released, as well as a new version of MAMELOAD (MAME frontend). It's getting late here in cold, windy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, so I'll probably call it quits for today.

  • I've just discovered Zophar's Domain's newsletter (I know, shame on me =), it's been a while since I last read a newsletter, reminds me of DemoNews :)

  • Overclocked - Perils

  • Following Sega's announcement of downloadable PCE/Genesis games for Dreamcast, Nintendo has announced that it will offer NES downloads to 64DD users. Games will cost as little as $1 a piece. The emulator is already finished for use with the 64DD, the service will only be available in Japan, read GameSpot for more on this, thanks to Giulio S. for the link.

  • Because of the downtime that MonroeWorld has suffered recently, the signup date for the Classic Gaming Gauntlet has been pushed back 'til December 26th. So if you haven't signed up yet, you just got another chance ;)

  • The Nemu site has been updated with a bit of news .... and load of new pics! Lemmy is currently rewriting the core ("At the moment we lost some compatiblity but the new core is very FAST ") and the pictures they've posted look VERY good, let's hope Lemmy and crew make us happy VERY soon :) Thanks to coolmos for the news.

  • I've received some REALLY cool pictures, showing that "adult entertainment" and classic gaming do mix, too bad I can't post them, they're a bit on the "hot" side :) Thanks to Alan for the pics.

  • Sparcade 2.33 Beta released! Finally Dave Spicer releases a new version of his SUPERFAST arcade emulator, here's what's new:
    Arkanoid, Airwolf, Galaga, Gradius 3.
    Please note that this version is strictly a 'beta' release and has many known problems. Please refer to the readme.txt file for more details.

    You can also download recorded games by clicking here. Please check the Dave Spicer's site for more info, thanks to VGN for the news.

  •    Tuesday, December 21st 1999 - Last updated @ 23:11 EST

  • Genesis Power says Merry Xmas with "Daze Before Christmas" for Genesis! And of course don't forget SMS Power for the best in Sega 8bit releases! -P-

  • Meka 0.32b has been released to the public!!! Meka is a superb Sega 8bit console (& other stuff too) emu for DOS, written by Zoop & Hiro-shi. Registered users should also download this build, as it contains some minor bugfixes as well. Visit the Meka homepage for more info. (Thanks PRoToCoL) -P-

  • After a really long hiatus, Zinger has updated Emu On Air, his Realaudio emulation show. It's the XMAS show, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. (Btw, I did not bribe Zinger =)

  • The AVIs I captured are *crystal clear*, the MPGs are a bit less, but still better than the Shake-O-Rama (tm) ASFs that were posted yesterday :) I've uploaded 3 movies, the first is from SFEX2 (600kb), the next is from SFEX+ (2.5MB) I think, because I can't remember. The last is from SFEX (9MB). I think that about covers it. I'm new to this encoding business, so this will have to do for now :) Impact runs over 30 fps on my PII-266, the AVI files were captured between 8 and 12 fps, with MASSIVE overhead.

  • Gridle has once again updated the MAME WIP page: Gradius 3 has been added!!

  • Dexanoid released! This is a *free* N64 game which can be used with real N64s (thru backup devices) and emulators, the game is an Arkanoid type of game, with slick graphics and music! We can thank Protest Design for the lovely game.

  • Ooooh, XMAS doodie :)

  • Donkey Kong will soon receive an "EmuDX treatment", Frogger and Galaxian have been bumped upto 24bit color and GALAGA is the first multi-cpu game to be added! As always, check the EmuDX site for more info.

  • Contest Time! EmuCamp is giving away a copy of Magic Engine, check the site for further instructions. EmuHQ is giving away a NeoGeo Pocket Color and 3 games, click here for more! And Emulation64 is giving away an Adaptoid (N64 to PC interface that let`s you toggle your N64 controller to your PC via your USB port), all you have to do is create a cool banner for them :)

  • Pics of Continental Circus have been posted at the Raine site. They're also hosting Warlock's Emulation Status page, which is worth a check. Last but not least, pics of Gun Lock and Solitairy Fighter have also been added. And a merry xmas to you too ;) Thanks to PRoToCoL for the news.

  • Zoop has released Meka 0.32 to registered users, unregistered users will have to wait a short bit before they can get their hands on it ;) Thanks to VGN for the news.

  • Overclocked - Eye for an Eye (Based on the "Champi" fiasco ;)

  • I'll be posting CRYSTAL CLEAR IMPACT EMU MOVIES later today, which I'll be making with HyperCam, the files will be in MPEG or even MPEG2 format, so it will be viewable on various platforms :)

  •    Monday, December 20th 1999 - Last updated @ 11:11 EST

  • Implantable in Humans - With Applications in E-business to Business Security, Health Care and Criminal Justice <-- .ie, you can run, but you can NEVER hide again! Click here for the full story, thanks to waldo|| for the link.

  • I've made 2 ASFs with my (crappy USB) webcam, using Windows Media Encoder. Since Media Encoder takes upto 80% of my PC's resources, things are slow, MUCH slower than IMPACT is on my machine. When Media Encoder isn't running, I get over 30 fps :) I've made 2 movies, one at 100kbps where I (try to) play Street Fighter EX and one at 37 kbps where I (again try to) play Star Gladiator 2. The music is NOT from Impact Emu, it's from a CD I had to play to keep Media Encoder from giving me weird error messages (long story)

  • Earlier today, CHAMPI (SNES emu) was released. DJ of EmuForce has posted a lenghty update about why he thinks that CHAMPI is just a SNES9X compile with a different GUI, very interesting indeed.

  • Lots of new goodies at MAME WORLD: MAME Classic 0.36b12 (frontend), ArcadeOS 2.33 (frontend) and MAME Joy have all been updated!

  • The Impact has moved to its own domain and has also changed its name to IMPACT EMU, I'm not sure about the XMAS release date, but it's bound to get here sooner or later. I might even put up an ASF/MPEG file of me running IMPACT EMU, for those not in the know, I've streamed IMPACT EMU using my webcam to people in #Retrogamers (EFnet IRC), people were pretty amazed :) Oh yeah, be sure to check out those new Psychic Force pics!

  • Magic Engine Beta 2 released! Straight from the site:
    Phew, things are getting better!This new beta should fix both the CD-ROM problem and the color problem. It should be usable now. :) Only the TV mode can still have weird colors... But please note that this is a beta, a lot of things, sound included, are disabled in this version, this is not the final version! Speaking of the final version, the end is near, we are making good progress on the sound problem, everything should be fixed very very soon! Please be a little more patient. (^^; We are doing our best to fix everything.
    There's a bit more info ont his new release available at the Magic Engine site, thanks to PRoToCoL and Chevolt for the news.

  •    Sunday, December 19th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:18 EST

  • Genesis Power released "The Pagemaster" for Genesis! -P-

  • Desmond Llewelyn, an actor best known for his role as 'Q' in the James Bond movies, was killed in a car crash this evening. -R-

  • Various release update: Arcade ROMs from Japan released "Youma Ninpouchou" (Nichibutsu 1988)! ShinobiZ has released several System32 games recently, including "Burning Rivals"! World of Arcades released "Bells'n Whistles" (clone of "Detana! Twin-Bee", Konami 1991)! (Thanks Sys2064) -P-

  • Mega PacMAME has been released! Check MAME World for the dot-munching details. -P-

  • EmuChrist is slowly coming back together. Most recently they've added goodies for MAME 0.36 beta 12! -P-

  • Some NeoGeo related news: NeoGeo Team 2000 released Samurai Shodown CD, RS is planning some sort of Xmas present! Also, be sure to visit Haze & Katharsis at GeoShock for the best in NeoGeo related news and files. CHEER UP HAZE!!! =) -P-

  • The JNES homepage has posted a screenshot of an upcoming release with NSF support! The author, Jabo, also asks people to use his messagebord for support and questions. JNES is a superb NES emu for Windows. Here's the current version, JNES 0.26c. -P-

  • I (Prophet) just tried the new Magic Engine beta, and it doesn't work with HotRod panels! Unless I'm missing something, the button mapper doesn't seem to recognize the player one joystick, which uses the numeric keypad. Hopefully this can be addressed. -P-

  • Microsoft has released DirectX 7.0a, lots of fixes :) Thanks to Unclevom for the news.

  • Hu-Go 1.06 released! More PCE action, Zeograd has released version 1.06 of his PCE emulator, you can download the both the DOS and LINUX binaries from our PCE page.

  • Overclocked - Physical Frontend. David Lloyd will be taking a short break from creating a daily "Overclocked", but he will post some related things. And what's this about an OC about yours truly being in the works ?!

  • Magic Engine Beta released! It's not the full release that was promised, so this will have to do for now :) Remember that this is a beta, so your bound (?) to have some trouble, the sound isn't working right now, for more info please check the Magic Engine site.

  • PC.IGN trys to find the best PC game ever created. Toss your favorite at IGN before tomorrow. (I voted for Karateka)

    LoonyGames' PC Fight Club feature attempts to understand why the PC doesn't merit great fighting games like the consoles.

    Nintendojo endeavors to put both sides of the language barrier debate in front of the public with Quebec's side and the Industry's side.

    If you can afford to call Japan or happen to live in Japan, Sega has something that any Dreamcast owner will want to try, a 60 frames per second gaming network. Source: ReTokyo

    Magic Box's Top Ten charts show an interesting point under the Japanese Hardware Sales Chart. During November 22th through November 28th, the Wonderswan outsold GameBoy and the Neo Geo Pocket Color

    Electronic Arts' stock took a record dive and Apple's woes continue. Sources: Bloomberg and ZDNet

  •    Saturday, December 18th 1999 - Last updated @ 16:55 EST

  • Rodimus Prime has released A/PMAME 0.36 beta 12, get it from MAME WORLD.

  • Classic Gamer Issue #2 shipped December 16, 1999.

    Dreamcast items include a preview of Puyo Puyo Da! and speculation concerning a Shinobi remake. Sources: GameSpot and Fastest Gaming News

    Five new pics of Activision's Spiderman swinging into PSX action courtesy of Gaming Age.

    New NGPC knowledge says the upcoming Ogre Battle appears to be a port of the SNES version. Source: Gaming Intelligence Agency

    Yet, another N64 Space Invaders review. Source: IGN64

    Grab some popcorn before sitting down to enjoy the new Turrican 3D movies and Street Fighter III W Impact movies. Sources: GameSpot and Gaming Age

    Destined for your local arcade, Strider 2 or Strider Hiryu 2 appears to be something to look forward to. Sources: CoreMagazine and Capcom Japan

    Some classic games were booted out of Brazil. Affected titles include Mortal Kombat, Duke Nukem, Doom, and etc being banned in Brazil. Source: GameSpot

  • Amiga fans should check out Cloanto's Amiga Forever Holiday Bundle - lotsa goodies and historical stuff to play with! -P-

  • GamePics has reached 5000 game screenshots online! (Thanks Opi from EmuCamp) -P-

  • Genesis Power update: Madden NFL 97 for the Genesis! -P-

  • Happy Birthday to Richard Bush AKA Antiriad, the main Raine man!!! =) (Thanks GeoShock) -P-

  • The binary for MAME 0.36 b12 is available from our MAME page, thanks to Gridle for the compile.

  • EmuDX has moved from that SASS Site to JoseQ's Emuviews, it can now be found at the following URL: http://emudx.emuviews.com/

  • More updates at MAME World, a new PacMAME (Pacman-only version of MAME) has been released as well as PMESS, Rodimus Prime's Pentium optimised version of MESS.

  • MAME 0.36 Beta 12 released! The source can be downloaded from here, the binary will be up shortly. Click here to see what's new.

  • Overclocked - Holiday Spirit

  • Gridle has posted a small MAME WIP update.

  • Cowering has released GoodGBC 0.9, a Gameboy Color rom renamer/checker. This release knows 326 roms and hacks.

  •    Friday, December 17th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:27 EST

  • Gridle has posted another MAME WIP update, there are lots of bugfixes this time :)

  • From the people of Sega Otaku comes Sony Otaku, if you're looking for a bit of PSX/2 news, previews and reviews, be sure to check that out.

  • SPCAMP is a Winamp plugin to play SPC files, version 0.601 is available from the ZSNES site

  • Oldsk00l Winamp plugin 0.87 released! This is a replacement for Winamp's .mod player, it doesn't take the place of the .xm/.it player, this one is a bit more compatible with older .mod (tracked music) formats. Thanks to Nemesis1 for the news.

  • Sony's PSX2 Internet plans are solely high-speed, don't expect any modem support. PSX2 game previews of Onimusha and Evergrace have been updated. Sources: Gaming Age, Game Informer, GameSpot

    While the title isn't Sweepstakes Winner, the Dreamcast's Let's Create A Derby Stallion should keep track fans happy. Treasure's creating a classic 16 bit collection disc for the Dreamcast, which includes Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier. Source: GameFan

    GameSpot has four new Game Boy Color Blaster Master screens. A GameBoy modem to play online is coming. The first title to utilize this ability, a Pokemon game. Source: GameFan

    Two recent NGPC reviews of Neo Turf Masters and Snk vs Capcom-Card Fighter's Clash. Source: Gaming Age

    GameSpot's grab bag has notes: about Hasbro's gaming portal including arcade java games; revealing the five bands that Electronic Arts choose for RoadRash: Jailbreak; and concerning Take-Two making enough money on this year's EarthWorm Jim that monetary logic suggests he'll be back.

  • Realityman/BxNoMercy has posted a little something about UltraHLE and Jagulator on the EmuGaming Messageboard, we will not be seeing UHLE 1.1 this month, as he's concentrating on Jagulator. Thanks to EmuGaming for the news.

  • Special season's greetings from Exodus3D :)

  • Overclocked - Overclocked meets Pachuka and MAMEBucks Coffee (the latter is really cool :)

  • Mike Stulir's Back In Time has posted a review for Pacman World, for the Playstation. He also mentions it's bleemable :)

  • Mini Mania Magazine has posted a bit of news about the NGPC ID numbers, US carts have an extra "1" in the cart's ID, here's an example:

  • Cowering has released GoodGB 0.22, here's what's new: larger, near complete database, many roms renamed to the correct spelling as seen on title screen special hack for the 'Ant Soldiers' game. GoodGB is a GB rom renamer and knows over 1900 roms and hacks.

  • Dith has released new samples for Pole Position and Turbo, MAME fans rejoice :)

  •    Thursday, December 16th 1999 - Last updated @ 13:50 EST

  • Namco's hyped about the PSX2. Source: Core Magazine

    Wolfenstein 2000's existence was verified by Tim Willits. Source: Shuga Shack

    A new NGPC title, called CoolBoarders Pocket, unreleated to the PSX series, has four screen images available on Game Informer.

    Invaders invade MarioLand with N64 Space Invaders. Source: GameFan

    Ten new action shots from Street Fighter III: W Impact are at GameSpot.

    Declassified tank footage from Blaster Master is available on GameSpot.

    50 seconds of glory, no not that, can be found at Core Magazine. It's video from the Play Station 2's Tekken Tag Tournament.

    Pocket.IGN reviewed the Game Boy Color's Classic Bubble Bobble.

  • RomCenter 1.80 released! Eric Bole-Feysot has released a new version of his rom manager, new datfiles for SNES/Raine/NGPC/NES are also available, be sure to download those too.

  • Mike Stulir sent me a nice mail, here goes: Several months ago, Back In Time posted some previews of some "in development" products from Atari/Hasbro Interactive. Now that those games have gone gold, and are available on store shelves, Back In Time has done complete reviews of those titles...including new screen captures, system requirements, and other information not available at the time the original articles were written. The games that have been reviewed are Missile Command, Pong, and Arena Blast. Look for a full review of Pac-Man World: 20th Anniversary on Friday.

  • Magic Engine's next release has been pushed back. David & Cedric Michel explain the details on the MagicEngine site. -w

  • Since the Deca2000 voting booth has closed, the 10 games for the MAME Decathlon 2000 (Deca2000) are now known! If you want to participate in this (and want to be eligible for that Custom Arcade Cabinet, you better start recording those INP files and making screenshots! They're giving away over $2,500 worth of prizes, Deca2000 is an officially sanctioned Twin Galaxies event :)

  • More Overclocked - Spooky

  • Here's a cool new Sinclair Spectrum site for you Speccy fans! It's still new and under construction, but should have much to offer soon enough. (Thanks Namco) -P-

  • CDR Info reviewed the Shinco 8320 DVD/VCD/SVCD/CD/MP3 Player! Basically this thing plays nearly anything that's round and shiny! :) -P-

  • GrMAME32 0.36 b11 released, this is a German version of MAME32, my apologies for the late post, Olli :) Verzeihe mir, ich wirt's (werde es) nieeeeeeeeeee wieder machen =)

  • Interceptor's Simply Amiga is not dead, it's just hibernating right now :)

  • Overclocked - EmuMan #2

  • We'd like to thank everyone who's been clicking our banner, we were able to buy one of these babies. We'll be flying around the world come December 31st, perhaps we'll stop in YOUR hometown too ;) Thanks to Exodus3D for the design and the Boeing Corporation, ofcourse.

  •    Wednesday, December 15th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:27 EST

  • MacTX has been updated to v0.91 beta. In completely unrelated information, if you need a good christmas present for someone, you could do far worse than a copy of this CD - which I sing in.-R-

  • Speaking of NesToy, version 2.6b was released earlier today. Check the NesToy site for more info.

  • Kendra-K approached me on IRC, asking if I would be willing to post an interview that was conducted with Digitoxin, author of NesToy, guess what, here it is. It was slightly edited, I added the ugly red color, sorry aboot that =)

  • Have you had your Vegies today ?

  • Emuunlim will have something special for the 25th of December, The Magnificent Seven, it'll be a nice Xmas present :)

  • Speaking of T-shirts, the Retrogames T-Shirts are just about done, you will not believe how much bad luck I've had. The colors are (slightly) different from the current logo, it contains too many colors and screens tend to be expensive .....

  • EmuCamp now has 3 owners, Zoop, uzplayer and Zeroage are now all owners of the site, Emulation X will also be posting interviews and be releasing a T-Shirt soon :) The past 3 items are all part of a special package, this was the "hyped news" for the 15th.

  • EmuSpace has opened, the first (?) real portal for the emulation community!

  • A new site has risen (almost ;) called CeNetWorks, in both digital and paper form!

  • Genesis Power has released Mortal Kombat (JUE) for the Genesis. I remember when I purchased this game, way back when, we couldn't stop playing it eventhough it sucked =)

  • Just when you thought it was safe, here comes MicroSoft Windows 2000. No official date for the first service pack has been set yet. Source: Amrod -w

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan recently released some new *unemulated* game dumps: Reikai Doushi (Chinese Exorcist}, Hasamu & Hal21 (Jpn)! Congratulations on surpassing 200 dumps! -P-

  • The release date for Magic Engine has slipped back a few days, the PC version will be out by the 18th, the Mac version will follow on the 28th of this month. Thanks to everyone that mailed and /msg me on IRC.

  • Longevity's Digital Arcade is almost back, check the Flash 4 movie for more info :P

  • Overclocked - I have this dream

  • Many mirrors were added at the NeoGeo Team 2000 Site, chances are you can download easier now!

  • Mini Mania Magazine has conducted an interview with Judge, who is working on a freeware NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator. The interview is available in English and in Italian.

  • Cowering has released GoodGB 0.2, more roms were added to the database :)

  • RetroGaming Radio airs! Shane Monroe has slightly altered the format of the show, chanes are you'll find it a bit more enjoyable, perhaps :) Here's what gets talked about, this time: We talk about the Classic Gaming Gauntlet, give our first impressions of the CustomArcade controller, a review of PacMan World 20th Anniversary for Playstation, and much much more. This show lasts for 37 minutes, you can download or listen to it streamed (Real G2 required) on our official RetroGaming Radio Mirror.

  • Capcom's first quarter 2000 game release list contains seven retro remakes. Source: Adrenaline Vault

    Namco and Sony decided to commemorate Pacman's 20th anniversary by creating an exclusive Sony-Namco mini-disc Walkman. Unfortunately, the 2000 units are available only to Japanese consumers. Source: Core Magazine

    PSX.IGN previewed Chrono Cross.

    Videogames.com added more Road Rash: JailBreak movies. EA claims it'll ship in January 2000.

    Industry views of the prior Sony vs Bleem round and predictions for next round:Adrenaline Vault; Fastest Gaming News; GameFan; Core Magazine; and PSX.IGN.

    Heavy Metal's sequel movie, Heavy Metal: Fakk2
    will not be released to theaters. Instead, HBO will debut the movie. The game is still a go. Source: Adrenaline Vault

    Another cult classic, ThunderBirds should have game versions appearing in the future.

  •    Tuesday, December 14th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:47 EST

  • I'm beginning to lose track of the score right now, but I think Sony vs. Bleem! is currently 0 - 3 or 0 - 4, yes, Sony lost again ;) Thanks to Randyman for the link.

  • Here's what Duddie was wearing on his head, he will never be the same ;)

  • Penny Arcade's last Bench got overlooked, but certainly deserved a mention.-w

  • GuruChoc updated his site with some interesting stuff, including a Mystery ROM! Hmm... -P-

  • Kyo has updated KoF Perfect with more NeoGeo cover scans, including all KoF CD titles except 99! Other cool stuff and news as well. -P-

  • TempEd is a very cool level editor for that great Atari color vector classic, Tempest! Using this utility you can create the Tempest webs of your dreams (or nightmares?) & play them on emulators. All courtesy of Thundercross. (Thanks Stratosphear) -P-

  • Genesis Power update: "Since it is December and it is beginning to get quite cold in some places, we decided to release something to remind you of the warm Summer days: Normy's Beach Babe-O-Rama for the Genesis!" NBA Hang Time for the Genesis was also recently released! -P-

  • I (Prophet) received the Hanaho Games Capcom Coin-Op Classics Volume 1 CD-ROM yesterday! First impressions: It's a pretty cool bonus for HanaHo customers! You get a highly modified, older version of MAME32 with a simple yet slick looking frontend. Oddly there are 16 ROMs on the CD, but the HanaHo frontend accesses just 14 of them. Also included is a very cool little graphical test utility for the HotRod controls. What really counts is the 100% legal license to play those Capcom titles on your PC. -P-

  • Wanna see something scary ? Check this pic of Duddie with something nasty on his head, wanna know what the nasty thing is ? Check back in a bit =)

  • Followup on the Core Design executive who tried to acquire a nine year old girl for sex. May he make many new friends where he's headed.

  • Game Informer posted seven pictures from Infogrames The Smurfs.

    Game Fan covers or rather, uncovers Tomb Raider. Maybe your looking forward to the Final Fantasy movie trailer net appearance or the January 26th delivery of Final Fantasy VIII PC to retailers.

    Turrican is leaving the 2D environment behind. While you wait for a release date, these ten Turrican 3D images should hold you. Source: GameSpot News

    GameSpot News gives the N64DD a thorough examination. Mario Paint Studio and Kyojin the Doshin receive a test drive.

    Coming to the Game Boy Color, Godzilla: The Series is based on the American Godzilla rendition, which many Americans and the rest of the world thought belonged at the bottom of the ocean, along with every known copy of the movie. Source: Pocket IGN

    A Shigeru Miyamoto interview revealed Zelda fans may need to wait five years for a Dolphin appearance. Source: IGN64

  • We're proud to announce that Bnu's X68000 Games Pile is now hosted by Retrogames, welcome aboard, Bnu :)

  • Emuforce has posted an interview with the authors of Jackal, a new PSX emulator, you can read the interview by clicking here.

  • Overclocked - Pookie

  • Over 400 C64 games were added to Lemon, the C64 Game Source, yesterday. Many of them are not available anywhere else on the internet, and screenshots are available for every game :)

  • Rodimus Prime has released AMESS, which is a build of MESS, optimized for P2/AMD processors. If you haven't tried MESS before, you should try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised :)

  • Neil Bradley has released ZM80 3.0, his Z-80 emulator. Here's a snippet from the mail I received: This is a vastly improved Z80 emulator core (over my 2.7 release of Feb '99). It was validated against a Z80 on an ISA card, so it is bug free and deadly accurate. Plus, it's fast as hell - outruns any other freeware Z80 core by 2-3X, and includes a beta C version along with it. Since I couldn't have said it better myself, I won't even try =) Bold claims? Knowing Neil Bradley, they're probably valid. If you were in need of a fast Z-80 emulator, be sure to give this a try.

  •    Monday, December 13th 1999 - Last updated @ 17:04 EST

  • Smf has released Redump 2.5, it supports the MVS version of Burning Fight. You can download it from SYS2064.

  • E.M.U.+ 0.36 Beta 11 released! (NOTE: This version fixes the partial screen problem! -P-) E.M.U+ (Enhanced MAME Unofficial Plus) is a compilation of special (luxury) features that are currently not included in the OFFICIAL MAME/MAME32. Some of them are (but not limited to) overclocking of every CPU emulated, auto fire and more. Please remember that this could not exist if it wasn't for MAME. Here's what's new for this release, both the binaries and the source can be downloaded from the site linked above.

  • More EMUDX news, Mike is starting to add more CPUs to the project .... and what's this about Centipede ?!

  • Zipmany 6.01 has been released, you can download the shareware version from the Zipmany site.

  • Hahahahaha, I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes here :) Thanks to Ron W. for the link.

  • Cowering has released new versions of "Good" series of rom renamers/checkers, GoodNES 2.5 and Good2600 0.94 are available :)

  • Maechiko has updated GBFan Plus (GB emu) and SegaG3 (SMS/GG/Mark3 emu), get them from their appropriate pages. Thanks to Kinox for the news.

  • A new .ini for use with UltraHLE (N64 emulator) has been released. Banjo Kazooie is now the correct size, for more info and the .ini file, please check http://www.emuhq.com/ultrahle. Thanks to Z-95 for the news.

  • In HanaHo news, the much ballyhooed Capcom ROMs CD is complete, and being mailed out to HotRod owners! I don't yet have a copy, but expect this CD to be part of my ArcadePC review when I finally get around to finishing it. :) BTW - I hear MAME is on the CD in some shape or form as well. -P-

  • News from Arcade 2000: Jeff Kemper has created a unique Driving controller with help from Ray Iddings! Sounds great for Pole Position - check it out. These controllers should be for sale soon as well. -P-

  • Just heard on the radio - An "executive" from Core Design (Tomb Raider etc.) was arrested for trying to procure a 9 year old girl for sex. As someone who has taught children, I'm very glad they caught the SOB. If other staff would like to fill in some blanks to this story, feel free to edit my post. -P-

  • Today's OverClocked is called, "Enter Sproutman."

  •    Sunday, December 12th 1999 - Last updated @ 19:03 EST

  • Meka version .31 registered has been released. Contributors receive a password to decompress the zip. Everyone else can wait a few days. Being a member has its benefits. -W (Link removed by Atila)

  • Here's a news round-up: PSX Play 1.35 (win32 PSX movie player) was released earlier, it's in Japanese, so have fun ;) Pagan 0.1.4 was also released today, this N64 emulator now uses a plugin system. And SDK to develop plugins is available on the site. And Kinox is reporting that a new InfoNES was released, InfoNES has the dubious honor of being the slowest NES emulator in the world, according to Kinox ;)

  • The Register produced a few interesting bits this past week which include: some backfill on the Japanese Fair Trade Commission's probe into Apple's offices and practices; why the RIAA wants Napster's financial head and assets handed over; and, Quebec isn't just asking Nintendo to comply with Article 52 of the French Language Charter, but Sony and all other commercial internet sites.-W

  • Well, a PCE/TG16 page was added today, |PrimeGL| of NEXUS was kind enough to make one :)

  • Overclocked - And Now, Deep Thoughts

  • The Raine Site is now hosting Richard Mitton's R.A.Z.E site, RAZE is a VERY accurate Z80 emulator, it features almost perfect emulation of the undocumented features. The Raine team is also looking for looking for someone who can provide Japanese translations for all the raine gui strings (look in languages\template.cfg) and also all the game names in Japanese (shift-jis format preferred), they already have a Japanese interface, you can check the GUI pic on the Raine Site. Thanks to PRoToCoL for that last bit of news :)

  • Overclocked has gotten its own domain! David Lloyd, Green and Pretzel have moved to www.overclocked.org and will be continuing their antics from there ;) To celebrate, "DJ Pretzel" has remixed the Phantasy Star 3 intro music, you can download it fromthe OC Site :)

  •    Saturday, December 11th 1999 - Last updated @ 16:35 EST

  • MAME32 0.36 b11 released! The official port has been updated, it now uses the ASM 68k core for more speed. Check the MAME32 Q&A Site more info!

  • A new MAMEINFO.DAT is available @ MAME WORLD, just put the file in your MAME dir :)

  • WOW! Frogger has been EMuDX'd !!

  • I've updated the console pages and with a bit of luck I will be able to finish the multi-arcade game emu page. More pages for emulators will be added, PCE being one of the first. It's just that, you know, I'm lazy :)

  • BattleTech has evolved way beyond the early 1990's console manifestations. Source: Adrenaline Vault

    Twin Galaxies' sponsoring a public video game competition called Coronation Day. The tournament starts January 8, 2000. Whereas the event was normally invitation only, the resurrected gaming event is now open to any gamer. To compete you'll need to fill out a registration form, when it becomes available.

    GameSpot's retro highlights include: a Game Boy Advance version of Zelda being planned and developed; Track and Field 2000 for the Game Boy Color and PSX, running out the doors of Konami; Konami continuing to make Track and Field variations and translations, with the next event occurring in the PSX2 arena.

    Game Fan notes that: a new Donkey Kong swings onto the Game Boy Color; SNK has listed special moves from SNK VS Capcom and posted a full character roster on the SNK website.

    Hopefully Godzilla Impact won't blow like the big guy's last movie. He sure doesn't look anything like his prior NES versions. Source: Core Magazine

    Konami's Blades Of Steel 2000 careens into the N64 next January. Somebody should be put in the penalty box for missing a holiday release date. Source: N64.IGN

    Not quite the same game as the original Puyo Puyo, Compile posted a movie of the Dreamcast's Puyo Puyo Dai in action.

    In order to better hype the December 22nd launch, SNK is offering two Samurai Spirits: New Chapter Of Blade, a.k.a. Warrior's Rage 2 in the USA, media downloads. One movie in a mpg format, while the other is an avi.

  • Overclocked - SNK-glish

  • Good2600 0.93 released! Cowering has added more roms to the Atari 2600 rom database :)

  • NeoGeo Team 2000 have released the Magician Lord ISO+MP3. They're also looking for mirrors, so if you can help, please do :)

  • A new version of CB64 for JAVA has been released, click here for more info!

  • OS/2 MAME 0.36.b11 released! Both the 486 and Pentium build are available from our MAME page, the source will be added soon.

  • Rodimus Prime has released A/PMAME 0.36 beta 11, you can download it from MAME WORLD :)

  •    Friday, December 10th 1999 - Last updated @ 15:28 EST

  • Mike Green has posted an update on EmuDX - speed-ups rule!

  • Only in Quebec could this lawsuit even be conceived. Source: IGN Pocket and Amrod

    It warms your heart to see rivals sharing a conference together, Sony and Sega will be sending speakers to next year's Game Developers Conference. Source: GameCenter

    Don't wait on the 64DD to make a trans-Pacific journey. If you want one, buying an import will be your only option. Source: Fastest Gaming News

    GameFan scores big points with: BattleZone64 pictures; a Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness review; a Konami Arcade Classics review which includes Gyruss, Pooyan, Scramble, Time Pilot, and Yie Ar Kung-Fu; and a little NGPC info blurb.

    Enter Nintendo's Donkey Kong 64 Rap contest, if you dare.

  • MAME32ASM 0.36 beta 11 (an *unofficial* build) was released earlier today, this build has the Netplay" function enabled. You can download both the binary and source code from the MAME32ASM site.

  • Genesis Power has released the US version of Prince of Persia. The intro in a little different from the European version, that is found on the net.

  • After Pokemon and Chinpokomon (Southpark), there is now Poopymon :) Thanks to cdman for the link.

  • Overclocked - R U Xperienced ?

  • If you're kids are annoying you or are just too active, it's time for KIDSTONED! Yes, Kidstoned is chewable valium for kids, it will make your life easier (and theirs too ;) You can download the commercial for KIDSTONED above, it's only 2MB. This has been a public service announcement.

  • Limbs asked me to let you all know that SegaXtreme has moved to a faster server :)

  • NeoCD 0.80 released! This NEOGEO CD emulator has update, here's what's new: Made better use of 68000 core. 15-25% faster, ADPCM emulation, partial YM2610 emulation, Fixed some problems with CDDA, Fixed auto anims speed, Fixed a bug in memory card management, Ability to set up audio volumes direct from emulator. You can download both the source and binary. Please check the NeoCD site for more info, thanks to Emucamp for the news.

  • Larry Bank has released HIVE 1.04, his superfast multi arcade game emulator! There's lots of new stuff, most importantly: Added support for Arkanoid, Scramble, Time Pilot, Pooyan, Amidar, Frogger and Metro Cross. He has also added a few speedups here and there, for a full listing, please check the HIVE site.

  • Sometimes you just have one of those days ..... yesterday was one of them :)

  •    Thursday, December 9th 1999 - Last updated @ 14:22 EST

  • Midway announced their holiday Game Boy Color lineup which includes translations of Rampart and Marble Madness. Source: GameCenter

    Adrenaline Vault quotes CTW as saying expect a glimpse of MicroSoft's X-Box during the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

    More details about Activision's N64 X-Men title courtesy of Fastest Gaming News.

    Doh! It's about time that Fox brought the Simpsons to the PSX. Source: GameFan

    Dragon Quest's main man posts bad news. Or maybe Yuji Horii just had an off day after his disagreement with Enix's Public Relations Department. Source: GameSpot

    Lastly, there are no scooby snacks, there never were any scooby snacks, and they don't exist. I might have to suspend next April's win a Yeti contest in light of recent events.

  • EmuForce is in need of news updaters, serious applicants please mail DJ.

  • xmame-0.36b11.1 is out!!!  -C-

  • Cowering is on a roll here, after GoodNES and GoodGB you can now download Good2600, which you can use to check/rename your Atari 2600 roms. Good2600 knows 600+ Atari 2600 roms, it's not complete yet, so if you can help out, please mail Cowering!

  • IcraveTV.COM (best site on the net, 100% guaranteed!) is being sued by various networks, click here for more. Thanks to Howie for the link.

  • Overclocked - OverRocked, B.C. #1

  •    Wednesday, December 8th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:17 EST

  • On a more somber note, my shoulder/neck/back injury has been getting worse these past few days. At this time it's excrutiatingly painful to do simple things with my left arm, including typing and playing games. Not fun. So I may take some time off from updating, but I WILL be back. Apologies in advance, but never fear, Atila's here! If Chris and Wook could help cover me a bit as well, that would be much appreciated. -P-

  • Umm... Atila, why are so many people asking me for Scooby snacks and sending me Smurfs?! =) -P-

  • My friend Stratosphear told me about a new Magnavox Odyssey emulator! Sadly, I'm old enough to remember playing an Odyssey at a friend's house back in the day. -P-

  • Genesis Power released Pitfall for Genesis! All old releases are now back online too! -P-

  • The ROM Info Bundle, 14 seperate utilities for batch processing and renaming emulator ROMs, has been updated to v1.4b3. The main change in this version is code that can repair invalid .smd Genesis ROMs. -R-

  • You probably heard about this already, we had the first school shooting in The Netherlands yesterday. Hopefully it'll be the last. A Turkish boy shot 5 people yesterday, but he was going after one specific person, which he also shot. Noone was killed, but they were all severly injured. The boy's sister was having a relationship with that one specific boy and her father did not like it, since the 2 families (the girl's and her boyfriend's) have been fueding for a long time. Also, it's not really allowed for a Turkish girl to do as she pleases (sounds weird eh ?), girls also have to (or are required to, "since noone likes 2nd hand goods") enter into wedlock as a virgin. Guess that was screwed up (sorry for the bad pun ;)

  • Happy birthday to Guru-Choc :P

  • From January 2000 on, BT will be offering flat-rate internet acces in Great-Britain! Good news indeed, hopefully this move will persuade other PTTs in other European countries to do the same!

  • Man, this has been one busy day for me, updates should be happening soonish :)

  • Download a PC demo version of Final Fantasy VIII, weighing in at 67 megs, from PC.IGN.

    Squint real hard and you'll see seven PSX2 Gradius III & IV screen shots. Source: GameFan

    A Scooby snack for the first person to name the first console that the Smurfs appeared on. Approximately fifteen years after their initial game, they're back. Look at the bottom portion of Beyond.com's PSX Smurfs page for three images and a game play synopsis.

  • The NeoGeo Team 2000 site has been updated with some news and a new ISO, Pulstar anyone ?

  • Overclocked - The Romfather (including an offer he can't refuse ;)

  •    Tuesday, December 7th 1999 - Last updated @ 23:39 EST

  • Am I the only person getting partial screen displays in Emu+ 0.36b11? Official MAME works perfectly... ***UPDATE*** I've been emailing with Danmanya throughout the day to try to figure out the cause of the partial-screen problem, no luck so far. However, I just received this "useful" email from a true jackass named Dave. Dave, it's morons like you, who can't read, can't think and don't bother to confirm things before trashing someone, that make the world a crappier place. If Dave had a brain, he'd know I'm one of the original Arcade@Home betatesters and longtime fan of Emu+. Duh! To our visitors, sorry, I've never posted a mail like this before, hopefully never again. I've just had enough. ***Update*** I've received 2 emails so far confirming the EMU+ partial display anomaly. After running numerous tests, and emailing with Dan, no solutions just yet. Fingers crossed... -P-

  • December 7th, 1941 - "A day that will live in infamy!" (F.D.R.) Yes, today is Pearl Harbor Day in the USA. Somewhat related, Drewbert at Pure Emu sent me this link. It lists companies confirmed to have taken advantage of Jewish slave labor during World War II. -P-

  • MESS 0.36 beta 11 was released! MESS is a multi console/computer emu based upon MAME's code. (Thanks Ulf) -P-

  • SNES fans will be happy to hear Madoka ROMance is back! Be sure to check out EmuCamp for more great console news. (Thanks Opi & Kyo) -P-

  • MAME Merge has been updated to v.2.42! (Thanks Daniel) -P-

  • Genesis Power released Ms.Pacman for Genesis. -P-

  • Very busy week for me - I'm glad Atila's been doing lots of updates. :) Perhaps it's time for more news staff with ftp access to upload files? It takes about 2 hours to do a solid update, and it's getting hard for me to keep it up right now. Anyway, here comes a few news bits... -P-

  • Here is the next batch of non-english emu/gaming sites:

    RetroPlay - Italian site
    EmuNews.de - German site
    Oliver's Emulatorwelt - German site (has all MESS bios roms ;)
    WorldStore - Spanish site
    Emulation Diary - Japanese site (hope I got the name correct)

  • MacMAME has been updated to v0.36b11. Get it from www.macmame.org. -R-

  • The Tick lives, maybe. Spooooon!

  • After the response to GoodNES, Cowering has decided to release GoodGB, GoodGB is a GameBoy ROM renamer. GoodGB knows about 1550+ GB ROMS and various hacks. Here's what should be noted about this release: First release: database is NOT complete, some Jap rom names are probably wrong, GBC is not completely included. Please email Cowering if you have unrecognized ROMS you wish to get included in the next release.

  • Nestra 0.65, and NES emu for Linux, has been released!  C-

  • Ksnes9x 1.1, a front end for KDE and snes9x has been released.  -C-

  • E.M.U.+ has been updated to be in sync with MAME 0.36 B11, you can download the binary and the source from the EMU+ Site. The WIN32 version is not available yet.

  • While it ain't equal to the Dreamcast version, Game Informer's PSX Marvel vs Capcom preview says PSX gamers should be impressed with the quality of this version.

    Next year, watch for a Dreamcast port of Bust A Move 4. Source: GameFan

    GameFan's Angus attempts at examining the prefight drama by glancing at factors that will dictate the battle between Sony's Play Station 2 and Nintendo's Dolphin.

    A few screens from SunSoft's Blaster Master Game Boy Color flavor. Source: GameSpot News

    Apparently Sega's not the only technology company to get a visit from Japan's Fair Trade Commission, Apple's Japan offices were raided as the Fair Trade Commission searched for evidence of price-fixing. Source: Canoe

  • If you're a Sega fanatic like me (Atila), you may want to check out SegaXtreme :)

  • If you want to watch LIVE streams of various TV channels, you can check out icravetv.com, the service is for Canadian residents only ... sorta :)

  • MAME32ASM 0.36 b11 released! This is an unofficial build of MAME32, which uses the ASM core for a bit more speed. Both the binary and source code can be downloaded from the site linked above. Thanks to Dibbler for the news.

  • Overclocked - Drought's End

  • The roms for beta 11 are available when you click the MAME BETA ROMS link on the left, thanks to Zyclone :P

  • Here's the first batch of non-english emulation/gaming sites, if you know any more, keep them coming! Here goes:
    Italian Emulation News Agency (Italian site)
    Msoft Emulatory (Czech site)
    Retrogames.de (German site, not affiliated ;-)
    Pelikapseli (Finnish site)

  • MAME Manager Deluxe 1.2 released! MMD is a cool Windows frontend for MAME DOS, with an added rom managing feature!

  • ZSNES 0.988 released! Both the ASM/C and ASM-only version are available, I don't feel like putting up a "what's new", so just downoad the files ;) Thanks to Boba Fett for the news.

  • 3DFX has announced that Glide, its API, is now open source! Perhaps this will make those Glide wrappers developed using those Glide SDKs legal now :P Thanks to Gerard P. for the news.

  •    Monday, December 6th 1999 - Last updated @ 16:56 EST

  • Here's a cool emulation site, in a different language: www.emuita.it (Italian, obviously)! If you know a cool emulation/gaming site in a language other than English, please mail me and I'll post it. I guess it would be pretty cool to see some of those sites :)

  • James Surine has released a new MAMED
    (MAME for digital cameras), this time with sound support, but unfortunately I cannot acces his site.

  • Finally Nintendo let the 64DD out of the bag, but one has to wonder if this is too little, too late, and without any clear direction. Souce: Nintendojo and Core Magazine

    Segadojo previewed Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future which is slated to be released during 2000.

    Capcom plans to launch Giga Wing to North America next April.Source: IGN

    I missed this bit last week, look for Dragon's Quest I through IV to appear on the Play Station. Source: Gaming Intelligence Agency

    Vectrex fans do a backflip because Classic Gaming Creations presented a new cartridge called Vecmania. Featuring three new games, three original titles, and two enjoyable demos; Star Fire Spirits, Repulse, Birds Of Prey, Vector Vaders Remix, Patroits Remix, Rockaroids Remix: 3rd Rock, Disc Duel Demo, and Abyss Demo will make some classic game fans holiday season. The cartridge is available for $20.00 or you can download the image free.

  • Overclocked - Rumors

  • A new version of the Windows CE version of the free Commodore 64 emulator Come Back 64 has been released. These are the versions of ComeBack64 for WinCE for devices with MIPS, SH3 and ARM processors. You can download these from the CB64 site.

  • ShinobiZ has added previously unavailable Sega System32 roms for download, click here for more info.

  • If you own the Japanese version of Chrono Trigger for the PSX, you will find a file on the disc called ROM.BIN; this is a SNES rom dump :) You can load this rom into any SNES emulator and play it! Thanks to P-r0t
    for the news.

  • Arcade ROMs from Japan released Mahou Daisakusen, a terrific Raizing shooter playable in Raine 0.27e! -P-

  • Here's the MAME 0.36 Beta 11 BINARY! Here's what's new. Alternate i686 & K6 optimized binaries are also available at the Official MAME site. Be sure to visit MAME World for ROM tips, utilities and all your other MAME needs! -P-

  • MAME 0.36 beta 11 was released!!! This beta includes some real classics, including Pole Position & Turbo! The binary will be online soon at Retrogames. Be sure to visit the MAME homepage for more information. -P-

  •    Sunday, December 5th 1999 - Last updated @ 18:58 EST

  • After listening to people's interest in Bandai's Wonderswan, I started looking for importers who currently offer the Wonderswan outside of Japan. I have never purchased any item from either of these importers. Gamecave and Multimedia 1.0 have the handhelds and several different titles. Until fall 2000, the Wonderswan won't officially be available outside of Japan. If you want one of these handhelds before then, you'll either have to buy one in Japan or use an importer. -w

  • David Lloyd has updated the poll on his site, vote for the best emulation pick-up line here :)

  • If you are a #Retrogamers regular (EFnet IRC) and are listed on the #Retrogamers Site, you can now edit your profile and you also have acces to webmail! Read this post by SAV2880 for the full lowdown :) Btw, if you aren't a regular yet, feel free to join us on EFnet IRC, channel #Retrogamers. Most of the emulation site-ops and some of the emulation authors hang out there :) Looking forward to seeing you!

  • Okay, so that explains where those darn Pokemon come from, thanks to Bigfan for the link :)

  • Overclocked - Capital Offense :)

  • Congratulations to our friend Emulation-X - he has joined the great staff at EmuCamp! -P-

  • SMS Power update: recent releases include Daffy Duck in Hollywood for SMS, Clutch Hitter & Dream 11 for GG! -P-

  • MAME World update: Setcleaner updated to version 2.0.8! -P-

  • Genesis Power update: Exodus & Joshua, both from Wisdom Tree, previously undumped were released. These are for Genesis. Bible Adventures is still needed. (Thanks Snorter) -P-

  • EmuChrist has risen again! Good luck guys! :) (Thanks Cronos & RocLobsta) -P-

  • Here's the latest Raine 0.27e! Lots of bugs killed, and at least one new game - Mahou Daisakusen by Raizing! If you haven't ever used Raine, you should. It's a wickedly fast, wonderfully designed ASM arcade emulator for PC's that plays many games that not even MAME has emulated yet. Homepage. (Thanks PRoToCoL, Till & Sports Dude for mailing me) -P-

  • Happy Chanukah to our friends of Jewish faith! :) -P-

  •    Saturday, December 4th 1999 - Last updated @ 19:32 EST

  • GameSpot News posted a few pictures from SNK vs. Capcom: Millennium Battle. Some of the mini-games included in this NGPC title are Ghosts n' Goblins and Metal Slug.

  • Gaming Age put together a NGPC Sonic review that should help the fence sitters decide whether to purchase the game or not. Still unsure, then try GameFan's Sonic review.

  • SNK's running a NGPC and Sonic promotion.

  • Whenever they're finished with it, look for it. What is it? Virtual Fighter 4. Source: Fastest Gaming News.

  • Porting the real KOF99 to the Dreamcast sounds like a winning idea. Source: GameSpot News

  • Starting this Christmas season, a famous retailer decided that all N64 items are scheduled for the clearance shelves. Source: Adrenaline Vault

  • There's a PICLESS MAME WIP update today :)

  • Quote of the Day: Yes, Daniel-san. Wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off. - Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid)

  • Cowering has released GoodNES 2.30 (NES ROM renamer/fixer), here's what's new: Many database additions (keep sending in those new ROMS to add!) -- changed way mapper 34 and 17 are handled (see docs). Cowering will most likely kill me for not updating any sooner =)

  • If you are a romaholic, you should check out today's Overclocked, there is help, you know :)

  •    Friday, December 3rd 1999 - Last updated @ 17:32 EST

  • Pentium 3 woes... Seems Intel has goofed a bit with their latest family of processors. (Thanks CDMan) -P-

  • Congratulations and best wishes to my friend Opi, who will be joining the great staff at EmuCamp! Opi has been very helpful for a long time, and I can only hope his emails keep coming. :) -P-

  • Back to the Roots has done another awesome Sierra classics update! This time it's the Leisure Suit Larry series, also Chuck Rock and even some other goodies as well! Amiga fans, click that link. (Thanks Opi) -P-

  • Here's more info about EmuChrist ; the site's *owner*, Judas, kindly mailed me explaining exactly what's happened, and why the site went down recently. I realize many of our visitors probably are tired of all the site politics being reported, so this is the last such post I'll do for a while. I also know EC's fans would like to know the story, so here it is, complete with Judas' full permission. -P-

  • Monroeworld has opened the site for their Classic Gaming Gauntlet, if you feel lucky and would like to win one of those cool prizes, check it out!

  • Still think X-Box belongs in the same sentence with Bigfoot and Nessie? Add Square to the sightings list. Source: Fastest Gaming News

    Over forty Tekken Tag Tournament PS2 screen images made their way onto Game Informer.

    If Santa is bringing a Dreamcast your way, it might be a good idea to browse GameFan's Dreamcast Holiday Buyer's Guide. Well versed Dreamcast people won't learn anything new here but the rookies will benefit from the information.

    Capcom validates rumors about Marvel vs Capcom2 development. Source: GameSpot News

  • Arcade@home has been shut down until the maintainer receives an apology from OverClocked's Lloyd. This is no great loss in my opinion; ArcadeAtHome's maintainer is responsible for many of the license restrictions in MAME. I'd like to urge Lloyd to stand his ground. UPDATE - it seems ArcadeAtHome is back. Oh well, maybe next time. (Update by atila - Tim Eckel has added *.retrogames.com to his "banlist", if you will. If you click on a link to his site and *.retrogames.com is the referrer URL, you wll see the above message. If you just type his URL in your address bar, you can reach his site. All I can say is: not nice)

  • The Stairway To Hell will be releasing a newly-transferred BBC Micro game every day for December, if you've never used a "beeb" emulator before, this might be a good day to start ;)

  • EmuMan #1 and #2 are available at the OverClocked site, David has also written an update, be sure to read that .... (take the update with a grain of salt, some people obviously won't get it ;)

  • Here is a very important story that everyone should read - a 21 year old student in Japan has been arrested for distributing ROMs via the internet. (Thanks Dutch) -P-

  • Corn is not dead afterall! It was just a misunderstanding. Go read the latest homepage update for all the details. (Thanks BWB, Martin64 & others) -P-

  • YnT (Yonin no Translators - translated PasoFami, Rockman/Forte etc.)is now back at http://ynt.darkmazda.com! TruPlaya is also looking for a translator to work on with him or any romhackers. -P-

  • HanaHo Games, makers of the acclaimed HotRod & ArcadePC, will be giving their entire staff 2 weeks vacation beginning December 16th. If you'd like to purchase one of these products before Christmas, you'd be wise to place your order soon! -P-

  •    Thursday, December 2nd 1999 - Last updated @ 22:41 EST

  • There's a new version of MAME Classic, a great frontend for DOS MAME! Go to MAME World for the full scoop. Go there NOW! I insist! :) -P-

  • Challenge Games has done lots of updates, offering new hacks of various NES classics! Too much to list here - go see for yourself! (Thanks X-4000) -P-

  • I received a letter from my friend Cronos, who was also secretly known as "EmuChrist" at the site of that same name. It explains exactly what is happening with EmuChrist, and will no doubt be of interest to the site's fans. Click here to read the entire original text of the letter, posted with Cronos' full permission. -P-

    In similar news, Maxi of MAME MIA (now starting to offer needed soon mirrors) informs me that he spoke to Romulous of Romulous & Remus, which is most likely gone for good. :( -P-

  • Tonight's update will be short due to a shoulder injury I've aquired... Typing (and playing :( ) is somewhat painful at the moment, but I've got a few items I want to post before I climb into bed. -P-

  • Mike Green has posted a status update on EMUDX, he's making VERY good progress and the current number of supported games has been bumped up to SEVEN (possibly more!) Check the EMUDX Site for the full status update.

  • Until the most recent VICE, Ultima 5 had no music in any C64 or C128 emulator. Thanks to VICE all the Ultima fanatics can enjoy this title in its complete form. This only works on the DOS version the windows version locks up on the Britanna disk. Source - Metallik

  • Corn (N64 emu) is dead, long live Corn! Thanks to bwb for the news.

  • If you're interested in buying some arcade goods like cabinets, pinball machines or even a cool Super Nova (a.k.a Super Gun - home Jamma system), be sure to check out ArcadeXcitement.com.

  • Which CPU would you choose an Intel P III or AMD Athlon 750?

  • GameFan confirms the rumors, Nintendo decided to pass on Metroid 64.

  • Followup on Bandai's Wonderswan blurb; Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2, Final Fantasy, Romancing Saga, and Seiken Densetsu 2 are slated to be Wonderswan's introductory titles. GameSpot News provides more background about the plans for this new handheld.

  • Allowing Dreamcast gamers to use their controllers and VMU's at the arcade, Capcom's Spawn: In The Demon's Hand accomplishs arcade and console integration on the next level; although, not to be confused with Sega's pipe-dream of Dreamcast gamers playing against arcade gamers via a network connection. Source - GameSpot News.

  • Some additional details about Sega's Dreamcast meets Mega Drive and PC Engine are on Game Informer. Expect over 300 titles that sell at $1 to $3 a piece with titles such as Columns, Outrun, Pacman, Sonic, etc.

  • EmuForce has the scoop on a new N64 emulator, by a couple of anonymous authors, they're not new-comers, they've been around the block, so to say. For the full lowdown (pretty huge), you better check Emuforce, a few pics are up too!

  • I also see that the original "needed soon" dude, GuruChoc, has updated his MAME needed-soon section! Speaking of needed-soon ROMs, Romulous & Remus appears to be gone for now, but I hear EmuChrist will be back up. If anyone from either site would like to mail me if/when you're back online, Retrogames will gladly give it a mention. :) -P-

  • World of Arcades "released 4 new unemulated arcade romsets: Blades of Steel (Version T, Konami, 1987), Search and Rescue (World, SNK, 1989), Splatterhouse (Alt. Version, Namco, 1988) and Gal's Pinball (Comad, 1996)!" (Thanks to Till of Sys2064, hope he doesn't mind the news rip, I'm too tired to be original.) -P-

  • I received a mail from Lordnick, who wrote that REW (GB/NES emu) also plays all the Dragon Ball games perfectly: I just tested Dragon Ball 1, Dragon Ball 2, Dragon Ball 3, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z 2, Dragon Ball Z 3 and Dragon Ball Z Gaiden - Saiya Jin Zetsumetsu Keikaku (J) and all of them worked perfect!!! People on IRC have verified this, so I guess a lot of people will be happy now :)

  • JoseQ released his latest Rumor Mill! Do I hear bees? -P-

  • Emucamp is buzzing with news of a secret project to be revealed December 15th! Personally I'm hoping Zoop has something cooking in his coding oven, but who knows? -P-

  •    Wednesday, December 1st 1999 - Last updated @ 23:46 EST

  • Koam at Beyond Emulation told me about a new NES emu, called Aphrodite, written by BudFReAk! It's limited to a few mappers and has preliminary sound. The homepage is NOT yet up however, check Beyond Emulation for further news. Here's the current build 0.1 alpha if you'd like to give it a try! NOTE: I have not tried it yet myself, so be careful. -P-

  • Nero v4.0.7.5 was released, check it out at CDR Info! -P-

  • NesToy 2.2 has been released! (Thanks Duncan of WWEmu) -P-

  • Is Ironclad MVS REALLY dumped? Does the cart even exist? Well, Apollo69 is offering $250 for the dump, or $500 for the cart. If this doesn't put an end to this mystery once and for all, what will? (Thanks Keferen) -P-

  • Monroeworld will be hosting a "classic gaming gauntlet" very soon, if you enter, (join the Monroeworld mailinglist for the latest news on "the gauntlet") you will be eligible for various prizes, the main prize being a PC Arcade controller! We will receive full information on this little contest tomorrow, so if you're thinking about joining, be sure to check back then!

  • The Fox has asked me to remove the update about Kim's death, because it would seem that someone gave The Fox incorrect information about Kim's death (.ie, he isn't dead) - until we find out who did this and what's going on exactly, we've both removed the update. If this is indeed a sick joke by someone, I will post that person's name and home address on this page!

  • More Overclocked!! David Lloyd makes our lives a bit more enjoyable with 2 new Overclocked comics, one is called Emu-Power and the other is called JoseQ 007, the latter is (obviously) based on our good friend JoseQ :)

  • Bandai, manufacturer of a handheld called the Wonderswan, acquired rights to Squaresoft titles for their handheld. Expect to see a Wonderswan Final Fantasy version in late 2000. GameSpot News has additional details concerning the Wonderswan and other Wonderswan titles.

  • Billy Mitchell and Twin Galaxies are offering $195,000 for record breaking scores on sixteen classic arcade games. The big prize of $100,000 is for anyone who can beat the 256th Pacman level without losing their quarter.

  • Nintendo not happy to rest on its Pokemon laurels, decided to issue a Donkey Kong "collectible card series." Fastest Gaming News mentions a partner in crime by the name of Ahomaro games.

  • Reuters cites a report from Datamonitor which predicts consoles will overtake PCs as the principal choice of internet gaming in 2002. You have to wonder if the report takes into account such successes as webTV or Sega's current online gaming library.

  • Versatile Commodore Emulator 1.2 released! It has been updated for almost all platforms, the "what's new" list is pretty huge :) Thansk to Sea7 for the news.

  • Dragonyen went to court yesterday, Sony felt it was time to waste his time too, read all about the encounter he had with Sony's lawyers. After I read it, it felt like Sony is trying to keep bleem! occupied with their court business and paying legal bills. That's one way of stopping a company: making sure they have no money left to continue the legal battle. I hope bleem! will sue for damages, I know I would :)

  • GeoShock posted a WIP update about EMU+, that great Unofficial "luxury" version of MAME! -P-

  • PacMAME & PacTray have both been updated, Pac-lovers take note! Check MAME World for more information on this project. -P-

  • SMS Power has 2 new releases ready - Back to the Future 3 (SMS) & Jungle Book (GG)!

  • Pokemon Terror Trainer! Nuff said... :) (Thanks Albert S.) -P-

  • The Official Raine site was updated with news & screenshots about a new game being added, Mahou Daisakusen (c)1993 by Raizing. The ROMs were recently released by J-ROM. (Thanks PRoToCoL) -P-

  • That incredible PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx emulator, Magic Engine, is now set for a release date! December 15th is the day. Not only that, but they've added many great features like 16bit color support, NeoRageX style interpolation and lots more! They're taking pre-orders now if you'd like to get a guaranteed copy of this emulator. (Thanks Jon) -P-